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>*crunch crunch crunch*
How the FUCK are you ever supposed to stalk deer in a southeastern forest in fall with the sheer amount of noise? It doesn't matter how you walk or tiptoe, there's no way to avoid spooking every deer in a 200 yard radius with every step. I hate boring sitting-in-a-cuckstand all day "hunting". But there's no way to actually stalk animals with these leaves.

Am I deluding myself? Should I just hunt out west where this problem doesn't exist?
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I just cast silence
I hunt traditional recurve and have found that wearing very thick socks with leather moccasins treated with a fuck ton of water proofing wax (parafin, beeswax, "greenland wax", etc) works very well. Your feet wont get absolutely soaked unless you purposely walk through water and the leaves kind of "stick" to your soles. You'll find that different leaves act different underfoot. Oaks suck due to them curling up, while maples tend to lay flat and are primo. Of course like others have said you will be standing/squatting a lot too. Depending on animal activity I usually: walk slowly about 30 min to a spot, slav squat behind tree for an hour by a game trail or feeding opening, and then move on.
Why are idiots like this trying to ruin our board? Are they being paid?
His INT is too low to cast spells he'll need to equip a ring
Hunt after rain, and remain stationary.

File: 91vDWIb86WL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (321 KB, 1500x1453)
321 KB
321 KB JPG
Two girls (19, so young) I work with have about a 40 minute drive, each, to get to work every day.
WNY area, so winters get heavy.
Neither have ever had emergency car kits. Type of family that never worried about it.

Thought I'd give them a hand putting one together, but I'm a non-driver (what I can't walk to, I use public transport. Poor fag), so I'm not sure exactly what the kit should have.
Plan is to come up with something for 1 or 2 people, not a family kit. They usually drive alone.

My idea so far:
1-3 of those mylar emergency space blankets.
1 wool blanket.
2 pairs sweat pants, 2 sweaters or sweatshirts
2 pairs extra gloves, 2 extra winter hats
2 scarves.
6 road flares (or, more likely, the high intensity green 12 hour glow sticks)
a box of those hand warmer things (best way to keep feet warm. Stick one in each shoe.)

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*six or seven pint-sized bottles per person
>5 blankets and 2 complete outfits is completely asinine.
Hmmm, I wonder why you're so angry that someone wants to be as warm as possible.

>You don't need wool either you fucking retard, it's just an emergency blanket, not a luxury item
Oh, it's because you don't live in the real world.
Army surplus wool blankets are literally $15 where I live.

>Look, all your need is a way to either call a tow truck, or flag down another motorist
And you also don't live in a rural area, like 2/3 Americans do.

>Drop all the sperg shit and add a hi viz vest, jumper cables, a tire pressure gauge, stuff like that.
By adding useful items, you are only slightly less of an asshole.


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holy reddit spacing, batman.>>1890181
>also if you leave a bottle of water in your car all winter then when you need water, as all lifeforms do, you'll have to hydrate yourself in a survival situation using resources you already have on hand
you literally cannot use a frozen bottle of water in a snowstorm
File: 1449443707435.png (281 KB, 898x1133)
281 KB
281 KB PNG
these girl will be just fine withouth op help
you are not needed
a fish does not need a bicycle
File: 1596880558634.jpg (53 KB, 604x507)
53 KB
>There is no good reason to spend energy on 99.9% of them unless you're actively draining or in the process of draining every penny they have.
Well I can see these girls are well on their way to that!

File: TheSeal5.10LookingGlassNC.jpg (687 KB, 2000x1500)
687 KB
687 KB JPG
Climbing General #14

A place to talk about climbing in any aspect (trad, sport, bouldering, aid, alpine, etc).

Rock Climbing is a dangerous sport that can cause loss of life, limb, eyesight, or sanity.

