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File: Caving is fun.jpg (318 KB, 1708x1208)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
Anyone here make squeeze boxes for practicing prior to entering the cave? Personally, I think they are a must for safety. The idea of getting stuck or having your friend get stuck, dying, and you can't get past them to get back out doesn't sound appealing.
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ha ha ha you're super fat
>why does real life look like muh vidja games
get off the autism skinnerboxes you stunted faggot
The answer is because caves are not natural. Gravity would not allow their natural development.
That's just a plain deathwish
People find this fun?

File: download.jpg (3 KB, 200x133)
3 KB
Hi guys, I need to buy new footwear for winter.
For the past few years every boot i buy gets ruined in a season, so i would appreciate a good long lasting not ugly as fuk suggestion.
Thanks in advance
Yours truly The Wise Egg
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Hey look, it’s another retarded thread with an op asking for buying advice, but not providing any detail on what they’re really looking for. Now everyone else can ask him what kind of boots he wants and what purpose he’ll be wearing them for. I’d suggest pic related
Can confirm, great boots. Would definitely suit anons needs, warm, comfortable, and waterproof.
>for deep snow walking
Lacrosse or other knee high rubber boots with at least 800g of insulation and wool socks over cotton socks
>for having just good ol' boots
Keen high tops, 2get steel toes don't be a bitch.
since you're obviously to helpless and dumb to ever hold a real job i suggest pic related so your ass looks great when you're shaking it for dollar bills.
Literal clown shoes.

File: DSC_0004.jpg (2.27 MB, 4000x2250)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB JPG
Abandoned Japanese church.
The roof and walls are mostly glass. very beautiful.
And most beautiful is this location.
Watch the video for details.
I travel around abandoned places in Japan and open to the public. English subtitles can be used. Please subscribe.

Nice. You have a new sub
Bump for my animeland friend
>please subscribe
fuck off. thumbs downed.
The good thing with Japanese abandoned places is that they are less likely to have been destroyed by vandals when you get there.

File: 10_Desktop.jpg (422 KB, 1440x720)
422 KB
422 KB JPG
new tesla /out/ vehicle
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How are 2 people going to continue the species? Are the children going to fuck each other?
File: 178143406.jpg (188 KB, 875x583)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
Truck is a queer meme and I'm disappointed in everyone who fell for it.
Tranny post
File: ELO_W4xUwAEIzk5.jpg (151 KB, 1167x877)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
What an ugly fucking truck. Perfect for notruck, noguns faggots.
Yup and it will fuck shit up, but it will still be a continuation.

File: maxresdefault (2).jpg (57 KB, 1280x720)
57 KB
/out/ musical instruments thread

What are your favorite gitfiddles and poorwhistles to bring along on the great outdoors? I currently bring a banjo and a harmonica, but the banjo is still bulky to pack into a kayak or bring on a trail. Been thinking about a cheap mandolin to cut down on space and maybe worry less if it takes a good knock. Anyone have any recommendations on one that doesn't suck ass and is <$300?

Post stories, pics, make fun of other peoples instruments etc
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File: 20191208_102304.jpg (3.56 MB, 4032x3024)
3.56 MB
3.56 MB JPG
I might wind up leaving pic related in storage next time I head perma/out/. I've got a floote in the backpack. I would prefer a Deering Goodtime banjer, but last trip I really needed to cut down on weight and bulk. I do need to be able to busk tho.
reddit fag die
My buddy's got a deering. It's got a much warmer tone than my good time. I popped the resonator off mine but its still bright and snappy. Which is fine, but I might try new strings. Kinda want to lower the bridge too
No you can change the shape of your mouth and throat and make a bunch of different sounds. If you make your throat like you're about to throw up it sounds different and if you move your tongue it can change and if you blow or suck it changes it. And yes they're cheap.
>than my good time
Gold Tone*

I am looking forward to buying a new one for some bushcrafting and preparing food. It is supposed to look good but should still be durable and.
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I liked the design, but they should really specify what type of stainless steel they are using.
They use a few types. The hardnesses vary greatly depending on if they use the normal stainless or high carbon stainless on that knife. Their normal stainless is absolute garbage and has a hardness of something around 52 while the high carbon stainless has a more acceptable 57ish hardness.
Yeah, it was the first release that had the issue. I've been using mine about 5 years now as well, it's quite excellent.
Marttiini is a bit of a meme here in Finland. If you want better fennoshit get something like Roselli or Brisa
>That price
What the fuck nigger that Lauri drop point blade costs less than ten euros.

