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This board is for the discussion of topics related to business, economics, financial markets, securities, currencies (including cryptocurrencies), commodities, etc -- as well as topics relating to starting and running a business.

Discussions of government policy must be strictly limited to economic policies (fiscal and monetary). Discussions of a political nature should be posted on >>>/pol/. Global Rule 3 is also obviously in effect.

Note: /biz/ is NOT a place for ADVERTISING or SOLICITING. Do NOT use it to promote your business, ventures, or anything you may have an interest in. Anything that looks remotely like advertising or soliciting will be removed. Begging/asking (including tipping) for cyptocurrencies or asking for money/capital is also strictly forbidden. Want to advertise? Buy a banner /biz/ targeted banner ad: https://www.4chan.org/advertise?selfserve

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Begging or asking for 'free money'/crypto is strictly forbidden. Encouraging beggars, or posting any kind of 'free money' offer is also strictly forbidden.

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>new partnerships
>new meetups and events
>new usecases detailed (off-chain computation and 2nd layer scaling)
>new head of business ops, team is expanding
>Steve just accepted v0.6
>simplified mainnet could quite literally be released any moment

Where's that pasta about LINK succeeding beyond anyone's wildest dreams, partners with jesus christ and becomes the world standard of value transfer and still never breaks 16 cents? Seems appropriate here. Ever since the Gonser letdown it feels like we've entered a twilight zone where no amount of bullish news can move the price. And volume is drying up faster than the Colorado river, 300BTC and falling.

What the fuck is going to take? Do Tom Gonser, Bill Gates and Elon Musk all have to get on their knees live on stage and give Sergey a triple-rimjob? How the fuck do we snap out of this 11k - 13k channel?
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price will spike as mainnet is announced, then as people realized "mainnet" means another round of testing and very little profits to be earned from staking, a dump will commence. the dump will be softened through buying by strong believers, but it will happen.

organic demand drivers... 2020 earliest.
>and very little profits to be earned from staking
This is where you're 100% wrong. Staking will be imensely worthwhile in the beginning since the price is still so low. You'll get more LINK for the same $. When price pumps, BOOM.
No. If Link is seriously worth something then even a couple hundred linkies will get you some serious node jobs
>This is where you're 100% wrong. Staking will be imensely worthwhile in the beginning since the price is still so low.
In the beginning of where demand takes off in terms of USD value, yes. In the beginning of mainnet testing where demand in terms of USD value is extremely low, no.

Nothing to lose by staking early via linkpool though. Spinning up your own node with AWS might be less gainful than simply using what you would have paid to do so to buy more link and wait for more demand.

>every one please remove your cosmic star spangled headscarves and step away from the crystal balls.

File: 1535402292398.png (655 KB, 750x421)
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655 KB PNG

>"These households appear high risk on a variety of metrics, and we expect added selling pressure on the housing market when their interest-only periods expire in the next two years."

>The warning came as ratings agency Standard & Poors said the housing downturn was the main risk facing banks, not the banking royal commission, and Fitch downgraded NAB.”

>More than half of the at-risk borrowers bought at or close to the peak of the recent property boom when lenders were competing to build market share by offering cheap loans and easy terms, the analysis states.”

>Standard & Poor's, the rating agency, is warning banks will act in a "very cautious and conservative way" over the next two years because of the increased regulatory and shareholder pressure to boost responsible lending and minimise systemic risk.”

>"We see a scenario where there is rapid unwind [of housing] as most plausible scenario for what can go wrong for banks in Australia," he said, adding that prices will continue to fall.”

>The Morgan Stanley analysis revealed tighter credit conditions, potential deterioration in housing sentiment and pressure on household finances with more than six-in-10 respondents having issues getting a mortgage over the past year.

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The rubbish system is fucked up. Literally smell shit every time you need to leave. Since these places are filled with pajeets the smell of their shit food wafts under the thin doors.
One of my friends lived in various modern apartments across Sydney and they all suffered the same problems. The worst had to be the apartment in Granville, small crack formed at the base of the living room wall shortly after moving in, after his 6 month lease had ended the crack had spanned the entire length of the wall roof to floor. The amount of shifting in the building was worrying, the big cracks you could spot behind the cladding on the outside of the building. Not even a year old.
This on top of the multiple plumbing issues included burst main in the kitchen flooding the entire living room, some sort of red dye staining the sinks and shower. God knows what the fuck that was.
What's with agents putting blurry retards in the advertising photos now

Also lots of little dogs are appearing
Pajeet and Chang love overcrowded urban dwellings.
didn't APRA say they were turning the interest only tap back on because housing prices were falling too fast?
Modern housing is prohibitively expensive, a destruction of beauty, and impossible to adapt. They use foreign materials, that rely on thousand mile supply chains instead of local materials that allow for cheap repairs and modifications.

Worst of all they are not designed for the needs of the occupants. Housing of 100 years ago was built to accommodate the climate of the home. High ceilings allowed how air to rise and occupants to stay cool without air conditioning. Tall vertical windows allowed air to flow freely. In winter climates low ceilings kept the warmth in.

