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File: texas-state-map.jpg (56 KB, 660x520)
56 KB
I'm looking to do a large Texas loop this winter - right now, I'm thinking of rolling through Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, big bend (using marfa as base camp), and El Paso, and spending a 2-3 days in each. The goal is to soak up as much "authentic" local culture as possible, as well as your traditional Texas digs (rodeos and whatnot). Any must-see stops? Places I'm overlooking?
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visit the Czech stop in West, TX, a Collin's St Bakery if you come across it and at least one Buc-ee's if you want to road trip the real Texas way

I'm raised and live in central TX if you want to know about it
Dallas and San Antonio are shit. Probably skip Houston too, and I say that as a Houstonian. Do the hill country with Austin as your base and then West Texas. I love far West Texas and I think Marfa is worth visiting, but it's a long way from Big Bend NP so I would consider staying in or near the park for 1-3 days and then Marfa for 1-3 days. If you have more time in Marfa then I also like Fort Davis and Guadalupe Mountains which are relatively close, but keep in mind that everything in that region is unbelievably fucking far apart.

Winter isn't rodeo season. Eat some barbecue when you're in central Texas.

Tubing is a good suggestion but he said winter.
I agree - visit the Hill Country west of San Antonio. You'll only find mediocrity and conformity in the big cities. Look at the Texas Monthly website for road trips.
Painted churches of La Grange
came here to post this
I mean if Texas is what gets you going more power to you, but I've lived here my entire life and have been at varying degrees of trying to get out. It's not terrible, and you're right about good food and friendly people, but the weather is just offensive year-round and that friendly shit goes right out the window as soon as you get on the road.
If you come near the gulf coast at all, do it in the winter (Dec-Jan, maybe Feb if it's a nice year).
Rodeo is overpriced and overrated.
t. Houston

If you do end up visiting Houston and you like beer, definitely hit up Hay Merchant. Very relaxed place, you can usually hear yourself think/have an actual conversation if it's not a Fri/Sat night or something,and something like 70-80 beers on tap at any given time. Great food too.

Hi all /a/non here. Going to texas thursday for a week to go to an anime convention and meet some of my US friends. I was wondering what the best way for a foreigner to stay safe is? I just am winding down my week in california and heading to texas now but everyone in California was more rude than I thought and california is the good state. I can only imagine what texas cowboys and guns are like.

I'll be in a hostel in downtown dallas and need advice on places to drink, things to see on the metro line, and good grub downtown.

Also is it true that you can buy basically any anime art books in the USA legally?
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Yeah, but still almost 10 for the platter. Thats gotta be at an airport or something.
>going to an anime convention
Pick 1 newfag. Maybe Anime Expo in LA is acceptable because they get actual industry announcements but some random con in Texas has no excuse.
>California was the good state that actually cares about the world
California is literally the most corrupt state in America, from the politicians to the people itself. They only care about maintaining their money, the progressivism is a facade to keep face with libtards.
Mate dunno but the Texas airport train makes me feel unsafe
I live in Austin, Californians are always the obnoxious uppity fuck-heads but they're not all bad. Dallas has a giant corporate aesthetic, less passive aggressive than the hipster culture in Austin so they're pretty chill

anyone here ever interacted with "traditional" inuits? How do they react to tourists,
? Do they happily host them, not give a fuck, or chase them away?
stories, please
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Has anyone here used the new road to Tuktoyaktuk? I was considering driving there just to say I've done it.
ive worked near a small village north of the circle and apparently all they do is drink, fight and commit sexual violence
This is an excuse for poor behaviour.
They came into contact well over 300 years ago. What fucking nonsense.
Wow, a dozen replies and not one single SJW whining about historical injustice or they're just like everyone else really or muh white man's burden.

I nuit, you nuit, we all nuit. It's rare to run into such an accurate thread here nowadays.

What bars do I need to go to make quality connections, friends, etc. in inner-city Houston, Texas; within a day of travel?
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File: housing-segregation-1.jpg (1.1 MB, 2048x1366)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
t. assmad oklahoman that gets constantly (and rightly) bullied by texans
>quality friends
>one day
Why not

File: gettyimages-860271876.jpg (34 KB, 520x390)
34 KB
is anyone here planning to spend their retirement in a foreign country?
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I'll most likely retire to mexico. Ill probably buy a big walled compound to keep out the mexicans and their drugs.. kind of like Zorro.
>good food
>just across the wall from family
File: 1563429663215.jpg (154 KB, 1001x823)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
i have a soft spot for italy, i wouldn't mind spending some years there after retirement

but i've met a lot of old people who lived in wonderful places (a 90 year old woman living in a $10k per month retirement home for example) and they always wanted to return to the place that they grew up in, mostly to do with people that they know that still live there and them being the only link to the past that they have left

growing old seems hard man
File: old man at golf.jpg (73 KB, 700x748)
73 KB
Whoa I was not prepared for this level of basedness...

