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Are bus tours the most efficient way to get around and visit the city attractions?

Yes I know underground is probably cheaper but seems kinda complicated and too much of a hassle.
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>Yes I know underground is probably cheaper but seems kinda complicated and too much of a hassle.
Are you 10 year old or just retarded?

How can so much bullshit fit in one post?
>Once you go two directions, metros can be expensive. Uber is going to be cheapest overall, I think.
Riding underground all day will still be cheaper than even one Uber ride because there is a daily cap.

>it's probably safer because you are with tourists, not locals on your bus/train
>Yes I know underground is probably cheaper
The underground is more expensive but faster and more efficient.
Buses are 1.5 quid for a single trip, and you can hop on as many as you want in an hour, it will still charge you 1.5.

Neither are complicated, download the CityMapper app and it lists all the ways to get from point A to point B with prices, where to change, departure times, how much time it will take you, etc.
Most complicated thing about buses is remembering they drive on the left. It took some time to get use to and I still have to think where to wait for a bus if i need to go in a certain direction.
The underground is designed for retards. There are arrows and simple maps everywhere
>seems kinda complicated and too much of a hassle.
It's probably the easiest public transport in the world to use, plus you can ride unlimited for £7 a day
No. Bus tours are never a good option for getting around unless you have severe mobility problems.
They have much lower frequencies than regular public transit services, higher base fares, and indirect routes.
Bus tours are for old people

Is altitude sickness a meme if you're in reasonable shape, not going above ~13k feet, and you only plan to do a couple days of hiking? I'm going to Colorado soon and am slightly worried about it since I've never been in a high-altitude place. I've hiked in the Swiss Alps, but they were only ~5k feet, wasn't scaling any mountains.
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Well there are some early stage medical tests to try and determine who may or may not be more susceptible to altitude sickness, but it's an extensive physical exam including blood sat levels and echocardiograms and it's mostly being done in the UK so I doubt OP will have the chance to get that done before his trip. Most available research puts the majority of people at mild to no symptoms, about 20-30% at moderate symptoms and about 4-5% at serious symptoms. OP won't know which group he falls into until he actually reaches altitude.
When I was in Afghanistan the FoB was like 6500ft, although we would never get "sick" the additional altitude turned us into supermen when we got back down to sea level, we could lift heavier, run faster, and drink nonstop for the first week or two once we got back to sea level until our bodies acclimated. maybe it was placebo, but tangible evidence of our increased fitness convinced me. Anything above 8000 ft can start giving you a hard time, keep in mind alot of it has to do with the red blood cells and the transportation of oxygen to your cells. if you start exerting energy, your going to force your body to produce more RBC's to transport more oxygen, its why athletes like to train at altitude. And some of it is just genetics, some people are just more susceptible to altitude sickness than others and theres nothing you can do about it.
It's not a placebo, there is a reason why athletes train in high altitudes but I am far too much of a brainlet to start listing off the scientific examples.
No worries, Diamox is something you should test first because the side effects can fuck you over more than the altitude. I took it once and suffered more than I have done ever since without, while other people respond great. Most serious climbers I know stay away from it as well, because it masks symptoms and they prefer to be able to more correctly judge how they're doing.

Also, something many people disregard is the practical implication of 'climb high, sleep low' in that you can get to fairly high altitudes on a single day and still feel okay-ish and think you're good to sleep at that altitude, but then feel horrible the next day because lower oxygen levels mean comparatively poor sleep and sub-par recovery. I.e. you can acclimatize to 4000m and pop up to 5000m to bag a peak Alpine style, but you won't enjoy staying there.
I live at sea level

I’m a Romanian immigrant to the U.K., what’s a good way to get friends in England as a immigrant?
As long as you can speak English somewhat fluently just go to a pub and start talking to people
Depending on where you are as >>1654640 said the pub is probably the best place to socialise. Less so in London but London's a very impersonal and isolating city anyway, but outside it should be fine as long as it's an actual pub and not a bar.

