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File: x1.jpg (39 KB, 591x453)
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Welcome to /x/ - Paranormal. This is not a board for the faint of heart. If you need something to get started with, see the below lists for some basic resources. We hope you enjoy your venture into the spooks, the creeps and the unknown.

The resources in this thread are not exhaustive and are merely meant for beginners to get their footing.

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57 KB
Please note the following:

• This board desires high quality discussion. High quality posts will be praised. Low quality posts e.g. "Is this paranormal?" or "I am [insert paranormal entity here] ask me anything," etc. will be removed.
• Requests belong on >>>/wsr/.
• Conspiracy theories are welcome, but anything political in nature should be posted to >>>/pol/.
• For everything else, refer to global and board-specific rules.

File: SolomonWithDemon.gif (95 KB, 481x406)
95 KB

Lost the Ebony Anpu archive and text board links someone else post if found plz
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Sorry anon, you sorta walked right into it, considering your wording and apparently missing the book's title.
Are the Watchers the planets? Shiiiiet I'm going to hell
Yeah I totally didn't read the title. I only saw Nick Land and coke and thought "sure"
File: 2019-12-06 23_59_31.png (19 KB, 593x114)
19 KB
im bored, lets create a secret society.

File: daniel.jpg (19 KB, 425x414)
19 KB
Ṙͬ̍͊͋̌a̾͊pͯ̒̊̉ ͯǴ̑ͧͤ́aͤ̏̀m̈́ͭ͊͌e͐̂͒̽ ͪͩEͫͫ̆̄aͪ̈́̆̿ͪͫrl̈́͊̿͛ͨ Sͧw̑e͂̊͊̾́ͩ̔ä́t̓s̔̓̓hͫͯ̉ͤ̒͒ir̒̽tͪ́̓ͭͮ
P̴͠í͟ḿ́͟p̡̧ ̴̢͞H́á͡ņ̷͘d͟s; Ş͜͢lá͜͠p ̵̵͘t̴̨h̡͢e̸͡ Ţaţt͞oo̕͝s ̡̡̛Óf̨͞f ͘͟H̴̨į̷͢s̷ ̶̴́F̡͡a̷̢c̀͠e̡͝
G̪̖̜͔̦͕͍̘̻a̠̹͔͈̺̗̠̮͓n͔̥̤͉͎̯̪̜͔̙͚g͓̻̰̳̭̮̼͚̼̖ ̺͖̥̮͎̙̤̠̖͙̜ͅG̣͚̥͉̼͇͍͉̜͇ͅa̩̜̪̟̱̺̠͉̤̘̱̝̥͖̳͖n̗͓̯͓̦̥͈g̠̱̭͙̙̼̹̻̼͔͈̗͍͓
File: you're a faggot still.png (242 KB, 1088x321)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
cant 1 v 1
but its for fun
got no gun
in the forest run
red dot sight bun
on you done
im from edo
samuria from the line three throw
got to go
got no ego
no beat tho
so im see thro
ho ho
find the zee nemo
ey yo kiddo:
your rhymes are as bad
as fucking asbestos.
stop this shit and go play a game
don't bring yo mom a shame
get some scissors and run around
or maybe go play on a highway
your brain done a mayday
maybe one day
you'll grow a brain and see it that way

File: 1570573587708.jpg (145 KB, 768x1024)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
>This message will reach who it's intended to reach, if they even feel like paying attention. Anyone else can feel free to ignore it.

What is the point of this? What is the point of never giving me a straight answer? What is the point of just letting me fall down whatever rabbit hole happens to come along next? I don't know what's real anymore, this year has destroyed my concept of 'normal' and I can't get it back. I've tried to understand but every time I've simply left with no answers and more questions. This year has destroyed me, physically and mentally.

What do you want from me? I want so bad to believe there's something else other than this meaningless existence. I'm geographically in the exact same location I was a decade ago with nothing to show for it. Do you realize what that feels like? Do you realize what that does to your brain? Do you realize that I can go basically nowhere in life at this point? Create my own reality? Out of what? What am I supposed to do at this point? What is the point of knowing what's happening around me if all it does it make me suffer? I can't change anything, I'm not of any help. I'm useless. So why bother with me? What do you want?

I know you exist. I've spoken to you enough times and I've seen enough things to know something is happening. Why am I not allowed to know? What is the point of any of this? I want to be helpful but I have nothing and I don't have the energy to play this game anymore. It feels like all the energy has been sapped out of me. I'm rambling now, you get the idea.

