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File: 1560860476150.jpg (15 KB, 264x211)
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I looked at his search history, that is, and saw the porn.
Don't we all.
Not me! I want a girlfriend and nobody else.
dude watch out with all that edge m8
File: ௵.jpg (3 KB, 124x87)
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Anon, where art thou?

File: 1502051930061.jpg (958 KB, 2272x1704)
958 KB
958 KB JPG
Fuck my friends.
They're all low effort fuckers who believe they're shit don't stink and ignore me out of pure convenience. They do very little if anything at all to maintain our relationship and casually forgot my birthday the past two years.
It's fucking soul crushing and I'm ghosting them all and don't care if I never hear from them again.
Looking for advice from anons who have experienced similar and were able to successfully separate themselves from this cancer.
>for a second, I thought the guy lying on the bed was moot
i still think it's him/her
As you get older, childhood friends drift apart. It’s not a soap opera, move on. Simple as that.
Your friend were lazy bastards?

Ghosted/cut the contact with all my friends from my old uni. I don't miss.

Move on if you dislike someone just find another friend.
It isn't?

File: 1468959619880.png (47 KB, 650x773)
47 KB
I know this is not schizophrenia, of course, but I can not stop thinking that people look at me and laugh at me. It's as if every time I hear someone immediately I think he laughs at me. This is worse when in the classroom I am going to ask a teacher something and I am in front of everyone, even worse when the teacher is busy and I do not know where to look or what to do, and I feel that everyone looks at me in the classroom. Once I took a seat in front of the teacher: I felt everyone was watching me until I could not stand anymore and I had to ask my friend to change our seat.
It is true that in the last months I have been experiencing problems in my environment and I would say that a month ago I am going through a slight depression related to loneliness, could it be related?

I need advice, anons, please. I'm sorry for my English, it's not my native language.
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That sounds like social anxiety. It's really common.
I second this. This is not schizophrenic but insecurity and anxiety.
Hearing someone laugh and immediately applying this back to oneself is called personalization and its a cognitive bias, if you want to look it up.
The solution to your problem is 'exposition' - taking up the courage and putting yourself into those scary situations until all your false negative beliefs (your 'paranoia') are proven wrong.
And yes, this may be related to the depression you mentioned, but is also linked to a bunch of other factors, like your upbringing, personality, etc etc.

If it is really a problem for you and impairs your life, go to a therapist - cognitive behavioral therapy is your way to go. (Pls no psychoanalysis, thats crap)

You can already start by committing to this exposition i mentioned. Start by writing down an anxiety hierarchy - what is the least scary thing you can imagine doing/least scary situation to be in? And then work your way up to the most scary situation (eg asking your teacher something in front of everyone). Write it down. Then follow it. Not once but multiple timesm Its scary and shitty but its worth it.

Youll also need to work on false negative beliefs regarding yourself. You may think you are shitty, or a loser, dumb, whatever. These thoughts become automatic very quickly and then we act by them without realizing it. Identify those false beliefs. Write them down and think of something you could have thought instead. The idea is to replace your dysfunctional thoughts with more functional ones, which in the long run affects your self image and therefore behavior. How are you supposed to be confident, if you put yourself down all the time?

And build up your social life as well. The more isolated you are, the more space your anxiety has to build up.

Source btw: im a psyc student. Those are concepts (amongst others and broken down ofc) of the cognitive behavioral therapy used for the treatment of anxiety disorders.
You should talk to your doctor about these symptoms. They sound like social anxiety and generalized anxiety disorders and possible panic attacks. I’m diagnosed with all three and feel much of what you’re describing.
Lol kill yourself fag

File: 1562693632334.jpg (110 KB, 720x802)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
For me, it is a combination of all three.
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I am a man, and I don't even brush my teeth. Instead I ingest alot of ground cannabis seed, and it enables me to eat other things better, but one thing is the shell of the cannabis plant's seed has alot of fiber in it. It basically cleans your teeth for you when taken mindfully.
File: 1562666207647.jpg (56 KB, 433x566)
56 KB
Actually it's pic related. Grow up and take responsibility
For me it's 3 and maybe 1. I'm usually very well groomed, and I don't know about 1 since I honestly have no personality. I am pretty much invisible to most people.
Nah my teeth are not the whitest but clean but for me it's the number 3. Maybe a bit of 1 since im an assburger but deep down I'm very caring.
Why are you even here

