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File: campinisfun.jpg (822 KB, 2000x1305)
822 KB
822 KB JPG
hey /out/, i want to go innawoods alone and stay out for a night, have a fire maybe.
what should i bring?
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>Tent way too close to the fire
>Big ass axe
>Big heavy cast iron
>Tent set up less than 200ft from a water source

Fucking larpers, enjoy your tent catching on fire or a flash flood sweeping you and all your gay shit into the ocean
He's probably a foreigner. They don't have the option to off themselves like a gentlemen and have to rely on natural disasters.
For just ONE night?
Check forecast, if no rain:
- tarp shelter is ok.
If there's rain or you have diseased insects/rats/mice,
- tent just as a deterrent (with a footprint/tarp)
- Sleeping pad (foam or inflatable, u choose) to put distance between the cold ground and you
- hammock if you're ok dangling as u sleep
- Some food (and snacks) and cookware for it. Eggs for breakfast are always good.
- A lighter for fire lighting reliability and a small knife to carve a fire drill for fun or xp (or a larp) (Schrodinger's /out/er : if it works it's experience, if it doesn't it was just for fun)
- Booze if you drink,
- Wood cutting tool (saw, axe, depends what's available near you: dead standing trees or random trees/branches on the forest floor)
- LED light and spare batteries
- season temp appropriate sleeping bag
A big enough backpack to carry it all in.

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Had the same thought anon

File: 1499468857341.jpg (140 KB, 1024x1019)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
There wasn't one for my stupid question so decided to kill one thread for the sake of many.

Anyways, I'm sick of lugging my 3 person chinese tent that weighs probably 6kg or so; especially since I had to fix a bunch of holes in it over the winter. I hate that thing. But I'm poor, and my country's economy is in the shit so nothing is affordable due to currency exchange.

Now that you've read my blog: I want to just use my tarp + mat + sleeping bag. But I don't know what to do with my rifle when I'm sleeping in my stupid burrito. Do I just leave it to the side? In the off chance that someone sneaks into my camp without me waking they can just grab it from there while I'm fucking struggling with squirming out of there.

I'm sure some of you burgers at least have thought about this.
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one of the best parts of being /out/ is firearm intimacy just embrace it anon
File: 1526133240779.jpg (88 KB, 564x850)
88 KB
No problem bro. Just out of curiosity, what kind of rifle do you have?
I've got a typhoon XII, and a hatsan sniper vortex .25 air rifle. İf I'm planning on a longer hike I just take the typhoon because together I have to stop every hour or so due to the insane weight with the rest of my shit. My side carry is a Walther ppk copy (vzor 70) that I usually don't take with me because it has a lot of sentimental value (was my dad's side during his 30 year service and has seen a lot of combat, but a couple years back it slamfired on me and I've been slightly hesitant about it both due to further damage and safety reasons).

And in case you're wondering I'm really happy with both roach rifles, the typhoon only had one case of failure to feed and failure to eject. The failure to feed happened with the cheapest shell I could find and only in the 10 round mag which had a 2 round limiter thingy on it for months before that test (because legally were only allowed one chambered round + 2 in the mag in my country), so I thought that was reasonable. The failure to eject might've been a result of me fixing the failure to feed that occured moments before. Other than that, really good for the price.

The air rifle is simply flawless btw. I can shoot fairly accurately up to 5-10cm CEP to 100 meters distance. I got a small boar that was ruining my family and neighbors fields back in our village in one shot at around 50-70m hitting just at the back of the ear. Painless and all, just dropped dead and convulsed.
hunters, trappers, and leather workers of /out/ i have a question (obviously):
i stretched my first beaver skin this year, but the end product came out wonky.
is it possible for me to soak the skin and try again or is it beyond help?

