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>women can't fig-
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China destroyed its own culture thoroughly it only left space for postmodern, shallow consumerism and that's reflected by the preferences of its local cinema audience.
I don't speak chinese. I was watching this gay chink shit on pic related (subbed), and I heard on /a/ there was a live action version so I looked it up. Since then from time to time youtube recommends me clips from chink dramas.
spoken like a true ignoramus
fuck off, bugman
>entirely shot in slow motion
kek, she couldn't even chain together a scripted combo.

How did he do it? How did he manage to make one of the best movies ever (Drive) when the rest of his filmography consists of nothing but trash?
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OGF>Drive>>>The Amazon TV Show>>Neon Demon
and you will never be a woman ;)
I wish there were more movies with Kim Bodnia, such a great actor
not reading the thread but pusher 2 is far better than drive

File: 1495145668120.jpg (27 KB, 377x325)
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You didn't go to hell. You went to purgatory, my friend.
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File: 1311616779755.jpg (257 KB, 500x741)
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257 KB JPG
File: slash b slash.png (225 KB, 499x544)
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225 KB PNG
File: DSFARGEG.jpg (29 KB, 597x392)
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File: b.gif (2 MB, 544x258)
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“Garugamesh!”And ”Pools Closed”

File: images (4).jpg (20 KB, 480x360)
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Now that the dust has settled, was she wrong?
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It's pretty crazy imagining old fat Brando fucking this little squaw, but it happened.
post her nudes already i need to coom
I fucking hate indians so damn much. Imagine losing a war then having the victorious power pay you money yearly as an apology so that you can be deadbeat faggots forever like niggers but that isn't enough so we give them their own laws and sovereignty let all their sick voodoo horseshit and child exploitation occur on our land that we gave up to them to make them happy and yet they still cry Romans would have had every last engine hung fucking faggot bastards
There are nude pictures of her
indians should give up their larp already and get a job

File: whispers.jpg (99 KB, 1100x825)
99 KB
Post ur face when she wins an Oscar for Best Original Song
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She aged 20 years in 2 years
File: 1561635385289.jpg (240 KB, 1116x1098)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
The zoomer mind is relatively complex for it's early stage in adolescence. Her PR team and the group managing her media persona understand that current-generation teenagers think nihilism and depression is cool so, in turn, she needs to act this way. She needs to act like she's not a sheltered suburban girl who's brother writes her songs for her and act like she's depressed, hates life but it's okay because she's a pretty outer shell for your daughters to look up to. You can't just sing anymore, you've got to pretend to be what your audience wants to be themselves. Rich, famous, good looking and flippant.
Drugs and lack of facial muscles from mindlessly staring at electronics all day

File: The-new-pope-copia.jpg (89 KB, 1050x590)
89 KB
Is it kino so far?
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oh hey it's you again
do you plan to keep saying the exact same thing over and over in every single TNP thread?
Yes. Sorrentino actually wrote the character to be extremely similar like Malko in real life.
The fuck are you on about, you fucking sperg?
was this sequel really necessary?
>"g-guys I'm not that schizo I-I swear"
sure lol

Why was he such a pussy? Literally every other Terminator shown in the whole franchise could have beaten him.
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No. It is wa worse than Genisys. I seen Genisys many times and there are fun parts in it. This Dark Shit is just disgusting. Like it is one of worst movies i ever seen.
How shit is it? Is it "retroactively makes all other media related to this IP now, in the past, and the future worse" or is it "Not very good but if you've seen the others you may as well see this one (for free)"?

I liked the one with Dr. Who, it was clever having Skynet realize the ultimate way to enslave humanity is via their cellphones
The comparisons to the Star Wars sequels are totally valid.

Skynet is gone. Sarah, John, Miles Dyson and the T-800 succeeded in canceling its birth at Cyberdyne and the Skynet future never happened. But then in the 2040s a new AI is built called Legion and instead of nuking everybody, it just cuts all the infrastructure off and lets everybody starve and kill each other.

Then this AI called Legion that is definitely not and has nothing to do with Skynet builds robots that are still called "Terminators" in a complete coincidence and builds a time machine to send back a Terminator to kill Dani Ramirez, the strong latina woman who leads the human resistance that will ultimately destroy Legion. Also the human resistance has awesome hovercraft and Augments, humans that are surgically altered to be as strong as Terminators.
Sarah Connor Chronicles will always be my preferred timeline.

Along with Rise of the Machines
Than it should be new IP. Because only relics from Terminator timeline are old Arnold and Linda. Why even paying for terminator licence if you don't use it?

What movies are 19 year old girls into?
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When i was 21 i dated a girl that was 34 super hot milf

who cares
twitter only exists because people want to prove how morally superior they are to everyone else
File: 1573008382854.gif (3.6 MB, 280x280)
3.6 MB
3.6 MB GIF
when I was young 20s my dad was dating girls my age and they were usually single moms with drugs problems but it still annoyed me that my dad was such a hedonistic boomer and he would do stupid shit like take them to pharmacies not realizing what he was doing
anything about doggos probably. especially doggo peepees

Elves are ancient, intelligent, and refined. They were described by a Caucasian men centuries ago.

