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File: JPEG_20190123_210908.jpg (14 KB, 283x329)
14 KB
>tfw fell for the Europe meme
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Those are g*psies, the plague of nations.
>Muslim women
lmao I bet this burger saw gypsies wearing head scarves and thought they were hijabs
Everything I know about the world outside my basement I learned from /pol/: the post.
>travel all throughout the world growing up but never did Europe besides from Paris and Denmark
>currently on a one month euro trip
>started in Swiss, everything clean and great
>go to Germany and Austria after
>complete 180
The rudest people I've met on this trip so far have been, I assume, refugees or immigrants from the Middle East. They think they're the hottest thing since sliced bread and look like they're ready to pick a fight with you 24/7. Oh, and lel @ gypsy beggars, fucking everywhere.

Swiss was semi stupidly expensive but goddamn was it clean and proper.

File: 1555955538135.jpg (1.23 MB, 1065x1589)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
I'm headed to Zurich for 2 months and although I've gone to Switzerland every summer this is the first time for work purposes. What's your tips/experience with Zurich, and/or nightlife?
pic unrelated
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Depends on your approach and where you are. Zürich is a pretty laid back place, making friends there isn't much harder than elsewhere. But if you live in smaller cities, people keep to themselves more.
Small talk isn't really a thing here, if you talk to a stranger you're usually expected to go straight to the point and move on.
The only times when I have conversations lasting longer than 30 seconds with people I don't know is when I go to clubs.
>chick on the right
How do you look like you do meth AND be 50 pounds over weight?
Sara Jay is a divine queen

How do I overcome anxiety about going travelling? I am going away for a short trip in a few weeks and I want to just enjoy it and not worry about it. The anxiety makes me want to just stay home.

Does anyone else experience this?
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>How do I overcome anxiety about going travelling?
By knowing as much as possible about your trip and being 100% prepared for it.
True I've traveled for awhile but I'm just the same kind of person where I expect whatever could go wrong to go wrong, and I have a backup plan for everything. When I first started I would be a nervous wreck but eventually you're able to laugh
>two weeks ago in Austria
>go on walk out of town a bit before dinner time and restaurants close
>it starts to fucking downpour like a BITCH out of nowhere, 30min walk out of town
>hide under bridge to escape rain
>two dudes who speak good English come up to me and we talk for about 2 hours waiting for the rain to end
>it lightens up a bit, so I walk back fully knowing all stores are closed and the only thing I can eat are the crackers in my backpack
Was pretty funny at the time, if something like that happened when I first started traveling I would be freaking out about potentially going to bed slightly hungry.

Anyways anecdote aside, you're going on your trip for the perfect reasons, so good for you. Put yourself into situations where something may not going entirely smoothly - ordering from a restaurant where the guy speaks no English and may give you another entirely different dish. Not saying go fucking rave and do Molly but just slightly increase your comfort zone throughout the trip and try new things. Best of luck my friend
You booked the flight, so you're already committed.
I know that feeling of unspecified worry. You’ve gotten some great tips already but one thing I eould add is to make sure you are hydrated and that you eat.
Worriers will often feel quite overwhelmed on the day of arrival, but the best cure is to have three top priorities. Getting to your lodging, drinking olenty of water and getting a proper meal.
To piggyback off of this, depending on where you're traveling I would recommend getting a water bottle that has a filter on it. I drink a ton of water and it let's me literally fill up bottles in bathrooms/sinks/wherever and never have to worry about buying bottles out and about. They're pretty cheap too, few bucks on Amazon for a brita one.

Oh, and if you have a nervous stomach like me when traveling away from home, pick up a packet of the CVS chocolate stimulants. For some reason when I travel around my stomach doesn't let me poop sometimes so I get blocked up for a few days. Chew on two of those fuckers and I'm shitting everything out within half an hour and can go about my day not feeling like literal shit anymore.

