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File: RuralStates528.jpg (42 KB, 528x676)
42 KB
What are your personal favourite states with the best rural sides? And why? (i.e. most small towns, lesser metro cities, etc) Rural Pacific Northwest in general seems so beautiful but small town Midwest and the Appalachians seem so appealing.
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come on. if all of new yorkers decide to abandon their city to be rural, they would occupy a lot of land. and all would have to buy massive cope trucks so they can better into the rural mindset.
I'd have a hard time recommending CA, given how expensive it is to live there, although I like the warm weather.
Missouri anon here. The wife and I have been talking about buying land sooner rather than later and just slowly getting off grid the best we can. We’re still young dumb and full of cum but the land here is pretty cheap compared to other areas.
>Got a point. I think the definition of rural here is different than people imagine.
This is true in general. I'm a bit hazy on the details but I watched a good video a while back that explained what "rural" and "urban" actually mean in a legal sense, and it often doesn't line up with how we think of those terms. In particular I think any town over 2,500 people is considered "urban" so a lot of places you'd think of as a "small rural town" if you visited or lived there are legally counted as urban.

File: Shearling-head-(2).jpg (339 KB, 1178x884)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
Don't know if this is the right board to ask this question, but I have a small homestead and have been thinking about getting a couple sheep.
The two main breeds I've been looking at is Dorset and Southdown Babydoll, but wanted to check if anyone on here own sheep and knew which breed is best for Homesteading.
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How many acres do you think could meet most feed needs of 5 or so sheep in arid land?
2 or 3 maybe, depends how arid you are talking. 5 sheep wouldnt really eat that much.
I just learned that there are dairy sheep... Anyone here have experience with them? It looks like they also produce wool?

Goats are buttholes and although I enjoy goat milk, I hate the goats. Is the sheep milk tasty? It is it only good for making cheese and yogurt?

File: treeID.jpg (4.11 MB, 2208x2896)
4.11 MB
4.11 MB JPG
What tree is this? NW Montana, 4100' in elevation. There are many of them around but I haven't had luck in IDing it. Closest I've gotten is balsam fir, but they're not native here and it smells more lemony than christmas-y.

Also general tree ID thread
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OP here, thanks for the analysis! Yeah, I'm leaning grand fir. Been noticing more and more of them peeking out in our forest so I'll just have to strap on the snow shoes and trudge into the deeper parts to see if I can find any cones popping up. A few trees are starting to show their cones so hopefully I can find even a bud. It definitely smells like citrus/orange, not a Christmas tree farm, so it might just be done as a grand fir ID. I'll see if I can bend one of the sunnier ones over so I can check out the top branches a bit closer.

Ty for advice, I already have seek and I find it helpful but not something I trust all the way. It couldn't determine which tree this was, it was giving me different results every time. Hence the ask
Meant to add this to>>2555524

Thanks as well, definitely helps in deciding on grand fir
>Celltard says something childish
Please remain silent while adults are speaking. To be clear, celltard, plant appearance can vary greatly based on time of year and location. Your "plant ID" software can't even tell the difference between a viola and a pansy...hell, you probably can't even tell the difference between a Shorline Pine and a Big Leafe Maple.
The smell isn't a reliable indicator. The smell can vary significantly with soil composition. Grand Fir, if you look up through the canopy, look almost like fractals where Balsam will look more like Doug Fir towards the top. I'd love it if someone would post pictures of a verified Balsam.
>anon says fuck off to app suggestion
>other anon calls him a celltard
What did he mean by this?
It means I replied to the wrong post--my bad.
Imagine knowing nothing about plant identification but still giving advice on using technology to do plant identification... truly amazing lack of self awareness.

