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File: zoo.png (2.62 MB, 1403x1302)
2.62 MB
2.62 MB PNG
Refute this, you can't.
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>tfw sitting at the computer looking at the stills on the installer
>getting HYPE as fuck
>finally get to play game and it's genuinely fun as fuck
don't get this feeling much anymore
File: tutorial.png (534 KB, 800x600)
534 KB
534 KB PNG
Jesus Christ the soul in these tutorials..
Same, I wish more installers had stills in them. I forgot which one but a game I got recently had stills in it's installer, which was pretty kino.
File: 1571996183739.gif (522 KB, 500x250)
522 KB
522 KB GIF
This might be too much soul

File: file.png (1.94 MB, 1547x999)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB PNG
>peach's face when she gets a mega mushroom
File: file.png (864 KB, 714x1019)
864 KB
864 KB PNG
Any suggestions for vore games ?
She gotta keep up with the superior princess

File: Grand_Theft_Auto_V.png (176 KB, 285x350)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
>*sells 150m copies*
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File: 1626692274439.jpg (311 KB, 1080x1266)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
>Install mod menu
>Spawn Wedge Truck and Petrol Tanker
>Turn on invincibility
>Play W.A.S.P. songs on the custom radio
Yup, it's gaming time.
I was cringing until I got to
>literally never played online
>only replay singleplayer
but you are indeed based
truly bizarre that they are moving these things. the real money to gtabucks exchange rate is the worst i have ever seen, out of any in-game currency. 30 real life dollars can buy you one(1) of the game's 100+ supercars
GTAO is just a medium for Goystar to shill their record labels nowadays

It’s kind of a bummer to see that Law demons will have Kaneko’s design. Really liked what they did for Archangels in SMT IV

File: 1625935654414.jpg (867 KB, 2048x1145)
867 KB
867 KB JPG
>He doesn't play cute games
What's your excuse?
The girl on the bottom left looks familiar
File: 1553468044083.png (247 KB, 378x406)
247 KB
247 KB PNG
File: uohhhhhhhhhhh.jpg (97 KB, 485x628)
97 KB
i only played nobeta and rice farm sim both were mediocre
File: 1627207474332.jpg (245 KB, 1126x802)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
Where's the update Onibros

Is it just me or is DMC5SE one of the most prettiest games ever made?

Let me share some screens that I took while playing.

DMC thread!
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File: 20210720205159_1.jpg (470 KB, 1920x1080)
470 KB
470 KB JPG
File: yeah yeah cherrypicking.jpg (316 KB, 1200x907)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
That’s pretty interesting, I’ve never even heard this referenced anywhere and a quick google search showed absolutely no trace of anyone mentioning it anywhere else.
I played DMC2 (both campaigns) and I don’t remember this shit at all. Is this Bloody Palace only or something?
I wonder if it’s just a random rare-roll for banter. Like easter egg reloads in battlefield

Wait...the protagonist is a female? I didn’t realize until I saw the trailer.
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Rude, he is beautiful
File: china dab.jpg (13 KB, 330x250)
13 KB
It's Chadg
Technically this is the 9th one if you count Primal, New Dawn and the Xbox exclusive one that I forget the name of.
I really didn't like the tonal whiplash in JC3 after having practically everything about JC2 be tongue-in-cheek but then trying to make a serious story with JC3.
Still an okay game though I guess.
You play a revolutionary opposing the two on the cover. You can choose if you want to be male or female. Main name is 'Dani'.

File: Hi-res-Agony.jpg (14 KB, 248x250)
14 KB
Given the following options, which do I sink a bunch of hours into? I only have a few more months of coof money before I have to stop being a NEET and I want to spend them on one of the following autistic grind games

No reliable friends to play with despite 4 of us starting it earlier this week. I'm already level 50 and over half done the fucking main story grind for ARR. Scholar/Summoner ATM. I don't generally do subscription based games but if the end game is worth it I might sub. I'm mildly intimidated by end game rotations and sheer numbers of skills. If I'm going to sub and buy expansions you can bet I'm not spending a dime more on it.

One reliable friend to play with who's deep in end game. I bought pre ordered the base game years ago but after shedding tears over GW1 and it's legacy, playing it left a bad taste in my mouth and I never picked it back up. After the autism of ff14's story grind I think I could push through now. No sub is a big plus, as is having someone to play with.

>Path of Exile
A bunch of friends currently play it. But they seem to mostly solo grind and talk about drops and builds. Never been a big fan of ARPGs or even CRPGs. The build variety is interesting in concept though. Turned off by the community autism after trying to find videos of how some builds play and over half don't even have in game footage, just 10 minutes of skill trees and gear requirements. Is there really build variety? Or just the illusion of it, but really everyone plays the same 5 optimum builds that all play virtually identical to each other?

