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File: 20191207160109_1.jpg (276 KB, 1920x1080)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
Railworks/Train Simulator edition
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To be fair, those "/k/ vidya" threads have less of a right to be there than these threads do here. We're all talking about simulators, but those guys aren't even talking about shit like Arma/Squad half the time. Lots of times they're talking about nonsense arcade shooters like RS2 and Tarkov.
>RS2 and Tarkov
/k/ standards of vidyas is a realistic time to kill and weapon mechanics, compared to most of the stuff on /v/ it more than definitely has a right to be there
My guess is if they scaled buildings up too much the base, unmodded game could become too graphically intense. As it is, unmodded your usable space is not even close to the size we had in SC4 using regions, so perhaps they scaled things down a bit to allow players to fit more into the usable space. This becomes less of a problem with modding away the space limit and unlocking all tiles. Personally I'd advocate for the return of region play so you could actually build connected cities and then you could scale things up.
>town growth speed: very slow

so comfy rn ngl
File: germans.png (30 KB, 338x588)
30 KB
>german signaling
why is this allowed

File: Untitled.png (1.02 MB, 777x542)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
GIRTH edition

Last: >>1448079

Links that probably don't work anymore:

Thread that may or may not exist
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Use a full chainguard to protect your chain, bike at night so that way you don't have to deal with traffic and pedestrians, wear glasses (homedepot protection glasses are cheap and work great, also keeps your eyes from drying up), and get a mounted flash light so you can see at night. I always night ride for this reason, especially because I don't have to deal with pedestrians on trails.
This is normal. Your body starts to regress the moment you stop regenerating after the last effort. You will rebound very, very quickly once your riding volume goes up. Getting to a certain training level for the first time is hard. Getting back is usually quite fast.
for you
Seriously never understood how this exists. How difficult is it to have an aluminum shitter and shoulder it when you walk up the stairs?

Are you trying to put this thing on public transportation?
Busses, limited space in apartment, and gf wouldn't like a big bike in our already small apartment. Neither would I.

One. All I’m asking if for ONE fucking ride that isn’t stuffed with scam artists, tourists, and perhaps a car that doesn’t have needles on the floor. Also, is it just me or is it just needlessly loud?

This is also just a me-thing, but there’s seemingly always one guy who had never ride a train before. They usually fall on their asses but that’s funny so I’m not complaining.
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funny I come across this, my shuttle was just hit, I was on a redline heading towards the university. the TRAX is a fucking tank, the shuttle did move quite a lot but it got right back on its feet, the idiot who drove into us had his car completely fucking tottaled.
Literally the only problem is there is too few lines. Everybody loves it, specially rich people.

I seriously don't get how it's America from all countries are the ones dealing with this >>1443524
>ONE fucking ride that isn’t stuffed with scam artists, tourists, and perhaps a car that doesn’t have needles on the floor.

All you have to do is to get security guards or the police inside the stations
>Serves like 16 people though a VERY walkable distance
>Is closed basically all weekend
>Goes one fucking direction
You can't fuck up worse if you tried
I'd rather commie public transit than fascist gridlock highway traffic
>Commuter rail to Manchester would be a game changer for me, although it would also certainly be a boondoggle.
lmao what's gonna happen first? T commuter rail to Springfield, T to Manchester, or Downeaster to Bangor? All 3 NEED to happen

For the UPS trucks, Arrival said that they will have “a battery range of more than 150 miles (240 kilometers).”

Earlier this month, the startup took a $100 million investment from Hyundai and now they are quickly following it up with this new UPS deal.

UPS seemed to have liked their original collaboration with Arrival since they announced today that they are investing in the company and placing a large new order with them.

The investment is of an undisclosed amount, but the order is for 10,000 electric vehicles and the option for 10,000 more:

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no u
What’s the schizo blathering about now
>by defending batteries and you are by extension bashing fuel cells

FCE use batteries dipstick- they also require 10,000PSI components and have fixed 15-year lives on the molecular level.

FCEs suck and likely will only be used on spacefaring vehicles where the production of water and salts can be used.
Right is that why both Hyundai and Honda have fuel cell vehicles on the market right now for less money than a teals?

Everything you said is extremely specific for what type of fuel cell technology you're talking about and there are cheaper less efficient designs available if you're willing to not be a Jew about mpg, which is reasonable with carbon neutral algae based biofuel. And guns take pressures of 65k psi and they can be 3D printed and mass produced so no reason why fuel cells can't be. And replacing a tiny bit of ceramic Every DECADE AND A HALF is better than having to mine 600 pounds of lithium every 3-5 years. Plus the tech is advancing faster than batteries.

Also I said earlier turbines are another option.. with 3D printing and no FAA Jew license they could be cheap af.
Less money than a tesla*

File: 1280px-CorridorVia.svg.png (228 KB, 1280x768)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
Canada is the only G7 without high speed rail. Is it feasible to connect at least Toronto to Montreal? Air Canada and Porter both offer almost 1 flight an hour between Montreal and Toronto. The travel demand is there, we just need the infrastructure.
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carbon fibre is absolutely trash
The Pennsylvania Railroad tunnels under the Hudson were a flex, it wasn't necessary. The ferry was fine
Stupid comparison.
But that would be socialism and cause inflation. Think of the poor Canadians who only have $500 in their bank account
Stupid assertion

Holy fuck there is no way to salvage traffic or transportation in our country
>everything is made for cars
>Auckland Metro is a bad joke
>cycling is only viable if you are completely suicidal
>only way between cities leads often to the Highways
>busses are the only affordable public transportation and the roads are shit tier
Will the pain ever end?
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The riding is kino in P Naughty
>Start with protected bike lanes and gentle upzoning
Kill you are self
get a helicopter poorfag
I thought you had some fast-growing city where the planners are trying to make everything not car-dependent.
Anyway NZ has really fast-growing transit ridership.
Must be nice to have cities booming so much it snarls traffic.

