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File: the-woods-2.jpg (502 KB, 1200x800)
502 KB
502 KB JPG
I would like to go OUT but I am afraid of doing it alone. My parents always tell me if you go out into the wood you might be sexually abused by the creepy people who lives in parks.They always tell me do not go walking in parks alone and they tell me stories about people attacked by stranger in parks and leave no witnesses/ What should I do
I'll go with you if I can give you 1 (one) blowie in the tent after dinner (and an optional morning wakeup one too).

I will keep you safe from bears (i am a bear).
>Bring weapon
>go far innawoods, not some hiking trail shit
>make sure camp is illuminated
>if someone tries to rape you rape them back
please go back to whatever board you came from, and never start a thread on /out/ again
You’re much, much more likely to be sexually assaulted by someone you know. Therefor it’s actually safer to go alone.
What your parents are saying is pretty normal for people who are totally unfamiliar with being out. I've gone alone into the backcountry/out of cell service tons of times, the farther you get away from "in" the more you have to be able to take care of yourself. There isn't automatically more danger once you're in the woods or mountains (other than obvious stuff like weather/falling off something). When you're close to civilization there's always thing around you that are potentially dangerous.

What’s the best dog breed to go /out/ with? Post your dogs and your /out/ings
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MY son has one of those.
File: 3135335.jpg (162 KB, 400x311)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
pic related.
File: 3335335.jpg (81 KB, 555x425)
81 KB
5 months old.
Australian Shepherd?

I found this stone disc today when I went fishing to a remote creek, does anyone have an idea what could it be?
As you can see it has circular ridges on one side, the other one is blank. Diameter is 19.3 cm, thickness is 1.5 cm..
It's too small to be a millstone and too smooth to be a grinding stone (plus there's no hole in the middle). It also doesn't strike me as a coaster or a base of some pot - why would you put so much work in such a simple item, making it out of stone.
I live in the Alps, there's a small village 2 km away from this creek, there are historical settlements, but way down the valley.
I'm perplexed by what this perfectly circular disc made out of stone was doing in the creek, perhaps someone can help me?

pic related it's the disc
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It might be part of old ceramic stove. I've seen something similar recently when I was demolishing old stairs with parts of ceramic stove buried under them. I am not sure why it would be made from stone though.
Stone age hot plate.
Turn all mirrors in your house and cover the disc in salt. Throw it back first thing tomorrow, then burn sage for at least 2 hours in every room in your house and your car. Godd luck
Where did this fag go we want to know what the museum said.
Yeah, it's time to deliver OP. Don't be a fag.

ITT: Good /out/ albums
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I just listen to halo 3 ODST ost. Pretty comfy, especially at night.
File: a1070114678_10.jpg (255 KB, 1171x1200)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
My go-to.
File: a2950206114_10.jpg (247 KB, 1200x1200)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
>soundtracks for the deaf

File: jeep.jpg (260 KB, 2168x1492)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
What's your /out/mobile? For me, it's the 1996 Jeep Cherokee. Cheap, reliable, easy to fix, and offroads like a champ.
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No, FJ Cruisers are a collector's car, simply because they look funky and Toyota doesn't make them anymore. There are way more practical cars for significantly cheaper that are also very capable.
File: 1597976253078.jpg (16 KB, 474x357)
16 KB
>No Lift
>Shit Tires
>Probably Automatic
>Stock Bumper
>No Winch
>No Lightbar?Aftermarket Lighting
>No Rollcage
>No Roofrack
>Probably No Trailer Hitch
As a man who loves his (older) Jeep(s) you are the kind of asshat who makes us look bad
Is that an '01?
Virgin auto or Chad manual?

