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File: file.png (54 KB, 600x574)
54 KB
* ruins videogames forever *
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You’ve got to try harder with that bait.
Because it mostly just pays for most of the production costs. They still need to make profit.
That would be absouletely disastroous. You'd just have tons of random bumbleheads having 0.1% control of something just because they put $20 on it.
The problem is that video game development can be worse than playing the lottery. It's possible to spend years and millions on a game have it be rated well by both critics and users and still lose money. Even big publishers with the money will showcase a game before pre production like square enix to gauge publish interest and court investors, but these investors might see a return in there investment. Kick Starter is closer to donating.
The smart move would be to invest directly after a successful kicker starter campaign like most publishers do.

old games that you only started playing decades after they were released
for me it was resident evil and metal gear
I only started playing those games around 2019
I managed to do a whole playthrough of Dino Crisis 1 in 2018. Before that I had only played parts of the first segment at a friend's place.
That describes half of what I play
There's so many good games I missed when growing up, and now that a lot of modern big budget releases suck, it's the perfect time to go back and play them
Right now im emulating SMT Nocturne, but I also only played RE and MGS for the first time in recent years
File: ss2 on retrorig.png (457 KB, 1024x768)
457 KB
457 KB PNG
>System Shock 2
>Banjo-Kazooie + Tooie
>Parasite Eve
>all 2D Final Fantasy games
I can't stomach old games. 2000 is the earliest I'll go but that's it. Watching some sprites waddle around a screen while I navigate boring menus is not fun.

File: TLOU.png (369 KB, 677x385)
369 KB
369 KB PNG
completely honest, can you point out a more beautiful moment in gaming?
i doubt
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A 10/10 ending for a 10/10 game with a 10/10 soundtrack
File: RDR2.png (262 KB, 960x540)
262 KB
262 KB PNG

File: NES_Mega_Man.png (2 KB, 256x240)
2 KB
literally impossible

I love the music on this stage.

File: Suck my dick!.png (1.61 MB, 2872x904)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG
Will No More Heroes III clinch the deal (Also Suda51 general thread)
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So, uh, does TSA have a good story? Saw some gameplay on youtube and dipped
nice pic, fuck off
It does have good writing, yes, it's the actual gameplay that drags like shit outside of bossfights.
i dont have much knowledge of the first game and how much 2 was missing suda's style, but what do you guys think of nmh2 from a pure gameplay perspective, for the longest time i couldnt be assed to actually get the waggle shit to work on dolphin because im retarded so i just ended up playing 2 and using the classic controller. i thought it was a fine game mechanics wise outside of some bullshit like jasper and the window, but is it sorta like the complete opposite of tsa when it comes to gameplay/story?
They need to drop the Switch port of the first game already. Unfortunately, I know I am going to be waiting for months.

>Weapons Related Artwork from The World of Cyberpunk 2077 Book

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CDPR is a degenerate and shit gaming studio filled with fags that started out ripping off Western and Japanese games. I hope they go bankrupt.
>started out ripping off Western and Japanese games
In what way?
Based and quranpilled.
based CDPR taking the piss
>lying on the internet

File: EMeMDcyXYAEGNpN[1].jpg (311 KB, 900x874)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
Penitent one in silence how goes your new game+
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How is the game compared to Castlevania PoR and Dawn of Sorrow? I remember playing those and liking them a lot as a kid.
It doesn't have RPG elements or is as mechanically diverse. It's a much simpler affair with arguably much better ambience.
I just wish some of the special attacks had more reasonable inputs, the sliding stab requires you to hold the attack button while sliding instead of just requiring you to press the button while sliding, also the charged attack is quite good except for the fact that it can and will be interrupted 80% of the time you want to use it.
Nigga just keep holding up and you'll grab the ladder automatically when you get right in front of it, how have you not figured this out yet.
If you're playing with an analog and even slightly off, the game thinks you pressed forward instead, because there's no up+forward direction in the inputs.

File: banned hate symbol.jpg (9 KB, 250x202)
9 KB
>he plays with bloom,DOF,motion blur, shadows on maximum instead of medium

File: 1596705331666.jpg (3.31 MB, 3000x2000)
3.31 MB
3.31 MB JPG
are you STILL mad /v/?
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criminal case of cope and seethe
Some niggas use TF2 for Titanfall 2
Teamfortress 2 is godtier true
Ah I see. Didn't know that
I don't have to cope when they released a better game a whole 4 years before this one.
you just delegitimatized your entire point

What tips can you give to a first time playing rookie?
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ur already a memin
that's why there's a player and casettes to find
sneak in and c4 all devices, call helicopter, get to vantage point and start sniping
Turn off reflex mode.
If you hold up someone and tell them to get down they'll never move.

