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File: 0.png (2.29 MB, 1080x1920)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB PNG
Welcome to /3/ - 3DCG, 4chan's board dedicated to 3D imagery and modeling.

If you're reading this, you probably got this linked to you because you posted a question that has already been asked many many times. Read ahead, and find your answer.

Scroll down for a useful FAQ and resource links
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Anyone familiar with ripping PS2 save icons? I can open and view them in PS2 Save Builder, but when I extract the ico and sys files, I can't get them to open or convert with any program. Trying to get these viewable for an archive.
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Never mind I have it. I just need to figure out applying textures in Blender.

Actually, I just rotated it till it looked right.

Texturing tutorial for both 2.7x and 2.8:

UVs should be exported and working correctly.
File: Sonic.png (83 KB, 849x521)
83 KB
Awesome, man. This is perfect. Thanks again for helping me out with this.
Do you know of any way to export the animations, or is it really just the model and texture that can be used?

(Hugo from HIT heros of incredible tales)

File: SplashScreen.png (339 KB, 640x360)
339 KB
339 KB PNG
>> blender gets good
>> rapidly less threads
it was a *hurr durr I am using special software* meme after all
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>muh licensing
There's no issue at all with licensing stuff you've made in Blender unless you're redistributing parts of the software itself.
Now that UI has improved, Is licensing the next blender meme?
>what are rigs?
>what are custom tools?
>what is competitive advantage?

Unless Blender adopts MIT, BSD, or similar license, you'll never see it used to great extent in any leading studios.

HIT - heros of incredible tales (Hugo)

Previous thread: >>682188
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Is there a document or hotkey list for some of those features? I cant figure out how to do that cool growing mask.
I want my left side tool panel back.
File: transpose.png (134 KB, 640x359)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
Any idea when Blender is getting any kind of transpose tool? Trying to move any kind of complex mesh that has been sculpted on is a fucking pain in the ass.
File: horse_opinion.gif (1.36 MB, 332x350)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB GIF
>left side panel is now on the right side

Need CC, working on this for quite some time.

Quite happy with the effects, just need to see what to improve to make this better.
there's a /wip/ thread, m8.

tone down blurry glow thing. it looks awful. cheap early 00s photoshop nastiness. add noise to it as well.

composition on the bottom right is particularly weak.

if you put the top two side by side and i saw it from a distance i wouldn't be able to tell they were two different products.
I didnt think of postin there thank you, sorry for creating new thread then.

Also thanks for some of the feedback. The glow is just shadow catcher, as the file has transparent bg, but I understand what you mean.

Yeah, Im not happy with that either but I cant really come up with any good idea, how do you show Avocado's?

Best Regards
If you made a variation in the almonds argon it would improve it. But that's probably something only artists would notice
Not him, but slight blemishes and texture?

File: Tifa is PERFECT.jpg (166 KB, 1081x693)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
Some people have been complaining about Tifa on the FF7 Remake. "Her face is this and that."

But IMO she is perfect. They nailed it.

But I wonder, would anyone here do better?

And please do not post that gorilla Tifa here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xGkLm She is fucking ugly.
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File: arguecat.jpg (51 KB, 600x485)
51 KB
>She is fucking ugly

HAHA fucking fag
Artstation Tifa isn't bad from a technical modeling standpoint it's better work than most people here will ever achieve.

The problem with the artstation is she has resting bitch face x100, and that's not what Tifas personality is supposed to be. Thus it fails at the presentation level. She also looks too "white" for an asian game.

The remake correctly captures her character, gives her that 50/50 blend of Cute and Tough that her dialogue suggests. Artstation Tifa is a blend of Hot and Bitch, which while not awful still misses the mark.
I learned in the polycount thread that art station tifas body is a modified 3d scanned model.

Really. That take the lustre off it. So much scans are being used these days I dont appreciate half of the hyper real stuff.

File: kat worker cute.jpg (79 KB, 709x1024)
79 KB
Someone finally ripped models from the game
Is anyway gonna do anything with them, if it is even possible?
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The two meshes probably have different vertex orders.

In the python console editor type in "bpy.app.debug = True" and make sure the 't' is capitalized. Then in edit mode in the properties panel under mesh display you should see the option "indices", that displays the vertex order.

All that isn't necessary, just helpful, but this next part is: in the 3d viewport's header under "mesh" you will find the "sort elements" options. Here you can change the vertex order among other things.

