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Welcome to /k/, 4chan's weapons board. Our board centers around weapons, armor, and other myriad military technology. While guns are the primary topic, threads involving any other sort of weapons, from swords and knives to tanks and jet fighters, come up frequently as well. If you're new, we suggest reading the sticky at http://amagicalplace.wikia.com/wiki/Sticky to get acquainted with the board's subject matter.

Before posting a thread, please check our catalog to ensure that a thread about the same topic does not already exist.


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/k/ is a board devoted to weapons and military equipment.

Discussions about politics or current events belong on /pol/.

Do not post threads about gun control. They belong on /pol/.

Troll threads will be deleted, and those posting troll posts will be banned.

File: fwfw.jpg (86 KB, 1269x675)
86 KB
I found this video about a US base abandoned hastily in Syria. Link here:


On the video, I ran a Russian comment through google translate:

Comfortably fighting, it must be admitted. However, I dare to suggest that as soon as they lose at least part of this comfort, panic and chaos will begin. Compare, for example, how the Hussites fight. They do not need anything at all, and they calmly act and win. And here, God forbid, the electricity blinks - the washing machines will rise and the plasma will turn off - that's it, Repin's picture "Sailed". Notice, they didn’t even make a single stool with their own hands, nor any table, nothing! Well, at least for fun! No, this is not Homo Sapiens, but Walmarticus (Supermarket Man Walmart, a new kind of creature).

How much truth is in this scathing ruski bants?
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>Ywn have tomboy gf
Does someone really have to point out that the pics of the american base are taken after they literally trashed and abandoned it?
Brainlet sucking that propaganda cock
Oh shit mfw I was the tomboy all along
Rollin for class rep mommy
File: 1538005914677.png (470 KB, 750x730)
470 KB
470 KB PNG
fuck it .roll

ARG /arg/ AR General
Post department store ARs
Old >> 42978917
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>Inb4 you get bullied for running a Streamlight.
Too late
>low backpressure
Its middle of the road
>Swapped between 300blk AR and AK74
Ignoring the cringe thats 300blk, you are going to be fine with the AK since you will have to run a .30cal endcap for the 300BLACKED anyway.
>My budget is "buy once cry once, but don't buy gucci shit you don't need" is the sandman S a good choice????
As long as you are okay sending things back until they get them right.
>As long as you are okay sending things back until they get them right.
So he might cry a couple of times, but when they finally fix it he should be good
Yes. Dead air will fix it and they are prompt about it but out of the box might be questionable.
Imagine caring about your height and weight so much you life to internet strangers about it.
File: KACgassass4.jpg (59 KB, 301x392)
59 KB
>Sandman S
You're better off with a Nomad Key Mo, Vox S, Key Mo, or Omega Key Mo in that price range.

>Imagine caring about internet strangers so much you lie about them on the forum you share

>volume of sales arguments
>SiCo ASR downrage flight due to out of spec teeth spring

File: 1-sideways[1].jpg (86 KB, 632x420)
86 KB
What's the single worst movie regarding shitty gun tropes
>clicking noise whenever the gun is pointed
>throwing guns when they're empty
>infinite ammo in every gun except when the plot demands
etc etc
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>That magazine one

I know it's unrelated but it just reminded me of one of the secret reload animations in Hardline.

Start at 0:37 if the link doesn't take you there automatically. Even though they are all worth a watch.
File: 1502578430719.gif (1.96 MB, 720x404)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB GIF
File: 1565573900534.gif (2.19 MB, 338x186)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB GIF
He wouldn't fire at the media, he wants every damn camera and microphone on him at that moment
File: 1564044398356s.jpg (6 KB, 208x249)
6 KB
>tank scene
>inside tank shot
>it's a different tank

>suppressed edition
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what is it?
How's the cheek weld?
File: 20191017_151818.jpg (292 KB, 1280x720)
292 KB
292 KB JPG
Daily reminder that calico is objectively the best PCC
do you like your TP9? I am underwhelmed with mine
Is it worth two grand? No. But setting aside the price it's a phenomenal little gun and I've been very impressed with it so far. Only weak link is the trigger which pulls at about 7-8lbs, which really sours the whole deal. It's not so terrible if you're shooting off the reset but it's very clear that it's a formerly full auto trigger pull nicked down to semi.

