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Going to Prague.
Is it really that easy to buy drugs?
Where would you get the good stuff? How much does it cost?

In general - any experience with drugs in Prague?
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Drugs are illegal in Prague, the weed shops are scams too. Don't go to Prague. Don't go anywhere for that matter.
you can buy weed online basically, just search it up. Anything else id steer clear of.
i bought some grade A weed online in prague about a year ago. googled about it, found an email and wrote. google "prague connection" they also had other stuff but i just wanted weed. delivered it to where i was staying. 10/10 would buy again.
vas chopper de la salope polonaise bien blonde au gros nichons ^^
I can only imagine people become bitter like this because they were autistic incels in high school who weren't cool enough to try weed

Imagine it would be crazy to be going this fast.
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I once booked Norwegian just to fly on the 787 when they first got them
>"The best bonus of the wind boost is that it pushes you past Pennsylvania as fast as possible."
I make decisions all the time based on equipment. It's not my money when I fly for work and I shoot for aisle access in J, blah blah. A380 is great but the 787-9 and A350 are great too. A340, 767, etc are often outdated and lame.
File: lounge.jpg (41 KB, 650x487)
41 KB
there was an anon who would try to fly on the southwest(?) lounge seat because it was rear facing and safer if it crashed
I hate my life when I spend 15 minutes on the opposing, face-to-face bus seats.

I can't even imagine how annoying it would be to have to sit face to face with some faggots for several hours. I stare them too much, they start staring back, it's so fucking annoying. I'll probably have punched someone at the 5 hour mark.

File: download.png (5 KB, 275x183)
5 KB
What are the best and worst things about South Korea?
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gooks that grew up in the west or native gooks?
do you live in korea?
native gooks on student exchange programs.
prove it
Why is plastic surgery so prevalent when it comes to fixing up their faces, but they refuse to get breast augmentation? It's hard to tell apart korean men and chestlet korean women unless they're wearing makeup.

File: Jacksonville.jpg (135 KB, 1024x708)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
Hey /trv/ I never come here but I think this might be the best place to ask this. I checked the sticky and didn't see a thread like this as a "pet peeve" but if it is I will fuck right off.

If that is not the case I have a question for any of you who might have visited or lived in Jacksonville Florida. I just graduated this December and I have gotten a dream job offer that would require me to live in Jacksonville. I have never left my home state nor home town north of Atlanta and I am a bit scared. I have been looking for work all over Atlanta and haven't had luck. The thing is that I really wanted to stay in my state because of friends, girlfriend, and because I found a town nearby my aging mother that seems perfect for me named Johns Creek.

Johns Creek was just far enough away from Atlanta that it wasn't affected by the cities gross tendrils of corruption, it was still 30ish min away from the city so I could always go if I wanted, everyone was upper middle class or higher, pretty homes, townhouses and apartments, everything was clean and orderly, all the major stores were nearby like Bestbuy and such, pretty churches, and there were shops and restaurants galore. I guess the closest thing I have seen to the modern era white picket fence town.

Are there any towns nearby Jacksonville like this? What are the people like? I love outer Georgia's southern hospitality, kindness, and mutual respect. Honestly how my luck has been as of late I really don't think I will have an option not to work there, the only benefit is that if I do well there after a few years I could possibly move back to GA at their other location.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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Just make sure it's not in a flood zone. If the elevation is less than 30 ft, yo will most likely have to evacuate to higher ground when the next hurricane comes. We get at least one brownshorts-generating storm each year.
Jacksonville is boring in the sense that it's just a big spread out city with not much going on. St. Augustine is very cool though it has lots of intriguing aspects and has nicer beaches plus the architecture is unlike almost anywhere else in Florida
Was the first city outside of Europe I visited.
It's chill and well kept, not much to do other than chilling out at the Landing or take a walk on the river.
It's got a great local music scene just watch out for nogs
What in the hell led you to travel to Jacksonville from Europe?

File: airbnb-logo.jpg (50 KB, 446x299)
50 KB
I've only used AirBnB once before in Delhi and it went smoothly, the host went above and beyond to accommodate us.

