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File: loop-1800x900.jpg (524 KB, 1800x900)
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Me and some friends have been interested with urban exploring for a while and have been wanting to do some on our own. Do you guys know any spots in the Chicagoland area that are worth checking out? what kind of gear should we bring?
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File: lightfoot.gif (2.97 MB, 512x280)
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2.97 MB GIF
What areas near LSD? All I know of is the abandoned drydock.
I do a lot of urb-ex actually. It’s called walking around a city.
Why are buildings under construction very risky?
Urban explo is cool, Chicago is not great for it in the last few years a lot of shit is being torn down.
Anyways here's a shortlist of places, approach at your own risk.
41.80639, -87.64722
St. stephen- 5640 S. Blackstone Ave.
St. Boniface- N Noblest & W Chestnut St.
Edgewater Medical Center (Half Demolished)- 1621-1623 W. Edgewater Ave
Wyman-Gordon Power Plant Dixmoor, IL 60426 ( Quite like this one)

Attucks Elem. School- 5055(?) S. State St. Chicago
Acme Coke Plant- 11301 St, Torrence ave,Chicago, il
Oh and as for gear it's fairly simple stuff, some kind of flashlight, sturdy hard-soled shoes (shoes are better than boots cause you may need to climb some), protective gloves such as work gloves, face coverings (if you're afraid of dust and shit), and a nice first aid kit in case of booboos, hopefully, you got your tetanus shots, also water and snacks.

I know you can make most stuff work but if given an unlimited budget and forced to choose one, what would y'all go with?
If you cant decide on one, pick one for each slot, footwear, bottoms, layers, shells, packs, etc
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some of the best gear i have is knock-off shit from third world mountain towns
Larp fag
And those are some good ass clothes, mind you. I love my patagucci combat shirts
First lite for merino wool
Sitka Gear for synthetics
Carhartt or Riggs for summer wear
at least I, a baby will mature into a reasonable adult in 20 years
in 20 years you will still be retarded or dead :)

File: monke flange king.jpg (464 KB, 1600x1067)
464 KB
464 KB JPG
What is your favourite tarp shelter?
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This one gots the Downs lol
>The non-dominant males look like the females and are very rapey
just like with humans
File: huge fan of dick.jpg (255 KB, 1183x887)
255 KB
255 KB JPG

How do we put it back?
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They were burned or they let beavers do it. Oak will close its canopy in 50+ years. Chestnut trees reach most of its height well before that. Etc etc. It doesnt take long. Plus you can get more biodiversity by making clearings than you would in an "untouched" old growth forest.
that's like saying "what's with these fags who like guns being so against gun bans?" if you enjoy nature and outdoor activities, why would you not want to preserve/restore nature?
The whole le Virgin Forest is just a meme. Replanted Forest are just as good as "Virgin Forest" once you give them time. There's a forest outside my city planted by the girl scouts in the 1960s and its my favorite local spot. Before that it was a factory ground.
>once you give them time.
Maybe, if you give them a few 100 years. But we don't, so they aren't and even then you forget that some species of animals have gone and some won't be able to rebound.
Maybe the way it was before the faggot natives messed it up. White man isn't the only one that can do things wrong, granted he has fucked things up on a massive scale but he is not the only one.

And as far as the "biodiversity" is concerned I am more interested in large healthy forests than jungles or savana type environments. I want biodiversity are far as it pertains to the, yes, ancient forests of the north. Not biodiversity for the sake of itself.

Hello new fella here what's y'all's opinion on the Ozarks?
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figured out replies

appalachia just has bigger hills and ain't as tapped into, the ozarks has got hills but not as big and the forests have been cut down a lot
i can hear your accent from your typing alone

u ever been to west virginia?
i've only ever lived in missouri, visited alabama once.

another part of why appalachia seems so inviting to me is the culture there that the ozarks used to have
WV has some mighty fine high hills. Very scenic, worth driving to if you get the chance.

Maybe about an 11 hour drive from Missouri. Could do if you stayed overnight somewhere along the way in both directions.
Netflix and time share assholes ruined the lake. Hill country is the shit tho.

File: 1571189618150.jpg (1.33 MB, 1600x2464)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
Any neofolk people here doing hikes and stuff?
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We don't.
File: st boniface.png (1.02 MB, 1200x450)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
ok larper
Flawed christcuck sources.
File: 1599253032216.jpg (219 KB, 820x1024)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
So, white hoteps.
Jesus they've dragged us down.
wtf is neo folk and why is gay?

Ok so this is technically /in/ in my case at least but idk what other board I would ask on and in any case I am highly suspicious of anyone but outdoorsmen having any idea how fires work. Does that sound pretentious to you?

Anyway, Im in an apartment and as the winter approaches I am seeking to start having a fire going on as much of the time as possible. At some point during my NEETdom I became cold blooded and now I crave any and all sources of warmth from the summer sun to a hot bath to thick layers of insulation to the king, an external heat source such as a fire or space heater.

