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File: file.png (238 KB, 460x215)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
I'm interested in this game.
Is it really as good as everyone says?
Do I need a good pc to run it?
It looks right up my alley as I love stylish action games with neat mechanics and Ultrakill seems just like that except it's an FPS.
The art-direction seems cool too.
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>looks right up my alley as I love stylish action games with neat mechanics and Ultrakill seems just like that except it's an FPS.
Style meter is shit, literally dmc1-tier
>art direction
>corridors corridors, neon corridors
Only 4 layer has actual good art direction and level design, rest is very mediocre
There are levels, there is an endless mode where you fight hordes of enemies though.
i dont think theyre procedurally generated theyre just very bland
yes its good
it runs on wrist watches. seriously the recommended gpu is from like 10 years ago.
this game is definitive proof that gameplay >>>>>>>> graphics
it's not god's gift to gayming like everyone circlejerking it claims, but it's very fun even as is and when (if ever) it gets finished it's liable to become great

File: rps20190117_101513.jpg (274 KB, 1512x2016)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
Post proof your not a casual
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File: gfdgdg.jpg (1.58 MB, 2560x1440)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG
getting trophies doesnt mean youre good
File: 1627523884483.png (1.02 MB, 1271x714)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
I am a casual, though.
File: Capture.png (16 KB, 936x92)
16 KB

File: 1625758524652.jpg (2.29 MB, 1505x2125)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB JPG
why does /v/ hate nia?
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How the fuck does liking nia make you a pedophile she doesn't even look like a child
I don't agree with them either yet people keep calling Rex a shota despite him being the same height as Nia.
They do look the same age, and when she's introduced she drawls
>A chiyuld salvager? Jin, don't tell me we're going to have to hire a babysitter for this outting
>I look just as much a child as you do Leh-dy
or words to that effect
lol go groom somebody on your tw*tter or youtube you bearded little cunt, your fake virtue signalling wont work here
>it's real
Probably something like discord or reddit that has a similar system, although, it will only be if the photos are uploaded through an icloud backup.

File: file.png (314 KB, 573x502)
314 KB
314 KB PNG
ok NOW it's officially over
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>losing sponsorships
Now THIS is where it hurts companies the most. It is at this point that they need to start acting rationally because it's the point where shareholders start to get really pissed.
Please let some disgruntled employee leak a bunch of source code.
blizzard deserves this for going woke
A so it begins...the woke wars

Why is Bloodborne so much better than Dark Souls?

Why from hasn't topped it yet (and never will)?
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13m it seems. All we have is the figures of played. Show me your 2021 accurate sales figures, otherwise, gotta go with my gut. Keep in mind all the souls games have been given away, and PS is the lead platform, so this could very well apply to them too. You did know that, right?
There’s so many little details in Bloodborne that stuff is still being found in 2021
It’s a fascinating title and the fact that we won’t get more of its world is depressing
Easiest is Dark Souls 1 and Demon's Souls, but especially Dark Souls 1 because of how broken poise, backstab, and ranged are. Some guy beat Dark Souls 1 recently where literally every enemy was turned to Gwyn.
Is this what you do in your free time? I mean, we are all talking about some obscure ass nerdy shit, but lying about something so trivial seems especially pathetic.
I just finished it as my first Soulsborne, was pretty great. Don't really feel like playing any ds though, they seem slow.

File: ehmm.png (392 KB, 708x404)
392 KB
392 KB PNG
>audio language: japanese
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Business, the fuck else you drooling retards
Don't tell me you seriously think the purpose of language learning is to play untranslated weeaboo cartoons
You are living in your mom's basement what fucking business you gonna do?
So what's stopping you from doing business with Japan exactly?
Japan will be unpopulated in ten years all business will be done with arabs, nigerians, and spics sooo based
Have you seen their economy? Shits been in the shitter ever since the 90s and nips don't emigrate and stay in their bubble

File: p90.png (573 KB, 1200x600)
573 KB
573 KB PNG
overpowered in every single game its in
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I miss combat arms
In R6:Siege it's totally unusable piece of shit because of insane recoil and piss poor damage.
And OP is a faggot in every thread he's in
Meh in Splat. Gun is good, kit is shit.

What controller should I buy to play on PC?
I mostly play retro games, but I do need sticks for the occasional 3D game.

