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It was alright
They should have just made a new IP what is even the point to milk a finished story with completely redesigned gameplay

File: 4x4 .png (2.96 MB, 1200x1200)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB PNG
3x3, 4x4 thread
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mind naming your games?
File: 5x5 topsters.png (3.18 MB, 1907x1420)
3.18 MB
3.18 MB PNG
5/5 (EDF, Ultimate, SoR2, SM, Rondo)
I don't personally get them being all-timers but I would say that 64 & Ultimate are genuinely good games barring the latter's netcode. Melee has some charm and a couple great features but I don't see it as a favorite unless you have intense nostalgia or get real sweaty with it. 3DS has Smash Run which makes it a decent game alone, but I would never go back to Brawl or WiiU; SSE is just a bad Kirby game with a bunch of characters instead of copy abilities carried by some really cool FMVs.
6/6 (SM64, SotC, Dong, Tetris, BW2, Uprising)
3/3 (DMC5, Galaxy, DKC)
Play P5 Strikers if you haven't. I'm not a Persona guy or a Musou guy but I liked it enough to finish it and there's some stuff you might find a lot of fun. Yusuke does a bunch of Vergil shit and Haru has Nero's unga bunga Combo B as one of her main strings, etc.
3/3 (Thief, Sekiro, BamHam)
14/14, based as usual.
I'm a pleb by anime standards, I haven't seen most of the classics or modern picks. My favorite is Space Dandy and my favorite manga is Konjiki no Gash.

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wankstain tastes
>any good ping pong vidyas
Only games I even know of with it are the Mario & Sonic Olympics ones.
File: 1664016598158.png (749 KB, 743x778)
749 KB
749 KB PNG
9/9, would I like uprising if I hated the nes original?
2.5/3, was very meh on forgotten land

File: 1664485845750.jpg (122 KB, 509x339)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
What ya playan
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I'm on a 3060 TI and have a 1440p 144hz monitor, very doable if you are willing to sometimes turn some settings down.
File: 1639989098425.jpg (983 KB, 2361x1329)
983 KB
983 KB JPG
Congrats, you just played yourself.

Welcome to the 1 game club champ.
It is. I dl'd from '95

File: l-intro-1663523802.jpg (277 KB, 1600x898)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
What's the first thing you're gonna do when playing as Lucia in GTA VI?
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File: cfe.jpg (63 KB, 600x1182)
63 KB
unironically pic related
File: neverchange.png (110 KB, 1893x773)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
Do the same thing i did with gta 5....start fist fighting everyone on the street for an hour or so while I'm high af and oggling at the world with all it's details and beauty
bleach her hair and go to the gym

File: mess.png (82 KB, 261x310)
82 KB
Games where girls die. We've all felt that odd twinge of horny when seeing a girl die in a video game. Looking for your examples

The game is shit but i know theres a few good scenes in Duke Nukem Forever

File: witcher3.jpg (8 KB, 259x194)
8 KB
Having tried it out I can honestly say this has made witcher 3 the best game I have ever playeed. By a country mile

No its not just like the gta 5 first person mode, this is a complete overhaul and it looks incredible. CHECK THIS VIDEO OUT AND TELL ME OTHERWISE

Let's rolll, rollll around, like a fucking prick yeaaaa, rolll baby rollll like a prick rollll around rollll rollll rolll
Hopefully they include it in the upcoming nextgen remake.

This makes an already immersive game, exponentially more immersive. I cant believe how much detail they have included in this world

File: asagi.jpg (186 KB, 846x1129)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
The game is f2p now
are you having fun?
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I unlocked one girl and one skill on a no-buy account so far, and even winning some games. Having more tools to play games with more variety really does help keep you in the game, shame that's all on random drops
I'm saving up on the shooter banner for a ten-pull, if I can beat the odds and get one more girl I'll be happy, even the slutty one that's hard to use without her skills, or Grim
Where do I play this? Pc? Mobile?
It has a PC version you can download, /vm/ has a thread with most of the details you need to get it going
Unfortunately, it's tied to Konami account registration, doesn't work on Windows 7, and you have to claim you're from Japan in registration if you want to pay for gacha rolls
Honestly, the F2P shift is only relatively good, its earlier PC releases were even worse
File: 84467942_p0.png (2.02 MB, 1166x1403)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB PNG
>won every single one of my oren games today
I don't know what happened but I went from throwing every game to feeling really confident in my gameplay with her now. Feels fantastic.
Slow day today, huh?

