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File: colombia.jpg (6 KB, 419x278)
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Anyone been to Colombia?
Is it cool?
Is it safe?

Colombia discussion thread
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millions of foreigners visit Colombia every year, their consensus is that Colombians are very friendly. That would be not the case if any stranger would blow scopolamine in your face. Getting scopolamine in your drink is already not very common, getting it blown in your face is much less frequent.

>I heard they were much more developed , and a bit more white.

no, maybe there was a time when Argentina was much more developed than the rest of LatAm, but, since then, pretty much the rest of Latin America has been closing the gap. Argentina is on an ongoing crisis again with rising poverty, hiperinflation etc. Countries like Panama, Costa Rica or Mexico already have lower poverty rates than Argentina.

Chile was as underdeveloped and poor as the rest of Latam until like 1990, then the country took off, but it's not "much more developed" now. The difference in wealth between Chile and, say, Colombia, it's like the one there is between Croatia and Serbia. Latin America is probably the region in the World with less disparity in development between countries.

Anyway if you look at, let's say, the list of countries of the region by homicide rate, you'll see there is not much correlation between development and murder rate. Uruguay has higher homicide rate than: the Dominican Republic, Panama, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Paraguay and Chile.

Argentina is more White than most of LatAm. Chile is not, it has the same amount of Whiteness as Colombia, Venezuela or Paraguay.
Downloaded Duolingo now. I'm the worst aspects of northern Britain blonde eyebrows and all.
>Anyone been to Colombia?
i live here

>Is it cool?

>Is it safe?
yes just don't be a retard that's all u gotta do

now come
Is cocaine tourism still a thing?
Traveling to Medellin soon, can you tell me more about how you organized the hookers? I’m assuming not escorts for that price, is there a tolerance zone then? I am not going primarily for that reason to Medellin (perhaps only 5th reason) but it would be nice to know

File: 1280px-Tripoli,souk1.jpg (221 KB, 1280x857)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
What are some of the best cities to go for in the levant. My interests are for any old and intact architecture of roman, crusader or old caliphate buildings the more dense, the better
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Ffs op it's called Outremer

Also I really enjoyed Antakya
Best fireworks display in the world
Israeli here
I'm not sure if Israel counts as part of the levant - culturaly speaking - but I really liked Istanbul. Turks are cool

Sunni shithole. You may as well have recommend Idlib.
Jerusalem, Nablus and Amman were my favorites of all Levantine cities

They all have a lot of Ottoman stuff but I only remember Amman having a fair amount of Greek and Roman things.

>of course do i spend my summer holiday in iceland. I love vikings
wtf is this, are you saying "of course I [should] spend my holiday in iceland" or "of course[... but ]do I spend my summer holiday in iceland?"

how do you make yourself look so retarded with what's supposed to be an ironic troll
look at this fucking nanny try and express himself
iceland thread? going there in a week. looking forward to the shittiest months to be in iceland.
thawing, more clouds than ever, windy. no shittier time to go than between winter and summer.
mud everywhere, no snow, no green. only brown. will be most enjoyable.

still debating if blue laggon is skip or go and if i want to go glacier hiking..
go to blue lagoon if you haven't been there before
to be honest i planned but haven't heard anything good at all. from everyone who visited iceland I know. all are saying it's basically an overpriced spa.

File: images (3).jpg (35 KB, 480x350)
35 KB
Tips for Hong Kong anyone?
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>Do you think 400 HK dollars on Octopus will cover 4 days in HK?
It will easily cover transport but you can use the card for everything else too and you should, fuck getting a pile of pocket change you can't convert when you leave.
HK coins are heavy too.
If you're light on cash, but have a healthy Octopus, use the Octopus.
If you're heavy on cash, but heave a light Octopus, split payment: Coins/Petty Cash + Octopus
Did the dragons back trail to big wave bay. Poor visibility but thankfully it didn’t rain
welp. there you go.
did that last august, probably favourite hike Ive ever done (from Canada haven't travelled to many places)

Me and a friend want to travel Japan extensively some time after college, but we don’t just want to meme it. That being said, is knowing the language vital to the experience/a basic need there?
no shit of course it is
Use the Japan general thread and don't act like a special snowflake that needs his own thread.
That being said, knowing japanese helps but if you just do the most touristic route you'll be fine.
Well like any other foreign county knowing the language always help to make things smoother. Of course that you won't die if you don't know anything about nip since you'll probably stick to the most touristy places anyway, but I would recommend at least getting familiar with the most basic stuff like directions, time and ordering food/buying stuff.