I heard bad things about literally every controller.
>switch has drift
>dual sense drifts after 400h too
>xbox series x has buttons and triggers breaking
>ds4 loose connection via cable overtime
>8bitdo dying after a few months
I just want to play video games, what is the LEAST shit?
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I ordered a pro+ I hope it delivers.
I really love the NES/SNES like dpad, if it is close to the original I will probably be satisfied with it.
Xbox series is the best option for PC nowadays desu.
I like the DS4 but I know plenty of people don't. My gf loves the Xbone controller but it doesn't fit right in my hands. Maybe they're too big since hers are small as fuck.
Been using it for 7 years now without a single issue.
Dualshock 4 is your best bet.
DS4 works perfect for me. If you don't like cables use it with 8bitdo dongle. And don't spend so much time reading reviews on the internet

File: Diablo.png (779 KB, 640x640)
779 KB
779 KB PNG
Use this python notebook in the cloud to run the generator: https://colab.research.google.com/drive/1ZAus_gn2RhTZWzOWUpPERNC0Q8OhZRTZ
You do not have to download anything, it all runs for free online.
You have to click the play button on each section to run that part. Make sure you run each step in order initially. If you get errors, it's probably because you didn't run everything above the section you're running.
Make your vidya prompt in the "Parameters" section. The AI will try to make a picture that matches. For example, pic related is the AI's attempt at the art for

Here's some tips for changing the style: https://imgur.com/a/SALxbQm
Post you're results
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Struggles due to VRAM on anything bigger than 500x500
Somebody do Everquest!
do it yourself
Prompt was: Heihachi Mishima visits Hair Club for men to do something about his baldness
I'll put it in and see what it spits back
I actually can't right now posting from a Nokia N95 ;_;

File: R (3).jpg (92 KB, 618x199)
92 KB
>renting physical game good
>renting digital game bad
you own nothing in both instances so why is digital considered bad?
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File: 9k=.jpg (7 KB, 245x205)
7 KB
I will own nothing
I will be happy
I will eat the bugs
I will live in the pod
I will take the jab
I will NOT take my meds
it's ok when steam does it sweetie
>sync Steam to your GoG account
>you now own all your Steam games on GoG (even if the games arent avaliable on GoG yet, the CD keys are exchanged still)
>use GoG's DRM free .iso backup feature
>you now have permanent DRM free .isos of all of your games backed up on your external HDD as well
>(optional) burn those isos to DVDs
congrats, you now have your game library backed up 4 times in 4 different places
>try to play game
>"You need to be logged in to Steam to open this game"
yeah man totally works!
inb4 it works on like 5% of the games!
lol works for me mate
maybe try having a nice hot cup of git fukken gud

File: 1628125403118.jpg (969 KB, 1000x1414)
969 KB
969 KB JPG
Previous Thread: >>566219810

>Post references and names in one post
>Keep it vidya origin
>No shitposting, if a post breaks the rules, DO report and hide it. DON'T respond to it.
>Have fun

http://vidyart.booru.org/ (archive)
http://vidyartplus.booru.org/ (new)

NSFW Deliveries:
>>>/i/644225 or https://catbox.moe/

Drawing Books and drawing programs:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Samefags own request
>Admits to it
>Starts calling others paranoid
>Starts getting really defensive
>Links a guy from the prior thread just because he used the same gif
Yep, pretty sure Aradiafag is just Botfag
Someone's got to keep the dream living on. We keep delivering rain or shine, just for that one chance to bring a smile to someone's face. We do it out of love.
Requesting Aegis simultaneously Launching all nuclear ICBMs of United States and Russia and saying 'fuck white people '. She is a robot so she just hacked the system with the help of IBM's super computer 'Deep blue'.
That would mean that botfag does coloring requests
>botfag sees aradia request sniping him
>tries to claim that the request was already delivered, despite being new
>tries to fake a wip to prevent artists drawing it
>is caught by mods making multiple dummy threads to prevent sniping
>tries to claim that aradiafag is HIMSELF in the last dummy thread
>image gets delivered anyways
>is now trying to cope by claiming he is aradiafag, despite just accusing aradiafag of samefagging the delivery, to prevent any future deliveries
^ You are now here, at this level of cope.
The next phase is botfag making an aradia request next thread, to try and "discredit" an anonymous person.

File: maxresdefault (3).jpg (97 KB, 1280x720)
97 KB
>Hello guys.
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File: 1595405975711.jpg (151 KB, 758x758)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
>Using riot shield
I seriously hope you guys don't do this.
File: 1624087261815.jpg (4 KB, 182x250)
4 KB
>Host Migration

File: drunk rabbit.png (332 KB, 500x302)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
/v/. I'm bored. What are some good Looney Tunes video games? I feel like I need some zaniness in my life.
38 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
I never played this one. Only Buster's Hidden Treasure on Genesis.
cute game
Came here to post this, based
Tiny toons
Road runner
All for sega mega drive
Based. Back when Konami was even pumping out great licensed games.


