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Should I do this route?
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Just fly to Ethiopia, retard
>Syria, both Sudans and Egypt all currently in civil unrest or at war
yeah sure bro, it'll be fine ^^
I see you are bypassing Israel, except for the Aqaba-Eilat-Taba cross which makes me think it's not a troll. Syria will be the hardest, but definitely not impossible. It's 2019 and Idlib is the last pocket, and whatever the Turks are doing in the north, but with money and pedal to the metal travel it's possible to quickly pass through. I say try it, but expect difficulties in Syria.
Excellent. I hear Syria is a blast nowadays
I would make line in turkey like an L, you are obviously not going on this route for the beaches and stuff but Antalya has some nice natural wonders
Seeing how different the climate in different regions of Turkey is also cool.

File: file.png (26 KB, 1200x800)
26 KB
I'm Irish. I qualify for disability here with our social welfare system for a mental illness. Realistically, is it possible to live in another EU country and collect their social welfare? e.g. could I move to France, live in whatever public housing they have, and collect disability? And if doctors there don't renew my disability, and no one is willing to employ me, I can just collect jobseeker's welfare?

I'm interested in this because:
1. I've always wanted to live in a different country
2. Ireland's social welfare is very minimal (5,000 euro a year), and other countries at least nominally have much better welfare.
Please don't bully if this is a stupid question. I realize it's pretty fantastical to expect this could work, just looking for some input.
>(5,000 euro a year)

Does that include money for rent? If not, the amount in Germany is pretty much the same.
No. Technically there only is freedom of movement for workers and not people which means that EU citizens are only entitled to social benefits in other member states if they have paid into the system for a certain period of time. This means that member states can potentially deport EU citizens that can't support themselves but this is rarely enforced because people that can't support themselves move back to their home countries or find some source of income before they starve to death.
Yeah, without a job you're only allowed to stay in another Schengen country for three months (coincidentally the same as most tourist visas). After that, most will ask that you register long-term if you want to stay, and you'll need a job to be allowed to.
I reckon they're not going to kick you out, but you won't get any benefits either. Remember all the British pensioners in Spain: they're on British pensions, Spain doesn't pay them anything.

File: 15_932017.jpg (202 KB, 1200x426)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
Staying in NYC for 3 nights in January.
What cool things are there to do?
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>wanting to get mugged
be my guest
Dude, Brownsville has already been gentrified by frat bros and hedge fund guys. East New York is where it’s at...wild club scene, restaurants, sexy Euro models, edgy but safe. I hate to spoil it by letting people in on Brooklyn’s best kept secret but it’s too good to miss.
-Touching a gold bar in the vaut of the FED.
-Watching a taping of a late night show or a comedy club
-Going on board of a submarine at the Air, Space and Sea Museum.
Come to Queens Jackson Heights which is the most diverse neighborhood in the 5 boroughs.
Obviously this little bitch sits home playing games all day. Don’t listen to this cuck. What you like doing? I’d say check out Rockefeller time square. The east village is great for getting some NYU pussy. Ktown if you wanna eat like a king and go drinking after in mid town. Chealse and the high line are dope

I’ll be traveling from December 19th to February 1st around the Middle East.

>Aqaba, Jordan
> Amman, Jordan
> Beirut, Lebanon
> Istanbul, Turkey
> Tel Aviv/Jerusalem, Israel

What do you /trv/lers recommend seeing or doing in each place? How long should I stay in each country?

Any neat stuff I should try to buy in each place?

>ITT talk about traveling in the Middle East
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I've heard good things about Hamra urban gardens
Ah ok nice that was what I was just looking at!
File: 1543815605911.jpg (24 KB, 400x399)
24 KB
I'm also going to be in that hostel with a friend over new years
Ayyyy email me your WhatsApp and we can meet up. I’m normal I swear

burneremailforu@gmail. com
Make sure to visit Sour (Tyre), it's amazing and safe despite being Hezbollah territory.

File: timthumb.jpg (296 KB, 1200x600)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
why the hell is it that every bar in australia doesn't actually have seats at the bar? is this a perth only thing or is the rest of the country this weird? why can't i just grab a seat at the bar instead of sitting at a table?
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Little Creatures in Fremantle

If you're in the Swan Valley check out Elmars
Blasta had some good stuff when I was there last. There's one in West Leederville that made good dark beers I'm trying to remember, but I'm blanking.
Nowhereman! That's the one.
now you know why there aren't seats at the bar - they want to cater to groups and people that don't actually want to be bothered

File: 66f.jpg (156 KB, 1242x1394)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
>"Why yes, I travel for the cultural, scenic, culinary and adventurous experience, not sex tourism. How did you know?"
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but he still got laid anon and he is living rent free in your head
But you can't impregnate a girl in your own country, that's why you've fucked off to South East Asia. The only loser is yourself.
I did this at ankor wat and immediatly got lost in the forest and followed by creepy lolis for hours
Not gonna lie. I often wanted to do that, but most of these places have already been picked clean.
I often just opt for a nearby rock that nobody would miss.

