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File: confusedtaiga.png (923 KB, 1280x1024)
923 KB
923 KB PNG
How would one go about foreskin restoration? Also I'm not going to wait for foregen I want this now.
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My roomate bought a device that would stretch his foreskin while he went about his day to day. Look into that.
Same those stuff I just loose motivation despite how much I desire normal dick I just forget
Does that actually work? How would I get one for me and is it reusable?
why were you circumcised anon?
Being born in America and got stuck in the 50% that wants their babies dicks cut off
Ok.... Get a measurement of how much skin you want, then cut that squere off your inner thigh. Make sure you sand down/ score up the skin you want to attach it to. Now this is important, make sure you leave a nice wide band of skin attached to the squere you want to attach, you will need blood good blood flow.
Just know infection is a major risk.

File: 1518567036584.jpg (99 KB, 575x683)
99 KB
What are some methods to get a girlfriend into a fetish or at least let her equally enjoy what spices up my personal experience as well?
I don't wanna get into what fetish it is, it's not even a big deal...
Thigh highs.
I'd say date a girl and talk about a fetish into a relationship jokingly and fun. If you aren't dating a super religious girl most likely they would be more than happy to try a fetish as long as it's not scat or something.
Admire a picture of a model in them. "Would you ever wear something like this? I think they're sexy"
Literally just buy her a pair and tell her she looks hot as fuck in them.
I was thinking of this. At first I thought it might come off as manipulative if I make her wear things I want her to but now that you say it...
>comes straight out and says it
You're lucky it's tame enough you could probably straight up mention you find them really hot and would love to bang her in some.

How do I make this boy attracted to me?

I think he's the most perfect male in terms of taste and personality for me, I tried moving on and dating other people but honestly no one else can compare, any other guy its just boring.

He's very emotionally attached to me and even thought I tried explaining we can't be friends because I like him he keeps texting me and trying to interact with me in college (we're classmates). I tried to ignore him last week but at the end of the day it seemed like he was going to cry.

Sounds like I have him on my grasp right? Well no, I tried flirting with him but he cut me off straight away, and has made a point that he's in no way attracted to me.

Im a decently attractive girl, well groomed, 5'1, 98lbs. So being fat and unkempt isn't really an issues.

So what could I do?
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figure out what he finds attractive. If he wants to hang out with you, i guess that means that it aint because of your personality or wtv. How do you know him? Maybe he thinks of you like a sister (childhood friend, etc). Or maybe he thinks you're a great person but your personalities would clash. Or maybe he doesn't like how you act in other relationships (having a bunch of sex, being mean to others but not to him). There are people that I'm friends with, but would never think about dating them because certain traits they have make for a bad partner.

>>21931770 works too. If you're desperate, this will always work.
First of all thank you so so much!


I will leave this one out in the backburner for a night out or something like that.


We are classmates in college, same major. I've been single for almost a year now, by choice, so he hasn't really seen how i act in a relationship.

Honestly im pretty sure he's into Egirls, appearance wise. Which is a huge bummer since i feel like i look too childish in alternative styles.
Can you fucking imagine if a dude was to act like this?

"How can I make this girl attracted to me?"

Literally any advice that would be given to the guy would be "She doesn't see you as anything more than a friend, so it's time to move on."

That's it. It's not complicated.
You just like the attention he gives you.
you gotta admit there's plenty of that here dude
I'm pretty sure the dude is swerving because she's clearly missing a nut or a bolt

File: 4c5xtZE.jpg (343 KB, 3264x2448)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
>fiancee off the pill for 3 months now cause she hated how the hormones affected her or some shit
>says she's tired of condoms and wants me to cum inside her tonight

She wants a baby, doesn't she?

The only thing that gives me second thoughts about being a Dad is the fact that I'm 27, fiancee is 23 (dating 4 years now) and I feel like I got to experience life more than she did. We're financially okay and getting married in a few months, but I just got like 4 extra years of no real responsibilities.
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Cum in her Ass instead that will show her
Pull out
Spill your seed in there. Young parents, especially mom has better energy. You'll need what's left to enjoy life after the child grows. She can be 43 and done with it. Kids aren't much trouble if you don't want them to be. You still have time for your own thing and It isn't a big deal to just live the same life but with a kid.
Lucky you, when mine had pills, she became 100% frigid.
Perhaps, or perhaps she’s just tired of condoms, you’re a couple who will marry in a few months, come on, just address this to her. Most probably she just misses sex without protection

I'm 25 years old male, everything seems to be fine. However, it occurred more than once that when i get to know a female and go along within our relationship, it comes to specific point where she notices/concludes that I'm over-sensetive and tells me so.
I feel like it's a fucking weakness and a terrible flaw that has been there within me for my entire life. Yes, i overthink and overanalyze things, that's how my mindset and character were created.

