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I'm a NZ born citizen and I'm thinking of moving to Queensland, AUS in a few years from now. To work and pursue a career. Just wondering if there are any native Queenslanders who can tell me about the place, places to visit, sites or points of interest, politics of the region, etc. Just anything that would be of interest.
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Sunshine coast is the nicest place in Aus, great beaches and not too touristy. Cairns is nice too, can go diving on the reef and the fishing is great if your into that.
Yeah smart move going to the biggest shitholes in the country, kiwi diaspora.
From Toowoomba Queensland. Why bother coming to Queensland the other states are nice and has less pricks and cunts. Easier to get a lay and make friends if you’re a bogan. Hard to meet decent people and 90% of the decent people aren’t born and bred in Queensland. Literally met one decent Queenslander and it’s my current GF but her parents are both migrated germans so does it really count though? (No it doesn’t). Move to Melbourne or Sydney far nicer culture. Unless you’re planning to party all the time at the coast or Brisbane.
I'm from Toowoomba as well. A lot of people shit on it but honestly it's a nice little city. Good /out/ and mountains really close by, all the convenience and everything you need, only ~2h from brisbane if you want to get out for the weekend.
Only drawback is no beaches, but there are dams not too far away.
Sunshine coast/Brisbane/Gold Coast area is nice to live at, the rest is dead unless you travel there for a short period.

>based solely on travel experiences

As an American I grew up with the typical toilet paper only method of cleaning. It never worked great and resulted in me wiping 15-20 times per shit. I went to Europe in my early 20's and got to expierece the Bidets of Italy which I liked, but I thought they were a bit cumbersome. Later on I visited Cambodia and I thought their little wash-nozzle thing was a great invention and it made it super easy to clean my asshole. A few years later I visited Japan and Korea and holy fuck, the washlet method of cleaning your asshole is top tier, it is an absolute dream when it comes to cleaning. Most recently I visited India and you can imagine how efficient that is.

>Korean/Japanese washlet method
>Cambodian Wash-nozzle thing
>Italian Bidet
>American dry wipe method

>Backwater Indian/Thai/poor areas with the communal bucket to dip your hand in
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>I grew up with the typical toilet paper only method of cleaning
But after trying to wash my ass I started to view the use of toilet paper as incredibly unhygienic.
>toilet paper
Tell me, if I shat on a plate then asked you if you'd rather have wiped off by a dry piece of paper or washed with soap amd water before putting food on that plate, which would you choose?
Holy shit, thank god for wet wipes.
Do your friends chastise you about it? All of my friends say im a faggot for having a washlet in my house. I explain to them, its literally a hygiene product and I am sorry they walk around with smeared shit on their assholes all day.
Oh, thanks for the reply.
I'm just kind of normie and I thought all the places but europe and america had squat toilets or urinal-type toilets. As I wrote, I like standard toilets

I have the change to leave my country and start living and working in Switzerland.
Should I take it?
I will earn more money and live a more comfortable life, btw.
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>bluepilled society and laws
yeah, much, much better
Even though living here is expensive, I still find that the wages are disproportionally high, as in I have more spending money than I used to have in other places. And especially for international travel that money goes a really long way, since everywhere else seems really cheap in comparison.
I'm german and even I appreciate them being racist.
Switzerland is a literal whore country.
Frens..Let's suposse you have enough money for buying a House..
And let's suposse you wanted to rent it so you can profit from it

Is this a good Idea?
How much an Average home can cost?

and i'll be living overseas so i'll have to put renting agency or someone in charge of the property..
I just want the rent money transfered each month to my Bank Account.

Advices please

File: map-of-Mexico2.gif (182 KB, 1373x837)
182 KB
182 KB GIF
So, /trv/ I'm an American who wants to live in Mexico, how do I go about that?

