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File: Gakuto Sougetsu.jpg (581 KB, 907x1280)
581 KB
581 KB JPG
News should be around the corner. This side anime's rival looks good but will he live up to the YGO name?
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Sevens' cast better have twin characters. I miss having those around.
To add to this, you can also use the speed duel cards in main tcg iirc. It occasionally gives different rarities/upgrades to stuff that you might want. Rush duels you're stuck with the cards in that format and if it flops after a while then its just over.
I don't think Rush duels would flop in Japan but I'm 100% sure and the guys at Konami also know it has no chance in our region.

I know its a joke but I actually would love this. Please give me rush versions of winged dragon guardian of the fortress, battle ox and beaver warrior. I'm sure lots of people have a normal monsters they enjoy.

That monster looks pretty bad ass in manga form. I love the structures manga for things like this.

File: comics.jpg (767 KB, 820x5492)
767 KB
767 KB JPG
Do we agree on this?
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trust me, it doesn't make any more sense
third party hosting and aggregation sites that host the scanlated manga and offer some sort of reader, and finance themselves with ads, possibly generating profit as well as scanlators asking for donations are the worst kind of cancer and they can all die.

Scanlating and offering downloads without monetization is fine and if the manga industry doesn't like that, they better offer a more convenient solution with a _better_ translation.
>Paying for Jump online since it's only $2 a month
>Series only has first and last 5 chapters
>Literally cannot legally read the inbetween chapters

But why tho
Piracy is a service problem.
I don't know how vidya the only products that can have world wide stores. Books, movies and shits have regional licensing and restrictions.

File: 1576583825385.jpg (63 KB, 853x480)
63 KB
Is romance only ever the dominant plot for shoujo/josei? Do men not like romance?
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So will you marry a 40 years old fat woman if she is single?
>arguing semantics
Okay whatever. Pretty sure most "forever alone men" wouldn't be satisfied with some methhead tranny either.
>If its a male character he is derided for not pursuing the girl that actually likes him.
Does this often happen in harems?
Whatever you call them its telling that you only put males at the bottom of the barrel.
Because most ugly females will still shower and take care of themselves, men not so much.

British foot smell
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File: darjslag.jpg (1.17 MB, 1000x1412)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
Why is it that I can’t imagine Darjeeling interacting or procreating with any male other than black men?
You sound like an american.
File: source.gif (1018 KB, 500x283)
1018 KB
1018 KB GIF
Put raw eggs on your rice
>amershit white faggot obsessed with nigger dick
not surprising
Body odour can be affected by what you eat, so yes

File: 1548738098978.png (221 KB, 1507x1318)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
Were 2011 /a/'s predictions accurate?
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oh yeah forgot about this.

zero two..
File: vinlandsagaanon.jpg (22 KB, 891x197)
22 KB
I hope this anon is happy now that he got Vinland Saga
was there a collage for episode 15?
01000110 01110010 01100001 01101110 01011000 01011000 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01100001 00100000 01110100 01101001 01101101 01100101 00100000 01100110 01101100 01101111 01110000 00101110
Something about mecha anime that brings /a/ together. TTGL, Valrave, Guilty Crown, and of course Code Gauss. Someone save us. When is the next big Mecha anime

File: 1579533764337.jpg (927 KB, 1200x1800)
927 KB
927 KB JPG
/a/ would politely turn her down.
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I’m her Producer, it’s weird
File: 1579524094289.png (667 KB, 1280x720)
667 KB
667 KB PNG
Because the other cgs got in
Who's the other two?
Turn her around and fuck her? yes
No, you would help put her panties back on and start moralfag lecturing her.

File: 1579361591564.png (12 KB, 1200x1170)
12 KB
So, how many pages have you translated today?
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Just like nobody gives a shit about honest translations. Or typesetting, or anything at all when it comes to quality.
I see nothing wrong other than the poster's shit english, japanese, and emoji. Dialog order changes when the language changes. Not to mention, I don't think anyone outside of japan would find that joke funny (even in japan, it's fucking stale).
localisers do a great job on games like disgaea. Games like final fantasy are flawless to the point of not being able to tell the language changed. localisation is good, and necessary.
Jokes can be localized, but it's often used as a way to just shove in overused memes instead of anything clever. The NISA example was actually a decent joke though.

