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Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

If you want advice regarding college/university or your career path, go to /adv/ - Advice.

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Anyone else depressed that the public is anti eugenics
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My dad called my business idea eugenics
Aiming for a future where everyone is 'Tan' aka globalism. Globalism is eugenics. It's the same as aiming for a future where everyone is white/black/brown/yellow.
Better as in we could stop being dragged down to the lowest common denominator and put resources toward technological progress rather than carrying 70 IQ rock apes
But why do we need eugenics for that? If you want to "breed" a perfect race from your children, nothing's stopping you.
then it isn't eugenics

>dominates the earth for 175 million years
>spends all this time just fucking, eating and shitting
really? Is that it?
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Do you guys have any evidence? This sounds cool, but I don't know how we could determine that just from some fossilized teeth.
>Do you guys have any evidence? This sounds cool, but I don't know how we could determine that just from some fossilized teeth.
yes, for its size, it had a bigger brain than your regular dinosaur but they were human sized dinosaurs...they had opposable thumbs and could grab shit with their "hand".
that dinosaur is particular because compared to other dinosaurs, this one is actually weak...like human weak and yet it proliferated, they didn't have problems to reproduce and preserve their species.
its modus operandi was to wait hidden and then jump on its prey, a literal ambush, it used smaller creatures like bugs or small lizard creature to lure its prey out into the open so that they could grab it and eat it...it eated us anon.
that dinosaur hunted small rodents, mammals, specifically the one we humans and most mammals descend from, it thrived by consuming our mammal ancestor.
There's a dinosaur civilization in the "hollow" (cavernous) Earth.
>that’s why humans make no progress and stay the same
Wales have "civilization" and have been genetically themselves for millions of years, way longer than humans have been humans.

With what we know (and don't) about wale neurology and social interactions, I wouldn't be surprised if they were capable at communicating stories to each other. They probably do.

Dolphins can LITERALLY talk to each other and have their own language and shit. It's bonkers.
Dolphins of the same species but different regions will have varying "accents".

Intelligence doesn't neccesarily mean technology.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (84 KB, 1280x720)
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On the last thread of /sfg/ >>1396224
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File: 1569146521577.jpg (587 KB, 1200x1542)
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File: 1565259214234.gif (476 KB, 332x292)
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476 KB GIF

Remember to do your squat exercises. :)
I guess -- if you're into Mormon grain silos
Elite Dangerous has good bits and bad bits. After playing for a while I get so pissed off with the bad bits that I delete it and then go back to see what's new after 6-12 months. Supposed to be a major revamp on the way this year I think, which is badly needed. Not enough proper content in it really atm. Too sandboxy.

File: zd8w753uhtp21.jpg (151 KB, 1000x1000)
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>tfw got much better grades than a genius in my labs because he left his write ups to a day before and I started as soon as we finished experiments
he has more important stuff to do with his mind. perfect grades generally kmlly less succesful lives. theres been a study on that.
Akchtually, he was too busy smoking pot, playing vidya, and being a lazy fag instead of doing some good old fashioned hard work.

So let met get this straight.

This virus can

>Trick tests
>Incubates for a month
>Tries to kill you with pneumonia
>You can get reinfected
>If you do get reinfected you can get a heart attack
>If you survive that somehow it can go for your reproductive organs


And there are people still in denial that this is some type of bio-weapon?
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Wew, this is some high iq posting right here.
I think the dumbest thing about your posts is that you actually referenced the "original post" in >>11394524 as specifically stated in >>11398488 where you say "no mention except new year's eve", as if nothing was mentioned about anyone saying anything about a specific time-frame of when the virus started, yet the very bottom of the post specifically says "going far back as at least December" which obviously means that the thing in question obviously started somewhere earlier in December, if not late November. It's obvious that you didn't read it, at least not properly, because if you did you wouldn't be saying that it didn't say things that it did actually say. For fucks sake, other people ITT even mentioned the virus starting earlier in December. I know you're probably a dumb nigger who can't read, but at least try.
youre not seriously asking for sauce on that
>idiots arguing over wording
>autists shouting shills
It's all so tiresome.
I wonder why though. Perhaps because India is warmer? That Indians have built up a strong immune system from living around filth?

File: neural.png (592 KB, 768x512)
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592 KB PNG
I believe I can fully explain consciousness. To accuse myself of holding this belief does not accurately reflect the scale of my confidence. I believe that I can create formal proofs in relation to the nature, function, and structure of consciousness. The only limit I predict is the shared language necessary to communicate the full generality of the concepts involved. You will not like the terms I use because your proclivity as reasoning sapiences is to seek divergent philosophies even though ignorance must necessarily be continuous.

The first question you must present to yourself is whether or not your mind has the complexity necessary to temporarily forego the sense of agency that accompanies free and unrestricted thought such that you can overcome that experience at a later moment and restore natural autonomy without lasting damage to your psyche. It is not necessary to forego your own philosophy entirely, but merely to move it out of the way such that any parts of it that are currently wrong will not become terminal obstacles to further communication.

I have yet to verbalize the inner constructs that have led to my current beliefs. If you are interested in my thoughts then I ask that you exercise patience in understanding that they are not formalized in a linguistic capacity. Such a method of formalization would necessarily be incompatible with generalized hyperconceptuals.
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>The information content of a full explanation of consciousness necessarily includes all possible experiences that any mind can have
>this includes every visualization and image ever imagined, all senses of beauty and poetry, as well as every dream state anyone has ever experienced
This could be taken straight out of a paper or book by Tononi.

