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File: 1555887020612.jpg (180 KB, 779x725)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
Spoilers soon
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It's raining tears.
>No way fag

What did Negi mean by this?
Can't, they kicked me off the team
snekfags right now

>there hasn't been a good anime since 2011
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The good shows are those that don't get recommended.
VEG is the best show in decades.
Kill yourself
File: image.jpg (76 KB, 845x466)
76 KB
Don't worry, a sequel series to pmm Rebellion will come out after the GachaReco anime flops and we'll finally have good anime again
He's right. Take your own advice.

File: wtf.png (123 KB, 199x289)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
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Wasted potential, it started as an edgy Detective Conan, but now is just a really bad hentai.
it really went downhill after the Rascal story line I know they were raising the stakes with the middle school thing but it introduced a lot of stupid shit that didn't fit in with the rest of the story to that point
Utter shit. I like me some edge but when everything is over the top, retarded edge it looses it's impact.
Middle school arc was dumb as fuck. Whole school killed each other because of a threat of a debt? Also where the fuck were the cops? The whole school turned into a battle royale unlike the other crimes which were kinda lowkey
>where the fuck were the cops
Weak argument, you could say that from the first chapter.

new chapter is out

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>tfw I have to speed read through this series now because it's become so bad
>the main antagonist vs the MCs tournament battle took less than a chapter for them to prepare their meals

I just want it over now. But Erina and Souma better end up together. If they pull some shit like Joichiro marries Mana or something and Erina and Soma become siblings i'm going to kill myself.

The only way to save myself is to just stop reading desu
Even if we didn't get the SoL back, I don't get why Tsukuda thought dark chefs with superpowers was good progression. Like, just introduce international schools and add some drama and undressing to chefs making foreign dishes that actually exist.
File: x8.png (282 KB, 888x1300)
282 KB
282 KB PNG
The gun noir was the best dark chef though
As long as Sadatsuka gets to join her onee-sama and her bad food bro in an occasional 3P then I'm fine with that.

File: 67.jpg (109 KB, 1280x720)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
I know I'm late to the party, but this scene caught my attention because its weird to see an isekai protag wanting to return to his world, guess it makes sense in his case though.
Makes me feel Raphtalia, but the bird can go fuck herself.
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What is Naofumi going to do when he gets back home? Will Raphtalia and Firo go back with him?
It doesn't. I'm sure it still sounds nice, but get stabbed once. Then you'll get what I'm talking about.
Naofumi would make for a good housewife
File: kawaiiskelly.png (418 KB, 1054x704)
418 KB
418 KB PNG
>You didn't save me Rapthalia neesan.
Imagine the smell

ITT: Cancelled, indefinite-hiatus

Let's pay respect to the manga that were ended too soon.
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Where did you get the raws senpai?
Should have handed it off to another writer honestly. I tried to research the author after anons here said everything the guy started he never finished, but found fucking nothing.

Had I known that going in I probably would've never bothered but then again I wouldn't have become a Saya Takagi fan.
File: 017.png (246 KB, 846x1200)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
How the fuck can those cancer japs cancel an absolute gem of a series but keep sucking one piss cock, or that shit Ippo?
>artstyle went from meh to godlike
>story went to tell the story of Kyokushin, Seidokaikan, K-1 and Pride organisations of martial arts
>cast full of badass characters with their own techniques and mindset
>author is a true martial arts nerd
>humour and fun shenanigans don't interfere with serious events and stakes
It's not fair I swear
File: images (1).jpg (61 KB, 463x662)
61 KB
Forever and ever mad beyond worlds
Is Nana still on hiatus?

File: 1555703847539.jpg (64 KB, 1107x1007)
64 KB
how come /a/ doesn't want to be Bocchi's friend?
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What a sexy loser
File: 2-1.png (687 KB, 1260x1800)
687 KB
687 KB PNG
File: 3 (2).png (656 KB, 1260x1800)
656 KB
656 KB PNG
Lesbain sex is getting weirder every year
File: 4 (1).png (652 KB, 1260x1800)
652 KB
652 KB PNG

How come Tsumugi never got to sing?
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File: 1362810147507.jpg (318 KB, 1280x1440)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
File: 231649.png (1.23 MB, 949x1080)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
Came for the music.
Stayed to watch them try to pick up tea cups with their mushy little moe hands.
File: 1252451418488.gif (489 KB, 380x300)
489 KB
489 KB GIF