106 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
Don't worry about punches, worry about when people start killing reporters. That's a quote.
>Gamergate as a term did not exist before 2014.
Neither did the Nazi Party before 1920 yet DAP is still included in it.
Term is irrelevant, the movement itself and the spirit against journalistic corruption is relevant and was already in full swing.
GamerGate, just like the Nazi Party, starts before the coining of the name,
and it starts when Journalism colluded to create narrative shifts painting gamers as all kinds of labels in order to smokescreen for big companies, namely and mainly EA, fucking up with their woke lower quality game sequels to game series whose developers were castrated and sacked and replaced in typical EA fashion, as with Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 3, and ToRTanic.
Simple as.
The attempt to pin it to Zoe Quinn as a starting point completely isolates and erases the 2-3 years before that when Journalism was the most visibly and tangibly seen using the narrative shift social justice tactics to cover for big game companies failing by making lower quality products and pushing anticonsumerism such as with DLC and lootbox precursors and EA being named worst company in USA.
THIS, is your intent, to erase these narrative tools of journalism from hindsight and spotlight as they become completely smokescreened during Zoe Quinn and post with information overload. THIS is why your narrative is something i will never agree with and will keep to the spirit of using 2011 as the starting point as it encompasses Journalistic corruption at its most visible and its social justice tactics at their most clear.
>in a role playing game people like to make a physically relatable character
Wow, amazing
>liara or Tali
Based normal men, at the end of the day the whole point of the series is romping around with your space girlfriend
>people don't want to min max
>go back to re_dit where you belong
Are you fucking retarded? The article is about all players. Not your secret le special club and your objectively superior selections. Go back to school where you belong el tardo.

File: 1599891953119.jpg (25 KB, 268x268)
25 KB
I love Smug Kid
37 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
don't talk about my dick in such a way
more like brapkid
File: uoh.png (11 KB, 89x87)
11 KB
>Psht, got beat by a lil' girl you gonna cry?
yeah im crying alright
brapkid with the uzi!

Why do Switch owners not care about SMTV or NMH3?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
you know that SMTV is a Switch only game, right?
>PC release
Keeeeep copin' fatty ;)
Then I'll probably get it on the Switch then

I own a PC+Switch, skinny. =P
File: 1597799326479.png (548 KB, 1145x758)
548 KB
548 KB PNG
I care about those games but I care about metroid more
Isn't this the reddit vote screen?

File: far_cry_primal.jpg (56 KB, 570x400)
56 KB
Well, /v/? Is it fun?
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
It's a mostly recycled map but I remember thinking this was a ballsy move in a time where anything short of farcry 3+1 was a bad move for ubishit
The aesthetic and world are really cool. You're gonna have a hard time getting your cave man on in a somewhat realistic video game like this otherwise too. The problem is that so many of the weapon in the game are melee and the engine simply isn't built for it. It really needed at least some kind of block, parry and dodge mechanics to make it work. Most of the time if you're just whacking someone with a club or stabbing them with a spear up close and personal it feels like fucking Skyrim or something. Throwing the spear is super satisfying but not so much actually stabbing people with it.
File: 1626039031344.jpg (226 KB, 1654x1365)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
At least it has those cinematic kills. Spearing Neanderthal women in the back was grim.
>he didnt play as a clubchucker cavechad

Oooooh Timmy!

I'm respecting your zoning by not trapping you at the ledge but asserting my authority as your father by punishing your bad DI with my disjointed hitbox and doing 0-25% into a true combo anyway!
321 replies and 102 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 39b.jpg (180 KB, 670x1191)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
Lynn would be nice
> wishing all the worlds food was dessert
Great episode
Most these things aren’t true anymore later on
Because they dropped all the characters. Crocker wasn't even obsessed with fairies anymore.
The fact that it's explained that fairies only go to the most miserable of kids, and yet cosmo and wanda get dumped on some suburbanite with absentee parents and a bitch babysitter really says a lot about the universe.

Kids don't live in abject poverty? In war torn areas? Imagine if the Fairly Oddparents took place with some syrian refugee child as the lead. That's misery, not "boo hoo my parents are never home and my babysitter is a cunt."

so is it safe to say its finally over for the Switch? after the abysmal numbers from nintendos financial briefing today which showed the Switch selling far less than the PS5 did this quarter (not taking into account the sever stock shortages the PS5 has), has interest in the system died off?

even the recent famitsu numbers paint a sorry picture for the switch, with it barely selling 60k a week anymore.

did nintendo fail to release heavy hitters after Zelda? do you see them making another console on par with the PS5/Steam Deck/Xbox X?
47 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1585588197889.jpg (173 KB, 683x1024)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
>What's the issue?
theyre literally all ps exclusives retard
Just PS exclusive? Not PS5 exclusive?
eat shit
There's 2 pokemon games coming out around December. Sony and anyone thinking Sony or steam is beating Nintendo is actually mentally ill. They just need to ban all console shit on this board already because it's fucking pathetic lol

File: MSM2Leak.png (1.97 MB, 1920x1080)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB PNG

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