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File: image01203.png (2.43 MB, 1440x810)
2.43 MB
2.43 MB PNG
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I also would like to point out that walk from airplane gate to airport exit was 1.5 km long, I walked the length of main building twice on different floors.
I always knew Copenhagen was a shithole, but that's a bit extreme. Why do they even need an airport that big?
>but why is the picture upside down
Because the imaging sensor only takes pictures in one orientation. The post processing software has the responsibility of rotating it into the correct orientation, but many phones "cheat" to save on computational resources and instead of re-rendering the photo with the correct orientation, they just add an EXIF metadata tag instructing how it's supposed to be oriented. Your image viewer reads the tags and rotates it accordingly, so it shows up in the correct orientation just fine when you're viewing it off your hard drive. Incidentally, if you've ever seen the image load in "sideways" instead of top down like usual, that's what causes it.

Then you upload your picture to 4chan, which automatically nukes EXIF tags to prevent retards from doxxing themselves. The orientation information is lost in the process, so the image then shows up in its "natural" orientation, in this case upside down. To avoid this, you need to rotate the image data itself.

This is JFK.

some chink airport

What do you guys think of beg packers and homeless people?
Do you see them a lot while traveling?
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Good to hear, anon. At least you won't be begpacking for long.
>Either way, you should try begging in Africa. They would love you over there

Sad thing is that it'd probably work in some areas. Malawi's dirt poor even by African standards (it's got the 3rd lowest GDP in the world) and out in the villages people would try and get me (a fat white man) to come into their shack for food with no expectation of payment.
>out in the villages people would try and get me (a fat white man) to come into their shack for food with no expectation of payment.
They want to eat you, dipshit.
congrats on replying to a troll post and getting visibly angry at it, faggot
>I know this is bait but it falls apart because locals sharing a bite with you doesn't mean you can't carry money with you
Here we see another typical reaction from the alt-right. When they can't form a coherent argument against they resort to calling your posts "bait"

>broken record loser. go to another website that will not be named. you know what im talking about. find a way to respond instead of your go to soi boy WhO HuRt YoU clucking
I don't need to go to another website. I haven't broken any rules and nice ad hom attack, again.

>You sound like a huge faggot or a hambeast.
Ad hominem, yet again.

>Either way, you should try begging in Africa. They would love you over there
Actually bigot, Africans are some of the most charitable and hospitable people in the world. Congrats you played yourself.

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File: IMG_07092019_224507.png (524 KB, 464x587)
524 KB
524 KB PNG
What kind of suit do you guys wear when you fly?

I usually wear a beige suit if I'm traveling somewhere warm, otherwise I've used a standard black suit. And I just bought a gray suit that I intend to wear when flying to large cities.
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File: 1440791538919.jpg (48 KB, 604x340)
48 KB
Business suits in business because you're talking business with business partners, first class wouldn't you want to look like you're about to have a juicy holiday?
Plebs discussing how to dress appropriately in a giant tube that takes you from point A to point B.
Fucking autists.
lmao, not even the CEO where I work wears a suit on flights. If you're gonna be in a fart container for hours you might as well be comfy
they only time I've ever put on a suit for a flight was for an interview
File: 1565032203122.jpg (22 KB, 500x485)
22 KB
>Nobody realizes this is bait.

File: 1512154582182.png (474 KB, 972x394)
474 KB
474 KB PNG
... planning a trip to Hong Kong for next spring.

I'm going in May 2020, hotel and flight are not refundable. What do?
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>planning a trip months in advance

I thought all this glitter on my clothing was from gogo bars but it's probably just tear gas residue.
going to hong kong in a few weeks, do you honestly think ever street there is on fire? lmao you have the chance to see a happening and you're scared.
I'd wait a few months before booking anything. Protests usually get more violent as the weather improves. That's why they were called the "Arab Spring" revolutions and not the "Arab Winter" revolutions.
Stop being a fucking faggot. It's fine ffs.
You'll literally have to go out of your way to get caught up in anything, there's nothing to worry about

even in the dead of winter it doesn't go below 10 C there, so it's not really a factor. If anything I'd suggest visiting earlier, April/May is when it starts to get super humid

File: IMG_20191119_0901542.jpg (909 KB, 2973x1735)
909 KB
909 KB JPG
Any anons have experience with cruises or cruise ships in general? Interesting stories?

