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File: Roma colosseum.jpg (373 KB, 2000x1333)
373 KB
373 KB JPG
So I'm going to Rome soon, and I keep hearing people warning about getting robbed. I'm starting to get a little worried. How much of a problem is this?
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Never was accosted in Italy. Had a good time. Must see the Vatican.
Italian street cops have the best uniforms by far
There are niggers everywhere in Italy trying to sell you "bling bling" and other shit before the police comes.
niggers in italy are pretty harmless and you can avoid them with ease.
Gypsies however are much more sinister, they usually roam crowded places like metro stations and use the packed places to pocket pick your stuff. Always check your surroundings in metro stations, gypsies are subhumans and you can spot one very easy.

They're often dressed up like tourists but you can recognize them a mile away for the dirty unkept greasy hair and the typical subcontinent look

Is there any other must see city in France thats not Paris? Honestly, most cities just seem like Paris but in small. Strassbourg had a realy nice german flaire (more than any actual german city) and marseille seems kinda distinct, but as far as i have heard it's a massive shithole. What other city in France would you recommend?
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>Honestly, most cities just seem like Paris but in small

I call bullshit on that one, where did you go?
Carcassonne is worth visiting, but as cities go it is very small. I'd call it a large town, rather than a city.
I will agree that Toulouse is a nice city.
I've heard Lyon is cool.
File: calanque-sormiou.jpg (443 KB, 1500x1000)
443 KB
443 KB JPG
Downtown Marseille is not bad at all plus you can do excursions to nearby Cassis and to the Calanques.
Go to Evry. It's kinda like a small city inside paris for real french vibes

File: 547794.jpg (175 KB, 600x475)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
Ignorant SCUM

Loud annoying SCUM

Drunken SCUM

That's 90% of the travel demographic. Why bother when you have to be surrounded by such people?
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File: 1559015463761.png (51 KB, 235x343)
51 KB

Spot the druggie G*rman blasting house music at 3am while he licks pajeet currywurst
Worst experience I ever have with an american it always without fail either from NY or from California. Obviously boomers are shit, but most other american I've met abroad seem to be aware they are kind of clueless and try to be a tad respectful.

English/British seem to be the dumb cunts I'd expect the average american to be along with Canadians.
>walks up to me asking me for directions abroad, get's uppity when I don't know where the thing is you want
>loud as shit abroad but it's fine because "me holiday"
>dumb as bricks to anything that doesn't directly affect their country and grossly misinformed on anything
>inconsiderate to an almost offensive level
>thirsty fuckers who chase after anything
>comments how this ain't like back home, then finds things that they can find at home to do
>any conversation with them is often very boring or dull

Canadians are assholes because they will go along with literally anything then complain about it non stop after, and comment how they aren't american.
As a Brit all i can say is that we really have two types of people in this country, and i know exactly the type you're talking about, and we, the other type, hate them as much as you.

I live in a very middle class place but every weekend all the dumb fuck ladmates come in from the towns to go drinking and its exactly as you describe barring being abroad.
Didn't mean to blanket statement but man more often than not I seem to run into them unless I start going well off the tourist path/parts of a country.

I know british are fine but I just seem to be running more into the dumbasses more than the normal people. Guess the same can be said about all nationalities, but holy fuck british seem to be the most thin skinned when it comes to admitting any fault in english people.
Yeah drunken would be fine if they limited the bullshit that follows solely to themselves
>can't fathom why some place or person abroad wouldn't want their tourist bux
>can't comprehend why someone doesn't speak english, it's the world language!
Everything here >>1620544

For all the stereotypes against burgers English/anglos/brits always seem to fit the bill of a typical american tourist far more than americans do. One thing I've never been able to grasp is why that at any time they feel it appropriate to just stir up some political conversation.

