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File: 1586171554674.jpg (239 KB, 720x719)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
Tfw you can't discuss with anon because all the threads he makes are about recent releases.
I understand you OP.
what have you been playing recently?
I played Starcraft for the first time. I liked it so much that I finished Brood War, WoL and HotS after that.
S2 plot was not what I expected from Starcraft.
I’m playing the last of us which is a game you’re not even allowed to like on /v/
i used to play it on a gateway laptop from 2001.
beat it with the 2x2 trackpad.
really love that game, and that time. its when i learned how to make hidden files and would hide hentai on them lol

Almost finished Dragonfall, can we have a Shadowrun thread?
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These simps are more dangerous than hoes ever were
>cyberpunk setting
>trusting an ai
yet it keeps it up when it fucking dies
What should I pair decking with in DF?
>nobody gave a shit about Battletech
Roguetech saved it and there are character portrait mods that fix the trannoid problem.

Never played the first one, and don't care to, I think it sucks. What's wrong with them killing Joel and having you play as the bad guys halfway through? It is an interesting way to have the narrative go. Perhaps Joel has fulfilled his purpose and given Ellie the means to survive? Not many film or game series do that. It's an interesting direction. I still think the game will suck, though
Sony shouldn't make a senator armstrong game exclusive. Everyone's wanted a game about him and now only psfags get to play it, I'm pissed.
Eat shit nincel.
See the thing I don't get about you consolefags is that you think respectable human beings such as myself would ever be caught with a fisher price toy OR a blu ray player, neither of which I'd ever even think about buying. It's silly, really, why would I do any of that when my laptop can do everything both of those can do, but better?
>Never played.
>I think it sucks

Fuckin lol

File: file.png (1.14 MB, 1531x708)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
Amazon first game is already dead
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What’s this game about?
I keep hearing about new world but this one had 0 marketing
it's just everything thrown together
ASSFAGGOTS, BRs, Hero Shooter, etc, etc
it lacks any identity and doesn't stand out in any way
Characters don't even look their own. It's like they're ripped side characters from disney movies
looks like a game made to fail
Can't wait for that open world rust clone to come out for it to flop too.

File: download.jpg (9 KB, 298x169)
9 KB
Hey /v/, life long console pleb here. I really want to get into pc gaming but I know fuck all about computers and I wouldn't even know where to begin. Could any of you guys point me in the right direction? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
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Start by looking up hardware and guides on how to build a computer. Learn what the components do, and how they interact with each other. You want to get familiar with hardware then the software level of the computer.

It helps to know when building and maintaining a computer.
build some shit
install some shit

More or less I was in the same bout as you. My PS4 broke and debated on whether to get a new one, wait for the next console release, or go for a switch. Decided to get my first gaming PC ever.

This will be your best friend if you want to build your own PC




These are all good videos to watch, the first one I watched while building my PC. Though he uses a mini ATX and a mini case, you'll likely want a larger one.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
If you want a laptop it's about $2k for a good one, otherwise build your own PC and avoid prebuilds
Use pcpartpicker. Big numbers good, small numbers bad

>/v/ wouldn't
What, are you gay?
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That's a man's abs.
File: EVhIA2CXYAQEh1v.jpg (62 KB, 640x541)
62 KB
I dont get it, why is Abby so manly is shes not trans? does she have that Serena Williams bodytype? if so where are her boobies
Ruined it
buff hanson

File: 1508640726115.png (2.16 MB, 1605x1122)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB PNG
Comfy 3 day Memorial Weekend thread, eurofags need not apply.

What yall doing for tomorrow?

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*higher difficulties
mostly to prevent faust's hat from killing the enemies on level 13
doing BP runs on DMC5 again, farthest i made it is to floor 96 with Dante. Hope i can beat it this time
Long Tall Weekend - TMBG
Most Americans get 3 or more weeks off a year. 2 if you're very unskilled
Ah, good to know
Gotcha, so kinda like Ninja Gaiden Black but without the new enemies, cool.
Also good to know.

