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File: Dan_Bilzerian.jpg (273 KB, 773x928)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
what's a good breakfast before going out for a hike? I like an omelette,bacon, hashbrowns, and toast. It keeps me full, should i pack some beef jerky or anything so that i don't come home and eat after good exercise?
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steak and eggs with rye toast
File: 1_Dalby-Cafe.jpg (258 KB, 1200x1200)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
A proper greasy fry up is all you need. Get it down ya
That has to be the saddest mustache not on a teenager that I've ever seen.
Pretty sure he was still on crack and smack at that point so a wispy moustache was the least of his problems
For me, it’s two cigarettes and a Monster Energy Zero Ultra.

File: Lighter.jpg (50 KB, 800x800)
50 KB
Cool looking cases but damn these new ones break so quickly.
2 broken within a year and I'm only an occasional user.

Can you guys recommend a differnt brand?
Not interested in bic, must be a refillable.
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You should go outside and touch some grass, anon. Real life isn't Instagram.
lmao I'm homeless bro
> Go to public park
> Assess where is the most secluded
> Go there
> Find lighter, safety strip already removed for your convenience.
File: download (11).jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
I only use zippos because of the pling sound
Tiktokers will buy shit like that off of alibaba for like $3 and then rip off Zoomers selling them for $25 it’s actually insane

File: IMG_20211105_184653_971.jpg (2.56 MB, 3181x2435)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB JPG
Classic era backpackers post your kits. Mine is bascially complete just waiting on a small glass honey jar and a small tin skillet.
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>All /out/ is a larp
And that is wonderful.
You'll have to find me ;^)
slow thread
Why so many gloves, also doesn't that belt dig in after a few miles?
I'm trying to do a semi-classic kit at the moment, I still keep modern rain kit and sleeping bag/pad though. I don't fancy freezing to death because I wanted to larp.
outdoor katana

Anyone ever try buying line from herculespro? Significantly cheaper than amazon, free shipping too, makes me wonder if it's a scam. 2000m 40lbs braid for $66? Smells fishy (no pun intended)
these people would more likely know than catalog
also amazog isnt da cheapestt!! necessarily
they charge over 11 dollars for Schokakola tins where they come out to less than 3 dollars a tin on Varusteleka

File: vic.png (170 KB, 753x542)
170 KB
170 KB PNG
Anyone know any good places for /out/ings in vic?
Been to some great rivers and waterfalls along the great ocean road but nothing more than that.
Looking at doing a section of the new GPT soon. Probably gonna be chockas though now that everyone is out of lockdown, school holidays, plus it's just opened. Most of the campsites are hike-in though so that would rule out most of the glampers.

For something closer to the city my most recent camping trip was in Yarra Ranges NP, not too far from Warburton. Doesn't feel really remote but some nice spots.
Wonnangatta Valley?
>people go there and dont seem to want to leave...

Srsly, going to do the Gippsland Rail Trail on a bike is my next long wander.

File: tents.jpg (33 KB, 612x408)
33 KB
Just a regular tent, no roof-top tents, no stove-pipe tents, just normal tents to stay warm and dry.
What are some decent recommendations for 1-4 man tents?
What brands are decent?
Anything on Amazon thats not complete shit?
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File: 20210614_165405.jpg (1.43 MB, 2560x1440)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
This tent is the shit. Damn thing is bulletproof. I've taken it cross country.
Last night’s setup. 4 season tents are heavy, but sturdy against high winds.
File: IMG_20210828_183708.jpg (2.89 MB, 4000x1800)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB JPG
Found a 10 man tent almost brand new for $80 Ozark trail. So far it's great
>Pic related
how do tarps protect against winter cold?
what is the tarp equivalent for sleeping bags
Sleeping inside a trashbag stuffed with newspaper

File: Rocinante helps law.webm (1.54 MB, 854x480)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB WEBM
/out/, frequently thought about traveling while making some use of engineering skills on the go. Is digital nomad-ism feasible this day and age? Has anyone on /out/ successfully done it?
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Yea I do freelance 3D modeling work for a company I used to work for. I used to do full-time for that company, but now just do it part-time. I also have another tech gig that started as a volunteering job and now gets me a couple hundred a month which is okay when you're traveling cheap.

