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File: fire_lookout.jpg (177 KB, 1280x720)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Has anyone ever worked a seasonal /out/ job? I'm a college student with nothing to do this summer and I'm looking summer jobs as something like a forest fire lookout. Has anyone ever done this kind of job before? Are they hard to get?
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Try not being a bitch
Have fun dude. What area?
Joined a fire handcrew the pay is shit but it’s fun!

Weed spraying for the county, forest service, or BLM.

College kid here too, been doing it for a few years and I love it. I get paid $17 and can have as much overtime as I'd ever want.
I have been looking at some shit (uk) but as far as I can tell every cunt wants to do it, and you are never alone. all the listings I see involve a handful of others with you in a small bothy. It might be remote but living in such close proximity with people that I'm not cumming in kinda completely defeats the point for me
I appreciate your post anon I laughed

How do I learn to hunt (I live in PA). I would like to go deer hunting and learn how to strip a deer. I assume I can just sign up for some weekend hunting trips with an instructor?
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there is absolutely boar in america lmao, mostly in the south
That guy you responded to is a typical 4Chan know-it-all who actually knows nothing.

Feel bad for being retarded
>as long as you have half a brain
As long as you have a pulse. I know PA hunters who 100% should not be allowed out of their homes with anything sharp, yet every season they're in the woods with a firearm. But this is every state, so whatever.
that's not boar
feral swine =/= boar. you are retarded.

>wanna stop being a fucking loser staying in my room jerking off all day
>want to become a mountaineer
>live in NJ

fuck my life
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I am never going to climb K2. That doesn't make my point any less true.

money don't grow on trees, gents
Save up and then move. Gtfo New Jersey if you're even remotely interested in /out/.
I climbed Mt Baker some time ago. It was pretty fun. I got some pussy after I posted the pictures on my social media, girls start dripping when they see you doing things like this. Unfortunately I have a bad back and can't get too deep into the sport.
You're still stuck here >>2551523

File: Hatchet+vs+Knife.jpg (637 KB, 2500x1685)
637 KB
637 KB JPG
I know usually terrain, weather, wildlife and other people are what pose the biggest threat. I know some people usually carry some kind of weapon. I've never carried more than my pocket knife.

I'm now considering a hatchet/carpenter's axe for campfires. It could also double as a weapon in a pinch. I'm not really sure if a 7" knife or hatchet would be a better choice. I think the hatchet would be a more useful tool.
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I carry a 9mm handgun hiking or backpacking. Most often a glock 19. In addition I pack bear spray. I also take a fixed blade knife usually in the 5 to 6 inch range. The multitool has a secondary blade. I've considered a small axe but I can't really justify the weight backpacking. In the past I've tried folding saws a few times but didn't find them very useful.

If I'm car camping I take a full sized axe and proper long gun.
SKS, 1944 Ithaca M1911A1
Soul Edge
(you) are retarded
Scottish Dirk, not for any particularly practical reason, I just like the way it looks.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (40 KB, 1280x720)
40 KB
any /out/ist have any handicaps? ranging from hayfever to more serious things?
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File: Thick_glasses.jpg (573 KB, 1750x2500)
573 KB
573 KB JPG
I had pretty damn bad eyesight, -7,5 in both eyes.
I had to wear bottle-end thick eyeglasses, and if I misplaced or lost them, I was seriously limited on what I could do.

Took a femtolasik laser surgery and now my eyesight is good enough that I could get a pilots license without any need for glasses.
Best damn thing I ever got. really felt like I was out of crutches.
Best part is that even if shit hits the fan and I go completly broke and bankrupt, the repo-men will NOT take my eyes back.
I broke my neck and was refused treatment so it didn't heal right. I also have a medical condition relating from a surgery complication that makes bile migrate from my intestine to my stomach randomly maybe once a month and i vomit my guts out uncontrollably for a few days straight.
Thanks to gear getting lighter weight over the years I've been able to get back into /out/. Getting back into climbing again and hoping to do pct by 2026 ish.
i feel like that's a worse handicap than something that can make you die out in the woods randomly, because you need good eyesight to enjoy the part of nature our senses are best equipped to experience.
Forgot to tie my bootlaces once, left fly unzipped one morning, also once went for a hike with a haircut I ended up not really being in love love with so I would say adversity and I are old comrades. Rise above. Be the change you believe in want to seeing.
Does browsing 4Chan count?

