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File: FXzGVyfUsAEM9f-.jpg (75 KB, 465x592)
75 KB
How do I catch trout? I've been fishing for two weeks now in places where people have caught trout like pic related but I have no luck at all. What bait should I be using?
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File: tackle.jpg (757 KB, 1224x1632)
757 KB
757 KB JPG
Here's my set up.I'd say 90% of what I fish is the kastmaster, have all sizes from smallest to biggest, but pic related is my main size. Rapalas work well if the kastmaster isnt doing it, the large rapala isn't used often but will catch. Rooster tail works ok but I never really get past using the kastmaster. Have 1 creek where all they seem to like is the power bait. Mostly use the a-just-a bubble so I can cast a fly, most of the time it's a size 22 & I go for bait fish just for fun. I do make weights just so I can cast the really small lures further.

That's just about all you need, if you want to knock it down to a min go with kastmasters, a rapala, & a rooster tail.
I should note, that's more so for stocked ponds & creeks where most fish are 8'' & a big one is 12".

Going to lake trout & salmon that average 24'' for a small fish & 30lbs for a big fish, I move to big kastmasters, spoons, & 4" or 5" powerbait shad. Also use big rooster tail, paddle tails, & lures, but never caught on them, closest I got was a huge pike trailing the lure.
Fly fishing doesn't have to be expensive. One of my favorite outfits is a $35 eagle claw fiberglass 5wt paired with a $15 Martin model 60. I also started out on cheap Chinese Hercules fly line for 15 bucks and it's a very usable setup.
+1 this anon catches fish
At a stocked lake, I like to run a carolina rig with power eggs. Normal power bait is good but the eggs don't dissolve. I like to add a plastic microworm also. Small corkie above the hook to help it float. While that is fishing off the bottom, I throw in 1/4-1/2 oz rooster tails. The rainbow and brown trout colors almost never fail me. On rivers, I size down the rooster tails and use all kinds of colors. They go wild for them.

>trailhead elevation 13,875
do intermountain anons really?
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File: 1574952321810.jpg (202 KB, 897x445)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
have you forgotten what website you're on?
It's always nice to give some anons a wake up call. I've been here since 2006. Was directed here from newgrounds porn games talking about how bad /b/ was with cp being on the front page. I get it.
The voices in your head acting up again? Why are retards obsessed with pretending they are speaking on behalf of a group. let me guess, you think a 20 year old is a little girl.
>Anime is the same as CP
my roastie claxons are making noise again
File: 1649646781655.gif (3.06 MB, 640x640)
3.06 MB
3.06 MB GIF
>MFW I'm sitting at a higher elevation than that right now

Can you hunt squirrels with a slingshot? what models and ammo would you recommend? I have never hunted before so any tips appreciated
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File: literally_me.jpg (75 KB, 580x751)
75 KB
there are billions of humans. you are one.
Human's aren't fucking up my garden, and cabin you fucking faggot loser. Go back to plebbitt, homo!
File: 1597689869901m.jpg (69 KB, 1024x630)
69 KB
BAAAM!!!! Pellet to the skull.... BAAAM!!! Another to the gut. Fuck em all.
I stomped a rat to death once
Give me your address and I will change that for you

File: cellphones-1198516602.jpg (1.12 MB, 2121x1414)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
I need to get off my phone and I need some outdoor activities.
Does walking do anything? I am trying to walk but I think what would moving me legs do to a thin guy like me?
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Go make fun of people with bikes. Skateboards too.
Buy a bike. Ride until you are out of the suburb. Then start hiking.
please stay in your containment zone. thank you
What in the woods career did you end up with, anon?

