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Has anyone here decided to just go and hitchhike to somewhere one day on a whim? I live in London and I was thinking in the summer I might just fill a small rucksack with some absolute necessities, bring a baseball/cricket bat (protection) and a book (entertainment) and hitchhike to Mauritania to check out that cool freight train.

I wasn't planning on doing much preparation beforehand, and I won't need any visas. Using airbnb/hostels/couchsurfing where necessary and buses when I can't hitchhike, it would be entirely doable right? When I get to Dakar I'll just get a flight back, or if I feel up for it I'll hitchhike back.

And no, I'm not gay
I would maby drop the bat, but you can pull it off. Hitchhiking is hard in Spain though. Most people are supicious to strangers. By law its illegal, but the cops dont care. You will find it much more easy to hitchhike through Portugal.

Here is my youtube channel. I am hitchhikng almost the exact route as you are planning. I went west towards portugal instead of Maroco though. I am curently in Braga on my way to Italia

Take a proper walking stick instead of a bat, much more useful and you'll stand out less
I'm thinking of some sperg walking down the highway with a cricket bat and laughing my ass off, good stuff OP hope to throw a ball at you one day.

I'm heading off to SE Asia for a month next week and I've not even thought about it. Not made any plans whatsoever, not even looking forward to it really.

I feel like I'm maybe getting too old for travelling (mid 30s). Either that or I'm borderline depressed or something.

Anyone else ever feel this way? How do I get myself excited for 30 days in Thailand and wherever else I might end up?
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Same with me. I'm off to Japan on Thursday and I don't care and have done little preparation. Just depressed.
>I feel like I'm maybe getting too old for travelling (mid 30s).

That ain't it, I'll be 60this year and still love it.

Of course people's interests change over time, and some people travel for a season, then move on to something else. Maybe coming back to travel later, maybe not. And of course some folks never travel at all. That is not necessarily a sign of old age, or depression, or anything else other than life changes, we change.

So maybe try this -- you are off to SEA, you don't have a loot emotionally invested in it but you think travel is getting stale for you. So whatever it is you usually do, don't do that, do something else. If you usually go to the bars to meet people, but don't enjoy getting drunk any more, then don't do that. Go to the beach, to the park, go somewhere else where people gather and see who you can meet there. If you usually see the "sights," this time don;t do thta, wander the markets and people-watch. If you never see the "sights," go check them out this time.

If you don't normally do so, take a cooking class (SEA is great for that), take in a Muay Thai match or find some place where they are playing sepak takraw.

Maybe doing things differently doesn't work -- in which case, you're not out anything since what you would normally do isn't working anymore, either. In which case, maybe you need to take a break from travels and find your next interest. Maybe after a break, you'll want to travel again. Maybe not. It's all good.
I'm in Japan right now and I feel depressed. Five years ago I'd kill for an opportunity to go.
I wish so stayed home playing videogames.

Thanks for the advice older anon

I might use it as an opportunity to get out of my comfort zone for a change
Ha, so at least we know that getting old is not your problem.

File: st.jpg (90 KB, 825x407)
90 KB
what's the worst tourist trap you have fallen for?
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File: p_244G_180120181412.jpg (30 KB, 550x499)
30 KB
I once paid 40 euros for pic related.

I'm retarded though.
My sides. This is something I’d expect from Eastern Yurop
File: chair.jpg (62 KB, 300x453)
62 KB
Get on my level.

>Not the largest chair in the world, nor even the largest Duncan Phfye style chair in the world, the Giant Chair of Thomasville is nonetheless a very large chair.
File: see rock city.jpg (97 KB, 706x515)
97 KB
So how many of you bastards have seen Rock City?
>You could argue anybody that has been to Paris has fallen for the worst tourist trap.
>jazz/electroswing clubs.

File: 1550797243374.png (424 KB, 485x443)
424 KB
424 KB PNG
anybody here ever been a victim of crime while traveling?
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I'm surprised Norway didn't have him beheaded for being white so they could give your backpack to refugee.
I have never been scammed because I'm not a retard
Car got broken into in Malaysia, I went for a walk on the beach and when I came back the rear window was shattered and my bag had been rifled, they got about 60 ringgit and my bank card, unfortunately they took my driver's license too, which took a while to replace. Reported it to the cops who made a big deal of it, asked me to drive 'em to the location, made lots of photos. Must've been a slow week. I didn't mention it was my driver's license that I'd lost, otherwise my driving might've been in trouble.

