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File: 1663561.png (2.85 MB, 2000x2000)
2.85 MB
2.85 MB PNG
General Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/SSdQjjhU

Previous thread: >>33371752
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Oh yeah, I think I actually remember when that was mentioned. Good to see you actually decided to go through with it.
Just to remind you, you do understand your idea is of the some low quality stupidity of a fimfic story right? Don't waste time here with it.
Because this is the incest general, not the Anon fucks relatives thread. Nothing wrong with Anon greens, but we can have non-Anon greens as well.
I wrote a Star Wars/MLP crossover green that's about 350 pages long, and still incomplete.
You don't need to tell me how stupid my ideas are I'm fully aware.
Shut up, fuck.

File: bmj.jpg (18 KB, 300x334)
18 KB
Are there Jewish ponies? Does a Jewish stallion have to get circumcised?

Previous Thread: >>33364071
Post pics, and love Sunset.

Sunset Sunday Pastebin- http://pastebin.com/EG5MyMqE
GreentextSavant’s Pastebin- http://pastebin.com/u/AlexanderGrey
BG9's Pastebin- https://pastebin.com/u/BG9_Reborn
Gritsaw’s Pastebin- http://pastebin.com/u/Gritsaw
Zharkaer's Pastebin- https://pastebin.com/u/Zharkaer
Tstar231's Pastebin- https://pastebin.com/u/Tstar231

Sunset Greentexts-
Sunset x Anon by XMRWRITEFAGX- http://pastebin.com/8D0At0aP
Burning Sensation (NSFW, Mutant Sunset x Anon) by SUPERKEATON https://pastebin.com/uFRYAqki
Cold by BOLTGREENS https://pastebin.com/DBu4mLxr

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: Sunset 669.jpg (81 KB, 750x603)
81 KB
File: 1785438.png (527 KB, 1920x1080)
527 KB
527 KB PNG
Fake And Gay
It's from a comic: the premise is that after absorbing their magic as Daydream Shimmer, Sunset retained their abilities/talents for a day or so and wanted to try them out.

Personally I'd be most stoked to have Dash's for a little while
File: 1936821 crop.png (2.75 MB, 3016x2312)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB PNG
Why the fuck does she have vagina tits?

Is it late night or early morning edition.
/Moonday/ archive:https://pastebin.com/He5X50m6
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File: 1514144409961.png (2.12 MB, 1964x2205)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB PNG
File: E1U8frS.png (505 KB, 1280x832)
505 KB
505 KB PNG
praise the moon!
File: 52275.png (868 KB, 1010x1072)
868 KB
868 KB PNG
>”What do you think, Anon?”
>You’re Anon, and Filthy wants your opinion on the Griffon situation.
>In hindsight, you’re very glad you made friends with Filthy.
“They’re posturing. It’s what they do. Listen,” you voice, looking around at the CFA members. “If you think the Griffons are willing to sever ties with their biggest trade partner over a pile of rocks, you’re nuts.” That gets a handful of nods around the room. “They want to see how much leverage they hav-”
>Suddenly, the conference room doors open, revealing none other than the Princesses.
>Everyone in the room moves to bow
>Celestia waves it off. “No need. Now, I believe we have a situation to discuss,” she says, nodding to you.
>You nod back as Bold Move gestures to two open seats, right across from you.
>The Princesses take their seats, Luna directly across from you, Celestia to her left.
>”So,” Luna opens, looking to Bold. “What is the current situation regarding the Buffalo?”
>Bold sighs. “In a word, dangerous. They’ve made themselves valuable to both the Yaks and the Dragons, while continuing to be a painful thorn in our side.”
>Celestia nods, looking to the Appleoosan representative, who you recently learned is named ‘Big Iron’
>”Mr. Iron, how much of a threat do they pose to your constituents?”
>He frowns. “They’ve launched a handful of midnight raids on our oil rigs, but I understand that Mr. Mous has had the bigger problems,” He says, pointing to you.
>You nod.
“The Buffalo have become more easily agitated when they come into town to trade. We’ve had fights break out in Ponyville, with no casualties thankfully. Not only that, but their movements in the Everfree have gotten harder to track,” you sigh, shaking your head. “I’m worried they’re gearing up for something bigger.”
>Luna and Celestia consider this.
>Luna looks to you with a smile. “What do you think we should so?”
>The entire room shifts their gaze to you.
>This is a big moment.
>Not just for you, but Equestria.
>You think for a minute.
>Finally, you make a decision
“I want to talk to them.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Original Movie Intro!

