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File: image2.jpg (1.99 MB, 4032x3024)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB JPG
how would you go about making a bed platform over this. I don't want to remove the seat
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Hey look, it’s me
not necessary office work but video editing and whatnot.

thinking about using t slot aluminum to built my frame.
>give people ideas
is there something I don't understand here? Does taking a seat out of your car mean you're gay in some countries?
dude, modifying your car to fit your needs, in a non permanent way (just take out the four fucking bolts and put the seat in your living room or something) and putting a bed there. Unless your family is retarded like you, then they would not give a damn about you taking out the passenger seat in your car.
Not sure OP but Honda Fits are great for car camping. A thick queen sized memory foam mattress pad folded in half fits perfect, tucked behind the front passenger seat that's moved all the way forward and titling forward. You can fully stretch out if you're 6' or under. Pic related.

File: 532iou53io1ui3.png (2.23 MB, 1541x1131)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB PNG
They just clearcut a sizable chunk of forest in the woods near my house. What's going on here? Pic related.
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this is the most plausible answer
Brap farms. I’m jealous.
>Looks like Bass pro employees take ATV's down there
A new Walmart soon I guess..
Dildo factory

File: crater.jpg (107 KB, 1920x717)
107 KB
107 KB JPG

I might be moving to Oregon soon for a job offer I've received. I'm starting off working from home for them, until my lease is up at which point I'm supposed to move from CO to OR. Salary increase is definitely worth it right now.

Before I pull the trigger though, what is Oregon /out/ like? Are there lots of good camping spots? Can I disappear for a week in the woods?
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East of the cascades isnt too expensive. Other than Bend, that is.
>what's oregon like
Depends where you are. Theres 360 miles of coast, 30ish mountian peaks, 24000sq miles of high desert, two huge valleys, and whatever you call south western oregon (wine and rapids country maybe?)
>can I disappear for a week
53% of Oregon is federal owned, of that 95% is US forest service or blm. Oregon is roughly the size of Colorado, and has a million fewer people. If you have a 4x4 you should be able to find somewhere
I live in Oregon, I pay 1200/month for a 900 sqft 2 bed 2 bath, its really not that severe unless you live in Portland, and even then living in Portland is still cheaper than living in ANY of californias cities at the moment. One of my buddies live in the shitty inner part of Portland and pays 1400 for a 700 sqft 1 bed 1 bath.

For my place, you'd be looking at 2.2k+ pretty much anywhere that isn't a drug/gang infested shithole in california
jelly breh, getting real fucking tired of CO

the out is just as good if not better, especially if you count WA into the equation
as long as you avoid the communists that inhabit the state like they do all over the west coast, the /out/ is top tier.

i say this as someone from oregon, who currently lives in NM

File: bag.jpg (652 KB, 2048x1536)
652 KB
652 KB JPG
I found this in a cabin in the woods
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If you were a bear and saw some maniac hanging water bags around his cabin, you might steer clear too.
File: 1564609729213.png (235 KB, 500x500)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
I ain't afraid of no ghost.
It's a chaga mushroom OP. Chop it up and put it in some tea. Report back with your findings.
What are you doing in my cabin, pal?
water refracting light fucks up the fly's compound eyes or some bullshit like that...

is it even possible to live off the grid in Europe on land you don't own? it feels like any remote place is either a tourist destination or a popular hunting spot. It seems completely unfeasible to build a small cabin or something without getting caught quickly
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Ok, you aren't a special snowflake so follow the rules
why would you even try that? You can buy land in nordic countries with cottage on for 5k€.
>Land you don't own
No, nowhere in Europe I can think of, certainly not where you would actually want to.

You have to buy land and hope your local building laws don't suck absolute cock. But at least it stops boomers buying up all the land to build up holiday cabins everywhere. So swings and roundabouts.
We do get a lot of American media, a lot of it is undubbed too, besides animated movies (and very rarely games) which are dubbed over. Don't underestimate how big Hollywood is outside of the States. Same goes for video games, music or books. There is just no competetion in media production when the US population is 60 times that of Denmarks.
Meet the minimum requirement for maintaining a farm in order to build a house. Fruit trees for example.
>first harvest will be in 30 years!

#385-“Two Perch?!” Edition

Previous Thread:

Thinking about picking up a new hobby? Want to get a memecaster? Haven't mastered the Palomar knot? Click here!

First for best telescopic rod is the one you exchanged for a 3pc.

