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File: Irish_cob_342.png (1.94 MB, 1798x984)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB PNG
Fetlock Edition
Previous thread: >>3018322
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Best ass in the animal kingdom
they are really squishy, yet muscular
I'm trying to think of a counter but I can't. You might be right. Horses won the genetic lottery in the ass department.
Yes, and perfect temperature.
File: DSC_0521.jpg (212 KB, 2000x1446)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
Enough bullshit talk, everyone.
Let's rather talk about how they're able to build such speed while cornering on fucking sand

General thread for all content relating to birds, wild or pet. Feel free to ask questions, discuss, or blogpost about the birds in your life.

>clicker training, highly recommended.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6z-yiDIjn2s [Embed] [Open] [Embed] [Embed]
>bird chop, healthy bird food
>DIY bird cages
>Bird ID

oh yeah and some more info about serina : "Serina is an ongoing, chronological world-building exercise and speculative evolution project that explores the natural history of a fictional terraformed moon, two thirds the size of Earth and orbiting a large gas giant in the habitable zone of an alternate solar system, populated by only a handful of organisms including grasses, sunflowers, ants, crickets, guppies, and - most notably of all - a single land vertebrate: the domestic canary. Our journey to this strange world will take us from the very beginning and then progress steadily along though the eons as the world's newly introduced life adapts to and evolves to suit its strange, new and ever-changing environment.
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That shows nothing. Aren't their assholes supposed to touch what the fuck
For most of thst video the cloaca were not touching. To make cloaca touch, male needs to put his tail down one side of the female and then twist his body so his cloaca slides near the female cloaca. Female can also help by twisting her body so thst her cloaca sways to the side the male is on.
You fucking know why.

That's a failed mating. Too much wind.
>You fucking know why.
No, I don't.

File: D10qxq1UgAAtvqj.jpg (153 KB, 731x913)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Post your favourite less talked about birbs
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They're reddit tier. Not underrated.
File: hurt birb.jpg (228 KB, 840x630)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
pls help
File: 28487861.jpg (621 KB, 1196x1520)
621 KB
621 KB JPG
File: 1554925372911.gif (1.99 MB, 488x291)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB GIF
Youtube kept randomly recommending me videos of this bird for a while

Why are boomers so BASED?
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>b-but cats d-do the same thing!
No one gives a shit. Don't fuck with my cat and you won't get shot.
Keep your cat out of the street and it won't end up under my tires
>shooting wildlife because it killed your invasive pest.

the absolute state of your toxoplasmosis brain
Should have shot the cat before it could give his daughter a toxo injection
The mentality of cat people.
Keep your pet where it belongs and I won't have a chance to fuck with it.

File: 1552939511973.jpg (16 KB, 399x384)
16 KB
>dog mom
>Fur Baby
File: 1548292268101.jpg (239 KB, 640x480)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
>frog poster
>muh dawg

File: garter-snake.jpg (323 KB, 666x411)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
I killed a garter snake at work today. He was hiding in the plants where customers shop and I killed him with a shovel. My coworker told me later that he was harmless. The face that he made was chilling. I actually feel like I lost a piece of my soul today. I wish i could undo it
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>peps on this sub
And the problem is revealed
You're more likely to get infected by being bit by a nail than a snake
Just pick it up and move it though mate.
>being bit by a nail
>bit by a nail
Snail bites kinda hurt desu.

File: capybara.jpg (85 KB, 750x585)
85 KB
what does /an/ think of capybaras?
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best bois
File: shaboten.jpg (46 KB, 640x396)
46 KB
Pic related. The coziest critter.

meme animal, but they're alright.
Boring although I wonder how good it tastes.

File: kisses.png (2.39 MB, 1276x1434)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB PNG
A thread for discussing chickens. Post your birds in this thread, if you like.
My hens went ahead and dug a hole under the coop fence the other day, little shits. Put bricks down to keep them contained.
File: update.png (1.72 MB, 1915x941)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG
This is a picture from today. In the green circle is a small scab. I've checked them for mites in the middle of the night and found nothing, could getting pecked by the hen he's with be responsible for this? Neither of them show any signs of a mite infestation, and the hen's skin isn't this awful red color. In the red circles are just pine shavings. My camera is of pretty poor quality, so I just thought I would clarify what those where in advance if it was too ambiguous.

