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File: 41Zn0cevW2L._SX425_.jpg (12 KB, 425x284)
12 KB
Alright, I'm going to Phnom Penh in a few weeks. I'll be staying two months.

Any recommendations for cheap monthly rentals, cannabis pizza, and other forms of degeneracy? I am on the lowest possible non-hostel budget.

I will probably visit Angkor Wat mainly so that I can pretend this trip was edifying back home, but also because I am interested in architecture.

Next stop: probably back to Vietnam on another 90 day VOA with invitation letter, because I miss this place even as I sit here typing.
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That's a tragedy.
She's not repugnant, I'll give you that
>because there is no middle aged jewish housewife market
What were you doing there then?
Read and comprehend much?
there is effectively NOT an educated class in the phils

I'd refer you to the international testing data that demonstrates literally 0% of them are capable of solving a moderate difficulty algebra problem

the only educated people in the phils are chinese, and they just run rubber farms
>nternational testing data that demonstrates literally 0% of them are capable of solving a moderate difficulty algebra problem

You literally can not post a citation for that

country that has the best infrastructure to give access to pristine beaches?

I'm thinking it is either thailand (great infrastructure, pretty good but not great to prettygod beaches depending on location) or malaysia (pretty good infrastructure, fantastic and unfrequented beaches)

I've never been to vietnam but I'm assuming it's a clusterfuck

anyone else have any other input?
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Im Israeli and the worlds best beaches are here, egypt and unironically Sa*di Arabia
normal houses cost 3 million dollars though. no thanks.
Can you wear speedos in Saudi Arabia?

This is correct.

Saudi Arabia is supposed to have one of the world's best coral reefs, as it shares the Red Sea reefs with Israel and Egypt but is almost completely untouched. The ultra-strict theocratic laws make it impossible to go to the beach, making it one of the world's most pristine coasts.

Australians are so weird. Their country is surrounded by clear blue waters and vast beaches, yet Aussies can't wait to splash around in the fecal shit-soup in Bali and Patong, the world's only places where water is brown 24/7.

Going to SE Asia for the beach - lol, just lol.>>1545073

File: 1531789118900.jpg (65 KB, 640x638)
65 KB
What are some gross misconceptions you've found out when traveling
>Assumed: Canadians are nice polite people
Found out they are just more quiet assholes, oh what's that you absolutely hated everything about the trip? Why the fuck didn't you speak up about easily fixable things during it?
>Germans have great beer and you won't out drink one
Yet then never seem to drink any of it. Every one I meet either goes for some cheap alternative or what not but never drinks the stuff they brag on
>Japs/Koreans/Chinese are really smart
Aside from some heavily skewed book knowledge depending on their government, they really are boring people.
>You can't get laid in Japan without knowing the locals
Convinced this is a actual belief weebs have to make up for the excuse they couldn't get laid
>British people are great people to meet abroad
Most either fall into 2 specturms, either easily offended by everything or alcoholics
>France is really great it's a gorgeous place
>Florida is a good place for foreigners to visit
Never again going to florida, hot rains a lot and full of weirdos

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americans are smarter on average than euros if you take out blacks and hispanics

the smiling thing is true though. they get inculcated into a cult mindset regarding jobs, and if they're not smiling at the job, they'll get fired for having a poor attitude/cooperation/team spirit

seriously though, americans are a good deal smarter than euros. the only person I've ever been able to have a technical conversation regarding advanced physics outside of my job has been an american. euros are clueless and their stem programs are a joke.
Why are people on this board so negative about travel? Like if travel is a hobby, you're really doing yourself a diservice by referring to cities and countries as "shitholes". I'm able to find something I enjoy about every place I travel because I'm not going to waste my time and money going to a place just to write it off as beneath me.
How do you expect a German to drink a German beer while traveling, you just can't get it anywhere.
If you're talking about Germans within the Vaterland, they usually drink the good beer, and if not, the shit beer is still better than a lot of the piss you can get around the world

anyone wanna guess this edgelord's nationality and skin color?
I think he's the mentally ill aussie to be fair, he has some weird thing against Euros