Ordered one of these bad boys. Got a German one rather than a British one because the British ones are awful and can’t actually close to carry ingredients and food to reheat (such as rice). It comes next week. What are some good recipes to make during an /out/ing? I’m thinking about making bacon fat chips. Also ordered an enamel cup for tea when I’m /out/ (I had a vacuum flask but it was of poor manufacture and broke).
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one messkit, that never gets mentioned during discussions of german messkits and its derivatives is the polish one. The difference here is, that you loose the insert in the middle and the pot is somewhat smaller (around 1.5l) but for that the pan has a much greater volume (over 0.75l).
File: 20230318_062400.jpg (1.08 MB, 1612x1209)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
Trangia 25-3 UL for 51€ shipped, should i go for it? Looks like a good deal.
my current setup is this >>2554721
Kek, that looks like a german messkit but with autism.
A trangia of that size is fairly large for only one persons cookings. It is way better than esbit for sure though. I have that same model, it is pretty nice. I can recommend it. I use it with my fiancee when we go out. But when I am alone, I use my gas cooker and a 1L primus pot.
The 25 is pretty big. I have a 27 and I love it. If you're just cooking for yourself it's perfect for actual cooking. Compared to your current set up you'll get a better pan option, but its still fairly small, and some extra pots/bowls. I like that the stove is self contained when packed except for the fuel bottle. I can fit an msr folding spatula, small square of sponge, a two tiny Nalgene bottles of soap and oil, little salt/pepper shaker in there too. The 27 won't take up much more space than what you currently use but the 25 is definitely too big for one person.

File: wanderer.jpg (81 KB, 900x1200)
81 KB
Would it be possible to wander around as a homeless person without having to resort to begging? How much would it cost to do this for a year or a few months?
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"They at least spent the past 50 odd years doing something..."

Like watching TV, building mcmansions in shitty subdivisions, mowing the lawn, drinking bud light, neglecting their families, consooming product, and then 50 years later complaining about the world they helped to create? Truly a great generation
boomers literally have no concept of savings lmao.
Jeez $600-800 a month? USD? What were you buying, because if that was all food then that's some expensive food lol.
you'd be surprised at how it adds up. that's only $20 a day plus you will inevitably have to or want to spend money on something else like replacing broken gear or eating out when in towns. i was cycling 60-80 miles a day so I had to consume a lot of calories, so that's probably why i spent so much in food.
Very feasible. Get gibs. Do budgeting. Find ways for more income. Handywork or odd jobs etc. Depends on your area and connections mostly. Get goyslop and eat McDonald's and tuna cans and there's sugar protein and a warm meal and a charge. Get power banks for your devices and use a socket anywhere you're chilling. Wash in gyms and just be friendly to people but wary of all
Keep paying taxes, oh, and BTW gramps im gonna enjoy pulling the plug and getting that inheritance

I was going to take an intro to mountaineering course in NH but then saw this picture. Is Mt Washington an easy hike in winter? If these people can do it, is it really a challenge? Should I just sign up for a course in the rockies instead?
>it's another east coastlet cope bait thread
>Is an intro course going to be accessible to people of a decent level of physical fitness?
Mericans- how can I take a course to learn to be fit enough to walk somewhere.
That morpheus looking thing on the left is literally wearing casual clothing to do a winter hike. What do you think, OP?

How long do you think you could last against the police? Let's go worse case scenario. You've killed someone. The police have 2 weeks of full tier funding to find you. You have all of your gear. Do you believe you could evade them? How would you do it?
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What is this aesthetic?
I won against police as a 15 year old once.

I ran away from home at 15, not because of a shitty home situation or anything, I just wanted adventure. I prepared for it well beforehand, saved up a lot of cash, bought a set of new clothes/gear which I hid from my parents, got an interail pass, etc...
I told some of my friends about my plan but gave them false information, like I was planning on heading to spain while I actually went to sweden/norway. On the day I left I grabbed a "decoy" backpack filled with a bunch of belongings that would be tied to me, went to the train station and planted it on a long distance train heading south (to spain). Then picked up my real backpack from it's hiding place, changed into the new clothes and shaved my head with an electric razor. Went back to train station and bought a ticket heading to germany. I wandered germany for a bit using public transport, slowly making my way towards denmark. I slept in bushed and under bridges, and during the third night I got woken up by german police. They obviously knew something was up with a teenager sleeping on the streets so they took me in. I still had my ID on me so they were able to identify me easily. Their mistake however was that they didn't lock me in a cell but just some regular roomwith most of my stuff. I waited for a bit and just snuck out the window. LOL
I ended up all the way to bergen in norway after traveling for about 3 weeks. I ran out of money so turned myself in and some person from "child focus" (organization that looks for missing children) came and flew back home with me.
My parents and everyone were pissed off obviously but also impressed with how well I planned it out. Besides the police in germany I was never bothered or recognized anywhere else. I mostly took public transport and some hitchiking.
>the cops take decades to find a (((CIA))) asset
really gets the ol' noggin joggin' don't it
Typical dickhead neighbour, I've had similar although I didn't have an entire squad looking for me.
Kind of based.

where any of you boy scouts as a youth?
I just got eagle a few year ago, and to be honest, I didn't really learn anything
the BSA also consists of 95% hicks and band kids now
I did did have fun making bug-spray flame-throwers and trying to make spears out of rebar with my friends though
was boy scouts always like this?
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fuck Mormon troops. Always was a pleasure to smash those fools at summer camp
My parents aren't religious at all and I was in scouts. It's pretty easy to just ignore that aspect of it.
Had similar here in the UK. Once I got to scouts my troop was full of chavs that just wanted to have a kick about all the time. Could get that for free at any local park so quit.
My parents put me into some stupid christian knock off group called Royal Rangers. Only thing about it I liked was the camping trips.
This, if I had a kid I'd never let them join scouts now. Its going to become young men fighting over some thot and just wait for the sexual harassment lawsuits to roll in. Equality my ass.

