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File: sciguide.jpg (9 KB, 200x140)
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Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

If you want advice regarding college/university or your career path, go to /adv/ - Advice.

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File: adoptionstudy.jpg (467 KB, 843x843)
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Why is it impossible to have a legitimate discussion on the racial intelligence gap?
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>Replacement immigration is immigration intended to compensate for a native birthrate below replacement level.
You just described what white genocide is you dumb faggot
File: 1558276556659.png (42 KB, 747x435)
42 KB
SEETHE harder
>this is the best /sci/ can come up with
Genocide: “the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation.”

UN Definition
In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

Killing members of the group;
Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

No, immigration intended to compensate for low native fertility rates isn’t genocide, and intent to destroy is specifically required. You’re a retard.
Get over yourself

When the fuck are we gonna see some real progress? For fucks sake it’s like humans haven’t budged for the past 100 years
>inb4 muh cell phones
Literally no one cares

I want to see some progress where I don’t die of a heart attack or cancer just because I aged a few years. I want to see robots and humans communicating side by side. Why is it that the only thing I get is fucking Facebook and being able to order shit online? If we’re living in the future, it’s pretty fucking gay
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that would be based. Not very useful, but at least we would finally have humans living on multiple celestial bodies. Could consider them the pioneers of the solar system.
>Not very useful
There are resources on the moon that can be used for construction and fuel. The low-gravity environment and a whole bunch of advancements in orbital 3D printing would make a moon outpost absolutely ideal for expanding our space operations.
OP how can you make this post while attaching a picture of the objectively best achievement of mankind?
>NASA getting things done on time
It's probably never going to happen

>I want to see some progress where I don’t die of a heart attack or cancer just because I aged a few years.

How old are you? Pacemakers didn't exist 50 years ago, and radiation therapy has become far FAR better and more precise over the past decade. Likewise better prenatal services/screening mean less miscarriages (which were fairly common in the US until the mid 90s) and better PET scans mean better neurology (read: doctors can see dementia before it fully develops and work to prevent it).

Medical science has come far, but it's not things the average person would care about or be willing to spend the money on until they're 70. In which case, your lifespan will largely be determined by what technologies are available in your 70s (for most of 4chan, this is tech in the 2050s-2080s).

File: 070506022829.jpg (1.25 MB, 3000x2400)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
Whether you like math or not, you must concede that the Mandelbrot set is pretty cool. Despite being calculated from a very simple formula, it's literally infinite and endless. Even after countless zooming videos are posted on youtube every day, the total amount of set explored will always be 0%.
The set was never invented, it was discovered. It always existed, but we can only see it now thanks to computers, and despite being known and studied since the 80s, there are still some mysteries surrounding it. For example it is known that the set is connected, and it is conjectured that the set is locally connected, but this has never been proven.
Famous science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke was fascinated by it and even made a documentary about it and fractals in general, going as far as adding a reference to the set in it's novel "The Ghost from the Grand Banks".

Feel free to post images and facts about this wonderful set of complex numbers.
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File: lol.gif (1.89 MB, 400x224)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB GIF
I'll remember you.
This is a mandelbulb thread now
File: link.jpg (3 KB, 156x163)
3 KB
>>10646197 in the realm of forms
why hasnt anyone said this yet
i thought people who like mathematics were all platonists
Suppose I'll grant that. I don't see why a large statistical chunk of Brownian motion/noise would not serve just as well. Then again, I may be wrong.
Again, that sounds all well and good. But if I were to peg the problems of those applications to something, it wouldn't be "we're limited to using pseudo-random operators". But that's just my view.
where does the realm of forms exist? is it floating out in space somewhere?

File: slides.png (1.73 MB, 2408x1366)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
whaddup /sci/ you already know who it is, it's lil'minecraft here!

jk no not really, i'm just that sabrinaposter. and i swear to god i'm not sabrina herself

anyhow who else looked at her thesis defense slides?
i thought they were really funny and almost too unprofessional, but you know, sabrina is having fun withit! so strong

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File: 1557548680657.jpg (75 KB, 1000x500)
75 KB
So this is girl power...
File: PhD.png (15 KB, 850x256)
15 KB
It seems like she just summarized the work of her adviser.
I would like to know what her novel contributions were.
presumably andy was in the room for her defense and it would have been clear which parts were review and which were hers. i’d bet the slides where she has an arXiv reference are the ones she contributed significantly to
So you admit you don't know. Well that solves that.
>slide 48
>I hope Disney, BBC, Warner Bros., Square Enix & the other copyright holders appreciate this parody :oP
Sabrina confirmed to be smart, cute AND funny. Nice.

