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File: kentuckyout.jpg (35 KB, 740x370)
35 KB
Anyone here in KY who would like to network? I need more camping bros. I'll make a discord for us to connect and meetup through if there's anyone out there who's interested.
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ya add me on linkedin
I'm sure you're a decent dude OP, but most people on here have the general feeling that it's ill-advised to meet people from 4chan irl. Typically from what I've seen, it either turns out to be cringe or is dangerous. The only times I've seen something good come out of it is /k/'s meetups (good being relative, obviously) and the He Will Not Divide Us stuff.
Anonymity is both a blessing and a curse. Mostly a blessing. I'm sure there are other sites where you could network with decent people in your area. Maybe taking some sort of /out/ related class will expose you to people with similar interests.
>turns out to be cringe or is dangerous
Bruh if anyone on here is worried about the danger then why wouldn't they just carry a pistol? Do people on here not carry when they go /out? I never go into the woods without a firearm regardless. Danger from meeting another person should be the last thing that any true outdoorsman or woman is worried about.

>The only times I've seen something good come out of it is /k/'s meetups
That's actually where I got the idea. I'm already in a /k/ discord group but they don't go /out as often as I'd like. It seems to work just fine there so I figured why not do the same thing with a more /out focused group.
Fuck you dumb faggot this whole website is a honeypot, stay in the woods and hang out with your kin.

File: cat.jpg (49 KB, 604x453)
49 KB
I am a Hike-Junkie, boys.

In both meanings of the word. I love to hike. I love to be out in nature alone.
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Why is it called hiking? Isn't it just walking? Where is the line?
He made a thread of it because this board is dying. At least this is doing pretty good
Hiking is when you actively decide that you need to wear specific clothes and shoes to go. Walking can be done in whatever you happen to be wearing at the time
No because I live in a 3 bedroom house on a few acres of land, less than a mile away from an entrance to hiking trails
It's my property and I own it, it doesn't matter if it's a shipping container on a parking lot.
And considering the housing shortage it is worth a lot of shekels.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (131 KB, 1280x720)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
CUT it out edition

There are always multiple threads up about machetes, hatchets, and knives at any given moment. Why not have a general for it? Now we do. This thread is for discussion and advice regarding cutting implements of every kind. Post yours, ask questions about, and discuss various different brands and types of cutlery.
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anyone have a leatherman free p4 or p2? pros/cons?
free p4 is a loth better to use than my surge. too many flathead screwdrivers though. they got rid of the ruler on the handles too for some reason. thinking of taking it to an engraver
I quite like my boker tantodashi. Doesn't have the curved edge like that but it's otherwise similar for $35ish.
varusteleka 110 jääkäripuukko with leather sheath, except it's thicker than 3mm iirc

beat the shit out of mine for a year in the army then traded it to some marine for a knuckle duster. great knife
imagine having a fucking axe in your hand and thinking "gee if only I could stab people with this I wouldn't be so scared"

Why is paracord so popular when the only thing it’s good for is making bracelets?
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hey man lotta people need bracelets. mine has a whistle, ferro rod, steel striker, and compass (right next to the steel striker kek)
why a whip?
>be me
>buy 50' spool of paracord because it's the best shit ever right
>replace all my boot/shoelaces
>make a belt
>make a bracelet
>make a gun sling
>hang my hammock
>bootlaces shred at the slightest abrasion
>belt stretches all to shit and looks like hell
>bracelet makes me look like a larper (i am)
>sling is actually kinda ok
>hammock sags
How do you stop ants from crawling on you? I'm allergic to ants
just look for an ANTidote

File: 1200px-K2_2006b.jpg (246 KB, 1200x900)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
Could you handle K2?
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>Army of Sherpas carry all your stuff
>Use fixed ropes and camps
>Literally stand in line on a mountain waiting for your turn to "be the king of the world"
Is there a more boomer activity than mountaineering expedition style?
How is it boomer?
How is this thread still up? I first started reading this thread when I had to start working from home because of the “pandemic”. 2 fucking months ago. I like the movie K2, but no, the real K2 would viciously ass rape me.
I am an artisan. Over on /an/ we just finished a thread about cats and salami. That was my work. I want to address another thing, but I suppose I shall refrain.
Okay, I can't resist anymore. I notice you put "pandemic" in scare quotes like you don't think it's a real thing. You're not serious, right? How many years of your life have you spent trusting doctors, and you're arbitrarily deciding to stop with this particular thing for no apparent reason?

The fact that people on this board uphold WV as some /out/ Mecca proves you’re all a bunch of gay largess from the eastern sea board.

