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File: 1663801394396.jpg (2.11 MB, 2528x1389)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB JPG
I was going to send my long weekend in the bush camping in my usual spot by the creek, but all the trees have been cut down. It has been turned into a graveyard. It's eerie.

Many of these trees were my friends.
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The amount of actual permanently protected land is far smaller than you suspect it is. Funny you say this when US urban expansion is probably going at a higher rate than anywhere other than the third world right now. These areas won't preserve the natural land being crawled over by suburbs.
I love that video
This land doesn't belong to you, it is own by the govermant, or a farmer, the state you are living in...etc...
They can do what ever they want, and you have to obey.
>Many of these trees were my friends.
This is a sad thought, it would be a shame if some machinery left there suddenly got destroyed.
File: 1607137272130.gif (1.83 MB, 240x266)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB GIF
>You don't have wilderness areas in the King's Playground?
We do though.

File: 1660573189257902.jpg (77 KB, 1280x650)
77 KB
What are some kino /out/ movies?
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File: 02.gif (3.52 MB, 527x320)
3.52 MB
3.52 MB GIF
One of my favourite films. As a morality play though the father is very much the one responsible for everything, starting with his arrogance to get the family bani-shed from the safety of Plimoth
fuck forgot about that one . everybody brought their fucking A game to that movie .


Hell or High Water

That mini series was comfy .
Not a movie but a documentary: Grizzly Man by Werner Herzog. It's a collection of footage left behind by Timothy Treadwell, this "activist" type who went to live around Grizzlies on summers in Alaska until he and his girlfriend got eaten. Eventually they found his camera, Herzog took a hold of the footage and made something phenomenal out of it. It's a really amazing movie.
It's useless to look for clips because all you will find if you look for "grizzly man" is MY REACTION TO AUDIO OF MAN'S FINAL MOMENTS EATEN BY BEAR!!!!1!! People laughing because the dude was kooky and "deserved it". People are fucking subhuman apes nowadays but whatever. Just watch it.
>trail staff
Nigga, animals make trails, trails need no staff.

File: Outdoor_Boys.jpg (253 KB, 1440x810)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
I'll go with Outdoor Boys. He looks like a total nerd but really pulls off some super cool shit. He's a great man and a loving father as well.
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I appreciate you, Anon
It is weird, but life can take you to strange places. I just hope he's doing well, since he motivated me to go /out/ more back in the day.
File: miranda so horny.png (409 KB, 600x602)
409 KB
409 KB PNG
>check thread
>my out youtubers havent been mentioned
dont need you faggots ruining them
Paul Kirtley is fantastic. I wouldn't call him a YouTuber, he's just a bushcraft instructor with great material that happens to be hosted on YouTube (which is how it should be). He has zero affiliations with anyone or anything, doesn't try to force the glamour lifestyle shit into bushcraft, none of that bullshit whatsoever. I ended up buying his book and it's great, I wish more people knew him.
I'm watching this series about his solo canoe trip down the Berens river and it's pretty amazing.

Would you take a permanent farm job? Agriculture related not cattle.
I like being outside all day but the job is really hard on your body and the it's barely above minimum wage.
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Us is very variable but everywhere has safety standards to some degree
Menial jobs that are hard should be paid by the result.. Pick 1000 fruit for 1 dollar each? In a day? Good on you, here it is. Shear 500 sheep? Heres 2 bucks each I hope you can shear another 500 tomorrow. And just maybe you will have the means and the knowledge to start your own
Cool. I still didn't ask.
I'm a farmhand on a beef and pork farm in the Delta. I came from the north and I'm a 130 pound manlet. You're a big fat pussy.
Neither did I ask you in >>2466472 retard.
Keep on responding "I didn't ask" like a moron, thinking you're so cool. There's NOTHING you can do to stop me from replying.

how many private property violations have you committed while wild camping?
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Ah I see. When I looked on Google maps most of the parts I saw in the western part was like farms interlaced with forest. I didn't look very long, but there's a lot less forest than I realized. I was mostly looking in the southwestern part, but yeah by like Buffalo or the Finger Lakes there ain't shit for forest.
>On the west side it's extremely rich farmland that's all high-priced, at least for my entire county.
God damn farming cartels buying all the land and raising prices...
The only places where you are legally allowed to go "camping" here are €30/day parking lots for vans, it's depressing. Obviously no fires, people play music, it's basically the same hive experience as always but with chemical toilets. I don't understand how normalfags are capable of enjoying this.
Bill Gates... he can't keep getting away with it...