File: pcp.jpg (82 KB, 1280x720)
82 KB
Do you guys hunt with PCP airguns or take them with you when you go outside?
What airgun do you have or what it's your favorite?
I'm planning on buying one to hunt rabbits and some birds.
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I have one of these with a match barrel. It's really accurate, easy to use. But underpowered for anything besides close-ish range. So much drop on the pellet in .22
File: 1674929805495668.gif (1.43 MB, 255x255)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB GIF
In bigger calibers and heavy-weight pellets these can be strong enough to hunt men, anon.
In some rifles those mounts don't let you put the magazine, only pellet by pellet
PCPs have minimal recoil and can use whatever scope.
Airgunner here.
Some airguns are as deadly as regular firearms.
Most are gay bullshit, if they cant tell you the calibre of pellet, fps and propulsion its probably shit.

File: us06pol.png (387 KB, 1412x1061)
387 KB
387 KB PNG
Hey /out/, I am not from this board I usually frequent others so I apologize if I am breaking any of your unspoken rules. Anyways I was wondering if anyone knew of any remote areas to solo camp in the Ohio/PA border region, pic related. I lost the coords of my last favorite camping spot and am looking for a new one. If anyone has any suggestions I would much appreciate it.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I see, I was reading the site and it seemed you needed to make reservations or some shit and was really confused. Thanks anon!
for a state park you probably have to or if you're reserving a specific spot. If it's state forest "primitive camping" you just cant be near a stream. Not sure about national forest never been.
Many thanks friend. I know that cook forest is pretty nice. Do you have any other recommendations? Also don't care if it risks me ending up as an innawoods lol
>Places to camp
what a fucking retarded question
The PA state forests have a reservation system for certain camping spots where you can camp with your vehicle. There's no fee to reserve those spots or camp at them but you are supposed to reserve them. If you aren't at one of those spots, with a reservation, then you're required to be a certain distance from your vehicle (I think it's 200 yards but that might be wrong) where you set up camp. The reservable spots might have a fire ring and might have a picnic table but that's it.

Looking for tea recommendations for my next outting.
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i like mint, its easy to find, grows everywhere, makes boiled water taste less flat and smokey
willow is ok too. it tastes very similar to black tea, grows everywhere
rose hips deserve a mention
Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong or Lapsang souchong with fresh cream and a bit of honey.
lemon verbena tastes nice, im not sure if you can get it where you live tho
I live in an area where there's a lot of wild rosemary and thyme; I like throwing a pinch of herbs into black tea. Also nothing beats wild mint tea; for some reason mint always grows around cow pastures.

Any anons in the American west ever tried trapper's tea? I'm very curious about it.
File: 20230319_181814.jpg (2.57 MB, 4032x3024)
2.57 MB
2.57 MB JPG
May I recommend peppermint or nigger?

File: merinoSheep.jpg (278 KB, 1280x1133)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
I recommend for everyone to switch from cotton to wool underwear. You can wear the same shirt for a month and boxers for a week without them getting smelly or uncomfortable. Great for /out/ and /trv/ especially.
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it gets pulled into your boots
i like natural as my outer layer, and synthetic as my base
because the natural layer wicks the moisture into the dry air, and the synthetic is the barrier that keeps your skin dry
usually i wear light leather boots that breathe very well and wool blend insoles with synthetic socks
i havent wore lined boots in a while, but when i did i wore wool liners with synthetic socks
every night i pull my liners or insoles out and get my boots bone dry
even when im camping
wool underwear in standard t-shirt thickness only lasts for 30 to 60 days of wear before people can see your butthole through it.

$20 bucks per month. you'll be spending $240 per year on underwear.
wool is a miracle material and im a full convert
i hate wool, shit disintegrates in a month of use
nig, I've worn the same wool socks everyday for like 3 years. not all wool products are wool felt.

have to live on 10 acres in west tx for a while
no electric or other utilities
no buildings or infrastructure

how to make something to keep me safe from dangerous elements/predators?
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based tardo
shitty fema trailer from gov planet auction? I thought I read something about cancer stuff in the older ones.
Feral pigs will wreck you and your shit. Don't keep anything important on the ground. Get a high caliber rifle to deal them, and eat them.
plant a shitload of long leaf pine
you're welcome

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