File: South_Africa (1).png (233 KB, 952x762)
233 KB
233 KB PNG
Traveling to South Africa in the fall,any tips on what to do there?
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>Remember they drive on the left in SA through.
Hopefully I'll get used to it someday, Thank you very much for all the advice.
>will they except me driving with my US driver's license only for a few days?
You will need an international driver's license/permit to drive in SA along with your US license. Otherwise you're gonna have to drop R1000 to bribe the cop.
True, but I could get my license registered first
File: 1549892755858.jpg (265 KB, 960x1280)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
>True, but I could get my license registered first
Chinese > Korean > Japanese
The other Asian countries are disgusting

I've looked at plenty of "top 25 medieval cities", "best places to explore medieval europe" etc articles for one day.

I'm trying to immerse myself in the medieval world. Firstly it's cuisine and then the architecture of it's castles. Besides what I've learned from these sites I'd like to know from some anons who are well traveled, what points on the European map you recommend to find these things?
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Canterbury has a medieval obsession. It's unusual to walk down the high street without hearing lute players or morris dancers or larpers fighting with swords.
Try Bruges, and kutna hora
File: IMG_2462.jpg (1.96 MB, 2592x1728)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB JPG
I've made a list just for those kind of cities

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
You can add Lüneburg, Landshut, Duderstedt, Wolfenbüttel, Bamberg, Dinkelsbühl and Passau in Germany
And Troyes andStraßburg in France

File: cyberpunk.jpg (42 KB, 440x293)
42 KB
Which cities have the most cyberpunk atmospherics?
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Did anyone say Melbourne?
Hong Kong no question
The Grand Lisboa is the only thing standing out in Macau, that place is boring as hell
Not really Cyberpunk. That is straight up Sin City.

/trv/, what sort of jobs can you get while traveling that don't involve teaching English?

Basically, I mean jobs with international companies that don't care where your permanent residence is, or location independent jobs. Maybe also short-term jobs such as bartending, working at a hotel or resort, or serving as as English speaking guide for tourists.

My experience of the working world is pretty limited, so I don't even know what the possibilities are, but what I want is to live here and there for in three or six month stretches, doing different things that don't involve small children.
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Depends on the country. Getting work in Hospitality is always a surefire way. Anywhere where there's tourists needs people to work in hotels, hostels, restaurants and bars.
I did housekeeping while traveling around because nearly every hostel/hotel is hiring housekeepers all the time. Made it really easy to get a job within 3 or 4 hours of being in a new town.
Could you do this on a tourist visa?
Pasta cooker
Tour guide work mostly goes to English (Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, etc.) speaking locals--they know wherever better than you do. I have known some third-country tour guides, but these are mostly academics or otherwise highly qualified people nowadays. And it's not really transient/casual/flexible work--these were all folks that lived somewhere else and had a set contract to do some number of tours per year according to a predefined schedule.

I agree with the posters above that hospitality offers quite a few options, but the people I've known have either been barely employed at all (essentially helping out in hostels in exchange for free rooms and maybe some food/booze--this was a big thing in Southeast Asia some years back; I actually don't know if the backpackers I have met doing this were getting paid anything), or professional/not flexible--I know more than one person who has moved around internationally in service of 5-star hotel chains. But they liked it. Similar is cruise ship work--mobility, some flexibility, free time between contracts, but grueling long days and negligible time off while fulfilling those contracts--seriously, perhaps 90 days of 6.5 day, 14 hour/day weeks. Sounded foul to me, but living expenses were mostly taken care of, so it is an easy way to save. And my friend who did this for a few years enjoyed getting picked up in Amsterdam and dropped off in Cartagena or wherever for his stints.

I'm a little confused about what you're looking for--do you want casual work to do intermittently while backpacking, or real/permanent jobs that will offer migration opportunities/location flexibility?

If you are from outside the EU, no, you can't do it legally. Of course you can work illegally, but that is a really, really bad idea.


