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Welcome to /x/ - Paranormal. This is not a board for the faint of heart. If you need something to get started with, see the below lists for some basic resources. We hope you enjoy your venture into the spooks, the creeps and the unknown.

The resources in this thread are not exhaustive and are merely meant for beginners to get their footing.

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Please note the following:

• This board desires high quality discussion. High quality posts will be praised. Low quality posts e.g. "Is this paranormal?" or "I am [insert paranormal entity here] ask me anything," etc. will be removed.
• Requests belong on >>>/wsr/.
• Conspiracy theories are welcome, but anything political in nature should be posted to >>>/pol/.
• For everything else, refer to global and board-specific rules.

just had a revelation.

We are forced to think how they want us to think, we have to find “happiness” and “joy” how they want us to. But when people try and they don’t, they think they are broken?

This is so simple, yet, we don’t realize how we are just puppets being toyed with.

When will people begin to realize their way of living is being interfered with, and that, as humans, they should enjoy life to their full extent. You get to find your happiness in whatever you want without someone telling you how to.

Why has no person, risen up and began something related to this cause? Will those born broken and defunct, simply did broken and defunct with illness because medicine abuse from selfish “doctors” because they couldn’t follow societies retarded standards.
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File: 1579411947948.jpg (93 KB, 744x752)
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File: 1551837818456.png (448 KB, 1280x720)
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448 KB PNG
>society is greater than the individual
that sounds awfully familiar..

Society is made up of individuals. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. In other words, a functioning society must adhere to individual needs.
In an ideal utopia anyway. Not the shit show circus we got going on.
Needs are base, but duties are what elevate the individual. Only when the individual takes on higher order duties to carry he can transcend the misery of his human condition. Everyone is an individual, but no sane human is a mere individual.

Hello. I have fully understood Buddhism. I can tell you anything you like. Ask me anything.

File: 1572541206486.png (149 KB, 297x294)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
Did it succeed? What is the nature of the brainwashing? Is it possible to break the conditioning?
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Apparently my body was really pixelated basel on lvl2 checksum, the way the room looked for few seconds was that it was made out of tiny spheres that looked like flat circles...

They "illegally" spied on the pixelation, and apparently were losing to it, having wrong checksum ("illegal checksum"), recently they apparently called it to find out why they are loosing...

One of my recent inconveniences...
You wronged people and they suffered for it.
This documentary on MK Ultra is pretty good, anons:
>>24330897 >>24330647
>A new study published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior found children ages 10-12 were nearly three times more likely to make healthy eating decisions after watching a television cooking program featuring healthy food
>Television programs featuring healthy foods can be a key ingredient in leading children to make healthier food choices now and into adulthood.
>A new study in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, published by Elsevier, found kids who watched a child-oriented cooking show featuring healthy food were 2.7 times more likely to make a healthy food choice than those who watched a different episode of the same show featuring unhealthy food.
>Researchers asked 125 10- to 12-year-olds, with parental consent, at five schools in the Netherlands to watch 10 minutes of a Dutch public television cooking program designed for children, and then offered them a snack as a reward for participating. Children who watched the healthy program were far more likely to choose one of the healthy snack options – an apple or a few pieces of cucumber – than one of the unhealthy options – a handful of chips or a handful of salted mini-pretzels.
>“The findings from this study indicate cooking programs can be a promising tool for promoting positive changes in children’s food-related preferences, attitudes, and behaviors,” said lead author Frans Folkvord, PhD, of Tilburg University, Tilburg, Netherlands.
>This study was conducted at the children’s schools, which could represent a promising alternative for children learning healthy eating behaviors. Prior research has found youth are more likely to eat nutrient-rich foods including fruits and vegetables if they were involved in preparing the dish, but modern reliance on ready-prepared foods and a lack of modeling by parents in preparing fresh foods have led to a drop in cooking skills among kids.
This is just food. Funny
This study indicates the visual prominence of healthier options in both food choice and portion size on TV cooking programs leads young viewers to crave those healthier choices then act on those cravings.

