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File: 18mlqdeeco4jujpg.jpg (102 KB, 386x500)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Going to Portland for a week next month, anything I should do/see? Already doing a 2 day trip to Seattle and a day trip to the beach. Figure will visit Mount hood one day and check out the strip/sex clubs around Portland at night
good for you man

File: beach.jpg (677 KB, 3839x1079)
677 KB
677 KB JPG
What are the best (different) countries, in your opinion, to visit every month of the year? I take a trip every month or so and I hate the cold, so I'd like to make a chart of sorts where each month I just pick from a suitable country and go there.
bump for interest
I normally do it the other way around. First I decide destination and then I check which is the first "dry" month right after rainy season.

I use this:
interesting, thanks for the idea anon.

also, I found this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ll2igK0hWxU

File: index.jpg (10 KB, 300x168)
10 KB
Hello I wanted to know where are the best places for sexual tourism hetero sex with how much money should go as specific part or city or if you can recommend a forum or can contact me to do a sexual tour I'm looking for places where for little money you can fuck during hours and days of those places that with a dollar has a girl for 1 hour to fuck and have little risk of contracting HIV or any of those diseases
>being this beta
Bit hard to read that. But the go to answer for sex tourism is Thailand, most specifically Pattaya. There are other places to go and each has its strengths and weaknesses. But Pattaya Thailand is probably the best first time sex tourism on the cheap place to go.
If you're american, dominican republic
He said low risk of disease.

File: lucerne.jpg (36 KB, 650x365)
36 KB
Hello guys, I'm in Switzerland at Bern. I was wondering what to do next while I'm here. So I spent this day to Bern and I have all day tomorrow (19/04) and half day until 12:00 pm (20/04) to go to somewhere else. I was thinking into Lucerne or Geneva or what else? I'm a bit more into landscape.
Thank you in advance.
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Tomorrow most shops should be open, try Beeler or Tschirren in the the old town.
Nice, ty.
What about Sprüngli or Eichenberge?
File: Luxemburgerli.jpg (263 KB, 1471x1473)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
dealers choice, they all make high end products. Sprüngli is best known for their Luxemburgerli.
So I guess it's expensive. I want good and cheap chocolates for gift :D
Lindt or Toblerone?

File: download (6).png (782 B, 151x100)
782 B
782 B PNG
How much Lira should i bring got 1400 so far about £200 worth, is stuff really expensive ?
last time i checked, it was getting cheaper and cheaper.
you should be fine. anyway depends what you want to do there while all inclusive.
stuff is not expensive,

no need to bring much liras, maybe few hundreds, visa/mc work 90% and it is easy to find proper exchange rate all around.

Sounds like fun

I am heading to the west coast for the first time. Any anon familiar with San Diego and its surroundings? What's good?
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Those are all good recs. Would also throw in the gas light district if you aren’t a boomer
go to tijuana
Thank you for the ideas. I have spent next to no time in the States so I suppose (luckily?) I won't be able to judge how awful it is.
I will check out the action, definitely looking for some live music while I'm down. Grew up on socal punk so hopefully I'll find a show.
I would love to hit it up but is it work the airport hassle of a day trip into a border town while aleeady on a short trip? Maybe if i was the infamous donkey show
This. Is. Tops!

I'm planning to travel to New Zealand later this year. Is this country worth a visit as a german?
any advice on the bests sights there Because i only have 5-6 weeks there
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Well if you live in Germany you don't have to pay airfare to be in Germany do you? What the fuck kind of retard question is that?
>He actually drove from Frankfurt to Dresden instead of flying
If it can be put in a pie, it will be put in a pie.
>successfully got working holiday visa which is really limited for my country
>think it is only option for a tourist to stay in NZ for longer than 3 months
>just now read info about how I could have applied for normal visitor visa, because I dont really need and want to work for atleast a half a year and I just want to travel NZ instead
>my visa could have been approved to somebody who would actually use it to work

oh fuck

File: nistipaska.jpg (88 KB, 1400x1125)
88 KB

I'm a finnish male, without any money anymore and alone at Varsova.
I'll send you some bitcoin, post wallet
You don't look Finnish. Wheres your glass of Milk?

I have to fly to Copenhagen and take a train to another Dannish city.*

I've been told I can buy the train ticket on the station the same day. Is it true? How much time before the departure can I get it (e.g. 30 minutes before)?


*There are many trains to that city in the same day according to the internet
File: 31lcwbawv1s21.png (1.71 MB, 826x1200)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG
I'm assuming you're American
Yes, you can buy tickets on the same day, most trains never fill to capacity
And the train station isn't like an airport
No security checkpoint, no bag checks, no x-rays. You just walk up to the train. So there's no reason to show up early, just make sure youre there by the time on the ticket because they only stop in stations for like 15min at most
EU citizen. I have to do some beaurocratic stuff before I take the train and I'd like to leave Copenhagen asap because I don't want to arrive too late to my destination.

That's why I wanted to know if it was possible to buy the next train ticket (for example: I finished my work at 1pm, therefore I can take the 1:30pm train).

Thank you for your answer.

