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So what your experiences with the Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL 2? I hear both good and bad things. The wind issue is the most pressing issue. I heard it can demolish this tent and others say it's strong enough. So dunno if I should get this tent. Thoughts?
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Only women use tents
I have the tigerwall ul1 and it's a real nice piece of kit, but I kind of wish I just got some cheap Chinese hiking pole tent because I get anxious setting it up cuz it's so expensive.

Big Agnes makes good shit
I’ve owned it for three years. It’s a fine tent. Way to cramped for two people unless you’re /out with you significant other. Also it’s only semi-freestanding so if you’re camping on a very hard surface (above tree line) you’ll have to use rocks to guy out the bottom of the tent.
Tl:dr I’d get the (discontinued) 3 person (if you can still find it) for more room and it’s fully freestanding
Järvenpää poster here again. Here’s the Marttiini I lost along with the Russell Green River Sheep Skinner. I reshaped the handle on the RGR to be actually comfortable. Both knives were under $50
Nice pic. Just planning to use it for myself.

File: log cabin.jpg (79 KB, 564x564)
79 KB
Anyone have the 4th edition Strategic Relocation book by Skousen as pdf that they can share? I have 3rd edition. Looking to find the best state to move too and buy land in with family and likeminded frens

File: Capture.png (295 KB, 814x816)
295 KB
295 KB PNG
>Go for a hike
>Go past someone
>Say hi
>They most likely say hi and might even give a smile

>Go for a bike ride
>Ride past someone
>Say hi
>Get nothing but silence and a weird condescending look because, god forbid, my entire fucking body is not covered in lycra, or because I dont wanna spend all my savings on a fucking bike

I fucking hate cyclists.
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where in the fuck are people paying three hundred fuckin bucks a month for parking lol
coastal cities. https://www.spotangels.com/blog/the-ultimate-nyc-monthly-parking-guide/
In smaller but cramped cities like Boston and San Francisco you'll still find monthly rates between $100-$400.
Most of those cities where parking is expensive, driving can be slow and annoying through traffic and stoplights, while finding a parking spot at your crowded destination can take extra time, hassle and expense. If it's not wet/raining and you don't mind the exertion and possible sweat, cycling is often the most reliable way to travel between two arbitrary points. It can faster than driving when there's traffic.

I lived in a city like this for 10 years. I did have a car and paid ($225/mo) for a parking spot (7 years ago). That's not counting all the incidental rates incurred for garage parking at destinations (anywhere $3-$35 per visit depending on where I was going). But I knew people who didn't have cars at all. They had bicycles and used uber, that was it, and they did it to save money.

Not a very /out/ topic but in general bicycles are a very cost-efficient means of transportation for short range trips.
cheese and crackers, I know a lot of people joke about how cities are hellholes but ffs no wonder people get sucked into the rat race bs
>Go past someone driving in a car
>Say hi
>Get nothing but silence
File: pool's closed.png (121 KB, 1000x1500)
121 KB
121 KB PNG

I didn't realise how insanely monotonous the UK climate was until I started looking at these for other countries, is this something you guys are interested in? Any other countries with insane climate diversity or unusual patterns? I don't come to this board often. God Bless
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>I don't understand what climate is: the post
File: IMG_2646.jpg (2.08 MB, 3024x2134)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB JPG

It's a great resource for people like us.
nice find where did you get or make this? Do you have one for weather assessments or major road travels?
My state is medium size, maybe considered small, and it's area is 2/3 the square miles of the entire UK

>You're /out/ with 8 friends in the middle of the woods
>Realize one of them is dead
>Realize you're in the middle of a cheesy slasher movie
What do?
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I kill the other 6
Only the female virgins survive, sorry anon.
create some makeshift spears and form square
stick to another person like glue because the baddie in slasher movies only kill people who are alone
this guy dies first

File: moonoto.jpg (14 KB, 354x220)
14 KB
Any floridanons know if they would be around this time of year? According to google they should be visible year round, even though I know manatee season there doesn't peak until the winter drives them inland. Would I be able to see some at this time of year?
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File: 1680323147631058.gif (1.9 MB, 480x360)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB GIF
I dont think they will be. I was paddle boarding around Crystal River last year around this time and didnt see any. Still a neat place to check out
they go further up into the rivers and springs when it gets cold because the water temperature remains consistent in there

it's too early, wait until water temps drop
Wait until it's 40-50 out.

>t. ex-Floridian
it's just a plus-sized mermaid
>trying to horde all that manatussy for yourself
nice try.

Is Pennsylvania a good /out/ state?
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I can't imagine it's bad, the Amish chose to settle there and their lifestyle is /out/ for the most part.
>>implying italians are white
why are you so picky, my 56% friend?
these >>2649146 ? they aren't even hills, it's an eroded plateau dissected by ravines
it's really genuinely cute
I have some non-plateau pa photos, but they aren't as special the PA Plateau is just lovely, not as nice as VA or WV or KY plateau, but nice if you are based nearish to visit.
Dissected plateau is my literal favorite geographical zone and I hope to explore as much of it as I can before I die.
A geocacher I watch on utube is from PA. It looks nice.