Really my main issue with my first run was when and when not to lock on, I'm still learning the finer points of it, plus switching between 3 character movesets can get confusing, I think I actually forgot a few times that Nero can fucking grab bad guys with his Breaker arm

File: 1588967346221m.jpg (147 KB, 784x1024)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
>At Comic Con
>Taking pictures of a bunch of pretty cool outfits, including a Skullkid
>Girlfriend asks if we should play that one next
>We've played Breath of the Wild, A Link to the Past, and Zelda 1 together at this point because she knows I'm a fan and she wanted to try a Zelda game for the first time and those are the ones she picked first
>Before I can answer some neckbeard overhears this scoffs
>Tries to start a conversation and ask why I didn't pick Majora first
>Look at him like he's a retard and ask why he would
>No answer

File: Shiki_Misaki.png (126 KB, 229x711)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
Everything after the week 1 was a mistake
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File: joshua cringe.jpg (62 KB, 471x479)
62 KB
>all of those shopkeeper ladies
File: Screenshot_3.png (78 KB, 1029x925)
78 KB
You do realize that you can just exit in and out the pause menu to change the music, right?
Nobody questioning her when EVERYONE was acting completely out of character (Especially Kariya and Uzuki) was what was driving me nuts because Uzuki literally acts like Kariya and vice-versa.

Couldn't you make an argument that Neku and Beat had been out of the game for a bit and Neku was very suspicious and heightened in general around Joshua because he had to be incredibly suspicious to survive the Game whereas in Coco's situation she acts just as confused as he is until the third act and Neku only starts to piece things together around there as well?
You’ve learned how to edit your screenshots, congratulations. Also, being awfully defensive of that other anon.

File: deusex.jpg (48 KB, 750x600)
48 KB
Reinstall it right now.

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File: based.png (423 KB, 1920x1080)
423 KB
423 KB PNG
Why are you using Windows 10?
File: 1586207166862.jpg (32 KB, 464x618)
32 KB
>linux for anything other than work and servers
You're missing one of the greatest games of all time.
Looks like I need to install it then.
>Using Linux for something that works on Linux? Ha ha, no thanks, I'll use Windows even when I don't have to!
Cringe but okay.

File: Octopath Traveler.jpg (68 KB, 616x353)
68 KB
So who had the best storyline?
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Alfynn has the best story. Best final boss, either H’annit or Primmrose
File: 1588146827022.jpg (223 KB, 1200x1199)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
Am I supposed to like this faggot? He has no redeeming qualities, just le edgy thief who steals because thinks he has the biggest dick in Orsterra.
i also hated him. Easily the worst character out of the eight. Only edgy teenagers like that fag
You mean the one that was the least shit
Cordelia femdoms him nightly

Will you be getting the remake?
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>I can’t enjoy games without them reinforcing my personal preference in consoles because I still act like console wars matter in the first place since I’m a poorfag and can only afford one at a time
Running firestorm, 200+ instaheal grass spam, kitaner pushlocks, scraping spear trolling, cracked cursed dbs etc.

All it takes in modern Souls is a weapon to have a fart of an advantage and it becomes meta. DeS is so ludicrous in how OP its crap is, online would simply have to get btfo to the moon if was gonna be redone.
i can't wait until bloodborne finally comes home
It was great
I didn't even kill people. I got a lot of hate mail on my PS3 from invading the starting areas and just using the Scraping spear and Plague Cloud on whoever I invaded.
>invade with scraping spear
>see cuck take his gear off so he doesn't have to repair it
>die laughing

File: Band_Land.png (32 KB, 231x214)
32 KB
Video Game OST thread

I'll start with one of my favourites

What do you listen to /v/?

don't care much about Skyrim but the soundtrack is good
File: athkatla.png (183 KB, 562x750)
183 KB
183 KB PNG

What does /v/ think of X5?

Personally, while i did enjoy it fine enough, there were some low points that were boring as shit.
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The composer went to Platinum. Which was a good choice.
Just download the game and play it.
If you don't like it then delete it.
You can tell Capcom really regretted killing her off in X4
Not gonna lie, Gaea armor looks cool. it would have been cooler if it wasn't so limited.
>Roll and Layer are A rank
>Iris is S.

