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Or troll me/vent, idc
>Mom's basement
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Well the hallmark of BPD is an inappropriate amount of emotional distress to the point it interferes with life

I'll put it in the words of a former friend

"It took me years to work this out, anon, but you really do just fucking feel things more than ANYONE"
I go to a psych for help. Government psychiatrist told me it's BPD. My psychologist mostly agrees but doesn't care because it's just a diagnostic criteria

You should go to a psych for help not to tell them to fuck off
Do consider it. You deserve to have a satisfying life.
But as like a bare minimum try it out on your own. It's so expensive that if you can get relief with the free stuff online you will only help yourself. If it doesn't work then go pay for it.
There is so much free shit online amd community/forums for it. You're learning to rewire your brain so it will take alot of time and repition
I think I'm just at a point where I don't feel like I deserve it. The fights in the relationship I described got REALLY fucking bad. I don't feel like going into it but I'm sure you can draw inference

A friend's gf may have BPD as well, apparently a few things I explained to him that I've learned helped him to understand things a bit more. That's good I suppose
I have a crush on a college guy that been really depressed lately. His family keeps getting sick and some members have died recently. His gf broke it off with him like 2 years ago. Idk if they will ever get back together. I want his happiness but I also wanna be with him.

Does nofap actually do anything at all? I'm on day 8 and wondering when anything starts to happen
It does literally nothing. It's a waste of effort. It makes you feel accomplished for abstaining from pleasure but gives you nothing.

File: 1498187189611.jpg (19 KB, 495x362)
19 KB
My girlfriend has been dishonest with me about the people shes slept with

>have 7" dick
>finally get a girlfriend, she always says how huge it is, etc.
>tell her it's barely above average and how I know shes just trying to stroke my ego because I barely last 60 seconds into sex
>she says I'm in the top (long pause) 90%
>"so several guys were bigger than me?"
>she says yes
>ask her how many guys shes been with, since last time i asked she said 10 guys
>she admits shes been with over 30
>ask her how big she thinks I am
>she says 6"
>ask her how big shes had
>she says shes been with a guy who was 9" and that two hands weren't enough
>for reference, her hands are as large as mine (shes my height, our hands are 8" long

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Sounds like you're insecure about your size and the prospect of your lady being promiscuous. I probably asked the same questions to my first girlfriend and felt the same.

You either need to come to terms with the situation or dump her. There isn't really an in between. 30 is a lot of men, so if you think she'd cheat on you it's time to cut and run.

Do you love her? Does she treat you right? Would you like her more if she hadn't had larger? See past your insecurities and decide if you really want to be with her.

9 inches obviously wasn't enough to keep her, and most women don't need 9 inches. Talk to her about your insecurities/concerns, not a bunch of faggots from /adv/.
Hey! I'm not fat! In fact I'm quite malnourished, I'll have you know
>9 inches obviously wasn't enough to keep her
You know someone is a simp when they automatically assume the girl is the one who ended every relationship that didnt work out. What if the 9in nigga ended because she was (insert flaw here)?

This thread is just bait, but it always works because you idiots fall in one extreme or the other every time. "Ew she slept with x men what a slut" or "lol he doesnt like that she slept with x guys and hes afraid he might not be good in bed compared to her past experiences, what an insecure manchild".
Have fun licking nobody ever.
What? Wouldnt it be more simpish to believe that this poor helpless woman was abused and dumped by her past partners and that she didn't do anything wrong? Honestly both sound quite simpish

File: dob4bwnload (18).jpg (7 KB, 239x211)
7 KB
Get in here and let it out. I'll start. I hate it when the person I'm dating does that "I love you more" game.
It feels like a waste of time and I wish they would just be serious when talking about that and not just playing around.
If he really loved me "more than all the atoms combined" then he wouldnt hurt me like that. :/
That's why it annoys me when I hear the "I love you more" thing. Waste of energy.
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Yeah, unfortunately I am. I fucking hate it sometimes.
oh look the schizo is here
guess you can't stop being triggered lel kek
I was patient with you. I understood that you were depressed and I told you to get help but you refused and then you shut me out and never considered my feelings.
I have no prospects whatsoever. I have no ambitions, which leads to me having no social life, which leads to no gf, etc.
Should i just end it now
L, I did cheat on you. With our best friend. Someone I was utterly and completely in love with. And now I'm with them. I'm sorry for what I did to you, even though you're never going to find out. But I couldn't even bear to touch you after knowing their touch. I couldn't bear the thought of having to continue the charade of our relationship while dreaming of another. I'm sorry.

