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File: akko_2.jpg (17 KB, 400x400)
17 KB
>use public transit
>other person gets on
>they're a loud schizophrenic
Why does this happen every time?
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If we had properly functioning asylums we could easily capture and sedate the troublesome crazies but nooooooo this has to happen.
>At worst he was being annoying it's not a big deal.
Until he spits on you, pushes a small child, falls in front of the train etc.
Pelosi represents San Francisco, not Los Angeles.
Well if they're from SF and living in LA then maybe that explains why their homeless
You crammed 190 whores in there, what are you bitching about.

File: canada.jpg (43 KB, 474x417)
43 KB
Is there a single city in this entire fucking country that isn't a cager hellscape? The only places in the entire country that aren't pure eye cancer are either single neighborhoods built before 1900 surrounded by 100km of shitty suburbs or giant cities where a 900sqft house is $2,000,000 plus tip.

I fucking hate this country. I'm almost considering buying 50 acres of land for $50,000 in bumfuck nowhere just so I can avoid looking at an entire horizon of copy-pasted mcmansions. I'd need a car but at least it would be the only car around.
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Lmao its pronounced like "vagina"
Edmonton reporting in. Mostly a cager hellscape of course, but the central area is pretty sweet. I'm on 76Ave and 107St and I ride the bike everywhere especially in winter. "Mayor Bikelane" took my street parking away to build a big concrete bikelane so that sucks but I have to admit a real bikelane out my front door is nice too. My tiny 650 sqft shack (with big back yard, natch) cost $320,000 so it takes a bit to live here, but like with most things you get what you pay for.

I suspect you need a car to live in the suburbs of Amsterdam, that's a suburb thing not a specific city thing. If you want bikeable / walkable you want downtown.

No. Saskatoon or Moosejaw, Maybe Kindersley, Maybe some isolated patch of nowhere, but not Regina.
Toronto here and oh boy where do I begin. Lots of plans, no action is the best way I can describe the state of this City and trying to get around it. Its been shit since the 80's since Bill Davis was the last Premier that gave a fuck. The Subway is fine albeit overcrowded and the buses are buses so you know what to expect. At least we still have our Streetcar system and seem to want to make it better. As with most cities the suburbs are impossible to get around without a car and Downtown is the only place that is walkable.
>No. Saskatoon or Moosejaw, Maybe Kindersley, Maybe some isolated patch of nowhere, but not Regina.
I'd say Saskatoon is easily a better city than Regina, far enough north that its getting out of the bland prairie landscape. But its spread out more and has the river as an annoying obstacle, thus making it more car centric.

Moose Jaw is a sleepy little town. But I swear every driver there is in their 70s the way they slowly move around. Town is split in half by a rail yard with few ways across it.

File: what_could_have_been.jpg (204 KB, 876x771)
204 KB
204 KB JPG

Cold Weather edition
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Did you cum deep, deep into his asshole? Did you cum so deep in him, that your semen will forever be stuck in his insides? Did you fuck the little masculinity he had left out of him?
the limiter is ice horn

what did they mean
Do you work on it? Or just have some weird obsession with that boat?
File: different-bows.png (24 KB, 700x500)
24 KB
I'm not a breaker expert, but part of their ability is due to the shape of the hull. They're built with a spoon bow, which allows them to ride up onto the ice whereupon the weight of the hull will break it. I suppose the "ice horn" is a structure like a protrusion on the keel line that stops the ship from riding up on too-thick ice and getting stranded.
It would be way funnier if I was a weirdo obsessed with it but I just work on it

File: orange.jpg (50 KB, 508x346)
50 KB
Do orange sodium likes work better along transportation routes? Will the new bright white LED streelights and rail lights be worse on everyones eyes?
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I feel bad for the animals that have to live near that shit whenever I'm driving through a country road with LED lights. At least put motion sensors if you're going to be a technodouche.
souls, soulless simple as
You're a decade late, LED streetlights aren't bright white only anymore.
>>1427797 nope

>>1427807 we are slaves

>>1427813 the headlight arms race is just another reason why cars need to be destroyed
File: ussr.jpg (138 KB, 1280x720)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Why does this version of Chicago look a little bit like the Soviet Union

File: BAE1461.jpg (21 KB, 600x399)
21 KB
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File: mohawk_251.jpg (198 KB, 1240x838)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
yeeeeeah, another ugly beauty.
we got a bunch of them for the argentine army in the 90's, they were quite a sight and had a nice sound. retired in 2015.
like flying on an old tent.
File: Horten-HX2.jpg (173 KB, 1280x720)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
t. cocaine addicted faggot
File: 1525649048192.gif (123 KB, 496x279)
123 KB
123 KB GIF
File: gyro.jpg (99 KB, 500x391)
99 KB
this one.