Yep, very.

What did you like about Dead Rising? What didn't you like?

Will Capcom ever revive this franchise that never even surpassed the original?

File: co1tcb.jpg (100 KB, 528x704)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Senior video game design student here about to graduate. Just wanted to say that most of us consider this game a joke in the more elite gaming circles.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah no shit because the game is jank as hell by today's standards and you don't need a degree to know that. The sample size is small but I have a friend studying game dev and all he plays is MMOs and coomer bait anime games. Nigga unironically likes the trash that is Code Vein more than Souls because it looks like an anime. I know this is a bait and feel terrible for even responding to it but game design studies only teach you how to literally make a game, not to make a soulful experience. Want proof? Just look at your average big budget release and tell me these people know what the fuck are they doing. You can learn how to implement certain mechanics but you need to be more intelligent that a chimpanzee, something surprisingly sparse in the industry, to actually make something fresh and relatively fun to play.
Well the gentleman largely responsible for the failures of Morrowind were let go.
Rolston went on to make a game so bad it nearly bankrupted a State.
The other villain was Kirkbride who went on to kill Telltale games.

Once they jettisoned this dead weight the series took off
>anyone giving a fuck what someone who spent their whole life in school thinks
>Senior video game design student here about to graduate
There's a joke here, but it sure isn't Morrowind.
File: Nord 3.png (1.15 MB, 617x965)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG

It's awful. Dunno why people claim it's good, it's extremely boring, the map is huge and wakling is super slow, characters look like shit even with mods, and the gameplay, jesus christ, the gameplay is so bad, "miss, miss, miss" and when you stop missing it's still wonky awful animations. I think Morrowind also has the worst magic system of any game.

File: Iroha.png (1.28 MB, 936x1074)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
I think she would look better with a modest and cute wardrobe.
A cute look to fit a cute character
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 13009806_p0.png (24 KB, 400x500)
24 KB
Iroha is wonderful because she ramps both cuteness and sexiness up to 11
She would look better naked and being cuddled by my arms
I think she would be better with fat and hot cumshots on her armpits.
File: Iroha-walkforward.gif (8 KB, 88x103)
8 KB
The game hasn't come out on PC yet
File: 1576213130541.png (56 KB, 160x198)
56 KB
except vastly more feminine, is female, has ovaries, is 2D, and is attractive unlike you

File: zelda.jpg (184 KB, 716x649)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
MAN (man)
16 replies omitted. Click here to view.
ur mom
Pretty neat but I think I could do without the extreme swaying effect on clouds/bushes in Super Mario.
I swear I've seen this exact same thing years ago, converting NES roms to like 2.5D, and it looked like shit back then too.
It look a lot better now.
Pretty cool
Now make it for snes

File: MetroExodus.jpg (543 KB, 1500x999)
543 KB
543 KB JPG
Do i have to search for loot in the open world or can i go through it and ignore all of it.
don't like open world games. metro 1 and 2 were some great games.

Will the new Stalker ever come out?
the open world is pretty barren in exodus, there's not really all that much to do.
If you don't do any side content or exploring at all, you're gonna miss out on quite a bit of shit tho
Usually items that aren't just consumables or ammo tend to be in pretty obvious landmarks that you might even be sent to for the main quest. If it's just some random fucking watchtower you likely don't need to climb in it, but if it's a pair of houses with electrical wire between them and a sparking box, more likely than not it's hiding some shit
>Will the new Stalker ever come out?
No but Gunslinger is the best we are going to get.
The open world is the only thing that Exodus does really well. The narrative is pretty weak, at least relative to 2033 or Last Light. Meaning you'd be missing out by not doing the side content.

Should she have been the new end game boss in Terraria?
i want to fill her tummy with my cummy
I’m angry you posted that without a spoiler warning, but that’s some nice art.
yea, reddit draws much better than 4chinchin
I beat her by building a roller coaster.

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