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>A Melbourne man has been arrested over the disappearance of campers Russell Hill and Carol Clay in Victoria’s rugged high country 20 months ago.
>Investigators were told the couple were camping together at Wonnangatta River near the Wonnangatta camping ground.
>Campers found Hill’s fire-damaged car at their campsite, which was completely destroyed by fire, near Dry River Creek Track on 21 March.
>The pair have not been seen or heard from since.
Looks like they might actually find out what happened to these two. Also the guy they've arrested was caught re-painting his car.
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this, especially when you consider the shitty desert corrugated goat tracks these cunts drive them on.
at a minimum, the suspension's fucked and good luck finding one that's done less than 400,000k's.
I've been following this closely since it happened and I'm pretty sure they have the right guy, and that both missing lovebirds are dead and buried. None of the new articles mention the drone though.

>Happy new Grey Nomad couple elope
>Disappear to my private camp spot dot jpg he says
>Can't set up camp because it's not as secret as they think and someone else has already set up by the river
>Set up camp next to river friend
>River friend is unstable as shit and escaping from family and child related bullshit
>Camp out, say hello, peace and love
>Grey friend breaks out that drone they never found
>Unstable river cringes and stares into space
>Unstable river friend snaps

That's what they did.
File: 1612845898224.jpg (26 KB, 704x396)
26 KB
now you're just pretending to be retarded, cunt

File: ff1.jpg (66 KB, 680x510)
66 KB
I want to live an alternative lifestyle if possible and live in the wilderness and have a job that would make that possible, if you can what kind of job would you recommend?. I am currently in Europe (Hungary), I also have US citizenship. The only thing I like about the US is that it has huge wilderness in some pleaces. Does Europe have decent sized wilderness? If so would It be easier to live in the US wilderness instead, since I have citizenship? Even tho I live my country I want to escape this modern world. I do not want to wage slave my life away working a job that I hate so I can buy stuff that does not make me happier. I wan't to live a minimalist self sustaining lifestyle. I wan't to go deep in the wilderness as possible but occasionally return to civilization. Would you recommend the Alaska wilderness? It seems to be to most comfy location to me.
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I don't want you to come and build some shitty shack to jerk off in, on untouched wilderness. Fuck off with your fever dream.
This board would have less of these threads if you would direct these questions to Forest Anon. He's already been doing this for years and will give you better advice than we can.
Easy. Be a nomad, follow the seasons and game animals, much more sensible.
If you don't already have a career you could look at a seasonal job in Alaska. There is a lot of tourist type stuff and many workers are from out of state or even on visas. Having citizenship would help a lot. It probably won't make you a lot of money, but you could get your foot in the door and look at how it would be to live in Alaska.
File: landsmap-large.png (673 KB, 1200x708)
673 KB
673 KB PNG
a job?

File: index.jpg (10 KB, 275x183)
10 KB
What's your best conservation idea anons? Mine is to reintroduce a larger amount of native predators. This will create a better balanced ecosystem with the added benefit of keeping normies off the decent trails.
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People will just start making bombs out of readily available chemicals
should there be more wild x domestic breeding projects?
also not quite related but I think it was waste that the southwest never made proper use of the camels they brought over
a marine predator hatchery, predatory fish like
, sharks, whales are under populated, bringing them back to their pre over fishing levels, would revitalize ecosystems, and prevent overpopulated prey fish from eating all the phyto plankton and kelp
negative growth... also nuke afrika.
Why did you mention knives twice?

24 hours later, why hasn't my transpiration bag produced any water?

There's water on the outside because it was raining, but none inside.

It's transparent, there was SOME sun, and I was basically testing out my gear. It's a HDPE clear bag, and huge.

Put it over a tree (Eucalyptus?) In a former commercial pine forest In a discreet location

Sealed it nice and tight, no holes, so the rain didn't even get in from the outside

Based in inland South East Australia
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Why is that a problem?
Needs a lot more sunlight to heat it up.
Also where does the water collect? The way I knew it was collect a bunch of fresh green matter, dig hole, put in hole, cover with plastic, little container in centre, water pools on roof, collects near the centre and drops into container.
Eucalyptus doesn't seems like the best feed source either, you want plants with higher water content.
Are you posting from a Woolworths bathroom?
This is a very valid question.
>There's water on the outside because it was raining
Not enough sun. Also was it on the forest floor? Definitely not enough sun then.

