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File: sciguide.jpg (9 KB, 200x140)
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Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

If you want advice regarding college/university or your career path, go to /adv/ - Advice.

If you want help with your homework, go to /wsr/ - Worksafe Requests.

File: network topology.jpg (76 KB, 367x500)
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Thoughts on this https://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/1903/1903.08478.pdf ? It's about time we start using imaginary numbers in neural networks
File: tensors.png (226 KB, 846x447)
226 KB
226 KB PNG
Think that complex numbers, quaternions are just matrices. Numbers as matrices are the future.

File: rubikscube1202.jpg (6 KB, 120x120)
6 KB
Video game related. In Path of Exile the video game there are many types of currency. I am trying to figure out how to calculate mathematically the most profitable way to trade, can you help?

If i trade you 10 circles for 1 square, and then i trade 1 square for 11 circles (making more circles than i started with) how would i calculate this?

What then, if i had a triangle and wanted to see if i traded circles; for squares; for triangles; and then back to circles. How can i see if i would have more circles then?
Would it be (circles/squares)*(squares/circles)? I don't know about adding triangles
If the ratio of squares to circles is [math]a[/math], triangles to squares [math]b[/math], and circles to triangles [math]c[/math], then your exchange ratio of circles to circles using this loop is [math]abc[/math].

Economics has a lot fleshed out theory for these kinds of things, but most of the framework only considers systems that have no arbitrage, that is, [math]abc=1[/math].
If there is no arbitrage, you can quite easily solve for the optimal assets portfolio, given that you know the prices tomorrow.
OP here still confused, but thank you for the help i will take it into consideration when i know what you're talking about.

Heres where im stuck. I'm going to call the currency its proper name but shortened to the first 4 letters. Feel free to use shapes and or longer txt.

if exal=90
chao=1, the most used currency
chro=.05 of a chao
regr=.25 of chao
fusi=.5 of a chao
what ways can i find out how to trade these items to make money. I'm tring to make a excel spreadsheet to share with others, so if you can provide an example i would appreciate that. Thanks!
This information is not sufficient to make any profits.

For arbitrage, you need to also know things like the exchange rate of regr to fusi without trading them for chao inbetween.
For the investment strategy, you need to guess whether exals are worth more or less chaos tomorrow and buy accordingly. It's probably easier to do with items (headhunter or whatever) though, since currencies are really stable.
For the straw millionnaire strategy, you just take advantage of those who are selling cheaper than the values you just listed.

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meant to say "There is no special epistemological gap when it comes to identifying your neurons vs. when it comes to identifying my neurons"
>this does not identify what it is like to be the subject, for the subject.
>If reductive materialism were true, that's not possible.

>Assume not A
>If A, then contradiction
Peirce put reductive materialists in the grave, along with the cringe worthy psychologism found in the OP image, well over 100 years ago.
only dilettantes are still hung up on this trivial problem.
>That's exactly my point: I never changed any of the meaning of what I said.
Neither did I.

>All I have to do is point out that I never once said anything about "material explanation" and we can see clearly that you're attacking a straw man...
What's the relevant difference between identifying material phenomena and material explanation? How can it be a strawman when they are the same thing? Do I need to give you the dictionary definition of identical?

>Is what it is like to be the subject, for the subject identical to material phenomena yes or no?
Yes, specific material phenomena you don't possess simply by identifying them.

>Yes, open a dictionary and look up what the word "identical" means.
Identifying the President is not identical to being the President. Please explain how the definition of identical disproves this?

>Holy shit you're literally retarded... You are so confused beyond belief... Try to keep up: I'm only talking about establishing what something is.
And as I've said 1000 times, identifying what something is is not the same as possessing it. In order to have an experience you must possess the material phenomena, not identify it.

>You need to be careful when you talk like this because there are non-reductive materialists who hold consciousness to be dependent on the physical brain yet they do not reduce consciousness itself to a physical phenomena.
I literally said "according to reductive materialism" in the line you quoted from.
>Because there's no difference in the way we know about them.
The difference is between knowing them and experiencing them. Reductive materialism says they are different because the latter requires a unique brain.

>Then there's no asymmetry between knowing your neurons and my neurons.
I never said there was.

China is using technology to create a clone-army of police dogs. Police dogs require many years of training and training is not always successful. China is working on creating clones of a specially selected genius police dog that will reduce training times by years.

The specially selected dog's clone is currently undergoing training and testing as part of the "Super-Dog" program. The experts expect the clones to also be award-winning geniuses like the original dog.

