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Good afternoon /trv/, after helping people in their threads I’m hoping to get some feedback on my trip outline coming up relatively shortly due to a sudden break in schedule. I’m giving myself roughly 3 weeks for everything and already have my 8 day Eurail ticket booked when they had their winter sale.

I love medieval architecture and don’t drink/party so city nightlife isn’t something that will draw me to a city. I plan on doing a lot of walking and renting bikes when I can to cruise around the outer-parts of cities if possible. Cool museums are a plus, and in the past I've had coffee dates with tinder girls to get local advice on places that are truly worth seeing.

Feedback on the those places as a rough outline would be great and if you feel inclined any tips on them would be great. I plan on learning basic greetings/sayings for each country but I hope the places I chose I won’t be completely borked with just English.
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Thanks so much for the feedback, Ghent is the place on my trip I'm most excited about so it's great that you enjoyed it too. Will make a note of avoiding that area, and I've read that renting bikes in the city is really popular so that should be a blast.

I guess to add onto my existing thread, after Utrecht I have to go back to Munich for a week for work. If my schedule is too ambitious for 3 weeks I could realistically cut down 1 of my 2 german stops and just have Munich be my second since I'll be there for so long, if that makes any sense. Nuremberg looks like the most compared to Mainz but I'm certainly open to any input.
You want to go to Tallinn, UNESCO OLD TOWN, one of the best preserved middle age town.
page 9 bump, I won't bother bumping again but if I could get some advice that'd be great!
If your going Salzburg then the eagle's nest is worth a trip. But that depends on your interest in history.
I honestly don't know much about European history at all but that place looks insane albeit a little bit outside of the city. I'll keep it in mind though

File: nothingends.png (915 KB, 564x594)
915 KB
915 KB PNG
Fly to London and spend two days there, seeing sights. Then head to Leeds in an attempt to lose my v-card. After two days there fly to Rome and see sights for 4 days. Then fly to Budapest and hang out for a week. If I've failed to lose v-card in this time then hire Hungarian hooker, then fly back
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Leeds is a class night out, go to the stone roses bar if you want an indie slag but pre-drink cos the drinks are fair pricey.
>been all over the world
>never been to the UK before
i've heard so much good and bad things about the way of life there i feel like i'm missing out
>go to the stone roses bar
UK is a mixed bag, some of the nicest and worst places in the world. Go to Cartmel and the rest of the Lake District, Chester, Edinburgh, Conwy/Caernarfon and the rest of Snowdonia, Chipping Campden, Bath, Leeds, Liverpool, York and Bolton Abbey.
That's an awfully long list m8yroo

File: banff.jpg (165 KB, 650x465)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
Has anyone been to Banff before? I have a week off in september and want to visit canada and have seen gorgeous pictures. Is it easy to navigate? The general consensus I've heard is to get a car. I'd appreciate any input about traveling around the area/places to stay/places to see/places to meet fellow young travelers etc from people that have been.
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top kek ok, well how shitty is the weather around september? I saw forecasts that it was 30-50 Fahrenheit which isn't bad but can it still get blizzard-y around that time?
I recommend camping there to avoid the hotel fees. I'm from Texas too and some friends and I went up there a few years ago and it was fantastic.
Chinks rarely venture out of banff townsite and the big attractions. Even a shitshow like lake louuse goes from bejing level crowds to tolerable and chink free after a short walk.

Get a car and pack a tent, sleeping bag, and air mattress then drive up icefields camping on your way. Or go to BC. Whatever your choice is, you need a car. No exceptions to the car rule.
The road to Lake Louise is really narrow though so even a few busloads of tourists completely fucks up access to it.

It is generally more bearable when you get out of Banff proper though. Definaely recommend hiking to one of the CPR tea houses if you're able.

just got back from banff and kootaney i was cold and snowed at my campsite glad i had a 19 degree bag. this couple was loudly fucking at my campsite though

anglo go home
the med is for meds
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Damn three tourists killed I see
What are the odds though?
Beni and Maga are rightful Anglo clay.
Repeat after me.

Can't handle the banter.
Let's meet up and fuck. I am a young 20yo girl.

File: wotda4fff.png (35 KB, 1122x395)
35 KB
To network with solo travelers and loaners like myself...