"(Shakespeare's elves were tiny, winged creatures that lived in, and playfully flitted around, flowers.) English male elves were described as looking like little old men, though elf maidens were invariably young and beautiful. Like men of the time, elves lived in kingdoms found in forests, meadows, or hollowed-out tree trunks."

High fantasy and art allowed us to realize their true form. They carry the best qualities of English people. John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was an English man, so it was only natural that elves would look like refined English men and women. However, we are seeing a bastardization of the source material by sexual deviants and race obsessives that want to destroy his work for their own gratification. Elves are not African nor Asian. It doesn't matter if the genre is fantasy, you can't hijack English people's intellectual property and make elves Asian or Black. That makes no sense. This is why allowing media or fans to adapt your work is a big mistake. Look at what Blizzard did to elves. There are "blood elves" and "dark elves". You can ad a fucking adjective in front of elves to make it whatever you want. There is no restraint or respect. We need to respect this intellectual property and preserve it for future generations to enjoy as we all have.

Elves are high fantasy, so please respect the intellectual property Amazon.
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What's the right way?
Matt Damon’s character and his friend were literally foreigners in that story, faggot - travelers from a distant land.
Didn't stop people complaining for weeks.
File: 1577214262139.png (84 KB, 1229x1160)
84 KB
All elves ar heathens and should be burnt on a stake
What about Dark Elves anon?

File: EOenHfcWkAAtUVU.jpg (151 KB, 680x545)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
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>it doesn't have to make sense at all
>dude just like turn your brain off end enjoy the splosions! Lol
I have been saying this since the beginning. No way anyone would take someone with that ridiculous name as that seriously. Add maz katanah, kanji klub, rose taco, poe and pretty much any nuwars horseshit garbage name to it.
There's no doubt that kylo was the best character in the sequel trilogy, if the story mostly revolved around him we could have had a more interesting story from a different perspective.
File: 1578072079352.jpg (11 KB, 300x200)
11 KB

How did they regroup so quickly
>Does it Matter, Admiral Statura?
>No. Not One Bit.

>Uh... Excuse me General Leia? Admiral Akbar? I think it does matter... what if we defeat and chase off this new Empire... this First Order... and they do it again? They regroup, quickly, again and threaten us once more? Wouldn't it make sense to understand? why? how? where?
Digital colouring is so fucking ugly. They may as well just print in black and white, if it's going to look like that.

>Wtf you can’t just do online marketing this is Russian collusion

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>Cherry picked photos
Stupid meme
How exactly?
File: 6485689579.jpg (145 KB, 1280x1197)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Our new evil plan to divide the country is to target voters with ideas the other side don't agree with. They'll be targeted like they've never been targeted before. Hitler wished he could target Jews like we target voters.
File: cia eyes.gif (2.17 MB, 280x358)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB GIF
>Cambridge analytics LITERALLY caught influencing the referendum
does that mean the election isn't valid?
Unemployment is at its lowest rate in 40+ years, wages rising, ZHCs falling.

In terms of ordinary people there is play between a technical fall in GDP vs. not having 5000 Eastern Europeans (great bunch of lads, not their fault) applying for every job and being prepared to do it for £100 a week.

File: 1579237450766.jpg (43 KB, 768x432)
43 KB
>Why they didn't scoop a bit of lava from mount doom and bring it to the shire to melt the ring?
177 replies and 29 images omitted. Click here to view.
cos it's in the middle of fucking Mordor
They were on lunch break

Gollum can't fit in a jar of lava
no one applied for the job
why didn't they just bring the ring on the boat to the secret land they went to at the end?

File: doctor.png (875 KB, 524x652)
875 KB
875 KB PNG
Is he right?
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Wtf I believe wikipedia at face value now!
How could a Roman exist in the Middle East in 1 AD? That just doesn't make any sense, it must be the government controlling the internet and making us believe that Jesus was white to push their agenda.
didn't the romans kill him tho
clearly they were there



“And we’ve kind of got to tell a lie: we’ll go back into history and there will be black people where, historically, there wouldn’t have been, and we won’t dwell on that. We’ll say, ‘To hell with it, this is the imaginary, better version of the world. By believing in it, we’ll summon it forth."
One nigger being there as a curiously isnt a presence of them living there.

I'm surprised retards still eat "they were always here" propaganda when within current lifetimes Europe was still 99% white up until the late 20th century.

Once again, let's see what documented footage vs (((articles and media))) show us how diverse London was just a few decades ago, when it was already considered a hippy, diverse and accepting society:


File: Into The Wild.jpg (99 KB, 634x703)
99 KB
Only plebs didn't like this movie
57 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Lol thats nothing his dad worked at nasa
Indeed, nothing of value was lost.
the soundtrack is great, you have to give it to Eddie

some people have dumb dreams that shouldn't be followed. If you want to live in the wilderness, do some research.
you're legally required to post a webm of kstew in panties in retard dies in the wilderness threads so i would ask you to do so now.

File: 1575602435138.png (3.04 MB, 2692x1368)
3.04 MB
3.04 MB PNG
Daily Canon Kino Thread. What have you been watching/reading/playing

Last one hit bump limit
Dumb /co/mblr tranny
File: 1570801560533.png (199 KB, 946x696)
199 KB
199 KB PNG

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