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File: cover1.jpg (211 KB, 800x450)
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211 KB JPG
I've never been in this situation before and figured this board would be the best for tips. I still have a full time job and my biggest concern is that I'll end up losing it for being disheveled and exhausted all the time. If I get fired then it's game over for me

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Assuming you are white and american.
Sell all your nonessentials, pack a uhaul.
Move to the midwest or pacific northwest (better out there anyways) and apply for a trade.
Appreticeship dot gov can help you find an area with decent starting pay. Rural area means lower cola.
Though if your finances are that fucked stop buy all nonesentials and take advantage of free entertainment. Most major cities let you apply for virtual library card from anywhere in the usa.
To keep it out related. Vegabonds and other poors may not be the smartest but they will survive the end of times so buying one lunch to learn some tricks of the trade may help if your situation is so dire. This is now a homeless vegabond thread.
Do kys asap pls, thnks.
OP I am homeless and workin a job rn living decently comfortably, I can give u advice prob best if you are US as well tho.

Do u have an outside form of contact like Discord or smth?
Cuddles#8166 is my Discord id btw
Buy an old van and get it safetied/registered immediately. If you already drive then great but cars are even less ideal.
Gym membership for showers, toilet you can use there and at coffee shops, Walmart, service stations, work, and so on.
Get a propane heater if it gets below 10C at night, since your van won't be insulated and it's chilly that way.
Get a mattress for the back and a camping stove, fancying up the place can come later. Plastic totes for food or you *will* wake up with a mouse just chilling on you.
Battery pack and folding or mounted solar panels for power. You'll want to make sure you have enough phone data as well.
And obviously start looking for a new place, get roommates if you have to. The van situation is temporary or permanent, depends what you want it to be. If temporary then what I've said isn't much and you can use all that shit later. If it's permanent then work on making it better as you go.
Good luck, OP.

File: woods.jpg (187 KB, 1910x972)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
>employer provided housing
>alone 24/7
>job consists of just being here, holding down the fort
>no idea how the fuck I got the job, took 3 interviews
>job listing was shady af
>no rent, utilities, saving a ton on gas
>paychecks mailed
>no schedule or reporting in besides once a week email
>boss is some rich mofo I haven't seen in months
>he pays for whatever tools and stuff I say I need for work or living
>location consists of several acres of hilly forest terrain, a few mysteriously furnished but otherwise empty houses, a few old decaying structures, and some kind of community room
>probably some kind of cult location... nice
>can do anything I want anywhere at any time, hue
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I don't get what his job was.
A janny, except he got paid.
pump it

File: Nocturnal-Hedgehogs.jpg (198 KB, 1200x800)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
Outbros, please tell me hedgehogs have some natural predator that does this.

I went on a stroll through the local cemetery at three am, just something I do once in a while. Somewhere around the deepest parts, I was scanning the graves and other architecture around me with my flashlight. Suddenly, I heard a buzzing-like sound in front of me, and I turned the light toward the road, seeing nothing I then pointed it closer toward my feet. On the ground lay an adult hedgehog, which isn't an unusual sight in such a place, except for it had something red under it. At first I thought it was just some autumn leaf, but on closer inspection I was clear it was a puddle of blood, which was flowing out of it's throat. It was still alive, but dying and gasping for air. Reflexively I didn't want to disturb it and started walking the other way. After maybe 10 seconds of walking I notice another hedgehog, this time in the grass. This one had also had it's throat mutilated not long ago, and now I started think about what could have done this. What animals even hunt hedgehogs, let alone in such a fashion, without eating them, for fun? I stood there for a while, and calculated the possible implications of this. I saw it best to turn off the flashlight and head swiftly for the nearest gate. On the way out I saw one more lump on the road, but I didn't care to check if it was animal or what.
I exit the place and go home.
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I assume you're in the UK.
Badgers are the main predators of hedgehogs.
It's left them there because it can only carry one at a time. It will come back for the others.
Some boomer used to set his little faggot terrier on them around here.
>At last I finally got rid of that blasted hedgehog once and for all muhahahahahahahahahahah.
File: Eggman_robotnik.png (101 KB, 288x344)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
Some cunt cat owned by a feminist s0yb0y who claims to be a nature living environmentalist.