How can i overcome this and improve my emotional state and skills?
>Yes, i overthink and overanalyze things
stop doing that
I can't, it became something innate, like if it's in my DNA, I've always been like this.
The only things that are sort of innate are you hair, eye and skin color and height you moron.

You can change

File: 1567193615677.jpg (1.43 MB, 1080x1080)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
I am 25 year old, and I am starting to realize that I might never meet the girl of my dreams.

Looking back on time, when I was between ages 15-20 I had the chance to meet a lot of interesting girls that were totally compatible with me but I didn't do anything, I'd rather stay at my house jerking like a retard.

Now those girls already have boyfriends. I lost the chance to experience what being in love during your teenage years feels like. I wasted the chance of being in love with a quirky teenager who had the same interests than me.

Now I am old, the girls that surround me are boring as fuck, and I have no possibility to go back in time and do things wrong. It's game over.

So why even live?
>and do things wrong
and do things right*

File: lupita-nyongo[1].jpg (955 KB, 3600x2400)
955 KB
955 KB JPG
Where do I find a girl like this?
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File: beautiful-black-woman.jpg (106 KB, 400x600)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Rich and pretty actors? On the set.
I'm assuming shes Rich and a proper African. Look at Historically Black Colleges. Med schools. Look for upper class places where daughters of African Immigrants would go.
If you want African-Americans, look at census data and have fun trying to find a woman as pretty as this actress.
Africa or the ghetto

Which way should I kill myself.

A: Jump off high place

B:Jump into river with bricks attached

C: Shotgun to the brain

D: Suicide by cop

E: Go to a gay bar and do God’s work

F: fuck and rape as many women as possible before hanging myself.
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always go with b)
Dying by drowning is such a slow and incredibly painful experience, it's the only kind of death human beings deserve. Anything else is too merciful.
You’re just a young idiot. Use your brain to make your life better
C looks like the best option OP but it takes balls of steel to pull the trigger

Consider suspension techniques, you could depart from this hell very peacefully with not much commitment.
> you'll probably rot in hell

While I agree, if heaven and hell are trully real, than I'm certain 80% of mankind will go with too.
doesn't F work better combined with D?

File: 1536897069052.jpg (187 KB, 800x1200)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
>15 days ago broke up with gf of 4.5 years
>moved out and back in with parents to cope with the shitstorm that was about to come
>feel shit, parents do me no good
>she keeps talking with me but started getting on with life
>tried to cope with the heart aching feeling by:
>>Playing CSGO a lot
>>Eating all the shit food possible
>>Jack off with every single occasion
>Even now I feel like crying and sitting in a corner almost Mr Robot style
>no matter what I do I miss her a lot
>I'm no longer there with her
>she also felt like shit, we talked about it but she started by organizing her life and actually having activity
>can't even clean up my own room due to how depressed I am

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
The situation sucks. Make yourself to get a job or something like that. The process of working, cooperation with other people will soon replace those problems to a background of your head and someday they will just vanish and maybe you will not notice the fact that the problems are gone
Hard work is usually a salvation for problems like yours. Good luck dude, take care of yourself
Anon, first off, relax. Do some breathing exercises. Then make your bed, pick up the trash in your room and clean your room. Go take a shower and brush your teeth. Don't think about any of this, just do it. Overthinking and the thoughts in the back of your mind will be the worst enemy. You have to accept that things don't work out sometimes and life will suck from time to time. If you want to get over this fast then hit the gym or at least start working out, make yourself a schedule with activities and don't slack off and like >>21931336 said involve yourself with people. The busier you are with the ones around you the harder will be to have time to think about the people from your past.
Good luck bro, you can do it
Thanks for the tip. I will get up just after I finish this CSGO match I got into 5 mins ago.
I think I feel so sad all of a sudden because I felt like she's talking with a guy who has been literally licking her shit for the past 2.5 years and he has been treating her like a queen while also fulfilling her dreams of having a master over her in full control of her life (even recently she told him clearly she's not in the market for a boyfriend or any form of relationship).

And she told me she's been talking more with him recently. Not directly but she told me about his input and it felt soulcrushing to realize she's able to do this unironically with him now.
Sounds like a pathetic man to me. Look, the problem is that you are channeling your time and energy on this. It's "safe" to talk to her, to care about what she does in her free time because you spent 4 or so years with her, you are used to this. And if it's causing problems to you, gradually reduce the time and energy you spend on caring about her. Work on yourself, improve yourself, develop a hobby or work on your existing hobbies(except spending all day play CSGO, c'mon).
TLDR: Stop wasting time on her, work on yourself, accept she is just another being and nothing more.