I recently just booked an AirBnB in Salzburg and I told the lady that I would be checking in around 2100 at night (thats the absolute earliest I can get there due to the time my plane lands). And she sent back "the latest check-in I can do is 1800 as I have a late job." Is this normal for AirBnB's to be flippant to the customers or what?
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I've stayed at airbnb's where the key was in a lockbox and I never saw the host in person.
Me too it was great


Whoa thank you for taking the time to write this! I appreciate it anon.
Really depends on what is in the description. She should have written "no check in past 1800".
But it's not normal, most Airbnb hosts I find are incredibly flexible (although some might want to charge a little extra for that late)
also, for that late check in I would politely ask if it is possible, and generally before booking.
In Japan they just do this>>1545369

Anyone noticed this?
I’m british and since I learned chinese and got familiar with some different asian cultures in past years i noticed this.

Designer goods are extremely prevent in asia, way more than here in europe. Japan was the country least obsessed with them but women particularly still enjoy them.
China was the eorst bordering on vulgarity with designer goods and how they wore it all.

Another thing is social media. I know it’s popular everywhere, but it seems in asia a lot of people use it to gain face in a different way to how i’ve seen elsewhere. Mostly again by showing off clothes and goods in a very obvious way(vs holidays and activities which is most common here in Europe i noticed).

Why is this? I dated some asian women snd for sure this is more prevelent behaviour, good in some ways as they care for their appearance a lot.
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I was in a chinese monastery (rural) for a month and it pissed me off so much how many locals had cameras in my face.

Ive heard people in china only go on vacation to tell people that they did. I want to go to big parks in China but I cant imagine they’d be filled with fellow hikers, just selfie hunters. Does anyone know for sure?
>be poor for generations
>suddenly get rich
>act out the "new money" meme
you were expecting?
this, they survived marxism, now they are immune
Yeah, they're only recently rich, gross displays of wealth are still socially important for them.

The way we do it is by showing off travel photos on instagram or facebook or whatever.
What this anon said, and it has been true of other societies which have undergone rapid economic transformations, including your own.

Ralph Waldo Emerson for instance made these observations of Britain one generation deep into its birth as the centre of the world economy:

>There is no country in which so absolute a homage is paid to wealth. In America, there is a touch of shame when a man exhibits the evidences of large property, as if, after all, it needed apology. But the Englishman has pure pride in his wealth, and esteems it a final certificate. A coarse logic rules throughout all English souls; – if you have merit, can you not show it by your good clothes, and coach, and horses? How can a man be a gentleman without a pipe of wine? Haydon says, "there is a fierce resolution to make every man live according to the means he possesses." There is a mixture of religion in it. They are under the Jewish law, and read with sonorous emphasis that their days shall be long in the land, they shall have sons and daughters, flocks and herds, wine and oil. In exact proportion, is the reproach of poverty. They do not wish to be represented except by opulent men. An Englishman who has lost his fortune, is said to have died of a broken heart. The last term of insult is, "a beggar." Nelson said, "the want of fortune is a crime which I can never get over." Sydney Smith said, "poverty is infamous in England." And one of their recent writers speaks, in reference to a private and scholastic life, of "the grave moral deterioration which follows an empty exchequer." You shall find this sentiment, if not so frankly put, yet deeply implied, in the novels and romances of the present century, and not only in these, but in biography, and in the votes of public assemblies, in the tone of the preaching, and in the table-talk.

File: based123.jpg (33 KB, 400x400)
33 KB
Hello, I want to spend atleast 15 years of my life teaching english. Doing this i can live my dream of learning Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese, while living in the country and exploring. Is this a stupid idea?

pic not related.
xiexie arigato(Thanks)
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Just expect to spend 30+ years of your life instead as your job prospects back home will be negligible. Also make sure that you actually like teaching, because its not for everyone and they already have enough dancing monkeys in those countries.
Sounds like a less thought out plan than mine.
Much like every other fag here, I have an interest in Asian countries.
Going to school as a History Teaching Major and ESL minor. I'll be done in about 1.5 years. Plan on taking whatever fucking program that Japan has to teach English there. Self Teaching Japanese and ESL hopefully lets me find get good program. Jet or some shit.
I've already visited so I know I enjoy the people, language and food, and I'm not a city fag and know how to enjoy the country side too. Workaholic too, so long as I get 2 days off a months I'm pretty content and assume I'll enjoy. Biggest hit will be friends bit the internet is a wonderful thing. Met a dude teaching over there and he's become friends with the other ESL teachers so it shouldnt be a problem.
Based on this assumption of enjoying it, either during, or after that my time in that program in Japan, I'll return to America and get my Masters in Teaching as well as get my TEFL. I'll probs work on the TEFL while in Japan if possible.
Once that is done try to find a job teaching in Japan. Preferably on an American base assuming America lasts this long.
The American base will pay me 60-80 Grand a year plus oversea pay. Which is another 20 grand. That'll allow me a comfy life by the time I'm like 60.

