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File: 20211108_120246.jpg (3.12 MB, 4032x2268)
3.12 MB
3.12 MB JPG
Mysterious Bolete edition
Last one reached its image limit. Post pictures of your fungi here.
Need an unknown sample identifying? Remember to post underside shots and the location you found it in.
>OP pic
I found this in a lawn at the flats I manage, North england. I know its a bolete but im not sure the genus. The pores are pale yellowish with a rusty staining. Also, the cap should be a perfect dome but this one was damaged.
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You stained it, makes it a bit hard to ID.
thats the natural color,
everything surrounding the mushroom is covered with that brown/rust colored powder
its an artist conk, ganoderma applanataum. scratch the white stuff on the bottom and youll see. also if you wet your finger you can run it along the top and eat the spores, yum!
cool! those are wood ear or mu-erh
Sigues vivo? You should only pic those with a huge cap (well over 10cm diameter), don’t even get the small ones, those carry the same toxin as the death cap (amanita phaloides).
That said, I fucking love macrolepiotas, they are so versatile.

Can you recommend fruits/veggies that will grow in sod?

There's a public park that's cleaned heavily after winter, one big mow before june, and then periodically mowed in more confined areas.
I want to plant in an area that's left to grow from june on.

The only disturbance I'm willing to do is lift up sod to drop seeds, and maybe break it up a bit. And I guess liquid fertilizer.

Climate is north east US.
throwing seeds on a patch of grass is essentially just feeding birds.
>I'm willing to do is lift up sod to drop seeds
no seedling will manage to puncture through.
>and maybe break it up a bit
that's what you'll have to do. remove a patch of grass and break up the soil underneath a bit.

if you actually want to harvest and they mow in june, then you're limited to leafy greens i guess, like spinach. the plants will probably all be eaten by all kinds of critters long before you even think of harvesting. veggies in general require frequent care and protection.
you can forget about fruit.

just do flowers instead.

or even better, just leave it be. if you don't own land, get a couple of small pots and grow some herbs on your windowsill.
parsnip-takes a lot of seed to get established but will self sow after
wild carrot-same as parsnip
cultivated burdock-they have varieties for leaves and for roots
hyssop-dont know how to establish, but find it growing naturalized
horseradish-plant large root sections, forms huge colonies that last forever
ground plum-wild grassland plant
wild tarragon-forms large clumps. tasty spring shoots
mushrooms-spread with spore mass slurry
rosa arkansana- live planting. forms large colonies.
stinging nettle-spring shoots
mint- plant root sections where the cattails stop
plantain-sprinkle seeds on shallow puddles in disturbed soil in spring. seeds are a powerful thickener and demulcent
dandelion-dont need to plant
comfrey-plant root sections. some people eat it. i think its a gloopy mess.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Why not plant native flowers that help promote biodiversity in the area :3
tomatoes will grow anywhere fruit wise veggies you have tons of options but I wouldn't since people will eat them go with what the bee said plant flowers however since someone has already done some eco terrorism their self by planting grass you're kinda shit outta luck I suggest destorying large patches and planting clover wait a year then plant fruit/veggies/flowers
because those are colloquially known as "weeds" and they'll get removed.

OP should consider planting something, but put rocks or a wire fence around it so it looks like a planned, decorative garden. If the mowers are a paid service, they won't know that it's a cuckoo garden and they'll mow around it and leave it alone.

File: Foresta 2.jpg (962 KB, 854x569)
962 KB
962 KB JPG
Hey /out/! I was thinking about going hiking and camping alone for the first time in my life. Since i'm a germoid i will probably be visiting the schwarzwald. Do you guys have any tips and tricks for me? What to bring what not to bring that sort of stuff. I'm probably going to do it in spring.
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That's fucking racist, it's called "Dunkelwald" now.
That's just common sense, anon.
>Drive BMW FAST to the BLACK forest
>Crack open some lovely weissbier
>The sound of birds chirping
>18 Wheeler towing a trailer carrying a yacht full of 30 north African refugees stops bedside your lovely BMW
>Get killed for being white in Germany by a naturalised German citizen named Hussam Al-Noori
enjoy camping Hans
as a german, kek

Just bought a new house and our house is filled with them
My daughter practically pisses herself everytime she sees one

We clean so much but to no end and landlord won't help
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Pest Control Technician here. They're trying to get into your insulation for winter. You probably have cracks in your seal/eaves like other Anons have said. They're going to be attracted to anything that produces heat around your house. They'll be out of your hair in a few weeks once it's too cold for them to be outside, but you'll see them again in spring when they emerge from wherever they nested in your walls/house. They don't really DO anything to your home so I don't really see the issue people have with them unless they're massed in ridiculous numbers like I've seen on some houses.
You aren't catching Chagas this side of the Rio Grande
-t. Former trypanosome biologist
I found one of those in my apartment.
There was a big jumping spider in my apartment at the time, so I tried to feed the stink bug to the jumping spider.
The spider grabbed the stink bug and tried to bite into it but I guess it was too hard and it gave up.
>just bought a new house
>landlord won't help
since he sucks juices with them it kinda makes sense