My '01 Sahara runs like a champ still and looks real similar. Feels good man

Roast Me
File: 20181024_163506.jpg (477 KB, 3264x1836)
477 KB
477 KB JPG

File: arrowhead.jpg (41 KB, 677x677)
41 KB
Found my first arrowhead today. Might not be much, but there's just so much beauty and history to a little thing like this; an untold story of a craftsman hundreds or thousands of years ago and their work which has not felt the warmth of human hands for untold seasons. I hope to find more, I absolutely adore artifacts like these.
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File: IMGP0572.jpg (408 KB, 2048x737)
408 KB
408 KB JPG
I really should. I think next time I'm back in town I'll rummage around a little
So we have a difference of opinion over a grainy photograph. Cool.
Are you unable to see fracture lines? Because that is clearly not worked any more than a handful of times at best. Likely just a rock that got hit the right way a few times. Maybe some anon tried to make an arrow head and gave up after 30 seconds.
It's so thirsty. You must feed it blood. Preferably the blood of your enemies, but prey blood will suffice.
>be old ass native american elder
>young zoomer redskin makes his first arrowhead
>see it looks like a broken rock
>scold him tell him he will never kill an animal and won't ever get laid
>throw shitty arrowhead off cliff
>anon finds it calls it beautiful craftmanship

File: 1598310265348.jpg (151 KB, 1024x993)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Fuck your lawn. Prairies are the chad biome
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File: erg.jpg (536 KB, 1024x768)
536 KB
536 KB JPG
I'm too lazy to do deal with my back patio so I just let it do whatever. Neighbors complain, but whatever. I kind of like it honestly.
What's the point of owning land if you're not using it to grow food?
To distance yourself from other humans.
File: IMG_20200920_170930.jpg (1.4 MB, 1952x2592)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB JPG
I built pic rel. to support the bees

File: gladecreekgristmill.jpg (142 KB, 600x431)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Lots of beautiful, uncrowded gems out there! What are your favorites?
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File: TopoDesigns.jpg (50 KB, 800x800)
50 KB
What is the warmest, most comfortable (and also /fa/ to an extent) fleece that I should buy for under $100?
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coping woolfags
Just get an army one
I have a USAF fleece, seen them go for 40-70gbp. Pretty comfy but not super duper warm, good for layers.
>wool worse than polyester for environment
You're retarded. Tell me how long your polyshit lasts, I'll stay comfy in the same wool sweater for the next 20 years.
Maybe per weight wool production produces more emissions (like what, sheep farts?), but the gains in service life are worth it. If it's even true to begin with, which I doubt.
I just wear a dark navy blue/OD green zip up columbia jacket, good for keeping you warm. However from my personal experience leather is a great wind breaker, put the fleece and layers under it for warmth. I went to Boston last year and it was cold, my old cowboy boots kept my feet warm and dry.

Post comfy /out/ images that you like. I will start
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God, snowy houses with night skies are the best. If you could see the stars clearly I would make this shit my wallpaper instantly.

That does indeed appear to be the pants in question. Good work, Anon.
My pleasure, I remember having saved once (on Pinterest, sue me) a jacket from them, so I basically tracked like a hound the page and boom, lo and behold, the pants, they have some interesting knee-high pants, which I found odd but neat.
Thanks for looking mate, cheers.

File: unnamed.jpg (70 KB, 512x454)
70 KB
what boots do you use? what do you recommend? i wanna go outdoors this spring and want some serious boots. i wanna get magnums but i might have been memed into them
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Asking about a piece of gear you are going to wear for what is hopefully a decade is hardly consumerism. Go outside you seething autist.
>why are custom modernized moccasins from an established group of artisans more expensive than meme boots from china?
it's a mystery
File: 1599618974671.gif (461 KB, 350x232)
461 KB
461 KB GIF
I have this bergans boots and they are killing my feet every time I’m hiking more than 10km. All together I hiked in them about 100km. Every time smol distances and they’re still not comfortable to go long. It’s there any hope? It’s there something I could do to make them comfortable?
I wear my old cowboy boots I use for work around the ranch unless it's muddy, then I just get some rubber boots.

