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File: out1.jpg (73 KB, 746x514)
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We encourage you to have a look around the catalog first to see what we’re all about before posting your first thread. Topics typically posted here include:
>Outdoor recreational activities (Hiking, trail running, bushwhacking, camping, spelunking, geocaching, orienteering, expeditions, urban exploration, backpacking, etc.)
>Gardening, farming and related activities
>Hunting and fishing, and other activities involving the stalking or taking of game (including bird-watching)
>Outdoor survival, bushcraft, foraging, self-sustenance in nature, train-hopping, hoboism, etc.
>Outdoor destinations and exploration (specific trails, parks, regions, etc.)
>Water-related activities (boats, diving, etc.)
>Outdoor philosophy (conservation, Leave No Trace, protectionism, etc.)
>Outdoor building and living (cabins, huts, treehouses, etc.)
>Outdoor social activities and organizations (meet-ups, Scouts, NOLS, etc.)
>Gear related to any of the above topics

Most topics related to the outdoors are fine. Write properly, behave politely, encourage a respectful community, and most importantly, GO OUTSIDE!!
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Just a friendly reminder that threads about weapons which do not pertain to their use in outdoor activities should be posted on /k/ instead. Thanks.

What do you guys do to get your /out/ fix when it’s cold and/or raining during the winter? I live in Northern California where there’s plenty of beautiful redwood trails and hiking to do near the beaches. Normally the cold is bearable but evening being a native it gets fookin frosty this time of year. Bonus thread: What does /out/ look like?
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Burned to *hell
Lost about 2 dozen of the big boys in there
File: DSC01078.jpg (3.95 MB, 5472x3648)
3.95 MB
3.95 MB JPG
Man up and go /out/ faggot. There's no such thing as bad weather, only weak men.
>pic related, today's hike, even though the weather was absolutely shit
Looks like a good time, faggot.
File: Anxious Tom.jpg (19 KB, 450x328)
19 KB
mfw I live on an island lacking in the completely-natural scenery department

there's always a fucking farm or some shit to ruin it.. no views of grand mountains or even huge plains..

TFW live in a country with basically no wilderness left
Most forests are artificial, most soil is polluted, rivers are filled with industrial poison from France and Germany.
Light pollution is omnipresent, can barely see any stars in most of the country. Sound pollution ensures that even when you're in a forest, you'll always hear the hum of a nearby motorway.
Anyone else know this feel?
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>infinite growth in a finite system
Bloody genius mate
File: 1544307657526.png (26 KB, 757x827)
26 KB
>Tfw canadian so I dont know this feel
>Can drive for 10 mins and im in the forest
>Still in residential area but regularly see deer, coyotes, foxes, rabbits, and an endless supply of birds, rodents, and bugs
>Niggers will never make it in area where winter gets down to -40
>Can throw a rock and find land suitable for agriculture
>majority of forests are untouched
>Can also move to europe if i want because parents are from EU country and have citizenship from ancestry

Feels good man
File: 1539174890741.png (171 KB, 478x483)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
>1/64 European
I said canadian, not american, we only got a few blacks in the past century and muslims in the past decade.

File: v1[1].jpg (25 KB, 206x305)
25 KB
kino /out/ movies
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First off, check the fucking archive
Second off, it's really irritating to me how the names of the actors aren't above the right actors.
catalog, not archive. whatever, still.
Apparently movies threads are the new knives threads.
File: giphy (12).gif (4.94 MB, 245x256)
4.94 MB
4.94 MB GIF
>Jeremiah Johnson
>The ritual
>Into the wild
>Sorcerer 1977
>Cargo 2017
>Grizzly man
>The H8tefull Eight
>The Revenant

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs confirmed for best /out/ movie
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glacier nat park looks damn near identical, realy stellar views
>best /out/ movie
Hitch hike is
Buster Scruggs should totally get his own movie searching for water
That whole bit would of been better if Tom Waits had just fucking died.

