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File: 20190124_165529.jpg (2.16 MB, 4032x2268)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB JPG
So my wife and I are heading out west late may/early june and I was wondering if anyone had any tips regarding trails/camping/general good stuff to see related to Yellowstone/Tetons?
>where to stay
Jackson Hole is the big tourist area so there's tons of hotels, byt they're all expensive. Personally I always camp outside when I'm there. You can find campsites online but they fill up fast, especially in the summer. The farther out you reserve the better, unless you like living on the edge. Cheaper campsites are usually more in the Teton area and away from Yellowstone.
If you're rich there's cabins for rent but they fill up quick. Idk how far back you need to reserve since I've never done it. The more people you have the more it's worth it, imo.
>what to do
Go see Old Faithful like the 10 million chinese people who show up every summer. After that check out West Thumb. The park is pretty big and you can find stuff to do by just driving around, pretty much. Check out Upper Falls too, if they've reopened - when I was there last summer there was some kind of construction going on there.
Teton wise, I recommend the Table Rock trail if you're fit - the view is awesome and it's a decent day hike, whether you take the short but steep route or the longer flatter route. The Alaska Basin trail is cool too but a lot longer - if you're up for it you can do a 3 day hiking trip all the way through. On the east side of the mountains there's lots of lakes and stuff to see, and Mormon Row if you want instagram pictures.
Driggs, ID is a recent place to eat out/buy food/get expensive boat rentals. I recommend visiting Corner Drug while you're there and getting a lime freeze if they're in season.
Google this stuff and take a look at surrounding features of both parks. You could spend a month in that area and not see everything.
Be prepared for enourmous crowds in Yellowstone. Because of the cost of hotels I'd plan on camping most of the way. Id also plan out your route and where you will stay for each night. Grand Tetons are beautiful I wanna go back this summer. Yellowstone is too but it's very crowded.

Where do you guys get your money to travel? Where do you work?
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Is ketamine a big thing these days?
i used to prostitute myself in gay bars across the san francisco area to pay for stuff and usually it worked but this time it didnt if anyone knows of a james heydall that frequents this board please contact him and tell him he left tommy in london with no money and no way home
File: 1358395413714.jpg (33 KB, 399x210)
33 KB
I'm an engineer taking in $90k/year and I still live with my parents
Lmao a logistics warehouse
800-900€ a month
Last time I rode Amtrak I brought a pound of weed back home. Not gonna do that again so I'll have to save up. After I pay back the govt. Save up for a new car, ect

File: map.png (261 KB, 755x413)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
What do you think about this roadtrip? I will be travelling by buses/trains. Itinerary is as follows:

Kiev - 3 nights
Odessa - 5 nights (to chill by the beach)
Chisinau (Moldova) - 2 nights
Bucharest - 2 nights
Brasov - 2 nights
Cluj Napoca - 2 nights
Budapest - 1 night (but I was already there, just needed a place to stay before heading back to Poland)
Krakow - 2 nights

I know many of those places need more time to get a real experience, but I have limited time and wanted to make a bigger trip rather then choosing 1 or 2 spots.
I've been to Lviv before, that's why it's out.
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pol lol pol lol fuck ofpollllllll
/trpol/ huh? you said something
really just answer simple questions you racist
I'm travelling in August. I usually like just wandering through cities, going on a tour, learning about the culture and just getting the feel of another country. That's why I'd like to travel by bus/train with locals. I also like nature and hiking, but on this trip I'm focusing on cities.
I travel with my fiancee, so I'm not into clubbing, whores and such. We want to visit the cities, go to the pubs, meet some locals, try local cuisine and chill out.

Oh, I was actually planning to visit Bran Castle (like everyone I guess...). Thanks for suggestions, Sinaia looks very cool.
File: Unfdtitled.png (1.45 MB, 1021x676)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG
Assuming you are not really tight on money, cut out the buses as much as possible and replace them with trains and rideshares. Price disparity between trains and buses isn't as high as in western yurope. Trains are more comfortable for travel and the cabin layout in some wagons is conductive to striking up conversations. Rideshares are the same in this regard, you are already travelling with someone who wants to get to know strangers.

Cannot say much about the rest, but regarding H to I leg of trip I sure hope you are visiting a spa and taking at least one day to hike in Tatras. Actually it's the best to park in hot water after a day spent hiking the mountains. Visiting a cave may not be a bad idea either.

