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>decided to finally play Marathon since I kept seeing threads about it
>it is bretty good
>then this level happens
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Make sure to try the newest version of Aleph One if you haven't already
There's no reason why they couldn't add optional features like keybindings or colored lighting.
They most likely haven't because of how it may affect multiplayer and they probably have been playing the games since '94 and have gotten used to it.
well halo is basically just hollywood marathon with more james cameron aliens
It's funny how in Halo 2 you get to play as the covenant and don't get to kill a single human while in Marathon Infinity you get to hang out with the Pfhor and kill humans. Guess Bungie was too pussy to do it for a higher profile game.

File: 1590109813800.png (29 KB, 510x533)
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Can I interest you in anything for the show anons?
File: X833K2.jpg (129 KB, 1300x956)
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129 KB JPG

Yeah I'll take everything white boy.
Go back
File: original.jpg (79 KB, 423x700)
79 KB
Is there a problem here sir?

File: sad.png (121 KB, 556x524)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
Is there still hope Persona 5 will come to the switch?
not even the shitch have hope

File: Squall_Leonhart_shot.jpg (43 KB, 640x448)
43 KB
Why is Squall so relatable to me? I feel just like him. Squall is so engrossed and consumed with work, and keep telling himself that friends aren't that important. But like Squall I came to realized how important friends are.His journey and story are exactly how I feel. It's pretty eerie.
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File: 01231553.png (894 KB, 973x1121)
894 KB
894 KB PNG
normalfag women enjoy it, they look at you with a smug face and then laugh!
I think I'll just watch it on YouTube. My brain is fried from learning anyway.
He's autistic and so are you.
That was a part of his character in conception, that he would talk at great length about his interests (triple triad and metalworking).
He is "literally me" character.
I watched a fandub of it and for the most part is pretty good, some of the characters are spot on, others...like Cid not so much

What did you like about Dead Rising? What didn't you like?

Will Capcom ever revive this franchise that never even surpassed the original?
open world, repetitiveness
3 was the peak of the franchise.

She killed MILLIONS
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File: 1565558034670.jpg (230 KB, 1080x1920)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
File: 1556206018302.jpg (216 KB, 1080x1920)
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216 KB JPG
Marie Rose age 13 has a very kissable tummy
Is everyone fapping now?
can't I'll save for later

File: 1554658910214.gif (2.73 MB, 194x190)
2.73 MB
2.73 MB GIF

What does your favorite vidya sound like, bros?
File: 1590118619813.jpg (98 KB, 750x458)
98 KB

imagine not finishing a game's story

surely you don't do this, right anon?
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Same as NV. You kill the boss in seconds and the game dies
File: 562.jpg (67 KB, 600x600)
67 KB
No one's buying it newfag.
File: 1588939560281.png (760 KB, 760x839)
760 KB
760 KB PNG
>majority of posters in this thread thinking /v/ likes Hennig because of Uncharted since they've never heard of Legacy of Kain
That's not a hard standard to beat.
Walking sim games are nototriously shallow and pretentious. Expressing even half of the same concepts in your standard walking sim stories via gameplay systems is much more impressive.
That's because the denizens of nu-/v/ are underage and played their first games on PS4.

File: Spoiler Image (13 KB, 180x240)
13 KB
Have you ever tried repairing your PS4 or controller?

i replaced the joystick on my joycon controller, but i stripped one of the screws during reassembly and now it's permanently stuck sticking out. joystick works again tho.
I did PSP repair for the Mexican kids in my high school, never had to worry about bullies ever again.

Why do these fucking abominations exist?
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File: a6FZFOPSKh5cHlIi.webm (2.4 MB, 720x404)
2.4 MB
>they were literally created with the concept of chimeras in mind
They were making fun of early archaeologists of the 1800s-1900s that were mixing different dinosaur specie's bone together and think they belong together.

And feathers are canon
3D was the death of pokemon
File: dracovish[1].jpg (49 KB, 372x439)
49 KB
The whole point is that they're abominations that never truly existed. The fact that the Pokedex likes to pretend they actually once did just further solidifies the fact that no one should take Pokedex info seriously. More than anything I just wish the abominations were weaker and that they each got an evolution that bumped them up to their current stats and acclimated them better to their frankenstein bodies.

Also, surprisingly, this misshapen nigga is an absolute powerhouse competitively.

File: 1727839.jpg (245 KB, 1920x1080)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
That's it. I cancel my preorder and wait for a price drop.
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>buying a game at launch when the previous title is only good for one playthrough then you jump to multiplayer
>this game doesn't even have multiplayer
i might get the complete edition on ps5 if they don't fuck up the multiplayer
HI Neil
Cool. I preordered the Ellie edition.
File: 1582193021163.gif (1.9 MB, 450x243)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB GIF
Wasn't buying anyway as i was ahead of the curve and knew this was a marxist pile of shit propaganda game

Not really enjoying it. When I die in a boss fight, I want to run past enemies and face the boss but the game wants you to waste time facing enemies along the way. Stupid fucking shit
fuck are you on about, the only enemies I could see not being possible to run past are the teleporting ones in soul sanctum. Even then theres only 2 or 3 before the boss
You could easily run past them

Crash Bandicoot but if he was in real life

why do western devs think being an asshole as much as possible is a good sign of character development
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I guess I'm the only one who actually read that whole thing. It makes some valid points.
no it doesn't, it basically boils down to "waaaah why aren't women lobotomized moeblobs like in japan"
>In the kitchen
>Cooking dinner
>Kill her anyway.