File: 1598760253911.jpg (69 KB, 606x680)
69 KB
>Squirrel season tomorrow, fellow hunting-Chads.
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Tiny squirrel hands typed this post, shaking with rage
File: 20200919_110831.jpg (2.02 MB, 4000x3000)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB JPG
Why is the woods always crawling with life as soon as i get behind the wheel?

Pic relateed maybe 200 meters from my hunting grounds.
File: grouse crop.jpg (3.59 MB, 3572x2148)
3.59 MB
3.59 MB JPG
Thanks. Didn't catch anything that time but today I tried again and got my first grouse
Cant wait to cook it
It's a bad idea to hang a deer (outside or inside) during weather the temperature is too cold for it to begin rotting but not cold enough for it to freeze solid. So, during winter or in a large freezer.
I've heard 4-6 days is the sweet spot so the meat becomes more tender prior to butchering. I've never done it personally though so YMMV
Sorry, I fucked that sentence up. I meant to say it's a bad idea to hang a deer when it's too warm, that you want it cold but not cold enough to freeze

channels that are /out related that i can binge
41 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
An American Homestead - neotrad homesteading and commentary.
Outdoor Boys - A smattering of things /out/ with a trad family unit. I like the thrift/flea market tool refurbishes, very attainable for middling and beginner alike.
Comfy Tree guy
I once saw a japanese camping/bushcraft YouTube channel that looked very comfy to binge...but I forgot the name, sadly
Yep, still stupidly waiting for his next upload
File: 06140250.jpg (3.04 MB, 5280x3960)
3.04 MB
3.04 MB JPG
most of it is food for wildlife, but batteries, cables and microphone stands aren't light either.

How do we put it back?
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I like right wing environmentalism for sure. The concept of seed bombs using destructive species such as Japanese knotweed to tear apart the foundations of city buildings and ghettos forcing niggers out of their free government homes and allowing nature to retake the land is an amazing idea. I live in the countryside in a 99.5% white area with no cities within 100 miles though so it's not a plan I could take part in.
>Engineer trees that cant be cut down and can only be felled through old age/natural death
Humans cut down fucking mountains, explain to me how you're gonna make a tree that cannot be felled.

>Protect your water tables
>protect your soil health
These do nothing in the face of human population expansion.

The only actual real answer to this question is forest preserves where humans are not allowed to do anything but primitive camping and then we fuck off from them for ~200 years. Virgin forest gets the way it is by being allowed its own natural course for at least a century and realistically several to return to a pre-man state. Humans destroy in weeks or months what takes a nature centuries to balance.

I'm not even like any sort of ego-fag, I work in a small scale logging operation seasonally, but the reality is that the natural forest and human presence are incompatible, it is threatening and not terribly useful to us and we are incredibly destructive to both its natural rhythms and its physical structure, both intentionally and carelessly.
You antifa ecoterrorists are so obvious, you pretend to love blacks and the environment and then burn down the blacks neighborhood and burn up all the forests. Then you complain that there are no jobs or houses for blacks and no virgin forests. Grow up!
based. it is our divinely sanctioned role to assert dominion over nature
Sorry OP but if you love trees that means you're a gay that loves blacks and women and I hate blacks and women so you're bad and want to destroy the world not like me i'm just a normal american who loves his steak rare and doesn't care about no goddam fucking trees, man I love the outdoors!

File: drone-small.jpg (171 KB, 853x480)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
I have 5 acres of old pasture.

What would you do with 5 acres?
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That's all it takes to succeed in life these days to repeat the buzzwords you hear in the media global warming racism white privilege environmental justice climate change recycling sustainable progressive transjuctice. The dumber the better , whole careers based on saying words that mean nothing except that you will say whatever they tell you to say
1. Build pond
2. Stock with fish
3. ????
4. Profit
t. just found a cool job just because i stuffed my linkedin page with buzzwords everywhere
live in it if i could
File: EgyeUkiVoAA5p26.jpg (40 KB, 570x640)
40 KB
This, bees and permaculture. Also stuff you'd find at a cult compound, like a sweat lodge, japanese garden, and breeding dungeon.

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