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File: Underman.jpg (306 KB, 963x1462)
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306 KB JPG
>Grant Morrison writes a comic called Mastermen, in which he introduces a world with a tragic history that raises many nuanced ethical questions. Is it fair to blame a group of people for atrocities committed by their ancestors? Should a government that was born out of mass murder be torn down, even if doing so would plunge the world into total chaos and anarchy?

Hey that seems like an interesting world. Should we do a follow up on it?

>No, let's have Robert Venditti create a similar world, except it's much more black-and-white. The culture hasn't changed at all in the decades since the war ended, unlike every culture in the history of the real world. The story will have very clearly defined good guys and bad guys, so readers will know with whom they are meant to identify, and they won't need to ask any potentially uncomfortable questions about themselves or what they believe.

Seems like a missed opportunity to me.
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>The culture hasn't changed at all in the decades since the war ended
Morrison literally said that the culture of that world stagnated as a result of the Nazi's taking over
Yes. They are terrorists whose only goal is to avenge the victims of the holocaust. Since most of the people who participated in the holocaust have died of old age, the only way they can still take their revenge is by tearing down the society of their grandchildren. They do not care at all what the state of the world will be if they actually accomplish this.

Did the fascist policies never go away? Some of the dialogue in the book is meant to imply that the culture softened over time, as most real world cultures do. The Nazi's grandchildren have inherited a world that is much less brutal and persecutory then the one their forefathers originally envisioned.
You're insane.
>Some of the dialogue in the book is meant to imply that the culture softened over time, as most real world cultures do

Well sure, but only because they ran out of people to eradicate. It's fairly obvious their secret police, etc. would still in effect because crime didn't just go away and there's still job for Nazi heroes around the globe.
Yes, and that's why the moral ambiguity is so good. Neither side is in the right here because the Nazi regime never paid for their crimes against humanity and the Freedom Fighters are enacting their rebellion and vengeance by brutal acts of terror, which is the only pragmatic way you could feasibly rebel against the society if you're a member of the groups the Nazis went out of their way to get rid of.

File: Season_3_Richard.png (234 KB, 1281x1600)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
Remove one character from a show to improve it as much as possible

Starting off with this piece of shit
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File: clyde.png (6 KB, 233x216)
6 KB
Because there's a difference between stupid but still funny and a frustrating dead horse?
River isn't a lazy bad, he's a man in a royal position who is still wild at heart
>Teased her death twice
>Refuses to stay dead
Pick a character in Family Guy worth keeping

File: 1526527827163.jpg (603 KB, 1830x1920)
603 KB
603 KB JPG
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Not sure what skill set she has but as a vampire she should be easy to persuade.

"go kill these people and drink their blood with no repercussions."
DC makes the worst decision, no Batwoman can't get married! That would rape her character
>repeatedly rapes her character

File: mihn and priyanka kissy.jpg (92 KB, 800x1115)
92 KB
Priyanka or Minh?

File: noise.png (651 KB, 629x767)
651 KB
651 KB PNG
How do I get my ten year old sister to start watching GOOD cartoons? I've had enough of listening to her watch Adventures with Tip & Oh and The Day My Butt Went Psycho. I started off with older Spongebob and some Ren and Stimpy, but at the end she just complained that it was too "boring" and asked if we could go back to playing video games. Is her mind thoroughly rotten at this point? This makes me sad.
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What the fuck is wrong with you people?
Did they really make this into a cartoon? It was a great book. Have you ever considered that you’re just an autistic faggot and you should stop trying indoctrinate your sister, anon?
>I started off with older Spongebob and some Ren and Stimpy

boomerbabby thinks the cartoons he saw in childhood hold up any better than whatever your sister is watching now

just seal the deal and show her anime
They all very likely grew up without a sister.

File: BBRAE.jpg (137 KB, 1280x720)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
ITT: awful ships that keep being pushed for some reason
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File: Axe.jpg (7 KB, 238x183)
7 KB
Why make Bruce a dirty old man and a best friend back stabber all at once
The shipping drama in Star Forces is Korra tier deviating and fucking awful
Are most Naruto fans super into eugenics? that is odd, because they're all so genetically garbage.
It's his Kryptonite though
File: DpUBSZtUcAIE-Hu.jpg (197 KB, 900x1200)
197 KB
197 KB JPG

File: QuackPack.jpg (18 KB, 260x240)
18 KB
What went wrong?
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Well Disney is the one that does this the most. Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon shows are not nearly filled with as many tryhard "cool" characters.

Sometimes they will crack and make shit like Rocket Power, but Disney tries something like that almost each and every show they make.
Interestingly, around the same time Disney actually made a good and relatable show that still holds up in Weekenders.
Nah I kinda like it too as kind of a weird timestamp for when a thing was made.
File: 1538684634942.png (363 KB, 500x376)
363 KB
363 KB PNG
human characters
Finnish intro is catchy as fuck.

File: vVkoPPU.gif (992 KB, 250x250)
992 KB
992 KB GIF
>clip show episode
>half or more of the flashbacks are of episodes that don't exist
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>We had our own contest, except ours was to see who could masturbate the most in a 24-hour period.
>Yeah, that, uh that-that landed us in the hospital.
>Your penises have suffered severe abrasions. The skin has been all but removed from the organs. I've never seen anything like it.
>And my vagina?
>I'm afraid it's been, uh - obliterated.
I swear, I remember this one show where they have a clip show episode and one of the scenes is that the stupid character is trying to remember and he's struggling as the other characters look at him as he's sweating and shaking before he just shrugs it off.