File: 1544892440956.jpg (824 KB, 3264x1840)
824 KB
824 KB JPG
How would you prove without a doubt you had lived in a dwelling for over 4 years without once being reported? Also any water from taps in public bathrooms is drinkable as its from the UK mains right?
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File: I SHOOT RAW.jpg (87 KB, 1280x720)
87 KB
Unless you subscribed to the paper and had it sent there, probably not. Anybody could go out and buy a paper every day. That doesn't actually prove that you're residing there, you need something that was posted to your name at that address,
>That doesn't actually prove that you're residing there, you need something that was posted to your name at that address,
So if I buy land and enter into an agreement upon purchase that sign posts and a permanent liveable dwelling aren't allowed to be built on said land, how much trouble would I get into if I put up a signpost and send myself mail (after a few trials with the postman using an altered nearby postcode to help)?
Oi m8 you got a loicense for your existence?
That I can't specifically tell you, you'd need to talk to a real estate attorney.

Hey /out/, is there anyway you can make a simple A frame tent with only sticks and a bedsheet? (Hardmode) no lines or stakes.
>Fold the edges of the sheet underneath the sheet.
>hold them down with heavy logs
>prop up with logs jammed into ground
nice African tickler you got there
Why would you use a bedsheet and not a tarp?
Make freestanding stick frame, drape sheet.

What are your go to hiking clothes? Is it worth buying some hiking pants?
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opps wrong thread
I have got bitten by many thicks since I hike in shorts but I haven't seen a wendigo yet so I guess the trick works.
Yes you have. Just buy some Dickies. Cheap and indestructible
File: Norman-Clyde-UNK-840.jpg (1 MB, 2360x3004)
1 MB
Or he could get milsurp, for bottoms anything will do.
Whatever is on clearance at Academy or equivalent sporting goods store. I work in the field a lot and tend to wear through shit, but that cheap crap surprisingly holds up well and is comfortable enough.

File: outdoorsmen.jpg (302 KB, 500x500)
302 KB
302 KB JPG
US-america "hiking"
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grow up
/pol/ shit stays in >>>/pol/ You are on the wrong website. Go back to 4chan.
File: h690apg.gif (4.37 MB, 450x253)
4.37 MB
4.37 MB GIF

>making fun of based Will Keith
Grow up.
i agree this guy is cool as fuck .

What do you guys do to pay the bills?

>tfw in college but just want to be /out/ all of the time
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Literally just move dude, it's not rocket science.
> Join Reserves for 4 years to do some mundane high tech job
> Use Army certification to get higher paying civilian job
> Lose some weekends for 4 years, end up making twice your current income at minimum
All you have to do anon.
spent a bunch of time looking for construction office jobs. they mostly all sucked and i would lose them for after months. then i stopped paying rent on a house and stopped having to work but would do small truck moves off CL for cash

then i got into weed harvest which was immediatly followed by the crab harvest. two fun lucritive jobs back to back leaving me 8months out the year to travel the USA for a couople years

one day i thought INEED A JOB and i started looking up oilfield technician jobs texas and felt really guilty about it. then i read a post on my fb "who wants to work at my lab in berkeley" where i was born and near hometown
so i got a job at an oil refinery distilling butane hash oil into 98% pure THC oil. and 3months the company splits up and all the engineers leave the company and now we have this half million distilation machine we dont use and i spent the day twisting joints and putting stickers on child prrof packaging for reduced pay
I doubt that friend.
I go /out/ in rugged wilderness.

t. Field Geologist (and other shit, done environmental and fisheries work too)

>Keep seeing ads for this “Yeti” gear shit that I’ve never hear of.
So /out/, do we approve it?
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i got one for Christmas and it will keep your cold water cold all day if you accidentally leave it in your car (florida weather)
File: 1539719127982.jpg (50 KB, 584x575)
50 KB
he's an apple user, please don't make fun of him
There is no "we".
But yes, Yeti is a solid brand. They mostly specialize in down bags and jackets, and the quility should be great from what I've heard.

My GF just bought a winter down bag from them.
They make very expensive well insulated coolers. If you have the money and think that a $300 bombproof 7 day cooler over a $40 Coleman 5 day cooler is worth it, then good for you.

