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File: China.jpg (43 KB, 726x422)
43 KB
Can we have a China thread?

There are a couple of threads about China right now but one is e celebs and shitposting and the other is about Mandarin.

Sort of a general thread. Feel free to discuss China TRAVEL in this thread.

>From here on is my personal questions
I have always wanted to go to china. I know it has a lot of negative aspects. Feel free to discuss those if you have actually had first hand experience. Negatives aside, I still want to go.

Who here usd actually been to China? Where did you go? How was it?

I am trying to plan a trip. 2 weeks minimum, 1 month max. I want to see the standard stuff of course. Beijing, Great wall, Xian, Teracotta warriors, and Shanghai.

I also want to go to Yangshuo/Guilin and try and stay in one of the minority villages in the Longji rice terraces. Anybody have advice or experience?

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Sorry. I meant the taxi drivers attitude, not yours. If the taxi drivers that have a monetary incentive to help you won’t stop i wonder what ambulances would do.

I use didi when im here. It works well and i never had to talk to any drivers or pay the foreigner price. Plus most of them have seatbelts.
I'll spend summer in China, working.

What's the best way to screw as many chinese girls as possible.

173 cm so not tall, but reasonably handsome and muscular.
I've never had this issue with taxis. I've been overcharged, but i generally accept it as its still cheap to me. Mostly they use the meter though.

Taxi drivers in general are very friendly, but being rural folk i just cant understand their accents at all. My chinese friends told me my shitty chinese is actually clearer than those drivers.

when i stayed in some cities a while, i made some taxi contacts though, i could call them up for private trips, they'd charge a bit more but they'd take me out to those sites out of the cities, so i didnt need to do a lengthy bus ride with a tour group. So it's worth making friends with them. I've generally found them to be honest to their word, not changing the price at the end of the trip.

I mean by their standards they're probably getting a lot of money, but for me £20 for a 2 hour drive is cheap as hell. I'd pay £100 in the uk for the same.

It’s called Didi. Never had an issue with the app
File: IMG_20170720_211407.jpg (2.33 MB, 2448x3264)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB JPG
Yangshuo is fucking incredible OP. I recommend staying at Sudder Street Guesthouse. my ex and I had a view over the back of the guesthouse. Best view from a hotel room in my life.

Go to more obscure places and the local people will see you as some kind of deity. Use offline Google Translate and simple hand gestures to communicate and you will be fine.

The disadvantage is that the government will want to know where you are staying all the time, so your plans will be slightly rigid.

Beautiful country though, there's a lot to learn. Go to shrines to see how they fear their gods, it is well worth it.

If in Beijing, I recommend hitting local markets to get unique stuff like jade rings etc, and of course, the Great Wall.

Also, you will never be attacked or mugged, but you WILL be scammed.not enough to ruin your trip, just enough to rip you of a few more dollars/yen than you wish.

Pic related: bar sprawl in Dongguan city centre

File: logo-uniroma3.jpg (205 KB, 937x516)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
Hey guys! Anyone from Rome here?

I'm going to study in Rome for half a year and I'm looking for a room to rent (preferably with Italians).

Anyone knows where I can find nice, cheap room?

File: 175092-004-404E37D6.jpg (20 KB, 422x350)
20 KB
Has anyone ever been to this place?

What were your experiences with Moldova?
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Emil Racoviță cave from Briceni, has about 20 lakes inside of it.

Surprizelor cave from Criuleni, it's said to have about 1700 meters but no official exploring has been done so it's largely an unknown site

Răposaților cave from Soroca and Duruitoarea Veche cave from Râșcani

Haven't really been there so no clue how's it like
Have you not been to any of these or only the last one? I am the OP of the Romania/Moldova thread with a trip (just the flight) booked for August. At this point we are looking at spending most of the time in Romania but I am keen to learn some worthwhile things in Moldova. What does it have that Romania doesn't? I've read that few people speak English. What about German and French? None of us speak Russian or Romanian.