File: boot-types.jpg (92 KB, 1024x1024)
92 KB
these 3 boot types, do they have different uses, what are they best suited for.
what about waterproofness
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Merrell in wides fit my 4E width flippers.
I'd also look into Haix Tibets, (heavy/mountain) hiking boots with "military look". Closer to €250 but well worth it IMO
File: IMG_20191206_230725.jpg (3.56 MB, 4000x3000)
3.56 MB
3.56 MB JPG
Got these timberland mt. majors for around a year and they're pretty nice if you ask me.
they have glued soles and are half plastic. They'll fall apart within 3 months. You wasted your money anon.
Well they've lasted the whole last season for me and look fine now. I don't treat them too harshly though. I'm gonna try to make them last

>If you were to cross paths with one of your farming ancestors (circa 7,500 to 2,000 B.C.), he'd shove you to the ground, kick sand in your face, and jog off into the sunset with your mate slung over his shoulder. And even with somebody else’s partner slung over his other shoulder, you’d probably never catch up to him. Such has been our musculoskeletal decline in only a handful of millennia.

>“Even our most highly trained athletes pale in comparison to these ancestors of ours,” says Dr. Colin Shaw of Cambridge University’s Phenotypic Adaptability, Variation and Evolution Research Group. “We’re certainly weaker than we used to be.”

Are you as good /out/ist as you can ever be?
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Lol. Props my Caucasian Brother. Way to stick it to the orcs.
>The "Out of Africa" theory is recently proven wrong

Yeah, fuck Africa and fuck the orcs.
File: 1453465741775.jpg (46 KB, 341x354)
46 KB
>“We’re certainly weaker than we used to be.”
Why are Apericans so fucking stupid and uneducated?
Yea I know, they grow up on Flinstons and shit, but seriously.
rent free baby
Equally cringy but for different reasons.

File: Me-looking-at-the-view.jpg (157 KB, 1386x924)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
stretches? form?
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>IT band stretching

good call

i was thinking about how to improve muscle development FROM hiking heh
>Basic tips
Pack light.
Take it easy when you start, if I havn't had the chance to get myself properly ready I start on half my daily mileage then build up.
Listen you're body, unless you're an old hand at this you will have to take rest days. A day off is well with it if it means finishing the route.
Use poles and learn how to descend with them.
Be a tortoise not a hare.
Basic stretching is all you need to do unless you have some special condition. I just stretch my hammy's, calves, and quads at the end of the day.
Nothing to it really, don't take huge steps, just stick to your natural gait. There's no special way to walk.
If you're doing something with a lot of vertical you may want to learn how to test step. It's nothing special but helps a little.
Good shoes, light pack, proper pacing, learning to read maps, stretch, learn to realise when you've pushed yourself too far, and when you could keep going if you had the will.
>learning to read maps
Depends on the sort of long distance walking anon is talking about.
I agree that map reading is a fudamental out skill. However, realistically hike long distance trails don't require much navigation at all, they do offer a great chance to learn how to map read though.
I would say dead reckoning would be a more useful skill for the majority of trailed and waymarked routes.
Define long distance.
Proper feet care is always the answer desu.

I live in Florida and I'm set on leaving here and Montana is my first choice. What can you tell me about it?