File: WJQ-308.jpg (217 KB, 1500x1500)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
What shovels do you guys use when out camping? Do you guys carry fixed shovels or are folding shovels good enough for the job? For me personally, it's the Chinese WJQ-308 Military shovel. It has like 15 functions in one. Shovel, pick axe, chopping, saw, wire cutting, wire twister, can opener. What do you guys carry?

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Been thinking of buying leather service boots and I've seen some of your pics. Which ones are you wearing and would you recommend them?
is this some kind of bunker? reminds me of fighting positions i saw in normandy
I'm wearing dress boots kek. They're Loakes (model Wolf or Bedale), made in bongland. Easily the most expensive part of my otherwise relatively cheap kit, but very comfy, very high quality and obviously supremely
a e s t h e t i c
Decent shot of them here: >>2467541
If I were to buy leather boots again, I'd probably go with the Loake Hikers. They look easier to clean and maintain, have a bit of, but still minimal padding, and a much more grippy sole. If I wasn't so autistic about wearing natural leather colors, I'd go with some Scandi/Germanic/Swiss milsurp leather boots. There's a bunch of cheap, neat-looking and supposedly comfy and tough leather boots from those armies, but they're black. Much cheaper than handmade British dress boots too kek. There are plenty of perfectly decent more modern leather boots, but they tend to be chunkier and more padded, which I dislike.
The Atlantikwall stretched from the Pyrennees to the Arctic. I took the pup to a part of it in Jutland some years ago. German 1945 tourists still haven't picked up their litter...
File: AntiLiberalWall.jpg (3.87 MB, 2268x4032)
3.87 MB
3.87 MB JPG

This one is bviously for daytrips
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that but not electric but the van version uwu
i actually hope to own a 2cv one day
unimogs are based but thats gona be espensive to run
>this but for faggots
Yep, hence the conversion to an EV, can plug it in at work and no transmission headaches
Where in the world are you?
I've got a mate keeps threatening to sell a soft-top one of these. Ex army, just a transport vehicle, hasn't got armour and rollcage etc., just flappy canvas. Would be a fucking nightmare in winter, but I'm kind of thinking about it myself but not really if you know what I mean.
Pretty sure it's got some kind of modern V8 and a manual box in it, but I'm not 100% on that, I can't keep up with who's doing what with their vehicles here.

A place to talk about climbing in any aspect (trad, sport, bouldering, aid, alpine, etc).

Rock Climbing is a dangerous sport that can cause loss of life, limb, eyesight, or sanity.

Off-belay: >>2408616

Shawn Raboutou sends V17: https://youtu.be/Rx6GPpO37C4
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Geological time is all the time anon. That looks like stones held together with dirt.
Going bouldering at the beach tomorrow, should be fun.
Doing some sport routes tomorrow with a friend who has only climbed in a gym...this'll be fun
cool. I always enjoy bringing people outside for the first time. I hope your friend is stoked.

#454-“Not a Fish” Edition

Previous Thread:

janny pls…

Thinking about picking up a new hobby? Want to get a memecaster? Haven't mastered the Palomar knot? Click here!

New Bong Fishin Guide

First for best telescopic rod is the one you exchanged for a 3pc.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>have access to a private pond stocked with bluegill, channel cat, and LMB
>strictly catch and release
>want to target the bigger catfish so try a sinker at the end of the line with a hook like pic rel about a foot up from the sinker and cast it out to where I think is the deepest part
>I specifically use the hook because I was thinking it's like a circle hook and therefore should only hook in the mouth because of where the hook points
>get a catfish pretty quickly
>it swallowed the hook
>spend a couple minutes with the pliers and finally get the hook out
>about an hour later see the fish is dead, floating near me
Any tips for catch and release only fishing to prevent needlessly killing fish that can't be kept?
clearly you've never thrown underweigted big streamers, especially in wind conditions
>he's worried about cosmetics
That's an ewg bass hook that's for rigging rubber lures so they're weedless and it does nothing like q circle hook. Go buy circle hooks.
Thank you
File: casting_bible.png (3.62 MB, 1500x2000)
3.62 MB
3.62 MB PNG
>Look up weight balancing flies for better casting
>clearly you've never thrown underweigted big streamers
Y'all are absolutely right, I don't throw bit streamers and I need to stop nightposting. It's okay, I got out my bible to re-read this chapter, which I now remember reading a couple years ago....