Nothing. The only bizarre novelty you might want to take a look at is Transnistria.

Moldova is a peasant's haven really, slow, boring and tranquil. Few people truly understand the feeling. For touristy stuff just stick to Romania unless you're into agro turism.
Well I guess we'll probably just go for a night or two in order to step foot in Transnistra and do some caving. Ever done a vineyard tour? I am into wine and it would be cool to do a tasting and maybe learn some things about the history if there are places where someone speaks a language I speak.
File: Cricova_517148.jpg (169 KB, 514x343)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
Purcari, Milestii Mici, Cricova, Chateu Vartley, Castel Mimi, Kvint, Divin, all of these are wine making companies which account for Moldova being #20th biggest wine maker worldwide and all of them host guided tours in a number of languages of your choice. Although Kvint and Divin are brandies they host tours of their companies as well.

Cricova in particular has huge underground tunnels where they store the wine. Some of them are so wide and long you can only make it by car inside of them. Also Cricova hosts the wines of famous leaders like Putin, Merkel, John Kerry where they are kept for aging and they belong exclusively to them.

You said you wanted german legacy so i'm assuming you're german, . Take a look at this if it interests you

Basically there was a big number of germans who settled in what is now Moldova during the 19th-20th century.

I for one know for certain of a village called Marienfield which used to be a german village because the village of my grandmothers is close to it so i dunno maybe check that out.

Also worth checking out is Manuc's Palace. Historical building recently renovated with lots of history and mystery behind it's owner. The wiki has more photos you can check out. I visited it a long time ago and there's a guaranteed tour in russian, moldovan or english.


File: file.png (166 KB, 613x391)
166 KB
166 KB PNG
After doing a catamaran 2 day tour of the Whitsunday Islands, I'm tripping from Arlie Beach to Cape Tribulation in a car.
What place should I absolutely not miss?
atherton tablelands. take the skyway or w/e it's called cable car up the range and take the steam train down.

>times /trv/ lied to you

I’ve seen multiple times that /trv/ thinks the people of Hong Kong are cold, and disconnected. I personally have found them to be some of the most outgoing and kind people I’ve met out of 15 or so Asian countries I’ve been to, much better than any European nation.
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That Asian women love white men. They still hate me and have nothing to do with me unless I’m paying.
that i would die the second i stepped foot in brazil

that i would be a victim of an acid attack in london
You can thank the /pol/ invasion that never ends for those shit nuggets of wisdom.
>/trv/ thinks the people of Hong Kong are cold, and disconnected
You could probably say that about any big city and be right some of the time.
Plenty of honkies are perfectly normal and nice.
>Plenty of honkies are perfectly normal and nice.
Oh yeah, if you were raised to be polite, honkies will appreciate it. Which works fine for amerifats too if they're the "Sir/Maam" types of folks. Honkies really appreciate 'civilised manners'.

I was planning to go to hong kong sometime this year but think I should make other plans. Is anyone in hong kong now or have a trip planned soon?
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Plenty of cockroaches in Hong Kong at night once foot traffic dies down.

Sometimes when you walk, you slide a bit on the ground, even though the ground isn't wet.
Then, you realize you stepped on a cockroach, or the remains of a cockroach.

Haven't seen any of them in buildings.
I stayed in mirador mansions which is the same thing but the next building over. It waster any hostel I’ve stayed in in Asia. It was about us$8 per night. No roaches or anything except some guy took my bunk and refused to give it back I had to move from the 3rd floor to the 15th.
File: 00.gif (3.53 MB, 363x323)
3.53 MB
3.53 MB GIF
are the protests not a nuisance? is it fine to visit right now?
I’m about to go for an artist residency program and I want to take pictures of the locals and areas for my paintings. How do they treat African americans in Hong Kong? And have the riots died down just like other anon asked? I also want to do some MMA training there.
File: 1546281838666.jpg (82 KB, 1125x1114)
82 KB
Black as well and was there in March. You're fine g.