Take care of yourself.
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Karen left you a note, she's taking the kids. Had to.
Give any person anonymity and the ability to express themselves honestly and without worry of their narcissistic shell being injured and they will tell you all of their fears, weaknesses and insecurities the same as the people here do. 4chan is not on its own, it's a representation of the human experience within a diseased society.
File: 1578697414084.jpg (15 KB, 586x524)
15 KB
How do i stop being so jealous and paranoid?
that's great advice, butmy parents are pressing me into choosing something. I already took a year off and I'm at the starting point. I don't know I just hate the idea of getting into STEM, was considering econ but people keep telling me it's as worthless as lit nowadays. I'm in EU btw
Do you understand how questions work?
That's a relief.
Are you K from K?

File: lt3bt8yivb031.jpg (845 KB, 3024x4032)
845 KB
845 KB JPG
How did you meet? Where did you meet? What made you attracted to them? How do you know this might go somewhere?

And the most important question of all: How the hell do you have a conversation with a stranger that ends in you staying in touch? Do you honestly just ask for their number? Do you ask them on a date, just like that, just having met them?
a friend introduced me to my gf
id say the best time to stay in touch is when you dont work and have free time a.i. you are still in school...
I think you misunderstand.

Say you meet a girl at a coffee shop. You talk to her, you hit it off. Do you just ask for their number? Is that too forward?
depends on how you perceive the situation
you have to learn to read the mood of the encounter
its usually mutual where when you exchange contacts she will stay in touch
often times its a rejection or ghosting if you dont have experience in that matter
and you can gain that experience only by trail and error
no book, online advice, or irl advice can help you
She saw me skating at a house party that had a vert ramp in the backyard and it made her horny. Not memeing. She came onto me it was the first time that's every happened to me

File: 2454350.jpg (74 KB, 1200x675)
74 KB
I've been dealing with this for almost 6 moths now. I had a panic attack while looking into a light bulb, and something must have snapped in my brain. I've felt intense brain fog. It feels like nothing's real. I'm sitting in my room right now and I literally have no sense of what's going on with anything around me or inside of me. I have visual snow/static. I'll walk around outside and everything looks fucked up and its like I can't look at specific objects as easily. Whenever I look at something it doesn't really register in my brain. If I look at a picture or something it invokes very little emotional response. When I'm walking around outside and looking around I might as well be staring at a wall. I always feel like I'm in a dream. My mind is getting more and more blank every day. Every morning when I wake up I get flashbacks to 2018 and 2019, freaking out about how I've practically missed 6 months of my life and there's no sign of it stopping any time soon. February 2019 feels like just a couple months ago and I desperately wish I could go back to then before this all happened and when I had a better shot of improving my life. I'm so scared of the months and years slipping by. I'm only 21 and I feel like my life is over. I should be going out, making money, meeting people, talking to girls, seeing new places and doing new things but I feel like I can't do any of that now. My parents don't even know what's wrong with me and they're wondering why the fuck I'm laying around all day acting depressed as shit, especially my dad. I'm just wondering what his reaction will be when it's 2022 and I'm still sitting around, having no idea what the fuck is going on around me and being in a permanent daze.
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Do you also have visual snow? What did you get it from?
I remember your thread. I have more or less the same problems as you (I don't have any visual fog thought, only brain fog 24/7). I plan on doing LSD soon.
Honestly, I think it mainly comes from the intense use of internet; maybe going for the hiking thing could be very beneficial to you? Also, it may seem obvious but having a good sleep schedule (not enough or too much) helps a lot I think.
Best thing to do is just ignore and live your life. It will go away eventually. Looking it up online, researching it and constantly thinking about how messed up you feel will not help it will only make you feel worse.
>Honestly, I think it mainly comes from the intense use of internet; maybe going for the hiking thing could be very beneficial to you?

Yeah, I've been on my phone so much since it happened, staying inside, jerking off. Even before this I didn't go out much, I've always felt pretty trapped in my family's apartment. My brain is probably just fried from going against my biology so much, not being physically, socially or mentally active at all. I just hope it isn't too late and now it's irreversible. I feel like going on a hike would bring out my instincts and basically force my brain to work. If I were essentially forced to hike long distances in order to get food and shelter and rest, then maybe my brain would snap back to what it should be.
Thanks for replying and remembering my thread, and good luck with your trip.
Yeah the thing is I don't have a life to live. I just stay inside all day like I said. I can't drive and I don't have a job or money. Going anywhere makes me panic and I hate how dissociated I am from all of it so I can't really experience it. It's why I'm considering going on a trip to force myself to do something
Dude you smoked weed for fucking 3 years. It's probably one of the main reasons you're all fucked up

Hi- I am 28 and female. Somewhat attractive and funny, I work as a model, actress, and pilates instructor. I have small devoted following online from modeling/acting. I haven't had my "big break" yet, but I am close. The only reason I lead with that is because I am not an Incel, I could sleep with anyone but I want something more.

I have a hard time connecting with men in LA because all the men my age like younger women- they don't want to commit until they are like 45. This leaves me 2 choices:date a man who is 45, or stay single.