File: pikes-peak-1273566_1920.jpg (748 KB, 1920x1280)
748 KB
748 KB JPG
So my friends roommate is a forest ranger here in Northern Colorado and he claims there's a hidden hot springs in somewhere in the mountains in this area. He said something about it being a spot only very few people and rangers know about because they want to keep it hidden away from retards (I'm no retard I promise) Anyone got a scoop on where I might find this place?? I'm assuming it's somewhere outside the greater RMNP area...
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hahaha this is like british columbia
did you know about poopsnatch?
been there they call it Mommys Pussy

What all would it take for me to become partially self sufficient on a couple acres of land? I was thinking of doing the following:
>keeping a small flock of dairy + meat goats
>keeping chickens
>growing a variation of fruit, vegetables and legumes
>hunting and fishing
Just as a couple of examples. Have any of /out/ had any success with self-sufficient living? I don’t want to be totally dependent on Moshe all my life.
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what i don't get are the 'all or nothing' zealots out there. You don't need to go all swiss family robinson, unless you want to; or see it as an aspirational to work towards.

start small
get a few raised beds and learn to garden; develop your soil and expand each season
start with a few chickens (if you can?) and again, practice and expand as you go.
goats? sure.
cows? why not.

I think what gets people in trouble is seeing it as this monolithic endeavor where they MUST go from suburban comfy to 17th century peasant immediately. the goal should be to a) have a lifestyle you're actually at peace with and b) reduce your reliance on a system/society that is increasingly hostile to you and yours.

that said it's not that hard; and thanks to youtube and similar it's never been easier in all of human history to learn new things.;
We must have more knife threads in place of larp threads.
I live in Europe bro, my country wasn’t touched by BLM. I have a genuine interest in it and I figure the best way to learn is by taking small steps. I’m building some raised beds and learning how to grow food on a small scale, then I’ll build a chicken coop and keep some chickens and then get a little pair of goats. Just acquainting myself with these things and learning bit by bit, I am a young man and I’m not running into the woods with a pack on my back. I have my whole professional career ahead of me first. My dream would be to become skilled enough to become self sufficient when I’ve made enough money to do so.

I’m learning what I can step by step. My father is a great carpenter and he has taught me a fair bit about wood working and building.

Ok that ain’t me. I have a longevitive interest in this. I’m willing to put in some work. You can believe that or not, idc.

Thanks for your post, I will definitely do some research. Everything you’ve said makes great sense.

Based. How many years of saving did it take you? What age are you? I’m only 21.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
No one will help you on /out/ honestly your best bet is just starting from scratch and/or watch YouTube videos. The most important part is actually starting instead of just talking about how you want to.
t. LARPs about homesteading
>keeping a small flock of dairy + meat goats
>keeping chickens

these will make it very hard to become self sufficient, unless you're prepared to dedicate the majority of your acreage to animal feed.

File: populationdensityspain.jpg (654 KB, 2225x1349)
654 KB
654 KB JPG
>be Spain
>be the second most mountaineous country of Europe behind Switzerland
>huge vast unpopulated chunks of forests and ranges, because except Madrid and Zaragoza, the whole of the population lives at the coast
>camping outside of designated zones is forbidden
>wandering outside designated zones is forbidden
>doing anything unless the SEPRONA (land police) allows you to, is forbidden
>using a leaf to wipe your ass in the forest is probably also forbidden (since they cannot extract taxes from it)
>you cannot build a cabin, cannot camp, cannot wander around, cannot make a fire, cannot hunt, cannot shoot guns, cannot even defend yourself of attacks
>basically anything fun is forbidden
>tfw in the USA people just live wherever, and go wherever, and work wherever, and do not have to be asking for permission for everything
>(also health care in Spain sucks so do not start with "yeah but in the USA there are poor junkies that cannot afford surgeries")
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>People work 60 hour weeks for 900 euros
Do you at least get some good gibs out of the state? A lot of burgers work like that here also but even making that much disqualifies you from any state assistance.
>are you allowed to not have a house if you cannot even pay for one and live in your car?
Sort of, but you will get hassled by cops for parking overnight in most places, or robbed by niggers, and if you do it in the woods you can get nailed for squatting on government land.
> rents are like 600 for a small apartment
Thats pretty cheap compared to usa prices. Its at least double that in most cities, triple or quadruple in a really huge city.
Eh you can buy a house in the usa for $600 a month mortgage but millennials expect everything for free because they claim boomers were given mcmansions at birth
Yea you can do that if you have good credit in a rural area, after down-payment and closing costs around $8000. My mortgage payment is $700 for a 1950's 3 bedroom brick house on 3/4 acre in eastern oregon. The problem is most small towns don't have good entry level jobs. You can't just move to rural Iowa and buy a house working at some brick and mortar store like you could 40 years ago.
>People work 60 hour weeks for 900 euros
I wish.

t. Poortugal, 680€/month base salary.