I almost hung myself last week via cutting off circulation to my brain but backed out before I passed out. I’ll spare some details but now my feet hands and tongue feel slightly num and my hands are slightly shaky/twitchy. I should probably be in a hospital rn shouldn’t I. I want to fix things and be there for my little brother but I don’t know how to get help. I don’t have the money for the possible bills and stuff and it’s just stressing me out even more
My anxiety feels like that when it is flaring up. While I don’t think you did any physical damage, you should probably go to a hospital or your general practitioner and tell them about your mental state. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and is just like any other physical ailment you would go see a doctor for. Sometimes our brains just need help regulating themselves. Please go see someone regarding what’s going on with your moods.
>I don't have the money to deal with my depression
This is America.
Have you considered you possible gave yourself nerve damage from lack of oxygen?

File: MGS4BigBossPP.png (516 KB, 1004x777)
516 KB
516 KB PNG
How do I cope with the fact I'm literally never going to have sex with a woman? Is it possible to have a happy life regardless?
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i believe most people can and will have sex but not with the person they want to have it with

lower your standarts or get hooker if its so important for you, maybe start reflecting why its so important.
yet you all enjoy sex and would probably consider it a problem in your relationship if your partner suddenly stopped wanting sex

i am not saying it's the end all be all
i'm just saying sex is important and most people want to have sex regularly. shit there's even a saying that sex sells because people fucking care about sex
Anon, I’m nearly 26, I’ve literally dated two people in my life and including them, I’ve only had sex with 4 people in my life. Aside from those two relationships, every time I had sex was over a year apart. Yes I craved it. Yes, I enjoyed it when it finally happened. But after nutting in some girl raw after a year +, it still doesn’t make your life magically better.

If you aren’t sure you can live a happy life without getting laid, there are other issues making you unhappy. And despite whatever you think, you can and will get laid eventually, and then you’ll understand why we say what we do.
To make it clear, sex is one of those things where you get immediate gratification and pleasure, but it’s never enough. Even after you have it, once it’s over, you’ll just crave it again afterwards and you’ll never always have that feeling satisfied unless you somehow find a girl that’s willing to have sex with you nearly every day. Sex is just a temporary distraction from whatever else is shit in your life.

File: 1563235599718.jpg (40 KB, 1280x720)
40 KB
There's a girl I have known for 4 years, since i was 14, and i like her since then. I want to ask her to hang out, and if she find some excuses to decline my invitation, which she'll most likely do, i'm totally fine with that.
My problem is that if she accepts, how do I make the date not horribly embarassing ? We have very different interests, and i know too much about her to just ask about herself for hours, so what would we even discuss? Besides that, where would i invite her ? Going to movies sounds bland, and just going out with her to do stuff like having dinner would accentuate the lack of stuff to say.

I'm basically socially awkard and have a severe lack of experience, i'm also not good looking which does not help.

Should I try something with her, do i do nothing, or do I avoid her in order to eventually stop thinking about her? It's been 4 years since i'm struggling with those questions.

It seems like every outcome that can come out of all of this are bad, it's insane. But i still like her.

File: file.png (348 KB, 619x617)
348 KB
348 KB PNG
If any normal girl can easily have two men all to herself, what hope do all of us below average men have? I don't want to be part of some harem.
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Why not? Why do you want someone all to yourself instead of sharing the love?
I don't know if you know man but the whole internet is an echo chamber. Not only 4chan or /pol/ or incels. co. There are always extremes in real life and we naturally seek to see, experience them. With the internet it's easy. You'll see such posts 10000 times more often than some dude posting about how hd drank a coffee in the morning.

Heavy media usage fucks with our perception of reality and that a board which is dedicated to social outcasts, perverts, weirdos and mentally sick people fuels itself with more filth, misery and anger is nothing special.

Why do you believe people get sick of facebook, instagram, pornhub and 4chan? We're flooded with extremes and crave thise extremes but in the end it's like nicotine. We don't really need it, we want it so we need it, we take some of it too much and get sick.

For every person here that's feeling inferior, ugly and "coped" by his incel-mindset there are at least 2 people asking themselves why they cant have such a perfect life like those instagram influencers that have to stage and photoshop their own pictures to death.

We're all getting fucked. My fellow polak Theodore K. was right.
You always say femdom stuff
As i heard he's a discord tranny from /r9k/
I thought I was browsing r9k but this is adv. Anyhow thanks for the info

I want to finally do something, speak up, ask girls out but I fear I'll fail and what people might think of me and all that rejection shit because I think I'm shit and not good enough.
File: gib pls.png (45 KB, 778x512)
45 KB

British guy here. After no luck on tinder at home I decide to change setting to California location.