File: 6019576276083.jpg (1.53 MB, 1440x1080)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB JPG
old thread >>2519536
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File: DSC_2637.jpg (668 KB, 1920x1080)
668 KB
668 KB JPG
File: IMG_20230325_180056.jpg (2.4 MB, 2304x1728)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB JPG
Well I guess there's a reason this country has 5 times more sheep than people
File: IMG_20230323_191144-L.jpg (52 KB, 800x594)
52 KB
i accidentally pres buton
File: IMG_1828.jpg (2.71 MB, 3024x4032)
2.71 MB
2.71 MB JPG
Went bouldering with some friends here
File: IMG_1829.jpg (2.14 MB, 3024x4032)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB JPG

File: 1676832833134.jpg (278 KB, 1001x1080)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
>the sun is shining the birds are singing
>what a beautiful day for a hik-AAAAAAAAAAAACK
>officer dat der boi he looked like a turkay
What the FUCK is wrong with hunters
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the moment that hunting becomes a sport its no longer hunting.
seriously though why is literally every single post on 4chan about something designed to piss me off
if this website some kind of MKULTRA operation to see how it's possible to drive people insane with rage
I've been cognisant of bait threads and posts for a long time, I'm not new here, but lately this whole website seems designed to make me upset
is the world just going to shit and I'm pissed off all the time because it's inevitable and I feel powerless about it? Is there a single area in the world where a man can enjoy some tranquility? it's like they're tripling down on ruining every single enjoyable thing and the fucking zoomers are just passively endorsing it all
why is the world like this, I just wanna have a chill time
now they just passed a law in my cunt where these niggers can shoot anything they want any time of day anywhere
going outside will be just fucking constant fear that some nigger with a shotgun will kill you
why is the law so gay, why is every govt so hostile to the good people and common sense, why
the botting has increased dramatically in the past couple years, drove me off posting actual shit altogether
I don't know where to migrate when it comes to my hobbies
As I posted in the last thread, more hunting accidents happen turkey season than any other hunting season. You do not wear blaze orange while hunting turkeys because they have eyesight thats three times better than humans (deer/elk/moose are partially colorblind). Turkeys only defense against predators is their eyesight and ability to fly. Camouflage, decoys and calls are very important while turkey hunting and can easily lead to accidents. That being said, any responsible hunter properly IDs his target and trys to get a clean shot
>t. Turkey hunter
The heart is the best tasting part btw. Dredge in flour salt pepper and pan fry.

No reason to not run full kit /out/ if it’s “too much weight” go to the gym, or get off the normie popular trails and go off trail like a real man.
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Someone give this man a promotion
give me one reason to carry a gun while /out/ if you are not hunting, shooting for fun, or in an American city.
To kill immigrants.
File: bellatwin (1).jpg (57 KB, 820x973)
57 KB
>if a brown bear fucks with you nothing can save you
Bella Twin would like a word with you
10mm and big bore revolvers can and have stopped grizzlies. Even 9mms have saved people's lives.
>t. Lives in griz country
Have fun lugging around your ar 10 on long hikes. My 10 mm handgun with hot hardcast loads is more than enough for griz wolves and bull moose. Make your gf carry a few extra mags is she's so concerned lol

How long do you think you could last against the police? Let's go worse case scenario. You've killed someone. The police have 2 weeks of full tier funding to find you. You have all of your gear. Do you believe you could evade them? How would you do it?
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And to think that most murders are commited by some mouthbreathing retard nigger, the percentage should be WAY lower if you actually put your brain into the whole thing.
This all changes of course, if your victim is someone rich or famous.
i mean murders that actually have a legit suspect and a high enough profile that police are going to conduct a serious investigation
This. Most murders are scumbags killing other scumbags so there's not that much incentive to care
I'm australian.
there's a reality TV show with exactly this premise called hunted
basically the contestants have to go on the run and the hunters have all the powers that the police would have, and they have to try and capture them. it's a british series but there's lots of international versions too

thoughts on the cottagecore aesthetic and lifestyle?

do you think its just a further romanticist idealisation of rural society?
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>There is no interest in luddism