File: sl3yz3grfwo61.jpg (178 KB, 1478x832)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Regardless of whatever happened there that day, would you have the skills and mental and physical fortitude to come back alive?
194 replies and 28 images omitted. Click here to view.
People always say this about the “worried looks” but I’ve seen these pics and never do they look concerned
try telling a woman not to do something retarded
i literally fucking dare you.
they decide everything literally off of their feelings rather than logic, which is why they do retarded shit like "go to a 4th world cartel-infested shithole and get stabbed by a pervert for being white"
File: 1633647808902.jpg (128 KB, 1024x988)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
south of Canada = murderous shithole, so he's right anon
File: 1627044765569.jpg (41 KB, 348x367)
41 KB
>Is it so hard to build something less shitty?
well it's a case of
>3rd world shithole that's been around for 3000 years
>building anything of fucking quality
>building anything
the girls knew nothing about jungles but they were trained mountaineers back home.
the laying out of sticks & tape is supposed to indicate the terrain they're trying to describe in the photos.

File: 1633526251754m.jpg (104 KB, 1024x922)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
What are the legal ramifications of living in the woods?
Not trying to larp but if tomorrow I decided I wanted to live a nomadic life, what laws would I be breaking?
In this larp I would be carrying around a pistol and shotgun. Both openly.
I would fish for food and possibly some small game.
If I'm able to find someone to help me with a larger animal to skin and exchange the meat, then deer too(don't worry about details on shotguns and deer just the legal stuff).
Mostly be in state parks.
Maybe have a goat or too to use as pack mules for my stuff.
What legally, could the government fuck me over on?
Hypothetically of course
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File: 1638798945615.jpg (924 KB, 1125x997)
924 KB
924 KB JPG
Good video.
I think it's a pretty good way to relate it's to what Ted said.
Something about how freedom nowadays isn't real freedom, but a manufactured byproduct of the system to keep it's people happy enough to get them to work. An illusion to keep people docile.
He obviously put it a bit more succinctly then I could.
You know I think the problem is that people were artificially too separated by the system that they can't fathom living with other people. Which is what you would need to do if you were planning on living in the woods. I can't think of a time where a "lone wolf" type was able to survive in the wild themselves.
>decide to live out in the woods
>get ravaged by mosquitoes while trying to shut for the first time
>decide living in the woods isn’t for me
got any advice about desalinating water that's not completely impractical like a bottle solar still or thousands of dollars like an actual desalinification machine?
find another way to get water. there's a reason why it's not done on industrial scales any where on earth unless absolutely necessary (think dubai). LA for example, lots of sun, next to the ocean, and still they rape the colorado dry for water.

for example my land has a well, but the arsenic levels are so incredibly high filtration is not really possible, so for alternatives to I looked into desalination. Basically it just was not feasible:

>boiling water takes a huge amount of energy
>generates water very slowly
>removes ALL minerals, which can fuck up your piping/tubing/appliances
>mineral content must be re-added prior to drinking, else it can leach minerals from your teeth and bones

(wound up settling on having water trucked in every month or so -- until we can finish develop our spring; which is thankfully arsenic free)

in a survival situation, sure make a solar still, but for more long term water usage, just about anything else is a better bet. If there's not enough rain for collection, and you can't get a well -- that might very well be the reason why the land was probably cheap and vacant to begin with.
>smuggling bilderburg and 9/11 troof conspiracy bullshit on to an otherwise valid list.
Off you fuck.

File: 20211207_165928.jpg (2.75 MB, 3491x1260)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB JPG
Can I have help identifying these rocks?
4 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Not sure about this one.
Looks like a generic rock.
Guys, these are tiny rocks from panning
i can only identify the pube-rock
>Identifying rocks without a scratch test
Are you expecting a clairvoyant?
I can confirm that those are indeed rocks.

