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File: Untitled.png (1.34 MB, 1041x702)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
What am i in for ?

What would a Jak game made by nuND be like, /v/?
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Ummmmm, sweetie, honey, we don't use the word f*n at Naughty Dog.
Good bait, might need to use this
The only thing worse than cinematic oscarbaits were furry shovelware platformers long after the fad died.
Perhaps it will answer where the metalheads came from.
Didnt he purposefully fuck over Amy Henings career?

File: 1588681598239.png (1.02 MB, 1193x769)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
b-bros I thought they were going bankrupt?
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Fortnite as of right now and for at least the next year is more than making up the difference, the issue is if there is a sudden drop off in users or kids buying MTXs Epic is fucked, but that's really unlikely. For the foreseeable future Epic's net worth will increase but slower than it could if it wasn't ran by a retard.
>Cancer festers cancer
>Sony abandons their Japanese developers to invest in Chinese developers
>What is an investment?

File: bono6ao4dm661.png (2.64 MB, 1920x1080)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB PNG
Following an npc while it 'talks' is NOT good gameplay!!
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Its not immersive its gay especially when the writing is so boring.
File: 1618388505090.png (35 KB, 158x112)
35 KB
I like those moments when your following a npc while it's talking but it's not for of the dialogue.
just have the guy follow YOU
You're trying too hard to fit in, edgy kid
I don’t replay single player games really.

File: 1454202069728.jpg (86 KB, 449x299)
86 KB
Ay, new kid. Who do you main in Smash?
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how can something like that survive
he looks like he can't even eat solid food
File: pedostache.jpg (40 KB, 480x435)
40 KB
I play tekken, like you.
I see they're filming the Wire Season 6
File: 1615834521177.jpg (138 KB, 916x1173)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
>fox kids

File: sdsf.png (614 KB, 555x547)
614 KB
614 KB PNG

>"I don't see an option to shelve Cyberpunk 2077. We are convinced that we can bring the game to such a state that we can be proud of it and therefore successfully sell it for years to come," Kicinski told Reuters.

>Despite the ongoing struggle to meet expectations of its recent title, CDP hopes to develop two high-budget games in parallel, starting next year. Plans to develop a multiplayer mode for Cyberpunk 2077 were also scrapped last month.

Will you play the new games of CDPR (read /ourguys/)?
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i've been wanting to play it but waiting for it to be patched/updated more. thanks for beta testing!
A game having a lot of mainstream appeal does not work as an argument on here you fucking brainlet.
>damn really? i fucking loved ruiner, one of my favorite games. i would have loved to have seen a fully open and interactive city. that game was too short.
yeah it was a great game you need to understand that they were a small team, rumours are that they were the original dev team behind the first build of cyberpunk that was suppose to be third person before it got scrapped by the CEO for the FPS shit show we got.
>good characters and dialogue
>but the writing is bad
You mean the overall plot, then. I totally get that, I was lost in the step-by-step of the story so much that I guess I lost track of the overall plot. Having a chase mission all game isn’t the best.

But the side quests (all 100+ hours of them) were amazing. Lots of little things that made you feel you were in this grim land playing a witcher.

I listed some reasons it was good. Good story, good combat, etc. His claim was the game is bad, with no details. You can’t do that on a GOTY and expect people to take your opinion seriously.
Unless they completely rip out all the code and start from scratch nothing is going to salvage this game.

File: isabela).jpg (19 KB, 346x346)
19 KB
>she's a whore, has stds and gets drunk everyday at the hanged man tavern
what did we think about isabela from Dragon Age 2?

btw Gaider finally confirmed that DA2 was indeed an expansion before EA mandated a full game to cover a release schedule
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>tfw want to romance isabela in a new playthrough but can't be unloyal to elf waifu
Shit taste m8, Merril is ugly
We're at least a decade into it already, if not two.
I think she cute
She's a busty whore who is up for it, and I wasn't looking to get tied down so for that she is best girl.

File: 1616587038335.png (395 KB, 620x336)
395 KB
395 KB PNG
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>Be jannies
>Don't clean this shit up
Video games?
File: Yeiah.jpg (29 KB, 661x672)
29 KB
I don't think you understand how comedy works, friend.
you're about to witness the strength of street knowledge

Is it actually good?
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Can you fuck Paimon?
Yeah, until you reach AR35.
It's free, find out for yourself.
No, not really, a great effort for a mobiletrash gachashit, enough that I'm enjoying it a little bit, but in no way it is good enough to play everyday like they're forcing you to.

File: saints row 2.jpg (43 KB, 354x500)
43 KB
we share games that improved our music taste! I start whit pick related!
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I'd post the same shit as you OP.
SR2 and True Crime NYC probably expanded what would become my love for 80s and 90s hip hop tenfold.
The Mix 107.77 changed my interest in music entirely.

Still listen to Sister Christian and Land Down Under in particular on a regular basis.

