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File: 1482478103895.jpg (178 KB, 1008x756)
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178 KB JPG
Here is the thread for then great /n/ related philosophical questions of our age.
First of all let us ponder upon the great paradox of public transportation: How is it possible that it is the best, yet at the same timeone of the worst ways to get around a city? (Not THE worst, the worst way getting around a city is carrpooling with a bunch of sweaty fat blokes in a rickety Fiat 500 with a broken AC in the summer heat of August during rush hour),
Are you the kind of guy who thinks that philosophy just means pondering and debating random questions?
Public transport should always be the best way to get around the city, since it is also the best way to move people around a city.
It's all about rightsizing
But when you debate and ponder random questions the answers may lead to greater truths. Questions lead to answers, not neccessary the answers you'd expect.
Do you need AC in car? Use R-2WD (roll 2 windows down) refrigerant.
File: sleek boi.jpg (91 KB, 920x518)
91 KB
Had a row with a friend on a bar the other night, about the best choice of transportation. He would say that the best way of getting from one end of the country to another, was by Flixbus or some other devilish shit. I said it was with the state railways.
His argument was the price. Since the price is lowest on the bus, it must be the best choice.
My argument for the train is that the train is the most comfortable, the fastest, you are able to get some really cheap prices, sometimes even when you are out only hours in advance.
But he stood his stance, and said that prices are always lowest on the bus, and you are not always able to get the cheap train tickets.
I asked him, "what about comfort?"
He said it was not a question for him, he only thinks in price.

I cannot for a single minute fathom, how you would by choice sit in a stinky bus, driven by an aggressive middle aged man with complexes, too fast, too risky, on the motorway with thousands of others, constantly braking for trucks, constantly pulling out fast in front of other motorists who will then proceed to h8 u.
Furthermore, because of muh price, it is riddled with poverty tier travellers who smell, steal and are overall disgusting human beings, indeed the lowest of Gods creatures.

The train is comfortable, it is spacy, airconditioned, the guys who drive it are health checked every year, and the other people who use it are usually clean and will not try to steal ur shit as soon as you get to the central station.

The train is swoosh zoom

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File: mol.jpg (114 KB, 1068x712)
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114 KB JPG
*Honks extremely loud near your coast*
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The entire population of Hamburg, for example.
It comes in by diplomatic bag, man.
could they seriously not just put that anywhere better?
File: Captura.jpg (134 KB, 1199x602)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
It's well protected by mountains, you need to build minimal fortifications, a great port for the XVI century
File: Grützi.jpg (152 KB, 1000x666)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
*Grüßt Sie willkommen im Hafen*

Does anyone sail or at least have a boat? I was thinking about getting a little john boat to putt around on the lake with, or maybe a canoe. What about motorized boats, submarines, yachts, sailboats, seaplanes, dingy, zodiacs?
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540 acres, with about 2/3 of it being a single 2,000 ft by 7,000ft open area with a couple very narrow coves, and the remaining 1/3 a narrower and shorter no-wake zone where most of the private docks are. Lake traffic itself is nice, lots of kayaks and canoes, pontoon boats, some sailboats, and a few ski/wakeboard boats. No jet-skis.
File: th (4).jpg (24 KB, 474x329)
24 KB
That's uhhh, a very detailed answer when I was trying to bait someone into harassing us about measuring lakes in acre-feet.
It actually sounds a lot like the lake I grew up on. The other anon was right, a sunfish is a good starter, but the single gaff rig does get boring after a while due to its simplicity. They can get sporty in a stiff breeze, though.
I'd point you in two directions other than a sunfish. If you want to get a little more technical with sailing, get an O'Day daysailer or something similar. 15'ish feet with two sails, a main and jib. If you just want to get sporty and zip around the lake, go for a Hobie cat, pic related. Sounds like you have a pretty good handle on what belongs on the lake in regards to motorboats
>O'Day daysailer
Those are nice but I wouldn't recommend starting out with something like that, they are kind of a pain in the ass IMO to sail by yourself, especially if you don't know what you're doing.
bought a small 20 feet sportbote this weekend with a penta v8. gonna get delivered in about 2 weeks. really excited about it, it's my first bote.
Thanks, I appreciate the advice.