Respond or don't, I don't expect anything other than a cryptic acknowledgement. I'd off myself if I wasn't so sure I'd come right back.
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what calling? where?
who is us?
free will is limited by means and environment.
good advice.

good job yelling anon, you're heart is in the right place.

could be sarcasm, using the whole world is wrong thing to try and instill and confirm some god complex analysis. At the same time, op could be unique.
Either way, it wouldn't be the whole world that's wrong, only a specific group, as the majority isn't party to what anon was talking about.
The nail that gets hammered advice is solid all around, as is bootlegging karma to evil men.
Do you really need another one of the excuses that have been used to keep you engaged all these years?
ah, but you CAN know of some of what you do not know. That is I know I don't know what color shirt you have on right now if any.

The non intervention policy is questionable at some level, especially in cases like J where the person figured out part but not all. Apparently, it's some kind of newer phenomena and the whole thing had to be reworked on the fly. This is uncharted territory.
I don't know specifics, I'm caught in it myself, but I could surmise on one level how interference could have negative effects, at the same time not interacting is also causing negative effects, because the person knows.
It's like limbo see >>23887334.
There needs to be some impetus, push, trigger, spark, or something, I don't know what, to get people moving forward again or over the finish line.
Most people aren't forced to help others before their basic needs are met.
Even then, there are those who would help others willingly, but still can't, because certain needs aren't addressed, but not because they aren't willing.
Some people are given ways to provide value: even having it set up for them. Others are forced to try and find some new way to provide value.

File: R-3028365-1312416809.jpg (245 KB, 600x540)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
Hi, anon. In this thread i will search for a sign of destruction to amulet i want to create. Here anon can help dig into it or say that wearing this will be a stupid idea, of course. Anyone with a knowledge of symbolism welcome.
I'm interested in destruction in general, something like skull with death theme is too simple (and not suitable for my needs).
Will bump with Flandre which is symbolic too.
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Why bring changes? What is the aim?
I'm on one hand not in the good way with things like ego and such, and with a good tune to burning bridges and other things related to destruction, so i want to tie that up. It's for myself, shortly.
*in the other hand, so
Bump. Also may go for a while soon, hope thread will be still alive.

File: 1570043248436.jpg (147 KB, 960x687)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
>Earth Is Actually A Giant Ball
>People Not On Top Dont Fall Off Because ???

Lol Ok
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yes, yes you are
"no u" is not a great response to being called generic
call someone "generic" is something faggots do so who cares?
File: DL9ieJJWsAIka5H.jpg (42 KB, 360x527)
42 KB
Gravity pulls things toward the center of the force, not necessarily "down". You're a literal brainlet if you argue from pic related's asinine bullshit.

File: 1-9-1.jpg (83 KB, 640x386)
83 KB
Are the pleiadians real? If so are they benevolent? I don't know too much about alien races aside from the basics that are talked about. If they are real what is their goal and purpose?
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Orrrrr neither faction of Fallen Angels and choose Yahweh
Kys you fuck
>nazis almost did into space
>criminal, immoral, murderous totalitarian regime of commies did into space
>China which harvests live human organs from their prisoners did into space
Evidence doesn't support your claim Anon.
File: image.jpg (137 KB, 900x582)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
So you say.
File: 1567710160767.jpg (86 KB, 1200x675)
86 KB
Don't get "probed" Anons.

File: 20191206_182030.png (400 KB, 508x508)
400 KB
400 KB PNG
Do you believe we can cure death
9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Rather- all actions lead to consequences.
>wanting to live forever
who the fuck would want this other than the egotistical namefag retards that shit up this board?
Death is the cure for evil.
Nobody wants to stay in school forever
>implying i wont kill myself before reaching 35 years.
Lmao delusional faggot go chew a dick

File: unfair1.jpg (197 KB, 600x873)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
"Let's try to do a more complete OP" edition

If you are interested in manifesting your reality, law of attraction and other similar stuff, you should begin with Vadim Zeland's Reality Transurfing, volumes 1 to 5.
They are very comprehensive and cover everything, beginners and adepts both can learn something from it. You can find all five volumes on thepiratebay, just search 'transurfing' and it'll turn up.
Other books, directly or indirectly related, such as the works of Esther Hicks and the Kybalion, are also worth reading for different perspectives.

>FAQ (WIP, point out anything you need to be added/edited/trimmed/etc)

>Relatively short texts for newbies to get started
>Steve Pavlina's Explorer's Guide to Manifesting

>Summary of Goddard's Consciousness

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>You can't just view a potential gf as a hot NPC that's just there to fill the "gf" hole in your life.

If I find a girl that deservers that kind of respect then I will do it until then most girls do not impress me and I won't impress them.

>Honestly a huge part of the reason some men can't find good gfs is because they treat girls like a completely different species

You are not the same and should not be treated the same, if I did most women would leave and those that would stay would have daddy issues.

