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What is your language's word for pic related?
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Ah es, how could we forget all the world beaters that play for Paraguay
Literally fucking who's
Peitos frios
literally how shit just shove Dybala in there is no way he could do more harm to that team

File: 1560992875047.jpg (569 KB, 2048x2048)
569 KB
569 KB JPG
>it's not Messi's fault he can't win international trophies, he plays with a shit team
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File: 1555453683503.png (5 KB, 220x229)
5 KB

his horrible team was good enough to reach 3 finals and he disappeared in each one then people deflect and throw the blame on palacio and higuain.

> pure marketing
> rapes Juve and BM like they are Eibar and Levante

Seeth more Messoy fag
He had refball while at Uefadrid for many of his CL wins. Seeing as how you're a pathetic JUSTventus customer, are you going to deny the refball from that quarterfinal in 2018?
Top kek
File: download.jpg (12 KB, 225x225)
12 KB

> cries about refball
> ignores Barca's recent history as the refball champs

Stay mad

File: file.png (344 KB, 780x780)
344 KB
344 KB PNG
2019, I am forgotten

LAL: Anthony “Shark Mouth” Davis spotted in waters off of Southern California coast. When questioned by the Navy he stated “Its been a long swim but im excited to hit those corner threes”
LAL: LeGroin Strains shattered neovagina projected to heal in time for regular season dilation routine
LAL: “We got excited and forgot how to count, it happens, okay?”- Rob Pelinka on cap space
LAL: Lebron headed to Beverley Hills for sixth hair transplant utilizing revolutionary anal pube graft technique due to lack of viable head follicles from pervious transplants- “It’s the main reason I came here, they the best out here.”
NOP: When questioned about restructuring AD trade front office replied “No takie backies.”
HOU: Chris Paul angrily demands trade from his hi-chair and spills his Cheerios, James Harden to undergo penile implant surgery
NYK: Front office staff member admitted to hospital after slipping into coma from excessive laughter after rejecting CP3 trade
TOR: Canadian department stores run out of rope and cyanide in anticipation of Kawhi departure
BOS: Danny Ainge dies of massive heart attack upon realization of failure, last will and testament states he is to be buried with his draft picks
UTA: Kyle Korver offers his wife to the black members of the team as reparations for the last time after being traded to Memphis for Mike Conley
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File: 1560961543792.jpg (225 KB, 1200x900)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
Question for Lakers fans. Why not just get 3 and D and role players to fill out your team rather than shooting for the stars?

The combination of a Lebron/Kuz/AD frontcourt is gonna be tough for pretty much every team to even match up with let alone stop with every team putting all their money into their backcourts.
why do i get the feeling zion is gonna bust
>You can switch gears with me anytime.
How is this in anyway offensive? Lavar basically is just complimenting her looks.

And you wonder why we got incels, telling a female she’s pretty is damn near a death sentence or life in jail.
Out of curiosity. If Max Cuckerman (white) would have said that, do you think the reaction would be different? And if so, how?
cause we want to guarantee a win with our 1-year window. No memes, rockets are mad at each other. Only the nuggets and maybe Utah after that trade is what is keeping us from the title. No one in the east would compete, not even kawhii's raptors.

File: 1554681506429.jpg (82 KB, 620x413)
82 KB
2019, I am forgotten
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how much will you be seething win he wins cl
no one give s afuck about that 3rd world tournament like no one cares that liverpool won.
the prize is the league, because you watch it twice a week, every week of the year.
He plays for JUSTventus, not Uefadrid anymore chicano. He'll choke to another Ajax-like small team again.
File: 1545517437598.gif (1.03 MB, 499x499)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB GIF
>ABLs still seething
>tf tp
File: 1322798589001.jpg (19 KB, 384x395)
19 KB

File: saskatchewan-map.gif (86 KB, 475x750)
86 KB
What part of Sask you from lads?
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The First Nations Indigenous Aboriginal are our friends and should be treated with respect.
Fuck chugs.
well uhhhh, why are you killing them all m8?
Ask Trudeau? As hard as it may be to believe I'm not currently in charge of Canadian domestic policies.
t. trudeau

File: hazza-bin-zayed-stadium.jpg (1.05 MB, 1497x1121)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB JPG
FIFA stripped Qatar from the rights to host the world cup due to corruption and construction workers deaths scandals.
The world cup is to be moved to UAE. Being the closest suitable country in the AFC that agrees to host it and can do.
Match schedules wont change.
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I if they do lose it I hope it goes to a country that has more lax alcohol laws.
I didn't post spanish links because it is an english board. But if you want I can post a spanish article.

A tweet is not news you moron.

File: haka.jpg (97 KB, 1280x720)
97 KB
is haka cringe or based?
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Im English and mainly but I'm half kiwi with maori heritage, I looks maori af actually, we all the got the wide noses n almond eyes.
Anyways, it hypes me up like fuck and its good how nz as a culture developed to encompass both european and polynesian cultures.

Alot of those guys have Maori blood in them. It's understandable an American wouldn't understand anything about heritage though.

The worst part is English media slags it off to no end and jokes about England having morris dancers, yet then demonises English culture whenever blacks or muslims are brought into it.
Except they'll do a haka now for basically any reason at all, which has cheapened the whole thing to the point of worthlessness. And the whole Maori/European blended culture thing is dead, the government is way more concerned about importing as many poo's and Chinese as they can. You're living in the past.
Based when it's lead by genuine New Zealanders but embarrassing otherwise. I remember hearing the Spice Girls did a haka and were booed of stage.
Why do they do this? Can't you fags vote for a immigration cap?