Reliance on central heating and air conditioning has ruined housing. You'll get black mold in under 5 years on any new build. A combination of code requirements on vapor barriers and overuse of AC guarantees it.

Drywall everywhere makes things flat, inorganic. Not only it is unable to regulate humidity the way a wood paneling can. Wood absorbs water when it's wet, and releases it when it's dry which helps maintain a constant humidity.

Large eves on homes used to be common place and would protect the walls and foundation from moisture. These modern rectangle homes feature almost none. The thin stucco they paste over it eventually cracks and invites rot and mold.

The problem is home builders have are run like a business that tries to maximize profit by minimizing expenditure. The work that is done is the lowest bidder, the cheapest and least experienced labor.

The solution is for buyers to be connected to the homes they will live in instead of being removed 5 steps or being divorced from the property entirely (renting). Ideally, build your own home, build it with natural materials, employ designs that survived 1000 years like columns, an impluvium, a garden, high ceilings, overhanging eves, walls. Or modify the home you have.

File: A14wLNkt2iL._SY606_.jpg (72 KB, 432x606)
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Are Pokemon cards actually becoming valuable? Or are they still worth lunch money? Even the supposedly most valuable set (base set). Is it worth it to get your base set collection graded from the 90's?
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i've got three unopened starter packs. U N O P E N E D
imagine you invested buying packs to sell way later but they are still worth nothing lmao
What brought you to this conclusion?
Magic the gathering is the real money maker
It all bullshit look at ebay none of these scam cards are selling

I've got shit loads of shinny "RARE" cards from 2004 worth fucking nothing

File: ethereum cant scale.png (34 KB, 1001x681)
34 KB
Reminder that ETHEREUM doesn't scale, never will scale, and any solutions presented thus far are snake oil.

No corporate entity i.e. one that actually has to make money, pay wages, increase productivity etc. sees value in having to support the storage and bandwidth costs associated with unnecessary apps sharing the same blockchain.

If you delve into the corporate world this becomes very obvious, but not so much on internet forums filled with inexperienced young adults easily swayed by shilling and memes, over substance.
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Very good. Can you go further, little monkey man?
Göbekli Tepe was postponed because a problem with ice age
File: 1458404897.jpg (75 KB, 1080x810)
75 KB
I am bullish on ETH in the long term (+5 years) but the whole Polkadot conflict of interest is making me nervous. You guys seems either too negative or too positive. Anyone else in the middle ground with a minimum common sense and opinions?
Money is being wagered on the system and a lot of mETH heads are over extended
Is it interesting technology sure, is it a smart investment, no not at all
>Thinking fundamentals actually mean something in crypto
Kek, put your money in any top 100 coin and wait for next bull run. It really doesn't matter.

File: dowjfghjghnload.png (8 KB, 233x216)
8 KB
Financially it's 30
with women it's 23

Financially it's 30 because in it's 20's the male brain is the best combination of youthful spirit / daringness mixed into the work life

with women it's 23 because at that age women already have a DECADE OF FUCKING UNDER THEIR BELT 2 TIMES A WEEK. And if you try to date an 18 year old she already has 5 years of fuking weekly under her belt; you might fake being a non virgin since 18 year old females are slightly retarded but above 23 you will give serial killer vibes and get charged with rape
File: 1537596421906.png (62 KB, 909x440)
62 KB
looks like my previous thread affected you so much you had to literally save that image as a reminder that the facts i stated are not true....except the problem is that i made it and i have a diploma in sociology....so i know my shit real well
File: 1530592722686.png (303 KB, 1032x1242)
303 KB
303 KB PNG
I have no clue what you are talking about you fucking loser

File: 1550283530358.png (81 KB, 446x435)
81 KB
>Peaked at $350,000 in Jan '17
>Currently sitting at $9,000 in Jan '19
Im unemployed too and literally living with my dad where he pays for everything. Everyday I want to stab myself I want this pain to just end.
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And you believe everything you hear on biz?
Why would someone try to convince you tether was a bad choice at the peak of Jan 18 frenzy ??
Tether was one of the few ways to lock in a price on your returns without dealing with tax/cash out and banks back then.
You probably beleived the same malicious trolls who are telling you link is a scam.
The internet is not a friendly place new fren, dyor.
Everyone is shilling link fuck face. There were legit reasons to be afraid tether would cause the crypto crash. Noone knew if tether even had the funds required to maintain the 1usd price and tether was being very private on the companies funds or how they maintained the 1usd. Tether was investigated by tge government last year as well. Anons were also saying that the btc etf would cause the crypto crash and it actually did.
the evidence at the time was extremely convincing, still is. read the paper trail from European banks to Carribbean shells, a non-anon followed it all - great research. the auditor had just walked out the door at the time and the climate was tense. those tether pumps were insane - ha - bringing back some memories now
I think this so called crash you speak of is just a market cycle. Imagine holding your btc like a new born baby since 2010 or 2014, jan 2018 was 'made it o'clock' for lots of people.
And there's good reason every fuck face is shilling link. It's clear that btc is moving into link in waves. Compare both charts and see what the other does. The manipulation is still real.
noted, look and learn how to hide a pump in a dump