File: 27791-b-chicken-run.jpg (87 KB, 595x800)
87 KB
Hey so I only have one year left on my military contract and I am ready to travel the world. I've been saving for three years and I can speak English and Spanish fluently. I've always wanted to be a journalist (don't laugh) ever since those old ass vice videos where that guy went to North Korea, Liberia, and Russia. I'm planning on going to Cuba, and I don't know how I should start my journalism. Should I start a YouTube channel like that bald and bankrupt guy?
Tell me what you think and share your experiences and any tips you may have.
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Obviously, I'm gonna tell you to make your first stop a visit to your family before you go wander the Earth.

They miss and love you.

Afterwards, get on the next possible plane to Thailand and fuck some tight ladyboy asses.

No idea what you should do about the whole journalism thing though.
What's with this message being on this thread?
File: FB_IMG_1560223901611.jpg (42 KB, 610x813)
42 KB
>/trv/ is a slow board, you don't need to bump more than once a day -- it's OK if your thread is not on the front page, we look several pages deep here. You can do that. too, looking for threads on your topic.
>Questions are welcomed, as are threads sharing experiences or generally discussing travel. For very general questions, you can get answers faster at other sites. Google is your friend. Start there, then come back here for specific questions. Some good links for basic info, and a few Pet Peeves of the board, are included within this thread.
File: 1519097670022.gif (687 KB, 400x333)
687 KB
687 KB GIF

File: sncf.gif (8 KB, 200x200)
8 KB
Has anyone here successfully booked tickets with this shitshow of a website? I'm going to France for a wedding in August, and I've been trying to book a round trip train ticket Paris-Angers, but I only get "technical errors" each time. I've tried the website (without adblock), the app and a third-party website called Trainline, to no avail. I've tried asking in QTDDTOT, but no one noticed my post, so I'm making a separate thread.

Any tips?
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It might be a good idea to call your credit card company, and see whether they have been rejecting the charge. That sometimes happens for charges made with a foreign web site.
This sounds crazy, but why not buy a ticket at the station
File: Sherlock Watson.gif (2.87 MB, 320x240)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB GIF
>Aaaaah, why is this so difficult? It's fucking France
1 post later
>Yeah. The problem is you.
>No need to be rude.
I think the SNCF was solely responsible for me despising my 3 months in France. I cannot wait for Macron to fuck them up the ass
Oui sncf is just retailer owns by Expadia

Sure anon whatever

File: file.png (172 KB, 320x300)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
>just graduated university
>wanted to have one last big travel experience before I start working
>sign up for 2 months of traveling solo, 1 in Asia (Vietnam and Japan) and 1 in Eastern/Central Europe
>just finished the Asia half, absolutely loved it
>already knew I'd love those countries though based off past experiences in asia and already having been to Japan before
>solo travel in europe is new to me though
>know it won't be as easy to meet new people since I don't stand out as much
>just got to Poland yesterday
>even though it's a beautiful place and people are friendly I'm really not feeling it and want to go home
>can't change my flight home without buying a whole new flight

Hopefully this is just a temporary thing and I'll get over it in the next few days, but fuck. I want to get back to my hobbies and friends/senpai. Even my last big trip was 1 month long and the last few days I was feeling a bit homesick, but I was hoping that since I'd be changing it up so much this time by going to a new country every week in EU I wouldn't have time to feel it.

Anyone else gone through something similar?
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Traveling certainly isn't gonna get you anywhere, but thinking being upper class in a shithole is any better than being middle class in a normal country is just delusion for someone who couldn't face the difficulties of settling in a foreign land.
> Did i mention i've visited Germany far and wide too in between Uni years to try and find out my statal peace?
Did you ever try getting a stable job there though? You surely have some marketable skills that would bump up your quality of life and offering you better transportation, healthcare, quality of air, availability of goods and services, and accessibility to other places in the world.
>Better off ruling Hell than serving Heaven.
If being the beta king of omegas serves you well because you can't be assed to actually improve your life meaningfully then go ahead. I don't think a comment on the Internet would change your perspective on more developed countries anyway, since you experienced meme life abroad and serious life in your home country.
I don't think a couple of lines exchanged between two anonymous people on the internet is gonna change either of the unique life perspectives we hold, more so when i'm knowledgeable in either society i've ever been to because i actually took the time to make an X ray of what that society has to offer in terms of output of the personal relationships between people of a specific culture. And i doubt the feeling is mutual as specially when it comes to Moldova as i doubt you know more of it than myself and by extension me personally beyond the general reasoning of what the words "Poor" or "Poverty" might suggest, but which nowadays are very relatives term btw.