File: torino-cover.jpg (247 KB, 1620x1080)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
Next week I'm going to spend a week in Turin, what are some cool things to do?
>there're a shitton of cool museums
Of course I'll go there, but I want to experience some curious and unknown places that only people living there know
Also, I'm gay. Not sure if it matters.

Superga basilica, the elevator to the top of the Museum of Cinema, ordering a bicerin at the cafe at Piazza della Consolata, for a start
It doesn't

File: IMG-20180728-WA0001.jpg (222 KB, 1600x900)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
Real Travellers™ who have been to edgy places like Iraq, Afghanistan, PNG, Somalia, Syria, Yemen: are people impressed when you tell them you've been there? Both people at "home" and also travellers you meet in less edgy destinations?
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Miss me with the sanctimony, child rapist
>It's like hating all welders because a few build offshore oil rigs.
Go get some fresh air
Oh by all means apologize for the NGO bacha bazi enthusiasts
>there is no fresh air in this city, check your privilege, faggot
I'm going to Hong Kong in a couple of weeks. If you're capable of even the slightest bit of critical thinking, you'll know that Hong Kong is probably going to be fine. However, that doesn't stop people I know from commenting how "violent" and "dangerous" it is.

My coworkers, bosses, friends, and even the nurse at the clinic appointment I had were warning me of the dangers of Hong Kong.

Let’s have a thread of China
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That may be where it was first domesticated, but wild rice exists.
File: img_20060407_030.jpg (186 KB, 800x671)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
>wild rice exists
Well sure, it's not like every plant that wasn't domesticated was wiped out. And the cultivated ones will have grown wild too of course.

We do know quite a lot about the originator though and it's clear that domestication changed the plant very considerably, the original only seeded once a year with a single seed per stalk and it probably still had the shatter gene to spread better (the grain/husk breaks up to better spread in the wind), it's the loss of this gene that is considered the defining domestication event.
Anything that doesn't shatter on ripening would be a descendent of the domesticated plant, even if it since escaped into the wild.
Checked. Based genuine flora and fauna poster.
File: th.jpg (12 KB, 162x155)
12 KB
Everywhere except the west fucking sucks.
People have also been known to make use of wild rice just as often in dishes.

What universities would you recommend?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Is housing that bad in Germany?
In the hipster faggot cities it's pretty bad compared to what Germans are used to, but it's still not terrible compared to other countries.
None since the Universities in France, NL, Denmark, Switzerland and Sweden are much better than Germany's.
>Is housing that bad in Germany?
Berlin, Hamburg, München, Stuttgart.. those are. The rest is fine mostly.
I live in a smaller german city with university, around 80k people living here.
20k are students. Its horrible, the have to sleep in the sudentsdorms hallways becouse its full everywhere
Really? how is that?

File deleted.
I'm almost 40. I have broken relationships behind me. I've lived abroad for years. I have money but I'm apathetic about living.
Life just feels like a decent movie but one that's been on for 6 hours already. It can end now.
I'm not morose, in fact, I feel some liberty in not fearing death. I feel I can do anything at this point.
My question to you guys is, you have money, you have freedom, you travel, you're not afraid to die. What do you do?
52 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
You can get T (illegally) anywhere in the world. It's not cheap and it's not gonna change your life. If you aren't active already it's a waste.
Blow all money in good whores around SEA and then pop out.
Well yeah haha, I wasn't planning to just sit around and take it like a daily vitamin. I'm just looking at a multi month extended trip to SEA and/or South America for hiking and the more I read it sounds like the perfect place and time to also lift weights and try some good shit for once. I've been ultra cozy the last few years and need to step it up. It's not like I'm expecting to get super jacked but a little boost would be awesome.
I am turning 32 and kinda feel like I have this type of freedom. But at the same time I still want to have a family and kids someday. How do you guys square that? Do you all just not plan on having children? Or just haven't met the right person to do it with? Or even let her slip from your grasp?
File: 1573257427699.jpg (76 KB, 386x580)
76 KB
I'm almost 37 and just haven't quite met the right person. I've dated some nice girls, and some who started out nice but turned shitty, but none of them were quite what I wanted out of a mother for my children. I'm literally about to break up with a feminist that never wants kids and when we first started dating I thought that was great because I wasn't ready and I didn't have to worry about getting stuck with kids unexpectedly, but the more she laughed about how much she hated kids and would never have mine it woke something up inside me and I saw how unattractive it was. Now I do want kids but I'm more jaded than ever about women in general and with 2 decades of experience with dating all kinds of them. At this point with a nest egg and no responsibilities the sky is the limit. I can travel just about anywhere within reason. I'm not rich but can swing 1.5k a month so the world is my oyster at the point once I pack my shit up and go.

