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Sometimes I find geocaches by accident while innawoods. What do you do to make it fun and challenging for the next geocacher?
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There's gotta be a website that scrubs and aggregates coordinates, right?
You can literally just go to their site, sign up, and view the coordinates. Anyone can do this, and it can't be traced back to you unless you're stupid enough to use the actual geocaching app.
File: images (14).png (7 KB, 218x231)
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>Fuck you hick
File: 0109211601_resize_81.jpg (1.28 MB, 1200x900)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
no u

Has anybody here used WWOOF? If so, please give your experiences and what you learned.
Its 2021
You own nothing
You eat the bugs
You tend the crops for free
You are happy

File: received_411308710283833.jpg (1.11 MB, 3024x4032)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
I have taken it upon myself to start a trapping general.
>newbies feel free to ask stupid questions.
>share pics
>hide working tips
>lure and bait ideas
Anything goes.
I personally just bought some snares and an obscure possum lure because I found a market for hats I make.
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Trap the neighborhood cats, dye their fur, sell it as raccoon fur
I want to get into trapping but its illegal in my country
Tried setting some snares recently but i was so paranoid i didnt set many, i put them in very hard to reach spots so nobody would find them and i only checked them after dark so i made it very difficult for myself
Checked them everyday for a week but no luck
Any advide for euro cucks? Is this even worth pursuing?
I was kind of inspired by this dude: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ5rGkLbmjxtTsdJ0rdeuXw
I'm also in the same position as you, also from Europe.
Did you buy or make your own snares?
Made them myself out of piano wire from a hardware store like in this video:
I really want to get into this but it seems like most people in my country would get a hard on at just the thought of snitching on a poacher and theres plenty of videos on youtube of people chasing poachers around the woods with dogs
Even my friends look at me funny when i mention it
I live in a small rural area and I know a lot of hidden places that look good for trapping, so I don't think I'll have any problems with other people.
Just subscribed to that dude, I watched a bunch of videos from The Meat Trapper

File: lighterpack.png (14 KB, 552x279)
14 KB
Lighterpack thread. Post yours, critique others', or lurk for inspiration.

Bretty gud for warm climates, I could probably only use that for 3 months though where I am though :(

a thread for /out/ related patches.
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Where did you get the thong one?
Thanks anon
Most exquisite
>outdoor activities club patch in badgerhound
>only shield design available for picnic bear

File: IMG_20210109_155135.jpg (1.7 MB, 3264x2448)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB JPG
and why is it curry noodles?
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File: Dal-Bhat-603x402.jpg (77 KB, 603x402)
77 KB

Dal Bhat Power 24 Hour

If I'm moving cows overnight or longer I make around 2L of a red lentil curry with chickpeas and throw it in a waterproof tupperware container (for 2-3 non-american adults). Pack a half kilo of brown rice to boil over a fire when I make coffee/tea, throw that dank shit into the rice when it's half-cooked, and serve it with a bottle of onions sauce and bread rolls when it's done. Plus a shitload of butter if it's a short trip. Everyone gets a bit fatter and sleeps well, and no animals are murdered in the process

Onions sauce I mean. Apologies, my english is shit

Alright. S-O-Y has been filtered to Onions yes?

I'm talking about s o y s a u c e
onions sauce is made of basedbeans, not onions tho
alright so now s o y is filtered to based lmao

Post pics of your underground structures
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That looks so uncomfortable
*comfy as fuck
Retard, lol
Lurk more. All of you.
Interesting, how much deep in the grown do you own?

File: 20210116_171059.jpg (4.09 MB, 4128x3096)
4.09 MB
4.09 MB JPG
Alright /out/, on my boat i want a heater that works when out on the water, i have a simple electrical heater that works in marinas but i cant run it from my batteries, i also have pic related as alcohol stove, is there anyway i can put something on top that distributes the heat nicely? Preferrably something i can build myself, a friend of mine once showed me a small camping stove with a ceramic flower pot on top but im afraid something like that would crack at too much heat, any thoughts?
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Do you have space on deck to build a solar system?
Yup im saving for some panels as well, thing is i dont need heat when the sun shines
>a heater like that would need mass
Elaborate? You mean the weight of it or something? Don't think that would be an issue, i have way heavier stuff on board
Yeah Buddy Heaters are inexpensive and do the job. Considering one for my boat. Pic unrelated. Also aren’t those tea light/terra cotta pot things a myth? Energy is energy.
>Also aren’t those tea light/terra cotta pot things a myth
I think the idea is that an open flame will send the heat right up whereas the pot will radiate it around horizontally

File: stanley.jpg (7 KB, 195x250)
7 KB
H/out/y y'all, didn't see any sort of thread about something very important.

