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File: cascadia.png (4 KB, 290x174)
4 KB
Just made my bag from /biz/ ready to move somewhere more rural, less urban population (living in the Gulf Coast).

Thinking about moving to either Northern WA, Central Oregon, or North Idaho, what are your thoughts?
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File: 1226681580098.jpg (15 KB, 219x251)
15 KB
Holy shit look at all these PNW inbreds
You definitely want Idaho.

I currently live in Central Oregon and it's great, but if I had the opportunity I would move to Idaho in a second. The /out/ there is just slightly worse than here IMO, but the people, politics, freedom, taxes, etc is just much better. Also note that Idaho has the fastest growing housing prices in the country right now.
2020 cali exodus. its ongoing
Give it some time. Portland used to be a skinhead city 20 years ago.
Eastern Oregonian here, can confirm everything you said. Luckily I got my property back in 2015 before housing cost skyrocketed. Probably gonna cash out as soon as I can and move somewhere else.

I live in the Carolinas and my lease is up at the end of the month. I’ve been thinking of purchasing a bike and making the 200-300 mile trip down the east coastline.

I’ve done weeks of camping and what not, but I’ve never tried anything like this. I have around $500 and a revolver. I’ve been doing research into bikes. The plan would be to make my way down there over the course of a couple weeks and then transfer my job to a store down there. I can move my stuff into storage. I’d likely be ‘homeless’ for up to a month.

How practical is this? Is Florida a good end goal? I personally hate cyclists but I know there’s backroads and trails. I don’t have a car so I think biking is the best option. I’m about to turn 30 and this would be my first long term solo outdoor experience.

Any advice or input would be appreciated. I have two weeks to finish planning. Thanks.
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ive shot one of them point blank in the head at night (it was a bright night) when i was in my hammock from five feet away, it spazzed out for like 15 seconds and so i was like "whatever im going back to bed" and then like half a minute later fucker gets up calmly and just walks away, Context was i woke up bc it was just standing near me and when i leaned up it did that thing animals do when they like jolt their head to you while doing a little shake which spooked me cuz im not about to get mauled so i leveled by pistol and shot it, problem is is that it is 25.acp so basically no stopping power. Ive seen four individual boars at one time and one of them is fucking massive.

the issues are the fact that its already hot as heel and i feel super gross after one day out, the island is dense too in some parts and filled with big snakes that hide the the shrubs that cover the trail up to five feet tall.


images are too big to post and the vids are like 25 gigs
preciate it bro, ive been to quite a few of those but ill definitely check the others out
I don't really have much you haven't mentioned, but Black Creek Ravine Conservation Area and Bayard Conservation Area are both great for either day or one nighters on the weekends, both have campsites right on the river if you fish
as for urbex I've only really gone into the the old time union building near that new apartment development between riverside and downtown but you have to watch out cause sometimes cops like to hang out in the lot
Ihve heard alot about black creek and other called tomahawk something but I havent been yet. There are a ton more places that are around Jacksonville i have been too, namely on the Georgia border and between Ocala.
OP here. Still at work but this is great. Thank you sir.

6 feet tall and white

I’ll read into Jacksonville tonight. It’s the closest city in Florida to me. I’m also big on fishing and I hear Florida has everything.
Tomahawk Park is more of a smallish park that has like a one mile trail, pretty okayish if you're into trail running

File: fat_inawoods.jpg (119 KB, 1500x879)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
>beeing fat innawoods

how fat are you ?
does your fatness have a negative impact on your outdoor enjoyment ?
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Ok, fair enough.
>On a work trip to a foreign country for a few months
>My per diem is insane
>Eating really well every night
I can feel myself getting fatter
I agree.
There is not one over weight man, young or older, who does not dream of losing the fat.
Being fat(ter) limits mobility and overtime, wears out your joints years ahead of their time.
/Out/ males and females know every step is a step away from being a prisoner of bad eating, fat fat jelly rolls, and body insecurity.
They need encouragement to reject the fat and embrace the escape to healthy
High fructose corn syrup and shitty grains.
I would, God help me.

File: 1614661526262.jpg (111 KB, 768x517)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
You have enough money for either a canoe or a kayak. Which do you choose and why?
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you must have some heavy core strength to be able to roll that kayak
old town seats make my asshole bleed
The largest untouched wilderness area in the lower 48 is in idaho and its literally called the river of no return wilderness you fucking moron
All of you anons using the word "portage" in this thread are gigantic faggots.
You used the word too, you cockholster.