File: RTFM-1.jpg (743 KB, 1920x840)
743 KB
743 KB JPG
Trails, training plans, gear, races.
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Ran 10.2 miles on Monday
>2017 file
>Parked his car and took a photo
Again, you don't even go /out/.
>love skiing
>move to salt lake
>start trail running and love that too
>big snow winter
>too many people skiing now
>too much traffic, too many lines
>no friends to go backcountry with as often as I want
>just want to trail run now
I’m ready to sell my house and move out of the burbs, was fun while it lasted though. thanks for reading my blog.
I like running
I like hiking
Why not do both at once?
I'm banned from trail running now. Injured my joints a bunch. Started dislocating even with stability exercises and braces on the joints. Knee surgeon noticed, physical trainers noticed, I can't ignore it any more. It's HEDS. My genes are fucked and can't make proper collagen. Being hypermobile is fun until your joints can't stay in the socket any more. No more solo runs in the wilderness. Can't risk tearing my shit up miles from another person or road.

Hey /out/, spring is almost here and I’m going to be going out a lot more often. I need a good day backpack, something light for a few essentials when hiking. Got any recommendations?
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I do! At least with the 64L. One came into work recently to get fitted. It was beyond wild. The load lifters auto adjust with the shoulder strap tensioners. The 3d printed lumbar support was cool, but idk how practical it actually is. The compression straps are weird, and it doesn't really have a large opening on the top. It's definitely overengineering, but I might grab one of the larger ones to use for my backpacking trips. The 32 looks tempting though, but I'm not sure it can fit everything as UL as I am.
Interesting. The 32l just came out and I wanted it for my new day hike bag as I pack heavy like I said. Anon if you want one of the big fancy ones maybe wait a bit as those are over a year old now and I bet newer versions may come out soon.
Genuinely looking to get this despite the meming. Cost isn't much of an issue and it looks like it'll be perfect for a few days of hiking.
File: pl-bgn-cd-0a0ba.jpg (335 KB, 1500x1500)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
Looking for backpacks with colorscheme like that but higher volume (50-70l would be the best)
Do you know any matching?
This colorscheme is the most based I've ever seen, they call it earth brown/clay
File: pl-rc2-cd-0a0ba.jpg (329 KB, 1500x1500)
329 KB
329 KB JPG

File: 20230120_162436.jpg (2.03 MB, 3264x2448)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB JPG
any one go out in israel? negev season is almost over soon i will have to move northward
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lmao dude, I've still got mine
Very beautiful looking country. Happy for you anon.
no. fuck israel and fuck its existence
>let the sand digganobs have it.
jews dont even own there foreskin how the fuck do you think they rightfully own israel.
*stark is a kike invention of the post WWII settlements as part of a Rothschild payout from Churchill’s debts. The Lord Jesus destroyed the temple mound and Emperor Titus razed the rest to the ground. The wailing wall is a remnant of an old Roman Barracks. Jews are evil and should be hunted down to the last and killed like the vermin they are

File: 20220819_184052.jpg (4.62 MB, 4032x3024)
4.62 MB
4.62 MB JPG
What are yours?

this is our first year on the new 10 acre homestead. we have planted about 15 fruit trees about 10 various berry plants and we have begun prepping a 20' x 20' garden area.

the garden area is small, but being our first year, we don't want to overwhelm ourselves. we have limited ready-to-use compost to work with and the soil quality is poor, due to never having been used, since the mammoths walked on it.

we also have many livestock pens, barns and outbuildings to construct. year one will likely be a bust, but we are going to try.

worst case, we at least get the soil broken, conditioned and better prepared for 2024 season.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.

we are not new to homesteading, just new to this homestead.

we have 10 years at our current garden home.

we already have chickens, ducks, turkeys, quail and American guinea hogs. we have 3 dairy sheep, but they are currently at our in-laws until we make the move.

we have a large compost bin, that we have cycled and maintained for years. we are moving it out to the new land, to try to condition the soil.

we are also having to ferry water to the new land right now. we have a well, but the electrical power is not yet wired it to the pump, and the pressure tank has not been plumbed in.

we have tons of seed starts in our current house dining room, under grow lights. once the last frost date passes, we will plant them at the new land. the well should be wired and fully plumbed and operational by then.
I would seriously have that well inspected and tested before turning it on again and going willynilly... Bacteria for plants is whatever we know that. And pasture animals too..