Best Gift Ever: The Special!
Best Gift Ever: Shorts Playlist!

Nightmare Knights #4 is being storytimed here!

Previous thread is here!
167 replies and 61 images omitted. Click here to view.
Ease of use to stream the game on PS4 instead of PC.

Not to mention my co-commentator has PS4 so all I have to do is share play and invite him to a party.

Significantly more annoying on PC to set something like that up and takes a lot more CPU.

I have both, but I'm realizing streaming on PS4 is so much more easy to do everything on and not as costly.

Also, I only have the NJPW DLC on PS4 so I want to be able to access everything instead of having a load of locked content.
You think she screams like that when fukkin'?
Bal kote, darasum kote
Joro'san kando a tome
Sa kyr'am nau tracyn kad, Vode An
>For fucks sake, ponies don't speak Mando'a
No but I she screams like that when she walks in on these two fucking.
what if your mom dating a DILF stallion

File: 00000.jpg (200 KB, 1248x1920)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
Nightmare Knights #4 is out on iTunes, Kindle, and other digital comic mediums.

Nightmare Knights #4
>Jeremy Whitley (w) • Tony Fleecs (a & CVR A) • Brenda Hickey (CVR B) • Jennifer L. Meyer (CVR RI)
>The best-laid plans of ponies often go awry—and as the heist begins to fall apart, Luna’s knights are put to the ultimate test. With teammates turning and new revelations coming to light, will the Nightmare Knights ever be able to defeat Eris and return Luna’s powers?
>Bullet Point: The past of new villain Eris revealed!

Previous comics can be downloaded here:

Or viewed online here:
75 replies and 31 images omitted. Click here to view.
Well, someone's having an austard rage fit.
that is cruel
It was a cheap and lazy way to fill a page.
Trixie >> Twily
it was ever so

Objectively one of the most underrated ship. Been a long while since we got a Sparlight thread going.

Also selfishly hoping for some green.
193 replies and 37 images omitted. Click here to view.
Who the fuck makes greentexts and FORGETS TO MAKE THEM FUCKING GREEN!?

“What?” Spike replied, more than a little dumbfounded.
Starlight let go of her mug, which thankfully didn’t break when it hit the crystal table. She quickly covered her mouth with her hoof and looked away, not sure how to respond. Maybe she could try to pass it off as a misunderstanding, claiming that Spike had simply—
No, enough was enough. She was a grown mare and was not going to let some… some foalish insecurities bring down what could possibly be the beginning of a great relationship. No more faintheartedness; she was going to open up to her, uh, her dragon and be honest with him.
She took a deep breath and looked straight at him. “Why did you say yes when I asked if you wanted to go out with me?” she asked again.
Spike didn’t answer, not right away at least. Instead he looked deep into Starlight’s eyes, and seemed to be frozen in his spot, if his tail swinging behind him hadn’t said otherwise.
“Spike?” Starlight prodded him.
“I… I don’t know,” Spike said.
It felt weird to hear him say that. She wouldn’t say it hurt, really. There was nothing inherently wrong about what Spike said, but she’d expected something more.
“You don’t know?” Starlight asked him as she averted her gaze and rubbed her hooves together.
“No, I mean…” He looked for the right words. “It’s hard to explain. It’s just that, well, it felt… right?”
Now that was a better answer.
“How so?” Starlight asked him in her softest voice.
It was Spike’s turn to look away. He had an awkward smile plastered over his face, and Starlight had to wonder how he must have been feeling.
ikr? it'd be so, like, embarrassing and stuff
Thankfully I write in prose and not in greentext, so I don't have to worry about that.
Lol are you retarded? This is formatted as a greentext.