Also, what would be the Pros and cons of my decisions?
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Where precisely? Cancun and Tulum or also in places like Puerto Vallarta?
She looks ugly af who picked her as a important person
See these red parts? Those are where the fun lies. Those are the parts where the government daren't even go. You can get anything there, from the highest quality drugs to the biggest weaponry you can think of to slaves
Just don't try to compete with the cartels. FOR GODS SAKE DO NOT COMPETE WITH THE CARTELS
Only the south of Michoacán is dodgy. My mom went to Acapulco with some relatives two or three months ago.
The fashion industry

File: hot_french_girl.jpg (47 KB, 475x370)
47 KB
what is your experience from visiting France, are people there really disrespectful? Is the language really gay or is it just people expecting the locals to speak english?
i fucking love the french. probably my favorite people. but i can see why a lot of people dont like them... its cuz they dont blow smoke up your ass and they shoot straight. they wont pretend to care about something they dont care about. they don't endear themselves. they are just themselves. if you are looking for someone to ignore you while you read a book, drink espresso and rip butts. the french are perfect. but if you are looking for someone to tell you how wonderful where you came from the french may be a bad fit.
French are fine. They don’t have much patience for morons. Learn at least a few words of French and you’ll be fine.
I speak fluent French. As other have noted French people are really direct and will always speak their minds which may be seen as rude by more reserved cultures.
This. At a bare minimum learn parlez vous anglais. In my experience the only time French people were cunts was when people just started talking to them in English assuming they knew the language

File: 5122815522_1a38b43949_b.jpg (521 KB, 1024x512)
521 KB
521 KB JPG
What's the ugliest and most miserable city you've ever been to?

For me, it'd be Ludwigshafen, Germany.
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New Rochelle NY, USA

absolutely nothing redeemable.

Arkanes, iceland. small, cold, gloomy, boring and depressive.
I might've visited another London
It's nicer than Hempstead.

File deleted.
What is foreign travel like for non English speakers?

A person who only speaks English can travel to almost anywhere with relying on others knowing slight English but how would it be for a non English mono language person?
Got any Bits?
English is ez mode, you can find someone anywhere who speaks it

File: 1548282220521.png (111 KB, 3016x1876)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
Non-autistic maps edition.
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Don't worry about Singapore and Japan, they're incredibly easy mode countries. Don't forget to go slightly outside of the city in Singapore to be in a completely different rainforest environment, separate vibe - check out Pulau Ubin.

Also, Iceland is the simplest country to plan for but really beautiful; there's only really one road, you take it around the whole country, and that's it. Go in summer though or you won't see shit.
File: 1549305930628.png (126 KB, 3016x1876)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
Thanks navy
I've been there 11 times already, so clearly good enough to keep coming back.
File: 1549305913174.png (136 KB, 3016x1876)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
My upbringing was weird and I don't have anywhere that I'd call 'home'
File: map.png (442 KB, 4972x2517)
442 KB
442 KB PNG
I'll stick with my autistic map thanks

File: download.jpg (11 KB, 297x170)
11 KB
has myanmar been ruined by tourism yet?

I heard people actually used to return lost money
It’s pretty much untouched with 0 tourist infrastructure. Nobody speaks English. It’s an experience, wouldn’t go back.
Even the most touristy spots like Inle and bagan weren't that crowded compared to let's say Halong bay or Angkor which both felt like disneyworld. Go before it's too late, their currency took a dip so it's pretty cheap now. I've met the most genuinely kind people there.
Have a chance to stay there for about a month with a family member who is working in Yangon, will I run out of stuff to do? Also how hard is traveling to different cities inside the country?