File: mi09 rer a.jpg (214 KB, 1024x768)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
>our daily journey to soul-crushing wage-slavery
>commuter trains
>complex-ass transit maps
Pic related is my daily ride
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And to make matters worse Siemens bought the tech and uses it for high capacity people movers now.
>not /mutagen/
You had one job OP
File: 7k.jpg (148 KB, 1280x720)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
You were right about the strike btw, but they're not completely off service, just not every 30 minutes. So you're still effectively wrong :)
File: 5501858343_6d767922a9_b.jpg (211 KB, 1024x683)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
TfL still reigns supreme amongst Europe though

File: 20191207160109_1.jpg (276 KB, 1920x1080)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
Railworks/Train Simulator edition

File: orchids.jpg (337 KB, 1722x1455)
337 KB
337 KB JPG
You're at the cyclist cafe when this lady compliments your orchid collection.

What do you do, /n/? Oh and she's 163cm and 49kg, all slow twitch.
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what the fuck is a cm or kg
People always fap over the metric system's ability to easily convert into smaller and more manageable numbers, but then they always do shit like measuring the height of a human in hundreds of centimeters. Why the fuck is that? Even with the imperial system's more arbitrary and difficult conversions we always convert and reduce anywhere we can, nobody talks about human height purely in inches because it's far harder to conceptualize large amounts of small units than it is to conceptualize fewer amounts of large units. So why the fuck would users of a system literally sold on its ability to easily convert units NEVER FUCKING CONVERT UNITS?!
Because 163 is a bigger number than 1.63. It's the same reason why you see bottles of shit sold as 500ml instead of .5l or 50cl or 5dl. Does anyone even use deci or deca? Anyway, basic human psychology is going to treat the larger number as indicating more of whatever it is, even tho it's the same measurement.
I like the imperial system, wherein when someone's height starts with a "5" you can disregard them entirely.
Look, literally the only place you got those places is the US, where cyclists are even more special.

Where the heck do people buy cycling gear? I’ve gone to 5 different cycling shops in my area and they are all just full of bikes with no accessories.

I want to try to start riding in the winter again (used to for school) but I actually have money now and can get some actual bike pants; in sick of putting holes in my jeans. But the measly selection in stores is always entirely stitched in buttpadding which I don’t want. I have never worn any fancy bike gear other than my jersey.

I can’t figure out what gear I need to stay warm but not overheat without trying it on first so I don’t know where to look. My rides will be anywhere from like 30 to 50, wet lots of the time, and it’s rather short 2 miles to work.

Can anyone help me figure out what gear I should get? I havnt biked since early August.
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My hope is that this will keep my face warm without getting soggy or fogging my glasses. Also has the benefit of filtering out cage fumes. What do you think?
For casual once in a while cycling XC ski gear works fine. If you're cycling a lot in cold bike specific gear is worth it. The jackets have higher front so it doesn't bunch up as you're on a bike and actually usable pockets for cycling. The pants have ass reinforcements so that your saddle doesn't destroy them.

>he doesn't have wool midlayers for skiing
>he doesn't have good leather mittens
Wool is amazing for any kind of outdoor activity in winter and there is nothing warmer that a good pair of leather mittens.
>warmer than a good pair of leather mittens
A good pair of leather mittens over liner gloves.
That's what I meant but left it out.
>pants have ass reinforcements so that your saddle doesn't destroy them.
I'm sorry, come again? How cheap is your saddle that some friction is so abrasive to your garments?

File: PYBT DEC.jpg (1.19 MB, 2048x1536)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
Wash and polish those fine steeds. Refine those camera angles. Dare to post your bike and avoid the wrath of the evil (Youman)
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File: Gort.jpg (56 KB, 1170x781)
56 KB
>I started muttering Klaatu barada nikto when riding the thing
File: schwinn.png (302 KB, 664x666)
302 KB
302 KB PNG
im pretty sure its a 1 -> 1 1/8 adapter, i havent messed with the steering at all. but yeah it looks decent somehow. i sold that schwinn to some girl with a leaky tube lol, pic related
oh shit youre the dude with the swift on /o/. or maybe theres 2 of you. either way, god tier
nut crusher 9000
nice all rounder. dropper post made the biggest difference for me. that and wider handlebars.
that thing looks weird as fuck. but yeah man, i didn't realize just how nice these newer full suspensions are till i got one.
Hello fellow tallfriend.
>both his hands glued to each side of the stem
Do people really ride on the tops? I can't do that shit.
File: 9rzapka127041.jpg (82 KB, 720x540)
82 KB
turned my rocky mountain hammer race into more of a winter beater than before, got a shitton of NOS 90s mtb parts for free so now the back wheels full xtr, raceface turbines with a useless bashguard, new stem, shitty fork, new tires, only thing original is the headset and the seatclamp to the original bike.
That cinelli is looking fucking bizarre, still kool doe