File: body_ACT_0809_-_56.png (26 KB, 368x215)
26 KB
Can you solve it?
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just choose an appropriate x and solve it lmao
haha you really made me laugh.. I wish I was an student again... i like math and I like sharing challenges with other math lovers... I am sorry you think that way
Not anymore.
at pi/4, sine(x) = cos(x), so both of the expressions are equal.
The 1 - trig function squared bits become the other trig function squared, and taking the square root yields that trig function.
Because sine = cosine at this point in the range, both sides become trig(x)/trig(x) = 1+1 = 2
That's only true for pi/4. The question asks about the interval (0,pi/2) so none of the answers are right. sin x + cos x equals none of those for the whole interval.

File: red-pill-2[1].jpg (27 KB, 750x420)
27 KB
What was the most difficult thing for you to accept while studying science?
For me, it was realizing that it's literally impossible for all races to be mentally the same from a genetic level after spending time learning about population genetics. This hit me hard because I am half black myself.
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prove it
>some race's averages are less retarded than others
Who cares, truth of the matter is that the average person of any race is a drooling retard and no race has even a majority of smart people
No troll. If OP was actually educated, then he'd realize it's impossible to separate cultural differences from racial/genetic differences in any meaningful statistical way. Almost everyone who attends college realizes this, which is why college students tend to be more liberal and is also why statistically OP probably didn't attend college.
Hit me hard when I realized all the nuclear fusion research was a waste that could never make net fusion. All we needed were very strong superconductor magnets.

The most difficult thing for me to accept was that I don’t enjoy working in academia and I don’t belong there.

It is a very bureaucratic, left leaning, snobbish environment. It’s not a communist indoctrination camp like some redpilled pol guys claim but there certainly is a definite “academic” culture and you need to fit in to get ahead.

It’s not something you think about when applying to university and can be a bit of a shock when you find out what academia is really like.

File: 8590025.jpg (22 KB, 678x452)
22 KB
What nation or company is currently contributing more to medical science lately?

File: Riemann Zeta Function.jpg (29 KB, 1024x536)
29 KB
Why are we taught this branch of mathematics at university?
Out of all the branches of mathematics, why calculus?
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Sounds like a capeshit movie where the superhero is a faggot hipster
lurk moar newfriend
>Why are we taught calculus?
Many people aren't.
>Why are we taught this branch of mathematics at university?
Because it's useful. Although again, many people aren't taught it.
Cauchy doesnt depend on made of numbers. Recall that you flunked complex analysis, Jon.

Because brainlet engineers who think mathematics = integrals

File: sketch-1558134194693.png (153 KB, 720x720)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
Universal edition
Previous board: >>10648230 (dimension edition)

It's been theorized that the other end of a black hole (if there is one) is a universe with negative values in place of positive, and visa versa. It's arguable, but could pertain true.

I propose that once an observable universes' distance is too far away from other outside gravitational waves, its' own gravity will crunch it down into a singular black hole, creating a similar white hole on the negative side of that universe. After the observable set is consumed, the black hole will dissipate through Hawking Radiation. After it disappears, the outward gravitational force will violently spew out all of the contents of the previously consumed observable universe and make another raw universe on the opposite side of the universe above.

After the observable negative universe becomes a single white hole via negative entropy, it'll dissipate through similar means as hawking radiation. It'll then cut itself closed and leave a negatively massive ball of energy far away from the negative space time field, which would return due to natural attraction to a field. It'd crash through to the other side and create a big bang in the posotive universe. To put it simply, what our universe did, but in reverse.
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Are the universes tangent to one another or how far apart are they?
They're just a little bit apart so white holes don't create mysterious gravity pits where a black hole should be
OP why are you ignoring the theory of TimeCube in your calculations?
i watch x cube
Pfft, that theory is silly

