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Looking at cheaper alternatives to bass boats, and I'd like someone with experience to soothe my concerns before I make a decision. Namely, this is about simple aluminum hulls, with a simple motor on the back. Something like picrel. I just have questions. I'm afraid that with a flat john boat I'll get ravaged like a german schoolgirl by wind, but they seem to be cheap and readily available used. Also, can I even launch a boat like this (pic) from the beach?

Also, are these boats good for choppy and windy water? I know a basic aluminum hull should last decades, what should I look for when buying one used? Do I need to max out the power rating? What's the least expensive, but still reliable and safe option, since I'll also need gear, registration, etc. And insurance isn't required in my state, should I bother on something so small and simple? And boater education isnt required but is recommended, should I just do one of the free online prep classes?

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poopoo peepee
Go Back samefag
whatever that boat in the image is looks great.
I use a 4 meter tinny just like that in rough water, you just have to know what you're doing.
Way more convenient to tow, cheap to maintain and easy to user than a bass boat as well.
Can't have your mates on a yak though
I prefer sitting when I fish and relaxing, but I agree a small motorboat is better.
It needs a coat of paint, I can only imagine the sun blinding the fuck out of me.

Are any of you guys familiar with southwestern Sough Dakota? Going there in June with a couple friends, gonna do hiking and sightseeing and want to know some more about it.
Already planning to visit -
Badlands national park
Black hills national forest
Wind cave
Devils tower in WY
Black Hills Geological institute
Obligatory Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse memorial
Maybe the Little Bighorn Battlefield

>What other places should I have in mind?
>What do the locals know that I might not get from the internet?
Bonus points if you can tell me about Rapid City
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>Black Hills

Beautiful and peak /out/ country but watch out for the RV boomers & fatties from Mt Rushmore. Never camped there butI did drive through on my way to the Badlands.

Amazing and also really excruciating to hike. Did an off trail 20 mile loop in June a couple years back and there is no water, no sun protection, and waist high grass to wade through. So prepare to be hiking in pants, long sleeved shirts and boots in 90 degree heat if you do it in the summer like I did. Dont make the mistake for using trail runners here. You will pay the price of spending the next month pulling out grass burrs out of you shoes and socks, not even mentioning the 2 inch tall cacti that hide under the 30 inch tall grasses. Also make sure you are comfortable with scree sliding. The loop we did was 100% off trail and involved hiking into a ravine, following it about 6 miles out, bushwhacking into the next drainage, following it up to its end, and sliding down about 40 feet of scree at an 80% pitch. The hiking is marked by random scree terraced falloffs that drop off 20 feet before jutting back up just as quick (pic related). But it was one of the most memorable hikes of my life. Got to see buffalo rolling around in the grass like a dog on a hot summer day and some of the most unique hiking environment Ive ever seen in my life. Do not miss this, but try to pick a loop that will be off the beaten path. And get ready for the weirdest town in the entire world that is wall, sd.
OP here, anyone else on this board with helpful advice? Or is it time for this threat to fade away? Pic related.
Pay Carl in Hot Springs to give you a tour of the area.
If you’re driving in from the East the Corn Palace in Mitchell is a cool bit of roadside kitsch Americana.
>Carl in hot springs
>seems legit

File: maxresdefault-4.jpg (206 KB, 1280x720)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
I'm soon moving out of the suburbs to a more rural area on some land. From the limited research that I've done, it seems like being a small farmer for a living is pretty tough and doesn't yield a lot of cashflow. Does anyone have any ideas or advice of how to utilize the land for a main income source? I'm contemplating starting off with raising and selling duck eggs and really focus on growing that business, and then branch out eventually to pigs, maybe poultry, and crops that are in-demand in my area. But considering my lack of farm experience and not a ton of money to begin with, I do feel like the odds are greatly stacked against me.
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Im city slicker myself so i dont know anything. But im saving to buy some land too and plan to raise rabbits and jersey cows. Theyre easier to take care of and yield more money than chickens.
I lawled
There’s plenty of land available.