I'm not just talking about camping stuff, I think it goes without saying that Montana is one of the best for it, what's it like in general? How do outsiders do there?
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Oftentimes when I go to write a shitpost or tell someone to fuck off, I realize what I'm doing and it's cause for a little introspection. The reason I sometimes fall into shitposting is because the despair I feel about my own life infects how I see the lives of others. Most people do it, if even a little bit. People are just like that sometimes.
Hell no. It's all a giant suburb fantasy-land. Shitholes beget shitheads. First one's going to Miami. Then over to Pinellas. Then Broward.
What engineering company are you with? I'm at LM in Orlando.
MFC anon detected

File: cluster-fuck-fishing.jpg (44 KB, 500x375)
44 KB
>Pier fishing
>Asians and Mexicans show up
>10 minutes later
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Here in Mexico people dont fish that much.
They usually just go near the water bodies to get drunk.
In one day of fishing here in México, in an accesible fishing spot I will probably cross 5 anglers and like 200 drunks.
File: 1278897969217.jpg (254 KB, 1920x1080)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
Not the first world.
>muh under-representashun

I am so fucking tired of this narrative that brown people aren't as interested in the outdoors because muh oppreshun
File: Camping-Meme.jpg (58 KB, 500x513)
58 KB
Bruh, They don't think it be like it is, but it do..
but fishin do be diffrent becuz errbody like to fish some.
>you don't need a license to pier fish
What the ever loving fuck, Is this really true? Salt water fish are protected far more than freshwater fish on the east coast. Almost need a lawyer to know when, how many, and what size redfish you can keep.


Are you tired of being alone and want a hiking or calisthenics buddy . post your general location and make some friends.
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made mine my probability of being rape murdered has increased by and significant magnitude!
Idaho niggas??
Isn't there supposed to be nice forests in Drenthe?
Sexpat summit when
Aye my Boynton Beach nigga what's up? Wanna walk up and down military trail?

File: nm.jpg (491 KB, 1536x1014)
491 KB
491 KB JPG
Why is the desert so spooky bros?
26 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Anza-Borrego would be a literally perfect desert retreat if it weren't for their gay ass campfire policies. There's far more fuel wood down there than there is up in the National Preserve, and yet their fire policies are more restrictive than the Preserve's.
Dude great response haha
I’m gonna have to use this one!
It’s where the demons abide. Christ met with Satan in the desert specifically. It’s why monastic hermits and mystics often retreat to the dessert.
lel, this is near Page, AZ by Big Water.

Can you guys give me any advice on squirrel hunting? I went out for the first time since hunting with my dad when I was little today and saw a couple bug couldn’t get close enough to take any,
64 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
based and official bird of saskatchewan pilled
>that knife

Based squirrel molestor

File: Galileo.jpg (128 KB, 990x742)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Hey /out/

I got really interested in stargazing over the summer and I'm looking for a reliable, beginner-friendly telescope. The goal is to closely view stars and planets through light pollution (can see constellations well with naked eye, but never the milky way here).

7 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
craigslist. lots of Christmas scopes get their new home there. plenty of people don't even care about getting a good price for it, even if its in brand new condition, and will often just sell it for $200 less than they bought it for.

you can see planets even in the city, but FORGET about having any fun star wise. you are going to need to go out to the country for that.
Thank you much, all!
Here's the thing. Stars are dots magnified or not. But if you want portable and simple get a decent 80 or 90mm short throw refractor. Look at Orion for good options. It won't be the best but it will be better than regular store shit. Also get a few decent Plossl eyepieces. A 32mm and 10mm would be good for wide field and low power planetary. If you like that then you will by then know what you will want for you next more serious scope.
Magnification isn't nearly as big of a factor as light gathering, which is primarily determine by diameter and focal length. 8" is considered to be the ideal beginner diameter. Yes, the stars themselves will be white points, more or less, but the greater light gathering power better reveals the nebulae, galaxies and such.

A short scope is going to be very disappointing and not likely to provide much inspiration to stick with it and go deeper. Also, deep space objects require one capable of 2" eye pieces for wowing satisfaction.
I've got a cheapo Skywatcher Heritage 130p, works great, only costs like 150 bucks.

I can't be bothered with driving miles to find a decent dark site, so 5 inches is pretty much the sweet spot for backyard stargazing. I can't be bothered lugging around anything much bigger. If you're into astrophotography you're probably best off with something massive because you need some ludicrous mount to get a DSLR and tracking for long exposures working.

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