Also I have noticed your women kind every fucking sentence has an I in it or a me you are the most egocentric things on this planet thank god we have the ability to control you or you would probably kill each other in seconds. And look at this shit fucking proving yourself wrong we should not treat women like hot NPCS proceeds to mention a hot virgin guy who was "cute"="boring" and talks like he is an NPC. In other words treat women like they deserve to be treated until you find something different
Until then do not listen or believe a word they say, they do not even know what they really want to do in life more so how to live it.
You mention most girls being unimpressive and egocentric, then go on to make a judgemental post like that.

You won't attract good women with that attitude. You think all women are awful hence attract only awful women. You won't find anything different until you stop being so bitter.
I used to feel similar but you should let that feeling go. What is telling him off going to accomplish except boost ego? Don't even think forward to the day you can be free of his annoyances, learn today, right now, how to accept and even ignore them if you do not like them.
That is true, I will try it and see what happens. I have nothing else to add really

What are you? I'm a crystal.
whats the difference?
There isn't any. Indigo child is a new age term for autist. Parents wanted their autistic children to be even more special so they made up even more names like crystal and rainbow child.
File: 88893429.gif (233 KB, 480x360)
233 KB
233 KB GIF
I'm a figment of someone's imagination!

File: Dmx4MA0UYAER5Ea.jpg (56 KB, 971x546)
56 KB
Our politics and news is fake. Our history is fake. Many of the animals on this earth are genetically engineered, including dogs. Our weather is fake - its controlled. Of course it is.

Our schools are fake, our medical system is fake, and on and on it goes.

How many times have you watched a news story and a little voice in your head goes off telling you that they are full of shit? How many times are we going to see a news story and they show the BRICKS behind them in the background, to display Freemasonry?

I believe that the amount of "People" participating in Freemasonry, the Illuminati and the "Secret Club" has reached critical mass. There are alot of people out there in this club. I put "people" in quotations, because they are fakers, they are artificial. They hold artificial positions of power. Their jobs are artificial - propped up by TPTB. The more research I delve into, the more people I find out that are possibly part of the Secret Club, the network of secret rulers and Secret Societies. These people might as well be robots and puppets.

So - how many people are real and genuine? How far does this go? Does anyone get the same feeling as me?

Is there a real economy? Seems like everything is artificial and propped up. Does your work really effect things, except at the most basic level?
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
There are ALOT of people in secret societies now...
>how many people are real and genuine?
Everyone was real once, its just that souls drown in today's world.
Id say we have like 2B real people.
i wanna hear you
They should all just be gassed. Keep the rest alive.
>be it through words or maybe even doing an art performance in the form of defecating on their brand new BMWs.
This explains a lot
I think i am doing a horrible job by inciting the fall of society.

File: iveco-lince-3.jpg (28 KB, 400x282)
28 KB
I'm an Italian soldier, an "alpino", just came back from my mission in Afghanistan.

I was deployed in a military base in Bala Baluk, in Herat region. Italian bases in the area are designed as FOP, forward operation base, basically outpost in the middle of nowhere, patrolling the area and preparing the ground for more military forces.

During the years we were involved in minor guerrilla in the area, even if in the lately years enemy's activity there intensified. In the moment I will talk about now the stress was getting higher, but the talibans was the least of our problems, even if we still didnt know it.

75 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Lost already
OP I've been deployed to an area very close to there as part of another nations military. I've been on picquet/guard duty at night while the rest were asleep and we've heard some fucking odd sounds in the darkness. Everyone in our platoon heard them. We got woken and called to arms a few times over them, it was fucking weird. This was about 6-8 months ago now.
This is not /b or /pol, go away. Italian army ALWAYS since 1861 had big problems of organization, equipment, not competent generals.

WWI was a total failure under strategic decisions, WWII too. My grandfather's brother died in Russia's expedition, they had fucking paper shoes in the Russian's winter at -20, lot died of cold.

But we have great excellence in specialized units, especial in navy field (mostly in sabotage field, Flottiglie MAS, col. moschin, Folgore etc.). Our Ops are very good in military world.

Also nowadays lot of NATO equipment is made by Italian industries. Useless to say Beretta is a big deal in the military weapon's field, even US army used the 92 handgun for almost 3 decades.
Iveco (multinational, mostly participated by italy) is a big partner on military logistic and vehicles side for NATO.

If your was a serious consideration yeah, I can partly agree. If your was a provocation I won't feed u anymore.

Your country?
These stories are obviously false, but they are useful in that they instill fear of the real dangers in human souls. Check out skinwalker ranch, if you haven't.