This is very very true, among both sexes desu but especially among women. I live in a village of about 30 people, almost none are women and those that are are over 80 years old. Women like their comfort and convenience and will escape to cities at first opportunity and men will follow to satisfy their needs, it's simp-le as that and nothing will stop neither fourth industrial revolution nor the fifth etc. City is the true female escape fantasy, like in that song Self-control.
Depends if you have people putting the effort in or just trying to pave things for their own convenience. Want a good example of what I mean? Look at bonsai. Growing up, I always thought bonsai was an art of ultimate patience that is designed to foster meditation, contemplation, and decisiveness. Know what modern bonsai is? People going out, chopping up stumps, and fucking with them so they look like those 100+ year old trees.
I'll teach escaping cityfolk anything I know freely if they venture to ask.
i dont really get it
isnt that what bonsai always been like?
I have no fucking idea of what you're on about but your picrel seems plucked from my fantasy: Wearing a sundress while being pounded from behind in an apple orchard. A porcelain basin of water for a refreshing bidet afterward. I keep this fantasy, and a tube of KY, tucked away in a green nightstand strategically placed under an apple tree.
It's an aesthetic. It's meant to look cool and be "if only I can live like that one day". In reality it's expensive and pretty shit, just a remanent of a bygone era with all the bad things taken out.

I first saw it on a map on CalTopo. That site uses older maps, both from 2003.

Image is from the 2003 USGS topo map. On the latest USGS maps (2018 and 2020), the grave isn’t marked, nor is it marked on the much older 1954 map (the latest year prior to 2003). So it’s only found on the 2003 print date (and on the Forest Service map as well, from the same year). I checked AllTrails, because if it’s there then people will definitely know about it, and it’s not shown. Basically anyone using an up to date map, a simple trail map (it’s a very easy trail to follow), or any hiking trail app would never know this grave exists.
17 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I mean, it's pragmatic.
Agreed. My grandmother is buried in the remote.
Bless you OP, this gives the person in that grave a new life in our minds and hearts. Thank you.
Kinda looks like it just says “a white womans grave” wonder the story behind that
I'm from Australia and there's lots of old graveyards or just solitary graves that have been abandoned. You can clean it up, maybe leave something for the grave, and if it's local try to visit it sometimes and keep it clean, or just leave it how it is. I've come across a beautiful graveyard overlooking the sea and one on top of a hill, there's something really nice about it and you feel a connection with the history of where ever you are visiting. I have one near me and it overlooks a cool view, I go there sometimes.

File: Shearling-head-(2).jpg (339 KB, 1178x884)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
Don't know if this is the right board to ask this question, but I have a small homestead and have been thinking about getting a couple sheep.
The two main breeds I've been looking at is Dorset and Southdown Babydoll, but wanted to check if anyone on here own sheep and knew which breed is best for Homesteading.
75 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yes we farm in the UK

We scan them in January and anything that carries 1 or 3 is lambed indoors (approx 300). Anything that carries 2 we try and lamb outside in groups of no more than 200 each field,then closely monitor and anything that has lambed is walked into a neighbouring field and gradually moved further and further away from initial field they were born in. We have capacity for about 400 indoors so we can accommodate that many in small pens. I would have them all indoors if I had the infrastructure as you can monitor everything but even for 400 is extremely labour intensive.
>I would have them all indoors if I had the infrastructure

I bet you would!

Fortunately I’m not Welsh
You could do worse
Where are you from? What's the climate like? Will you sell anything from the sheep? How much are you willing to spend? What do you want from them? You need to let us know your situation anon.
Dorpers are easy to work with and merinos are the most profitable in my experience.

Living in the US and I want to learn more about cross-state backpacking with a rifle (Appalachian trail or any fedforest/cross state trail) what do I need to know about laws, what rifles or pistols fit different needs, whats legal/illegal, tips, advice, and personal story's about backpacking with a rifle (hunting story's count if you weren't in a deer stand)
55 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Alright so I love guns and I love taking them hiking. Horace kephart was a big supporter of taking firearms camping also. And you can take your firearm to most places as long as you just keep it unloaded and hidden in your bag. So take a pistol and don’t ever let these people ever convience you shouldn’t . But also you should be responsible , if your in one of the city parks in a good part of town don’t bring an ar15. Actually don’t consider bringing an ar15 unless your in the desert or deep wilderness. I would take in consideration how idiots feel about guns, the ruger mini14 calms retards , any bolt actions, and sks is nice in these sort of situations. If you only have a poverty pony I would say you should hike out with it in your backpack then put in the pins and carry it out when your not around people . But I pistol is the best bet since how fast you can get to it.