Replacing the car window was pretty cheap, gotta love the Malaysian cost of living. All told it cost me like €70, lesson learned I guess.
I was in Lisbon, maby a week ago. I had been out drinking and I followed a girl to her hostel. Both of our phones were dead. On my way back, the clock was maby 5:30 in the morning. I asked a guy for directions to my hostel. He said he knew the way and told me to follow him. I did.
We walked for a bit, I had my phone In my hand. He snatched it from me. And I got really angry and started shouting at him. He asked me for money. I grabbed his right arm with my right and started punching him like they do i in hockey. He fell to the ground and dropped my phone. I grabbed it and ran as fast as I could until I couldt run anymore. Fuck Lisbon. I have my phone but I fucked up my hand.

File: francesinha.jpg (335 KB, 900x1600)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
What's some weird or interesting food you've eaten on your adventures, /trv/?
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>australian cigarettes
>smoking while eating

Papaitan. It’s a goat stew made of innards, but the broth is made from bile.
Actually not bad, but didn’t like it because it was bitter, and I don’t like bitterness. If it was sour I could eat it fine
Was this in Kazakhstan?
What's wrong, frogposter
Post penis

What region/city in America has the best black girls? Also outside of America too (Africa of coursd, but where?)
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Look on Facebook, you twonk.
It's yanjusofine (Adeyanju Adeleke)
What do I write in the bar for fucks sake I never used that shit.
Sartre is shit, most french people hate this pedo midget.
You go to the page for Atlanta and look at all the members.

File: jew binky.jpg (5 KB, 196x257)
5 KB
How much is Pakistani Government paying him to shill their shithole
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kek does this happen here often this guy is at it again
I refuse to believe an attractive white female traveled around the countryside of pakistan ALONE and remained safe

I literally refuse to believe it, she was paid by the tourism ministry and probably had an armed guard with her 24/7
She went to skardu you dumbfuck, it's a tourist hotspot.
>I refuse to believe
Well, that's your problem, innit!
Kill yourself, Drew Shillsky.

File: DSCN3516.jpg (254 KB, 748x814)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
What is /trv/'s opinion on the spanish Semana Santa (Holy week)?
I'm specially interested in opinions from americans who have seen it, but everybody is welcome.
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Who knows. They were obsessed with chaos magic and the occult
TIL Spain has the KKK too.
File: SAMANA-SANTA.jpg (110 KB, 1500x630)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
This tradition is older than the KKK. Centuries older
brotherhood rules.We perform penance processions on every fucking street this week. Some of them dont want to be recognized and not all of them use the "capirote" (the KKK dress).
Its literally the worst week to go to Spain, like everything is x5 more expensive and all the hotels and restaurans are full. If you dont mind this or have the trip already pid, its a good and kind of "creepy" experience.
Yeah, prices shoot up around holy week. You'll want to budget accordingly, especially in Seville or Granada.
I love holy week in my hometown. Thursday is something else, best week of the year. The town is very lively, there's tourism but not to an insane/annoying degree, there's lots of partying after the processions.


Plus weather in spring is usually lovely but this year we had rains.

File: 1538762700100.png (2.5 MB, 1896x1080)
2.5 MB
2.5 MB PNG
Going to Italy next week. Any tips?
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I don't think the Italians really give a flying fuck about how you eat. They didn't when I was there at least. Also, they don't seem as bothered as other countries (Germany) when you speak English to them, but they will appreciate any effort to speak Italian. Basically, just be polite.
As for learning Italian, you have a good amount of time to learn the basics if you put effort into it. Duolingo is free and it doesn't hurt, but it will not magically make you fluent. If you are serious about learning Italian, maybe look into community classes in your area. The more immersion, the better.
- Avoid gypsies and n-word people giving you bracalet for free.
- Tips at restaurant (especially pizzerie) are not common, don't feel like you must give tips if you are burger.
- Beware of pickpocketers in big train stations.
If you told us what is your travel route I could give you some more tips.

Bus bring you from point A to B, so you'll gonna see just cities you travel from and to. Try Flixbus, my friend use it from Milan to Florence.
As faux-pais don't worry, you are french so we are basically cousins. Just don't put ketchup on pasta and you are good to go.
Go in the manga stores if you like jojo, there's a lot of stuff
>venture into the smaller towns,
>venture into the smaller towns
do you rent a car to do this? are there automatic cars to rent

do you need to know italian?

File: download (4).jpg (325 KB, 1339x778)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
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book tickets in advance for the Rijksmuseum (because of the Rembrandt exhibition) and for the van Gogh museum.
Any good things to see or do in Groningen for kingsday weekend?
How do I know it? I'm not gay anon. I told you that whores in red light district are a scam, that's it.
Drinking, festivals, etc

Paradigm probably throws a good party
Don't go to Amsterdam
Kanker stad

File: sunburn.jpg (138 KB, 1500x1000)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
I'm travelling to the Caribbean in a week. Being pretty white (though not super Albino-white), I know that I turn "red" quickly. I'm going to have a well-deserved 3 week rest on different beaches (DR/Colombia/Puero Rico).