The uncomfy part of it is not having a home lol, not knowing who is going to be in the same room as you in the hostel (a lot of the time it is stinky / loud people). Sometimes being lonely, so I go to a lot of social events.

How old are you and do you have a job right now?

>im 24
27 and work IT.
Its easy to be a hobo dont let anyone tell you different
What does this have to do with /out/...?
Either run a business you can operate MOSTLY through remote means or get a remote job. Then figure out the taxes. Even if you freelance you need to pay taxes somewhere.
t. gf has a remote job and I lived with her in 2 different countries while being a NEET

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now kith
Ok for fall conditions. Personally i don't like wool gloves because wool tears and is not durable
do americans really?
I just cut the feet off of some worn out wool socks.
kek literal sausage fingers

How does camouflage work when terrain varies so much?
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As the first post pointed out, modern military camo patterns are primarily to break up the shape of a human form, not blend you in to what's behind you. That's what the weird patterns are for, making you look less human. This is more useful when you're moving, we've evolved to pick out a moving human form very easily.

If you look at earlier camouflage, WWI, WWII era stuff, you'll see a lot of solid colors,no patterns. You might not recognize it as camouflage, but there is a reason the color is some kind of drab green or brown instead of the bright reds and blues common prior. Solid colors work well when you're still, but not so good when you're moving.

Anyway, since the patterns are mostly to break your shape up, as long as the colors don't clash horribly with the background (neon pink, for example), it works well enough. If the colors of the pattern do match the terrain closely, all the better.

Militaries are always looking for mythical universal camo patterns, because uniforms are expensive, and they don't want to pay for sets of uniforms and gear in a half dozen different color schemes per soldier.
perhaps but he is still good
because /out/ does not allow video files, and I cannot find the original, have this shifty link
4 second demonstration
Maybe 1 in 10 are pretty well adjusted when they get out. I worked with a guy that was actually a retired Sergeant Major, but you would have never known. He never spoke about his time in and he acted like a normal, well adjusted person. Of course he was in his sixties by the time I met him, so he had a decade or two to mellow out after leaving the Marine Corps.
also fat+white
>what's your point
0331 is machine gunner
usually on defense they are more concerned with initial concealment than riflemen, since they move around less in firefights
so his interest in camouflage is pretty good
no? because he isnt a skinny twig like you doesnt mean fat- strength is a word perhaps
you are insecure

File: mongolia-motorcycle.jpg (57 KB, 639x458)
57 KB
Besides your mom.
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Lol, I have a drz400 and a xr600r. Xr600r is the best.
holy shit look at that chad fur coat.
Top speed is 60 mph top gear 100% throttle

Sure yeah, take you anywhere and especially ran off the road by a semi truck & trailer weighing 90,000lbs and can't see you. Shits a death trap
Fellow 5'8" manlet and I rode my DR650 the length of East coast Aus twice. Don't worry about seat height you'll adjust your style to suit, stay light on the seat and up on the pegs. The 650 can be lowered at the rear shock though which did add extra confidence for me.

File: 20211113_155116.jpg (2.95 MB, 2880x2160)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB JPG
I've successfully staved off shitting outside so far.
But I do worry ever more often about it having to happen.
What are some top tips for preparing ones body so that movements don't happen for a couple of days?
I usually just go right before and eat minimal food leading up to and during trips.

Picunrel, random shallow cave
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also, I'm trans by the way if that means anything.
God's work anon, well done.
Heres some tips from a serial /out/ pooper.
Have something to wipe with, I use corn cobs. Packing paper wipes makes you a faggot, don’t do that. Piss before you shit, you don’t want piddle on your shoes while your dropping logs. Do not clench your cheeks while you drop, it will make it harder to clean, and you can practically get away with a ghost poop if you don’t clench your cheeks. If you have diarrhea and or spicy shit, than you are probably a weakling or a shitskin and you should probably not be /out/.
are you afraid that a fly will lay eggs on your anus and you wont be able to get the maggots out of your intestines because they swim upstream slightly faster than your body can produce poopies?
I bury it. In most places this is acceptable for Leave No Trace. Where I go, I'm supposed to pack out the toilet paper but I bury that, too.

