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This board is for the discussion of classic, or "retro" games. Retro gaming means consoles, computer games, arcade games (including pinball) and any other forms of video games on platforms launched in 1999 and earlier. With the release of the 8th generation of consoles, the Sega Dreamcast will now be considered "retro", though the remainder of the sixth generation (Xbox, PS2, GameCube) will not.

Helpful links:
Game Tech Wiki
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File: Cotton_05-19-19.jpg (113 KB, 600x349)
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cotton is getting a reboot folks


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man, what I really want is Panorama Cotton with real scaling
this. cotton is pedobait trash and no one likes it for the gameplay
So, not retro.
It's a remake of the first game by an unrelated third party developer. It's SUBSTANTIALLY more cutesy, childish and easier than the original. But not a bad game, just a little dull.
Interestingly the last boss in that remake was reused as a last boss phase in Cotton 2
Personally I prefer Cotton 100% over the original Fantastic Nights Dreams, it's very good.

The gameplay in most Cotton games isn't bad at all, it's just dated by today's standards, especially FND. It's a little clunky and crowded and your hitbox is huge.

Panorama Cotton plays more like Space Harrier.

The series is literally loaded with fully-developed scantily-clad fairy women in bikinis. Cotton herself isn't the character who's sexualized.

File: s-l300.jpg (13 KB, 273x300)
13 KB
Let's talk about controllers, /vr/.

-What's your favorite retro controller (or controller designed for retro games, even if they are recent) and why?
-Would you change anything about it, and what exactly?
-What is your least favorite controller?
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Well, for one you won't have a controller with such a shitty battery life, probably. Aside from that, really depends on which genre do you usually play. You might find it more beneficial to have 6 face buttons instead of 4 or a d-pad that lets you deal with fighting games and platformers better. Saturn and SNES gamepads are more suitable for those genres, because they provide very responsive buttons and accurate d-pads.

I would rather choose those than the DS4 since for instance, I can stand harder games with them without fucking my left thumb and I can mash quicker. I also worry less about missing inputs. I can't tell you how many missing inputs I have on an xbone gamepad that I won't ever have on an SNES pad because of how a fucking silicone pad works.
File: 1384367386776.gif (1.02 MB, 474x360)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB GIF
I want to use my Wii U Pro controller but I tried using WiinUSoft, I can connect the thing as an Xinput device and it shows up in Device Manager as a 360 controller as well as a Nintendo device, but the four controller ID lights won't stop flashing and it doesn't register any input. It will vibrate if you click the ID button but nothing else works.
Anyone else have this problem? Is it because I have a shit USB adapter? Should I just fork out 18 bongbucks for the Mayflash dongle?
Honestly it -is- the SNES pad. I recently played Aria of Sorrow again with it and goddamn it's fucking perfect. You could bind X/Y to turbo A and B or just face L and R buttons.
I would go with the mayflash dongle, I found WiinUSoft to be pretty wonky.
The mayflash w009 is just-werks tier, only complaint is it has an ugly always-on red LED but you can tape over that if it bothers you.

There's also the magic-ns if that's easier to justify shelling out for.

File: 900x.jpg (230 KB, 900x599)
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230 KB JPG
Is Pilotwings 64 kino?
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File: smbmovies.jpg (232 KB, 587x574)
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232 KB JPG
Based Leguizamo
>Her Japanese name was Hooter.

Holy shit
I wish it emulated better. Admittedly I haven't tried every emulator but they all run slightly too fast in some areas. Things like timers are super sped up and you can fail miserably in some of the more simple tutorial missions.
File: duckrollsuckedtoo.jpg (48 KB, 600x899)
48 KB
Been here since 2006 also, learn to live with the it my nigga. We both know there is no there is nowhere else to go.
So was character design handled by the American side? Seem a bit off from usual Nintendo, but maybe it was just the modelling which went wonky.

Everyone talk about Evangelion 64 and Girlfriend of Steel, but what about the OTHER Eva /vr/ games? Have you played them? Thoughts?
I recently completed pic related, it's barely a game, mostly a mini-game collection and most of the content is actually videos and images, but that's cool. Probably my favorite thing about it is that it includes many 4koma strips that I think aren't anywhere online.
I'll post 2 of them next.
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File: eva_lol.gif (387 KB, 500x439)
387 KB
387 KB GIF
I see, looks better there.
File: First_layer_upgrade.jpg (1.72 MB, 2016x1512)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB JPG
I am envious. I always wanted an LD player and all the amazing clarity was so desirable to me back then but it was for the rich. I had to settle for haggling in Chinatown for bootlegs on the poverty country format.
Those are some radical as fuck VCD cases, they even look legit. So you originally watched Evangelion on the Saturn? I just settled for VHSs.
Did they include subs?
nevermind I just realized those aren't bootlegs but actual official VCDs.
I remember Gainax selling VCDs back in the day through their site.
I also remember bootleg VCDs. I watched Macross Plus on one.
File: smug.jpg (17 KB, 228x228)
17 KB
1000 en each on Yahoo Auctions Japan

File: 234523542.png (135 KB, 953x499)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
>*puts on shades*
>*crawls out of morgue*
>rifles desks
>shoots vampires
>hacks computers
>completely destroys balance of magic and technology by having boosted reflexes and wizard skills
w/ev tho. this game was great
It was so good that they translated it in Swedish.
File: index.jpg (4 KB, 300x168)
4 KB
>destroys balance
Actually not by tabletop rules. Hes got a GM that is VERY generous with karma and doesnt have anyone track him down to his hideouts. He can farm guys to level up stats as much as he wants. By the end of the game I was stronger and tougher than a troll.