>A lot of burgers work like that here
Americans work for 900 a month?
Eh home depot in Eastern Oregon starts at $15 an hour and will hire anyone even cripples in wheelchairs

File: adu5hc1qvix41.jpg (1.75 MB, 4032x3024)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB JPG
Is trail running the goat /out/ activity?
39 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.

sounds more suited for humans. *snigger*
probably not the goat /out/ activity but its definitely top tier, especially if you live near some decent trails

nothing quite like competing against your past self by pushing your body to run further each outing

protip: if shit starts to hurt (e.g in your knees) take some time off running to rest and re-evaluate your form/shoes, maybe see a doctor
just go bare foot coward
I swear every time i go into the local athletics store i see a different slightly overweight couple in their mid 40ies, fully decked out in Vaude clothes. Next to them a 8000€ E-MTB with full suspension and a store clerk in the process of convincing them that it's totally worth buying "just in case they want to ride on some harder terrain in the future".
They gotta make money somehow i guess.
No, mountain biking is. It’s expensive, fast, grueling, requires navigational skills and common sense. Plus I get to wear my faggy Lycra and my kids love it.

File: boreal.jpg (842 KB, 738x720)
842 KB
842 KB JPG
I'm going to be moving to a beautiful, secluded, quiet forested area soon. I want to become a sort of keeper of the forest/druid. How can I do that?
16 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Id recommend preparing goodberry even if you have a cleric because its an otherwise free source of healing/food for your party and its more efficient than anything else at that level. Absorb elements is also super useful since it can be used as a reaction and gives a 1d6 to your next attack to boot. Once you get up to having a 3rd level spell slot conjure animals is nice to spread the damage around and lasts for an hour so you can cast it before you get into trouble. If you RP well and your DM is cool you can do a lot with a druid.
It’s quite literally impossible to be a Druid, they left no records of their rituals, and their initiatory rites are gone. All we have are a few Roman accounts of only some of their practices.
File: 9igzw6v2xyc31.jpg (105 KB, 1394x747)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Embrace Moder for he is the one true keeper of the forest.
walk around and eat every liberty cap you find
Don't overdo the historical reconstruction of old druidic/celtic/norse/wiccan/pagan/whateverthefuck ways. No matter how seriously you try to take it you'll come off as a larper.

Just live in the spirit, not the letter of druidic practice. Live minimalistically, learn to forage and craft as much as you can from nature, but don't try to resurrect long dead rituals and symbolism. You'll find your own. Meditate in the forest, take some DMT and allow yourself to be inspired.

File: 20210308_201835.jpg (3.78 MB, 3024x2308)
3.78 MB
3.78 MB JPG
I will be (voluntarily) homeless within the next few days, as soon as I'm finished preparing. I picked this stuff up at Walmart today. My initial plan was to trek deep into the woods and hang myself, which should explain the strange and lackluster initial setup here. However, I've now come up with the fantastic idea of trying life out as a homeless person instead.

I know that killing myself would severely damage and possibly ruin the lives of three other people whom I love. It's hard for me to justify doing that. My hope is that they won't take my choice to live as a homeless man quite so badly, even if they find it worrying and confusing.

I envision myself as a Diogenes-type character, spending my days reading books, philosophizing, and writing down my own thoughts on things, for what they're worth. Ideally, I'd find some quiet wooded area on the outskirts of a small town to setup camp. It'll be rough living at first, no doubt, but I'm hoping I'll be able to gradually improve my setup over time, and eventually reach a point where I can live fairly comfortably, while also having the freedom to spend my time doing things that I enjoy. I'd like to avoid panhandling, but it may be necessary in the beginning. Eventually, I hope to find some more honest and dignified way of sustaining myself, perhaps something like a part-time farmer's helper.

I figure being a successful homeless person is a lot a about resource management and finding creative and intelligent solutions to problems, which I think are things that I enjoy and can excel at.

Apologies for the wall of text. Once I start writing, it's difficult for me to stop. To get to the point, I'm looking for any general advice, words of wisdom, or recommendations with regards to gear, supplies, or any other aspect of living as a homeless person. My current budget is about CAD $500 and I currently live in Southern Ontario.

