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File: sciguide.jpg (9 KB, 200x140)
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Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

If you want advice regarding college/university or your career path, go to /adv/ - Advice.

If you want help with your homework, go to /wsr/ - Worksafe Requests.

File: 1560566010867.png (363 KB, 676x662)
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363 KB PNG
I want to learn literally everything there is to know about science. How do I accomplish this feat?
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It is also unlikely that the reason is to show off to other people, because some of this want-to-know-everything people may want also to be monk-like or hermit, they could be anti-socials that prefer isolation to finally be alone and able to learn without distractions.
No one would assume that, unless they're the type of a dick that goes around trying to sound smart.
Stop spamming your thread dude, nobody cares about your grievances with Elongated muskrat
File: 1554514697655.jpg (28 KB, 720x480)
28 KB
>Elongated muskrat
Immortality, because it's gonna take some fucking time bro.

File: blackbird.jpg (163 KB, 1000x667)
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163 KB JPG
Why are blackbirds so beautiful holy shit. What are your favourite birdos
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File: Humm.gif (425 KB, 500x281)
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425 KB GIF
Hummingbirds are the most kino birds
File: DSCF4018.jpg (2.49 MB, 4288x2416)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB JPG
I kek'd

I once watched a duck get raped as I ate dinner on a restaurant patio
The world is beautiful. Nature is beautiful, and all of God's creation. So is Mankind, and Man has mad many beautiful things and his ability to generate new technology is astounding. Degenerate c*tholics and chr*stians can eat my excrement. You worship a false god.
>Ebola is a good thing that god made
>Rabies is a good thing that god made
>Cancer is a good thing that god made
>Torturous genetic defects in children are good things that god made
>Humans make things like antibiotics, cathedrals, better natal care
>Humans following the devil are the source of all evil
>Babies are responsible for original sin
Why are Abrahamics so cucked? That guy worships a god that has never protected him from evil, has created a world involving natural torture/suffering, and has humanity harm itself many many times.

Also hummingbirds are amazing, I remember seeing one and trying to chase it just to watch it fly in Nevada.

File: D9A80tPXsAAnSrH.jpg (86 KB, 1200x1180)
86 KB
Is this scientifically accurate?
no this is roastie cope

File: BTFO.png (51 KB, 1157x193)
51 KB
Previously >>10711631
Talk maths.
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File: free-shrugs-4301553.png (201 KB, 500x736)
201 KB
201 KB PNG
He didn't do math in the 20th century
File: yukari_smile.png (445 KB, 746x676)
445 KB
445 KB PNG
It's the graded algebra over [math]\mathbb{Z}_2[/math] of stable cohomotopy operations.
The superalgebra of stable cohomotopy operations?
File: yukari_smile2.png (70 KB, 194x318)
70 KB
No. It's graded over [math]\mathbb{Z}_2[/math], not graded by [math]\mathbb{Z}_2[/math].
>graded over, not by
I was joking earlier, but is that actually standard notation?

File: birth_ratio_world.jpg (21 KB, 632x352)
21 KB
Males die more often because they like to do dangerous and stupid stuff like wage race wars and stuff.
This is why extra males are naturally produced to compensate. The sad thing is that Asians have been aborting girls for a long time in the past and that's why every Asian country has like 5% extra males.
In the modern world males don't usually die so often anymore so there's many extras that are probably becoming incels and shit. It's really sad being the disposable pack animal of the human race.
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The original image was amount of men 30 and under who reported having not having sex within the last year.

>imo it has more to do with the breakdown of marriage,

Stop, marriage means fuck all in this situation. In the majority of the world marriage is/has always been the equivalent to a business transaction. The men who get involved usually have no incentive to be satisfied with the women they have and often will cheat. The Women will do the same if they get the opportunity as shown in a number of first world countries.

The truth is males have always been more favored (or disposable depending on your perspective) simply from a "workhorse" point of view. The incel phenomenon as brought up by OP actually appears to be a situation where the males in question either,

a.) too lazy to move to other locations to find girlfriends/wives/mates


b.) their standards have become too high relative to the current status they're in.

