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File: condom2_0.jpg (62 KB, 584x414)
62 KB
>Average microplastic shed into the environment from urban shoes per year per person is 100g.
I regularly hike local forests as part of a group that tries to keep the forest clean from trash.
We collect everything; bottles, wrappers, condoms, napkins, diapers, wet wipes etc. but then I realized we are contributing to the trash in form of microplastics from our footwear & clothes.
Any recommendations on natural fabric hike clothing for staying dry? Is anyone using leather soled shoes/boots? What are the options for leather, bamboo, tree, sugarcane soled hiking boots?
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>Western Germany, standards have slipped on the whole 'keeping forest clean'
Well obviously they have, forests don't interest the brown hordes so your government has no reason to put money into them.
>Average microplastic shed into the environment from urban shoes per year per person is 100g.
>Each year my boots don't weight even 20 grams less than the past

I'm calling it bullshit, but if mother earth cannot assimilate that quantity then it deserves to die. However nature can assimilate that, cities, nuclear plants and anything we create with enough time, like the beaches of glass beads.
File: bunkstudy.jpg (308 KB, 668x774)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
>Keywords in OP
Keywords in the actual study are "unknown period," "hypothesize" and "extrapolate."
>accumulation of items over an unknown period
>one could hypothesize that the collected items had accumulated during a two-week period

Study author basically asspulls it was probably two weeks. Then extrapolates per capita rates based on average daily trail usage. Extrapolations from asspull evidence is itself an asspull, so in conclusion the claims are unproven and as anon's here have pointed out, utterly fail a simple sanity check. (Actually robust scientific results would be confirmed by multiple different methods and measures)
File: Gardes_du_Corps.jpg (150 KB, 762x511)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
What do you think people wore before plastic?
Leather. Even military soldiers marched with leather soles (albiet with metal parts).

Leather soles do wear out a bit fast (if you don't have the metal plates/hobs) so, as the other anon said, you can go for a natural rubber sole.
Natural rubber soles can be added to shoes with leather soles. I don't know the specifics but my cobbler seemed to mention that it can only be added to shoes that have the soles stitched to the shoe (as opposed to glued to the shoe).
File: dubbin-wax-neutral.jpg (33 KB, 500x548)
33 KB
To add:
for waterproofing leather, you use dubbin.

If you need a waterproof jacket, an option would be oilskin coat (cotton and wax/oil). Or an inverness coat (wool, naturally water resistant to a degree).

File: Urbanite.png (467 KB, 613x622)
467 KB
467 KB PNG
This isn't you, is it anon?
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I thought some of the banners are shopped. They're fucking not...
Hey that's my bike!
Can attest.
Use my shitty f150 for grabbing lumber/building supplies and hauling trash to the dump.
We paid $800 for it, it’s way too important to risk ruining it by going off road.

For going out I’d rather risk fucking up my “daily driver” which is fungible. Used, reasonably priced trucks are rarer than hens teeth. But most outings are just walking out the patio door and out into the forest (we’re adjacent to a few thousand acres of blm forest; and thank his theres no access roads.. in the dozens of hiked up there I’ve never seen a single person)
File: goodyear-img-1.jpg (25 KB, 678x308)
25 KB
Glue is not traditionally repairable, because the glue rips the leather shoe upon being removed, so usually repairable shoes are stitched.
Boots can be stitched too. Completely leather military boots might be hard to find nowadays, but there's always cowboy boots. The British military used to wear 'desert boots', those are modernly avaliable.
File: ProperShoes.jpg (120 KB, 865x1024)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
>Where does one actually go to get leather boots that are repairable?
Places that sell fancy shoes often have boots as well (like desert boots). I specify fancy because that's usually the only people that sell shoes that are stitched; commoner shoes are usually glued and those aren't repairable (last I checked, a few years ago desu).