And as other anons said, 5 days at the beach is too much.
No no anon,
That is not eastern Europe, that is Middle Eastern Europe, anon you must travel more EASTER.
Make a stop in Tiraspol you won't regret it you can go on a day expedition from odessa. You'll just have to take a bus from a bus station (the one far from the market)

File: asdasdasasdasdasads.png (585 KB, 805x843)
585 KB
585 KB PNG
Hello /trv/,

I'm taking a 10 day trip to Germany this summer while also stopping in Salzburg (as well as Berchtesgaden nearby) and Prague. We'll be renting a car and splitting up the driving on the Autobahn. We are starting in Frankfurt going counterclockwise. We are flying out from Frankfurt so that creates the loop.

What do you guys think about this route? Anything on here that we should skip, something not here that we should go see? Where do you think we should spend more time in than others? Anything in these cities you recommend? etc.
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I really like Vienna, better to go there than Dresden
Wow, your one pic proves it all!

Regardless, I was referring to the refugees already here in Germany, since that was the specific topic of conversation numbnuts.
Right, black people never set a foot in Germany

may I advise you to gently kys now, ty :)))
lrn2read, you stupid dumbass. or are you too busy fapping to mandingo cuck roleplay threads on /b/?

File: into the wild.jpg (44 KB, 534x401)
44 KB
What do you think about this guy?
Isn't it the best alternative for suicide?
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are you the bay area dude who offered to take me along on the portugal trip if i volunteered as your sex slave because have i got a bone to pick with you
I feel like the only people he can impress are immature edgy teenagers. The guy wasted a life for some idealistic vision of the world that doesn't and never will exist. There are many much better travel idols to get behind.
Pretty much this.
If the movie was anything to go by the guy was a complete moron who turned down living with people who genuinely cared about him, so that he can die alone in a bus.
if the river was uncrossable, how was the bus there in the first place?
he crossed the river

there's a thing called ice and snow that melts when it gets warmer you know

I've tried googling my problem but I'm just getting a wide range of conflicting answers.

I'm visiting Australia at the end of March for a few weeks. I've bought my travel insurance which covers medical expenses, however the terms and conditions are confusing. One part says you should sign up to Medicare on arrival, another part suggests that it's optional.

So my question is do I have to sign up Medicare or will my insurance cover it? Are they just trying to mitigate their losses by suggesting I sign up to Medicare? I don't fancy spending a day of my holiday sat in a government office filing an application
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You should register for medicare, then.
yeh australian policy is always written weirdly and ambiguously like that. no idea why, its fucking annoying.

its like i just wanna know is it required or not!?
>If you’re in Australia for a short time and don’t need medical care, there’s no need to enrol.
That's what I saw as well. It sounds like if you need non-emergency medical care you should apply for Medicare first or you should pay and then apply afterwards. I've read a few stories online where people needed emergency care and all they had to do was say they were from the UK and they were covered

File deleted.
>having a layover in a Foreign country
>that little thought of "whoa I am actually in X albeit for a few hours"

What are some small, seemingly innocuous situations you really like about travel/?
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You haven't been to a foreign country unless you had a beer in it at the very least.

t. drunk
>am a teetotaler
>every country I go to people don't understand that I don't drink alcohol

I've just never had the desire to drink it. While in Russia I ordered "raspberry lemonade" and it was extremely tart and I kept complaining about how bitter it was and m friend asked to taste it and he told me it was like straight vodka lol. I just thought it was the raspberries/lemons making it so bitter.
I love drinking water directly out of little streams and rivers but I got poisoned once in Montana because I drank out of a brook filled with insecticide and spent the flight back home vomiting blood into the plane toilet.
>Flying back home after staying abroad.
>Window seat during takeoff, watch the fields and mountains shrink down below.
>Immediate bittersweet ache of having to go back to your normal routine.

File: 1450318979744.jpg (111 KB, 810x810)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Has anyone on trv traveled to shenzen by the visa you can get in HK? If so can you get the visa again if you just go back to HK for a weekend?

China Travel Service?
Visa on Arrival?

You can be denied entry if you're not a citizen.
You can also be denied a visa.

Get a proper multi-visit/high duration visa in advance to avoid disappointment.
Sometimes you can get a visa at the Consulate General in Hong Kong, but they like to change the rules all the time so don't count on it. The easiest way is to go through a visa service, and get a double or multiple entry visa.
Also how easy is it to get chinese pussy in shenzen when you're a 6'1 white male with blue eyes?
China sucks, there is no reason to visit.

