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File: index.png (8 KB, 225x225)
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I'm supposed to be on trail in less than 3 weeks but the entire fucking trail in buried in snow...
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I have to be home before the end of September so waiting to start a SoBo would leave a really tight time frame.
You plan to hike the pct in under 3 months? You should definitely do it don't even bother reading about it. I have faith in you and your abilities.
I guess you would have to start in NorCal if you want to be in the bubble. Another option would be hiking something like the Hayduke trail. With all the snow and water, it should be a good year for a desert hike
>You plan to hike the pct in under 3 months?
He wants to section hike
>You plan to hike the pct in under 3 months?
Noo I have ~100 days to hike but can only start early june. One idea is to start in NorCal and hike NoBo to the northern terminus, then flip back to NorCal and hike SoBo to the southern terminus.
Yeah a NorCal start seems to be the best option. desu the more I look at it the more I think I'm going to stick with original plan.
I hiked a 900 mile Hayduke last fall. Was amazing.
fucking californians I swear
>nooo our reservoirs are depleted and there's no snow!!11
>noooo it's flooding and there's too much snow!!111

File: IMG_20230318_014722.jpg (443 KB, 1078x1353)
443 KB
443 KB JPG
Are gravity filters a meme? Are UV-C purifiers enough? What do you use for big groups?
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From my system*
That was the detox from the tap water, not the /out/ water making you sick.
Nonsense I'm a anti fluoride tin foil bro I don't drink the tap water lmao.
In my country all /out/ sites are in the mountains so there's plenty of clean springs and snow melt to drink from. But in other places it might not be the case.
File: gravity.jpg (515 KB, 990x1760)
515 KB
515 KB JPG

What's the best dog breed for hiking?
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i have space for a dog now, i was considering a beagle or jack russel, but desu ill probably look for a small young dog mutt at a shelter nearby
formosan mountain dog review: my friend threw the ball too far, and the dog jumped off the cliff. not so much of a mountain dog, now is it? 3/10.
I had to look up where Pomerania was because I needed to know who'd create such a ridiculous animal. Turns out it's the coastal border region between Germany and Poland.
Not a husky. I know because I hike with a husky in short sections. She pulls to the side the entire walk and can't be trusted off leash
it's really just vibes. when the dog loves and respects you he'll do what you want him to pretty easily.

I've never felt creeped out by hikes or camping trips abroad. But I often get creeped out in the US and Canada. And I think I had a legitimate encounter with a feral man in Tennessee. I guess part of it might be the vastness of the forests and the wilderness but even so when you get "that feeling" it feels deeper than that.

I was camping in the Unaka mountain wilderness area and I had a feeling I was being watched. This was a single night hike and I was on the verge of turning around because I just started feeling sick. Not as in feeling ill but I sensed in my stomach something was wrong like I was being watched. When I went to sleep I was frozen with fear in my tent and I heard shuffling outside and just lay there sweating like crazy. I left a pool of sweat even though it wasn't hot out. When I woke up there were prints all around my tent - they weren't boot prints they were in the shape of a human but were flat like somebody was wearing moccasins or something.

To this day I am convinced this was a feral person, which have been known to exist in Appalachia.

Anybody else feel way more creeped out in North American forests than when they camp abroad? You'd think it would be the other way around due to familiarity. And have any Euros felt creeped out in North America?
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File: A nice and chill dude.jpg (55 KB, 1199x645)
55 KB
do you know how to get to bells canyon?
Ah yes, the the beast from the woods, we meet again.

I've spent a lot of time in forests in many different parts of the US and Canada. Appalachia easily the creepiest, but I'd put the dense damp literal rainforests of the PNW as second. I've had encounters with "hill folk" in the Cascades that would rival any WV holler or Ozark backwoods, people that look very clearly "devolved." A far lesser known creepy woods spot is the Uinta Range in NE Utah, this is not far from the Skinwalker Ranch and I've never had such a strong feeling that I was being watched.
When in doubt, the right way.
Cuz the Wendigos

Ive been going backpacking with a friend and our current tent was $20 and made for children. I'm looking for a 2 person tent similar to picrel for around $100 +/-.
Also, I'm used to 3 season tents, but are 4 season tents worth it? Im in the northeast US.
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How did you know we're gay?
I might just have to be, looking at these backpacking tents, i dont see many over 50" wide.
I think my sleeping pad is 20", so it might be able to work for us.
two thin people can easily fit in a cloudup 2 and stash gear in the vestibule. youre not fat are you?
>Also, I'm used to 3 season tents, but are 4 season tents worth it? Im in the northeast US.
Not really, unless you snow camp a lot. A four season tent weighs much more than a three season tent does.
If your criteria is as following
>big enough for two people
>costs less than $100
then I would just buy a Coleman tent and have one person carry the poles and the other carry the tent
Kelty tents anon
I looked up reviews and people said it was a little tight, i ended up going with a mongar. Aliexpress sale gave me $35 off on it.