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i hope you begin practicing now, regardless of western governments ineptitude, otherwise we will be speaking mandarin in 50years.

please don't wait to be "allowed". the only advantage the west has over the insect like chinese is individuals do things without direction from authority.
Don't clones have health issues?
Stupid Chinese commies. Why would you do this? Nicholas Taleb, the smartest person on the planet, has conclusively proven intelligence doesn't mean anything.
You just need to socialise dogs in the right way and they can be anything they want to be.
If the procedure is done correct clones won't have health issues. Clones are just late stage-twins. The early cloning methods were quite risky but today the clinical methods are quite safe.

For thousands of years, breeders have been selectively breeding the smartest dogs in their liters. This method is probably better than cloning in many ways.

In theory, by cloning the smartest dog the best possible result is creating multiple copies of the same dog with no random mutations. In practice, the clones will (for sure) still get random mutations. Assuming the process is perfect, the dog they are cloning will still have had its DNA deteriorate over the course of its life because of aging.

Cloning will surely produce results that are comparable to inbreeding. I would not be surprised if this is even worse than trying to breed it with its own siblings. What they should have done is taken the award winning dog and mated it with another award winning dog.

This isn't the result of scientific research. This is just a brainlet police department using a commercially available service.

>car burns fossil fuel to run

>power plant burns fossil fuel
>energy is transmitted and recharges car battery
>car runs on that energy

what's the point of electric cars?
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>This is because internal combustion engines are incredibly inefficient.

Continuing to increase the efficiencies of our uses of fossil fuels is vital, to minimize damage during the transition period, and to allow for longer time to transition if we need it.
No, AGW will overall increase the amount of solar energy absorbed by the Earth.
Expanding on this, electricity generation would be much closer to the people who use it. This is a matter of efficiency, less energy will be lost due to transporting it. The only problem is solar panel efficiency and access to materials to produce it, but that takes time and engineering.
That's not automated unless you are talking about heating elements in the road? Automated panel cleaning is done by a robot. Like the one in that image. They are "small", don't use much energy, and would only need to be run a short time out of any given year. It'd be nothing compared to any manner of road cleaning since there are no automated road cleaning things already in use for the majority of roads and such systems are really big, get in the way, and/or resource hogging.

Dumb people should not run the economy, but in economic anarchism they do, and this is the result.

File: fm.jpg (48 KB, 400x364)
48 KB
Family medicine edition

Last one reached bump limit : old >>10474772

4th year med student from EU here, ask me anything.

This is a thread dedicated to med student, dentistry student and pharma students. We discuss research, procedures, speciality choices but we're mostly shitposting.
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literally /x/ tier post.
>t. brainlet cope
>t. seething capitalist's cope
kek'd. Go back to /x/, bro. Your conspiracy theories are not good enough for /med/.

File: iq.png (15 KB, 812x734)
15 KB
As someone who has never had a test taken and really has no clue what IQ even really is can you guys help me understand...

Is it a good representation of intelligence?
Does IQ increase or decrease?
and what does one IQ "point" even mean?
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And by the way, I don't think you understand how to use " "
So......What's the conclusion?
>2 People are given a logic test
>Person one does it faster than person 2

Post modernists:
>Nu-uh, that’s bullshit it’s literally impossible to measure cognitive ability!!!

Do you fuckers listen to yourselves
IQ is a good indicator of intelligence and some of it's basis are genetic.
Isn't being knowledgeable a big part of IQ? I know technically you're right: it's SUPPOSED to be one's inherent cognitive ability. But do we truly measure it on a test? Isn't learning more math helpful for the pattern recognition on IQ tests? What would your IQ be if you had never learned how to read?

Real Numbers in the Neighborhood of Infinity
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Wait I don't come on /sci/ much these days I just thought this was a run of the mill meme thread, what the actual fuck is going on in here??
it’s a Jon Tooker thread, he’s our jolly resident schizo and he gets into high-level math arguments about nonsense math ideas and /sci/ mathbros tagteam him for shits and giggles until he edits his vixra articles and then repeats the cycle (except for when he went to jail)
iirc he went to jail for squating in an abandoned house, don’t know how long he was there tho
File: wildberger.png (156 KB, 549x349)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
The Reals don't exist
Ahh, I thought it was just someone memeing, but in hindsight nobody can imitate a schizoposter this well

File: 1542255597972.jpg (187 KB, 1331x2000)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
Why do we need to learn about complex numbers if they are imaginary? Numbers that aren't real don't exist in physical reality. Bobby doesn't get i apples from Joey. The boiling point of water is not i. The load on a beam will never be a multiple of i under any corcumstances. When we solve x^2 + 1 we get no solution. The number i is not real, it exists only in he imagination of virginal eggheads. Should we learn about unicorns too because they are imaginary just for the sake of needless masturbatory abstraction?
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you haven't made a single argument
Not in this thread, but in a others, and guess what? Not a single counter argument.
Plenty of arguments have been made ITT that complex numbers are "real"
File: Hydrogen_Density_Plots.png (827 KB, 1280x1164)
827 KB
827 KB PNG
The last hundred years of physics have depended on the mathematical properties of complex numbers. The complex numbers themselves are never observed in measurements, but the mechanics of the theory depends on them crucially.