Try living through a bubble like 08 when you drive to your work and there are 25% less cars on the road brother

File: pybt2020.jpg (2.55 MB, 2592x1944)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB JPG
Previous >>1439392

- Post Your Bike(s)
- Driveside Photo plz
- Not a potato either
- Dont Be a Shit Cunt
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haha seeeeeething
if it's not Toray why even bother
hehe i was just joking, how much is it mate?
he steals everything from his bike shop so it was probably some boomer they gave 50 bucks to for his bike in a turnback
Does your STI's support having a 'trim' where you can click it once to move the FD without actually shifting the thing.

Because setting it to support trim is awesome and gets rid of the "My FD rubs in half the gears, bro" problem

Is degreasing just a meme perpetuated by autistic roadies?
What's the point in taking all the oil off something just to put it back on again?
Wiping down your chain and keeping it oiled makes sense, checking for chain elongation makes sense, degreasing seems like autism.
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I always run my chain through the park chain cleaning tool with dish soap and water before oiling it again. If you put oil on without cleaning off the grime and dirt, you trap that shit in the joints and on the chain.
Chains are horrible to clean, not hard to replace, last for ages even with abuse, and only cost between $10 for pleb-tier and $50 for super-pro-racer-tier. Just wipe them off when they're shitty, squirt lube on them when they start squeaking, and replace them on time. Use wax-based lube and you won't even have to clean them much. Anything beyond that isn't worth the effort.
Yes. Its a meme. Wipe a chain clean, lube with droplets of oil on each roller. Done.

Unless you go full-ultrasonic with some sort of aggresive solvent, or are have a clean chain OCD.
your chain is a bearing and should not be exposed to the elements.

Meet the gazelle friik

I am willing to bet degreasing does more harm than good.

Take the $20 that you'd spend on degreasing products and buy one more chain a year.

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I remember some hullabaloo about Airbus here in Brazil back when that Rio-Paris flight crashed. Funnily enough, 99% of the jokes were directed at "French engineering" and Germans got off scott free lmao, even though French aviation has a much better modern history than anything Germany put out (nothing)
>Burgers think anyone will side with them in this situation
>Burgers think they are allowed to make fun of anyone for anything healthcare related
Only civilized first worlders are allowed to make fun of the UK, the USA is not one a civilized first world country.
>Only civilized first worlders are allowed to make fun of the UK, the USA is not one a civilized first world country.

the better part is this tho

literally the only first world country that its life expectancy is declining
To be fair all Airbus widebodies (such as the A330 of the Rio-Paris flight) are French-made. It's only the A32X family that's split between France and Germany.

File: transport.png (53 KB, 256x256)
53 KB
How can you improve public transport in cities massively developed against it? Such as Houston.
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It's not a massive expansion and even when it's done, it will be a fucking pathetic system still.
“Walk for two blocks? It’s not going to happen.”
File: baronbackground1.jpg (230 KB, 640x480)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
Give someone like pic related the necessary power to do the job.
>Houston got rid of their parking minimum
Those are very reasonable for minimums
My favorite, Skytrain

File: fatty.jpg (51 KB, 800x414)
51 KB
>dream lifter

File: fgg.gif (306 KB, 732x976)
306 KB
306 KB GIF
astonishingly warm winter edition
post you fixed gear bicycles
talk about fixed gear bicycles
dream about fixed gear bicycles
219 replies and 39 images omitted. Click here to view.
t. 弱虫
It's like you don't want to suffer and make yourself stronger.
>this is what gearfags actually believe
File: BOSTON-DC-Open-Final.jpg (191 KB, 1500x903)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
Thoughts on Montague Boston? What parts would you upgrade if any? I now live an apartment and have been looking at foldable single speeds.
File: DSC02055.jpg (548 KB, 1600x1200)
548 KB
548 KB JPG
Unless you're a flat earther
Does anyone know of any compact dropbars with a 25.4mm clamp size? I'm struggling to find anything in this size

What do you guys think? Based or not?

I’m going with based. It’s very nice and tasteful. The off white has a subtle thickness to it.
43 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
Ah, so your point was that choosing this paint scheme was just like assassinating a terrorist leader and scaring Iran into submission to avoid another pointless mideast war.

You're stupid.
Watching a stupid person try to piece together small parts of the equation and process them individually, ultimately failing to successfully analyze them as a coherent picture, is like watching a domesticated animal try and fail at some task that it sees humans doing. In some sense it can be entertaining but if you try and help it you're not actually "teaching" it anything, you're just anthropomorphizing something that doesn't perceive reality in any way that would be meaningful to humans
>The off white has a subtle thickness to it.
Pretty sure that's just the lighting in the room and it is going to be a glossy ice white
Looks fine/bland. Nothing too exciting. But I think it's better than the bright baby blue.

File: 20191006_184009.jpg (613 KB, 2694x1870)
613 KB
613 KB JPG
What does /n/ ride
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do any of you /n/ogs own a Santa Cruz Chameleon?
if so: how's it set up?
File: IMG_20200217_234526.jpg (1.27 MB, 2304x1635)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG
Bought this old boy for $150
Wtf is that third cable going to the rear, there’s no dropper post, is that a remote lockout for the shock
front derailleur you dumb zoomer
Are multiple chain rings really that uncommon these days?

File: Rolls_Royce_RB.211_vl.jpg (519 KB, 2091x1509)
519 KB
519 KB JPG
Was it based despite its troubled development? Has its "buzzsaw" sound ever been topped?
would you actually trust a jet engine where the blades are loosely clacking around?

better go american made on this one

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