>Are leather military boots repairable by cobblers and stuff?
My local cobbler doesn't do metal on the soles anymore, since a lot of people complained that they scratch up wooden flooring. But some do still add them, they are called 'toe-taps'.
I'm not sure about military-grade metal parts like hobs and horshoe-taps and stuff. My cobbler said if I manage the source the metal parts myself, he can put them on my shoes, but he's not going to order them himself.

File: a3cbn.jpg (117 KB, 1200x675)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
since i inherited my parents estates i´ve had barely no time to go /out/ because of the constant yardwork and basic maintenance besides working 8 hours
i know it is the dream of basically everyone here to own land and their own home but i was perfectly happy spending all my free time /out/side year long from my little one person apartment and living like that until now
it is a big change and you should be well prepared for it when it happens to you
sell the property and use the cash to go outside for the rest of your life
As in more than one?
look smaller, there's beauty all over
if you find yard maintenance to be a problem, kill your lawn and replace it with native prairie flowers
i spent this morning relocating dragonfly larvae and tadpoles to a nearby spring because i have to drain the pool in a few days
That would unironically be based, which is exactly why OP won't do it.

File: 1695624340468636.jpg (97 KB, 736x920)
97 KB
>come on anon! We've got to maintain a 4 mph pace for the next 12 miles in order to get to the overlook by sunset!
Is /out/ /fit/ enough to keep up???
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506,880,000 mils per hour and 9.4stone
because we want to see the sun set, can you not read?
don't u guys look at stuff ?
Ice axe loop is on the other side....
Forgot to mention, I'm 5'3" btw.

In all seriousness he's real right? I'd love to hear someone try to disprove it
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File: 1652650870179.jpg (156 KB, 754x578)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
>Introduce The Truth™
Like clockwork.
>basement dweller has no spacial awareness of objects which occur in nature.
You can compare the length and diameter of the branches with the guy in the monkey suit.
I throw bigger stuff on my bonfire on Friday nights.
Why would there be an ape walking around in North America? Have you ever seen a monkey there?

If he's anywhere it's Africa where gorillas and apes are in the wild. But you would probably think it's just a hairy black guy nothing too special.

In other words: no, you're dumb.
>Prove the evidence wrong.
Where is the DNA?
not real, Its a costume. seen a documentary with the makers. 3 guys, a forest, a planet of the apes costume and a camera.

prove you go /out/
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Deep south. About 300 yards from my back yard.
great find and that's pretty interesting to me because we also had baldies nesting just like that for about 5 years on a lake down the street from me in Massachusetts. guess those fuckers find their way around
Yeah this bunch of them has been hanging around here for about that long now.
man you should get a proper camera and post occasional updates. this is of interest
Yeah unfortunately I don't have a nice one that can zoom up to the nest very well but I'll see if I can get some better pictures on what I have. That picture was from a few years ago, since then it has moved the nest to an adjacent pine tree that is actually slightly closer to the house and easier to get pics of I can almost see it from the yard.

It was flying low over the house just last night at sunset. About two years ago there were two mature and two adolescents sort of in a group but this year I've only seen the one.

Is Pennsylvania a good /out/ state?
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In field and stream they warn e@&t0!ds that if they take a once in a lifetime destination hunt to the west to be careful- a distance you think is one mile away is 5 miles. The sheer scale difference of the west can't be appreciated until you have walked it. Even PAs silly little corn fields down in lancaster area look like a miniature nebraska where the hills roll in 1/8th a mile rather than 1 and a corn field is 4 acres instead of 40. The farm houses are all like 1/4th mile from each other it's crazy
I can't imagine it's bad, the Amish chose to settle there and their lifestyle is /out/ for the most part.
amish fucking blow
>>implying italians are white
why are you so picky, my 56% friend?
these >>2649146 ? they aren't even hills, it's an eroded plateau dissected by ravines


>rip crimson caravan

also patch thread post em
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so cool
I'll sell mine for $100
yeah ink stitch is fine just also kinda wonk in my experience

how many spools of thread you can have threaded at a time. 1 needle - 1 color and it scales all the way to 20 with the 400k+ multi head machines
File: forestanon.jpg (261 KB, 629x401)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
Need some anime patches stores with a lot of variety