File: kek.jpg (81 KB, 550x413)
81 KB
Sometimes I can't tell if you americlaps are meming about how you camp

>BBRRBRBRRRRBRRRR drive and park directly at camp spot in massive polluting SUV
>waddles from the drivers seat with CPAP machine under arm
>fire up obnoxious generator to charge your six ipads, laptop, projector, surround sound. Netflix is heavy on the batteries after all
>checks for wifi signal
>sets up six piece living room furniture set
>pulls out entire cooking range from back of truck, unwraps six course meal from all its plastic
>brings out two story tent with aircon, connects up to blaring generator
>lights massive campfire for no reason other than to burn some marshmellows you got from walmart on the drive down, trashing the area as you do so
>ahhhh nature

I don't get it. Why even go outside?
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>Im going to generalize for (yous)
Fucking whore faggot op and fuck all the other retards not sageing this thread ffs this board is trash
>drive to site
>set up tent
>boil lake water for boiling or get a filter straw
>get lost in nature hiking around
>back to site to cook stuff over campfire
Am I /out/ worthy?
You dont need validation from these 13 year old boyscouts
I just hate the idea of being a stereotype is all.
Another day, another thread all about Americans by a non-American

I don't wanna keep spending so much of my time inside glued to my computer screen or phone. I'm a zoomie looking to get into hiking and traveling around the woods and america. What should i know before going in? Is it worth it to bring a pistol along? Bear spray? Bug spray? I'm from NC. Just looking for overall tips you wish you knew before you got into this and how dangerous hiking really is i.e
>killer in the woods following me
how true is pic related? What kind of boots are the best for hiking?
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Huh...good pointers
I also live in NC, and I am 21. I can tell you about some pretty nice spots here. If you are near the Southern portion, we have Peedee National forest, Uwharrie Mountains, 40 acre Rock (big time tourist nowadays cuz of Rona), Congaree (mid south Carolina if you are willing to make the drive), and the Sand Hills nature preserve. Those are in my area at least, we have the great dismal swamp and some really neat coastal parks as well. Honestly, this place is great, the landscape is so diverse also we have Pawpaw fruit, if you can find them!
Thanks for the post anon! I'm willing to travel all across the sad. I live currently in durham though
>I don't wanna
>But I do
File: 20210412_080739.jpg (3.77 MB, 4032x3024)
3.77 MB
3.77 MB JPG
The most dangerous things in the woods are dehydration and falling down a cliff. There's always a small chance of encountering aggressive animals or humans but usually a gun is more weight/bulk than it's worth IMO, especially in an area without brown bears or mountain lions. I usually just carry a pocket size pepper spray, it'll incapacitate most any human and drive away animals without the physical weight of a gun or mental weight of killing something. If you do get a gun it's best to get a larger caliber and put a light on it. There are occasional murders in the woods (like anywhere) but generally at a much lower rate than cities. Bug spray is a must in southeastern summer. The best boots are ones that are comfortable for you, and really for day hikes on easy terrain sneakers are usually fine. Merrell Moabs and Keen Targhees are good inexpensive options. Go to a proper outdoors store (not academy etc but a specialized one, there's tons in NC) and you should be able to try some on. Personally I also find a lot of more recent surplus boots (the desert style with rubber soles) are pretty good hiking shoes, most thrift stores will have some for 10 bucks.

Really at the end of the day most /out/ing is just walking, eating, and sleeping. It's not too hard to figure out once you're doing it. Get some cheapo gear and do a couple overnights, you'll learn very quick what new skills and gear you need to acquire. Once you have a little more direction theres endless guides and reviews online. Worst case scenario you're a little uncomfortable or have a sore back for a day. Good luck newfriend!

File: file.png (246 KB, 395x247)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
Original thread here: https://archive.nyafuu.org/out/thread/989538/
Original tune: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6I_YAkFk3V0

On april 11 2017 a legendary out meme was born, and it has been celebrated yearly ever since. Come celebrate the anniversary of this legendary thread!
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This is so fucking unfortunate
I've been in 4chan since 2008 when i was 14
Never been /out/ in my life, only started lurking early January
and it has nothing to do with lockdown because i'm NEET and my lifestyle hasn't been affected one bit
worst fucking timing
that time an anon euthanized a squirrel
File: out.png (927 KB, 615x828)
927 KB
927 KB PNG
best I've got
File: IMG_0192.jpg (2.08 MB, 2000x1979)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB JPG
>11 June 2013
does it hold up?
>doesnt have the basic 12$ mora
>doesnt have the 23$ mora kansbol
both of which are high quality and more knife than any normal /out/ist would need

File: unfinished frog.png (617 KB, 1920x1080)
617 KB
617 KB PNG
Hey lads,

I'm poor as fuck, I just got out of the army, and I hate humans and humanity. I feel this is the perfect mindset to become the tunabomber, and so I will. My plan is to get away for a few months and I need some basic tips for kit, because I literally don't own anything. I have a piece of fill dirt with 2 clear acres in southern Ontario where I intend to camp for as long as there's no snow.