File: IMG_20191118_071403.jpg (877 KB, 4160x3120)
877 KB
877 KB JPG
Jerry Dau is a disgrace to smoke methamphetamine (7023 Bradshaw st Shawnee KS 66216 - electronic harrasment)before working at overland Park medical regional as an operating room nurse
Requesting a drug test and termination and detainment
John Wesley Hawkins is his partner in electronic harassment and it is suspected that they have technology hidden under their skin
It's sad because even police officers can be influenced when they are nearby a victim..

"Gang-stalking"? when only two people are impersonating and pretending to be almost everyone near the victim to induce paranoia
File: IMG_20191118_093730.jpg (1.5 MB, 4160x3120)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB JPG
Perhaps there is an antenna somewhere hidden inside of their home also.
The house at the address does look pretty peculiar

What is this? Any explanation??

Pic related

Gang stalking is stalking by several people who know each other and who have the same intent.

Mobbing is the most familiar type of gang stalking.

Bullying is also a familiar type of gang stalking when several children participate.

1 in 70 people experience gang stalking. 1 in 30 workers experience mobbing at work. 7 in 10 middle school and high school students experience bullying in school.

Gang stalking occurs frequently in apartment buildings, housing estates, shops, and libraries.

Gang stalking is also perpetrated by agents of the state, the Mafia, religious sects, and utility companies (electricity, gas, water, telephone, cable TV, internet).

Gang stalking can be so bad that you can never escape some degree of harassment. The harassment is often carried out in a way to blame the victim for the harassment. This is called victim blaming.

Gang stalking by agents of the state is an extreme form of fascism. In particular, a few victims have proven that they have implants. This is the most invasive type of stalking. It’s the most totalitarian invention in history.
239 replies and 24 images omitted. Click here to view.

Yeah you can. The top end is what matters and none of them are as stupid as all of them.
Jaime, Thank you so much your photos of the Key Lime Pie “looks terrific”, I would love to try yours someday really soon. We met a really cool guy traveling in North Carolina a few years back, his name was “Kutchie Pelaez”, I hope I spelled it right. We had been told that if we were ever in the state that it would be a big mistake if we didn’t go to Asheville and “Kutcharitaville” and try-out their world famous cheese burgers and a slice of the greatest key lime pie ever made. Well to say the least, after visiting the Biltmore House and Gardens, what a place that is, we drove a few miles down the road to the famous “Kutchie’s Key West Kutcharitaville Cafe'”. “WOW”, what a place that was! You know that they had a Monster Sized Iguana Lizard to meet us at the front entrance, his name was “now get this”, “Jimmy Green”. Looked like one out of a dinosaur movie. So Cool. A big crocodile in the middle of the dinning room, his name is I think “Garbanzo”. Scary looking creature for sure. He looked like he wouldn’t mind taking your arm off!
Yes “Kutcharitaville” It’s Wild–It’s Weird–It’s the Most Wonderful Place on Earth. The whole family thought Kutchie’s Place was better than “Disney World”. Those cheese burgers were the best ever and Kutchie’s Key Lime Pie is “Better Than Sex”!!! With 6-Kids, I feel that I am allowed to say that.
So if “Fantastic Cheese Burgers”, like the One’s Jimmy Buffett can only dream about. If you want to Experience “The World’s Greatest Key Lime Pie” then Kutchie’s Key West really is “The Place to Be! ….We Highly recommend that you go to the end of the Lime, like it says on the menu. And enjoy the Best Lip-Smacking Cheese Burgers in Paradise as well as The World’s Best Key Lime Pies this side of “Heaven”. And tell “The Kutchman” that the McDonald’s from “Chicago” sent you………..Thanks,………LeAnn
File: download (1).jpg (6 KB, 299x168)
6 KB
them fucking digits of truth shit
Carousel 532342223
Castle System 221435321
Communication 311146623
Double Helix 432443321
Level 211343231
Mensa System 323542321
Pentagram 421136113
Pool of Death 231134421
Puppet 341124321
Sole metric 665421134
Spider Web 321654321
Stairwell 432111132
Quabala 423454334
Tornado 332146444
Umbrella System 314321014
Hello. No one is gangstalking you. You're sick. Go to a doctor. Your neighbor was not hired by anyone to report your actions. There is no conspiracy.

Who will work with me?
113 replies and 47 images omitted. Click here to view.
She a fit bitch who pimp other bitches for your pleasure
what's going on here?
what's up with them camels?
File: meh.gif (656 KB, 301x282)
656 KB
656 KB GIF
Meh. All the hype over just this?
R u gay?
File: meeh.gif (1.67 MB, 500x281)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB GIF
No, my gf became a feral, horny sex fiend when her sex drive changed after going off the pill and an offer of sex is to me like trying to sell sand on a desert. Meh, already got more than enough. Like what would I even do with more? I'm just tired, would prefer few days of good sleep over more sex.

Sorry but not really a sell for me, I'll pass.

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