File: gman.jpg (150 KB, 1639x891)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
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File: Unsolved-Mysteries.jpg (420 KB, 2048x1646)
420 KB
420 KB JPG
>On today's Unsolved Mysteries
>glasses clipping though his temples
The weapons and UI are clearly a video overlay lol

File: 1664475854865363.jpg (146 KB, 850x1134)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
The dog, the cat or the dragon, /v/? Which one, /v/?

Also in Freedom Planet 1 Milla doesn't need oxygen... deepest lore.
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I wanna fuck all 3
File: Spoiler Image (517 KB, 1177x700)
517 KB
517 KB PNG
no for the merga. but that chest ref is helpful. i'll try to make her hot
is this the story of anons creating a new porn artist?
it better be
What does 1.1 change compared to 1.0 ?
File: Spoiler Image (167 KB, 650x896)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
how does this look?

ITT: Canon Fire Emblem pairings
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Dew and Brigid is literally the best pairing for Patty and Faval stat and skill wise when averaged out. They also literally get married and have kids in the manga for FE4
File: Bernie(749).jpg (288 KB, 2048x2048)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
Me and my wife, Bernie!
lex gives better growths for patty and better skills. The main advantage of the bargain skill is that you can buy the paragon ring to get more exp from the arena and you can buy weapon to help clear the arena. But vantage + sleep sword = free arena wins, and the paragon skill gets her to promotion earlier by helping in arenas and in chapters.
faval is worthless either way, you could argue that lex isn't ideal because his skl growth is low but in that case holyn is best because he gives the highest skl growth. Holyn!patty is also interesting because she can use the brave sword unpromoted and gets the luna skill, though I'd say this is considerably less valuable than what lex gives.

I haven't read the manga but I assume the author paired lex with someone else and gave brigid some leftovers.
Lex is Ayra's property

File: file.png (207 KB, 1360x768)
207 KB
207 KB PNG
What are you guys playing? Im trying out AC for the first time and its very hard to get used to. people said you should play in order but the older games dont look that appealing to me. is it REALLY best to go back and play everything in order?
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holy shit fuck the missions that takes place in the pipe tunnels(not the one with the digging machine)
based ac bro
Ace combat 2
I tried air combat but quickly lost all planes on city mission because turrets are broken
its really hard to get used to the combat in AC4. its so fast
File: 1655372285631.png (52 KB, 256x224)
52 KB
legend of zelda for the stellavision

File: 1664019185519.jpg (249 KB, 1800x900)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
How are they going to fuck it up this time? I'm hoping there won't be another broken ability like Umbran Climax again, but who knows.
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Yep that's correct, and each weapon is also tied to a demon for summoning/masquerade. Madama Butterfly is the guns, Phantom is a whip thing and Gomorrah is the gunhammer.
Bayonetta 1's enemies do parry you, but not as much as B2's enemies.
>They dont parry wicked weaves, stop being dishonest.
But they do parry your regular attacks, which breaks your combo string, which again, makes DO a bit pointless.
>But they do parry your regular attacks, which breaks your combo string
So just like in 1? You dont have to be in the parry range all the time, especially if you play with pistols. I am sorry that you got filtered by the need for spacing in 2.
>You dont have to be in the parry range all the time
I have to if I actually want to play the game. Y'know, go for combos and all? That's the appeal of the fucking game, but the enemies prevent you from doing anything.
So just like in 1...?

File: blender.jpg (393 KB, 1025x641)
393 KB
393 KB JPG
How do you start learning Blender to make videogames?
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You sound like someone who lives an easy life. Some people are not so lucky. Work can be exhausting if you are a laborer.
>to make videogames
Just make 3d renders of vidya characters naked and you will make more from that than you would working for a vidya company making vidya.
File: 1637903638587.gif (2.64 MB, 498x329)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB GIF
>finished Computer Science degree
>never got past the basics of coding, the more the code got complicated the less I managed to comprehend it
>after college I just switched profiles
seeing programmers telling me how easy it is is fucking demoralizing, since to me exponentially harder to read code messes with my brain and I just don't fucking get it anymore.
I feel like this is how it would have been for me if I went for computer science. In some regards I’m glad I got a useless art degree because I did learn how to 3D model and animate out of it

What's the angriest you've ever got at a video game? What game was it and did you break anything?
"okey, i'm gonna give you marital sex this night, no need to scream it everywhere"
Playing starcraft 2 ladder, I didn't break anything but it's the only time I've seriously regret playing video games.

