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File: zelda.jpg (613 KB, 1242x1920)
613 KB
613 KB JPG
Been into gender bender as a fetish since puberty, attracted to girls, just think the idea of being a girl is sexy, and I make for a cute one. A male dom wants me to meet up, dress up, tie me up, and I know he wants me to suck his dick, but I'm not sure if I'm actually into dick, any urge goes away immediately after cumming. I've sucked one dick, a female domme forced me onto another sissy, and afterwards I felt terrible, although it was just after a breakup. Wat do?

I've been dating this girl for 8 Month (both of us 27) and she loves travelling without me.

She's abroad in Asia alone right now for the whole month, and I'll be doing travelling with my family only for a week.

I really didn't care at first. After going on a couple few years of pumping and dumping girls and getting in and out of relationships I thought I'd be able to handle anything.

The I read shit like this:


And I feel I'm right back to square one of being a beta pushover cuckboy who sits patiently at home while his girlfriend rides dick everywhere cause she's independent.

I dont trust her at all, and she purposely goes to high-risk areas that actually aren't safe for women (think middle east /india tier)

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I get why you wouldn't want to listen to me. Especially since this happend only a year ago. I have no excuse other than being really deeply in love. I still don't know if anything happend that week she went away. I'm glad I broke up with her this summer, but just typing this today made me realise howmuch she still means to me. One day lads and I'll get over her, for now I just stick to /fit/ and /lit/. You've always been wonderfull adv, I really appreciate it when people have a strong opinion.
>Insulting others for being sane.
Are you trans?
LGBTQIAPABCZwhatever people have a tendency to criticize heterosexual, "normal' people out of revenge for persecution.

They'd get way ahead in their quest for acceptance if they actually stopped trying to turn the fucking frogs gay.

Like if you tell someone" I'm a straight man, Ill only be with a woman" and they screech "but are you suuuure? You've been conditioned wake up sheeple suck my dick"

Shit is annoying
>t. guy who can't even type a sentence correctly
>I dont trust her at all, and she purposely goes to high-risk areas that actually aren't safe for women (think middle east /india tier)
sounds like climbing mountains without safety equipment, or people into extreme sports in general
if you can't accept it the end the relationship

What’s some stuff I should know about driving?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
entering a freeway from a street can be scary :(
n1, lold
it could kill you
start a manual stopped on a 20% incline
parallel park
if you can do those, you're gucci
How? Did you speed up properly?

File: jacked.jpg (18 KB, 400x400)
18 KB
Honestly, All corners of the internet have yield different answers.

As a man, when I see a women with a massive chest and cute face, I'm instantly attracted, like any normal male would be.

But idk about females. Is it worth putting in all the work to get big and look good. I mean my room mate is jacked and pulls girls in on the weekly, but even he says "it's all personality bro".

If there are truly any femanons on this board, please clarify this issue.

Do moderately BIG guys with ok looks in general attract you. Like Pic related buy the average males face.

Thanks, this issue is really bothering me in my quest to understand females/
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File: 1511266127099.gif (675 KB, 303x282)
675 KB
675 KB GIF

Well done.
Thank you. If I had friends they'd think I'm hilarious.

Seems like if always ends up on this topic.
It was literally the first reply though...
It's a two way street and while it is disheartening I wouldn't say shallow. I have a friend whom was engaged to his high school sweetheart but broke it off because she wasn't going to college or have a plan for her life. He is going into the navy for nuclear engineering so I guess he felt he has Leeway
>he engaged to another girl the same year and now they're married and have a kid coming

File: 1459017561267.jpg (25 KB, 312x244)
25 KB
I've been having some problems lately. My sleepshedule has shifted so bad that I can't fall asleep untill 4am, only when I wake at 2 pm I will feel rested. I tried pulling an all nighter and going to bed at 10pm, I slept like an angel but ended up sleeping till 3pm anyway. So now I'm here, what do you guys thibk is a good way to reset your sleep shedule?
Feel free to ad your oen sleep related question, it helps keep the thread alive and maybe I'll learn something.
You need to keep lasting an hour more each time until you manage to trick your own sleep schedule according to daytime hours.
If you now go to sleep at 4am, go to sleep at 5-6am tomorrow, that way you keep pushing it forward until eventually you get the hours you want. It takes about a week.

