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File: image.jpg (408 KB, 2400x1601)
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408 KB JPG
Hello /out/.
I live in New York City.
I hate this place. It smells like homeless people and failed tech startups.
I hate waking up everyday to a bright new 38° day, sunny enough to go out but cold enough to hate every minute of it, covered up by the tall buildings anyways, only to say "fuck it" and go back inside.
I hate everything about this garbage state not to mention the politics here, but this isn't /pol/ so I won't get into it.
I just want to go somewhere to feel natural beauty and wonder. I want to smell growing grass and feel alone and at peace.
I'm locked here for the forseeable future because my job and family is here.
I don't want to abandon my family but I need to get away from this place.
Is there anywhere I could go to feel at peace? Preferably in Brooklyn since my family is there and I drive there every day.
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honestly that doesnt sound like a bad idea.. thank you anon. i'll see what i can do.
just checked: upstate new york is like 4 hours from me by train. i think if i start at like 6am i can make it there
>I hate current situation
>It is in my power to change it
>I will not do so
Are you a woman?
Prospect park is a nice day to ride around on a bike/citibike

also hop on a metro north into the hudson valley, tones of hiking and cool shit to do out there
Just move away to a more rural area? What kind of retard writes this dumb shit? Actually, stay in your city you stupid faggot, and also kill yourself.

File: Meinertzhagen_1922.jpg (132 KB, 400x563)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
/out/ings with a Pipe
Old thread: >>2518501

This is a thread for enjoying a pipe while doing outdoor activities. If you ask why this belongs on /out/, you've never spent an evening by the campfire with a /pipe/ silently enjoying the nature around you, and you're missing out.

>how to get started
Purchase a Missouri Meerschaum Legend and a pouch of Half and Half or Captain Black tobacco, available at most smoke shops. You will need a lighter or match, and something to tamp it with--a large nail works well if you don't have a pipe tool. Fill the pipe with tobacco, pack it down halfway, top it off, pack it down to 3/4, top it off again, pack gently and enjoy. Smoke slower than you think you need to, the tobacco tastes best when it is burning cool. Tamp and re-light as needed. If you still have trouble, try different methods on YouTube until you find one that works for you.

>smoking a pipe will give you cancer
While any tobacco consumption comes with some risk, the cancer risks from occasional pipe use are pretty minimal. Educate yourself and make your own informed health decisions. Some info here https://aacrjournals.org/cancerpreventionresearch/article/10/12/704/46541/Association-between-Cigar-or-Pipe-Smoking-and

>muh weed
Not the time or place. Start your own thread

>Historical pipe enjoyer of the day: Richard Meinerzhagen. British African explorer, adventurer, spy, ornithologist, and infamous liar. One of the most interesting and colorful characters of his era.
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File: 20230309_121656.jpg (3.41 MB, 2524x2826)
3.41 MB
3.41 MB JPG
>we frown...
>we want
>our hyper-specific autism.
or maybe it's just you and nobody else really cares because this is a Mongolian pickle brine forum and it's not that serious
>maybe it's just you and nobody else really cares
Someone's new to /pipe/. Lurk moar, faggot.

At least you're an annoying faggot who goes /out/. Where's that?
i see. thanks for the insightful explanation.
how do i pick a good stem? all i know is that it's not supposed to be half-bent.
File: churchwarden.jpg (44 KB, 600x521)
44 KB
>how do i pick a good stem? all i know is that it's not supposed to be half-bent.
I think your best option would be going to a pipe shop and asking a cashier for advice and trying out several stems that they have available. If it was a modern pipe and you knew what model it was, then I'd recommend online shopping, but in this case getting a nice fit will be a bit problematic.
It's fine if it's really hard to put a new stem in (it's normal having to sand them down a bit), but anything loose will make smoking impossible. At the same time you don't want to be forced to sand it down a lot - thinner walls are more fragile and could get damaged while you're separating it from the bowl for cleaning.

I recommend that you go with a classic black, straight stem. I guess you could also turn it into a churchwarden if you want to (that's what you call those long, Gandalf-like pipes, pic related).

I'm not sure from your photo, but maybe getting a stem wide enough for filters is an option. If not, it's not a big deal. But if you do have that option, then I recommend you take it. I'm using 9mm carbon filters in my pipes: it's makes smoke a bit more mellow, with less "bite" to it and I feel that it's less unhealthy. If later you'll decide that filters aren't for you, then you don't have to put them in for smoking.
bacon is hardly a meal, at least that's what I'm assuming you're talking about as far as smoking and eating. Besides, I was curious if anything gave the meat a "smoke cured" aftertaste, that's all.

