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File: ph.jpg (17 KB, 275x183)
17 KB
What can I grow with a soil PH of 9.6? Serious answers only.
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ammonium sulfate or ammonium nitrate also work to lower the ph, decaying organic matter such as wood, sawdust, or dead leaves or needle could be combined to make it a prolonged acidic release as well as helping microriza grow and putting more nutrients into the soil
jesus christ where do you live? with that sorta ph you could make soap out of the dirt. You're really gonna need to amend that soil, Use Sulfur.
Good luck getting it in large enough quantities to grow anything substantial long term.
Alkaline soils are mostly clay. You could grow rice in it... Peas and aromatics grow well in it.
What you need to do is put dead leaves and plants on it before the winter and wait for it to decay, then spade it in the springtime. Protect it from heat and sunlight by planting flowers, weeds and clovers, then spade it again and cover it with dead stuff before the next winter. I did this the last two years and it went from a doughy soil to a slightly softer one where I can plant lettuce in (epic win for me).
It's true, fuck the chemical industry. It takes more time but it's far more efficient to change a soil structure with organic material, for the ground and the lifeforms around it.
Damn cityslickers and their fancy German cars not knowing anything about farming

File: 1600747071047s.jpg (10 KB, 138x249)
10 KB
>be me
>realizes the possibility of severe conflict within america
Guys im planning on getting my HAM radio license so i can talk to my group if something pops off. I live in in the mountains of appalachia and want a light setup that i can turn into a longer range radio if im elevated and held down. i'm thinking about buying a couple baofeng uv5r's for now until so i can hand them out to a couple people but im trying to figure out what antenna i should get. Also trying to find out what i could make or buy for longer range receiving.
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You're better off asking /k/, we constantly have radio threads, as well as gear threads for smaller comms.
Make shure to grab your FCC license before broadcasting dont want the feds
I dont know much as im still trying to get into the hobby myself
if SHTF then why would feds care?
I'm a leaf with a baofeng and no radio loicense.
The chances of being caught are practically 0%, but you want to practice and become familiar with your radio before the zombopocalypse happens.
Ya, it’s pretty active and has useful docs

File: night fire.jpg (154 KB, 1280x720)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
what duct tape or gorilla tape for /out/ stuff? that works with a bit of wet. need for taping shut loose straps so they dont flail around.
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Bushcrafters belong on Etsy
Actual bushcrafting, like making cordage and all that all on your own too, are good skills to have but are emergency skills only. You don't need to go do it in a maintained park or wilderness that you don't own.
stay mad ultralight
I don’t think he’s mad, he just feels embarrassed for you.
>wilderness that you don't own
no one owns the wilderness it is for all to use but not abuse

File: DSCN0358.jpg (4.91 MB, 4000x3000)
4.91 MB
4.91 MB JPG
finally got some autist friends to come on an overnight. Other than a short hike to camp and some fishing, how can i make sure they have a good time and are willing to come again?
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>share it but stick to it.
By this he means to wash it after every use.
try r/camping, summerfriend
this anon gets it
You left these out, anon.

You're doing god's work here on this 'best of' recollection of the thread, anon. You deserve to have your dick sucked.
File: you a bitch.png (13 KB, 745x318)
13 KB
you post like berrypicker

File: download.jpeg-130.jpg (20 KB, 474x266)
20 KB
Anybody know of some backpacks that resemble the ones in Death Stranding?
You can start by uploading a bigger image. I can't see shit there.
Google external frame backpacks.

File: jew's_harp.png (266 KB, 906x620)
266 KB
266 KB PNG
My personal favorite is a jew's harp. Light, portable, and makes me feel like a shaman when I sit around the fire and play.
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Funnily enough jews are one of the few cultures that don't have it among their traditional instruments.
>dinky little bass
Pssh, I drag a 12 ft Steinway grand piano with me, weight isn't an issue because it's on wheels. Took it on a year long hiking trip from Maine to Alaska, nothing like a little Liszt in the middle of the woods
File: 150626209.jpg (19 KB, 670x503)
19 KB
These puppies. I do a pretty good Mourning Dove, though my tone is hampered by sweat and swelling.