I'll admit my intentions aren't entirely /trv/ related, but I'm looking at working on a cruise ship in a security role. I have prior experience in the military and hotel security, and it seems like some fun work for a couple of years. I want to know what I'm getting myself into beforehand. I have a friend who does lighting work aboard such a ship currently touring the Caribbean and he's loving it.
I had a look at the crowd disgorged from pic related while I was in Sydney and it looked mostly to be Boomers and GenXers, plus a few families. Mostly Americans judging by the accents I was hearing.
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It would be fun for about 3-6 months before all the low pay, cramped accommodations, drama and bullshit get to you. If you want to have fun, make money and travel do like >>1721644 says and be a yachtie.
>low pay, cramped accommodations, drama and bullshit
Oh, and all the norovirus. One thing the industry doesn't like talking about is that cruise ships are floating petri dishes and disease spreads like wildfire. I used to work at a hotel that had an arrival/departure contract with Holland America cruise season was terrible for us because people were constantly coming off the boats sick and spreading it to the staff.
If you're dead set on working on a cruise ship and only have entry-level skills get into the tour office. The pay is still shit buy you'll get more time off the boat.
only worked for Disney so I don't know much about RC, but I know a bunch of people who got tired of Disney's shit and went to RC and liked it a lot more.

>Could this work in my favour?
I'm American and applied to Royal caribbean 5 times. Never even got an interview. Cruise companies like hiring from "developing" countries because they know those people will stick around. As an American, I don't NEED a job on a ship, but the Filipino guy with 8 kids can comfortably take care of all of them on the same shit wage, so he's more likely to stay longer than I am and not complain. There were a decent amount of aussies though.

>among other reasons
Disney's rules are fucking annoying. You get "privileges," but they slowly take those away because other departments fuck up. A guest can complain about you personally and you'll get written up, even if that complaint was a lie. A manager of a different department once saw from the other side of the ship I forgot to shave one morning, and immediately called my supervisor to snitch so I'd get written up. After not shaving for maybe 24 hours.
Rooms are about the size of a large closet and you have a roommate unless you're a 3 stripe officer or above (rare instances 2 stripe). Sometimes the company throws crew parties and gives out free food... I overheard a story where a guy took 2 chicken tenders back to his fridge and forgot about them. At a weekly cabin inspection, an officer found the chicken tenders and reported it up the chain of command to the captain and then to the shoreside partners, who recommended he be terminated.

>I don't really understand why you'd want to do this.
If you don't care about making money and you just want to travel or meet people for a few months, do it. As much as the work sucked, I made friends from all over the world and you do get used to it. Beers are $0.85 US.
There's also more young, hot girls from any country you could imagine (or guys, if that's what you're into).
Princess Cruises is like that, too. I didn't work directly for them but when I was doing excursions in Alaska I met a lot of Princess people on comp tours and they'd unload about petty shit the company does on the boats. They'd also fire people in waves and just dump them off in whatever town was closest. In Talkeetna they're called 3 O'Clockers because they get fired from the nearby Princess lodge at 3:00 on a Friday, then they put them on a shuttle to town with their last paycheck and directions to hostel. August is the heaviest month, but that's also when the J1s start going home so there's lots of pick-up work to finish the season. Pretty common conversation at the coffee shop
>Who's the new hostess at the Roadhouse?
>She's a 3 O'Clocker, came in last week.

Which of the lesser-travelled Caribbean Islands are your favorite? Looking for opportunities to hike, explore on land, maybe snorkeling (no diving). Love beautiful landscapes and don’t care about luxury too much.

I have been reading about places like Saba, Montserrat, Nevis, St. Kitts and some others but it’s hard to pick.

Realistically I have about 10-12 days and would like to start somewhere for 2-3 nights just to lay on a sandy beach with my gf and decompress. Then spend the next days island hopping. Ideally 2 nights minimum in per location. Is it worth trying to hit a few or are they all so similar that the increase travel is a waste of time?

Going in February. Cost thankfully is not an issue at this point, and it’s just two people.

Thanks in advance for any opinions.
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Rob some of the people on St Kitts
I thought Kitts was for the rich people like Roger Ver, a special unique black place in the universe eg: actually inhabitable
What do I mean?
Same I thought it was a scammer paradise area full of weirdo expat tax dodgers is it not?

Dont go to Saba unless you can afford a rental car, the many steep inclines/declines will make travel by foot/bike, a very exhaustive one. The cool thing is the very short runway though, makes you feel like you are landing on a carrier.

has anyone ever driven through Mexico, from America?

what would be the main safety concerns? how are the roads?

im thinking Texas to the Yucatan. the journey itself is more about efficiency than sight-seeing since Yucatan is where I want to go (but if theres a place worth checking out along the way I wouldnt mind spending a few hours somewhere)
69 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
No u
Wow fun facts. That has nothing to do with how things looked and felt to me while I was there.
>it was real in my mind
Are you dumb?
I live in Austin OP and I've been to Monterrey many times travelling this exact route through Tamaulipas that other posters are warning you about.

Tbh they are blowing it out of proportion, I've been on that route like 7 times sometimes by bus, sometimes taking a car. I've taken buses at all hours of the night and day, I know that just because nothing has happened to me it doesn't necessarily make it safe but I will share my experiences.

It is safe enough if you're driving there are just a few precautions to take into consideration:

- ALWAYS take the toll road (la cuota) plan in advance to have the money in pesos to pay the toll.

- Do NOT travel at night if you are driving. This one is just common sense. Give yourself ample time to arrive in Monterrey before nightfall and take into consideration that you might have unexpected delays crossing the border (up to several hours in extreme cases) There is basically just wilderness between Monterrey and N. Laredo so no stopping along the way for the night.

- Consider the type of car you are taking into Mexico. Newer model SUV's and Trucks are the cartel's very favorite so best to take an older model economy car. Something like a 2009 VW Jetta you will not draw attention as this is one of the most common cars in Mexico. Having out of state plates is really not a big deal especially if they are from Texas. A suprising amount of cars on the road in Mexico actually have Texas plates (Still, I drove there with Arkansas plates and had no problems) You can rent a car in Mexico if you really want to be under the radar.

- Make sure to get your visitors permit (FMM) at the border. In Mexico they have checkpoints about 30 miles in just like we have on our side, you NEED this form if you want to travel to the interior of Mexico. Its quick and easy to get but the place (INM office) you get it at is easy to miss. Keep it with you because you need to give it back when you leave. (really only practiced if you fly out)

File: unique airport food.jpg (530 KB, 710x553)
530 KB
530 KB JPG
Whats your go to airport food for a long layover or if you get there early and want to grab a snack
for me its McDonalds. Not that I dont want to try new and unique food, but I dont want to get the sudden urge to blow my asshole out while I am stuck in my seat because the seatbelt sign has been turned on for the last 40 minutes. At least I know I am getting a greasy ass burger and fries, and its pretty consistent no matter where you get em, which means no explosive shits at the worst time.
what about you, what do you eat?
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Someone clearly hasn't been to the FCT. It's worth flying to Frankfurt alone for it if you can access it.
Tendies. fries and coke from McDonalds. Maximum comfy
In my local airport you must arrive early. When I traveled for my job I had a doughnut for breakfast. If I was there at lunch time, I had a Subway. When leaving to my city, just some chips as it was pretty late in order to save money in hotels, and because I don't really have dinner.

Those fast food restaurants aren't there anymore, so I'd stick to McDonald's, or some cookies if I had to do it again. Airside is fucking expensive to check actual food there, I actually prefer to starve
Takeout Chinese if I am hungry
Soup and pastry if I am a little hungry
Italian beef if I am in O'Hare

Whatever is in the lounge

File: Snímka-obrazovky-255.png (959 KB, 1920x1080)
959 KB
959 KB PNG
Is it weird that I find rundown commieblock apartment buildings oddly comfy? Like, I can't quite explain it, there's just something weirdly comfy about them, no matter how grim or bleak it looks.
5 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Have you ever lived in one?
I feel you would change your mind pretty quick if you did.
Not OP, but my godfather lives in a commie block in Novi Beograd and while the building looks like shit from the outside, his apartment was nicer than mine is here lol. Fairly big, over 100m^2 of floor space and a nice view from his living room.
Lived in one my whole life. What's wrong with it?
not OP
im canadian and i prefer them to vancouver apartments

They make you feel safe. No matter what happens on street level you're safe in your commieapartment.

File: tourist-12.jpg (102 KB, 957x1300)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
If you are not travelling for work, pilgrimage or visiting friends/family, your travel has no meaning.

