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File: 1557765950544.jpg (688 KB, 1539x2052)
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688 KB JPG
first for stannis
File: 1538595420934.jpg (90 KB, 573x623)
90 KB
Anyone else tear up at the scene of Yara learning about Theon's death?
do it again bomber dany

File: 1519743483219.jpg (41 KB, 580x414)
41 KB
I never understood the "problem" of piracy. It isn't actual theft. I can't afford to buy this shit. I'd never actually buy it if I had the money.

How is that harming the film industry again?
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>Leeching niggers contributing nothing
>Normal people who function in society
The first is worse
>Piracy is stealing

no, it's not, because nothing is taken from anyone

>b-but muh potential profits

I have torrented and watched most Marvel movies, but I have never, would never and will never pay a single cent to see it in the cinema. If all torrents were annihilated tomorrow - well, I would just never watch another marvel flick again.

How much money have I "stolen" from the Marvel studios, given that they made zero money on me - and they would still make zero if torrents never existed?

You can still claim that piracy is wrong, but calling it "stealing" simply means you are a brainlet.
no dumbass - you don't have to pay
do you get it now?
You niggers know that even though US law differentiates between theft and copyright infringement, they're both felonies with similar penalties. As soon as you've "made fun copies of" $1,000 worth of stuff you're in felony territory. Same as if you steal $1,000 worth of stuff.
>Leeching niggers who contribute nothing (to the film industry)
Not your problem, doesn't affect you, I'd say
>Normal people who, because they spend money, think they're better than anyone else and are obnoxious fags about it
From where you're sitting, it is worse for both you and me.

Why are there no non-comedy films about male models?
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>If you had a 10/10 face and you were a terrible human being. Girls would still spread their legs instantly.
Does this apply to social groups, i.e. guy who is handsome instantly becomes more popular than ugly guy?
>Dude my life isn't that bad, I've made the most out of it, I'm not even ugly really, I just know that my life would be that much better if I was chad.
How? Give an handsome that doesn't involve it being easy to fuck girls in clubs.
File: 1553349812843.jpg (77 KB, 840x578)
77 KB
imagine dedicating your life to be chosen by a whore for the purpose of pleasing her.
No they really don’t, a bitter incel might think they do because it’s easy to find some desperate bets to fuck you but women need to seek out a quality man.

If they are ugly they are fucked, if they have anything wrong with them they are fucked if they give up sex to easy they are fucked and if they give up sex to hard they are fucked.

It’s easier in a physically demanding way as they aren’t expected to go out and do something with their lives but it is much harder in a strategic way as they only get what they are born with and basically have 10 years max to get their life settled.

As a man you have a longer road with more physically draining tasks but you get the chance to make of it to the best of your abilities and you have much more time to get there.

Being a woman is a game of chance, being a man is hard work
He looks fine. Haircut doesn't do him any favours and could do with better glasses. Pic on the left is not very flattering but I've seen unflattering pics of men regarded to be very attractive.

File: 1548388133110.jpg (50 KB, 854x424)
50 KB
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>legendary pokemon
>there’s over 100 of them now
File: chaotic peyton.png (225 KB, 459x432)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
my parents didn't let me play pokemon and I think they made the right choice
They are legendary because many of them are ancient, immortal, or out right Gods. Yet somehow Mewtwo is top tier among them despite being a creation of mankind.
The family guy script has been the same old formula for every episode for many years now
what made the first two seasons of family guy so different from the rest of the show?

File: 1557752916335.jpg (189 KB, 720x720)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
hide /chern/ threads
ignore /chern/ posts
do not reply to /chern/ posters

Previous disaster: >>115336305
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who in the right mind would sell a medal like this?
Holy fuck /chern/ is a huge cringefest right now.

The radiation in other reactors has more or less stabilized after the construction of the sarcophagus.
File: DSC_9518.jpg (202 KB, 1536x1024)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
Camera lenses. Low dispersion aspheric lenses today are made with fluorine, but back before the 1960s they were made with thorium mixed into the glass. Some are remarkably radioactive.

This one I sold was apparently quite spicy.
File: delusional.jpg (258 KB, 993x744)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
yes tovarisch

And into the trash it goes
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so the watchmen became communists
File: 1537209403621.gif (417 KB, 600x600)
417 KB
417 KB GIF
> Lindelof's mother is Jewish

How hard are they going to go all-in on ORANG MAN BAD?

Can't wait for the """commentary""" on how cops are hunting down and shooting innocent black men for the crime of carrying Skittles.
Think about it this way: who would you rather have as the top world power? America, a democratic power, or China, a communist power?

