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File: ez.jpg (25 KB, 550x550)
25 KB
>be me
>lives in virginia
>gets a promotion that moves me to new york
>i take the promotion

later virginia
>bragging about going to new york

Have you ever been?

File: cranbird.jpg (184 KB, 620x350)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
So I just booked a vacation for me and my gf in switzerland next summer for two weeks and I'm curious what /trv/ would recommend to see/do. We're big into hiking but it would also be cool to see some historical stuff. Thanks
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Sorry, missed that one. There's something called Swiss travel pass for tourists, it's your cheapest option for public transport tickets, more so if you are 26 of age or below. https://www.myswitzerland.com/en-ch/tickets.html
File: image.jpg (145 KB, 1200x819)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
If you happen to come by the city of Zurich and it's summer, you should do a water tour. Take a swim in the lake in one of the public baths, have a walk along the riverside waterfront, or discover one of Zurichs over 1200 drinking water fountains. over 300 of those run fresh mountain springwater (dark blue on map) the others just normal tap water.
Throw in some Kunsthaus and some Museum Rietberg and you should have a nice time.
hell yeah thanks i'll have to look into it. we're flying in and out through zurich
Lugano is beautiful in July.
No matter what, Lauterbrunnen valley is a must, and the best views are from Wengen. It's literally the place that inspired Tolkien for Rivendell.
If for some reason you go to Geneva, go to bains des pâques, great cheap spot to swim in the lake, eat, drink, and see topless beauties. The new beach might be open then too.
Lucerne and the lake of the 4 cantons is also a must imo, it's arguably the most beautiful city along with Bern. If you go to Bern, be sure to swim in the Aar river and go to the old tram depot for a meal of rösti and beer. Also the cathedral has a great stained glass window of the dance of death, and the ogre fountain is cool.
Finally, go to Lavaux for white wine and views, and in the area Montreux and the château de Chillon is worth a visit. Fuck there's just too much to see for a small country, Ticino and Graubünden are also amazing.

File: Trails Southamerica.png (730 KB, 1152x921)
730 KB
730 KB PNG
Does anybody have experience for these tracks.

Planning to go there in January but clock is ticking and i can't decide.

I've only got 3-4 weeks and have no idea, if these routes are feasible in this time.

Plan to travel by bus mostly, sleep in hostels
Shameful self-bump

pls answer
Do you more or less intend to stick to the coast with your green route?

Also, this is /trv/, there's no need to bump your thread unless it's a few days old.

>Do you more or less intend to stick to the coast with your green route?

Not necessarily. It's just a rough itinerary. I just have no idea what is possible in 3-4 weeks.

Of course I'd love to visit Machu Pichi, Atacama Lima and Santiago and everthing around but I also wan't to avoird being on the bus 50 % of the time and the traveling costs getting out of hand

File: template.png (585 KB, 4972x2517)
585 KB
585 KB PNG
last thread ded. show us where you've been. brag about how many countries you've stepped foot inside.
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File: 1531806337580.png (553 KB, 4972x2517)
553 KB
553 KB PNG
So... how was Missouri?
Pretty good, I stayed in a nice airbnb in St Louis, walked under the Gateway Arch, visited some Indian mounds and a beer brewery. Grilled some beef steak in the evening.
Fuck this map, I ain't even kidding.
File: 1540561706075.jpg (67 KB, 1024x962)
67 KB
whats wrong fren

File: images (12).jpg (13 KB, 357x633)
13 KB
Going to SEA for a month and wondering if my 27L backpack will do

Last time I went overseas I brought a suitcase, and like 80% of the shit wasn't necessary

I'm not bringing a laptop or camera, just my phone. I need space for like 3 outfits, pair of joggers, pair of thongs, towel, phone charger, passport & documents.

Any thoughts? I don't want to walk around with one of those massive meme backpacks.
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>not getting a roller suit case that has straps for your back
>everyone who disagrees with me is an incel

trendwhore much?


but to OP's question, yes you're fine. One pair of pants and shorts. Two t-shirts and one button down is all you need. Could bring a very lightweight rain jacket for SEA. One pair of shoes that won't look like trainers if you go to a more upscale bar/club and a pair of flip flops or sandals.

I used to bring laptop, then tablet, but now just roll with my smartphone only. I used a USB-A adapter so that I can plugin keyboards from hostel computers if I really need to write something lengthy without using the hostel computer.

Get travel insurance tho. If something happens it can save your butt.
If me and my friends managed to do our entire SEA trip under 7kg per person including some winter clothing (at home it was harsh winter) and make-up, you should be able to do it with 5-7kg.
dunno what you are on about but usually one bag threads just tend to be people bragging about where they went not anything regarding the actual packing of a bag.