>it [...] cannot be dumbed down to one class of problem
Consciousness will not be just any kind of integration of information. The mathematical model of integration should correspond to how it feels from the subjective side. And from the subjective side I do feel that all the senses and thoughts are integrated, i.e. I have only one united conscious world of phenomena and not multiple.

>The very thing we are modeling is precisely that which models everything else
Consciousness doesn't model everything else, now does it? It's not some omniscient simulator, just a humble finite simulator creating one person's small island of phenomenology.

>50 oracles deep
I don't know what you mean by oracles but they sound like dimensions of our phenomenology. There are a lot more dimensions of qualia than 50 (according to IIT and according to common sense, no pun intended).

>Between any two senses is an integrated meta-sense
maybe you can elaborate on this? Without defining terms like "meta-sense" the post devolves into a jackson pollock of words, it can interpreted in any way one wishes

How about stop trying to talk like you know who, and get a fucking idea out there, because he might actually be reading or even typing this right now, and he doesnt give a fuck about your fucking syntax. He cares about your ideas.
integrated information theory

I think the two main theories of consciousness at the moment are the global workspace theory and IIT, so for anyone who wants to start reading about consciousness, those two are a good place to start
>which is beyond the scope of reasonable description for an anonymous audience
Oh boy, this is some next level shitposting

File: dna.png (33 KB, 851x774)
33 KB
Can any of you geniuses knowledgeable about genetics explain my DNA results? There's no evidence or knowledge of anyone in my family being from outside of Eastern Europe/Baltics. Where's the Atlantic DNA (Britain) and Med (Greek/Italian) come from and how far back could it be from?

File: file.png (215 KB, 400x648)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
Is there anything I can do to dislodge and break up arterial plaque? I am prescribed Pravachol and I've been exercising 30 minutes each day and I've dropped my BMI from 39 to just over 31, but from what I understand arterial plaque is never removed and at best the amount of plaque will barely increase if I'm on drugs the rest of my life (at worst I am a ticking time bomb until a heart attack or stroke). My blockage isn't enough for them to operate, but it's enough that I can feel a constant pressure or stinging that flares up to full-blown angina whenever I exercise and it's nerve-wracking
I'm retarded and this is the worst part of heart disease. Always assumed it was reversible.
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Overdose on alcohol.

I would also like to know the answer to this. 37 years old and feel like I am way too young to be feeling constant chest pressure / angina. Looking at me you would never expect this. I look healthy as fuck, but in the inside I feel like I want to die, it's painful.
Yes. Wvolution in fact seems to disprove several theories of aging. For example, even if aging is for some conuterintuitive reason beneficial, and we evolved to age, we should see random mutations that disable the mechanism.

Anyway, another thing you notice is that you become highly resistant to temperatures. It seems that brown fat loss and the subsequent disruption of thermoregulation is among the first signs of the deficiency.
On the other hand, if we evolved with some enzymes expecting to use cobalt, which was subsequently replaced with zinc, (which is a known mechanism in other metal poisonings) it's to be expected that disruptions would occur. If we evolved with proteins expecting copper, we should likewise see a disruption to health when these sites are not filled with copper.
Aging and death are unnatural states caused by sin as a result of seeking knowledge and attempting to progress through material rather than metaphysical methodologies for example through craftsmanship rather than prayer.
This is obvious when reading the bible and realizing that people closer to the Fall of Man were described as giants who lived for thousands of years and as time went on, they gradually shrank and started dying younger while still basically being immature children.

How to solve the generational attention gap problem that can occur in parallel?

>Old people not getting the youth
>Young people unable to access the wisdom old people have

File: hw7o3ekwfp141.jpg (55 KB, 1109x750)
55 KB
What do very smart and very dumb people have in common?
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wew lad
natural resistance to becoming a shizo?
Because marrying your cousin is accepted in society. Not like fucking your sister

Friendly reminder to eat healthy, exercise regularly and don't let your prime years go to waste.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>eat healthy
already am
>exercise regulary
already am
>and don't let your prime years go to waste
define prime years
It’s clearly years where the number cannot the divided by any number except itself and 1. The next one coming is 2027, so don’t let it go to waste.

3.5/10, lower mediocre iq
My prime years are behind me

File: 1581747297988.png (67 KB, 203x201)
67 KB
How do you even make friends at uni? People keep telling me study groups are important and that you should have peers in your major to fall back on, but I'm afraid my social retardation and natural isolationism will make me as friendless as ever.
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Don't bother, friends end up being a distraction and cause drama - that will ruin your concentration.
Just be nice to everyone and talk about *literally* anything.
Having a wide network of associates is good for future job hunting when the market begins to tighten.
File: 1570551404025.jpg (47 KB, 600x600)
47 KB
Is it true that you sometimes have to study 60 hours per week for certain exams? My brother told me this.
It honestly depends on how much you studied before exam season. But I have never done more than 8 hours a day, even when I slacked off throughout the semester, and I still did well.

t. physics major
Start chatting with random people waiting by your classroom
Something like "hey, you're here for Memes 101? Me too. I'm Anon by the way. Where are you from?"

Was he an incel?
17 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
He could have harem of hundreds of women if he wanted.

Women are still like this. They just became more dishonest and deceptive.

I don't even get this word.
Fucking a prostitute WAS and still is a possible thing today. Anybody can have sex if they're determined. How can incels exist? Unless they're voluntary involuntary celibates ..... I guess if they voluntarily lost their incel status they'd have less to blame their own failings on.
>wrecks Fatio's boypuss on the daily
he a type of nigga to hook his balls to car battery
He bragged about it on his deathbed, he is beyond those mortal considerations.

File: grandpa.jpg (40 KB, 620x410)
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My and your ancestor :)

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