Talk about fishin
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I think I'm retarded. My 15lb test flouro snapped twice at the swivel when casting. The FG Knot from braid to flouro is still holding.
Nice 'eye!
Retarded confirmed, sorry anon.
For real though what knot are you using? If it's the palomar that could be why, flouro doesn't like the palomar
Do they put anything in this or is it just brined eggs ? If its the latter you can eat it.

Feel free to post tobaccos (no weed allowed), pipes, collections, pics of favorite combos for going /out/, pics of what you're doing with your pipe and any questions you might have.

Want to get into smoking pipes without spending too much cash?
Get a Missouri Meerschaum Legend corncob pipe and a pouch of either Prince Albert, Carter Hall or Half and Half tobacco, available at most drugstores.
What you'll need: pipe, tobacco, lighter or matches, pipe cleaners, and either a regular old nail or a pipe tool (combination tamper, scoop, and small pick).
All of these together should run you less than $20.

Having trouble keeping your pipe lit? Fill it with less tobacco and smoke it slower than you think you need to, lightly tamping as needed when the smoke starts thinning out.
If you're still having trouble, try filling your pipe this way:

Old thread >>2023124
Come on in and get comfy.
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In other earth-shattering news, fire burns, water is wet, politicians are corrupt, and the sun rises in the east.
>the sun rises in the east
wtf it raises to the west fuckhead
Sounds like Ketamine.
>Long story short I ego deathed alone on the ground in the woods
Yeah that's the good shit
>while having multiple seizures and nearly choking to death on my own vomit.
That's the not-good shit.
Found the [political party I don't like] voter.

File: dendelion_tea.jpg (82 KB, 720x810)
82 KB
What wild plants do you forage and how do you prepare them?

I like dandelions. I pan-fry them and make tea out of the flowers. I also like them on my salad.
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Didn't know you got lobster mushrooms in aus
Emu's love em.
Here in Texas we have cosmic fuckloads of cedar. You can make a tea out of the sprigs the staves off scurvy, and it's pretty tasty too. Drink it no more than twice a week however, it has some toxins that ain't good for you.
Just tried this today thanks to your suggestion anon, and they were really tasty. I think I'll mix them with some spinach next time to balance out the bitterness.
Mostly fruits for me, though I nibble some leaves as well. Stellaria media (chickweed), Smilax sp. (greenbriar/catbriar), Viola sp. (violets), Pinus sp. (pines). For fruits it's Morus rubra (red mulberry), Rubus sp. (blackberries), Prunus serotina (wild black cherry), small handfuls of Vaccinium sp. (blueberry/sparkleberry/deerberry) as they don't grow huge crops where I am, multiple gallons of Vitis rotundifolia (muscadine grapes) in august and september which I make jam from, Diospyros virginiana (american persimmon) if you can get ones that aren't incredibly astringent, and in the past year or so the holy grail, Asimina triloba (pawpaw) and occasionally the even less well known Asimina parviflora (smallflower pawpaw). Still need to try Podophyllum peltatum (mayapple) and get better about harvesting the small amount of Sambucus sp. (elderberry) I can find.

Pine trees work too, and I have never heard anything about them having toxins. Needles make a nice trail chew if you're out walking. Kind of sour, kind of like a christmas tree.

File: kira moon.jpg (46 KB, 500x500)
46 KB
>be 60 year old tranny 'artist' loser living in basement in san francisco
>never done a thru hike in life
>decide to hike PCT
>get picked up by sociopath compulsive liar hiker james parillo
>hike for 5 months together while he beats and rapes you
>never think to try and leave despite numerous opportunities to do so
>one day actually do run away in an albertsons parking lot
>die like a year later in an electrical fire because you're living in a trailer
>james parillo still hikes the pct to this day

kek life is strange
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Yeah but using another man’s penis to massage your postage for sexual gratification is at least kinda gay, right?
Why is some dude rubbing his dick on your mail, again?
whats the difference between a penis and a dildo, its still stimulating you and feels good. let go of your hangups and enjoy the O
“All he did all day,” Moon said, “is look at porn on his phone and talk about how he hated everyone. The worst part of the whole experience wasn’t being beaten. It was being in his presence all the time.”
Holy kek he really is just like us
People with functioning penises don't find the prostate to be better. You've got to have a mental hangup or a really bad circumcision to feel that way.