File: moraine-lake-11-1-2.jpg (168 KB, 1200x800)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
Find a picture of this lake (Morraine Lake in Alberta) that doesn't look like this. Surely not every photo of a particular lake ever taken can be doctored, right? I'll be waiting patiently.
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Glacier-fed, its brilliant blue-green colour is a result of light refracting off the rock flour (fine particles of rock) in the glacier run-off which flows into the lake. At an elevation of 1,885 metres (6,183 feet), the lake does not begin to melt until June. Water levels, and its vibrant colour, peak in late June.Its waters are the most amazing colour, a vivid shade of turquoise that changes in intensity through the summer as the glaciers melt
Lakes don't actually exist moron. Old wives tale.
They came to shit out some baby chinks to infest the housing market
File: pano2.jpg (2.34 MB, 5000x1643)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB JPG
I agree.
why is your load distribution all fucked up and why did you carry all that heavy shit?

Just found out about trimmer mowers
Can one of these replace a regular lawn mower? On paper it looks like it's all upsides
>up to 22" cut diameter from what ive found
>cheaper than a comparable sized mower
>uses wire that is much easier to replace than a blade is to maintain
>both have self propelled varieties
>both have electric and gas varieties
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File: 1653903932727.png (97 KB, 1267x785)
97 KB
So that i can walk around front to stick my arm into the reel and kill myself
File: KyL.png (1.31 MB, 1542x772)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
File: images-110.jpg (17 KB, 400x300)
17 KB
>wastes his time with that stick
>burns hay and kills good bugs and fertilizing bacteria that would've taken shelter underneath it
>heh nothing personnel kid

Is it possible that there are creepy creatures in the forest that haven't been discovered yet?
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In Florida people talk still talk about the Candiz but it's obviously just campfire talk
Larping furry
File: wojak.png (27 KB, 513x670)
27 KB
I wouldn't worry about it
Cryptids are the last of your worries if you’re in siberia
There’s a couple species of whales that have been described very recently, but that’s more just them being similar to another already named species and nobody noticing they’re different

So basically I’ve been going on runs along the river Danube for the past month, and about a week ago I spotted a beaver/platypus type thing just chilling on the bank. First time I saw it I was a bit freaked out but kept on running. On the way back I also saw him and he was just staring at me as I ran by. The next day I decided “why the fuck not” and brought him some fresh brioche I had bought prior to my run. So I went for my daily run and saw him again and slowly approached him and put the whole bun down in front of him. Motherfucker gobbles the thing down faster than the flash and I was so shocked. On the way back I mustered up the courage and tried to pet him. Mission success. He has a leather like sort of tail and I was scratching it and he was making some funny noises. The following day I decided to hit up the plug and went to smoke and try to find this beaver. I think he knows I am his friend at this point so he is friendly with me. Anyways I spark up my joint and start my walk along the path. Then I spot him and go sit on a bench nearby. Shit you not this absolute apex predator approaches and then just stares at me. I say, “sorry buddy I have no brioche today but I’ll bring you some tomorrow.” I finished my joint and gave him some scratches and went about my day. Next day comes and I go to buy some brioche for him and go for my usual run and meet him again. Feed him the brioche and on the way back sit on the beach and admire the natural beauty of this river. Then I decided to take things to the next level and picked him up and put him beside me where we are currently watching the river flow, and I am typing this out!
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>amersharts don't realise there are beavers in Europe?
Fuck knows, I'm not from there.
I thought they were just a US thing, googled it, and that confirmed what I thought.
We have "beavers" here too, but it doesn't mean even remotely the same thing.
Reread my post again, anon. I said it was imaginary or a beaver. Also, not a burger.
I'm offsetting my invasiveness by working in wildlife conservation, plus I'm a bong so my country has been ecologically ruined for millenia. Any not-in-conservation amerilards should do as you suggest though
>talks about how the US is scarier than australia
>mentions how big the forest fires in the US are
That’s like the one thing that’s not even remotely comparable to Australia. The fires there make the ones in America look like a burning match in comparison
Out of all those only bears, mountain lions and wolves really apply. They are more cause for concern than anything else though. Natural disasters aren’t exactly creatures
>alligators AND crocodiles
Gators are a non issue and American crocodiles are found in one tiny area of the US. Both are not really dangerous compared to a saltie
>brown recluse, black widow
Neither of these are really dangerous, especially the recluse. Black widows are basically the same as Australian red backs. I’d rather be bitten by all of them at the same time than get a bite from a funnel web
>poison oak, poison ivy
>deadly mushrooms, berries, peyote- even fucking gypsum weed can kill you
I’d take all these over a stinging tree. Also everywhere has poisonous mushrooms
>sharks, stingrays
Do you think australia doesn’t have these? A certain late wildlife TV presenter would like a word
>rattlesnakes, copperheads, cotton mouths, coral snakes
When you compare these to death adders, brown snakes, tiger snakes and black snakes there’s not much of a contest