Wanna know how to one bag? just pack less done

File: baltic.jpg (182 KB, 700x700)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Am I crazy for wanting to visit Belfast?

I'm interested in the Troubles, so I'd like to take a Black Cab tour.
It seems there is decent nightlife as well...I'm socially retarded but I'd like to expand my horizons and try and meet women at bars or a club or whatever.

I'm going to travel for 10 days or so and I am also looking at London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Dublin...what do?
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York, Bath, and wherever else but yeah like that guy said that's not really enough time to do multiple cities. 2 nights in 2 cities would be better.

It's cosy incarnate
I've always found Belfast to be a sad, sad city.
AVOID THESE PLACES. They are all terrible, but for entirely different reasons
Stop in the Lake district on your way to the highlands. Liverpool is quite pretty for a day trip if you're passing. Don't bother with other cities.

File: Prague.jpg (84 KB, 630x472)
84 KB
What's life like living in Prague? I might be able to take a job there for 4-6 months.

Is it easy to frugal up there? Locals nice? I'm hoping to get a simple studio flat in the city.
What job?
Is 1 week too long for visiting Prague? Also how is the New Year at there?

Hello peeps,
I'm 24 years old living in Sweden, Stockholm. I would like to visit Armenia next year for a possible language study. I 'm like 20 % Armenian also. I've heard some really good things about this country, a little bad but mostly good. Thing is that I can't find a lot of people that have traveled there and have no one's experience to listen to. Have anyone been there? I'm thinking of studying there for 2-4 months before I start my college. Some facts or other people that have been there that might help me plan my trip?
Some of the best thigns i've heard about there is:
>Armenian food is cheap af
>Armenian people are very kind and helpful to tourists/expats (i've read at least)
>Calm country with no wars except the dispute with Azarbaijan
>Pretty girls but no idea what their view is of outsiders
>Beautiful nature

I will probably stay in Yerevan but no idea how the city looks/the infrastructure is or how public transportation works.
Also, I’m gay. I don’t know if that makes a difference. I love armenia but I know they are very christian. Does being a LGBTQ affect anything regarding service or travel. Departing Stockholm soon!
I'd be discreet. There's probably less anti-gay activism there than in Georgia (and !was government hostility than in Russia),but it's still a rather traditional, conservative country. The Christianity I'd say is deeper, but less flamboyant or.in your face than in Georgia or Russia. And Yerevan is pretty secular. There are actually.rather few churches there. Not sure.if.it.still.exists, but I used to follow on Twitter someone who ran.some.kind of.LGB group in Yerevan, called Unzipped.

Yerevan, despite making play of.it's ancient roots (as Erebuni) is largely a Soviet -era city: it really grew greatly as a home for escapees from the genocide. There's one.older district, but most of the city is 20th century, and designed.on a grid pattern. It has a kind of easy going elegance about it, and (though I speak Russian but.not.Armenian) struck me as though it might be a pretty agreeable, and.not (unlike Tbilisi) overly chaotic place to live. Decent cultural facilities of various kinds. Check out the Cascade. And the Soviets said it was their second city of humour, after Odessa.

There's a small.metro system, and a good bus.network, both of.which are very cheap.Ararat

Mount Ararat looms overhead, being frustratingly inaccessible because of the c!osed border.
>Does being a LGBTQ affect anything regarding service or travel.

Yeah, consider suicide.
Consider turkey

I'm planning on doing a masters in Europe in Data Science/Big Data
I live in south america, finished my degree a couple of years ago, and have an EU passport, so no need for visas

I'm looking at different universities and the programs they offer, wanted to see if anyone has any input

So far, possible cities include Madrid, Berlin, Munich, Roterdam, Brussels. Happy to hear suggestions of good universities, with tuition below 20k (I'm aware that some countries, like Germany, have really low tuition fees for EU citizens)
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All I can say is you should focus on the reputation of the university and course rather than the city. I'd be surprised if fees for a one year Masters are higher than 20k anywhere in the EU, even including the UK.
Not even the whole UK, as a EU citizen you also can study for virtually free in Scotland as well.
It would still cost around £7-8k at Masters level in Scotland
The tuition fees in Germany are pretty low for mostly everyone for the moment. How is your level of german? If it's low you can just try to find masters in English and if it's Berlin then more easy.

Munich is where the real money is...but I found it boring.
If you're an EU citizen as you say, then try Austria, Germany or Norway - all of these countries have Master's Degree courses in English (depending on your Major/Subject).

Your best bet is searching for a list of universities from the countries you want to study in, then going to each University's individual website and checking their info.