File: pyramids.jpg (401 KB, 1900x1266)
401 KB
401 KB JPG
anyone ever been to Egypt? for anyone traveling for long periods of time, what do you recommend for a translator?
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A lot of people had much better English than I expected. I went during Ramadan and supposedly that made it quieter and there were less people about trying to scam you or doing touts, because they stay home to conserve energy during the day. Plenty still about, but they are easy enough to ignore. Seemed safe enough.
- Trash all around the major sites
- Nice beaches though
- Would not go again
File: 92b27zs2xmr21.jpg (1.95 MB, 3024x4032)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB JPG
I have a particular question about Egypt. In some of the cities I have an interest in visiting the more densely populated outskirt areas, most parts of the cities where zero tourists would have any desire or need to go to. Reasons aren't really important, but I'm wondering if there's a way to hire a more general guide to some if these neighborhoods. Somebody to inform me about streets to stay away from, talk to locals, give valuable info ect ect. How would I go about doing this? Hire some guy off the street?
I am looking for the same thing, as someone looking to spend time amongst the less popular archaeological/museum sites. Also not wanting to get ripped.
I've only been to Sharm el Sheikh which is just a touristy place in the middle of nowhere. Amazing beaches and sea though, I'd go again.

Am I the only one here to love flying in business ?
Prices are quite expensive but it's so much more enjoyable. That way, holidays start in the airport already.
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I can only really compare the US with the UK, but the US federal government alone spends more on healthcare (per capita and as a proportion of GDP) than the UK government does. For that money the US gets fairly mediocre healthcare for a certain qualifying segment of the population (medicare/medicaid), native Americans, prisoners and veterans while the UK gets a fairly decent, comprehensive healthcare for all its citizens. Americans already pay for healthcare in their taxes, just generally not their own.
>people once again comparing countries with a population of 330M+ with those of lower than 66M
ah the convos always go the same, don't even bother engaging these people.
>Even the law firm that I work at (one of the biggest and most profitable in the world) doesn't reimburse for Business Class or First Class travel

Pretty sure you are LARPing as even the peons at Facebook fly business
Of course he is.
Anon, tell us the name of that company which is so much profitable.
Europoor here, I have flown Ryanair so many goddamn times, the Economy seating of any National airline feels like paradise.

I'm a Black guy planning on visiting Tallinn, Estonia solo this August. What should I expect and what should I look forward to doing?

/pol/failures are not invited in this thread.
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“Oh, yeah you’re right on second thought I have nothing of value to add here” would have sufficed
Have you heard what's been going on in Estonia lately? Pretty much most of Eastern Europe actually. White Nationalism is increasing rapidly with small pockets of safe places. Western Europe would be better for you.
Estonia is actually one of the most atheist places on Earth along with Czechia.

American who has never travelled to Europe detected.
Das raycis!

Any tips for someone who is afraid of flying?
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Sort of like all the rest of your life, when you think about it.
>for each ded plane pic you post, i can post thousands of gruesome car accidents.

And thousands of flights that were fine.
Yes, but how many because of the car itself ?
The fear comes from the fact that despite having a fully qualified person on control, the plane crashes by itself.
Imagine a world where cars are driven by professionals only. I guess the number of accident would be quite low.
Don't drop the soap.
notice anything about the airlines operating the planes?

/trv/ ever sleep in abandoned or under construction buildings?
no because I have dignity
Yes, under construction is nice. Abandoned? Not so much. But you gotta get out of there before daybreak because construction workers usually start early and they often have their own security crew that will enthusiastically restrain you until police arrive.
Yeah all the time when i was tramping all over Europe, hitch hiking and workaway etc.

Bridges, especially comfy secluded ones, were great way to stay out of sight, out of the weather and even get a nice sleep.