Dont fret Argies...we still have another chance next year
Just keep hosting copa americas until angry manlet wins it.
more like cope america lmao

File: 56.jpg (31 KB, 677x697)
31 KB
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based and fredpilled
Good image
File: sb.png (64 KB, 601x828)
64 KB
Multis, multis everywhere
get help jaidyn

File: Messi_vs_Nigeria_2018.jpg (632 KB, 964x944)
632 KB
632 KB JPG
I just woke up to Argentina choking once again to a midtier team. Did Messi do something worth watching, aside from penalty and what minute if he did?
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Literally invisible 85% of the game, lost possession and had terrible passes for the other 15%. Created 0 chances. Walked around like a miserable sack of shit. Not even trying to be edgy or funny, but this was once of the worst performances I’ve ever seen from him.
I pretty much saw him playing at the top of Argentina's formation for much of the game. As if he was playing striker, but he did very little in terms of pressing the defenders, plus he wasn't commanding the ball the way he shoulda been doing and creating space. He just moped around walking watching Paraguays defenders pass between each other.

On the other hand, Argentina's midfield is shit lol
>Messoy scores a penalty against Paraguay
>Paraguay is a very good team according to fifa/uefa rankings therefore Messoy is goat

>Ronaldo scores a hattrick against Atletic o in CL, again
>yea so what if Atletico is top tier according to fifa/uefa rankings, Ronaldo is a fraud

messoy fans are mentally ill
>messi drags barcelona kicking and screaming to wins over ManU and the first leg against liverpool in CL
>loses the second leg because nobody on the team can defend and Liverpool put 5 defenders on him at all times while the rest of the team does fuck all except concede a fucking 5 second corner

File: roadamerica_nurburgring.jpg (442 KB, 2050x510)
442 KB
442 KB JPG
>24h of Nurburgring
>Indycar at Road America
>Cup at Sonoma
>Trucks at Gateway
>WTCR at Nurburgring
>WSBK at Misano
>Asian GT at Suzuka
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That was the plan for 2021. DW had to step out a year early. FOX said they have "no immediate plans" to replace DW. Someone is getting a 1 year contract.
E!SPN is cuck central. Motorsport might be too hyper-masculine for them

File: Super-Rugby.jpg (195 KB, 603x402)
195 KB
195 KB JPG

>Fri 21 Jun
7:35 PM Crusaders v Highlanders, Christchurch
>Sat 22 Jun
10:05 AM Jaguares v Chiefs, Buenos Aires
7:35 PM Hurricanes v Bulls Westpac Stadium, Wellington
10:05 PM Brumbies v Sharks, Canberra

**all times in official RWCT**

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poosaders by 30
That is unironically the best Landers team they've put out all year.
Hurricanes claiming on twitter that they've sold out for the game about the Bulls.
first time the caketin's been filled
"sold out" refers to the hundred tickets they had for $14. No way the caketin is sold out.

File: D9N0BEUXsAIgRlI.jpg (363 KB, 1254x594)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
>Zaniolo: Roma expect Alisson-like offer to sell Juve and Spurs target
According to reports from Sky Sport, Roma have slapped a 70 million price tag on Nicolò Zaniolo to deter any potential interest.

>Juve and Milan cause Dzeko's move to Inter to stall
Juventus, Milan and Napoli’s interest in Manolas has stalled Inter’s pursuit of Roma forward Dzeko.

>Sarri to be presented to the press on Thursday,
Maurizio Sarri, new Juventus coach, will be officially presented to the press on Thursday, June 20, at 11am CEST, in the "Gianni and Umberto Agnelli" room of the Allianz Stadium. Sarri will be presented to the press and answer questions from journalists.

>Berlusconi: 'I miss Milan, Giampaolo chosen thanks to my advice, I will meet him'
The former owner then turned his attention to Totti and the possibility of Giampaolo at Milan and Allegri leaving Juventus.

"I can't enter the house of others, I don't know enough about the Totti-Roma situation to be able to give any judgment".

"I think he is a coach who loves the beautiful game, with an offensive mentality: the first thing is to take the field to win and convince with the beautiful game. With a playmaker? Yes, Giampaolo follows our form, which we have always followed, with the two strikers and behind a number 10".

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The only report I can find is Calciomercato and it's a joke saying Juve and Milan are interested and Roma may offer a new contract.
>Milan interested in Schick, possible swap for Cutrone

Lads imagine the memes
So Milan will not play in the EL? i need a polite rundown on the situation
>manager goes to new team and wants his old players
being a journalist is so easy

Milan are trying to forfeit EL this year so that they can get an extra year on their break even requirement
>possible swap for Cutrone
For what fucking purpose? Who's gonna sit on the bench for Piatek then? It's literally only him and Cutrone left in the team

File: ledburrlacing.jpg (121 KB, 1658x600)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
>Countdown to French GP:
(Scroll down for all session times)

>/f1/-approved series calendar

>Other racing on each week, pick your poison

>Previous Thread:

>FantasyGP.com /f1/ League Formula Autism:
Passcode: 12481614

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>ferrari are now i sotto cani
best timeline
mr Hanson, this set isn't big enough for the two of us
File: 1518321961799.jpg (28 KB, 320x320)
28 KB
I'm afraid italian doesn't work like that but lol
Patrician taste.
I'd say based kmag but his q2 in leaf gp prevents me from that

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