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File: Les_Stroud.jpg (130 KB, 500x332)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
>keep track of your lemons
>stay dry
>keep an eye out for garbage, repurpose everything
you been hanging in there sc/out/s?
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I guess it depends on the situation.
He says be an active member of your own survival. If you know no help is coming then get out of there.
If you are a half mile from the AT and know you'll be reported missing in a day, being In one place isn't a terrible idea.
>Nightmare mode: rope and jerky
>Hang noose around tree limb
>Eat final meal of beef jerky
>Climb tree and jump off with noose around neck
>Insufficient height to snap neck
>Self-preservation instinct kicks in
>Frantically struggle to free myself from the noose
>Slowly start to suffocate
>Vision begins to fade
>The taste of teriyaki and dried beef lingers on my taste buds
>Struggling stops
>My consciousness dissolves into unbeing
File: 1600715921564.jpg (47 KB, 498x520)
47 KB
sounds like you need some twink bussy on ur cock bro to relive all that stress
>Know you geology, got basalt and quartz on the area. Can cut no probs.
>river mussels and clams exist.
>not the only method of making fire. Have some skill, better would be to use a lens, eyeglass, or water bottle.
>Salt does what to your body??? What about digesting protein? Wonder what's needed for that... hmmm???
>You can use thinner bark such as birch with minimal processing. Strip and boil then ready. Learned this trick from local tribe.
>hunters leave beer cans in woods all the time. If your close to water chances are humans have gone by. A gouge hook is made from wood retard. That's why I said a can tab OR a gouge hook.
>Its not a banana. The wild herb/weed. The chew and spit method also works with jewel weed for soothing mosquito bites.

File: fores.jpg (106 KB, 700x867)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
What is /out/'s favourite wood? i really like birch because of the bark, the nice smell when it burns and because of how pretty it is during summer
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Cedar, smells nice alive and burning, their pine needles burn quick and hot, keeps away some bugs.
Don't like birch sorry Anon, used to cut it down for a living and it always gave me the sniffles and stuff, absolutely hated it. I'm more of a willow guy because it looks nice and the big ones make cool branch houses.
Yew, makes the best chewsticks and tea. Try it out anons
I once read an account of a frontiersman who sold his life for a parcel of expensive "wooded land" is the southwest, sight unseen. His plan was to start a sawmill to build a cabin, then run the sawmill for profit. As you might expect, it was miles of mountain juniper. After years of trying and failing to anything with his lot, he sold it at a huge loss and was reported to call the trees "the only thing created by god which holds no earthly purpose".

File: knif mroa e with sheath.jpg (286 KB, 1600x770)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
basic bitch answer, mora companion
does not fall apart
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Compared to the Mora basic, which is the one that sells that cheap, yes, those expensive knives are amazing. Mora sandvik blades start at $50.
I find that funny how today's metals were once considered holy/special but today some of us seen stone/glass knives as something special though you gotta admit they look cool.
Anything can cut meat, getting jap with veg requires thin steel, I only carve wood with memesteels because I only carve seasoned hardwood. Some memes only microchip :ddddd

Not gonna comment on meteoric iron.

I've got the chisel version of that on my work belt. They hit the heat treat amazingly well for such a cheap knife; it's both hard and tough. I use it to bust through old nails and screws in wood that can't be pulled or drilled out easily.

All your points are spot on.
File: Mom's-Mesquite-Spoon.jpg (2.58 MB, 2322x4128)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB JPG
My fave fixed blade is the KOA cub bear in D2, I've modded mine to remove the ricasso, thin remove the secondary bevel and thinned it a bit to make it slice better. it's as good for food & game processing as it is whittling wood.

a spoon I made for my mom

File: trail survailence.jpg (83 KB, 730x487)
83 KB
I hate these trail / game cameras and want a way to detect them so I can either avoid them or delete my picture. I don't want to be caught pissing or shitting in the woods or picking my nose.