Construction zones are ok, but be prepared to be awake early. i once got woken up by a very confused looking Danish Tradesmen once.

No, I'm not fucking poor.
How long did you go round Euro, this hitchhiking/workaway trek, I want to do the same thing? And the cost for said length of time?

>fall for thirsty yellow girls meme
>realize you’re the joke
>demand revenge wipe

1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
A true fucking alpha, he managed to actually get the flight attendant to wipe his ass lmao.
>>basically in a jail cell waiting to go back to the US

Where do you get that he was detained
kinda wanna make my gf wipe my ass now not gonna lie
>Bathroom assistance
>No mention that he is American
Fox News, truly the experts on covering up literal shit smears while herding idiot viewers.
He didn't get banned from anything, and he didn't die in a jail cell.

From the FoxNews article:
> reportedly died of an unspecified illness while on a beach vacation on the island of Koh Samui

He was a fucking landwhale and he died after some sort of leg injury. Most likely, he was diabetic and got an infection going in the injury, which then went septic.

>Nothing of value was lost.

Well, you got one thing right anyway.

Out of his ass, apparently. He should've been more alpha and gotten a flight attendant to remove it for him.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: top 5 destinations.png (1.5 MB, 1280x720)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
Tell me what you think
Video below provides some info on India as insight

73 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
The conversation between Wolverine and Sabertooth.
Come back or go back?
Genuinely convinced all the anti India posts are made by some crazy Pakistan lover in America


I asked about what MENA country I should travel to on /int/ and this man was posting the same image and posts made in that thread.

The Delhi metro at least is pretty good desu
Delhi Metro isn't what most folks would call a "train."

Anyone travel to Iceland? If so, tips?
We're planning to hit up Reykjavik and the South up to Westman Island.

Is the south better than the north?
Use wow air
look out for trolls and giants and such

File: GG0316_roadtrips_01 (1).jpg (1.84 MB, 3000x1882)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB JPG
Any southern connoisseurs on /trv/?

We're three european duderinos planning to do at 11~ish day long road trip in the southern USA.
The hard part is planning a route, considering we don't know much about the south.

Which cities is a MUST to visit? Also, what is a do-able route?

So far we've been thinking something along the lines of:
Miami -> Everglades -> Clearwater -> (maybe Orlando) -> Mobile -> New Orleans.
Is this a good route? Or are we fucking up by missing Atlanta, Savannah, Charleston, Augusta, Jacksonville etc.
39 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
A but add Houston and their dozens of new breweries.
Consider: 8th wonder (hip, rich, young), Baleson (for an older, tasteful neighborhood bar vibe)
Flying Saucer: (100000000 taps of beer, great waitresses, intellectual drunks head there)

Austin: Zilker Brewery (get the stout and some trendy merchandise)
Lazarus Brewery and nearby bars/restaurants late night older/intellectual/babes crowd
Oasis Brewing (out by a scenic lake)
>Flying Saucer
Wait a minute.....is this a chain bar?
Don't listen to this retard, Austin isn't part of the south.
Yeah I wouldn't consider it southern, i'd consider it Texan though, but Texas is not southern, just like florida isn't southern

File: spirit-air.jpg (610 KB, 1000x667)
610 KB
610 KB JPG
This will work for any airline that has no internet in their planes along with a food menu.

All you need is a canceled credit card, it works because the internet is down and can't verify if it was accepted or not. I've done it around 5 times now and I've gotten cloee to $150 worth of free shit.
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
even if it declines multiple times there is no way to prove that they are fraudulent transactions.
tell it to the judge
they could also outright ban you from flying their airline
I mean seriously, this scam is retarded and you would be well-advised to stop. Your credit rating may get affected as well.
>caring about your goyscore
>caring about being banned from fucking SPIRIT

OP your behaviour is devilish and crafty and I approve.
>lol goyscore
>what do you mean i cant take out a mortgage loan?
feel free to continue doing what you’re doing, but don’t be surprised when it bites you in the ass rentcuck.
this is a thread about Spirit so I assume we're talking about America. There's no reason to take out a mortgage in the USA.

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