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File: JoinShinZeon_mSV.png (1.63 MB, 1080x1400)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB PNG
Previous thread: >>18032543
Thread mood:

Most generally popular: Lero "Stumps" Marq >>18038686
Most votes for absolute favorite: Newtype Senshi Titansman >>18038683
Most votes for "main antagonist": >>18038688

Most absolute favorite mecha: Blood GM >>18038691
Most generally popular mecha: SHINNN Destiny >>18038703

Welcome to /m/SV, the funposting thread about (You)r OC Gundam characters!
Participate however you'd like. Write and draw your original characters or mechanics. Draw other anons' original characters or mechanics. Develop backstories for/Force your headcanons onto other people's creations. Rate people's OCs or imagine your own trashing theirs. Draw vignettes and characters interacting. Engage in autism with your fellow (wo?)/m/en in this user-generated shared universe! Don't be afraid to post if you suck at drawing; most of us are the same. Edits and composites with linearts welcome too.

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lol my original AU outline had them with scopedog/ zaku flippers and Gundams while the Earth had MS that looked like GMs and Zakus


Fielded by the Monotone Mouse Company, this suit is a patchwork suit made up of many dozens of salvaged Jegans dating back all the way back to the Axis Shock event. It has been tuned into a single high performance unit with exceptional mobility and sniping abilities.

- 1 x Vulcan Pod System optionally mounted on the head

- 2 x 2 Beam Sabers, two on a recharge rack mounted on the right waist armor

- 2 x Box Beam Saber mounted on each forearm

- 1 x Re-ZEL Type Beam Rifle (optional)

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Still want to know where the subplot with the cloned queen was going since it's not in the UC version.
File: weba.png (30 KB, 532x493)
30 KB
File: weba 2.png (6 KB, 234x277)
6 KB
And some blank lineart if anyone has a use for this

File: Freddie.png (445 KB, 871x792)
445 KB
445 KB PNG
Why not teach Mercury and his people the art and joy of building and piloting gunpla? Gunpla is freedom.
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Hazels and a Woundwort or two. Modular Gunpla that are easy to maintain are most important for now.
They'll have to scratch-build it in a real size.
Now that MCs know that they can dupe parts and shit in this world, they can leave them resources to do so though.
File: unreal engine.gif (1.56 MB, 491x271)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB GIF
Because theyve been isekai'd. They would have to build real robots from scratch, not use scanned in stuff.
File: TYS3Dkt.gif (3.38 MB, 700x285)
3.38 MB
3.38 MB GIF
>That filename


Remember when Geralt Riviera the Witcher fought giant robots? Me too.
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File: Pepe Disappointed.png (108 KB, 400x381)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
this is the worst bit of lore I've heard in the last week, fanfiction or not.
Fair enough.
Money don't smell.
he's also in Monster Hunter World.
>we got this but not the E7 and CG crossovers

File: 02-Dirty-Pair.jpg (57 KB, 640x480)
57 KB
It's Kei's Birthday today! This calls for a celebration. Dirty Pair Thread!
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File: 1364851971873.gif (45 KB, 640x800)
45 KB
There's a doujin I think.
File: Iczer-1+2.jpg (1.36 MB, 2000x2678)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
Damn, I wish my drawing was good enough and I could write in japanese.
I would make a doujin where Key and Yuri don't pay attention when driving with the Lovely Angel on a mission, and hit a pedestrian in the outer space. When they stop they find it'S Iczer-1 so they take her on board but when they start to bicker, they squeeze unconscious Iczer-1's boobs and she zaps the whole ship in shock.

They wake up in the Cthulhu ship but under their lewd influence and possibly due to medication they administered to them, they turn into insatiable lesbodykes from outer space that just can't stop crawling all over each other. Also possibly due to Iczer-1's lesbian aura.

Doujin ends with Chief listening to their explanation and saying "I see. So is that why you bloody can't keep cool even in my office?", where the last panels show he awkwardly stands with his back pressed against the large glass wall/window of his office in horror, trying to escape somehow, while nude Kei and Yuri violently fuck each other on his table.

Thanks for your time, this was anon's inner overpressure speaking.
I mean, you shouldn't have trouble finding a western artists to draw it...
What a sacrilegous words you say, satan. Tho I wouldn't mind an Iczer-1 drawn by https://e-hentai.org/s/07b4ca8b92/1417474-8

I wonder if I should make a twitter so that my brilliant hentaibrain excrements are preserved for posterity.

File: EK_qiEdUcAAYPtl.jpg (785 KB, 2144x2955)
785 KB
785 KB JPG
>Early Xmas edition

Resurrection BD Rip(only CH hardsub for now): https://nyaa.si/view/1200799

Resurrection Mechanical Completion has released. Not full scans yet

Deluxe Archives for TV and Resurrection soon
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That's your headcanon. Taniguchi is the one running the franchise(into the ground?).