Btw overpopulation is pure undistilled retardity, at worse.
Oh yeah? Can you even imagine how fucked up your favorite outdoors areas will be when there are one billion americans? Can you fathom how disgusting and polluted any decent sized city will become? Can you even consider how fucked up the global environment and fish populations will be? I'm not talking about global warming, I'm talking about how much of the earth will be completely fucked after "unlimited" population. Holy fuck you people are retarded. Yeah, the earth doesn't have a carrying capacity for industrialized humans. It'll just get better and grow and grow forever! Yay!
I find it reassuring that all well-educated contries have a low enough birth rate that their population is declined when immigration is excluded. I don't think overpopulation will be a problem if we can get the world rich and educated enough to properly utilise modern contraception by 2100.

Hey /out/!

Noticed quite a few threads going around regarding sailing/boating and topics related, so thought I'd try my hand at a General Thread. If it goes well, we'll try to keep them going throughout the season.

I for one just upgraded from my Catalina 22 to this Cape Dory 25. The full keel and wider beam make for a more stable boat for my usual sailing which is Singlehanding on Lake Erie.

If anyone has any questions about sailing/boat ownership, boat equipment, maintenance, or anything else related to being on the water, I'll check the thread a couple times a day and answer as best I can.

And yes powerboats are welcome.
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where the FUCK do i buy a boat from? i've wanted one for fucking years now
Craigslist/local marina you faggot. Where else did you think boats would be? Sometimes you can go to summer camps who are willing to sell older john boats and the like.

Please don’t tell me you’re actually looking for a new boat....
>Craigslist/local marina
dead site where i live and there's not many of those around that're actually active
>don’t tell me you’re actually looking for a new boat
fuck that, i know that much at least

I mean beyond those two theres not a whole lot of reliable local options for used boats, so maybe look further away too? Buddy of mine got a crew job to take a sailboat all the way down the intercoastal waterway from MD to Florida where this guy was selling his boat to a couple in the bahamas, so if you can find any marina/yacht club/sail school/racing org in a navigable distance for your local spot you might just have to extend your search radius further. Cold calling any of those places isnt a bad idea either. Old boomer boat owners will talk anyone’s ear off and theres a good chance people at these orgs know at least one person who’s fed up with the constant maintenance and is looking to sell.

I was able to pick up my old sunfish because a relative of mine had a neighbor who had this thing sitting in her side yard for 5 years untouched until one day my old man and I went up to her door and offered to buy it. Shit like that works more than youd think if you’re comfortable enough doing it
this one is definetily comfy idk about the other one.

File: wild-edibles.jpg (419 KB, 1024x848)
419 KB
419 KB JPG
Foraging and medicinal plants
general discussion of wild plants,
115 replies and 24 images omitted. Click here to view.
Anyone want to trade foraging spots in Massachusetts? I have a chanterelle spot in central MA and an oyster spot on the cape down a long dirt road that no cop/ranger would ever go down. Can provide picture proof of both. Also know guaranteed clam spots on the cape but you'll have to pick at your own risk since they're public and require permits
looks like carrot, which tastes like that too. pull out the root and see
likely to be white root, not very thick

i don't know of any severely poisonous plants that look like this
anon do you know about poison hemlook?
Anon, I...
File: DSCF3268.jpg (3.36 MB, 3000x2250)
3.36 MB
3.36 MB JPG
the elderflowers are open lads. anyone else making sparkling wine?

File: ME.png (322 KB, 422x478)
322 KB
322 KB PNG
>west / central / northern Maine
What goes on here?
Does /out/ have much experience in this area?
I live in New England (NH) but have never really investigated. Is there anything especially of note? It seems sparse as fuck.
Any info, suggestions, recommendations, spooky tales, etc. welcome.
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What do you guys think of Bangor? I live in Buffalo and have been looking to get out of NYS because its about to get destroyed in taxes along w/ the horrible legislation being passed atm. Been looking at NH and ME although I have considered out west too for /out/ activities (not the SW though).
I was on bigelow on June 1st a couple years ago and it snowed on me.

This, and access to the St. Lawrence
Alaska doesn't have cacti
Is Bigelow Tea named after that mountain?