File: 1495128705653.png (106 KB, 612x491)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
Is it even possible for an average man to get a gf these days?
My standards aren't even that high, I would just like a gf who's a virgin, below 25, natural blonde hair and blue eyes, doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, isn't fat and works out regularly. That's literally fucking it. Basically, I would want someone almost identical to me.
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You are the equivalent of girls wanting a tall bf with a head full of hair, is soo fun to be around, has a good built and works out.
Sounds like a trophy wife is more up your alley.
File: anti male shaming.jpg (734 KB, 1900x1364)
734 KB
734 KB JPG
Not an argument
>being tall, good looking, fit, confident and funny is as hard as not being a fat drinking smoking whore
I mean that's actually pretty reasonable and extremely common for a woman to expect. Like I told OP the blond hair blue eyes is picky because it's rare and genetic, same with only wanting tall men. But wanting a charismatic guy who stays in good shape is not only totally reasonable but should be a standard. Literally everyone should try to be in good shape.
Time to pack my bags and go to Netherlands

File: antidepressants.jpg (23 KB, 640x213)
23 KB
What do you make of antidepressants, /adv/?

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Shameless bump.

The TLDR is simply what I asked in the OP, what do you think of antidepressants.

You don't need to read the whole thread. I just used that to explain my opinion. And the reason it's long is because it's a controversial topic which science hasn't really settled.
I personally need those chemicals to feel motivated to do positive things in my life. Otherwise I am in bed alot and cry 3-4x a week for 20min-1hr (I'm a girl so I get a pass for being a pathetic waste, right anons? Lol)
Told a therapist overly bluntly I thought most mental institutions as well as medication were specifically designed to get "those cases" out of the way of the workforce, no matter what. Just wanted to be playful with a shizo idea. The guy said with aggression in his tone and clenched teeth something like "yeah but that's just what we have to do" or something. There was a literal rope store on the way from the train-station to his practice. Again, I didn't REALLY believe what I said, but ever since that response I've been more wary
This, I'm trying to get on them so that when my depressive episodes do hit, I can bounce back more easily. This last one has made me motivated to change my life but it's hard to do anything but lie on my couch watching Star trek all day and drinking coffee. The antidepressants would at least motivate me to stop self-isolating.
I was on them for a few months and they did literally nothing for me. I have a personality disorder though, so maybe they're not right for me. I stopped taking any meds after a while though, because they'd only prescribe me soft antidepressants, or antipsychotics, no matter how much I insisted that they didn't work for me. I was willing to take meds, but not repeatedly take ones that had zero effect. Anyway, this is starting to read like a blog.

File: 1547105011647.jpg (262 KB, 1264x1324)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
How can I be 23 and still have never had a gf, what is wrong with me?

Every day when I walk around I see manlets, poor people, ugly people etc who have beautiful gfs, what am I doing wrong that I cant even get a ugly gf?
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>top tier alpha males are fucking below average girls instead of quality ones
>girls are perfectly happy to share a man and will never be jealous of him fucking other girls
You literally said this. Try to justify how one can believe this other than being mentally retarded.
>top tier alpha males are fucking below average girls instead of quality ones
Every girl wants a relationship with a top tier man. A man they perceive as having more value (whether that's looks, career, status, personality, or a combination of all of it). Alpha males tend to have options so don't want to tie themselves down when young, usually. But they are very happy to fuck 5/10s if it's no strings attached and if they can organise it easily from the comfort of their living room through e.g. dating apps. I've fucked multiple girls after a "first date". I've had girls simply come over to "help me cook dinner" 3 days after matching and bent them over the kitchen table 40 minutes later.

Quality girls don't tend to vibe with that. They have so many top tier suitors that they can pretend to be classy and picky. A lot of guys (especially if they're young and looking for a relationship) can't be fucked with that. Plus variety is the spice of life. Most lads would prefer 3 or 4 fuckbuddies who are 5-7/10 than 1 high maintenance girlfriend who is a 9.