Should I get a practice bf?
There is this guy crushing on me who is really sweet and all but I just love another guy who doesn't love me back. The sweet guy knows that I'm in love with another but still tries flirting and trying to get closer to me. I'm conflicted, should I do it and allow him to become my bf?
25 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
No because
>He'll find out and hate you
>You'll wisen up and hate yourself
>You'll garner the reputation of the player girl and once you have that, every guy who ever knows you have it will never unsee-- once a player, always a player, even if you model after the virgin Mary right afterwards

It's a lose/lose. There's a reason you don't wanna get in on it, and someone who loves you just because you have tits or ass is just gonna put someone like you further down
yeah sure.. nothing you ever want is ever going to happen, thats just life.
That you peanut butter?
Personally, I am a simple man, all I want is a gf for whom to give my unconditional love to. I am very open minded, and tend to love easily. yet that does not mean that once in a relationship I will go fool around with others behind my S.O.'s back... yes it does mean that i might get clingy, but as a person who believes that 40+ year marriages are not dead, it is normal to be a bit clingy when meeting such a wonderful lass. trust me when i say this, I have the capacity to love you not just for your titties, but for who you are as a person, and am willing to be at your disposal for however long you want me. I just have one condition, you must ask me out, and move on from your current lover. cuz I ain't about no drama, and as it stands there is conflict in you~
>It would be nice to have someone who loves me
you can't really like the other guy that much if you even consider this an option

File: madeline-stuart.jpg (32 KB, 720x540)
32 KB
I was having a discussion with my girlfriend about abortion and we discussed the example of aborting a child with Down's syndrome. She instantly said that she would definitely abort a fetus with Down's syndrome, because "Why would you want something lesser if you can get something that's better?"

Is this a red flag? It sounds like she will not love (a child) unconditionally.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
every month you wait to impregnate her the risk of birth defects rises
so hurry up and cum in her so you don't have to find out
yeah, red flag would be a woman who wants to keep a downy
Did you fucking question her further then that? Are you actually interested in questioning yours and hers morality out of an interest of doing good or do you simply want a chick that loves her children unconditionally? Would you? Are you looking for a way out of the relationship?
Too little info anon tell us about you two.
I told her I thought that that was a pretty immoral way of looking at it. She said she only felt that way because her cousin has a number of disabilities and she sees how it's causing her aunt a lot of stress. I actually find that worse, since she feels that way about disabled people, when her cousin is disabled :|
Sounds like your GF understands the hard reality of the world.
Having Down's Syndrome is a hard fucking life. Your GF understands this and would prefer to invest her time, money and love into a child that has potential.
Absolute green flag.
When I was a kid, my good friend had a brother who was born to a drug addict (they were both adopted). When the kid came out, he was severely brain damaged, and his life was just torture. Screaming, shitting, couldn't play, hated light, hated everything, violent... his life was miserable. Everything was torture to him and everyone around him, but they kept him alive.

It's convinced me that abortion is an option. Two of my friends just had a kid with Down's, and I'm really unsure how they truly feel about it. Both of them are turning grey and look extremely worn down and out of it... and that kid is never going to be independent, so that's their lives from here on out.

I dunno, I guess I just think "unconditional love" shouldn't even really be a thing.

Any advice on how to stop being hikikomori?
I've got a somewhat good paying job, that require me to stay 3-4 days at work, and then have the rest of the week for myself.
Which I spend mostly in my room, browsing the web, watching anime, etc.
That can't be healthy right?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Hikkis do not work.
I thought those were the NEETs
You are correct, normieboards are awful about vocab.
Well it's not like "not in employment, education or training" is in fucking Japanese you blithering pillocks
Jesus fuck.
It doesn't stop them from using the word. Hikikomori are just shut-ins regardless of employment. HikkiNEETs are unemployed shut-ins.

Do you have an interest? Movies, games, cards, whatever? Hit the internet and find a group of people that meet up to do it.

You *will* meet spergs, ultraspergs. Just filter them out until you find someone that you like and fits your level of spergyness. Then invite them out to do that thing you like, maybe make a small group for it.

Or maybe try something new. If any of your co-works hunt, check that out. If they play golf, ask if you can come along to give it a shot. Maybe watch a sports game with them, see if you can get into it when you're hanging out with buds. It really doesn't matter what the thing is, and you won't have any idea if it'll grow on you until you've done it for a while.

Maybe take up social drinking, a couple of drinks an outing. Unless you're a recovering alcoholic, a beer or a bit of wine with some friends isn't going to kill you. Yes, you don't like alcohol. I didn't say enjoy the booze, I said to drink it. Maybe you'll pick up an appreciation, maybe by the time you've bonded with your new friends they'll accept that you don't drink and just have you be the designated driver.