Not playing WoW and I already have 1500 hours in Warframe. The only other MMO I ever put time into was GW1.
Decide my fate /v/

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I don't think it's worth it if you aren't going to play with other people, CPU races get old real fast. Why do you not plan on playing online?
Yes, plenty of content to do offline.
>America is a first world country.
>when they collapse
I guess this is the reason Amerimutts are in awe when they see a building with more than 20 years
Incredible response time

Why did this artstyle filter so many people?
I always thought it was pretty cool
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File: hOlSCbh.jpg (97 KB, 581x800)
97 KB
Look X isn't going to win any awards for it's "Poorly drawn Inafune teens with giant popeye legs fight cartoon animal robots". But there's no way you think super fighting half naked shotas is a fair evolution or substitute. I'll admit the environments are nice.

Its not like X didn't improve in that regard either.
File: e0pzz23ohto41.jpg (815 KB, 2048x1827)
815 KB
815 KB JPG
it's not bad, in alot of aspects it's good even, but it's just too different, simple as.
videogame fans are pissbabies that are notoriously allergic to change so taking a big 10+ year old franchise and making radical changes to it is rarely a good idea.
if anything if MMZ started off as its own GBA Original franchise I'd wager it would've received lots of praise for its unique artstyle.
Sure why not. Not like x and classic series don't have characters running in battle briefs, some girls running around in mini skirts and skirts with panties, thongs, and leotards.
File: 1600038629796.png (723 KB, 970x590)
723 KB
723 KB PNG
>Yamada: It’s about the design of “Original Zero” but… There are some opinions that say they expected the X-Series’ Zero design (to appear)... What can you tell me about that?
>Yabe: The “Zero” of the Zero series that we Inti Creates develop is, ultimately, Mr. Nakayama’s “Zero”. Maybe you can call it a different representation. We’re drawing the same “Zero” from the X Series with a Nakayama “touch” to it. In some animes, the characters might change in design for a movie or so, no? Think of it as something similar to the above.
>Honda: Well. Nevertheless there are several different opinions within our company and many designs were drawn and Mr. Nakayama’s arrangement was picked… Amongst those there were square-shouldered designs of Zero, too. But they didn’t really match the style of the Zero series.
>Itou: We did have quite a discussion about that, yes (laughs).
>Suzuki: In the end we went for that design so that they all matched (the style). We reached the conclusion that the Nakayama Zero was the original.
Pic related on the lower right might be from back when they were considering a more X-influenced design for Omega.
When I first ran into the art style when I was like 12, I immediately took to it, but I didn't play a whole lot of Mega Man games back then.

File: 91874561.jpg (38 KB, 486x483)
38 KB
gaystation fags btfo
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There were a lot of forums back then. My first time on gamefaqs was probably 1996.
Who do you think keeps crying about the Deck?
it was usenet and it was perfect as it was, without the 2.0 faggotry such as forums etc
It's strange that OP would censor two of the most commonly used words on 4chan
Because you can get banned on /v/ for saying the N-word.

It's kind of fun, but they need to remove some of these gayass new Pokemon like the soccer faggot and include only gen 1 and gen 2
Out of all this game's problems this is what you choose to complain about?
Sub 100 iq boomer go treat your carpell tunnel
Needs blastoise and more from the original roster. I don't even know any of these new pokemon.
Gen 2 starters are the worst in all pokemon, you only like it because of nostalgia now go back and play unite

File: 1607295423252.png (3.59 MB, 1688x992)
3.59 MB
3.59 MB PNG
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I wish Vegas had Enclave
File: 1626971483807.jpg (82 KB, 955x960)
82 KB
>praising Oblivion with guns
>bad thing
>little text
>good thing
>lots of text (v high iq)
Go back
you are the peak of pseuds

File: rebeccas-fat-ass.jpg (232 KB, 1280x720)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
The only people left here are endless console war fags, sexual deviants and "soul" people. The latter is all about subjective, random emotions.

I know people will say "it's always been like this", but it hasn't. Ten years ago, if you posted about tits and ass, people would actually talk about it. Now everyone posts degenerate fanart from dA with absurd proportions and other shit.