File: IMG_3308-scaled[1].jpg (1.57 MB, 1920x2560)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB JPG
>tfw when u live in mountainous georgia

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Apparently they are an invasive species. I saw a few last year but this year they are fucking everywhere. I'm not scared of them but they do get pretty big. Pic related was easily hand sized but this was taken further South I haven't seen any this big where I live in North Georgia.
But he didn't list Oakland
chiago is kino
>Apparently they are an invasive species. I saw a few last year but this year they are fucking everywhere. I'm not scared of them but they do get pretty big. Pic related was easily hand sized but this was taken further South I haven't seen any this big where I live in North Georgia.
I've seen face sized banana spiders out in the panhandle.
I expected kharkheti, mestia.
All I get are stupid America

What ever happened to uncle teddy?
27 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Went to live on a farm anon
I suppose I was more arguing what you or the anon meant by "he missed the mark". I do agree with you that he had many reasons to be angry with the world, and feeling like he had no way to get people to pay attention.
File: 1978.png (115 KB, 182x242)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
That's the one i ordered just a few days ago.
He'd be glad his philosophy was spreading, but ultimately disappointed that nobody was doing anything with that knowledge

File: ITE5jO8.jpg (336 KB, 2284x2028)
336 KB
336 KB JPG
Going to spend a couple of weeks in the Vancouver area around Christmas, what are some cool outdoors places to check out while I'm in the region?
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There are lots of bears in the mountains across the water from Vancouver. Any of the north shore mountains will have black bears. Most people don’t go looking for them, I’m but if you go out enough you’ll see them. They may be hibernating in December. It might be a bit late but brackendale in Squamish has a huge winter population of bald eagles.
The Sunshine Coast, The Island, The Kootenays… Anywhere but the GVA.
Also miss based Harper
Forgot pic. Took this on Sunday while in town…
now this looks like an adventure
This is the zombie walk I was talking about

Found this today, anybody have a clue what it might be?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Balkan Toadflax
Because cellphone manufacturers are dicks and refuse to fix the auto-rotate meta bug directly on the imaging software even though people have been complaining about it since they implemented it.
sorry "feature"
also this.
I'm pretty sure that is some type of flower

Just got this from a yard sale. I don’t have great night skies because I’m east coast, but if I get into this I was wondering if anyone on out could offer advice on a better scope to buy. I used to sail deep sea and loved learning about the constellations and using celestial navigation so I thought this could be fun
11 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
You mean astronomical. Astrology is when a roastie pretends she will maybe not fuck Chad (although she totally will) because he's a Capricorn, or she excuses her carouseling by saying "Scorpio's gonna Scorpio".

