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Say something nice about Tifa
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she looks like a fish
File: 1580966157116.jpg (385 KB, 3840x2160)
385 KB
385 KB JPG
Show me a fish that looks like this goddess then?
She needs to come back just for one little Tifa cosplay shoot
File: tifa.jpg (12 KB, 200x327)
12 KB
File: 1559559339643.webm (2.99 MB, 1098x1080)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB WEBM

File: Capture.png (246 KB, 540x675)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
>Dont Fear the Reaper comes on.
>Instantly taken back to a time when I played a game called Aces High, an MMO flight sim played mostly by boomers.
>I was just a little shit teenager at the time and didnt own a joystick, so over the course of months I taught myself how to get semi-decent with mouse+keyboard flying.
>Beautiful community. Everyone was old as shit but everyone knew each other and would congratulate each other on landing multiple kills/just fly together and have a good time.
>Dont Fear the Reaper was the theme song of many flight groups in game. Not sure why but many of them would play it as we fly together.

>Many of them are likely dead. The last time I was able to play many of them were croaking, including a ww2 veteran who used to play with us.
>Every single time Dont Fear the Reaper comes on I cry.
Forgot to add on
<S> Pipz. He was drafted into the wehrmacht as a child and was a flak 88 gunner during the battle of berlin. We wont forget you brother
You should check out some other songs made by Blue Oyster Cult, they're really good
cool /mu/ blog
Pretty cringe not gonna lie bro

File: Sotteotbox (1).jpg (36 KB, 256x363)
36 KB
What's your favorite ps2 jrpg?
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you get a vector uniform for shion, that's it. And it has to be a cleargame save. No stats, no items no money nothing else, just a uniform.
File: 1590075729780.jpg (100 KB, 750x825)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Just a shitty costume. Not worth it whatsoever. The shittiness of 2 angers me to this day.
Welp....guess I need to dust off the PS2 then.
Or you could just download a clear save and use that. You literally get NOTHING else from it, not even a pittance of skill points from 1-2.
man I got this excited to go explore space but once I found out you spend majority of the game on a medieval world I dropped it.

File: Open Fortress.jpg (74 KB, 616x353)
74 KB
>every tf2 tuber is shilling this
>it's shit, with bad map design, and clusterfuck gameplay
>worse than all the arena shooters TF is based on
i dont know about you but i've been having a lot of fun playing this and before it i hated the idea of playing an arena shooter

File: vcraft cobble mountain.png (3.86 MB, 2215x1883)
3.86 MB
3.86 MB PNG
vcraft.xyz /

Over 200 unique players have connected so far. 3 weeks old. Extremely chaotic. No safe places. No protection. Free for all PvP.

>am i going to get spawn killed
Probabaly not. Dupes/hacks mostly patched, so come and take part in the big jewish economy. no pay to win shit

>wtf do i do
When you join, run far from spawn and start working on a base.

>is this 2b2t
No, fuck off back to redddit.

(If you don't have a premium Minecraft account you can simply buy one on ebay for $3 and change the name and skin)
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File: unknown-3.png (532 KB, 1207x1079)
532 KB
532 KB PNG
File: 2020-05-21_20.44.19.png (866 KB, 1920x1080)
866 KB
866 KB PNG
The admin forced me to mine cobblestone in his slave mine, do not join my wrist hurts

Garry's Mod, apparently a DayZ server
From this fag,

File: filthydukeses.jpg (261 KB, 1180x1259)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
After all... why shouldn't I keep it?
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You can sneak in and steal the same loot if you have the real thing
Simply put, fuck the king his shit is mine.
well shit I ended up giving it back, guess I'll wait for ng+

is there anything else in the game that reduces cast times?
My stance on this is to give it back in my final cycle but to forge it and give them the fake in my first two cycles so that I have an authentic ring for myself and my pawn.
There's no reason not to steal it but I like my final cycle to have been played 'right' and stealing a ring like a dog doesn't fit that criteria.
There's one other thing and it's equally tedious to get if not moreso. The ring is the only vanilla option and combined with the other method is the only way to reduce massive cast times. People often go for both.

How's this game? World looks interesting but is it fun
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File: grace.png (94 KB, 300x288)
94 KB
did I make the right choice by letting grace stay at the cemetery?
That's a very tough question, anon. Here's the thing, I'm gonna explain it to you. There are three characters going through the same story. You will meet the other protags as NPCs in your story. What one knows the others don't. The first game has all three campaigns, but the second game has only one bc of the lack of money. The second game has better graphics and better gameplay tho. If you play as the Bachelor first (Patho 1), you'll kinda lose the wonder of the remake (Patho 2) because you will know some things off the bat. So it's your choice. Do you want to play it as an old fan or a new fan?
I myself played Patho 2 first and then all three campaigns in Patho 1. The Bachelor's campaign was really hard for me to empathize with because of that. So you will have to sacrifice one character for another without even knowing a thing about them.
>So you will have to sacrifice one character for another without even knowing a thing about them.
>Pathologic actually starts at choosing between which game to play
Can anyone stop the genius that is IPL?
I think playing patho 1 first adds some wonder to 2 because as someone who played 1 first, it was insane to see how much they expanded and enhanced certain things in 2, it was amazing
Pathalogic's mechanics are designed to force constant, uncomfortable choices on the player and provoke a continual feeling of anxiety and insecurity with the narrative simply being complimentary, you eat shit and suffer in Pathalogic because of your own decisions and how you play the game, the game evokes self reflection and self-judgement.