File: 1555955538135.jpg (1.23 MB, 1065x1589)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
I'm headed to Zurich for 2 months and although I've gone to Switzerland every summer this is the first time for work purposes. What's your tips/experience with Zurich, and/or nightlife?
pic unrelated
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bump 4 u :^)
i will be in zurich later this summer. any good ideas to interact with local swiss aged 20-30? my favorite part of traveling is meeting people in fun activities
yeah, go swimming in the river. >>1608380

File: eurail map.png (401 KB, 764x659)
401 KB
401 KB PNG
Will be hanging around western europe for about 2 weeks. Here's a rough itinerary
>Plane from US to Copenhagen
>may spend 2-3 days there (for a wedding), then will commute to other countries via Eurail (see pic)
>>Berlin, London, Paris, then Italy (maybe 1 more)
>Thinking 1 day per major city is enough, 2 for Paris, and any time left for Italy before I transfer trains
>Italy to Home (with a 10hr layover in Sweden)

What i need advice with is if I need to get a hotel/lodging per country or if it's easy/affordable to grab a shower and rest for a few hours
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
noted. but that means i have to take out either Germany or London. which has the best food and sights?
London > Berlin
But there are better places in Germany to go than London, since you're heading south anyway you could go to Munich
What a terrible itinerary in general.
A) if you don't have the money to hop on a plane every day, you're gonna be in busses all day
B) Copenhagen is boring and expensive
C) you want to traverse the Western part of a continent (which is possible) and see the famous sights (which is technically possible) but you won't have a good time.

Couple ideas:
Italian trip
>3 days in Copenhagen, fly to milan, train to Tuscany, train to Rome.

Drinking and drugs tour
>1 day Copenhagen, Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, fly to Rome

"The normie American tourist"
>Fly to London, Paris, Rome
Or: rent a car and take a road trip through the Alps.

Do not cram months worth of travel in 2 weeks.
Based actually-giving-solutions poster

File: image.jpg (1.5 MB, 2008x2673)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB JPG
Where to go if I want to avoid teenage fags vomiting? Are there any islands left that are not overrun by instagram tourism?
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So it's not goat then
It gets crowded mid july to 20 august but even that is bearable because the hippies stay in one place. Just ho there anon spend 5 days looking at the waterfalls and the wild goats climbing the rocks. Hippies are easy to fuck too and fun people but they get tiresome with their vegan shit and world peace.

Taverns are really cheap too.
Heading to Athens with a m8 in the last week of August to get my history kick, any anons recommend any hidden gems to see?
Stay in Athens for a day and then head to Olympia or some island with decent ruins and calmness like delos or milos.
>ywn go to Syria
I hope Assad wins soon.

File: 1544493870764.jpg (79 KB, 720x960)
79 KB
How do you meet people if you're not staying in a hostel? Do you have any good stories?
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Met a guy who went into great detail about a robot cow that granted wishes. He said "They all came true" and "The Google brothers are robots". So yeah you get to meet some interesting people.
Assuming you're somehwhat attractive and not a male slampig, booting up tinder and making your bio something along the lines of "will buy you coffee for local food recommendations" has yielded some fantastic results.

Don't listen to music while traveling unless you're sitting in a train chair, use basic regular interaction techniques with people essentially
>on train
>go stretch by window
>chick is also doing the same
>say hello and ask how her trips going, where she's headed, etc.
>grab dinner then pork her back at her hostel and cum in someones luggage
pretty simple
That escalated quickly.