File: IMG_20211024_1311313.jpg (604 KB, 1339x893)
604 KB
604 KB JPG
You have 10 seconds to prove you go outside by posting a picture of your most recent /out/ing.

>inb4 b-b-but i don't have any pictures
fuck off and go LARP elsewhere, /in/cel
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That aminita looks great.
File: KIMG0025.jpg (2.06 MB, 4160x2340)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB JPG
File: 20211121_172522.jpg (1.19 MB, 2992x2992)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
I saw some deer. This was on a neighborhood trail along the Saluda River in South Carolina. I take the trail out until it ends, then follow a game trail a few miles southeast. This was Monday or Tuesday, honestly don't remember. First post here too, long time lurker.
god fucking damnit why is it rotated? :( I swear I'm not that retarded bros...

I slept outside last night in my 30*F comfort rated bag.
It got down to 31*F and I was toasty with the exception of my feet.
I changed into a fresh pair of smart wool socks before getting in my bag, but my feet were still cold enough to keep me up for a few hours.
Does anyone wear any of those down booties to sleep in?
What’s your experience with how much warmer they keep your feet?
Is the bottom constructed so that you can get up to go pee with them on, or do you need to wear something over them?
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I warm up a bag of flax over a fire before going to bed and leave it near my feet.
try non-elastic high loft thermal socks, like for people with the beetus
I have the feathered friends booties, Not cheap, but on two trips to the Arctic they were worth every penny. I wore them in the tent and short trips outside, they tended to be too hot to wear in the the sleeping bag. There's not a lot of structure to them so they'll shift around as you walk unless you pull the draw string tight. Over all a great cold weather investment.
Boiling water in a nalgene at your feet with the lid tightly secured or use hand warmers.
For being cold in your bag I’d say the issue mainly was your bag rating, since most bags are survivable at their rating not warm. But mainly I’d do what >>2253411 says. Keep your next day clothes or just some sweaters/blankets is a huge help to keep bag warm even when you leave it to piss

File: 1634607246310.gif (2.98 MB, 540x304)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB GIF
Let me explain.

I would love to go traveling, walking, sleeping outside, but I was wondering, what is the best material / fabric to take for my clothes?

I don't want the bottom or the mid game, I want the best quality.

The criteria are as follows; breathable, thermal, resistant.

For the moment my choice is on clothes in goretex, but should I take full goretex, a mixed with other fiber?

I would like to buy, sock, boxer shorts, shorts / pants, t shirt, jacket and hat / balaclava.
Knowing that I would only use everyday, practically only shorts and a t-shirt in addition to underwear. All this for a budget of 1500/2000 € maximum.

Ideas ?
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I saw merino stuff tear apart, you know nothing, don't post in my thread.


Thanks god, I will look through all this stuff, see the con and all, thanks a lot guys.
Normally I jump at the chance to lay out my clothing autism on an unsuspecting victim, but this guy is just such an obnoxious faggot I cannot bear the thought of helping him. I hope he spends his money on stupid shit, fails because he never understood why he needed it in the first place, then realizes he's been ripped off well and proper.
>assumes everyone has boots or lives in a place where boots are required
/out/ is so retarded
Antivax and "I'm going to live in the woods forever" type larpers are incredibly egocentric yeah
I don't even think they put any effort into these larps, like they'll have some stupid idea to live innawoods, make a thread, everyone calls them out on their bullshit and they probably end up forgetting about the thread
use your imagination retard. If you don't have boots then maybe you have some other footwear?

File: fak.jpg (216 KB, 1200x1500)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
/out/ approved phone? because pic related is letting me down...
moto x4 with lineageOS
I see the problem.
You got the one with the space station and giant saturn-like planet on it instead of something like a desert or the woods.
phone doesn't really matter just get a good case
Phone that was top of the line four or five years ago + otterbox
Almost any sat phone. I prefer the Iridium network.