Tourist trap souveniers and selfies in front of crowded monuments is not leisure.
47 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
You're assuming your instathot gf will agree to slumming it. Nah breh, she's gonna want that sea side villa for atleast one night to show her horny followers. Rest of the week she will "settle" for a 4 star hotel to be nice to you.
Thanks for the blogpost nobody fucking asked for.
Fashion and agriculture are worse than air travel actually.

Diesel cargo ships pollute more than commercial jet liners. Sometimes the market makes it cheaper to eat walnuts from India rather than California even if you live in Nevada.

"Fast fashion" creates excess clothing that isn't purchased or thrown away as soon as it isn't "in". Synthetic fibers made from petroleum derivatives pump tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Travel is fairly low on the totem, not that it matters.
Thia is the guy who calls you a dirty expat on 4chan's travel board
Industrial pollution is indeed the biggest source of pollution, but it doesn't stop (((THEM))) from guilting normie consumers into doing stupid shit like buying electric cars.

File: ryss.png (501 KB, 877x624)
501 KB
501 KB PNG
I want to take a 10 day vacation to some dreary Russian shithole this January, but I'm stuck between Murmansk or Arkhangelsk.
Can anyone give me any insight on what would be better choice?
24 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Ima hijack this thread to ask you about St Peters
I want to visit, would I survive with English, Lithuanian and toddlers level of Russian? Any advice?
yes mr pizdauskas, labas vakaras, especially if you stay in city centre

also ask Orijus Gasanovas
Based. Ačiū, tikiuosi matyt ta gražu miesta ne už ilgo. :)
Considering a trip to Murmansk next year around November or so to try and see the aurora, how bad of an idea is that?

Let us know about the worst single moment you’ve had anywhere in the world.

I’ll start, on the Trans Siberian between Irkutsk and Vladivostok, in the dining car at about 2 in the morning, no it’s not open that late but me and my gf were playing cards with a provonitsa and the 2 dining car staff and Dima. Dima is everything you expect of a man named Dima in the middle of Siberia. Middle of January, -30c outside. Deep into the night and multiple bottles of overpriced Russian train vodka later Dima got confused by some simple card tricks/magic, got very violent, tried to squeeze my hand off as I put my gf behind me and proceeded to scrunch his hand into a pile of cracks of bones out of adrenaline and defense mechanism, pretty sure Dima thought I was a shaman. We spent the rest of the trip expecting a knock on our compartment door. Side story, my gf gave the young dining car girl her Russian SIM card number, the following day she had texts from her asking me to marry her.
45 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>arrive in amsterdam late at night coming back from portugal
>miss the last train back to germany
>have to spend the whole night somewhere
>walk around the city
>some somali drug dealers approach me, ask me if i need drugs
>decide to buy some mdma
>they say they don't have any but know people who do somewhere nearby
>follow them into a dark alley
>get robbed
I want this to be true
Sounds like you shouldn't go traveling
Attacked by black magic in Indonesia
i feel like all this stuff would happen to baldandbankrupt by now if he didn't have that video camera
maybe get one?

File: 1566759078169.png (847 KB, 540x720)
847 KB
847 KB PNG
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread
>also known as /sqt/ (Stupid Questions Thread)

For any and all of your one-off questions that pertain to travel.

If your question is specific to a popular destination (eg. Thailand, Japan, Germany, Italy, etc.), consider asking it in a relevant thread/general, if such a thread is currently active. And even then, do whatever you want, I'm not your mom.

If your question is administrative in nature (eg. visas, passports, customs/immigration, airport/airline policies, etc.), be as specific as possible. Such information may include, but is not limited to your nationality, where you're going, any layover points, etc. These details do get missed quite often, and they sometimes can make a difference.

Previous thread: >>1701791

Experimental Pastebin with basic travel information: https://pastebin.com/Bn0ZtP6D (embed)

>All information in this thread is presented "as is" without warranty of any kind. The creator of this thread, the people who contribute content to this thread, and the people who maintain 4chan do not accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, content, completeness, legality, or reliability of the information contained in this thread. The aforementioned persons also do not accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, content, completeness, legality, or reliability of the information accessed through any external web addresses found in this thread.
Thinking up a trip, interested in any advice.
The rough idea is
Thailand (Bangkok then north)
Laos (down the Mekong and fly from Vientiane)
Southern Thailand
Malaysia (mainland)
Indonesia (Java)

I was thinking about 8 weeks all up. My understanding is each of these regions have varying weather throughout the year - to mininise heat/humidity, would February through March be a good time?
I'm headed to Switzerland for Christmas vacations. My starting point is Geneva. I plan to visit Geneva, Bern and Zurich. Is it a good idea? What are the best places to visit? Are there some traps to avoid?