What's a normal country, exactly? Place where you can make a lot of money? You can do that everywhere you go and in very specific places. According to you, most if not all places in the world are shitholes because they don't produce the same amounts of wealth, and by that logic, Dublin, London, Frankfurt, are all the land of ghettos whereas some remote shady place in New York is not?

Place with the things you mentioned above? Again, you're just assuming this is the case in even so called "developed" countries when in reality it really depends on the specific place you're at considering every place that is far away from basic forms of civilizations are shitholes. I've seen more white homeless people and beggars 30 minutes away from Dublin city center than i've seen gypsies begging in Bucharest city center. And in case you haven't visited Bucharest, that place is packed full of gypsies.
I've never been to a place in even the poorest parts of Eastern Europe where there wasn't already a form or another of basic transportation, healthcare, and virtually all of the things you mentioned above. You think western countries have that? Don't get me started on the NHS in the UK or their medical system in general, where i've been to my GP to ask questions regarding my health only to hear "You can just google that as well". Shitty GP? Yeah, but what about tons of other stories i've heard pertaining the same problem?
Likewise, some parts of London are simply places you'd want to avoid.

Granted, i did notice a high quality of peace, green and quiet in rural german villages, but i've interacted with sufficient germans to understand that they're very autistic people who are severely lacking in emotional intelligence and are just very awkward to be around in general.

What you're saying is basically that if you're rich in whatever country you go to, you'll be fine. Well no shit, i'm talking about the average of what that specific country can offer you, and due to globalization that average is more or less the same everywhere with regards to basic infrastructure and the pattern is the same
>Closer to big urban centers, closer to quality infrastructure. Farther from them, farther from infrastructure

What's even the point in moving abroad to settle permanently and getting a job if the local people suck ass? And if you plan on making money, as you suggest, there's no other place than capital cities, which are infested with muslims and africans. And if you move to a place away from them, you stop making money. I know because i tried in London, and the result is some meager savings which you're better off making in your own country, or any country for that matter, provided you're smart and not a wagecuck.

>since you experienced meme life abroad and serious life in your home country.
And what magical country are you from if i may ask?

I've experienced serious life more abroad than in my own country, but go ahead, keep telling yourself you know more about the world, when i'm certain you haven't even explored a fraction of it the way i have.

Anyways, it's not so much about some sort of patriotism driving me back home as it is about me buying some abandoned village because land is so cheap there and living a self-sufficient life off grid. Good luck achieving that in the West.

And that, my friend, is a luxury that not even the most well-to-do person in the West can afford.
>one week in cali to visit old friend
>23 so I can't rent a car
>have to stay in airbnb room
>friend couldn't get days off from work
>she was also going through family problems
>only hang out with her a few hours the first two days
>ready to go home on day 1/7
>day 2/7 friend tries to have sex with me but I stop her
>same day get in a fight with gf because she thinks I'm cheating on her
>day 3, 4, I just walk around town or awkwardly sit inside the airbnb and read
>5,6 I'm at my brother's place
>he leaves me to go party with friends
>spend 2 awkward days in the same house with my brother's gf
>have to buy them groceries because no food in the house

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: hopity.jpg (14 KB, 480x480)
14 KB
>that person(s) you thought traveling with would be great but turns out you can't stand them after a few days
14 replies omitted. Click here to view.
why would you have a problem with this? you sound insufferable yourself.
I never said I had a problem with it, just it was my only experience. Also I am very shy and am not used to extroverted people talking to me why I didnt say much to them.
>they're American
>talk about guns all the time
>they're British
>talk about how bad guns are all the time
>talk about how bad Americans are all the time

File: yrqehccn4gfpyljvmqqm.png (116 KB, 657x342)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
Hi /trv/,

I'm flying to Singapore for four days before moving on to another destination. Honestly, I don't know much about the city and am on a bit of a budget--I won't receive my next paycheck until I've already moved onto the next country after Singapore.