File: house.png (1.07 MB, 1214x563)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
Why aren't millennials buying houses anymore?
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those houses are cheap because it's an all black neighborhood. These are exactly the places where no one wants to live. Anywhere worth living is just too high. Look at Seattle, the average home price is now above 700,000 for a regular home. No one has that kind of money. Even Denver, look at that market 500,000 dollars for a regular home. It would be funny if it wasn't sad. You're talking about a generation of serfs that can't afford regular homes because China can price everyone out of house and home.
now you know how it feels to be on the receiving end of the economic shafting your wonderful country has been doing to uncountable places all around the world for the last 200 years or so.

Feels great, doesn't it?
i don't even know what state MO stands for, must be flyover af
dumbass, thos expensive areas you mention were cheap when i was young. You have to find growing markets that are still cheap like vegas
>Boomers steal non stop from every generation after them
>WTF why arn't all these entitled millennials buying my stuff with all the money we stole from them?

File: woo lad.png (519 KB, 2149x1322)
519 KB
519 KB PNG
My tradingview
My trade history
My most recent "clickbait" idea that played out over the week.

Ask me to do any chart and I'll TA the hell out of it.
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Do skycoin please
I'd like to see Iexec rlc if you get a chance. Thanks.
Ichimoku cloud (20,60,120,30)
On balance vol
Vol oscillator
Awesome oscillator
Stoch rsi
50,100,200 day ema's

You're welcome.
You're all welcome.
What coins are you long on right now? I think it was you who said that metal was in a positive trend and I looked into it and made some money...
NCASH if possible, thank you sirs

Now there’s a bunch of shills spamming CHX, LTO, QNT, all overhyped PnD ERC20 with no real product or use case
Anyone believing this is genuine and natural occurring posting is fucking stupid
They should be banned to prevent further poor desperate brainlets to be dumped on
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
and LINK
The only project with use case? No.
Linkies are just adorable bag holders. The others I mentioned, including UBT that these discorders seems to have moved over to as LTO and CHX are dumpingg, are the real cancer
fuck that shit the board is 50% link shill posts. it's obviously mostly russians and pajeets
I agree, they're so fucking obvious PnDs.. I have to hand it to them tho, they're high quality pnds, probably took a while to setup but sadly missed the mania.

Well is it? If not, what should we be buying?
15 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I was buying just cheap generic bullion because I wasn’t interested in collectible value. I figured all that matters is the silver content.

More recently I’ve realized, that in an emergency situation an ASE is going to be easier to validate as non-counterfeit over some generic Christmas bar. So I’ll pay an extra buck or two over spot to someday be able to flip them easier if the world is completely melting down. Or worst case scenario and the economy doesn’t implode, I can get some of them graded for that extra numismatic dollar.

I do ASE because I’m in the US, if you’re a leaf I’d do maples, etc.
everyone need more junk in their trunk
>legal tender
>known purity
>more divisibility per ounce
>among the highest premiums over spot when market gets shitty
You retards, it's called "junk" silver because it isn't pure silver. A silver spoon, a silver quarter, and a silver chain are all considered "junk" silver because they're less than 99.9% pure
I like these coins for their 10% copper content. Copper prices are expected to rise significantly over the next few years.
I have silver APMEX bars that I wipe down with a paper towel everytime I touch them do they still rub off?

File: KaleidoLink.png (183 KB, 1300x1500)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
They're basic, but I've got some fresh ones incoming for recent partners
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File: GamedexLink.png (206 KB, 1300x1500)
206 KB
206 KB PNG
Literally who
File: Tgons.png (2.86 MB, 750x999)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB PNG
Just some of the ducks in a row waiting for mainnet
fuck off with this pajeet scam
File: DaRealBiznessMan.jpg (9 KB, 224x225)
9 KB
That ones admittedly ironic, however they were an announced partner

File: HOjbEaOZ.jpg (8 KB, 227x222)
8 KB
My friend who is IT professional and a good researcher told me he believes this to be true. You all will waste your American money. The Russian man is not to be trusted.
in fact I was told this too.
Thank you sirs. Tomorrow I will bring more info.
I hope one day I can buy pajeets to hit with steel baseball bats.

I'd only hit them in the head but REALLY REALLY REALLY hard.

Or pour curry on the floor of a factory, invite them in to eat, once it hits max occupancy I'd lock the door and set fire to the building.

I'd ensure to put a lethal dose of slow release cyanide (While the staff assisting me aren't watching, as there might defectors that unlock the doors or call the UN) in the curry so on the off chance any escape they won't get far.

Or release a dna locked black plague 2.0 in India with a 12 month incubation period.

- Anon Rothschild

Which we biz

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