You may be able to sync different meshes this way by playing around with the options.
Thank you, okay, I’ll try this. Appreciate it
Guys, idk what to do.... I feel like this whole project is a lost cause now. I can’t figure out how to change the vertex order to match the other face mesh. I’m so sad
i don't know that kind of stuff to even help, what does vertex order even mean anyway
like the only thing i would guess it would be pertinent to is calculating normals
Can you upload OBJs for the neutral face and one of the others (both UV mapped)? I'd like to give it a shot.

File: BaseballHit.webm (681 KB, 1280x720)
681 KB
It seems like everyone here models titties or videogame cycles or some other bullshit. not a lot of character animators here.
still first pass (no face) but looking for critiques/ general character animation thread
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File: BookaLot.jpg (774 KB, 2536x1586)
774 KB
774 KB JPG



As far as tips, animation takes a long time. Don't rush it and read this (which covers wonderfully the 12 principles)
thats not really showing the 3d workflow, just animation in general..
Animators survival kit.

Also I'm currently thumbing through game anim it's pretty basic so far but I hear it gets better.
Pluralsite helped me in the beginning. But honestly it's more just developing your sense of motion once you get past the technical parts. A lot of students will put out decent looking animations by nearly rotoscoping reference. It's very important to use reference, especially in the beginning, but don't let it develop into a crutch. Use it as a guide and study it.

I did it to music originally.

File: funkyBone.jpg (505 KB, 1007x1824)
505 KB
505 KB JPG
Animation noob here--noticed there's some funky bones in this model exported from WoW.
In the screens, it shows the vertex weights for this example. (Also, it's parented to the elbow, and has no children of its own. Might not be clear from the shot.) Obviously these weights intersect with the weights given to the surrounding bones. I then looked at a sample animation, and noticed that this bone only animates displacement. (They use the same technique in many spots; upper arms, legs, some around his hunchback.)

What's the point of that? Is it a "hack" for solving weird pinching/volume loss? Would one use these "displacement bones" in a higher poly asset?
? dude its just used for baking the skin, makes it way easier and faster to assign skin to bones but im not gonna explain it any further to some retard.
It's a twist-joint. When the wrist rotates, the joint you've selected will rotate half as much.This lets you smooth out the rotation along the arm and prevent volume loss.
is it on both arms, could be something to attach the shield model to.
That makes sense. This particular joint doesn't actually twist though--it's only displaced. (There are a ton of animations I haven't checked, but there is an apparent pattern--some of these bones just never rotate and instead only get offset by some vector.) I suppose the persons working with the source material may have had it rigged such that these displacements are effected automatically in response to manipulations over the bones which actually rotate--some kind of system of constraints/expressions.

Yep, both arms. There is a joint on the left arm for attaching a shield, but it's not the one we're looking at here.

If it's only used for baking skin, why is it also getting displacement keyframes? This is a really uncomplicated section of the mesh, too; why would it need any special massaging for determining skin weights?

File: WIPLAZY.jpg (285 KB, 1500x882)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
Zero effort edition

Last thread: >>681907

THIS IS NOT THE THREAD TO ASK FOR HELP. If you need any assistance in your work, visit: >>>/3/questions/

List of free resources (textures, assets, etc.): https://pastebin.com/vU7P8Vmi (embed)
If you’d like to add more links, post them here: >>637415
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I did a prompt on /v/ where I drew a robot based on Grunty. I ended up liking the design a lot and 3d modeling it. Looking for thoughts and suggestions— but also some help

How do I get IK legs working here?
These legs are a bit different from the legs I usually rig, in the sense that there's an extra bone between the thigh and the calf, which keeps the two halves from clipping majorly. It also just helps make it look more robotic and believable. When I try to IK as I usually would, but add one more chain length, it doesn't work at all, so I'm wondering if anyone has found a way of doing it.
File: Wip Gruntron.jpg (676 KB, 1043x1477)
676 KB
676 KB JPG
fuck whoops
File: zxxxczxcxc.jpg (278 KB, 1120x840)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
alright how about this
I get what you're going for but I might thicken up the waist a wee bit.
i've done that before and just set the chain length to 3, and it worked fine.
looks like the bones may be too aligned. nudge the middle bone out toward the knee a little bit, maybe