The whole "Chad" excuse seems a bit too convient when the truth is the bulk of "Incels" bitching are first world males who could easily get a girl from third world countries if they're absolutely desperate. But most likely could easily get one in the next city over.
Inceldom isn't that confusing to me. Basically they are men that were bullied and abused as children and now they have mental problems as adults.
>a.) too lazy to move to other locations to find girlfriends/wives/mates
Moving to other locations is a massive financial and societal change. You can't just up and move in the hopes of finding pussy.

>b.) their standards have become too high relative to the current status they're in.
Complete nonsense. Every single study done on male dating habits shows that men will pursue an absolutely massive array of looks when it comes to women. This is why women are swamped with messages from men in all kinds of dating apps.
File: a4QQo3A_460s.jpg (28 KB, 460x459)
28 KB

>Moving to other locations is a massive financial and societal change. You can't just up and move in the hopes of finding pussy.

Why not? We literally do it for work all the time. All of a sudden it's not viable when it comes to finding a mate you can have children with?

>Complete nonsense. Every single study done on male dating habits shows that men will pursue an absolutely massive array of looks when it comes to women.

Reminder that massive array of "looks" means choosing between breast and butt size, brunettes and blondes, curly and straight hair, above average european, asian, amerindian and african women.

It does not mean the sub 5/10 girls with rarely groomed hair, facial impurities like blackhead scars, crooked teeth, overweight or obese, lack of fashion or color sense, economically poor or mentally scared. Shit that you could actually help a girl with if you put in the time and work.

>This is why women are swamped with messages from men in all kinds of dating apps.

No, they are swapped because women on dating apps represent a fucking small subset of all women on the planet. Billions of women exist on earth and yet you somehow think hundreds of thousands of women on fucking meme dating sites like Tinder count as the whole population? What the actual fuck is wrong with you people?

File: pepehead.jpg (104 KB, 1700x1133)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
How do I stop being such a math brainlet? I'm gonna take Linear Algebra, Calc 2 and Discrete Math this fall. While I wouldn't say I'm aiming for an A I definitely want to do well in all of them, especially Calc 2 since I struggled the first time. Any advice?
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Calc 2 is a 2000 level class, I think linear algebra is 3000. Anyway, if you want to do well, start studying now. You'll have plenty of time to ask the teacher questions about the harder problems if you study in advance. Make use of office hours, form a study group, etc. There's really no excuse for failing unless you're seriously strapped for time.
Copulate and procreate
If you're challenged by material that can be covered in high school (if the US education system wasn't so fucked), then yeah you should give up. For those meant to do STEM the upper-level sequence of undergrad should start to make you think every now and then, struggling shouldn't come until you're doing your PhD thesis and/or doing actual real-world work lol.
He'll probably tell you if such a schedule is remotely viable for anyone not a 180IQ autist
As I said, you live in a fragile world where your first instinct, when you face something difficult, is to immediately quit. You're likely not even an American. There are literally dozens of people who aren't "smart" by your BS calculation yet still graduate with STEM degrees every year.

File: 1560132925128.jpg (1.19 MB, 2900x1936)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
why do people gobble up fabricated models on climate change with variables tweaked for the desired outcome?
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>Oh youre an entitled boomer who would rather see everything go down in flames than be mildly inconvenienced.
And there's the third thing that pisses me off when it comes to discussions of climate change: suggestions about how we can fight climate change which are utterly and completely ignorant about the realities involved and are therefore off by an order of magnitude or more.

Let us assume that the IPCC's worst case scenario will come to pass. Let us also assume that the entire globe has decided to "do something" about climate change. Every nation and people and religion all on board.

You can take your fuel efficient cars, your bicycles, and your city planning and choke on them. Nothing short of getting the ENTIRE GLOBE on fission power and electric vehicles within about 25-30 years will make a real difference in the warming curve. That would come at a cost of trillions of dollars per year and would involve handing state actors like Iran full access to reactors that could be used to make weapons. Since industrializing nations can't pay for this figure about a third of your current take home pay or more going to this every year for the next 30 years.

You ready for that? Because driving a Prius on today's grid while buying local produce and tweeting about loving SCIENCE! isn't going to shift the warming curve by even a day. You have zero clue of the scale of the numbers involved if you believe anything presented so far, including Kyoto and the Paris Agreement, would have an observable effect on warming. Or if you believe actually getting off carbon would only be a 'mild inconvenience.' I've run the numbers and plotted the graphs. Every idea politicians are willing to float is equivalent to shooting a BB gun at a hurricane.

