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File: 0800421h-03.jpg (85 KB, 300x470)
85 KB
Tell me about the logistics of moving to Pitcairn.

For those who don't know, Pitcairn is a UK overseas territory in the mid-south Pacific with about 50 residents, descended from the Bounty mutineers. Also, they will give you land for free if you move there.

>What the fuck free tropical island property how has nobody else done this?

There's nothing fuckin' there mate, no stores, no utilities, nothing. You'll truly have to fend for yourself. Also there was a scandal where a few pedos were convicted of CP. Which, remember, "a few pedos" means about 10% of the total population. And of course, nobody wants to move somewhere they haven't already visited. Visiting Pitcairn is one of the most expensive trips you can do.

That being said, I am seriously considering this. I'm growing fed up with society and would like to move somewhere where I can live comfortably and make my own way without worrying about all the modernist shit going on. Tell me more about why I should or shouldn't start a life on Pitcairn.
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t. elon musk

Still haven't learned your lesson, have you spaceboy?
>a few pedos were convicted of CP
A third of the male population, were charged with child rape. Half were convicted, including the mayor. His replacement was then also convicted of posessing more than 1000 pictures and videos of child porn. Visit if you're inclined, but don't stay.
I don't know if these stories are true or not but if so I guess when you're that cut off from the world you revert to a more natural rule of law and ignore the typical constructs of civilization?
Sounds like a dreadful place to vacation, even worse to live.
On an isolated island with neither police nor jail, evil shit happens.

I'm not a pedo and don't condone pedophilia, but the phrase "free island property" is too good to pass up. Besides, what are we supposed to do, just let them be? Nothing will change unless you go there and change it. Replace the pedos demographically and eventually raise a majority to shun them.

That being said, I did a little more research and found something somehow even more concerning. Apparently thousands of people *have* applied to live there, but only 1 ever actually got accepted. This is because there is a $500 fee on the application and they use that to run a scam. They don't actually want anyone moving there and upsetting their pedo haven; they just want to trick gullible boomers into sending them 500 big ones for literally nothing at the promise of free land that they'll never have. That's the real reason nobody moves there -- you can't actually do it.

That being said, if anybody has more information or would like to shift the topic to a similar but more reasonable community, I'd love to hear it.

File: buzludzha.jpg (257 KB, 1200x800)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
Where are your favorite cities or general areas to spend 2-8 days in? Somewhere you can feel settled and have a good time after just a short time.

I've got family and other obligations next year, but I'd like to go somewhere that's not the homeland for at least a little bit. I'm in Burgerland so bonus points for cheap flights from there, but all destinations are welcome. I'm thinking somewhere in Mexico, Guadalajara idk.

Pic unrelated. I'm trying to go someday, but that'll be a longer journey.
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>Baggage handling abnormalities
Never had any issues in my multiple trips on Eastern China Airlines or Xaimen all work fine, just make sure you have at minimum 2.5 hour layover; Korea/ANA/JAL I don't ever question all have very high standards, probably higher than your average US based ones. Xaimen is actually really damn good and got a huge work over by the chinese government, free wifi for all(chinese monitored duh) but overall great flying, most of the time if I do a late flight they put me near the back and space out most americans to have a seat next to them or a whole row like I got 2 times.

>Even worse passengers, I’m guessing it’s the same shit on every airline
Chinese airlines will have more chinese, same with korean bound, or japan bound. Overall I don't mind it since I usually am leaving at night so I pop some sleep aid and dose off shortly after dinner unless it is a midnight flight.

>Odd delays
China's on time ratio is like 60-75% for most airline flights, this is due to how much of the airspace is military no fly zones. For that I usually like a 2.5-3 hour minimum flight layover. Though overall going through china is pretty painless especially PVG, Xaimen and some other places where you "leave" the airport only to come back in for a connecting flight is kinda weird but you get a free 24-72hr visa depending on your layover. Xaimen if over 12hr booking gives you a free capsule room or business room in the airport hotel.