I just picked up a Thermos Stainless King 68 ounces and it's quite nice, should keep my hots hot and colds cold for a day. But, I might return it because I'm seeing that the Stanley Legendary series at the same size (2 QTs) *allegedly* can keep hots hot for 35-40 hours and colds for two days. What's the validity on that?

Bottle shootout/general I guess too
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It checks out. Stanley's are weirdly effective.
From what I've seen, the Asian Boomer meta is to fill their stanleys with boiling-hot water and use it to have a bigass Cup Noodle picnic at the summit with everyone they've ever met and then they eat tangerines and throw the peels on the ground
Been using stanley since childhood. Pretty good kit.
In winters I take a travel mug on the mail route. Stays warm long past when I finish it at noon.
Three seasons, I take a full thermos on the motorbike. Stays piping ass hot through the following night, and I have warm leftovers the next morning.
Never tried leaving either shut past 15 hours, removing the lid to drink from lets it begin to cool.
I have a thermos- "The Rock" stainless model.
I filled it with hot apple cider for a test.
Left it on the porch overnight in sub-freezing weather.
The next morning it was still too hot to drink.
Stanley's work and are worth the investment.
Those are for boomers. Just return it and get a jetboil

File: PSX_20210107_082943.jpg (462 KB, 1500x1126)
462 KB
462 KB JPG
I'm looking to stuff my camera bag, coffee, water, and saltwater (for fasting) all into a day pack. Amazon trying to sell me some garbage from china that will instantly break. I'm pretty rough on things. Any recommendations?
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>German rucksacks
not necessarily a problem

ive used my ALICE rucksack for years
used the back

fuck i dont know anymore man, fuck

just, i dont know, why would you go back to a canvas mountaineering group pack?

its not ment for hiking or school
Oh god, oh fuck, shit, fuck.... Jk, I will buy it as a fun customization project. A rucksack for casual urban exploration, 1 day trips to the forest and autistically Larping as a STALKER. After all, it's cheap af and looks cool enough, also they are quite rare in my country (bonus points).
they can 100% be for school/edc, you just need to keep it clean and pair it with nice clothing. eg leather shoes, jeans, and a sweater, not sweatpants and a tank top
Sodium tablets.

File: external.jpg (102 KB, 848x1500)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Is anybody using one of these? Who would you recommend them to? Which models are good? Looking for an external frame for backpacking - I live in the desert so the extra draft on the back would be a blessing, and I plan to carry gear that I don't want to rummage around for.
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Id get the orange one
What type of bags do I mount on mine, are there any good ways to mount guns on it?
I paid $50 so it didn’t come with much but it’s still good.
if you've already got a good frame, they make aftermarket uppers to make it function like a standard pack. not sure what keywords you'd use to find one though.
if you're carrying tents/sleeping bags/pads, they do well lashed horizontally at the top or bottom of your frame
I have pic related with the pack it came with, this thing is gret, able to strap rifle and my cat in a carrier on the top also.
you carry your cat in your pack? are you talking about the animal or am I stupid

File: 1604798405624.jpg (3 KB, 111x111)
3 KB
What's the safest way to sleep when /out/ with my bros? In the same tent?
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in a tent at home
Because people are most defenately so NOT GAY and DEFINATELY 100% STRAIGHT that they can't even imagine 2 guys sleeping in a tent together without it becoming sexual
Almost like men have deeply repressed homosexual urges or something and for some mysterious reason society is terrified of men getting in touch with those feelings and is intensely negative towards any discussion of them - let alone acting upon them.
Because you were lazy in specifying what you meant and wanted so we went with what was funniest.

Is this the last great frontier in the East?
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Ever been to Gatlinburg?

Also fuck off we're quite literally full.
>Found by the de Soto in 1540
>Settled by the British in 1756
>SCOTCHED in the 1760s
>Still a frontier
No, nothing south of the Canadian border can really be called a frontier anymore, and most of Canada on the US border is relatively densely populated.
In the US your only real choices in the East for true wilderness are Northern Maine and the Everglades/other southern swamp that's impossible to develop on

Canada has it much better with
and really just about the rest of Northern Canada. that is true wilderness there and going inland is a genuine frontier. If you look at a map, any settlements are around the Ocean and the Hudson Bay. Anything beyond that might be a tiny river community
File: 1517153020762.jpg (141 KB, 1200x900)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
if there's no treeline, can you even call it a "mountain?"
that is gnarly as hell wow

File: 20201101_193944.jpg (1.44 MB, 3744x2496)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB JPG
Any herpers on /out/?

