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File: 1636532079127.jpg (244 KB, 750x1000)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
slingshots are good as fuck
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That's not remotely close to what I said. Learn to read.
Sorry M8
Fuck pigeons and fuck starlings

berry fun
just found out the video is fake :(
File: literally_me.jpg (450 KB, 788x1024)
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450 KB JPG
Congrats on recovering from your blindness retard

Now eat steel nerd

File: lewisnclark.jpg (488 KB, 1057x1200)
488 KB
488 KB JPG
Why do hikers today seem unable to accomplish such long treks as the ones Lewis and Clark took? Even trails that are already known, has anyone taken such a long trek again like the one they did? There are still unexplored places like in South America or Africa. How come no one has taken any similar expeditions elsewhere? What gear did they use back in the day that would makes it impossible today.
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Aye, I don't know how hunting is organized in america. Sounds like a solvable problem if you claim some kind of historical reenactment though. Camping in the wilds (pitching tents, making fire etc.) should be doable, no?
Reminds me of this anon who came out of public school with the impression it was just Lewis, Clark and Sacawhatever.
Sure. I've done full week river trips and two week lake canoeing loops, though obviously you're not achieving continental distances that way. People have paddled the whole length of the Mississippi too, and that is a Continental distance as well, although if you did Missouri River to confluence to Gulf of Mexico, that'd be several hundred miles longer, and you could fish and hunt along the way, but if you did the Missouri headwaters to Gulf trip, you'd need fishing licenses for Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, and Louisiana, and hunting licences for those plus Nebraska, Kansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi, unless you wanted to confine your hunting to only one bank.
>Missouri headwaters to Gulf trip
Over 6100 kilometers

These guys did it from the headwaters to St. Louis. Keep in mind L&C were literally pushing themselves upstream the entire way out...except for the portage at Great Falls. Downstream is a lot easier and quicker but today there are a ton of dams and locks etc...the entire way. Took them 5 months


File: 3usj2dgc4uz51.png (387 KB, 800x530)
387 KB
387 KB PNG
What discipline? What breed? Good memories? I rarely ever meet other male riders, figured 4ch was my best bet.
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I really want to try riding a horse, but a little afraid that it will do whatever it wants.
Yes but some only want to lazily walk around and not do much. Simply find one of those and you're all set.
You haven't been talking to OP, Noelle.
I rode a retired barrel racer and she just wanted to run. Had ro rein her in the entire time.
thats so hot, are you female?

File: westvirginia.jpg (261 KB, 1348x1243)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
Especially the pink/red zone. What happens there?

The whole state is in the mountains - yet it is little discussed here.
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>I'm insecure and you should be too!
>if i call them names they’ll spoonfeed me walking paths
I didn't call anyone names (anon isn't me!). Ruralfrens are frens too and we can responsibly enjoy public lands together!

It's too late. The areas with the alltrails fags are getting totally trashed. DCers fuck off. On the other hand it is pretty funny that all the locals are stealing their catalytic converters.
>The areas with the alltrails fags are getting totally trashed


>inb4 dolly sods being popular is somehow alltrails' fault

File: IMG_2504.jpg (806 KB, 3264x1257)
806 KB
806 KB JPG
>His watch isnt solar
>His watch isnt radio controlled

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File: KIMG0060.jpg (2.01 MB, 4160x2340)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB JPG
Simple as
>Can't tell the time by looking at the sun
cool story LARPer.
File: countrymaster.jpg (73 KB, 720x960)
73 KB
Adina CountryMaster

made in au
sapphire glass
the luminescence on the numbers is pretty strong
File: seiko-skx009-pepsi-diver.jpg (244 KB, 1800x1800)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
I usually wear a seiko pepsi
its good, the altitude could be more precise but oh well good enough for not calibrating it often at all. a good deal if its on sale but get the one with the nylon strap the silicone one makes you sweat like a pig and falls apart over time.

File: joypur.jpg (85 KB, 1414x1433)
85 KB
Are those little sawyer mini chode straw ones worth it? Is pump better? Who makes the best pump filter? Parts and replicability?
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since water is a living life form doesn't boiling the water kill it?
Yeah but just don't dry boil it and it's cool
Have a slightly different question re: water. I have an old water bottle I really like but it kind of tastes like plastic. