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File: shopping.jpg (13 KB, 450x225)
13 KB
These are like 9 bucks and they are made of a cotton-polyster blend, they sleep so much better than those nylon hammocks. Could they effectively be used for the outdoors/camping?
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Not nicholas green outdoors approves
They are heavy. Not a big deal when car camping thought.
I have an uquilt. I'm not looking to just make another uquilt, I want one that actively beats out my previous one. 860FP down for a really good one will be about £150. I can't find any sleeping bags with that quality of down on sale right now.
Just buy the dechatlon one for 10€
File: maxresdefault[1].jpg (288 KB, 1280x720)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
Anyone else put their hammock as high as possible? I try to go at least 25 feet up to avoid bears.

File: switchfag.jpg (87 KB, 767x767)
87 KB
pistecucks and brokebackcountry fags welcome
for discussing skiing and snowboarding in all their forms
Went out for the last two days and got some nice turns in, really making some progress with my technique
Best experience in the last few /out/ings?
I finally got good enough at my tele switch to show off under the lift
>that feel when zoomers cheer you on from the lift
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Hey guys, I live in Harford County MD and I'd like to go snowboarding this year. I've never snowboarded before but I'm relatively athletic and I have skied when I was very young.

What is a good place to go that's close? I was thinking roundtop in PA but I don't know if they let people rent boards and boots.
Also, is snowboarding hard to learn? I'd like to go for a weekend, I don't intend to be able to snowboard very well after but I'd like to know if I'll be able to snowboard at all!
You should at least be able to falling leaf your way around most of the mountain your first time snowboarding
You could look into Ski Liberty. Lots of MD folks drive up there to ski and they would rent.
I think I'll go roundtop if they have snowboards to rent, it's a tad bit closer

File: snow.png (254 KB, 785x572)
254 KB
254 KB PNG
How do you get dry firewood when it is snowing?
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burn a thousand spurdos for fuel
>he doesn't punch hard enough to cause flames appear on his fists
>Frequently victims end up in wells head first,

I can see someone walking near the tree and sliding (or the snow collapsing) into the hole.
But head first? WTF?
Are you daft?
Idk firelette why dont just buy prepagaged jew wood if you need everything to be bone dry. Stumps are an easily spotable source in winter and they burn easy

File: retard mountains.jpg (796 KB, 5173x1301)
796 KB
796 KB JPG
Hey /out/, what mountains are these; It's for a gay test.
the fagglehorns, you'd love it there
File: YOU_ZONE.jpg (16 KB, 400x289)
16 KB
>trying to use 4chan to cheat on a test
you don't get to malign anyone else's mental abilities son.

File: s-l1600 (2).jpg (184 KB, 1200x1600)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
I've recently started snowboarding.

My issue is that I want a snowboard with porn on it but Burton Love boards seem to be hard to find. Guys on eBay think they're literal gold and they want like 2k per board even during corona which is ridiculous.

They should start making more sexy boards. I hate how every board looks the same. I can't tell any difference in their handling so all I want is graphics.
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Now imagine those anime skis, but with a dynafit binding and not at same gay ass Japanese resort, but on some remote peak you just skinned up!
Fuark, my next skis will be coomer skis.
>For example I do all my scratch fillings with neon colors, so the bottom of my skis get some new random neon color pattern added to the black bottom every time a rock hits me bad. A lot of people hate it, but it cost like $5 more for colors over black as the rest of the repairs had to be done anyway and now nobody mistakes my skis as theirs anymore. Now the bottom of my skis look like a Neon Pollock.
That’s dope! Gonna steal that idea.
>2.B. go pay a wrap company that doesn't ask legal questions to print your wrap and hope the cops don't catch you
That’s retarded! Pretty sure private use is legal to start with and no cop will bother with checkIng the licensing of your tiddie-board. At wirst, they just ask you to cover it up and go away.
Imagine being so cucked by 2020 feminism that you think that someone thinking something is bad means they are 'offended' by it
Ok that's based
The board in his OP isn't obscene.
You can't even see a nipple. Let alone some sort of spread eagle stuff. This is the softest of core porn. You see more at the beach than this. When I was a kid I would have thought this was super cool.

File: pocketrocket.jpg (173 KB, 1000x750)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
How does everyone cook while /out/? What sorta pots, stoves, and other equipment? Best /out/ foods?
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Valid. I do the same whenever I can find a good and credible warranty.
File: 1610098276061.jpg (80 KB, 479x486)
80 KB
I'm still a complete newfag to /out/, so I was hoping you could help me with something.
If I wanna go for a one night backpack trip, should I bring a stove and a pan to cook with? If so, what's the minimum amount of shit I need to bring?
Really depends on what you want to carry. If you want hot food the easiest is usually something you can cook with boiled water.

if you want to cook in a proper pan you can put cast iron right down on hot coals if you want to and are willing to carry cast iron.
It's literally the same a the anime's first season, except with 3DPDs.
It's awful CGDCT anime was never meant to be played by smug looking cunts
>If I wanna go for a one night backpack trip, should I bring a stove and a pan to cook with?
Do you plan on cooking?
Do you plan on cooking on an open fire?
Do you plan on cooking with a pan?
For all we know you might be planning on taking some food from home pre-cooked and a loaf of bread. Thus making any cooking utensils unnecessary.
I've done overnighters where I take a couple slices of roasted pork loin, some bread and that was dinner.
So, anon, think about what your plans are and what you need and take it.

