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File: sciguide.jpg (9 KB, 200x140)
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Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

If you want advice regarding college/university or your career path, go to /adv/ - Advice.

If you want help with your homework, go to /wsr/ - Worksafe Requests.

How do-able is it to get As and Bs in Math courses after Calc for someone with a 130 range I.Q.? I ain’t trying to ruin my GPA when I’m planning to to to grad school for Philosophy

File: kizunacheers.jpg (74 KB, 386x573)
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ITT we introduce ourselves. Give age and where you are in your career/studies--also what are your plans for the future? I want to know the autists of /sci/

>20 y/o
>3rd year Math degree
>just want to do something meaningful for myself and others
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>Second year of community college
Strongly leaning towards physics degree, but engineering seems appealing as well. If i want to be a physicist I'll have to get a Ph.D, and I don't know if I want to deal with any of that. As cool as that would be, the idea of spending five years writing a thesis no one will read makes me weary. I can handle a masters degree though. I think an industry job will pay better than an academic one.
>bs physics with minor in math
>future fields medalist and hyper genius cat
>did they ask about /pol/?
They know about /pol/. Like I said, they're locals here just like you and me. I did mention I used to browse that shithole in my darkest years. Fuck, I'm so stupid.
>implying you're not already doxing yourself
It's too vague, anon, you know that.

File: encryption-and-key.jpg (153 KB, 1000x666)
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153 KB JPG
lets talk about it
Is this a good path for a computer scientist?
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>Is this a good path for a computer scientist?
No, you have to be good at math.
Wait seriously? What job do I need to get to learn about aliens and mind control and shit? CIA?
its true tho
cs is math
t. low IQ NEET

File: 268383.jpg (23 KB, 400x400)
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Which came first..
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Once in college a professor put this question on an exam. I said viruses because they are much simpler structurally, and they were probably able to self replicate before and gradually lost this trait as cells came along and they became parasitic.

He said I was wrong, said parasites can only exist when their host existed first, and gave me 0 references to back his claim.

Is this a personal hunch or have you read this somewhere? I really like this hypothesis.
the answer would be prokaryotic viri
File: 1559100958527.jpg (35 KB, 384x384)
35 KB
Fuck you.
Ive seen this phrase get thrown a lot around here, is thag the equivalent of kys faggit on this board ? Im new to sci

File: BUGGY.jpg (77 KB, 509x720)
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How can meaning be derived from a materialistic universe?
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what has more meaning today

ancient structure like the pyramids etc


The tribe that instead of building big shit hung out at the beach
Neither has any “meaning”, but the ones that hung out had way more fun so I’d rather do that.
Then, there is no fundamental meaning?

Just because it's real it doesn't mean it's meaningful. You don't give meaning to everything thats real, else you'd go insane

Meaning is derived when people label something as having meaning.
That's how words work. I even Googled the definition for ya:




having meaning.

"meaningful elements in a language"


"a meaningful remark"

having a serious, important, or useful quality or purpose.

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>the universe

Why are we still bombarding ourselves with microwave radiation when the National Toxicology Program just demonstrated that old 2g and 3g signals cause malignant cancers?

What the fuck? Stop this shit now!
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go ahead, create a cool new subreddit dedicated to your new obsession and idol, "schizoposter"
I don't care. I don't believe in science.
of course, no one in the telecoms industry does
>doesn't even understand that the studies he keeps posting have nothing to back what he's saying
>asshats debating 4chan posts semantics while effectively ignoring topic at hand and calling eachothers name

And I thought you guys were better than /x/

is MIT a meme?
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I know, that's why I knew it was a long shot to get in even with athletic recruitment. Unfortunately, bioscience is so expensive that it's hard to be innovative in it without being in a lab, something high schoolers without connections have a very hard time of doing. Of course I could have done more, but you can always do more.
Track and field. It isn't that hard to make the qualifying standards, you just have to be in the top 10% of high school athletes or so. But you have to do that and demonstrate an academic background as vigorous as the average MIT student.
>berkeley has a way better culture
part of having a good culture involves btfoing conservashits
just joking around, even though you wouldn't be able to tell. in reality, berkeley is far far less intense than what is portrayed in media. there are rare isolated incidents which rarely involve students.
What does college offer you that isn't already offered by the internet?
the ppl who say schools like MIT are memes are the same ppl who are coping with the fact that they go to shitty state schools

File: 1560218980705.jpg (17 KB, 313x286)
17 KB
Sup /sci/. I'm wanting to learn math over again from the ground up but came across a series of weird operations while browsing algebra questions.

I get how 2x2 is the same as 2+2, but how does something like 3×.75 equal 3-.75? Is there a name for this phenomena where signs can be switched out to achieve similar answers? This is stuff not really talked about in basic math as many operations are suggested to be accepted on assumption (like how when multiplying fractions we assume but don't ask why (1/2 x 2/3 = 2/6 ))

>>TLDR; why does something like 3-.75 = 3×.75 and what is this kind of problem called?
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This is basically the idea of two diagrams commuting (and thats about as deep as my knowledge of category theory goes). Definitely an interesting phenomenon, but its surely mean I'll ngless if you dont already know a shit ton of math. The very fact that youve noticed this and are thinking about these things as someone new to math is a good sign.

Its definitely not completely a coincidence, but to get into the details that would take us very far afield into philosophy. The process is essentially nitpicking definitions but you can show that these aren't coincidences. In fact you could provide two different accounts: a set theoretic/model theoretic semantic account, or you could analyze the syntax of formal systrm youre working in and basically show that based on information theoretic properties of our base ten system that 3×0.75 = -0.75
anon I think I found the general case for all n
[math]x=\sqrt{n^2\over (n+1)^2}[\math]
i'm no wizard but thanks for the challenge!
Do patterns and seemingly unimportant coincidences like this happen often in Math? How would I go about looking for more and is there a particular field that deals with things like this?

