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I was biking to work and the police had setup a checkpoint to check front and back lights on bicycles.
I do not have an e-bike and my lights are powered by the dynamo in the hub of the wheel.
When I stand still my lights do not shine, unless there is some charge leftover in the capacitors.

When it was my turn to get inspected the cop said "your lights are no working, you are getting a fined'.
I stepped of my bike, lifted up the front wheel and gave it a spin to show that my lights do work.
Then the cop said "you lights need to be working constantly".

I replied "what do you expect? I do not have an e-bike where the lights are powered of the battery-pack. Mine only work when i'm cycling and the dynamo spins".
The cop said "that does not matter, you lights need to be working all the time"
I replied "are you going to give me 2,500 euros to buy an e-bike?"

In the end I got a fined for 175 euros for having "broken" lights.
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Maybe he'll look up the laws and realize he should pay the $15 for cheap Chinese lights
>dark outside
>be at a traffic light
>be stopped for more than 30 seconds
>cager doesn't see you
>you get hit
Get proper lights, anon.
>implying I would ever truly stop on my bicycle
never was an issue for me.
>t. omafiets met dynamo
>bruh drive 4 miles in a chinese shitbox lmao
unironically kys

File: train1-e1530166488289.jpg (44 KB, 540x510)
44 KB
What is it about being in the act of transporting yourself from one place to another that makes people so angry? No matter what mode you use people are angry. About delays, other people in their mode being dumb, and other modes being used near them. Why cant people just relax and enjoy the ride?
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And I am grateful that you have made good life decisions. I feel good for you.
>spend all day on some bullshit subreddit discussing how unfair life is
>established some nuanced etiquette limited to your minority
>immediately triggered when the general public disregards it
we're not much different, leave the stock reflectors on a bike and post it on a bike general and see. boomer as fuck though
lol, just get a job, literally nothing influences your choice
Most people don't love their job. Therefore regardless of how they are getting to their job, they are going somewhere they do not want to go. It really has nothing to do with the mode of transit, people literally just do not want to go work.
If you owned a car it would take you ten minutes and save you the risk of being bitten by a dog, raped, or mugged.

What's the catch?
More complicated frames, basically. You need to be able to break it apart to mount the belt.
not on folding bikes though
dude there is already a belt drive thread
Sorry I didn't see it, I'll go post in there and delete this.

File: valverdeoccitane.jpg (51 KB, 600x314)
51 KB
i know there's a lot of scam websites out there. any advice? thanks

File: IMG_20191017_173831.jpg (1.81 MB, 2610x4640)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB JPG
Reminder, if a bike has truvativ/sram crank arms it's a low quality bike,

Sram crank arms:

1: weigh a ton, sand cast aluminum cranks so solid

2: cast aluminum has weak threads, any machinist knows that cutting threads into cast aluminum isn't a good idea, the proper way to do it would have been to put in a steel threaded sleeve

3: in being cast aluminum it flexes opposed to Shimano stiff hollowtech forged cranks

4: sand cast in China vs forged in Japan....for a similar consumer price

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>You’re calling GXP worse than Hollowtech
He's right tho. Pinch bolt hollowtech cranks are superior to GXP and frankly, just about any other outboard BB system out there.
When Shimano crank arms are attached to Hollowtech II spindles does it really matter which one is theoretically better? I’ve never seen a SRAM crank arm sheared in half.
Probably just a lemon. I had one FSA crank break on me in under 6 months but have used two different units of the same model for well over 15 000 km combined without any problems.

Campy ultra torque is on a league of its own desu.
Pinch bolt cranks are immune to minor differences in BB shell width and are very easy to work with.

Other systems( GXP, EXI, old race face standard, DUB - list goes on ) require either shims to set the bearing preload or have a awkward preload ring with will at some point seize on the axle and cause trouble. Moreover - if your BB shell is too wide then you are in trouble as BB bearings will always be too tight - thus creaks and seized bearings ensue. Lastly - all of them require substantial force to remove and tighten.

Shimano's pinch bolt system is literally the best there is.

Same problems with UT as with other systems.
Did you even read my post

File: why.png (682 KB, 980x490)
682 KB
682 KB PNG
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>Why do coastfags do this?
I'm American and there are actually many studies that show if you remove work commutes from the equation the majority of Americans don't drive much further than about 2 miles from their home on a daily basis.
You don't really get the implications of such a stupid generalization, nor do you want to. Just parrot
It's not about car but retarded urbanism.
It’s another auto/oil shill, it’s well aware.

File: drt.jpg (1.09 MB, 2016x1512)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
Altar edition.

Are you looking forward to autumn, or spring?

Previous thread:
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camera one
camera two
dude why are you on a handcycle you arent handicapped
extremely low quality post right here
Bacon doesnt like to show off his handicap. He prefers horses, high desert and hemp. He is handicapped but not disabled.
File: IMG_20191023_105232.jpg (844 KB, 1200x1600)
844 KB
844 KB JPG
Dont get snatched by the Midwestern Wendigo. Very few days under 15mph winds now.

File: bbg.jpg (246 KB, 1024x819)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
Give us your height, location and intended use of the bike and the collective stupididy of /n/ will tell you what bike to look kewl on.

The New Poseidons are IN. Poseidon Triton: 499 USD. Poseidon X gravel 699 USD.

Vitus Razor Claris 479 USD. Vitus Razor Sora 529 USD. https://www.chainreactioncycles.com/us/en/vitus-razor-vr-road-bike-sora-2019/rp-prod173023


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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the front suspension hybrid is the most approachable by far and your instincts as a filthy casual lead you to it however if you get vaguely serious you'll find it boring and will regret not buying a more sporty bike

it's that simple

it's not a question of spec or anything
but buy the bike you like the look/vibe of for arbitrary reasons otherwise you won't use it.
Is this a good deal? $1,000 for a 2013 model with only 1,200 miles on it seems like a steal!
File: decathlon.png (399 KB, 1394x796)
399 KB
399 KB PNG
Anyone know much the B twin Ultra 900 CF? It seems like a good price for what it is (in AUD), but I'd have to get it delivered so I can't test fit/quality before buying.
It's a fair deal.
Great value great bike some dorks cant get over not having a bike that says trek or something on the side.

Commuters, get in here. This thread is for the discussion of biking as a way to commute to and from work.

>how far do you bike to and from work? Where do you live?
>do you bike in your work clothes?
>what is your bike of choice?
>gear recommendations?
>do you wish you drove?
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>how far do you bike to and from work? Where do you live?
~2 miles. Live in Denver.
>do you bike in your work clothes?
Yes. Office has no dress code so I'm usually wearing sweatpants.
>what is your bike of choice?
Hardtail mountain bike
>gear recommendations?
The ride to work is slightly downhill the entire way so I'm usually in highest gear.
>do you wish you drove?
Absolutely not. 90% of my commute is on bike trails and protected lanes, and I'm usually speeding past cages stuck in traffic. I drove in the other day because I had to move my car for the day and it took me almost 10 minutes longer than normal.
wow I'm a fucking retard actual gear recommendations include anything that will keep your ears, fingers, and toes warm. I'll wear a skimask if it's under 25F.
I had sauna also at my workplace. A pigment factory. I used it on Fridays before I left.
lmao you know you're in deep when your first thought about gear involves cogs
File: cc5f8979.jpg (103 KB, 1024x683)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
It's not too normal, but our company provides sauna at every shift change, a good place for the white- and blue-collar workers to share some thoughts. I like to take a couple of non-alcoholic beers with me and relax before heading to the office. Best feeling to be all fresh and shit.

File: solar-frickin-roadways.jpg (105 KB, 800x450)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Was it based or cringe?
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You're not increasing expended energy from the car.

The car would still roll over that area regardless. Put pnumatic systems at deceleration zones (curves in roads, junctions).

Put little windmills in jersey barriers.

You are just an absolute pea brain unwilling to think outside the box. There are a ton of examples like this.
Running over something squishy does slow you down. That lost speed will have to be replenished by the car’s engine/motor.

Energy from deceleration is currently being efficiently recovered by more and more vehicles, and will probably be near universal by the time a system built into the roads is R&D’d and ready for roll out, so that’s a wasted effort.

Instead of putting up loads of little windmills to pick up the extremely turbulent airflow generated by passing vehicles, just build a regular windmill somewhere else. You’ll get way more bang for your bucks that way, which is kind of important since we have a finite number of bucks, so it actually matters where we spend them.
My man, I am not saying that these are good ideas, but rather that they are practical and demonstrated ways to make roads that are capable of generating power. They are better from an conceptual perspective than solar roadways (a flawed idea which seems obvious).

Now u r just moving the goal posts saying it's a waste of money.
That's not wrong, but the other truth of the matter is that the invisible hand of the free market is attached to a big retard who will whip around and throw crazy money at all kinds of ideas.