>nothing like a little Liszt in the middle of the woods
my sides have flown south for the winter lol
not everyone whistles as well as an instrument.
>dad whistles incessantly while at home
>can't carry a tune worth a used douche
>"I can't stand it when someone sings off, lol"
>death can't come quickly enough for some people
>can whistle in 5 octaves with nothing but my mouth

Perfect ultralight backpacking instrument

What's /out/'s thoughts on glamping/travel trailers? They seem based. Take ATVs out or hike the surrounding mountainside while having a warm, comfortable place to sleep without roughing it with bugs and shit on the ground. Maybe take a small boat with you, and do all the stuff tent campers do while not having to hate yourself in a piece of shit tent.
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Mostly for richfags, women and cityfags to still feel like they're roughing it by not having free WiFi and a Starbucks nearby
Kitchens and being close to /out/ is why you stay in a hostel.
But I heard they don't really exist in the US for some reason, rip
File: trailer1.jpg (343 KB, 2004x1080)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
I just live in one on some family property in what's essentially the middle of nowhere. Trailer is comfy as fuck, I don't have a life and go innawoods a lot so it's a good home base.
Takes a few minutes in any direction to get to some good /out/ spots.
I like my fifth wheel, but I'd never take it /out/ or anything.
>What's /out/'s thoughts on glamping/travel trailers?
They're a step down from mobile homes, because at least those are cost effective.

>while having a warm, comfortable place to sleep without roughing it with bugs and shit on the ground
Bugs can't get in my tent, and I don't shit in it.
Also, the ground is naturally cool in summer. You have to watch out for glass and sharp rocks, as well as the angle of the soil, trees, etc, but it's not like RVs never leak.

>Maybe take a small boat with you, get all of your stuff stolen while you go out for burgers like the LARPer you are
>I just live in one on some family property in what's essentially the middle of nowhere.
How's the meth trade?
>I don't have a life and go innawoods a lot so it's a good home base.
Easier to make meth without a mortgage.
>Takes a few minutes in any direction to get to some good /out/ spots.
Easier to make deals away from prying CCTV.
>I like my fifth wheel, but I'd never take it /out/ or anything.
I can't go fishing until you make the next shipment, anyway. Gotta make that meth!

File: camelbak.jpg (24 KB, 281x500)
24 KB
Any good running backpacks? I'm going to start cross country running in the woods this fall and want to bring a packpack with water/food/and my phone possibly some basic survival tools. I'm not interested in the plastic bag for on demand drinking water, I just want a small backpack that will fit tightly to my body while I run that will fit everything snug so it doesn't rock around.
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I've got my eye on the advanced skin 5. I just picked up a pair of SpeedCross 5s and put them through a 15 mile run, was impressed with how comfy they were after barely breaking them in.
On the pack would you be able to fit a can of counter attack were you have the breast pockets?
Small camelback like a mule or goruck bullet 10 would work well under 100 bucks.
Get a combat belt with Molly attachment points. You could get canteen pouches, and magazine pouches for energy bars on it. There are also many other size pouches you could put on it for other things.
My Talon 22 is the best biking/dayhiking pack I've ever owned.
Can second that. I've done a lot of running in my Talon 22. Its seen a decade of hard use and still humming along fine.

File: America.jpg (160 KB, 1500x939)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
I'm planning on going on a road trip across America for several months in a van. I'm going to start in Florida and just go all over. This trip won't be for several months until things get better. I'm wondering what things I can do during these few months that will make the trip better. Thanks
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Freecampsites.net has great places to bum sleeping or camping out for a few days.

As for fun stuff: all the Nat parks are usually solid choices, especially in the west. Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Cali, Oregon, and Washington could occupy you to hearts content with just the forests and parks alone. Taking a few months to just hit as many miles on as many different trails is always a solid plan.
The problem with road tripping across america is that the great plains are very boring and expansive. The space between the Mississippi river and the front range doesn’t have much to offer. Just plan on doing that entire drive in one day so that you don’t end up trying to find camping in the middle of a corn field.
The souther half isn’t nearly as bad. Louisiana is interesting in its uniqueness, and East Texas at least has some cities and towns. But there’s nothing east of I35 (past San Antonio, Austin, Dallas). West Texas is just desolate and boring. New Mexico is pretty sweet though.
I’m from Louisiana, I know. Doesn’t change what I said. You will spend 16 hours driving through Texas before finding something fun again.
>welcome to El Paso

>Dumb toad pee peed on me
Post animal encounters and pictures.
44 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1561134550447.gif (3.13 MB, 608x256)
3.13 MB
3.13 MB GIF
The smaller northern subspecies yes
File: IMG_20200924_152627.jpg (4.06 MB, 4032x3024)
4.06 MB
4.06 MB JPG
These bastards really scared the shit out of me. They were stomping around my camp and screaming in the night.
File: IMG_20200924_113756_1.jpg (4.19 MB, 3024x4032)
4.19 MB
4.19 MB JPG
And this cute bird really liked to hang out near me
Is he furless? Can't quite tell. Dude doesn't look so good.