File: 205912003.jpg (326 KB, 1500x1121)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
>Seasonal depression? Never heard of it.
27 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Count your blessings anon, plenty of northerners salivating at that picture of the beach while they're stuck with freezing temperatures for the next couple months
Extreme temps in any direction are shit. Above 80F and below 20F i just want to kms. Mild climate is GOAT
So California then
>Seasonal depression? Never heard of it.
Neither have I. I'm depressed 365.
American winter time in Taiwan

File: mexicopyramids.jpg (28 KB, 450x338)
28 KB
Hi, I'm wanting to travel to Mexico with my grandfather. He doesn't like beaches but has always wanted to go to Mexico. We are white Americans. What are some of the better places to go in Mexico that don't involve saltwater and sand? Mexico City? Guadalajara?
15 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Mexico is still a dangerous place for organized and violent crime, and what the statistics don't often show is that the people missing and assumed dead is more than double the amount murdered, at best guess.

Let me ask you a couple of questions
1) Would you pass as Mexican in appearance and not stick out like a tourist would? Something very tan or swarthy but nondescript spanish in origin, shorter than 5'9" in statue, or mixed like that? Or do you look straight up white european?
2) Are you bilingual? Do you have passing high school/travel Spanish skills?
3) Are you well traveled and travel-smart?

If you say yes to all of these, I'd suggest Mexico City is just fine on your own, in a mid-range to luxury hotel, and it's a glorious world class city totally worth visiting, with museums, sights, and an incredible food scene. But, if you need to travel on a strict far too low budget, forget it. You should instead book a cruise and enjoy a shore excursion to some pyramids on your day in the Yucatan.

When you're in Mexico City, euro looking local people are the wealthier and they aren't walking around loosey goosey, they're in their own cars. So, you'll arrange all your drivers through your hotel's vetted drivers, even your airport pickup upon arrival. It's totally an inexpensive city, so there's zero reason to put yourself to any risks whatsoever, at all. It's also a huge city, the largest in our hemisphere, three times the size of NYC, so you don't uber or wing it, you just buy yourself a trusted guide for pickups, hanging out with him, arranging times for meeting up, and so forth, when you need it. You can go to the top 50 restaurants in the city and order a dozen courses or items, and not even spend a fourth of what you would at home.
And what to see?
Chapultepec Park rivals Central Park. There is a zoo with every cat, every bird of prey, swimming polar bears, and old and walkable shaded paths. The Castilo (former palace) has a Hapsburg dynasty rule in the Maximilian reign and is full of top Spanish and European art you've never seen before, including the flag the Mexicans took from the Alamo shot all full of holes. There's a natural history museum that should be your first stop to understand the aztec and mayan history, with great models and artifacts. Little known fact, they have the 2nd largest Egypt collection, so if you don't think you'll make it Cairo or the London museum, this is the best. Rows of mummies and sarcophagii. The modern art, amazing. You and grandpa can go to the ballet folklorico in the historic beautiful theatre, and check out the mosaics in the presidential palace next store, then the church next to it (sinking in the mud), and then hit up the original Sanborns, or the first lebanese in origin tacos al pastor restaurant. Enjoy the rich political history at San Angel Inn (disney copied it for Epcot), and dine where presidents enjoyed this continental food in an old monastery with beautiful gardens. Walk down the block and enjoy Frida Kahlo's house and studio, and what is a lovely neighborhood. Hit up some nice restaurants in Polanco, or do some traditional foods at Fonda el Refugio or done more artsy at world famous Pujol, or have some corn smut topped pizza and tequila at some hipster joint. Bakeries everywhere, delicious coffee and pastries. This is a foodie destination, hands down. But, if you have some cash, world class shopping. Buy some expensive italian, japanese, and french goods at their flagship city stores, with prices dumbed down to suit the local economy. Get leather goods! Tshirts are cheaper. Music is cheaper. Pick up some used 80s vinyl. Finds are everywhere, for whatever you have as a hobby.
Mexico City is shit. Even yesterday there were 4 murders just right behind Palacio Nacional.
>Chapultepec Park rivals Central Park.
It stinks like piss and is full of homeless?
Full of hobos and urine odor.

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