WV sucks and after growing up there, i can tell you there is nothing special about it.
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I also grew up in West Virginia. I recently found out my childhood home was busted for being a meth lab, and my hometown is now growing weed everywhere. I still get nostalgic for it occasionally, and I have family there, but it's rapidly becoming a drug infested hellhole.
it's just because of that "country roads, take me" home song
did they find your old chemistry set?
this. like catnip to white boomers
i went to a piano bar in Louisiana and i swear nance and rand were gonna make another baby on the dancefloor when that song came on
Heh, no. Some old woman rented it out to her grandson, who promptly started cooking meth with his friend. I can't remember if he was selling it or not.

File: axe.jpg (596 KB, 2560x1440)
596 KB
596 KB JPG
how would /out/ design a knife and a axe if they could fully customize them?
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Mora carbon 10 buck knife
i love u swedes very much but the mora is inferior to the puukko
as long as it has a good bolster. out knives with no bolsters really grind my gears. enjoy having your hand ride up onto the blade
File: smug reading goar.jpg (58 KB, 625x469)
58 KB
ok buddy, sure

File: electric twanger m16.png (558 KB, 707x665)
558 KB
558 KB PNG
what is a good bushcraft shelter for cold winters? smaller is better right? and how about heating stones?
i never leave the house without a nice bag of stones which I can heat up anytime
based, stonepilled, and banned from /r/ultralight

File: canned sard.jpg (29 KB, 339x250)
29 KB
what is a good bushcraft campsite for longer stays and revisits? what is the best way to arrange rocks for a good campfire?
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based and deenzpilled
the camp site is literally a site you pick to camp
what is is like to have your brain
you can camp in a single spot on BLM land for like a month as long as you don't fuck it up and (maybe) get a fire permit
*14 days

Tent fags btfo
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I don’t get this. With just like 6 more ounces of material, you could have a bottom and some doors and wouldn’t need to bring 600 yards of rope to guy out your tarp
Yeah anything that could survive a big ass gun and big ass knife, well your time was up anyways
There are lots of ways to have sex there
Don't be such a prude
Fuck I love all of the different types of shelter set ups.
they are too sexually insecure to acknowledge their affinity for bondage, so they do this instead. its a healthy outlet (provided they avoid lyme)

File: Battle Map.png (1.79 MB, 1494x938)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB PNG
Alright gents, I need your help. I've been planning on car camping in this area for weeks, specifically around little moose which I fully admit isn't very /out/.

Wondered if any anons have been around here and have good suggestions for day-hikes, campgrounds just a place to park my old truck and maybe roast some weenies, favorite trails that sort of thing. I've looked at all the resources and I know what's out there but that doesn't tell me what's normie trash and what's underappreciated gold.

Thinking about West Canada Lake which an anon has already hooked me up with some camping spots at, and maybe High Peaks, heard driving along Long Lake is gorgeous
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When are you going, there’s a couple really nice spots to camp near the end of cedar river road. Right before wakely dam, there’s a small parking area, maybe enough for two cars. That spot always appealed to me. Pic related. There’s quite a few right off the road though. And then there’s the campground at the end of the road that I’m almost positive is free (at least now during coronachan). That dirt road is like 17 miles long, it looked like it was just grated last weekend, so I wouldn’t worry about it’s condition - saw lots of low clearance cars on it.
I’m not sure of the access to Little Noose Mountain. According to the topo map, there’s an old 4wd/logging trail of some sort that skirts to the base of it. There might be a herd path that goes up. I have a feeling you’re going to be in for a wet slog. Theres a gate and it is/was closed at the cedar river flow. You won’t be able to drive any further towards Inlet. (I assume you’re coming in from Indian Lake?)
Also, a smart guy would bring a fishing pole. Just sayin’
File: Lost 4.jpg (1.41 MB, 4032x3024)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB JPG
I'll be there for a couple days so I just planned on hitting the Plains from the Inlet side the first day, then driving all the way around down Cedar River or the second.Third day who knows i'm the worst long term planner, maybe Black Bear mountain. Oh you know it got my pole and pop-pop's tackle box
I think your best bet at little moose mtn is to go in from the inlet side. There should be a very old, grown in, 4wd trail that goes up to Sly Pond. If you make it to sly pond, which doesn’t sound very likely based on the trip reports I’ve read (lots of beaver issues), I’d go south 0.2 miles to the top of the ridge on pic related, and follow the ridge up to the summit. Prepare to be annoyed though, because from what I’ve read the beavers really did a number up there
Appreciate it sir, I know there's a legit trail up there called sly pond trail on my map here, but it only goes halfway up so I assume that's what you're referring to here. I'm only going as far as the trail goes being a beginner haha

I’d say it’s about 1/10 in the South, and 1/100 in the PNW
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That sleep system was absolutely bomb and underrated. If anything it was massive overkill and most of the layers probably didn't get used by most.
thinking i look good makes me feel good
Those are a great deal. If you have a lot of snow where you live, the ECWCS soft shell stuff is great too.
I do the same with an old Alice pack. I carry unfashionable /out/ stuff like a gas lantern and poncho liner and I can still get a whole deer worth of meat loaded up if I don't want to drag it.