File: BayareaUSGS.jpg (608 KB, 769x798)
608 KB
608 KB JPG
How do we fix the housing problem?
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Lol now you’re really grasping at straws.
correlation != causation, you elementary school flunk-out
>shitlibbery raises taxes
>higher taxes lead to higher cost of living
>which leads to higher rent and higher wages
>which leads to higher taxes and higher rent, washing out the higher wages by cost of living increases
>continue until you get San Fransisco
>liberalism also relaxes law enforcement
>leading to more crime, leading to more public crime, leading to more drugs and more public use of drugs
>leading to people literally shooting up in the street
>you, the fagwad, see this
>hurr da durr there's high rent AND high hobo concentrations. the rent must have CAUSED the hobos to start injecting fentanyl!
>everyone knows the best way to pay rent is by developing a drug addiction!
Now, as a followup. To prove my side:
>liberalism must both raise taxes, AND be lax on crime
>looks up
>oh, those are both factual
To prove your side, that high rent magically produces drug-addict hobo plagues in the tens of thousands and turns previous law abiding, job holding, rent paying citizens into meth zombies just because:
>someone who is a completely normal person, holding a job and paying rent on an apartment, sees their rent increased by small increments over the years
>they immediately run to the nearest corner, procure bath salts from a dealer, and start slathering them across their tongue
In a study contained in the latest UCLA Anderson Forecast, released Wednesday, UCLA found that higher median rent and home prices are strongly correlated with more people living on the streets or in shelters. The research backs other studies that have found a similar relationship.

Last year, Zillow released a study that showed that a 5% rent hike in L.A. County — where more than 50,000 are estimated to be homeless — would cause 2,000 additional people to lose their homes.

Yu found that the higher the housing costs, the higher the homeless rate. The report also found that states with higher incomes, denser neighborhoods and lots of home building tend to have lower rates of homelessness.
>implying crime isn't high in states with conservative anti-tax governments

File: 1572116232485.png (531 KB, 679x601)
531 KB
531 KB PNG
Yes homo edition.

Last Thread: >>1424282


If you want help buying a bike, ask in >>>/n/bbg
29 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Just get a kick scooter.
>26" folding bikes actually look really great for me, looking for them rn

google paratrooper bike that's the nuts babe
File: flying fish hydrofoil.jpg (376 KB, 1353x942)
376 KB
376 KB JPG
What would be the easiest way to adapt a bike to ride in water?
I like hydrofoil but after looking around it seems rather complex to get right. I'm thinking of just attaching two flotation banana-like devices on each side and a propeller on the back, actuated by the rear tire through friction, bottle dynamo style. No idea how you would steer though.
Pic semi-related
that's kinda gay
yeah i saw it looks badass, but that price

I'll probably just head out to local bike store and see what fits me
ZiZZO, a folding bike company makes a full size folding paratrooper bike for 359 USD

File: x9008tf442z01.jpg (949 KB, 2123x3126)
949 KB
949 KB JPG
just make an upright recumbent bicycle
conventional recumbents are a joke mainly because they are too low to the ground relative to other vehicles in traffic
an upright recumbent would be faster than a safety bike but not as impractical as a recumbent
and actually have a bike company put some R&D into it, don't just build some random bullshit in a shed
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
make the wheels bigger and sit more upright. the way he sits in that pic would be like an aero position on a road bike.
>recumbents are a joke mainly because they are too low to the ground
That's only one of several reasons they're a joke. Increasing the frontal area gives up the big advantage they do have. Have fun going broke trying to sell the worst of both worlds!
Take a tandem trike and put a aero-body on top and you'll get as close to OP pic as it gets for a bicycle.
U foken wot m8. Just a crank forward then?

The absolute state of Amtrak lmao
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now this i like
Doesn’t matter; defense spending is still up and let’s not pretend Trump is going to curtail that
In dense cities like NYC and Chicago the local and suburban commuter trains are packed. People use the fuck out of them, in addition to people using the fuck out of their cars.

For long distance trips (Amtrak), the trains are generally slow, dirty, half empty and expensive compared to europe or japan. Yes there are exceptions like the Acela line in the NE, but that is essentially a commuter line.
File: IMG_20170608_173342.jpg (3.06 MB, 3120x4160)
3.06 MB
3.06 MB JPG
File: 1565831489036.jpg (103 KB, 720x960)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
unpopular opinion, but the reason passenger rail has a difficult time expanding in US is because of greedy unions.

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