Does such a device exist? I guess the only way to detect them would be the infrared flash light, but that is only active at night I would think. I am able to make it myself, but rather not if I can buy it.
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You still have to know what band it’s transmitting on. Otherwise you’ll be scanning huge spectrum and might walk right by it and not see it because you’re in the wrong band at that moment

Take a pic of the next one you see and google the model so you know what freq it’s on. You’ll be able to locate any others in the area. People usually buy these like 6-10 at a time

>t. SDR fag
>implying vikings weren't commie shitbags
free game cams are all over the place just gotta learn to steal them.

U could trigger a remote game cam and ambush the landowner.
I mean you could trigger the camera with phone uploads wait for the landowner, ambush the landowner.

Lots of optimions
If the government has your DNA or the DNA of a brother, cousin, family member, etc. they could DNA test the feces and catch you
Use dogshit instead

The weather has cooled off and I’m at home with some kind of weird as respiratory infection.

Post pics and tell others why their stove is gay and yours is better.

My setup:
-fancy feast stove
-Imusa 12cm 1.25 quart (~1200ml) mug
-Batchstovez kid
-aluminum can wind screen
-repurposed plastic fuel bottle (I think it was hoisin sauce)
-mini bic (InB4 retarded fedora meme)
-fiberglass rope on the stove for priming and on the handle for insulation
-large can lid on the stove for added stability
>every thread has to be a general now
why though? why cna't you just make a stove discussion thread?

are you new here?
Thanks for the contribution
Get an ozone generator, it'll sterilize your lungs and break down carcinogens if you're a smoker.

File: blackbearsmatter.png (925 KB, 1141x633)
925 KB
925 KB PNG

Visitors reported finding the head and pelt of a black bear Saturday draped over the parkway entrance sign near the Highway 321 intersection in Walland, Tennessee.

Along with the dead bear, there was a handwritten cardboard sign attached to the entrance sign that read ‘from here to the lake black lives don’t matter,’” a release from the Park Service said.

"The skull was still in it and there was still fluid dripping off the backside of the skin," he said, adding that he'd seen tanned hides of black bears and can tell the difference.

Park officials have not released any additional details on the bear. Hunting bears is illegal in the national park but it is legal in other parts of Tennessee, with certain restrictions. Bear season doesn't begin until Sept. 26.

Transporting animals killed elsewhere requires special permission from park officials, according to parks spokeswoman Dana Soehn.
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i opened some of the links and they were gay as hell desu, basically some guy making shit up and supporting it using arbitrary math
>latin thats just confusing
Only if you are slow of mind.

>and offers no benefit.
The latin name is unambiguous. The common name can be specific to a time and place, but the latin name uniquely defines the species. For example, daddy long legs could be a bug, a spider or a plant. Or the bird called robin in NA, which is a completely different species from the European robin it was named after.
It's your classic "let me cherry pick my data to support my beliefs" that the right are so fond of.
Scientific names serve as a shared language for species as the same species can have regional common names that are wildly different or certain regions will have the same common name for completely different species. It's unambiguous.

Fuck niggers and fuck jannies

Last thread reached image limit

Previous >>1879224
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imagine being this guy
giant haha falls is nice if you're in the mountains
trailhead? she's less than 10m from the hotel patio

>image limit reached
that's the lake louise hotel

Why not? Save up your money and buy a small parcel of land in the middle of fucking nowhere. A prefab building costs less than a used car and can be purchased at most major hardware stores; and yes, they deliver. They even have two-story buildings available.

My cabin is almost as big as my house; consists of two pre-fab buildings I had delivered to my property. I joined the two buildings together to make one big cabin, insulated them and put up walls (wooden boards in some rooms, drywall in others), made a real wooden floor by salvaging the flooring out of a 100+ year old church that was being demolished, buried a big propane tank hooked to a gas stove and gas-powered refrigerator, installed a wood-burning kitchen stove as a backup means of cooking and for heating the front building and a pot belly stove for heating the rear building, put in three 5,000 gallon water tanks and a rain capture system, and a composting toilet. I built a porch out of 2x4's, lumber, and old telephone poles. Solar panels charge batteries I bought off a guy whose job is to replace the batteries used by cell phone towers; they replace the batteries every two years whether they're still good or not, so he sold me the good ones for the price he'd get from recycling them. During the day, it provides enough electricity to have indoor lighting all day, and at night the lights last a couple of hours. To run the air conditioners (window units, one in each building) I have to run a generator; eventually I'll have the money to put in one that runs off of my propane tank, but for now I just use a regular gas generator. Really only need A/C for short periods of time and only on the hottest days; I designed the windows to generate a cross breeze (hint: they should open at the bottom on one side of the cabin, open at the top on the other), and the cabin is very well insulated, so if it's too hot to just have the windows open I only need to run A/C for an hour to cool it down.