I end up matching with me dream girl who is 100% compatible. I mean like 100% we like and laugh and talk for hours every day.

This isn’t some Infatuation. It’s the real deal the person I’ve been waiting my whole life.

Yet there’s no way I can imagine us being together because of the distance. It feels like the universe is playing a big joke on me “ haha gotcha incel, after all these years we show you what you could have but take it all away”.

What the fuck can I do?

File: 1556328217770.jpg (80 KB, 831x1024)
80 KB
Is it true that some men are just royally fucked when it comes to dating because of things like height, race, balding, etc.? There never seems to be a real consensus on this, and I'm not sure I'll get one now, but I truly don't know if I should just give up all hope and stop trying to date because of things out of my control related to physical attractiveness. I'll sound like an incel, but it really does seem like Tinder, Instagram etc. have fucking tanked people's standards and preferences and give women an insane edge to the point that you might as well not even bother if you're a guy who's perfect in every way. I don't know why I should even bother trying to date, when i know any woman can just download Tinder and have a buffet of cock at her disposal. I used to read stuff like Mark Manson's Models or Dr. Nerd Love's site, but then I realized those two are just conventionally good looking white guys and would probably be fine even if they put in less than half the work they claim most men have to do in order to get laid consistently or easily find women who are very interested in dating and relationships with them.
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So I need leg lengthening surgery, skin bleaching and a wig?

Seriously, none of the women I know seem to care about much more than appearances. It's precisely why they match certain dudes on Tinder (I got no matches on that app), it's why they talk to certain guys but when I'm in the room they put their headphones in/stare at their phone/clearly look put off.

I've tried dude, I really have. I've asked girls out, I've talked to women, I always get excuses as to why they can't go out or if it goes far enough they "friendzone" me. It's not a matter of not feeling sorry for myself. Women have agency, they pick the men that they want to be with. They don't want to be with me, and they never will, I know this because of how they treat me. Even the ones who tell me I'm sweet, funny, attractive, whatever (seriously) won't date me (they must be lying or something because I would ask them out and suddenly they go completely cold and ghost me so hard it's like there is a fucking emotional ocean between us that can never be crossed).
Bruh my friend is a non white and isnt tall and still does wonders with women. He just knows how to talk.
Money is a shortcut to status, which brings you girls.

There's an ugly girl for every ugly guy out there, and vice-versa.

want proof? Its how your parents met.

Myself I've been with a load of girl, been in long term relationships, been in one night stands, had threesomes, been in weird memesexual non-relationship relationships where I was basically dating a "lesbian" couple and fucking around with them, had sex in public places, etc etc etc.

None of the girls were more attractive than like a 7/10 and neither am I.

Neither money nor status will bring you girls. If it does, those girls are only gold diggers.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>none were more attractive than a 7/10
Are you implying that below 7/10 is ugly? As I said above, I don't want a model. But it's not like it matters, I'm giving up now.

File: 10795988912_IMG_0168.jpg (3.43 MB, 6000x4000)
3.43 MB
3.43 MB JPG
Hey, I just wanna talk to someone about dating someone with and breaking up with someone with mental illness.
I've known her for 7 years, officially dated for about a year, but she was no longer the person I loved. I just feel like a villain and I'm very guilty. Not sure what to do.
I'm going to leave this post here. I have kik i can share if someone is willing to chat.
The mental illness involved is bipolar and schizoaffective disorder.
Loving someone with a personality disorder can be hard, but it’s good that you recognize how it can hurt them.
It’s even better that you recognize your own feelings and honoring them. 7 years is a long time to be with someone, and while you may not “love” them anymore, you obviously care for them. But if you really do care, you would explain these feelings to them and give a conversation about it a chance
She's blocked me on everything now
I wanted to talk but oh well
I just need to move on

I went on a night out and managed to get a girl's snapchat. We've been talking a couple days and we're gonna go on a date soon.

We're just going for coffee, but I haven't been on a date in years. Any tips?
No tips, you got this big man.