The effect that exposure to healthier options has on children is strongly influenced by personality traits. For example, children who don’t like new foods are less likely to show a stronger desire for healthier choices after watching a TV program featuring healthier foods than a child who does enjoy trying new foods. As they grow older, though, they start to feel more responsible for their eating habits and can fall back on information they learned as children. Researchers believe this may indicate watching programs with healthier options can still have a positive impact on children’s behavior, even if it is delayed by age.

“Schools represent the most effective and efficient way to reach a large section of an important target population, which includes children as well as school staff and the wider community,” Dr. Folkvord commented. “Positive peer and teacher modeling can encourage students to try new foods for which they exhibited distaste previously.”

Poor dietary habits during childhood and adolescence have multiple negative effects on several health and wellness indicators, including achievement and maintenance of healthy weights, growth and development patterns, and dental health.

“The likelihood of consuming fruits and vegetables among youth and adults is strongly related to knowing how to prepare most fruits and vegetables. Increased cooking skills among children can positively influence their consumption of fruit and vegetables in a manner that will persist into adulthood,” Dr. Folkvord added.

File: Conan.jpg (794 KB, 1600x1179)
794 KB
794 KB JPG
“Know, oh prince, that between the years when the oceans drank Atlantis and the gleaming cities, and the years of the rise of the Sons of Aryas, there was an Age undreamed of, when shining kingdoms lay spread across the world like blue mantles beneath the stars.” - Robert E Howard

John Milius, director of Conan the Barbarian (1982), related the following story about Robert E Howard, author of the Conan stories:

"He is alone one night, and he feels this shadow overtake him from behind, and he knows that Conan is standing behind him with a large axe. Conan tells him 'Stay there and write, and if you don't do exactly what I am going to tell you I am going to cleave you down the middle.' He is so terrified because Conan exudes such power and fear, and he can see the axe glinting in his peripheral vision, that he writes all night. With the coming of dawn he turns around finally and Conan is gone, so he falls upon the floor completely spent, and he realizes 'I only have to sleep a few hours because then I must fortify myself, for when darkness comes again, so will Conan.' And, of course, Conan did return, and he wrote almost all of these stories in this very short period of time because Conan was standing over him with an axe."

Was the Hyborian Age that Robert E Howard envisioned real? Was Howard visited by the spirit of one of its greatest heroes, and given glimpses of its events thousands of years later? What can we learn from and about this Age undreamed of?
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I always saw the Hyperborians as Finns
Me again, Cimmeria is Wales (Cymru)
Based thread. Conan/Kull stories are my favorite when it comes to fantasy and Howard was a very gifted writer.

The thing is that besides his tasteful writing style, he also poured himself into the stories, and so they're full of raw life, and also ancient mysteries.
The story of his world goes back and back, so there are many unknowns. Even the ancient and immortal beings do not know what happened before their time, and wonder.
He also integrated cosmic horror elements in subtle ways, often even better than his buddy Lovecraft.

As for OP's idea, it isn't plausible, as cute as it sounds. Kull is the proto-Conan, and Howard did many self-inserts. In fact both characters grew out of his discontent with the current world and desire for something pure and genuine.
Conan may have been an axe-bearing muse that Howard conjured to tower upon himself.

As for this world's history, it goes way back, way beyond what is known. There were great civilizations before the known ones, and humans occupy just a tiny fraction of this little world's lifespan. Long before humans and the known fauna, many other kinds of beings lived here, the original inhabitants, and the scale of their splendor we cannot fathom.

So Hawaiians are from mu?
Mu and Le-MU-ria are names for the same fabled thing. Not saying they aren't real, just saying they are different names for the same thing. It got confusing because of the lack of evidence and some researches are making shit up and were never concerned with real history.

File: 1582119239582m.jpg (53 KB, 1024x536)
53 KB
Mandela effect general
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Are you aware that during ww2 nazi uboats attack us on the east coast?

