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File: 1541999914613.jpg (41 KB, 511x671)
41 KB
fuck bosnians
t. Croat

ITT we determine the actual scariest movie

my vote is the Ring but that's boring so name other ones. they dont even have to be particularly good movies, just scary
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That's an interesting observation, Lucifer, but you can also infer that the God in their world is clearly indifferent, which only makes all the horrific stuff that happens in the movie more unsettling.
I don't see it discussed here very often, but High Tension was kino.
>the God in their world is clearly indifferent
He's not just indifferent, he seems to have a mean streak, but we knew this already.
I usually try and pretend that she or any female ghost has sone kind of spectral power that drains her enemies strength as they struggle
Yeah this one is aja's best. Crazy to think she was making that severed head suck her metaphorical dick. People around here have shit taste so I don't even bother ever bringing it up.

File: 0iub3rkpdzc31.jpg (72 KB, 960x960)
72 KB
Watching this for the third time
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in hindsight it belongs to the worst movies i have seen in the recent years.
Uh sweetie...............have sex.
File: 1516266087313.jpg (32 KB, 700x400)
32 KB
>mfw watching Alita: Battle Angel
Based never ever poster dabbing on trannies every thread

File: gdfg.png (74 KB, 500x500)
74 KB
>location switch to London
>camera zooms on big ben
>sex pistols god save the queens starts playing
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>scene cuts to new york
>several aerial drone shots of the city
>empire state of mind blasting so loud that people from two screenings away can hear it
>random close up shot of a guy selling a hot dog
>taxi driver
>statue of liberty
>last shot starts at the bottom of the empire state looking at far as it can go and a tilt downward shot of the doors opening and closing which is conveniently see our main character walking into the building
>NEW YORK, NEW YORK flashes at the bottom of the screen
wait, this isn't just from Rocket League?
This is shoped, right?

Cast it
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they'd have to be grim reapers to get some of 'em.

heh heh heh.... good one manny.
Cause of death Coco?
I finished it couple of years back but don't remember anything about it. It was a good adventure game tho. No need for a live film adaptation.

Syberia stuck with me more.
I remember being totally obsessed with this game just before it came out when I was like 10 years old. For some reason in my mind I pictured it as this amazing groundbreaking non-linear game where you could walk around doing whatever you want and interacting with all these crazy characters. Then I played it and it was basically just broken sword 3d: with skeletons. Disappointed is an understatement.

What did /tv/ think of James Bond's first movie, Dr. No?
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Kino of the highest kind. I watch the connery bonds 2-3 times a year. Dr. No is my second favorite connery.
File: Ursula Andress.jpg (48 KB, 620x774)
48 KB
>time cannot capture me
I read that this role was originally meant for Anita Ekberg. That would have been the most kino and been untoppable from there on out.
File: sensiblechuckle.gif (405 KB, 720x404)
405 KB
405 KB GIF
yfw they include her in FRWL
>she should have kept her mouth shut
Only Bond movie I semi-like is From Russia With Love.

File: Spoiler Image (22 KB, 300x510)
22 KB
>call up the art department and tell them to make a fully detailed mold of a 10 year old girl's naked corpse
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so we need to kill children before people can see them naked?
unironically, yes. it's even on youtube
Thank God. Looks cheesy as fuck and Blomkamp is a literal cuck.
killing white children?
Reminder Aliens is for reddit tier plebs that like marvel movies and Prometheus and Alien Covenant are for people who actually appreciate cinema.

Even Alien3 assembly cut> Aliens

File: violet.jpg (30 KB, 1024x576)
30 KB
What was her problem?
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Verruca does it for me as an adult.
She could eat out her own blueberry pie or asshole.
I watched this movie as a kid and all I could think about for the next few days was Violet
File: veruca.jpg (152 KB, 500x713)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
she was a top cun in both versions; great character
She looks like shit with her hair behind her head

File: disenchantment1.jpg (107 KB, 1000x563)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Is Disenchantment any good?
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Stopped watching in ep. 1.
Serviceable. Better than it should be.
>They do a lot of "woke" jokes but half of them feel satirical.
Anon, I...
I like it more than Futurama because of the setting.
Futurama has more and better characters and better gags though.
Best characters (in S1, haven't seen S2) are easily Queen Oona and Bean's chambermaid.
Everyone else I'm lukewarm to.
rent free

File: hg.jpg (2.04 MB, 800x2700)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB JPG
>liberal television
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that's not related to pareto law at all.
At least if it was a x % produce y % principle... just using % doesn't make it related to pareto law.
/pol/ can suck my dick

/pol/ owns you
Will it really take this level of posting for the mod's to finally do their job and eradicate this worthless thread? As a potential investor in 4channel.org, I am troubled by this.
Stay mad small brain, it's really not a hard show to get your head around haha

File: 2008.jpg (411 KB, 1432x1080)
411 KB
411 KB JPG
Whatever happened to Jack Black?
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What happened to his cringy gaming channel?
Made 2 or 3 videos. Talked shit about other YouTubers ironically and then moved on
He trolled people who actually thought it would be a gaming channel and made it a vlog about his sons.

made a yt channel about games just to cash out
is irrelevant tbqh
He's in the Jumanji movies. Also he's into a bunch of other movies nobody saw.

Is he a she?

File: disney manchildren.png (1.09 MB, 787x882)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
Are they right? It certainly feels that way on /tv/ in the last few years with the reddit/far-left invasion
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And what woman isn't?
Shes a kid diddler
I don't give a fuck breh
I’m begging you to spend the thousands it would cost on a proper vacation. Go visit another country, or maybe even just another state. Enrich yourself in the local culture and take things slowly and soak up the people around you. It’s much more full of life than a saccarine theme park
Don't worry she can bear my child so it doesn't look so weird. She just has to drink a lot of alcohol so our kid looks like her.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (70 KB, 1280x720)
70 KB
>No, I came back to stop you.

How would you have rewritten this line?
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do it with the webm
Keaton's whole portrayal of Batman was absolute kino. Bruce Wayne is shown to be as big a psychopath as the villains he fights, the dude sits in a dark room and stares blankly into space, waiting for the bat signal to light up and wake him up. He's such a fucking hermit that a news reporter sent to cover a party at his house doesn't even know what he looks like.
Absolute kino, much better than the playboy billionaire double life nonsense.
Not to mention how the cops rushed head-on with their fists against enemies wielding automatic rifles and standing ready in a defensive position. I'd imagine a trained unit would use some sort of tactics to minimise losses and avoiding needless death. I know it's fiction and supposed to be a weird comic book city but still.. that was just ridiculous.
It does. It also makes me think how shitty it must be to do that as a profession. I presume they take multiple takes and you just keep there repeating this ridiculous play fight that you'd never do unless there were cameras and someone to pay you. I couldn't get over the fact that I'm doing something unfathomably silly again and again.

Childhood faps. I'll start.
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>he didn't start fapping at eleven years old
Low test.
Google retard
I figured out masturbation by accident when I was 12. Nobody taught me. Nature finds a way.
>Kylie Minogue "Can't Get You Out of My Head" video
>Britney Spears "Toxic" Video
>Nicole Kidman in Batman Forever
>Michelle Pfieffer in Grease 2
>Keeley Hawes and Rachel Stirling in Tipping the Velvet
>Lesley Anne Down in The Pink Panther Strikes Again
>Emma Watson in Prisoner of Azkaban

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