>It appears my superiority has led to some controversy
Cheese curds, loose gun laws, good weather, and midwest values and Christianity. Stay mad. Thread for WI /K/ommandos
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File: suggestions.jpg (13 KB, 460x276)
13 KB
Anon, are you open to suggestions?
It's great. That fresh, crisp air. The frozen homeless getting disposed of. Tow trucks rescuing the retards that think all season tires and 4x4 means they are invincible.
didn't want to post this but the truth needs to come out. Something happened at Nuggetfest and it happened to me. I was drinking with some friends around one of the firepits when a group came up to us, they said they were part of the people that organized the event. We greeted them thinking they wanted to join us but they said it was inspection time. I didn't know what they meant. Inspection of what? When I asked what they were talking about two of them lifted me up and turned me around, the other guys said "ass inspection". My friends with me didn't know what to do and were about to say something when he pulled out a gun. He pointed it at them and said "ass inspection is for security purposes and will not be interfered with". They took my pants off, pulled my underwear down, and bent me over.

It's hard to admit this but they assfucked me over the firepit. The entire time they kept throwing ammo into the flames and yelling "yee haa" every time one would blow up from the heat. I was crying pretty heavily during it all but one of the guys just kept licking my ears and whispering "ass inspection".
Tragic cityfagging
They plow your roads, bitch niqqa?

Blow it out your ass

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Yeah Mexico is pretty safe with no guns allowed!
>tallest whitest man in front
>cradling two small Mexican sidearms
>crowd gets progressively darker and more goblino as you go back.

really makes you think
Uh huh. Like how in the US there are gunfights on every street corner, everyone weighs over 400 pounds, and everything west of the Mississippi looks just like southern Italy? I feel embarrassed having to tell a supposed adult this, but you really shouldn't believe everything you see on TV or the internet. There are some places in Mexico that are basically post-apocalyptic libertarian hells, but most of the country isn't like that. And as soon as the US stops shipping guns, drug agents, and Marines across the border to further our "war on drugs" the better things will get for everybody.
Because USA needs a constant flow of cheap labour. It doesn't need a stable, safe Mexico. Should Mexico become civilised, mexicans wouldn't rush the borders like they do.

This is how it's done, and always has been.

>t.polak into geopolitics

Kinda, regrettably.
Also, fucking gross, I feel bad for Mexicans for suffering Communism.

Why all the hatred for Liam?
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I am an anglo, and a has-guns and I get what liam says in regards to not wanting a licence since the police will constantly poke into his life and civil rights, but I still think he should at least own shotguns, different licence which means less poking about. other than that his comments on anything else seem very informed
i wish i was a noguns mask expert. instead im just an idiot
File: Liam and Duke.png (329 KB, 1416x657)
329 KB
329 KB PNG
He's barred from owning guns because he's a certified autist.
I like his STALKER vids
he looks like he would be boring to have as a friend IRL, good videos tho.

File: 3e530w.jpg (47 KB, 500x500)
47 KB
Do you kill stray cats? If so, why.
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File: prrrrrrr.jpg (197 KB, 1324x1800)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
You should've put them both in a crate and kept the winner
Im from the suburbs and most people here who have cats keep them outside. They chase away rats/mice. And you dont have to have a litterbox in your house that you clean up like a cuck. We've had 3 cats before. 2 we got for free outside of a super market, and 1 was a stray that we ended up taking care of.

In the city I could see feral cats being a problem, but you also aren't going to be able to shoot one without getting arrested.

In the country-side I dont imagine stray cats being an issue, and the impulse to shoot one is probably out of boredom or because of mental problems
There was one tom that kept fucking with my chickens other than that they aren't an issue unless I see them going after birds.
Cats are the pets of the agriculturalists, they keep pests away from your storerooms. Dogs were the pets of the hunter gatherers.

