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File: soyboy3.png (9 KB, 187x153)
9 KB
>I fly to Central and South American countries, rent expensive motorcycles and travel on long road trips across the most beautiful landscapes and meet fascinating people and see wonderful places
a mom simultaneously holding a glass of wine and her young child's hand running in heels trying to catch up to Mickey Mouse
im gonna need an income and a state otherwise this story crumbles like a uhh. a cookie..
Europeans are pretty much white niggers in all respects, except for the slavs who are actual niggers.
Whores haggle in every country.

File: NY.jpg (306 KB, 1601x1149)
306 KB
306 KB JPG
Ok /trv/

What are some places or activities that no one knows about? (Including 'risky' ones)
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Williamsburg, nobody knows about my favorite microbreweries there :)
Fine ups OP is tool. What's some good stuff in NY that I won't find by googling "10 things to do in New York"?
how far east we talkin?
He’s talking about a neighborhood in Brooklyn
Just keep walking until 90% of the faces you see are black.

Thinking of flying into Ams at like 9 am Sat hit a coffee shop get my dick wet. Chill out eat, go to the club drink get my dick wet again do some blow from the Psst niggas get my dick wet again and just go to the airport whenever im done to fly back at 9am. Flight looks to be 600 and everything else would be like 1000~ Worth?
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Imagine being so retarded you read “punch my ass” and think I’m mad. Jesus it’s a good thing you fucks have drugs and hookers or you’d be living in a 3rd world country with all the Muslims and niggers there.

Congrats no one cares about you and your existence boils down to a internet junkie that jerks off to drawings

Literally your countries only contribution in the world is shitty cars that break down and being cunts. No one gives a shit about your little patch of shit.
Any cool stuff to do in Amsterdam? I like history museum stuff
File: 1530050910216.gif (461 KB, 350x232)
461 KB
461 KB GIF
>“punch my ass” and think I’m mad
Nah, it was more the caps and incoherent sentence structure that gave it away. Stay seething though, kek
File: 1547386875590.png (218 KB, 500x281)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
I'm getting there tomorrow, anyone want to shoot the shit and walk around? Also is it true that the smartshop clerks know where I can cop some Molly?
Gonna be there tomorrow night, too. Staying at the Schiphol Hyatt but planning to see the city, so long as I'm not dead tired.

Leaving on Sunday for Cairo, though.

Hey /trv/ I just got a job offer to move to Gibraltar. I know it’s a ridiculously small country and can be very dull but I think I have Spain and Morocco nearby for a weekend getaway or something. How deluded am I?

I have been offered £50k/yr and it’s only me and my wife. Is that enough?

Also before you say it, I know the best option is to live in Spain and cross the border everyday, but I cant do that because I don’t have a European passport.

Also, how fucked would I be if Brexit happens while I’m living there?
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>Normally a Spaniard entering GB has his passport stamped
You don't even need to have a passport to enter the UK as a citizen of any country in the Schengen zone, much less get it stamped.
>You don't even need to have a passport to enter the UK as a citizen of any country in the Schengen zone, much less get it stamped.
UK isn't Schengen; what are you on about?
Read his post again. Citizens of the Schengen zone don't need a passport, their ID cards suffice.
any opinions on £50k/yr? is that a livable wage?
I’m from Gibraltar. That wage will be enough to get you by especially if your lady supplements your income by working.

I have often thought about moving back but will ride out Brexit first.

It’s tiny and dirty but not without charm and a good sense of community. There is always something going on.

File: Spanish utopia.jpg (637 KB, 1800x1200)
637 KB
637 KB JPG
Heading to Spain/Portugal for about 2 weeks. Anyone have a /trv/ approved itenerary? Any sights I should absolutely see?
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yes. In Madrid you can find tons of Asians. Mainly Chinese people: rich and humble, university students, transportists or shop clerks. Check out the Complutense campus and Fuenlabrada in the Madrid Region.
this is the best news i've received in months
>spanish people are some of the most friendly and helpful people i've met
First time I've heard someone said that

File: Cover-Image-London.jpg (150 KB, 1400x500)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
> More of a community feeling (can form genuine friendships)
> Low crime
> Unlimited budget
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I reckon it's pretty sweet if you're a millionaire and can get into a gentleman's club, go to concerts and charity dinners two or three times a week, work like 20h/week for a shady banking conglomerate and still somehow make £1M/year and own a nice townhouse in Mayfair or some such.
But yeah, that's out of reach for everyone on this site, sadly.
no shit. tokyo, Manhattan, Singapore, Macau, Luanda, and Monaco are great if you're a millionaire too
Highgate village for me. Comfy streets and great views

Are neighborhoods or "boroughs" like Mayfair as pretentious as people say they are? No looking for a place where people don't give a fuck about each other or befriend you only to get some shallow benefit.