Regardless, anything would be better than what we were using. This weekend it rained on us and it was seeping through and gave us a shower. What a cool feature!!!

Outdooors-wise, what goes on here?
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jej i didn’t notice it at first
No he’s got a point.
I dont know location, but check this out if you wanna see some pigs go boom
Is Ashville full of feds and niggers surrounded by super tiny plots of tva land where Bubba goes to make meth? If so than yes. There isn't a whole lot in the immediate area that isn't suburb /out/. There are some amazing places an hour + away but around huntsville all there really is are small areas of trees that haven't been developed yet with "hiking trails" and some decent fishing, except that you can't eat the fish.
literally no less appealing place to go to, I'll stay as far away as I can and let you keep your niggers and your humidity

File: A-Alamy-BXWK5E_vvmkuf.jpg (415 KB, 1920x1280)
415 KB
415 KB JPG
How many mountains/hills over 500 feet have you summited?
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Uh, no idea. A lot. We have like a bazillion peaks between 2000 and 3000 meters.
multiple every week
Coloradans ITT will count 14ers where they parked their cars at 12.5
Mountains don't have feet you silly.
If you include ski lifts as summitting then its like 30 lmao

File: 1676832812386840.jpg (141 KB, 828x456)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
I'm not asking /biz/. They're retarded.
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What the headline doesn't state is that he's not in jail for not disclosing the location of his find, it's that he swindled investors of his treasure hunt out of $22mil and fled to the Bahamas.
fucking killed me lmao
Hey, that cunt kept my skateboarding ramp I built with my dad when it floated into his lawn, so I'm keeping his toolbox.
i think flotsam/jetsam laws only apply to boat cargo
In November 2018, Thompson agreed to surrender 500 gold coins salvaged from the wreck of the Central America, but then claimed he did not have access to the missing coins.[10] On 28 November 2018, a jury awarded investors $19.4 million in compensatory damages: $3.2 million to the Dispatch Printing Company (which had put up $1 million of a total of $22 million invested) and $16.2 million to the court-appointed receiver of the other investors.

He fucked over investors that bankrolled his search2gtmr

In all my years of /out/ I've only seen one feral dog. Are they even a threat? Should I carry dog treats while hiking in California?
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That's just canine hunting behavior. They have a pretty complicated script.
Things better or more dangerous than them - poke and kite until target bleeds to death
Same size - bite and grab, tear out the bits that can resist you
Smaller - run down, grab and thrash
They also have some situational behaviors like biting over the face of a sleeping target so it can't cry out.
That's really a concern for me to. I drove to a manmade forest yesterday to walk mine on leash as I usually do. Just as I park the car is approached by like 5 pure bred looking big yellow dogs with black muzzles instantly noped out and the cunts kept running after my car until I reached the fucking highway.
Can't imagine what I'd do if I were hiking alone and encountered that. Maybe not turn away and run that's for certain.
Another concern is wild piggus. How can you sleep alone in a tent and not be scared of getting boar'd
AK-47 isn't just for humans. If you can't procure one, at least find a double barreled 12 gauge and a dozen buckshot shells. Practice shooting and reloading with skeet or trap loads. Wild pigs won't fuck with you while you're at camp.
And if I can't get a gun easily, just die?
There are still small moments of joy to had even when living under the oppression of tyranny.

File: Yeh.jpg (34 KB, 720x540)
34 KB
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nu/out/ the thread

File: Ted_Kaczynski_2_(cropped).jpg (1.21 MB, 1031x1376)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
watching movies is a surrogate activity
movies are propaganda anyway and books are no better
everything not directly related to survival is a surrogate activity. rotting in jail is a surrogate activity.
pining over a highly successful spook science project is surrogate activity
>let's destroy civilization so we're FORCED to scrape out a meager existence from the soil
Uncle Ted was right about a lot of things, but didn't provide any useful solutions.

File: DSC02930.jpg (651 KB, 2400x1600)
651 KB
651 KB JPG
>only one week left in winter
Did you go /out/doors this season, or did you only stay /in/doors and consume youtuber vlogs like a fat larper?
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What gat be that
Poorus TX22
is that berthoud?
File: i-ZnkC8pc-L.jpg (60 KB, 800x594)
60 KB
my job is outside and wintery
that image is so fucking
old 4chan is top 500 and regularly dips into top 50

File: IMG_20230226_074604279.jpg (1.72 MB, 4160x3120)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB JPG
I just arrived in Colorado from New York. My plan is to move here permanently. I don't have a place to live lined up, but that's ok because I have a converted van and I work remotely.

