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File: pranaconvertiblepants.jpg (59 KB, 776x1181)
59 KB
Just scored a pair of these of Amazon for $28.
Is stretch fit hiking clothing a meme or is it really more comfortable?
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Probably short and fat, so it was like a 38x26 or something.
Outdoorlab raves about them and they're still on sale at backcountry. What's the sizing like? I usually wear a 30 length since a 32 in some of these pants has the leg nearly touching the floor but sometimes it also rides a little high at 30

$67 ain't too shabby though, could do without the leg pocket but beggars can't be choosers
>What's the sizing like?
Correct. I wear a 32 in everything and they’re a 32. Sounds like you need a 32 and need to learn how to hem pants down to a 31
>Kneel down on zipper
>instant pain
Anything non-autistic with built-in knee protection out there for an ex-flooring installer?
34x32 was this price in green for a few days.
Amazon does that with nearly all their stock periodically. I got a pair of Columbia zip offs in gray for $17

Post your dogs.

>Pic related, 7 year old counterfeit malinois. Border collie/husky/pit, best damn dog.

Bonus, what's the best /out/ dog breed that's not a mutt. Looking to do SAR with a smaller GSD. Big man's getting old.
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Say what?
File: IMG_20200415_084829.jpg (2.49 MB, 4608x2112)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB JPG
Is that pickles from pnw?
Actually you can’t legally fire a gun within a certain proximity to other houses. Check your local laws
See this is where it gets funny. Muh legal authority. Stay in your city and dilate. Im so glad I dont live around garbage like you. We'd run you out in a week.
That's not a doggo, that's a bear!

File: oldfaithful.png (4.66 MB, 1915x965)
4.66 MB
4.66 MB PNG
how is this justifiable?
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>Government doesn't actively push capitalism, and punish those that don’t use it.
>i am even more retarded
Adams National Park in the sprawl of Quincy, MA is a strip of grass & trees with benches between a parkway and the MBTA train tracks. Cracks me up every time I drive by.
So that everyone can experience this.
But you are a selfish prick
No, no, much better if some faggot boomer got to buy that land to build his mcmansion on it. Then he could stare out his window all day to see if anyone walked on any adjacent plots, so he could drive over on his lawnmower and tell them to leave before he calls the cops.
Ok faggot

What are some /out/ cars? Pic related is my Honda pilot. Pretty tough and reliable, which are what matters when using a car for outdoors
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Just get a mid 90's Jeep Cherokee. Cheap as dirt, durable frame and easy to service most issues.
Finally people post cars that can reach places my citroen c1 can't reach.
>see the Tacoma later on that day
>piss in the open window
File: IMG_20171111_132248.jpg (3.72 MB, 4160x3120)
3.72 MB
3.72 MB JPG
Both are great.

Citroen c1 + Yamaha xt350
That pic wasn't on a logging road

Are they a good organization to work for or are they cringe?
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I assure you, being actually retarded is no barrier to getting a job with the usfs
Its a pretty good organization due to most of their funding going to maintenance of major use areas they'll mostly leave you alone if you are camping in a dispersed camping spot. I go the their office every once and awhile to get updates on trails (as well as stopping by fish&game because they'll tell me where to avoid or where to go 4 the best fishing spots).
Try and avoid the women that work there because they only know major trails and camping spots as well as hassling you saying all advisories are laws
Yeah fuck off, its all about beating the algorithm and navigating the Albuquerque labyrinth. If you're applying for entry level positions, its not about your qualifications.
My local head forester is an old lesbian, she's been there for decades.
It's illegal to make hiring decisions off of race or disability:
>An agency official shall not discriminate against an employee or applicant based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability (or handicapping condition), marital status, or political affiliation. 5 U.S.C. § 2302(b)(1)

It would be illegal for them to give you extra points because you're a minority, hence why nobody who makes hiring decisions actually sees your information. They get your name, your resume, and your survey questions, and can see your previous SF 50s. The only bump you get is if you're a veteran candidate.

File: downloadfile-140.jpg (30 KB, 474x245)
30 KB
Getting more interested in geology and paleontology.

What do I need to know to into paleontology, and geology. (Bonus points for archeology)
Any quintessential books? Good youtube channels? Etc.
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>thinking pagan gods don't fuck with humans all. The. Time.
I downloaded rock'd on my phone, it's got geological maps. I can pan around and figure out where there are sedimentary deposits in my area. That's a good starting point I figure. Places with disturbances like shore, river banks, and landslides also seem like good places to search but desu I haven't found anything yet :(
No you idiot, my old roommate was dating a girl who thought fossils were faked by scientists
Whoops meant for >>1776702
File: s-l600.jpg (27 KB, 278x400)
27 KB
For a good background on phylogenetics, check out Zimmer and Emlen's Evolution - Making Sense of Life.

For earth science in general, I recommend Hamblin and Christiansen's Earth's Dynamical Systems. This book very clearly explains rocks, clays and soils from a geophysical and chemical perspective.

As for Youtube, check out Nick Zentner, a professor at Central Washington University who has a lot of great and accessible videos on applied geology.