>girls are perfectly happy to share a man and will never be jealous of him fucking other girls
They'll be jealous. They'll usually spend 3-6 months trying to rope him into a relationship through amazing sex/cooking for him/generally being exactly what she thinks he wants.
Most girls after 6 months or so will have either issued an ultimatum or will have broken it off. Some are happy to stay fuckbuddies but this is rarer and usually these girls have low self-esteem or some sort of psychological problem.
Then it'll be back to finding new top tier men to date and attempt to do the same. Eventually one of these men agrees to a relationship.
^This tends to be how people get girlfriends in 2020. No one gets a gf and *then* starts fucking. You fuck for a few months, and if she's better than what you can get outside of her, you agree to being in a relationship.
This is the worst cringefest post I have ever seen.
Unironically this.
Simple. That hug quota is a lie.
Have been working on myself for over a year with no hugs since I moved out and everything is going fine for me. Lost weight, feeling better and, overall, have a better quality of life than when I was back at home meeting that quota.
Get a fucking grip.

File: images (2).jpg (20 KB, 236x369)
20 KB
My foreskin doesnt retract enough. I cannot have sex because of this. The Dr told me I might need a circumcision.
How bad is it? Can I avoid getting circumsicion and be able to have sex one day?
28 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Are you saying we've been lied to about how meaningful all those extra nerves are?
Goddamn this process is going to fucking suck no matter what
You can also get an onahole and lots of lube
It helped stretching my foreskin because it automatically retracted upon penetration
Nope, haven't tried one but sex with actual women hasn't worked
Well, attemped sex. I've never actually got it in there without backing out because I could feel it reaching its limit. Handjobs and blowjobs have hurt from all attempts except my ex gf

File: 1576564972683.jpg (410 KB, 1200x900)
410 KB
410 KB JPG
how do i live with irreversible brain damage to my frontal lobe?
I hope you're receiving physical and occupational therapy, behavioral therapy may also be necessary
Anything happening to the brain is some severe shit, got to take things by the day

File: bath.gif (162 KB, 220x334)
162 KB
162 KB GIF
1) get under the shower and get wet
2)rub soap against your armpits
3)rub soap against your cock, balls and perineum (area between balls and asshole)
4)rub the soap against your hand to produce some foam and then rub that foam on your asshole (don't rub the soap against your asshole, that's gross)
5) rinse

That's it. The only things you need to wash are your armpits, groin and asshole.

>but what about muh shampoo?
shampoo is a jewish lie, you don't need it.
Shit advice. Shit thread. You are coated in a thick layer of grease and dead skin cells guaranteed.

File: 1558676993566.jpg (95 KB, 780x750)
95 KB
i just want to be loved...

thats it... Its really simple
20 replies omitted. Click here to view.
i cry about it every day
There is no such thing as love. If you are straight a woman will never truly love you. We will all die alone. You have to live a life that’s fulfilling for yourself.
Same OP. I've downloaded dating apps and actually stuck with it w/o deleting after a few days. Still have yet to get a single date or even a conversation that last longer than a few one worded answers. And worst is that I'm a femanon. Pretty sure I'm not ass ugly. Sucks.

Let me add to this.

Waaaay back in the day. You had a daughter that you wanted to get married.

You had to offer up a lot of shit tonmake it happen. She had to virgin, you had to pay the husband in land, cattle, and money.

No man wanted to get married for this goofy love stuff.

Than at some point men were bitched up.
Buy her flowers, put your coat over that mud puddle, hold that door open. You want to be a gentleman don't you?

And here we are today. Generations of bitching up men and what do we have. Why can't I find love...cry...cry..

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Waaaay back in the day. You had a daughter that you wanted to get married.
*hits pipe*

File: image.jpg (452 KB, 3264x2448)
452 KB
452 KB JPG
>Be me
>Single dad, 45
>Wife died of unknown causes
>Have daughter, 19
>Her mum died when she was a baby, so she doesn't remember her very much
>Quiet girl, but she enjoys speaking to me
>Makes me happy
>She's been attending university for 4 months, but still lives with me
>I've never seen her bring friends over to our house, or talk about what's going on at school around the dinner table
>I worry, but I should respect her.
>One day, while I am trying to sleep, I hear her opening the front door, coming home from uni
>I hear the front door close, and then a long pause
>All is silent, until I hear her breaking down into tears
>Immediately rush out of my bed to help her
>asks her what's wrong

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Find something she enjoys and do it with her. That way she can branch out and become more comfortable finding hobbies and find new friends via her interests.
Maybe suggest some therapy for her? She sounds pretty depressed, or maybe social anxiety. Not trying to scare you there, just saying.
Maybe I should.
Bro wish my dad did the same for me
Ask your daughter if she wants to see a therapist and see what’s Shes in to so you can plan activity’s