From the interviews it's clear he had the same freedom as the Akito director had.

See Divers, it's shit because of the director and writer, you could only blame Sunrise for hiring them.
Maybe, but I just don't buy that the original PV all just nothing. Black Albion just feels like a way to salvage the Lancelot Albion Zero that they already put into production a figure of.
>but I just don't buy that the original PV all just nothing

They admitted in a event that they made it intentionally as a fake trailer and that back then they already were working on the version we got.

From what they said Suzaku was going to use a Vincent Ceremonia but then came the Mahorobas. Black Albion either created for the fake trailer or a a very early idea that was scrapped. Black Albion just has new wings so it was easy money as a p-bandai release so they made it canon, because why not?

It's up to you to accept this reality.
>They admitted in a event that they made it intentionally as a fake trailer
You assume that they were telling the truth about that.

Staff can and do tell lies all the time, especially when told to by their bosses and saying something was always planned is better PR than saying what is coming out is their second idea after we were told to change it. And let's not pretend Sunrise doesn't exert its will on its properties. Tomino can tell you all about how demanding they can be.

But again, if what came out was what they always wanted, why make it an AU from the original?
>You assume that they were telling the truth about that.

Why are you assuming they lied? LOL

>But again, if what came out was what they always wanted, why make it an AU from the original?

Because they wanted so. They could revive Lelouch with the same fan theories they used for Resurrection in the TV timeline. Only real difference was Shirley surviving and she didn't matter in the end.

Regarding Tomino, be thankful Sunrise intervened in his works because the outcome was good even with him being a huge hack.

I wished Sunrise had intervened on Akito...

Continued from


Discussion thread for those who saw the movie last night in theaters or anyone else who wants to join. Going to repost my last post to get started.

The scenes on Earth with Mirai and her lack of reaction to order collapsing don't really make any sense. Those parts imo either dont bridge the cultural gap from japan or are just poorly directed Literally the very first scene is her getting screwed out of a seat on a shuttle by the Parayahs and having to make a Sophie's choice about which kid to save from the impending end of the world. And shes just like "oh, thanks I'll send Hathaway."

The idea of Hathaway falling for Quess when in his mind she should represent the reason his sister is going to die on earth is equally bizarre.
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Serious question was srirocco a normal newtype or a cyber newtype. The only other newtype I know of with the same level of mind influence is iron cuck. and do you know any uc media that explores what goes on at Jupiter more
Gyunei is hella based and is willing to fuck a 13 year old slut
Also had that question, unless AE is compartmentalized and the data was too sensitive to share with the federation/the guys building for the federation were unaware of thebpsychoframe technology
>She is basically a degenerated feral human acting on illogical arrogance

Yes, she is a 13 year old
I don't recall anything about Srirocco being an Enhanced Human

It all comes tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down.
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What is based about taking nudes of an underage girl
Started with Anno getting the rights(maybe he always held them?) to Evangelion and forming Khara, then Trigger's folks left and then Fukushima left to become Gaina, but they've done literally nothing of note so far.

(Gaina, has some some Hulu dancing anime that's it, but has plans for Gunbuster 3, plus a new Royal Space Force)
The absolute fucking state of modern Gainax
I honestly hope they never make that Wings of Honneamise follow up because there's no way it won't be a disaster.
File: haman is incredulous.jpg (58 KB, 960x720)
58 KB
>It's another sensationalist tabloid gossip story
>gossip story

File: umm wat.jpg (46 KB, 704x396)
46 KB
/m/ Characters who need more porn.
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"I'm coming three times faster."
It gave too much actual porn while not striking the crazies' nerves right.
If only kircheis were here.
That "for" shouldn't be there.

File: Reds.jpg (124 KB, 564x565)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Previous Thread: >>18041466

>Links for beginners:

>List of subbed series:

>Super Hero Time OSTs:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>(I can't remember, did anyone even get to use the final power up besides him?)
What final power up? The armor or was there something else I forgot about? Gold got an ugly exclusive power up later and also used the armor. All the male Rangers also used the armor. Yellow only used it for a joke though (untransformed).

>he did get to use the Sol/Luna Kyutama but I seem to recall someone else using it in-show
Sol/Luna when used by Lucky also powered up Balance/Garu and they did that a couple of times, including in the Dark Silver arc. Near the ending of the show, they got to be used by the other Rangers directly though (like Green got Moon).
I was speaking about the armor red got originally. I seemed to recall Yakumo using it in one episode but he's the only one but I wasn't too sure.
I was also speaking directly rather than a power up with regards to Sol/Luna. It does help others but I meant more as them prying it from Lucky's hands to use.
>Yellow only used it for a joke though (untransformed).
Not yellow, he used it normally once, it was white the one who used the armor untransformed for a joke scene.
Actually all of the ToQgers got to use hyper, not as much as Right, but they did.
Toys. Unfortunately the reality of modern Sentai.