One thing I liked about the series going forward is that they dropped the basic bitch hip-hop focus and made the Boss a full-on 80's Chad, singing classics and playing them in key moments.
File: 1611398550253.png (1.21 MB, 1440x1080)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
>imagine 'improving' one's taste to shit tier and bragging about it
File: 1612091943126.gif (3.74 MB, 198x197)
3.74 MB
3.74 MB GIF
>flying around in a helicopter
>everybody wants to rule the world starts playing
fucking COMFY

File: file.png (332 KB, 378x527)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
IRL bosses

It's both a buggy piece of shit and absolute ludo at the same time.
Just say fun. People will shit on you all the same but at least you'll sound honest.
but it is ludo
Its boring as shit tho 90% of the game is ubisoft type missions
fake & gay

File: 20210414_140026.jpg (43 KB, 480x705)
43 KB
Potential video game bosses thread
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People going insane really isn't a lovecraft trope, its just a trope for "lovercraftian" shit, lovecraft himself rarely dealt with that.
File: 20210412_060809.jpg (110 KB, 640x768)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
File: chadcat.jpg (304 KB, 1450x1500)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
File: 1600693013126.jpg (146 KB, 960x758)
146 KB
146 KB JPG

File: 1599533553365.png (423 KB, 383x623)
423 KB
423 KB PNG
What the fuck is this shit?
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I liked to jump into the game every now and then before they introduced role queue. After that, I've only played a few matches and didn't even really test Echo
yeah this role lock bullshit just ruined it for me and im not even a damage main
That would be Paladins, an actually well designed game
I haven't had too many problems playing ranked in Paladins though I have mates to actually play with. The playerbase is toxic though yeah, but that goes with most freemium games as well as Overwatch, and mechanically it just plays so much smoother. ULTs are less powerful than in Overwatch, Tanks and Healers are actually fun and varied and using only one of each is completely viable, customizing how your character plays with cards is fun too. For a game that really just started as an Overwatch bootleg it's really much better.
Bronze then
Blizzard just don't understand how to make a shooter.
>Ok let's add 50 fun characters and 8 trash ones
>Now let's make it so that the 8 awful, boring ones are extremely strong
>And let's make sure that of the 6 players on a team, only 2 of them get to have fun and actually play a shooter, everyone else gets to place shields and connect pool noodles to each other's anuses
>Yes this is goo- wait why is everyone flocking to damage roles? We need to punish this behavior

File: Alucard.png (900 KB, 653x888)
900 KB
900 KB PNG
Alucard the son of Dracula
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His name is Adrian, not Alucard. He just made that name up for himself.
Then what does that make dracula?
The father
Built for Big Belmont Cock.

Underrated banger.

File: stp.png (20 KB, 1168x634)
20 KB
You are one of the city's top ordinary dudes, you have recently fell into the conundrum of rescuing some dame thats gotten seized by a gnarly brute.
You have most definitely never been in this exact situation before or DRAWTHREAD for that matter, quite frankly you have no idea what a DRAWTHREAD is.

On the surface you have no discerning features other than having a question mark for a face, but you may be the only one fit for the task to SAVE THE PRINCESS.

How will you rescue this damsel from distress?
43 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
I will get railed by the big dude
Become the princess
File: abc.png (93 KB, 1168x634)
93 KB
I tired.
File: 1614289215019.png (801 KB, 540x610)
801 KB
801 KB PNG
Alright save the princess thread, but We're gonna->>551851228
>no resident snek/drawfag

File: 1567012951383.jpg (225 KB, 1920x1080)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
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What comic is this?
It's a blood choke, retard
and blood primaries carries what around the body?
The nerves of that low-tier man

What was the moral of the story? With enough faith mountains can be moved and Arthur should have had faith?
15 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Everyone who made it out of the camp alive ended up succeeding in whatever they did. John was probably the slowest of them all to actually get his shit together.
Sad thing was that they had plenty of chances to get out of it all. Only a handful of them actually moved on to a better life. They were all loyal to a leader that didnt give a shit about them.
I like how it's almost perfectly embodied in the old trapper that drinks himself into a coma in Valentine from time to time.
I remember playing this when it came out when I was like 19 and not a care in the world. I’m 22 now and I tried this game again for a replay a couple of months ago and I just couldn’t stomach it. I feel this is a game for people who want to live inside of a game but I have a life. It just demands too much time and patience and it never speeds up, even after the prologue.
Red Dead Redemption

>game about a writer of thrillers
>the story is entirely constructed out of the most tired thriller tropes
whats the appeal of this basic bitch writing
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>to me the game doesnt seem aware of how clishaed and basic it is
No, it absolutely is. The game is predominantly a parody of Stephen King. It's extremely self-aware.
Is there any sequel to it? i thought microsoft cancelled alan wake 2?
Remedy finally acquired the rights from Microsoft about a year ago and now Ebin Games is funding a sequel.
File: 1609110716167.jpg (55 KB, 660x495)
55 KB
>garbage man who uses the term "trope" tries to criticize someone's writing.
That's exactly the point of the game, it's self-aware on it's tropes that it's basically a parody of Twin Peaks and horror writers. Nightingale actually calls Wake Stephen King, amongst other writers.

File: file.png (460 KB, 1149x851)
460 KB
460 KB PNG
Did you work on your game today?
225 replies and 50 images omitted. Click here to view.
Wishlisted. Definitely will spend some time in it during festival.
My one btw https://store.steampowered.com/app/1582790/Frail_Faces
File: 20210406_150315.jpg (25 KB, 512x512)
25 KB
>learning to code
>bored & unmotivated but i put in the works
>dabble in the unity engine for a mobile app concept
>absolutely fall in love with unity & gamedev
fuck regular appdev, i'm going to use my programming skills & transfer my focus over to becoming a unity developer

I've been following you on itch for a while, glad to see your game is getting close to finished. Wishlisted, best of luck!
File: 1451500283423.png (84 KB, 416x840)
84 KB
he qt

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