You did buy one while it was on sale for $100, right /v/?
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File: 651.jpg (34 KB, 680x381)
34 KB
You better have your 3ds hacked anons
I think I didn't like it as much because I came back later. I stopped at floor 4 pretty early on because I thought the invisible paths required the app in Sector H that reveals invisible floor tiles on the map, but it didn't so I ended up going through the rest of the floors pretty overlevelled.
>The demonee-ho training missions were funny too.
I liked those. I think I only did half of them, but they were good additions.
I haven't, not because I don't want to but because there's really nothing left that interests me. I'll get around to it at some point.
mods and emulators and stuff are fun on it anon. Also you can run DS games off of the sd card and install themes and stuff.
The emulators aren't too big of a deal for me since I don't bring my 3DS anywhere, but the DS games sound nice.

File: sivana.jpg (288 KB, 1280x1024)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
Are there any games that incorporate glitches to progress? Obviously speedruns do it all the time, but I mean as an intended requirement to see the whole game. Or even just locked content that was intentionally hidden in a way that you'd have to glitch to it.

All I can think of are some rom hacks.
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who knew you could walk into the 4th dimension by doing middle school math
File: shazbot.jpg (181 KB, 1000x755)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
A lot of metroidvanias have secret content you can only see by sequence breaking which usually involves some form of minor jump glitches.

Skiing in Tribes was originally a glitch in Starsiege that became so popular the devs turned it into a feature.
did he fix the actual glitch?
I kinda forget the exact details, but I think both my teleportation pyramids were back in my inventory and I was outside the locked room. Basically as imaginative as it was, it wasnt part of the game. Never tried fucking with with the teleportation cubes again.
File: UNUSED.png (60 KB, 1400x670)
60 KB
I would say if the devs require you to learn how to do something to progress through the game that just becomes a game mechanic. There's tons of shitty indie games that involve the player "glitching" something throughout the story but that's just using "glitches" as an aesthetic, it's not genuine unintended behavior.
The most common real example of what you're looking for would probably be quirks of a game's physics/movement that enables stuff like bunny hopping and rocket jumping, although that's usually more in the realm of "high level play/cool speedrunner trick" than an actual feature you're taught by the game and need to use to progress.
>Or even just locked content that was intentionally hidden in a way that you'd have to glitch to it.
There's plenty of examples of this, easter eggs left in places you'd never find or can't access in normal gameplay, even hidden messages in the code specifically for data miners to find (pic related is an example from Deltarune, Undertale also had several examples even beyond the Gaster stuff)

File: 56475486.png (745 KB, 712x711)
745 KB
745 KB PNG
Does /v/ consider this peak Sherry?
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When are they going to reveal that Chris and Sheva are married with kids?
Classic Claire > everyone else
seriously wtf is wrong with chris?
File: 124798981.jpg (212 KB, 1299x1078)
212 KB
212 KB JPG

File: 89984885_p0.jpg (248 KB, 800x1115)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
Lydie is NOT a slut.
7 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
explain it to me actually. I'm trying to figure out whether or not to buy this game and I don't want to play as some turboslut who expects boys to simp for her
Gateway to the booba
Sue is the turboslut, not Lydie
File: 1641590513131.png (72 KB, 702x683)
72 KB
Atelier Lydie and Suelle was great, too bad I will never play it for the first time again :(
"Him" in this context is the thunder god boss that fucking obliterates you until you get a gimmick item.

I can't believe Plants vs Zombies is dead.
15 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
me on the left
File: 1652067506974.jpg (861 KB, 1920x2560)
861 KB
861 KB JPG
Why are they floating the watermelons in this manner?
to defend against the zombies
they're making kanna threads

File: capsule_616x353.jpg (99 KB, 616x353)
99 KB
Back in the 2010s this was all everyone talked about as the future of games. Fully destructable levels and so on. Now we can't even blow up a hot dog stand. What went wrong /v/ros?
Aside from Teardown which was great fun it's been slim pickings for us.
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
That new The Finals game from the ex-DICE devs looks pretty good destruction wise
>Red Faction
>Silent Storm
>Just Cause
>Bad Company 2
What else?
Twisted Metal 2 and Vigilante 8 would like a word with you 2010 fags.
toned it down for GAMEPLAY reasons. all the houses would collapse on each other. Ironic, and thats why bf3 and bf4 feel so flat.
>How do we design the level around it?
It's very simple, you design the level as normal, and then you make it all destructible, at least in the sense as to what you could really destroy in rl with the weapons or tools you have.
BF BC didn't worry about designing the maps so you'd still have cover or objectives would still be safe from cheese as the destruction ramped up, it gave you the sandbox almost, and said have at it.

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