Fortunately observation shows climate sensitivity is not as high as we feared and there's more time. Because otherwise we would be SOL.
>variables tweaked for the desired outcome
Now that's a very serious accusation.
>picking the urban heat island ground data set over UHI resistant column measurements of the troposphere
>believing that predictions/observations only matter if they're made within 10ft of the surface
>using a massively wide prediction range when that sleight of hand was JUST DISCUSSED in this thread
>accusing someone else of cherry picking data
Go find a cult, true believer.
You are correct that government action is the only way to actually make a dent in emissions. You're incorrect on other things. Net zero emissions by 2050 will limit warming to ~2C which would be a best case scenario, but doing nothing puts us at closer to 5C by 2100.
Significant government action in the form of a carbon tax etc, more aggressive tax credits for EVs renewables etc can shift us into the 2.5-3C range by 2100 without causing significant economic damage which wont be catastrophic. As for climate sensitivity being lower you'll need to provide a citation.
>cleaning data is cherrypicking
Adjusting for all these variables to get an accurate measurement while keeping track of uncertainties is like a statistical miracle. Climatologists are literal geniuses and then you go and say they're lying.

How can you build a simple pressurised water nuclear reactor in your backyard capable of producing 500W
19 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Don't they run on kryptonite?
you can't. You can't build a PWR without enriched uranium which you, for all intents and purposes, cannot obtain as a civilian. You could build something like chicago pile one or a CANDU reactor, but in either case you need literally TONS of uranium. You need TONS because that's what it takes to obtain a critical mass with natural uranium. The americium in smoke detectors is enriched to the extent that it's weapons grade, but in order to obtain a critical mass of americium you need all the smoke detectors in the world. Also the radioactive boy scout is a lie. Kid didn't come close to obtaining critical mass, everything became radioactive cause he put a bunch of radioactive shit together. You could make an alphavoltaic generator by putting a solar cell on to the americium from a smoke detector. You'll generate a small amount of power for less than hour, at which point the solar cell gets destroyed from alpha radiation.

We have this thread all the time and the answer's always the same. Since the jannies removed a post that said this, and surprisingly not any of the fucking schizo spam, you should invest in solar(from the sun) instead.
Read the sticky, boomer.
Also known as the "how do I manage to give me and my whole neighborhood brain cancer in two days" question

Couldn't you just tune a big microwave oven to oscillate whatever radioactive shit you have, since mass is indistinguishable from acceleration?

File: Ebola-chan.jpg (8 KB, 188x268)
8 KB
How can I genetically engineer ebola to become airborne?
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Reported to the CDC.
Invest in Congo's airforce.
File: 74093485_p0.jpg (477 KB, 916x1527)
477 KB
477 KB JPG
spray a fine mist of blood into the air
It's already airborne you retard. All you have to do is aerosolize it and spray it as a mist.
>It's already airborne you retard. All you have to do is aerosolize it and spray it as a mist.
>As a weapon of mass destruction, Ebola has the drawback of degrading quickly upon contact in the air. This might make Ebola virus difficult to weaponize.
>Formal experiments have shown that all filoviruses are stable in small aerosol particles.
>However, human patients who had not had prior direct contact with blood or fluid secretions from an infected human are rarely found, indicating that even if Ebola were spread by aerosolization, it is not a major mode of transmission.
Don't know why anyone would want to spread Ebola around in the first place. It kills hosts super-quickly so it's not like you're going to get a global epidemic out of it.
I'm more interested in if the Chinamen working on CRISPR can synthesize an airborne biological weapon that gives people Down syndrome.

File: 1548489553679.jpg (59 KB, 720x582)
59 KB
How do I best explain to my younger trans brother that he actually is a guy?
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why do some anons think that transwomen aspire to be indistinguishable from women, and transmen indistinguishable from men
File: 1548868246603.png (186 KB, 738x669)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
First of all there's no such thing as a "transwomen" or "transman" only a mentally ill man or mentally ill woman. Second, dilate.
i have a few gay friends who i originally knew as straight bros but they changed sides. i never say anything because hey, that’s totally and unironically fine. but if i had to win them back to being straight it would probably be a clear “argument” (or rather showing them pics of hot chicks and not even arguing anything)

for trannies i donno, but my best impulse is to say:
>look, you have a dick
>does it ever get hard?
>oh really it does. from what?