Obviously just a reference to the Mandela Effect itself.
File: antbully.jpg (940 KB, 3226x2419)
940 KB
940 KB JPG

thats dumb dude. plus it was aired in 2012. barely anyone knew about ME's at that time (if any)

heres another one from a movie called the "Ant Bully". Its clearly referencing FoTL but changed the name to "Fruit of the Lion" to avoid copyright issues. Its clearly copying the actual logo that they know.
File: Pizza.png (82 KB, 420x420)
82 KB
...because the logo has a hat on it.

What is this "hut" bullshit? It doesn't make any sense.

Just what are "they" up to?
So no. Typical.

File: 1582184640692.jpg (104 KB, 1213x673)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
This guy shot 11 people in Germany and left this manifesto:

"Your country is under control of invisible secret societies. They use unknown evil methods like mind control and hold up a modern system of slavery.

If you don't believe the following, you better wake up -- quick.

In your country exist so call "Deep Underground Military Bases". In some of them they praise the Devil himself. They abuse torture and kill little children -- an unbelieveable amount, and this has already been happening for a very long time.

Wake up! This is one form of reality in your country. Turn off the mainstream media. They don't have a clue. The first step is information. Maybe you have to read it or hear it once again from two other sources, but now... you know it.

The second step is action. Locate these bases, gather masses of people togethe, and stop them. It is your duty as an American citizen to end this nightmare.

Fight now."
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Guy was just a schizophrenic off his meds. In his manifesto he said he heard voices, was being gangstalked, talked to invisible agents in his appartment who would also sabotage his efforts to lose his virginity. Oh, 9/11 happened because of him and several Hollywood movies came out because of his thoughts being read by agents.

Just a nutcase.
to gain attention, obviously
File: 1560388487180.jpg (108 KB, 750x924)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
lol you're fucking pathetic. Everyone here knows what he's saying isn't new at all. You're just damage control, a lame useless tool.
kys you got nothing to live for anyway
this is based, i got in contact with said people, i tell you, those who go on a rampage are just too impulsive, they are failed alters/recruits those people obtain the perfectibilitists knowledge&Agenda to an extend they want them to and watch how they act. this often results in people who cant cope with reality anymore and have psychosis and often phantasize about satanic sacrifizes, but that is most likely not true, the perfectibilitists are beyond cultural enslavery and that shit, they are entirely obsessed with science and heartless logic.
just saying he was crazy but his core message is true, there are cults/organizations experimenting/ fucking with us its disgusting and horrifying

is David Icke right?
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Pretty sure he's a reptilian himself, dude's weird looking; might be one of the good ones
David icke? More like David kike
He's a whistleblower
But mentally ill are more right often than wrong
You obviously haven't taken enough. If you were enlightened by careful use of psychedelics, then you would know that the lizard men who rule us can be seen with an uncalcified and completely open third eye.

Post uncanny/unsettling faces
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>must defend daddy donny
He needs your protection
Poor old fella
Is that a bog?
>Books in the background
hello Aphex Twin

File: ed7d605.jpg (376 KB, 2388x1384)
376 KB
376 KB JPG
How come sightings of "aliens" always depict them as humanoid, despite that being ridiculously unlikely? Are they related to humans, or are all of these sightings just fake?
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Aliens resembling a praying mantis are a staple of the phenomenon.
It ain't working
>despite that being ridiculously unlikely?
Maybe they pick races closer to human form to visit us so we aren't scared shitless when seeing them. We would be less likely to kill them on sight if they are closer to us as well.
>Are they related to humans, or are all of these sightings just fake?
It's possible they are related. I don't think they are fake but I'm not convinced they are ayys Either.

They are simply higher dimensional consciousness, their forms in this dimension are just what they choose, their true form is etheric energy/consciousness and they reside in higher planes.
Could you imagine a space program run by the aliens in your pic?