File: 1549943824751m.jpg (122 KB, 1024x590)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Any anons here that can give me a qrd on Russia?
I plan on moving there to teach English in a few, months.
-things to do
-what to expect
-places to see
-things to know ahead of time etc.
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File: murmansk.jpg (120 KB, 994x642)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
how many rubles should I ask for?
How could we know?
Murmansk very depressive desu
Those who are telling otherwise obviously aren't from Russia.
>for their homesteading act where you get some free land to work on
It's only for the citizens of Russia.
>teachers' wages are shit here.
Not for private English teachers
>There are no such teachers especially outside Moscow and SPB
Wrong there are shitloads of private language schools in almost all major cities.
> 99% of schools in Russia are public schools and they don't hire foreigners ever
He shouldnt look for publics school for children. He should look for private organizations that teach young people and adult professionals alike, there are plenty of those. He could also look into universities.
>The 1% private schools that theoretically could hire a foreigner are all located in Moscow.
>Your only chance would be private tutoring, but it doesn't pay much outside of Moscow.
Wrong on both accounts.
Not lower than 60k rubles per month but it depends on the hours.

File: images.jpg (7 KB, 297x169)
7 KB
2 weeks in Ukraine, where to go, what to see? For now I have Lviv, Kiev and Odessa on my list.
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Go to the opera or ballet? Odessans swear their theatre is the third most beautiful in the world. And they might well be right.
And no you will just meet hundreds of girls called Sasha. And hundreds of boys called Sasha. I recommend going into a residential courtyard in Odessa and shouting "Sasha" just to see how many people come to their.windows.

This, then churches and museums. Overall it's a beautiful city.
Pervomaysk missile base!
And walk along the coast, heading south from the city centre, alongside Park Shevchenko, down to the stations of the fountain. Even in winter, even in snow, it's a great walk. Maybe pick up a tram down there to get to the open air.military museum on the outskirts.

Also, get Odessans who can.speak.English.to.tell you "anecdotes" (ie short witty stories or subtle jokes). They are an immense part of the city's culture and how it sees itself.

File: 1524528336796.jpg (60 KB, 460x575)
60 KB
How do you get a secondment or expat job in a place like Singapore or Hong Kong? Is it just luck or what can you do to go about getting such a job?
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Secondments are incredibly rare. Multinationals are all talk and rarely sent people over. It’s much easier to apply for jobs in the country you want to live.

Singapore and Hong Kong are extremely competitive so I suggest you have 5 years+ of strong experience.

>t. Moved countries several times in professional capacity
which SEA country is easy to move to?
None of them. English teaching is in demand for some of them, but it tends to be short term only.
Get a job with a multinational bank in NYC for a few years and get moved over
All are about the same if you marry a local, however you will never really be 'local' except if you live in the country side.

With the right connections you can buy Cambodian citizenship for between $45,000-$75,000 USD but jesus christ who wants it?

Yes, I know they are completely different countries, but I'm thinking of visiting one of them and I can't decide which one.

I'm listening, guys.

Thanks in advance.
I liked Myanmar a lot. I didn't like India.
t. Same retard who keeps samefagging India threads with his /pol/shit

I've never posted in any India thread and I barely go in 4chan anymore, but whatever. Retard.
Havent been to india but i was just in myanmar last summer for 2 weeks. Ate everything and saw the sights in yangon traveled out to bagan and Mandalay. And I loved it, people were friendly aside from the few kids trying to scam money from you. I always felt relatively safe and everything was beautiful in that dirty grungy SEA way. Only thing to watch out for is food poisoning, I got i really bad out in bagan.

What would be the best kind of car to do the pan-american highway ? Also, has anyone ever done it ? Is it worth the year of riding ?
Get a car you feel okay potentially losing when you have to ship it from Panama to Colombia.

File: 1381510801000.jpg (47 KB, 620x349)
47 KB
I'm looking for an onsen that allows people with tattoos (I have degenerate friends) and preferably is mixed gender.
Anyone has some expertise?
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Onsen: The dream...
File: Capture.jpg (31 KB, 598x294)
31 KB
Onsen: The reality.
Had you read the thread, you'd see that none of the posts were about that at all.
Burger here, I love onsens on a borderline autistic level. The nudity around my fellow men hasn't bothered me since I was a teenager. Enlisting probably helped me get over that hangup.
Open air bathing in hot water. it's really nice, bud.
That said, the rockies>japan for hot springs. The rockies cost less, and naturally occurring hot springs can be visited free, just get in your car and go.

File: 1523328387472.jpg (835 KB, 792x1143)
835 KB
835 KB JPG
Any of you guys write travel blogs or anything? It would be cool to see if anyone here has experience writing for something or related to travel writing and somehow getting abroad constantly in the process.

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