But a lot of wells have been getting pretty bad with chemicals of various degrees across America.

it was tested by the company who drilled it. part of the package.

it's 300 feet deep anyway, so barring some sort of shit falling in, it's not going to be an issue.

that's the benefit of hiring the pros, despite the price tag.
Our garden is rather small. My wife mainly gardens because it's cheaper than therapy. We also have 5 chickens that supply all our egg needs 3/4 of the year. We're thinking about expanding the flock this spring. There's nothing like a warm egg straight out of a chicken's ass.
I want to grow a fuckton of basil this year.

File: 1678870057060364.jpg (108 KB, 750x1000)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
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id like to get a 2 wheeler. ktm or some bobber idk
regularly use my ancient suzuki lt-4wd for local /out/ings to the lakes nearby, it just werks
File: 216-FILE0459_-L.jpg (204 KB, 800x600)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
orange bikes best bikes
>no one has mentioned it yet
fuck off the board already
File: rover5.jpg (301 KB, 1280x720)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
The last good rad product. Silence is golden.
Their newest model employs psychological warfare tactics: fuses that require total battery disassembly to replace.

Best outdoor books? Guides, nonfiction stories, biographies, journals, etc etc.
Also, any download links/online repositories?
File: th-1199449.jpg (42 KB, 400x540)
42 KB
SAS survival handbook
Just bought arabian sands by Wilfred thesinger, hyped to read about his arabian quarter experience.

File: download.png (373 KB, 640x505)
373 KB
373 KB PNG
Rated to keep people warm in -50F, -45C, and dirt cheap, no shot its a reasonable purchase for hiking right?
9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
This is literally just a copycat of Russian conscript winter clothing from World War 2.
For an UL fag, that's 3.6lbs too much
File: 616iriBRyiL._SY500_.jpg (16 KB, 276x500)
16 KB
These things are mostly one piece sets for workers having to do freezer duty. These are *not* going to keep you alive anywhere close to -50* for an extended period of time. They will keep you *safely warm* working and moving in a 0* freezer or warm for 2-3 minutes walking into a -50F freezer. The cheapest thing on here that is rated for extreme cold is the smock liner that you can't move in and needs a shell to not immediately be torn apart. The parka is 151$, and going to be bulky and sweaty as fuck trying to move up a trail in it unless you're climbing Denali. It would probably make a good synthetic belay parka for the money if your area is completely devoid of thrift stores. The coveralls are a bad choice for the outdoors because you can't layer with them. The coveralls would be overkill unless you need cheap overpants for some hellish ice belay. All of these have synthetic insulation and aren't going to be packable or light enough as a serious mountaineering option. The is light enough that it would be good and pretty cheap at 72$ for winter hiking. It might not be as comfy or cutting edge or light, but you'll probably be able to beat the shit out of it, and that's cheap for a good synthetic puffer jacket. Workwear can be surprisingly effective for the outdoors like picrel. But you have no idea how layering works and should learn that shit first.
You're paying for breathability, retard.
If you've ever been /out/ in the cold you'd know the issue isn't just staying warm it's staying warm without sweating.
This. I had to wear one of this to go in and out of our walk-in -20 freezer at work. They're really stiff and it's difficult to move around in. Fine for reaching up and grabbing something from a shelf, but not for hiking innawoods.

File: dick-proenneke.jpg (90 KB, 900x477)
90 KB
Turns out you can buy land in colorado for 1000 bucks an acre.
We could farm in the summer and drive semi trucks in the winters for income

Land is getting cheaper for those that have cash.