File: joeRobinet750.jpg (136 KB, 748x431)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Joe Robinet is the comfiest imo
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Are there any decent Aussie /out/ youtubers?
All I find is a hodge podge of single uploads but no one who uploads regularly
Primitive Technology is an Aussie.
Gary the Goat has some comfy vids too, but he's more of a /trv/ guy.
File: 1499797027219.png (168 KB, 887x607)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
You're welcome
Thinking about keeping a little sheep indoors like that. It'd be nice in Winter.
he's got two kids and wife to take care of. meanwhile you complain about him on the internet for actually going outdoors.

#259-“Latina Fish A Best” Edition

Previous Thread:

Thinking about picking up a new hobby? Want to get a memecaster? Haven't mastered the Palomar knot? Click here!

Talk about fishin
75 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
Idk if it even make a difference, but that video is a yikes for me
Any carpers here?
File: Snapchat-2059528792.jpg (760 KB, 1308x2688)
760 KB
760 KB JPG
>been hella busy with medifag school
>dreaming about ice fishing
>last exam was yesterday
>warm weekend made everything unsafe or completely thawed
>went to local harbor with year round docks and pretended I was ice fishing
>caught about 40 3" perch and pic related

Its not much but it was everything I dreamed about for the past month. Feels good
How hard is float tubing? Seems like carrying around all that extra gear just to get on the water is a pain in the ass.
Float tubing is good if you have ponds in your area that are in the middle of no where. There is a pond I like to fish about 3 miles off the road that is perfect for a float tube. Anytime I have road access I just put in my kayak.

Feel free to post tobaccos (no weed allowed), pipes, collections, pics of favorite combos for going /out/, pics of what you're doing with your pipe and any questions you might have.

Want to get into smoking pipes without spending too much cash?
Get a Missouri Meerschaum Legend corncob pipe and a pouch of either Prince Albert, Carter Hall or Half and Half tobacco, available at most drugstores.
What you'll need: pipe, tobacco, lighter or matches, pipe cleaners, and either a regular old nail or a pipe tool (combination tamper, scoop, and small pick).
All of these together should run you less than $20.

Having trouble keeping your pipe lit? Fill it with less tobacco and smoke it slower than you think you need to, lightly tamping as needed when the smoke starts thinning out.
If you're still having trouble, try filling your pipe this way:

Old thread >>1370693
Come on in and get comfy.
51 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
About 1 every 2 weeks. I use it for more than lighting a pipe though
i already have a zippo and i dont find this, meant more the design of the lighter, doesnt look like you can tilt it
File: 1543823257402.gif (1.23 MB, 400x228)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB GIF
I havent had a pipe in a long ass time. noticed in a little smoke shop near me they had some Missouri Meershcaum hardwood pipes, picked one up and some cheap cavendish. holy shit I missed this
File: 1496633226600.jpg (85 KB, 620x620)
85 KB
a great pleasure
Isn't it just a simple wick based lighter? I don't see why you couldn't tilt it.

File: Winterpack-1500x917.jpg (272 KB, 1500x917)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
Continuing from >>1366434

For all your winter kit related questions. Like it or not, winter clothing and gear isn't as straightforward as summer stuff so it's helpful to have a place for newer guys to ask questions and more experienced people to fine tune their kits.
257 replies and 80 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: IMG_0592.jpg (2.3 MB, 4032x3024)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB JPG
I made it following this guide:

What's the sleeping pad for?
I hiked Mt Washington last weekend (cold and wind but very sunny) and saw at least two people carrying sleeping pads up and down the mountain. It didn't look like they had full backpacking gear.
Just bought these. Really comfortable and warm.
>wanted a waffle shirt with built in hoodie
>browse around
>Patagonia R1 half zip is the only decent thing that has what I want
>$170 out the door
Fucking hell, if it weren’t for the hood I’d just do the ecwcs waffle for $30, but damn this Patagucci is comfy (probably buyers justification).
File: IMG_20180405_071148_443.jpg (3.52 MB, 3024x3024)
3.52 MB
3.52 MB JPG
I've got one too and I live in it. It's so fucking perfect.

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