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Anyone here have or ever slept in one of these truck bed tents? Seems like a neat idea, wouldn't need to worry about finding a flat area on the ground. Only thing is my truck is a short bed and I'm 6'3" so not even sure if I could even fit properly in one. The idea intrigues me though.
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File: 20210409_175649.jpg (3.96 MB, 4032x3024)
3.96 MB
3.96 MB JPG
Kodiak canvas guy here, Very comfy inside!
Um, why not just buy a suburban?
Wouldn't a solid cab just be better?
Canvas seems like a much more appropriate material for these than the normal tent material.
Or a cargo van.
Why not just buy a van or at least a topper
File: koleos_tent.jpg (90 KB, 785x785)
90 KB
There was a similar tent for my car. Too bad it not possible to get one now.

File: Screenshot (30).png (3.21 MB, 1742x917)
3.21 MB
3.21 MB PNG

I know this board is at least 70% larpers at this point, but for those that aren't, you should be wary of stories like this. I frequently take trips to the badlands where the temperature can hit 40 degrees Celsius, and disorientation out there is no joke. That's exactly what happened to this dude. Went for an hour long run on a blazing hot day, didn't drink enough water, took a wrong turn, and suddenly he has no sense of direction and ends up crawling under a tree to die. You should have a life straw or something similar if you do big hikes in hot weather, and carry lots of water. I've had days where I carry 4 litres, drink it all in 6 hours, never piss once because you sweat it all out, and when I get back to camp my urine indicates that I'm dehydrated.
People get lost in Griffith park...

Post cool locations and photos from anywhere in the wonderful state of New Jersey.
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your state has more niggers that jersey, stay mad
There was and still may be a dead dog in one of the bunkers at Sandy Hook.
File: images.jpg (12 KB, 194x259)
12 KB
Sourlands Mountain Preserve yellow trail. Not my pic since I'm phoneposting and can't resize mine.
File: PXL_20210802_225113802.jpg (4.51 MB, 4032x3024)
4.51 MB
4.51 MB JPG
Copperas Mountain seen from Green Pond Mountain
they used to spray agent orange in the US to defoliate along power lines

Pretty flowers greet me on my way to work. Give me the do's and don't with this thing. And tell me how I did while I share a few pics.
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File: 1609711018057.jpg (475 KB, 1121x1000)
475 KB
475 KB JPG
Plant looks fine imo. Flowers are ("generally", before some autist flames me) how plants produce pollen/fruit, so they will be back next season/cycle. Wouldnt worry about it.
collect the seeds once they come, they make good lsd
It overgrows into a weed if you don't keep it in check, very invasive plant that actively strangles out competition, it's creepers will colonize your deck if you let it.
Some people collect the seeds to eat because it has lysergic acid amide, which is chemically similar to LSD (and similar in effect)
If you don't have much you wanna grow in the area, and you're in a relatively suburban area where it won't grow out of control, you could let it wrap around your deck and rip off the detritus when it dies back after the first frost
four o clock?
Some retards I went to school with ate like 100 to trip. They threw up for 8 hrs straight and had the worst trip of their life.

cheap but reasonably acceptable and useful stuff from wish ebay aliexpress.....
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File: Ka-29-1.jpg (99 KB, 604x884)
99 KB
>190t ripstop nylon
>2.9 * 2.9 m
>hollow pecks, rope and carrying bag

>moraknif pro c
>carbon steel good for shaving out of box

>Muh quality
It's all from China, dipshit. Worst case scenario you can open the hot dog package with your teeth instead of your 200$ knife
I buy Victorinox.
>from ebay/aliexpress
Sounds like dick cancers. I don't even cum on anime figures that are from China.