File: op.gif (301 KB, 1024x768)
301 KB
301 KB GIF
Request, draw, submit. Mark requests with ‘/r/’ in the name field or comment field, ‘/d/’ for deliveries, ‘/ic/’ for critiques.
Also, when /r/equesting, try to provide a reference image, to make it easier for drawfags to fulfill your request.

Previous Thread: >>33350004

The OP header image and all other images from the previous Draw Threads can be found in the

A list of some drawfags who post as anonymous be found in there


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
436 replies and 105 images omitted. Click here to view.
No one should draw any male character.
Let me guess, undertalefag.
>both gay anons requesting colt dick edit deleted
Based mod
Replace Emily Blunt's character in the border crossing scene from Sicario with Tempest Shadow.

OK, you silly ponies. You asked for it; I'm willing to facilitate your ridiculous Valentine shenanigans.

Here is how it's going to work:
Fill out the form below.
I'll assign you an anon the following week, January 21-27. You will find out which waifu/husbando you are supposed to be embodying based on their preference. Keep the roleplaying off the board and on your cards, no need to cause drama. If you need to talk to your anon to sort stuff out that's cool, use this thread for that.
Make a valentine for your anon. Chocolates, flowers, etc are entirely up to you and not part of the rules. You will have about 1 week to make it and send it before it's going to be late, but it's one card. I believe in you.
If you are sending international, send ASAP. If you are sending domestic, try to send by February 7.
>Additional things
This is a card exchange. There won't be tracking and I can't ensure against grinching. That's just going to be the way of it, but it's only going to cost you a couple of bucks in postage, so hopefully you can gamble with those odds.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
178 replies and 52 images omitted. Click here to view.
I can't write cards so I'm probably going to 3D print them something really nice. Not sure if gifts are required, but I wouldn't expect to get anything other than a card.
3d print a horse pussy.
Or a horse pussy-cock
Gifts are optional, card is a must.

But i'm also planning to send some chocolates for my assignment. Should i send real flowers or plastic ones? Cause if real flowers i predict that it will become dead by the time it arrived for my valentine.
Use one of those floral deliveries. Make them answer the door and look another person in the eye as they accept flowers from "Big" Macintosh on Valentine's Day.
File: Painted Twi.jpg (2.74 MB, 4896x2752)
2.74 MB
2.74 MB JPG
My printer is resin based unlike most standard 3D printers, meaning that its a trade off of size for quality and detail. Not to spoil what I plan on making, but this is one of the models I printed for one of my card recipients for this year's secret santa.

File: 1546812869343.jpg (170 KB, 1280x720)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
Catch up to No More Heroes: Rebooted, here
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Let out a soft sigh and nod.
Alright I won't, but I want you to talk to me about this. It's clearly affected you badly, talking about it might help or it might not but it probably won't make you feel worse.
We don't have to talk about it right now if you don't want though.
I wasn't really talking about anti-depressants, Winter. I was talking about sleep medication. I want you to get help, if you need it, but I'm not going to push you. I just ask that you don't ignore your health.
You let out a soft sigh and nod.
"Alright I won't," You tell him, "And I wasn't really talking about anti-depressants, Winter. I was talking about sleep medication. I want you to get help, but I'm not going to push you."
"I want you to talk to me about this," You say, "It's clearly effecting you badly, talking about it might help or it might not, but it probably won't make you feel worse. We don't have to talk about it right now if you don't want to though."
"...I can't sleep because I keep having nightmares," He mutters, "It's always you getting shot, either bleeding out from a shot in the chest or the a shot in the head... Even when I knew it was coming I couldn't stop it, I was always too late to save you."
He sniffs.
"...Then everyone berates and mocks me, and then I'm all alone. The leader who should've saved you, but didn't, couldn't."

