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File: mn.jpg (436 KB, 899x900)
436 KB
436 KB JPG
anything worthwhile in this place?
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Yeah. Voyageurs, and heading north on lake superior. Pretty much everything up north. Peak fall colors in Minnesota are money.
Go see the Lost 40. Rest is sportsman country, lakes, and trees if you vibe with any of that shit.
are you a fucking retard?
BWCA is like a million acres of wilderness, prime /out/ing land.
fuckoff were full
File: FSsGNiKXEAMh_WV.png (38 KB, 680x636)
38 KB
Best canoeing in the US, my nig. Boundary Waters Wilderness was also recently under threat from the Trump admin trying to open sulfide-ore copper mining nearby, which would have permanently polluted the water table. Fortunately activists mobilized, Biden got elected, and we shut that shit down. Celebrate with a little trip to the lakes for me.

Downside of Minnesota: the bottom two-thirds of the state is just freezing prairie. You have to live in the coldest, most remote northern parts to benefit fully from the vast public land. It's really a summer state if you ask me, but some people like winter sports and there's plenty of snowmobiling and cross-country skiing and ice fishing there, so if you're into that it's one of the best places you could be.

File: aspen.jpg (842 KB, 1920x1200)
842 KB
842 KB JPG
Where's the most fair weathered place to camp in the US during summer?
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That's ridgway, CO, right below mount sneffels
Coastal California, assuming you don't get terrible fire luck
Based and sunsplashpilled
It's usually around 60-70 degrees in the summer here on the northern California/southern Oregon coast. During the winter it's more like 40-50.

File: camping18.png (737 KB, 636x643)
737 KB
737 KB PNG
After lurking for years I finally went /out/! It was a fun experience overall with my step-dad, I was abit irked to get my hands dirty but regardless I would love to do it again. Any interesting stories about your first time /out/?
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The first time I truly went /out/ would have been when I was around 6 or 7 with my dad, we went beach camping on an island, and I still have fond memories of the smell of the she-oaks decaying leaves nearly 2 decades later.
Nice fish, good dad. You are lucky.
Bait or fly?
how'd his dick taste?
>no results found
Thanks for the post Wholesome poster

File: 20220512_111039.jpg (4.22 MB, 4032x3024)
4.22 MB
4.22 MB JPG
Design, create, buy, sell, trade and discuss patches here :)

>Where can I buy that sweet patch/find patches?
https://pastebin.com/cXZTGafD (Old)
https://hackmd.io/@Patchboi/PatchThread (Old, but slightly newer)
https://patchfeed.com/patch-seller-list/ (Useful)
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I just want this design in the classic circle patch. Why must that be impossible to find.
File: out.jpg (152 KB, 723x959)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Can't wait to get my patches!! Thanks for coming back <3
Ever considered making velcro backed patches? I stitched some to your bear and outist patches and I rotate them between all my velcro panels, definitely the best looking patches I own
File: 1652713066171.jpg (135 KB, 1920x1080)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
That's a definite buy desu senpai
that morakniv needs a hand guard

File: FB_IMG_1652510178861.jpg (54 KB, 665x675)
54 KB
Did the advent of agriculture and the subsequent isolation from nature that it caused ruin humanity?
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File: mfw.jpg (215 KB, 872x720)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
Based, only the finest polish maiden shit on my lettuce
You can substitute whatever brown fence-jumpers that you'd like.
indingenous people across the globe participated in cultivation and rough agricultural practices going far back into primitive times so what do you mean

File: 0000b2bd.jpg (764 KB, 1600x1280)
764 KB
764 KB JPG
old thread >>2331912

Looks like its going to be in Granby Colorado near a strawberry farm.
Not sure if the hippies will be getting into the fruit or not.
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>bait to lure younger guys there for old women in their 60s+
I'm game
oh for gross anon
You ever seen a 60yo hippy? They are beat.
Thats a man.
How many times to people have to say its not

File: FDQzDSbacAAOcrn.jpg (185 KB, 718x967)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
Previous thread >>2345977 hit its post limit, but good conversations were happening so I figured to make a sequel.
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you can compensate quite elegantly by wearing a neon orange parka to balance out the LARP
No, make sure you got your 5.11 boots, pants, sunglasses, and hat to balance it all out.
It's an well thought-out pack. the only reason I don't like it is because it doesn't come in olive drab. it's also a touch big for what I need

>I have a hubba hubba
I got this as a gift recently. Haven't taken it on any outings yet but went on a few 12mi rucks with 45lbs dry weight. It was comfy af and since it's milsurp I wouldn't doubt its durability.
Is the 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 2.0 a good pack?

File: turkey qt.jpg (69 KB, 521x557)
69 KB
Thread dedicated to hunter recruitment, education, and advice. If you have any curiosity about getting into hunting ask away. If you just want to shoot the shit about hunting be my guest. Please be sure to provide your state and desired game species so we can provide better advice and links. Also, read the fucking pastebin.
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Rifle or? I had a controlled spike Elk rifle hunt in July once and it was fucking miserable.
I presume archery as I live Ohio but I am not entirely sure.
Archery is super fun. Just make sure you're target ready.
Shoot them with a rifle then, I hate pellets too, had a bad experience once
Lmfao living in the 17th century