>Same cabin quality as other carriers
Close enough to where I don't care, Eastern China air is the dirtiest I've flown and that was similar to a united airlines flight in the US

When booking make DAMN sure you check your layover times, one reason they are so cheap is because they are on overly tight layovers. 90 minutes or less? don't book unless it's like through NRT or ICN.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Going to almost always need to take an hour metro to get from an airport to a main city most the time for a layover
Whatever nationality the airline most represents understand how to say fish/beef/chicken/etc in that language english is usually pretty good but I never count on it
Asians snore, they all do
Bring your own movies if flying chinese airlines, they have english subs usually but they are editied by the chinese government so stupidly
Don't try to make small talk with people around you who are asian, they will just bring their kid over and want to use you to practice english
When in China airport for a connection, never smile, look like you are an npc and keep walking. Do what everyone else does
Expect delays in the summer/early fall months due to Pacific storms
Thanks mate
All very helpful information
File: 暴走族.jpg (1.61 MB, 3668x2480)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB JPG
Ecuador sounds p sweet. Flights look cheap for where I'm out of.

Wikitravel said Ecuador is great for moto trips, but all I'm seeing is Dadbike-BMWs, which are sweet honestly but way nicer than I want.

Cheapest I can find online is $85 per day rental. That's absurd. Has my experience renting shitbikes in SEA ruined me?

Are the places with websites just nicer than I need? Can I find local places when I'm there that'll do a 5 day rental for ~$200-300? Anybody done the bike thing there?
>5 day rental for ~$200-300?
You might be able to buy a Brazilian CG125 for that price. Start advertising it for sale as soon as you arrive. Worst case just give it away when you leave, or drop the price 50%

File: 700x432_tgv_ice_v1.jpg (75 KB, 700x432)
75 KB
In Germany, Austria, Switzerland, etc. you can just take whatever long-distance train you want, and you generally don't have to worry about making reservations in advance. Why can't long-distance train travel in Spain and France be like this?
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trains are superior to planes, they are worth every cent.
Yeah I really like me a good old Paris to Rio train ride.
Imagine being this much of a brainlet

>catching up to Japan

lmfao no
What's the difference in Spain? You can also buy the ticket right before departure, the trains are usually half-empty anyway. It will be fucking expensive, but in Germany it'll be super expensive too.
Check out ouigo for france. You can get tickets as low as 10€. Paris-Marseille for 15€ in 3h is doable.

Who of you use fog of the world? (or an other related app)
It's like the fog of war of RTS games?
Since I had no fucking clue what you were talking about, I had to look it up.


This might be neat. I'll have to download it and play with it to see if it's worth
>Good goy, help us track everywhere you gave been, hehe
Google and countless other companies already do this. Cry somewhere not connected to the internet.

Also $5 for that specific app? Fuck no, too cheap for that. Actually looking for alternates right now though because this seems neat and triggers game nostalgia for me.
Google MyTracks?
Neat, but I'm not going to pay for that shit.

My friend and I want to visit a European city for about a week of our winter break. We're thinking of Zagreb, but we're not sure if its worth going over Paris or something. What's there to do in inland Croatia? Is the beer cheap? Whats the culture like? Pointers appreciated.
Why Zagreb of all places? There's not much there. You will be done in a day or two.
Zagreb is more like a large town than a city
it has a chill downtown with a few nice squares and churches but that's it
I'd suggest you either do a Prague-Vienna-Budapest trip (two days spent in each city) or stick with one big western city
File: IMG-20180813-WA0010.jpg (266 KB, 1600x900)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
Zagreb is amazing
I live there
Beer is cheap
Food is good
Women are good looking
Greatest city in Croatia by far

File: 20181106_121544.jpg (4.74 MB, 4032x3024)
4.74 MB
4.74 MB JPG
Hey guys 2 weeks ago I ve been in Paris for work. Iam 23 latino guy and I met a russian super stunning girl in champs elysse. I think she was the hottest girl I have ever met and it was just amazing! The kisses the sex everything. Unluckily I couldnt see her the last day cuz she was busy moving and I wanted to tell her that it was really nice.meeting her and Iam going to europe next month again. But I only have her wsp and 2 days ago I think she change number and I dont know how to find her!! That last day I felt soo bad not seeing her that I wen to drink ans fucked a ukranian girl she was nice but I couldnt and I cant stop thinking in her!!! She is so beautiful and have a body ufff. I feel bad because at first I thought I achieve my goal fucking the hotest girl I have ever met or see but then I started thinking about she and it was too late, I was gonna take my plane in 2 days and i couldnt see her :(. I just wanted to know her better inviting her to dinner in a nice traditional cafe in Paris. I feel so crap that maybe I am not gonna see her or know anything about her again. I try browsing her wsp pic in google and I found 4 more pics of her of a photosession company from UK I think. I dont know what to do contact that company or I dont know. Thw only pixs I have with her was having sex and I am hating that. I feel screwed!
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Why? If you can help me to find her I can talk to you in private. The last thing I want to do is exposing her.
as someone who waited in line to go in the catacombs i would say they are cool but not wait 90 minutes in a line cool than again its still one of those things you gotta do
she basically finished her work in france and going back home probably, she used a local sim card. your only hope is that she actually texts you with her new number, otherwise you can try to find her social media. I know the pain I fell in love with an escort too.
What's the first letter of her name?
Not safe to visit Paris now, with all the riots goin on
I always assumed the country would one day become one big No-Go Zone. That's what happens when you have all those liberals and Muslims in one place.