How viable is it to just give up on wage slavery. Buy and live in a tent and just survive by shoplifting food?
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>exceptionally talented

Cope. You only need be slightly right of the bell curve.
that's counter-factual. And the leverage doesn't technically have to do with your other offers, from the employers point of view. It has to do with the cost of replacement and the value you create. That's leverage, regardless of your actual employment opportunities elsewhere (which they should have no way of knowing whether they exist).
It hasn't happened to me
Where have you worked in fast food?
I'll grant you that Dunkin Donuts is a New England chain and that New England being a relatively wealthier region could be playing a part in these experiences
Oh man, you’re right! Thanks. I never realized that.

File: tolkien and gimli.jpg (336 KB, 1283x832)
336 KB
336 KB JPG

Meetup with /out/ anons from your area! Make a profile and display yourself on the map!

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File: IMG_20210409_172956.jpg (3.78 MB, 4000x3000)
3.78 MB
3.78 MB JPG
any colorado hikers out there?
what part of the state?
Donde estás amiguito? Cerca de 7600?
I'm not a tranny.
File: screenie358.jpg (135 KB, 740x505)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
Sure, why not ...

File: 1.jpg (2.55 MB, 2000x1500)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB JPG
Hello /out/. This easter weekend I decided to pack up the bag and the dog and drive down New Mexico Route 15, deep into the National Forest to tackle a two day 16 mile trip into the Gila. Here's some highlights.
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File: IMG_20210403_113505229.jpg (779 KB, 1968x1792)
779 KB
779 KB JPG
Fuckin around in new Mexico myself.
File: IMG_20210403_101555337.jpg (1.07 MB, 2896x1760)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
File: 20210318_073612.jpg (3.69 MB, 4032x3024)
3.69 MB
3.69 MB JPG
This is beautiful anon!! I might have to make a trip soon, I'm in Tucson and it's always such a relief when you don't have to carry 15-20 pounds of water for a simple overnight.

PS: Don't have any pics from NM but to keep the OC train going here's some nice blooming ocotillo from western AZ
File: 20200801_143953.jpg (4.41 MB, 4032x1960)
4.41 MB
4.41 MB JPG
I fucking love it out here. Far cry from Kansas, thats for sure.

Heading to Glacier for a 5-day trip. Is pic related a meme or should I carry it around? My buddies flat out declined to come with out of fear of a bear attack.
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File: blackpowder.jpg (1.83 MB, 2200x1650)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB JPG
you can have black powder guns as a non citizen. literally anyone can have one, kids can have them, felons can have them.

these are old school cap and ball shit, but you can have them.
40-50 bucks per can and you can't take it on the plane. What a scam.
In about a week or two, before all the other out-of-state visitors show up. I know everyone says the East side is frozen until May, but I want my first time to be special and with as few other tourists as possible.
A lot of the trails can be difficult to find, they're still getting fresh snow day to day up there. You can definitely get back country sites but I've heard they have very limited itineraries and the available sites are less than ideal. Winter camping is a lot like getting a off trail mountaineering permit in Glacier, if the the weather is less than ideal or you don't have a satisfactory answer to one of their more important questions, it's at their discretion whether or not to grant the permit.
File: lawrence.jpg (9 KB, 326x155)
9 KB
>because if you dont kill the bear with the rifle, you are better off shooting yourself in the head with the handgun.

>if only I had a battalion of men who thought this way

I've never seen a pristine night sky
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And i never really fell in love with any women.?

And my Father and Mother Never loved me??

And i never trust anyone?

ANd i never ever have had a non whore women

and i never ever ever wanted a whore
cityfags get what they fucking deserve
File: IMG_0449.jpg (295 KB, 1006x1060)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
Went to a Bortle 1 in southern Utah. It was probably the most stars I have seen, so that was a success. Woke up early in the morning ~3:30 since early morning is the best to time see in the spring. I may have seen the milky way, but it was very faint. I'll try again mid summer when it's horizon is higher.

This is what I'm trying to distinguish - the difference between what is visible for the human eye and high camera exposure.
this guy >>2068273
has not idea what hes talking about, the bortle scale specifically describes what you can see with the naked eye at each level.

It was about easy growing techniques. Had a pic w hay on the cover. Also any books on homesteading, raising animals,etc I'd very much appreciate!
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Good hunting, fren.
noooo you have to buy overpriced corrugated steel marketed at the gardener
Figures that a tranny would praise a book about a subject he brags that xir knows nothing about
A knife thread died for this.
File: 9781603584425-768x960.jpg (255 KB, 768x960)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
Apologies anon. After sometime searching I found it.

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