>You're /out/ with 8 friends in the middle of the woods
>Realize one of them is dead
>Realize you're in the middle of a cheesy slasher movie
What do?
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I would remain calm, so the dead friend doesn't know that we know that he is dead.
>8 friends
thanks anon
I'd do the ol' genre switcheroo to save my skin. Just as James Kirk responded to the Gorn in Star Trek, I'd quickly scavenge elemental sulfur, charcoal, combining it to create a primitive gunpowder. Then using a hollow log and a rock as a barrel and projectile, I'd dispatch the creature, then cheekily lament that I'd trade all of the woodland riches for a simple hand phaser. After the slasher breathed his last, I'd turn to the 4th wall and imply with a wordy dialogue that society is really to blame not this poor... poor wretch. Alternatively, I'd try to genre-switch into a romcom by carving some "deeply meaningful" wood sculpture and lament about my wife who passed on suddenly, leaving me to raise my daughter alone as a hot single dad with great abs who just wants a commitment. Queue the quirky terminally single wine aunt coming bumbling out of the woods, recently arrived from her tourist visit to the Italian coast.
Yeah, we understand that you’re the product of incest. How is that relevant here?
turn 360 and walk away

What is the best bear defense weapon.
Excluding the sound advice of making lots of noise and storing food in a tree
44 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
Guns don't kill people. Morons with guns kill people.
>Morons with guns
many such cases. Sad!
Fellow Canadafags, where can you legally carry a shotgun? I've heard national and provincial parks are a no-go. AB btw.

I want to get into hiking and wild camping next summer and am thinking of getting my PAL asap so I have it by then but it seems like our laws cuck you from even carrying a firearm for self defence while out in the middle of nowhere. I think I read even bear bangers are b&
>people kill grizzlies with .22's.
Hasn't that only happened once?

File: 20230820_144637.jpg (2.91 MB, 4000x1848)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB JPG
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You are forgetting that /out/ has an irrational need to kick over piles of rocks. Try kicking over OP's pile.
those are slinging targets
Helloooo reddit
File: cairne curse.jpg (223 KB, 960x540)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
where is this and what the fuck is going on in this image
is this in norway?

>Texas is fla-
273 replies and 77 images omitted. Click here to view.
You really are a sub 100 iq shitskin to I guess and cannot comprehend English. I literally wrote out the detailed answer to your exact question. Also the weather station for Fort Davis is at 4900 ft and 30N, Denver which you seem to think constitutes a "montane" environment is actually in the high plains, and only at 5200 ft and is just below 40N. The weather station on McDonald observatory is at 6800 ft and you can check yourself the *annual average high* for McDonald observatory at 6800 ft is *higher* than Denver at 5200 ft and 40N despite Denver having a 5F higher max avg *monthly* temp for the exact reasons I already explained in detail in plain English. And again Denver is not the standard for forested montane environments, it is literally the queen city of the plains.

>Why do you live in Arizona if you need your society to be completely white?
White society is a right society, non-whites do not make societies or civilization. Texas, california, and New Mexico are in the 30% non-hispanic white range, Arizona is the whitest border state by miles at 52.9% non-hispanic white and the transition zone region of Arizona is approximately 85-90% non-hispanic white with at least 500k inhabitants.
2nd half meant to >>2650778
10-15% of Arizona are Californians lol.
>annual average high* for McDonald observatory at 6800 ft is *higher* than Denver at 5200 ft and 40N despite Denver having a 5F higher max avg *monthly* temp
I wrote at least three posts specifically about the warmest month average, not the annual average or winter averages. Your reading comprehension is terrible, you're probably an ESL
File: IMG_0286.jpg (1.62 MB, 3072x3072)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB JPG
Lmk when your Arizonan white civilization of Californians can build something more beautiful and enduring than what the non-whites built there. also you’re confusing two separate posters for the same person, also going to echo the other guy in saying that you have terrible reading comprehension and are probably an esl 2nd gen Latino that thinks he’s white and has a chip on his shoulder about it. And lastly you still haven’t proven that West Texas is inferior or that Texas is flat so try again.