Say goodbye to your MRIs, PET scans, molecular modeling, lasers, electron microscopes, semiconductor physics, etc.
Complex numbers are just real numbers in 2D

File: wtf.png (323 KB, 958x1309)
323 KB
323 KB PNG
Is IQ relevant in graduate school?
I can't understand this paper at all and I have a summary paper about it due tomorrow.
High IQ's of /sci/, do you read these papers like they're easy novels, or does it actually take you hours on end to wade through them?
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>you should read each paper many times
I'll give this a shot for the next one

>you dun guffed
Yeah, this summary is gonna be pretty handwavy
Well the first thing you do is look it up on Google Scholar, and click to see people who have cited it. In your case "Enhancing VANET connectivity through roadside units on highways" over 131 citations and multiple related articles, all clearly explaining exactly what the paper is about.

All you have to do in your paper is:
1. What is the main result and how does it compare to what was known before?
2. What is the high-level insight/trick deployed that enabled this improvement?
3. Think of some edge case and try to feed it through their logic ie: their pile of "Combining cases 1 and 2 and substituting into (3)" I just read in the png.
Looks like basic statistics to me
You learn it. Like learning a language. What did it for me was through meditation learning to super focus, and then scrolling through combined pdf:s of math solutions far beyond my ability over and over again, with 3 minute meditation break every 25 minutes. Do this 5 hours every day, when I wake up and hold my eyes closed I see similar math conjured under the eyelids like some tetris effect. Essentially through exposure it's learning to really quickly and intuitively see the overarching theme and understand it not deeply, because I haven't honed in and aimed at it like when solving stuff normally, but you see the overarching manner of solution very quickly like it's in the bonemarrow.
File: me.jpg (17 KB, 736x661)
17 KB
Are you american, by any chance?
I'm a 3rd year Engineering student in a shithole country (a good University, however) and that seems like pretty basic Stats I and Calc II stuff... Of course, most of my classmates wouldn't be able to read it at gunpoint since they just crammed without actually learning, but the stuff is basic college maths and shouldn't give you trouble if you paid attention in class.

File: 1512340048154.png (6 KB, 211x239)
6 KB
>"Math is a human invention"

Hello, /sci/, I’m currently writing a fantasy novel, in a world where the gunpowder used to fire bullets from guns is replaced by either water or air pressure. Is such a thing possible, what are foreseeable dangers of using air or water pressure, and how would performance differ from using gunpowder? (Pic not related)
26 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
tell me they bothered to make a hot air balloon or something equal to explore the bottom.
If not - that would be a pretty badly written book (actually, it will be a bad book by the simple fact of OP being a faggot to ask such trivial questions instead of RTFM online himself)

gun powder discovery and magnetic propulsion are not related to each other - you can discover one without ever finding out another
good fucking luck making a practical railgun without a good understanding of chemistry and materials science. If you have this, you could essily invent chemical propellants. We don't even have practical man portable railguns.
we're not living in a fantasy world either
In OP's scenario, the problem is not that they can't figure out how to make gunpowder, it is that the environment does not supply the raw materials in sufficient quantities.
>it is that the environment does not supply the raw materials in sufficient quantities.
The only thing that would take work to get is sulphur.
See: >>10481766

File: images.jpg (8 KB, 263x192)
8 KB
how is time real?
I thought it was just a convenient concept, like numbers or letters
Like theres no giant floating 6 in space that says "this means six"
19 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
If humans were to never exist, or if all humans and all other intelligent life in the universe died, math would still behave in the same exact way.
Thinking otherwise is literally retarded
>Why don't we experience time as a fast forward on video? Or rewind? Why don't we experience everything at once?

Because a chronon is never late, nor early, but arrives precisely when it means to.
>the math that no one would have invented would be the same
but good argument tho
Math isn't invented so the math that humans have discovered would be the same, just remaining undiscovered.

As a student of biology, I am tired of the disrespect biology gets within the scientific community. We use the scientific method in our research just as much as those who study physics and chemistry. Biology isn't a pseudoscience and it has plenty of practical uses. This board is full of autists that can't shake off their egos that have been inflated by shoving their lab buddy's cock up their butt.
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Entomology labs look so cool
I took a veternary ento class and stomped around in cowshit looking for fly larvae, which we would encapsulate and hatch. Sometimes a parasitic wasp would pop out, which was pretty cool.
Wrong, your field has been officially commandeered by chemisty, mathematics and physics. "Biologist" is just another way of describing a low tier bio-mathematician.
Nice b8 m8 I give it an 8/8
File: primorida.jpg (268 KB, 1428x648)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
you know it's true

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