File: hLEGdp6LDXo-1.jpg (125 KB, 446x490)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Just walked into the room(came home earlier than usual) and saw my older brother and cousin(both male) fucking.
And here is my entire family that liked joking about how these two are such great friends(they were besties since 4 and 6 years old, even before i was born) that they seem like one person. Huh, well that statement aged badly.
Don't know how to react to this. Haven't talked to any of them(they didn't notice me walking in). Now I'm reviewing their interactions I saw in the past and the double meaning behind. Should I talk to my brother about this?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Dude don't just admit to catching them fucking, play it off like you found them holding hands or kissing or some shit. Something explicitly suspicious of teh gay but not as awkward.
Would that even be believable? If they did that for several years, then they are really damn good at hiding that(only fucked up because I skipped lessons for the first time), i always thought that my cousin is 100% straight flirty chad guy and my brother is an asexual asocial autist that doesn't even have friends, let alone relationships. Literally NOTHING ever would indicate that and I'm afraid that if I lie they'll catch that, they are not stupid.
Also I have no idea how am I supposed to overall feel about that relationship
It's not like they can have kids. Forget it happened. If it isn't predatory or causing problems, who gives a fuck?
Well incest is wrong but I mean they're not procreating to make habsburg babies, their actions have no real consequences especially since they're keeping it secret. If one of them was cheating on a partner I would say they were hurting someone. On the other hand do you choose to be loyal to your family and maintain their secret if it's essentially harmless or confront them because it's weird and kinda disgusting desu? I guess it would depend for me on if their relationship was fucking up the family dynamic in some way, although that's easy to say for me that not being in your position.
Just let em do what they wanna do dude. They're not hurting anyone. No reproduction. No partners. Legal age. Not even immediate family. Cousins used to marry all the time up till recently.

Really not sure what kind of advice you want when the obvious answer is to just do nothing. Dumbass.

WAs I supposed to be upset at this nurse that was white, in the psych ward, that called me boy? Obvi I’m black

We were joking around, like I asked em if they had ever bought fries from a Chinese place because they were asking what I wanted for lunch the next day, she asked if I wanted fries. I asked her what kind of fries are they. I was like are they like Chinese food fries? They were like huh? I was like u ever order fries from a Chinese takeout place? They laughed, one of them goes “no, I order egg rolls from a Chinese takeout place, boy!”

I didn’t really care as we were joking around but there’s this thing in the back of my head that goes “REEE SHE CALLED YOU BOY BE UPSET”. Is that just social programming? The fuk. Am I an Uncle Tom lmao? I’m loling
Sounds like you acted like an uppidy nigger.
How whitewashed are you? Girls being "silly" call dudes boy all the time. Like "Boy don't you know it". White people always try to act black when they are around minorities but half of them just pick that shit up when the hang with black chicks.
>being programmed to think every interaction is racist
Some white people will try to speak in a more "black" way when they're speaking to a black person. It's not meant to antagonize, but it's very patronizing. I think this was one of those moments. Naturally hearing a black phrase come from someone who's white to you as a black person will be irritating. It was a microaggression rooted in racism but was unintentional on her part.

File: IMG_1512.jpg (224 KB, 1237x1925)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
Update: So I've been on 4 dates with this girl.

Previous thread was: >>21777667

I said I'd give you guys an update so here it is. Asked her if we were still on this morning, and I believe I've been officially ghosted. Saw she was on facebook an hour ago, and it's been over 4 hours since I asked for confirmation.

I fucking hate dating bros. Thanks for the kinds words in the previous thread.
103 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
>I'm like the biggest retard ever who doesn't deserve her.
From here on out, stop putting pusy on a pedestal. You're clearly doing something right if she's still bothering going out with you, so stop being such a faggot.
I doubt this shy girl will do anything. I think he should still text her, but not too much.
File: giphy-5.gif (2.18 MB, 400x225)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB GIF
You did it! Faith restored!

I'm starting to think she has very literal autism
The fact that he constantly sees her at work gives me the feeling that she's in a corner and doesn't think she has a choice. There's something fishy about this whole thing that I can't quite put my finger on.
>I'm starting to think she has very literal autism
Lol maybe, but why do you think that?

I mean I used to see her constantly before we started dating. If she feels cornered then that would be quite strange at this point lol

This is the plan cause I doubt it too.

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