File: 1646507031751.jpg (89 KB, 657x657)
89 KB
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got trench foot from my feet being too wet for too long while hiking in the mountains. got sunpoisoning when swimming near the white sand beaches in the gulf. Met a giant jelly fish like 10 feet wide out in the pacific that i some how fished up while kayaking for bottom fish. Accidently walked through a field of stinging nettles, got covered by venomous mountain caterpillers and discovered a grave with my own name on it in the middle of the woods dated to the 1800s. Started freaking out and began to make contengincy plans for any possible time travel isekai mishap while /out/. But the absolute worst thing I ever encountered was a couple of normies having sex on a cliff. It was a one way path and passing by them was akward as fuck.
i hiked 12 miles one way in the olympic peninsula and drank all my water like 3 miles in and was fucked and i swear to god a mermaid gave me water when i made it to some random island.
i was severely dehydrated by that point so i’m pretty sure it was just a rock or a beaver that i thought was a sexy mermaid and i. just drank out of the river straight up.
but either way. i walked over 25 miles that day and it was fucking crazy.
my feet hurt so bad and i was in looney tune land but it was still sick as fuck
the PNW is the god land
You'll retire your knees by then that's for sure

>come on gents lets put a 100lb of shit on us and run a marathon
Yeah US is still a better put together army due just to pure money and residual effects of good foundations, but that's getting washed away. I don't necessarily believe the ruskies or ccp are improving, ccp is close to collapse itself but the US army will become just as shit as they are now by 2050s.
>Join an organization that is going to put you into a death spiral of dehydration just to test you

>one that will put you into close combat with other men and have you cut their guts out from their body and stab them until nothing moves anymore

>I don't like the shoes though

Who here is worm farming? I realised a standard backyard is not big enough for anything else.
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Ha ha lmao rent free. My dad would kick your dad's ass. I plan on just feeding them vegetable scraps, sheep and horse shit and when they breed moving to new bin and harvest the castings, how would you do it?
Probably feed them corn meal for a few days, then starve them for a few days before frying them up.
Have you actually eaten them? Do they taste any good? I'd like to try them but the way they smell is a big turn off for me.
Do you want to fight about it? We can walk down the back paddock and have a roll around in the hay if you wish. Yeah about the worms that sounds gay and weird and unneccesary.
Can we just stop talking about my cock for ONE SECOND PLOX?..

Hey ya'll,
I remembered this one time walking a couple hours before sunrise in Galicia, scary shit happened, I'll post under to not make this long.

Post your creepiest moments in the woods/outdoors.
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>crew spiked out in aspen Grove
>always hear stick banging against tree around bedtime or past 12am
>1-2-3-4 then banging would stop for the same amount of time
>1-2-3-4 then stop
>woke up with sleep paralysis
>tent wall is by my face
>I can move right side
>realize something big is outside my tent laying on me
>I'm pinned to the ground
>grab knife
>fall asleep as I wait for it to tear into me
>wake up and step outside to get on the floor
>everyone do the dinosaur
File: womenroom.jpg (1.2 MB, 1500x1125)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
women are fucking useless emotional wrecks.
Oh shit, what's up Ohio anons? Beaumont was 10/10 in Cubs.
>someone actually went through the effort to make this
>Now, why would this department go through the trouble to do this? What would bother the government enough to spend money on something like that?
Maybe human trafficking is involved in a significant portion of disappearances in the wilderness.

File: 1655522525243.jpg (37 KB, 500x375)
37 KB
How much do I have to spend to get started fishing?
>t. third worlder with no money
>a piece of line
>a hook
>some bait
>or make some trap out of literal sticks
>a flashlight and a spear

i guess you can't pull a boat out of your ass but you can definitely catch a feed..
You can probably get by with like 50 bucks total if you are willing to go second hand. There is a surprising amount of decent to good fishing gear on flea markets where people sell grandpas fishing stuff after his death and have no idea how much it's worth, nor do they care.
If you are in a third world country, this may be a bit different, as I would assume the poorer the people on average, the more likely they are to do research before selling used equipment.
What you need is: A rod, a reel (start with a spinning reel probably), some line (mono is probably fine as a beginner), hooks, bait, some leaders, swivels, swimmers and some weights. It depends on what and where you plan on fishing too. You can get by with some very cheap, borderline free / DIY spinners and bait, or expensive stuff.
Depending on local laws, you will need a licence/permit, a fishhook remover (I like to use a hemostat), knife and a tool to "stun" the fish, as well as a suitable net. Some jurastictions require you to carry a tool to keep the fish's mouth open while removing the hook as well.
Fishing isn't expensive, but it can quickly get expensive, if you want to.
I'd say for new shit, a begginers kit may cost you somewhere between 75-200 bucks (includes everything). You can maybe stay lower if you really try, but that'll be hard without sacrificing performance too much.
File: 1663068268264728.gif (881 KB, 450x253)
881 KB
881 KB GIF
You can, in actual fact, do as our ancestors did and tie line to a long (>10 ft.) stick (preferably tough and flexible, and tapering toward the the end), attach a line (can be woven/furled of animal or even human hair) to the end of the pole, tie a hook to the line, add bait, and actually catch fish.