Does /v/ like trophies?
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never cared about it.
only on the games I like and if they're not too bullshit
I find them mildly amusing, but I'm not an achievement hunter. The lack of achievements on the Switch is something I thought would make the experience of playing it measurably worse, but desu it hasn't impacted me at all. Despite this, I have a crippling addiction to Steam trading cards.
File: Kirinosip.jpg (135 KB, 500x500)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
Yeah, I'm working on Ghost of Tsushima. Well, I say working on, but I'm really just enjoying the game with the intention to plat it. It'll be #30 for me.

File: 367.png (121 KB, 2260x2260)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
Put devs where they deserve to be
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That was Annapurna's decision though, not Mobius.
A couple of Underage Panty Quest developers go on the bottom left. They try their best despite being incompetent.
File: 1596637866087.png (986 KB, 792x1070)
986 KB
986 KB PNG
I'd put him all the way to the jerk side as well. Fucker is not only incopetent, the way he handles criticism just amplifies his problems to hell and back. Like, who the fuck fires a programmer from his project for doing their job solely because it's no longer in your incompetent style of coding and then has the gall to tell people who code better than you hacks when they can make your game from scratch in two weeks and still run better than your hunka junk?
File: GAME DEVELOPER.jpg (401 KB, 2260x2260)
401 KB
401 KB JPG

File: 1587620033185.png (394 KB, 610x318)
394 KB
394 KB PNG
Why wasn't Epona more of a character if Wolf Link could talk to animals in Twilight Princess? What do you think Epona's personality would be like? Do you think she likes link?
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Super sloppy making like this turns me on way more than just sex.
File: 1297134277990.jpg (52 KB, 500x375)
52 KB
Yeah thats pretty much it
This. Epona was retarded and the underage teenager in ops picture was simping hard. Eaglebros know where it's at. Birdos have always been top tier in Zelda ever since chickens were the most powerful enemy in the game.

How would you fix it?
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"Save the galaxy" narrative ruined it, it should've been a Normandy crew's adventures like >>520035765 said
They'll announce it on Gamescom trust me my dad is Geoff Keighley
Smart way of thinking, but I would have to argue for more meaningless deaths of squad members and for reapers as an overarching existential threat that forces you to work with aliens and geth that commited atrocities against mankind.
Going from planet to planet and acquiring their support by diplomacy or force.
Ultimately having multiple ways the end war against reapets playing out, based on your decisions and what you do.
Extermination because you were maybe to soft to kill innocent aliens to force their leaders to join you. Or maybe you fucked up a diplomatic interaction so entire race doesn't help and goes against the other meatbags.
Decisive victory were anti reaper tech is developed and everyone partakes in the war until they are annihilated.
Destruction of all acceleration gates and collapse of galactic economy, return to a divided galaxy and centuries of regression.
Colorcode them blue, red and green.
Release the codex as an interactive website or some shit
The story and gameplay (of all the games) is unsalvageable so just save the world building
Just add 3's gameplay and make all of them like 2. I don't need muh super hero and muh undefeatable Cthulu menace really.
>all of them like 2
Structureless mess with no real substance? Fuck off, 1st is the best game, even if it's the cheapest and the clunkiest

File: helaers.jpg (293 KB, 1000x1683)
293 KB
293 KB JPG
what kind of healer are you /v/?
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Faggot plays FF14, color me surprised
I listen to the calls and do my job but sometimes I tilt and get bitchy.
Healer damage in FF14 is just one attack and a dot to keep up and you'll mainly only be doing damage if there is time between healing/mechanics. If that is somehow too complex then you likely couldn't use the actual healing abilities properly anyways.
Being a hero, his healing ability is different from others. He can heal even an amputated limb, but he will also memorize the pain inflicted for those wounds. Adding on the fact that he can learn new abilities as long as it's in the memories. In the first timeline, he was drugged heavily so he could never plot a revolt, and a new game+ allowed him to do just that
Lol stfu shaman tanks are trash
You might be able to get away with it in dungeons
Fuck i hated it when my guild let a shammy tank ZG, we cleared it but i used 5 times as many mana potions keeping them alive
Just stfu

