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File: Ds8_MNMUwAA-QFx.jpg (172 KB, 1200x859)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
How to fap?
19 yo femanon here
I can't fap
Gave my virginity card to bf some weeks ago
Even if I touch myself I don't get wet
The only thing I enjoy is cuddling and making love with my ldr bf

File: 27+1.jpg (79 KB, 886x762)
79 KB
28+ Thread

As usual /adv/ is full of bait, non-advice threads and issues that'll eventually solve themselves with a little effort and time (Yeah I get it's ironic coming from me).

--Still can't get the green parakeets to come over to my garden but they did all land on my roof once for some reason, about 7 of them.
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Fuck off dyke.
fucking normie because of you we can’t have nice things
except the part where she gets tinder matches left and right.
Posted this in /r9k/ but the thread got derailed.

Any oldfags still alive?

I need to ask you guys something: Got a new wageslave job in another supermarket for a minimally higher wage, but there's one thing I've noticed. Over the years as a supermarket wageslave I've noticed there's been a sort decline in the sort of people that work there. When I initially wageslaving in supermarkets, there was a varied bunch of people working there, young, old, students, career shelfstackers, from different places in the world and locally, etc. Over the years (at every supermarket I worked at) the types of employees rapidly started to boil down (mostly) to three types of employees: Miserable people who have nothing going for them (e.g. me), old-ass immigrants from 3rd world countries who have nothing going for them and morons who are too stupid to get anything better.

What happened? Where did everyone go? How come I'm stuck with people who are lowering my IQ?
My guess is that the work just gets to them after a while and they up and quit. Had a friend who was a department manager before he couldn't do it anymore and went back to school.

File: 1551945407453.jpg (244 KB, 1600x1066)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
I'm not being pressed or anything. I'm just wondering what i want for life.

I'm currently in a very nice, loving relationship. I really love my partner and we match alot. Unlike with other people, i find it comfortable and nice to do things with that person no matter how stupid they are, even if we go through a day just sleeping. Sex is fucking amazing. And we match in literally everything.

Just that with that, i don't have much time to have friends. My partner wouldn't like it either given they're kinda jealous and have an enormous insecurity about being substituted. But the thing is that, even if i had friends back in my teenage years (long nights playing dota in calls or going out to drink and eat), lately it wasn't like that. In the past years, having 'friends' was kinda exhausting, and i couldn't keep social contact for long, i dislike drinking and didn't had the energy or interest to play much. Been years since i had this kind of friend and i couldn't find anyone i clicked well enough to be comfortable with. My college acquaintances were a huge burden to me. Almost like i forgot how to have friends.

But i feel weird and that there's something wrong about that. Is my feeling justified? All around people have 2 or 3 very close friends and a social network to 'rely' on. And i'm with my family and my romantic partner only, at my early 20s still. In the past years i wasn't giving a fuck and just minding my business, trying and failing to meet people but not giving a fuck at failure. But now i "miss" that, right after going through a relationship. Is my mind just dumb and i should stop caring? Are friendships something important? Or is it natural that they fade and you remain with a single close person?

File: 1kq51s.jpg (36 KB, 640x480)
36 KB
Is there a real strategy for getting out of student loan debt with rapidly mounting interest? Made some stupid choices as a kid and now I'm stuck with this massive ball and chain that fucks my debt:income ratio.
I know you can do a federal income based plan with some eventual forgiveness in 15+ years, but I'm fairly sure I'd still be amassing heavy interest and it would be a big set back to me in life waiting that long to get it over with.

After car, insurance and other existing bills I have $1100 a month that I can use freely after. I have a salary and a stable yob thou. I just got married and my wife doesn't have the best credit but zero debt. She also has her own little business so she gets groceries and other miscellaneous expenses, so its not all doom and gloom. Still I'm sick of being in debt, it feels like shit. What are my real first steps in taming this beast? It started out 19K for fucks sake!
Looks like the jews got ya balls in a woodchipper boi

Do you have any education?
What is your current job?

Have you heard about the magic money called cryptocurrency?

File: 1447830163922.jpg (54 KB, 500x409)
54 KB
Letting go.
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>Fuck that. They never cared.

>I will never put anyone else before myself ever again.
It doesn't sound like you ever did this.
File: 1551578231858.jpg (30 KB, 600x600)
30 KB
I have a strong desire right now to fuck a girl deep in her puss with my 7-inch cock
Just leave me alone.
My mother has always been a difficult person to deal with. She's contrarian for the sake of being contrarian on everything, from aesthetics to life decisions to even fucking food. She victimises herself and makes you listen to her go on and on about her difficult life for hours on end, the last time I timed, I had to sit there for around 6 hours of it. But today. Today on one of her tirades. I found out she unironically believes in the Illuminati conspiracy. That's it. I'm drawing the line here.
About to come over to you, and tell you I love you, tell you I would love to have a future with you being more than best friend. Hope I don't Fuck things up tho....