Still no bleeding or swelling anywhere. The red color has just been the same since I first noticed nearly two weeks ago. Fucking baffling and concerning.
If it's not bothering him then I wouldn't worry about it. The scab is probably from pecking, they do that. It's not a problem unless the wound can't heal because it's getting picked at so much.

File: doby with ears.jpg (28 KB, 429x390)
28 KB
So I want to get Doberman but I just realized that thanks to EU cropping ears and docking tails is banned in my country. Are there any real downsides to having natural ears or tails or is it all just memes to justify cropping and docking for cosmetic purposes?
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No. One involved trimming the ears of an animal and the other is ripping out nerve endings of a human baby because of a barbaric jewish tradition.
Cropping equals bad taste. Only third worlders and niggers do that.
this thread makes me think cropping a dogs ears is worth it just to make bitches like you people rage
yeah that'll show em
the amount of crying your doing ITT really proves that it's a good idea

I'd walk my cropped dog in your liberal fag city just to watch you seethe

File: w.jpg (258 KB, 1200x900)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
This is the Cat general. Discussion of domestic and wild felines belongs here.

Join the cat conversation at /an/cord's cat section.

Old thread: >>2994147

Food & Nutrition

Outside Enrichment
Behavioral problems

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Usually cardboard, old cloth and something like that for first aid protection of furniture can be found for free. This shouldn't be a longterm solution anyway but depending on how long he's away it might not even be worth the trouble of trying to change it while getting frustrated if the damage increases.

>So how should I react when he claws shit?
If he's doig it as marking/scratching use a consequent sharp and loud 'no!' followed by calmly putting him away from the wrong spot and next to something he is allowed to scratch (can be a big branch or piece of wood from outside). Put the scratch posts at prominent places in the room.
If you think he's doing it fo attention just completely ignore it (therefor the protective gear for furniture).
Also if he scratches the right thing, reward him with positive attention, talk like he just won a nobel prize, pet him and offer a minute playtime.

>is my cat just depressed?
Maybe. Mine did something similar once, she suddently hid under a bush near the house, did'nt want to leave and cried while we were away. And she didn't even have a problem the first week, hitting week two was somehow too much.
In our case it helped letting people move in except just visiting 3 times a day.
You took him from his familiar home. He's stressed out. Play with him. Get an old shoe string and just flop it back and forth. It's not rocket surgery playing with cats.
File: 1507081983384.jpg (42 KB, 792x600)
42 KB
He's in the same apartment as always, the one where me and my brother live, but only I pay for. The only difference is that the other occupant is off chasing tail instead of looking for a job or god forbid, taking care of the pet he smuggled into college.
I'll check my recycling for some cardboard.
File: Santa Fe.jpg (217 KB, 1152x2048)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
He was truly the king of belly fluff.
kot means cat in polish

What y’all know about Jules Jacot?
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This is why you domesticated far less animals than the huwhyte man, tyrone.
He was Hispanic. Literally spoke to the cats in Spanish and say shit like “Andale!”
*white Hispanic
looks like an asshole
We master nature to suit our needs, even you.

File: Wojak.png (9 KB, 645x773)
9 KB
is there any way to not deal with this disgusting cat shit anymore. every automated cleaning litter box I see I hear that its bull shit just breaks in a year doesn't work. I see these dumb litter boxes that you twist and turn over or just sifts through the shit with a metal cage. im guessing thats the way to go because the motor just breaks on half of them anyways and its about 200 bucks for a new one every year and some of them dont even last that long.

I want to try a cheap one for now but it still looks pretty shitty you have to turn it over manually by hand to sift out all the cat shit but still better than this scooping shit thats fucking disgusting.

any advice on this? I dont mind spending a little bit but I dont really want to spend 150 bucks to have something clean cat shit
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if farmers were reasonable they wouldn't be farmers.
He didn't say "Get a dog," he said "Don't own a cat."
What the fuck are you smoking? What do you think happens to the feces of wild animals?
Then what the fuck would we all eat nigga?

