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I would fill plastic bags with water and smash them on the ground.
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That's awesome. They're cool birds. Makes me want to visit Stuart island even more. Lived here since 2004 and yet to visit
My spelling of Stuart autocorrected lol
>Makes me want to visit
Do it. Very wet. Great fishing. Wouldn’t swim though. Mate went out with his doc mates to tag great whites. I asked if they saw any.
“Nah not many today bro. Just 13 new ones - it got rough about lunchtime so we had to come back in.”
I’d been at his place thinking about spear fishing ha ha
Good storms too. Saw cloud coming in from the south. Then it sounded like a train was coming. As it got closer we could see it approaching as a sheer wall across the bay. When it hit, there was no buildup, we were just suddenly in an epic storm. I’ve spent my life /out, in some wild places too, but I’ve never seen a storm hit so fast with such ferocity.
Sounds like my kinda place haha nice one mate

How do you fix a fishing reel that has gearing or the handle spinning backwards
turn it round
Breddy güd answer 420/10 thread closed go home
Ehhm it’s a ambidexterous reel, put the handle on the left?
Someone wound the line on turning the handle the wrong way.
Replace line.
throw it away and get a baitcaster

File: 006090_1.jpg (21 KB, 562x562)
21 KB
What are some good binoculars /out/? I'm looking for some quality ones that wont break the bank.
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I had a compact pair when I was a scout where each of the 4 lenses folded, it had a mirror and a compass

I really liked it, not sure what happened to it or where to get another one
File: survivalbinocs1.jpg (51 KB, 675x556)
51 KB
I found a picture
Mine were red, but they are the same.

I have never seen another pair like these in Canada since.
I've got those in green from my cub scout days.
prostaff 3s
I got some old jap 10x50s for 30e
Pretty heavy but very clear and sharp

File: scuba-diving.jpg (17 KB, 474x316)
17 KB
I'm going to give this a try.

SCUBA = Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus

Since this is the first (maybe last?) thread I guess a good start would be asking anons some questions:
>Have you tried or thought about trying it?
>Are you certified (what certs, how many dives)?
>Experiences so far?

>Why bother?
It's a pretty based hobby if you like getting wet. Staying and breathing underwater for longer periods of time exposes you to a completely different world and experience. You should at least try this once in your lifetime. Also, there's no talking underwater (except occasional hand signals), so you won't have to deal with nagging from other people except for a short period on the surface.
>Is it expensive?
Any hobby has its expenses. If you choose to own your own gear instead of renting it you'll quickly drive up quite a hefty cost. However, if you turn out to be an active diver the initial investment is usually worth it over time.
>Isn't SCUBA diving dangerous?

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Your video is dumb. Theyre called "Dive Shops". Theres a few around bud.
File: 1599011228389.png (45 KB, 406x431)
45 KB
>I only go to Halal and Kosher dive shops with Vegan endorsements and cruelty carbon neutral dive boats with recycled air refilling station and bamboo fibre wetsuits.
Ewww he uses a snorkel
That's why long hose primary is king
60m on air is this board full of retards??

Litterbugs get the rope.
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Retard jealous of Americans doesn't know we don't walk everywhere like retards
They do in New Zealand. Before covid related closures they were everywhere on the tourist trail. There's still a lot of then i cities but not on the beach by where i live anymore. They're despicable. They are rude, have very little apathy, lack social as well as spacial awareness and do not care about other people, animals or the environment. I've told them to put things in designated bins before. The good thing is that even though they travel in groups they are half the size of whites like me and they are scared of dogs. So telling them to not litter and be more aware of their surroundings is easy. We get pacific islanders and on the odd occasion Africans who lack respect but they are far morw aggressive when confronted about littering etc
Anon, just because this is one of the easiest boards to troll doesnt mean you can get away with zero effort.
Glocks are some of the most reliable automatics in production, the fuck are you talking about? Yeah I don't care for them either, but plenty of people that actually kill other people for a living swear by them. They are perfectly fine guns.
No u nigga

File: Armillaria mellea 2.jpg (2.08 MB, 1400x1217)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB JPG
last one hit image limit.
remember if you're asking for an id, good photos including the underside of the cap are often critical.
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File: 1583101434309.jpg (203 KB, 1200x640)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
do you guys talk about growing psilocybin mushrooms here? if not, what board would i go to and where?
no, drugs are for degenerates

go to >>>/b/ for that
coffee is a drug
File: IMG_20200926_170018.jpg (1.98 MB, 3264x2448)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB JPG
Found some sweet knot, Globifomes graveolens on a dead beech
Yeah some anons here have given some info on growing them. But this is more of a place to post blurry pictures of mushrooms.