Looking for best hot weather and intense sunlight clothing for being in the sun for 10+ hours a day, namely in Phoenix AZ. I need long sleeves and pants because I've been getting burnt pretty gnarly over the past few days. And I can't constantly apply sunscreen to my arms.

It's mostly for out on the lake and hiking, and on the lake I'm beat down on with no options for shade other than clothing.
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How long do clothes from Walmart last?
Great in the subtropics if you want to stay dry in the late spring and early summer too, as long as it’s not excessively windy. They’re really great, and fill that gap for when it’s too hot for rain gear. And obviously they’re great for the sun too. Plus you can hide behind them when taking a shit. That pic looks like the one I use; the Euroscirm Liteflex, which is identical to the much older GoLite Chrome Dome.

Underrated for sure.
I was genuinely surprised how useful a good UL umbrella can be.

I mean you look like Mary Poppins going up a mountain but instant shade and shelter can't be beat. Even seen people combine bug nets with these to create a complete bug-free shroud.
Are you sliding down rocky crags and rolling around in briar patches?
>combine bug nets
Lints bug condom!

File: Jeep Girls.jpg (1.05 MB, 2847x4056)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB JPG
Karl and Gaby in Australia take their Jeep out into the outback but their vehicle got stuck in the sand and the guy was not smart enough to let out enough air from the ties to get them unstuck. Despite leaving a note with the hotel to call for help if they were not back in a couple days after waiting two days (while next to a shelter by their campground with 300 liters of water) they decided to out into the 40c (104F) heat carrying with them 17 liters of water and leaving 348 liters of water behind.

After 5 hours of walking in the heat they had finished half their water and Karl is too weak to make it so Gaby takes his boots and water then leaves him and continues onwards. Gaby was found dead 5 days later having collapsed after having walked past troughs of water for cattle and dams containing water.

Karl survived as he returned to their campsite and waited for the promised help to arrive. RIP Gaby Grossmueller. Pls don't bully I know this story is from 3 years ago. Link: http://monumentaustralia.org.au/themes/people/tragedy/display/111067-gabriele-caroline-grossmueller--
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File: 1590410874922.png (139 KB, 718x404)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
Maybe. Is it a man though?
If that's the only gear you really need, then you are a giant faggot.

>If anything comes up, I'll just call my mommy!
>The disappearing stick shift: Less than 3% of cars sold in the U.S. have manual transmissions
File: 1546642571267.jpg (61 KB, 528x522)
61 KB
nice work, detective
>carrying with them 17 liters of water
>After 5 hours of walking in the heat they had finished half their water
I don't know what it's like in the outback. But more than 4 litres each in five hours, when you know you have to conserve it? Isn't that kind of excessive?

For me it’s the lean-to
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can you realy be so retarded you think you bring the stump with you and not find one /out/?
It’s really great. I have a garage full of wood scraps from work so I never have to pay out the ass for wood bundles and I feel good cause it’d otherwise go in a dumpster.

And it does smell nice compared to the leaves all the rednecks around me burn.
Try watching the video referred to shitwit
yeah, it looks like one of those """art of manliness""" things
>Wonder who is this Chad Haag guy who is in the same box as Ellul and Schweitzer?
>look him up
>inspired by Varg, Linkola, and the like...okay, this is interesting
>continue looking


Everything else is a solid recommendation, though.

File: nPiJvsz.png (427 KB, 534x391)
427 KB
427 KB PNG
Spiders are bros.
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Le epic spiderbrorino! XD
Spiders always wait until I kayak into the middle of the lake before making a kamikaze run up my short’s leg.
Wholesome thread, lads.
I let the spiders stay on wall because I know they get rid of mosquitoes and all that much more annoying wildlife.
Use Newpipe, fag

