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File: maxresdefault2.jpg (129 KB, 1108x600)
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129 KB JPG
Continued from: >>116053499

Tell your Disney park stories
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True, plus the FastPass system is better at DW. There's really no reason to go to Disneyland unless you live locally.
Here's an example of a Smuggler's Run session that doesn't have asteroid shooting over Batuu. I think it's supposed to be a bonus round for good players:
But this clip does also tell me that the Brakes command is probably just for comedic effect.
Other sources say that the asteroid-shooting scene happens when the Engineers don't keep up with repairs and the hyperdrive breaks down above Batuu. In >>1616957 you can hear the Engineers set their consoles on automatic, so that's why they don't get asteroid shooting.
I was wondering why the guy was telling the Gunners to fire the harpoons, but I just skipped to the gameplay so I didn't see the lockup.
That's interesting, to let you play longer because you did worse in an area.

File: iceland.jpg (273 KB, 1000x662)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
Is Iceland good or just a meme?
is good
File: 1539756952328.jpg (236 KB, 691x625)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
>just a meme
Your milage may vary.
It’s a good meme
Food is mediocre, booze is limited, both food and drink are quite expensive. Really don't stay in Reykjavik for long, even if you are more city oriented. The natural sites are fantastic.

File: 3669.jpg (82 KB, 567x422)
82 KB

What should I expect from Singaporean women. I have started chatting with one that is quite cool. I would like to know the good, the bad, and everything in between.

She is half Malay and the rest Pakastani & Chinese
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File: hzwee1228a.jpg (71 KB, 551x800)
71 KB
>What should I expect from Singaporean women.
This. Just stunning!
"Quay" is how the Brits spell key.
Not like the keys you use to open locks, but small islands like the Florida Keys.
Our mandopop queen.
I completely agree.

Ah. Thank you for that tid bit of info.

I started to listen to her music after you mentioning her. Although I don't understand anything her voice and music is quite lovely.
>I forget what but it starts with 'c'
giant Cock?

File: lmn49857987.jpg (47 KB, 650x488)
47 KB
Why is Bali such a shithole
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what becomes popular becomes used up becomes dead
This. Australians are scum and they use their matebloke culture as an excuse to act like assholes and a lot of non-Australians even think it’s charming. Wtf.
basically our land la
You’re just a burger that’s jealous that Aussies can get away with acting like douchebags and you can’t
burgers are notoriously thin skinned

File: even-more-moor-painting.jpg (73 KB, 1280x960)
73 KB
so me and a friend are backpacking across England and the country folk are fine and all but they keep telling to stay away form the moors and to not go out at night and they get really weird when ever we as why and it feels like they are hiding something

why are they like this and whats wrong with the moors at night?
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Chill out, Iago!
The moors at night are for the witches/wiccan/druids/whatever. Stay away, you don't understand, it's not cool and all that will happen is you will know what fear really is.
It's not for you.
You been there dude?
They are for local people you nosy cunt fuck off back to where you came from.
op here
I fucked up lads and now my friend is dead
after we left for the moors that night my best friend Jack got murder by some big ass dog that nearly got me too until the locals shot the dam thing

i'm now recovering in a London hospital and my trip is now ruined

fuck my life

File: morocco.jpg (163 KB, 700x465)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
I wanna visit morocco because it looks beautiful and seems like the least shitty and war torn north african country. But when i read reviews that aren't on sponsored travel blogs and written by normal tourists, i hear the same 3 things; pickpockets, scammers, gropers.

I'm a man so im not in danger of getting groped but when i hear about how prevalent it is, it doesn't make me want to go there. Anyone give me their honest experience?
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I had to look pretty hard to find them, but there are tight lady boy asses to fuck there.
I came over from Spain by ferry to Tangiers last July with my one Spanish friend who spoke Spanish, English, and French (extremely helpful). We rented a car in Tangiers and pretty much drove all over the country for like 5 days. Rental car was stupid cheap and cost like 50eur to fill and drove like 300 miles easy. Food was good, people were not bad. Avoid the markets at night alone, definitely sketchy. Public transportation is dumb cheap but also >standing. You are fine, I am a white American and nothing happened. You are going to be constantly harassed by people to buy shit and they will follow you, just do not engage them at all and they will leave you alone. I recommend renting a car and just traveling around the country. Being constantly harassed sucks but, like I said, if you just don't even look at the people they will leave you alone.
>pissed the guy off by refusing to buy his weed and deserve it
Are you saying people must buy weed from anyone that asks?
well yeah but there are some cool things like the mountains and the desert there, also some cool mosques
> Rental car was stupid cheap and cost like 50eur to fill
Go to Oman; to fill the Mazda I rented there cost $8

