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I'm a student with some experience in it but my studies are beta and not it
it's summer and I'm looking for a job
trying to get above 11 euros/hour
any suggestions? help a nigga out

Journal to the larpers here.
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Things are different between us, right? I’m not imagining it. You don’t have to mail anything. I love you and I let you go.
Can a nigga get a text
Ok I have to do the right thing from now on. And that's not possible unless I buckle down and really do the right thing.
Your insults are no different than the dog shit that slid off my shoe this morning. Keep trying.
I love you way to much.

>mum gives me a call
>"Oh hi son how you doing"
>Not bad
>"How much money you've got on your account"
>Oh a tenner but 6 will go tommorow towards a subscription
>"Sorry but you'll have to renew it at some point, can I borrow some money"
>Hangs up on me

When she gets back from work how do I explain to her that I don't like her borrowing my money all the time without me being beaten
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ten quid mate innit
>be me
>my dad charges me $300 in rent
>ALWAYS asks for at least $80 every month for some other bill
>i say "why not just charge me $400 in rent and we'll call it a day" after explaining that he always hits me with a surprise bill anyways
>he doesn't understand why this is more efficient and gets all fussy
Parents, can't live with em' can't live without em' amirite?!?!
>be (You)
>move out into apartment
>have to pay for own internet (separate from rent)
>"wow I sure am glad dad prepared me for this"
I don't understand how so many people can be such brainlets as to think you have to specifically practice paying each kind of bill, if you've ever paid a single bill you know how the fucking process works.
This is total fucking broken english and how the fuck are you and your mom so poor that you have to fight over 10 dollars or pounds or whatever, that's like the cost of a fast food dinner.

File: blueboardbeej.jpg (33 KB, 640x360)
33 KB
Never given one before but I want to. What do you love when someone sucks you? Or, what have you found guys really like?
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Bad bait
Fake and gay
Fat whore
here, take a couple (you)'s
I hope so too. We had lunch today and he asked me to a movie Thurs night, so I countered with an invite to the skate park haha We haven’t talked about what we “are” but I think he knows I want to be with him as more than just his fb or something

File: 147952631.jpg (474 KB, 962x1037)
474 KB
474 KB JPG
Anons, I need your advice.
I hate to say this, but I've talked to and dated girls time and time again, it just isn't working.
Nothing clicks, can't get them to like me.
Guess I might just be an ugly guy.
I don't want to give up, though at this point it feels like trying again is a waste of time.
How does a guy not feel like crap for being single for so long ?
Being a negative whiner is the #1 way to turn off girls.
They liked you if they went on a date with you.

You probably just pushed them away before they had a chance to push you away.

File: 5c93ba58d1dfd.jpg (107 KB, 457x555)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Another day with no prospects. I'm getting very frustrated and discouraged. Tinder, Bumble, Hinge are my apps of choice in this attempt at dating.

I'm a 29 SWM 5'10" 200lbs with great straight hair and a trim waistline. I have a nice jaw and clear skin.

Aside from appearances I go to church, volunteer and am a member of my local rotary club. I practice my natural gift for socializing and networking in a job for a local firm where I get to interface with local business and goverment leaders as a marketing rep via networking at the chamber of commerce.

I've plowed countless hours into a local not for profit that does a garden tour each year. I built a diy service project program to build daffodil gardens for cancer survivorship.

Past all that and back to some more shallow stuff. I drive a 2018 Honda Hatchback and I dress properly in business casual with a good gig line and I never leave my apartment without a belt and a collared shirt.

I am honest on my dating profiles. On apps like Hinge that have manual selections for vices I am honest that I am a former cig smoker, a rare drinker, but a regular marijuana smoker (I think this is what is killing me with the trad girls). My bio is short and casual. I state that I am looking for a dinner date friend to blossom to a "plus one" relationship as a date to social events (and then I leave unstated because I really hope I don't have to explain something so basic in so many words online that I would eventually like the friendship to take off on a real serious exclusive sexual and then marital relationship. That's not too fast is it? Sheesh, I'm not some fuckboi.


Very few matches, the conversations only lead to passive aggression, boredom, or outright solicitation and insults almost immediately. Any conversations that go well for me never get picked back up.

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BRB quitting all my not for profit and extra curriculars because all women want is a Chad lol thanks for the honesty
File: IMG_20160906_152210.jpg (426 KB, 2448x3264)
426 KB
426 KB JPG
Admittedly I am trying to grow the hair out and it's a bit greasy today. I used to be in the military program in college and had the high and tight and was very trim.
I'm really getting a sense that you don't respond well to simple critical feedback. I'm not coming down hard on you at all.

If you were a female I'd be slow as fuck to date you just based on how you're coming off personality wise. No one wants to date someone where they feel like they're walking on eggshells all the time. It seems like you have some deeply set personal insecurities.
Off topic but still relevant as I'm getting some hair advice.

Hair I'm going to let get long for a while and see what my stylist (a wonderful Iranian woman who was also my church nursery maid as a child and knows my scalp well from years of patting me on the head) can do differently with it.

Should I bring back my moustache? I used to make hella money as a used car salesman. I treated like a theater act and wore a suit with flared lapels, moustache, bow tie, straw hat, and spats. People loved it... One girl I was dating at the time said she hated it but loved to sit on it.
You're not reading that as a sarcastic grinning quip. Try reading it as a sarcastic grinning quip. Like if you were sitting across a table with a friend

Horrible horrible procrastination problem. Anyone else that managed to fix it? Wasted an entire weekend when i should’ve been studying. Just failed a test horribly.
It's your body yelling you what you're so desperately trying to achieve is pointless and counter productive

File: 1563025044973.jpg (15 KB, 465x480)
15 KB
i am a very nice guy but i know when to say "No" the thing is that. i still care regardless. can anyone share books, advice, whatever it is on how to become a selfish asshole who only cares about himself?
granted i know that i won't be able to become a full fledged asshole since i will still be very nice to family and close friends, but i want to be an asshole to strangers in general so that they fuck off and stop leeching off my back.
please help!