File: Capture.png (162 KB, 501x543)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
I bought this lighter because I can put it on my /out/ key chain and it take liquid gas so I can fill it with the same gas I use for my stove and it is watertight. It really sucks though and it took me a long time to realize it because I was so hyped about it. But now I have come to terms with it. The problem is it dries out after just a few months of no use even though it has an O-ring to prevent it and even if I grease the O-ring and threads. Fuck this lighter
20 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
It's called a wick.
Fuck off commie
t. Bic CEO
I also call all types of food ‘food’.
I have a peanut lighter on my keychain, always works when I need it. Try a new o ring.

Have you ever seen anything strange or outright scary while /out/? I'm thinking ghosts, trolls, aliens, UFOs etc. Give us your self experienced stories here
87 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
Scary stories is /out/ related, kys nofun faggot.
They will hate him for he speaks the truth.
I'd fuck that she looks like she has that tight intergalactic pussy.

>out is leftist

Yes. Enjoying our socialist public land?


No. You're thinking of limousine and techie libs, AKA Reddit

File: 1557627051745.png (1.73 MB, 1024x656)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
hey /out/ I enjoy doing a lot of shit around me
but I never really have anybody to do it with. I'm considering getting a dog or something but I don't really like dogs and I don't know where to find a girl or any guys that have the same interest to be doing outdoor shit as much. what do I do?
I'll come with you if I can give you a blowie in the tent (just one) before bed.
Post boipussy and I’ll think about it
anon, im flattered but this is a blue board

just a blowie, u cannot push my pudding in, ok?
get off my thread faggots
Behold. Genetic dead ends. Squirting their offspring into some dude's shitty ass. Thank God your children won't go to school with my children since what could possibly be your kids will be shat down a drain by some bottom faggot.

File: 1426085563967.jpg (27 KB, 300x300)
27 KB
What's the hottest weather you've been in?

(not exactly /out/), but I was at the Animal Kingdom in Disney World, Florida, and I swear my sweat felt like cooking oil. It was mid summer and they have these huge broadleaf plants giving off all this humidity. It must have been 40 C with near 100% humidity.
67 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
I run hot and hate the heat. lived my entire life in a desert, hottest I've ever been in was like 117ish. 0/10 can't wait to move somewhere cold
>be me
>north Carolina/swamp area fag
>125 degree heat humid as hell
>wading through a mud bog
>in leather boots pants tshirt
>took jacket off at trail head set it in a high tree
>wade for 3 hours
>turn around and head back
>nearly dead from heat exhaustion
>climb tree to grab jacket
>last branch snaps
>pass out
>wake up hour later
>felt fine just thirsty as hell

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
122°F (50°C) in SoCal.... fucking horse shit of a place. can't wait to leave
>46C in Northern Montana

Literally baking to death. 3rd day there was dead squirrels on the ground.
You can fuck off. No OP, but I've lived in Phoenix for almost 25 years and I can guarantee you that it's cleared 120 here a ton. "Mesa" is more of a soft boundary, stop cherrypicking shit and understand what sprawl is. Pussy.

File: weird.webm (2.61 MB, 640x360)
2.61 MB
2.61 MB WEBM
So I originally saw this in a thread on /x/ and thought it was pretty cool. So basically what causes this is when strong gusts of wind flow into the ground and into the roots of trees, giving the shown reaction.
And so /out/, I ask you: Have you ever personally seen this whilst hiking and such? I've been /out/ in the forests for most of my life and I've never seen it occur.
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
To cultivate a false sense of superiority?
Rocky ground covered by thin layer of decaying matter matted together by a web of fine roots and moss, makes almost a carpet type layer. Either the wind is getting under it like another guy suggested, or the roots of the trees blowing in the wind are pulling it up. I've never seen it move like that in person, but I've definitely pulled some up and it came off in a carpet like sheet.
We had that wind tunnel storm through the middle-midwest a couple months back now, saw this firsthand but I also immediately understood what was happening because am not a smooth brain from /x/.
>Have you ever personally seen this whilst hiking and such?
After one bad experience I don't go to the woods when windy, so no, but I seen this on the edge of parking lot in japan, that was caused by minor earthquake.
>It's just the shallow roots pulling up the thin layer of topsoil over bedrock
This. You see it NZ whenever it’s really windy. It’s nothing special.

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