What do you do?
Bring him back for a hug. Tear up slightly from hearing his suffering and nightmare.
"Winter, I don't need to tell you that that wouldn't happen, right? We would be there for you. Being in a gang is dangerous. Everyone is gonna make mistakes at some point. All we can do is our best, avoid risky situations where we can, and where we can't, prepare."

File: 1547255698094.jpg (107 KB, 1222x939)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Previous Thread: >>33390564

GoogleDoc Pastebin Archive:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gf8UOWR5eIfp8FqpAWt3EUrSCCocOWazrZlMiTJwAYs

Old CrazyRain's Stories' Archives:https://pastebin.com/z3CWqhnG

Prompt Archives:

WiP Story Archives:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XiJRe1NWl_kIoWsHssZ27BMV7bZAe1jgX59-dWggYkA/edit?usp=sharing
350 replies and 112 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1511618176059.png (729 KB, 706x1024)
729 KB
729 KB PNG
We need to Seed these Babs if you want to sleep on her couch.
olive/tanned is a good.
>The day passes quietly between Fluttersy and Anon, the two trying not to let what is to come weigh too heavily on their minds.
>Or, at least try not to show it outwardly.
>To them, it's just another day together, and not potentially their last, and so they act accordingly.
>They have a light breakfast of oatmeal and fruit, strawberries for Fluttershy, and blueberries for Anon, then the blobby human helps with the morning chores.
>it's difficult as always, but he endures, knowing deep down that after today, he'd never have to struggle like this again, one way or another.
>Then noon rolls around, and they sit down for some sandwiches.
>Just as they finish, there's a knock at the door, and Fluttershy gets up to answer it.
>"Rainbow Dash?" she asks, surprised. "What are you doing here."
>The speedster looks over her friend's shoulder to see Anon at the kitchen table, returning the smile when the creature does so himself and waves lazily with a tentacle.
>"Well, I'm actually here to tell you that Twilight will be ready to do the thing in a couple hours," she says, smile lessening. "But I also wanted to hangout a bit before then."
>"Oh, well you're more than welcome," Fluttershy answers, stepping back to let the other mare enter. "It's always nice to have friends over."
>"Yeah," she says coming inside and moving to the table. "So, today's the day, huh? Twilight told us all earlier this morning. You're going to be your old self again, Anon."
"That's the plan," he answers. "Then you'll. Finally see. How handsome. I really am."
>"Five bits says you're actually better looking this way," Rainbow responds cheekily, laughing when a trio of tentacles smacks her side. "I'm joking. Don't get your testicles in a twist."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I hope they're not in a spot in the wide open.

File: 14580.png (644 KB, 1800x2100)
644 KB
644 KB PNG
Royal Guard Mare Thread
Batpony Edition
We actually finished one without being raided!

This thread is all about Equestria's mares in uniform. Whether they're a fighting troop, a backwater garrison, or simply the ponice, and whether they're peagsi, unicorn, earth, or other female, they're all welcome as primary subject matter for art & green.

Everyday Life With Guardsmares - https://pastebin.com/RHkvDaAw
Everyday Life With Guardsmares FAQ - https://pastebin.com/QH8Mwutm
Anon Y Mous, Hierarch of Halogaland - https://pastebin.com/eCucihrX
Careful's Charge - http://pastebin.com/CkZbn3E6
Whiskey and Cigars - https://pastebin.com/7M3ryVcQ
Brave and Vannie - http://pastebin.com/8E2vAnyi HE'S BACK!
The Mountain Keeper - https://pastebin.com/smFw0sa0
Steel's Charge - https://pastebin.com/MAu28S2b

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
47 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Pastebin updated: https://pastebin.com/SXYmdXas
FAQ/Character-List/Gag-list updated: https://pastebin.com/QH8Mwutm
Good to have you back in the swing of things, TMFAT.

On an aside, Flakpanzers were fun in Battlefield 1942.
>Flakpanzer IV 'Wirbelwind
Mein unbeschränkt neger
Yeesh. I really hope ebon is going to take something magical and NOT a pony skin suit.