Does this exist in London?
For the most part, moving to and living anywhere in London, you will get the feeling that people don't give a fuck about each other.

Where are you from?

Where are you from?

Hey guys, I'm in my late 20's, Single, fit, Tall, Blond + blue eyes, and originally from Europe.

Furthermore, I have worked basically nonstop since the age of 18 and have been completely independent since about 17.

I am now at a point in my life where I have a good amount of capital, have worked at a job for over 5 years (but pretty tired of it now), and my biggest dream was always to not only learn Spanish fluently but to find somewhere else I can call home and find a good woman hopefully to lay roots.

I am heavily considering of just taking a year off (since I have enough saved) and going somewhere like Uryguay or Argentina or somewhere (preferably safe in Latin America.

In conclusion, what would you guys do if you were in my shoes or what would be some good advice for those or other places that I might want to discover more?

I also really love Estonia, Scotland, and anywhere that is pretty Nordic (reminds me of home)
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envy is a sin.
File: 1540934437737.jpg (109 KB, 1280x723)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
>Surely the countryside of Uruguay or Argentina is also not teeming with feminists or anon?
Rural areas tend to be more conservative everywhere in the world, but if your life goal is to find a trad brown wife then you may as well go to countries where those types are the majority not the minority.

>I did enjoy Colombia when I visited but that place definitely wasnt very safe..
Compared to where, Zurich lol? It's South America, you can't expect the same level of security as back home. Pick pockets, touts, and muggers are a part of daily life. If you can't handle that then it's not going to work out.

>is Uruguayan Spanish very different from proper Spanish?
"Proper" is subjective, but Uruguayan (+Argentinian and Chilean) are very distinctive dialects that are less universally understood than say Colombian. It would be a bit like trying to learn English by going to some small town in northern Scotland. Same language technically, but even native speakers will have trouble figuring out what the hell you are trying to say.
Everywhere in Latin America is extremely dangerous and you will likely be dead within hours.
Not true but okay

Iv never left my state but I read all your stories and I feel like iv been everywhere thanks anons
Time to do something in your life anon, don't just rot in a chair in your mothers basement. Don't miss out on all the fun.
Can bi polar ppl travel
Yeah, but talk with your psychiatrist about it first
Coo I’ll try

File deleted.
Lots of threads of 'wah, I'm sad and lonely'. What about enjoying travelling alone. I've been travelling for 3 months alone now and I haven't felt lonely once.

Tinder, going to the gym, chilling in a nice apartment. I'm good!

Anyone else enjoying travelling alone?
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I met a solo traveler once when I was with a group. It looked like she hadn't slept in 10 days and was really strange she was from America. On the other hand I met several European solo travelers and they were all well adjusted and comfortable in their own skin. I think this is the real difference between the happiness or sadness of solo travelers.
>The girls are always whores too
chin up lad. You'll be fine. It'll really test yourself to leave the hostel and go out to see the world(。・・。)ノ 爱你么么哒
Its somewhat nice to always be in control of your time, and never having to worry if the other person is having a good time. That said, its very lonely.
Just dumped my gf to travelo alone.
I know how you feel anon. Travel Asia! Exploring the world, meeting and sharing conversations and experiences with people from every corner gave me so much. And traveling solo gives you a definite sense of control in your life. $14k Aud will let you live easy and rich through out south east asia for at least 9-10 months. I love solo traveling

When are you planning your life changing and spiritually enlightening trip to India?
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Nigga plz. I had to suffer a college professor who talked like you. Got all high horse and shit telling everyone how little they knew about life because they hadn't been to a specific country known for street shitting, endemic rape, and being coated in a solid layer of pesticide north-to-south. Pretentious and insecure wanks, the both of you.
s e e t h i n g

India is worldwide renown for rape, shitting streets, caste system, pollution, corruption, incompetence and deformed babies but you just can't imagine how spiritual they are anon!
>listen to my anecdote, just listen
Nobody gives a fuck about what happened to you in college, you idiot. You and your stories are not relevant.
File: 230912830912.jpg (85 KB, 667x501)
85 KB
need to go and live it, hit the juice. I like indians

In this thread we share our experiences coming home after a TEFL stint.

