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This board is for the discussion of classic, or "retro" games. Retro gaming means consoles, computer games, arcade games (including pinball) and any other forms of video games on platforms launched in 1999 and earlier. With the release of the 8th generation of consoles, the Sega Dreamcast will now be considered "retro", though the remainder of the sixth generation (Xbox, PS2, GameCube) will not.

Helpful links:
Game Tech Wiki
Emulation General Wiki

File: 2dsblue-box-art.jpg (27 KB, 390x495)
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Thinking of picking one of these up for emulation / homebrew. Is it worth the $?
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Everything you said is pure autism. Stop lying. Go learn about the shit you attempt to talk about.

No. Use Android (before you reply google how to use it, replies involving fake "muh lag" are ignored) or windows devices. Ignore using one system to emulate another. Shitshow with poor results.
I’ve never gotten Iridion 2 to work. Clean rip, just freezes near the end of stage 1-1.
Is the compatibility/accuracy of VC injects overblown?
lmfao. Snes perfect. lolol.

God damn these fucking retards. Skipped frames and bad frame timings are not acceptable.
Android is worth the money. ds/vita/switch is not. If you care at all about accuracy or good emulation and as close to real hardware as possible, get android. Just learn how to avoid the delay some of these monkeys pretend they can't get rid of.
>lmfao. Snes perfect. lolol.
You’re Brazilian. Don’t even try to deny it.

File: 616Ra2jRDoL._SL1000_.jpg (54 KB, 1000x1000)
54 KB
So how do you guys hook up all your systems to one output?

What switch boxes do you guys recommend?
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I figured these fuck up the s-video because I bought mine new back in the day and the s-vid cable it came with was wired improperly
>medical PVM
>composite nes
>s video n64
>component wii
>rgb snes
>switchbox for stereo audio
And Jesus wept.
Yeah s-video
Back in the late 90s, I only knew about JP21, and the only switch was the Selecty21 boxes. When the gSCARTsw was announced, everyone was getting rid of their Selecty21 to upgrade and the 4 I had ranges from $15 to $40USD so they were not expensive when everyone decided to transition to Euro SCART for the device and its wonderful features. Later the gSCARTsw was tried in a JP21 edition, and it finally gave me a 2nd option, but now it is outdated since modern gSCARTsw (standard Euro versions) has way more features like sync regeneration and passthroughs which is why I recommend it to OP.. It is just cheaper to go Euro SCART and based on my experience with the gSCARTsw [JP21] I am sure the standard version will fit OP's needs.

I know, daisy chaining Selecty21s sounds silly, but since they are the only JP21 switch boxes and they only have a meager 3 inputs and 1 output, it is just hilarity the level of toggles on these mechanical switch boxes to get a signal through. Like those cheap component and HDMI switch boxes pictured, they are mechanical, and I thought it would be nice that they take in no external power for electronical noise. However, I have not attempted the absurdity of hooking up the Selecty21s to the gSCARTsw JP21 edition but that would be even funnier. Maybe one day. For now, it is nice for me that the Super Retro Trio does combine SNES, SFC, GB, GBC, GBA, Genesis, MD, Master System,, and NES,for a singular output wire.

File: FF1_NES.jpg (31 KB, 255x198)
31 KB
All my life I've been avoiding FF like the plague because of its cancerous fanbase, but I want to give at least one of'em games a chance. I'll definitely pick the first one but before I start lemme hear your opinions.
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The screenshot is actually Final Fantasy 2 you fruitcake.
You must be part of this cringe fanbase ive been hearing about
The game's programming is slop-tier because it was the handiwork of an infamous character in retro game history by the name of Nasir Gebelli.
The day I found out Nasir worked as a programmer for Secret of Mana explained so much
So I am correct in assuming FF3 was not localized because it would have been too expensive?

File: ex.jpg (57 KB, 500x334)
57 KB
Let's talk about the expansion pak/RAM upgrade

Did you know that it was not only required for Majora's Mask, Perfect Dark and Donkey Kong 64 but that it improved graphics for a huge list of games? Some popular improved games would be Tony Hawk 1+2+3, Gauntlet Legends, Excite Bike 64, Duke Nukem and Pokemon Stadium 2.

Was it advertised when it came out that it would improve the graphics of certain games? I just remembered it coming with my Donkey Kong 64 and since it was my first game I had it installed from day one so I never saw a difference in any games.

I'm currently trying to buy one so I can play games using my Everdrive64 but the prices seem kind of crazy to me. It's looking like the cheapest one is 40$ with shipping or I can buy Perfect Dark brand new for 60$ and it comes with the pak. The Nintendo tax on these things is insane considering how common they were. I'm pretty sure I lent mine to a friend so he could play DK64 and I never got it back so I'm paying now for being a stupid kid. I'm not seeing any chinese made versions either so I'll have to pay the big bucks.
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Please tell me you're still with that girl.
was I a richfag then without realizing it somehow? our family pc had 128mb in late 98
She got fat so I left her
>not enjoying a ticc girl
I got the jungle green N64 that came with DK64 so I had no problem running Perfect Dark or others.

