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File: Wieczna Tulaczka.jpg (148 KB, 899x596)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
Where are the most beautiful hiking trails?


File: maxresdefault.jpg (111 KB, 1280x720)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
I'm going to Turkey in a week or so for the first time.

I definitely plan on visiting Cappadocia region and spending some time in the capital. What are the must-do things in Istanbul other than visiting the major sights like Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, etc.? Is food better on the Asian side or the European side? Any general Turkey tips?

How long do you need to stay in Pamukkale to see everything?
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It is just an artificial capital, like brussels without historic crap. Just few big malls and grave of ataturk.
File: ephes60.jpg (464 KB, 900x600)
464 KB
464 KB JPG
I meant to type old capital aka Istanbul

>Go and see ephesus instead
Is it feasible to see that and Pamukkale in the same day or do they deserve their own dedicated day?
The road from istanbul to ephesus isn't close by any means,iirc around 6-7 hours.
Ephesus is really interesting if you are interested in old civs/history of the region but nothing else but Pamukkale is really nice.Not many reasons to spend a few days there,though.
Going back to the istanbul part -not the anon who has written in this thread btw
It's a really cool city but there are a LOT of shit a tour guide or random book/website would miss.You can find different kinds of activities to do in the city for a whole week and still have a reason to visit again.
Food really differs,turkish cuisine is really one of my favourites but as per with any good food,the difference between restaurants is huge so try not to fall for the obv tourist traps where they'll offer shitty food for high prices,dont be afraid to eat the same food in a different place etc.
Most people dont list it but one of the most popular ''fast-foods'' from turkey is Çiğ Köfte,definitely try it,just make sure the place looks clean.There's two variants,etli-with meat-and etsiz-without meat.Etli çiğ köfte is the original version but you would have to scour around for a good one and it's not for everyone,but you can find etsiz ciğ köfte -which is the default on fast food chains- much easier.
Same goes for içli köfte,def. try one.
Don't forget to eat a few different breakfasts too,you can have a basic one with simit-istanbul has a different type of simit than the rest of the country btw,cont next post
which is literally called istanbul simidi and some different kinds of turkish cheese.Turks have a fuckton of cheese types and I suggest you try out a few.Also try a breakfast with sucuk and eggs.You can also try pastırma but that's a bit on the expensive side.Try işkembe çorbası - a soup - before the main dish if you go to a nice place to eat which offers it.
Turkish beers suck ass but there are a few nice wines if you are into that.Drink ayran while you are there,non alcholic drink that goes well with nearly everything.
Turks also have their own alcholic drink which derived from greek uzo,Rakı.Goes well with fish.
If you have a lot of time,just take the ferry-no tour or anything,just to commute- and you can see dolphins.Was really suprised when I saw one.
One thing I didn't like in Istanbul however was that you didn't see the relative calmness and friendliness from the people there as opposed to most other cities.It's like any other big world ''capitals'' in that regard,everyone is in a rush.
So if you are in for the culture and all that jazz,I suggest make a thread again after you visit istanbul to find yourself a small town.Turks are extremely hospitable,especially villagers where they'll treat you like family and show you lotsa cool stuff.
For some reason this applies to other turkic nations,small towns in othermediterrean countries ie greece and italy, some minor asian countries and rural china too,it's one of the best experiences for me.
It's a newly build city specifically made to be the capital for political reasons.

It's like Washington DC. New York is far more culturally important but due to historic reasons the US made a city from the ground up to be the capital and named it Washington DC.

Ankara is the "washington DC" of Turkey while Istanbul is the New York.

Does anyone have experience with Priceline showing that you booked a ticket of one class, but the airline booking showing a ticket of a lower class?

I.E. Priceline says I've got Economy *class* with a checked bag, but when I check the booking with the airline, my ticket is Economy *limited* with no checked bag, and other further restrictions?

Wasted the last three hours on customer service with this and been hung up on once.

Rank em and your reason
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There are other reasons to go to Singapore anon, maybe you should have picked up on that.
KL is probably as dangerous as most European cities, if not more so. Just don’t act like an idiot and you’ll be fine.
colleagues from my job have been stabbed in KL. europe has been catching up, or has caught up, but KL is far from 'safe'

as a tourist it's not a big deal, but if you live there every day, the 'don't act like an idiot' rule isn't going to stop you from being murdered by bangaladeshis or malays: particularly if you're east asian. the malays more or less have license to openly kill chinese. if they think you're chinese, you're a target

OP here. Laos is just lacking in infrastructure / nightlife. Small country, lots of beautiful hills/mountains/lakes but not a whole lot going on, even in the capital Vientiane. Cambodia has both more to see and do and is going to appeal to both the sightseeing tourist and those looking for a party. Cambodia i could live in as an expat, Laos i would rather live in my home country.
More dangerous than Bangkok, less dangerous than Manila.