Why wait until retirement? Expatting is ridiculously easy.

I've already paid into social security for enough time to guarantee my benefits down the road so there really is no point in me working in the (((Jewnited States of Goymerica))) ever again. I went back for the first time in eight years a few months ago and I couldn't help but be appalled. How do people live that way?
Retirement is a boomer meme

Tranny here, whats a good place for me to travel to?
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>Implying that being treated like the opposite sex is impossible because it's arbirtrarily the one biological reality that can't be ignored, unlike, say, eating the placenta after a birth or immediately killing rivals to your resources.
>Implying that "transness" is a physical state and not a mental state.
i heard north Korea is lovely this time of year
Hey wait that's illegal
R u passable
Morroco or Tunisia
They'll be flattered to please you

File: Hand-Luggage-Only-3-1.jpg (267 KB, 1600x1086)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
UK anon here - I'm spending 4 months in Seville, leaving in a few weeks.
What are the best things to do, places to go and see etc?
Anyone else been and can recommend any local gyms/pools + general tips on living in the area?
Also, I've recently split from lonnnng term gf so best way to pick up girls?
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Just googled this - thanks for the advise won't go near it (wasn't likely to venture that way anyway but certainly won't now)
well, Its ok, I will tell you the MUST SEE places and the DONT GO places

first, the touristic parts. Sevilla is the most beautiful of the western european cities, or at least is fighting for top 1 with firenze. Its the european city with the biggest historical center, so theres plenty of things to do.

First, and foremost, the two first places I would go are Parque Maria Luisa (its like central park but actually good) its like a forest on the middle of the city, you can go for a walk there, also there is plenty of things to explore, its really well built. People go there at night to fuck (even tho they close the park at like 11 pm. Also sometimes people try to mug people but its like 1 case each 3 months and you should be very unluky.

There you will also fin the plaza españa, which is the photo you posted on OP, you can get on one of the boats for 6 euros half an hour, girls love it.

Second best place to go if you are interested in culture is el alcazar de sevilla. The line is always full, but it goes fast. In summer they close at 7 and kick people out at like 8. You must pay to enter tho.

the cathedral isalso fucking awesome and will make your jaw drop, you can go up the giralda if you want, (the cathedral is also pay to enter). Other cool places are archivos the indias, which is just besides the cathedral and the alcazar. The center is awesome, theres also la plaza de la iglesia del salvador, (another austanding cathedral-paid too-) thats get really lively at night with young people (20-25-30 yo), they go there to drink cerveza and eat tapas at the restaurants, shit's cheap there, but good. La torre del oro, in the rives is free to visit every monday on mornings, they close at 2 pm if I remember correctly. La campana and around is where shops are located, most of them are multinationals tho. Close to la campana are las setas, its a new monument they built 5 years ago, you can go up and see all the city from its top, you must pay tho.
Under las setas theres the ruins of a roman villa, the visit is paid. if you want to eat food any place will do just fine, BUT if you want the real thing, and CHEAP you can try restaurant LA GORDA, just in front of la torre del oro, its spanish cuisine and its cheap, besides that theres also another one just around that corner but I dont remember its name, it is good too.

Lastly, if you love the romansyou can visit santiponce, theres italica, one of the most important cities on la betica (roman name for andalusia).

For clubbing you can go to either to la plaza de hercules, which is like the international clubbing zone, theres a lot of foreigners there, in particular theres a club called euroka, which is shit but giris love it for some reason.

btw people will talk about you using the "giri" thing which just means outsider on a neutral context, but if you do retarded shit they will just say look what that fucking giri is doing" or something like that.

anyways, theres also el parque maria luisa at night, theres like 3 clubs there that are real good and popular, only opens at summer tho. The names are alfonso, bilindos, and libano.

Do not go to:
Las vegas
Los pajaritos
Las 3000 viviendas

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I'm also a Brit and I've been living in Seville for a couple of years now. Some fair advice from the others in here that I wouldn't disagree with at all but I guess I will have a more similar perspective to yourself.