File: medusa-vs-naga.jpg (58 KB, 900x568)
58 KB
"Snek waifus" edition

Previous Thread: >>5404373
HoMM3 pastebin: https://pastebin.com/6G9B1cMA
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File: 317.png (90 KB, 500x501)
90 KB
Campaigns in 2-4 were BOTH well-written and well-designed. 4 peaked in terms of both, despite being half-finished game.
Campaigns in 5-7 were neither and the horrible, horrible writing of 6 was what made that game even worse and insufferable.
>There's no need to discard the foundation just because it's old.
I don't mean that. I don't wish them to reinvent the wheel for no reason - IV did that and we all know the rest. But I don't wish them mindlessly copying the formula of III over and over again just because "it works". V did it - IMO to its detriment.

What I would like from the new development team is to take a good, long look at the 3DO/NWC games - yes, even IV, because there were good ideas there - and try to figure out what makes this franchise work. Then reboot it. Come up with some new ideas.
Maybe a higher level of customization of the town?
I for one liked the idea of alternate upgrades from V - less so the execution. What if we combine it with alternate tier units from IV? For instance Warlock could choose between gargoyles, troglodytes and assasins as a tier 1 unit with multiple upgrades. Or a Knight picking between Angels and Paladins for instance. This may have some interesting tactical implications. The Leader creation system from AoW 3 was a neat idea - with player being able to pick a race and a class of a Leader and that had huge impact on available units and town abilities. Wonder how would that work in HoMM series. There is much you can do with the formula if you think outside the box.
Yeah. It looks cheesy which is why I love it. The rogues in 2 and 3 look like generic theif characters from a game of DND

Plus the rogue in 1 just straight up shanks people
> Warlock could choose between gargoyles, troglodytes and assasins as a tier 1 unit with multiple upgrades
To do that they would have to reduce the amount of factions like they did in 4. It's just not possibly to create so many unique creatures, each one of which havijng unique abilities, with multiple upgrades, one of which also granting additional exclusive abilities to the table.
Black dragons are sexy

File: colco.jpg (12 KB, 300x176)
12 KB
Nobody asked for this.

File: patent.png (144 KB, 2908x3819)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
parts have to be older than 1997.

Software can be no larger than 256mb.

resolution cannot exceed 640 x 480.

graphics and ram cannot exceed 32 mb.

All/any storage must be on external chip.

You know how this sort of thing works, go!
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What processor architecture? I haven't studied architecture since college but we did 32 bit risc at that time
bits im guessing. What is the most optimal for a console?
>itt reddit fantasizes about having a clue

Not even close. That guy actually built something that works. This is pure fantasy.
RF out only.

>we will never see prices this low for these games ever again
what went so wrong?
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>Something is only really worth what the person selling it is willing to let it go for.
From an economic perspective you've got this backward, an object is worth (materially) only what someone is willing to pay for it. A seller can value something however they like, and it might have high emotional value to them, but in material terms it's the buyer(s) that determine the value based on scarcity and how badly they want to compete for the resource.
>You misunderstand, if you want to sell a game and it's market price is $20 then you should be willing to sell regardless of what you thought the game was worth before you checked prices.
>what went so wrong?
Old good, new bad.

Retro gaming nostalgia made it popular. People who grew up on retro now have jobs and spending money. What can't you understand?

Ecelebs and epeen points/nerd cred have also contributed to the current situation. Game companies also benefit from keeping their old IPs desirable.
The original Panzer Dragoon is included in Orta ya know
We know that. Saga is not.

That's what we were discussing...y'know?

File: DreamPi.png (26 KB, 310x320)
26 KB
ITT: everything & anything Dreamcast.

Please tell me /vr/ is supporting the DC community by hopping on the sega/net train? With the Dreamcast community growing bigger than ever, DreamcastChannel is hosting these servers live!

PSO Private Server:
>SCHTHACK currently running 5 ships with 30+ players
>Sylverant currently running 4 ships with 20+ players

AFO Private Server is undergoing server update.
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File: 1548125616110.jpg (10 KB, 250x250)
10 KB
I own a model-1. Gdemu fucked up.
lol no. play in sylverant and never look back.
He thinks it’s a Dreamcast emulator because he’s a nigger.
Get the fuck out of here. Sylverant sucks donkey dick.
Anyone here know a good, up-to-date source for emulating on the Dreamcast? Mine's been sitting around collecting dust and I'd like to try running some emulators on it.

Why do easy games upset people so badly on this board?
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>Why do you play if not for challenge?
Because it's fun to explore games mechanically and aesthetically. It's about the experience as a whole, not solely or even primarily the challenge.

