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File: Du1YmPKUYAAS4JR.jpg (272 KB, 1200x675)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
When will TPC realize that we all want an anime adaptation of PokeSpe instead of short shows like Origins/Generations and more seasons of retarded Ash and Cringechu?
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>And the anime is more successful and loved
nobody likes the ashnime, every anime forum hate that garbage even on twitter always see people shitting it
This. As much as I loathe the anime that's currently airing, there's nothing more faggoty than taking away something people actually love to suit your own desires. The fact is, both series have their own audiences, and it'd be nice if both were catered to. God knows this franchise could afford to take the risk.
File: IMG_20181123_144402.jpg (54 KB, 768x1024)
54 KB
>Loved? hell no, everybody hates Ash and how dumb he is.
Hahahaha! Stop projecting or stating your opinions as facts without proofs cuckventures fag.
>More than a thousand episodes
>Twenty two movies
>One of the humans characters with more toys
>References in the games
>Three games based on the anime
>Using Ash to promote things
Keep denying the true all you want, that you and your little gang think otherwise is not my problem, and please don't try to use Crunchyroll or youtubers like some others to prove something.

>Also, most people left the anime after the first season.
Yeah, let's ignore all the parents that watch it with their childs or every new generation of kids.
>anime adaptations of manga aka loaded with tons of filler so it doesn't overtake the manga


Anyway, TPC will never do it because they don't want two Pokemon animes competing with each other. The one they've got is already successful, so people are most likely to just stick with that one, and even if the other one does pick up an audience, it'll never be anywhere close to what the main anime's audience is.

The other reason is that the anime advertises the games and merchandise, while the type of people who'd watch a PokeSpe anime already know about the games and merchandise and thus don't need an anime to advertise it to them.
And yet is still one of the most popular animes in the world, kinda amazing, right?

File: _.png (838 KB, 1600x1200)
838 KB
838 KB PNG
I've always felt kind of bad for boxing a pokémon until the poképelago made canon my headcanon but what was the original idea behind boxes? Looking back at gen 1 i feel like the large open space and pools surrounding bill's house are implied to host your boxed mons, so when you box a pokémon you're teleporting them to bill's house
Autism yeah
>that image
i dont even know where to begin
Dunsparce evolves into Giraptor, which is feeding its babies a Tina.
Pokémon boxes was always weird since somehow you can turn a physical Pokémon, into stored energy in a Poké Ball, into computer data in the PC.
I think it's more like pocket dimensions.
are the Dunsparce very big or is the Tina very small?

File: 1552185991225.gif (678 KB, 274x155)
678 KB
678 KB GIF
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ancient computer monstrosity/10
Wow so funny im laffing so much
It looks really cute
I love that one last m'lady he had to add i their before he fainted.

File: Junichi_Masuda.jpg (42 KB, 400x428)
42 KB
>People complain about Steel type being op since Gen2
>buffs it even more in every generation
>People complain about Grass and Ice type being underpowered and in need in serious buffs
>keeps nerf them even more

Why is he such a faggot?
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>oi let's just make certain people happy with their experience while the rest can go fuck themselves
Shut up, Masuda.
Bitch to Morimoto about game balance.
Steel did get nerfed when they removed its resistance too ghost and dark.
GF does not care about the "meta".
Not even a nerf when Fairies existing buffed up steel immensely

File: shitla.jpg (197 KB, 1000x1499)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
Gen 7 is objectively the worst gen. If you like it, you need to die.
>2 hour long tutorial and with none stop handholding
>Lillie cutscenes that last 30 minutes and are unskippable
>90% of the dex look like fakemons
>Region that's literally a 4 islands with almost none existent exploration
>Sequels that added nothing - no new towns or gym leaders.
Why do Alolabortions like these games?
>almost none existent exploration
But that's wrong.
gen 6 is worst, mega evolution is the worst thing from gen 6
File: giphy (5)_oadgvv.gif (594 KB, 500x361)
594 KB
594 KB GIF
>USM is a sequel
Opinion disregarded

File: owch.jpg (75 KB, 963x1006)
75 KB
I started with Gen 2 and I think Gen 4 has a couple of ugly mons but in Gen 5 it REALLY picked up some ugly designs. Gen 7 is the worst to date imo. What about you guys?
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gen 1 are the worst, they are literally dragon quest rip offs, the state of GF pfhahahahs
File: 1491795836950.gif (530 KB, 500x279)
530 KB
530 KB GIF
I love Barbaracle because the concept of a bunch of barnacles GATTAI'ing into a fucking barnacle mech is amazing. Also he looks like a Mega Man robot master. I get real Spark Man vibes from his face and body shape.
Barbaracle os fucking handsome
Based Barbaracle bros. Didn't know /vp/ was capable of such great taste.
Barbaracle is extremely underrated, we need more "exotic" looking pokémon

File: PokemonContest.png (2.6 MB, 1211x8713)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB PNG
Where´s your bro?
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It’s the 721 favorites poll results, a popularity poll in Japan a couple of years ago. Greninja got the most votes, Arceus the second most, Simisear the least votes, etc
>last 3 pokemon are gen 5
>6 out of the last 10 are gen 5
who the fuck likes arceus? it's not bad but who has it at the top of their mind and votes it in a poll? was this just after a movie or event or something?
japan is full of people with absolute shit taste
it's always the strongest with them, they have no appreciation for aesthetic. Look how many boring ass spiky legendaries in the top 50.