I'm ready for Spring.
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Confirmed that you live in either Alabama or Texas and both are shitholes. I hope you take a hit.
Yeah, he should live in a more cosmopolitan state like New York or California. Fly over states are so backward.
I never knew this was a thing people did, but it sounds like fun. We don't get much variety here above 8k feet in the Rockies though. Too cold even in the summer for much diversity. Just tiger salamanders, a few frog species, and garter snakes as far as I know. It's pretty neat finding small ponds that are packed full of hundreds of salamander young, though. I had never seen that before moving into the mountains.
Found a couple juvenile Lesser Sirens at the tail end of fall down here in Southern IL. Also took a trip to Kansas around september, will post pics of the massasaugas/prairie rattlers later
File: PXL_20201110_232602813.jpg (3.43 MB, 3024x4032)
3.43 MB
3.43 MB JPG

File: GayBeePolice.jpg (519 KB, 1875x2500)
519 KB
519 KB JPG
I'm currently a medical student in britbongistan, and am absolutely shitting bricks about "life" as a doctor. Extortionate rent and high costs of living mean I could easily get trapped in the cycle of pissing away my salary on a bedroom in a shitty shared flat and never saving up enough for a deposit for a house, like many of my 40-something year old superiors. The end goal is a nice, big, low-tech rural house with lots of outdoor space and not many people nearby, from which I can commute to the hospital.
This shithole is about as authoritarian as the memes suggest, but I still want to live spending basically nothing for a few years so I can save up my salary for that sweet, sweet deposit and an escape to the utilitarian British nightmare. Fuck double glazing, fuck housesharing, fuck rent, and fuck modern builds. Pic relatively related to my gripes with this country.

Anyone have any advice on doing the following legally in the British town/city?
Cheap-as-fuck rent sleeping in someone’s under-the-stairs cupboard would be my go-to. Even better if I could go full tent/van/yurt, though finding a place to put it without pissing away my meagre salary on land rent is still a concern.
Nettles, wild garlic, dandelions, dock-leaf, etc. are obvious go-tos, but does anyone have any favourites for the colder months? Cooking them for consumption is a slight issue; maybe I can boil them over a small fire made from dried twigs and bark I collect? Also what sources of hunting-loicense-free protein are available? Is roadkill any good if I can’t legally hunt?
I can try to shower in the hospital if I’m lucky, but how the fuck do I keep my clothes clean? Plus I need clean drinking/cooking water and rivers here basically aren’t an option due to pollution. Also got to keep my phone and laptop charged and dry to communicate re: on-calls and appointments/exams, especially if I go tentmode.
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
As one medical professional to an aspiring medical professional, /out/ life and van life comes with its own costs in terms of time and inconveniences.

When your busy writing orders for patients or charting documentation that could affect someone's care you don't want to be half asleep because some drunk homeless dude was randomly banging on your van at 3 in the morning or because some gang members in a park robbed you.

Being in medicine can get stressful as fuck and carries a ton of liability with it. When you fuck up as a doctor it can be a big deal that costs someone their life and cost you your license (which is your livelihood, no license = no job).

Leave vanlife for those who don't have lives depending on them.
>Socialized Health Care
> Pay £40,000-£75000

If you use real money thats $55,000-$100,000 for refrence the average American doctor gets $100,000

There's a reason many british doctors are imports from Africa or India.

Ugh I think your way under with 100k for US doctors.

I'm an RN and make about 93k, only been in the career for 5 years as well. First job out of school was 60k. If I became an NP (which still has considerably less authority than an MD) I'd easily be looking at 120k+
I do enjoy having three passports. Less chance all three will be terrible places to live hopefully.
I would advise against sharing accommodation at all, find a tiny space, but a tiny space that's yours, you don't want to share a bathroom or the kitchen because you might have to fight over cleaning, stove use, and things missing from the fridge!

Always save money by NOT ordering delivery, not eating out. If you have no time and must buy food while out - get a banana and a roll of bread.

Save money on clothes and don't chase fashion.

Don't get cable or netflix, save money and time and stop watching any tv or film. Get a hobby like gardening and cooking, watch free stuff like Townsend's channel on youtube.

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