File: download.jpg (11 KB, 320x157)
11 KB

Can these things be fun? They have a bit of a reputation for being for plebs and boomers and seniors and suburban people. But I dont really mind those people when they loosen up.

I'm pretty shy, but I feel like it's possible a cruise could be pretty relaxing as there's nothing to think about or plan.

im also 30 and would go alone, will people think that's creepy?
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Only if you like being surrounded by fat women taking pictures of themselves holding drinks.
This is what some cruises were made for. Singles cruises exist so undesirables can have an orgy without being threatened by the appearance of random better options.
File: 1950s cruise fashion.jpg (29 KB, 341x431)
29 KB
>Can these things be fun? They have a bit of a reputation
I always meet really nice people when I cruise because I dine with a matchup of another family/couple at a larger table, and you do make friends with happy people who are on vacation, at any age. Talk travel.

>I'm pretty shy, but I feel like it's possible a cruise could be pretty relaxing as there's nothing to think about or plan.
It's extremely relaxing. It's groundhog day movie, day after day, only mixed up by different shows, different ports, different menus and some random activities that vary by day OR you can fall in love with one thing and immerse in that, whether it's wine tastings, that one lounge with the 3 instrumentalists, or the lounge singer in the piano bar who makes you laugh. Day 1 is a singles mingle where you might actually make a solo friend for the rest of the cruise.

>im also 30 and would go alone
Sadly, it can make you feel lonely to be alone (a loser really), but that's a maybe. It can cost double, so the logic is why not bring some cousin or poor friend along for free if you're paying double occupancy anyway? Sometimes cruises are only as fun as the people YOU bring with you. There are ways around that, however. Skip river cruises, skip extremely large mega ships. Do go on ships with a cultural or scientific experience where you have the excuse of doing this or that without embarrassment. Buying excursions gets you a guide who you can buddy up with on your kayak, divemaster, rock climbing safety guide, or front seat of the tour bus and be almost private tour

NCL and select dates on other cruises are bringing solo cruising back in style with smaller single cabins priced right. There are some theme cruises where you can party with your fave political party or country or rockstars which gives you instant simpatico with fellow fans.Same price plus about $200
How could feel lonely on cruise? They have mixers and activities specifically for this.

Do you guys carry a day bag when traveling?
I want a bad to carry the stuff I don't want to leave at the hotel/airbnb but I don't want it to scream tourist.

However just being white in a lot of countries will do that.

I am really looking at a bagjack sniper or should I just go with the traditional fanny pack?
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i bought one of the faggy ass hipster loctote bags, and desu it is pretty good, fits comfortably, can even JUST fit my manfrotto tripod in it along with money, phone, hand wipes, vid cam and other shit, it's been good for travelling around the philippines as i can lock it to a tree and then swim on the beach without worrying flips will try and steal my shit
The least faggot choice is a backpack.
If you use any other bags you'll look like pic related.

>loctote bag

$100! WTF
Hijacking this thread for my question. Anyone using the Atom AR jacket for hiking and knows how it compares to the LT?
just bought one of these, hope it's worth it

File: suburb.jpg (78 KB, 1000x667)
78 KB
whats the most typical, white, american suburb. always been fascinated by this as a rural brit bong
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No but I did take a vacation with these four Swedish girls to the Greek islands and they were fucking insufferable. The most vapid “let’s go clubbing” “I can’t go out rn I need to be sunbathing” “what is history again?” “You visit places on vacation, I don’t want to stop sunbathing” people I have ever met. Greece is dirt cheap though so I couldn’t tell if they were poor desu, definitely aloof, but actually history less beings
>whats the most typical, white, american suburb. always been fascinated by this as a rural brit bong
The Woodlands TX is pretty immense and well known. Levitt Towne on Long Island is one of the more famous suburbs post WWII. Kingstowne (Alexandria) VA was pretty hefty at the height of the tech boom in northern Virginia. Built by Dominos founder along with a university, Ave Maria, FL or maybe even the all eco/green community of Babcock Ranch, or the massive new suburb out of Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch in FL. The entire island of Marco Island had the single developer owning it, the Mackle Brothers, plat out the entire town, from where to put the stores, churches, parks, all in a nice arrangement that made sense, and then cut all the canals behind the homes with seawalls. Before that, one of the prettiest places in the world, Coral Gables, George Merrick, all planned. The coral rock quarry became the Venetian pool later. Aventura in Miami Beach, was pretty massive and planned for it's time. There's an adorable planned community in the panhandle of Florida, Seaside, with a beachy feel and cute streets prime for bike riding Seaside, which was the film set for the movie The Truman Show. There's the oddly popular Celebration FL meant to be all disneyfied and storybook.
Fort Myers, Florida
File: 2d857ix.jpg (166 KB, 600x953)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
Things are getting better now that Trump is in office. He's undoing a lot of the damage that Obama caused.

All we hear about Europe is how you guys are getting overrun by Muslafricans because "OMG Syria!" as if Somalia and Syria are the same place (don't you Yoorapeons know basic geography?) and anyway Mama Merkel says they're all lawyers and doctors and architects. Meanwhile your maidens are all getting raped and your men are dressing in pantyhose instead of lederhosen, see picrelated, not that there's anything wrong with that I'm not judging reeeeeeeally.

