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File: 1551256674335s.jpg (7 KB, 250x249)
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Ok Stadia, let's game
File: 1515405625810.png (35 KB, 675x827)
35 KB
this is so sad

hey google, play despacito

Fook “retro” games!! Wii shop closed foreva! Wii u $500 dollra ebay because fook you! No retro games switch bitches!!

Fook retro gaems buy new bing bing wahoo game motha fukka!!
okay but there is nintendo classics on the eshop for switch

Well shit, /v/ wasn't memeing, he actually did nothing wrong and should've won.
Fuck off epic shill

File: Joker_and_Arsene_SSBU.png (584 KB, 746x746)
584 KB
584 KB PNG
Now that we've had a few days to fuck around with him, where do you predict Joker is going to land on tier lists for Smash Ultimate?
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There's a big difference.
>Get personas because they live in a society
His movement, tilts, and Arsene are all super fun. I don't really like how his gauge works, and I think they dropped the ball when it came to the music. That's about it, like a 7.5/10 as far a release goes.

Dont like his Arsene mechanic. Always found it fucking dumb that you would get rewarded for taking hits but aside from that hes pretty solid.
I agree. It just makes you want to wait him out. It doesn't help that people play him in the faggiest way possible by spamming counter. Sure you can grab him, but it doesn't make the fight anymore fun. Why does Sakurai have such a hardon for fucking counters?

File: 1550830075419.png (454 KB, 566x405)
454 KB
454 KB PNG

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t. vegeta
thanks doc
Muchos Gracias Doc

File: 1526231700019.png (2.76 MB, 1600x900)
2.76 MB
2.76 MB PNG
Is Gravity Rush 2 the most underrated game of this generation?
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I can't tell if you thought that was a joke or not.
the joke is that the title is so long and clumsy that it's as bad as the kingdom hearts games. thanks.
File: 73010254_p0.jpg (590 KB, 1000x1415)
590 KB
590 KB JPG
>Kat is definitely one of my waifus
Kat doesn't want to be with sluts like you

File: 1516948154797.jpg (201 KB, 635x916)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
*sigh* yes i'm a guy, yes i'm a gamer, no i wont date you
stupid girls
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File: 1555848897283.jpg (45 KB, 1024x576)
45 KB
Technically whites are a minority, so that's not true.
when is he killing himself
personally I think gamer culture is toxic tbqh, why can't gamers embrace epic gamer girls?
whites are a minority

File: 1550204182442.jpg (103 KB, 602x792)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>You're age
>You're first videogame
Super Monkey Ball 2™
>You're favorite videogame
For me, it's Xenoblade Chronicles 2™
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Rune Factory 4
>You're age
>You're first videogame
Alex Kidd in Miracle World™
>You're favorite videogame
For me, it's The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time™
That was Skinner you retard
Alley Cat on my first pc / Atari on some friend's house
Majora's Mask / A Link to the Past
File: v69BjIK_2_3_2_2_3_3.png (1.43 MB, 900x898)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
Pic related
I cant actully remember my first game. It was either lego raiders, super Mario world or veggie tales online flash games.

It’s on the 24th in Nip time, presumably at night, so we should be getting the info super early on the 24th in burger time right? That’ll be my first night shift so at least there’s something to look forward to.
Just go to the Persona general on /vg/
Prepare to laugh at smash niggers after the reveal

File: Codename S.T.E.A.M.jpg (19 KB, 200x177)
19 KB
You know why I don't take you fags seriously?

None of you played pic related.
>Intelligent Systems will never attempt a Valkyria Chronicles game again
what timeline is this
No one liked it and because it bomb so hard there will be no more Advance War games. Just endless Fire Emblem.
I picked it up from a pawn shop and I'm pretty bad at it my dude. I'm at the mission with the mortar strikes

File: SanAndreas.jpg (2.21 MB, 3072x3072)
2.21 MB
2.21 MB JPG
Which city was best?
Fort carson.
Las Venturas

File: vdv.gif (1.28 MB, 400x371)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB GIF
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>all of the best vocaloid producers moved on
all of them? even nayutalien who had their new album released last year?
sona on miku lesbian(or futa) thin books when and/or where?
File: 75523534-352-k190922.jpg (29 KB, 352x550)
29 KB
>tfw the producer that got you into voclaoids moved on
File: miku makes a joke.jpg (213 KB, 1520x1141)
213 KB
213 KB JPG

File: flat,550x550,075,f.u2.jpg (34 KB, 550x322)
34 KB
first time I boxed my starter
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I was going to say, Piplup isn't even that bad.

Yeah, but i'm banking they'll make a good choice on the final evolution being based. Especially Scorbunny.
Fairly certain I'm banking my starter in gen 8. Those are complete trash. Not a good sign though for the rest of the new pokemon..
Both garbage taste.
The fire starters are weak, but the grass and water are good.
They are also both better than the horseshit in 5.
all pokemon past gen 3 are garbage

File: JUST.jpg (247 KB, 1280x720)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
look at this fucking loser
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Uh no that actually happened (go back to the wedding cave and the palanquin is still smashed) and it is very strange and Japanese but at the peak of the fountainhead holy grounds, we enter what is probably the dream world of the sleeping shrine maiden and the Sakura Dragon is residing there with whacky dream physics
Have you done a plunging deathblow to one of the dragon souls? Wolf whips out this huge 360 slash for some weird reason.
Then after you bully the dragon into crying, Wolf is magically transported to Kuro's room.
Ministry is the most op faction in the game although I dont see them taking down the second snake
Just use a dragon's blood consumable braaah
Giant snakes are apolitical, just don't violate the NAP
How in tarnation do I beat Owl?

File: maxoayne.jpg (124 KB, 1280x768)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
They were all dead. The final gunshot was an exclamation mark to everything that had led to this point.
File: 1509981500050.png (465 KB, 480x968)
465 KB
465 KB PNG
peak videogame kino

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