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/wsr/ - Worksafe Requests

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File: wsr.jpg (77 KB, 850x638)
77 KB
This board is for:
  • Asking for help in finding an image or the source of an image, or more of a certain kind of image.
  • Asking for photoshop requests.
  • Asking for recommendations for a new anime or TV series to watch, or a new manga or comic series to read.
  • Asking for tech support or help with your homework.
  • Any other kind of work-safe request.
Once you have posted your request, please check the catalog for requests that you can help others with.
All threads and images should pertain to "work-safe" material. For adult content please use /r/ - Requests and for help with personal matters please use /adv/ - Advice.

Do not post or request personal information ("dox") or calls to invasion ("raids").

Personal army requests of any form are strictly forbidden.

WebM files with sound can now be uploaded!

File: 1549502411641s.jpg (7 KB, 177x250)
7 KB
Looking for that gif of neo blocking agent smith's punches, but
is overlaid on top of the punches
File: 1549499153185.webm (1.14 MB, 1280x532)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB WEBM
found it thanks anyway

File: 1494906546790.png (254 KB, 579x458)
254 KB
254 KB PNG
Is there any VPN software I can get without paying or having to enter my fucking credit card info just to get a free trial? Every one I've tried to get so far has been malware.
I have no problems with torrenting, if necessary.

File: 1492626081683.png (909 KB, 10000x10000)
909 KB
909 KB PNG
Give it some nice big tits, a cute anime face, that sort of thing. Feel free to take as many artistic liberties as you feel are necessary, doesn't have to be too similar just make it look like a sexy human female version of this liquor bottle.

Feel free to shrink it down as well, I just made it this size so you can get the full range of colors.

Thanks again!
dadc x1488
make me kike
*pulls out gun*
don't be stupid buddy just fill the request

File: 2nd - Copy.jpg (121 KB, 831x580)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
I'm currently applying for a lecturer job and writing a Cover letter. Could anyone help with what I have so far. The second paragraph isnt done but I've hit a road block on what to write about.

I know I'm shit at thi.
Ignore the "highering committee" thing. Already noted.
last bump for tonight.

File: 1465957684786.jpg (95 KB, 984x136)
95 KB
Can someone translate these paragraphs? I believe it is in Japanese

File: file.png (82 KB, 260x260)
82 KB
For some reason I can't login anymore. My account is years old and I've done literally everything (cookies, extensions, etc.) but none seem to solve it. Help me!
Remove the extension
Delete cookies
Log into e-hentai.org
Go to sadpanda
Fap to loli
I've done that and I'm still getting the sadpanda. That's whats weird.

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It might help to know where you saved the image from, since the usual image searching methods don't work. Otherwise, this is probably one of those images that are virtually impossible to sauce unless someone recognizes the artstyle or something
I found it in facebook, but the guy who posted it doesn't know where it's from. I also tried reverse searching but came up with no luck, so I'm trying my luck here hoping someone here recognize it.
What reverse search methods has everyone tried?

File: 1550771905820.jpg (79 KB, 600x684)
79 KB
Can a kind anon make this guy into a Boomer? I.e. give him sunglasses, a monster in one hand, and maybe change the head/hair/moustache to match?

File: 1550678547323.png (1.11 MB, 1213x807)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
Can someone edit the sign to say "(You)"?
File: u.jpg (350 KB, 1213x807)
350 KB
350 KB JPG

File: b3.jpg (155 KB, 472x1004)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Keep the girl, her clothes, and the three effects coming from her butt please!
Make the border a the bottom transparent too, though!
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File: 1550769698688.png (171 KB, 393x414)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
Fixed a little things
File: 1518852548779.png (743 KB, 1280x720)
743 KB
743 KB PNG
Wow! Thanks again!!
File: get_a_load_of_THAT.png (263 KB, 596x280)
263 KB
263 KB PNG
Borrowing this thread to ask for transparency on the background here too please.
File: 15508761647352.png (273 KB, 596x280)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
Thanks boss

Can anyone help make a gif thats high quality and not pixelated like the one posted here. I wanted to use these as an animated avatar on a forum website but it clearly looks like shit right there.

I used this video to crop the gif from at the start. The pattern is Square, T piece, Line piece, S piece, Z piece, J piece, L piece and repeating like that.

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im retarded

File: 1.gif (391 KB, 50x50)
391 KB
391 KB GIF
like this?
File: 2.gif (391 KB, 50x50)
391 KB
391 KB GIF
slightly faster
Much appreciated! I was busy all day but hopefully you see this

I need to free up an hdmi slot on my pc. Currently i have an hdmi to vga cable connecting my monitor. Will it still work if i buy a display port to hdmi adapter and plug the cable into that? I don't want to waste money

File: lanky-longman.jpg (169 KB, 1024x1024)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
Looking for a greentext image that's from /fit/ I believe. It was basically the tune of the Misty Mountain Cold from The Hobbit but re-written to be about manlets.
File: day of the tunnel.png (26 KB, 345x307)
26 KB
you mean this?
3 seconds on google m8

File: hamp.png (277 KB, 800x450)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
There was a webstore posted on /fa/ like a year ago and I can't remeber its fucking name,but I remeber 2 T shirts from it,one was a poorly drawn version of the unabomber sketch and the other was some dude pointing a liberator pistol at some dude with glasses
Boump eet
File: cant_wake_up_doggo.jpg (68 KB, 683x683)
68 KB
File: killer_attack_tomato.jpg (79 KB, 1156x1156)
79 KB

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