File: zurichcity slider.jpg (512 KB, 1600x980)
512 KB
512 KB JPG
I have about a day and a half in both cities, please recommend your favorite areas/sites to see :)
5 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: photo0jpg.jpg (54 KB, 550x413)
54 KB
Weather is shit now, so you you might want to have some bad weather options. Visiting Kunsthaus or Rietberg museum, drinking hot chocolate (Schoggi Mélange) and eat pastry in a café like Schober or Sprüngli makes for a nice rainy cold afternoon.
When you're in Milan don't be retarded and choose risotto alla milanese instead of pizza.
mac n cheese?
It's not Mac'n'Cheese, it's rice with saffron and (traditionally) the broth of beef's spinal fluids.

Although you can find something close to Mc'n'cheese, it's called "pasta/risotto ai quattro formaggi".
buy a watch

File: 1509036815un13.jpg (106 KB, 880x587)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
>stay in hostal for the first time in my own country
>when things finally got quiet some german starts yelling in his phone at midnight
>drunks come in at 03:00, put on the light and start chatting
>someones alarm goes off at 6 in the morning and it keeps vibrating for 30 minutes, others let their alarm go off 5 times with the same shitty tune
>walls are thin and noise comes from the hallway
>door squeaks and slams
Now im sure there are many cases that are much worse than this but how is one supposed to sleep in such places?
I keep waking up 5 times a night and i get depressing dreams
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when i was in hostel i heard ppl having sex :/
Aren't hostels like party places? I saw eurotrip and figured it was nothing but sex.

I'm american and my friend from highschool went to europe for a week and told me that hostels there were not stop drugs and orgies. Is this right?
im not actually traveling
At least some ausfag didn't throw up on your feet
no. I mean some are exactly like that but obviously only people who enjoy that kind of atmosphere and naive korean girls book a room there.
you know the beauty of living in hostels is that you can leave any time if the place sucks. it never happens to me because I either read the reviews or go there beforehand personally to get a feel for it but I guess if one were to accidentally book into a party hostel you would realize the moment you check in and still have enough time to fix your mistake.
the area also matters. if you book a hostel in the red light district and later cry a river that theres druggies everywhere youre frankly retarded, same if you book one in the workers suburb and complain no one wants to party midweek.

I can only assume all the people itt who actually think people get killed and raped on the regular at hostels are like you and base their worldview on movies. I've been living in them for cumulative years and the worst I've seen were a few drunk fights with unfortunate endings. just think for five minutes about the hostel youre booking.

Does anyone know what kind of bag or luggage accessory is supposed to clip into the top of this?
Usually a laptop case or a vanity case.
I put my day backpack around the bars

What are cool, but unusual places to travel to? Bonus points it’s a creepy location, like Chernobyl or the Aral Sea
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File: P1020579.jpg (2.72 MB, 5184x3888)
2.72 MB
2.72 MB JPG
Cia Pls go.

But actually in conflict zones they find you, meeting them is pretty low key because they are usually local and hopefully your the guest of someone who isn't the local government plant.

In Laos you might meet Chinese baked insurgents, little Thai, shan groups.
mostly moving opium, glorified farmers

In Kashmir rebels are a dime a dozen, and in India naxals aren't exactly discreet.

Don't ask around for them, it freaks them out. Just nod over the shady dude watching you talk to other locals in some tea shop. Tea shop goes silent if he's a rebel /jihaadist

Check out "aral 7"
A little known chemical /biological weapons plant between khazakstan and kyrgestan.

