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File: IMG_20190620_094244_282.jpg (215 KB, 1280x960)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
Currently in Scotland for 2 weeks and now entering Isle of Skye. Any hidden gems you can recommend?

Pic related, took that one yesterday
What are the crowds like? Instagram flogs constantly shilling the Isles puts me off going.
Dude you don't need to post a second thread so quickly, this is a slower board and you'll get replies eventually.
Sorry, I didn't realize the first post went through. Bad reception here and the first time it said that something went wrong so I assumed it didn't work.

I'm currently on a vacation at lake Ossiach in Austria, Carinthia. Any recommendations on what should I do here?

Is rural Slovakia safe to travel in? Will I get mugged for my stuff and beaten for looking foreign in small towns?
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It's fantastic and you can see some great caves in the Karst Region
I didn't know that story. Frightening. I will watch the documentary...
Rural Slovakia is perfectly safe bar maybe the far east where it borders Ukraine and even there I doubt you'll have any trouble.

t. gypsy looking manlet who lived there for a year and traveled all over mostly alone.
Don't go there op they'll eat you alive

File: 20190620_075333.jpg (2.53 MB, 4032x3024)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB JPG
There's only one other guy on my day long ferry trip. What should I say to him (we don't speak the same language).
Say no words. Just do the blowjob motion with your hand then point to the bathroom.
Maybe talk to some girls instead.
Or, just be honest with us OP, you're not interested in them are you.
Sit opposite him and keep eye contact for as long as you can. Post how many seconds you managed.
Is he cute or hot?
Are you two alone on the whole ferry besides crew? If so that sounds pretty amazing where the hell are you going?

File deleted.
is anyone else here the permavirgin/incel of traveling and moving to the big city? me moving to the big city and traveling is the same as you guys trying to wrap your head around getting laid. its literally the hardest thing in the world and I cant even fathom an instance where its even remotely a 1% chance of being possible

how do you even move to the big city with a pleb job its not even possible

>rent 700-1000 a month for a room
>for 6 months there you need like 6000 dollars
>bus/gas is 100-200 a month
>600-1000 for 6 months
>food is like 200-300 a month
>600-900 for 6 months
>need to stay in a hotel when you move there
>could be for up to 3 weeks
>100 dollars A DAY
>so like 800-2000 dollars

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Nope. Got a one bedroom apartment in chinatown for $750 a did fine. Probably couldn't do it again or even find a place that cheap but i was trying to prove to OP you don't need 20k to move to a city. 4-5k is more reasonable.
op is boo hoo hoo-ing on the travel board about the disasterpiece that is their life. hey op, fuck off to >>>/adv/ acutally nah fuck it back to >>>/r9k/ with your wojaks and greentext and LIFE IS TOO HARD I GIVE UP garbage. fucking rot
im in nys i want to move to nyc but i got arrested and on probation for some bull shit im trying to transfer down there i got a bunch of money now
>anyone else here the permavirgin/incel of traveling and moving to the big city?
I honestly have no idea what that even means.

>wait, this IS a pasta, right?
If it wasn't, it is now.
When I was fresh out of uni, I moved to another city after getting a job online and interviewing with their local office.
That needed several thousand, to pay a bond on an apartment and to ship my stuff over there.
I took out a bank loan for 5k, over two years. Could have done shorter but no reason to.
Your costs are wildly over-estimated but whatever, you're probably trolling.
Get a job first, move there with a job in mind, either one you have or know you can easily get. Then it's way easier.

File: India-Gate.jpg (129 KB, 500x416)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Your thread for:
>bad oil
>where to go
>what landscapes to see
>whom to do
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Even in Paharganj most shops cater to locals. The ratio of locals to tourists is like 100 to 1. 50 meters from the Main Bazaar street nothing caters to tourists.
File: serveimage.jpg (194 KB, 945x631)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
any advive on what to do/see in and around Mumbai? Also which part of the city is better to stay in. I want decent accommodation (not hostels) close to stuff to see/do
This is true everywhere in India, TBQH.
Mumbai is good for drinking, clubs, and general urban exploration. It's kind of like India's New York, at least in terms of its curbside feel. Unlike Delhi, there isn't much in the way of ancient or medieval history.

Big sights are the Gateway of India, Elephant Caves, Haji Ali Dargah, etc. Chor Bazar is modestly interesting, provided you enjoy shopping or looking at antiques. There's some nice, colonial architecture near the CST, too. At night, definitely take a walk along Marine Drive--if you can handle street food, there are a lot of stalls at Chowpatty Beach.

Go outside and walk around if there any festivals. If you're the kind of actual cunt who's dying to see a slum, just go to Dharavi yourself--nobody will hurt you. Don't dress like a richfag or carry a massive camera or take pictures of poor people, though, because that's just crass.

Colaba is the most upscale location and is well-located to many touristic sites, even though it's at the city's southern end. However, staying at a "decent" place there isn't cheap. Expect to pay 2-3 times as much for the same quality as you would in other Indian cities (Mumbai in general has high property prices, so you usually pay more for rooms there than you would in Delhi, etc).