File: out alignment chart.jpg (410 KB, 950x950)
410 KB
410 KB JPG
>you're not some car camping glamper, are you?
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Imagine them having a lesbian three way in the middle of the night around the fire, scissoring and eating each-others pussies
A LARPer, as tents are more functional than bivies and weight is an issue for anyone who actually hikes.
>muh urban wine aunts
Small sleeping bag, hammock, old hand-me-down bivy. Non-cookable food, Water, no fire. First aid kit, toothbrush, headlamp, batteries, book, Leatherman.
I'll usually bring a change of socks and a waterproof jacket for a short adventure. If it is a long one, I'll pack additional food and water, as well as clothing. If I'm hiking, I'll throw in a map and compass too. I don't like the idea of bringing more than the essentials (plus the book.) The essentials do change situationally, though.

File: 7PlPaTg.jpg (113 KB, 640x480)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
I need to leave the U.S for good. What countries have fertile and raw land, that a non citizen can buy for cheap? I am taking hold of my life.
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Only yuppies
Lived in Alberta for years. It's absolutely amazing, the mountains, the prairie, the forests, the badlands all great. Nice people, gun friendly, good jobs, anazing hunting opportunities and tons of public land. It can be expensive to live there though.
I own and ocean side hobby farm that I bought for next to nothing outside a cute little town in rural NS. I fucking hate this province and all the fat retards who live here.
You didn't spend time there before buying land? I guess what they say about fools and their money is true
Ur mother p****
this is the answer to saving the white race

File: 20210115_172603.jpg (1.77 MB, 2880x1776)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB JPG
can anyone recommend me a good tent I can just chuck up in the tray of my pickup? definitely a 4s tent, I wana use it to go fuck off innawoods when its pissing down rain or snow. I can even go as far as add mount points into the tray for the tent if needed as stakes wont work well.
tray is like 2 meter by 90cm or so or in burger 6.5 feet by like 3 feet
random pic i took this weekend as reference
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Maybe you should stop asking retard questions
Sleep on the ground like a normal /out/ist
its covered in snow/wet
I guess I can just bring some boards to lay down over the snow and put tent on that.
Ever heard of... a tarp?
those things that arent actually waterproof because theyre just cheap knitted plastic strands?

Are inflatable kayaks just a gimmick?

It's my birthday soon and I've always wanted to get out on the water, and wonder if I should pay the extra £ for the roofrack etc for a hardshell kayak or just get an inflatable kayak. I love the water, and unfortunetly can't afford a board and trailer. Just looking for the cheapest way to explore the local lochs(Scotland)
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sharp rocks are a thing
File: SE370K_P.jpg (34 KB, 900x325)
34 KB
they're fine one you get them in the water but shore conditions are critical
select sandy or smooth rounded stone areas to launch and land or if you can launch from a dock that's even better
they're pretty durable though for a balloon pic related has survived 2 years of puget sound barnacles
they are great I used to fish for mackerel off the coast of waymouth in mine, i just used to put a thick rubber door mat over the side so i didn't catch it with a hook, one thing i will say it you are floating one the top of the water and not cutting through the water like you would in a proper Kayak, so you do need to do more adjusting with your paddle
Dunno where you are in the UK but they come up on gumtree for next to nothing near me all the time. I got a £800 kayak for £120ish a few years back barely used came with paddles and life jackets and other stuff too.. maybe worth looking where you are. Boomers are always trying to cut their losses here, its how I ended up with a £2k road bike for £500 as well
>Are inflatable kayaks just a gimmick?
Nah they’re ok if you get a good one.
Scotland has a very active but mostly invisible whitewater crowd. Find them and you’ll find a cheap creek boat.
Alternatively you could call Pyranha and ask for a cheap 2nd.
Don’t make any Hansel & Gretel jokes.

i'm planning to do some long backpacking trips into the wilderness and my wife really wants me to get one of these personal locater beacons to be safe.

does anyone here use them? and what one do you have? they all look like they cost $300+ which is pretty far out of my budget but i suppose if it helps my wife sleep while i'm gone it's worth it.
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Beating up a mixed broadleaf mix planting. I actually can't remember how if got covered in poop if I'm honest.

You should get your eyes checked though, if you think those oranges match you might not be able to see the markings on the spots buttons to use it.

There was a forestry commission ranger here a few years back who suffered a fatal heart attack while he was out walking on his beat. I want to say it took something like three weeks to find his body. That was in Britain which this board regularly likes to say is just one big city with no /out/. I know you're probably poor and alone but I have family that would probably appreciate closure sooner than that. At least they might get to track my corpse faster than three weeks with one of these.
>locator beacon in britbongistan
oh boy am I lauffin
you're a retard

Be careful of your heart Anon. We don't want you getting too excited there.
>three weeks
no one wanted to pay the "reporting a cadaver without a license" fine.