File: beautifel New York.jpg (203 KB, 1024x683)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
What is a city you will never visit again? Why?
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Delhi. All the India memes come to life.
Never say never, but I can die happy even if I never visit Krakow, Beirut or Nairobi ever again. The latter is a smog infested, over populated, racist, extremely dirty city, a real contender for the title of hell on earth. The two former has mostly to do with personal experience. In Krakow, literally everything bad happened to me. I was robbed on the street, someone in the hostel stole my wallet, someone stole my Auschwitz ticket, I had my drink spiked and had a blackout, during which I may or may not have fucked a prostitute, etc. I also lived for some time in Beirut and it was just a bad experience, because reasons.
I actually went to Paris recently, and to my surprise I enjoyed it. The city is quite nice, there's a historical sight on every corner, and contrary to the memes, most people were polite and friendly. The trillion Africans selling plastic Eiffel towers can be gassed though.
Kuala Lumpur
>35 degrees with 99% humidity every day
>creepy south asian workers staring at you all of the time
>alcohol in bars/restaurants is Iceland-tier expensive
>public transport is overcrowded full of fat bhabhis
>absolutely nothing to do besides gawk at some tall buildings for a few minutes
the only redeeming quality was malay hijabi cuties

File: feelsbadman.jpg (72 KB, 800x732)
72 KB
>post travel depression

Does it ever go away?
No matter how much time passes by I always look back at when I was travelling
Research and plan your next trip. If that's too far off, then pick a useful language and start learning it. That will keep you busy until you can travel again
Maybe you're just stupid, posting frogs and all.

File: Japan - Russia.png (117 KB, 689x589)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
Has anyone done this?
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I'd guess that it was a diplomatic formality to keep the ferry active until it had been conclusively proven that there wasn't a need for it.

That, and the occasional business executive, researcher, laborer or diplomat who actually needs to go there for their job.
I'm living in SK and have thought about going to Vladivostok for a short trip but a visa is too much of a pain in the ass to get. Russia would be smart to have visa-free travel there for first worlders.
Met a swiss guy 2 days ago who did it. Took trans siberian to vladivostok and then a ferry over to japan, didn't ask specifics on which ports, but his goal was to avoid flying.
That's not Japan-Russia, though, it's an internal Japanese route to occupied territory.
That would be through Tottori.
Correct. The idea was more that Rebun-Rishiri would be worth seeing if you went up to Wakkanai, and Wakkanai and the route to (especially via the coasts) really does feel like a transitional place between Japan and Russia. Hokkaido's port towns -- and, ironically, the nationalist monument at Cape Soya -- are distinctively Japanese but all miserable in an oddly post-Soviet way. The concrete and rust help, as do the ethnic tensions. I'm sad I never made the crossing and I would like to do it if it opens again. Tottori doesn't feel the same. If considering that ferry, I think you might as well fly.

File: 136541504931.jpg (178 KB, 768x1024)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
How was your first impression?

Is it really shithole?
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File: 1512192817926.jpg (93 KB, 800x600)
93 KB
>went to korea for 2 days to renew my visa for japan
>get japanese cold day before I leave so bad that I wasnt able to really do anything while I was there
Is it worth visiting again? I feel like I only have a bad impression because I was extremely sick, I did get matches with cute girls on tinder and bumble.
uhh wait you mean she had sex with other guys before you.. god i think i'm gonna puke
Why did you laugh at that statement
You should def go back if not for the beer and fried chicken
File: dogfight.jpg (656 KB, 2048x1536)
656 KB
656 KB JPG
Who would expect a melanin-enriched rapscallious ape such as yourself to appreciate the fine gentlemanly arts

The US has a major homelessness crisis, with lots of drug addicts and mentally ill people wandering the streets in every major city in the country, is this also the case in european cities as well? Serious btw, I would like to hear perspectives on this because NYC is on a level that is becoming unbearable.
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Homeless people are a plague in every US city, but I would take them over European gypsies any day of the week.
I was wondering the same thing and found this...

>The modern deinstitutionalisation movement was made possible by the discovery of psychiatric drugs in the mid-20th century, which could manage psychotic episodes and reduced the need for patients to be confined and restrained. Another major impetus was a series of socio-political movements that campaigned for patient freedom. Lastly, there were financial imperatives, with many governments also viewing it as a way to save costs.