File: sig.jpg (107 KB, 500x637)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
/sig/ Basics:

>Change starts with you. There are no magic pills.
>Only compare yourself to your past self.
>Start with small improvements you can actually consistently do. Don't get stuck trying to do one thing and never making any progress.
>Drink water, a good place to start.
>Get your sleeping schedule in order. https://pastebin.com/h4CDDtKu
>Learn Mindfulness Meditation. https://pastebin.com/0NMDEUNh
>Exercise. Consistently, with gradually increasing intensity. Start light. Take your time.
>Learn to read nutrition labels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zs2ndx3dLM

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/5MmuUDT Everyone is welcome

>https://newarcitea.neocities.org/ - Overall Guide

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
yeah i read that book too.
fuck off
lol i thought it was nice
U r doing exactly what this guy is telling u not to do
So, this is the official thread, right?

Thinking of hiring a prostitute to lose my virginity to, I’m 22 going on 23 soon and I just want to lost it already don’t really have high expectations for sex so how would I go about this and has anyone hired prostituties or escorts before need some tips.
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Dutchfag reporting in.

Is it legal where you live? If not, it can be a little harder to find a good option. I'm not familiar with many countries honestly so perhaps other anons can fill me in on that.

If you want to go to a Dutch place, dish out and pay for a more escortlike prostitute who offers quality service. The window services are mostly tourist traps, those girls are great at working you out the door quickly especially if you're a shy and not that assertive young guy not used to dealing with women. You are going to need to wear a condom for everything, so no skin on skin blowjobs, and trust me you don't want head from a place where they'll go mouth to dick. Pay for a girlfriend experience. It just means they will work more to make you feel comfortable, be more cuddly etc. Don't jerk off beforehand, but in the time leading up to it, masturbate with a condom so the contrast between bare-skinned jerking yourself off expertly and a pussy in a perhaps uncomfortable situation isn't quite -as- big. This will help keeping a boner so really do it. Also jerk for length, not efficiency. During sex you will also want to come later so make sure it's not your first attempt at delaying orgasm. If you have trouble edging force yourself to read or watch some series for a couple of minutes during a session so you are forcibly distracted.

A woman is always moist, make sure she is either properly wet or apply generous lube. It is in your own best interests to try to turn her on because even if all else fails the attention will make more blood pool to her pussy which makes her relax a little and make for better penetration. Obviously it's lower than you think. At your age I don't know if you've ever used one of those laptops with a little round button in the middle of the keyboard to move the cursor around. It's a little like that, a gentle massing downwards pressure.
At your age I don't know if you've ever used one of those laptops with a little round button in the middle of the keyboard to move the cursor around. It's a little like that, a gentle massing downwards pressure.

Again don't go there with dry fingers and circle around the area first (basically follow her vaginal entrance upwards until the fold where it comes together at the top, there you have it) so she can discourage you. Even regardless of what services she is or is not willing to provide, direct clitoral stimulation can be highly unpleasant depending on the person.
If you want to drink 1, 2 drink tops about half an hour beforehand. Don't eat too much. Make sure you arrive showered and clean even though she might want you to shower again. Make sure your fingernails are short. Clean your ass (hair), you can smell that literal shit if you're deep in giving head.

Expect a service. How good it will be depends on her mostly, all you can do is be polite and present and upfront about what you want (please don't tiptoe or shy around after paying you are going to cringe hard in the future if you do). Inform if she is fine with everything you really need in the experience before going over.

Depending on her skills it can be amazing or just about okay. But generally I think it might lift a weight off your shoulders if you are this serious about getting rid of the hurdle. It really will make you realize why "sex isn't that big a deal" is such an overused response to frustration. And again if you invest in making the most out of it you could have a really great time.
Also I disagree with the anon above me, if you can/arrange to meet multiple girls in person, obviously select a girl you find quite attractive but let how much you feel at ease with her be the decisive factor. Hot is hot especially when you're horny and how much you enjoy the overall experience is going to rely so much more on how much you can relax and let go.

One more thing. If you or anyone else reading this is planning to do this in the NL, please go with a Dutch-speaking girl if at all possible. Going higher up in the segment is huge but still we have a very serious with human trafficking (notably from Eastern Europe), so yeah. You are never 100% sure but it is less likely that she was in any way tricked or bullied into it if she's more autonomous in the country, more likely to have family living here you name it.

Hope (some of) this was helpful, good luck to you!
It depends on your moral standard anon but I turned 22 2 weeks ago and was offered last saturday by my pals ghat we go drink some shit for my bday and then they offered me to get a hooker. I'm very shy and insecure (too shy to play slap or kiss too) and wanted to get over with it but refused then and I'm still happy even tho I know shit wont change because I'm too shy to ask anyone out.
File: 1563048272933.jpg (27 KB, 344x344)
27 KB
>Save your money

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