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File: 1521989842267.png (265 KB, 748x420)
265 KB
265 KB PNG
If it's alright!
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she's wh*te of course she does
I like how much effort you put into trying to make your hair straight.
She's not white you dumbfuck she's a hapa
Go to bed Jamal.
kikeposting has really gotten less subtle as the discord tranny took over

File: 1547953618524.jpg (32 KB, 634x357)
32 KB
was it kino?

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File: 1528473864081.png (74 KB, 960x960)
74 KB
>being anywhere near that much accelerant as it wildly sprays out into the air

Beyond how dumb that is, I cant imagine how fucking high those burritos at the beginning had to be as they got soaked by fountains of gas.
This makes me want refried beans
>it wildly sprays out into the air

just watching the geyser pre detonation footage and you can see the shimmer in the air from the fumes. going near it is crazy just for some free petrol
They could have been doctors and engineers in the U.S if Trump didn't exist
>"Lets cut into a gas pipeline, what could possibly go wrong?"
Fucking morons. They should show this to scare people to stay in school and get an education.

File: 1538056797689.jpg (168 KB, 942x928)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
soul vs soulless
sneed vs chuck
All capeshit is trash you s o y- addled turbocuck.
Grimdark capeshit one grimdark capeshit two
There is literally nothing wrong with grimdark
>All fantasy is trash you s o y- addled turbocuck.

File: file.png (963 KB, 991x901)
963 KB
963 KB PNG
>earth, before the war
>new york, before i was born
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this movie was only ok
Only the Brave despite bieng a completely different style had some good picture too
Lmao wat how did he not break his legs here
Might need to watch that then.
He rolled with it like a pro.

File: p8640397.jpg (130 KB, 640x1000)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Featured film: Paranormal Activity 3

Previously: >>108672100

What is found footage? Found footage consists of feature length movies, shorts, or webseries designed to have the look and feel of actual (non-fictional) filmed events that were lost and subsequently discovered and made available to the viewer. That is why it is the most creative subgenre ever to exist, with over 700 movies and counting!


FF IMDB: http://foundfootagecritic.com/found-footage-films-database/

Conversation starters for newbies:
>What is your favorite found footage film?
>What found footage film are you looking forward to?
>What is your idea for the perfect found footage film?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: drinking-vodka.gif (3.95 MB, 358x188)
3.95 MB
3.95 MB GIF
>ayyy lmaos hypnotise rest of the surviving family members
>the son screams at them to run shortly before he gets hypnotised too
File: image.jpg (30 KB, 274x324)
30 KB
based and redpilled
this post didn't age well

File: 1547305390277.jpg (335 KB, 2048x1536)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
*record scratch*
*freeze frame*
Yep, that's me. You're probably wondering how I wound up I. This situation. Well it's a looooong story.
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You from another fluctuation
I hope this theory eventually proves wrong. I was dead for billions of years before I was alive , and I'd like to stay dead after I die as well, I don't want to be awakened as a brain in a void after all this shit.
>but I look at the very ground I'm standing on and all the species of plants and animals and I KNOW that one day this will all be gone and earth will be a dead shithole rock burning in the sun's heat , if not completely obliterated by a meteor or something first

How is this mind blowing? Are you in middle school?
You say that like you aren't already a brain in a void.

Any essential movie theater items to bring?
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Thanks brother I knew those dubs would grant me further luck
Bring the family to a nice sit-in restaurant theater and watch pirates of the Caribbean, then rubbing my greasy fingers all over the upholstery
File: dubmansmile.jpg (12 KB, 236x228)
12 KB
File: 1425873816026.jpg (38 KB, 584x591)
38 KB

File: 1547184924832.jpg (347 KB, 715x812)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
Guess he couldn't take being called a "cuck" anymore
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That girl looks pretty who is she
that smile kills my sides every time
he really has the face of a man who's life is going great
thanks, redd*t
No shit, that's what happens on the reverse as well

File: download (2).jpg (10 KB, 300x168)
10 KB
>Acts like a god fearing Christian

>Cheats on his wife

Seriously is there a bigger phony than Chris Pratt?
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Why? Because it proves you're high test? Because not necessarily.
Being low test means you're an evolutionary failure
>That's a shitty thing to do.
Nah, that's an *evil* thing to do.
cheating doesn't mean you're high test, just lacking in self control
Lay your hand flat on a table. Which is longer - your index finger, or ring finger?

