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File: sciguide.jpg (9 KB, 200x140)
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Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

If you want advice regarding college/university or your career path, go to /adv/ - Advice.

If you want help with your homework, go to /wsr/ - Worksafe Requests.

File: Bernie is back.jpg (103 KB, 394x550)
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Free college guys.
Imagine studying for FREE.
Everyone will realise their potential.
No more debt. Every PhD will be paid guys.
Imagine a world where you can take our a loan and buy property or stocks instead of a degree. Education will be for everyone
College creates pseuds. I'm in favor of free college but not for the masses.
Free college after you sufficiently proof that you're fit for academia sounds like a good idea to me.
Also, undergrad should be between 2-3 years. 4 years is way too long and is the result of the US educational lobby. Europe it's 3 years standard.
I partially agree. Business and liberal arts? Sure.

However. Three years is nowhere near enough time for STEM in my opinion. Assuming that college is both free and entry is dependant on a rigorous exam or the like, I see no reason why the standard study time until the first degree shouldn't be increased to 5 years. More time for research and an internship that is integrated into your curriculum would be good, I think.
You weeded out everyone that isn't cut out for scientific work beforehand. So why not give those that have prooven themselves to be fit, more time to study? It would, I think, increase the average quality of grad studies tremendously in return, too.
Must be incredible in the US where you don't tax away about 35% of your income.

File: 1433107089739.png (26 KB, 396x400)
26 KB
Some medic here that could answer a few questions about pharmacy and UTI? It's about some elderly that is bedridden and got some diagnostics and i have a few questions

please respond
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Well it's a superbug so that's why i was wondering if someone knew about this particular situation with Pseudomonas instead of Ecoli or else
hop off the drugs and let him take probiotics, if he is asymptomatic and there are no signs of organ failure, sepsis, etc. then when the fuck would you keep pumping antibiotics in and destroy his microbe flora? let him recover and keep an eye out for any signs of degrading health.
based fruitposter
>this entire picture
I also have no idea how evolution works and what vestigial means.
Cranberry juice. Make sure it's 100% cranberry juice, most are a cocktail blend of other juices. Ocean spray doesn't sell pure cranberry juice.

File: Enzmann Nuclear Pulse.jpg (297 KB, 1054x1600)
297 KB
297 KB JPG
This thread is for the discussion of slower-than-light interstellar travel, and likely destinations.
File: Enzmann Torch Class.png (747 KB, 1005x1600)
747 KB
747 KB PNG
File: Enzmann Echo Lance.jpg (169 KB, 1039x1502)
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169 KB JPG

File: nasa logo.jpg (131 KB, 634x864)
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131 KB JPG
Why did the NASA logo become a fashion symbol all of a sudden? Is this the power of science communication?
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>all of a sudden
it's been like that for a while, popsci brainlets do it to somehow appear 'smart', similar trends can be seen with Spacex, university clothing (without actually have gone to said uni) etc
scientifically speaking, how did she get that tan?
Now thats the questions we should be asking.
Melanotan II subcutaneous injections and progressive UVA exposure resulting in melanogenesis. If maintained, it's more effective and safer than mineral based sunscreen in a place like Australia.
>NASA logo looks like the tounge of a snake
>CERN logo looks like a 666
Did they do it on purpose?

There are people on /pol/ saying a woman gathers all dna of the men that ejaculated into her. The born child then has dna of multiple men, if the woman was a promiscuous whore. Is that true? Pic unrelated
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First off, a summary of the actual phenomenon occurring here:
>Microchimerism is the presence of a small number of cells that originate from another individual and are therefore genetically distinct from the cells of the host individual.

This article, cited in >>10400211 specifically studies the effect of fetal microchimerism in the human female brain:
>In this study, we quantified male DNA in the human female brain as a marker for microchimerism of fetal origin (i.e. acquisition of male DNA by a woman while bearing a male fetus).

It is specifically mentioned that the effect is produced by a male fetus while the woman is pregnant — that is, an extended period of exposition is required for a noticeable effect.