There's the paper route, using an astronomical calendar. There are of course apps which tell you exactly what you will see in the night sky. Some are free, freemium, or paid. I've tried Stellarium, Star Walk, and Star Chart. Try them and see which one you like best (just don't get suckered into a subscription).
Ok cool i might give freemium a try and see if it's any good. What astronomical events are taking place on the queens funeral night i wonder?
Sky & Telescope has a YT channel with monthly videos about what's happening in the sky. Some of it is only relevant to the UK, but mostly it's good anywhere. There are books about cool things to see with binoculars, but you don't really need that. Just get a comfortable deck chair and lay out and explore the sky.
Star watching is such a depressing hobby. You get larger and larger telescopes overime for miniscule improvements. I've looked through telescopes that are well into the 6 foot range and have the diameter of an oil barrel just so you can make out jupiter and its moons a little more clear. The emotional ROI on the hobby is so low I feel defeated before even getting into it.
File: IMGP0219.jpg (501 KB, 4000x3000)
501 KB
501 KB JPG
Explore Scientific refractor is what I use for planets, but I think you should get a good pair of binos(Nikon Monarch 10x50 and Vortex viper 18x56) They are actually useful for wide field deep sky viewing. Hunting for star clusters is very enjoyable with dark skies. It's good you got a cheap scope to start though, in case you get bored of it.
Pic is a super shitty stacked image of Saturn I took with a cheap mirrorless camera. You can do better than this with a small scope if you understand the auto stacking software.

File: Herbs.jpg (15 KB, 236x256)
15 KB
How do you get into herbalism, and just generally making things with plants? Would a class be a good start? Buying a few books? How does one go about doing that?
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>I'll look for a good foraging book this weekend.
It'll depend on your language of course, but remember that quality is more important than quantity generally (as in how many species are covered). I have two books (in german, so they won't really help you) and each has its up and downsides. One is ordered by location (where you'd find the plant), has a lot of great images and goes into decent detail covering a total of 50 plants, while the other is small and portable, is ordered by leaf shape, covers 150 species, but doesn't go into as much detail and the pictures are just "enough" at best.
The stuff I mentioned in the previous post is enough to get a good book, as a bonus you can look if it has a calendar in it as well (when to pick certain plants), that's convenient. Imagine a plant or look up 2-3 maybe before going to the store, then take the book into hand and pretend you are in the woods looking at a plant. Does the structure make sense? Would you be able to find this plant? If not, then it's not a good book.
>I think I have most of that gear already too, except maybe the magnifying glass.
While the magnifying glass is fun, unless you have exceptionally bad eyesight you probably won't need it. Don't buy one on impulse, you can still get one if you are ever /out/ and notice that you could really use one next time. I mostly use mine for curiosities, observing bugs and to identify pests on my plants (like specific aphid types and shit). I haven't really had a situation where a magnifying class would make or break a identification.
(cont in next post)
Picrel isn't a great picture, because I didn't have natural lighting for the pic, but that's my backpack I take with me when foraging, since it's not more than a dayhike I don't need to use a certified /out/ or hiking backpack.
The stuff in the side pockets is fun, but not needed, the stuff in the main pouch you should take with you, with exception of the sunglasses probably (unless you expect a lot of sun) and you really only need one knife, not 3. I just like having options. Even a small pocket knife like the opinel no. 6 is absolutely enough 99% of the time.
The important part is the book, nets, a knife and the gloves, while not essential the trowel is good to have too, if you want to go for roots or rhizomes. Everything else is optional.