I was thinking about just spending one night in Singapore, hopping across the border to Malaysia and then flying to Kuala Lumpur. Stay for a Thursday and Friday night, return to Singapore, spend Saturday night there at a friend's place and then take my flight in the morning. The round-trip from Johor to KL is less than $25 USD. Figure it might make for a more exciting experience while making budgeting easier.

Just looking for some ideas and input. I know that food and other such things are actually fairly inexpensive in Singapore. Is the city really worth two or three days? Are the customs lines on both sides of the Malaysia-Singapore border too constantly bad to make it worth it? Will I have to blow a ton of money on transportation to get there and back?

Again: I'm not usually this much of a poorfag, I just don't get paid until my Singapore trip is basically done.

Not into hookers and shit, just want to eat good food, meet friendly people and be in an exciting place.

pic unrelated
Bump, /trv/ is moving faster than normal.
File: singapore_fines.jpg (53 KB, 300x368)
53 KB
All I can contribute is, several years back, and in the small hours of the morning when the roosters were still asleep, crossing from Singapore into Malaysia by car was not difficult or time consuming.

Which is probably not really helpful at all, but it's all I got.
I think there’s more to do in Singapore than in KL. KL always struck me as a nice place to live, but not much of a place to visit. The last time I was there I was able to cover all the “sights” in half a day. Also, if you do go I think you’d have a better time taking the train up from Singapore instead of flying. Alternatives would be flying to Penang or the Genting Highlands, or down into Indonesia. Still, 4 days in Singapore isn’t terrible and you’d probably be better off just hanging out there instead.

File: file.png (4.15 MB, 1920x1049)
4.15 MB
4.15 MB PNG
Tell us about your experiences with Vietnam
307 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
Fuck groups. Explore on your own. It's safe as fuck, nothing bad is gonna happen to you. People there are really friendly and if God forbid somehow you pissed one off they're too tiny to beat your ass
File: sea.jpg (39 KB, 728x425)
39 KB
Solo travel vietnam and SEA for 1,5 months?
My plan is to first land on Hanoi, sightsee north vietnam for 2 weeks. (Van Plateau, Halong Bay). Then move to Kuala Lumpur (5 days) and from there to Cambonia (1 week), then again to Kuala Lumpur and maybe go to Perth and move back to Kuala and vietnam.
I spend tons of time figuring flights and that 2 way tickets are almost the same priced as 1 way and of course that going to Kuala airport and then to that place is much cheaper then going straight from hanoi.

So in summary:
>Vietnam 3 weeks
>Malaysia 3 days (it does seem to be interesting, am i wrong?)
>Cambodia 1 week practically only for Angor Wat and temples
I was thinking about:
>Perth 1 week ( i am not quite sure what can in do there, but i always was curious of Australia)
>Singapore 1 week (friend was there and he liked it, but i don't really know)
OP here that fucked the cutie Viet hostel worker. She messaged me the other day asking about possibly coming to live in Vietnam in the future and marrying her heh. Like 3-5 years down the line was her hope
Please do!
any tips on how to do business with the Vietnamese
im doing a 15 day cross country trip next month with the men of the family
and im looking to extend my trip a week or two if i like the look of luc yen and can get some one to show me around the local mines
any advice?

I've been thinking of spending a week in Yerevan, Armenia next month.