Incidentally, that Coleman lantern is the best thing I've used to follow a blood trail in the dark. I still carry a Surefire to help.

I still have and use my assault packs, and I made a point to keep my MOLLE medium ruck because I liked living out of it for a few days at a time in Afghanistan.

I don't have strong opinions on gear and I don't make claims about what's best, but I know this gear and it's served me well so far. I do buy high speed commercial stuff sometimes but I don't go out of my way to keep up with the product knowledge because that's gay and I'd rather spend time hunting or scouting anyway.

File: worms.jpg (8 KB, 199x119)
8 KB
how to we keep natural and native worms species?night crawlers are not native to north America and neither are red wigglers.what earthworms are native to the united states and how to we make environments that they will thrive in?
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File: baitmanjones.jpg (24 KB, 400x400)
24 KB
literal bait thread
ok so i was thinking we could make composts with the specific native worms favorite conditions
>lay out a piece of heavy shipping cardboard on /outside ground
>cover it with scrap clothes / a towel
>wet the whole shebang down with regular water
>keep that shit wet unless the rain is doing it for you
>lift up cardboard 1 week later and collect your local surface / composting worms
>repeat, adding wormos into a tote filled with shredded paper and cardboard on a substrate of wet straw, topped with a piece of heavy wet cardboard and folded canvas
>pour over 4~8 cups of fresh water weekly, tip the tote to collect the worm leachate into a bucket or tote, and replenish with 4~8 cups fresh water after
>the bottom two inches of the tote should have 2 inches of water in it all times, and you replenish the shredded paper as it sinks down and compacts.
>you can throw in a handful of oatmeal from time to time, and a bit of sand (grit) to help them digest the straw and paper.
>don't add fruit scraps unless you want a fruit fly infestation, put food scraps into legitimate compost
These badbois are 1000X more betterer than any faggy red wrigglers you buy from BigBezos, and when you add their worm leachate to your garden your plants with fill with national pride.
will this attract other pests like roaches and mice/rats?
No, shouldn't, the moist cardboard blocks out the light and makes the surface composting worms think they're still safe underground, it's the same effect you get when you turn over a rock or log and see loads of worms and isopods.

Im looking into getting a solid outdoors knife that doesn’t break the bank but will last a lifetime and I’ve narrowed my award down to the mora and the benchmade if anyone has any experience with either knife I’d love to know because they both sound awesome!
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File: IMG_20200525_131400.jpg (4.33 MB, 5520x4144)
4.33 MB
4.33 MB JPG
No complaints here. If I'm gutting/skinning stuff I'll bring my folder along because the 119 is just too big for that, but I got this one as a gift and it's done me fine for what I ask of it. Thinking my next one'll be a Ranger Skinner, got a buddy with one and boy is it a beut.

I fucked a girl once from mora (the place they make these knifes)
Pic related is a bad motherfucker 6€, you can basically shave with it when new.
Just dont be retarded with it
Kansbol is an excellent knife
File: 435105e5f81727c9c5.jpg (12 KB, 320x500)
12 KB
Terävä Jääkäripuukko 140, from varusteleka, 46 bucks after shipping no sheath

What is the worst state for /out/
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>gas runs out
>no money for food
>nowhere to sleep
great plan kid
Wyoming has a similar program, but I wouldn’t trust many of these ranchers not too blast me and say they thought I was coyote or something
No, you cannot do that in the US. Shooting someone for trespassing is murder. If they enter your residence, however, it is perfectly legal in some states to shoot them.
Much of the state is shit yeah, but there is also so much more than people give it credit for. I grew up in Minnesota, went to school in Indiana and Ohio, visit my best friend in Illinois often while I currently live in Iowa I also spent waaay too much time in Nebraska and Kansas...
I'm an expert on boring states. I'd rate Iowa above every other listed besides Minnesota of course. I'll share some of the stuff that's just within half an hour
>tfw already here

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