File: hqdefault.jpg (35 KB, 480x360)
35 KB
Is this feasible /out/? would it be sustainable for temporary outdoor fun and leaving home for a bit? I love motorcycles so it would also be conveniant garage while moving around, the motorcycle is also subvehicle to save on gas and have more fun vrooming around a new area while the van is parked.
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>A bike just weighs to much to sitck in on the back of a vehicle.
Class IV hitches can take 1,000 lbs, and Class V hitches can take 2,400 to 2,700 lbs on the tongue, so it's absolutely possible to have a rack that can carry any motorcycle safely.
Alright, I'm telling you I know more than you, I am telling you I have spent weeks looking into them and I am telling you it is not a viable longer term solution.
Go ahead, try it, and make sure it's all insured.
>I'm smarter than physics
Cool. You sound like a real motorcyclist.
Make sure it's insured buddy
File: desert river 2.jpg (1.91 MB, 2412x2160)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB JPG
Vans are nice for having nice space to move around inside and store things, making an effective portable living space. Adding a hitch carrier onto a truck isn't going to give you all the benefits of a van's higher roof and good interior space. I also wouldn't trust them.

Those ratings are based on hitches that mount much closer to the vehicle mount. The bike carriers are cantilevered much farther out, creating more bending stresses.

The hitches also only receive essentially a point load straight down, and a slight load pushing sideways or forwards when turning/braking. The ball shape of the hitch prevents it from adding torsion. In addition to those carriers being farther out and increasing the bending stress from all of the normal hitch functions, it adds new types of stresses. Since it's supporting everything from one connection, it must also support the twist from the bike wanting to topple side to side in turns, and more bouncing from road roughness.

Weight distribution hitches are normally recommended for higher tongue weights to force the front end of the vehicle down some. Those carriers do the opposite, putting all the extra weight behind the rear wheels.

The hitch receivers are also generally pretty loosely fitted too, making the bike and carrier wobble around even more.

That seems like a convenient way to carry a bike, but if I were to do it I'd do it right and make a proper multipoint connection so it's not relying solely on the hitch receiver.

File: 20210716_182932.jpg (3.25 MB, 4032x1816)
3.25 MB
3.25 MB JPG
Just finished my first trip with my new canoe
Was a bitch yo Jerry rig onto my Dad's Saab 9-5 buckets and buckets of problems getting the roof racks mounted, finding tie out points that would work etc etc

But it was all worth it
I'm gonna dump some pics
Any canoeing/kayaking content welcome
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inflatables are essentially a canoe with any other name anyway. thats why i refrain from calling it a kayak and call it a raft
> Any canoeing/kayaking content welcome
>it’s over bros
Sea kayaking will never die. Tho these pics are from a lake in the sierras a while back.
I got a buddy and we do a bunch of ocean fishing if a tandem Hobie kayak. Taking a week long trip starting this Friday.
File: rec-kayak-550x412.jpg (45 KB, 550x412)
45 KB
fat people in boats

File: chae.jpg (74 KB, 438x700)
74 KB
how do you find a good place to set your tent in the forest? do you use google maps to see the forest in satellite mode and see where small plains are, or just wander around aimlessly for hours with all your equipment? do you bring a shovel to make a spot?
i swear my forest has no flat spots.
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Idk what you’re taking about, I’m a hammock Chad, so I can’t relate to a tent cuck like you
enjoy falling down, breaking your spine and becoming lame
search "good camping spots to bring children to"
I live in very nonflat terrain and I tend to use a shovel more than my hatchet, it helps with clearing terrain and getting shit out of the way.
Also I just really really like digging trenches.
I've literally had to camp on a muddy slope because army

You can camp wherever you want as long as you're not a pussy

Set up camp wherever looks good, it takes practice recognizing the qualities of a comfy site

As others have mentioned, look out for safety hazards first, then comfort comes second

File: 6158m1qLqFL.jpg (113 KB, 1051x1360)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Hallo /out/, just a quick question here. What version of the US Army Ranger Handbook should I get? The most recent (2020) or is there a better, older version?
Also, recommendations for books on survival/insurgency?
use the catalog
Should’ve kept this post in the “questions that don’t deserve their own thread” thread
The handbook isn't really an outdoors manual, it's a platoon tactics manual with some other miscellaneous .mil goodies

Afaik there haven't been any major revisions that are "better"