American here when I studied abroad years ago it was club sports especially Rugby and general pick up games

They always gave me shit once they heard my accent but if you kept going and being friendly they came around pretty quick and wouldn't shut up about their Holiday in NYC or their cousin in Arizona

UK people were pretty friendly if nothing else especially when you get a few drinks in them

Making friends is hard anywhere though esp as an immigrant ... it always takes me like two years when I move to make a really solid friend group
Sports clubs or the pub. How old are you and how good is your english?
You have to go back.

t. another eastern European, currently living in his homeland

File: chicago.jpg (6 KB, 225x92)
6 KB
Serious question, how the fuck are you supposed to meet people in a city? I've lived in Chicago for years and I'm surrounded by normies who just want to get fucked up all the time and go to the bar and by overpriced drinks. Everyone says this city is awesome but I live on the north side and the city feels so dead that sometimes it's depressing. It feels alive in very small areas near CTA stops but otherwise it's kind of depressing to walk around and look at restaurants/asian massage parlors.
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>labels everyone around him as a normie
>'wah wah why will no one be my friend'

Take a wild guess

How do you expect to meet people if you don’t wanna do anything normal lol

If I were you I’d hop on tinder and try and find a girlfriend that doesn’t like drinking either and maybe become friends with her friends. They exist. Not sure what else you can do honestly
No idea OP Im lonely as hell. Gotta join sports and meetups and churches and shit but its a huuuuuge uphill battle to being that guy everyone knows like I was in uni
File: 1559687703569.jpg (60 KB, 520x514)
60 KB
It's not the city dude it's you

File: the-nordic-flags.jpg (77 KB, 800x502)
77 KB
3 weeks in scandanavia in oct.
Which country/countries should i visit, any specific cities/sites recomended? And why?
My personal recommendations;

Copenhagen - Just a nice city
Malmö - but if you've been to Copenhagen it's probably not super interesting
Lund - Old University town, go to the Cathedral

Gothenburg, but if you're coming from Malmö/Lund and have some time then you can stop in Varberg and/or Tjolöholm on the way.

Gothenburg is really pretty during summertime, I'd say go to Järntorget, Slottsskogen, Avenyn, Grönsakstorget (they are all within walking distance of each other), and also find a nice coastal area to hang out if the weather is OK.

All those cities between Copenhagen and Gothenburg use the same train so it's really easy to travel between them.

Then you can probably go to Stockholm, though it's overrated in my opinion if you've been to the cities I mentioned.
I forgot to add that Varberg has an old fortress and Tjolöholm an old castle. You could probably do them both in 1 day before going to Gothenburg in the evening.

File: 0509899-101-2.jpg (1.43 MB, 1818x1229)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
Traveling as an Asian American guy.

What should I expect?
What countries should I visit?
Where would I have the best chances with women (I'm half white and I'm a 6-7/10) I don't like asian women tho

I'm also a pretty avid photographer and do it semi professionally I hate the asian tourist with a camera stereotype how do I avoid such a thing.

Would locals see me as American or as a Chink?
a thread had to die for this
Poland or Ukraine
>Would locals see me as American or as a Chink?
If those are the only two options, probably Chink. Because race is visible and nationally isn't.
I'm living in Japan and I still have no idea how to answer "where are you from?" I just start with I'm a chink but born in America. Still doesn't feel right though

Hey Guys. I'm headed to Germany in a few days and my friends and I didn't plan anything. What is the top things to do and see in Germany? We fly into Munich and want to go to Oktoberfest for a few days. Is this even possible? Do they sell multi-day tickets to the festival? I've heard of people being turned away from the fest because they ran out of tickets, does this happen often? Where do I buy the Oktoberfest tickets online? I can't find anything. Also we'd like to hit up Berlin and Hamburg too. Is this all possible by train or should we rent a car instead? How are the ladies? I've heard conflicting things about them like black men or not. I hope they do, since I am black and looking to score (not pay for it like an incel or something).Do cops descriminate against black people like they do in the US, what should I be on the lookout for in case I do run into cops in Germany? I've only dealt with cops named cletus from my home state. How much money should I bring 7 days of traveling? Is Airbnb used more or is booking more popular in Germany? Did anyone experience racism from the Airbnb hosts like the racism experienced in the US Airbnb culture? Do restaurants really take a long time to eat at? I've heard "European Service" is super slow, is this true?

Thanks in advance for your answers. We leave in a month so it's not like we leave tomorrow and we have time to plan stuff and make reservations.
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stay mett, faggit
Never saw another German flag anywhere. Bavarians are America tier with their flag autism. Go to a supermarket and every product has a Bavarian flag on it.
Thats to show that the product is local. I only buy shit thats local because I know its helping my literal neighbors who hang the product signs on their barns to show people who they sell to. wtf is wrong with that?
>they are asking for an update on the plan or their money back, but I already spent most of it on other things
>I already spent most of it on other things
Stick to this plan
Fly out on your own and send them pictures of yourself having fun with "Thanks for paying for my trip, idiots." It's what Jesus would do, anon.