Thank you so much for all the info by the way, it's definitely making learning math more interesting
samefaggin' it, with a proper closing math tag I hope now:
[math]x=\sqrt{n^2\over (n+1)^2}[/math]
To add to that: more generally for any number x, there exists a real number r such that 0<r<1 and xr = x-r. Just graph f(x)=xr and g(x)=x-r and find where they intersect. Its what's called a fixed point.

File: purelyeconomicfactors.png (83 KB, 610x888)
83 KB
It seems pretty god damn ridiculous that human intelligence being genetic is even a point of contention with our modern understanding of darwinism.
IF human intelligence werent genetically based it inherently would mean for instance, that it couldnt have "evolved" in the first place.
We would have had to have had the exact same level of intelligence as our primordial primate ancestors.
As our lesser mamal ancestors
as the fucking fish and bacteria we evolved from that didnt even have neuro system.
How the fuck is this a question in the scientific community?
The Ideal of genetic equality litterally flies in the face of the entire field of biologically since DARWINISM NECESSITATES INEQUALITY.
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What’s the narrative?
Skin color is phenotype. As is stuff like appendixes and eye color. The variations you mention vary a lot within a population, they're not really the major differences that can deviate on a species level and change generationally. Intelligence tests show intelligence rapidly changing by the decade as well. Developing countries in IQ surveys consistently show intelligence which catches up to developed countries. That shouldn't happen if intelligence is racially determined or that one's ability to learn is limited racially.

Phenotype differences don't include sweeping structural elements such as our brains growing for decades after we are born. As an aside, Skull shape I should note, does not correlate to intelligence. If you believe it does you minus well read horoscopes as phrenology is basically astrology for those who don't like hippie shit.
Are you saying also that smarter than average parents wouldn't more likely have smarter than average children?
If you took that baby and put that baby in an isolated environment, would they do any better than if you took a baby from a dumber family and did the same?
So you think IQ has no genetic component, so according to you any of us should be able to obtain a 200+ IQ then ?

Can anyone here give me an idea of what would be needed to move the moon? Lets say strapping rockets to it and pushing it?
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More than we could possibly get there with any technology we currently have can reasonably conceptualize
The kinetic energy needed to move the moon substantially is on the same order as the energy required to break the moon apart; any movement of a planetary mass object would need to be done very slowly.
mass of moon = 7.342×10^22 kg
thrust of falcon heavy = 2.224×10^7 newtons
acceleration of moon from 1 falcon heavy = 3x10^-16 m/s^2
acceleration of moon from 10^16 falcon heavies = 3 m/s^2
Brainlet edition:

File: 1560274520704.jpg (185 KB, 933x1523)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
"Finnish Frogs" -edition


We discuss research, offer advice (Just see your family physician), make fun of premeds, discuss residency and different specialties but we mostly shitpost.

If you want to discuss vaccines or clamping, please make your own thread because it takes a lot of replies and the discussion degenerates.

>What's the best specialty for research?
Path, clinical lab, onc, rad/onc, anesthesia

>What are the best specialties lifestyle wise?
Optho, derm, psych and rads
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But they don't owe any debt and desu I wouldnt mind having a comfy $150k a year job as a GP with no debts
I just wanna be done with the pre-clinical, I'm getting kinda sick of dead people.
Least traumatic specialties?
Most traumatic specialties?
Least traumatic is neurology or psych
Most traumatic is trauma surgery
Dentist here, so I don't know what the fuck I'm doing here, but my maxillofacial trauma rounds were pretty wicked. We were in Chicago and were trying to make mouths work again after assaults, car accidents, bullets through the oral cavity, etc. Often worked together with plastics and ortho for le fort fractures, dislocated jaws, and other mangled faces. It was something.

so /sci/ what is your number?

262 replies and 29 images omitted. Click here to view.
Number 1, am a Oxford chem undergrad
Add me to that list as well. Fuck university. Go community college.
File: 1559852214276.jpg (80 KB, 935x1083)
80 KB
Based and Prager pilled
prager university teaches a lot more truth than any other educational institute.

i think you're just a retarded lefty
File: Sprocket_Bikeway.jpg (74 KB, 444x300)
74 KB

As another anon who also went to UCD: ride your bike? It's fun and you're only slightly likely to get die in a horrific collision with a freshman who's never before ridden a bicycle in their life.

File: math-books.png (23 KB, 250x238)
23 KB
I'm feeling stressed out this summer since school starts on september 3rd and I feel like so much time flew by since May. I want to know what books I should read to help better prepare myself for calculus I in the fall during this summer, especially since that I plan to double major in Math and Computer Science when I transfer.
35 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: flat,1000x1000,075,f.u1.jpg (154 KB, 1000x1000)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
>he hasn't already finished at least the first 2 semesters of calculus before coming into college
>not being born with the knowledge of calculus, hiving invented it in the womb, and lecturing the doctor to not clamp your umbilical cord while informing him his practice is most definitely not a real science.
File: 2f0.png.jpg (226 KB, 560x577)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
You should already know at least the first 2 semesters of calc if you are serious about math, anon is gonna have a lot of catching up to do same with already knowing everything up to data structs and algos in cs.
yes I in fact think anon is being a bit too gratuitous with choice to double major. although they explained they were a schizo-austist. that is a crude combination, they should just be a code fag and philosophy major as to support their insane schizo induced grandiose.
I'd say Stewarts is the best calculus textbook

File: 1558781648514.jpg (41 KB, 720x540)
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Is race real?
define reality
Yes. Next question.
File: 1551093634481.jpg (780 KB, 1000x4500)
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780 KB JPG

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