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File: Hot-Toys-Mysterio-020.jpg (623 KB, 1666x1166)
623 KB
623 KB JPG
Last thread: >>7749814

Biggest topic right now: Marvel 80 Years line is hitting clearance at Wal-Marts AND Target! That didn't last long, did it?

Hot Toys Mysterio announced, and apparently will indeed be getting a Jakey-Wakey head due to fan demand.

ML wave for Black Widow showing up in some computers, as is the potential Walgreen's exclusive Stepford Cuckoo exclusive.

Mafex Venom is shipping and arriving at people's homes to terrorize their collection.
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Because you're autistic. I think that's really the only reason you're finding any issues.
Good argument, faggot. Just because you like the figure doesn't mean it's perfect. It objectively isn't and you seem to be willing to overlook some real flaws it has to support your retarded argument. I bet you're one of the same faggots that thought Pizza Spidey was an """A+ release."""
Glad I passed on preordering antivenom now; didn’t realize he had those old style hips.
I guess you don't pose.
It doesn't have to be perfect to be an amazing A+ figure. You will never be happy with anything, ever. That's your cross to bear. The new Nightcrawler is amazing, through and through.

Old thread >>7749353
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File: d4aln7j8mnk31.jpg (780 KB, 2700x1800)
780 KB
780 KB JPG
So I can skip this one and wait for the chrome one right?
I'm personally waiting for the golden and mithril versions
>carbonized graphite
what the fuck even is science?
No sir, I don't like it.
Is that the Toy Biz logo in Luke’s hand?

File: Immagine.png (406 KB, 651x427)
406 KB
406 KB PNG
Name my pig!
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Sherry Birkham
Dr. Nigger Hitler Jr.
sneed (formerly chuck)

Previously on Glyos General...

>Coming When?
Dark Souls Solaire and Black Knight

>Hot Topics
Nothing because Glyos is all but dead.

>Tell Me More!

>Support Small Business

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Yeah, someone did on the Discord with Rothan parts, it was cool
So what we know about this wave:
*Traveler, Phanost, Armorvor and Glyan are confirmed.
*No Naboto or Villser.
*No clear or metallic colorways.
*Neo Granthan head is officially retired.
*Venjourun lost in a fight to the Dark Delphi and was saved by the Varteryx.
So what's the least amount of money I can pay to get this thing? Can I sub to the Patreon for one month and then drop out?

your best bet would be ebay from brian. it's over.
Also no Pheyaos.

And Phanost will be in purple. Hell yeah

File: 1567172271809.jpg (1.06 MB, 2048x1536)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
Spooky Wild West edition

Welcome to the skeleton thread.

Main toy lines that we disscuss here:
Pose Skeleton (Re-ment)
Revoltech Skeleton (Kaiyodo)
Dokuroman Skeleton (Kaiyodo)
Boss Fight Studios Skeleton
October Toys skeleton
Imaginext skeleton
Lego Skeletons (LEGO)
Jurassic World STEM

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Where did you find the angler?
File: 20190920_203806.jpg (1.18 MB, 2160x2160)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB JPG
My butchered as fuck order finally showed up. Bummed I didnt get over half of my order but glad the last in stock is here.
H.E.B., which is a supermarket chain here in Texas.
File: 20190904_004333.jpg (1.39 MB, 2160x2160)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
skeles experts, pls help to identify the cowboy skele in the middle?
That's John Wayne.

File: Barbieop60.jpg (396 KB, 973x1211)
396 KB
396 KB JPG

A thread for discussion of fashion dolls including Barbie, Disney, Wild Hearts Crew, LOL OMG, She-Ra, DC Super Hero Girls, Living Dead Dolls, Licca-chan etc but not BJD.

Other toys considered dolls as well as girl collectable toys that are related to dolls or can be used as accessories to dolls are also welcome such as LOL, Capsule Chix, Shopkins, Polly Pocket and the like.

Old thread: >>7748296

>Pictured: Black and White Forever Barbie (2019)
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I don't get why they don't make at least one Elsa doll with long, straight unbraided hair. Little girls would eat that shit up. It's clearly what they want since they keep undoing the braids.
File: 1405625440025.jpg (169 KB, 774x1032)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
>I don't get why they don't make at least one Elsa doll with long, straight unbraided hair.
Because that would cut into Rapunzel's money, and Rapunzel would have cut a bitch.
File: 1488902287410.jpg (986 KB, 1536x2048)
986 KB
986 KB JPG
>Good luck on that.
I have yet to find a single MtM doll while thrifting and those dolls have been out for a while now. Makes me wonder if the MtM bodies break during heavy play or something.
File: Untitled.png (566 KB, 722x548)
566 KB
566 KB PNG
What is this and where do I get one?