People say black bears can be scared off , and for the most part they are peaceful creatures. But when they are comfortable and no longer fear humans , your dealing with an animal that is top of the food chain when you don’t have a gun. Also the bigger issue is serial killers , there are so many that prey on people in national forests and wilderness zones. Most people are nice but some are just scum and will sneak up to your tent and murder you if you look easy, it’s 1/10000 on the trial but still a problem.

If this is a problem why not take something , I would always carry bear spray also , a gun shouldn’t be the first solution to any problem, but you might need one .
Picture is a girl who had a black belt and still couldn’t beat up a 64 year old serial killer with her dog . She struggled for 4 days to get away through being raped. This was in Georgia a constitution carry state. Honestly what chance do you guys have towards a serial killer in his prime in the night , over your tent . Probably would have a chance if you had a pistol .

This guy killed 13 people in national forests before this , as much as we know . He could of been working with other serial killers , taken responsibility for other serial killers when he got caught while his victims where hidden. Don’t be an idiot carry something to protect yourself
shitheel ledditards detected
generally as far as natl parks go, it's legal to carry but not into the buildings like visitors centers and such, but yeah it also varies by state

File: 1677964236691.jpg (1.59 MB, 1285x1609)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB JPG
I did a three day hike carrying 22kg (25% bodyweight) to test my carrying weight. I need to train my hamstrings they hurt.
38 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
keep at it fren. the muscles will get used to it. after used to it challange yourself and do up and down hill longer distance and also see how fast you can lug the heavy shit from point a to b. do this on occassion to keep it in shape so when out you can lug your heavy bag to camp and then switch to lightweight bag etc. for whatever your doing when outing. makes camping deep bearable to get the heavy shit out there and then keep at camp and light loadout for any hiking orhunting etc your doing. at least for me this is what i like to do so i can do anywhere from a week to a month went outing in the summertime out on family land we own in Appalachia.
Good advice. Tight hamstrings are very normal. Look up exercises for them to stretch em out and gain some strength and stability. You can do it while watching tv or whatever once you get used to it. A strong core and posterior chain make for an easy life. No joking, it makes everything easier, which makes you feel better.
File: 1665752715530841.gif (16 KB, 1065x1101)
16 KB
>smaller dude
yeah it's a bitch, it's why I dumped traditional packs and gear and went for UL instead. shit hurts, and not in the good way.
>t. 125 lbs
nice necrobump faggy
necro board man, this place gets slower traffic than downtown LA

File: IMG_20230318_014722.jpg (443 KB, 1078x1353)
443 KB
443 KB JPG
Are gravity filters a meme? Are UV-C purifiers enough? What do you use for big groups?
31 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
>look for water filter thread
>page 10
dangit. Guys I want to keep it simple. Is filtering water trough pebbles and sand, then boiling it good enough 99% of times?
Can you boil water after treating it with Katadyne tablets that have chlorine in them?
Wouldn´t it set free toxic gasses?
Your description fits fungi spores really well.
If there's such beings in the water it might be a good idea to filter + UV pen it.
You’ll have sand in your water and will have to wait for it to cool because you chose to build a survivalist LARP water filter instead of buying one for $25 at Walmart but yeah, it will most likely be safe to drink after boiling. Boiling is probably the safest option.
If you're going to boil your water then you can skip filtering it completely and still be fine >99% of the time. Maybe filter it through sand or even just a bandanna if it's murky but don't worry about viruses, bacteria or protozoa - boiling will kill all of them just fine. Make sure you boil it for long enough though.

Still, I wouldn't call boiling the simplest solution. It takes time and effort to build a fire. Sounds like a real hassle if you're going to be on the move all day and want to take advantage of water sources as you pass by.

Perfectly safe bro. Maybe if you were grinding the tablets up into a crack pipe and smoking them you'd have something to worry about (but the melting point of sodium dichloroisocyanurate is 225C so probably not even then.

File: appalachia.png (166 KB, 1728x2304)
166 KB
166 KB PNG
Appalachia superiority thread
Yeah pretty much. There are places in Idaho and Arizona that belong in picture frames, but for consistent beauty, ruggedness, and engagement Appalachia got it.
File: Kintla.jpg (753 KB, 4032x1960)
753 KB
753 KB JPG
Lol. Shut the fuck up Donny, you're out of your element.
" Take me home ... "
Tbh you wouldn't know.

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