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File: уцу.png (1.15 MB, 1060x856)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
Im in Italy for a month already. I came to visit my friend (hes much older than me, im a manchild gamer/geek/figure collector/cartoon watcher/you know the plot) - my freelance colleague and old friend.

What happened so far
>never been in a big city. I mostly in small towns and villages
>friend lives in a small town
>was in Rome for a day only - friend needed his medicine and we went to clinic
First few days were super cool but now it became boring. I really want to see big cities and go shopping...but for fucks sake in small towns there is almost no itnernet and shops.

I even got picked by my colleague's friends when we went to their villa for 4 days...whichwas a big mistake. I spent all 4 days listening to my autistic music (videogame and cartoon osts) while two of his friends (1) snobby smartass with creepy laugh 2) alpha male dudebro from spain) had their time to pick on me and treat me like shit... (because i guess they expected me to be a party animal but i was an introvert and it insulted them...i don't know..)

I still have 14 more days and im planning to spend them in bigger cities.
Im going to Rome where i will do nothing but crazy shit, buy action figures and eat anything i want.

The only time i was happy in italy was
1) when i went alone and walked many kilometres listening to music and finding new places by myself

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Fuck man you are in Italy just walk, and eat all that you can
Drink wine
Eat cheese
Be a man
Stop being a fag
Here is a huge life hint anon .
People only tease you if they like you.
Otherwise you get ignored.
Life is not like high school
Actually from what OP has said I genuinely can see people hating him.
Golden reply

Has /trv/ visited Alhambra in Spain? Its on my bucket list of places to see and from what I understand theres a day tour as well as night tour. Also what is the difference between Alhambra and Nasrid Palace? Someone recommended to me to do Alhambra in the day and Nadrid Palace at night
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File: IMG_20190820_130516.png (158 KB, 430x303)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
Yes, about 10 years ago. It’s pretty cool, although I thought the city of Granada was even cooler.
>But I would recomend to spend a couple of days in Granada. I wish I had more time to enjoy it.
This. Granada is a great place.
How good does your spanish have to be in Spain? My spanish is decent but it's not perfect. Do many locals understand English?
Depends on where you go.

Some places like Barcelona and the Balearics have tonnes of English speakers, but in other places it'll be hard to find outside of the city centres, if you can find it at all.

I've never had a problem though, if they know it they switch and if not they help you.

File: TMR-20190801-pg10-1.jpg (726 KB, 886x638)
726 KB
726 KB JPG

All these paradise beaches, forests and hilly wonders of the world began from humans’ desire to get away from other people and do what they like. And soon you discover that the forest or the beach becomes “overtouristed”. And people begin to look for other places where they can say “Hey, hey, hey”. There may technologies to restore these ruined former paradises. But how about the reasons that drive people — Westerners or Asians alike — to places where they can feel free?

You may talk about a culture clash when you see the Chinese where there only used to be locals or Western visitors. And there were the Arabs before that, in Malaysia’s case. But in Baikal (and even Altai), it’s mostly the locals who are turning the pristine world into yet another crowded horror.
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>the german campus grün sperg is at it again.
Nobody cares about your shit even if you spam it every single day faggot.
he's full of shit.
mass tourism is not sustainable, I'm not sure how anyone can objectively say otherwise. small European cities/towns/whatever will not survive the changing tourist landscape. they will simply just not have enough space to accommodate all the people traveling now without either heavy, heavy enforcement or just letting the place be a fucking mess. Eventually as travel becomes more and more cheaper and 3rd world purchasing power rises, you are going to have a massive influx of people all trying to cram into one place at the same time.
98% of people accumulate at the same places. Go to Venice. The main street is crowded and full of people, you walk 20 meters and youre the only person in the alley.
Go to a temple in Japan. Its full of Chinese tour groups. Go to one 200 meters further and theres no one. Or come at night and, again, theres no one because the tour group is eating.

Its easy to avoid tourists. Even when Im hiking I just take a route 500 meters away from the tourist path and I see two people all day while the other tourists complain about... tourists. Sucks for them
Yes, and you're all part of the problem.

File: downtownvancouver.jpg (600 KB, 1080x587)
600 KB
600 KB JPG
Hey /trv/, I'm currently considering attending UBC for University next year, and will be moving from Edmonton to Vancouver and living on uni residence if I decide to do this.