File: IMG_4166.jpg (20 KB, 451x680)
20 KB
>spend 4k on high end hiking gear 2 years ago
>never went hiking

I have everything to hike yet I'm so scared
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Anon, where do you live? Someone could probably point you to a cool spot where it’s relatively safe.
Gear is useless to a ngmi like op. If anything, it puts a target on his back
>bring your $4k of hiking gear
>meet me at Walmart and we’ll carpool
>I’ll be the melaninated gentleman in the 94 civic, brown with gold rims
do headlamps cause light pollution

File: image (3)~2.png (574 KB, 2160x1892)
574 KB
574 KB PNG
I have an Ilitis Oxhead German splitting axe with a 6lbs head and 31' ash handle and a 26" Estwing chopping axe. I've had them both for 9 years and through their occasional use they're still going very strong. How did I do?
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Thank you.
>I've had them both for 9 years
>How did I do?
you tell me dumbass
estwing makes a double billed axe, why not just carry one axe wirh two heads for different purpose?
he bought them nine years ago. if it works it works, nobody sensible is going to just keep buying moar shit just because it's neato
speak foryour self, im planning to carry two of those
t. dwarf maxxing

also as a general idea if were to start from nothing since inevitably axe bros and saw girls will shid this up

File: ho-0454_012.jpg (39 KB, 660x660)
39 KB
Hiking with a wheelie bin, anyone ever done it?

I'm thinking it has several advantages

●more space than a backpack for storage
●can be tied to a Rope around your waste and dragged behind you
●works as a tent as you can sleep inside
●high levels of sturdiness. Built for years of handling by bin men
●can be left behind safely nobody will steal it
●reminder of civilisation
●noise from wheels frightens dangerous animals

I see several advantages and no real problems, I'll just be hiking small mountains
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This is just too much of a typical white person invention for me to accept, and I'm 100% white via DNA test. It should never have been made.
What if it was made of scrap wood and was roped to a malaysian peasant?
File: 1692571400136780.jpg (120 KB, 912x1005)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
>ugh typical wytpipo
>I'm 100% white
Shut up, retard. If that was a wooden box smeared with animal shit being carted around by a dirty third worlder you'd be screaming based, return to monke, etc. Time to grow up and accept that whites are the only people willing to innovate and that takes trial and error to find the correct solution.
you're in the bin...
Eric Rudolph used these

File: 20230927_210922.jpg (1.51 MB, 2459x3547)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB JPG
I live in SE PA. These are growing around my house. I know the white one is no good. But the bottom black spore print looks like it has potential. Asking for confirmation if possible
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File: 1333832568067.jpg (14 KB, 266x280)
14 KB
>As for the autism, I see you brought enough for everyone
you rub it on your skin and it makes you live forever
I had these in my backyard but couldn't 100% id them, if you eat them and die please let me know
Pans aren't the only mushrooms that print black. Nothing else about that mushroom says pan. Go back to school kid.
lacrymaria lacrymabunda

let me guess, you need more...
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cause its comfy to paddle right up to your doorstep
can you swim there? are there fish still?
Where can I buy smokes?
roll yer own
So do you.

File: 20230916_120839.jpg (4.06 MB, 4000x3000)
4.06 MB
4.06 MB JPG
>Decide to go /out/
>See these steps
What do you do?
15 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Post more
>figure 8
File: IMG_2273.jpg (100 KB, 600x900)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
>how does /out/ deal with stairs

What a stupid fucking question. Normally walk up them since the only other options are climbing or falling to death.
File: stairs.gif (873 KB, 500x281)
873 KB
873 KB GIF
OP knew it was a stupid question. That's why they posted it, so you would say "HAY! DAS A STUPID QUESTION!"

File: xpwf0uvepqo01.jpg (1.8 MB, 4032x3024)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB JPG
Anyone use a kansbol for camping/backpacking? Why havent they made a carbon steel version ? Carbon steel kansbol would be a nice option
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Nta, but the grip is shit on the Kansbol/Garberg in my opinion. Very slippery and plasticky in feel. The Companion grip is far better. It's also 4-5 times more expensive than the Companion, but you are not getting 4-5 times the knife. In fact, I actually find the mini scandi towards the tip makes it less convenient than the uniform full scandi, especially for sharpening. I wouldn't necessarily call it a shitty knife, but it's totally mediocre.
Fixed blade hunting knives suck dick anyway. I've long switched to exclusively using folders for eviscerating deer because they are far less cumbersome, weigh basically nothing and don't poke me in the abs when I'm sitting in a tree stand.
Oh and another advantage I've found in using folders is that they are usually ground very nice and thin behind the edge. Most factory fixed blades (Lionsteel is a huge culprit) come with soft steel and are ridiculously thick behind the edge, meaning you get neither wear resistance nor sliciness, even in something they like to advertise as "super steel".
They do this so they have fewer returns from chipping and breakages. Sad but true.
The thing is that most fixed blade are easier to keep clean if you're cleaning fish or animals all that shit will get down in the folder which is not something you clean everyday. With a fixed blade you can just wipe it off etc. Anyways it's not a huge deal I guess. But yeah fixed blade knives suck to carry around compared to a folder.
True, cleaning out hairs and other dried up blood/meat gunk from the gap between the handle scales and action is annoying as fuck. No such thing as a free lunch I guess.
bought one, no flat grind on spine, gave it away, bought bushcraft.

File: 1691597840145396.jpg (74 KB, 1500x1500)
74 KB
post your /out/ water bottle
118 replies and 30 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1666584968593874.png (54 KB, 625x626)
54 KB
>putting alcohol and hot water in 8 year old plastic
probably safer than new plastic, already drank all the bad chems
it did crack a little from the mouth last winter when i forgot some water inside the lid and tightened it after but i glued it and so far no leaks
yes it is a trendy bottle but i like it
>Can boil water in it
>Could cook a soup in it if you wanted
>Doesnt poison you with estrogens
Aren't those shits usually lined with some sort of plastic? Most metal bottles I've seen are.
I've heard that ever since they started being made in china the construction is shit. that the top is welded on and has a tendency to break off when trying to boil water in them. anyone have anything like this happen to them? i'd really like to get one but i don't want some chink shit that's just gonna shit the bed when i need in most.

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