File: IMG_4000.jpg (1.39 MB, 4864x3648)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
Previous thread >>2607048

Anyone know which Bolete this is? Tennessee
281 replies and 117 images omitted. Click here to view.
death caps?
lacrymaria lacrymabunda
Yeah, looks like ink cap to me.
Did you mean Deadly Galerina? It looks nothing like Amanita Phalloides. But it't not galerina either. Looks like the spores are black. Galerina prints brown.and the shape and location are all wrong.
File: 20230929_122420.jpg (792 KB, 1360x2419)
792 KB
792 KB JPG
I had no idea fungoy generals were a thing on/out/, will probably dump a shit ton of finds when a new thread starts

File deleted.
I've been playing around with the thought of going homeless to save on rent for a couple of months now at this point.
If I continue to pay rent I will not build any significant wealth, currently im living hand to mouth without any significant savings.
I already figured the following things out AND did field trials to test them out:
> minimum equipment/clothes required on me
> places to wash clothes/shower
> ways to eat cheaply without cooking
> self storage solutions
> stealth sleeping locations
> what to do during daytime
It all basically boils down on where and how to spend your nights, and that's where I need advice:
> I am not allowed a tent in my cucked country, I am allowed to sleep outside without a tent tho
> I need to sleep away from people since this decreases the chance of getting mugged at night
I already slept a few nights this way and it worked decently, the only issues were:
> you cool down a lot at night without a tent even during summer
> staying undercover with tons of sleeping equipment

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
43 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
>until we make housing a human right?
Isn't it one already?

>So cheap and autistic
He's German, anon, they just are like that.
This anon speaks the sad truth.

The solution is to make more money. Get your homeless solution with a van down pat then start applying for jobs you only almost qualify for, sometimes its bs and they train you in.
>The solution is to make more money
The paths to personal freedom are to drop out of the bottom of the system or to buy your way out of the top of the system. Most of the middle ground is drudgery and compromise.
File: Kitchen_Funnel.jpg (118 KB, 1587x1584)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
plan on going homeless too. I will use pic related to collect rainwater in bottles for drinking. What are the chances of getting sick?
Dont live in G-rmany

File: retard.jpg (69 KB, 1000x1000)
69 KB
>be in a big outdoorsy group in college
>on a camping trip in a national park with several other foids and normies in the group
>the squirrels are clearly affected by the year round human presence in the campground
>they all rely on scavenging food and are very bold/stupid
>on the first day one particular squirrel with a stump for a tail keeps annoying us
>call him retard lol
>won't run away unless you throw something at him
>night falls and the fucking thing is running around between the tent floor and the ground and scratching the canvas
>next day everyones blood is boiling
>everyone starts talking about killing him and eating him
>create a crude trap out of some netting and string, put some bread in the net
>sure enough retard takes the bait and gets stuck
>i grab the net with him in it and bring it to the table
>pull out my buck 110 auto and stab him on the top of the neck

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
78 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
thanks anon that gave me a chuckle

A bunch of dudes where out camping with chicks, trying to get laid as normal young dudes like to do.

Nothing dries pussy up faster than seeing an animal stabbed to death.

What you did was essentially a gory form of cock blocking.
Killing it and cleaning it away from camp, feeding them your "famous chicken stew," then having a big reveal would have been hilarious
>one of the guys pulls me aside
>"i think the girls would feel more comfortable if you left"
What a chad, protecting the girls from an autistic squirrel-murderer.
He got some pussy for sure.
File: 07147271932.jpg (59 KB, 200x200)
59 KB
>califagia, washitington, whOregon, jew york, jew jersey,...jew England at all anywhere.. a mass hole, colofagdo, new spicxico, niggeasota, a nigger, troon, spic, taco nigger

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