OP i’ve met an expat through CL’s ads, just the regular meet ups nothing sexual implied, and honest to god plans were to just hang out for a drink and I ended up fucking her in her tiny apt the next day.
does this work for farm animals? asking for a friend
Join solo travel groups on Facebook. I'm part of 3:

>solo travel group
>travel meetup group
>a group for the place i'm going to next

File: file.png (168 KB, 391x588)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
Luggage thread
What luggage do you bring? What do you pack?
Looking for recommendations for a good daypack
45 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
So I like to travel light and have this laptop bag from Brenthaven "Collins Horizontal Messenger Bag" (pic related) that can easily carry my 15" laptop, travel toothpaste and toothbrush, and a couple other relevant travel things. But I can only fit maybe one change of clothes (T shirt+underwear+socks) in it on top of those things, so it's really only good for an overnight trip. So if I want to go somewhere for a week I need to put it inside of a slightly larger bag, which is rather silly...

Anyone have a recommendation for a similar-sized laptop bag that just has an extra compartment so I could fit maybe five sets of shirt+underwear+socks and maybe an extra pair of pants or shorts?
Nice, looks expensive and pretty nice for a fagbag
Yeah it was probably $90 or something, but it's easily the best laptop bag I've ever had for regular use.

If I can't find a comparable one that has an extra section for clothes, maybe I'll learn to sew and just add my own.
Sea To Summit started that trend roughly a decade ago. Their packs are quite a bit more expensive than the competition, though. Their nano daypack weighs 30g(1oz.)!! for 18 litres. I've had their reglar packable daypack for something like 8 years now, used travelling, a couple of multiday backpacking trips, even grocery shopping a few times and as my go-to bag for dayhiking for the past 3-4 years. It has not yet lost structural integrity.
cheap chinese (decathlon) shit has been with me for over a decade. i want to throw both my trolley and 40l backpack away, cause the design looks crap, but the compartments are well-distributed, and they are waterproof enough... like they had been dipped into everything from thai seas to plum rain, thick eastern euro mud, and they are still fine. someone make them break down, i want to buy something that looks nice.

(why use aerosols?)
i-i went in an out of many asian countries including japan with a nail clipper that a file. i think the trick is that i got it at a japanese duty free shop as ~service~, they probably gave me just the right size, not too small, so it's usable, but not big enough for security to make me throw it away.

File: serveimage.jpg (161 KB, 1200x800)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
/trv/, I spontaneously booked myself on a 1-week trip to Mumbai.
What am I in for?
Any side-trips within easy reach I should consider?

inb4 poo in loo etc
The whole point of India (most third world in general) is to get out of the cities asap.
so what's there to do and see around mumbai?

Shitting streets

File: 1m8ksv6zk8331.jpg (2.02 MB, 4032x3024)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB JPG
Your thread for:
>typhoon parties
>more rain
>night markets
>bad oil
>computer parts
>where to go

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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How have people found finding places to live for 3 months in the past? In Chiang Mai I just turned up with a booking at a hostel for 2 days and was fairly confident I could find a place for $175/PM or under, and that was fine.

Are cities in Taiwan similar?
Property owners in Taiwan would be considered batshit insane anywhere else in the world. The island has had an enormous property bubble for a couple of decades now, which only recently started to dip, and taxes are almost zero. So, property owners don't care about renting out apartments because they buy them for price-appreciation speculation. Property owners especially don't like renting out for short-term periods (i.e., under one year) or to foreigners much less to both. Tenants damage property and can be a pain to deal with, and that's even worse with short-termers because they have expectations about habitability and don't care if they trash the place.

You're basically stuck with AirBNB or places that rent "furnished apartments" to business travelers, and you can expect the prices to be at least double what rents would normally be.

The good news is that property values are down about 15% over the last 3-4 years and there's a general awakening to the fact that there's really no reason to build apartments for a shrinking population when salaries have been static for 20 years and the mainlanders aren't moving here en masse (why would they buy waaaay overpriced concrete boxes in Taiwan when they can live in Hongcouver?). So, eventually, all these stupid assholes will go bankrupt.
where the best neighbourhood to stay in taipei for food and nightlife?
How much will a cheap hotel (not hostel) cost per night? Looking to stay in Keelung if it matters
Thoughts on the Taipei fun pass? Worth getting? I'll be there for 3 days.