Useful Info:

Off-belay thread: >>1808757

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The 2 gray circles are anchor points (trees) and the red is rope maybe that will help clear things up for you
What is wrap 3 pull 2?
>paddlers in camp. They're a crazy bunch.
No we’re not.
Also we climb and often have better rope skills than you lot ; )
OC pic. (Although have posted before.)
>Move to New Zealand and can climb every day.
>>Corona hits and New Zealand goverment decides not to grant new working visas/residency.
>>Forced to quit my job, break the lease on my house and spend most of savings on plane ticket back to country of birth.
>>Country of birth is known for being flat and I don't know anyone here that climbs.
>>That feel when haven't climbed in two months...
I live an hour from Payne’s Ford and have lost interest in climbing.
Just sayin’

File: whatisthisbracket.png (934 KB, 1024x768)
934 KB
934 KB PNG
I've got something that came with a beltpouch which has this weird bracket just above its beltloop. I can't figure out when and how to use it. can /out/ help?
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File: 1570042598325.jpg (4.33 MB, 3515x4767)
4.33 MB
4.33 MB JPG
These are called "Alice Clips"

So I guess you're just here to meet the expectation that every forum of reasonably helpful enthusiasts contains at least one condescending cunt.
It just baffles me that someone would buy something then have to go to an Ethiopian Sand Cuisine forum and start a dedicated thread in an effort to identify it.

Because I totally bought this for the bracket and the bracket alone, not for the entire rest this piece of kit consists of. Yes. The item is practically this bracket only, and there is absolutely nothing else of interest why I could possibly have decided to spend money. Yes.

You must be the kind of idiot who picks up a wad of cash held together with a rubber band only to keep the band and throw the money away.

I found this stone disc today when I went fishing to a remote creek, does anyone have an idea what could it be?
As you can see it has circular ridges on one side, the other one is blank. Diameter is 19.3 cm, thickness is 1.5 cm..
It's too small to be a millstone and too smooth to be a grinding stone (plus there's no hole in the middle). It also doesn't strike me as a coaster or a base of some pot - why would you put so much work in such a simple item, making it out of stone.
I live in the Alps, there's a small village 2 km away from this creek, there are historical settlements, but way down the valley.
I'm perplexed by what this perfectly circular disc made out of stone was doing in the creek, perhaps someone can help me?

pic related it's the disc
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That would give OP an 'official' answer.

I believe you are correct, I doubt someone carved a clay pigeon out of stone and then lost it in a stream.
That's what i was thinking.
File: 1581487924850.jpg (112 KB, 715x736)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
It's a rock
hold on,... let me translate,...
its says,.. "O,... P,... is a fa,.."

I cant read the rest, it would help to consider the context of this find

Fucking hate these.
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Based autist
Only person in this thread I'd have a beer with
Dangerous levels of based.
File: maxresdefault (1).jpg (68 KB, 1280x720)
68 KB
Imagine seething over a stack of rocks lol

File: 1588337413094.png (171 KB, 604x588)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
What things can I sow this time of year?
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Winter in Alabama isn't hot for plants. Are you thinking that's its 80 degrees year round?
Trees are supposed to be planted in Fall in the deep south. Summer can dry them out from the heat, so you are supposed to let the roots acclimate during the mild winters. It is recommend that you cover the saplings with frost clothes during the few nights when tempts drop below freezing.

T. louisiana gardener
Acclimation in that sense is a meme. Acclimation only applies to predictive dormancy cycles or exposure shock. If your tree is sourced locally, plant it whenever you want.
a mum's cunt?

Cool bug facts: The plural doesn't need an apostrophe.

File: download.jpg (13 KB, 245x206)
13 KB
I alway hear this myth that when animals are stressed they taste worste. Where is this bullshit comming from?

Every time i kill animals, i literally taste no difference, if i killed it in 20 seconds, or it bleeds out in 2 hours.