My planned living situation is to set up a tent with an air mattress, dig a shitter, and store my personal stuff in rubbermade tubs so it doesn't get wet or eaten. I would also set up a tarp to store shit like firewood under. I'm planning on getting a solar shower bag and a wash basin to do laundry. For water I plan to get a bunch of jerry cans and fill them once a week or so, then for food I'm going to bring a load of beans, rice and whatnot. I would still be running back and forth to town when I need to, but I won't be on the grid.

What kind of kit, other than what I've already listed, would you recommend for a long term /out/ing like this?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The usual:
1 Food
2 Water
3 Shelter
4 Shitting
5 Hygiene
6 fire
1: fish, hunt, trap. Depends what you have nearby, and what you have available re: gear. Ideally you can do all 3. Store in bags, underwater. If you keep it on the down low, you can use a pellet rifle and go around farms and ask them if they have pigeons you can snipe. Use that military training for something EH?
BIG mousetrap for squirrels (smooth peanut butter for bait, they love that shit).
If you have the place available NOW, hit the seed stores, see what you can buy that you can plant NOW. It won't be much, but it's something. Wild rice if you have it in your area, check out the local library on Ontario edible plants and mushrooms. ISBN 9780988150652 for the mushroom booklet
2 Hardwood burned without oxygen turns to charcoal (bury it in sand and tap it down tight, light a fire under it, there's vids on utube about it). Cut that up and turn it into a water filter for rain water or river water where ideally you fish. Jugs of water work too.
3 you'll have a tent so unless that fails or we get snow in July, you'll be ok.
4 DIG far from the river and just in case downstream from where you collect drinking water. 2 feet deep should be ok, depends on what kind of soil you have, the Niagara Escarpment has rock under a few feet of soil which sucks for latrine digging.
5 BIG 3+ mm contractor trash bag, hung above you in a net for a shower, you can even get fancy and plug the hole with a 1 inch thick 2 inch long branch that you can drill holes into, for a shower head, or if you can find one in the dumpster of a reno company that's even better.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Just to clarify: store the MEAT underwater ... not the gear.
I thought it's obvious but on 2nd look, it wasn't very obvious.
Farms are a definite go-to for pigeons. I asked a guy out in the middle of nowhere but on farmland and he said "go for the ones that look run-down not the ones with brand new siding and roofs.
If a person were staying in one place this long how would you do dishes and whatnot? I would be really worried about attracting predators more than anything.
I assume op is smart enough to not bring food into where he sleeps
Sure, but even if you're cooking and doing dishes 1-200 meters away from your tent sight the smell of food is going to attract animals, especially after 4 months. If they're coming by your sight every night bad things could definitely happen.

File: pacific.jpg (176 KB, 1500x1174)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
How do I go about volunteering with trash cleanup in the ocean, specifically the pacific? Does anyone have any experience with this? Sorry if this isn't the right board for this
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Fuck off loser, the only way we can turn things around is by having people who are environmentally aware. You don’t need to live your life in the most destructive way possible, you can cut back on excesses.
Then all you are doing is virtue signalling while drinking Fiji Water and flying around causing pollution. Why don't you do something meaningful like it's? Because you really don't give a shit you just want internet points.
>implying there's no middle ground between being a jet-setting consumer and being an eco-terrorist.
I’ve done plenty of meaningful things, and unlike yourself I volunteer to clean places up like OP wants to do. You’re a worthless sack of shit and your only contribution to the environment is living with your parents and not driving a car since you’re unemployed.
There is a middle ground, but it's useless
t. not him

File: pefr.jpg (31 KB, 660x574)
31 KB
I have some fairly large(questionably legal) possessions that I want to keep, but I'm too cheap to put them in a storage facility. Thoughts on just burying them in the middle of the woods?
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Might work, but you're putting your trust into the integrity of the seal.
Grease prevents rusting, wood decay, etc.
I dropped a pair of camo gloves in the snow near my ground blind. Next dear season they they were. I feel like there aren't as many people going in the back woods and off trail as one might think.
Just put your bad dragon under the bed. No need to put it in the woods.
Nutnfancy did this in the Utah desert and they were stolen.
File: surprise tool.jpg (18 KB, 446x264)
18 KB
Time to bury is the time to use