Certain lines can be altered a bit as to not change the story, but if you change a character's entire personality, then you've done something wrong and can create dissonance with the events, like making the character's actions seem inconsistent with how they talk.
grow a pair

File: Nishino.jpg (236 KB, 1746x1229)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
Don't worry Ichibros. We won in another manga. And Negiseether can't change this.
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File: d2LUmgl_d.jpg (90 KB, 640x944)
90 KB
What's up with this panel? What was that expression when Nino said something about Miku?
File: 1576768420234.jpg (542 KB, 1172x1748)
542 KB
542 KB JPG
>hasn't confessed yet
>hasn't kissed him yet
I agree it seems really obvious today, but that’s all in hindsight. Manga back then was usually pretty straightforward and the first girl always won. The title of the series was a reference to Aya. Even the mangaka admitted in her final remarks that when she wrote she series, she planned for Aya to be the winner. She was surprised to see Nishino develop so much, and the feelings that she had been writing and drawing each week felt really “raw”.

The best analogy I can come up with is that it’d be like Toradora ending with Ami winning because the author got sick of Taiga’s bullshit halfway through and realized that he had been writing Ami as a much better character.

I was to emphasize that you cannot draw exact parallels with this and 5toubun. All that Negi said he doesn’t like stories with obvious winners from the start like Toradora and Maison Ikkoku, so he felt Ichigo 100% would still feel fresh today.
Only Takebayashi a true childhood friend. Yotsuba fake osananajimi.
She has the gays for Miku

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I want the miniature pink dog onahole
>not tan gal

one job
This is a good pace if they want to cover the Extinct arc
File: 1556643999361.jpg (335 KB, 960x1365)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
Delicious impala.
File: 78979734_p0.jpg (977 KB, 1000x1579)
977 KB
977 KB JPG

File: diu.jpg (96 KB, 1280x720)
96 KB
Is DiU divisive because it's a slice of life with actual focus on character development and not a punchfest with caricatures?
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File: cursed jotaro.jpg (81 KB, 515x782)
81 KB
Remember when Jotaro was a twink?
File: JotaroRipplesAdventure.jpg (603 KB, 717x999)
603 KB
603 KB JPG

Just rewatched EoE for the 5th time this year and I have to tell you, it havent really changed in the past 23 years.
Umi da!
How can the black spot of Japan's cult history ever change?
why would it change?
I was hoping for some DLC, it's hard keeping interest for almost a quarter of a decade when nothing new is being added. Are devs faggots?
File: TANGED.png (51 KB, 1150x580)
51 KB

File: EOsqaVoXkAAV54T.jpg (240 KB, 788x1121)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
Sudo's not pleased with this DEVELOPMENT!
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Ah I forgot, read that part months ago when it was translated. The exam is actually way too straightforward then, you'd be secretly wishing you could purge more than one weak link
Where is that faggot who kept bothering me in the previous thread about how Kiyotaka wasn't the White Room's masterpiece?
if you can toss censures cross class then Tsukishiro can just have classes dump censure on 51% and job complete
File: best_girl.jpg (260 KB, 1125x1600)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
You know, Hiyori is underrated as fuck. She is nice, smart and pragmatic. It is like mixing Horikita, Ichinose, and Arisu in a single person without any of their flaws. I loved how she just with "I don't want anyone to be expelled but since that is the school rule, so be it" while Horikita and Ichinose still were hesitating about what to do.
File: 005_p-fmatter-004.jpg (431 KB, 2048x1496)
431 KB
431 KB JPG
Looks like a dork.

File: 1515311977101.webm (2.82 MB, 800x450)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB WEBM
What are gyarus good for?
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What is she doing with that hand?
File: 1540645413540.png (195 KB, 825x329)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
>friend not only gets fucked, but now has to watch her friend realizing her love
Felt kinda bad for her.
Tomboys getting their boyfriends NTRed away by Gyarus!
Literally knocking him out with the view of ocean meat unobstructed by pa tied.

Annie Kruger Tybur Fritz. Annie will save the world
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I think Floche did most of the gathering, I don't see Eren telling them much if anything on his own given how distant and unconcerned he was with their actions or their numbers when he found them after breaking out of jail. He also had his own shenanigans directly with the volunteers according to Zackley.
File: 1574540522034.png (597 KB, 531x755)
597 KB
597 KB PNG
>Tables both of them
File: 1559955665422.jpg (197 KB, 1000x656)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
Everyone wants to hug Gabo
File: ok.jpg (337 KB, 778x479)
337 KB
337 KB JPG
good one OP
Cringy edits and copy-pasting fragments of arguments that buttfuck your headcanon is the brand new cope mechanism now. It's very funny but you just don't get it's subtle quality humor. I can't wait to see what the cope will be in 2 months.

File: yamchad.png (774 KB, 1280x1269)
774 KB
774 KB PNG
It's finally his time.
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lets be honest. They were never supposed to exist in the first place.

Trunks was just supposed to be a nothing son and Goten was only made so that trunks wouldnt be alone.

That makes sense, the only times he traveled in space before it was automatic.
File: 17.jpg (5 KB, 225x225)
5 KB
>Anti Moro
Will Diecisiete save Gocuck again?

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