Where is this bullshit comming from?
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you make no sense at all
Dying of infection is different to being so autistic you notice that meat has a slightly higher level of acid
Hah that's a load of crap and more than likely a rare occurrence.
Living in a farm with plenty to eat no predators, parasites with a farmer looking after you isn't very stressful. Part of the reason wild meat has "gamey" flavour is they are exposed to more challenges.
Chinese haven't a clue how to farm animals historically, you go into rural china and you will still find places where the pig pen is also the villages toilet. They grow rice with their abundant manpower, and eat any meat they could get their hands on, because there has been many times meat was in very short supply

What's the bare minimum a cabin should have?
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File: old speck 1930.jpg (90 KB, 583x673)
90 KB
You forgot the most important part
>wood stove
dont forget your twink bro that lets you smash his bussie. i would also enjoy a wine cooler
File: femboy fishing.jpg (329 KB, 1512x794)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
>you will never ram and slam Femboy Fishing's pinkstink in your own cabin
Why live?
Cocaine and hookers

File: IMG_2747.jpg (2 MB, 5049x3256)
2 MB
A simple game - guess the location of the attached image and/or post your own.

Only use photos that you have taken yourself, please.

I will start - this should be a pretty easy one!
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Cock Rock, Wyoming
Thats Gondor

Pretty simple, post area code and what you do outside.

29M/703 (Northern VA)
Mainly hiking and camping (not much water stuff like kayaking or canoeing). New to the area.
Kik: Fizzys0da
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My car handled dirt roads in AL just fine, not sure what your hang up is on that. Did you think I was going to drive out into the middle of a national park with some autist from this site or something? A local trailhead maybe. You got to let things go man
You seem like a very annoying person.
Read thread, unless this is >>1890739
samefagging. I tried being nice to him, I don't know what his hang up is
Near Stuttgart, Germany
Fags are such creepy and shitty people

File: 1593307890257.jpg (71 KB, 720x477)
71 KB
Has anyone tried magnet fishing? I saw a bunch of guys yesterday magnet fishing off a dock where I occasionally fish and had a chat with them. They said they always find some cool shit,

Anyone tried it? Is it fun? Found anything cool?
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>is this a popular thing to do?
depends where you are, but given the popularity of YT videos, I'd say yes
Just try not to get caught holding a murder weapon
No you wouldn't. It would be a giant ball of rust. That pin isn't going anywhere.
i would do this just to find fishing lures
Did alittle magnet fishing with a friend. Found a few lures and some various metal bits, but his magnet was utter crap. Even if you just want to try this hobby, imo, don't start with a junk magnet or you'll spoil the experience for yourself.

File: 20200923_152242.jpg (131 KB, 789x800)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
/out/ Patch General
Want a patch preview? go to Twillry.com

Here's the start to my patch collection right here, its "leather"
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Why do faggots beg for attention so much? This dude literally just shit up the thread crying that hes getting bullied for being gay..... on 4chan..... You can literally go anywhere else where they will ban people for bullying fags
It just feels so good to be oppressed
mac user
I can't believe I clicked on this thinking I was going to see cool patches then got retards arguing about faggotry
Did patch guy from South Africa die?

What are the best saws one can buy? I want one that will cut well and last as long as possible
11 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
this. just bought the hunter package Boreal21
way more effort than a saw
I sharpen mine with a diamond coated nail file.
Bump for interest
File: download (44).jpg (69 KB, 1749x1588)
69 KB
When I worked as an arborist we used these

if you don't want a chainsaw that is

File: the nose knows.jpg (1.89 MB, 1856x1661)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB JPG
How did our ancestors deal with (((mosquitos)))? Imagine being a hunter in the forest spending a few summer nights in the forest trying to hunt some big game. Literally impossible to sleep without a modern tent to block (((mosquitos))), they are all buzzing ""oy veyyyzzzzzzz" in your ears all night and try to leech your life force away. Did (((they))) even exist back then or is it a recent phenomenon created by (((them))) as yet another technique to keep us away from the forest and force us into the system of (((civilization)))?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>you no longer get reactions to mosquito bites
Humans have also made mosquitoes a lot worse by messing with the natural water flow and creating containers/ditches
Remember the ray mears episode where he met a woman weaving a traditional anti mosquito basket thing out of palm leaves, designed to cover a baby?
Eat wild onion

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