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Every time I get interested in a series, a remake, rerelease or sequel coincidentally comes out shortly after. How weird.
You mean like every single Armored Core game
Wouldn't be as bad if From actually rereleased any of their old games ever. Literally the only pre-Dark Souls games you can play on current gen consoles are Metal Wolf Chaos and fucking Eternal Ring. They only ever released the first Armored Core on the PS3 store outside of Japan for some reason too, even though all three PS1 games were available for years on the Jap store.
I really like AC2 and I'm not really sure why

File: main01_3[1].png (328 KB, 350x467)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
Link to episode 1 (so you don't have to search for the channel in question) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbziz8CTOns
Haven't watched yet, but subs can't be worse than what we currently have. And it's nice of them to do this in preparation for the new show
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That's just a bit of mistranslation. They meant he serves the 1st boss (one of Doakudar's 7): Cruising Tom
They use muffled audio for the OP song
A raw with a good enough audio exists online
Remember I watched all but the last episodes of this with the shit subs a couple years ago.
Chibi Arnold Schwarzenegger piloting a mech shaped like his own face using gym equipment is just one of the best things I've ever seen btw.
What did he mean by this?
I love all the Universal Monster mashins.

Also the truck one is literally optimus prime. And I had a knockoff of Torah's ball bird as a kid which blew my mind.

File: CjTR3fYWkAAl_-G.jpg (95 KB, 600x690)
95 KB
Titanfall 2 is "free" for PS Plus subscribers this month. If you haven't played it yet, and the idea of playing a FPS on console doesn't make you want to blow your own head off, then get on it. It's arguably the best Western /m/ game to have come out in the last few years.

So, Titanfall - as well as /m/ games in general - thread, I guess.
81 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
I have never seen someone miss the point so badly. 1, that was some random artist, the actual leads very clearly know they are mechs as they told their writers to take inspiration from Chamber for BT, and 2, all the random guy was trying to do was differentiate them from mechwarrior, because that is usually what western audiences think of. Titans do play a bit more like oversized power armor, sure, but get one with an ability set you like and try it out in MP or frontier defense.
It’s ironic, because mechwarrior mechs are much faster and maneuverable than the titan in the campaign.
Titans are definitely more agile than MechWarrior's BattleTech's, with max speed and flight being the thing that they have over Titans, but Titans move decently fast and Ronin goes very fast.
In battletech, the agility of battlemechs and titans are about on par and battlemechs have more overall mobility but this depiction never made it into any of the visual media because of mechwarrior which has poisoned the franchise. Now even Harebrained schemes (fuck those guys lmao) are perpetuating the myth of VTs in Battletech.
They're physically larger, so fucking obviously, but relative to height I'm pretty sure an Atlas chassis or lighter is faster when sprinting. Ogres are pretty slow.
I appreciate that the console version has an insane amount of customization for the analog sticks. If you spend enough time messing around with it you can get a set-up that will work perfectly for you.

Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare/Breaker Mobile

Feel free to share your ID code and make friends with other /m/en!

Official Website:


App store:

Play store:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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That's what I said?
yeah the Char shit awfully fast, but I guess it only feels like it did since Big Zam was extended in the middle of the event because it was barely working
>Whats with the bullshit "take no damage" mission challenge for the EX event mission?
It's not that bad. Take no damage just checks how much health you have at the end of the mission. As long as you use a healing skill like last shooting to top off your health you'll clear that just fine.
Are you telling me your party isn’t good enough to carry you?
pretty much.
I'm a casual f2p shitter who upgrades parts on a whim and uses autobattle for everything (mostly because the game runs shitty on my phone)

I almost have a fully maxed out mobile worker

File: Ruri browses 4chan.png (90 KB, 360x270)
90 KB
Nadesico thread!
107 replies and 58 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: threeyrs3.jpg (32 KB, 500x121)
32 KB
File: threeyrs4.jpg (34 KB, 500x124)
34 KB
File: threeyrs5.jpg (33 KB, 500x123)
33 KB
File: threeyrs6.jpg (35 KB, 500x121)
35 KB
File: file.png (283 KB, 300x424)
283 KB
283 KB PNG
Nevermind me I'm talking shit. It seems Ruri's Story from A to B has nothing to do with these drawings.
If anyone has this book and is able to scan it that would be amazing.

File: AND SO IT BEGINS.jpg (120 KB, 1280x720)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
And so once again, it begins.
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: 270373326.jpg (23 KB, 600x419)
23 KB
Is this what progress looks like?
He looks like fucking Kenshiro. He could just catch the rocket and throw it aside.
I cri every tim

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