Im going to Singapore tomorrow, what is the bestest transportation to travel around the city? How much does it cost to rent a bicycle for 1 day? I want to explore everything about Singapore, any suggestions?
Just use MRT.

Going to apply for Erasmus in Porto. What am I in for? Porto thread, please!
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Haven't been long enough in Porto to know how life is like there but you'll soon find out anyways. What I do recommend is that you start to learn the language RIGHT NOW as that will dramatically improve your experience. If you already speak another romance language Portuguese shouldn't be that hard anyways.

You are in for a lot of paperwork so save everything you get and keep your uni back home posted if you change the subjects on your Learning Agreement.

Try to mix with locals as much as possible, sharing a flat with natives is a good bet form meeting people and finding cool spots.

Portugal has a lot to offer and bus routes are cheap, so take advantage and visit the country. Galicia is close and also well worth a visit.

Have fun anon, Erasmus is a great experience. I hope you asked for the whole year because you'll be crying like a bitch if you have to go back home after one semester.
only one semester, i have to finish my year when I get home so I kept it realistic. Man thank you, i was told the language thing by a friend who was recently in Porto. I will start learning as soon as I confirm I'm going. Will defo visit the countryside! Thanks for your quality reply
bump because I'm traveling to Porto in a month, 4 days. Cool things do check out/do?
City is crap outside the riverfront restaurants. Gypsies everywhere. And Portuguese people tailgate when driving... A LOT!
File: anime question.jpg (25 KB, 433x380)
25 KB
I'm planning a week-long trip to Portugal.
Thinking of starting with Faros/Lagos then moving my way up to Porto where I will fly back home.
How much time would I need to see the cool shit in Lisbon and Porto? What are the must-see sights in Portugal?
How are your bike rental services? I really want to ride along the coastline in Lagos and Lisbon.

File deleted.
>having a layover in a Foreign country
>that little thought of "whoa I am actually in X albeit for a few hours"

What are some small, seemingly innocuous situations you really like about travel/?
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>am a teetotaler
>every country I go to people don't understand that I don't drink alcohol

I've just never had the desire to drink it. While in Russia I ordered "raspberry lemonade" and it was extremely tart and I kept complaining about how bitter it was and m friend asked to taste it and he told me it was like straight vodka lol. I just thought it was the raspberries/lemons making it so bitter.
I love drinking water directly out of little streams and rivers but I got poisoned once in Montana because I drank out of a brook filled with insecticide and spent the flight back home vomiting blood into the plane toilet.
>Flying back home after staying abroad.
>Window seat during takeoff, watch the fields and mountains shrink down below.
>Immediate bittersweet ache of having to go back to your normal routine.
Snorting a line of ket off your hookers dick

Any unrest I should be weary of aside from Ukraine?

Any *MUST SEE* places along the way?
Must see Slovenia, Croatian Beaches, Krakow, Budapest, Belgrade, Prague... Must I go on. What do you wish to see ? What things doy ou like, nature, history, fucked up communist era buildings ??
russia, belarus, ukraine, moldova, romania, bulgaria, macedonia, montenegro, serbia, armenia, and georgia are worth visiting. skip the rest.
nah krakow is fucked and overrated. poland is generally ugly.
Mir castle in belarus is worth trip. Lviv is nice city to have a drink and of course wine region of miskolc in budapest is must see if you like alcohol. there are quite big castles near tokaj so its also worth a visit
File: DSC_8453.jpg (4.21 MB, 4500x3000)
4.21 MB
4.21 MB JPG

Never seen a castle before so I'll try to put them in my path. Thx for heads up about those. Is there ANYWHERE in Poland worth the bus ticket and passport stamp?

File: Trv BCN-DUB (1).jpg (673 KB, 1246x1370)
673 KB
673 KB JPG
I'm heading to an Europe trip.

Three destinations: Lisbon, Barcelona and Dublin. With my girlfriend. We are from Brazil. Time is not a problem, since we have one week for each city.

I'm going to experience St. Patrick's Day's parade and its street parties. And we will think about blowing money to watch Champions League's game Barcelona x Lyon at Camp Nou at Lyon's seats.

I need /trv's/ suggestions of more things to do in this places. Anything specific that you know can add value to our trip. Preferely non-touristy tips, like nice places, foods, nightlife, cultural stuff, curious tours, and any other hidden gems, because i'm already watching "to do lists" on lots of youtube's travel channels. So the principal touristy walks we already know, like Sagrada Senpaiília and Guinness Brewery tour.

