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File: 24.jpg (203 KB, 1100x733)
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203 KB JPG
As I wrote in another thread:

The idea that Southeast Asia has beautiful paradise beaches is a bullshit meme. No amount of natural beauty will change the fact that SE Asia is a third-world shithole, with the usual third-world cleanliness. Those clear waters and palm-lined beaches, at least half of them, have open sewers pouring toxic shit into them. The only way to find a "beach paradise" in Asia is to pay the premium for private island resort, such as the ones in the Maldives, and just keep as far away from the locals as possible.

I've had the misfortune of visiting the "untouched beach paradise" of Koh Rong Samloem, only to realize that the water is literally full of shit because all the bungalow resorts dump their sewage where people swim. Literally any "sub-par beach" in Europe is better than this.
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Imagine being such a subhuman that you can't to adequate research in the age of information...
thats true.the southeast asian people way of think is to not care about littering beaches and polluting the sea with some shit. every non-tourist beach in bali, lombk or Sumba is littered with plastic and cans. even african poor countries are better in cleaning their beaches.
lol at you you fucking wanker
he's half right. in general, they really DO NOT take care of their villages. people literally litter in their back yards. places that should have nearly zero pollution often look terrible

that said, it's not like that in every place. generally, in places that don't have a high population density (quickly disappearing) they take much better care and don't fucking toss trash in front of their house
yeah, 'cherry picking autism' indeed.

...not to say you're wrong. the Litter is bad. Take Kuta for example. You go to the beaches near the city, there's more waves than trash.

You go to a nearby island, or even travel to the northsides of Bali, and you'll still get the blue waters and white sand look.

If you're going to place like that, take the path less traveled, don't do what everyone else does.

I'm a NZ born citizen and I'm thinking of moving to Queensland, AUS in a few years from now. To work and pursue a career. Just wondering if there are any native Queenslanders who can tell me about the place, places to visit, sites or points of interest, politics of the region, etc. Just anything that would be of interest.
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Sunshine coast is the nicest place in Aus, great beaches and not too touristy. Cairns is nice too, can go diving on the reef and the fishing is great if your into that.
Yeah smart move going to the biggest shitholes in the country, kiwi diaspora.
From Toowoomba Queensland. Why bother coming to Queensland the other states are nice and has less pricks and cunts. Easier to get a lay and make friends if you’re a bogan. Hard to meet decent people and 90% of the decent people aren’t born and bred in Queensland. Literally met one decent Queenslander and it’s my current GF but her parents are both migrated germans so does it really count though? (No it doesn’t). Move to Melbourne or Sydney far nicer culture. Unless you’re planning to party all the time at the coast or Brisbane.
I'm from Toowoomba as well. A lot of people shit on it but honestly it's a nice little city. Good /out/ and mountains really close by, all the convenience and everything you need, only ~2h from brisbane if you want to get out for the weekend.
Only drawback is no beaches, but there are dams not too far away.
Sunshine coast/Brisbane/Gold Coast area is nice to live at, the rest is dead unless you travel there for a short period.

Who has experience teaching English in Vietnam? Moving there in 2 weeks with an online certification and no university degree. What can I expect? Will I get arrested and deported? Did I mess up
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You're a non native...
You realize it's illegal for non natives to teach in Taiwan, right?
well i got the interviews already. None of the schools seemed bothered by my nationality and when I asked they said they've employed other non-natives before without any issues
they said the same thing about japan when I applied you know, but still ended up working here for one of the biggest dispatch companies without an issue.

After a year at that company when I applied to other schools, my nationality never became an issue
You're the typical idiot incapable on reading.

>They said the same thing about Japan

"They" who? There's literally no official information from the Japanese government prohibiting non-natives from teaching legally in Japan. There is in Taiwan.

Just do whatever, good luck.
getting this triggered about someone else's life choices on a cambodian basketweaving forum

>based solely on travel experiences

As an American I grew up with the typical toilet paper only method of cleaning. It never worked great and resulted in me wiping 15-20 times per shit. I went to Europe in my early 20's and got to expierece the Bidets of Italy which I liked, but I thought they were a bit cumbersome. Later on I visited Cambodia and I thought their little wash-nozzle thing was a great invention and it made it super easy to clean my asshole. A few years later I visited Japan and Korea and holy fuck, the washlet method of cleaning your asshole is top tier, it is an absolute dream when it comes to cleaning. Most recently I visited India and you can imagine how efficient that is.