That's the new cabin. My old cabin I built entirely myself from plywood and logs. It last a decade before it started to rot, and the cost of replacing the roof, floor, etc. was such that I'd basically end up building a whole new cabin. I took the pot belly stove, furniture, windows, and everything else I could reuse out and burned it, then ordered the first prefab building and had it placed on top of the remains of the old cabin. Prefab building was nice for a few years, then I had the budget to expand it and improve on it, so I did.

Don't spend your money on stupid shit like trendy clothes, iPhones, and other bullshit and you'll discover it's a lot easier to save up for that sort of thing than you initially thought. The more work you can do yourself, the cheaper it gets. I did all my own plumbing, electrical work, flooring, insulation, etc. I only purchased what I couldn't build myself, and had it delivered; all labor was my own. Hell, look into how to build a log cabin if you want to do EVERYTHING yourself.

If you can't afford land, look into the squatter's rights laws in your state. Some guy delivering a prefab cabin/shed in the middle of nowhere isn't going to ask if you're the property owner, and if you can show you've lived on the land for a certain length of time, the land is yours. Don't steal somebody else's land; take it from the government or a corporation. Fuck 'em.

Let’s start a dear season thread boys.

I need advice, I live in Houston and have never hunted before. I just bought a .270 and plan on chasing whitetail in Sam Houston forest because public land is limited in Houston. I don’t have a tree stand so I’m hunting from the ground. I have heard the best way to hunt public is to hike a couple of miles into the forest but aren’t deer heavy as shit. They look pretty large what’s the best way to get it back to my car. Also Sam Houston is literally an overgrown jungle so should I try hunting clearings or ponds/creeks? Also general season doesn’t start for whitetail until November 7th. I want to hunt opening day what would be the best time to start hunting. I planned on getting up before dawn and hiking in the forest.
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What Binos does everybody use? I’ve got these old Jason 7x30 auto focus ones that are decent but a bit heavy. Considering getting some new 8x32s or 8x42s
Vortex makes pretty good affordable binos if your looking for something budget friendly
Im polishing off last years buck tonight. Making the old trusty chilli
>how do I get it back to my car?
You’ll have to field dress it, that is you cut it from butt hole to sternum and remove its internal organs. You can then carry or cart out the carcass. I’m not a hunter but I’ve seen it done.

>what time?
You’ll want to be in the woods when the sun rises. Often night hunts require special permits or have different regulations, but deer are most active at dawn. When I hike in deer season most hunters are done by the time I even arrive at the trailhead.

What's it like here? I've lived in both southern forests and western forested mountains, the problem with the former being the god-awful humidity almost year-round (and no snow or real winter) and the problem with the latter being mountains making travel difficult and lakes (i.e. fish) more sparse as well in a way. I've heard a lot of Finns move to this area due to its resemblance to central Finland.
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Parents have a small cabin on a lake in northern WI. Lots of old pines. No mountains there. Summers are great. I'm sure winters are cold and long. Lots of residents in that area are seasonal. Summer holidays bring in a lot of retarded Illinoisans.
Minnesotans and wisconsonites, are the mosquitos as bad as they are in the UP?
Northern MI and the UP are based as fuck
Fuck off, we're full. There're no jobs.
Born and Raised in UP, hunting cabin in WI. It's pleasant, laid back, great for /out/. Live in WI around Green Bay or MI around Traverse City or you will have nothing except for /out/ stuff to do.