File: sanfran.jpg (240 KB, 1200x800)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
Will be interning in San Francisco over the summer. I know many of you probably consider the place hell on earth, but what should I do to make the most of it?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Oh, and for dance clubs I think the SOMA neighborhood (South of Market) is arguably your best bet, or used to be; I don't dance except under duress but have experienced interesting nights at DNA Lounge, which is closing in the fall, so go soon. Other interesting venues are the Rickshaw Stop, kind of in Hayes Valley, where I've seen both bands and DJs, and the Make-Out Room in the Mission.
why did you leave? did you leave the US?
Tons of great arcades, both pinball and otherwise. Barcades and non-barcades.
Free Gold Watch in SF has a ton of pinball and a few video arcade machines.
Pacific Pinball Museum has a ton of pinball machines from all eras. (playable, of course)

I haven't been to every bar arcade in SF, but I enjoyed Coin Op Sf. They serve food there. And Outer Orbit is a bar/arcade/restaurant that has 9 pins or so.

But enough about pinball! What else is there?
Some nice hikes. Lots of good food. Mexican and Japanese better than most other parts of the world. Probably that's true of a lot of other cuisines as well. Great restaurants at pretty much every price range, I think.

I went to Alcatraz and did not care for it. But some people like it. If you like art, there are some nice galleries. There are a ton of tiki bars in SF, including one of the top ten in the world according to critiki (and another in Alameda).
If you've never been to a sushi boat restaurant, there's probably at least one in SF. That might be fun. I know there's one near the border of Berkeley and Oakland. Or there was last time I checked.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>why did you leave? did you leave the US?
Left the US. Wife had a professional opportunity in Europe, so we went for it. I was getting a little tired of SF, but not enough to drive me out. If/when we move back, we will almost without question return there (not least because we still own a condo there). If we don't go back to the City we'll go somewhere else in the Bay where we can get a few more square feet of living space.
ghiradelli factory is great, store inside is overpriced but its neat to see the chocolate vats and stirring, and the sundaes are pretty gud. Got a comfy beach nearby too, water is usually freezing

presidio district is comfy as fuck

AT&T park for a giants game. "We're" shit atm, but the park is comfy and has a great view of the bay.

pier 39 is a tourist trap, but theres some legitimately goodf seafood there and iirc theres a random dock with a bunch of harbor seals chilling in the sun

CHINATOWN. Fantastic chinese food, real chinese immigrants, there's always some kind of novelty crap shop on a street you can go into, find hats, jade statues, samurai swords, etc. Some grocery stores and bakeries, and right by I think Sacramento st, there's a large park where they play this one card game and everybody's circled around each other. the entrance gate by the stockton tunnel is pretty cool too. Found a porn display in the back of some random shop one time

Amoeba records on haight st

Golden gate park, full of bums and pot smokers, but theyll leave you alone for the most part. its like 2 miles end to end, but theres so much gorgeous nature and trees to see. Theres a bison pen at the west end

Downtown is pretty neat, but this is where you'll see bums and those street shitters.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Next week i'll be in Yantai and Zhaoyuan, anyone has been there?

Also I'm interested in adult entertainment, places, prices, ...
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I doubt you'll find anyone that's been to a little tier 3 city like that.
It's right next to Qingdao which there probably are people who've spent itme in.
I spent three days in Qingdao, so I can tell you that it has German restaurants and beer houses but not much more than that.

AQICN shows decent air quality for yantai, so there's that.
Beware of scam
Google search tell me that there're also some Taoist attractions, some islands, and also Chinese vineyard and winery.
There's a lot of Koreans in Yantai, just like in Qingdao. Don't know why there seem to be so many Koreans in Shandong in particular.
Because it's close to South Korea so they can easily go there for business and education as things are cheaper in China.

Slightly unrelated but some fringe Korean nationalists genuinely believe that the Shandong peninsula was Korean land in ancient times because they misidentify the now extinct Shandong Dongyi people with themselves.

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