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File: foundfocheep.jpg (78 KB, 1291x731)
78 KB
I got this tent for $70 on clearence at walmart today
Is it okay?
It was regular like $180 so I feel like it's a deal
I've never been camping
It blocks out the sun which would be good for the upcoming hot days if I wanna go and stuff
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It will be one of the most amazing tents you've ever used...
...all three times you use it before it falls apart.
Not a bad return on investment. He could have bought 3 normie tier 30 dollar bottles of liquor and gotten drunk 3 times had "fun" have spent more money have less memories and be worse off. Go op.
>Buy cheap shit that doesn't last and party it up
...this is why we can't have nice things.
I disagree with this, these Coleman tents are usually built strong and meant to have stupid kids thrashing around in them, which is why they weight a ton. Waterproofing is typically where they fall short.

Give one kid a cheap Coleman and another kid an extra premium ultralight and see which one lasts longer.
I agree. I have the 4 person version and I love the thing. Fiberglass poles and a bit clunky compared to my backpacking tents, but all in all a great tent for glamping when the opportunity arises.

Enough room for a queen mattress (but not much else) in the 4 person tent. I used a double inflatable mattress when I hauled it out to an island on my kayak... Totally worth it for the luxury

The screen patio is amazing too. You can barely fit a couple of small chairs in, but I imagine it's roomier in the 6 person.

I'm jealous of your deal: I got mine for 120 and I don't regret it. I can't say I've used it a ton but it's a luxury item I have around for the rare glamping trip with family.

File: IMG_20230316_165552.jpg (199 KB, 594x700)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
Forget the limitations of a XX -Liter bag, framed or no frame, and then putting your sleeping-bag (in a bag) inside another bag, sleeping pad in a bag in bag, tent or tarp in a bag in yet another bag. Bags bags bags

I just want to use my paracord bros
Oh yeah, is there Anything like this just super fucking simple and minimalist and ultralight and *buzzword* And not over $200???
Pic related can be had for less than $20. It's plastic, I don't know if it's as light as carbon fiber but it's light. The shoulder straps and waist belt designed to go with it are neither light nor comfortable, but you could diy something to your own spec.
>Jansport frame with hip wings from thrift store
>lash a milsurp duffel onto it

File: strontium-cylinders.jpg (71 KB, 632x479)
71 KB
>*keeps you warm on a cold winter's night*
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Build a man a fire, and you keep him warm for a night.
Give a man the core from a radioisotope thermoelectric generator, and you keep him warm the rest of his life
That would be me.
File: 1678909462630111.jpg (315 KB, 761x626)
315 KB
315 KB JPG
>Don't forget to Like, Comment & Subscribe! By the way if you want to get in early on my promotional merch and collab with Steve Wallis then donate to my Patreon and get free bumberstickers, beer coozies and custom made hiking kazoos
same except we had to put our dicks in other guys butts and form a human centipede for warmth
Okay Kyle.

File: IMG_20230223_161407.jpg (3.12 MB, 4000x2992)
3.12 MB
3.12 MB JPG
What do you guys think about my budget kit
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Are you the guy from the Molle thread? I like the bag, it was a huge upgrade for me. You can really pack it full of gear and it stretches and balloons to fit. 5 nights of gear and supplies is probably the limit of the 48L (unless you have a good source of water), anything longer and I would 100% get the 58L, just for more food/water space. So it depends on how long you would ever expect to live out of it. Good news is that I think it's being discontinued so Osprey has them on clearance on their website.
Yee same dude (male). Reviews of gear online is retarded and I refuse to watch the click bait faggots on YouTube so I like asking in /out/ threads because surprisingly enough most/some people here actually go outside.
I'll probably end up getting the 58 l one just because I'm almost always carrying my fly rods in their long tube on the side plus the gear for it and the extra dog food and stuff I have to carry for my dogs. Thanks anon that's super helpful. I think some are on clearance cause the newer versions just came out.
Man if you could of seen the quality of out threads 8 years ago.. they'd link all good shit/YouTube channels. Minimal shit posting. besides the funny shit.. like the guy who spreged out over someone posting a skin of an orange in some bushes and had a full blown melt down. There was threads just for finding clearanced /out/ items like mess kits/firestarters/ God damn the knife threads were kinda cancer glad to see that shit didn't really continue...

I think reddit pulled a lot of /out/ist from here-- the cancer of reddit made people just quit posting to the internet..

All reddits outdoor pages are gatekept to hell by faggots that ban you off of them for disagreeing.
You can tell that there's some reddit immigrants here by the way they try to gatekeep in every other thread and act like they have the authority to exclude people from the outdoors. Sometimes it's funny, but mostly it's just sad.
>I'll probably end up getting the 58 l one just because I'm almost always carrying my fly rods in their long tube on the side plus the gear for it and the extra dog food and stuff I have to carry for my dogs
Its a good choice, I think you will be really happy with it.