That's just negative reinforcement.
Now her friends are thinking "Oh shit, Elizabeth was at home being a dutiful wife like she always was and she got killed for nothing", "I want my life to mean more than that, I want to have fun, see the world, sleep around...vote", "what's it matter if some man is just going to barge in and kill me no matter what I do, Might as well have freedom and independence"

Congratulations asshole, you just started the women's rights movement. I hope you're happy.
being an asshole and a slut is what women think empowerment is
maybe you shouldn't have made the height of idealized masculinity (ad therefore all that's admirable in the world) swinging your dick around in between sticking it in girls then

We revisiting this since Jadon’s name was found in the dev debug list?
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This sounds good, but where is the stuff before all this?
This was put together on one page from someone who dumped several pages at once.

There are two earlier pages I'll post that look like they're from the mid-game section. Otherwise haven't seen any others
File: 137725875344.jpg (30 KB, 250x346)
30 KB
who gives a single solitary fuck about this garbage

you'd need a room temperature IQ

File: wario7.gif (15 KB, 320x288)
15 KB
I would genuinely commit first degree murder for a new wario land/wario world game.

File: dmc hd collection.jpg (134 KB, 840x560)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
I just finished Devil May Cry 3 on normal; with this I cleared the PS2 games.
I liked 1 the most due to aspects like difficulty, enemies (nothing on 3 was even remotely on par with the those shadow dog / lion things or those assholes marionettes, the ones with fire attacks), the mansion was aesthetically cooler and more interesting that the tower and Alastor was the coolest sword ever.
3 is not far behind due to its longer length, the styles giving you a ton of gameplay options, especially when combined with the devil arms, and more importantly of all, the final boss was leaps and bounds the best final boss in the trilogy and one of the hardest boss battles I've faced; at the end I was forced to use items because the bastard not only is aggressive as fuck but he also regenerates health.
Oh, and no stupid retarded forced Space Harrier segment before the final boss.

Devil May Cry 2 was a fever dream. It remembered it was a (shitty) Devil May Cry game when you reach the building; before that it felt like a bad indie game. And that Stinger, Jesus almighty. What the fuck happened there?

What do you think about the original Devil May Cry trilogy, /v/?
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I never thought I'd see the day when DmCfags were the ones defending the best games in the franchise.
Are the ps2 versions the best for 1-3?
Only if you can get a PS2 and a CRT TV. Otherwise just get the HD collection.
yes, but 3 has less problems than 1 in the collection, and the problems that it has are less intrusive. In general most of the emulation flaws are only visual or audio related, gameplay is for the most part the same.

File: 1555963944903.png (1.03 MB, 1280x720)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
Is fighting game the genre with the most amount of people that never played any of the games talk about it as if they know anything about them?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
maybe but there are a lot of people that just watch mobas and starcraft without playing.
fightan is probably the genre where those people are most vocal about how to 'fix' the games
Between RPGs, MOBAs and Horror, I can't see fighting games being #1 in this regard. But people who don't play fighting games only talk about them for two reasons:
1. Rosterfagging.
2. Fighting game players bother them trying to get them to play their games.

Fighting games are like RTSs. They're a niche genre because of their position on the IQ bell curve. Except they're on either end.
i want a game that has that
There's just no pleasing some people. You can make aspects of a game easier but with fighting games you still have to play/train. A friend of mine hates how 'complicated' fighting games are but keeps trying to get into them. He won't take advice, barely trains and recently he got SamSho and GBFV but rage quit those since people that probably put in just a little bit of time learning stomped his ass.
>power rangers
I wouldn't play that garbage out of principle.

File: Pokemon-Conquest.jpg (112 KB, 1000x1000)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Do you play your respective series' spinoffs? If so, then which one is your favorite?

File: 20200302100037_420.jpg (33 KB, 420x354)
33 KB
Naoki Hamaguchi (Co-director): Thank you very much! After seeing the response when the game released, I felt real pride that the kind of remake we aimed for has been appreciated and approved by the fans. Our aim was to deliver a game experience that felt both new and nostalgic at the same time, not jarring with people’s fond memories of the original but enhancing them, and expressed in the most modern way possible. We have received many comments from fans expressing their approval for this approach and saying that the approach we took to the remake resonated with them, and this has inspired confidence in all the little decisions we made to build up the game. We are hugely excited about development on the next game and making that something that will meet fans expectations too, but it is important not to forget a sense of humility, and that we can still learn a lot.

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>Screenshots and images are lies and bullshit
I, too, anon can go into the game and screenshot as things are loading in. It's easy to do.
You are clearly retarded.
File: ok boomer.gif (182 KB, 226x224)
182 KB
182 KB GIF
>The time JANNIES retconning the main story
Japanese teams literally have meetings every day where they all have input on every aspect of where the game is going.

They dont just get allowed to do their own thing. Can you just stop this retarded lie that only works if this was a western company.
>The gameplay was garbage.
You got literally filtered by it. lol

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