If anyone wants to share any cool places to check out, that would be cool. But mostly I just wanted to share how excited and thankful I am to be finally moving to the best state in the country.
83 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Saudi Arabia had the biggest GDP in the world. Most people still probably wouldn't want to live there. (I would though)
when parasites kill the host they look for new hosts. parasites = liberals for those of you who are dense.
St Marry's. My family immigrated to the US in 1918 and immediately settled in Creede. No one likes you out of state faggots. I can't wait for things to collapse so we can turn you all into compost.
>Most people still probably wouldn't want to live there
Irrelevant to my statement
That's cool. I hitchhiked and train hopped with no money to Colorado from NY when I was a teenager. I would've stayed but couldn't do to life circumstances.

You were born here. I chose to be here. I journeyed west like the pioneers did. That makes me as much of a Coloradoan as you. It actually makes me more Coloradoan than you.

I posted my coordinates and you pussies did nothing.

I will buy land in the San Luis valley and build a house and you'll do nothing.

File: drum pamant.jpg (315 KB, 1200x1600)
315 KB
315 KB JPG
I am looking to do something memorable for an important birthday of mine.
I would like to walk 70km to a very small village in a extraordinarily shit part of south eastern romania as that is the village I spent a considerable amount of my childhood in.
My birthday is in early August.
During early august where I live the temperatures are usually near 40 celcius or more. It is usually bone dry but sometimes there are tropical rains which put even the storms of Havana to shame.
The route to that village has 2km of gravel road of varying intensity. The rest of it is pure dirt road.
The dangers include:packs of rabid dogs,very hungry dogs,migratory wolves;swarms of aggressive wasps;drunk and angry car drivers;and the rare druggie which uses shoe glue to get high.
If I am lucky,it will be dry and the road will be dry dirt.
If I am unlucky,it will rain and the road will be mud.
If I am very unlucky,it would have rained before sunrise,making a humid,hot suffocating atmosphere. The road will be a very thick mud.
What tools and equipment do I need to make such a journey possible?
What tools should I have in order to counter the packs of canines which usually patrol the area?
Could you mention anything related to this subject such as similar experiences?
FYI in Romania,owning a gun as a nonpolitician or police officer is impossible.
The max length acceptable for a fully extended pocket knife legally is from the tip of your longest finger to your wrist which in my case is 17.5cm,but in practice police will give you shit if your knife isn't 6cm long or smaller.
It is a pain to obtain pepper spray and cops will give you shit for that too.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1658381756381760.jpg (29 KB, 578x651)
29 KB
What truth do you have to tell, weary traveller?
Bagami-as pula-n ma-ta de LARP prost si handicapat.
Nu calci din casa cu anii si te plangi de carbohidranti zahar si alte tampenii.
Cainii aia cu rabie sa o sa te manance ca nu ai conditie fizica si probabil alergi ca o pizda.
Las-ai sa te omoare, nu o sa iti duca nimeni lipsa.
70km is too much
File: 1653133022828693.gif (193 KB, 88x96)
193 KB
193 KB GIF
Bullshit. I say it's not too much enough.
Since I recovered surprisingly well last time (in about 2 days the pain was almost gone) I'm thinking I might do this again today, or leave it for tomorrow morning so I can come back during daylight, but in that case I have to wake up really fucking early. Like at 3 am, and then push myself to keep running and ignore the excruciating pain.
Because it is really fucking sketchy running in the middle of the night through rural roads.
Last week I went out for a run and my nipples began to hurt at like the 10km mark so I'll have to put some kind of tape over them and carry bandaids with me.

File: IMG_20230318_015631.jpg (239 KB, 1080x1063)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
And how much water do you hike with and in what environment?
41 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
have you ever done a scramble or gone climbing before retard?
Ironically I've found it easier to camp in parts of the Uk than in parts of the states. The permit systems there are crazy. It's always made me chuckle that the "loicense" jokes are pointed at the brits when you literally need a permit to camp in some places in the US.
t. a northern european who preferes /out/ing in the states
they made camping in the uk and wales illegal last year https://www.euronews.com/travel/2023/01/19/the-right-to-wild-camp-has-been-lost-in-england-where-in-europe-can-you-still-pitch-a-tent
>some places in the US.
Yeah, some national parks and state parks that are generally kind of busy.
Camal back with a water filter inline
2l bottle on the pack with 2 empty 1l foldable water bladders.

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