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File: morrell.jpg (79 KB, 885x1144)
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Haha long boi
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>posting selfies

File: 911checked.jpg (19 KB, 400x447)
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Just got BTFO
All I know is that their design is dictated by their need to pass through the Soo Locks.
File: SS RJ Hackett.jpg (38 KB, 525x369)
38 KB
The O.G.

So is it finally over for CA-HSR?
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At this point I'm convinced that Trump just wants to do anything he can to keep America from improving.

He's just a tard and not interested in pursuing any specific policy. On one hand he's trying to kill Amtrak's long-distance routes in favor of shorter distance ones (aka, CAHSR), but also pulled CAHSR's money because he can't handle criticism from Newsom.

It's stupid, it's petty, and it's not going to work since few Republicans are willing to sacrifice their reputations for this. Sec. Chao is the most prominent, she keeps bumping the problems back to Congress who simply tells her what to do over Trump's orders (and Trump hasn't fired her over it, yet). The most Trump could do is tell the EPA to not approve or process any CAHSR documents, but this would just lead to a lawsuit and Congress getting upset at the EPA for not doing their job - which they can serve back by refusing to finance the parts of the EPA that approve Gulf oil wells and pipelines. In the end Trump will relent since this is all a sideshow anyway, and everything will move on with about 6-8 months of delay.

It's just fucking stupid honestly.
The public education system failed you very hard, my friend. I am sorry that you ended up a failure.
Both parties are adjusting their position according to people's view, and that is mostly the view of people in city because more and more people decided to move into cities.
Elaine Chao has been witholding already-approved funds for transit projects for her entire tenure.

She's one of the biggest crooks in the government and she's basically just their to give handjobs to oil/asphalt companies.

File: ship on wheels.jpg (120 KB, 1136x543)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Non standard modes of transportation ITT
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Old but still applicable.
File: 20190517_134558-01.jpg (1.31 MB, 1920x1920)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
They are basically what Elon Musk's Loop will be if that's built
Ground Effect Vehicles are pretty cool.

File: A-goshin5.jpg (50 KB, 400x266)
50 KB
Why wasn't it done more frequently?
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No thanks, I'll stick to walking and riding the train.
But they are so good...
None of these are built like this, they're using formerly existing rail lines. In other words, someone made a decision to pull up all the existing rail and pave it

Fucking dumb
Japan is doing this now because those train lines are financially not sustainable due to their low ridership, and they figured that buses are more sustainable
Although the system.in OP's picture was a rail RoW that never actually got built as a rail, and even that dedicated RoW for bus get abandoned because using regular road is now faster.
When the demand is too low to justify a passenger rail line, the nearby public roads likely won't be congested either. So run the bus there instead of maintaining two roads.
Through traffic can be a problem
Also, sometimes regular roads have taken detour which make them less direct than the railway RoW, however the railway RoW was for single track and thus not enough room to make a road with 2 lanes for both directions, and thus it would be difficult to turn the RoW into a regular road.

File: bqg6.png (2.4 MB, 1500x1125)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB PNG
/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

Last thread: >>1324940

/n/ Discord: https://discord.gg/z5pdNh2


If you want help picking out a bike to purchase, ask in >>>/n/bbg
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Large one needs to go, too. It doesn't need to be Shimano, but it needs to have the same Bolt Circle Diameter (google it) and number of bolts, obviously.
Same number of teeth too, if you don't want to change gearing.
I might as well buy all three chain rings figuring that the current smallest would also wear out over time.
how do I avoid this? does it eventually wear off for everyone?
>how do I avoid this?
Mount a new chain when your old one is stretched by 0.75% (use a chain wear indicator).
But yeah, eventually, chainrings wear out, too.
usually about 3000km or even less?

which one is chad?
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If you need validation from others for your choice of equipment you’re a huge fucking cuck
>Don't ask for advice Goy. Go with your feels.
The one who does not care about that shit. Ride a hello Kitty bycicle and still fuck a woman whenever the duck he wants...
Could be either. On the only, "Chad" image I've ever seen, "virgin cycler" wears clipless, and Chad doesn't seem to give a fuck.
left, along with double kickstands and cargo shorts

Are trams the missing middle in American transportation?
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However I think we have a little ways to go densifying our cities before trams will see good ridership.
If we can get more missing middle housing built, we can solve a lot of traffic and transit problems.
E-Paper Displays can be really comfy
And we need to make sure stuff like sidewalks, busses and bike lanes are set up first as well.
File: 20190110_172052.jpg (2.06 MB, 4128x2322)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB JPG