File: ScoReb.jpg (270 KB, 800x1035)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
Best place to go for first time Bong going Stateside, no LA thanks, I don't want the plague. I've been thinking about Florida or Texas. I want to see enviroments I'll never see in Blightybong like the swamps and shit, deserts and shit. Give a haggis a hand
Depends what you want to go for, how long, and what modes of transportation are acceptable for you.

FL can be shitty overrated
TX can be amazing but getting around is a slight bit more difficult without a car

If you don't like heat just go to seattle
Utah has the best desert scenery
Don't go to Florida, it's awful
The cool thing about the US is the vastness of landscapes there are and how breathtaking they can be. The shitty part is that they are difficult to get to. I'm from Chicago and there's nothing really the Midwest can offer but I would recommend visiting Vegas and then hitting up the Grand Canyon and other national parks. Colorado and Wyoming are also beautiful so you have options
If you want to focus on wilderness and natural beauty, the west kicks the east's ass. Colorado, Idaho, and the west coast states are peak US.

Is it unsafe to travel to Egypt? I want to see the pyramids
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The third world came and enriched it. Now it's just masses of swirling plastic bags
It's safe but all the aggressive touts are annoying. Book a private guide for all your tourist sightings.
File: 1556024690321.jpg (333 KB, 1080x1080)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
This. Went there last year.
Stayed at a family ran hotel right in front of the Sphinx and hired a local guide from EMO Egypt Tours. The locals will treat you like a Egyptian God and act as a buffer against annoying touts.

Just be prepared to tip out of your ass for everything.

How much will I regret moving to Seattle for school?
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The point.

hope you like rain :)
This thread is kind of a weird place to express that concern. Maybe you shouldn't let things like that permeate all aspects of your thinking.
I'm going to Seattle for 3 nights (really 2 full days of time) for vacation. It wasn't really because I wanted to, but due to circumstances of someone having something near there, we decided to try to make a trip out of it.
What is there to actually do that doesn't involve going out hiking (I won't have any of my equipment)?
I've been to Austin so I know how to deal with homeless people, so I hope none of that will phase me. Of course, after this we're going to San Francisco so if Seattle's homeless problem doesn't effect me, then San Fransisco's probably will.
I lived there for a decade. It's been destroyed. Beautiful area, perfect weather for me, shitty government.

Yup, that's exactly how Seattleites behave and vote. "Our city is too expensive to live in, let's raise taxes to subsidize low-income housing and the homeless!" My property taxes went from $2K/yr to $5K/yr in only six years. By now they've probably far more than doubled.

You can't avoid paying attention to someone rushing you and demanding money.

LOL. When I was there, Mayor Schell spent $35,000 to buy a tree and a few hundred million to blow up the Kingdome and build two new stadiums. Pussy is a lightweight.

It's almost always raining somewhere in Seattle. That doesn't mean it's always raining on you. The weatherman on the news just says "it'll be raining tomorrow!" and the next day is pleasant and dry for you and you find out that night that it rained on Ballard for a few minutes so he was totally right.

File: 75150400.jpg (95 KB, 1024x575)
95 KB
Anything fun to do in Tanzania?
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its a dirt road that connects a few airstrips. ive been, its no fucking highway I'll tell you that.
Generally the British colonies (aside from RSA and Zim) treat whites with a great deal of deference and respect that definitely makes you feel welcome if not exalted but will also insulate you a bit from experiencing their culture.
Why would the government put their money to construct it anyways?
well its Chinese money for one.

roads to nowhere are not new concepts in the world of govt spending.