Is Benchmade worth the price? Something being reddit-tier expensive is one thing but this is very, VERY expensive
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That little smiths sharpener was one of the best purchases i have ever made.

those who know carry spyderco.
>those who know carry spyderco.
And those who have grown up, carry Case
OP I got one and it's great, but I also got it 60% off and it still felt expensive imo. I have a partially serrated bug out one I use for everything. No complaints. It is a bit small in my giant hands though
Lol based case boomer

Growing up in the seedier parts New York the closest I got to playing in the woods was playing in the park rather than a seemingly fathomless heavily wooded area, and now that I've grown up I don't have any desire to do so.

So to anyone who enjoyed exploring the woods as a kid, why? And also what was the best thing or THINGS you did there?
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Keeping the thread alive

every weekend after work I set myself the objective to go out, I already decided the place and packed my ruck, but I can never get myself to go, every mountain place is 100km away from my house, which isnt really an excuse it only takes an hour of car but idk why I never go.
sounds like you don't really need it then? just stay inside pantyboy

File: file.png (4.16 MB, 1920x1080)
4.16 MB
4.16 MB PNG
Alone is easily the most /out/ TV show to ever be created, where contestants have to live in the wilderness alone with a limited set of gear.

Any other Alone fans here? What do you think of the show?

Any contestant's strategy you really like or thought was stupid?

How do you think you would fare?
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Yeah, that guy was a grade A nutjob.
Just wqtched it. This shit is so rigged. It even had a whole narrative about it. Consider the cameramen
Still, pretty fun watch
>guy makes a ghillie suit for secret squirrel mission
>cameraman most likely wearing a neon rain jacket and galoshes follows him around, squeaking with every step
It's hilarious.
i just watched that episode kek

like the camera man is obviously right fucking there you idiots.

File: R.jpg (67 KB, 852x480)
67 KB
how do i find water to drink?
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Catch a slow moving critter, like a possum or porcupine. Dehydrate it for a day or two. Let it go and follow at a distance. It will lead you to water.
You can do whatever you like, I'm not your mother. But if you are concerned about reducing your exposure to things which can hurt you, and you don't have access to a well that goes 100+ feet deep, your options are limited for fresh water.
File: PXL_20221017_002242210.jpg (222 KB, 948x711)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
yummmm desert water
I have much to learn, I didn't know you could drink water like that lol. Does it taste bad? I guess when you are thirsty you'd enjoy it
You know water falls from the fucking sky right?

File: images (17).jpg (31 KB, 500x500)
31 KB
We seem to have some debate over med kits so let us discuss them. I carry;

>Israeli trauma bandage
>Snake bite bandage
>5x band aid
>5x alcohol wipes

I don't see a reason to carry more. What do you carry?
188 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
No grizzly. Black bear are pussies. There’s some pigmy rattlers in the hot spots. Warm and damp you’ll find some black widows. Mountain lion like all cats are ninja af, but if you can get a blow to their nose they’ll run away. Not many niggers. Spics know their place. Everyone outside of Denver and Boulder is packing. It’s a stand your ground and castle law state, so watch yourself with the crazy bitches.
nah its a 100 piece first aid bag, cost like $30 iirc.
Post link
It's always good practice when you come across unprepared hikers who
need aid

depends on what you're doing and how long. obviously if you're doing something like chopping firewood there is greater risk than during a short 20 mile hike.

day hike
a couple each small medium and large band aids
blister kit with tape and moleskin
super glue
snivel kit, allergy meds, diarrhea meds, laxatives, pain killers acetaminophen, NSAIDs, i had some opioids but im out now
bunch of alcohol wipes

real /out/
larger quantities of everything above add
1x quick clot 1x trauma dressing

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 611xJjPRw6L._AC_SL1200_.jpg (64 KB, 1093x997)
64 KB
Looking for ultralight flashlight for house call work. something that can fit in my pocket and not break the bank. I was on Techtoolsupply and most of the flashlight just seem a bit much..
15 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: fenix.jpg (111 KB, 1280x720)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
>only 100 lumens

Weak. I carry the Fenix LR35R for my EDC. 10,000 lumens, which is pretty low, but you gotta make sacrifices for what you can put in your pocket. It's just enough to cook an egg, start a fire, show your local mugger the light of God, and give a small group of children epilepsy.
out of interest, why not a head torch?

Those 3 brands make good pocket lights like the one in the picture. Some take AA and some AAA.
File: 549_L_front45_1.jpg (258 KB, 2000x2000)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
i've been looking for one that fits the large leatherman sheath.
the i-nova is the exact size


Pretty interesting in that they want fewer state officials involved in the matter and might let people take simple matters into their own hands.
122 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
>my homosexual boot licker buddy
You don't understand, anon. His friend's dad works for Nintendo.
helo zizster! don't forget to dilate! we'll show these chuds!
consider it...UNDER SEIGE!!!!
Under lockdown?!