then it depends on the answer. a mtf tranny will probably say some gay shit, in which case the answer is just “you’re gay! i support that!”

occasionally there is something about “i don’t feel like i’m myself” and in that case i would try to convince them that HRT is not a replacement for biology. getting the insurance companies to fund big pharma’s attempts at synthesizing hormones is not a good thing to support. modulo that i try to argue that there are total woman gay dudes, and modulo that i’d say that cutting off your dick and removing the flesh and then creating a deep incision to stitch it into doesn’t make a cooter. if they can get past that then whatever, i give up
Kick him square in his almond sized testicles, scream at him at the top of your lungs, "You are a faggot."

Alternatively just fire up the ovens and make some fertilizer.
If you ignore them they'll go away.
It's what the whole of society should have done beginning with the gay explosion in the 70s

File: help.jpg (49 KB, 383x355)
49 KB
How does /sci/ remember and keep track of a bunch of information from a class in their head?

I'm taking a 4 week partial differential equations course right now. On our first exam today, I couldn't remember some of the basic shit from ODE class I took exactly a year ago but could do the initial boundary value problems just fine.

Because this PDE class is condensed, it feels like concepts are starting to blur together instead of being clear and distinct yet also related. I've made perfect scores on all the homeworks so far but that doesn't seem to be enough to make things properly stick in my brain.

File: lm-landing-gear.jpg (491 KB, 1857x2286)
491 KB
491 KB JPG
LM Landing Gear edition.

Apollo 11 landing gear extended at 098:15, reported back minutes later:
Apollo 12 landing gear extended at 104:48.
Apollo 14 landing gear extended at ???
Apollo 15 landing gear extended on or about 098, verified shortly afterward during separation:
Apollo 16 landing gear extended at 93:59:
Apollo 17 landing gear extended at ???

File: Sapito deprimido.jpg (34 KB, 900x466)
34 KB
I suffer from chronic obesity, and it's an awful illness to deal with. Why haven't medical researchers developed an effective therapy for this disease, /sci/? It seems like demand would be 'huge' (yes, that's a pun), but none is available. Why must people suffer from this malady with no realistic hope of a cure? What are the latest frontiers in the fight against this terrible ailment?
Try fasting. You'll hit this strange state of mental clarity where it's easy to be hyper focused on something. I learned to like that feeling and just started losing weight. Plus you teach yourself to be in a non-fed state.

File: image.jpg (49 KB, 620x330)
49 KB
>Correctly generates infinite amount of realistic high definition faces and a lot of absolute bullshit tier snapchat filters

>Effectively shits itself when it sees a parked car when doing autopilot

AI is going nowhere.

58 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
You're right, the theory in this field is " behind " the practice. This is increasingly true for many fields, as getting funding for theoretical stuff is a nightmare and, often, downright impossible.
The point you bring about AI students is very true, but I think it's indicative of a field that is generally not meant for academia. By that I mean that most students learning CS/AI/Data science, you name it, are in because of the hype train and the prospect of a job.
From there, you get an overload of those people in the industry, and very few who take the standard research route as in other fields.
This leads to people that apply what they learned to problems that don't necessarily need to use ML or AI in general, pop a nice graph as you say, and feel good about what they have accomplished.
The danger lies more in the "trendy" aspect of the field. You now get a situation where everyone and their mother is into ML : in academia because you need to get funding, and in the industry for marketing purpose.
Overall, it's densely crowded, and not in the way it should be.
What if ML is actually learning and our brains are just physical neural nets?
>Marvin Minsky
>Math PhD
>This guy
>Philosophy PhD
Comparing apples and oranges.
You have to show that the brain is a Turing machine, which isn’t super easy since we can perform NP-Hard tasks in P and there’s an overwhelming amount of evidence to show that P [math] \neq [/math] NP in general, much less anything actually harder.
You have to define a computation on “”””input””””” by the brain
You have to prove an isomorphism between computation by the brain to a computation in an ML algorithm
You have to show that the isomorphism is computable in polytime

All of this points to ML being simple approximations of neural behavior. It’s almost like somebody designed them with that in mind! They’re not like Fourier coefficients; you can’t decompose all cognitive tasks to known ML techniques
Id say academic CS is the exception. They fall under the tradition of pure mathematics.

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