Basically the US closed all of its insane asylums and allowed patients the option to refuse treatment outright and left it in the hands of the mentally insane to decide whether to choke down some pills or not. Also prisons effectively replaced mental treatment centers.
Not nearly to the same extent as the US, but for some reason the area around main train station in pretty much every European city is always a pretty shit area with homeless people and addicts.
oslofag here, 80% are gypsies and the rest are junkies. junkies are alright but noone likes the gypsies who simply come here to get coin.
Every city that has non-indian darkies is like that.
Be it Gypos,Blacks,Musrats....if you have those 3 in your city...it's time to nuke it.

File: 1548837267586.png (52 KB, 596x739)
52 KB
Last night, I met an Italian girl travelling in my Scandi country. Scandinavian people are generally not very social, or spirited, or adventerous, so I was quite taken by this girl. She has spent the last 2 weeks driving all over the country, sightseeing and partying, not even planning out a route or places to sleep. She seemed wild, spirited, and crazy, like she was living enough for 10 people. She reminded me how bored I am of my life, as a 24yo student stuck at home.

I have almost never left my home country, or even city, and I wish to change that. However, I am a black man, and would like not to get unnecessarily harrassed or abused by authorities, or by the natives. Any other black anons here? What places have you been? What places do you recommend for sightseeing? For partying? For spending time alone?
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File: 1495542840703.jpg (1.25 MB, 1832x4536)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
>sorry, I'm not reading your angry word salad.
aaaww, you got no argument left and we were just getting started
>This is how the American debates, to see him in his natural habitat.
post face
I don't think you understand that we don't care.
What other time?
Is /trv always this retarded?

File: shutterstock_1013712277.jpg (2.57 MB, 1800x1200)
2.57 MB
2.57 MB JPG
Houston is the 4th biggest city (by population) in America, yet it receives very little attention compared to the three cities in front of it. Surely this oil and gas metropolis isn't as boring as it appears and has plenty of things to do and has it's own distinct culture.

Is it possible that it could ever rival Los Angeles or Chicago in terms of appeal? Or is it really that boring?
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ya read a book called walkable cities that was about this. after living in an asian city I find american cities pointless and annoying.
What Asian city did you live in? I'd like to hear about your experience there.
houston is a good example why urban sprawl is a bad thing
Amarillo is.. A really fucking weird place, it's unlike any other city I've ever visited. The food absolutely sucks, it's not really a wholesome small town either. A lot of drug use and seedy shit going on and there really isnt that super religious layer there to keep it in line. It's also VERY dark at night, the city is not well lit. Its the worst parts of a small town and a big city combined with the upsides of neither. You couldn't pay me to live there. Mexican food is alright and the Hispanic community is one of the better in Texas imo.

Lubbock is better but you get dust storms, walls of dust that coat everything. You also get that college town vibrancy though, the food is better, jazz is some really fucking good Cajun food. If I had to pick between the two I'd go with Lubbock. It's hot and theres not a lot going on but you get a lot of genuine God fearing country people there as well which is nice. Have a good Texas country song as well.

Houston is like 2-3 hours from Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Shreveport, and Lake Charles and like 6 from New Orleans if you don't mind the drive. Honestly though I never really considered how shit it was because its the best city near my shitty base in Louisiana. I'm a dirty fuck and it is the capital of sw's and deviant couples and the proximity to other high population places makes me scratch my balls with joy just thinking about it.

Besides that its Texas so you can own a real AR and mod the fuck out of your truck to roll coal on people both things i know for a fact are illegal in Cook County where im originally from and LA.

File: 8_0.jpg (209 KB, 620x410)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
The 10 sites are spread among seven municipalities, with two municipalities figuring twice: Schaerbeek (thanks to North Station) and Anderlecht, which let’s be fair, is larger than the others.
when are they gonna clean it up? i'm visitng soon. they better hurry.
Brussels has been a dirty shithole before you were born. So not anytime soon.

File: Poland.png (3 KB, 967x467)
3 KB
I am going there soon for two weeks. Krakow to be precisely.
Now a friend of mine tells me that Poland is a glooming shithole. And he has literally been everywhere in Europe. He said he can't understand why I would go there.
Anybody here who experienced the same? Is it really that bad?
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>How did other countries fall apart?