File: Screenshot (998).png (1.03 MB, 1920x1080)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
Enthusiastic amateur here. I'm hoping to make
these eyesockets a more squarish oval shape. Which brush should I use to reshape the area?. Normally on other parts of the body I'd just use move to pull the polys to the right shape but given the angle I need to pull at it seems too tricky. Would one of the other move brushes be better suited? I haven't used them before. Pic related.
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This is how she looks if you turn on polypaint and kinda paint and move some facial features until you have your desired look. Good for previewing, but in the final step you´ll probably be adding some kinda texturi9ng thing in the place of her eyes, to have real light or something. Again, good luck.
File: 1497559591674.jpg (141 KB, 480x340)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Holy shit, it's like a slow descent into madness.
File: 1548110553149.jpg (1 MB, 1142x1200)
1 MB

Motherfucker went bonkers in the course of one afternoon.
>Most Zbrushers in the Youtube use a thing that cuts right trough the eyebrows with one stroke without telling anyone what it was
You mean the slice tool? fuckin dum dum

Was it autism.

File: R9rnmXv.jpg (54 KB, 576x382)
54 KB
What's the graphical limit of godot + blender + GIMP + Krita?
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File: 1473903761611.gif (1.24 MB, 290x189)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB GIF
>50k polys in edit mode
are you kidding me? I have a pretty modest machine and I can run well over that with little to no slow down.
ArmorPaint is getting better, but it's no match for SP yet.
The one with the sheep and the laundromat was the most graphically impressive imo
It's someone parroting the same old disinfo, that's just what happens on /3/ when it comes to blender

I've seen a few threads here about Architecture, and a lot of the things in those threads seem to be misguided. I'm a graduate of a U.S. architecture program and have been working as an architectural designer for over 6 years now while pursuing licensure. I'd like to use this thread to answer any questions I can from people interested in the profession regarding school, software, tools, business, resumes, etc. and generally discuss architecture.
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I'm a mechanical engineer. Serious question. Why are architects so fucking retarded?

They design buildings to be energy efficient, and in so doing make them just the opposite. They plan layouts in a complete nonsense manner. They leave no room for the guts of the building like mechanical and electrical, and then complain when they want more than five percent of the building space.

But worst of all, why is every architect today creatively bankrupt? I've lately come to like brutalism because it actually still tried to be aesthetic, and occasionally epic. International Style is trash, and every 'glass tower' offshoot since then had been completely devoid of artistry or inspiration. The latest innovations have been - brace yourself - wood paneling and wavy balconies.

Architects used to have a duty to represent and inspire the human spirit. A building was once a finger pointing towards the heavens, adorned with the symbols and forms that were the backbone of society. Men used to look at such structures and strive to earn the greatness of Mankind that they represented. These were monuments of human achievement.

Now, nothing. They are windows and steel, filing cabinets in the sky. Homes are cardboard boxes where loose people are stored. Offices and stores are larger boxes. Sometimes someone puts a right angle, or a wavy line, or - goodness - a diagonal, and that's all people get. Some gay colours, some wood, some acrylic panel.

Why did your kind stop trying?
autocad, revit, sketchup
What's your opinion on BIM software (ArchiCAD, Revit) vs Autocad?

What's your opinion on SketchUp? I find it very easy to use and with the right tools a more intuitive software

Any recommendations on Italian architecture? I find socialist architecture very classic and beautiful, but I don't associate with the ideology
>Le Corbusier
It's really remarkable how he managed to cogently address so many issues surrounding architecture in the industrial age and still go full retard at the same time.

>Hahahaha nigga how the fuck do materials even matter hahaha like just build everything out of steel and concrete and eventually you'll think they're cozy too hahahahaha
File: images.jpg (23 KB, 405x363)
23 KB
piacentini and terragni, fascist architecture is nice

File: 20190529_180740.png (26 KB, 229x420)
26 KB
You don't need to know what im doing but just know its good.
kys yourself op
My wife Isabelle so cute

>Spend $600,000 to go to art school to learn how to sculpt deformed alien heads in Zbrush
>Some random nip on twitter who taught himself how to model consistently busts out studio quality models by stitching edge faces together by hand

Is sculpting a meme?
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File: 1482721743739.jpg (27 KB, 600x418)
27 KB

Another blentard
the pros look whatever tool they're good with, even blender
ignore the link
File: 1545574035882.jpg (907 KB, 1920x1920)
907 KB
907 KB JPG
>>Great work!
>muuhhh make better then

Shut the fuck up retard.

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