I did 3 years in an East Asian country and had a blast. In my final year I felt the burnout and decided to come back home (USA). It's been a year and haven't really adjusted too well. Working a low level job and just stagnating atm. It's hard to be motivated to progress here when I can't help but think about going abroad again. I feel like an alien in my own home country.

How did you handle coming back home /trv/?
>did 8 years in Japan
>went to Canada for 2 years for a working holiday
>it was weird but I adjusted because it too was a foreign country
>went back to Japan for 2 years to save some money, catch up with friends and to "come home"
>realize by my mid-late 30's that Japan's a cool place as a single man in your 20s but it's a shit place to have a wife and raise kids
>English teaching industry is 80% Filipinos now, who'll work for half the pay and no days off
>public school curriculum changes means homeroom teachers are teaching English themselves now, making schools/BoEs question hiring foreigners at all
>see that the English teaching industry is 3~5 years from collapse or another Happening like Nova in 2008
>also see Japan's economy is prob gunna shit itself after the olympics
>gtfo back to my home country
>it's kinda shit
>move to NZ
>it's different enough that it's cool but similar enough that i dont feel totally out of place
no complaints so far, bru

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I never went back.

File: IMG_20191206_002223.jpg (118 KB, 720x477)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Hello travelers,

Could anyone recommend some low budget/free things to do in Miami-Florida?

I tried to find a free walking tour to know a little about the city and get some tips, but I got only to agencies websites and they always charge us for information...

Thank you all in advance
>walk through tour
Going to guess you're european and really don't understand the size of a US city because no one in their right mind would A) want to do a walk of Miami outside the boardwalk B) ask thinking you can "walk through" a major city.

look up a tour bus, Miami is fucking huge and very unsafe especially to euros.
You already have 2 threads you fuckstain
pretty sure the beach is free
Nothing to do in miami without money. It is a miserable shithole. Drive 10 minutes on the freeway and it's like Honduras. Why would you go there

File: 1432389149028.jpg (95 KB, 500x498)
95 KB
what is there to see and/or do in eilat next month?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
If I were an atheist I'd be pretty pissed off too I guess.
Not that guy but Eilat is shit and there are things to do besides partying in TLV
what things?
eilat anons do you want to meet with me?

File: oRhF4wN.jpg (204 KB, 990x589)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
where should I go next month- february? I live in Israel. want to go for a couple of weeks.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Czech my dubs
Sofia, Bulgaria and after 3-4 days use it as a base to the rest of Europe
>cheap and fast direct flights with Wizz or RyanAir
>easy weekend trip to Istanbul
>good, cheap and direct flights to Rome, Berlin, London

Tel Aviv>Sofia>Istanbul>Sofia>Rome>Sofia>Tel Aviv
A gas chamber
funny and also very original

I spent three months in Africa last summer — Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal — mostly hiking and couchsurfing with friends. I talked a little bit about it in the last Africa thread but here’s a photo dump. I had fun.
11 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
How did you plan the trip? loving your photos,especially >>1719914
I won’t lie, the baobabs are the best part. I kept trying to find one that I could string my hammock in just for the experience but they’re impossible to climb.
I didn’t plan anything.
Was this is Morocco? How much did it cost for the camels and guide, and how long did it last? I’ve always wanted to do something like that
No this is Mauritania. I hired a guide and 2 camels for 6 days.
You can do it in Morocco too, but don’t go to crowded Erg Chebbi; go to the more remote Erg Chigaga. You can personalize any kind of trek you want.
And Morocco you can get a cheap-ass overnight camel trek for $60 per person with food included ( if you haggle Hard). You could go out for up to a week for a few hundred bucks.
In Mauritania I paid $30 a day but I had a friend set that up; the middlemen charge double.

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