File: 1547506293289m.jpg (159 KB, 681x1024)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu

Previous thread:>>42976183
255 replies and 69 images omitted. Click here to view.
I got my license in 35 days from the point they received my application back in August.
Are you aware that larping is mainly based around imagination
>but it won't go into the print queue until the 28 day cooldown elapses
Your application can be processed within this period, usually it doesn't though for various reasons. Retards think that it mandates 28 days for the RCMP to start.
best super short 12 gauge with a stock? im thinking shockwave for the barrel, but i want a stock
File: 1569727054780.jpg (58 KB, 720x890)
58 KB
somebody post the canuck version of My Little Armalite pls, I can't find it anywhere

File: fuck_you_cocksucker.gif (2.57 MB, 382x554)
2.57 MB
2.57 MB GIF
so was in the wrong here?
91 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
Orange shirt got himself killed and the shooting was justified but the dumpster defenders escalated the situation by leaving the scene and return with guns over a mother fucking dumpster. They shouldn't go down for murder but absolutely should for manslaughter
You're actually retarded. LEOs fire until the threat is stopped, so if someone is cowering with now way to produce deadly force then there is no justification for continuing fire. Those final shots were more of an execution to prove a point than anything.
>but muh mentally unstable
So which is it, bat guy was 180 IQ or mentally unstable. You play with shit you get it on you. Prompting loony toons to attack you is retarded beyond comprehension.
>180 IQ or mentally unstable
You have a good point but this is an absolutely way to say it. Intelligence and stability have nothing to do with each other.

File: bf-f8hp.jpg (71 KB, 450x238)
71 KB
post radios
read a book before posting here

previous thread: >>42900442
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Where my CW niggas at?
.... . .-.. .-.. --- / ..-. .- --
Ho would one convert an existing radio into a jammer? What would the practical range of that be?
Asking for a friend.
for all the good it does get a neon sign transformer and make a spark gap. the range will be shit but it will be pretty wide band on your minecraft server.
File: 20191023_211719.jpg (2.41 MB, 4032x1860)
2.41 MB
2.41 MB JPG

File: M1917_revolver.jpg (91 KB, 640x480)
91 KB
I plan on buying one of these this winter, anyone got any tips?
>Post wheelguns
7 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
How do you like the Wrangler? I strongly considered that, but I found the 6.5" Rough Rider with the cocobolo grips for $140 shipped and that was just too good a deal to pass up.
.38 Special is a cartridge with proven capability, and six shots of it counts for a lot, particularly if you select some good jacketed hollowpoints.

Double-action is also not as hard to shoot as some will suggest, particularly not at the most likely distances of DGU, and with an exposed hammer you would have a somewhat easier time if you needed to take a more precise shot and had the time to do it.
File: ria m206.jpg (62 KB, 1200x608)
62 KB
I wouldn't call RIA's revolvers 'good' as much as passable for their pricetag, it's fine to carry +P ammo and shoot it a little bit, but they explicitly state that the gun is not rated for regular use of such loads.
I'd also make sure to inspect them before purchasing, they let slip some bad shit sometimes, make sure to check the crown, forcing cone, for pushoff, and that the cylinder isn't wiggling or out of time or anything. They're much better at 1911s.

By the way, the DA trigger is pretty fucking stiff on these things, so I would consider that point seriously before deciding on whether or not you want a hammerless DAO version or not.
.38 special snub is the worst carry ever. its the worst first gun ever. its the worst everything.
YO any recommends for something to twirl around like a fucking idiot while I LARP as a cowboy?

File: kahrahtay.w700.h700.jpg (46 KB, 405x405)
46 KB
>have always argued against 'le 9mm is weak' meme
>have always been in favor of 9mm as a defense round
>be not too long ago
>get phone call, best bud is in the ICU for gunshot wound
>he was at a party and some shithead popped him center mass with a 9mm JHP at point blank for no reason
>bullet hit his heart
>fast forward 2 weeks
>he is alive and well and expected to make a full recovery

9mm confirmed to be a pussy round. If youre going to carry a handgun for self defense, carry a caliber that will drop a motherfucker on the first shot, like .357

>hurr hurr anecdotal evidence

I repeat: point blank, center mass, 9mm JHP, hit the heart. Still alive.
84 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
9mm is a meme
>hurr moar tries per mag if yu succ
>durr moar kills per mag if yer pro
Chances are very good your just gonna magdump anyway
Uh, yes, I'll take "things that never happened" for 100, Alex
9mm has worked great for me hunting. But i just do headshots. Although I do agree that it sucks at killing when I hit the body. It can take about 15 shots to drop a four legged beast if I dont achieve brain shots.
Or shoot once and involuntarily freeze up
>tfw live in New Mexico

Albuquerque is such a shithole and their cops are just something else. Watch some of the older Cops episodes. Most of them are from Albuquerque. Albuquerque actually banned the show from the city because they said it was making the city look bad but.. no. The city is just that bad and all the cops there have been driven to the brink of madness.

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