My last relationship ended a bout a month ago. It was with a guy who was 25. He had never had a relationship and we met on bumble. After our first date, I knew he was special. He loved art, played classical piano, and was in grad school studying science. We were really different in terms of our pursuits and upbringing, but both came from affluent communities and had a bright future ahead of us. He pursued me pretty hard -planned awesome dates, introduced me to all his friends, and then made me his girlfriend. I met his parents, he flew across the country to met mine, we traveled together, we had a lot of fun. After grad school, he moved in with his parents in San Francisco. They are very controlling and he complained about them a lot, but he got a great job through his dad's friend. He was hesitant about taking the job because he said he knew his parents would try to control him through his new boss - his dad's friend. But I said he should take the opportunity now and could always look for something else in the meantime. He did. Fast Forward to a month ago-
He broke it off really unexpectedly and said he thought he would love me by now but doesn't. OUCH. Seemed like it came out of nowhere, esp since 2 weeks earlier he had bought me a v expensive bracelet from Tiffany and we had plans to hang out valentines day, so I pressed him and he said his parents didn't like me.
OUCH. I feel really hurt and lost.
On the one hand, I'm like -wow that is so sad that someone's parents wouldn't allow their son to be happy. Also, how fucking stupid is it to be 25 and not able to stand up to your parents?

But on the other hand, I am really heartbroken. Obviously acting and modeling has made me numb to rejection- so why is it so hard this time? Was I retarded to think a 25 year old could be the one? Did he never love me? Then why did he date me for a year? We were really good for each other. He would facetime me every night and tell me how amazing life was with me and that he thought about me all the time, etc etc. We even talked about how much both our lives had improved with each other's support. It seemed like he loved me, he invited me to stuff all the time and did romantic things for me- he even learned the Intro to my favorite show on piano and played it for me. What is this feeling I have and does anyone have answers?
You're a 28yo virgin model?
sound like you arent real wife material after all
I am not a virgin- Is that why his parent's didn't like me?

File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (84 KB, 1280x720)
84 KB
I love the aesthetic of old-school cRPGs. The sprite graphics, the isometric angles, the cool music, the immersive stories, etc. I so, so badly want to be good at this shit. But I suck total dick at these games.

I have been trying to beat the first campaign of RoE for the past week and I just do not understand what I am doing wrong. I do all this grinding, then I get to Griffin Cliffs and find that I'm too weak to do shit.

Am I starting with something too difficult, or am I really that stupid? It's very frustrating and actually damaging my self-esteem.
Archers are absolute king of the coop. Always have them stacked, keep them from dying, and remember that they can wait, let enemies walk in full damage range (arrow is intact, not broken).

Skills matter. Eagle Eye, Mysticism, arguably Scouting are non-negotiable bullshit you 100% want to avoid. With eight slots, you want to assume room for at least Archery, Wisdom, Air and Earth Magic-- more on that later-- and then the other four can be spent on others, not the least of which will probably be offense, armorer, leadership...
I would make a case of Logistics being a solid 5th mandatory grab, but it could be avoided too.

Luck isn't a terribly reliable skill, Sorcery provides poor returns. Pathfinding is useful, but not full on necessary. The other skills are probably situational to your tastes.

On spells, fire is kind of trash, water has Prayer, but Air and Earth both scale well in damage spells, contain the Dimension Door and Town Portal spells between them... But most importantly they have Haste and Slow. Haste will not just make your turn order improve, it'll also boost unit movement. Delicious. Slow, obviously, does the opposite.
A routine of Slow if you lead off, haste if they lead off, followed by the other will decisively end most battles if you have comparable strength.

If you're having trouble managing resources, then prioritize archers and boost your economy (town hall). It's not a solid strategy against players but if you keep your archers getting population early on then boost your gold income, you'll be able to stock up on archers and blast apart the AI for the most part.

Have I helped any?

I got caught lying in an academic setting.
A certain relevant professor is the only one who knows for now and he might let it go, but on the other hand he might also have me punished. Tomorrow I'll have a talk with him, just the two of us. He is generally easy going, but he seemed pissed today when he found out, but desu a big reason I had to lie was because of mistakes on his part, some of them intentional.
How the fuck am I supposed to handle this, I'm not the person to lie, especially in such high profile situtations so I have no idea how to handle this shit.
It's also my last year of uni, If I get myself expelled I'll probably suicide no kidding
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
why are you asking for advice AFTER you fucked up beyond repair? kinda late isn't it
If your not willing to take a few loads, you won’t make it very high.
What kind of lying? Plagiarism and exam cheating are things academic people take VERY seriously - it's almost like a religious sin to them. Lying about the dog eating your homework is trivial
can't help you if you don't tell us how you cheated
Play with his ochinchin til he happy senpai

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