I went urban exploring when I was younger and I was in an abandoned asbestos filled building for about an hour, no filters or nothing, am I fucked bros?
10 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I mean, it's anecdotal, but I live near Libby MT, which was a big asbestos mining area back in the 50s. Yeah, mesothelioma is a big issue with the older population, but it seems almost totally random who got fucked. You'll hear about mine operators in their 80s who breathed it in for 35 years and are fine, but their wife who only washed their clothes are on permanent ventilators. Weird shit like that. I think it's almost genetic. Shit my great grandma smoked a half a pack a day from when she was 15 until she was 91. I dunno.
Maybe it’s just all the hype around the substance, but the idea of having any amount of asbestos in my lungs is absolutely petrifying.
File: E4_9V1aXEAQwfy0.jpg (55 KB, 852x738)
55 KB
>played around with a WW2 gasmask for about a week, wore it, breathed through it like the autistic retard I was.
>coughed a bit, assumed it was just the dust
>later reading about gas masks on the internet and found out that shit was full of Crocidolite.
I'm only worried that exposed asbestos would have saturated the stagnant air with fibers. I didnt see or disturb any dust but as asbestos is invisible I couldn't know what kinds of concentrations would be in an abandoned building.
You've been walking in and out of asbestos filled buildings your whole life without realizing it. Unless you were rolling around in it, it's not going to hurt you. Even if you WERE rolling around in it, you won't fucking know if it fucked you until 25-30 years from now. Stop being a panicky bitch. It's faggots like you that stop us from building with one of the greatest materials known to man.

What is the most /out/ item I can purchase with my 40$ Amazon gift card?
17 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1595636568717.jpg (84 KB, 1920x1080)
84 KB
>What is the most /out/ item I can purchase with my 40$
A tank of gas to get the trailhead instead of substituting real experience with consumerist garbage
go suck a fucking dick
File: 2342674.png (375 KB, 960x542)
375 KB
375 KB PNG
Wrong, only cute old men can be druids
>ywn be a proper druid
Is it possible bros? I want to look like the OP image and become /out/.
a bag of weed

>huge waste of time and energy to collect wood and stones
>need to keep feeding it the right sized wood
>fills your lungs with 1000 cigarettes worth of smoke
>stains your skin, hair and clothes with smoke
>makes your skin dirty and your eyes dry.
>sleeping with greasy skin
>makes all your gear smell like shit
>super high maintenance aspect of camping, could have been doing other things
>doesn’t even keep you warm
>by the time sun has set, everyone is already tired and wants to go to sleep anyway, no point staying awake tending to this dumb fire just for the sake of keeping it lit

Holy shit does anyone else hate campfires?

Last time I went camping solo, I was in the middle of collecting wood and had a huge epiphany “What the fuck am I doing?”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
28 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Fires are great when you're out with a group. Bullshitting around the campfire is just classic camping and classic Americana for that matter. It really brings people together and helps everyone open up.

If you're alone, they're basically useless. Rather go to bed and watch a movie on my phone while eating tasty snacks.
know how I know you don't go /out/ often?
not who you're replying to but I'm curious. tell us how you know? lol
I’m on a 5 day solo camping trip, I’ve never been camping before.
On my first night I wasn’t too worried about the fire because I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing. I tried to start one but couldn’t get it going, wasn’t too worried. Then dark came and a thousands mosquitoes started eating me, I had to hide in my tent. Throughout the night I heard the weirdest noises I’ve ever heard in my life, at one point it sounded like a helicopter landing right beside my tent. Then I woke up in the middle of the night to something pressing in on the side of my tent and I screamed and it yelped back before running away, it was a dear.
The second night I figured I should really work on that fire for the mosquitos but it started pouring raining and soaked all of the damned wood around me. I tried for like 2 hours before it got pitch dark with no fire and tons of mosquitos again.
Tonight is my third night and I finally got one going after figuring out that dead branches hanging in the trees were dry, I collected tons of them and they burned really well.
My fire finally went out after about 6 hours, which I watched the entire time.
I really miss that damn fire right now, I’ll be sure to collect more wood tomorrow.
Heil Prometheus
most of the places I end up camping either dont allow fires or are under fire restrictions in summer, so I just get by with a gas cooker for food and some citronella candles.
i pop the candles into old salsa jars and it's perfect.
nice comfy warm lighting without any fire risk, keeps the bugs away still and isnt blindingly bright or stinky smoke.

Im about to do 80 kilometer march to test if I am up to it.

My longest previous walk has been 60 kilometers, but that was in deep wilderness in Finnish lappland. This time it will be mainly along the roads, with some forest shortcuts in here and there. Road goes trough countryside and deep forest.

I will get my water from springs, lakes or snow (my walks starts at december 1st.). There is one small village shop after the first 20 kilometers, after that I have to use only my backpack and foraging skills.

Equipment will be ALICE medium pack, plash-palatka shelter halfes, and either groundsheet or hammock. I probably wont take any firearms with me, as wildlife dangerous wildlife is mosty wolfs and they are afraid of humans. Brown bears are rare and shy. Skinwalkers and trolls seem to consentrate on lappland.