Sometimes I fish in brush so thick that I have no choice but to hold my line in one hand and toss the fly/bait with the other, because waving even the shortest pole will instantly get tangled or caught. This is called hand fishing or fishing by hand.

The thing is, even though we've invented fancy gearboxes attached to spools and carbon-fiber rods, hand/pole fishing with just a line and a hook not only still work, but in some situations, work very well.

The most accomplished fly fishermen of all time, the shokuryoshi (commercial tenkara fishermen in Japan), were very poor but caught hundreds of trout per day with a long stick, horsehair, a branch with a net woven onto it to net the fish, and a woven basket (or a sharp Y-shaped stick) to collect their catches.

Being poor will not stop you from fishing. In fact, it's a traditionally poor activity.
People fished for 100,000 years with no money.
File: kingfish.jpg (48 KB, 450x253)
48 KB
Here's your money

File: handjob.jpg (727 KB, 1944x2592)
727 KB
727 KB JPG
What was the dumbest thing you did or the worst series of decisions you made while /out/? Any cool scars?

Recent one:
>be me, exactly 12 hours ago
>hot tenting in the mountains
>with an ax
>during a thunderstorm
>drop acid
>story ends as expected
>unable to process pain, but the red juice coming from my hand and visible bone tells me that this has escaped my wherewithal to deal with by myself.
>pull up all my shit in a bundle, haul ass off the mountain to car
>pile shit into car, drive 13 miles to nearest store with a landline
>fog rolls in: suddenly ghosts

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
23 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Decided to climb a mountain covered in snow and ice while wearing summer running shoes with tread worn smooth and without any crampons, hiking poles, or an ice ax. In retrospect I don't know why I decided it was a good idea. But it went surprisingly smoothly right up until I slipped and caught my full weight on one hand, causing my wrist to make a disconcerting POP noise. So I had to carefully slide down the rest of the way with one hand. It hurt like heck and bruised my whole forearm but somehow I avoided any long term damage. Beginners luck I guess?
>I was biking in Algeria
Any interesting stories from your trip? I've always been fascinated by the idea of biking in the Sahara

Ahh you'll be fine, ǵ̵̗ő̷̼ ̵͈͝ą̵̐l̶̡̏ỏ̴̦ṉ̴̈e̵̖̒, I wouldn't worry about it.
> Be me, 21 years old with no knowledge of high mountain, skiing or ice climbing.
> Hike up a mountain in Switzerland in summer.
> Big glacier on top, sees a man on the glacier, getting close to the top. The man was, as you know, adequately geared.
> I was not adequately geared, only hiking shoes.
> Decides to go to the top like said guy because it looks cool and I'm fit.
> Walkupwards.jpg
> Close to the top I look back because it's getting hard and steep. Put my foot in the air, drop it, start sliding on the side of the glacier, unable to stop.
> Realise the cracks near me could be deep holes, I slide and STILL CANNOT STOP!
> Fuck me.
> Manage, by sheer luck, to get out of the glacier.
> Realise how dumb and lucky I was. Decide to always get to know the place I will be moving in before I move in from now on.
No scar but I was lucky.
At least he's listened. Every time I've had a dude get close to heatstroke, getting dizzy and slurring his words, being generally unreasonable, they always insist that they're fine and don't want to let you help them. I'm like faggot I'm not carrying you back down the mountain, so you best listen or I'll leave you here and call the cops to find you when I get home.

of course, I probably would carry them down the mountain, but they don't need to know that.
I brought non-hiking friends on a long hike. I've never seen so many minor things go so incredibly wrong, but I should've known we were set for fail when one of the fags had packed a massive bluetoothspeaker, and not even a pocketknife.

File: FireStarting.jpg (274 KB, 1920x960)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Personally, I love using matches. Somehting about striking a match feels just right, or getting a fire going with just one.
Other than that i like to use vaseline coated cotton balls and the ferro rod that came with my knife
Any recommendations for buying ferrocerium rods in Europe? I get that they all are more or less the same.
Also, I need some way to insulate it, since I live near the sea.
Turns out the one I was eyeing at varusteleka is already the right one.
>why do you think the middle east is a desert?
They overfarmed and ended up salting their land
Probably because that piece of land used to be under an ocean in the distant past

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