Americans bombed it with bleach but mass animal deaths still occur.
a few looters, but nobody wants to go near the place
File: P1020471.jpg (1.95 MB, 5184x3888)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB JPG
Tell me more

OK so I have to preface this by saying that I'm not a bold traveler and I never lived/traveled in a country were there are no-go zones or where you would think twice about going anywhere on your own at night.
So maybe Germany is not a warzone but to me it might still feel dangerous/violent.
So on the one hand you have terrorist attacks. On the other hand you have racists and neo-Nazis and I am a target for both, so I'm worried.
I went down the rabbit hole and now I cannot stop reading accounts of violence that I never knew about. At this point I don't even care about racism, desu, unless it's physical and violent.
My intention was to spend 2 years in Germany. Learn C2 German during this summer and then do a masters at some university.
I'm probably going to stay in some west German student town for the whole duration of my stay.
Am I worrying too much? Will I be safe or will I have to watch my back all the time?
151 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.

It is one of if not the safest place on earth.
The IQ gaps are 100% scientific fact but Europeans at least make an effort to integrate them and it shows.

In the US we have completely given up and have had no-go zones for 150 years.
>The IQ gaps are 100% scientific fact but Europeans

What IQ gaps? You mean the gaps showing that Ashkenazi Jews and East Asians have way higher IQs than dumbfuck Europeans?
>I never lived/traveled in a country were there are no-go zones or where you would think twice about going anywhere on your own at night

you mean like the south side of Chicago?

>Just stay in America you basement dwelling retard

^ This
Jews are literally dying out as a species in the West, retard.

Gonna be in Brussels for New Years with my girlfriend. Any recommendations? Not wild about big clubs but looking for somewhere to drink
its a mistake.
Go to Bruges, have a better time.


Which would /trv/ visit in summer 2019? I have already been to China however my Wife and Brother have never been to either. I kinda want to go back to China, however I feel like within the next 10 or 15 years Indonesia will not be as friendly to westerners as they are now so I want to go there before it goes to shit. Will only be about 3 weeks in either place.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Don't worry it about it. It only grows as a response to increasing friendliness and tourism.
Indonesia doesn’t offer as much as China

You can learn to speak conversational level Indonesian in a several weeks if you put in the practice. Go to East Nusa Tenggara and hitchhike around for some Real Traveller TM points.
China, without a doubt
Why? My experience with the Chinese (never been to China) makes me not want to go anywhere they are in concentration

I work at the Fairmont Hotels in Canada. and have been trying to work towards transferring to Hawaii.

After one year of employment you are eligible for external transfer.
How long does it take to get a work visa if you are transferring from hotel chains without a sponsorship as they only sponsor manager status.

Anyone ever got a work permit from Ontario???
23 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Is that a requirement though? I know that u.s. is different then Bermuda, but they were willing to sponsor visa easily with the same company.
It's usually a "are you worth enough to move you into the US" thing, why would a company spend thousands of unnecessary dollars to ship someone off to America, file tons of paper work, and various other things if they could find someone locally easy enough to do it. You need some kind of skill set, experience, or what not to make it worthwhile.

>Bermuda, but they were willing to sponsor visa easily with the same company.

Bermuda is a territory with a fuck load of agreements and what not to make it economically viable to sustain itself. It doesn't have the luxury of the US where there is an overabundance of unskilled workers ready to work in a hotel.
File: weinsteinclinton.jpg (855 KB, 3000x1996)
855 KB
855 KB JPG
You retards keep talking about H1-B, which is for skilled labor. A hotel cook isn't considered skilled. It's basically retard-level labor. OP would have to apply for a H-2 visa, the same thing that Mexican farm workers try to get.

Chances of a hotel wanting to waste time and money getting an H-2 visa for some dipshit cook: 0.001%.

OP, you need to start practicing sucking your manager's dick, then pay for the manager in Hawaii to fly up to Canuckistan so you can suck his dick so well that you convince him to bring you down there so you can keep sucking his dick every night. Remember to swallow his whole load. Picrelated, people who have worked this system for decades.
I live in Honolulu and will second this.

File: dublin.jpg (47 KB, 620x412)
47 KB
Is Dublin overrated? Often times when there is a post about Ireland, people say to get out of Dublin as quickly as possible.

I understand the appeal of Ireland is the countryside, but is Dublin not a good city, or the countryside is just much better?
12 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
guys im gonna be living in Dublin for the next few months, ive never been to Ireland before what should I know?
have fun with retarded rent
.ive never been to Ireland before what should I know?
NEVER let anyone "take ya in for some beers"

Basically these too things. Most Irish people living outside Dublin really don't like the city and those in the city don't see anything special about it. Theres also not that much to do if you're there to do anything other than get drunk.
All that said, a lot of people I've met abroad said they loved Dublin.

see >>1505677
>retarded rent
I'm from LA so im already used to retarded rent, what else should I look out for bros?

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