Their potassium was inferior.
was there during the whole spring/summer semester as an ERASMUS student in Wroclaw and also visited Warsaw, going there for a couple weeks again to meet with a girl i was with

Wroclaw is a very nice city imo: clean, cheap, good nightlife, safe and has everything u need nearby. Warsaw on the other hand looked like a bleak and dirty communist block with nothing to do unless visiting the historical center and getting harrassed by gypsy kids trying to make u give them money. As for krakow i heard it was closer to wroclaw than warsaw, but i think its popularity probably just makes it worse. outer city areas look pretty bleak aswell.

hooking up with shit like tinder or even going out clubbing is great (atleast that was my experience)
i had a group of friends that i would stick with and if i noticed any girls looking my way id go to them, or we'd all join a group of girls and pick it out along the way

can atest to most of what this guy said

dont get this meme when lgbt people are openly frown upon by christian groups prevantly showing anti lgbt and abortion propaganda on the city centers
Dont know about your shithole, but here LGBTerrorists are violent idiots pissing on the streets and desacrating everything that is holy (for Poles and Catholics). Their upper echelon murder people while driving on psychoactive substances or alco, and get away with it because of their status. We got rid of violent chavs that went to UK and have those psychos instead, great.

It's the Mecca for racists and gopniks. Have fun.
Have been Krakow for a week. Was pretty clean and comfy, never really felt unsafe at all. Your friend is full of shit.

this is the worst place ever.
huge scam. images do not represent reality.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>It takes all of 2 minutes to check a mattress for bed bugs
Hah, you'd think that, but you really do need to overturn everything to check,
Those stains will come out with bleach. Most hotels bleach their mattresses when they get stained, honestly surprised that this one didn't
He sounds like a faggot
I mean yeah for bedbugs all you can really do is take off sheet to look at mattesss, then flip the top head part over and look for anything that's black. Can't really look inside walls or shit for the bugs, just gotta cross your fingers you won't get infected. Unless people actually overturn other furniture and shit and become super paranoid lmao
once you get bedbugs in your life, you're gonna be checking every hotel you stay. It becomes a fear.
I've never gotten them shockingly but after a brief scare the other week I every fucking mattress now. I could go full paranoia and just leave all clothing and backpack outside my house, strip down, enter with nothing but phone and nuke everything in local laundromat.

I refuse to infect my home with those cunts

File: 178978091741.jpg (53 KB, 720x780)
53 KB
what country in the western hemisphere has the best club scene?
are they good at dancing?
File: 1563559610220.jpg (8 KB, 250x234)
8 KB
London/Berlin/Paris maybe Detroit too

File: IMG_5281.jpg (1.01 MB, 1200x1800)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
Let's start another one Hong Kong thread.
24 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Nope, acvess control have been implemented onto the airport. However, they might try to do funny things to road and rail leading to the airport. Official suggestion is that if you're departing from the Hong Kong airport then please arrive three hours earlier than your flight's scheduled departure time to prepare for unforseenable situation. Personal recommendation is that use the Airport Express rail whenever possible as it will not be obstructed by traffics on the road. And if the bridge to the airport is completely closed due to whatever event including both the road and rail service you can take the ferry from Central to Mui Wo on the Lantau Island and then change for buses to Tung Chung and then to the airport.
>Monk kok
Sorry, I think it was actually Kowloon Tong or something. I rode from Monk Kok to there.

>protestors still blocking the airport
Despite what you might have read or seen, it was actually only for a few hours on Monday and maybe a bit on Tuesday. Airports can't just reopen in a few minutes so once they gave up and shut down, staff went home and the protestors could go home too.
The Airport can't actually tell the airlines to recall all those staff and reopen, and if they tried then the protestors might all come back so it's basically over for the day.
File: IMG_20190503_164301.jpg (4.96 MB, 4000x3000)
4.96 MB
4.96 MB JPG
There is an internal job opening in HK for my company. Exactly the type of work I'm good at.

Should I go for it? Or is it too stupid to move there now?
>Or is it too stupid to move there now?
Assuming the money is good then it should be fine.
There'll be stoppages now and then, you might not be able to get to work some days, find out if you'd get paid for those days. Your company might not even be open for work during that time.

If the money is good then I'd do it for the experience.
You're not going to be targeted by either Beijing or the protestors so I wouldn't worry about that. You might want to steer clear of protest sites and stuff so that you don't get caught up in the triad attacks and stuff.

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