Seville itself is beautiful and very temperate in the time that you will be here although will get chillier than you might think towards Christmas, particularly since the buildings often are built to shit out as much heat as possible. For example, my home has no radiators, insulation or carpet.

If you give some more info on what you'll be doing here and budget I could maybe give some advice on where to look for accommodation but, if you can, definitely try and live in within the city walls or in Triana. Check out idealista and fotocasa for some ideas. I live near Alameda and it's always a popular area a bit away from the main tourist stuff but close to a lot of action. It's where I was aiming when I moved and I'm glad to be here.

Seville is a major city so for girls you'll be fine, both local and foreign.

Any more questions feel free. Also be sure to explore elsewhere in Andalucia whilst you have the opportunity.
>plaza de hercules
i meant alameda de hercules, sorry

When I travel through europe, SEA and China I see a lot of people from France and Spain, or Spanish speaking countries.
Maybe 10% speak English or another second language. 40% can string together a few words. 50% speak so little English that even a Chinese shopkeeper, desperately trying to explain the price of "two five yuan", is getting frustrated at their lack of communication skills. You cant even get a bus or talk to any local person.

Why do people travel like this? You cant have fun when you cant even buy something without looking like a cucumber in a fruit salad.

t. Just stood behind a French guy for 10 minutes, while he was trying to get food in French
Not sure what you're trying to accomplish with this thread but I have never had an issue even when the other person knows nothing of English. I recently went to Vietnam and would always eat street food. Finding the price was never hard because the vendor would either put up their fingers to signify the number or they'd literally show me the paper note I needed to pay with. They were so friendly I miss those bastards
>Blah blah blah they are good
>I want to be the one who travel
Nobody cares. Locals want your money and that's all. They don't fucking care about your "everybody should speak English".

File: 2011-britrail-logo.png (3 KB, 200x49)
3 KB
Is the BritRail pass worth it?

My partner and I are in London for 10 days, with travel to Salisbury for 2 and to Edinburgh for 3/4. (So I guess 4 days of travel?) Looking at the train times is freaking me out since I don't want to have to be constrained to a certain time.
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What's wrong with Flybe?
Is this actually true? My eurail ticket is in the hostel locker so I can't check right now, but I remember looking at the map where it shows all the countries that accept it and the UK is greyed out. I bought the pass in January of this year, maybe I misread or something who knows, thanks for providing info to that guy though
I'm looking at a interrail map right now and the UK is included

Britain is still in interrail they reversed the decision
just checking it now, it's still at least $100 more

File: 1565889584772.jpg (78 KB, 680x433)
78 KB
Will be staying in Singapore for 3 day's.
What you guys would recommend to do in this baséd™ and redpilled (USDA approved)
Keep away from Muzzies, enjoy your shopping malls, maybe off yourself from boredom.
File: 1520014311469.jpg (160 KB, 629x961)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
I was thinking walking around streets and seeing botanical gardens. Is there more to see or did past me memed present me into spending 3 day's into give city?
orchard towers & geylang
If you are going with a gf or wife, go for a boat ride at night, mine loved it.
Check marina bay sands if you are not rich it like us it, will blow your mind.
In front of marina bay there is a lotus shaped building, there is a fucking good exhibition - alice in wonderland, that was great.
Chinatown is nice, check the michelin food restaurant
Stay at the Marina Bay Sands if you can afford it. The rooftop infinity pool is incredible. Otherwise, you really don’t need 3 days in Singapore. Everything can be done in a day or two max. Check out some hawker stands, check out the Chinatown, and then check out the gardens. I’d recommend spending more time in other places in SEA (Vietnam, Thailand, etc.)

File: Iran.png (128 KB, 1181x1181)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
can we get an Iran thread?

I have been interested in visiting this country for quite a few years and considering visiting during a multi-country holiday.

seems to be a very ancient place with much culture and history, and every Persian I meet IRL is the most hospitable.

