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Is this a coyote? A dog? A fox? I live in NJ of that helps.
that's a coyote. He thinks you're retarded. Look at him judging you
Yeah but I live in NJ. I realize they’ve been migrating northeast in recent years but to actually see one for myself was a little hard to believe.
>I realize they’ve been migrating northeast in recent years
No, they've always been present in NJ. The ones in your area migrated SW to your state, they came from up north thousands of years ago.
Well regardless of their geographical origin, they reintroduced themselves quite recently here.

File: gyrinocheilus_pennocki.jpg (100 KB, 700x417)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Discuss anything aquarium related here, including inhabitants, decor and issues.
Before asking questions in this thread, do a bit of searching online to see if it has been answered already.
Make sure you give us at least some details when asking a question, such as:

>Tank size (include dimensions, not just volume)
>Parameters (ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, pH, GH, KH)
>Any and all inhabitants + how long you've had them
>Pictures are always helpful

Tank Cycling:

Articles and Care Guides:

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I'm gonna try feeding him a scallop
I would have just said lizard. Now they’re going to dwell on the alligator part

Ah fuk
You need to stop slacking and finish your paludarium or make an actual aquarium.
But slacking is my middle name anon

[Not really, just been crazy busy and finally got a paycheck to put a bit of money in the tank. I was out of work for a few weeks.]

Gonna be a bit frugal until after christmas, but I am gonna get some more plants. Gotta figure out how I want to set them up, up top though. So far suction cups are working pretty well on things.

Had a rough day today, send possums.
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File: 1571017002857.jpg (291 KB, 1080x1086)
291 KB
291 KB JPG
File: 1559723282498.png (140 KB, 500x615)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
File: 1571769829180.jpg (211 KB, 1280x1058)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
Thanks for whoever made this edit.
Stupid ugly dogshit animal, they look like shit and their only redeeming quality is that they eat ticks which counts for nothing if you own a pair of socks.
>t. never goes outside

TFW no peahens that will fight to the death for a piece of your glamorous tail
How did this bird even come to exist? Like, wtf, it's more Pokemon than actual animal. It's so crazy, jeez.

Has anyone managed to get storks to nest on their property?
Yeah that’s how I got my son!
Why do you want that
make it big and put horse poo poo in it :DDD
>tfw no storks live near me

File: IMG_2126.jpg (284 KB, 1023x768)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
This thread is dedicated to all animals of the reptilia and amphibia families. Topics include, but are not limited to: geckos, snakes of all kinds, frogs, salamanders, newts, turtles, tortoises, and much more. Before asking a question, do a search on the internet to see if it has been answered
Classifieds for finding breeders and products:
>reptilescanada.com (Canadian breeders)
Most forums will have a "for sale" section on them, so look for that, especially if you have a specific herp you want. Craigslist can also be a good source for cheap aquariums, and make sure to check for any reptile expos that occur in your area.

When asking a question, make sure to include these details:
>Type and size of animal
>Enclosure dimensions
>Humidity and temperature
>Type of substrate
>The decor you use
>How often you feed

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File: 001 resized.jpg (608 KB, 667x1000)
608 KB
608 KB JPG
My snake is an art connoisseur. She has convinced me reptiles have personality and feelings and all that jazz.
I think he moved to Europe and left his gecko with a friend
Reptiles actually do have personalities imho. It's just really hard to discern since they aren't complex and they have no way to show things with facial expressions. Basically they're like autists in that regard.
Damn, did anyone save his pics?
the /fit/itzen? i have the pics at home, will post in a few hours

How do I start a homestead how many acres should I get for 3 Dairy cows
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Need an extra 1/2 acre or so per head to harvest hay (bail it 3x a year) if you're not in zone 10 to get through the winter.
19, about 5 per cow, plus 2 for hay, plus 2 for your home/garden/etc
Also, I've done the math.
2 dozen chickens (that's one dozen for laying, another dozen that you're rotating for broiling) need about 4 pounds of corn and safflower/sunflower seed a day (that's only about 2.5 ounces per chicken a day).
One acre of corn yields about 180 bushels.
Bushel is about 56 pounds.
But that's on the cob.
So you need 1/2 acre of crops just for chicken feed.
And that also assumes high yield with current fertilizer and pesticides....
So in reality you need an acre of crops just to feed your chickens for 1 year.
Now you have to feed a dozen children.
Do you live in Wisconsin with a 4 month growing season?
what do you need the livestock for? just grow the most profitable crop for you area

File: animal.jpg (29 KB, 400x720)
29 KB
please, what is it?
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Steller's Sea Ape
Maybe they wouldn't have to destroy levees if humans didn't pave over all their natural habitat and build the levees in the first place.
IDK he vibing tho desu
Is that a FAMAS?
big mood

File: 20191018_194027.jpg (3.78 MB, 4032x3024)
3.78 MB
3.78 MB JPG
Anyone out there take care of carpet sharks? My little dude is sick
I have a couple but if they got sick I'd probably just take them to see their vet.
Feel better soon little sharko.

