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Just read this article on LA tunnels had anyone been? And are there more entrances and paths maybe restricted or hard to get into??

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>carry a gun
>in Los Angeles
especially in LA. got way bigger worries than the cops.
Enjoy getting ya asshole gaped while serving a life sentence.
prison is far safer than the streets, anon.
I bet you live in idaho.

File: pawpaw tree.jpg (934 KB, 3024x4032)
934 KB
934 KB JPG
Fall Foraging Thread: pawpaw edition

Surely everyone is too busy foraging, and that's why there's no thread already.
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File: C cyathiformis patch.jpg (778 KB, 3024x4032)
778 KB
778 KB JPG
Happened across a little patch of puffballs this evening on a walk. Most likely Calvatia cyathiformis since I don't think we really get any of the other large puffball species around here.
File: C cyathiformis large.jpg (686 KB, 3024x4032)
686 KB
686 KB JPG
File: C cyathiformis.jpg (871 KB, 3024x4032)
871 KB
871 KB JPG
Wild muscadines, to be specific. There are other wild grape species in the US.
I basically just break them down into Muscadine, Scuppernong, and Bull Grapes.

File: IMG_4166.jpg (20 KB, 451x680)
20 KB
>spend 4k on high end hiking gear 2 years ago
>never went hiking

I have everything to hike yet I'm so scared
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File: images (11).jpg (6 KB, 278x181)
6 KB
>I'm so scared
>this thread again
he posts it every other week
Dip your toes first, go car camping -> stay at a campsite -> stay at a marked dispersed camping spot -> go backcountry camping

Also learn navigation helps build confidence outdoors. Landnav is a crucial skill for not getting lost.

I'm in the same boat as you though. Ive always wanted to visit Colorado, and now I actually have an opportunity to go visit and I kind of want to back out. It's the weather and wildlife mostly that gets me anxious. I don't want to run into a grizzly or attract one because I ate lunch an hour earlier. Same with mountain lions. Not to mention the chance of random snowfall or storms. Still, I want to see what it looks like above the treeline, I've lived in a swamp all my life and I want to experience the opposite of that.
I don’t think there are grizzlies in Colorado, and mountain lion encounters are even more rare than bear encounters.
Anon, where do you live? Someone could probably point you to a cool spot where it’s relatively safe.

has anyone ever tried picrel?

it looks really fun and apparently they can go super fast, but they seem hard to come by

I live near two pretty big lakes, and its pretty cold but not that snowy here, so for a lot of the winter, the lakes have thick, but relatively relatively uncovered ice

do these still work if there are thin patches of snow, or do they need completely smooth ice?
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Yep. Fun unless you attempt to jibe them. At which time you may be forced to appreciate the helmet worn. Ask me how I know. Juice isn't worth the squeeze.
I have tried similar but with wheels. Fun af and with good wind you can reach 60km+
and snow free ice
I've wanted one of these for ages but it hasn't fit into my life. One day I'll be a rich man with a cabin on a lake back home in Maine.
You just turn away from the wind until you lose momentum

/fa/ here. How do I get a dirtbag climber aesthetic? See picrel for my inspo. I was thinking a taped windbreaker. What's best for footwear and pants though?
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Go away and stay go.
Just go work for a tree company and be the big dick swinging climber on the crew
Those are the biggest dirt bags out there.
Bonus points if you are from the westcoast
that's motherfucking markoboy87
What are the essential pants for that vibe?
work at Miguel's for 6 months

Going here in a few days

Which one is better?
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>overcrowded shitholes
most people dont go more than a mile from their car you stupid cunt
I've worked in both parks for multiple seasons and the hiking is way better in Yellowstone. Tetons are kinda boring after awhile. There is always something new or different in Yellowstone
OP isnt going to either of them for multiple years. Both are novel
glacier > either yellowstone or tetons
We’re talking Wyoming but yes. Also:
Jasper > Glacier > Banff > Wind River Range > Tetons > Yellowstone

File: images (1).jpg (9 KB, 225x225)
9 KB
Last statement about records in alpinism! There are none! There will never be any in traditional alpinism! I appreciate every alpinist, every alpinist who make their experiences on the big walls of this world. That's what it's all about life.I am and remain the conqueror of the useless but I have gained so much in my life that I can proudly say today I am a happy man!