Any other sites like it, and yeah there is some strange people, like this phaggot.
I really like the unfettered access to young, worldly minded girls desu. How else am I gonna chat to a cute 19 year old from Italy without this site.
how legit is this site? is it full of bots and scammers?
I just got back into chatting on there and I have had some halfway decent conversations. The one weird one was a woman "trying to find an american husband so she could escape her abusive husband in Cambodia" so I noped out of there.
Just dont be retarded on there and dont give away your credit card info or something
Site is like something out of 2006. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I'm used to websites forcing human connection. I'm expected to just randomly pick someone and say hi? What's the point of this again?

Is a sailing yacht the ultimate freedom of movement?

If so, what's the ideal type for a semi-SHTF-minded moderate richfag? (safety and comfort being pretty important)
The bigger the better?
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That's like bragging you live in a desert and sand covers a shit load of the earth

You'd better forget that bullshit right now; the only reason that pleasure craft more complex than canoes exist is because of the shipping industry. If SHTF you might be able to ride things out for a bit, sure. But what happens when you need a haul-out and some anti-fouling paint? What happens when you're out of filters for your watermaker and it hasn't rained in two weeks? What happens when your blocks and winches start failing? What happens when the outboard for your dinghy grenades itself after a seal fails?

Recreational yachting is a by-blow of the multi-trillion dollar marine industry and serves no purpose in itself; it's about the least sustainable way of living imaginable.
I just meant like for one-time escape use.

Haha what?
go rent one with a crew for a couple of weeks in the Carribean or Mediterranean and see if you actually enjoy it
I think you're a bit off in your estimations. While I wholeheartedly agree that the ocean is a very dangerous place, and one always has to be aware of the weather, all of these things can be reasonably managed without being trained like an astronaut. I hold my masters 1600 ton, but I don't think any of my inherent skill has really improved since I was 18 or 19. I've experience now where I think I can respond more efficiently to a situation, but nothing I still couldn't have done safely 14 years ago.

If you're into sailing OP you should read Dove by Robin Lee Graham. He did half a circumnavigation in a 24' sloop (before going to a larger boat to finish), and even though it was back in the 60s he did it on a shoestring budget. Here's his boat for reference.

And if you want to try it buy some $4000 catalina on craigslist thats ready to roll and sail for 6 months coastal. A lot of people just like saying the own a boat more than using it. That's okay but you should know where you stand. If you actually like it move into a better boat and go from there.

File: serveimage.jpg (93 KB, 1600x566)
93 KB
how feasible it is to do wild-life watching in the national parks of these countries, if
- I won't have my own viehecle (I hate diriving)
- not poor but don't want to spend 1k per day
- travel alone so can't split costs
Driving my own vehichle down from England in 2020, meant to be quite feesible but expensive with tour companies.
you'll pay out your ass because of all the tolls.
You could do an overland tour. They're still pretty expensive though (around $300 a day). Another option, if you have the time, is to take public transport or hitchhike to the town closest to the park you want to visit and arrange a safari from there. At some places you can arrange tours for $50 a day.
How much, what would you expect? Heard I could just bribe border guards with cigarettes or soda which I was planning on doing.

Is Kenya welcoming to whites? Considering visiting after SEA.
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In that they are the same as women everywhere, only with larger asses
I feel like there would be a lot of fake tinder profiles trying to scam / trap / catfish tourists in africa.
If you're worried about getting catfished or scammed, I don't think fucking chicks in the third world is the game for you.
Protip: they're all scamming you.
How's escort scene in Africa? Cheap and cool or HIV shithole?
All women everywhere are trying to scam you in some sense.

I am visiting Wyoming in September, staying in Cody but visiting Powell, Jackson, and spending alot of time in Yellowstone

What should I expect as a Bongistani? I know Wyoming is very pro-gun (which tbqh I am too) but beyond that all I know is it's very pretty
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I'd also like to ask if you rent a car they wouldn't be against you crossing a state line would they? It's not like crossing the border into mexico or something
They don't care, some car companies use to care but not anymore. You may want to state it to the rental place but often they don't give a shit since they have all your details on file.
Nice, thanks anon
ALSO it seems I don't need to get a visa, https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/usa/entry-requirements

Though I'm curious how I "can show that you have enough funds available on arrival to support yourself during your stay, even if you’re staying with family and friends"
i can't possibly imagine that ever coming up unless you show up at immigration looking like an absolute cretin begpacker

How dangerous is South Africa?