>been mentally abused as a child
>fucked up since then, no social skills, social anxiety
>no family but a little brother
>a year ago, two cute girls give me clear signs that they like me
>do nothing about it because "she's just being friendly", both of them has boyfriends now
>ffw now, try asking a girl out, fuck it up even more
>friday, i'm out drinking with the boys
>see the one girl with her boyfriend
>literally want to punch a wall and break every single bone in my arm
>get so fucking drunk can't remember shit after that
>this was almost a week ago, mood didn't change since then

mandatory military service is near. i think i'll have access to weapons for sure. do i end it there?
If you want to. The choice is yours. If you're not up for enduring the struggle of being human with your particular trials and tribulations in mind, no one can blame you for taking the easy way out. Being a good person is more difficult for some than others. If on the other hand you want to endure these feelings, thoughts and emotions and by some miracle work through them and overcoming them, you can walk this earth as one of the strongest creatures to have ever lived. But you will always be at risk of becoming a negative force of destruction. Just like me. Good luck.

File: big-13921506014.jpg (98 KB, 500x458)
98 KB
People of /adv/ who know a bit about copyright and the likes, Im a graphic designer and had mr. dickhead comission me a dozen designs for t shirts and posters, nothing brand specific stuff like monsters, aliens and the like. All goes well along the work process then last minute they get the designs and block me off on all communication channels and never answers the phone.
There was never a written contract just a mutual agreement and exchange of emails and in person meetings.
Can he get me in trouble if I put them up for sale in my own store myself? They have absolutely no brand copyrighted designs or logos (he was to put those in later) and I assume even it being a verbal contract not a written one it was automatically made void by this development, that's what family members and told me too.

Before you post, check the FAQ.
Keep questions concise. Use paragraph breaks.
If you can't handle upsetting replies (or the FAQ) don't ask. You will be bullied out of this thread if you act salty.

>What do girls/guys think about <any trait, such as: looks, physical or personality traits, virginity, penis traits, or lack of dating experience>?
>Do <most/any> <girls/guys> like <an insecurity over the above>?
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of <people/rejection>.
Get over it by practicing and exposing yourself to it, bit by bit, step by step. There is no "magic moment" (or activity) that will instantly change you.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?

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I (m) slept with a friend of my boss and theyre telling each other everything. Now the friend is desperate to meet up with me again but I find the whole idea of my boss constantly being gossiped on my sex life and relationship so off putting.

How do I make her understand this and should i just gtfo
which is caused by multitude of either psychological or biological factors

one of the former is too much exposure to porn making only porn-like sex attractive.

I get a hard on much quicker with dolled up girls but cant bang them because im a dweeb.
ED was invented to promote Viagra when it came out.
"Erectile dysfunction" is not any single disorder, it's a symptom with literal hundreds of possible causes.
>one of the former is too much exposure to porn making only porn-like sex attractive.
>ED was invented to promote Viagra when it came out.
Yeah nah. It's just a nicer way of saying "impotence", which has been in the lexicon forever.

>"Erectile dysfunction" is not any single disorder, it's a symptom with literal hundreds of possible causes.
None of which is "watching porn". Porn addiction is real, but impotence isn't a symptom of that.

File: DISGUSTEDEXPRESSION.jpg (37 KB, 620x413)
37 KB
Assuming his face is good, well groomed, well dressed, good physique, etc. Basically everything is above average to grewat but he's 5'7-5'11 in a Anglosphere country like the US, UK, etc. How much is just an average height to slightly below average height to go work against him in a climate where 6'0+ is becoming more and more prized and demanded to the point that 6'0 even is being laughed at as being too short. And how do 5'6 and below guys have it when, again, assuming everything else they have is above average to great?
ight, as a man (no homo), I will state my observations. Obviously if your 5'6 or shorter, youre gonna have a harder time finding female attention. To gain this, you must be above average on what you stated. Given that this is true, you are bound to find a female of shorter stature herself, unless you are into taller women who also like shorter men, idk. I know an individual who is a solid 5'7 - 5'8, so decent height, but his wife is a whole 6'1- 6'2 and even taller in heels so it is possible? Just gotta put yourself out there, don't be an asshole, and respect women
Not as crucial as you think. Obviously the 6'0" and taller men have a disadvantage when it comes to picking up women, but women don't care about looks as much as men.
This is the answer.
I know plenty of dudes 5'6 and below that have girlfriends, some are really hot too. But they all excel at something (funny, strong, wealth), that got their girls initially interested in them. I also know some dudes who are short and let it really get to them, and theyre the ones with the hard time.
It is true though some chicks wont be interested in short dudes for any reason, but fuck them, im sure youve got standards too. Embrace yourself, im sure youre a beautiful fella.
My best friend is 5'7" reasonable looking, but not outstanding and he has a very beautiful and charming wife. He mentioned that he absolutely could not pick up on girls in bars or nightclubs. Instead he had to be in situations where he could talk to them. He's a really smart, successful and charming guy. He routinely chats and flirts with women and got quite good at it.