Already prepared for cold temperatures, and took notes about cheap public transports. Any other thing to worry about?
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>>Watching the sun set over the city in the old civil war bunkers del Carmel. Probably the best view over Barcelona. This would be a must for me aswell.
>>Browsing the vintage and record shops in carrer Tallers
>>Just strolling around aimlessy around the old quarter (El Raval and El Born). Check out the other cathedral of the city and the Santa Maria del Mar church.
double wew, the old quarter is literally one big tourist trap
>>Buy some weed from one of our legal "coffee shops"
illegal if you're not a resident, plus you need to know someone who is a member to get in in the first place. The ones who let everyone in are shady af and may get raided
>>Eat out at La Lluna, delicious, traditional food with a modern spin. It's cheap as shit and literally one street from Plaça Catalunya.
anything that's one street from Plaça Catalunya is bound to be a tourist trap. For traditional food in a high-class restaurant I'd recommend La Camarga or L'Oliana. jfc there's more to Barcelona than the shitty old town you doublenigger
>>Check out La Boqueria market
ffs OP was asking for NON-TOURISTY stuff, this is like the most touristy thing ever
>>Go INSIDE of the Sagrada Familia. Prebook your ticket online unless you want to stand in a queue for hours under the Spanish sun
touristy as fucking FUCK but I must admit it's kinda worth it.
Here's some actual non-touristy stuff and hidden gems:
>instead of walking through the shitty old quarter, take a walk through the Eixample (the grid part of the city), and appreciate the industrial-age utilitarian modernist architecture there, just branch off from Passeig de Gràcia or from Sagrada Familia area
>for cultural stuff, maybe go see a concert at Palau de La Musica, the unique interior alone makes it worth it
>if it's warm and you have a day to spare, take a day trip to Sitges, about 45 minutes by train, beautiful little seaside town with nice beaches, then eat a paella by the seaside (check google to avoid tourist traps, but the places close to the church are usually good)
>touristy as fuck also but Montserrat is rather worth it, it's very frequented by locals as well so there's that
>if you want some relax, go take a walk on Carretera de les Aigües, a trail that's halfway up the hills (take FGC trains S1 or S2 to Peu del Funicular, then take the funicular to the middle station, important that you press the button for it to stop). It borders the collserola hills and it's perfectly level (it follows a former water distribution system), you get amazing views of the city while walking comfily through a bit of nature, this is one of the best "hidden gems" in the city (because there are just not that many hidden gems tbqh)
If you have a week in Dublin make sure to have a few day trips out of it as 7 days is too much. I know you said you want non touristy places but Kilmainham Jail and Glendalough are must sees.

For “less” touristy things, go to Malahide for a day it’s 20 mins from Dublin and a nice sea side town, better than the more touristy Howth imo (although the cliff walk inn howth is very nice). If the weather permits get a few drinks and a take away pizza from dublin pizza company and go to a canal to enjoy them. To be honest, the only good thing to do in Dublin is drink, and if you do go to Baggot Street or Camden street.

T. From Dublin

Go to LX factory in Lisbon, was one of my favorite spots there
Dublin is an absolute dump, that is all.

t. from Dublin
i liked dublin. st.patricks cathedral was nice inside and going to trinity college was also pretty good trip. some arab tried to steal my backpack near this golden/bronze monument of lady withtrolley and baskets and it was only drawback of my dublin visit. Dublin is definitely better than Belfast or London.

What are the most beautiful and scenic trails to hike in New England?

Can I get in trouble with wildlife? Are the chances of being mauled by a bear exaggerated? Should I avoid any particular seasons?
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in no order:

presidential run
Katahdin Baxter State Park
Connors Nuble Acaida NP
Precipice Acadia NP
Anything at Underhill state park VT.
>Connor's Nubble
W-why? There's not even a trail up it
anything good in CT?
>Are the chances of being mauled by a bear exaggerated?


This happened very near to where I live, which is pretty much 1 mile from a decent sized town. So yeah, be prepared for wildlife. But be more scared of Moose. So avoid their mating season (sep-oct).
i actually almost responded to that.

i went to UHA so i know a few good spotsL
its really short but enders fall in the summer is wonderful for swimming. telecott mountian is really nice. Wadsworth Falls State Park is cool in winter and summer. there is also a nice little area called calebs peak which i think attaches to the AT.