File: coonandfriends.jpg (951 KB, 2016x1512)
951 KB
951 KB JPG
the coons are getting bolder and I wish to pet them, please share experiences and strategies
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I love friendly squirrels. I literally eat them.
I had a pet raccoon living under my house I used to feed scraps to, sometimes I'd eat part of a fruit pie and throw the rest out just to have something to feed him. One day he got in a fight with dads bloodhound and the neighbour who was actually a pest control guy, and I had to kill the little coon so they could test it for rabies. Worst day of my life.
I killed way more animals than that. I don't consider it evil. Kids need to learn the power of their fangs. Otherwise you end up a bugman who lets tyrants walk all over you and you can't even accept the idea of killing someone who could harm you or killing an animal to feed your family. We are so detatched from nature and reality these days it's downright disgusting. People who were okay with mask mandates or are okay with income taxation are fucking insects.
Based and fried squirrel pilled
Species like the ring tail cat someone mentioned are better at existing outside of human influence than raccoons are. Though the ring tail cat would/do prosper in urban areas, raccoons are just better at opening garbage cans and interacting with humans. Raccoons have evolved along side human development similar to the way rats have. They get fed and protected by humans either directly or indirectly and their populations swell inorganically. This paired with raccoons size, aggression and finger dexterity allows them to extirpate competing species. Raccoons are notorious for raiding bird nest and eating anything they can get their hands on including deer fawn that can’t walk yet or curious ringtail kittens. I wonder where they get the extra food to feed all their new raccoon babies? :^(

Good evening anons. I’ve been trying to put together a survival/prep kit because society has been progressively been going to shit at an exponential rate, and i think there is a good chance everything could collapse by the end of the decade. Any recommendations on brands of freeze dried or other long-lasting preserves.

I am trying to make a kit that I would be able to survive off of for roughly a year. I want to buy lots of freeze dried chicken, powdered milk, and rice atm, as well as multivitamins. Im also considering buying a small solar panel and a small distillery to purify water. Im mainly looking for the cheapest brands so I can buy in bulk. Any other food recommendations? I am having trouble finding alot of nonperishables because I have wheat egg, S-O-Y, and other bean allergies.

If anybody has any books on small farming they recommend Id also beinterested. Any recommendations on traps/hunting rifles would also be appreciated, there are lots of rabbits and deer in the midwest.
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Corona was a scam to physically and spiritually enslave us.
Why are you pretending otherwise?
>Yes we could say it was all bullshit but it nevertheless functions as a test run for a fairly predictable prep situation.

Read the preface.
>the Buffalo shooter made posts exactly like this
Preference cascade spares no system

File: jungle boot.jpg (66 KB, 1000x926)
66 KB
What's the best I can get for $100? Military surplus?
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they are half a size too large, so I wear them with thick socks and they are comfy.
Literally all shoes do exactly what you're looking for.
Bike Pegasus amazing all around shoe, for running or trail or basketball
keen makes wide boots, my pair's held up great and i wear them every day
>Military surplus?

I have 4 pairs of these and love them. Can confirm that here in PA they are great all year. Have many, many hikes under my belt with them. A little shoe grease to keep the water out and some replacement laces keep these going for years with use once a week. Wish they were still $30 new though.

The general formerly known as /lcg/ LARP Containment General edition.

This general is an effort to consolidate topics generally considered to be “LARP” on boards including /out/, /an/, /k/, /diy/, /pol/, and others:

Some examples of topics:
-Where to buy land
-Natural Disasters
-End of the world fantasies
-Urban survivalism
-Self Sufficiency
-“Survival” Skills

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 739.jpg (78 KB, 680x920)
78 KB
this >>2363586
also, excavate earth with your bros and build a panic/bomb shelter / mancave
File: 1528510467870.jpg (34 KB, 296x346)
34 KB
a zpak is only 1.5 grams
I just entered vanlife and have no idea to make money. My skills are writing, IT, and graphic design. I an excellent artist but no room or money to get the tools I need.
What's your van breakdown plans?
$1000 backup
I have some small automechanical knowledge.
Sparse but reliable family support.

What do you keep in it?
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Gatekeeping is important. Fuck you
File: 1599451842727.png (301 KB, 944x1534)
301 KB
301 KB PNG

You want /out/ to turn into this?
This can't be real.
File: 1652575594975.jpg (39 KB, 951x322)
39 KB
Oh sweet summer child, i assure you it is.

File: 20220511_065838.jpg (2.52 MB, 2527x4000)
2.52 MB
2.52 MB JPG
Costco has entry level pelicans for less than $300 right now.
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MD, can't find this shit anywhere.
Well they are destroying every single surrounding state. The new jersey of the west
Literally drive to newark. You should be doing it anyway to dodge taxes.
if you think the problems come from the people that have been there generations back, not imports that get sent also to every other state, then it would be a fruitless discussion
Fuck that the price of gas alone makes buying it at full price cheaper right here.

File: th-165495179.jpg (56 KB, 474x291)
56 KB
What to do about people stealing the food you're growing, and how to handle those situations.

This is obviously an issue for more urban gardeners, but I'm sure rural folks have issues too. Especially given our current outlook of food shortages.
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>what is protective eyewear
you should be wearing it yourself, by the way
don't be dumb. you might think youre the king of the castle, home alone style, with that but someone could see you- leave- come back at 4am- smash everything, break a window
Don't play around.
>what is protective eyewear
A myth that the protective eyewear company wants you to think. Speaking of which, my buddie never use to wear that shit when we shooting, he ended up catching a metal fragment to hit eye and lost the eye. Safety first.
>my buddie never use to wear that shit when we shooting
>he ended up catching a metal fragment to hit eye and lost the eye
>but its a myth and they dont work
>but its a myth and they dont work
Correct. That's why you should just wear what ever sunglasses make you look cool, cause looking cool is most important.
I dose half my garden with a lethal amount of poisons and only harvest from the edible side. 4 dead monkeys.

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