I'll be able to teach Asian and American History to the halfbreeds on base as well as English. Hopefully My Japanese will be good enough that I can also teach that as well. But I'm not riding on that. Even if I dont get in Japan, I wouldnt mind Korea, or other Asian country. Just not China.
And then if I end up actually hating teaching English, I'll return to America and just teach History anyhow. Probs still get my masters though because its a pay raise regardless, and while I'm not in it for the pay, it definitely makes life easier. And considering the current politics, I think teachers will be getting a national raise in about 5ish years too. but I could be wrong.
you both are losers with yellow fever. just accept it

File: cat.jpg (1.44 MB, 2272x1704)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB JPG
Post cats from your travels. Let's try to get one cat for each country. If possible, mention the specific location.

Starting with a cat from Kraslava, Latvia.
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Kots lil sis
File: DSCN5114.jpg (2.14 MB, 4608x3456)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB JPG
kitzekatzen in werfen, austria
File: eesticat.jpg (1.39 MB, 2272x1704)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
Estonian cat from the outskirts of Tartu.
what a fatso

File: 800px-Ireland_(MODIS).jpg (201 KB, 800x1100)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
Is this worth visiting in the beginning of March this year. There's supposed to be a lot of rain this spring, especially in the Western parts. I don't mind that much. But the landscapes won't be green either and more dull. Anyone who has been, would you recommend postponing to early summer or just say "fuck it" and go anyway. I have around 10 days. More or less. I am travelling solo by car.

I've had a thread saved with suggestions but can't find it anymore. I was planning on doing Dingle, Kerry, Galway and up to Slieve.
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File: bird ID.jpg (100 KB, 630x361)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
February best month to visit , it is time of frog spawn and baby robin.

Anyway so it's like visiting the packaging of Yorkshire gold?
when i was in ireland i found that many castles and old properties are ruined and not accesible for tourists despite cleary being part of important historic site of ireland. there is more neolithic tombs tourits-available than castles (while mansion ruins and castles are standing like every 5 km from another on whole island). anyone could explain why is it?
we have too much historical sites and alot of them are just old decripit castles. It isn't feasible to maintain all of them and most of them wouldn't make interesting tourist sites on their own

I am planning on moving to Texas for college. I have options between Austin, San Antonio, Houston, College Station, Denton, and Dallas. Any Texans on /trv/ willing to give me a quick rundown on these options? Thanks.
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Go to SMU and stay in the Park Cities area. It's a great place.Those people never leave their bubble
File: RodeoHouston+2019.jpg (81 KB, 810x456)
81 KB
Who's going to the rodeo?
Austin may be the most over rated city in the united states. There is nothing here but retail chains and a college. It's has 10x more people than it should. Yes you can do out, wooooowowow a place that has bars? Who would of thought. The food is also not even good. It's just the definition of over rated.

This. San Marcos is better, it's Austin was 30 years ago.
I live in Austin, and have been to all of the cities mentioned. You must know first off that Texas climate is hot as fuck in the summer, and very unpredictable in other months. It may be hot, cold, or stormy in December.
Austin- Super liberal, but with endless fun things to do. We are the live music capital of the world for a reason. $$$ expensive to live here though. You'd probably apply to UT, it's a great school I've heard from my bros.
San Antonio- UTSA is a decent enough school. not much to do in SA though
Houston- Dunno about the schools, but I am not a fan of houston. Extremely humid since it's close to the coast, horrible traffic pretty ghetto and crime is pretty high. That being said, it's a huge city if you want that vibe.
College station- Fucking horrible college town. Nothing to do except get wasted with rednecks that go to TAMU. Also fuck aggies
Denton- Don't even bother. You can get into way, way better schools than UNT.
Dallas- Another huge city. Kind of like Austin but except bigger and conservative. Never had a bad experience in Dallas. Don't know about the schools.

is it true that dubai is better than the united states in almost every way?
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File: 1466160116245.jpg (35 KB, 323x396)
35 KB
Ask any and everything travel related that doesn't require a whole thread.