File: FDCQa0SXIAQ7GCs.png (444 KB, 2048x2048)
444 KB
444 KB PNG
/out/, post your knowledge, links, infographics and stories related to recce, moving unnoticed, camouflage, stealthcamping, SERE, how to hide from thermals and dogs etc. Disappearing to the the woods type stuff.
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What is that thing attached to her Suomi KP31?
File: 1612959030586.png (324 KB, 520x563)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
What if I'm stuck with blue jeans and a blue flannel? Or just in general is blue manageable for camo?
Flamethrower. No, really. Flamethrower soldier casualties were high because they were easy to spot and without their own protection. This solved both problems.
fuck you faggot
this is 4chan
and thats MY DAUGHTER

File: 20211120_083408.jpg (3.6 MB, 4000x3000)
3.6 MB
3.6 MB JPG
Did anyone go /out/ this weekend?

I went up near Tobermory in Ontario. Hiked 8km to a camp off the Georgian Bay. Was cold and windy but I was the only one there.
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Went searching for roe antlers.
Forgot my camping mug, so had to drink tea from a frying pan. Still nice.

No pics since I don't carry satanic tech when going /out/

Didn't find any antlers btw

This is "backcountry" Bruce Peninsula. It's an 8km hike from parking to these sites. It's a backpacking spot, but I'd say fairly entry level.
Beautiful view and a nice lookin fella.
no its not its city campground nelson bc. Ive stayed there. its 5 minute walk to 7-11. stop larping

It is where I said it is.


File: unnamed.jpg (27 KB, 512x296)
27 KB
Bros I need tips for cold camping. I've only done warm shit before. It's going to b 19F at the coldest and around 50F in the day. My bag is graded 16F and I have an air pad. Also going to bring 2 pairs of wool socks, long johns, beanie, thermal shirt, and light jacket. Should I be comfortable with this? I just don't want to be the middle of night and realize I am underprepared.
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Just stop being a pussy, open your windows all the day, go out in tee shirt / short, take cold shower. Seriously you all make me laugh.
You could buy a ton of hand warmers. One of the bigger ones in your chest pocket will probably be enough for most people. I have shit circulation and put some in my socks too. With the items you mentioned, and maybe one additional layer or two (definitely under you, don't underestimate how much warmth is leeched through the ground) you should be gucci.
Bring more socks and change into fresh ones before bed. Don't go to bed in anything overly damp with sweat. Bring a mid layer for between thermal and jacket. Gloves too and a neckwarmer that can help cover your face and ears. For future I would consider a sleeping bag rated a little lower
If you're car camping (which you probably should be your first time winter camping, so you can warm up if you have to), and if you're planning to do this more than once, a tent heater isn't a bad investment.

If you're just trying it out, get a few of those cheap 82% wool moving blankets from Harbor Freight, they're like nine bucks each. Or spend slightly more for "army-style" blankets online. You can use them on top of your sleeping pad for extra padding and insulation. You can also wrap yourself in them inside of your sleeping bag.
Inuit hands typed this post

File: 1637634023982.png (968 KB, 1416x1050)
968 KB
968 KB PNG
How feasible is it to backpack with only a belt and a vest to hold your gear in fall weather? I'm not concerned about weight but volume, since I don't want it to get caught on undergrowth and having everything strapped around me would make it easier to carry regardless of weight. Also the massive limit on volume is a sort of a weight limit. I'm thinking 2 aluminum gi canteens, or maybe one with a hydration pouch, a knife, a tarp pouch, and a camp blanket pouch would go on the belt. Food, fire kit, and water purification tablets could go in the vest. The problem I foresee with this is layers taking up a bunch of volume in the fall. Maybe I should strap everything heavy to the belt, put everything small and light in the vest, and put everything high in volume in a bed roll I sling around my shoulder. Have any anons done anything like this before?
Well you larpers never go outside anyways so buy as much or as little gear as you want, it won't make a difference
You dont need all that shit bro, you just need to pick a good campsite. Taking more gear improves your versatility, but you dont even really need a bedroll and blanket or multiple canteens.
>camp knife
>fire starting kit
>weather appropriate clothes
>sturdy cloak
Put the food in your cloak, wrap it up, pin it to form a loop and carry it over your shoulder like a bag. Canteen, knife, and fire starting kit goes on belt. Then just pick a good camp location where you can get fresh water nearby and have a naturally sheltered spot.
Jesus fucking christ just get a small 20-30L MOLLE backpack and you're good. I've gone through some fucked up undergrowth and tight places (under fallen trees and shit) with my 20L and havent snagged anything once
Wear an ALICE belt+rig or other kind of load bearing belt along with your backpack