I guess I'm the opposite of you when it comes to whiskey. I like the spicy stuff. I hate sweet with my alcohol.

File: 1672684479854.webm (2.41 MB, 480x1014)
2.41 MB
2.41 MB WEBM
I've recently become divorces and homeless.

What are some good necessities that I should take with me into the woods?

I'm already ordering a titanium cookset and have tent and hiking backpack.

Since October, I have spent pretty much everyday outside.
I enjoy grooming nature by cutting dead branches.

I've also constructed lean to shelters for fun and for the experience...so tent is not entirely needed.

I/we have a discord (from /fit/ mostly).
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Ignore the haters. I'm divorced and homeless too, so I'll give you the low down on what necessities you'll need. First of all you don't need a cookset, tent, or backpack of any kind so just return that shit and get your money back. Second, being divorced and homeless is all about attitude. I like to say I'll bring my toothbrush and an attitude. It gets the point across nicely and is a good mental exercise. Practice saying it aloud in front of a mirror. Attitude is truly the only thing you need. And a toothbrush. But what kind of attitude? Well, I've read a few good books about attitude and I've distilled the knowledge into an essence called "nightcrawler". You know how nightcrawlers only surface on rainy nights? That's your goal: to tunnel into the earth and only come out on nice drizzly nights to eat decomposing vegetation. After chewing a mouthful of moldy leaves and dead grass, wash it down with refreshing rainwater. Be sure to brush your teeth afterward. Before dawn, squirm back down your hole. Hope this helps, let me know how it goes.
File: Pikkka.jpg (1.12 MB, 1080x1920)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
The one eyed is king among the blind
This nigga dumped silver in his woods and behind his house and that's why he's walking around tearing up trees with scrap metal. Gonna learn from your mistakes and stay away from meth cheers OP
Don't forget to brush your teeth.
File: Photoshop.jpg (77 KB, 831x960)
77 KB
>The one eyed is king among the blind
Could you possibly have fucked this up any harder? It's like someone gave a chimpanzee a speech to read. Non-ebonics version:
>In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
1 eye man rules the blind
What is a reference or paraphrasing? Did you want me to Google it exactly and break it up into nice green text arrows so you could post onto reddit? >

File: RequiredGear.jpg (108 KB, 1058x790)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Does anyone use an Inreach? are the subscriptions worth it? Tell me about the times you have gotten lost anon.
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>Anyone who points out that cellphones have shit battery life (especially in cold weather), inferior out of network GPS performance and aren't rugged at all is a troll
Indeed. We got a big brain here.
>tell a lie about
you already proved yourself wrong kiddo, try again

No this thread is shit and in rolling in it

>points out that cellphones have shit battery life (especially in cold weather)
What is a pocket, what are settings, what are battery packs. Did you think posting some faggots study where he used the factory "battery saver mode" proved you right? Lmao even.

>inferior out of network GPS performance
We already had this discussion retard, its called an antenna.

>rugged at all is a troll

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Stop responding to the troll
No! I dont wanna!
Truly pathetic.
>Calling me out for lying is trolling: REEEE
fucking absolutly priceless. Look at how vapid your "argument" is...truly amazing..lamo

Here is my FAVORITE question you're incapable of answering: where do you out? lmao
>Being smarter than an 80IQ celltard is trolling
Absolutely reddlt.

Here is why you're lying about out of network GPS (shocking I know, people actually researched it and shokingly you're obviously lying):

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: IMG_20230127_124459.jpg (3.73 MB, 4000x3000)
3.73 MB
3.73 MB JPG
What's a good rope to get? Cant say i ever feel like i need one when i have paracord for my tarp but i got told ropes are handy
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Pretty sure it means to insert an end into the rope. Watch the video 5 posts above.
There are better options out there. When I was passing by Ostersund 6 years ago I visited Bo from Hilleberg and he showed me the tent factory and explained the materials.

The arctic tents use 3mm braided lines of polyester strands mixed with LCP strands (similar to dyneema in feel)

If it doesn't have to be absolutely storm proof or winter usable (with gloves), 2mm braided polyester is great and perfectly sufficient.

I would never use pure dyneema for out stuff because the line is too slippery and stiff. Even the strands unravel in the middle of the line sometimes.
yay my 1.3mm dyneema cord arrived, its very slippery though so for a tautline hitch i have to wrap the rope multiple times around itself but it works well for bowline knots
sorry its dyneema with a polyester cover not just pure dyneema :)
I think that's called "docking"

thoughts on the cottagecore aesthetic and lifestyle?

do you think its just a further romanticist idealisation of rural society?
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>the DARK pisswave AETHETIC AESTHETICcore SHARTcore aethetic is so AETHETIC
They're not idealizing rural living, they're idealizing a past that never happened. Every identity is a costume. See women who put on a black wig and call themselves goth, see guys buying a knife and pretending to be survivorman, see anyone who likes the escape part of sound of music calling themselves cottagecore.
Everything is an image to these people, nothing is real. There is no interest in luddism, its just another packaged "aesthetic" to be readily consumed by a bunch of idiots.
>There is no interest in luddism

This is very very true, among both sexes desu but especially among women. I live in a village of about 30 people, almost none are women and those that are are over 80 years old. Women like their comfort and convenience and will escape to cities at first opportunity and men will follow to satisfy their needs, it's simp-le as that and nothing will stop neither fourth industrial revolution nor the fifth etc. City is the true female escape fantasy, like in that song Self-control.
Depends if you have people putting the effort in or just trying to pave things for their own convenience. Want a good example of what I mean? Look at bonsai. Growing up, I always thought bonsai was an art of ultimate patience that is designed to foster meditation, contemplation, and decisiveness. Know what modern bonsai is? People going out, chopping up stumps, and fucking with them so they look like those 100+ year old trees.
I'll teach escaping cityfolk anything I know freely if they venture to ask.

Hey /out/. What would you recommend for a good pair of combat boots?
I heard that Govt issue boots are horrible though.
>what do you plan on using them for?
Well I live in the south- on a farm, so farm stuff. Like mud, dirt, and feces and such.
53 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
anything from rocky sucks ass.
I'd actually go for outdoor boots the kind of thing hikers or cowboys wear, they're designed tough. Army boots are generally good but keep in mind the government US or otherwise is buying on volume so does compromise quality.
Just beware of some of the suplus shops too. I live in NZ and one of the army surplus sellers has been doing the shady by importing Chinese crap and calling it "Army gear" in tiny print it say "replica or army style".
Totally shady practice so watch out for that.

If your budgets not tight I'd seriously suggest going to a outdoor shop somewhere near a mountain or big outdoor area. People who actually use their outdoor gear tend to get very pissed off when it doesn't work.
City dwellers are 80% larpers or holiday "hikers".
Do not. I know it's really cheap but it's actual garbage. Go buy jungle boots from McRae if you actually want good jungle boots. Just understand that jungle boots are an old fashioned design from the 70's. Modern combat boots are more comfortable for sure. I recommend getting inserts for jungle boots like Superfeet or something similar if you plan on running them. Otherwise you will wear out your knees.
retard i posted his channel because he cuts boots in half and shows how $50 boots are just dressed up garbage sneakers.
he reviews work boots and his channel is centered around workwear. i never said its a good channel for hiking boot reviews. he's only ever cut one in half.
cutting a cheap boot in half is simply a good way to demonstrate why a cheap boot is that cheap. not my choice which basedjak has the only youtube channel doing it. for the record he didn't know shit about leather in his early videos and had to retroactively actually learn what he's talking about, the guy is a retard. i posted the channel for the video footage of boot cut in half not the basedjack bargain bin mrbeast nigger.
the raw materials of a real boot are higher than $50, let alone labor, let alone marketing, markup, logistics, and running a business on top of that. so making one is impossible.
p simple concept to grasp retard.
here's an example of what i'm talking about.
this sneaker manufacturer discloses what the material costs are on all the shoes they sell:
click 'fair pricing breakdown'
it costs like $110 to make and sell a basic leather cupsole sneaker without cutting corners.
then keep in mind hiking boots use way more materials, need way more expensive outsoles often with specialty compounds which wind up being $30+ a unit on their own and its pretty obvious why a $50 boot is going to be a piece of shit imitation.

File: FXzGVyfUsAEM9f-.jpg (75 KB, 465x592)
75 KB
How do I catch trout? I've been fishing for two weeks now in places where people have caught trout like pic related but I have no luck at all. What bait should I be using?
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you'll never go back, they swallow it every time, guaranteedhook set. Don't use shrimp unless you're gonna eat it, the hook always gets way down their throat they're so crazy for it.

Arkansas secret welcome.boys
If they're stocked use powerbait or something similar.
>If they're stocked use powerbait or something similar.

Chum with a couple handfulls of fish pellets, then use sweet corn.

I've also caught a lot of stocker rainbows on a simple small bailtholder with a redworm under a bobber.
>sounds like cope

File: 87654865864878.jpg (106 KB, 758x600)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
What's the easiest way to die while being /out/?
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basic needs for survival
1) AIR, thus drowning and allergies closing off your throat valve/lungs
2) Water, dehydration, bleeding out, and generally not having enough water will cause you to be a blabbering/quiet death in most cases. Also drinking most water sources without filtering/boiling will lead to massive amounts of Diarrhea, a major killer in third-world countries and places with shit water.
3) Food, but most Americans are fat-asses that could naturally survive for weeks, sometimes Months without food. Also most people don't know what is safe to eat(mushrooms are crap for nutrition and return on investment), berries are often VERY POISONOUS, same for several kinds of leaves and roots. Most don't know how to kill, bleed, skin and process their own meats(half of hunters included here) And fish are becoming more and more stocked by the respective states that have area's to fish in just to meet demand.
4) SHELTER, this one can jump up to the second place. In extreme heat or extreme cold(water/wind/sleet/snow). This is more important than a fucking fire. But everyone thinks that a fire is the one solution to all their woe's, and end up burning themselves and everyone else's homes to ash in dry regions.
Someone doesn't dress for the weather, goes to a hiking trail/camp area, gets lost or spooked/chased/drug bender. Doesn't have a sweater/windbreaker and starts freezing. Drifts off to sleep. Passes. Desert climates tends to catch those who live in them off guard way too frequently. Go and its over a hundred during the day. Only have a tanktop/swimming trunks and t-shirt on. Get lost, fart around, turns to night. Desert turns cold FAST. Sweaty clothes chill them, they shiver, dehydrate. Die. People go to ski-slope, ski off trail. Get lost. No reception because most mountains block all signals. Sun goes down. GET VERY COLD. Didn't pack a blanket/wind barrier. Freeze.
Major injuries, usually from falling/slipping, jumping over shit for shits/tiktok.
>Americans are fat-asses that could naturally survive for weeks, sometimes Months without food.
Truly the most powerful race. When then world supply lines collapse and food is gone, Americans will rise from the ashes months later into a new golden American age.
exposure, heat or cold is easily number 1. then injury including from a slip or fall. i'd think animals or just being a general idiot is number 3. plenty of people get drunk or high and then fall, drown, hit an artery with a blade, fight a bear, shoot them selves or whatever else.
Sasquatch probably
god i hate theorycrafters and teenagers
go outside nerd

File: 283429383.jpg (549 KB, 1613x1210)
549 KB
549 KB JPG
/qtddtot/ - Questions that don’t deserve their own thread

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File: 1665381631441.png (5 KB, 184x273)
5 KB
So a lot of outies say that Merino Wool socks are a godsend. I can buy that, but I have a problem with, well, buying them. Almost every pair of socks I haven seen in stores (if it matters, I'm looking in outdoor specialty stores, not Walmart or Costco) that are advertised as Merino Wool are actually some kind of blend.

A) Do 100% Merino Wool socks exist?
B) If they don't, what is the bare minimum percentage that is acceptable? I've seen socks with as little as 20% Merino Wool, and some as high as 82%.
you will never find 100% merino wool because any decent sock will have spandex and nylon to give a proper fit. 80% merino wool constitutes the entire body of the sock
ime merino on its own is pretty fragile, the blends have all the pros of merino while being much harder wearing.
you don't want a 100% merino wool sock it will fall apart in a matter of days.
the way they're constructed is basically a thin but strong nylon mesh sock almost like a fishnet, with the wool attached to it. nylon is very strong and good for this task. it also means if the wool part gets a "blowout" there's still nylon instead of a hole in the sock, so you can hike back home and replace it more comfortably.
if you buy a high quality pair and wear them down to the threads you'll see how they're made. if you're really curious i can take a pic of a worn through pair for you later when its light out.
>B) If they don't, what is the bare minimum percentage that is acceptable? I've seen socks with as little as 20% Merino Wool, and some as high as 82%.
this exact blend is by far the most durable hiking sock on the market. i've tried most of what's out there except some of the more exotic $80 a pair type stuff. and i'm an oldfag so i've worn them all through not just tried them out like some youtube fag reviewer.
>Materials: 59% Merino Wool 38% Nylon 3% Lycra Spandex
in my experience 80/20 socks have more like a 6 month to 1 year lifespan at the rate i hike.
the darn tough quarter weight hiker lasts me about 3-5 years per pair.
and the light weight ones with a higher merino % last more like 1-1.5 years tops.
they may last longer for you, i hike frequently. rough estimates.
the replacement program is also amazing if you live near a place that does it or thru hike.
the main reason i would ever consider or look into socks that aren't darn tough is because their socks aren't R L specific. socks that are shaped to your feet more can be a bit more comfortable. but the only brand i've found that does it, and has an equally good blend charges like $80 a pair because they have silver fibers in them or some gay shit i don't care about.
tl;dr the normie option is the best
word limit
imo the only two wool socks worth buying are darn tough quarter mids/crews and the costco hiking socks (ive only seen crew but an anon on here had mid ones, they exist i guess)
the costcos don't last very long but they're $4 a pair and extremely comfy in the winter

Any anons /homeless/ here?