If you want to have serious game discussions, this is not the place for you. Even fucking /a/ is better than this shithole.
39 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
>leddit spacing
File: 0552713804683.jpg (97 KB, 1003x629)
97 KB
>endless console war fags
you mean one of the things this board's culture was built upon? pic related is 16 years old now.
>You generalized an entire generation of people because of social media.
Yeah, that is what you do when you want to present a generalized model for a broad phenomena. That does not mean that I genuinely think every single person in that age bracket is exactly the same. Merely that there is a noticeable pattern. The fact that you seem to take this suggestion so personally and feel so much offense at it is interesting.
As for equating the impact, yeah. I'm not alone on this one, the entirety of mental health professionals in the world agree on this. OK, if you don't like comparison to addictive substances, he is a more elegant comparison:
Gambling. Not a physiological substance, yet does have potentially HUGE adverse health and social impact. Happier?
File: The Future.jpg (27 KB, 499x382)
27 KB
>I would also add that specific sites have specific uses, Twitter is for drama, Facebook is for clout,Tumblr is for furries, Reddit is for ego and 4chan is for shitposting and by God shall they shitpost.
Actually, I would argue this isn't very accurate, and that is the problem. Sure, you have difference in culture and degree of tone, but my worry is that they actually all end up doing the exact same thing in the end. And that is why this place is undergoing the change it is (or had gone through, because frankly, I think we are far past the point of no return).
Ultimately, it boils to the same core desires for either validation or sense of establishing a hierarchy, and that is the issue.
Or - well, maybe "reality" is more accurate than "issue". After all as people like >>565013324
>>565012405 aptly illustrate - it's not an issue for the new userbase. It's just us fucking straglers that find it so repulsive.
Again - these people are really not interested in discussion, because that is just straight up not what they need or expect. And from that angle, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with how this place works. You have (You)'s to give you a sense of validation, memes to endlessly repeat to give you a sense of shared identity, and drama that helps achieve sense of social hierarchy - it hits all the sweet spots.

It's just that any semablance of actual human communication is goine, but then again only creepy people like me cares about that.

ITT: we congratulate each other for surviving long enough to see video game music performed at the Olympics. Good job, Anon! Also vidya music thread, I guess.

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File: naomi osaka japan.jpg (846 KB, 1500x1000)
846 KB
846 KB JPG
>lived long enough to see Japan get blacked
tokyo olympics won't happen
God the opening ceremony sucked so hard

File: 1626516918445.jpg (591 KB, 1829x1000)
591 KB
591 KB JPG
It's over, Steambros....
277 replies and 42 images omitted. Click here to view.
pretty sure cemu is the better option overall for pc players either way
>same game
>but wii u has more mods compared to switch version
>and 60fps support
>and the ability to mess with the cel shader options
>5 years old game
File: properlel.png (968 KB, 987x932)
968 KB
968 KB PNG
> deleted
Commas are not decimal places.

File: 1627099491274.png (22 KB, 480x360)
22 KB
>let the bodies hit the floor
>let the bodies hit the floor
>let the bodies hit the floor
>let the bodies hit the....

Unofficial continuation of >>564886021. I'm tempted to turn this into a nightly tradition, if you guys are okay with it, because it was awesome seeing this thread in action last time.
277 replies and 74 images omitted. Click here to view.
I actually forgot about Bob and his army until you posted that, now I remember it being spammed everywhere on YouTube back then.
This probably doesn't count, but it's in line with this kino thread:
File: Quikfix.png (6 KB, 636x86)
6 KB
Ah, I see that... 4chan hates ascii art. Whoopsies. Here's my fixed version.
The Youtube embed you smartass.
They selectively enforce what they want. It's just as bad if not worse than 10 years ago. 99% of threads are social media crossposting.

File: E6XX6GLWQAgQ6DS.png (150 KB, 594x834)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
>See criticism of Steam Deck
>Remember that Console gamers only have 4k titles to choose from
>Remember I have more control over my machine
>Remember that console gamers pay to play games, that they already paid for, on the internet they pay monthly for

Are nintendies in full denial mode rn? Do they really think they have any valid criticism? LOLOL. PCChads never stop winning

File: 20210719_131756.jpg (231 KB, 989x832)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
Anyone else looking forward to watching /v/ get BTFO yet again? This car crash is going to be hysterical.
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I love these edits with Shazam posing with the Steam Deck like he's endorsing it, nintendies don't even understand the meme.
This is the only thing that ever gets posted about tortanic anymore, you can guarantee whenever you see it the poster is internally screeching WAAAHHH DON'T CRITICISE MY PRODUCT
>It's another misused meme thread
So many retards clamped onto Shazam... the meme is worthless and meaningless now.
Probably because TORtanic is almost 10 years old now, you dumb nigger.
Right, so most of the people that were here for it aren't around anymore and the only people that even mention it now are reddit tourists that read about it on knowyourmeme, drank the le /v/ hates everything koolaid and use it as a catch all for deflecting any and all critcism of products they're hyping up to the moon.

File: videogames.webm (1.63 MB, 540x540)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB WEBM
Did you do your daily login missions today?
265 replies and 63 images omitted. Click here to view.
Fuck that, I ain't risking 2.6 mil of metal just because I got cucked.
fucking kek
>Chucks the baby
>don't shoot, I'm friendly :(
>Sneeds the baby

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