>Oh no, organic fertilizer on a hay meadow.
It's not going to run off any worse than any other fertilizer method, and if the farmer wants to get good effect from his fertilization (and he does, even literal shit isn't free) he's going to put down the manure when he can expect the weather to be dry enough to not wash his investment into the watershed. And if your local government has any care for water quality, they will have riparian barriers/setbacks in their land use rules to further reduce runoff pollution.
>coffee on porch
>quiet spring morning
>watch dog walk all the way out to edge of property
>shits in neighbors field
>runs back all happy and energetic
Pretty comfy

What kind of toad is this, I spotted him outside my house which is strange cause I’m like a mile from a river or lake
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Not a toad.
Wrong. It's a leopard frog, and a big one at that. Leave 'er be.
No leopard frog has eardrums that big and a tympanic membrane running along them. It's always the same shit with you retards trying to be smartasses in ID threads.
Hoppity Green Recluse.
*croaks loudly*

File: 4407.jpg (61 KB, 600x534)
61 KB
How can we capture a large amount of house sparrows in North America and release them back in Europe?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1353971123127.jpg (96 KB, 500x617)
96 KB
Well they also fuck up our shit over here, but I feel bad about culling them all, so I'd rather put them back where they belong in an ideal fantasy. Let's just release them all into Russia/Asia.
Okay, for the sake of the individuals that makes sense. Those cheeky birds can live a happy life and people over here are happy to have them in their neighbourhood.
Don't play geographically challenged just because of political issues.
Why are sparrows so common in cities, though? There's like two dozen birds that are basically sparrows but differently coloured. Some of them aren't even that different. What makes the sparrow a better city-dweller than, say, a redstart?

File: old-dog-cover.jpg (79 KB, 770x540)
79 KB
>family dog is 15
>only sleeps and eats
>cant pee in one place (walks in a circle while doing it because she can't steady her legs)
>cant climb any bed, couch, can't even walk up stairs or step off the sidewalk, even has a hard time stepping on couch cushions
>loses footing while walking on carpet often
>cant walk on tile or wood
>cant lay down or sit normally and has to bend her legs in weird ways
>doesnt want to go on walks anymore
>doesnt really like going outside at all so she mostly goes to the bathroom inside
>doesnt like playing with toys anymore
>has fallen off the couch twice
>have tried multiple different types of meds given to us by the vet but none of them have worked
>sisters still doesn't want to put him down and parents dont want to unless all of us agree to (3/5 of the kids do)
>almost want to say fuck it and take her in myself
What do? All 3 of my brothers realize she's fucking suffering and her quality of life is horrible. She's "healthy" otherwise but we feel like she's barely living. Should we really wait til her legs are fucked for good?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Sounds like her quality of life is shit. If they're hesitant about putting her down, maybe bring up at-home euthanasia. She can die peacefully, surrounded by her family in a familiar place. It would be stupid to let the dog suffer more and wait for her to die on her own.
As a person who has let 2 dogs go longer than they should have, don't do it. Let that fucker have a little decency and actually be able to walk into the vet for that last visit. You really, really don't want to see them not able to get up at all and peeing/pooping on themselves. I know it sounds kind of tone deaf, but set a date in the near future and stick to it.

Use the money you'd waste on keeping her alive a few more months and use it to give her the best last day(s) of her life if there's still something she enjoys. Maybe a walk outside in a handcart, the most delicious and unhealthy food or just hours and hours of cuddles.
Then let a vet make a home visit to put her to sleep in the home she knows and surrounded by the people she loves.
Last month I had to put my 18 year old dog to sleep, she had the same problems you mentioned. Blind in one eye, mostly deaf, and she could hardly move her back legs, and would occasionally fall over, pee herself and then not being able to get back up. The only reason we didn't put her down sooner was because she was such a fighter, and never let any of her problems get to her.

Sidenote: Those fuckers at the vet accidentally group burnt her and discarded her ashes even though we had wanted them preserved and given to us.
Absolutely heartbreaking, but I think it's time to let her go. I had to let mine go 3 months ago almost to the day...she was a good dog but I know first hand about keeping dogs alive longer than it is comfortable for them to be.

Just give her a good send-off, yeah?

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