The cybernetics also make him a worse mage than he would otherwise have been, but they didnt implement that in the game and they are just straight upgrades.

Hes also a pretty terrible decker, but it was the best way to put it in a game at the time.

File: large-video-game-worlds2.png (2.08 MB, 1400x1144)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB PNG
What retro game has the largest world that isn't procedurally generated a la Daggerfall?
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I'm not american, and there's a difference between nudity and fanservice.
the latter is implemented to appeal to horny nerds.
like I said though, I haven't even played the game, so I don't know which kind of nudity we're talking about
otc fanserivce is a concept invented by horny nerds that they impose on otherwise perfectly natural nudity. there aren't different "kinds" of nudity; there is simply nudity.
No it isn't you degenerate POS. Mixing violence and nudity is sick.
No, I'm German you retarded fucknugget.

File: Huge_Hermit_MSA.gif (158 KB, 266x226)
158 KB
158 KB GIF
Give me a better pixel art (impossible)
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Fuck off zoomshit
Neo Geo games are hard to top
TF4 has some really nice backgrounds
>Goddamn, that pot-roast isn't agreeing with me at all.
That's the catch 22 of hand-drawn graphics, you either go low resolution and risk looking like hipster commodore atari garbage or go full HD and risk looking like a cheap adobe flash game from 2002.

File: beamdog_sale.png (403 KB, 727x647)
403 KB
403 KB PNG
Been thinking of finally getting into classic PC RPG's.

Which of Beamdog games do I start with? Their whole catalogue is on sale right now.
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you are objectively wrong
1st - IWD has a nice story and both ironically and unironically it's better told compared to BG 1 or 2 (open world games have a tendency to loose focus)
2nd - in this day and age, hundreds of thousands of stories told since the creating of writing systems made "playing for the story" an absolute meme [with literally only a couple exceptions]. If you don't understand this, you are just not educated enough, I'm sorry.

IWD on the other hand offers actual gameplay - "find your own way of dealing with these encounters".
>What the fuck is even the point of playing a %GENRE%

I think you shouldn't be allowed to vocalize your opinion if you can't grasp
the very fundamental idea that other people might enjoy other things
>IWD on the other hand offers actual gameplay
Not him, but Baldur's Gate with SCS / Ascension is a much richer tactical experience.. Lack of modding attention for IWD is kinda sad.
Get a job
>no story
>no co op

Are you retarded or something?

File: cover.png (157 KB, 363x508)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
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Allstar's does an awful job at recreating the original art assets of the originial
>What's a warp whistle
First NES, then SNES so you can be offended by the steel drums, weird backgrounds, and weird renditions of the music, then NES with Game Genie codes
File: smb3.gif (246 KB, 618x470)
246 KB
246 KB GIF
>The only fun physics in that game are flying with the cape.
I like being able to throw shells and other objects in upward arcs.
Also I felt it's actually the fastest Mario.
Original NES, then All-Stars.
Don't listen to this autist >>5589306 although I agree that the drums aren't as good as SMB3's drums, and some changes were weird, it's still not bad of a remake and has more detail overall, worth playing but only as a 2nd play, first play the original.
>And it feels slower than other Mario titles
The SNES is a slug, dude.
Yeah, it didn't have the Blast Processor that SoA invented.
Even the Apple-II was faster!!

File: snessys01gr_p_0xp4xq.jpg (57 KB, 1390x1067)
57 KB
I started emulating SNES recently and I have to admit...the console's library really isn't that good.

Sure, it has a handful of excellent games like Super Metroid and Earthbound, but for the most part it's platformer rehashes and shit weeb rpgs rehashes.
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I'll list the exclusives. This has always been the SNES strong point

Super Mario World
Super Mario All Stars
Yoshi's Island
Megaman X 1-3
Megaman 7
Megaman and Bass
Donkey Kong Country 1-3
Kirby's Dream Land 3
Super Metroid
Disney Magical Quest 1-3
Super Castlevania 4

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
play Genesis.
Games run, sound, and look better.
That's 3rd-4th gaming in a nutshell.
Oh so you can jump
What if you could jump and shoot
What if you could jump and slash
What if instead of jump you could use a bionic arm
What if you could jump and shoot and get new weapons
What if you could jump and shoot and get new weapons and shoot at different directions
What if you could jump and slash without air control
Call of duty
File: 2293680-3[1].png (1.42 MB, 724x1000)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG
Play Magical Pop'n
Same. People would get excited if you had a different console because it'd mean coming over and playing games you never played before.
We also traded consoles for a week or so so we could play single player games as well.