I will be spending a weekend there in the coming fall to check out campus and I need some advice on what to see and do in order to get a feel for the city in general and see if it's a good fit for me. Basically I just want info on what the vibe is like and how it would compare good and bad to Edmonton.
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listen to this guy OP. he's 120% right.
+1 upvote. this place is so cliquish its pathetic. I went to SFU for years, left for Ontario then came back and haven't reconnected with anyone hardly. Everyone who grows up here stays in their safe space bubble of a friend group and no one trusts anyone because of le diversity. Lots of lonely people here and everything is overpriced which doesnt help. I'm moving away soon as I've decided YVR is a neo-lib gentrification project not designed for real Canadians.
not everybody who grows up here is cliquish, but there certainly is a bunch of it, and the reasons you list:

>lots of lonely people
>everything is expensive

truth to all of them. there is a weirdly high amount of lonely people, both from here and moving here. lots of these people may want to socialize but are bad at it or are timid from being burned before, so it becomes a loop.

obviously everything is pretty expensive. lots of the good old cheap-er options for going out have disappeared. even the fucking cambie is going away, which sucks. at least getting around the region is okay.

diversity is another one too. my high school here was pretty multi ethnic and i had a bunch of non-white friends, but not too longer after that it was like we all self-segregated into respective ethnic groups lol. not to say this is all driven by animosity or dislike or whatever, but its weird to see it play out like that. groups of all one ethnic group are faaaar more common than diverse ones. super obvious with asians who seemingly refuse to even consider the idea, except filipino women of course

anyways, like i said, i've made it work, and i don't hang out a bunch with just the people i grew up with. but am well aware this town can be tough to move to and make the social part of it work. and well aware a lot of people in this city are aloof dopes who are just bad at socializing themselves

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Would it be easier to afford at least?
What Mongolia?

File: texas driving.jpg (7 KB, 318x159)
7 KB
Texas driving is murderous desu
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I live in Louisiana and I hate driving in Texas because of how aggressive everyone is. But, Texans are quick to blame it on immigrants and newcomers to the state, so I don't know.
When I'm driving at home and see an asshole driver and check their license plate, it's usually a Texas one. But Louisiana drivers are really bad too, we rank lowest on everything else in the US, so eventually we'll get "worst drivers" someday too
Please help me a just moved here and don't know what to do
Nah, Texans drivers are all shitty, no sigbals, cant merge for shit, as soon as there is even a dark cloud the pileups begin
Cause it's filled with white people, Texas will be/already is minority-majority.
Add El Paso to that list. The growing mindset in the parts of Texas I've been in is: "why aren't you in a car if you're going somewhere?"

This is anecdotal, but if you're walking or riding a bicycle anywhere you're looked at like an alien.

File: oeko-studentin.jpg (17 KB, 200x200)
17 KB
>Hey guys, I'm off to Somalia for a few weeks to go hiking. See you later!
File: 1562752405516.jpg (26 KB, 480x360)
26 KB
>im also a trans woman.
I have a giant smelly hat, not sure if that matters

File: california-1012603.jpg (56 KB, 800x450)
56 KB
How do you make friends when traveling? Or simply meet people?

If you go visit a foreign city on your own, how do you meet people and so forth?

Any ideas?

Pic unrelated
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fuck man, you make this thread like twice a week. fucking stop.
>stay in a hostel
>buy beer
>drink the beer
>hang around the pool table
>play pool with randoms
>after a couple of games you now have some friends
also if you're using your laptop in the common room dont wear headphones. laptop & headphones = "i dont want to talk to anyone"
I think the catch is that he wants people to pay attention to him and feel pity for him.

If he just talks to people, it's over too fast. He's being treated like a normal person with normal responsibilities, and he didn't even get a "reward" for talking to people or some kind of handicap that he thinks he deserves for not being able to make friends like normal people.

He wants some 9/10 girl to see him wearing his headphones and leave a party everyone else is having where Chad Thundercock is showing up and come to his room in the middle of the night to talk about his hurt emotions and how she'd never choose Thundercock and his money and his charisma and his reliability over Anon's fragile artistic genius, trampled upon by an uncomprehending society.

Then he wants mind-blowing sex where the girl leads, he wants a compliment for being good in bed, and he wants an ironclad guarantee that she'll be available for sex at any time with no effort required.

He probably also wants the girl to cuck Thundercock in front of everyone else just for his sake and everyone to start caring about him.

Because like a lot of incel arguments, it's based on the idea that you can "store" social privilege, and that if society won't let you cash in on your victimization check and exchange childhood bullying for eternal special treatment, you're justified in shutting yourself away because society doesn't deserve you.

Trying normally would be too hard.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
OP, you're trying to run from the normal method of making friends because you have that idea that you somehow deserve better "after all this".
You're afraid of being average or worse, and you hamstring yourself with fear of trying before you ever do, mostly because you've idolized "the popular people" for years and you're afraid of being disappointed.

But you're probably also convinced that other people don't do anything else than have fun with their friends after coming home from their $100 an hour travel consultant job and be sprightly the next day while still finding time for yoga, gym, cooking, artistic hobbies and more.