Anyway, my boy Ambipom at 511.
"Popularity" poll used to determine what would get a special distribution. Mythicals and legendaries got a lot of votes because of rarity and some Pokemon got more votes because of alphabetical order making them a convenient vote (all voters got the distribution).

File: 1553095678252.jpg (693 KB, 1260x1514)
693 KB
693 KB JPG
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Fuck didn't know that fucker was in the ashime right now. All i knew was that one competition episode between him and flygon, fuck fuck fuck
Fuck off
File: 20181122_164518.jpg (145 KB, 655x601)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
That's your post but backwards !
File: image.png (24 KB, 631x732)
24 KB
Fuck off, he fucking deserved a mega agter being shat on for 3 generations
Garchomp is Ash's ride. Flygon is Mallow's.

File: fucking retareds.png (38 KB, 1237x803)
38 KB
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File: 1487536566986.png (51 KB, 400x400)
51 KB
Wait a second...
>let's go bikachu and teevee
>up to date remake of gen 1
>no abilites and over 400 moves missing
Something doesn't add up here.
What if I got it for free?

And unfortunately this means there's STILL room for another kanto remake sometime down the line

>this time it's 3d, has updated mechanics, has the physical special split, and is compatible with bank. This is the defenitive kanto game, you'll buy again right?

>Go to https://randompokemon.com/
>Generate 1 random pokemon
>You're now that pokemon
>How does your life change? What would you do with your new found body? etc

Got Flygon. Pretty cool since I can fly now. No need to wait for public transport and can go places I haven't been before although winter/cold climates are pretty much over for me now (shame since I like the cold). I work with the computer all day so I'm not sure how useful my tiny lizard arms would be. Can level city blocks with Earthquake whenever I'm pissed in an unstoppable show of autistic rage.
4/5, pretty cool.
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Time to travel back in time when you anons were babies and squat on you all. I promise to be gentle.
Could be worse
File: randomgenspirit.png (8 KB, 574x307)
8 KB
Pretty shit since I'm just a stone.
At least I can threaten people easily now, might get a job as a high level guard or something.
Not sure how I feel. I was born the year of the Monkey, so it's kinda funny. But I'd be a literal ball with arms, legs and eyes.
File: 2019-03-21 17.05.55.png (17 KB, 390x247)
17 KB
>roll this
>I'm a ___male

I want Pokemon news! Give me some news or I’ll destroy pikachu’s ass!

2020: Sinnoh Remakes
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You see it plenty for popular titles if they need a remake or not. RE2, and FFVII are just two examples of games that had huge pushes for remakes when they really don't need them and both games are still widely available in their original formats. It's especially true now that remaster collections are a thing where you see people crying for remasters of perfectly playable games or sometimes even for games that are already in HD where they just want it re-released on the PS4 so they don't have to change systems out.
>RE2, and FFVII are just two examples of games
Both of which are over two decades old and have shitty early 3D graphics with more primitive gameplay as opposed to the Pokemon drones begging for a remake of a game from the late 2000s with perfectly fine graphics and exactly the same gameplay. Also note how it's FFVII specifically that has demand for a remake, not every fucking FF installment in the series.
File: Sinnoh_Route_206_Pt.png (230 KB, 434x1663)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
it'll be 2021 and it'll be called Pokemon Eternal Diamond & Infinite Pearl
File: Sinnoh_Route_207_Pt.png (84 KB, 1024x416)
84 KB

You know he’s right anon
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>Don't use good pokemon you like because they are OP
>Don't use shitmons you like because they could have "OP" gimmicks
>Don't use a full party as most trainers only have 1-3 pokemon
>Don't use only 1 pokenon since it will be overleveled
if you bitch about the games being too easy but played with Exp share on, you’re a braindead retard who should be gassed
The dumb thing is kids love hard games (see dark souls) so it's literally just these manbabies that would cry shout it
This isn't XY

>the game is hard if you play it with your feet toes and with a piranha biting your penis!
Fuck off.

File: 1552751178711.jpg (134 KB, 740x934)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
Old people can be sexy?
289 replies and 78 images omitted. Click here to view.
Once they hit like 60+, yeah it starts feeling weird
File: 49987616_p0.jpg (110 KB, 541x800)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
File: 299748909406.jpg (275 KB, 914x1024)
275 KB
275 KB JPG
File: milfna_by_sxynmcn-dce721q.png (1.33 MB, 1808x2620)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG
File: 43500829_big_p9.jpg (123 KB, 872x466)
123 KB
123 KB JPG

File: 151596929740.png (511 KB, 1159x1095)
511 KB
511 KB PNG
ITT: post pics of Lopunny with one of your favorite pokémon.
35 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: ce1.png (134 KB, 718x624)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
>tfw Flygon didn't get a mega
>dem rabbit sluts got a Mega
>but not one of the most beloved Gen 3 pokémon
I do not understand.
Did you even play ORAS?
>Nidoking? marill line? ...ditto?
>implying that's any better
Why do you ask?

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