File: qantas_suburbs.jpg (158 KB, 800x450)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
I want to live here
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
It’s not
File: faggot_ma.jpg (108 KB, 1136x624)
108 KB
108 KB JPG

No, not that either
>Qantas airplane
does that narrow it down?
Looks like Sydney's western suburbs. Which is not really a place you want to live, to be honest.
Looks a bit like Tassie but I'm not sure where exactly

File: CG00.jpg (3.69 MB, 4958x6458)
3.69 MB
3.69 MB JPG
Some of the locations are landmarks but others are out in the middle of nowhere mostly in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.
45 replies and 44 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: CG503.jpg (1.03 MB, 2479x3229)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG
File: CG504.jpg (1.14 MB, 2479x3229)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
File: CG506.jpg (1.31 MB, 2479x3229)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
File: CG508.jpg (1.27 MB, 2479x3229)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG
what the fuck is this thread

File deleted.
Title says all. She’s 24, has no degree, but teaching English and working at a bar in China. She shouldn’t be there but she’s working illegally.
What’s the likelihood of her getting caught? And arrested/deported?
I told her that if she were caught they’d probably want to make a statement and can use her a pawn, but she’s so carefree and has that “nothing bad can happen to me” attitude.
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Tons of wypipo live in China illegally. She’s fine.
Dead thread
>What’s the likelihood of her getting caught?
In a tier 1 city, it's reasonably high.
Elsewhere, fairly low.
>And arrested/deported?
If she's caught, the chance of arrest/deportation is nearly 100%.
They'd probably let you pack your stuff. She ought to save the cash for a full price last-minute airfare and keep it always available.

>I told her that if she were caught they’d probably want to make a statement and can use her a pawn
Oh, so you're a /pol/tard.
That might happen at the moment if she's Canadian but more likely not. Nobody else would be used as any kind of pawn, this is way too low level for politics to be involved. It's just a routine visa violation, the local municipal level PSB gets thousands every year. They just do the paperwork and kick them out.

>If she's working at a bar, then she's a prostitute
Not necessarily, I've met club dancers, singers and barmaids that weren't hookers. Some places like the foreigners there for the image.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
You're just posting stereotypes.
Girls who pour and serve drinks exist too. There's literally a hooters in Beijing and being a pretty girl who pours drinks is a thing, any sexwork would be private then and maybe some girls do and some don't. Also, some bars are just elite enough that there's no sex work there.
Most of the cocktail bartenders (the "mixologists") are pretentious guys but a foreign girl with a bartending course could probably get a job like that too. They'd hire her as a kind of prestige thing.

>Moral crimes are things police like to make examples of
I was going to say lol no, they like hookers for the free sex but anon said Shanghai and they actually do sometimes.

>especially when it’s a foreigner bringing their degeneracy to China
There are tonnes of Russian girls in ktv, it's pretty standard and no one gives a shit except maybe for Shanghai.

>Citation needed

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>I taught English in Beijing on a tourist visa and never thought for a second about getting caught or deported
How long ago?
Things have changed in the last few years anon, last year was especially rough according to people who used to live in Beijing.

>No, we’re American
You're fine then. The trade ware isn't that big a deal. They might make it hard for her to open a bank account maybe, I heard that some banks would only open accounts for US citizens under certain visa conditions. There's probably some that are fine though.

>You're a cuckold if you allowed her to work at a bar
You think OP is supposed to honour-kill his sister for working in hospitality without the permission of a male relative?


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

My mom has stage 4 cancer and at this point it seems like doctors have given up on her. Does anyone know about cancer treatment in China? Currently looking it up myself but I just wanted to know if anyone had their own personal experiences with medical tourism there. Not to imply that the Chinese have the cure for cancer, but anything helps at this point.
30 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
if you look at it from a different view.

To search for a place where you could find doctors that would not care for your or your mother’s health at all. To find people that in a heartbeat would lie to any extent just to get a piece of your money. To find a place where you have no legal rights, no matter the outcome of the treatment. Then just go for it. It’s the perfect place.

I’ve been here three years and I wouldn’t trust any hospital, local or privatised, with anything greater than handing out some pills.
Tips I can give of my limited knowledge is the US, Singapore and some Western European countries for top quality medical provided you are willing to pay top money. By the PRC? Nah man
>Does anyone know about cancer treatment in China?
Mostly it's a few years behind the west and the patient care can be a bit rough. The system sort of assumes that the patient's family will be around to do the menial stuff for them, even in hospital. Family members are expected to bath the patient, arrange meals etc.
It will be different in the 1st class private hospitals in Beijing but you're not saving money doing that.

Look into Thailand for medical tourism, not China.
>What kind of retard would go to China for cancer?
tbf, the air pollution makes it a great place for cancer.
To get it anyway, not sure about treating it.
>Don't they just let their old people die?
No, people care a lot about their grandparents, what are you smoking?

>perfectly decent pay-2-play medical care
The public medical insurance is pretty good too, most people pay very little even for surgery, it's mostly covered and rebated.

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