File: airbnb-796x357.jpg (18 KB, 796x357)
18 KB
AirBnB thread.

I've rented a place for 30 days (for the 20% long term discount,) but I've discovered it has bedbugs. I'm keeping the bed covered in repellent at my own expense, though, since it's cheaper than moving elsewhere. Especially since 28+ day stays aren't eligible for refunds in the event of cancellation.
Apparently bedbugs aren't grounds for a refund from AirBnB regardless of stay length, though I haven't made any complaints yet. Would I be able to get a cash refund or partial refund from the owner if I brought up the possibility that I would mention bedbugs in a review? I've already spent something like $15 on repellent and been bitten a dozen times, so it's not as if this is unwarranted.
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Maybe I'm too much of a zero sum thinker, but I don't know why airbnb would do this instead of considering it to be the host's problem, unless they bill the host for the new place.

Bedbgs can't really be fixed, though, since they infest mattresses and upholstery. As far as I can tell, the review is my only leverage.
I'll check the reddit out.
Part of booking with airbnb is that they charge fees on bookings which go to things like this. I'm not sure of the exact financial workings, but they would give you a credit which I assume has to be taken from the original owners amount of your remaining time left?

Unless the owner stated in the listing that she had bedbugs or it's common to get them (which is fucked lmao) then you are 1000000% in the right to file with airbnb. If you can give them a call and they will sort, if not try online chat.

which country are these bedbugs in?
Malaysia. Another reason I'm not sure there's going to be Western-style customer service. The landlord is Chinese and I haven't met him; I just let myself in with a door code.
Oh man the only terrible experience I have had with a host was a Chinese woman in Malaysia

File: 1511363920829.jpg (69 KB, 640x800)
69 KB
I got fired from Summer Camp last year, and I think my J-1 Visa or SEVIS was revoked because of it. Will this hinder me from entering the United States or getting any visas in the future? I didn't do anything illegal or touch any children, before anyone asks.
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File: 1558191592999.jpg (44 KB, 614x633)
44 KB
>fat sweaty virgin neckbeard makes a disturbingly creepy comment to a colleague on a kids summer camp
>gets reported and fired
And nothing of value was lost, just as it should be
I'll tell you everything once you tell us the joke.
This. If you want some solid advice, tell us the joke.
I was fired on the spot for photo shopping a fat faggot no one liked at work's face onto the very old meme "harpoons, man them". It was considered sexual harassment.
If you didn't do anything illegal, and you left the country according to the terms of your visa (or revocation thereof), then not only aren't you going to be negatively impacted by it, they'll see that you followed the law and left properly, so it will make it easier for you to get another visa.

On the other paw, if you were a douchebag and overstayed, then it will be impossible for you to get another visa for at least ten years.

File: booze.jpg (39 KB, 550x412)
39 KB
Your thread for:
>night markets
>bad oil
>computer parts
>where to go
>what to see
>whom to do
in the Free and Independent Republic of Taiwan (a representative democracy not affiliated with the People's Republic of China).
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making it my 2nd solo trip should be sick
Yeah, Taiwan has nothing to do with the People's Republic of China (PRC), but it's still part of the Republic of China (ROC). There's no such thing as the "Republic of Taiwan", even with the Taiwan separatist party controlling all branches of government they've done jack shit about declaring independence.
It should be the Republic of Formosa and all the chinks should get deported so only Austronesians are left
>they've done jack shit about declaring independence.
I don't blame them. Most of the world doesn't officially recognize them (or are afraid to), and they even have very strong economic ties to their oppressor.
Because China said that they'd nuke Taiwan if Taiwan formally declared independence, and the U.S. told Taiwan that they wouldn't do shit about it if Taiwan pulled that.