File: IMG01635.jpg (225 KB, 1400x933)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
You have been out looking for mushrooms lately haven't you /out/?
Got any good pictures of fungi from your hikes? Post 'em here.

pic related, lets start off with some dear mushrooms
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>did you lick it?
I ate the whole thing by the way guys any guess what is is? No I didn't do a spore print and I have a little tummyache.
I use those reusable mesh produce bags and tie them to a carabiner on my backpack once they're full though I don't know about multiple days. I'd try to limit your mushroom collecting to the last day, keeping them like that long-term will also make spore prints more difficult
why do /in/cels have to come and shit up a comfy thread that has actual outdoors OC
I'm sorry anon it was in jest
>Pretty sure it is a Lycoperdon Pyriforme
It was, drought and unusual high heat made it odd. Suprised it grew at all.

File: l99838vl9e751.jpg (106 KB, 752x1067)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
> 1) if you are the first man to walk a trail in the morning in a forested area, what do you expect to feel on your face

> 2) if a crow catches a shellfish, how does it open it

> 3) what reason can you give to never touch Spanish Moss?
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>what do you expect to feel on your face
lol this applies when being the first out of your apartment in the morning too
File: 2021-07-31 11_55_45.png (71 KB, 971x759)
71 KB
>3) what reason can you give to never touch Spanish Moss?
>b-b-b-ut muh chiggers
OP confirmed for never actually having gone outside. You know real life is often different from what they tell you on TV?
>he likes little red bugs and chiggers crawling on him
>mfw OP wanted this to be a larper hate thread but outed themselves as a larper
i use spanish moss to wipe my butthole so i guess i have chiggers now

worried about being homeless in a month, what can i do to prepare?
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you can like art and also see that images like that are lowest common denominator of dude weed lmao pseud tool fans who use words like sacred geometry unironically and with little to no artistic merit
Nothing you just said made absolutely zero sense. It's still art.
so it all made sense? i never said it wasn’t art, just that the people that like this kind of art are morons
get a job
File: 00000880.jpg (4 KB, 105x187)
4 KB
>tfw people are still keeping the meme you started alive

Hey guys I’ve been trying to ID this berry, found in the Cleveland OH area if that helps
use the catalog

File: download.jpg (4.41 MB, 6000x4000)
4.41 MB
4.41 MB JPG
Why wouldn't I get a tent that stakes into the ground? Are people afraid of predators or something?
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Playboy have you never heard of a bivy?
i could imagine its more compact since you save the tent sticks. also you save some ground camping isolation.
File: R.jpg (90 KB, 830x374)
90 KB
I have the Safari Connect 2 person model. The Tensile tents are legit tensile construction material suspended tents suitable for car camping or in my case canoe camping in boreal forests. I suppose backpacking is an option if the weight is split between the two people. The cheaper ones you will find on amazon are just covered hammocks and have the problem of everything rolling into the center.
Hammocks are better for lounging if you’ve got the anchor points for it. Tents offer far more protection, but if you’re not expecting high wind or bad weather then hammocks can be pretty comfy.
Unless you’re talking about those giant tent hammocks specifically pictured. In which case I don’t know, I guess they could be fun? Not as practical as a normal tent at all, but maybe people enjoy the novelty of it.
if you can find three equally spaced trees then sure

File: 2021-07-26 20_17_48.png (854 KB, 892x856)
854 KB
854 KB PNG
>the absolute state of rockymountainlet trails
you did reserve your trailhead parking, didn't you /out/?
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I just ride my motorcycle on the trails. No parking needed.
depends which part of nature you visit
i imagine that you don't have to pay for outdoor experiences in your country because it is either overcrowded, shitty to look at, has eradicated any semblance of nature left within its borders or a combination of those. having a national park system ensures those places remain natural
I live in the adirondack park and I'm leaving this shithole anyway but if they start trying to charge people because of canadians and faggots from new jersey clogging up the trail head vehicle arson is going to skyrocket
Are you the anon who posts ADK OC?
gonna miss those threads tbqh
Nah I only come to out a handful of times per year

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