>going to Indonesia this summer and will be flying into Singapore, how many days should I spend in Singapore? Total time is around 16 days
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>You're taller than most females.
I'm really not. I think maybe I've met two women my age that were shorter than me. But it doesn't really matter because all women I've ever met have height requirements I can't meet.

>Don't you realize that if you were 185cm you'd still be the same bitter virgin?
I doubt it. If I were 185 cm tall, I'm almost 100% sure I would get matches on Tinder. Two of my female friends have also told me to my face that they would fuck me if I were taller.

I would like some advice here. I want to travel to a country where my height would not be a massive issue for women. I'm open to go wherever, really. Preferably not someplace that's really unsafe, but if it's unavoidable that's ok. Bonus points for cheap motorcycle rentals and hiking opportunities.
You have two choices. Stay in your basement and browse /r9k/ and remain a bitter virgin. Or man up and stop being a faggot, go outside, and fuck girls.

But you're a larping 1.90m incel anyway. At least make your lies more transparent, 1.65m is taller than the average female. Otherwise I'd ask you what country you are from, fly over there, and fuck bitches just to show you how wrong and stupid you are.
>If I were 185 cm tall, I'm almost 100% sure I would get matches on Tinder.
Lol, how would the girl see your height in Tinder? You can put only face/shoulder photos there.
I'm 165 cm, and I'm from Norway. Feel free to come here and prove me wrong. I'd welcome it. Nothing really works for me. I've tried everything.
I put my height in my profile... it's a dealbreaker for women. I don't want to have to experience their disappointment irl.
Do you have any recommendations, though?

File: cyberpunk.jpg (42 KB, 440x293)
42 KB
Which cities have the most cyberpunk atmospherics?
88 replies and 24 images omitted. Click here to view.
The Grand Lisboa is the only thing standing out in Macau, that place is boring as hell
Not really Cyberpunk. That is straight up Sin City.
>big city bad
Melbourne is CP as fuck, it’s virtually China anyway

File: wind.jpg (307 KB, 1500x900)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
What s the most windy city in the world? ( city I mean more than 2mln people at least)

I'm bored and I figured /trv/ might have some interesting questions for me, so fire away. First the basics.

>Who the hell are you and why should I care?

I am a cross trained agent for Piedmont Airlines, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Airlines.

>What is a cross trained agent?

Ground based airline employees are generally referred to as agents. For example, someone who works the gate would be a gate agent, someone who works on the ramp would be a ramp agent (AKA fleet service agent, and sometimes shortened to "ramper"), plus ticket counter agents, baggage service agents, bag room agents, operations agents, etc. etc.

At regional airports, staffing restrictions mean that there are not enough personnel to have individual agents for individual tasks, which is where cross trained agents like myself come into play.

We are trained to fill multiple positions, and in many cases all positions. I fall into the latter category. I am fully trained and routinely work at the ticket counters, gates, ramp, operations, baggage service office, aircraft cleaning, security searches, emergency response, and more. I come from a rather large regional airport, therefore unlike most other cross trained agents I am fully trained for both regional (American Eagle) and Mainline flights.

>Can I ask about...

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
162 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>implying dumb enough to have any kind of DUDE WEED paraphernalia.

Like OP, you're a pussy too. Hide behind 10 VPNs if you're too frightened, but nothing you know isn't already available by google.
A VPN can help
If nothing he knows isn't already on Google, why do you care if he tells you or not? Just look it up yourself Ahmed.
I'm not asking OP to tell me anything. I'm saying that his pussy-footing is a stupid. Especially for a "ask me anything" thread.
>rebooking dumbasses who miss their flights.
Man, it's not my fault the gate signs were ambiguous, I wasn't the only one who had the problem, this isn't nice.

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