File: images (4).jpg (7 KB, 208x224)
7 KB
Previously >>10637606
I've been thinking about getting into algebraic surfaces edition.
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you haven't been to lit then
Well, okay, now it's mostly butterfly threas but that's a fad.
ok guys. serious question. are there any applications of mathematical logic to ANYTHING in pure mathematics???
Pointless topology.
Compactness theorem

Why is schizophrenia so hard to treat?
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>that's his choice
It isn't. It's crippling apathy caused by dissociation. It's extremely sad that a small part of his logical brain is still working.
There is no real motivation for functional people to give a shit about mentally ill / impaired people in any way. People have a lot less empathy than they believe they have.
It works on a personal level level and a societal level. All normies want to do is pay lower taxes and interact with other normies.
Everyone is secretly glad if you're not one of them and you kill yourself, it gives them mild cognitive dissonance if they see you're in pain/homeless/mental breakdown, and no one wants to pay the taxes for a proper support system.
this comment made me laugh
i am a person with schizophrenia. i am on disability. i take medication so i can keep getting disability payments. if i stop getting payments i will probably stop taking the medication. i don't like the medication and have functioned for a while without it but i don't care that much about how well i function. anhedonia and mental fog are some side effects that i experience. i think i should be paid money to live, because living requires spending money. you can search for "basic income". i think basic income will be implemented in the us in 10-20 years so at that time i may or may not stop taking medication. who knows
very bleak view on life you got there.

Daily reminder that climate change is good.
>destroys Africa
>Europe becomes a powerhouse again
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Africa being destroyed means billions of refugees flooding into Eurasia, retard.
> russia and Canada experience significant gains while the burgers get to starve
I approve
>implying that anyone can predict what will happen when the global temperature raises a couple degrees with enough accuracy to make a reasonable prediction to the economic future of all countries on the planet
Cringe desu
>mass death of Africans

File: 1552349974416.jpg (97 KB, 1299x735)
97 KB
Anthropomorphic climate change is psuedoscience.
26 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
why are you wasting ur time on them? nevertheless, make sure to use this as a copy pasta next thread to save valuable effort
File: 1558125420042.gif (3.53 MB, 360x270)
3.53 MB
3.53 MB GIF
How do you explain the highest levels of co2 in our atmosphere in 1 million years? Also the rate of increase isn't slowing but accelerating.

We are targeting 800ppm by 2100. I guess now is a good time to start hoarding carbon-dioxide scrub filters. It will all be over soon.
>Be anthropomorphic climate change
>Just going about my day catching infrared waves on their way out of the atmosphere and yeeting them back down to the earth
>Visit my buddy Xi Jinping for a solid steak dinner, sourced from the fartiest, most toxic-fed cattle on the planet
>"Xi, my dude, how's the coal burning going?"
>"It's all good my man"
>Stroll along in the woods, tossing random shreds of disposable plastic bags and fast food utensils around me as I go
>End up at a river, immediately dump some oil in it
>Follow it down to the ocean
>Have a bath in it
>Several fish die
>It's a good day
women often consider it embarrassing due to it feeling like a type of incontinence to them, something they can't control but is visible to others. She's nude in that scene

Also, sage-ing this shit thread

'Chaos' is just your lack of information - we know from examination of ice cores and other geological samples what the natural fluctuation of CO2 levels and temperature is on Earth, and strangely enough our mass production of greenhouse gasses via industry strongly correlates with a period of abrupt out-of-wackness

File: images.jpg (16 KB, 279x181)
16 KB
Is analog design a dying field for engineers? Is digital design better? Or vice versa? Which is the coolest field to work in in your opinion?
In reality digital is just a restricted form of analog.
That's a cool aerial shot. What city is it?
The physical world is analog, and so we will always need analog engineers to interface with it. In fact, if many EE students think that analog is a dying field (which many do in my experience), they'll be more inclined to specialize in digital design, making the competition tougher. If this is related to you having to pick a specialization, I would say pick the one that you find the most interesting, or otherwise the one that suits your geographical position the best.
Good quality reply.

About to pick a graduate project which will turn into a masters project. It's between making a discrete low-power and high Input impedance amplifier or something more pure cybernetics oriented, robots etc.
I think that cybernetics might be the tougher of those fields to get into, given the wow factor. Analog instrumentation can get you a job basically anywhere and is a good bet for job security, but I think that no matter what field you pick as an EE, you really should be fine.

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