I found a naked Mexican one but one of her feet had been chewed up by a dog.
whats with the weirdo who keeps talking about barbie lingerie and wanting to fuck their dolls

File: Doom Slayer.png (679 KB, 921x927)
679 KB
679 KB PNG
New pics of this guy, what do you all think now?

Certainly looks better than those preliminary pics, I think.

In other McFarlane news, there are solicited pics for their Mortal Kombat figures, Scorpion and Sub-Zero. All these, more Fortnite, and My Hero Academia figures should all be coming out in the next couple months.
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Has Toshinori even been made in statue form? He's a completely head to toe new mold with little to no chance of reuse other than for himself due to his weird proportions (then again McFarlane doesn't seem to shy away from single use molds, so he might have a shot). Someone had mentioned a United States of Smash All Might, that could be an interesting exclusive maybe. McFarlane arms and legs are removable, so technically they might be able to do something with that? Maybe in a 2-pack with All for One.
File: 20190920_192912.jpg (250 KB, 1300x2674)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
Todd really needs to up their paint, cause this just isn't cutting it.
All might has a tiny ass head
Will still buy tho
File: D&D.gif (1.02 MB, 434x250)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB GIF
Just gonna be seeing shitty recolors of the same two characters. Scorpion, Subby Z.
Check Target. Both of mine near me have him in stock still.

File: 1556545989080s.jpg (9 KB, 250x230)
9 KB
Reusing an old image because I don't make these but someone has to make a thread edition
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File: oh yah.jpg (118 KB, 647x843)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Hmm. Says it's scaled to be ridden by link related. How tall does it say that is?

Yeah and this one has pictures of it with Hexa gear in it. But you went to BBTS for info on an import. Nice job
File: IMG_4615.jpg (163 KB, 1200x617)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Wtf happened to the Corps? I remember they went from realistically ugly army guys to cartoon characters, but they're literally riding dinos now?
They've always been a slap dash of whatever.
I always forget about the vintage line. Before my time I guess

File: toyfu.png (761 KB, 999x523)
761 KB
761 KB PNG
How can I get a girlfriend like that? I'll die like a fucking virgin goddamnit I just want a beautiful collector gf
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it's 2019. modern girls like their boys with a bit of squish
maybe learn some cute tricks/hobbies/skills? as long as you aren't dirt poor, women will put up with some shit, if everything else is good. Modern girls aren't hung up on money, like women used to be. Unless you date conservative chicks.
I had one, it wasn't worth it, just a drain on your wallet. Fuck that fuck moids.
File: MIGHTY CRITICAL FINISH.jpg (142 KB, 800x1200)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
you forgot

>bee urself
>be at least 6' ft
>collect Shinkoucchou Seihou
Stay a cuckold, anon

We are 2 weeks away from NYCC, what character/toy updates are you hoping for on "Siege 2"?

old: >>7765206
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that may be true, I just have a hard time seeing galaxy shuttle selling at an 80 dollar price point
now if they decide to switch the commander class to a toy + base and have galaxy shuttle with Countdowns rocket base then maybe.
Jetfire didn't sell that well, so I don't see them doing a retool into an obscure character unless it's generations selects
I actually thought that thing was supposed to be a girl but a quick google search says it's been referred to both a boy and a girl by different member's of Hasbro so whatever
Jetfire seemed to be selling well. Walmart decided to clearance him for reasons, since I kept seeing go out of stuck several times across many stores, then suddenly the clearance happened.
It's a boy
The tcg people thought it was a girl, and who knows maybe in the cards it is, but the cards make mistakes all the time

Welcome back once again everyone! As most if not all of you know, Officer Kelly is now up for Pre-Order! Go ahead and place your order if she happens to strike your fancy. We are also waiting for the wonderful Motoroid Marilyn to grace us with her presence. Who's excited to add another motoroid to their collection? Who decided to skip ol' water rescue gal? Who's waiting to see how the QC turned out?

For figure news, as previously mentioned, Officer Kelly is now up for Pre-Order, set for a Feb. 2020 release. This month should also see the release of Marilyn, so for those of you who ordered her, be on the lookout for those payment requests at the end of the month. Following this, October brings Amy and the face packs and eye decals. Release dates for these are still unknown at the time.