This is simple enough... just go to google and "List of Universities in X" There's usually an up-to-date wikipedia Article on it. From there you go to the Uni's website and try to find the courses available in English.

I know for a fact that many Unis in Scandinavia and Germany have entire Master Degree courses in English.

Let’s talk about South Africa - any experiences, anecdotes or recommendations are appreciated, particularly for solo travellers
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First off you should know that South Africa is a country of a lot of contrasts: socioeconomically, politically, it's geography, etc... If you do it right, it'll be one of the best counties you'll ever visit. They have everything that you could ever want to see. World class food and wine (Stellenbosch), scenic road trips (Garden Route), cities (Cape Town), and wildlife (Kruger national Park).

I'd recommend spending at least 2 weeks there:
- 5 nights Cape Town. They have everything you want in a city. Hiking, food, beaches, history, scenic views, day trips.
- 1 night in Stallenbosch for the wine region and world class food.
- 4 nights driving the Garden Route. One of the most scenic drives in the world. Drive Cape Town to Port Elizabeth.
- 4 nights in Kruger National park / private reserve. Kruger is a massive safari park the size of Israel. There's every single type of wildlife that you can imagine. Going to a private reserve will allow you to do off roading safaris.
Going to South Africa in a few weeks looking for any recommendations

Plan I have 4 Days Cape Town, 2 Days franschhoek, 1 day Stallenbosch than 4 Days Safari 4 hours outside of Jburg
Day 1 check out w&a waterfront recoup
Day 2 food tour and historic downtown
Day 3 table Mountain Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden Groot Constantia winery
Day 4 boulder beach cape point
Day 5&6 Frans
Day 7 stellen
Than safari

Like good food and drink, history and nature and things that are uniquely to that area.

How safe is it to walk down town Cape Town during the day?
I heard there is an E. coli problem at camps bay which is making me move to water front area.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>How safe is it to walk down town Cape Town during the day?

If you're doing the touristy stuff you'll be fine. Just be a little bit more on guard than a first world country. (ex: if you're sitting at an outdoor cafe easily accessible to the street, don't leave your cell phone laying on the table)

>Like good food and drink, history and nature and things that are uniquely to that area.
The Test Kitchen in Cape Town or one of Luke Dale-Roberts other restaurants. Also look into La Colombe Restaurant for another world class option. Being in Franschhoek or Stallenbosch will prove many many high end selections for a great price.

Definitely checkout the Penguins, Cape of Good Hope, Cable Car up Table Mountain (go early to avoid the crowds), Hike Lion's Head, checkout Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens... I could go on... There are so many cool things around.

>I heard there is an E. coli problem at camps bay which is making me move to water front area.
Nothing is wrong with the water front area, but I'd reconsider staying at Camps Bay. It feels "private" because it's a rich community that's blocked from the rest of the city. If you have the option to rent a room or house in the hills, the views will be worth the money.

You'll always want to be carrying small change with you if you're driving. So make sure to get coins before leaving the airport. Every parking lot or street parking will have someone looking over it. Pay them when you leave. You might get harassed if you leave without tipping them. It's their day job. (look online for more info on this)
Thanks for the advice anything else you would recommend?
How long would you a lot to botanical gardens, table mountain and boulder bay, cape point? Any other things I should see when I go down to cape point area? Am I missing any must have unique experiences.

Thanks for help and tips.

Honestly what you have written down is a great list. Make sure to check out camps bay if you end up not staying there. Do lunch or dinner at one of the restaurants that are lining the beaches.

Table mountain really depends on how long the lines are when you get there. It can take a hour wait to get a cable car to the top, a hour wait to get to the bottom, and a half hour to find parking. The top can be real windy so bring a windbreaker at the very least. You'll probably spend at least another hour up there taking photos and walking around. Parking can be a real bitch because of the crowds.

If you're a hiker, here's how I'd recommend doing it... Catch an Uber to the cable car in the morning. Get to the top and grab a light meal at the restaurant (1 hr). Hike down Skeleton Gorge to the Botanical Gardens (3 hrs). Walk around the Botanical Gardens (2hrs) and grab a meal at the restaurant while there (1hr). Catch an uber back to your place. The hike can be a bit muddy, so go a couple of days after it last rained if possible.

You can do boulder bay and cape point in the same trip. It's an incredibly scenic drive along the coast. There are some great beach towns along the way that you can grab a meal at.

Kloof St is a very good street to find a lot of the trendy restaurants are in Cape Town.