How should I tell my younger sister to wear a bra without making it awkward? My mom never told her to and she has breasts already and doesn't own any bra. Her nipples are visible from wearing shirts and I'm thinking it's weird and she should cover them up.
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It is in many places actually
What kind of relationship do the two of you have? How old are you?
they're literally just nipples

why do men always try to control womens bodies? even their own family? get a life.
File: 1532688940638.jpg (52 KB, 640x480)
52 KB
Imagine being such a bitch nigga that a pair of free nipple scares him. Imagine being such a faggot. Enjoy the titty show anon. Geeze, you can look all you want just don't touch.
You're an older brother who cares about his sister?
Then fucking act like it and tell her to start wearing bras.

File: Milk&Honey.jpg (17 KB, 480x360)
17 KB
Is drinking warm milk with honey good(bad) for health? Someone told me that honey easily breaks down at a warm temperature and loses its properties, and also might be toxic for human consumption. Is that true?
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warm milk and honey will just be a sugary drink.

it won't heal you, and won't hurt you beyond the sugar.
Then what do you recommend?
Reccomend for what retard
To add something(healthy) to Milk?
If the milk and honey are raw they are the most nutritious and healthy things known to man. Whole civilisations lived off milk, so did you in your youth.

new thread

So I broke my upper arm years ago and sometimes I don't feel it all and sometimes it hurts so much, I don't even manage to do a single push up. Is that normal?

File: 1563223057898.png (17 KB, 882x758)
17 KB
How the FUCK do you get 5 years experience out of college? Do I have to do 5 years of unpaid internships and lose money to get the privilege of working a job? Does anyone have any ideas?
Get a minimum wage job, you fucking brainlet. Unpaid internships are meme. You just need to build up some general experience.
Literally this

File: 1520698095890.gif (464 KB, 500x338)
464 KB
464 KB GIF
I've come to the realization I'm just diferent to people, most of people.

I don't think I am special, just that I belong to a minority.
Not sure why but must be my own personality meyers brigs or the five point psychology test real psychologist use

Acording to meme meyers brigs I am an INTJ but with elements from ENTJ, maybe that could be an explanation

In any case, I don't meet a lot of people who loves to learn, like their main hobby is to self study or learn new things about diferent topics for fun

I've never met someone IRL who rather than watching garbage entertainment, or fiction movies or anime, would prefer to view some documentarie or classes about horticulture, WWI, hitler life, economics, philosophy, nietzche, diferent language, fitness, decription of ancient languages, conspiracy shit, creative writing, programming, and a long list of etc and etc topics I've watched and learned for fun

Nobody will care or want to simply discuss about a topic, most of the time the average person has no clue or if is a topic they studied in college, has not interest to discuss it

Not sure why, but even the people who complains about NPC on the internet are also simpletons who think they're special, but they simply lack any real interest, hobby, dream in life, goal they want to archieve, they're as boring as the NPC they complain about

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Mate, you're blogposting on an advice board about how "sophisticated" and "more interesting" you are compared to other people.

It's pretty fuckin clear that you just want attention.
You're not special or admirable. You know what's actually admirable? Being able to connect to anyone about anything, empathy.
But apparently in stead of using your wide knowledge about things to connect with people, you use it to put distance between you and others.

If you constantly judge people on their lack of knowledge, you're going to end up miserably alone.
If you want to discuss specific subjects, you could easily find people to do that with but if you're looking for an emotional connection, you need to leave your arbitrary "muh camboyan history" standards of conversation behind.
and look how west Africa is doing now compared to Europe
I don't claim I am more sophisticated and more interesting than others.

I hate pseuds who pretend to know but they don't really care.
Like I said, I just like to learn new things, nothing more nothing else.

I still think socializing should be about nice debates where I can increase my worldview and learn how wrong I was about some topic and how much I still need to learn.

My issue is that most people lack any real dream or big interest in their lifes, any passion, hobby or something that would make them move every day.

I have no real issue with such people, I've realized is ok for them to be that way.
My issue is that when I talk to my relatives and say: hey how's everything going on your day, nothing new?
And they keep telling me, nah, I'm ok, nothing new happen, everything is ok.

Like... I am, ok, that's nice, and then the conversation dies.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
European colonialism has nothing to do with that though, right?
So you suck at small talk, you can work on that.

File: Gender Symbol.png (145 KB, 2000x2000)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see if it's already been answered.
Keep questions short for more answers.
If you're not going to give honest answers, don't answer question.
And please no derailing arguments.

>Do girls/guys like <insert specific look>?
>What do girls/guys think about <an insecurity including, but not limited to: looks, physical traits, personality traits, virginity or otherwise lack of dating experience>
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Follow up this post >>21130025
I asked her what her type was and the response was "it's complicated" and then I changed the subject
Fuck her get your bread up lil nigga
for the girls, how mad would you be at a guy for never making a move even though you both like each other. or atleast him taking a long time to do so?
why would an ex bf say things to hurt you?

interest lost. he is too cowardly.

File: CR4TUqQVAAAw_nk.jpg (23 KB, 575x575)
23 KB
Why do I see at least two different thread watchers when on 4chan? I thought it might be one for 4chan and one for 4channel but no, checking now there is one here on /adv/ and another one on /trv/. Both are mine but one has more threads in it. Plus one page the url begins with "https", the other doesn't. What's going on?
>thread watchers
whats dat
install 4chanx

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