Might also want to look into Juhu, Bandra and Andheri.
FWIW, I haven't spent tons of time in Mumbai, so someone else might have better tips.

If you drink, the Bar Stock Exchange chain is kind of cool--the prices fluctuate based on demand. Sometimes decent brands can get pretty cheap. I also recommend Sunlight, which is a small, musty and very lively bar near St. Xavier's College. The top floor gets very crowded, even during the day, but it's tons of fun just to sit and people-watch. Pretty young crowd, but with diversity--you get the usual puking 17-year olds, plus sloshed middle-aged couples chain-smoking cigarettes and singing borderline-ancient Hindi songs.

I’m planning on going to Boston for a week with my family. What are some thing to do that aren’t too touristy? I am really into shops and book shops that sell interesting things. Also any suggestions nice restaurants would also be appreciated.
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hmmm im only in new england for the summer so salem isnt the move in the summer? I have a friend in portsmouth so we were thinking of meeting up in Salem since its between both of us (were already planning on visiting each other a different time)
what is i like living in seaport?
it seems like such an odd place to actually live. its kind of disconnected from the rest of the residential parts of Boston. you don't really have a grocery store, there a not really any easy quick places to eat, no locals dive bar, no hardware store ... like if you want to eat shitty Chinese food do you order lee chens in southie? if you run out paper towels on a sunday morning where do you go?
I mean it's still interesting to an extent as long as you just spend one day in Salem, there really isn't that much to do in the town itself. I've never actually been to Portsmouth but everyone says it's pretty cool.
I had a six hours to kill during a flight layover last summer (and Boston is pretty damn hot in the summer), so I sought out an indoor activity.
Grabbed an uber from the airport, and went to have a drink and some apps at the Top of the Hub restaurant, and it is a nice introduction if you're new to Boston, pretty 360 views. Next the building is a lovely mall, which has the usual, plus some higher end stores not available in small cities, so might interest you.

There are some very unusual things, like weird museum collections Brattle Book Shop. 9/11 Memorial.. I like to consult this website before most city trips not just for things to visit, but for looking out for statues and weird things that will be in places nearby what I'm doing. It helps you look up or down at the right moment:

If you're a foodie/public television/cooking show fan, you might enjoy visiting the new Milk Street cooking school and production studio with a little single day class. This is also a fun neighborhood to see before or after. If you're a real fan, contact them for a tour as well.
its pretty cool for a day trip or weekender. tight pack of winding streets with of a bunch of small shops, independent restaurants, waterside bars and some historical stuff. tons of parking which is rare in places like that. When i was there they had a pirate festival going on which was fun. i wouldnt make a whole trip of it but its very nice. Plus its near the kittery trading post which is an /out/ist mecca. its also on the way to york maine which has the nubble light house and Fox's Lobster House which is probably the number 8 best lobster spot in maine.

File: yes.jpg (187 KB, 1000x818)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
i always wanted to travel to london all my life

i love britian and british culture

please tell me about london

thank you
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As with Paris and New York it has it's breathtaking parts and it's "am I in Britain or fucking Pakistan?" slums. Just stick to the tourist and the white parts and you'll be alright.
Poland's almost entirely white.
You won't find British culture in London anymore because of globalisation but you can still go see all the landmarks and shit. Sightseeing's all well and good but if you want to experience real British culture leave London
>white parts
Oh yes, (((Golders Green))) and (((Stamford Hill))), so white

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>dumb tankie is a dumb tankie
File: brainlet15.jpg (157 KB, 1838x2048)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
>if you just want NK travel discussion in the NK thread on the travel board you're a tankie
File: 1559975137965.jpg (271 KB, 960x720)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
>North Korea
>bump thread
>obligatory idf shill shitpost literally just 3 minutes later
real subtle, rabbi
Which episode of LoGH is this from?

File: airport_comfy.jpg (3.46 MB, 3898x2598)
3.46 MB
3.46 MB JPG
comfy airport feels thread?

>watching planes land and thinking about your trip
>wandering around empty terminals late at night
>finding the perfect movie to watch on the plane

What are your favorite aiport feels /trv/?
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I love airports. They feel like purgatory.

A few years ago I went to pick up a friend from the airport and I loved it so much that's when I decided to travel.