I'm a student (20 years), and I'm taking a gap year. I was intrested on working on a cruise for 6 months, what kind of job can i do on a cruise without a degree in marketing sales or so. I've looked at bartender resumes but you need to have 2 years exoerience. so any tips to find a job on a cruisehips for 6 months? currently i'm studying engineering if that helps
A big chunk of cruise ship jobs are unskilled gruntwork. Housekeeping, Porter, dining room, laundry, etc. It takes a small army of people to keep those ships clean.
Contact a cruise line and ask them if they have anything available? They usually hire 3rd worlders for unskilled positions. If you're studying mechanical engineering, they usually have one of them on board I think.
You may need to get a Z card.
He would need to get a Z card as well as a stack of other documents and certificationd to work on the engineering crew. That's not a gap year job, that's a profession. That being said, big cruise ships have a lot of entertainment going on and that involves rigging lights, sound systems, big video displays, etc.
All the major cruise lines have hitting fairs, it's best for OP to just go NJ with his resume and see what jobs he's eligible for.
>hitting fairs
Fuck me, HIRING fairs.

File: 1428477630925.jpg (433 KB, 2080x1706)
433 KB
433 KB JPG
Going to the Boston area for work, specifically Peabody/Salem area.

Never been, weather is supposed to be shit the whole time. Any ideas for fun stuff to do? I like dive bars, cheap food, and art.

File: images.jpg (39 KB, 716x428)
39 KB
I mean, I was disappointed with HostelWorld evaluations, so this time I'm backpacking in Mexico, I put only good evaluated Booking.com hostels. The result? This is my very first night Mexico City in the best hostel according with Booking.com (plus HostelWorld - I crossed the data), a +9, and IT IS FUCKING TERRIBLE! It is hot as fuck, no air conditioning and we cannot open the window because there is a fucking party going on the roof.
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This, plus you can cook your own food. Eating out is fun and all but you get sick of eating out every day for weeks or months.

This, though I personally always avoid hostels that have a bar attached. If there's good common room facilities like a pool table that's usually all you need for randoms to be social.
>not part of a chain
The best hostels I've had have always been HI hostels, to be fair.
Last time I got a non-HI hostel it was like a prison. The room didnt even have a fucking window. To each their own though, there are some fucking dodgy chains I always avoid like the plague.
I like to stay in memorable places, as opposed to a box shaped room inside a bigger boxed building. I stayed for cheap at a hostel that was an old mansion in Panama City. Kex Hostel in Iceland used to be a cracker factory, has live music almost nightly, and the whole place is a fucking trip and a half. Just a couple examples off the top of my head. You can see how one might enjoy that more than a Hotel 8, or even a mid-tier hotel.
this. bars are shitty because they stop you from bringing drinks from the corner market

File: 1547757920241.png (492 KB, 2048x1152)
492 KB
492 KB PNG
What are some states that you think one day in the future will secede or change entirely geographically?

File: Genoa_port.jpg (277 KB, 1024x768)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
I happen to be in Genoa next week. Any experiences? Any tips? I paint and draw/visit museums/go out.
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Certainly not by American standards.

This. Genova was the richest city of the Mediterranean back when Venice was still an insignificant swamp. There's an atmosphere of dilapidated wealth, which means tons of interesting places to see and no mass tourism.
>atmosphere of dilapidated wealth
This is why I love Naples and Budapest. I a total sucker for this kind of atmosphere.
I spent 10 days there, and I have to tell you, that city sucks. HOWEVER, the good news is this: Savona is a short trip north and it is way friendlier, and Cinque Terre is a reasonable train distance south. Spend a maximum of 3 days in Genoa and you will have seen everything there is to see.
Go anywhere nice to eat?

File: apriles.jpg (56 KB, 594x390)
56 KB
Working in Western Europe?

I'm a cook. I'm pretty good, but am young and only have experience in local restaurants in my small town.

I'm going to travel to the UK, France, Italy and Germany over the course of a year and want to know if I'll be able to work here and there at a kitchen, or anywhere that I need to, really. Would I start with a stage, working for free until they think I'm good enough to stay? What about all that "work visa" shit? I can get by on German, lesser so on Spanish and will learn French.
Do you have a EU passport? If not it will be difficult.
fuck off we're full
Nah US passport longterm

Just tryin to learn a bit, then dip after a year, maybe a year and a half

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