The automobile took over because the legal system helped squeeze out the alternatives.

In a country where the laws compel the use of cars, Americans are condemned to lose friends and relatives to traffic violence. My childhood neighbor was a varsity student-athlete, the president of the junior class, and the most popular girl in school. One day in September 1995, a car crash took her life. She had been driving home on the freeway when her car went across the median and collided with one going the opposite direction, killing both drivers.

In our small city in Michigan—like almost everywhere in America—driving is the price of first-class citizenship. We never stopped to ask whether a different bargain was possible. Since her passing, approximately 1 million more Americans have been killed in car crashes.

In America, the freedom of movement comes with an asterisk: the obligation to drive. This truism has been echoed by the U.S. Supreme Court, which has pronounced car ownership a “virtual necessity.”

>As I detail in a forthcoming journal article, over the course of several generations lawmakers rewrote the rules of American life to conform to the interests of Big Oil, the auto barons, and the car-loving 1 percenters of the Roaring Twenties. They gave legal force to a mind-set—let’s call it automobile supremacy—that kills 40,000 Americans a year and seriously injures more than 4 million more. Include all those harmed by emissions and climate change, and the damage is even greater. As a teenager growing up in the shadow of Detroit, I had no reason to feel this was unjust, much less encouraged by law. It is both.

It’s no secret that American public policy throughout the 20th century endorsed the car—for instance, by building a massive network of urban and interstate highways at public expense.

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I was just assuming that this is also the case for you, because every time public transport comes up, /pol/ crawls out of their holes to complain about the fact that ethnics ride them too. So then please tell me, if it's not maximally pigmented citizens, what else is it that makes you afraid of public transport?
>/pol/fag here
how fucking delusional are you to think that preface makes people go "oh okay this guy would definitely know about reputable journals"
I’m OP and I’m American.
I became interested in planning when I learned how much our laws force Americans to use cars at the expense of everything else.

Freeing up the zoning laws would be more equitable for homeowners as well, and help avoid bubbles.
I agree that cities shouldn't need cars, but for most of America, they're a requirement with no real alternatives. I live over a mile away from my next door neighbor, and miles away from any store or town. Sure, for most of the year I can bike or motorcycle around, but during the winter a car is absolutely necessary. No amount of public transportation would solve this issue either, as a bus would basically need to make a stop at each person's house. For regions of the US where everything and everyone is spread out, the only real solution is for each person to own a car
>our laws force Americans to use cars at the expense of everything else

It's the other way around, fringie. People prefer personal transportation, so public policy is shaped around it.

File: 737-rebrand.jpg (318 KB, 1080x1491)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
Laugh all you want, but 95% of normies are now going to be unable to distinguish between MAX 8 and NG 800 and will not cancel because their itinerary says 737-8200.


Bonus points if Boeing rebrands NGs as 737-#100 (i.e. 737-7100, 737-8100, 737-9100, etc.).
>and will not cancel because their itinerary says 737-8200

No one was going to cancel anything because of an airplane model. The scandal is nearly forgotten to everyone except enthusiasts.
It won't matter because they are still grounded for safety concerns as Boeing has still not provided most airlines with necessary downgrades/upgrades/fixes and training. This whole thing is a mess and it will only get messier as this becomes a multi-year event.


It's not forgotten to anyone who wants to book a flight outside of a major airport. For example, I literally had to take Amtrak to visit my parents in Spokane because my flight was a MAX flight that got cancelled during the grounding. Right now, prices are 50% higher than normal because so many planes are out of service. It's great business for charter airlines though, one of my friends made more money in the past year than he ever has purely on overweight businessmen who need to jet around Utah and Idaho.
oh man that's going to make it even worse. they're basically admitting the plane was a fuckup by rebranding it and hoping people won't notice. now it's going to spread everywhere and the company will get even more hate for being dishonest.
>It's not forgotten to anyone who wants to book a flight outside of a major airport.
That wasn't what I was talking about

File: Chuck-2-1260x826.jpg (149 KB, 1260x826)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
hey everyone does anyone here have any bike touring tips for a beginner?