ND games lean heavily on the story segments to create context and put players in a particular mindset but there can be a huge dissonance between the tone of gameplay segments and narrative segments that retroactively ruin the atmosphere since story Joel/Ellie do dumb shit that player Joel/Ellie wouldn't do, you experience secondhand suffering in TLOU because of decisions the game makes for you, the game tries to evoke empathic/sympathetic feelings.

Entirely different approaches to evoking uncomfortable feels, Pathalogic receives more acclaim because it doesn't tell you how to feel but makes you feel anyway.

Almost finished Dragonfall, can we have a Shadowrun thread?
198 replies and 28 images omitted. Click here to view.
Still better than 90% of CRPGs combat system.
when you're getting the hits you need to clean up fights quickly and efficently, it feels pretty nice
anything involving explosives is pretty amusing too, if inefficent
Still playing SRR for the first time and I already stretched my character too thin, trying to be a tanky shotgun, rigger smooth talker.
Is unarmed damage always underpowered? Is having a melee worth the slot? It makes sense, but if I'd get the dlcs I still think I'd go for a Rigger/unarmed Adept. Shotgun runs out quick even with 2 shotguns and 1 drone.
I dunno I feel like there's nothing to it.
It's not for everybody. Used to be a niche of the gamer population that liked it, and back then the gamer population was itself a niche of the total population.

File: facts.png (18 KB, 1575x123)
18 KB
He's got a point you know
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>Have you ever seen a casual player rocket jump
Are you serious? You can’t be serious
>TF2 does a shitty job implementing a competitive system
>hurr hurr look nobody likes competitive
>items aren't balanced for competitive so players only use a small set of them
>hurr hurr durr why do they need weapons they always us the same stuff hurr
Casual trash is why Overwatch is blowing TF2 out of the water
File: MASTERPIECE.png (944 KB, 1486x833)
944 KB
944 KB PNG
nah, get Overwatch
I did and it's my biggest buyer's remorse ever, feels terrible to play, I hate the maps, and the content is super barebones. The presentation also feels like a cynical copy of Pixar/Disney.
of course, definetly not because the game came out a decade before right?
it really is just focus tested, normie friendly as all hell, just feels like it lacks any real original concepts or core design elements.

Not really enjoying it. When I die in a boss fight, I want to run past enemies and face the boss but the game wants you to waste time facing enemies along the way. Stupid fucking shit
27 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>I want to run past enemies and face the boss but the game wants you to waste time facing enemies along the way
Oh you mean like Dark Souls the series that everybody likes to jerk off and I'm sure people have referred to HK as "the Dark Souls of Metroidvanias"? The joke here is that you can avoid all enemies but for some reason you're being a whiny bitch.
It’s not to waste your time
It’s a challenge of player skill
If you can reach the boss at full strength, you’ve passed the challenge
If you haven’t then your fucked out of luck and need to attain aptitude
>the series that everybody likes to jerk off
I haven't played them so I can't tell you how it's implemented there but if it's there just to waste time like in Hollow Knight then it's obviously a negative
>The joke here is that you can avoid all enemies but for some reason you're being a whiny bitch.
If you're still on this after reading my posts you are officially retarded, please seek help
>It’s a challenge of player skill
Holy shit how
>If you can reach the boss at full strength, you’ve passed the challenge
Lmao bypassing the enemies is piss easy in every area of the game (and that's not contingent on player skill), literally the one single thing the exercise does is waste time
There is literally NOTHING gained here outside of satisfying your masochistic desire to punish yourself by wasting your time
The creators of the game were clearly going for a theme and a certain type of atmosphere with this game. Instant respawn next to the boss does not fit it.
You can keep sperging out like a retard or you can go and play something more up your speed. The fact that something this dumb got you worked up tells me you are going to choose to keep whining though.
Hornet in greenpath is not that hard