File: 1590388903128.jpg (90 KB, 273x557)
90 KB
I've been hiking lately and started to get pain below my kneecap on the right hand side when descending. Do you guys have any input on this? Is my stride wrong or is there an imbalance somewhere?
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Tbh just try poles
I have the same exact thing but couldn't find shit to correct the problem since last year, thanks anons, /out/ always surprises me
I had to rest mine for quite some time, about a couple of months, while doing the exercises. It can flare back up if the relief some of the exercises provides causes you get too confident too soon. I also took relatively high doses of ibuprofen occasionally to reduce the inflammation and assist things going back into proper place. I could actually feel vibrations from my IT band rubbing when I laid down and worked my knee. It was very intense pain in Oct/Nov, was able to start doing casual exercise walks sometime in Dec, and by around Feb I felt pretty decently healed up but had occasional very light hints that made me fear. Since about late April haven't felt any hints and do daily exercise walks. Yours may be entirely different than all this, but perhaps it will give you some notion of what you *might* expect. Don't leave out the rest though, I'd read it simply could not heal without being kept from aggravating actions for a good period, and it proved true in my case (riding bicycle, for ex, felt fine while actually doing but fucked my shit up).
Definitely sounds like knee cancer

File: images (27).jpg (32 KB, 385x797)
32 KB
What /out/ jacket do you wear lads and ladettes?
73 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.
WIP is a fashion spin-off of Carhartt.

Some of their stuff is a bit more but I find they do better quality control than almost all other surplus stores, plus they have good customer service. I've returned things like boots using one of their pre-paid labels no questions asked. Places like Sportsmansguide or Keepshooting hardly ever respond to emails, even when they legit send the wrong gear or size. I'd say Swiss Link is the only place that is in the same customer service league.

At least KS, Swiss Link, and Varustekela have good sizing selections. Most other places it's garbage - S/M/L/XXXXXL
If they all have around the same fill then there's your answer. A lot of marketing copyright bullshit fill types but overall so long as you pick a reputable brand you'll be fine. Fill amount is a total preference and depends on your body-heat, break times, and activity levels. Best to go with a model you can try on and wear for a bit and return if needed.

FWIW the Patagonia and dead bird look the best from an aesthetic point of view.
uniqlo blocktech parka and UL down jacket as midlayer
File: SPR108_1000_1.jpg (78 KB, 1000x1000)
78 KB
cheap goretex paclite jacket, under that a fluffy fleece jacket and a thin wool shirt. Does the job for almost all situations, except very cold weather. Then it's a cotton anorak and one more fleece jacket.

happy reading my friend

File: last ned.jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
I have admited defeat, guys.

I've got a sleeping pad like pic related. Due to me having a rather wide nylon hammock, the narrow pad slips around and in sub zero temperatures it gets cold as fuck.

Anyone here know a good non-slip pad? I've looked at a Klymite one, but they're expensive as hell
33 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
im a hot sleeper anyway, pads are not a huge deal for me. only been cold in the winder once, but i was soaked and my cloths froze lol
File: 14_SynMat_9_LW.png (235 KB, 1058x598)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
I've had tons of different Pads, Exped is the way to go if you want to sleep comfortably, way better than Klymit or Thermarest. I own one of the thick and extra wide Synmat ones, packs small, inflates well, super comfortable.
Yeah I realized after I posted you were probably talking something other than car camping. I don't backpack here (Montana) in the winter, so I just go with a hammock for that.
What tent do you use with your cot? Curious to see the sizing since I would imagine a cot isn't super space friendly
Coleman Hooligan. Cot takes up most of it, but there's plenty of storage space under it and in the vestibule.

I need some sick and absurd images for masturbat... FOR MY PERSONAL USE

File: My_swiss_army_knife.jpg (627 KB, 2048x1536)
627 KB
627 KB JPG
what is the bare minimum combo of tools that a swiss army knife should have for it to be practical for (1) self-defense and (2) /out/door survival?
I would also appreciate your knowledge re longevity/endurance and authenticity of material
t. poorfag who wants to buy the cheapest but most efficient type
109 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 350-101.jpg (54 KB, 900x900)
54 KB
did someone forget to tell this faggot that knives are for 8th grade syndrome betas numales?
how useful even is the light on these? it'd probably be really weak
Good enough to find a keyhole in the dark or something dropped on your car floor.
Yeah all that’s standard is the Classic and Minichamp.

Alox Rambler would be the tits
yeah I really wish they made an ALOX version of the rambler or the (no longer made) vagabond instead
IMO minichamp kind of defeats the point of having a tiny keychain knife by including useless shit like a tiny ruler or what is apparently a "cuticle pusher"

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