However, no one I talk to has any idea how fires work anymore, specifically how to avoid killing myself with carbon monoxide. There are some guides on how to make fires last a long time so I think I can figure that much out although help would be welcome.

I want to be able to sleep and roast my feet and joints near the fireplace especially as winter comes. I assume I will be out in the cold hiking a lot of the days, however, even without that I believe a good external heat source to be crucial to good health and am sadly mystified as to how this tradition has been lost. No, don't tell me to ask /sci/entists or /his/torians... Most of them have probably never felt the warmth of a fire in their life, outside of a camping trip.

I keep the heat on 90 all year long.. It's still cold and dark inside. I imagine if I end up using my fire all the heat will rapidly evaporate up the chimney along with the smoke.

Another point I would like to make. The woods smell toxic and putrid unless there is a fire somewhere. The smell of woodsmoke is intoxicating and healthy, don't listen to scientists and studies.
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>The smell of woodsmoke is intoxicating and healthy, don't listen to scientists and studies
You have to go back
buy a traditonal sauna for a few grand (do not buy infrared they do not get that warm). I have one in my house and use it nightly at 190 degrees. Wait for black Friday sales and they will he cheaper. You may need to install special wiring, probably not possible in an apartment.

You sound like something is wrong w u. See a dr.
File: JPEG_20200418_204714.jpg (390 KB, 1080x1920)
390 KB
390 KB JPG
Where the fire bros at
>The woods smell toxic and putrid unless there is a fire somewhere.
No way! There’s nothing quite like the dusty smell of an arid pine forest on a warm spring day, or the crisp air surrounding a snow capped mountain. People literally take trips just to breathe fresh mountain air.
Nah if youre ever out hiking and smell woodsmoke its the sweetest smell imaginable

I don’t know which one to get
To go off roading
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Honda and its not even close imo
Hondas power steering is better
And shifting the bike is never gonna be a problem to get stuck in water
>iphone poster
>posting on wrong board
Not shitposting intentionally but what are the pros of a quad vs 2 wheels? They always feel like wheelchairs vs walking to me.
Hondas lovable

But can am is fun

I like the light weight and waterproofing of dyneema packs but dont feel like paying $300 for something that will get torn up in the woods eventually anyhow. Has anyone ever thought about buying an old external pack frame then mounting a large dyneema stuff sack to it?
Probably would work, but Cuban fiber even just by itself is still really expensive, a 44l stuff sack from HMG costs 75$. Having it on an external frame pack would likely nullify all the weight reduction of the dymeema.
I remember seeing a dude on here with a dry bag lashed to his pack frame. It seemed decent enough, for less than $50.
FYI, that cuban fiber textile is just low quality sailcloth. You an get scraps for next to nothing or buy a roll.
Taking a look at it an old REI frame can be found pretty often for $20 and 40L dyneema sack can be got for about $80 so thats $100 for roughly a 3 Lb waterproof pack that should be pretty easy to repair on the trail.

File: happy wojak.png (14 KB, 250x235)
14 KB
Is Idaho like a scaled-down Alaska?
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>and the people are unfriendly.
The people I've met up there were very friendly and helpful. I mean Canadian level of friendliness. That being said, I'm a presentable person with good social skills.
It's west coast Missouri.
People also tend to be friendly to people they think might murder them if they aren't. Chances are you're the latter.
This. Do not move to Alaska
My kind of place-can you get a good latte?

File: BkmpH9v.jpg (193 KB, 1280x720)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
Any cavers /out/ here? I'm too claustrophobic for that but I still find it fascinating.
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Can you fucking stop you pathetic stained bellend?
>haha trolling the queerfags on le ebin 4channel, muh controlled opposition
Fuck off, no one cares, I'm seethin at this point. Go back to making tick threads.
because they benefit from doing so and don't want to fall in the social hierarchy so we can have a chance

a common enemy elevates their position in the social hierarchy because they can relate to others about disliking us
Because they are subhumans.
Not anymore, but used to a bit. A few notable things I picked up.

- You will be covered in mud and dirt, so dont even bother trying to avoid it. Wear the cheapest, shittiest clothes you have because guarantee if they aren't ripped up at least a bit before you are done they will be so coated in mud you wont be able to wear them anywhere else.
- Everyone talks about how the claustrophobia would be the big thing stopping them, but honestly I was way more unnerved by the cave crickets, which are EVERYWHERE. Seriously, dont underestimate the number of bugs on the walls, because pretty much every surface will have a fair smattering of them.
-Cavers are mostly alcoholics and/ or have a bizarre kink of squeezing themselves into the tiniest spaces possible. I remember a cave in Kentucky that had a passage called Bare Bevs, cause the guy who first made it through was only able to squeeze through by stripping completely naked.