If you are desperate you can do stuff on Amazon's Mechanical Turk, but that is low paid and dull work. If you have any sort of skill in the digital world consider signing up for Fiverr

itt: coolest sounding city names

ill start
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oh, and I forgot, Flin Flon - the town is partially in two different provinces

Drumheller sounds cool too, except its the Canadian version of a small town in Nevada

I feel like someone lives in Alberta.

I like Caroline.
Not "cool" but nice.

Also, yes.
Drumheller is cool.
>no results

File: 2345678909876.jpg (89 KB, 662x604)
89 KB
A lot of expats in Japan seem to have no talent or real qualities… Guys like Tkyosam or Ryan Boundless

How can they afford living and staying in this country for years? Are English teachers considered gods there?

Does it give unlimited visa even if you are really low skilled and offer close to nothing?
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Looks like this Guy Fieri weeb has left Japan for good.
Did they finally run him out for good? What happened?

Oh man Unrested was the shit back in the day. Used to watch the shit out of those JFAQ videos, or whatever they were called.

Hearing voices and shit? Dunno what you're on about. All I know is, he had this program once to help people move there, and he got scammed somehow...like big time!

Dude survived it, but has been low key since then.
I used to think Miranda Constable dindu nuffin because she made good videos about Japan.
Sam left Japan yall.

Don't know what other board to post this on but I was planning a trip from Los Angeles to Paris via cargo ship container across the pacific and then taking the trans-siberian railroad from Vladivostok to Moscow then a train from Moscow to Paris. After Paris I would book another ship across the Atlantic to New York then take a rent a car across the US back to LA via the american south. Where would I even start with trying to book this?
I know the trip would take a little over 3 months total (give or take)
Thanks lads.
pic unrelated
>cargo ship container
Why? You can take a cruise ship and it will be cheaper.

Imagine it would be crazy to be going this fast.
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how would you even know you were going that fast.. I feel like you wouldn't be able to tell.
I once booked Norwegian just to fly on the 787 when they first got them
>"The best bonus of the wind boost is that it pushes you past Pennsylvania as fast as possible."
I make decisions all the time based on equipment. It's not my money when I fly for work and I shoot for aisle access in J, blah blah. A380 is great but the 787-9 and A350 are great too. A340, 767, etc are often outdated and lame.
File: lounge.jpg (41 KB, 650x487)
41 KB
there was an anon who would try to fly on the southwest(?) lounge seat because it was rear facing and safer if it crashed

File: file.png (763 KB, 680x680)
763 KB
763 KB PNG
Rank the countries you've visited by how good their cuisine is
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I'm I the only one that doesnt rate French food?

The best thing I ate in France was tonkotsu.
Well Philippine food is still gotta be the worst food
You're not alone buddy, you're not alone
Who cares France is that good
>"indian" food, but dear god NOT IN INDIA

prepare for backlash

What does /trv think of Wales?
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I'll mug you desu but only if I notice you're a dumb yank cunt
*socialist hotspot
Going to Cardiff Castle. Should I get tickets ahead of time or just que in?
South Wales guy here, never ever go to Newport. Place is similar to something from Mad Max
How about Cardiff Arcade?

File: pascal-habermann-35818.jpg (183 KB, 800x450)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
hello , me and my friend are going to visit Albania , Macedonia , Kosovo , Montenegro , Bosnia , Croatia and Slovenia this summer. we want to do mostly hiking, any good places to visit in one of these countries?
File: images (1).jpg (21 KB, 400x250)
21 KB
Bled, Slovenia.
do yourself&us a favour and don't.

be careful about your organs, they like to steal them there
Bal, korchula and Split are amazing. The short hike to Zlatny Ray is gorgeous!

File: emigration.jpg (88 KB, 340x329)
88 KB
Say you had 400.000€, a European Passport and knew English.
Had studies in computer programming and a knack with electronics, enjoyed crowds, entertainment and nightlife, was knowledgeable in music and DJing.

Where emigrate to and possibly buy a house?
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berlin is full of thugs
Kinda and kinda.
Houses in the center are quite compact, and literally everybody goes around by bike.
As you get closer to the outskirts, houses become normal and using a car slowly starts to make sense.
Probably NYC

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