File: gwefbvwef.jpg (448 KB, 1142x2029)
448 KB
448 KB JPG
Bought a used dhp truerec kayak with built in outriggers but now cannot seem to find replacement gaskets for the specific parts and their website is basically dormant. how screwed am I?
Make em yourself. Draw the shapes on gasket sheets and voila. Or automotive silicone gasket (tube) and press together. Improvize and test close to shore.
what a funny word
File: 0014595805_20.jpg (27 KB, 480x480)
27 KB
on a scale from 9 to 10, how high are you?

File: 1570032283365.jpg (167 KB, 736x670)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
Hi /out/. I'm planning on taking an off roading trip to the smokies/blue ridge area. Do you guys know of any good designated trails in that area?
Isn't Uwharrie Forest in the middle of NC a huge offroading destination?

File: 20200519_083454.jpg (392 KB, 720x742)
392 KB
392 KB JPG
Do you guys like to do it?
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Thanks, nice idea. When I make some more I'll do a carving thread here and find a way to send them out. I'd proudly send these lil guys off to go on adventures and see the world. Don't know how it could be possible with 4chan being a risky place
I do when out fishing, around my parts it's called a "göralös-pinne", nothing to do-stick. You just get a piece of wood and start carving, whatever happens, happen.
maybe take pictures of your process and set them together in a little tutorial of sorts so anons can make their own?
Yeah, I'll do that!
This is the second thing I've whittled down now. Pretty rough but I'm happy with it considering I was using a pocket knife and a shitty woodcarving set from Michaels

File: IMG_20200525_100213.jpg (4.79 MB, 2610x4640)
4.79 MB
4.79 MB JPG
I threw a bunch of seeds to see if something will grow only to have 100s of these pop up.
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Im in the balkans
Are you the strawberry anon?
yeah looks like it thanks, i thought it was turnips and spread it out throughout the lot
If that smells a lot like garlic it's eatable, that call 'aliere' in French..
Very good in salad or sandwich

File: IMG_20200525_171929.jpg (1.46 MB, 1800x2400)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB JPG
Or dare I say, twigging
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File: IMG_20200526_132036.jpg (1.06 MB, 1520x1140)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
Two legged giants gave ants pieces of apple
File: IMG_20200526_143010.jpg (902 KB, 1960x1470)
902 KB
902 KB JPG
Just a fishtree
File: IMG_20200526_141625.jpg (1.74 MB, 2160x1620)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB JPG
Some nice shots
File: IMG_20200526_135458.jpg (1.87 MB, 2160x1620)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB JPG

Who cowboy /out/ here?
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Do you mean southerner? I’m from the Carolinas and I agree, we use them back home for a variety of reasons. That being said you can take them on day hikes easily.

Yea the divide often serves as just that anon. A divide. In all seriousness cowboys in their traditional sense haven’t been around for decades. Sure you have your cow poke life style which is honest and hard as nails for sure, but my point is that people seem to obsess over wearing boots as a privilege for those who live out on the range chasing Billy the Kid. Just admit they’re a functional work boot that works better for some and worse for others
Seriously, fuck cows. I like beef, sure, but it’s about time we quit letting ranchers use public lands to graze. So many pristine hiking areas ruined by those fuckers. My grandfather grazed here my ass, I don’t care. And yes I would quit eating beef if it meant saving my trail. Without a second thought, chicken and fish are healthier anyways. I just know it isn’t going to do fuck all if I quit eating meat, so don’t make that retarded argument.
gay thread
They want it both ways; public land for everyone to share, but private land for just them. I’ve posted before about how barbed wire ruined the proto-every man’s right ideal in the US and paved the way for no trespassing laws on undeveloped land.
File: 20200517_010936.jpg (676 KB, 720x1196)
676 KB
676 KB JPG
Felt hat season is about over, sadly.

What are your thoughts on Colorado's ballot initiative to introduce wolves to the state?
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older than you you nigger underage poster
farmers and ranchers don't want predators around because they kill livestock which costs money. even if it's only a few animals a year it's still a loss of revenue.
it's quite surprising there are any predators in the lower 48 states and southern canada at all since farming is so prevalent. of course the animals deserve better treatment, but until people are willing to lose money over it i don't see much hope.
the red wolf is a great case study in why changing attitudes towards animals is the most important part of reintroduction.
Coming from someone who has no idea what the flying fuck they’re talking about.

Congrats anon I have bad days but this made me feel that much better about myself
I'm happy for them to be introduced, as long as they are managed just like any other game animal (i.e. have a regulated hunting season for them).

File: puukko handle.jpg (19 KB, 533x145)
19 KB
what is the best knife ever made an why is it the puukko?
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>liver and onions
My sister used to cook that so often, the smell made gave me nausa( how do i spell that)
Buck 110
a surgeon came up with that design.
Actually it makes sense

Critique my rock climbing? Tips?
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Get climbing shoes.
It is hard to tell from a still picture, but in my experience, most beginners waste too much energy on upper body to climb up the wall. Rather you should focus on using your legs to drive you up, and keep your hips as close to the wall as possible to reduce the stress your hands have to hold, obviously this isn't possible in every situation, but is good general advice.
Receding hairline
>haha regular shoes on the wall

fuck off cunt
File: Binoculars.png (332 KB, 949x233)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
>the vertical virgin walk

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