Graduating uni soon and I'm thinking of living out of a 4runner for a little bit to save money while I work a full-time job (Taking as much OT as possible). Rents are just too high and RE is too expensive. Thinking of picking Washington as there is no income tax and COL is high, meaning wages must also be high. I could also kit out a trailer into a nice little office, which I can store in a storage unit during the week. Every weekend, I could take the trailer out and go innawoods.
151 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
>just be a part of my jewish society why do you faggots have to live without supporting banks and globohomo businesses!
I'll continue getting everything free while you wageslave. Thanks for the tax money!
100k is basically minimum wage in this economy. im married and our hose hold income is a bit over 200k total. we live in a 3 bed 2 bath, thankfully we bought it pre pandemic for 400k, today it's worth more like 800. 2 6 figure earners together couldn't buy a 3 bed 2 bath in a decent part of town today. sUsTaInAbL3.

i honestly don't know how a family of 4 making 100k is even surviving these days. been grocery shopping lately? 250 a week is normal if you're planning meals and eating cheap. add steaks once a week and that's another 60 bucks easily.
Where do you live that makes 100,000k not upper middle class?
lmao there's really still people in the world who think that being a wage slave cuck living in a concrete box being poisoned by smog and plastic in your blood sent off to work having your time and labor stolen by greedy corporations is 'functioning as a normal human being' and on top of that they gaslight and pressure people into thinking this servitude is a real and sustainable way to live hahahaha you people (mostly boomers) are so fucked in the head, beyond repair, have fun slaving away to pay off your concrete box.
Have you seen those little cages they put hens into in these dystopian factory farms? Now imagine they would make the hen pay for the privilege to be imprisoned there being forced to work. That's you in your house in the suburbs, boomer.
The United States.

File: mountain with dog.png (989 KB, 800x600)
989 KB
989 KB PNG
post your /out/ing from a recent trip.
82 replies and 54 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: PXL_20230318_231406335.jpg (3.95 MB, 4032x3024)
3.95 MB
3.95 MB JPG
File: nevada-tan.jpg (10 KB, 193x160)
10 KB
Real nice pics Nevadanon. Especially love >>2555132 those cozy little enclosed spots have always been my favorite. Man and with all this snow and rain, the smell of it this spring is gonna be something else.
Glad to see you out there anon

File: fire_lookout.jpg (177 KB, 1280x720)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
Has anyone ever worked a seasonal /out/ job? I'm a college student with nothing to do this summer and I'm looking summer jobs as something like a forest fire lookout. Has anyone ever done this kind of job before? Are they hard to get?
19 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Try not being a bitch
Have fun dude. What area?
Joined a fire handcrew the pay is shit but it’s fun!

Weed spraying for the county, forest service, or BLM.

College kid here too, been doing it for a few years and I love it. I get paid $17 and can have as much overtime as I'd ever want.
I have been looking at some shit (uk) but as far as I can tell every cunt wants to do it, and you are never alone. all the listings I see involve a handful of others with you in a small bothy. It might be remote but living in such close proximity with people that I'm not cumming in kinda completely defeats the point for me
I appreciate your post anon I laughed

How do I learn to hunt (I live in PA). I would like to go deer hunting and learn how to strip a deer. I assume I can just sign up for some weekend hunting trips with an instructor?
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
there is absolutely boar in america lmao, mostly in the south
That guy you responded to is a typical 4Chan know-it-all who actually knows nothing.

Feel bad for being retarded
>as long as you have half a brain
As long as you have a pulse. I know PA hunters who 100% should not be allowed out of their homes with anything sharp, yet every season they're in the woods with a firearm. But this is every state, so whatever.
that's not boar
feral swine =/= boar. you are retarded.

>wanna stop being a fucking loser staying in my room jerking off all day
>want to become a mountaineer
>live in NJ

fuck my life
59 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
I am never going to climb K2. That doesn't make my point any less true.

money don't grow on trees, gents
Save up and then move. Gtfo New Jersey if you're even remotely interested in /out/.
I climbed Mt Baker some time ago. It was pretty fun. I got some pussy after I posted the pictures on my social media, girls start dripping when they see you doing things like this. Unfortunately I have a bad back and can't get too deep into the sport.
You're still stuck here >>2551523

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