That bit of legend gave me the feeling of some old grandma telling stories by a hearth.
Nice update.
>a good update
thanks dood

File: mlp.png (69 KB, 938x552)
69 KB
is mlp ded?
69 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
Dude, people just called you stupid and you started sperging out, there's nothing more to say.
Yeah, not like your Diversity And Glimmer show
File: 1st world problemos.jpg (95 KB, 1059x1600)
95 KB

Yes, they are.

Now stop being a furfag.
I mean S4 finale is a pretty good point to stopping point for the series.
*good stopping point for the series.

File: large.png (1.6 MB, 1280x960)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB PNG
Previous thread >>33200420 blaze it

>Shouldn't it be Ponies ON Earth?
Yes, but PiE is tasty. PiE has had this name since 2012 and it helps convey that this is the reverse of the Anon in Equestria formula.

>Please explain.
We ask what happens when one or more ponies (or changelings, or griffons, or something else) are placed in a setting where humans are the predominant species. How does one of those adapt to living in a society where they're the odd one out, and most items aren't designed for hooves? Fictional universes are a valid setting as long as they follow those rules.

Everything else your choice!

Stories can be silly, grim, future, past, present, whatever! Ponies could be as rare as bigfoot sightings or as common as next-door neighbors! Are humans friendly or skeptical of the new arrivals? Are they even new arrivals? Are ponies made by humans, as with Browser Ponies or Hassenfield Bioengineering? Is Anon around? Is he still a jackass?

The door's wide open, so come on in!

>I don't always see this thread on the board.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
282 replies and 80 images omitted. Click here to view.
I have been inspired.

>You still don't know how she talked you into it.
>The little purple mare had surely done some of her wicked witchcraft to get you to buy the Big Gulp.
>It was almost the size of her head and you feared for your sanity when the caffeine inevitably hit her system.
>At least you were able to drag her away from the hotdogs though.
>Although she was still curious even after you explained what they were, being the freaky little nut job that she is.
>Instead you got her a fruit cup that didn't look a month old to go with her drink.
>And since you hadn't had one in years, you grabbed a hotdog.
>It may be gas station food, but you still missed it.
>A light grunting noise brings you out of your musings and to the mare in question.
>She was doing an odd three legged walk, trying to hold the Big Gulp with the fourth as she walked.
>You can't help but smile as you watch her hobble along.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Twilight huffs as the mug swings down again and immediately picks it back up before marching forward.
>"It's just that I'm in the world of humans now, Anon. I need to understand how a human thinks and acts if I want to be friends with them. Especially if the upcoming delegations are going to go alright."
"And you think chugging a Big Gulp without magic will help you with that?"
"Twi, is this political stuff getting to you?"
>You sigh.
>Looking over, you see that you had made it to your car as the two of you were talking and promptly place your rear on it.
>Twilight looks at you for a moment before following suit, placing her back to the grill of your car as she sets her drink down.
"Twilight, you know what happens when you overthink stuff."
>"And I also know what happens when I charge in without a plan."
"Yeah, that's fair. But I know you and I know for a fact that you'll stay up all night calculating every possibility, despite the fact that you won't factor in sleep deprivation."
>"I still don't know why I can't seem to do that."
>You chuckle and gently ruffle her mane.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Twilight simply stares at the red brick wall of the 7-11 as the Big Gulp rolls across the ground.
"Snrk. Yeah, Twi?"
>"I suddenly don't like your world."
"Hehe. Well you know what, Twi?"
"This place is better with you here."
File: twiritos.png (492 KB, 816x1080)
492 KB
492 KB PNG
The Princess of Friendship also says "You can't enjoy your Big Gulp without some tasty snacks!"
It's true, you know.

Rarity and Rainbow Dash are the only good characters in the show.

64 replies and 51 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: p3.jpg (60 KB, 500x441)
60 KB
rainbow being coy with rarity is the best
Raridash is a lie, Ranch Dressing is the one true pairing!
ranch is gross and so are the people who like it
fuck off, rarijack shitter
lasso your fucking neck

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