So, tell me /out/, is there something that I need to consider or I need to pack?
67 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
hows the weather? how much snow is out there??
File: 1631654121097.jpg (175 KB, 1169x900)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
What kinds of food (if any) are able to be foraged in your area?
Read the thread retard, he already didn't do it.
Better luck next time, man. Let it heal, give it some time before you try again.
Goddammit what does 3 o'clock at night mean in Finland this time of year

january 8th - 15th ish me and a few friends are gonna be out in alta. need to know how to get to chads gap from alta base, or whether or not its possible to ski to it.
im vers doe

So I'm thinking about thru hiking this bitch. Anyone else here ever done it or done a good portion? (Half, entire state, etc.)
It seems doable, I don't mind drastic change. I really want to do it.
My biggest concern is do you need a bunch of money? How do people sustain themselves for several months? Do you just get food from checkpoints/whatever the park service has set up or ranger stations? Some shit? I'd like to know if I really need a bitchin chunk of change to do this or if i can just manage. I can't imagine much foraging is allowed on protected forest land or federal forest land.
Help me out bros, tryna figure out how to do this right.
Pic related is me in the linville gorge, NC

I finished a southbound through-hike of the AT a few weeks ago. Ill answer any questions you have.

First of all, just do some research and buy the AWOL guide. No offense, but I can tell by these questions that you've done basically zero research on your own.

You do need money, obviously. I spent about $4.5k all told (4.5 month hike). That includes a bunch of gear, multiple nights in various motels, airfare, etc. If I really pinched pennies I could have done it for around $2k. You're going to be out there for 4-6 months, a few thousand bucks isn't really that bad when you think about it.

In some places you can forage for food. Apples, grapes, pawpaws, mushrooms, etc. However this cannot be your primary source of food as it will not give you enough calories and you will waste too much time doing it. You have to realize that during a through hike you're going to be hiking literally all day every day.

You get food and supplies from small towns and truck stop like places near or sometimes on the trail. This depends heavily on where you are. For instance, in NY and NJ you can basically stop at a deli every day. Other places you have to hitch hike 10-15mi to get to a shitty dollar store.
Fanks anon
The money thing was my only real concern.
I have done a little, but not much. All I know is I'll have some instances where I won't be near any infrastructure for a while. Meaning id have to stock up before those parts.
How exactly are you hitting delis and small towns? They aren't far off trails? I know a lot of access points are near towns, but I wasnt expecting to hear that honestly. Thanks for the insight though.

Yes, there are literally delis and convenience stores on the trail. A few times, the trail literally goes through a town. Hot Springs NC, Harper's Ferry WV, Delaware Water Gap PA, to name a few. That's not the norm, but it does happen occasionally, and those towns are usually pretty sweet places to spend the night.

Typically, I would carry 3-5 days of food. I would hitchhike or roadwalk into town, usually just a few miles, and buy cheap food at a dollar store or grocery store. A good resupply is all about the planning, knowing how much food you need to the next resupply spot. All of that info will be in the AWOL guide, or another guide.
This is all a great help, couldn't thank you enough dog. I will be checking out the AWOL guide.
Also props to you for doing the thru hike, much respect. Good luck on any future endeavors in that regard.

Most people budget $1000 per month, and I found that to be right on the money.

I could have cut it down a bunch I think. I spent a lot "eating out" so to speak, ie when I came to a town I'd eat a bunch of food at a restaurant or bar or something (I was mad hungry). Hotels and motels were an unnecessary expense as well. I mostly used them to get out of the rain, as there were 3 tropical storms lol. Same could be said about hostels, but they are usually very cheap, like $20, and they're definitely a part of the trail experience. I spent a lot on gear too. I had to buy a couple extra layers once the weather got cold, and I bought a new pack about a month in because my old one stopped fitting me. Those could have been avoided with some planning.

Do budget for shoes/boots though. I went through 4 pairs at 100 bucks each.

I think I did pretty well budget-wise though, I met a lot of rich boomer types that probably blew over $10k.

7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Yes, you need to go back.
>doesn’t know the difference between a crevasse and a crevice
>thinks u-shaped valleys are some how similar.
>implying China will be trading with the west in anything other than live warheads in the near future

File: file.png (1.97 MB, 1200x900)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB PNG
should you buy or build a chicken coop
8 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
They dig under the wite
File: Coop.jpg (760 KB, 999x1324)
760 KB
760 KB JPG
Do you have any carpentry skills? I built pic related and it wasn't very difficult at all, but I've done a bit of carpentry in the past.
i got a FAT cock, And you got a small lil cock. So whos the Big man now huh?? YOu lil Small coock, put that thing back in the shed, My cock roams the grass all day.
No? I don't even have any chickens.
File: 20211005_081640.jpg (2.55 MB, 2987x2386)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB JPG
They always find a way

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