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File: roach.jpg (47 KB, 600x493)
47 KB
Is it legal to own madagascar hissing roaches as pets in texas without a permit? Please respond.
you can see the damn litter granules on that catfaggot's dirty carpet
fucking gross
but seriously, do you know?
Wow, old school photoshop. You don't see many of those these days
I believe it's only Florida where you can't keep them.


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File: 1521534732843.jpg (134 KB, 553x572)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
Is this the recently dead animal thread?
Just read the news. F
That makes my benis feel funny
>they brawl steal lure pissing errywhere and culling other male offsprings and acting violently for no fucking reason
Many animals act like this though.

Old Thread: >>2880031
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>An herbivore that kills and consumes plants is also a predator
So how many weeks did it take you to earn your online diploma?
How does one go about summoning the schizo for shits n giggles? It seems he always infects these threads eventually but I’m sure he has certain triggers.
I'm already itt

I'll give you a cookie if you can spot more than 2 of my posts not counting this one.
I'll make it easier for you

my triggers are stupidity that approaches reason

and pretending to be a paleontologist while knowing exactly shite about anatomy and taxonomy.

not surprisingly you morons always deliver.
thread after fucking thread we've got marginally competent people and fake anatomists and taxonomists.
They normally have feathers though.

File: hmmm.png (185 KB, 436x475)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
Contriving an Edition
Old thread: >>2863792
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>the stove...
>Tendies N-eeeeeeee-igh!
>Teeeeeeendieeeees N-eeeeeeee-igh!
My spirit animal.
That would be hot
REALLY hard. Like you're trying to explode a watermelon with your thighs like in those fetish videos.

File: 1544528019994.jpg (49 KB, 660x371)
49 KB
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We don't know.
>Whats going on here....?
imagine the smell

a seel
what do they even gain from doing this
is this a weird seal fetish thing
fucking seals

File: 01.jpg (28 KB, 582x204)
28 KB
This is so sad
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File: lrgstub10_large.jpg (50 KB, 480x398)
50 KB
King Charles spaniels look pretty similar to the 1800s, I own one. Some of them look like they've been mixed with pugs though, like boogie1488's disgusting dog.
never mind, boogie's dog is a tibetan spaniel
then fuck the AKC for not knowing what aesthetically-pleasing proportions are. I think their EYEBALLS are inbred to the point of uselessness, or they're eating too many dog biscuits
File: frogdog.jpg (38 KB, 479x400)
38 KB
It looks like his back is broken in the middle.
File: i282319414574056370.jpg (146 KB, 600x476)
146 KB
146 KB JPG

File: 1510976436757.png (42 KB, 399x322)
42 KB
>I care about the environment!
>But I won't give up meat!

Why are meatfags so delusional?
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dude meat is so bad for the environment did you hear it takes one million liters of water for 1 cow to grow and they farting global warming into the atom sphere

anyway let me import huge amounts of exotic fruit and vegetables from across the world to support my calorie lacking diet and ignore that the actual problem is industrialized agriculture
The issue is that the only ones you ever hear from are the vocal ones. You never notice the majority of vegetarians that keep to themselves. Speaking as a vegetarian, I can say that anyone who preaches and judges others based on not adhering to some ideal should go and suck a huge cock.
>the actual problem is industrialized agriculture
The actual problem is China, India and Africa.

Dog General #34

Old Thread: >>2871835

Dog food review site - https://www.dogfoodadvisor.com

Puppy guide - http://drsfostersmith.com/pic/article.cfm?articleid=1449

Discord link goes to /an/cord's dog hub:

>What should I feed my dog?
>What breed of dog should I get?
>How do I train my dog?
>Rate my dog!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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How much should I be feeding my 3 months old labrador retriever? Charts say anywhere between 2-4 cups, which is quite a lot. Currently I feed mine around 2 1/2 to 3 cups a day, plus some treats like peanut butter kongs or frozen carrots and he acts like he's starving. Should I up his food amount or could he just be greedy? He got a deworming pill, so that's probably not an issue.
Try trading for a second (identical) toy. Only throw the second toy once he's brought the first one all the way to you.
How is his body condition? If he's under or overweight, I'd adjust. Otherwise, the amount of food you're giving sounds about right. He acts like he's starving because he's a dog, and moreso because he's a lab--they love food and are genetically predisposed to overeating. Don't worry too much, he's probably fine.
How the fuck do you stop dogs marking? I’m sick of my sisters mongrel soaking every inch of the house in piss. He even destroyed a $2000 patio couch because he pisses on the cushions a hundred times a day. She refuses the get the thing neutered. He is housebroken, this started when he hit 8 months old and he just cocks his leg and squirts on every vertical surface, even once he has exhausted his piss supply he still attempts to squeeze a drop out.
Are cats and dogs affected by stress in the same way?