File: IMG_0004.jpg (59 KB, 500x500)
59 KB
How do i smoke these? Im used to Black and Mild. These cigarillos are nothing but air not smoke and taste like shit. Will a cigar poker help?
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if you like flavored shit like black and mild then maybe get some acid cigars.
File: Neco-Arc Cowboy.png (412 KB, 601x598)
412 KB
412 KB PNG
Make sure they're not cracked and you're not having shit tons of spit in your mouth. Pull your lips back over your teeth and inhale like a straw then blow out your nose slowly. Macanudos are a mild smoke and suck I'd recommend Tabaks.
They suck. It's to make all the old Boomers who smoke in lounges for fun think they're "Cigar experts" i've smoked for a year in lounges nobody seems to know shit about what they're even smoking.
i like the dominican cohibas, their cigarillos are breddy gud, been awhile since i've had any but davidoff are good, acid blondes are good, havana honeys, i like the flavored ones but the cohiba and davidoffs are some good non flavoreds
What's it like being poor

File: IMG_20230924_094057.jpg (155 KB, 930x534)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
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I had the leaf jacket and assault pack. Hated the jacket, constantly broke in moderate to little use. Primarily zippers constantly breaking. At least Arcteryx honored their lifetime warranty, but it sucked having your jacket gone for weeks.
The assault pack was fine, but the side pockets were kinda useless due to how it bulged inwards, and if the top pocket was too loaded it would essentially open the entire pack by itself. You also couldn't really use the side straps as it would prevent you from being able to open the entire pack.
it's a test to see how far they can push their fans

how much money will they spend on the same jacket everyone else sells with their little emblem?
Yeah but none of that fucking shit is as good as Arc'teryx.
There is no reason to ever spend that much money on a single coat, unless you're buying a fur coat for arctic temperatures. You can buy a high quality coat plus extra layers/shells/whatever else you need for much cheaper, and it's much more versatile that way too.
After seeing those prices and it being a Canuckistani corporation, I will avoid them like a triple boosted vaxxer. Them and Fagatonia can get boosted.

Is /out/ the board for discussing bikes and ebikes? I was recently considering going car free to save thousands a year, and I could realistically (but maybe not safely) get to work in a ebike, it's a 11 mile commute through some busy roads, along with using it recreationally. I know very little about bikes or ebikes so I was hoping to get some opinions on which models / brands are gtg for which purposes.
Quit being a pansy and get a rigidframe mountain bike that you pedal.
The batteries aren't going to last and are toxic in their production and disposal.
11 miles through busy roads sounds like torture. In any case buy yourself a normal mtb and upgrade it to electric. However, since youll ride it over 2500 miles a year, dont buy cheap. I heard leafbikes is good, aliexpress, not so much
9 miles isn't far, buy a pushbike.

File: images (26).jpg (12 KB, 259x194)
12 KB
Should we start a stealth camping general or am I just a normie fag?
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>So a tent?
Yes, essentially a modular tent. The way tents have been going, we're basically heading back in this direction anyways.
>just buy these 5 different pieces that fuck the whole thing up if one of them breaks
REI really did a number on you
This isn't even an argument. They're not going to break anymore or less than a tent, and they wouldn't have any more or less an effect if they did break as compared to a tent.
why not both. i have a gorrtex military bivy and jungle poncho tarp. if its really raining heavy i put the poncho over just the top half of the bivy so I have a dry spot to cook and stuff. bivy is great cause you don't have to worry about unexpected storms in the night. nothing is more comfortable than sleeping in the open for ventilation. I mostly sleep with the bivy completely unzipped and folded to the side. then if it rains i just huck the ponch on top of my gear and zip the ponch up and go back to sleep. another fun thing about a bivvy and a tarp for that matter is that you can tend a small fire without leaving your sleeping bag if you wake up and its too cold for your liking. its a very pleasant way to get back to sleep
Likely the opposite, if the parts are separate one failure will not bring it down. If you break a trekking pole, you have sticks, trees, or alternative shapes that might work. bivy or net or floor continue to work. If your basic half dome breaks a pole, it could mean nothing goes up.