>Korean/Japanese washlet method
>Cambodian Wash-nozzle thing
>Italian Bidet
>American dry wipe method

>Backwater Indian/Thai/poor areas with the communal bucket to dip your hand in
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>I grew up with the typical toilet paper only method of cleaning
But after trying to wash my ass I started to view the use of toilet paper as incredibly unhygienic.
>toilet paper
Tell me, if I shat on a plate then asked you if you'd rather have wiped off by a dry piece of paper or washed with soap amd water before putting food on that plate, which would you choose?
Holy shit, thank god for wet wipes.
Do your friends chastise you about it? All of my friends say im a faggot for having a washlet in my house. I explain to them, its literally a hygiene product and I am sorry they walk around with smeared shit on their assholes all day.
Oh, thanks for the reply.
I'm just kind of normie and I thought all the places but europe and america had squat toilets or urinal-type toilets. As I wrote, I like standard toilets

File: maxresdefault (3).jpg (127 KB, 1280x720)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Can a white man get a (You) here?
>Can a white man

sorta got annoying after hearing it for the 5th time.
I don't get this guy's "deal" anyway, why the fuck is he spending so much time in India? He doesn't seem to enjoy it nearly as much as the other bald dude.
I think he's cute desu
The indian thing has gotten soo fucking boring, If you watch Bald and Bankrupts earlier videos in Russia and other countries its so much more interesting, aided by the fact that he speaks Russian. He has like 250k subs now and probably 90% are Indians because its probably the first time they've heard someone speak positively about their shithole country. I really wish he'd choose someonewhere else to travel
File: literally india.jpg (282 KB, 718x960)
282 KB
282 KB JPG

I didn't really know too much (except poo-in-loo, curry etc.) nor had much interest on India, until I started watching these dude, lol!

Yeah it's strange how Harald is stuck in India now. He probably gets such huge traffic and ad-revenue on the India videos, but yeah...it's getting a bit old, but since millions of Indian subs love it..
File: aaaaa.jpg (59 KB, 900x441)
59 KB
For reference he arrived in India in mid October. I think it's pretty clear why he's spending so much time there now...

I have the change to leave my country and start living and working in Switzerland.
Should I take it?
I will earn more money and live a more comfortable life, btw.
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>bluepilled society and laws
yeah, much, much better
Even though living here is expensive, I still find that the wages are disproportionally high, as in I have more spending money than I used to have in other places. And especially for international travel that money goes a really long way, since everywhere else seems really cheap in comparison.
I'm german and even I appreciate them being racist.
Switzerland is a literal whore country.
Frens..Let's suposse you have enough money for buying a House..
And let's suposse you wanted to rent it so you can profit from it

Is this a good Idea?
How much an Average home can cost?

and i'll be living overseas so i'll have to put renting agency or someone in charge of the property..
I just want the rent money transfered each month to my Bank Account.

Advices please

File: images (10).jpg (75 KB, 495x619)
75 KB
What are the most charming towns in Latin America? These are some I know.

Guanajuato, Mexico
Taxco, Mexico
Antigua, Guatemala
Granada, Nicaragua
Cusco, Peru
Cuenca, Ecuador
Ouro Preto, Brasil
Punta Arenas, Chile
Bariloche, Argentina

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File: maxresdefault.jpg (339 KB, 1280x720)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
San Antonio, Texas
Pátzcuaro, Mexico
Chachapoyas, Peru
Potosí, Bolivia
Valparaíso, Chile.

also I was in Punta Arenas and it was so-so. It was cool how a few early 20th century buildings that seemed right out of a medium sized city were huddled around the center, but other than that it's not particularly charming. I was just there as a starting point for a cruise.
File: images (13).jpg (43 KB, 773x396)
43 KB
Pátzcuaro is nice!

File: map-of-Mexico2.gif (182 KB, 1373x837)
182 KB
182 KB GIF
So, /trv/ I'm an American who wants to live in Mexico, how do I go about that?

Also, what would be the Pros and cons of my decisions?
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Where precisely? Cancun and Tulum or also in places like Puerto Vallarta?
She looks ugly af who picked her as a important person
See these red parts? Those are where the fun lies. Those are the parts where the government daren't even go. You can get anything there, from the highest quality drugs to the biggest weaponry you can think of to slaves
Just don't try to compete with the cartels. FOR GODS SAKE DO NOT COMPETE WITH THE CARTELS
Only the south of Michoacán is dodgy. My mom went to Acapulco with some relatives two or three months ago.
The fashion industry

Never knew there were so many electronic music lovers on /trv/. Last thread is reaching bump limit.
>what city had your favorite scene?
>what’s your favorite club/festival?
>how’d you find drugs in various cities(if you’re into that sort of thing I’m not)
>any future plans?
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Since i dont have anyone to travel with nor noone with the same interests. I guess going for rave in Europa is Berlin or Amsterdam? Barcelona? Maybe someone can give this scandinavian some advice for the summer festivals? And no tomorrowland or bs like that.
Definitely check out awakenings.
From the top of my head:

We are electric
Lente kabinet
Amsterdam open Air
Free your mind

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Thanks for the advices, have to see atleast one this summer.
Amsterdam has a lot of good festivals

Rank em and your reason
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from my personal anecdote I think it must be pretty damned hard

that said, it's highly likely that thais are some of the most unhinged and violent in the region due to the rapid societal transformation they've gone through

probably only parts of indonesia and malaysia are more violent

this is not for frogs = gotta go
There are other reasons to go to Singapore anon, maybe you should have picked up on that.
KL is probably as dangerous as most European cities, if not more so. Just don’t act like an idiot and you’ll be fine.
colleagues from my job have been stabbed in KL. europe has been catching up, or has caught up, but KL is far from 'safe'

as a tourist it's not a big deal, but if you live there every day, the 'don't act like an idiot' rule isn't going to stop you from being murdered by bangaladeshis or malays: particularly if you're east asian. the malays more or less have license to openly kill chinese. if they think you're chinese, you're a target

File: hot_french_girl.jpg (47 KB, 475x370)
47 KB
what is your experience from visiting France, are people there really disrespectful? Is the language really gay or is it just people expecting the locals to speak english?
i fucking love the french. probably my favorite people. but i can see why a lot of people dont like them... its cuz they dont blow smoke up your ass and they shoot straight. they wont pretend to care about something they dont care about. they don't endear themselves. they are just themselves. if you are looking for someone to ignore you while you read a book, drink espresso and rip butts. the french are perfect. but if you are looking for someone to tell you how wonderful where you came from the french may be a bad fit.
French are fine. They don’t have much patience for morons. Learn at least a few words of French and you’ll be fine.
I speak fluent French. As other have noted French people are really direct and will always speak their minds which may be seen as rude by more reserved cultures.
This. At a bare minimum learn parlez vous anglais. In my experience the only time French people were cunts was when people just started talking to them in English assuming they knew the language

Going to Prague.
Is it really that easy to buy drugs?
Where would you get the good stuff? How much does it cost?

In general - any experience with drugs in Prague?
Degenerate travel should have its own board so we don't have to deal with freakshows like OP.
Drugs are illegal in Prague, the weed shops are scams too. Don't go to Prague. Don't go anywhere for that matter.
you can buy weed online basically, just search it up. Anything else id steer clear of.

File: portland.jpg (106 KB, 1000x562)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
What's it like there? Is it a good place to visit, or is it far too populated with SJWs and post-modernist hipster weirdos?
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There are good and bad things about Portland. There is a lot of homeless and a lot of over the top lefty types. But there's incredible forests and hiking. The nature in Oregon is some of the best in the country and it is very accessable from the city. The coast is nice. The weather has been really mild the past couple years. In the summer it gets pretty warm and there are plenty of watering holes near by. There's a lot of legitimately cool art and music once you get past the "#pnw minimalism". There's always interesting live bands playing. The architecture is very interesting, especially in the neighborhoods because every house is different. The food is ok. I like the beer options. It's also right in wine country in you're into that sort of thing. For every yuppie there's a homeless heroin addict trying to stab them. Sometimes there is human poop by the bridges. The ANTFA vs Proud Boys fighting is endlessly entertaining because they're all a bunch of retards, plus all the moderates who feign outrage and pretend like they're not entertained. The suburbs do suck. There's more cool bookstores than just Powell's. That's all I have to say now thanks for reading
File: 18d7n1vohycz0jpg.jpg (25 KB, 636x358)
25 KB
are there any feminist strip clubs?
asking for a friend
One thing I noticed about Pacific NW liberals is that they don't seem as annoying as the ones here in Cali(I thought all liberals were like that) so there's that
Weather sucks, smells bad, homeless literally everywhere, smug yuppie assholes, retarded hipsters. Food kinda sucked. Met some ok people but most were dreadfully boring even as a midwesterner. The aesthetic was kinda cool though. I wouldn't bother
its cool, if youre not from there, bu twill lose its luster. That said, it's still cool I think. That said again after saying that said, for those born and raised there, it's probably a fraction of how cool it used to be.

>There are airlines that UNIRONICALLY board front to back
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>be neutrino medallion
>entire overhead compartment is full
I always bash as many of them as possible with my luggage as I walk by. Oops sorry didn't mean to ya bish
Does it matter? The whole gate stands up and waits in line anyway.
Wood class? That must be nice, I'm stuck in sand class.
i saw you in another thread

File: 5122815522_1a38b43949_b.jpg (521 KB, 1024x512)
521 KB
521 KB JPG
What's the ugliest and most miserable city you've ever been to?

For me, it'd be Ludwigshafen, Germany.
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New Rochelle NY, USA

absolutely nothing redeemable.

Arkanes, iceland. small, cold, gloomy, boring and depressive.
I might've visited another London
It's nicer than Hempstead.

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