Animals Interacting
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Looks like a classical painting.
File: 139646299058513053.gif (3.54 MB, 300x220)
3.54 MB
3.54 MB GIF
File: 1509308890960.jpg (56 KB, 662x960)
56 KB
>mom, dad
>this is Jake
>he's my boyfriend
>I hope you can accept me the way I am

File: 20181026_090745.jpg (187 KB, 1024x928)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
I've found a cute octopus /an/ !
Look how tiny and colorful he is
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thats no octopus! thats a Blue recluse spider. you can tell its a spider because it has 8 legs. its similar to the brown recluse except much mroe vnomous. omne bites and yuo died
I wonder if this person was trying to be retarded or, just didn't know any better. If it was the latter I'd actually feel sorry for them if they were bit.
Darwin smiles while looking at you, anon.
>married his cousin and worried his kids were retarded
>*M U N C H*
>"Anons I don't feel so good."

Are these really Golden retriever? I’m about to buy one for my gf who’s dog died a couple months ago and she’s been trying to get another one with no luck. Owner sent me these photos and now I have some doubts. I’ve seen other Golden but something seems off about the parents. Are they too old or something? Or they’re not pure golden retrievers?
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I'm no expert but you have there some blonde doglets. Sounds right to me
three time golden owner here. Looks like a purebred golden retriever to me
Perfect. Thanks
File: 1470700187969.png (656 KB, 569x629)
656 KB
656 KB PNG
id be more concerned with the fact theyre living in squalor.

exposed beams, moldy wood, an unfinished floor, fuckin pallets laying around. looks like an abandoned construction site.

these are not good breeders
That's clearly a hovawart, an ascended-tier breed which often gets mistaken for retrievers. Buy it

File: Tsavo_Lions.jpg (106 KB, 838x629)
106 KB
106 KB JPG

Could of given it to the zoo, but nah.
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Иди пococи хyй нeгpa, чepнpжeпый пидop.
Oh its you. Go back to leftypol faggot
That mountain lion is spoiled af stfu
You WISH you were as cool as that cat
why a zoo? cougars are everywhere, you don't need to put every animal in a zoo.
File: russian_mutts.png (806 KB, 780x520)
806 KB
806 KB PNG
Wow, SOOO fucking white. Look at any generic Russian class and you'll realize you're just pseudo gook hapas, unless we are talking about Russians pre communist/bolshevik rape rampage. You sperging like a mutt autist further proves slavs are degenerate mongo rape babies. You're butthurt because you know you aren't white. We even have a Russian ghetto where I'm from and no one likes you mutts, you're like distant siblings of gypsies. Just like Muslims, you refuse to integrate and learn a basic language. You are the niggers of Europe. Fuck off.

File: oh lawd.jpg (83 KB, 1024x575)
83 KB

Join the cat conversation at the new /an/imaniacs direct for the liberating experience of a comfortable server!


Food & Nutrition

Outside Enrichment
Behavioral problems

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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If he's eating cheap kibble right now, you can try switching him to wet food or a higher quality dry food with higher meat content.

Cats' digestive systems are made for meat, not grains, and the higher protein content means he won't have to eat as much to feel full.
Why would you ever?
Just adopt a friendly black cat from a local shelter.
File: kit.jpg (404 KB, 2048x1536)
404 KB
404 KB JPG
Going to be adopting a 2nd cat later in the week, trying to be prepared and go about it the best I can.

Separating them for a week or so is best, right? I don't have the largest apartment known to man but I could probably give the cat space in the laundry room, with food, litter, etc.

Anything else I should know to hopefully not have two cats loathe each others existence?
Male Maine Coons are fucking hilarious, they act like complete goofballs and constantly want to sleep on your head. Never interacted with a female before but I hear they're more normal. The one I looked after was mostly an indoor cat, but it was in a two-story house and I was pretty much constantly there to play with him and give him attention. Space and time should definitely be things to think about with a breed that big and that energetic.

File: p0027.jpg (235 KB, 749x663)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
old : >>2870727
discord : https://discord.gg/gUCfbeh

discuss speculative evolution shit here
45 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
>cryptids or mythological animals not presented in a realistic manner in a realistic world.
Either ants or termites that start out normally, but soon a select few grow to be specialized to migrate through seasonally greening deserts. The males can't fly, so instead of dispersing them a few females grow large enough to carry as many of her sisters as possible, and the queen. A few will either grow larger mandibles or acid spitters to protect the mobile colony from any would be predators, while clamping their velcro legs around the large ant. Maybe a few could grow their mandibles into clamps to hold up shade so they can travel in the day. Though any of the ants that grow these modified mouthparts will need the smaller regular ants to feed them.
man-eating ants
let me get this straight here,

driver ants evolving a sub species of driver ants have evolved to cuck humans by stronger mandibles and evolving different castes to hunt humans in different environments (eg homes and outside), also having evolved better eye's because obvious. they also are nocturnal and have evolved to be immune to pesticides
also bigger manibles and have colonies of 100s of queens and 1 inch workers and 5 inch majors
Good joke, bro. Laughing under the table.

File: 20181211_040801.jpg (3.52 MB, 4656x3492)
3.52 MB
3.52 MB JPG
Hi, anyone know what type of scorpion this is? This particular one is from Mexico.
As a first impression looks like a bark scorpion, but I could be wrong on that
Of the genus: Centuroides. Of which, there are 70 species.
gay scirpo
i live in texas and that is literally just a normal scorpion 99% of them look exactly like that
what gets scary is when it looks like pic related its bigger and looks like it bites harder its very rare to see indoors

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