It's entirely the KMT's fault. The U.N. was willing to recognize Taiwan as a separate country, but the KMT said "fuck no, either you pretend we're still the legit government of China or we're walking out!" And the U.N. said "'k, bye."

File: 1556119129676.jpg (342 KB, 1596x906)
342 KB
342 KB JPG
Anyone here know much about US visas? Need some advice, I'm supposed to be going on a 6 month long road trip around the US in August, I got my B1/B2 visa all sorted last year but I've since decided I want my gf to come with. She went to the US embassy in London for her interveiw the other day and they found she was "ineligible". So she wasn't denied, I think she just needs sufficient evidence that she plans to return back to the UK when the visa expires. Only problem is we're not sure what exactly counts as evidence for that? We have flights booked but they weren't interested in seeing that.

Alternatively I have heard of people getting a 90 day ESTA, leaving the country breifly, then coming back with another ESTA in order to essentially stay for over the 90 day limit. How possible is this? Is it riskier than just reapplying for the B1/B2 tourism visa?

Pic related, is the notice letter they have my gf after her interview.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Generally proof that you plan to return would be things like a good job, owning a house, family responsibilities, etc.

Not knowing what she included in her first application, it's hard to say much more than, as they say, if you don't have new information to give them when reapplying you are not going to magically get a different answer.

You also don't tell us some things about her. Is she a citizen of the UK? (That would be better than being a resident non citizen, as the latter would show a previous history of coming to a new country and staying there.) Is she an immigrant to the UK who gained citizenship? (That would likely count against her, for the same reason.)

And if she was ever a refugee, you are fucked (or she is, at least.) Had a friend in Vietnam, which is a tricky place to get a visa to visit the USA from anyway, and he had been a refugee from South Vietnam after the war, being in a "camp" in Hong Kong for a few years before being shipped home. He had been like 12 years old at the time, put on one of the "last boats" out by his father, so it was not even a choice he had made. He was married, had kids, had a good job, owned a house, was the support for his elderly mother... none of those obvious reasons why he would not illegally stay in the US but would in fact go home counted for nothing. We paid the fee to apply twice, before a guy at the US Embassy finally told us off the record that with his past refugee status he was not going to win this one.
Marry her... if you are going back, she would probably go back with you.
She's a UK citzen yeah, was at university but dropped out a few months back. She recently got a new job to save up some money for this trip. At the time of applying she had no job and was not in education so we think this went against her odds a bit. She didn't put anyone down as a contact in the US either but I do have a few friends out there so when she applies this time we'll put one of them in.

I'll unironically consider this. Will it look fishy if we suddenly got married two months before our trip though?
It's likely the fact that she doesn't have a stable enough job or enough money in the eyes of the authorities. They won't take the chance that she might come to the US, like it too much and decide to stay long term and find a job. It has been done by countless people before. Unfortunately as a UK citizen, she's not welcome. If she were a pregnant single mother from El Salvador she could come here and claim sanctuary in a church in New Haven and liberals would fight to allow her to stay. Good luck.
>Will it look fishy if we suddenly got married two months before our trip though?

Not too much, people go on honeymoon trips shortly after marrying.

The recent failed application might make that look a little suspicious, not sure how they'd react to that.

File: poi spinning.jpg (637 KB, 1200x1200)
637 KB
637 KB JPG
What hobbies do you take with you when traveling? Is it more a case of just enjoying the hobby and not wanting to quit doing it during the time you are traveling, or do you seek out fellow hobbiests to meet , or use the hobby to attract attention as an "ice breaker" to meeting people?

I've taken up LED poi since last year, taken them on a few trips. Have not yet used them as a meet up tool with other hobbyists, but I've enjoyed spinning in different places, and have met some people who came up to ask what I was doing, and could they try it.
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>Still amazed I mamaged to fit 200 rats and their big party wagons in my hand luggage.

There's a phrase that is bound to come back and haunt you if Customs officials ever get to hear of it.
Having sex
I love a public piano
Trying new foods is my hobby. This becomes a hell of a lot easier for me when I'm abroad.