File: 4756391726388643336_1.png (34 KB, 480x360)
34 KB
How many of you have ever had a legitimate encounter with a dangerous animal while out in the wild.
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>phone posting
If a pack of boars attack me and I have a baseball bat, would I be able to do great self-defence by smashing their faces?
no, their skulls are VERY hard
Ah okay, didn't know coyotes came in packs.
File: wolfmap_tx700.jpg (51 KB, 644x534)
51 KB
I dunno mate, I was smack in the middle of the pink area.

What's the best camping hatchet (one that will last me for at least 5 years) I can buy? What materials should I look for in terms of steel? And are wood handles better than fiberglass ones?
36 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
At work we use the same model, it's absolute horseshit. Garbage handle, blade goes dull fast and it's ugly as sin, 0/10
use a Kultursichel instead, pic rel
Use the exact same thing for gardening, clearing vines and thick bushwork at home, go for it.
Gransford Bruks small forest axe. I like mine.
>Gransford Bruks
I must consooooom
>It comes dull as fuck
That used to be the standard way axes came. The user was expected to put their own edge on it. If you think "It comes dull" is a criticism, you're not the kind of buyer the tool is for.
>just use a stick
You have never digged a proper cathole in your life.

Why do euros make no effort to rewild their lands? I think french people should have to deal with this.
77 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Didn't thought about the bushesh. Gotta look what are the best for the local wildlife. Thanks!
It's dangerous enough as it is with a ruling class that wants to kill you. I can't be bothered walking outside and being jumped by Cheeta's.
Look up chimp teeth. Their canines are no smaller than those of a wolf. May even be bigger.

>you can choke out someone who is twice your weight... submission holds don't discriminate.
Not sure I could pull off a strangle against a huge dog, and my submission game is good enough to catch international top level Judo players.
So many people on here are idiots. Wolves are just meaner big dogs. They have teeth and if you wrestling it you could get kicked hard with its toe nails thats it. Manage to get your fist down its throut you can man handle it although I bet the ferocity of one is pretty nuts. No hands to block as you gouge its eyes out. No leg dexterity to stop you from kicking it im the balls.
A chimp on the other hand holy shit they bob and weave. Are super fast and strong they go for you genitals, ears, nose. They can block, wrestle, and bite even in a pinch. A much better set of teeth then a human for biting too. Bitings a last restort for us they use it much more often.
Humans are capable of being as strong as them by what I understand, but our minds limit our strength to prevent injuring ourselves or just limit it from self doubt. Thats why women and small men can suddenly lift up a car out of nowhere to save a family member. One instance I saw a 155lb man dead lifted at least 1000lbs. So we are Monkay deep inside if we could activate it you probably could fight both of these creatures off, but need to go to the ER afterwards. Likelyhood of activating monkay is obviously slim. Im guessing a 6-4 250 lb linebacker might have a better chance then 5-8 190 lb Amerifat me.
Bong here, we are making massive gains in rewilding. I know people who are heavily involved in rewilding.
We have beavers, lynx, wild cats, bison, red squirrels, pine martens and white tailed sea eagles. We also have massive swathes of countryside being given back over to rewinding and allowing more smaller species to flourish. Reintroduction of wolves would be retarded as farmers and land owners would most likely shoot them.

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