I'm interested in hiking and food, anyone got some vague recommendations for me?
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The sex craze is something I've only ever read on 4chan. Yes, you'll match with a lot of girls on Tinder in the secular cities and no, they won't be bots, but IME they ignored any talk about meeting up in person.
But maybe I'm just not attractive to Iranians. Saying سلام خوبی (means something like "hey what's up") is a good conversation starter because almost no tourists can speak/write a word of Farsi.
been to Iran two years ago
>beatiful country. Lots of ancient/historical stuff, too much to see in a month (i've been 3 weeks, was way too little)
>Tehran is shit, all of its attractions are like 2/10 compared to the rest of the country
>I missed out on couchsurfing (regretting now)
> met a couople of girls off interpals. Was a disappointing experience because how mercantile and shallow they were
I've heard from an Iranian expat friend that recently the security siutation deterioted a lot, but he may be just an alarmist
I was there in April/May. Didn't ever feel unsafe nor see something shady happen. I even tried memeing with some guys about Balochistan and they said it's fine for like 363 days a year.
I fucked a local in Iraq but I'd say I got very lucky and it's not a common occurrence

Due to certain circumstances me and my Mrs are looking to go on holiday to Koh Samui or Cape Verde at the end of August/beginning of September. Both slap bang in the middle of rainy season. It’ll be the last holiday for a few years so I dont want it to be a bad memory of sat in a hotel room whilst its pouring down outside? Any experiences or advice?
>bad memory of sat in a hotel room
cape verde is nothing more just an island for all inclusive holidays. There are things you can do like going with a jeep to little villages, but that is all, it was a letdown for me.
You can buy a trip to sao vincente or santo antao to go 1500 m high, see an inactive volcanic crater, and see the ribeira grande waterfalls.
The brother of my wife went fishing at sea with locals (for 300 euro kek), he said it was a much better experience than doing these stupid tours.
But again, nothing extra. Enjoy the all incl. drinks and fuck your wife every day.
I hope you like wind. There's really nothing to do in Cape Verde.
Yeah that’s the Wife’s idea of an ideal holiday, guess the other choice is Thailand but considering its monsoon season pretty much fucked either way
Is the wind that bad? Like bad enough that it’ll be shit to lay on the beach or relax at all?
>monsoon season
Last week we returned from Ano nang Krabi, Thailand, it didn't rain even once, it wasn't fucking hot either, and because of the monsoon season sometimes we had the whole beach for ourselves because of the few tourists, also everything is cheaper.

I will be sent to this country in September, business related, my company has a project in this country.
I'll stay in Karaganda region for a month or two. Checking Karaganda it looks like a post-nuclear apocalypse zone.

Is there anything man can do to kill his time after work hours? Some areas worth visiting? Going to Astana (it seems it's about 3 hours away)?
Bayanaul national park

All the trains between Almaty and Astana pass thru karagandy so u can get there fast and cheap anytime
cumbrain question inc

how hard is it to hookup here? I almost got with one from here when i visited poland, and i had a friend who actually fucked one (her first time) so im curious
GGG is from there so you could go do some boxing or some shit. i went to uni with some smoking hot chicks from kara, smash and report please anon

The Italian city appears to have finally reached its breaking point
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>it's this shit thread again by the desperate Campus Grün german fag
Give up already.
File: 1562656226738.png (303 KB, 553x581)
303 KB
303 KB PNG
China has basically been practicing QE-on-steroids by printing monopoly money for more than 15 fucking years all the while cooking the books to combat inflation, meaning every chink who held a tiny stock portfolio is now suddenly a millionaire. This is why tourism has suddenly become such a major fucking problem all across Europe/US in the last 10 years alone.

Since we're on the doorstep of recession and China probably won't be able to escape it like they did in '08, we're headed into a period of chinks returning back to poverty and places like Venice will go back to the way it was in the early 2000s.
Also, reminder that in China it is not illegal for Chinese businesses to outright scam or commit fraud against persons or businesses situated outside of China. It is a civil matter.
God I fucking hate the Chinese. All they do is run around taking selfies of everything and following tours. They’re literally the embodiment of human waste.
They don't speak the local language and they're used to the government van of they express ideas .
What else can they do?

What’s there to do in Nairobi
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
In what ways are they hospitable and welcoming? Like trying to be your friend?
Malawi and Zambia is where all the Rhodesians fled to (well aside from Australia and NZ). It's probably one of the few communities in the world that appreciates 4chan's unqiue outlook.
Lots of black girls. It's the easiest place in the world to get laid as a white guy, bar none. Most are ugly but the top % are cute, feminine, and super easy.

This is accurate, it's not remotely safe. You need to take ubers door-to-door most of the time, but staying in Westlands will allow you to walk a bit during the day.
It's kind of alarming that feminine is now a sex trait
How are they easy tho? Men still have to make all the moves obviously

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