Can blind people see during astral projection?
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It depends on if the blind person was blind from birth of not. The latter would likely see, but the first, never having seen, would not see. Maybe sense the surroundings, like smells, temperature, touch etc but you can't really see if you literally don't know what that is or entails.
Itt astral projection = lucid dream
Well, i present an explanation for the perception of cute/scary things by blind people. Simple danger intuition, kind of like a lesser form of the spider sense.
Most people aren't really tapped into it, though it can be "reactivated" by training or trauma. Since someone who is blind tends to have their visual cortex plasticize, it allocates more procesing power into other senses including danger intuition.
That doesn't make sense. Your astral body has sensory organs if its own, which are functional therefore the blind person would SEE something, but perhaps not be able to process it but itd be a drastically different experience than how he's lived all his life.
any blind anons here can answer OP?

First time posting on /x/. Forgive me if I sound lame.

This film fucked me up. I first watched it the night it came out in June of 2018. Sleep problems and anxiety for months afterwards. Now, I still think about it at least once a day, but it doesn’t terrify me like it used to. Sometimes, I can laugh at it or even be interested in the details of the film. But, still, it can keep me up throughout the night if I let it.

Okay, I sound like a bit of a pussy. Understood. But, it’s not really the film itself that frightened me. It was the occultism. Scares the living hell out of me. At least initially. Like I said before, I can laugh at these things. I can also get a bit autistic and delve into the minutiae of the plot. I’m still interested. So, here I am.

How realistic is the cult in the film? I don’t expect to find a story of a family that got torn apart by actual possession, but are there cases of small cults acting similarly to the group in the film? (Ritualized murder, long-term manipulation, etc.)
What sources are there to better research Paimon and other spirits from the Ars Goetia?
How widespread is this type of occultism? (If at all.)
What were your takeaways from the film?

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wasn't it a lamp post
Sure Hereditary was stronger, I wouldn't call it disappointing though.
I can't imagine how fucked up my life would be if I fondled my own victimhood as much as these words imply, WHY ?
WHY? Would you continue to scratch at it like there's a mystic police force that are going to come rescue yiu.
If you look outside and see the sky go from day to night in an instant you better go hide under your pillow and cry till the doctor comes.
File: IMG_20200220_110310252.jpg (2.35 MB, 3024x4032)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB JPG
greetings brother
khaira marbas
vivat leonis
Do you have issues with your mother? The movie might be bringing out some repressed feelings you have.

File: 1578727550469.jpg (127 KB, 733x960)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
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Doing what? Existing?
Stop being crazy anon.
Yawn. It’s 2020 a picture of your doll does nothing. We need convincing video. Up your game or fuck off.
Feed it semen.
miku demands cummies

today at work while listening to music, at some point of a song, the melody triggered a memory in me.
a dancing woman and some real weird emotions.
i didnt think much of it.
2 days later, same song and the exact same memory.
but i can tell for sure it never happened.
its not a video i might have seen and also not an older dream.
remembering parts of older dreams gives me a unique feeling that i cant mistake.
i stopped doing what i was at, didnt move and opened up to fully absorb the music and the memory, when a crazy rush of beautiful feelings made my whole body tingle. i was in awe.
can anyone relate? what happened?
whys the universe fucking with me?

pic not related, obviously
No joke, this has happened twice in my life. The emotional rush almost made me throw up both times.

File: 1581320139043.jpg (30 KB, 234x267)
30 KB
>Previous thread:

>Older threads and other relevant links:

>Letter Method:

>Dreamgasm videos:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>That's pure nonsense. Love isn't a zero-sum game.
Romantic love sure is. But even more generally love and hate are aspects of the same thing, caring. They are not opposite to each other. The opposite to them both is utter indifference.
>christcuck posting Index
this is a new level of irony

It's just a nice picture anon, doesn't mean I'm Catholic. Don't think too hard about things.
>So wait a minute, a literal soul sucking vampiric bat demon that wants to steal away your soul in exchange for sexual pleasure is straightforward... but a lake of fire isn't? No matter how you look at it, the succubus is the more bizzare thing here.

At least its consensual and reciprocal. Enjoy your domination christ fag
People in threads about dabbling with succubi calling others cucks are the height of irony. This whole thread is about imaginary or demonic sexual partners with no ability to conceive children. Hardly anything is more cucked than people who do this seriously.

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