File: jeep.jpg (260 KB, 2168x1492)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
What's your /out/mobile? For me, it's the 1996 Jeep Cherokee. Cheap, reliable, easy to fix, and offroads like a champ.
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Dude, the Brown Album was so terrible the bad refused to play any of those tracks while touring. They tried to make something popular, failed at it, and regret ever producing that garbage.
How’s that Dana 35 working out?

Working on that Saab after owning old commodores, I'd say the opposite. There's no engineered anything in old Holdens. They're just cast iron houses with wheels and a Loud Pedal bolted on
File: 20180228_214039.jpg (540 KB, 890x822)
540 KB
540 KB JPG
Sold my golf and got my wrangler. Feels good man
Ok boomer

Post comfy /out/ images that you like. I will start
220 replies and 150 images omitted. Click here to view.

I appreciate your appreciation. I'm thinking I'll start doing more little stories in the new thread.


>dungeon synth

1986 toyota land cruiser.
Or some year there about.

Among others, ya. Dungeon Synth Archives on youtube. Alot of quality picks.

no bitch would date a dude living in a cabin 10 miles away from civilization and no car/job

Correct, just as no woman would ever join some "pioneer" in homesteading in the wilderness with hostile savages roaming about and no guarantee of success for your farm.

Oh wait.

What's your favorite /out/ food? Deenz are my favorite by far.
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based ausfag i have the same setup
Get a kindle, but like a used old one with a black and white non backlit screen. I know it's not as tactile and comfy or whatever, but you can fit so many torrented books and the battery lasts for days. Can't recommend enough. Then you have more room for yucky survival bars or like real food.
Typically I fucking hate MRE's but I always swipe the hasbrown and bacon one and take it camping with me afterwards. It even comes with mountain house granola as a side. Definitely have to cook it or it tastes like slimy ass, though.

Other than that, I prefer mountain house. Their beef stew is great.
almond fruit brittle

Dinty Moore beef stew, or Wolf brand chili (no beans; adding beans to chili is heresy), cooking in an Austrian surplus mess kit. Add some pilot bread to dip in it; delicious, and very filling.

Sardines in mustard sauce are great, but any seafood product SMELLS once you open it while camping. In addition to being obnoxious, the smell attracts unwanted guests.

File: Hike_sunshine_balls_CDT.jpg (606 KB, 2500x3333)
606 KB
606 KB JPG
How to look like a real outdoorsman while avoiding autistic BRIGHT ORANGE gear?

>Hard mode: No chinkshit
>Uber hard mode: Avoid looking like a hipster
164 replies and 29 images omitted. Click here to view.
I just wear my boyscout gear, still fits like a glove even after 18. It's long green cargo pants, a khaki dress shirt with some patches, and maybe a jacket depending on the time of the year. I don't know why some fags make such a big deal about "muh fashion", you're not trying to impress anyone.
put on pants. put on a shirt. tuck your shirt in. put on a good pair of leather boots. that's it. that's how you should dress everywhere. just put on fancier version of said clothes.
dangerously based
This thread made me realize my /out/fit is basically my gym clothes with an optional sweater/jacket and hiking shoes. A lot of tryhards here ngmi
Cargo shorts, white knee socks, shin high boots, cream t-shirt, green fleece jacket, and a beige pith hat.

File: i-3MWcdpN-M.jpg (141 KB, 600x401)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
What's a low profile tarp shelter? Enclosed preferably?
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>cutting wood
Good god you sjw’s really are cancer
there are plenty of fallen trees in the woods anon
Oh look, its the salty ultralighter again.
I like the 2 on the top.
>using lots of hi-tech gear made out of synthetics and shit that not only have terribly toxic manufacturing processes, but also directly expose you to toxins while using them

File: .....jpg (128 KB, 1280x720)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Why did Tony Higgins have to die

>Wanted to do up pic related and use it on the river
>Got loads of abuse online from bootlickers
>His boat and he went missing kilometers from the river mouth, after being delayed by cops, would have made it if people had just left him alone


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