Should I be worried about the situation with Iran and US next door affecting me?

Anyone have experiences traveling to countries near conflicts?
>Should I be worried about the situation with Iran and US next door affecting me?
Why would it? Armenia is a Russian colony
>near conflicts
You do know Armenia has been in daily conflict with Azerbaijan since the USSR fell?
>Should I be worried about the situation with Iran and US next door affecting me?
No retard
Anyone have experiences traveling to countries near conflicts?
Yeah I was in Texas where right across the border cartels are beheading busloads of people

File: 1408427063551s.jpg (3 KB, 124x110)
3 KB
Guys, i'll be honest. I can travel to Czechia for 80 EUR. I want to buy a girl. I went last year to k5 relax but i saw on the web that it got closed. Where to go now?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
My dude I want to go before my sick leave is over the 24th. Help pls.
This is OP btw.
Wait, how the fuck do you buy a girl?
Shit k5 got closed? Didn't that big FKK/Sauna club get closed last year too? Is the Czech government suddenly shutting them all down or what?
File: sparta.jpg (72 KB, 409x600)
72 KB
usually with Euros

Has anyone had any experience of staying in a squat on their travels?
Fuck these people
Check this dude out, he has stayed at some abandoned houses but not actual squats: >>1617039
I've heard the cops have cracked down a little on squats, but you could probably still find some cool abandoned buildings for urbex and sleeping in.
Squatting in Paris sounds like the quickest way to get stabbed by a maghrebi drug dealer.

I live in Hessen, Germany and I'm planning to do a cycling tour of circa two weeks in the upcoming summer holidays. However, I haven't really decided on the itinerary yet. Preferably, I'd like to go somewhere where I can do a little trekking tour on my own before I head back. I'm a sucker for beautiful, wide and natural landscapes. I did a trekking tour in Norway with a traveling group once and I would like to resurrect this amazing experience alone, without being restricted to a group scedule. I'd also prefer if said destination didn't have too much tourism. Does anyone know an optimal trekking tour place near or in germany that can be realistically reached in a two weak cycling tour?

Thanks in advance!

I'm also not quite sure which type of bike I should use for my tour. I know a bike without suspension is more optimal for longer distances, but I feel like a hardtail would be the better choice in case I come across bumpy tracks (especially since I want to do a trekking tour). What would be the better choice and can anyone recommend me a certain bike for this? (It shouldn't be too expensive)

Again, thanks in advance!

PS: the reason why this sounds so Reddit is because it's directly copied from a Reddit post I made
Scotland is an obvious choice. Anywhere north of Torridon is beautiful with few tourists, and good for cycling. For your trek look up Fisherfield or Sutherland.

File: file.png (168 KB, 391x588)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
Luggage thread
What luggage do you bring? What do you pack?
Looking for recommendations for a good daypack
55 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'm not opposed to using pump, they're just not available where I live.
Any recommendations on garment bags and tips on how to prevent suit and shirt wrinkles when your shit is stuffed in the overhead bin?
They can hang your suit up at the front of the plane, just ask the flight attendants. Be quick, though, they tend to have limited space. Other than that... Deal with it. Maybe look for flights that are less popular, midday Wednesday idk and then you have more overhead space.
hadnt thought about the asking the flight attendant
Your only 2 options with a suit bag is to fold it in half and put it in the above compartment or have someone hang it for you. Usually unless you're going overseas there will be space. Worst case scenario you put it above and it gets a few wrinkles, easily ironable.

70 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Acting like a dumbass in the supreme leader’s country? He deserved it.
I love you
File: IMG_2650.jpg (402 KB, 1600x1067)
402 KB
402 KB JPG
thiis is what I got when I have been there. Like every day.
>gving money

>you're using logic on a regime where the leader executes his family tree members/others for the most petty of reasons

You mean the one who was literally spying for the CIA?
Or the one that everyone claimed he was executed. But then he turned up alive and well?

oh yeah so petty so evil

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