The other study merely concludes that male microchimerism is not infrequent in women who haven't ever had a pregnancy, meaning that the must be some other ways for it to happen. Sexual intercourse is merely one of the (many) possibilities and further study is required to confirm any of them.
>Male microchimerism was not infrequent in women without sons. Besides known pregnancies, other possible sources of male microchimerism include unrecognized spontaneous abortion, vanished male twin, an older brother transferred by the maternal circulation, or sexual intercourse.

Moreover, the effect is much stronger when it is due to pregnancy:
>Male microchimerism was significantly more frequent and levels were higher in women with induced abortion than in women with other pregnancy histories.

Nothing here could possibly lead to conclude that creampies produce a significant effect on the human female brain, as /pol/ thinks. They're jumping to conclusions too quickly, to say the very least. Sounds like some illiterate incel was trying to cherrypick evidence for his claims, really.
You don't necessarily need to be the first woman or to have a population bottleneck in order for a person to be the ancestor of every living human. For example, about 1 in 200 men are descendants of Genghis Khan, and that was only about 800 years ago, that's nothing. There are probably hundreds if not thousands of humans from 10,000 years ago which are the biological ancestors of every human that exists
hitler discovered nuclear fission.
>Is that true?
How new are you?

Where does this massive increase in the number of transgender people over the last five years come from?
What does the current medical literature say about this increase?
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Loud minority. That's all. It's still an immensely small number of people with dysphoria
Anon, you can't just get dysphoria from watching porn you fucking retard.
Changing attitudes toward mental illness. For good or for ill, people no longer look at mental illness as something to cure or treat, and instead it is seen as a personality quirk.
Lol blanchard is pseudoscience but "muh girl brain" is solid science? Yeah okay
The cult they've set up is pretty good at attracting new members (like all good cults should be) and enjoys government support
the percentage of trans gender people has always been the same. What you are witnessing now is the largest number of them that has even been recorded.

Would you say this is accurate? It would explain a lot.
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So you're arguing that "non-gay" prison rapists have the literal mental capacity of a wild animal? How much would a normal(average IQ and no violent tendencies) person act on this instinct in a situation like that, deprived of women and in close contact with other weaker males?
I know ancient Greek chads would fuck little boys in the bum, but that was basically the equivalent point in history as now, degeneracy and society were at a peak.
> Sex is not merely for pleasure but also an act of domination
You realize that from a woman's perspective it is the male who is being dominated?
Or are you too brain-dead to see this?
Probably feels nicer and you get to do the fucking motions.
imagine being this utterly clueless about women

are you an incel by any chance?
I see. No one likes it, but it's rape or be raped.

File: 56546456.jpg (7 KB, 300x168)
7 KB
>no cure for flu
>no cure for IBS
>no cure for mouth ulcers
>no cure depression
>no cure for cancer
>no cure for dementia/alzheimers
>no cure for motor neuron diseases
>no cure for aids/hiv
>no cure for blindness
>no cure for paralysis

And you call yourselves """""""""""scientists"""""""""""".

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File: Glaser2.jpg (628 KB, 2450x1938)
628 KB
628 KB JPG
They clamped your umbilical cord. Why would they cure something they caused on many levels, and net benefit from. Ask questions.

There are some implications with autism. Along with birthing procedures, wireless devices likely have a causative role.

Pulsed microwave fields, ie the emissions from wireless devices, alter calcium flux in cells. This leads to chronically elevated intracellular Ca2+ and certain effects on Ca2+ domains in the extracellular space.

There is a genetic polymorphism of the gene encoding parts of the calcium channel, called Timothy Syndrome, which cause it to be overactive leading to the same chronically elevated intracellular Ca2+, and these individuals will near universally present with autism. So we know that the calcium aspect -alone- can produce autism. Further, calcium is involved in dendritic spine formation, axonal guidance, and myriad other processes particularly active during second trimester neurodevelopment. These devices also cause increased free radical generation, oxidative and nitrosative stress. This will also harm the brain of the developing fetus. Further microwave emissions increase the permeability of the blood brain barrier, so much that albumin staining is seen in experimental animals exposed to cell phones in use right now. This will let more toxic junk into the brain. They also tune the bacteria in the digestive system for virulence and selectively kill off some good bacteria. This will majorly mess with the developing brain and immune system.