File: tots.jpg (46 KB, 720x464)
46 KB
Who was in the wrong here?

File: 1436346.jpg (28 KB, 480x360)
28 KB
Hol up white boy, tell me your top 5 tv series of i shoot your cracka ass.
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so terrible it's almost like it was bait
holy basesola
peak soi

File: soul.jpg (1.01 MB, 1990x1175)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
Why do normies like these soulless movies so much?
Civil War is good too

File: 1558518769304.jpg (152 KB, 1080x810)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Why are there so few attractive Asian actresses in Hollywood?
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because John Landis killed them all with a helicopter when they were children
Western media is anti-East. That’s why they don’t have any good Slavic or Asian representation. They do it on purpose because they are shit scared of their impending doom.
>*Jewish media
fixed for you friend
they obviously cast the most asian looking women to fill up the diversity quota. hapas wont do for obvious reasons
They don't suck Jew's dicks

File: 1558352832939.jpg (71 KB, 498x443)
71 KB
last stand tonight edition

>Emilia Clarke Tries 9 Things She's Never Done Before | Allure

>Emilia Clarke Has Lost Her Dragons and Her Spanx l Cover Stars l Glamour

>Emilia Clarke Re-Creates Stock Photos | Vanity Fair

>The First Time with Emilia Clarke | Rolling Stone

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1558321954719.gif (2.26 MB, 268x220)
2.26 MB
2.26 MB GIF
Oh godamnn it you fucker we told you not too! I'm upset and disappointed because I was inspired to send her a nice message, and now you do that?
Does anyone have the longer webm of this scene where she looks directly at the camera?
File: 1557003411928.jpg (124 KB, 966x772)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
It really is
You guys are so negative but I actually live in Cali and I told her, so if I play y cards right I think I could get her to go on a date with me. I'm just not sure what my next move should be. I'm thinking a gif with the climax instead of just a pic could be kinda hot.
File: bestdany.webm (1.71 MB, 1080x1080)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB WEBM
does she?

You can almost see his gut wrenching.


Why are BuzzFeed such fucking assholes?
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based weeb Keanu
>oh no bad things happened to X Celebrity wtf this is so sad plss share :( #relatable #canwemakethishappen
have sex.
He’s too old fren, he would have been perfect around The Matrix
i saw my grandpa suffer for a whole month in a hospital after he broke his back n pelvis

dude developed staph and collitis during that month, eventually wasted away and died

now, you can kindly go fuck yourself, preferably with a rusty, crusty metallic dick shaped object, that'd be great, thanks anon

File: kinobyl.png (77 KB, 669x627)
77 KB
I love Kinobyl, but this is getting ridiculous.
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There’s nothing inherently anti socialist or anti communist. The stuff that it shows like bureaucratic mismanagement, bribery, and corruption are things that occur in all types of society. What this show is is anti-Russia because the UK and US are both ramping up their anti-Ruso-China alliance propaganda to cover up their recent economic losses.
You did not see that, you cannot have seen that. This anon is not phoneposting. You are delusional.
Nigger communism is literally the worst sort of beuracratic nightmare humanly possible.
now I'm weirded out, wtf did I do?
lowest IQ post on the whole internet right now

File: Bravo D&D.jpg (581 KB, 2000x2000)
581 KB
581 KB JPG
Shout out to all these things having ZERO impact on the story

You can only post ITT if /yourguy/ still has a chance in the books
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I think he makes it to writing Winds of Winter but dies without getting much done on Dream of Spring.
File: rodrik the reader.jpg (36 KB, 425x601)
36 KB
/myguy/ literally cannot be stopped
No one is saying Stannis will win in the end. But he is 99% going to win the battle of Winterfell.

Melisandre, however, will hear that Stannis is dead, and go crazy. She will sacrifice Shireen with the intention of resurrecting "the lord's chosen". This will resurrect Jon Snow. Stannis will win Winterfell and attempt to reinstate the Starks, albeit under his rule.

Not sure how it'll happen after that, but I think Mel will then be all on the Jon train, plus the northern lords won't want to bend the knee to stannis and will want jon as king in the north, and stannis will be pissed at mel for burning shireen. this conflict will somehow lead to stannis' death or him taking the black to join the nights watch.

He gets his victory, but his faith in mel comes back to bite him in the ass when everyone jumps on the jon bandwagon with her. Pretty sure it'll happen something like that...

A battle of the bastards type of of scenario is the least likely thing to happen in the books.
GODS he's sexy
File: Mance.jpg (78 KB, 600x400)
78 KB
Based Mance will be fine.

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