I'd say Bridle Trails. Too many pajeets around Microsoft's campus.

I had a Swedish female as a classmate during law school. Well, for the first year. After that the school threw her out for being an insufferable raving bitch. I'm not joking or exaggerating.

god the water makes this too real for me

not sure what architect school drop out decided every shitty strip mall complex needs a lake with channels

File: inb4collapse.jpg (547 KB, 1920x1080)
547 KB
547 KB JPG
Wow and Jet airlines filing for bankruptcy is just an excuse.

Want to know why a collapse is imminent? schengen zone visas and increased flight costs to keep people contained in the USA.

1 reply omitted. Click here to view.

In other news I'll be free camping a few weeks this summer as a counter-fuck you to the establishment.

Free wine for pussy somewhere in camping friendly Europe.
It's a fucking conspiracy bro, soros is behind it
dude, there are a billion chinese and there all starting to buy lots and lots of stuff. including plane tickets. Contrarty to capitlism and its myth that you can just create more, you cant. things are scarce, planes, runways and fuels are scarce expect prices on all sorts of things to keep on rising the rest of your life unless the united state and europ absolutley bombs the living shit out of some country or kills all the africans and recolonizes it.

Growth is a pyarmid scheme, and the pyramid scheme for americans getting cheap stuff is ending.
at least we will have less burgers around here
I hope you're right.

Fuck mass tourism.

File: I like this.jpg (71 KB, 606x564)
71 KB
How the fuck do I not die when I travel?

I am 18 years old and from suburbia and planning a trip by myself, am afraid that I'll be naiive.

Pic unrelated.
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Going against the grain a little here. I think the prime age for travel is in the early to mid 20s.

I myself actually started traveling "for real" when I was in my late 20s, and I feel like I've wasted my previous years. I sort of wish I started when I was 19, but realistically, 21-22 would be better.
Level up from easy places to travel more complex places. Japan for instance is as easymode as you can get. There's English everywhere, things are on time and simple to navigate. You can never get lost in the cities as you're always close to a subway that will get you back to where you need to go, and it's very clean and the food won't get you sick.
File: 1546653519291.jpg (94 KB, 751x1000)
94 KB
I'm 23 year olds so kind of in the same bought. Here are some tips for you traveling alone to crazy ass places such as SEA.

>Always wear a condom, no matter how tempting or how drunk you are. Getting a third world female pregnant will not be fun.
>hide money in your wallet and only show about 10% off it when you get it out.
>Never and I mean never, go with a guy/girl who says I can show you a whore house/club or watever. They could also lead you to your death.
>try and stay in the public at all times
>DO NOT GET FUCKING WASTED ON ALCOHOLO OR DRUGS! People will notice and try there luck to rob you or something. Always stay in control of yourself and be aware of your surroundings.

However, do the following.

>Approach chicks and have casual non weird conversations and see whether they like you, than go onto get there number and hang out sometime
>Make a list of what you want to do in said city and make it your goal to complete the list e.g. see temple, go to massage, go to water park, fuck 20 whores, bj from a lady boy and eat a thai green curry.

Be safe and good luck. You will realize how fun it is to travel by yourself. You only live once mate.
Be very careful while drinking , thats where you're most likely to slip up and let your guard down. You'll end up getting robbed or beaten up if you're not careful or if you trust the wrong people. Especially someone without much experience, going out drinking in a new city can make you a target.

When walking at night try to walk down the more crowded streets. It might seem obvious but avoid desolate side streets in the middle of the night.

Don't be obnoxious and be polite and open to different customs and cultures.
I'm sort of with you, except I'm about to be 22
Gonna try to start in Western Europe headed east myself

I know there's a lot of touristy stuff and Ostalgia places selling GDR flags and souvenirs, but is there any specific national day and place to see old East German veterans unironically waving their old banners and commemorating a country that no longer exists?

The history of East Germany is so plastic and artificial, it had interesting Cold War happenings but it seems so erased, apart from a few museums and memorials. But what about the veterans - I know Rhodesians have weird niche commemorations and parades, but I've heard nothing about GDR guys
>old East German veterans
East Germany never fought a war, there were a few "advisors" in Angola, but besides that no veterans.
What you're looking for doesn't exist afaik (West German who lived in the east for a bit). There is a bit of Ostalgie, but a lot of it is simply yearning for the days when your dick worked and your tits weren't sagging and of course the DDR was kept alived artificially and it crashed when they had to compete on the free market, so many blame reunification and Wessis for their poor economic condition, eventhough it was the fault of the DDR and they're still getting massive amounts of money from the west.
Isn't it ironic how former communist nations in Europe ended up being much more conservative than their capitalist cousins in the West?
The former DDR votes either hard right (AfD) or hard left (Die Linke), I think you should look up the definition of "conservative". (Bavaria, West Germany was the most conservative place in central Europe, and yet capitalist)
They learned from experience that socialism and communism don't fucking work.

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