Overall though, it wasn't a bad experience. Getting through some stuff at first is really unnerving, but you would be surprised with how quickly you get used to it. It's fun if you go with a couple of good experienced people. Dont go without a couple of light sources though.

File: TopoDesigns.jpg (50 KB, 800x800)
50 KB
What is the warmest, most comfortable (and also /fa/ to an extent) fleece that I should buy for under $100?
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>wool worse than polyester for environment
You're retarded. Tell me how long your polyshit lasts, I'll stay comfy in the same wool sweater for the next 20 years.
Maybe per weight wool production produces more emissions (like what, sheep farts?), but the gains in service life are worth it. If it's even true to begin with, which I doubt.
I just wear a dark navy blue/OD green zip up columbia jacket, good for keeping you warm. However from my personal experience leather is a great wind breaker, put the fleece and layers under it for warmth. I went to Boston last year and it was cold, my old cowboy boots kept my feet warm and dry.
polyester is something like 5 times as abrasion resistant as wool and the tensile strength is something like 10 times higher too. my polyester fleeces have held up great, where as wool develops holes really easily

>but the gains in service life are worth it
nope, especially considering that your wool piece needs to be twice as heavy as the polyester fleece to be as warm
If you're looking to be fashionable just get Patagonia. The Synchilla and Micro-D are warm, comfy, come in fun patterns/colours and look really nice. Wait for a sale if you're not in a hurry. I use mine for more technical applications than I probably should but they haven't let me down.
The places I like wool are head, hands and feet. Simple pieces like socks, scarves, hats and mittens can be similar cost to fleece, and the wicking actually helps with comfort.

File: 20200921_233134.jpg (118 KB, 682x466)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Has anyone got any experience wearing a gillie while out?
Not really for hunting but just for like being invisible to animals and other things, observing nature as if you weren't there. One thing I've been considering is trying to bait deer close to me and just try to grab them, not to kill or anything but just to see if I could
I know this sounds retarded and I'd probably get shot doing it but something about it just tickles my autism
50 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
>I've been considering is trying to bait deer close to me and just try to grab them
You're going to fuck them aren't you? You got turned on by that other anons greentext didn't you?
Blessed be /out/ and all those who seek adventure
Lol, I'm more scared of them now than anything, I'd be happy with just tagging them
Holy fuck

File: thebiglarp.jpg (78 KB, 950x950)
78 KB
What are some things that look larpy and cringy, but are legit usefull?

I use a molle leg platform for bushcraft and DIY. On it I have a dump pouch for my hatchet or other tools, a Leatherman sheeth and a small pouch for bits and pieces (I.e. screws n shit for DIY or tinder for bushcraft). I use the webbing for my flashlight clip.
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I can't take anyone who describes their activities as "bushcraft" seriously.
why are these a thing
Bondage lingerie.
Because it's hot
I use an umbrella. One time I was walking and came around the bend to be face to face with one of those horse trains they take deaf girls out on. The lead horse got super spooked by my umbrella and threw the girl riding it. I felt bad because she was all “Uhhhhmmmmm Orrrryyyy” and I just closed my umbrella and left while the horse eye fucked me and she picked herself up. 10/10 I love umbrellas but be careful or you’ll kill a cripple.

File: xinantecatl.jpg (128 KB, 1280x720)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Has anyone here been /out/ in Mexico without getting mugged?
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If you know how to stay out of trouble and avoid pigs and cartel, then yes is a fucking experience, I feel like a fucking cowboy tracking some outlaw everytime I go out to camp. Have to install traps and wake up alerts(fishing rod attached to a couple jingle bells) sleep with machete and knife. There is no game here in central Mexico, couple of squirrels but nothing else that is not endangered.

Never had an issue with cartel or pigs, only one time deep Inna woods, a logger comes too close and triggers my jingle bell alarm, around 10p.m, I call out with menacing voice machete in hand, middle age manlet with rifle in hand responds and ask who am I and what am I doing there, I realize that he is no danger, rifle is too crappy to be cartel gun, I tell him I'm just camping, he stares at me with a face saying "are you mad or you wanna end up in a fosa clandestina" he was at a logger outpost ( loggering here is sometimes a crime some times not so they are basically another kind of cartel) saw my fire and went to check it out.

If you are not a target you'll basically go unmolested, but it only takes for you to carry something that looks valuable , being a midly attractive woman or sometimes just being in the wrong place at the wrong time for you to end up robbed, raped and death. So yeah is an adventure.
>fosa clandestina
>don't know it, look it up
I don't know what I expected.
Thank you for sharing your story. Have you ever been out in the south, like Campeche or Oxaca?
More selvatic and generally less developed. Expect bus rides to last a lot longer down there, but it's also beautiful.

No I haven't , want to go in a cycling tour across the country. Just camping and moving through the towns and beaches on a fatbike. Should take me a year or so to visit all of them.

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