If the only variable in an activity you care about is difficulty, why are you even playing games? Shouldn't you be working toward becoming a neurosurgeon?
Look up the concept of 'flow'. Most concepts for 'fun' are based on difficulty matching skill. Too easy and a task is boring, too hard and it causes anxiety or anger.
Note: i'm not saying 'hard' games are better, i'm saying the difficulty needs to match the skill of the player for it to be fun for them.
>>doing 3 heart challenge on your first playthrough
I don't do such things personally, but I could see why someone might want to if they really like the added challenge and already know that Zelda games are too easy for their liking with high numbers of hearts.
>Too easy and a task is boring
If this were true, amusement parks wouldn't make money.
An amusement park banks on people's natural hard wired anxieties and fears and makes them into entertainment by giving small doses of them in a controlled environment, they can't be compared to games really. Games can prevent boredom via other non-game aspects like nice visuals, music and story but as far as the actual games go fun is pretty much synonymous with flow.

File: dragoon2.jpg (45 KB, 342x347)
45 KB
This game is cool as fuck and I'm afraid it could be lost with time, does anyone remember this and how good it was? What was your experience with this game?

Game in Picture: The Legend of Dragoon, released December 2, 1999.
8 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I played it for some hours as a kid and thought "When do I get the cool armor on the cover?" and because I never did during those hours, I stopped playing it. I later traded it in for credit at eStarland almost a decade later. Yes, I regret that.
I remember being it being a below average game that did nothing interesting that was pushed onto the market as a cash grab during the RPG craze of the late 90s and I fell for the marketing and bought it.
What are some hidden rpg gems for the PS1? JP releases included.
It's as bland and mediocre now as it was 20 years ago. I only remember how terrible the dub was.
Just because you enjoyed eating shit when you were 12 doesn't mean the game is good, nor should you effusively declare that a game is good in the hopes of getting some poor sap to play a shitty game.
>Game in Picture: The Legend of Dragoon, released December 2, 1999.
What forum did you just crawl out of?
I remember getting near the end and being unable to progress because I couldn't afford any more items and I was using them exclusively to kill things because leveling up seemed to take forever.

I'm sure I'd be better today but I'm probably never going to find out.

Why is that people never mention Alpha 3 when talking about SF in general?
It's always about 3rd Strike or Super Turbo, hell, even Alpha 2 gets more recognition.
Do people don't like it or what?
40 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
It introduced a ton of shit, but ended up pretty broken at higher level play.
Still my favorite SF game though
then sim and rolento take over which is even more boring
the game just sucks, which is sad because it's so cool looking
I love sfa3 hopefully one day some romhackers make it perfect
Remember when devs actually put some effort into the single player content of their fighting games instead of just releasing a barebones online focused experience with an incomplete roster that doesn't even have character specific endings for arcade mode and sometimes not even an arcade mode at all? Good times.
i blame e-sports getting big and mk9 for introducing "cinematic story modes"

File: i-worms-armageddon-steam.jpg (262 KB, 1533x2161)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
Is worms armageddon considered retro?
14 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
It is. Hell of a fucking fun game, too.

Never played it, but I did dig the tilesets reused in the sequels.
It's up there with Heroes 3 and Quake for unkillable multiplayer experiences, it's always worth coming back and playing a game.
Like an E-Machine; "Never Obsolete!", except for real.

It's great that it still runs and has players.
I watched a livestream recording of a guy playing with a dozen others, and it was legit fucking exciting to see the pro plays.
They should port it to like, 3DS or something, so it's more accessible to kids today.
File: 2.jpg (125 KB, 640x400)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
We had Tank Wars for DOS on the computers at my school which looks like pretty much the same thing (and Qbasic Gorillas but why play that when there's Tank Wars)
I'm still uploading videos about it on JewTube, but I pretty much only upload matches where veterans pro-players are kicking asses with splendid technique and well thought out tricks. So yeah, it's still alive and well for sure. The other day for example there were 100 users online and that's a lot for a game like this.
/vr/ plays Worms Armageddon when

File: DDQu6ihU0AANWDo.0.jpg (175 KB, 1200x800)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
I don't frequent /vr/ but I'm curious as to the reaction when this was confirmed to be released. Were you hyped, or does Star Fox not hold anyone's attention anymore?
45 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
That sounds pretty good. I'll give that a try, thanks!
If you're emulating and using a modern controller, I think this is the best setup:
>Fire: bottom face button
>Bomb: left face button
>Cockpit View: top face button
>Call: right face button
>Boost: RT/R2/ZR
>Brake: LT/L2/ZL
>Roll Right: RB/R1/R
>Roll Left: LB/L1/L

This way it's possible to roll, boost/brake, and shoot all at the same time with fingers always on every button.
Yes, that would make sense too. I try to keep it similar to the N64 controller myself so I can easily switch between an emulator and the real thing
I hate that they removed the homing laser because I'm a shitter and I can't aim properly in the crappy 5fps 3D enviroment.
No it wasn't

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