This is a conglomerate image that social media has created, and it is not correct.
Everyone else has times when they stutter, when they forget what to say, when they say something stupid, when they don't want to hang out, when they can't concentrate.
Everyone is bad at something, and it's often something pretty big like art or math or language.
And on top of that, if you don't know any of these people, you don't see them mad or lazy or crying or otherwise not perfect.

Because they aren't taking pictures of that, now.

OP, your image of people is too manicured and you probably think a Chad never has a single issue in his life. That's why you're trying to avoid actually talking to people - because you want to avoid the mess that it is to talk to people (EVEN FOR OTHER PEOPLE; EVEN FOR "NORMIES") and wait till someone notices how much they've "abused" you and comes to genuflect.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
dude you project too much
You're never going to see any of these people again, what do you have to lose? Open up with a horrible joke, reference something you like in the city, ask someone how their day is going. It's the same as if you take public transportation in your city, someone is always ready to give their life story to a complete stranger.

So I fucked up and watched it
What are some romantic walkable cities in Europe? I love good architecture, museums, food and a nice nightlife scene but not filled with people who can't handle their drinks
And no, I'm not under the illusion I'll meet a qt French chick and I realize that Vienna might've been highly romanticized
78 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
why are you such a faggot?
awful movie
Hostel bar. Everyone was talking about how incredibly beautiful this woman was. I put it out of my mind completely, chatted with her but didn't think anything would happen with, but she seemed interested. Eventually we went to a club and while we were dancing she gave me this look that told me she wanted to kiss me. So we did.
why are you so rude? i thought white men were happy in korea
hey guys, sorry if this is unrelated but didn't feel like it deserved its own thread

So, there's this EU initiative meant to give youths (only 18yr olds are eligible) the opportunity to visit various EU countries by granting them free Interrail passes.
And lucky me managed to win one. So did some chick from my high school whom I never met/interacted with until now. We started chatting and agreed to go together as this is quite an unique opportunity and, also, we both just graduated, therefore a summer adventure couldn't be more suitable and befitting before going to college.

Now, I don't have any specific questions; I'm just looking for general traveling advice from more experienced fellas given that this is essentially my (our, actually) first trip abroad, and guidance regrading traveling with a girl - do's and don'ts and what to expect.
Also, we'll be visiting Prague, Berlin, Vienna and Budapest so any sightseeing recommendations and tourist attractions are greatly appreciated!

File: dG8Fh8e.jpg (113 KB, 720x960)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Can traveling change your life? How?

>tfw 34 year old khv
>no friends
>shit job, live with parents in the suburbs
>no social skills
>no hobbies or passions really
>just wasting away

I've traveled to a few cities, NYC, Chicago, and a few cities in SEA. In each I did the same thing
>walk around
>eat food
>go to tourist sites and museums
Wasn't life changing at all. I usually just spend my mandatory vacation time in a staycation

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
237 replies and 39 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Wasn't life changing at all.
What type of expectations do you have out of traveling? That after visiting SEA that you'll magically transform into a 6'4 Chad with a huge social life and a 7-figure job?

Travel is about just experiencing things the planet has to offer. It's not a magic pill to completely transform your life if you have a shitty life at home. If you don't find seeing new places to be fun and worthy in itself, I suggest finding a new hobby.
>this thread is still up
>I say travel ESPECIALLY if you’re a friendless loser.
Valuable advice, honestly. I have zero friends where I live in the US and work remotely, so I'm always alone. When my ex left, she said that I was an awful person and no one else would ever care about me again.
Proved her wrong. When I travel, I pack in so many social meetings, some planned others on the fly. I've made more memories in 2 years traveling than I did with her 3 years sitting at home watching reality tv shows. Traveling makes me feel like a worthwhile person.
But at the same time, it really sucks when I return from a trip because it just reminds me how lonely and friendless I am here.
Came to post this, not that I'm tired to see OP's pic.
The life chang6stuff is meeting people and making connections. You can do that at home as well. Be social. Join a sport, join a club, put yourself out there.

What’s the best way in preparing your gut for traveling to shitholes so I won’t have explosive diarrhea on day 1?
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
bad b8
>drinkable cholera vaccine
As long as just one tard starts licking urinals I've done my job.
don't spoil it already
Dekete this

File: IMG_20190813_104815.jpg (3.47 MB, 4608x2592)
3.47 MB
3.47 MB JPG
Currently in Kraków. Half of the old town is occupied with construction works, which expand with each passing day. Sights like this all over the city. Sort of a vent post, but probably best to give Kraków a miss this year if you were planning on going there.
37 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
It was not expensive at all. I think it worked out as €25 per person for starter and main course including drinks. Maybe a little expensive for Krakow prices but incredibly good value compared to here (Ireland)
>not expensive
>for a starters
Lel 8€ is max for me
File: 1562339869392.jpg (2.36 MB, 4032x3024)
2.36 MB
2.36 MB JPG
Was to krakow earlier this year when the Vistula flooded. Nice city over all and very accessible to tourists. The locals doesn't speak English usually but they're quite keen on using tech like translation apps to overcome the communication gap.