File: img3208w.jpg (3.48 MB, 3072x2304)
3.48 MB
3.48 MB JPG
Knife General

All tangs allowed.
223 replies and 57 images omitted. Click here to view.
Show me where from an reputable website, every where I've seen are 130. Dont forget, there is taxes you start, which brings the knife up by 15.
Get the Victorinox.
You said $150. You already lost dildo breath
Of those two I would definitely go for the Victorinox for a keychain knife, but not the clipper one. You can use the scissors for your nails.
Look at the Victorinox Manager. It's got a wider tool set at about the same size.
Am I still aloud to call you guys retarded? If you don't think it's funny I'll stop. I stopped calling people niggers and faggots because people on this board get so upset lol

File: thehero.png (985 KB, 990x812)
985 KB
985 KB PNG
How much do I need to set myself back to get all the equipment I need for advanced outing? I just need whats sufficient, not over the top /out/ism
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File: tenor.gif (358 KB, 220x220)
358 KB
358 KB GIF
finopsaDGFOg youreasr aaskikgng tyou canttta st foororrd irt
this question is like asking "how much will it cost to visit my cousin?" when we have no idea if you are separated by a hallway or a continent, it lacks all the details necessary to make an assessment.
I want to buy enough gear so that I can show people that I'm an avid adventure man on tinder
>I want to buy enough gear so that I can show people that I'm an avid adventure man on grindr
heard a story about a guy who did the appalachian trail with walmart shoes he'd buy every so often and slept on the ground...his name was rabbit or something

so all you need are shoes

how useful are hardshell pants? i feel like i would get more wet by wearing them causing my balls to sweat heavily than not wearing them and getting wet from the rain.. so who wears them anyway? alpine climbers?
13 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Cheap hardshell pants (overtrousers) are awful because they lack the better features of high-end trousers.
A good pair with top material, braces and full, 2 way side zips, worn like you'd wear a normal pair of trousers are amazing.
Only time I wear them is during day-long rain storms. I had them while canoeing on the boundary waters and they were fantastic on the day with 40 mph wind and rain.
PNW here, I pretty much always take them. Id say it rains the majority of my backpacking trips, as I largely three season. I keep my rain gear on top, and use a pants/coat/ poncho combo for all day rain.
Even if you sweat in them you'll still be drier than in you're stuck in a good downpour. They make stopping un a storm an option too, as you dont need to keep moving to keep warm. They're also a must for any sort of bushwacking as wet plants can soak your legs in about 10 yards.

Also, if I can pontificate for a second, I think it's taken me until the last few years to shake the trauma of a few early-experience soaked-jeans-in-november trips. I was constantly battling getting wet, fearing those unending cold nights. I think a lot of us who got into it as kids and couldn't talk our way into /buy half decent gear have that mindset. It took a couple years of working outside to realize it's more about when you get wet than preventing it from ever happening. So long as I'm dry when I go to sleep, I'm happy the whole day through. Couple that with knowing I'll always warm up if I have a change of dry gear has made me less concerned. Now if it's just a squall I string up my tarp and take lunch whenever. If it rains longer than that, I make camp a few hours early and dry out the best I can before changing into my sleep clothes.
Also, dont hike in denim
Scottish winter mountains. Spindrift, wet ice, rain, atlantic winds. I own a pair of jotnarr skimo pants that are waterproof as fuck, insulated (basic level) that do everythinf but they were so expensive i only take them out for big ones.
what kind are you using now? I had my eye on the OR foray pants.

File: gweetrukythergegfhhj.jpg (534 KB, 1920x1080)
534 KB
534 KB JPG
I've been a huge fan of survivor ever since I was a kid and I've always wanted to a survivor type show but innawoods. My ultimate goal is just to create something cool and interesting and maybe from there it could become something more and something greater.
Right now I have the idea for 16 contestants who don't know each other, take them to a national forest and go camping for roughly a week. Preferably these people won't know each other well as it's a game about who you can trust, they will be divided into two teams and several times a day there will be tasks or challenges and the losing team has to vote off a teammate.
I'm just brainstorming right now so any ideas, whether they be challenges or inquiries to clarify, or just general advice would be great. It's a small thing with only a 1000 dollar prize and it's me and 2 camera men to shoot it all. I want to have a camera man for each team and then also do confessionals like survivor as well.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Right now I have the idea for 16 contestants who don't know each other, take them to a national forest and go camping for roughly a week. Preferably these people won't know each other well as it's a game about who you can trust, they will be divided into two teams and several times a day there will be tasks or challenges and the losing team has to vote off a teammate.
you mean like this?

similar to this except its like the survivor reality television show minus the survival aspect.
I've always been a huge fan of the show. I think something like this would be bitchin
theres a show on hulu where they just drop a bunch of bobos in the woods. last guy gets 500k

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