There are also potential effects on the timing and mechanics of the hormonal surge required for proper synaptic pruning.
I know im an anonymous poster but inside info:

Diets, oxygen chambers, exercise, its all awful snake oil filled with double blind and unconclusive studies funded by the people providing the services, and they make so much money. I have personally met people who created gluten-autism studies and refused to publish the results.

Behavioral therapy is your true hope but you were supposed to do it a lot sooner, not wait for them to turn 26, although its still possible to help, especially if he is high functioning. At minimum, ABA therapy can help him stop harming himself and others, your optimistic goals for him should be sustaining a job or building relationships.

>t. BCBA
>>no cure for IBS
It's called tobacco smoke.
File: nightmare_vision.jpg (28 KB, 501x243)
28 KB
i would like to add
>no cure for Lasik-induced higher order aberrations (theoretically you could use reverse geometry RGP lenses or scleral lenses. The operative word is 'theoretically')

also this
iatrogenic damage is best damage

t. victim of multiple surgeries

i would unironically be completely fine if i went the quack route, not a single one of the surgeries i had was necessary, they were all just recommended by money hungry doctors and i fell for the memes
It's called a whole foods plant based diet along with regular prolonged water fasting to induce autophagy, and finally cold exposure. You should be having cold shower and sleeping inside a cold tube.

the thread for people who can’t find a job or who have just recently found one and would like to brag
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How can i get better social skills?
Place yourself in social situations and listen a lot. Make yourself look good (if you look good enough and stand up straight, it's not you who's bad at social situations, but the person you're talking with. Good-look privileges), so start working out.
File: 1549629162559.png (157 KB, 565x541)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
It's commonly asserted knowledge that single motherhood is the hardest thing, so why are single mothers never used as a building material?
Hardness and strength are different things. Hardness is the relative ability to resist surface deformation, strength is the ability to take load without failure or plastic deformation.
But a mother whose child is in danger will become incresibly strong. Easy fix. Also I'm sure some constructions could benefit from the ability to resist surface deformation at the cost of other attributes. Maybe just use single mothers as a coating?

Is there a planet somewhere that’s made out of peanut butter or chocolate? If every planet is the same just slightly different mass and color then exploring it would be boring as shit. It would just be No Man’s Sky
File: dt.jpg (51 KB, 600x700)
51 KB
AOC will bury the eternal boomer
Whats with the alt right raid today? Leave.

File: 1547634261876.jpg (50 KB, 415x604)
50 KB
I did a math course one ODE/PDE's once where around 80% failed the midterm exam. The course was taught by an intimidatingly clever Russian math/theoretical physics professor. After going through the exam on the blackboard and almost tauntingly showing one elegant and clear solution after another, he slowly said in this fantastic Russian accent: "Now, let me tell you a little story that every Russian physics/maths student will know... During the Russian Civil war there was a Russian student of mathematics by the name of [I forgot his true name, but let's just say Luzin], who was captured by soldiers of the White Army and about to be executed. Luzin called out and said 'I am not a soldier, nor am I a spy! I am just a student of mathematics who wishes to return to my family!' The soldiers told him: 'We will take you to see the General. He graduated from Moscow university in mathematics with honours. He will decide what we will do with you!' When Luzin met the General, the General said: "If you truly are who you say you are, solve for me this problem, and you are free to go. But fail to do so, and I will shoot you myself!". And Luzin, being the brilliant student he was, easily solved the Generals problem and he was released with the Generals blessing, and lived on to prove many important theorems." And then the professor turned to face the entire auditorium of about 100 students and said "Now... Judging from the results on my midterm exam, being faced with a similar situation or problem, YOU, on the other hand, would ALL be shot!" And the entire auditorium was just completely silent and everybody just sat there with a look of WTF-did-I-just-witness on their face.
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did he died?
>around 80% failed the midterm exam
Did he get chewed out later for being a waste of oxygen all this time instead of actually teaching people something?
File: 1456028712919.gif (1.99 MB, 420x236)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB GIF
>who was captured by soldiers of the White Army and about to be executed