I am a road cyclist with optimum health I average about 50 miles for my own rides. But now I want to take an adventure ride for a couple of days. I'm most concerned with my lack of basic camping knowledge. How to pack light and must essentials I must bring with me other than shelter and water.

I want to pack light as I enjoy riding a lot of miles already, but I also want to enjoy the ride and not let it be about how many miles a day i do. I originally wanted to do NY to Pittsburgh which is about 500 miles, but I think that is a big task for a beginner.

So instead I want to tackle something like NY to Philly and then perhaps Philly to DC if i enjoy it.

Any fellow bikepacking or tour heads in here?
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Another alternative to the stove or cold food, plus an effective counter to diarrhea, would be self heating MREs
that's just carrying the fuel inside the food packages. Plus a lot of water that's already in the food and has to be carried all the way instead of adding it later to dry food. A light pop can stove weighs an ounce. MREs are heavy.
>multi-month tours
That's called being a hobo.
did somebody say Renegades?
Front + back panniers work better than this shit, don't fall for the memes

File: cornholio granfondo.jpg (80 KB, 550x455)
80 KB
Celeb bike thread? Celeb bike thread!
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File: mVelA.jpg (159 KB, 355x450)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
Is this Domane man?
>skipping leg day

File: 377.png (408 KB, 813x574)
408 KB
408 KB PNG
poop edition

Welcome to the /gag/~

/gag/ is dedicated to all the pilots and pilot applicants out there, and although the name suggests otherwise, airline, military, and charter discussion is welcome. Keep it on topic, keep the shit throwing to a minimum.

Previous thread here: >>1336469
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isn't a class 1 like 200
That’s the impression I had. which is why I told them that 475 seemed way too expensive but I thought I’d ask here.
I've paid $100 for 4 out the 5 docs ive gone too for a 1st class
Alright, I'll look for other docs
They do and if a comfy South American life isn't for you, you can just convert everything back to FAA/European and fly at home.

Nine parachuters or deathjumpers dead in a plane crash in Sweden near Umea. The captured footage of the falling plane is strange however, the plane in question is a GippsAero GA8 Airvan. However I cannot make out the tail neither the nose of the plane, and like some group of people, those two are quite prominent on that plane. Something really went wrong up there and the falling thing was already a wreckage, as can be seen in the pic.
File: 2-ga8-airvan.jpg (21 KB, 500x324)
21 KB
This is the plane type in question. Long nose, big vertical and horizontal stabs. None can be seen on the falling piece. The thing seems to end at the leading edge of the wing, like something sheared off the nose.

Oh, wait, it's like that picture with the dog, I was looking it wrong. Half the damn wing came off! But the tail is still missing.
Why didn't they just jump out
A pair of broken legs beats death inside a melting steel cage

File: 1550607274495.png (124 KB, 334x506)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
Airplanes>Cars>Motorcycles>Electric scooters>Bicycles>...>walking>poo>pee>...>Public ""transport"" (excluding airplanes)
Prove me wrong.

File: IMG_20190706_155317~2.jpg (1.57 MB, 2283x1585)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB JPG
The other new PYBT was started by a cuck, beg for (you)s in this one instead edition

Got new rims for my troll bike. Shimano RS-21.
302 replies and 98 images omitted. Click here to view.
Up that hillock to the left. It's steeper than it looks. Couldn't bring the bike all the way to the top.
this is dope
File: PSX_20190715_164500.jpg (2.22 MB, 1920x1080)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB JPG
bear spray?
must feel like a king getting up there
He doesn't pedal up.