Questions that don't deserve their own thread:

made so retards stop making threads that don't need to be made.
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Get a resin board, not glue.
They cost a little more, but last WAY longer. (Or replace deck with resin next time.)
I got pic related, deck only. Was on special, same price as any regular deck.
Bought the rest of the components separately, cost a fortune ha ha
File: 2af140e6.jpg (146 KB, 1092x1024)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Where do i find trash compactor bags in sweden? i've never heard about them before
Ask Mohammed for one
Thanks for the input. There probably isn't a skate shop in a 500km range since I'm EU, I'll try getting stuff online.
please stop doing that

File: MtWashington.jpg (135 KB, 1080x1080)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
Whats your most recent /out/ing?
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He looks like a pretty comfy bloke. Would /out/ with him 10/10
File: inv-347-forest.jpg (207 KB, 672x936)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
Probably liked it because it reminds me of this.
File: 20200918_133257.jpg (2.32 MB, 4000x1800)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB JPG
Just got back from a car camping trip.
File: IMG_20200926_141518.jpg (3.01 MB, 4000x3000)
3.01 MB
3.01 MB JPG
Went up Kinder Scout with some friends.

File: 20200914_170848.jpg (2.29 MB, 4128x2322)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB JPG
What's the best /out/doorsmen watch?
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Well, guess that auto correct shows which other board I frequent
Can anyone suggest a small (34 or 36mm) field watch that does NOT have the 24 hour time next to each hour marker like pic related?
Sorry, you have to leave. Chads here
F-91W or some children watch, they are that small
36mm Rolex Explorer, so small that today it would be considered a woman's model but it wasn't too small for Hillary and Norgay

Are there any conifer forests in Australia?
I really love pine trees and conifers and want to move somewhere where there are straight trees like this with good wood for building a house.
I'd move up north if I had the chance but unfortunately thats not going to be possible for a while.
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>Live in Australia
>Have had a lifelong love of endless forests, snowy mountains, all the fun shit mutts and leafs have
>Live in not only the hottest, nor the driest, but the flattest country in all of fucking Earth
>Only good mountains are close to population centres, Sydney and the like
>Catch the whiff of the normalfag whenever I get within a 20km radius, shit's littered to heck and back, no respect
Venting aside, you'd probably be better off with Tasmania, or New Zealand if you can. If you just want forest, there's a couple of alright mountains round my parts, though they're less of the coniferous variety, more ironbark and the like. No real chance of fire, though, too isolated.
>New Zealand
You won’t be able to build like that in NZ. Doesn’t meet code. All the trees are either protected or private.
Also our borders are closed.
When they eventually open... we’re full.
File: ENQI1w3U0AEn-Sv.jpg (232 KB, 675x1200)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
there used to be some really nice pine forests in southern NSW but they burnt last year :c
You aren't at all. The land wasn't yours to begin with anyway. I'm coming

File: IMG_20200925_140329_804.jpg (430 KB, 720x1280)
430 KB
430 KB JPG
What do I need for my bug out bag? How good are space blankets?
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File: caveman.png (619 KB, 879x980)
619 KB
619 KB PNG
all you need is pic related
return to tradition
I would suggest using a non-tactical civilian type bag, if the situation arises where you actually needed it, it's best to blend in with what everyone else will be using as not to draw unnecessary attention to yourself.
>women are filthy these days
That's right, but I just boil them for at least 15 minutes before use and never had a problem.
File: 1519514970072.jpg (650 KB, 2379x1784)
650 KB
650 KB JPG
>MOLLE backpack
>pocket knife
>paracord dongle
>expensive thermos
>cheap hiking boots

Dude, you are all set and ready to bug out. Space blankets will only weigh you down.
watch and learn plebs.


File: 1563753652104.gif (2.58 MB, 300x214)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB GIF
Whatcha got
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The story describes a small group of men struggling to survive their aircraft's emergency landing in the Sahara Desert
File: 127_Hours_Poster.jpg (93 KB, 220x326)
93 KB
The film's title refers to the period of non-stop activity from when Ralston awoke on the day of his accident to when he was put under anesthesia during his rescue
Strayed's story is about her determination to complete the Pacific Crest Trail by hiking and backpacking
A young woman attempts a "thru-hike" of the Appalachian Trail, the 2,170 mile footpath wandering the length of the Atlantic seaboard from Maine to Georgia.
The Yukon Assignment is a breathtaking exploration of one of the earth's last wildernesses and the story of how adventure can sometimes bring us together, irrespective of age.

/o/ isn’t being helpful, I want to run 32 in tires, whats my simplest way to get 3 inches of lift

yes off-roading is /out/
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File: 61Uj0b0qIbL._AC_SL1200_.jpg (69 KB, 1105x1084)
69 KB
they do sale lift pucks i put on my ZJ i do run 31s
but it looks like you have a XJ so i can not help
1. Get on internet.
2. Type in what you want to see
3. ?????
4. Profit



Body lift fag
I actually just remembered this.


a guy who actually uses the shit out of his rig.
Probably body lift. Ideally you should do a suspension lift though.

Korean fire squirrel is native to the korean province of gangwon. Most notable characteristics is that the squirrels equipped with miniature flamethrower and love to light trees on fire.
So do they cook themselves or do I still have to bring my own bbq sauce?
You have to go back
pac northwest has been infested with these buggers lately

What do you guys wear when the weather gets fuggin cold. Everyone around me shills pic related, I'm not against them but it feels like half the price goes towards making a fashion statement. What are some decent looking warm winter coats
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CA word for beanie
pics or it didnt happen.
I don't live there anymore. I assure you it happens every year.
you do understand that nobody is implying that canadians wear that brand, right? you really arent that stupid, are you?
This post hit the nail on the head.

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