Finally and most importantly, accept one thing as truth: You're going to be uncomfortable at first. It's going to be super awkward, and you'll be doing something you don't really want to do or be in a setting that you don't want to be in. Learn to cope with it, maybe even learn to enjoy it. If you can do that, you'll find what you're looking for, which is more than this half life that's leaving you feeling empty. Expanding your horizons is rarely pleasant at first, but there's a reason that people do it anyhow.

Did I permanently fuck up my brain, /adv/?

I have a horrendous fetish that has ruined my dating/romantic life. It destroyed my last relationship (about four years ago now) and culminated in extreme performance anxiety that ruined most of the sex I’ve had since.

I wasn’t always like this. When I was 16-18 I had a normal sex drive and had pretty normal sexual encounters with normal women. Is it possible to go back to this, or am I irreparably fucked?

Also, to avoid starting a different thread, what do I do with my life? I’m a recent college graduate with a useless liberal arts degree. I’m terrified of the prospect spending the rest of my life working in a job that I hate (i.e., most jobs). The only thing I really care about (and am any good at) is making music. Should I focus on what I love doing and work a shit job just to pay the bills or focus on making money with a career working 60-80 hours a week? I don’t know what to do and I feel like I’ve already wasted a lot of my youth and the clock is ticking pretty fast. Help.

tl;dr: Is my brain permanently fucked and what the hell do I do with my life?
What fetish do you have?
Well... what's the fetish?
File: d8d3abb789d62fd8.jpg (30 KB, 417x307)
30 KB
It's floor tiles.
I thought it was just some big meme, but when I started to think about it, I began to understand and then I caught feelings. Theres something about the elegance you would also find in a woman, that I can see through my floor tiles.

And now, I'm now really turned on by detailed, intricate, Victorian style tiles, if that helps you get a clear picture.

File: 1544608508536.png (281 KB, 289x435)
281 KB
281 KB PNG
How do I know if a girl I'm messaging isn't interested in talking or is just doing that standard female thing of not making any attempt to continue a conversation (but will get pissy if I stop continuing it)?
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.

That’s the thing we’re just friends and I’m trying to treat it that way. But he knows I like him.
Even if his status was WAY up there it would be unimportant to me. The reason why he means so much to me is because he gave me hope that someone would give me a chance. In my 22 years of life I’ve never had a boyfriend and I was hoping he would be the first.

But I think there’s more to this than him coming off as a jerk. I think he might just be trying not to get too attatched to me possibly. Because he has disclosed to me that he has herpes. This didn’t stop me from having feelings for him. But in the end it would have been a big risk
This is why I’m under the impression that he would still like to be friends, because this meet up was a rescheduled one due to being unable to meet up last time.

And he made the effort to stop by my work area the other day before he left when he was done with his shift
OP here, I'm learning some interesting things from seeing the other perspective. If a guy DID want to set up a hangout with you, how would you prefer he do it? What would you LIKE to do?
Well since I’ve never had the experience of a guy asking me out for a hangout, ideally I’d like them to ask me in person. But messaging is also fine by me, so long as they commit to the meet up.

I’d like to go out to a roller skating rink. it’s a fun way to get active and it would give us something to do.
Other than that, a laid back hangout at either person’s house would be fine by me.
Honestly I don’t care what we do I just liked being with him. We don’t have a lot in common but I’m trying to look into the things that he likes so that we can have something to talk about. That’s why I brought up the game here >>20346603

File: hajimessu.jpg (433 KB, 1280x720)
433 KB
433 KB JPG
I might be Asexual but I'm not sure.
There is something wrong with me no doubt.

>be me
>26 y/o virgin
>literally dont think about sex at all
>dont masturbate at all
>dont get lonely by myself
>I like talking and hanging out with people but I step back when they get too close because I just like being alone more than with someone
>work best when I'm alone too than with someone next to me

1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
You're just antisocial and that's just fine. Don't gaslight yourself on weird fucking social justice buzzword shit. What's more is that as an adult you probably recognize peoples' innate involvement with sex means you have to have them around for it, and you aren't super into that so your brain has done the work for you and made it seem not super appealing.

It might not be the regular case, but it's hardly abnormal. I also don't really believe in asexual people, but that's because abuse usually pops up in their history and that's called 'repression,' not 'asexuality.'
But dont regular humans feel lonely like this? From what I understand you're supposed to become depressed and lonely at some point because the brain needs company, yet I feel like my brain is the opposite and company actually tires me more than it helps me.
I don't understand what your problem is.
Stop using /adv/ as a good example of people
What happens to them on /adv/ is they root all their identity in sex and then proceed to think literally every single girl is A) into that and B) too dumb to see it and so they get rejected chronically.