I visited all those places you've mentioned, and Auschwitz Birkenau and the Wieliczka salt mine. Auschwitz was sort of a disappointment as the enormous tourist pressure makes the tour feel like historical exploitation that doesn't respect the gravity of the locations historical meaning. The salt mine was amazing thou, and anyone visiting Krakow should definitely check it out.
Welcome to Europe in summer. Most places will do construction in summer because it interrupts daily life the least.

t. Viennese
>what is spring
>what is early summer

What is the most dangerous country to visit?
64 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
I wouldn't know the source, but I'll say what I haven't seen many people say in this thread.

It's not indicative of the risk of violent crime, assault, fraud or whatever.

It's the political stability of the country and the degree of the conflicts they're engaged in.
It's the chance that something detrimental to public safety (a declaration of war, martial law, suspension of the Parliament, a revolution, large-scale demonstrations) is going to happen at all in the near future, not the chance that this will happen to you.
>landlocked jungle pit with next to no infrastructure and half of the world's horrifying tropical diseases in addition to widespread poverty and famine
>formerly under the rule of one of the most brutal colonial powers, Belgium, which does not teach people to like white people
>especially when they barely come there unless they're charity workers and thus walking money bags
>entire country held afloat on charity for generations while infrastructure collapsed and corrupt governments and military juntas alike siphoned off most of the money for pleasure jets and ethnic cleansing
>and now the easiest way to make money is to keep leeching charity and robbing tourists whose pocket change in dollars could feed a village
>where more or less every negative stereotype about Africa comes from

The math checks out.
>The only thing I disagree is North Korea - it's impossible anything to happen to you because you are chaperoned 24/7 and only get in real trouble if you do retarded shit.
This is not true.
Yes, they closely watch you, and don't want to drive away tourists cos they make money from it.
But there is a very real risk that you will be used as a pawn for international relations effect, or made an example of for little to no reason. They don't give a fuck. There are no reciprocal agreements, extradition, repatriation. You are on your own. They can do whatever they want, and will justify it with some reason or other.
Maybe the others deserved it, maybe he really did try and steal a propaganda poster. But maybe he didn't, we'll never know. Maybe Kim JongUn was being hit hard by sanctions and wanted to apply leverage.

Maybe you trip and fall and knock a vase over and they claim it was a gift from Kim IlSung
It's not safe by any means
Source: trust me bro

im selling an 100$ - 90e for airbnb travel coupon for 85$ - 75e
how do i make sure you dont scam?
>selling it for anything above 50% the coupons price
Can't believe there are people this dumb to throw money out just like that
its a coupon i got for being a superhost for a year, you can find me on airbnb or e-mail me be sure i wouldn risk my airbnb credibility for 85$
File: Untitled.png (233 KB, 1366x768)
233 KB
233 KB PNG

File: 1564255144675.png (515 KB, 600x394)
515 KB
515 KB PNG
In what countries do the women go crazy for an american accent ?
39 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Brazil, russia, china. For whatever reason while travelling girls from those countries were always happier to interact with me. Also australia to a certain extent, but that's probably because they like brown guys in general.
They probably will be anon, no need for sarcasms

I think all non native English speakers are attracted by american accent. But british accent is much more attractive of course
*A girl from eastern europe*
Do you have a penus?
i hear eastern european women dont do hookups. is that so?

File: Lonely-Planet-guides.jpg (90 KB, 800x600)
90 KB
Are these guides popular because they are actually good and informative or are they just the choice of braindead millennials who can think by themselves?
23 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
My parents have an ancient lp from the 70s on Australia and it recommends a walk near that asbestos mine area, with no mention at all of the asbestos.
WTF man, I'd agree for many other countries, but you use Laos as an example?

I'm in Laos right now and the amount of info on this country is minimal. The most recent LP guide is 2 years old and it's still a good source for info about tours, offices, sites, etc. The guidebook doesn't go too far off the beaten track but it doesn't claim to be more than just a survival guide.

Yes you can find more off-track stuff once you're here and in a guesthouse, but Laos is exactly the kind of country that a LP guidebook comes in handy.

Admit it - you've read it too. And if you haven't, unless you spent 8 weeks in this country (visiting tourism offices and interrogating guesthouse operators who know 30 words of English) then you missed out on some good info.
My favourite book of all time is pascal slovenia tourist guide. /lit/faggots BTFO
>zoomers dont use them
>Just visited south america
>people were constantly pulling them out their bag

It's people queuing up to take tinder pictures

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