File: so good.png (66 KB, 659x609)
66 KB
>new urban infill projects announced every month in every city
>dozens of cities expanding bike/rail/sidewalk programs
>gas prices increasing so cars are used less
>NYC instituting congestion pricing
>climate change awareness encouraging people to look for alternatives to cars
>high-speed rail being built in multiple places

I was born just in time to witness the American infrastructure revolution.
27 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>congestion pricing
Making income inequality worse
>high-speed rail being built in multiple places
Meanwhile, regular rail continues to fall apart
>new urban infill projects announced every month in every city
Forcing out the people who were already living there
I think Biden's gonna win in 2020 and he's extremely pro-train.
If not, it'll be Warren or Bernie and they're both big on land use and transit so I'm not worried.
wow tell me more of your hot opinions fagtron
>Why would they move to suburbs you delusional retard?
Good question.
Most people had moved from elsewhere to big cities primarily because of job.
Now, when they can work remotely, they don't really have to be in city. Majority would question themselves after a while, why are they paying insane amount on building service, why are they living in tiny concrete box, is subway in (insert amount of minutes walking) really worth it, are traffic jams worth it, is air pollution worth it, is crime really worth it, etc. Most people would probably move out back to shithole they came from, because their job now is remote.
>Oh god, if I can live anywhere on earth I'd reeeeeaaaaally choose a mcmansion-farm just a convenient 40 minute drive from the walmart. Wow! Cant' think of anywhere on earth I'd rather be.
Interesting fact. You would need same 40 minute commute for groceries even in city shitholes, because subway is slow, and all corner shops are ridiculously expensive and have limited choice of everything. I'm not even mentioning amount of people in those supermarkets. >>1360670
>Don't bother, he's terminally retarded.
Nah, I'm not retarded to choose living in concrete box over glorious wooden palace.
We need to measure temperature and CO2 somehow outselves, and compare to information (((NASA))) gives.

Were they a good investment? Do the Rhein-Rhur Stadtbahns work well? What is the best Stadtbahn system in Germany and why is it Stuttgart?
62 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
A Stadtbahn could actually work for Marburg though, as long as the gradients are manageable. The ring line proposed by the /n/erd professor is a good idea if combined with a few more branches.

Mainz and Wiesbaden are so close that they basically form a single city. A light rail line between the two is being planned, but taken together they would be large enough for a metro network.
The line started out as the first U-Bahn line in Frankfurt from Hauptwache to Nordwestzentrum (then called Nordweststadt, basically the cities new prestige housing project). Then it got extended to Ginnheim in the centre of a new road bc it was cheap to do and the space was there
Thats true, later the bow down to Ginnheim were designated as parts of the D-Strecke, while the rest is part of the A-Strecke.
Essen uses old dlr stock which is quite odd.

File: 1553112625050-2.png (64 KB, 531x409)
64 KB
>see people driving around in mandeville
>literally every location there can be reached just as easily if you're walking
>there's even sidewalks for you to do this yet people don't even walk
>you could clear up any environmental issues you have by just walking
>it's also healthier for you and less expensive

What the fuck /n/? Why don't they just walk? What is wrong with my fellow Americans?
26 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
anyone ever see people back out of a parking space only to park on the other side of the lot to be closer to the next store to shop in?
Most got jewed into thinking
>The only way I can get to places is with a car
>Muh car=muh freedumbs
Like>>1360678 >>1360681
these fuck faces. I can kinda understand if it's like the middle of nowhere in the flyover states but, in the city? It would be cheaper without all the parking tickets, gas, taxes and all the other BS that comes with motor vehicles.
File: honda_e_5.jpg (51 KB, 938x527)
51 KB
>dabs on the greenfags
>keeps congesting the city due to that being an infrastructure problem
>merely displaces the co2 emissions
/n/fags on suicide watch
how's the internet speeds at the nursing home, dude?
None is saying don't drive, e're saying they shouldn't come first in planning because it precludes every other option

>one of your planes gets a reputation for falling out of the sky
>people say they will refuse to fly on it
>rebrand the model
simple no?

For context that’s the new 737-MAX, oops sorry *cough* 737-8200 delivered to Ryanair
Did you use something old?
What do you mean old?
That’s a 737-MAX at the Boeing plant in Renton, Washington
It’s newly built
they should just resurrect the 757. it might cost more money now, but the 737 MAX is never going to be fixed so it seems like their best option.

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