Since the HMS Terror has been found have any video or photos of the old London and Greenwich Railway steam locomotive been release?
File: HE498_E.gif (31 KB, 576x322)
31 KB
Got enough fuckin' Anchors there, Nigel?
Was it narrow gauge?
I can't decide what was a bigger fuckup. Using steam to power a screw for propulsion but using a second-hand railway locomotive instead of a purpose-built engine, or only packing 12 days' worth of coal anyway.
File: engine room 3.jpg (133 KB, 794x724)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
The Navy was just trying to save money

Has the world ever seen a more attractive turboprop?
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File: image.pc-6_01.jpg (34 KB, 588x368)
34 KB
Do boxy looking helicopters count?
Beechcraft Starship
it's a tie between the jetstream, do 328, and the super king air
jetstream might edge out ahead because of that ready to pounce stance it has
Looks like that's in Scotland. Shetland?

File: TitusElG.jpg (779 KB, 915x1275)
779 KB
779 KB JPG
My 2008 Titus El Guapo was stolen recently and I'm looking for something to replace it. I am a fairly big guy (6'3 / 190lbs) and im looking for a good all mountain or enduro bike that won't be stressed by bigger hits. Basically, I have to climb on the bike, but I still want good downhill performance. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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its funny how retards get scammed
Tranny selfie. Typical.
Pivot Firebird 29

YT capra
Where do you ride? There's a lot of rocks where I am so more travel = more fun

File: Capture3.jpg (60 KB, 857x353)
60 KB
Just stepped outside for a smoke, and something was just screaming across the sky (have no idea what type of aircraft) with a blue strobe flashing on its left side. I don't think I've ever seen this before.

A quick Google search shows that they do in fact make a blue strobe for aviation, but blue is apparently not a color that is actually used in aviation.

One post hinted that a law enforcement aircraft could use a blue strobe while on duty?

Anyone know about this?
>Just stepped outside for a smoke
>announcing that the only reason you'd ever consider going outside is to kill yourself
why? how is that relevant?
>One post hinted that a law enforcement aircraft could use a blue strobe while on duty?
No idea, but I read that bikes are not allowed to have blue lights since blue lights are restricted for police use.Maybe the same applies to aircrafts.

File: lyntonandbarnstaple.jpg (466 KB, 1024x682)
466 KB
466 KB JPG
Narrow gauge thread time /n/! Show me your favorite narrow gauge locomotives and railways.

Pic related is the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway.
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File: 20_10_11.jpg (226 KB, 800x600)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
Any idea what country it came from? It looks like it was probably built in Philly at Baldwin.
The Avontuur (adventure) railway of South Africa was the longest 2ft gauge railway in the world, at 177 miles.

The first railway locomotives used were these 2-6-4 tank engines, which had a with of 7'9".
File: IMG_4193blog.jpg (520 KB, 1744x1179)
520 KB
520 KB JPG
File: 33504263933_ace0125072_k.jpg (1.06 MB, 2048x1365)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG

marcos valle edition

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i clicked on >>1324859 and have been listening daily
Fun fact:
The train was actually called "Trans Europ Express" without the "a" because french. Kraftwerk goofed it up and added the "a" in the german vocals. I mostly listen to the english version because the error is less visible.
File: 1546882671017.jpg (47 KB, 500x500)
47 KB
File: lena-meyer-landrut-13493.jpg (757 KB, 1632x2243)
757 KB
757 KB JPG

Do you think America would have a higher life expectancy if we were a more pro-transit country?
Heart disease and car accidents are two of our leading causes of death.
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this is bullshit. any given route takes 4x as long by public transit as a car, and that's in a place with decent public transit. carfags tend to live further out and transit users choose responsibly located housing, accounting for the lessened real difference.

anyway you have it backwards, it takes longer by transit because the transit is SHIT. If someone spent 10 hours studying for a french test and 3 minutes studying for a russian test, and then they said "well french seems to be better, look at the difference in grades," that doesn't speak for what language is easier.
How's the weather in Tallahassee today?
How retarded do you have to be to disagree

Obviously less car travel means better health and less drunk driving deaths.
also lead makes them shoot up schools

File: big boy.jpg (867 KB, 1500x999)
867 KB
867 KB JPG
'Sup ladies. Did any y'all see me in all my lengthy glory in Utah or Wyoming for the 150th anniversary of the Golden Spike?
File: 20190505_142741.jpg (1.24 MB, 2576x1932)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
>posting the wrong engine

Neck yourself
Saw it go east at Black Fork today. Couldn't get a picture or video because FRA rules against electronics use.
Wow, it's already been 150 years since the completion of the first transcontinental railroad line.
It makes me wonder how many more years it will take for the US to have its first transcontinental high speed rail line.

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