File: smw.jpg (59 KB, 450x450)
59 KB
What are the best Mario World ROM hacks?
Call of Cthulhu.

File: 1553847344939.jpg (53 KB, 960x833)
53 KB
Since most who played pre-2000 systems the first time around are now at least 30, is this board mainly jobless kids afraid to torrent?
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he's right though. Most other sites require an ID and censor anything against the grain.
I'm on 4chen because the rest of the true net is dead.
The point you're missing, and what creates generations, are that an age group experiences very similar cultural touchstones which lead to social cohesion. Generational talk has devolved into advertising research now, but older people innately feel the bond of shared cultural experiences. That's what you don't have. Not a big deal.

Late gen x, early millennial here. Born '84.
It always amazed me how into retro gaming a lot of younger people are. I'm 32. It always amazes me when I talk to teenagers who have played FF7, watched Evangelion, have played a lot of the better NES games and so on. What's even more amazing is that a lot of them have played the same games at about the same age I played them at, which is remarkable, given that I played them when they were new, and they're playing them when you can't even buy them in stores anymore except specialist retailers.

It's a good thing. It means that younger generations are rejecting the overly slick, soulless CG stuff that is all about showcasing the latest graphics hardware instead of creating something genuinely fun, or at least that has real artistic value.
File: index.png (8 KB, 300x168)
8 KB
Born in 93, one of my first memories is my siblings getting a SNES for Christmas 95 and staring at Super Mario World.
I was playing Mario 3, Kirby's Adventure, Mortal Kombat, and Sonic as far back as I can remember
My first game was Kirby Super Star.

Biggest graphics jump I ever saw was going from SNES -> opening cutscene of FF8 on PS1. Next biggest jump was CoD 2 in 2005.

First system was Dreamcast w/ Sonic Adventure. I was legitimately mad at Sega when I saw SA2B coming out on Gamecube

My uncle gave us all his Atari 7800 and a shitton of 2600/7800 games back in 1998. It was well before my time, but I got good at some of the games (Keystone Kapers, Frogs N Flies 2P, Air Sea Battle, Superman, etc etc). I don't think I'll ever beat E.T. I don't have the patience

It's funny. I was always looking for people to play old games with and no one gave a shit so I had to go to fringes on the internet like Assemblergames. Now that I've mostly grown out of it and don't have time to play games anymore, everyone and their grandma is playing retro games.
> an age group experiences very similar cultural touchstones which lead to social cohesion
Exactly, if there's any real blurring, it happens where you have someone grow up in a rural area and/or spend more time with older friends than younger friends.
I watched "Get Smart," "Dragnet," and "The Rockford Files" as a kid with my parents, but that didn't make me a boomer. And sure enough, just looking at that chart I can instantly tell where I "belong" because I recognize every single one of the images (even if it was something I didn't personally watch or own). (Late Gen X, born '79)
>Late gen x, early millennial here. Born '84.
'84 is pretty solidly early millennial, although it is in that very small sliver that might remember a time in their childhood before the internet and social media, unlike the rest of the Millennials. Early Millennials often identify with Gen X more than the N64/Pokemon generation.

>rental Charmander gets Fireblast
>rental Charizard gets Fire Punch
Also, is it possible to beat both difficulties with rentals only?
23 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Mew, Golem, Wobbuffet, Machamp, Slowbro, and Dragonair can do it.
>have Mew spam Psychic against anything and everything that doesn't resist it or carry dark attacks
>Machamp to deal with shit like dark types and Tyrannitar
>Slowbro and Golem are Pokemon that a LOT of computer Pokemon just don't have answers for. They tend to carry attacks that beat types you'd expect to use against them. Water types, for example, have anti-grass moves, but don't really have anything that hits Slowbro very hard and don't resist psychic
>Wobbuffet to cheese shit like Starmie that you have no other answer for
>Dragonair is mainly just there for Thunder Wave and Fire Blast to deal with that fucking setup Scizor. Can also spam outrage and win the damage war against a lot of things. Also it's female, so it shits on the fucking Stun Spore + Attract + King's Rock Jumpluff
File: 1540073994658.jpg (98 KB, 1080x1350)
98 KB
I should have clarified when it first came out. I didnt know many game stores at the time so I went to gamestop, EBgames, and Toys R Us and they were already sold out. My copy of Gold died in like a year so I didnt bother looking too hard afterwards.
File: CarriePS2.png (55 KB, 198x380)
55 KB
Oh hi anon, wanna trade my surf pikachu for a ratatta?
They are both mice, but Ratatta is my bro.

Hey, you know where you can buy the Ace ventura game yet? I found a page on a page, gives a link
Do you know where can I but the The Mask game?
The Duckman game was more fun. The German dub used the same voice actor they used to dub Jim Carrey in the '90s.

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