Thank you for your time.
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fuck off with that bullshit advice. "find work doing this, find work doing that". It's not fucking easy, the chances of even being able to land an interview for any kind of work that is not a fucking call centre or temporary manual labour, especially involving the outdoors, are pretty much zero for someone with no qualifications.

I'm not saying OP should kill himself but I hate that kind of bullshit.
>suicide hotline
Not something I'd ever do, for various reasons. Besides, I don't think I'm suicidal anymore, at least for now. That last episode was about two weeks ago. Since then I've basically made up my mind to continue living.
I've never really felt like I'm depressed, personally. Like I'm not sad about anything at all. I'm sure I'd get diagnosed as depressed if I went to a psychiatrist though, probably a bunch of other shit too. I think "frustrated" would be a better term to describe my mental state. Perhaps secondary to frustration would be anger.
Thanks man, that's really nice of you to offer, but I wouldn't really know where to start. It's been so long since I've had anything resembling a friend and I'm terrible at conversation. I'm sure it would be just generally very awkward for both of us and you'd probably end up regretting ever talking to me. I wouldn't want to put you through that. Besides, I'm fine now.
Logging, mining, crab fishing, something like that might be good for me. Something dangerous and masculine and outdoors, away from all the cityfags.
I don't talk to people in real life and have no social life to speak of. Well, my sister calls me most days now, so there's that. I guess she's worried I'll try to kill myself or something. I love her but she's frankly pretty annoying and I wish she would call less. I'm generally pretty happy to live in solitude, at least with the Internet. But yeah, getting a job could really improve my mental health, I think.
Damn, is it really that hard? I kind of just assumed I'd be able to land one of those kinds of jobs fairly easily with no experience. I guess that's a stupid assumption now that I think about it.
>I'm generally pretty happy to live in solitude, at least with the Internet.

And yet you are talking about suicide.. You need to break free of those ruts and tracks left by your current behaviours and start making fresh ones. Having no social contact literally is a devolution and causes massive mental health problems for 99.99% of the human population.

Actually trying is the first step you dipshit. Fucking contact them or apply with them and find out what they want if they want anything at all. Go volunteering, Contact a training aid company and get Boating/Chainsaw/Machinary operator tickets. The requirements to be given two big bags and a ton of trees to go plant in the middle of bumfuck nowhere is much lower than you think or than it is made out.

But really for the love of god ignore these cunts telling you to not even try, The only stupid thing you've did was listen to him; Look how quickly you gave any kind of hope away to that fucking vampire. Now go start researching some work away/volunteering programs, and if you don't meet the requirements then start researching how you can develop yourself into someone that does.
I’ve got one of those. It’s my bait knife

I hate ultralighters, as they think any comfort has to be sacrificed for maximum lightness while i pack an axe that weighs as much as their entire gear.

But a lantern? I know electric lamps do it better and longer, but they do burn for ~23 hours and don't need electricity, also give warmth and just a nice, warm light.

Is it worth to sacrifice the weight for a lamp? I also have a backup flashlight of course, just wanna know your experience with those.
28 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
No sacrifice for cumfy.
File: 20210317_081710.jpg (1.78 MB, 4032x3024)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB JPG
If you're packing any kind of lantern instead of just a headlamp the weight question is pretty much out the window, you might as well bring the one that will make you comfiest.
my dietz no.8 will heat my smoky hut in the winter by itself and keep it at least in the 50F range when it's 10F outside, plus it runs for 30 hours on lowest and around 25 hours on highest so i have heat and light for up to 4 nights before needing to refill it

it doesn't put off much light, but it's enough to see maybe 15-20ft in front of you at night and more than enough to light up the tent
If I run one of these in my tent will I die?
depends how good the ventilation at sleeping level is in your tent and the fuel you burn in your lantern

in my polish lavvu and smoky hut there's a draft that carries the monoxide away without needing to chimney it, in a regular dome tent i doubt it's safe unless you leave the front door open or something

File: camino.jpg (311 KB, 1500x1000)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
Anyone in /out/ have experience walking the Way of St. James?
I'd like to start in France personally.
Also does anyone have advice on walking it alone?
123 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
Any solo qts?
You go hiking to try to meet skanks? Grow up loser
you know...galician is also good to learn, but stick with spanish yeah

Also a woman fucked up and got raped in the way, so be careful
its not dangerous by any means tho

t.Galician living near santiago
obviously someone that has never been. The Camino is at it's best when you're staying in donativos, avoiding commercialism and interacting with other people that want actual human connection.