File: 1617250474799.png (446 KB, 1275x1275)
446 KB
446 KB PNG
Is Canada the most /out/ country?
189 replies and 38 images omitted. Click here to view.
so what you mean is "the kikes will loan me 150k"
>Canadian geography thread devolves into religious autism
4chan moment :)
At least they don't arbitrarily arrest their soldiers in the fucking street for no reason, you fucking piece of shit faggot.
no it's not, it's because of /pol/fag board tourists from reddit who think every board is /b/
>t.reddit newfag

Does anyone on here work in the farming industry? If so, do you enjoy it? Is the pay worth it? Any advice to someone interested in farm work?
32 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>you'll have to stick to the same 2$/hours jobs that Mexicans usually do
yep, and some of the larger farms around here wont hire young people from the city because the foreign workers are way more dedicated and know what they are doing rather than some larp who thinks theyre the next eliot coleman
>IhavenofuckingcluewhatImtalking about.jpeg
Good point dude. That reminds me of a recent hospital visit I had. I kept catching the nurse going through my wallet and and spitting in my food. Whenever I called her out on it she was like "uuuh do you enjoy receiving healthcare?" And "if you want to complain go to south American and complain to thier healthcare providers, they're way worse" That really shut me up! Thanks for your service nurse!
File: easy.jpg (26 KB, 591x496)
26 KB
The agricultural industry is as outdated as the first gasoline engine. Animals will get rights and you will be judged like a criminal. Monoculture is akin to building parking lots everywhere and the quality isnt that great either.

If you bring some Ideas of your own and have a clear perception ... yes.. but then you would not be asking a question as bland as "is it worth" that only retard capitalism can answer you with its internal logic which is overwritten by "do people eat food"
thanks for showing the way forward, anon. I have an internship on a small farm this summer and it’s nice to know it’s doable to start my own later in life, instead of just going hurr durr Mexicans

File: humid.png (1023 KB, 1002x762)
1023 KB
1023 KB PNG
How do you even sleep in this? Is a hammock really the only way? Anyone who lives in the southeast US knows just how fucking soupy the air is during the height of summer. Even butt naked sleeping on a bare ground pad I still sweat buckets and can't sleep one bit. Going from waking to sleep on a hot night feels like a nightmare of being a worm wriggling and burning in hellfire.

How do I survive when the air itself is hostile?
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Gold bond is the only answer
Hellfire? I hardly knew her!
The only matching misery I've found is in the actual tropics, it was as bad in inland Thailand. I've lived in Florida and spent significant time in Georgia and SC. Louisiana is still the worst, although the rest of the deep South in general is by no means much better. I did my Army enlistment at damn Ft. Polk and it was a bad time for summer FTXs.
you know what the coolest spot in town is? The cemetery. That's where. Know why? Cos they got all of them big, cool tombstones. Ever stretch out on a tombstone, anon? Feel all that nice, cool marble along your body?
This. It will save you from stage 4 terminal swamp ass. This is the only pro tip in this thread you need actually heed.

File: LWL-20616-1.jpg (35 KB, 416x624)
35 KB
I need your help /out/. I have a dramatic sun allergy that makes me intensely itchy for almost a week if I my arms or legs get even 10 minutes of direct sun. Even if I'm covered by cotton clothes I'll still get itchy if I'm in the sun for over an hour.
Do any of you know where to get sun protective clothing that
1. actually works
2. works for hot weather
3. doesn't look autistic (less important)
I'd greatly appreciate any advice
36 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
Sun protection clothing is pushed because it can be sold to a wider audience. Everyone needs clothes. It’s not necessarily the best option.

An umbrella provides a much greater degree of protection from the sun. Historically they were only used by the wealthy because the peasants were working outside and needed their hands for various things. As such, sun protective clothing is more widely used despite the obvious advantages of an umbrella.
This is clever and all, but I'm often in a car
get your windows tinted if they aren't. your windshield is by default, but all the other windows may not have UV coating.
umbrella users revealing they still are the wealthy man's choice. I don't own every car I ride in
So you’re looking for advice on how to live your life and not advice related specifically to being outdoors. Got it.

33 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: IMG_20161222_165402.jpg (347 KB, 1200x675)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
Going to go out tomorrow fallow deer hunting, 2 nights, or one night if i get a deer early.
File: IMG_0960.jpg (658 KB, 1632x1224)
658 KB
658 KB JPG
The only thing I did /out/ today was pick up all my rotten lemons :[
Good work though, getting the important stuff done.
>enjoy fox urine and ticks
comfy yardposter

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