What's happening to you is perfectly fine. If you're so hungry for a spotlight that a non-issue is an issue for you, then I guess we can talk about it but I assure you nothing is abnormal here. You're a functioning adult capable of rational thought.
I'm not talking about people on /adv/, this is something I hear on a weekly basis from everyone I know irl.

>If you're so hungry for a spotlight that a non-issue is an issue for you
What the fuck is wrong with you? I feel like something's off and I'm trying to understand what it is and you've so far only been triggered by the word 'Asexual' and judgemental for no reason, I'm starting to think maybe you're more fucked up than I am.

File: 1525544097236.png (27 KB, 691x653)
27 KB
>Be me
>unemployed, looking for work but no luck
>last job was really terrible and made me really jaded
>Resorted to working online for literal dollars a day
>1 week ago
>Get into a car accident, no major damage, my fault
>Deplete savings to fix my car and other guys car
>Be yesterday
>Get invited out by a friend
>hanging out with friend and their family
>end up drinking
>Get way too drunk and make a complete ass of myself
>Sparing many details 3 people I've known for a long time now hate me, no chance of apologizing
>Feel like I'm slowly losing my sanity, quickly losing friends, and becoming a monster
>Feel like absolute garbage all the time, absolutely demoralized about life

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
5 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I feel sympathy for you on some of the shit you're going through, but I'd recommend you think before you act. Most of your problems are your fault, but realize that it isn't the end of the world. Regardless of the "incel I'm gonna be alone nobody likes me and it's insert scapegoat idea to pin my issues on" you can find success if you work for it. If you're unemployed then look for any job, and I mean any job. Work will suck, but being hungry and living in a box is worse. You can make more friends, like at work or at any hobby if you actively seek social situations. Friends and acquaintances can always be made, but won't come to you if you sit at home and play with your dick. Just get your shit together and think whether something you're gonna do is a smart idea before doing it. As for the car crash I don't have sympathy, just for the fact that driving is insanely easy if you actually practiced and if you followed any driving rules and etiquette you wouldn't have been at fault, so just take this as a learning experience. Just put on your pants one nipple at a time and get your shit together, and everyone struggles at one point or another, it just takes time and effort to be what you want to see. Godspeed OP
Thank you. I've been trying for years, and I can manage for a little while but always end up slipping up. Was there anything you found personally helpful in your own journey?
The problem with this is that not only the average person does indeed have feet, but they also have a nice pair of shoes.
I have two degrees (which I hated getting and was constantly miserable getting both) and still can't get a job. One in Biology and one in Business and IT. I'm nearly 30 and have been constantly miserable and suicidal since I was about 17. I've spent birthdays and Christmases researching suicide methods. I don't get any enjoyment from anything anymore. I wish I lived in America so I could just go buy a gun and shoot myself.
Everything people write to you is good and all, but none of them get the actual point of degradation - when you decided to drink. Up until that point you were going through pretty normal life stuff, but then when you drank - suddenly people now hate you for your actions. Your biggest conclusion from all of this should be to not drink, thank me later.

>t. 22 y.o Guy who never drank and had his gf cheat on him when she was drunk

File: asd.png (928 KB, 676x492)
928 KB
928 KB PNG
> mild anxiety, dyel
> in the gym
> asking chad if we can share squat rack
> my voice broke down and I sound like a chipmunk
> just one example from many

Fuck. Why does my voice gets so squeaky and childish when im uncertain or scared. I understand that everybody feels intimidated or uncertain from time to time, but in theirs case it's not visibile. In mine case my voice starts to sound weak and I can't even fake my confidence anymore like others can.
Is there any proven way to make your voice deeper or indifferent to emotions?

I'm tired of my voice sabotaging all my efforts.

What's one thing or many things you do that improved your life either financially or emotionally.
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
The decision to improve/to not want to continue living in the same fashion
irony and humor ((unironically))
Physical exercise and quitting smoking were the biggest.
Carbs for the most part are indistinguishable to your body from candy and should be consumed sparingly.

File: download_6.jpg (13 KB, 225x225)
13 KB
can anyone friendless and shy with a gf tell me how did he got one? and what did she find in you or in common?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
she was shy and friendless also. didnt last long. she dumped me for some other guy who had a big social circle.
me? i hope you are, buddy

any positive examples other than these?
My bf has social anxiety and no friends. We met over a Instagram meme page. We started talking and found out we have a lot in common. We’ve been together for 4 years.
I dont understand how this happens. I've been in online communities since 2002 (ones with NAMES even, holy fuck) and I've never met a single girl on them.
'friendless' maybe not, because my roommate brought a coworker home and we've more or less been dating since
The problem is dating is inherently social.

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