File: tsr.png (559 KB, 1920x1091)
559 KB
559 KB PNG
Anybody here ever travel across the Trans-Siberian Railway? Thoughts, tips, etc.?
16 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Has anyone spent a lot of time in Far East Russia and Sakhalin? Seems like the last frontier.
It's being posted in every trans Siberian thread on this board because it's true. Travelling in a Russian train for more than one or two days is no fun at all.
t. Russian
The biggest danger is suicide from boredom. Or smell of socks.

I traveled about half of it on various occasions no longer than a day. It's all the same.
And this thread pops up every fucking week with the same dumb questions.
>So take a plane from Moscow to Irkutsk

>flying domestic Russian airlines

File deleted.
Just booked my first solo trip, but now a deep melancholy took over me because I know I won’t be truly happy anywhere in the world, and no trip will change the fact I am lonely, undesirable and poor, or that I have been left and humiliated by the only person I ever loved a few weeks ago, or that I hate my job, my apartment and will have to return to this place when the journey is over. No matter how much I try to convince myself, I’m not doing a solo trip because I love my own company (I despise myself), but because I don’t have one single person in my life. No beautiful mountain or lake can save me.
16 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Yea but a promiscuous free spirit roastie who has yet to do her international travel might tale intetest in you now
File: 9fgbjwqi4e321.png (73 KB, 1023x820)
73 KB
Have you tried not giving up so easily?
best thing I can say is pretend who you want to be until you are.
Do you like hearing the sound of your own voice? You better. Your inner voice will develop a lot during this travel. Good luck Anon.
I feel the same way anon. I'm thinking about quitting my job and traveling for a long time. Was just in Japan for two weeks and it was nice, so I have an idea of what it's going to be like.

Thanks for posting. Good to know there's someone out there that knows the struggle.

File: portland.png (4 KB, 422x359)
4 KB
For my fellow US anons who have been or maybe live there right now- what is your opinion on the city of portland, maine?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>death by gentrification
dumb fucking statement

don't post ever again dork!!!!!!!!
Fort Kent > Portland.
Big rehab industry in that city
Just go further north, the maritimes are better than anything in New England
I'm a Masshole who's been there a couple of times, its pretty nice. You should go there in the summer, there's going seafood.

Is it stupid to save money on plane tickets by opting for long (12+ hours) bus journeys instead? What is your opinion on buses?
77 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: nope.png (238 KB, 1347x851)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
Picked a route I've done before, nah bus is about 1/2 the cost. Bus has no exchanges or transfers either
For $50, I'd prefer to save my 7 hours for something besides sitting on a bus. I make $30/hour, so if time = money, it's worthwhile.

Yeah, I definitely agree with you. I fly San Antonio/Austin to El Paso pretty frequently for work, but like I said, I drive to IAH/DFW when I go international.
>For $50, I'd prefer to save my 7 hours for something besides sitting on a bus. I make $30/hour, so if time = money, it's worthwhile.

Yeah but it's still cheaper which is the point, if you wanted you could do a late night bus and just sleep on it getting to LA by 7am on thursday if you wanted.

>Yeah, I definitely agree with you. I fly San Antonio/Austin to El Paso pretty frequently for work, but like I said, I drive to IAH/DFW when I go international.
Again you have that option to drop a car off for free, for me I'd have to tack on something like 20+ bucks per day. A bus after work burns no vacation days for me, saves me money, and doesn't cut as close to transfers. There isn't a downside to me using a bus vs a plane because I have no problems sleeping on a bus.
>I'd have to tack on something like 20+ bucks per day
Fuggg. Amarillo's parking is more expensive than El Paso 's is (and El Paso is a city that's 4x larger). I know Beaumont's parking is free.
>>Denver->Santa fe
Yeah there a lot of "gatcha's" if you are not in a main city, if you live near one then you can generally just suck up the cost and do whatever. However, smaller in-between spots or sometimes airports that are going to connect to X larger airport regardless, a bus can often be cheaper. Especially if traveling with bags and not a "member" like on frontier or spirit where bags can add on an extra 35-45 dollars a pop easily. That 140 dollar flight? Oh you have bags that are bigger than personal items? yeah you need to check those...Oh basic economy, yup that will cost you should have done economy. Now that 140 dollar round trip flight is over 200 since it's probably going to be 35 there and back for your bags. Being at near 225, that 50-75 dollar bus now looks a lot more reasonable if you are trying to maintain a budget.

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