In contrast, I'm a tall and good looking guy, but socially awkward. I have girls coming up to me in dance clubs, which is great, because I don't have to try to awkwardly talk to them because of the loud music.

So go with where your strengths are.
As much as you think it is. It's all in your head.

File: IMG_20190321_142759.jpg (142 KB, 950x534)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
>be me
>20yo,taking math contest
>one of the persons "overseeing" used to be my high school teacher for 2 years
>while trying to inform me of something relating to the formalities of the test,she notices my hands
>they're strawberry red and look like the hands of a 90 year old
>she thinks it's a very important allergy,says I have to see a doctor
>had to interrupt the conversation there because she had some business
>finished,have to deliver to her
>now she gets a good look at my face,notices it too has some points that look like a 90 year olds face
>asks me about it
>try to mumble something
>had to interrupt the conversation there,she clearly was very worried and told me, leaving,to immediately see a doctor because it's a serious illness
And she was right,except it is not a skin illness,but a mental one.My case is one of autism.(possibly,at least:I have not taken a diagnosis),
I have to wash my hands every 10 minutes or less because of this insanity of mine.At night,I also wash my face every 15 minutes or so to avoid falling asleep.This habit soon crossed over to daytime as well.
By these methods I acquired arms that are pale white until the hand area where in a straight linear (circular) and stainless way they morth into the devils.A very rugged devils.My face and lips are similarly rugged.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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That you need huggies from. Her and grab her boobs
She's middle aged and slightly fat,faggot
That's even better

Honest advice: go to therapy you're pretty fucked up mentally and now physically
Stop using harsh/abrasive soaps that don't have moisturizer in them. Carry your own. Also, you need to cut down your habit from 15 minutes to more like 6 times per day and no more.
I'd head this one off at the path, if you avoid her, she may escalate it and you'll be forced to talk about it with more than just her. She should, being a teacher, have some compassion and a duty of care as well as be someone you can talk with confidentially with, to some degree at least. I don't think you're habit will cause her alarm to escalate, although I get that it's not nice to talk about. Also, gl trying to get on top of things

File: lonely_and_horny.jpg (93 KB, 900x899)
93 KB
Does anyone know of any decent Spotify to mp3 converters? Preferably websites, not programs/apps.
>not using newpipe

You can listen to music in the background and download music.
If it were that easy, normies wouldn't be buying premium membership anon.
>using spotify
File: Ds_zdRyWwAAqg2o.jpg (64 KB, 661x660)
64 KB
I do use newpipe. The music I am trying to get is not on jewtube, anon.

Does premium membership actually let you download music, or am I misremembering?

I don't use that cancerous Spyware. It's just that there is a rare album only on the site, it doesn't exist anywhere else.
Bullshit what is the album I'll find a download link in less than 2 minutes

File: catler.jpg (202 KB, 1080x983)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
i need help i came and now its orange im really confused.
also i masturbate with my balls instead of my dick do you think that would have an effect?
7 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>don't worry, it's just another kind of internal bleeding
well fuck me i guess
Well then you might have kidney issues. Anything when you drink? Does this orange cum happen often ?
OP, here again, im probably gonna have a proper wank with my penis this time and see if my cum is still orange. also this could have been a dream i am not sure, i really don't know why i would dream of having orange cum but there you go
Shouldn't you be done by now?

File: po.jpg (575 KB, 1800x1201)
575 KB
575 KB JPG
How do I become a pimp?
File: N7LlAei.jpg (112 KB, 1120x1566)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
>How can I learn from this Chad... help me ascend, bro... p-please!

File: med_1474656388_00032.jpg (56 KB, 640x360)
56 KB
>be me
>was a fat guy
>got some attention but never acted on it
>Unfat myself, go to gym every day, eat well
>porn starts to viscerally disgust me
>Fap for 45 minutes in an attempt to cum while since I have lost any sort of arousal
>start getting tons of attention
>It revolts me viscerally

4 women have opened conversations with me in a sexual way in 2 weeks, sober, with no context beyond my christianity.

I was keen on dating before but now I am immediately disgusted when a woman tries chatting me up or something.

I know I don't want to be celibate as I want kids

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Could you give some more detail? I've had a very different experience from OP, but I still often resent the attention I get, because it feels like women only give it to me because they want to either get themselves off with my body or use me for labor.
They really fucking are. It is all just dumb plot points by non realistic characters.

That's every movie ever.
Sex is one part of intimate relationships, but it isn't all they boil down to.
for compairison to just a very rough study

Why have I been having vivid dreams every single night? This has been happening for about 2 weeks now. Some are dark, some are random, but almost all are ones I can recall afterward. Should I be concerned? I never used to dream this much, or at least I wasn’t able to remember them
Do you masturbate a lot?
Do you go to sleep early?
Do you watch tv/internet regularly?
Do you have a special diet?
Do you have any religion/belief?
Are you a homo?
Have you experienced any odd thing irl lately?

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