File: 1450196091.275_114_o.jpg (117 KB, 2048x2048)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Booked a hotel yesterday and didn't read enough reviews. The reviews are saying the rooms is dirty and cold and there are thin walls. I've already entered my debit card details on the app and there isn't any free cancellation. Is there any way I can cancel and keep my money?
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File: 1516473253194.png (2.7 MB, 1184x1192)
2.7 MB
2.7 MB PNG
This is why you always use Airbnb
Airbnb can be cool in some areas but sometimes homeaway or booking are having better prices.
How many days to arrival? Did u book in high or low season?
Airbnb prices are the same as hotels by now in a lot of countries.
I still use it but the golden age of airbnb is over.
Depends if anything airbnb is good for pseudo hostel stays. It's only really do-able if the host has a work from home job or some good system to let you in and out of the house easily. I usually just look for budget hotels these days though because some of the shit I've dealt with
>I have work at 8am so you need to leave during that time
>internet slower than dogshit because they don't care or have some open access thing that the whole block uses
>teaching their stupid fuck kids english
>stupid bullshit rules about showering or bathing "5 minute showers only please! save the planet :^)"
>please no coming or going after 10pm
>please help with the dishes if you eat here
>the same stupid stock conversation and questions about where I am from what I am doing in said country etc etc

More and more airbnb places are just some dude who shoved a lot of bunk beds in a room and reselling said rooms, and the ones that done are like what I just posted

File: download.png (632 B, 116x77)
632 B
632 B PNG
Going to the Czech republic in a couple of months for business and wanted to see if anyone had any tips or places good to eat? Im american
There are plenty of traditional restaurants, I’m pretty sure Prague is a “international city”, so they probably speak english.

Can you see enough of Bali in just a week? I don't need to see EVERYTHING but I also don't want to feel like I missed so much I absolutely need to return to see the rest
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Thx mate I'll consider it. What are the must sees?
I love snorkeling. My highlight was snorkeling around the old Japanese shipwreck on the eastern peninsula (search Japanese ship wreck point on google). The best coral I saw was at a little place called Pemuteran. If you're into scuba diving you can see much better stuff of course, but I'm a simple man. Anywhere you go in Bali you can rent snorkel gear for $5 on the beach.
Otherwise the best part was just zooming up and down the back-woods jungle roads, going up volcanic ridges and making that 20cc engine squeal. Any time you see a half-assed little road that winds into the jungle, see how far you can follow it. The drive between Sekumpul waterfall and Danau Batur was cool.
I have no comment on the big tourist attractions; everyone's got a different opinion on those.
>rent a motorbike
>on Bali
Seriously OP consider not doing it, i assume you are from civilized country with good traffic laws. On indonesia this thing does not exist, which means:
>most of people drive without lights in night, especially in rural areas and not big cities like denpasar.
>people like to drive against the road current not in your passes
>speed limits does not exists, remember to ride as fast as you can
>roads are in shittier state than in ancap dreams (holes, shit, mud everywhere, not joking)
>in big cities like denpasar or kuta the traffic density is such high that motorctcles are touching another motorsor cars, you simply cant do anything besides going with the flow.
>the safe aspect of helmet is illusory, think about that especially if you want to go with the friends, family or kids, pretty fucked up.
>the gasoline is cheap tho.
I wouldnt recommend it unless you are proffesional driver and you are born to dangerous rides. Most of people accomodate in 3-4 days but first one can be scary
Not OP but I'm going to bali over new years, I've ridden a motorbike in Thailand (chiang mai and a couple of the islands) for a couple weeks but that's my only experience, Is that enough you think to hop into bali?
He's either being dramatic or he's a lousy driver.
Outside of the clusterfuck cities, I've never had problems driving in Asia. The roads in Bali are absolutely fine. The only time I've been in an accident was because of the the pissing monsoon rain.

How to crouch comfortably in the slavic style, maintaining the perfect balance. (Serious Post)
serious answer:
Its actually a yoga pose called "Malasana" which is used in a lot of vinyasa yoga classes. Its an excellent hip opener. Very restorative. Great if you have been throwing a lot of teeps or high kicks in practice all week.
Wrong board, head over to >>>/fit/
It just takes practice. I've done it, now I can squat Slav style.

why are Germans, Danes and the dutch generally much better in English than the French and the Spanish?
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
t. John Smith living in Amsterdam
also the dutch only have such a high rate of english because english and dutch are so closely related.
That map seems pretty bullshit. Some countries have a much higher percentage. For example Portugal is way higher than Spain. And north Europe is over 90%.
>french and spanish speakers can travel to numerous different countries worldwide
Not the French.
>inb4 French Canada and some fucking colonial shitholes
French Canada is a meme, no one actually speaks French. And in colonies it's being replaced by English at the speed of light.
>French Canada is a meme, no one actually speaks French.
t. hasn't been to french canada
Tyf op, kankermongool. Zo goed is het Engels van de meeste Nederlanders nu ook weer niet.

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