I also like motorcycling, and I wish to do a road trip someday.
>a special edition of my favorite Japanese comics.

t. The only guy on 4chan who would get in more trouble for a brick of heroin than he would if they caught him with his favorite Japanese comics.

File: lightning-run-1.jpg (267 KB, 1200x900)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
Going to any this Summer?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I'm probably going to Europa-Park with my kids this summer. I'm not insanely excited about it, but it is close and I'm going to be a house husband to two kids for five or six weeks, so let's go scream!
Tha mutha fuckin PNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
go CEDAR POINT or go home
>I hear the new Hagrid ride is a disappointment compared to the Dueling Dragons they tore down to build it.
They were two decent B&Ms and they should have been kept. Many models like them are older and still running at other parks; the "past their lifespan" excuse was a cop-out. They just wanted something more heavily themed that could be marketed to a larger audience (i.e.: accommodating chicken shits too afraid to get on a perfectly safe looping roller coaster).
Fun has no age limit.

File: Selection_404.png (299 KB, 503x347)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
I have seen the whole world but i think it pretty much scks everywhere, especially asia with their dirt poor people and dirt everywhere.

Africa is basically a no go zone and the USA is turning into the biggest slum in the world and the only nice beaches are were there are no people.
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>misanthrope or a narcissist.
what if im already both?
Edgy teenagers >>>/out/
So basically by OP's logic every form of personal enjoyment falls under the meme category.
Guess we should all stay at home and jerk our dicks to death while suffocating in our own dissatisfaction, judging everyone and everything.
Yes!!!!!!!!!!! KNOW that average men create very average things. it is up to you to create some sort of happiness for yourself regardless of what the human snail trail lays before you! environment is personal yo, use it to your advantage
>asia with their dirt poor people and dirt everywhere.
Not true for all Asia
>Africa is basically a no go zone
Bollock mate a lot of people go and enjoy it

After I graduate from university I'd like to leave the USA. Our government is fucked, in a state of perpetual warfare with our freedoms being eroded further every year.

I would love to move to Switzerland, but I know that it's nigh impossible to immigrate there.

What are some freedom (individual, economic, etc.) minded countries that wouldn't be impossible to immigrate to if you can be an asset to society?
91 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: maxresdefault[1].jpg (110 KB, 1280x720)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
>relies on emotions and feelz to conclude that Fattistan has the greatest press freedom "in duh wurld"
>Any comparative data on the topic is "fake newsuh"
>"I am not a shitkicker guyz"

What's your BMI btw?
At least he referred to something other than muh feefees like you did
How about my real experiences of dealing with the police and cultures abroad for 6 years after leaving America right after high school graduation?

It was that last line that really got you huh eurotard
>let's talk police and cultures
>let's NOT talk about press freedom now please
>I have been travelling abroad for all of SIX YEARS
>t. flyover mutt

You just sound more retarded now
ive been travelling abroad for months at a time while living in sweden for 6 years, probably your country! Unless you're some wannabe albanian.

File: creepydude.jpg (17 KB, 590x421)
17 KB
>going to southeast asia alone
>going to latin america alone
>going to a hostel past the age of 20
>traveling alone and not for business
>getting "dressed up" while traveling
>going to a nice restaurant alone because "I'd been hearing about this place all my life and there I was and I didn't have anyone to go with"
>going to a bar or a club alone
How many of you are really creepy dudes and don't even know it?
115 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
wut. How is it unhealthy? At least in my experience, travel by myself will result in meeting more new people and having a broader variety of experiences than going with friends.
Both are fun, just different.
But how else am I going to keep my family from finding out about all those tight ladyboy asses I fucked?
>only someone hardened by a lifetime of rejection and social isolation would even consider it

That's pretty much me. It does get depressing but it beats staying home in the winter.
Go to a college campus sometime dude
I have screwed so many more women by going out to the club/bar alone. Only reason why I did was because friends had other commitments. You can do it if you aren't a creep and you dress like you have a few dollar in the bank.

Women prefer to fck men who are confident with themselves, funny and they know if they fck you nobody will know except you two.

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