Plan on going to Capetown next year, and everyone's telling me not to go.
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How is Port Elizabeth? Is it even more dangerous?
My friend went there on a safari & The outfitter had armed men meet him at the airport & had 2 armed men outside his hotel room overnight until he arrived at the camp. Shit can be tough over there. The thieves know you have money just by being there.
Are there any Terr gangs over there?
Thanks guys, feeling a lot better about the trip n-

How come anon?

What is the most dangerous situation you've been in while travelling? Even if you just tripped and sprained your ankle, I want to hear about it.
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>You can't expect everything to stay taut and firm

Been married for 14 years, can confirm this.
OP asked for it make your own thread if you want RealTraveler Dangers
you could definitely shoot cows in the early to mid 2000s, but the government has cleaned up a little bit, so I'm not sure now. also you had to buy the cow beforehand so i never did it because of the cost.
they tend to be like that, they also generally believe that whites are Superior to blacks because majority white countries are more prosperous, while saying the jews are scum despite allegedly controlling everything.
Cumming inside three Pattaya Beach Road whores.

Has anyone been? Can foreigners visit or is access restricted?

A few years ago you could go to Myitkyina but I've never heard of anyone going much further into Kachin state. I don't even know what the geography's like or how populated it is. It's basically a blank space on the map. I searched up Puta-O, a town there and found this article - https://www.liputan6.com/lifestyle/read/3051523/puta-o-myanmar-terpilih-jadi-atraksi-wisata-baru-terbaik-di-asean - which has a picture of some Karst hills, but I'm pretty sure it's Yangshuo in China.
Bump for interest

File: file_1.png (24 KB, 640x448)
24 KB
How much does it cost to backpack through Eastern and Western Europe?
Also, how long does it take in average? I want to plan one out for next year 2020 sometime but I haven't the slightest clue how much I should save, what I should bring, and how long it will take.

Any tips?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Thanks again. I was thinking about starting in Poland, then going to Germany, Denmark, Greece, Italy, France, and finishing it in the UK.
Should I travel alone or with friends? Not like any of my friends want to go anyways, but I'd rather not get ransacked in annalley because I'm an oblivious tourist who travelled alone
Uh as dumb as it is to say, it "depends." Are you going to walk through sketchy areas by yourself late at night? It's pretty easy to avoid being mugged but there's always going to be shit out of your hands at the end of the day, can't be afraid to go out there. Maybe research each place you're going to before hand and see what normal, sane people are saying.

should be fine tho dude
Yeah I'll probably be fine. Can't let shadows stop me anyways. I was just thinking about pickpockets, ambushes during hikes, terrorists, and other crazy shit that only happens once in a blue moon. Media tends to hype it up though so I had my doubts.
Just carry a tent cuck and hike it

File: ape50.jpg (191 KB, 1054x800)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
how to travel trough europe with this vehicle?
Well, butthurt I guess.
Very carefully
All right I'll bite the bait.
Ape 50 goes max 45km/h, is super noisy and unconfortable.
The only place where I know someone use them for /trv/ is Capri, Italy.
Here in Italy you'll only see Ape 50 in rural parts of our country, maybe driven by some old man going to his vineyard.

File: 72733662.jpg (103 KB, 1024x684)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Is this rightful German clay worth visiting?
11 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
How brainwashed are you to believe that?

Lithuanian nationalism can be cute but does have its autistic aspects.
Its nothing more than the gateway to the Curonian Spit
File: teutonicknights009.jpg (120 KB, 700x576)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
>Have never been German

Anon I-

You may not be German but Memel is/should be and will be again. How does it make you feel that I will be flying into your country listening to Erika on my headphones?
File: 1557541401014.png (280 KB, 600x842)
280 KB
280 KB PNG
Don't forget to spend your cash at Klaipėda tourist traps and werhmaboos points like where Hitler gave speech and keep believing incel monks will return to Klaipėda
>Implying I'm not a poorfag

Gotcha anon. Can still slip it in a few of your beautiful young blonde beauties gagging for Aryan cock.

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