There's an allure to making roads into energy producers and it won't stop w. solar roadways.
>…they are practical and demonstrated ways to make roads that are capable of generating power.
They wouldn’t generate any power. They’d leach power from a system already using that power, forcing said systems to work harder to compensate.

>They are better from an conceptual perspective than solar roadways (a flawed idea which seems obvious).
Actually, no. They are much worse, but even if they were not, being better than a near infinitely retarded idea does not render an idea viable.

>Now u r just moving the goal posts saying it's a waste of money.
What goal posts? Cost is a factor in determining the viability of any idea.

>That's not wrong, but the other truth of the matter is that the invisible hand of the free market is attached to a big retard who will whip around and throw crazy money at all kinds of ideas.
So what? All the more reason to make sure that the money not being thrown around by Big Retard actually goes to something useful.

>There's an allure to making roads into energy producers and it won't stop w. solar roadways.
I’m almost positive it will, at least the road surface. There will probably be solar panel covered roofs built here and there over freeways, because it will provide added benefit such as reducing temperature fluctuations of the road surface, keep it from getting wet in the rain, reduce or eliminate salting/plowing where applicable etc., but there is no practical way of harvesting energy from the road surface directly at a justifiable cost.
>what is conservation of energy
Did you fail physics in middle school?

File: belt.jpg (16 KB, 458x458)
16 KB
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>can't withstand over 100 W
The ceramicspeed drivetrain is nothing more than snake oil. Just like all their products. They may be able to get it to a better efficiency than a derailleur drivetrain on a lab test but in the real world it will have worse performance after few hundred miles. Just like their BBs. That is if they ever get it to a point where it will stand the forces required to ride a bike.
I saw that but it looks retarded. I want a driveshaft coupled directly to the rear hub and the freewheeling to be done in the gearbox. Just like shaft drive motorcycles.
>Just make one that you can break already
Its a solution. Problem: TBD

File: 6149130570_bcc6a6dc08_b.jpg (193 KB, 1024x680)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
Why is elevated rail through cities so uncommon?
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Oh I know anon, I just wish public transit or HSR could be built at a realistic price without insane levels of graft and corruption
Monorail gets a bunch of style points but that's all, really
Sure, but they'd probably have to transfer anyway. Buses never take you were you need to go. Fuck buses.
Monorail is good if your city is one straight line going along a river, your ground is too hard for a subway and you don't have enought space for regular rail
Did somebody say Wuppertal?

File: 2712-07-25-10-mt.jpg (113 KB, 900x600)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Thoughts on this common commuter rail car?
53 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
How long has NJT been using these anyway? I used to visit my grandmother in North Jersey every year until she died back in '08 and we'd always take the train from Metropark into NYC at least once per trip. Don't recall ever seeing a double decker on that line.
Aus fag here, at least they haven't fucked up our trains yet.
File: NJTMultilevelIII.jpg (119 KB, 1280x720)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
apparently they entered service in 2006. But the big order was delivered in 2012. They're still making them too.

And there's an EMU version coming soon too.
File: 4D_Cutter.jpg (587 KB, 2048x1536)
587 KB
587 KB JPG
Can we get some of those up in the Hub after the T finally electrifies more than the Providence Line?

File: 14th st.jpg (54 KB, 600x400)
54 KB
How is the 14th St Manhattan car ban going?
Everything I read seems to regard it as a success, and they're saying they'll attempt it in other parts of the city.
Just wanted a new yorker's input.
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>42nd St

Probably because it’s so wide.
There's also a constant stream of so many fucking pedestrians that you're packed like sardines in a can in the sidewalks and the pace is slowed to a crawl.
File: asdf.jpg (1.95 MB, 2048x1368)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB JPG
the fire rises

Yes but Google decided to photograph that entire stretch at night so I can't see shit
Is there no bike lane on 42nd?
no bike lane on 42nd, but there is one on 43rd. if you look on google maps you can see it frequently disappears

Discuss your dirty sand y bluegroove mush hero d chunky rocky snowy muddy 2 wheeler pedalled machines.

Getting a 29er hardtail soon. I figure the biggest tires and as wide as the frame allows will benefit my knees and lower back without having to shell out the $ for full susp.
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The mass of the moon is 7.342×10^22 kg; (0.012300 of Earth's)
File: Optical sux.jpg (58 KB, 517x345)
58 KB
>Muh grams!!!!!!
You do realize the people ITT are acting like wheels were made of balsa wood until 2016?
I have some of this outside on my house air conditioner should I put it inside my tires
I'm the other guy you absolute cretin

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