I swear that was some funny shit.
Community did that. That show felt like a live action cartoon at times.
Came to post this
This is the worst episode of the whole season. Felt like season 4 Community

File: hellboys-header-1.jpg (45 KB, 798x407)
45 KB
How did Del Toro do it? How come 2004 Hellboy looks better and more natural than 2019, is it budget, skill, or lighting or Ron just being a better body actor?
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Yeah imagine having a purpose in life and people who depend on you instead of memes.
She's white.
...Is it bestiality when it's a fish?
So what? I'd do everything in my power to kill it.
>He's not human, he's a carnivorous God

Wow, sounds really safe to let it run around unsupervised. What's stopping it from killing and eating a person?

>Mar-Vell, created in hopes of sponging off Billy Batson's popularity.
>Tried for over a decade and it just ended up being trademark maintainance.
>Multiple other characters going by Captain Marvel after the first one died, not that popular either.
>Spin-Off character Ms. Marvel seemed popular, so Marvel gave the title to her. Though that came with unpopular changes.
>Her book as Captain Marvel proved to be signifigantly less popular than her Ms. Marvel book. The new Ms. Marvel (new character) that came out a few years later went on signifigantly longer than the Captain Marvel book.
>Marvel keeps giving her books branded Captain Marvel but they sell less each time and none of them even get a full year of publication.
>Despite the obvious lack in popularity, they still insisted on a movie adaptation.
>Roughly two weeks away from the movie's release, the star has been acting like a prick all over media, the opening box office expectation has dropped by 45% and general hype seems relatively low for an MCU movie.
>Meanwhile, a movie based on Billy Batson is set to get released a month later is generating more hype.

By the way, this shit started over half a century ago. Marvel has been trying to make something titled "Captain Marvel" a big deal for over 50 years and it's never really worked...

Is the trademark just cursed? Because I feel like there should have been a curse meme about this.
>Generating more hype
I want a Shazam movie to be popular more than anything but considering they've done next to no marketing I'm worried that the movie isn't going to do that well. Aquaman and Wonder Woman seemed to do well with quite late stage marketing, but Shazam comes out in 6 weeks and there isn't even a proper trailer, so who knows what they're doing
>double the people wanna see Captain Marvel
Makes sense

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All alien transformations should have some amount of body horror, it needs to look as grotesque as possible
That's exactly what it is.
This is a very, very lazy show.
anyone have a mega of the S3 episodes?
The Antitrix needs to Malfunction and turn Kevin into a hybrid of all his 90's-ified Mutant Aliens
Would be easier to just say it was a prototype Omnitrix that Kevin found...

File: maxresdefault.jpg (318 KB, 1920x1080)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
Today, I will remind them.
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this is worse
Did the creator of this video go on to write for Robot Chicken?
Unholy aids
File: 1494322187176.jpg (88 KB, 720x720)
88 KB

File: 1542122052073.jpg (25 KB, 243x243)
25 KB
I like this librarian
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File: librarian.png (108 KB, 380x386)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
me too
Why'd David such a little bitch
Tbf tho loud houses most popular fapbaits (Leni, Luan, Luna) are way older than the cast of Hildawgs
>going to the thread about tarot reading
>do a read for someone
>but someone else does as well
>you both get different readings
>starts crying getting into an autistic bitchfit that the other anon doesn't know REAL magic
Maybe Raven Scouts are the real thing, while Sparrow Scouts are more equivalent to Cub Scouts.

99 replies and 23 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Mirai is just as shit as any Hosoda movie

I love Hosoda movies and Mirai is by far his worst
Babies can't critique baby food though, beyond gurgling approvingly or disapprovingly
File: disugst.jpg (27 KB, 260x384)
27 KB
I just watched Spiderverse.
You know guys, I think you all should just stop pretend that it wasn't utter fucking trash.
>15 fps
>telltale style
>generic plot
>awful music
The only redeemable quality was seeing Peter in the animated movie. Other than that, it's literally worst capeshit ever created. I think even Thor3 and IM2-3 wasn't THAT bad.
I have a headache after watching this. I just hope sony will stop buying bots to praise this shit and trick them into watching it. And I hope it will lose to Isle of dogs which is actually decent unlike this trash.
Everyone who unironically liked it - should end themselves immediately.
i blame pokemon
File: 1543219729417.jpg (41 KB, 640x792)
41 KB
>every movie that has minorities in it is virtue signaling

File: 1550581046601.png (532 KB, 589x619)
532 KB
532 KB PNG
It begins.
409 replies and 59 images omitted. Click here to view.
I had no idea there was a cat named goose, obviously.
Alright, I'm going to say it. The casting in the Scott Pilgrim movie fucking sucked. Scott isn't supposed to be shrimpy he's just an asshole loser, Brie was too wooden for Envy and MEW was awful as Ramona and they played up Ramona being literally perfect too much when she's an even bigger dickhead than Scott is.
>green lantern was acceptably decent
Listen, if you genuinely feel that way, then there's no such thing as a bad MCU nor DC movie
It's not true.

The big twist is that Skrulls aren't the evil intergalactic conquerors that Carol believes them to be, the Krees started the war and the Skrulls are on a warpath for revenge.
This is the saddest shit.

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