It's cool if you're too chicken to sleep without the fake safety of a tent, Anon. Safe space here. Some just don't like feeling open to the woods.

Fuck you Southern Ontario, I want fall! What the fuck is this?
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I feel ya. Crazy canucks and their shitty temp scale
Jesus christ, its 25 degrees in September dude, how cold do you want it? You cancucks are bat shit insane
Why can’t it eternally be fall, Southern Ontario bros? It’s the perfect temperature for a pasty white guy like me, I’m sick of these unpredictable winter and summer seasons.
That's celsius you stupid American, it's like 78 in your dumb scale. Not October temperatures
Me too bro. Lately I've thinking of moving to Calgary. The nature of it calls to me, and I can't deal with these fucking 45 degree summers anymore

File: spooked.jpg (76 KB, 972x720)
76 KB
Have you ever seen anything spooky while wild camping?

10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
It's also a good time to look at stuff at night, bugs and trees look amazing at night. Everything looks different. You might spook yourself more though if you're inclined to that
>Everyone I know around here has a freak out story about the first time they saw starlink sats trailing across the starry sky

Lol first time I saw it I called out of work and went back to bed.
you are more likely to encounter minorities in a city than in the forest
Yeah, last weekend during my nighthike there was a black shadow following me. Turns out it was just a fence line that would appear as a black blob only when you would be at a certain angle to it. It's always like that.
Also ran into a herd of buffalos. That was way scarier than any wendussy bs.
File: 1000011983.jpg (1.28 MB, 3072x4080)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
>be me
>long as hike through the " the preserve "
>wanna be /k/ommando bring Amazon knock off surplus gear, beat to hell dogshead kabar and Amazon hammock
>find small clearing near the tail with a small island of trees in the middle
>string up the hammock and rain fly tarp and set up a small Dakota fire hole
>open up da tall boy fucker shoots all over me and knock off surplus canvas bag
>deside to walk 2 miles from camp to find stream off of Google maps
>find random trash and tarps and linens tide along the trees
>random painted hand prints and faces on the trees
>deside fuck it and remand to be sticky but skinwalkered or killed by hobo methhead
>make back to camp at sunset
>climb into da sticky hammock

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

The prairie of the US has nothing
Not a single forest, not a single hill, mountain, cave or canyon.
Greedy farmers took all the land and left nothing for the people.
Making them the most grim NPCs on Earth.
I am confined here for 5 years since I got a grant for my house
But it is across the street from the gas station. Until I get my skills up enough to make money effortlessly, I plan to travel selling plasma and tent/car camping.
So far I've found nothing but shite campsites for campers only.
Is it Over?
82 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
There are internet autists and furries /out/? Fuck that, I'm never leaving an urban area ever again.
He's right storm chasing is /out/.
Not what I'd choose but that doesn't matter
File: cat-biting.gif (2.14 MB, 640x628)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB GIF
It's /in/
camp in a cornfield?
hunt cows?
Camp in cow field (looking for mushrooms)
Hunt corn (looking for huitlacoche)

File: meme ass.png (263 KB, 1200x743)
263 KB
263 KB PNG
somebody give me a quick run down on spots to hit in new mexico ( or Arizona too)

I have 14 days to get from to fuck around in the Desert of NM and AZ before I need to go to Durango CO for work

Im looking for dispersed camping spots I can just chill at, challenging day hikes or maybe easy 1 nighter's (my backpacking skills are weak and im not super confident on any challenging overnights)

Im from New Hampshire so dont really know much about the climate at all, im currently in Wichita and leaving in 2 days
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Love the drive from santa fe to taos and ftom taos to angel fire. There are a few cool hikes in the rio grande valley, up near wheeler, and in the lake peak/santa fe baldy area
This post again?
>captcha: 4days
gila National forest/cave dwellings
Lincoln national forest
elephant butte lake
San Mateo mountains
lots of awesome places in New Mexico, the state is such a shit hole in the cities literally nobody knows it has fuckloads of incredible public land and forests, they think it all looks like breaking bad, which is a good thing
white sands national park is really cool
would not recommend trying to walk barefoot tho
everyone in nm has a dui and will kill you

just drive through because that's enough of a thrill

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