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/po/ - Papercraft & Origami

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File: yotsuba_folding.png (505 KB, 530x449)
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505 KB PNG
Welcome to /po/! We specialize in origami, papercraft, and everything that’s relevant to paper engineering. This board is also an great library of relevant PDF books and instructions, one of the best resource of its kind on the internet.

Questions and discussions of papercraft and origami are welcome. Threads for topics covered by paper engineering in general are also welcome, such as kirigami, bookbinding, printing technology, sticker making, gift boxes, greeting cards, and more.

Requesting is permitted, even encouraged if it’s a good request; fulfilled requests strengthens this board’s role as a repository of books and instructions. However do try to keep requests in relevant threads, if you can.

/po/ is a slow board! Do not needlessly bump threads.
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File: origami faq.jpg (159 KB, 762x762)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
FAQs about origami

Where do I begin with origami and how can I find easy models?

Try browsing the board for guides, or other online resources listed below, for models you like and practice folding them.

A great way to begin at origami is to participate in the Let’s Fold Together threads >>>/po/lft - open up the PDF file and find a model you like, work on it, and discuss or post results.


What paper should I use?

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Rate my wwe title belt /po/
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File: 1549808336066.gif (3.88 MB, 327x177)
3.88 MB
3.88 MB GIF
File: 1562089054236.jpg (103 KB, 385x659)
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103 KB JPG
Almost a year of main eventing on thia shit board
Holy finna based
One year

File: dragon.jpg (32 KB, 480x360)
32 KB
I'm interesting in seeing /po/'s best work.
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>it's the koi carp of won park, usually it's folded from a one dollar bill. I think it's from the book named dollar origami or something like that .
Thank Youu
Who's this model by and what the c.p please
holy crap
I enjoyed this, thanks

File: kawahata_h.jpg (38 KB, 284x400)
38 KB
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File: deep sea edition.jpg (56 KB, 354x500)
56 KB
Could the person who shared the whale diagrams please share the rest of the book?
Yeah... that would be great
Hi everyone, who have diagram stegosaurus Nakamura Kaede plz share with me, thanks
Please share the rest of the book.
Yes I'd like to see that too.

File: iu[1].jpg (214 KB, 640x628)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
Does Origami help getting a gf?
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how make dragons?
>breaking news! local OP dies from aids!
Id say if your girl likes anime then make some dolly characters from them cartoons..or roses but aside from that no..girls dont really like bugs..beasts or dragons
if anything origami helps you get even less chance with girls
I wouldnt agree.i have good luck with girls...and having a hobby is complimentary..there are a few girls that go to the conventions as well...

I literally have to reverse engineer a fold from this base....i have other photos in a sequence ...see in comments
Theres a series of diagrams but i believe thats a standard milestone point

File: Machariys Omega.jpg (34 KB, 426x604)
34 KB
Used to post a lot here until it was taken over by the Cult Moronicus trolls...see if things are better:

whole bunch of files:

Space Marine/Chaos:




Imperial Guard:


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: primaris executioner.jpg (78 KB, 360x511)
78 KB
Primaris Repulsor Executioner:

File: IMG_20190708_173618.jpg (5.7 MB, 4000x3000)
5.7 MB
5.7 MB JPG
I saw this thread and just couldn't resist. How did I do ?
Not bad! I'd recommend pastels or marker to cover the edges. Oh, and rotate the pic next time, but not bad at all...
Yeah, I used a bit of felt pencils but it damaged the paper.
Warhound Titan by Denys Tsiokhla:


File: origami.jpg (66 KB, 1050x750)
66 KB
I want you guys to print out part of this thread and turn it into origami.

You might be wondering why you would make this boring thread into origami.
Well that's because this isn't just some random thread.
This is going to be the oldest thread on all of 4chan!

Have fun.
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sorry for the offtopic, but
if i were to go onto an extremely slow board, such as this one, and post on a thread more than a year old, would I be allowed to post it on reddit /r/classic4chan?
File: 01 - L9Id6wZ.png (661 KB, 1280x576)
661 KB
661 KB PNG
Bumperino. Fold me up, senpai
File: 1509941657983.png (6 KB, 234x216)
6 KB
>456 days
It brings a tear to my eye
File: checkem.jpg (13 KB, 248x249)
13 KB
Checked these 44 dubs out

Let's start a new thread since the previous one has been archived
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It was a commision design this why made
Where can I get nicely patterned paper? My mum got me some for christmas ages ago and I've run out :(
this post is dead, there are no tanteidan mags to share or conventions, wich are the most common shares
OUSA convention just ended a few weeks back so it may take a while for someone to post the pdf for 2019.
Does anyone here have an origamiUSA subscription? I'm trying to find the article "folding irrational proportions" by Satoshi Kamiya.

Can anyone send how to make a good papercraft miku?
sent :)
File: miku.pdf (3.5 MB, PDF)
3.5 MB
3.5 MB PDF
File: chibi miku.jpg (479 KB, 600x800)
479 KB
479 KB JPG
thank you!!!

I wanna see some really amazing artists in the world of paper craft could you guys suggest the greatest people to look for?
File: GettyImages-494654804.jpg (3.81 MB, 3456x5184)
3.81 MB
3.81 MB JPG

Let's design together.

Attached is Lang's Origami Design Secrets to get us started. Feel free to ask any questions about it and designing. Some ideas for what to post:
>any helpful design tips?
>any helpful references for designing?
>share your designs!
>share your own tutorial!
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I don't see how what I said was not nice, I was just being matter-of-fact. I don't need to be told how to make crease patterns as I already know, but I don't like them and prefer making diagrams even if they take longer.
>I don't need to be told how to make crease patterns as I already know,
Again, this is a know-it-all attitude. You just keep sticking your foot in your mouth. You just have that "I'm better than everyone else" attitude. Very unbecoming.
I don't see what you mean, dude. I think maybe you just read a little too much into things
And ignorant, too.
That sucks as each some c.p are beautiful even before being folded!#you also are showing uncooperativeness ..if i admire your model and wsnt to test fold you could at least show it unfolded

File: 5b7748184a479.jpg (401 KB, 904x1278)
401 KB
401 KB JPG
someone who could detail the cp of brian chan's flying grasshopper in valleys and mountains

File: top.png (39 KB, 520x316)
39 KB
Hey po/ do you know where i can find the last version of pepakura designer 3.1.8 full with the patch to view locked models? thanks a lot for your help
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Thanks for the tip anon.
You are welcome
happy Saturday
what console/device is this playable on? Looks fun

File: 1552176619061.jpg (51 KB, 640x565)
51 KB
Can anyone here teach me how to make a dabbing dollar bill?
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File: chow yun.gif (6.65 MB, 300x320)
6.65 MB
6.65 MB GIF
File: 1547585767350.jpg (28 KB, 332x396)
28 KB
bump cause it funny
mirrored, just in case or for easy download or whatever:

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