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Because they thread the needle of making female characters who are competent and cool and earn your respect while still being endearing and cute
File: 1451511363765.png (432 KB, 1920x1080)
432 KB
432 KB PNG
Excellent taste but I like it better with the vocals.
KLK is the first anime I ever watched, It's an experience I will never be able to rate objectively.
File: Ryuko lifefibers.png (847 KB, 1800x1300)
847 KB
847 KB PNG
How did you stumble across that as your first anime?

File: Vegeta Clones.jpg (687 KB, 1976x1158)
687 KB
687 KB JPG
Post edgelords
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Fuckin Hiei is better than that sperg.
you retard, he's making himself out to be the villain so when he goes rogue and dies for the cause, the world will see his faction as the bad guys and Eldians as good since they stopped him. It's the only way to gain the trust of the world. He has to make his friends hate him

He's LITERALLY Lelouch titanized
Scar was basically a caricature of an extremist Muslim.
>edge lord

A dude who literally was born to fight does not equate to edgelord.
Hiei also isn't an edgelord.
>Kills the closest thing he has to a friend (Nappa) for losing against an opponent

Vegeta was a total fucking edgelord bruh

>this kills your franchise
How will madokafags recover?
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Even more of a useless character than Nagisa.

Girls don't have to do anything to be liked except be cute and not too terrible (for some people)
I'm noticing a pattern.
Well, I guess you think the original anime is shit then since Homura isn't the lead?
File: 147803941190.png (540 KB, 618x822)
540 KB
540 KB PNG
i dont get all this butthurt more meguca is always a good thing
>le cashgrab!
literally all anime is made to make profit

File: forced headpats.webm (2.65 MB, 1280x720)
2.65 MB
2.65 MB WEBM
Ep.11 previews are up
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恋 と Yuu!
Motorboating Yuu!
File: 1541754963360.jpg (74 KB, 681x881)
74 KB
Not happening, they'll end it with the aquarium date and keep begging people to buy the BDs to make an S2 so you better do it, faggots.
They will end it with Yuu telling Touko she loves her.

Very recently finished Stardust Crusaders.
And while I liked it, I feel like the shows quality has been declining with every new part.
I unironically think Phantom Blood and Jonathan were the best so far.
Plus my weeb friends said the following parts, until part 7, aren't that good.

So, is it even worth it for me to continue watching this show?

By the way, I've heard part 1 wasn't very well adapted in the anime. Is this true?
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based, thank you jojobros
>I'm definitely looking forward for its adaptation
I really want to see what exactly DP is gonna do with Heavy Weather. Plus seeing anime-only's flipping their shit to that and the finale will be fun.
>Part 2
>the worst
It's more like top 3 best
File: 46285152_p0.jpg (271 KB, 800x1163)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
I don't want to shit on other parts but the only parts I really loved are 1, 2 and 7. Part 7 is more mature but reminds me a lot about 1 and 2.
Not to mention all three parts take place in the best and most interesting time periods.
Based. People who claim final fight in Part 2 is worse that muh GER are fucking retarded. It's not worse, and it's much more spectacular.

>mangafags called this the worst part for years
>watching this weekly trying to find out how it's worse than part 3
>still can't find anything
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I feel like this is referencing to what that olive gypsy on jewtube said about part 5 to lose most of his shekels
Part 5's major issues don't come up until Diavolo is revealed and after that.

It does have the best fights in the franchise.

Part 5 went poorly translated for many years so general fan opinion is split

This adaptation is has been fantastic however, so it's redeeming it for many.
based hairposter
Post canonically gay characters.

File: CaptureE.png (89 KB, 469x448)
89 KB
I just finished the last volume the other day. As the last book got thinner and thinner I kept asking myself "where is this going? There's certainly not enough pages here to tie up all the lose ends and end this." And there wasn't enough pages. Instead what I got was a slap in the face and told to buy another 16 volumes at $12 a piece.
Was this planned from the beginning or was it a last minute cash grab? Is Re even any good?
no Re spoiler pl0x
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File: x16.png (421 KB, 976x1400)
421 KB
421 KB PNG
>be yomo
>practice cabalism from an early age on
>get fucked by arima for the first time
>don't use your kakuja
>get fucked by arima for the second time
>don't use your kakuja again
>almost job to uta
>still not activating your kakuja

What was Ishida thinking?
meant to type
Die and die.

>Kakuja is a jobflag
>never use it
File: eyes of god arima.gif (54 KB, 187x201)
54 KB
he jobbed twice to god arima though

File: 1509631115949.png (301 KB, 472x605)
301 KB
301 KB PNG
Who's the most suave anime character and why is it Spike Spiegel?
Recently tried rewatching bebop and spike is one of the most boring characters in anime. He's a lone wolf, cool guy with a dark past. Everything good that happens to him is dumb luck.
Motherfucking L U P I N

File: Hot Cocoa.jpg (13 KB, 400x283)
13 KB
If you haven't sent out your packages/cards by now, your anon most likely won't get it before Christmas. You horrible person.
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File: sadsanta.jpg (329 KB, 1171x942)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
>Random box shows up
>its unwrapped gifts
that is legit 10/10 card right there
oh you're him >>182016122

I'm really glad you liked it, yours was the first card I've done because you had the best list but that backfired and it ended up having the worst craftsmanship so I was a bit worried.I wrote it using 1000 times folded nipponese pencil and diamond infused leads so it should last forever, until next thursday.
Drawn on wood, yes. But anon has to train using a saw a bit more.

Who the fuck is the target audience of these lesbian shows that have taken over anime? What's wrong with anime about both sexes doing things? Why must it always be lesbians?
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This. Real yurifags use loonix, like me.
I love both cute lesbians and cute heterosexual girls. Everything is good as long as it's cute.
fat ass sad motherfucker
sudo ku yourself, linux hackerman
cute is love. cute is life.

File: 1544810148274.jpg (170 KB, 736x1452)
170 KB
170 KB JPG

File: IMG_20181210_224655.jpg (20 KB, 193x217)
20 KB
What do we think about this little witch?
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By shilling the other shows she's in and shilling Toku shows. She particularly seems to be onto Ultraman and also loves SSSS.Gridman too.
I'm honestly hoping they let false Akko speak for one line and it's Megumi's voice coming out of her just for the mind blown factor, we already have Sucy and Jasminka as the mother of the heroine and the antagonist after all.
>488 replies
>103 IP (Dynamic IP cut, so 51 IP)
File: 1541202691008.png (394 KB, 576x492)
394 KB
394 KB PNG
File: 1539608022686.jpg (644 KB, 1080x1528)
644 KB
644 KB JPG
Is Ursala-sensei a virgin?

File: zombie.png (66 KB, 256x499)
66 KB
>tfw anime gave me a schoolgirl fetish
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File: 1515261428349.jpg (469 KB, 1920x1080)
469 KB
469 KB JPG
Imagine swapping bodies with a JK.
some mothers do so unironically.

maybe they are hoping for them to hook up with a promising Tokyo-U college student or something.
I like those camwhoring JKs
I would tear my newfound pussy apart with the objects I'd shove up there.
File: 1509730904402.jpg (2.2 MB, 2894x4093)
2.2 MB
2.2 MB JPG
Spats or character-print panties.

File: DrEvbFfUUAAGX_e.jpg (170 KB, 1200x795)
170 KB
170 KB JPG

Was this kino in comedy form?

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