As always, here is the assistance e-mail for those who need it, so if any problem should arise, feel free to contact them over at "user_support@mile-stone.jp".

Final note, here's the link to the Poly discord. Drop in if you want more Poly goodness or just want to meet some really rad people. It's still here.
> https://discord.gg/YfAwkdH

As always, feel free to share your photos and adventures, they add life and some fun to the thread. Also, welcome newcomers, we hope you enjoy your stay.

Last Thread:>>7654054
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Man, I cant wait to part swap with lana.
>t. low test
She can't break those cuffs.
I'm looking for a red polynian vania if there is anyone looking to sell.
the easiest pass of the line right there.

File: 1568852122042.jpg (3.36 MB, 3088x4160)
3.36 MB
3.36 MB JPG
Broly (DBS Broly) Out now!

Piccolo Daimaô [Web exclusive]

Bulma -Beginning of a Great Adventure-

Jiren [Web exclusive]

Tao Pai Pai

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Hercule. Next month is King Piccolo then Bulma. I'm still hoping for a surprise December for Blanco but I'm losing hope.
I'd get it if it was like $20 and keep it in the box
Super Buu
Full Power Broly
Mr Satan (I know his articulation sucks, but he was my dream figure for the line)
Super Buu
Ikari Broly

I like Z more than super but those super figures have been so fucking good
does DF have any experience making other action figures? obviously reverse engineering dragon ball figuarts gives poor results like salza there

File: 20190916_233531.png (642 KB, 720x973)
642 KB
642 KB PNG
Upcoming releases:
>SAS Johnny Joestar 2nd: 2020
>SAS Funny Valentine 2nd: 2020
>SAS D4C 2nd: 2020
>SAS Diego Brando 2nd: 2020
>SAS Fugo 2nd: Winter 2020 WF
>SAS Will A. Zeppeli: 2020
>SAS Risotto Nero: 2020
>SAS Kenshiro: TBD
>SAS Thouzer TBD
>Statue Legend Shadow DIO recolour: Winter 2020 WF

Out now:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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He just didn't want to use it anymore
Joseph is one of the only people that knows how to use it and never teaches it to anybody because everyone just uses stands and vampires aren't relevant.
factually incorrect
The Pillar men and vampires where all exterminated as well as stone masks. Hamon really only worked to kill vampires and the like. ALso Araki came up with stands which are better.

if you actually believe this meme just go
We don’t have to see your entire collection every time you get a new figure.

File: raremonpoopsdotpng.jpg (791 KB, 2887x1836)
791 KB
791 KB JPG
Everybody poops edition.

Digital monster pets are now pretty available, it seems. Check your local Gamestop. Remember, Red and Blue is for Taichi's Agumon, and Yellow and Gray are for Yamato's Gabumon.

They are available on amazon,

Here's an evolution chart for the English releases :

What are your pets looking like right now ? Custom case ? Working on a specific Digimon ? Show us !
110 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's been a long while since I've played with one of these. Is there a way to turn them off without removing the battery? As in, I'm tired of raising them and a gen ended, so I want to put it away for a while and start a new session later.
Yeah, the Japanese versions were at least twice that when they dropped. Couple that with shipping from Japan and you’re paying like 70 dollars. I had to pay 90 for a fucking Digimon X White. By the time I get around to ordering a blue or yellow it will probably be the same.
If it’s the 20th you can just hit reset. It won’t be fully off but it will save battery power. When you want to use it again, just press any of the face buttons then pick “LOAD”.
>The secondhand marjet for them has always been expensive.
Somewhat. A decade or so ago, you could get them for $25-$30. I got 5 of them for like $40 once because the seller thought they were broken. Same for 2 of the original Digivice. They all just needed batteries.
It's probably too late for you, but if you save the plastic tab that you take out to first start it up, you can just insert that back in.

File: kopaka.png (3 KB, 235x241)
3 KB
>Previous Thread


Christian Faber's mysterious Instagram posts


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Those are some obtuse colour-schemes...
The /biog/ (((discord))) is shitting on your MoC's and calling you retarded. Just mentioning it because I don't like that shit going on behind closed doors
reminder that discords are shit and deprive generals of posts
What a bunch of faggots. The MOCs are decent at worst.
Could you please tell Ace to go fuck himself for me. Thanks, friend.

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