The only concern I would have is that post covid it's going to be busier than usual.
santiago is by far the worst part of the trip, escaping the 100km before it and carrying on to fisterra is excellent.

Tell it to me straight. Are there... things... out in the places humans don’t inhabit?
167 replies and 30 images omitted. Click here to view.
Oh hey, I know you. What camera do you use to record your videos btw, I like the aesthetic.

yes, they're called animals

I think that commenter was trying to say what you said is grounded in reality and a unique and smart take on paranormal
Here in Denmark it's just a brand of condoms.
100 IQ isn't a great IQ score

It has been a dream of mine to go there for years now but I must admit that I have no clue how one goes about such a thing. Has anyone here been there? What are the prerequisites and requirements?
I've been getting more /fit/ lately solely due to that goal and am also a STEMfag because it seems that scientists get to go there semi-often. Tips?
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
If you are in STEM then yes, there are positions available at many of the US manned bases there. People get jobs through the US Antarctic Program, are you can be a contractor. I think Raytheon is the largest. They main bases are McMurdo, which is on the water. And Scott-Amundsen which is directly at the Pole, you can even overwinter there when they keep a skeleton crew to keep the base operational.
I applied for a job as a scientific diver a few years back. Never got it, I wanted to see what it would be like diving in water with nearly 250 feet of visibility.
Anyway, the disciplines they take are pretty wide ranging. However you might have more of a chance getting a job there as more of a worker, ie: welder, electrician, cook, plumber, and so on.
didn't he leave there not too long ago? I swear I saw a post about him heading home?
i wonder if antartica bong is this dude;


either way, this guys videos are well worth a look if you want an idea what it's like living and working down there.
Look here

File: !!!!!.jpg (144 KB, 640x640)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
What are some good natural roof materials?

Hey guys I plan to build a semi-permanent shelter on my land and am currently undecided what to make the roof out of. I was thinking about using tree bark or maybe making wooden roof tiles but I never tried that bfore. I don't think layered pine branches would work in the long term since the needles would fall off. One Idea is to cut boards and layer them from the bottom up so rain would drain down them but I am not sure how waterproof that is.

Of course I could just put a tarp under it and then put whatever looks good on top but I wanna try natural materials first.

Anything you guys have made good experiences with?

Pic related is roughly what I want my shelter to look like.
27 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
goddamn kid, eat a fucking snickers
sweet, but don't you guys have wind?
build a kiln and fire your own roof tiles from clay you collected on sight
No clay close enough to actually carry all that shit.

File: bear.jpg (23 KB, 343x236)
23 KB
im afraid of shitting outside and i always stay near toilets.
15 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
>pre-wipe your ass with moisturizing wipe
no, these things dont decompose. i know the marketing says theyre biodegradable but its a lie. youd be better served with using a handful of moss (its antimicrobial cause of the iodine content!)
I bet you have a hard time shitting even during regular travel and are also one of those weirdos who only shits in specific toilets
I had a roommate like this. He had only shit in 4-5 toilets in his life; one toilet at his parents house, one in his dorm, one in his frat, and one at work in the WTC. I always imagined him on the john when the planes hit
Who cares if they degrade its not like you want to keep them
id rather not have to hike over mounds of your poo stained butt whipes for the rest of eternity thanks
white people leave trash and fecal matter all over the place too. people act like 1st world countries are the epitome of cleanliness when you peel away the thin veneer you see its all a shithole here

File: tight_packing.jpg (114 KB, 700x606)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
262 replies and 111 images omitted. Click here to view.
Using the socks can stretch them out over time and also leaves them more open to the elements. Do it using the shirt folding method then stuff them in a stuff sack. I keep three pairs in a stuff sack.
Excuse me but could you make a torrent out of it? I think all of us would appreciate it. If you can I'll seed it 24/7.
I don't think that's the purpose of the infographic, but I think that it just advises you how to grow potatoes if you don't have much room to do so.
>wood mushroom, edible
>actually a picture of Amanita bisporigera
ah this is gorgeous, love the illustrations

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