>Do you whip out your book when you find a new plant to read the article, or do you do a lot of research first and just do small checks when you get out there?
Both and neither. There's some plants you probably already know and that are common - favorites of mine are dandelion, elderflower, wild garlic, various nuts and berries, but stuff you will for example almost certainly find includes nettles, beech and spruce, clover and buckhorn, or acorns. Maybe not the most exciting plants, but easy to identify for a beginner. Especially buckhorn and nettles have a lot of medicinal uses.
When I got my books I read them once in order, giving them a quick glance, looking if I had ever heard of or seen that plant before. I think looking at everything once, even if you can't remember, will make recalling it easier when you are in the wild. If it was a plant I knew or thought I was likely to find, I'd read the section, if not I'd just look at the pictures and description of location. Then I looked for plants that were likely to grow where I would go, and that are either in season or grow year round. Those I gave special attention. As you can see I also have some yellow sticky notes in there, (last cont I promise)
(last cont)
those sticky notes are for plants that I am likely to find, but not sure regarding identification - or ones that have toxic counterparts so I want to look them up to make sure. For example one is elderberry (sambucus nigra) but when I find one I want to make sure it's not danewort (sambucus ebulus), so I mark that part to quickly find it again.
Then after I have read the book once and have a rough idea of what I may find I go /out/, for a nice stroll through the woods. As I go I pay attention to my surroundings - especially if a plant has fruit, berries or is flowering, but in general I just look at different plants and pay attention. Chances are I will find a lot of plants I already know, but every time you will find one or two new ones. If I suspect it may be edible/in the book, I stop and try to identify it. If it isn't in there, tough luck, if it is, I just identify anyways to make sure I don't have a lookalike that will give me liquid shits or something.
The easiest time for identification is when the plants have fruit or flowers, the hardest is if you go for rhizomes and the plants are mostly dead above ground.
So I kinda do both, I read beforehand and I whip the book out when in the woods and near something that makes me curious.
I am considering getting a general plant identification book for all the plants that I try identifying that aren't in my edible plants book, simply for the curiosity, because it's super fun being able to say what each plant is, but the edible plant book is more than enough to get started.
Dang, thank you for all of that! Very helpful stuff right here. I'm making a little word doc of all the advice here, and this is probably going to make up a big part of it.
No problem, you're welcome.
Two more bonus tips:
Something that may have indirectly helped me is watching youtubers talking about medicinal plants/edible plants. It's something you can have run on another screen, and for me at least some of it stays in my head. Not enough to "learn" everything, but enough for me to pay extra attention when stumbling across it, be it in a book or the forest. Alfieaesthetics ( https://www.youtube.com/c/AlfieAesthetics ) gets posted on /out/ sometimes, and while he doesn't seem to post anymore he has a few videos on edible plants/medicinal plants and teas.

Second thing is if you do have internet access where you are you can consider using apps for identification - some of the AI based models are really impressive. https://identify.plantnet.org/ has given me correct identifications from some pretty fucked pictures before. Just don't rely on it - I'd say if you want to use it, use the AI, then use the identification book to double check the plant. But knowing where to get started looking can help. Personally I don't really use it when /out/ but it has come in handy when I look at some picture I took /innawoods/ and I am curious about a plant.

File: sun niggas.gif (322 KB, 1640x1380)
322 KB
322 KB GIF
What's the superior sun protection system?
93 replies and 30 images omitted. Click here to view.
>I usually wear a hat and a wife beater when hot, but my shoulders get sunburned easily since I'm whiter than milk
Yeah a triangle from the back should cover that usecase quite easily, and you can keep it loose so it doesn't feel hot. The main issue is that there's only so much fabric a shemagh has available, so if you use some to tie it together and secure it to your head, that usually uses some of the fabric that otherwise would be over your shoulders. If you don't need to cover the head due to already wearing a hat, that fabric becomes avaiable.
I think I want to get one of these. I need a hat for sun and rain protection when I'm working outside, but I don't want to look gay or Mexican.
Careful, you risk looking like a boomer.
File: ezgif-5-6362f08f72.jpg (109 KB, 1080x864)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
What worked well for the ancient Aztecs still works well today.

I just heard this phrase for the first time today.
Never knew this was a thing

Anyone here know about this hobby?
Should we have a cross thread with one of the costume boards to explore this exciting new pastime ?
22 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Learn to spot the they/them, and you won't have to scroll.
I visited r/welding the other day for the first time, and they have a rainbow flag banner. Then I remembered why I hate reddit.
I was there yesterday, saw that. Disgusting.
File: future_axekiller.jpg (75 KB, 400x400)
75 KB

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