File: 1555613520844.jpg (300 KB, 800x1138)
300 KB
300 KB JPG
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ONE tatsumaki >Murata pedo
fucking hell i tried the same pose in the mirror and youre right, the proportions on that picture are garbage
She's not touching her bicep, she's touching her collar bone. Your sense of perspective is bad.
Her arm is supposed to be bent at a 45 degree angle, not resting flat against her bicep. Besides, all the ugly shit in that picture and that's what triggers you?
She doesnt have a collar bone in that picture, look at the jelly flesh inbetween her shoulders

File: 1554585193962.png (358 KB, 731x505)
358 KB
358 KB PNG
what's zoro's sad backstory going to be
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Honestly shows a lot of parallels to Zoro vs Mihawk.
The one who is confident and agressive is in the end the weaker fighter. Definitely what was going on here too.
>Kinemon is backs out of duels.
Where is this implied?
Now you're just circling around
File: 1530352275867.png (239 KB, 420x362)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
Forgot Kizaru got a new VA and now I'm sad What did everyone think of his new voice?
File: 060-061.png (3.6 MB, 1520x1200)
3.6 MB
3.6 MB PNG
What's this Zoro shitposting about?

Why do people question Kurapika’s gender? It’s obvious she’s a pretty girl.
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File: 73037943_p0_master1200.jpg (552 KB, 816x1200)
552 KB
552 KB JPG
In the span of one arc he got bodied by Kurapika and lost a contest to an infant
Killua has eyes for Gon only
I just ejaculated to >>187384121
>>(C95) [Takeritake Daishuukakusai (Echigoya Takeru)] Ore no Douki ga Inran kamo Shirenai (Hunter x Hunter)

File: 0008-027.jpg (263 KB, 778x1200)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
Just finished chapter 17, got a ways to go. I didn't know what to expect of this series, but I didn't expect this. Can someone tell me how I'm supposed to feel about these pages?
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Almost time to bring in the flamethrowers.
you're supposed to feel how legosi feels. uncomfortable and confused
File: 1554215068614.png (50 KB, 291x328)
50 KB
Just wait until the anime
File: legohhshii.png (114 KB, 803x308)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
They will be unstoppable and we will be labeled as degenerates along with the rest of them

File: keijo.jpg (144 KB, 566x800)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
What anime is peak Japan to you? The show that when someone asks "What is Japanese animation?" you think of that show.

Sure there are a lot great shows out there and classics, but other countries have similar movies and shows. But what animation to you is so uniquely Japanese, only Japan could have made it?

To me that show is Keijo. It is so absurd only the Japanese could have made it. My second pick was Mushishi but plenty of countries have media about folklore and spirits.

What is your pick for the most Japan show?
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File: 1535333584652.gif (840 KB, 500x141)
840 KB
840 KB GIF
Berserk 2016/2017 because only japan could make such a shit show using terrible cg in an actual production
Anyone who says anything other than Gintama is wrong
There's barely any animation, so no.
>keijo scalations will never be finished
It's so close to the end too.

File: 1524595784783.jpg (2.5 MB, 3988x3701)
2.5 MB
2.5 MB JPG
>timeless success
>two sequels announced
>inspired people to become writers, artists, and animators
>but most importantly—people still remember it
>generic time flop
>no sequels
>inspired people to, um, go to Antarctica, I guess
What went wrong?
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File: 1532707994020.png (1.51 MB, 1920x1080)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG
>mfw reading this thread
File: rip.webm (2.79 MB, 900x506)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB WEBM
>we should come up with something to call VEG as well.
how about we just ignore them and deprive them of the attention they crave
File: senpai.jpg (81 KB, 1200x675)
81 KB
File: 2018-04-03_22-05-54.png (183 KB, 448x455)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
best imouto coming through
File: a subtle and smart show.png (1.57 MB, 1920x1080)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG

File: 0138.png (1.14 MB, 959x1400)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
Long day today. Hopefully I can finish quickly
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File: 1.jpg (100 KB, 275x711)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Color page next chapter
File: 2.jpg (228 KB, 869x1270)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
This looks like it was from the Miso Soup era, unless it was after ch 33.

Since you’re out covering for me already, wanna do Yuragi this week? I’ll just tlc and pr when you’re done.
Yeah that's my Miso Soup typesetting
Mangaupdate lists it as done by Miso Soup.
Does anyone have the original translated pages? I want to avoid using stuff on aggregate sites.

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