File: she's right.jpg (53 KB, 590x360)
53 KB
She's right and you all know it. They screwed them over so hard
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Andrew Garfield was dating Emma Stone, probably working on Hacksaw already, and wasn't insecure about how bad his series was because he actually had a career.
On the other hand, everyone on GB16 was one flop from crawling back to SNL on their hands and knees.
It's going to be exactly what Sony did for Jumanji welcome to the jungle, but applied to Ghostbusters

It's going to be
>white guy
>black guy
>blonde girl
>brunette/latina/asian girl

with mix and match personalities of
>protagonist/audience stand-in

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
The original cast could say the say thing about the all female GB
lol i even read that in his voice

>Original director's son: I wanna make a sequel with the original's soul!


File: dsgd5.jpg (73 KB, 1024x683)
73 KB
Watching these movies on Netflix again

How come Rowling didn't ship these 2? Ginny is shit
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Yeah, Riddle was also poorly cast in the 6th movie, so much worse than how he was in the 2nd
>Richard Harris
>Alan Rickman
>Gary Oldman
>Daniel Radcliffe
>Ralph Fiennes
>Helena Bonham Carter
>Tom Felton
Slice open your arteries
Op just wants an art hoe gf
m8 i was 6 when i saw the first one and i'm 24 now. there are 30 year olds who grew up watching harry potter films.
Nobody knows who any of those tumblerites are, you zoomer! This is a strictly Arnold Schwarzenegger, Marlon Brando and Orson Welles board.

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>Peter not having comeback with "beauty is priceless" or "everyone has value, you dumb cunt" is pretty boring. Why did they make him such a betacuck? First they're making him tony's bitch who can't do shit without him, he is bullied by fat indian in school and now this? Jesus Chist. Why do they hate Peter so much? It's because he belongs to Sony?
File: sure buddy.jpg (27 KB, 396x385)
27 KB
>Be me, senior in college
>one of my friends makes a genderfluid parallelogramsexual otherkin faggot friend
>insists on being referred to as "they"
>no one liked to be around but it but no one would just it tell to fuck off since this was an ivy and anyone who got reported for anything by an LGBTBRAAAAP fag was fucked
>the dorm where this fag lived had to ban 22 people at its behest because it wanted a safe space
>I was nice enough the one time this person invited itself to dinner with me and my friend
>I never followed up or took it up on its insistence that we play pong, or its insistence that my friend break up with his girlfriend for its sake, or that I start paying it more attention
>this jilted mutt-faced faggot actually sends me giant essays to lecture me
>Turns out I was "invisibilizing" it by ignoring it and that was a VIOLENT and DEEPLY BIGOTED thing to do to someone who loves me
>Also got linked to articles about why men who are tall and have deep voices need to speak SOFTLY and walk with SMALLER STRIDES in order to be inclusive to whamyn
>Mfw my bluepilled friend had to draft my reply to that text so I wouldn't get fucked by admins in my last year for hurting a faggot who can't even decide which bathroom to use on any given day

This cunt looks exactly like that faggot and this sounds like exactly the kind of shit it would say.
Those weren't the exact lines. I think they're just pulling it from memory. It was actually:

>But you wouldn't be that gullible... would you? You want this war too, don't you?

And the reason she kept needling it was because she wanted him to state his true intentions.
>not saying fuck off to degenerates or just ignore them and their shit
Stop being such a beta.

File: JPEG_20190113_223039.jpg (12 KB, 290x267)
12 KB
What was going through his head at that moment?
10 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>just remove them?
Just remove it, bro
Raping women:
Daily reminder that WHITES are more responsible for TOXIC MASCULINITY, CATCALLING and SEXIST GESTURES than other races despite what may be obviously apparent to all observers.
I don’t understand why he just doesn’t pay to get then removed.
“another FUCKHEAD denied the fact Islam is the religion of peace”

File: Capture.jpg (80 KB, 643x793)
80 KB
Problem, bigots?
21 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
No point in fucking with trans lives when you guys commit suicide willingly.
File: cat 1.jpg (41 KB, 367x446)
41 KB
>trans lives
>calling others worthless
Oh, I dont know? Maybe kiss my qt trans gf while you rot alone in your parents basement?
>trans actor
So I take it this is his first job?
Actually, Im not even trans. Fucking bozo. But what I am, is a decent human being. A concept you might not be too familiar with.

File: Unknown.jpg (5 KB, 301x167)
5 KB
Where did he get that spear? Seems awfully convenient.
14 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I don't understand how they're going to finish the entire show in 7 episodes.

This is going to be extremely rushed, and the night walkers will get stopped at Winterfell.
It no longer breathes fire.
>wight dragon breaths fire
Anon did you even watch that scene?
>7 episodes.
Nevermind, apparently there are only 6 episodes. Expect a lot of teleporting.
They've been rushing since S6, when they realized that all the post-SoS plots aside from Jon and maybe Bran's were narrative dead ends

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