Fuck off with your commie propaganda
How's that commie propaganda lol

File: wholesome-cat.png (2.05 MB, 1073x1280)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB PNG
>order of all systems decreases in time
where is it going? can I come too?
File: 1506329719574.jpg (44 KB, 567x437)
44 KB
>order of all systems decreases in time
unscientific conspiracy to sidestep the empiricist criticism of theoretical frameworks.
science died when mathtards figured out they could b8 an unholy amount of funding by posing as physicists and banking their ideas on the "platonic realm"
They knew the consequences and they didn't care, but now look where it fucking got them. Our "modern" theoretical frameworks are fundamentally inseparable from the entropy miracle pill. It's a hard truth to accept, believe me I know, but the /pol/tards will continue to deter progress until it stops making them money, and that's just the way the world works.
Unironically will you fight?
Holy stupidity batman.
File: 06725435398456.png (6 KB, 220x229)
6 KB
Holding back the tears never gets any easier, but I forced myself to reread your post. Truth is the worst pain man can suffer in this life. I've known the pain of losing both parents at a young age, but the truth hurts more, every time.
>inb4 "observations suggest"
sample size = 0, back to /pol/
File: DOnKVr2.jpg (135 KB, 1080x1331)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
How easy it is to make people believe a lie, and how hard it is to undo that work again.

>Holy stupidity batman.
That anon you replied to sounded a bit harsh, so I understand your reaction. I also understand there's an unremitting truth to what he said.
I know it too.

Everyone should have bigger dicks. How do body parts to grow bigger past puberty? Like earlobes never stop growing.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
You don't want a bigger dick. Especially in this pornography era where masturbation and sexual excesses eventually causes the penis to lose its ability to fully contract, resulting in the male version of a roasty, the shower penis. So if you have a large one, and this happens, you're prone to uncomfort, constant arousal by clothe friction or underwear tightness causing coppers fluid to leak. Arousal decreases working memory so it isn't desirable.
You're sacrificing your quality of life to improve your sex life. Isn't worth it.
This, Africans and other non-whites will do the breeding. You just focus on science, non-whites don't care about intelligence and will focus on ensure the population doesn't decline!
>dude you need to compete against 6 billion sub humans
Cringe. Only genetic termination will solve that problem. Also breeding on the basis of dick size going to lead to sexual selection causing a tendency for intelligence to not be considered. You're just a brainlet.
This is such bullshit.
My penis is fairly large, but fully contracts.
I've met the type of people you are talking about and it isn't the norm.
The reason why a big penis is undesirable is because once you reach enlightenment as I have and realize that sex is the root of all evil, a large penis makes celibacy harder.
Celibacy is the highest power level.

The Wandering Earth

This movie concerns the sun going to a red giant phase, and the chinks push earth away from the sun using giant fusion engines to propel it through space. How much delta-v would you need for this? How much does this movie trigger /sci/?


>>In the near future, the Sun ages and is about to turn into a red giant, pushing the nations of the world to consolidate into the United Earth Government, a world government, and initiate a project to move Earth out of the Solar System to the Alpha Centauri system, in order to preserve human civilization. Huge thrusters running on fusion power are built across the planet to propel it. Human population is reduced severely due to catastrophic tides that occur after the planetary engines stop Earth's rotation, and later as the planet moves away from the Sun, much of the surface is frozen due to lowered temperatures, forcing humans to live in vast underground cities built adjacent to the engines.
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>So much that it would rend Earth into mush. Just one of those giant engines would cause crust collapse via isostasy. They need to use the same magic to hold the Earth together as they used to push Earth.
That's not how delta-v works, but there is the problwm of Earth's rotation to deal with.
You can't have a continuous burn because the truster will be pointing the opposite direction in 12 hours.
>catastrophic tides that occur after the planetary engines stop Earth's rotation
Oh lol I didn't read the wiki so they actually dealt with this somewhat.
Yeah, for it to at least make some kind of sense, the thrusters have to vary in angles and keep the spin going, hell, they could even start the spin again, but that takes way more energy. It is more efficient to warp a bubble of energy around a hemisphere and "lick" it towards a location.
Watched the movie the other night. Pretty good for a chink blockbuster and probably the best scifi ive seen in years.
480 KM/S is a massive speed, if it hit an asteroid at that speed, it would be game over for Earth. How are they gonna contend with that? And sputtering from interstellar debris?

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