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This board is for the discussion of topics related to business, economics, financial markets, securities, currencies (including cryptocurrencies), commodities, etc -- as well as topics relating to starting and running a business.

Discussions of government policy must be strictly limited to economic policies (fiscal and monetary). Discussions of a political nature should be posted on >>>/pol/. Global Rule 3 is also obviously in effect.

Note: /biz/ is NOT a place for ADVERTISING or SOLICITING. Do NOT use it to promote your business, ventures, or anything you may have an interest in. Anything that looks remotely like advertising or soliciting will be removed. Begging/asking (including tipping) for cyptocurrencies or asking for money/capital is also strictly forbidden. Want to advertise? Buy a banner /biz/ targeted banner ad: https://www.4chan.org/advertise?selfserve

File: bum.jpg (41 KB, 852x480)
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Begging or asking for 'free money'/crypto is strictly forbidden. Encouraging beggars, or posting any kind of 'free money' offer is also strictly forbidden.

File: download.jpg (9 KB, 231x218)
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File: Re-l.Mayer.full.207764.jpg (167 KB, 1280x720)
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File: pige.jpg (677 KB, 1242x1199)
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677 KB JPG
It's time

File: o.jpg (29 KB, 660x574)
29 KB
>I could have had more chainlink tokens
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Missing out on about 450 tokens pal
Its okay friend, I sold 125k at 18 cents
found it https://etherscan.io/address/0xdf258a6fb2afa2abd27a5b8426be904a6905c4dd#tokentxns
Do you ever wonder where those linkies ended up?

File: 1547804890195.png (171 KB, 500x435)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
so that they will moon it even higher before they dump.
It will go 30x in this time

I’m putting a team together
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File: 1576705736802.jpg (95 KB, 700x801)
95 KB
You're gonna need some muscle. Count me in
File: 1548181543334.png (977 KB, 768x768)
977 KB
977 KB PNG
You're going to need someone with work experience. Count me in.
File: moon.png (337 KB, 600x338)
337 KB
337 KB PNG
You're gonna need a nigger rounder upper. Look no further
File: 1579083636749.jpg (169 KB, 897x1005)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
You are gunna need a lookout, count me and my LINK tokens in.
File: BULLCOOM.jpg (234 KB, 1024x922)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
we'll need some muscle

>4000 LINK
Am i the only one
File: 1468739041185.jpg (36 KB, 512x384)
36 KB
How does 4 million sound?
File: 1581475670243.jpg (113 KB, 859x960)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
>8k VIDT
>19k CHR
how does 4 trillion dollars sound?
File: 535.jpg (162 KB, 880x2640)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
I unironically also hold 4000 LINK. Don't worry, we'll make it, even if gigachad six-figure LINK-holders will unironically become monarchs.

File: 1551417617021.jpg (189 KB, 1500x1001)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
9 hours
Bullish for LINK

>Be 24
>Live with grandma
>Get yelled at everyday because she's a clean freak with OCD
>Keeps threatening to kick me out
>Tells me I'm pathetic because I'm a NEET without a job or college degree.

I'm so fucking scared /biz/, I'm a military vet and thinking about going to school but I don't wanna work anymore can I really live alone on the gi bill? Is there some kino part time job I can get were people won't yell at me and criticize me for my autism and low IQ? Please help me! what do I do?
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>Option A:
Use GI Bill, go get some degree or certification that has a very high rate of people getting hired. Get a job you can tolerate and survive.
>Option B:
Get some basic bitch part time job, there is an absurd number of them. You probably can't live off them but they are there, janitors and foodcucks.
>You might as well go to /r9k/ m8. This board is for people who are trying to become successful and get ahead in life, not barely scrape by.

I actually laughed. Funniest thing I've read on here in a while.
File: ship.png (45 KB, 480x284)
45 KB
clean your room, be a nice person. If you cant manipulate your grandparent into letting you freeload you have some serious serious social problems. Its so easy
get your cdl, drive across country. its lonely wagecucking for people with no life, so you meet the criteria
File: taxi_large.jpg (188 KB, 2220x1248)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
yeah i'm gonna feel it out.
made $84 in 5 hrs.
i live a little outside a city and so think i'm gonna keep skating on the outskirts to find people trying to get a ride into town. then might try the airport out just to see how it pays and how i might fold an airport run into my day

File: pnk.png (185 KB, 1622x1396)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
oh my kleros! this is how an normal uptrend looks like. usd 3 confirmed
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Based purple id
yes sirs very based
Pajeets have better fud than this.
>it’s a pnd but it raised $1.2mm a few weeks ago
Sure thing anon. Congrats on your stupidity.
Anon, it’s being used as we speak. It’s already brought over $500k to the users on the platform...
Were you there in 2017 when literal every coin that had an ICO was funded. Now most of those are dead because that's all crypto is good for. No real use of any of these so called currencies. All are cash grabs by their project founders. Who the fuck is actual going to use this coin for its intended purposes other than gambling and trading it?

I always avoided this board because business and finance sounded boring but now i know it isnt really about business and finance at all and this whole time you've all been getting rich without me
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Fuck off faggot
>getting rich
Haha, nice one. /biz/ is where we come to cope with how much of our life savings we've lost on our crippling gambling addictions we justify to ourselves as online investment.
Accounting & Logistics
i want you fuckers to lose every cent. that fat lumber jack will not make you rich
Thats alright, I dont put in anything I can't lose and I've gotten a whole lot since 40 cents kek. Good luck!

let me redirect you real quick >>17306306

at its peak, pic related will surpass tether in market cap
screencap this
get this stupid shit out of here you fuckin fudjeet post your stack or gtfo
How do you know this?

Why are you so hostile?

File: XRP.jpg (66 KB, 810x475)
66 KB
sirs when moon sirs, adding to steck everyday

File: 1573585368415.jpg (26 KB, 750x411)
26 KB
/biz/ i figured it out. no more toiling, no more speculating, no more going squirrelly watching charts. the easiest way to make it in this life is to marry a jewish american princess. you get some yid tiddies AND you're taken care of for the rest of your life. the only problem is that i'm not jewish or rich. what can i do to make myself attractive to JAPs?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1582003451135.png (349 KB, 750x411)
349 KB
349 KB PNG
leave JAPs to me
File: 1492317906345.jpg (151 KB, 870x960)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
I was adopted into a Jewish family, all I can tell you is you're fucking retarded if you want to marry into this
rights are gay break the law and fuck israel into hell
File: whores.png (1.83 MB, 1500x822)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB PNG

File: 1422360998718.jpg (250 KB, 1280x1855)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
>video games aren't fun anymore
>edging for 12 hours isn't fun anymore
>shitposting on image boards isn't fun anymore

what's even the point of making it from crypto, bros
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How can you honestly be shilling for a job this day in age. Kid you not employees are some of the worst losers.
one of those is a lie isnt it
I can make clown out of your id. One day you too will grow up and realize doing some kind of meaningful work is actually a good thing. You just need to find the kind of work you like doing.
Hookers, cocaine, fine dining
File: boomer7.png (209 KB, 806x595)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
>video games aren't fun anymore
we need to re-pivot our focus
>edging for 12 hours isn't fun anymore
anon, i need dynamism out of you. i appreciate your input, but you need to be more agile in your contributions.
>shitposting on image boards isn't fun anymore
if we keep pushing this upward momentum, we'll be hitting all the key components of our balanced scorecard in no time!
>what's even the point of making it from crypto, bros
drinking from a fire hose are we? first week here, right?

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