A friend of mine is heading home to Sevastopol for the last time before she stays in Canada for permanent residency, and I would like to accompany her. Have any non-Ukrainians/Russians travelled here in the last 5 years. I’m worried that if I put it on my itinerary that they won’t grant me the russian visa.

Also I’m assuming there are no passport checks for when I fly domestic in Russia? I don’t Ukraine to find out and ban me.

File: foto_no_exif (35).jpg (3.47 MB, 4608x3456)
3.47 MB
3.47 MB JPG
post photos from your journeys
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File: 20171019_173056.jpg (3.48 MB, 4032x3024)
3.48 MB
3.48 MB JPG
Taken at the highest peak of germany
File: rimshot.jpg (69 KB, 525x394)
69 KB
You seem upset.

Nice picture of a car somewhere, though.

Des that distortion not drive you insane when trying to enjoy your pics?

To each his own, like what I do not like, etc.
Rubber chicken guy makes this photo.

File: 1548253752801.jpg (647 KB, 1108x1478)
647 KB
647 KB JPG
Continuing from >>1499308
Taipei is great. Ate a shit load tonight for cheap at this market. A lot of stuff equates to 50c AUD a piece.
Let's keep the discussion going.
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Yes it’s Jiufen. I ate and drank there. It was pretty boring during the day and not worth a visit, maybe it’s better at night.
Do tell.
Yeah, I was there a fortnight ago and hated it. Fuckin pissing it down and you really couldn't walk. So many, probably thousands of tourists stopping in front of you to take a photo.
My waterproof jacket was only so good before leaving absolutely saturated
>go somewhere in rainy season and upset that it rains
the state...
Fuck off hahaha it'd rained twice so far in the 3 weeks I was there. And it's the people that pissed me off. I was being pushed into puddles of water by this woman behind me.

File: Best-Worst Toilets.jpg (8 KB, 400x400)
8 KB
Okay what's your best and worst experiences in using a toilets aboard.

UK and Japanese

Netherlands and India
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File: 1537051807599s.jpg (2 KB, 125x122)
2 KB
>Worst: India
that's german style, they like to inspect the poop before flushing.

german autism knows no bounds
i live germany and have literally never seen a hole in the ground used as a toilet
Best—spain and Thailand
Worst—uk and us

Referring to private toilets here
File: 1461684620487.jpg (141 KB, 480x640)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
best- Cathay Pacific First Class Lounge in HKG, had a private suite with a shower, tub and couch. If I could've brought in drinks from the lounge into the suite I would've stayed for 3 hours.
worst- The 24 hour Tazara Train in Tanzania, the bathroom consisted of just a hole in the train. Luckily I have enough control of my stomach I rarely am unable to hold in a shit a day or two if needed.

File: unnamed.jpg (57 KB, 900x900)
57 KB
Is 1200e salary enough for living in Bratislava? I've got job offer and thinking about moving there
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Is cost of living cheaper in Slovakia?
Do you know anyone there?
Slovakia looks like a poorer but friendlier Austria haha, everything I've seen from the country makes it look really "comfy".

Anyway, another free bump for you because this is a more interesting thread than 90% of what this board sees on a daily basis, hopefully you get some help from someone from Slovakia anon.
Bratislava is like backup vienna. Housing prices exploded in the last few years and any local "ok salary" preety much got priced out of the city. People from Vienna with a Vienna salary went there in masses and guess what with 1.2k€ salary you're good in terms of food and stuff but on the housing market you belong to the rock bottom lower class.
I was going to say when I went there, it was a good exchange on the dollar for food and all even though it was in euros, but the housing I now see is crazy expensive in contrast.
Basically this, if you want to live near Bratislava, Id suggest some southern hungarian-bordering village. Housing in the inner city, or even in one of the neighbourhoods rivals in price that of Vienna, like the other anon said.
One thing to keep in mind however, is travel. Bratislava is known for daily and lasting traffic jams, never-ending street repairs and restrictions.
€1200 may well be an above-average salary for the rest of SK, hell, a rich man in the eastern part, but in the capital, about the median, or lower.
Thanks for reply. Well, I've been couple of times in Slovakia but I was only hiking on the mountains so I slept in the tent and mostly eat burgers from fire pit. As I sam prices in shops are pretty similar to Polish but yeah it was village side so no Idea how it works is capital. I've made some research and I have a chance with my experience to go up with starting salary of 1600-1800e so Im gonna negotiate. I've got an offer from DELL so its in the city center. No way I will live out of the city. Also it have my interest cause its backup Vienna as you said. A lot of nice things and similar yet different culture close to each other. I have some friends in hungary and croatia and I love their vibe

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