How the FUCK do I get good at fighting games? I've never played fighting games before so this is all new stuff to me. Normally I'd button mash, but I know that wont take me anywhere. Any advice on how to improve in fighting games in general, not just Tekken? And how do I memorize combos?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Get yourself a fighting game boyfriend and have nonstop grinding sessions with him.
Watch/read guides, go in practice mode and test stuff the guides say (like hit confirming, the range of some moves you want to use etc.), and most importantly, go online and get fucking destroyed until you become better. You can later watch replays of your matches to see what went wrong, and then go into practice to find a way to deal with what killed you specifically.
For combos just do them until it's in your muscle memory, then try to do them in a real match. It might be easier to do it against a CPU first since nerves will make you start button mashing against online opponents since you're new.
Also Tekken will take you much, much longer to learn than normal 2D fighting games due to the amount of characters, moves and gimmicks there are to learn so keep that in mind when picking which game you want to play.
>And how do I memorize combos?
It just comes down to practice. Once you do it enough times it will just become muscle memory. That will seem like just common sense but that's how it is. Stick to 1 character and do research online on the basic ones to utilize. It will give you a good starting point. If things aren't working or you aren't liking a characters play style try another character fighting games have big rosters with unique fighting styles for a reason. Also in Tekken 7's case just ignore the big 10 hit combos even exist. They aren't true combos and leave room for counter play that's why you never seen them used at a professional level. They are fun for dumpstering randos online but against any decent level player you will never pull one off. Your better of putting your mental resources else where.
Oh and watch good people play your character to see what they do.
>hit confirming
This was a big concept for me to learn. I would continue combos despite getting blocked and get punished all the time for it because I didn't understand the idea of recovery frames. Early on I don't think you need an in depth level of understanding but at least get a grasp of it. Even learning basic levels of understanding around frame data and fighting game terminology in general helped me improve a lot. Hilariously enough I learned a lot of these concepts from MK11 which had a shockingly in depth tutorial covering different details of frame data and other things like jailing, frame traps and such.

File: med_1530135115_image.jpg (106 KB, 640x480)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
File: miss u.jpg (217 KB, 1920x1080)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
File: flash-300x180.png (10 KB, 300x180)
10 KB
All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.
F in peace

File: 1500219826922.jpg (297 KB, 1127x1200)
297 KB
297 KB JPG
What games have the best artwork?
File: GunbirdGroup.jpg (363 KB, 1404x1041)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
File: SecurityMan.jpg (425 KB, 1600x1200)
425 KB
425 KB JPG
File: FullCast.jpg (625 KB, 3000x1000)
625 KB
625 KB JPG
File: Devil_May_Cry_Art_20b.jpg (583 KB, 893x1400)
583 KB
583 KB JPG
DmC had the best art in the DMC series

File: pso20200525_013410_000.jpg (662 KB, 1920x1080)
662 KB
662 KB JPG
Y'all be ready for PSO2?
32 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.

Oh honeybuns... >>509574591
What about cast parts? I want to play as a cast dude but the starter pieces aren't really to my taste.
there goes my interest
gonna wait for the psp2 translation

Some male cast parts are fairly affordable. As the game is very much a waifu simulator, male fashion and the like tend to be ignored.
Male cast parts are a bit more expensive then male outfits but they are definitely still cheaper than female outfits or cast parts.
The heads might run you a mil but all three body parts shouldn't cost more than a mil.

What is your favorite niggas on a chess board video game?
What happened to Advance Wars and Final Fantasy Tactics?
5 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
After beating the fourth and final route today, I can confidently say Three Houses is one of the best games ever made.
File: Gort_Portrait.jpg (10 KB, 192x240)
10 KB
My favorite game when I was growing up was also Shining Force, but I never played the GBA remake. Shining Force itself shaped a lot of my future tastes, it was my first JRPG and I loved the ancient tech in a fantasy world stuff that's now considered cliche.
WHY can't Sega do a proper Shining ever again?
Because reselling Taka Shining (nothing against the artist, just don't know what else to call it) games for decades works better. How many times have they repackaged that one Shining fighting game?
File: sonja.jpg (21 KB, 341x512)
21 KB
i want to rape sonja

I got this message earlier asking me if I wanted to join a Halo private military. Was linked to this site https://mercenariesabovewar.weebly.com/
Anybody else see this before?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
OP's a fag who got his dick wet, leave our site.
Guess so. I was just surprised by all the shit they made for it. Cut right to the chase with the requirement page at the end.
Ayy, this brings back memories from my Halo 3 days, literally every kid had their own little clan wanting to get big.
>Minimum age requirement of 15
So you know its made by and is gonna be full of 15 year olds
You'll never join the actual Halo military or be a Spartan

She killed MILLIONS
337 replies and 191 images omitted. Click here to view.
Always mating press.
>pole dancing for VR
nigga that was LITERALLY in X3 with PS4VR
Literally talking about VV.
File: 1570269472583.jpg (321 KB, 1920x1080)
321 KB
321 KB JPG

File: you_are_wrong.jpg (38 KB, 600x480)
38 KB
>Dude there's just as many good games released now as there were on the PS2
It's not even anything to laugh about. It's a little sad having watched the industry shift from games that were balanced combinations of corporate/passion projects, to just straight up corporate.
5th gen was the absolute peak in terms of soul. 6th gen was peak in terms of balance between quality and soul. 7th gen marked the death of all soul, and consequently all quality, as if quality depends on soul. It does, it really does. Fuck any faggot retard who disagrees.
PS4 felt like a small upgrade, I cringed when my laptop ran games faster then my brother his new PS4 did in 2013!
It wont get better,Memory lane has become a unironic hobby now.

File: 71AgJTRSyYL.jpg (150 KB, 873x500)
150 KB
150 KB JPG

Play Zann Consortium and enjoy your OP units
This but stop being a pussy and go empire and spam TIE Defenders because they're sexy.

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