File: begonethot.png (2.67 MB, 1903x1069)
2.67 MB
2.67 MB PNG
Fuck off you fucking cunt with your fairy tale fantasy. I am sure you want to use me in some way so just fuck off and help me find my adopted daughter. Who the hell play these games for girls? Its just a video game. Thanks to this game I finally understand what Incel means. Its literally :
>look mom I am having sex with many girls and people call me master and they admire and fear me. Most importantly I am having sex!
Dont even pretend this isnt the case. Its all of you faggots are talking about and why you made this mediocre game to be the game of decade.
>imagine being this gay
Based as fuck that game was gay as hell, the only redeemable quality was the world.
You have to be 18 to post here.

File: sniphurr.png (55 KB, 360x360)
55 KB
>play sniper
>headshot soldiers and scouts jumping at mach 3
>miss every shot against heavy standing still
snipin's a good job m8
22 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>be sniper main
>be sniper main
i hate snipers
File: 1568466691822.png (544 KB, 640x479)
544 KB
544 KB PNG
Because they allow hacks bots and still haven't removed vote kicking even though they know it's 100% abused. More players are trained to hit f1 when they are losing bad and getting there shit pushed in by better players. This results in shitty balance and encourages being lazy and unwilling to git gud. These are the same people who shit on you for being bad when half the matches you enter are vote kicked out for the following.
1. Troll kicking
2, Because they simply don't like you even though you haven't said shit or done nothing wrong
3. Playing sniper (Remove hit scan and make players learn to aim if you have a problem with hit scan and or if it's that broken/OP)
4. Being accused of being a hacker or bot without proof evidence or any detection system in place to verify (No excuses you may not get every bot and hacker but that is not a excuse to allow hackers and bots to run your game your a major company act like it)
5. Playing good and getting kicked because some salty loser on your own team just can't stand the you so he gets the whole team to vote kick you out (Stop allowing players to judge your fate)
6. Being a free to play player (Get the fuck over it you man babies children)
Team fortress 2 was released on 2007 that was 13 years ago and valve has done absolutely nothing about ANY of this players should fuck right off for abusing a shitty system like vote kicking. I understand this game is for casuals and i don't give a shit but anyone should be able to jump right in at any time without having to worry about getting vote kicked or shit on for any of the reasons above. The current system is shit and the game will remain trash and garbage until valve fixes/overhauls the game or finally kills the servers forever.
you can only kick people on your team.

Is it good /v/?
No, we only have often threads years after release that reach bump limit and are full of discussion because everyone dislikes it.
Yes, but I wouldn't pick it up if you're a busy person. This thing is a fuckin' time sinker and damn addictive.
It's pretty good. Don't go in expecting dialogue trees and cities to explore. It's all about the combat. And the combat is fucking great.
File: 1574606339214.jpg (619 KB, 1854x1350)
619 KB
619 KB JPG
Ended up with 200+ hours played. Pretty fun dicking around with all the builds, pawn styles and getting every BB isle gear.

What are some good non-1st IP hidden gems on the 3DS? The library at a glance feels way smaller and less diverse than the DS. That handheld had a PS1 tier treasure trove of gems. The 3DS just seems to have a handful of gay ass JRPGs. Please point me to any worthwhile gems, particularly genres that are not typical.
go play your trannystation 4 lol
3d picross round 2 is nice

Was asked this earlier. Think I'd give Luigi the nod but IMO it's not a fair competition, with Mansion having more opportunities to rub its charms in your face than Tropical does (yet I find it bursting with charisma for being a 2D platformer with just a few cutscenes and animations in comparison).
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seeing all the personality lm3 had makes me sad that we're probably not gonna get another mario strikers game
Why wouldn't we? NLG has to be working on something and I doubt we get LM4 until Switch 2.

I mean I suppose it could also be Punch Out (which I'd LOVE) but Nintendo has more to gain from greenlighting Strikers
Is your post bait?
>I mean I suppose it could also be Punch Out
do you really think nintendo could get away with punch out in 2020?
Do we think PunchOut Wii would be cancelled nowadays? The stereotypes are clearly all tongue in cheek, everyone is in the joke type of deal and they even had native speakers of each boxer's nationality come voice them, so if anything they were even progressive there.

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