What's the optimal strategy to get a well-rounded tan? I was thinking of only going from 8-11 AM and 4-6 PM in the first week or so until my skin has adjusted. Always applying and re-applying sun cream and some Aloe Vera in the hotel room each noon/evening. Any better strategy to run or other things to consider?
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In Europe I go running daily all through the winter, by the time the serious summer heat starts I've built up a tan. Half Irish half Spanish but fortunately I got my mom's skin.

In Australia and NZ I've been putting on solar protector, because of the ozone layer meme, but I usually let my skin catch some rays unfiltered for 20-40 minutes (Depending on strength) before I slather it on. I figure you can't always have sunscreen on so it pays to build up some melanin
Pretan before treavel as much as possible, once there use lots of sunscreen.
If your skin cannot take it, why do you even plan on staying out in the sun?
It's stupid.
Cover up.
This. Just try to stay out of the direct sun. You'll get brown anyways.

File: IMG_0098.jpg (2.33 MB, 3264x2448)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB JPG
also if you wanna see pics of a specific place just ask and maybe i can take some in the coming days
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then faint
Go swimming in the grand canal. It's a local tradition
I was just there and got nothing for you opie. It was difficult to find the actual good restaurants and bars since there were so many shitty ones just trying to take advantage.

Avoid any place that is fully staffed by pajeets
the scuole grande are worth seeing
go to starbucks.

File: IMG_20180428_181212.jpg (2.24 MB, 2976x3968)
2.24 MB
2.24 MB JPG
Extra long golden week edition!
Post about
>Your favorite Japanese drinks, bars, and degenerate drinking activities
>Getting drunk with salarymen
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your weeb fantasies crushed

"Dude what should I see in ________?"
Solid general guides - sights, sample itineraries, pre-travel considerations, etc

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
314 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
A day trip to Tokyo wastes a lot of time on train. Maybe make it 1-3 days? Tokyo also has day trip possibilities nearby.
Osaka also has Den Den Town, just to mention.
I’ve looked into Deneen doesn’t seem as exciting? I’m already a buy/a/g so don’t plan on buying anything but more to look around and explore. Also some of the anime museums and such are in the Tokyo area. I guess a five to seven day trip wouldn’t be worth it to go to both then?
There a pretty good deal for a round-trip Vancouver to Osaka with a 3 hour layover in Tokyo. What happens if I get off at Tokyo and just don't return for the leg to Osaka? I'm only interested in seeing Tokyo this time around and it seems like a better deal than buying Vancouver to Tokyo.

The return trip is the same. Osaka-> Tokyo with 3 he stop->Vancouver. Would I be able to get on during the Tokyo stop?
>Would I be able to get on during the Tokyo stop?
No but call the airline and ask them, they will know for sure.
Is there any sites besides eplus that I should register for future Japan stuff that requires sms verification? Planning to get a sim card with number so that I can use those sites.

File: 1552938637745.jpg (2.24 MB, 3180x4644)
2.24 MB
2.24 MB JPG
Is there a forum to find people living in countries to rent with that will show you around all the destinations? I don't really want anything touristy. I'd like to genuinely get to know the country and learn the language.
I just cut off my engagement and I really want to get out and see Asia. Korea, Thailand, Japan. Is there any way I could find a family or some guy to live with who I could pay rent to live in his home and he could periodically show me around on weekends?
There was a start-up a couple years back that worked like Uber but for local guides in foreign cities. I wonder if it's still around; I can't remember the name.
are you thinking of couchsurf?
Thank you! This is great! Do you have any experiences with this? Seems like a cool community.

You're 10 years late for couchsurfing. Nowadays it's all parasite "realtravelers" looking for free accommodation and sex.
Tinder unironically.

File: IMG_2597.jpg (162 KB, 800x977)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
I work online as a translator and am thinking about going abroad to a cheap country for a while to work. Preferably in Europe, or not too far away. Anyone have any good idea? Just looking for somewhere cheap, somewhat safe and where you can smoke weed
21 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Why would you consider it soul-killing? Is it too repetitive? Also how many languages do you speak? I'm interested in the subject so sorry for all the questions
How does one get into this? Any companies you could point me towards? Thanks in advance
Are you genuinely asking if translation is repetitive lmao
But you get to learn about ingredients.
Valuable insights these.
Try registering on proz.com, I get alot of work there. Its a good start, make sure to build up a stable customer base

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