There are many models of trowels in different weights and price ranges. I got an ultralight one for 20 bucks. Now I can shit /out/side with a clean conscience whenever I want, knowing that I don't leave any visible trace.

>Do not clench your cheeks while you drop
Damn this is good advice, I've always feared the shits where you have to scoop out shit from between your cheeks because you couldn't get a clean drop. Now I know how to avoid that.

Is it more folklore or fact? How is this kind of thing studied?
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
How bout three sisters? You can also replace corn with sunchoke which is a perennial
why even bother? interplanting with other crops keeps bugs away
More variety of food, why plant two rows onion and two rows garlic rather then one or the other
There both susceptible to onion maggot not more susceptible if together
Add dill or carrot to deter adult onion flies
I'd add to this by saying that the facts are for sure out there, but a quick google search is more likely to reiterate folklore-level advice (not to mention conflicting information) than research-based facts.
>pretty well
There are entire university departments and research institutes developed to agrarian (farming) research. People do things like plant crops in different soils, with different fertilizer, different light conditions, then weigh and count the yield. Most agrarian research is likely targeted to traditional monoculture farming, and stuff like companion planting research is likely to cross over into Greenpeace permaculture vegan rainbowy hippie-dippy territory - but it's getting more attention.

File: 20211016_155132.jpg (4.23 MB, 4032x3024)
4.23 MB
4.23 MB JPG
There is a small game thread up but this one is for feathers rather than fur. How's your season going so far? Any rare species?
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We normally stay in pratt when we go up there, but we have one farmer who has a quart section and a full who will let us hunt.
Who's hank
I've only killed 2 ducks one I feed some chicken to then threw a rock at it's head then I took a few steps into the river and wrung it's neck and the other I shot in the head with an American classic air pistol in the middle of summer
Well let us now when you get to the imperial age and unlock smooth bore fowling pieces.
Read Gun Dog and Water Dog. Old books but I followed the author's methods to a t and my lab puppy was a stud upland hunter and a decent waterfowl dog at 5 months old.

Does anyone here have any experiences with the wwoof organization? This sounds like a good way to learn about gardening and to potentially meet /out/ bros
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Honestly I would wreck peoples shit who tried to pull that on me. Scumbags.
>his dad getting angry and calling him a cocksucker in Italian
well, did he suck cock?
no, his dad was just mad at him
A friend of mine tried this before and she gave up after 4 days of the 2 weeks. She told me that the place where she was supposed to stay wasn't at all like the pics, and the working conditions weren't like they were described at all. Also told me that the landlord (whatever you want to call him) kept entering her room without even knocking and knowing she was inside the room.
So if you are a girl don't do it, specially alone.
If you're a guy and like being enslaved, go for it.
Not all experiences are like that. I had a pretty positive experience even in my worst place. That said look out for red flags from the person you're contacting just in case they are lying. It's a waste of time to go out in the country only to leave the next day.

File: ISA Brown.jpg (393 KB, 800x1067)
393 KB
393 KB JPG
Does anyone here know of any good sources on historical chicken farming techniques? Preferably Chinese or other eastern sources. I've had good success growing corn the way Native Americans did and I'm wondering if I can get the same success raising my chickens in a more traditional manner.
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Thank you anon. You don't have to feel bad about being a dick, this is 4chan, it's expected.
What do you niggas do with all the eggs y'all have?
Sell them. It costs me about $0.80/dozen to produce them and I sell them for $2-$3 at the local auction. However most of mine go into hatching eggs for various projects and I sell the surplus chicks. Why make $2 a dozen when you can make $2 a chick.
He was right to be a dick though.
Those "ancient Chinese traditional techniques" were for 3 pound jungle fowl. You can't raise modern breeds with hippy dippy bullshit.
Your birds will slowly starve to death and suffer every moment.

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