>blistering hot outside
>cool breeze from the air conditioning inside
>plane announcements

the drinks onboard are often better than the shitty bottom shelf stuff they have in the business lounge

first class lounges are a whole different ballgame though
>see him buying futa doujinshi in akihabara
When I was a teen me and my friends lived right next to a major airport. Every weekend we used to climb a (small) fence to sneak into the terminal just to go grab a coffee and then sit on the monorail and go back and forth on it all night. Was top tier comfy desu
I'm not THAT old to remember the walls, the only thing that brings a smile to my face when going through O'Hare is the one Mcdonalds (forget what terminal) where i've seen staff fight, people fight, people throwing food, people yelling, people twerking, etc. Every year that passes the restaurant gets filthier and filthier

File: map.png (189 KB, 929x763)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
This is my planned route for this summer. After spending a month in Morocco I'mma overland down, mostly using public transport, maybe buying a motorbike somewhere along the way. It'd be cool if I can get some tips or stories about the regions my route passes through before this thread disintegrates.
This'll be my 2nd time sub-Sahara; I've been to Mauritania and Senegal before and loved both. Casamance was my favorite region, which is why I also want to see Guinea Bissau. I'm particularly excited for trekking in the Fouta Djallon; maybe the anon who was there a few weeks ago can update us.
File: images (60).jpg (37 KB, 557x551)
37 KB
Western Sahara, I...
Shut the fuck up and go away, you obviously don't know anything about this part of the world
interesting trip! Do you have to speak french to travel in this region?

File: East Africa.png (39 KB, 500x500)
39 KB
Anyone been to East Africa? Just got a steal of a flight there for a four week trip. Thinking of doing at least Kenya and Rwanda, perhaps Uganda as well.
Looking for tips on things to do, how safe, how much of a target will I be for being white, what are the girls there like, other stereotypical /trv/tard questions, etc
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Please have a lot of raw sex with qt ebonies
Money can get you hot tight afrucan pussy
Sounds not bad. Any pics?
What were u doing there?
I need some advice on Kenya and getting out of there.

Ive finished my graduation in UK London, and literally do not want to go back.

Apparently I need a sponsorship from work but how do I get that? Are there any Sponsorship work places? Ive tried looking online but its really difficult.

how do i get out of china if i've been banned from leaving?
17 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>>Hong Kong is not impossible
>I suppose you could swim it in some parts but you better believe that the border is watched for such shenanigans. In most places, you can't even get close to the border without a pass and the HK side is patrolled by special police looking for people sneaking across.
Who told you to do that. Get a boat from Dapeng Peninsula or Wai Lingding Islands instead.
>Norks get visas from Sork consulates,
Not really. South Korean consulates at China often refuse such application to avoid degrading their relationship with China
Are you by any chance currently living with your grandparents in Guangzhou (a city in China)?
why are you guys speaking as if it was a common thing for foreigners to be blocked from leaving china? It isn't, is it?
It's just as hard for North Koreans if not harder, they just can't complain on 4chan.

This, North Koreans have to escape to a third country (as in not North Korea or China) and go to an SK embassy there. They do not get help inside China.
File: 1560924534227.jpg (45 KB, 446x600)
45 KB
So what happened OP did you mention that one protest or something?

File: Capture.png (86 KB, 1093x651)
86 KB
Red, green or blue /trv/?
12 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's for beaches, desert stuff, resorts, wretched excess stuff, world's biggest this or that.

I've enjoyed some visits there, but I can understand that it would not appeal to some people.
did you meet any persian qts or is that totally off limits? I've heard there's a good party scene in Tehran, but for obvious reasons it's underground and inaccessible unless you know the right person
File: IMG_20190413_120614182.jpg (2.35 MB, 2448x3264)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB JPG
Tinder is decently active, but actually meeting up was tricky for me. Start conversations with سلام خوبی (means "Hey, how are ya"), tourists usually don't speak any Farsi at all.
Couchsurfing is absolutely massive. Set up a profile *now* and install a VPN (the site is blocked in Iran itself). Your best bet for parties is your host bringing you along.

Iranian girls are very cute in general, but meeting, chatting and drinking some chai will in >99% of cases be everything that's on the cards.
Anon, if you visit Iran then you won't be able to go to the US without applying for a visa. Few people seem to know about this apparently.

Unfortunately no, but I didn't even bother trying.

File: 1546033437609.jpg (266 KB, 1920x1080)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
Questions that dont deserve their own thread
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Things to do in Denver? I'll be there all next weekend.
>wow it's fucking nothing

Food is unremarkable, too, I'm afraid. You're lucky that you're only spending a weekend, not two whole months like I did.
Craft breweries, domestic beer factory tours, smokeweedlmao, climb mountains, Colorado Rockies game, tour the airport for conspiracy shit. The food is okay, but completely unoriginal. Check the ribbit r/Denver subreddit for restaurant recs
to be fair you can smoke a lot of weed there. I went there on a bachelor party trip (of all the fucking places the groom could have chosen) and basically all we did was smoke weed, drink, and hike. The city itself is a generic city in the non-coastal american west. A lot of new corporate style office complexes and housing, as well as some nice 19th/early 20th century stuff, but frankly nothing ti write home about. There are breweries etc and a surprisingly large number of attractive women, but overall the trip was a huge disappointment if you don’t count the hiking.
Hello. Whats the best Alcatraz tour?
A friend goes to SF at september and
I would like to give to him as a gift.
Thanks in advance

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