If we all bought 5 acre lots in this huge subdivision , we could be far enough away from each other that we have our own space while still being able to do barn raisings and such
Should we finally just do this?
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he says the va dont reconize it
>it's not a billable code so it doesn't exist!
thats up there with:
>I'm not crazy! I've had 5 different 48-hour psych eval holds and they let me go each time!
stop trying to gaslight everyone
What if we did like an old time community and lived like the Amish ?
It could be a secular version of shakerism . All of the wholesomeness without the religion

File: index.png (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
I'm supposed to be on trail in less than 3 weeks but the entire fucking trail in buried in snow...
37 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
I have to be home before the end of September so waiting to start a SoBo would leave a really tight time frame.
You plan to hike the pct in under 3 months? You should definitely do it don't even bother reading about it. I have faith in you and your abilities.
I guess you would have to start in NorCal if you want to be in the bubble. Another option would be hiking something like the Hayduke trail. With all the snow and water, it should be a good year for a desert hike
>You plan to hike the pct in under 3 months?
He wants to section hike
>You plan to hike the pct in under 3 months?
Noo I have ~100 days to hike but can only start early june. One idea is to start in NorCal and hike NoBo to the northern terminus, then flip back to NorCal and hike SoBo to the southern terminus.
Yeah a NorCal start seems to be the best option. desu the more I look at it the more I think I'm going to stick with original plan.
I hiked a 900 mile Hayduke last fall. Was amazing.
fucking californians I swear
>nooo our reservoirs are depleted and there's no snow!!11
>noooo it's flooding and there's too much snow!!111

File: IMG_20230318_014722.jpg (443 KB, 1078x1353)
443 KB
443 KB JPG
Are gravity filters a meme? Are UV-C purifiers enough? What do you use for big groups?
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
From my system*
That was the detox from the tap water, not the /out/ water making you sick.
Nonsense I'm a anti fluoride tin foil bro I don't drink the tap water lmao.
In my country all /out/ sites are in the mountains so there's plenty of clean springs and snow melt to drink from. But in other places it might not be the case.
File: gravity.jpg (515 KB, 990x1760)
515 KB
515 KB JPG

What's the best dog breed for hiking?
123 replies and 30 images omitted. Click here to view.
i have space for a dog now, i was considering a beagle or jack russel, but desu ill probably look for a small young dog mutt at a shelter nearby
formosan mountain dog review: my friend threw the ball too far, and the dog jumped off the cliff. not so much of a mountain dog, now is it? 3/10.
I had to look up where Pomerania was because I needed to know who'd create such a ridiculous animal. Turns out it's the coastal border region between Germany and Poland.
Not a husky. I know because I hike with a husky in short sections. She pulls to the side the entire walk and can't be trusted off leash
it's really just vibes. when the dog loves and respects you he'll do what you want him to pretty easily.

I've never felt creeped out by hikes or camping trips abroad. But I often get creeped out in the US and Canada. And I think I had a legitimate encounter with a feral man in Tennessee. I guess part of it might be the vastness of the forests and the wilderness but even so when you get "that feeling" it feels deeper than that.

I was camping in the Unaka mountain wilderness area and I had a feeling I was being watched. This was a single night hike and I was on the verge of turning around because I just started feeling sick. Not as in feeling ill but I sensed in my stomach something was wrong like I was being watched. When I went to sleep I was frozen with fear in my tent and I heard shuffling outside and just lay there sweating like crazy. I left a pool of sweat even though it wasn't hot out. When I woke up there were prints all around my tent - they weren't boot prints they were in the shape of a human but were flat like somebody was wearing moccasins or something.

To this day I am convinced this was a feral person, which have been known to exist in Appalachia.

Anybody else feel way more creeped out in North American forests than when they camp abroad? You'd think it would be the other way around due to familiarity. And have any Euros felt creeped out in North America?
77 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: A nice and chill dude.jpg (55 KB, 1199x645)
55 KB
do you know how to get to bells canyon?
Ah yes, the the beast from the woods, we meet again.

I've spent a lot of time in forests in many different parts of the US and Canada. Appalachia easily the creepiest, but I'd put the dense damp literal rainforests of the PNW as second. I've had encounters with "hill folk" in the Cascades that would rival any WV holler or Ozark backwoods, people that look very clearly "devolved." A far lesser known creepy woods spot is the Uinta Range in NE Utah, this is not far from the Skinwalker Ranch and I've never had such a strong feeling that I was being watched.
When in doubt, the right way.
Cuz the Wendigos

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