File: 783495.jpg (70 KB, 1600x1071)
70 KB
I am currently living on the NC coast and get to see brown pelicans flying by my window constantly throughout the day. I think they are beautiful animals and I am trying to learn more about them, brown or otherwise. Feel free to share pictures, facts, stories, etc.
27 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
I don’t know how to photo shop. As they flew directly above me I had my phone facing straight up and took several shots. Got lucky I guess.
I would love to get some better shots from above the birds, but when they pass by me they’re always too high. I know some spots where they like to hang out during the day so hopefully in the future I can get some better close ups of their faces and beaks.
File: 1570674949277.webm (1001 KB, 588x854)
1001 KB
1001 KB WEBM
tfw no pelican gf to annoy you by asking if she can have some of your food.
>pelican gf

Imagine the BJs
it would be extremely painful

File: Ceratogyrus_darlingi.jpg (118 KB, 1280x720)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Old thread: >>Old thread: >>3108881

This is the invertebrate general. Topics include, but are not limited to: Insecta, Arachnida, Mollusca, Mollusca, Crustacea, Anthozoa, Onychophora, and much more. Before asking a question, do a search on the internet to see if it has been answered

Feel free to post your invertebrate findings.

Resources/help and information

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34 Arachnids total
13 Tarantulas, 21 Scorpions

Thats encouraging, thank you. I sure wish, oddly, there were more flies or something so I could be sure he was eating. Hunger is no fun for anyone, even little spiders. His poor nerves will be shot by the time something stumbles by.

But at least he will be warm inside. I wouldnt think he could detect something as small as a mite or how it would get caught in his web.

I wonder if I could leave some sort of aromatic bait near to help him attract bugs without causing a problem. I just dont want to see him suffer. Its so very rare he gets any food at all.
Unless you're an obsessive-compulsive cleaner your house contains a thriving ecosystem
9 T's, though technically one is a foster, 1 scorpion, 1 centipede, 1 millipede, 1 amblypygid
ive been collecting for about a year now and im a broke wagie college student w plenty of other money drain hobbies, it really is affordable

except for g. pulchra which i desperately want, but ive never seen one for less than $80 at an expo. maybe once i get my tax refund...
File: gnat thing.png (1.44 MB, 1560x834)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
Can anyone identify this guy? He's about two thirds the length of my pinky and either sits still on the wall or flies aggressively around a light.
At first I thought it's one of the large gnats that stick to the walls during autumn and winter, but somehow it seems different. I live in Germany, by the way.

File: 09p0b3ct9nk01.jpg (409 KB, 1456x2170)
409 KB
409 KB JPG
>runs up your leg at night then disappears
nothin' personnel kiddo
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i leave them alone in my basement

they kill spiders and other shit id rather not have
cursed household
Thanks for reminding me to never get a house with basement.
they are based up until they fall into your face
We don't have those in SEAsia. Instead we have these huge colored ones. I hate those.

File: Untitled.png (1.07 MB, 1037x945)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
Anybody on this board suspicious when you see a single dude with a female horse or vice versa? Do normal people think the same thing?
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>no fun
You act like washing a 3 foot benus isn't fun
Have you ever smelled one? They're not like humans, where if it's not cleaned regularly yeast will take over and make it smell like low tide. You should still wipe them off with a damp cloth every now and then, but there is no bad odor. Stallion smegma can get pretty rank though, but only if you neglect them for too long.
Yeah but can you blame him?
Why the opposite gender clause? The distribution of gay zoophiles vs straight zoophiles is roughly equal.
I think the same about single dog owners of both sexes 2bh.

Kot and birb owners are the only ones I really trust fully.

File: Waspchildandbilly.jpg (14 KB, 300x147)
14 KB
This is the dog general. Anything dog related goes here.

Old thread: >>3153358

Puppy guide - http://drsfostersmith.com/pic/article.cfm?articleid=1449

Dog breeds - https://www.akc.org/dog-breeds/

Genetic Databases and Information - https://www.instituteofcaninebiology.org/genetics-databases.html

>What should I feed my dog?
>What breed of dog should I get?
>How do I train my dog?
>Rate my dog!
>Should I bring my dog to a vet?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 20190926_185141.jpg (3.79 MB, 4032x3024)
3.79 MB
3.79 MB JPG
Oh hewwo, visiting me while I work?!
File: IMG-20191023-WA0002.jpg (1.58 MB, 2250x4000)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG
Morning belly rubs
Good lord this is bad advice
Tfw broke and have to pay vet bills
What car do you drive? Looks like my favorite 90s era Lexus

File: D0J-Lv7U0AUYepu.jpg:large.jpg (202 KB, 1620x1080)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
Golshi Edition
Previous thread: >>3145782
237 replies and 73 images omitted. Click here to view.
>barely a mare
>hasn't received a lot of 'attention'
>doesn't know if she likes 'getting scratched'
>some places
Anon, do I have to call horse fbi on you?
what is it?
>No sir, I don't like it.
Horses are the keepers of many secrets, some never meant to be known by man. Killing someone with forbidden horse knowledge is tragic, but necessary to keep the fabric of both human and horse society intact.
isn't that a bit rude though?

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