File: 5ed918459573f.jpg (118 KB, 680x382)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
At least 1 person has gone missing in this triangle everyday since 1988. Over 16,000 have vanished here since 1988.

Eurofags does this make you jealous, knowing you don't have land like this?
29 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Sasquach semen
but I can go there too... it's not closed off...
fucked around got a triple double
How do we get more city slickers to go up there and get et by bears?

File: molle.jpg (718 KB, 2048x2048)
718 KB
718 KB JPG
Its kind of a shame that MOLLE webbing is so associated with tacticringe dweebs that you can't seriously use it when /out/. I recently bought a 48L Osprey Kestral to replace my beat up cheap tacticool bag, and my god do I miss having that webbing everywhere, just being able to strap anything I want anywhere I want with some simple hooks is so fucking convenient. Every bag should be wrapped in webbing.
52 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
>anon how do you like the new bag?
I like it alot, the only thing I dont care for is all the curved zippers(mainly the tentpole pocket and the bottom sleeping bag area) are tough to open/close when its stuffed with gear, but that is remedied by loading those pockets first.
good to know. I am debating getting an external frame Kelty bag, but I really don't go much more than 2-4 days max so that seems overkill. The Kestrel seems like a better fit since outside of normal gear, I also take my fly fishing gear and food for my dog. Does it have many organization pockets or not really? I like having one that has a few pouches/clips/etc so I can throw in keys and stuff but if not no big deal
>Does it have many organization pockets or not really?
Here is a list of all the pockets
>Main storage area
>Sleeping bag area underneath main storage
>Side tent pole pocket, or really anything that size
>Open pocket on the outside front
>Two water bottle pockets on the side
>Mesh pocket underneath the "lid", has a clip sewn in there for attaching a key chain
>Another pocket on the back of the lid that I didnt know was there for quite some time
>Two pockets on the waist strap
>Pocket on the very, VERY bottom of the bag that holds the rain cover
There are plenty of places to secure items inside the bag. I wish it had some more loops on the outside (which was actually why I made this thread), but I can fit 3-4 nights of gear and supplies snugly with the bag.
Great thanks snon this helps a ton. Just have to decide on the size now. What color you get?
Well, in Finland we used our MOLLE just like how the other anon had described. We could nigger rig chest rigs out of a couple magazine pouches, utility pouch and a thigh mount for reconnaissance patrols, we would attach entrenching tool pouches on the sides of our backpacks if we couldn't have them on our vests etc etc. We could rearrange the pouches to fit either righties or lefties on their personal combat equipment. Really, MOLLE is great, when you need to equip a large group of combatants with different roles because you do not need to customize anything, helps with the budget issues when you can just buy everything in bulk and have the troops use what they need, instead of ordering set amounts of readily made vests from the manufacturers.
For civilians MOLLE isn't that important, because you can customize your equipment in other ways, but it is still nice to have, especially when you can get MOLLE compatible stuff for consumers too. Let it be military surplus or newly made gear.
I lash my break jacket on to the side of my backpack on the webbing when I am out, but that's about it. Also, sometimes I do have an amateur radio in its pouch on the outside of the backpack. During the dark season (from early autumn to late spring) I attach safety reflectors on my backpack so that I won't get ran over by a car.

No shills, no bait, no memes. Post /out/ gear that is actually, objectively not shit, that will last a long time, that is reliable and is worth the money.
>I'll start. German milsurp tri-folding shovel. Don't get Chinese knockoff or you will be sorry.
108 replies and 23 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's designed for masonry, but i also did my booties with it and can confirm they are now turbo water proofed. Just sank them into 15cm mud a few times a couple of days ago while out walking in the woods. Socks? Dry.
British army one, think it's CS95 mark 1
sure but you wouldn't want a cotton garment that thick, or for the same purpose.
nothing like a cotton flannel on a summer hike.
wear cotton flannel during a hike in the summer
you hike, get HOT, sweat, cotton cools your body down and you feel refreshed. remaining body heat removes the sweat(leaving the salt/body odor) and now you stay warm during the night.

versus using it during the winter, you sweat, your body cools down, you get colder, you shiver, you swap out the sweaty flannel for dry flannel, take a hour to get warm again. but yeah, during the summer and warmer months, cotton is KING.
File: Untitled.png (726 KB, 565x899)
726 KB
726 KB PNG
If anyone is looking for hiking pole, Atlas has a sale on 2021 Two-Piece poles, down to $14 new.

I already have a pair from Ebay, they're good sturdy poles. Heavy compared to most, but real rigid. For sure worth $14 if you need a pair.


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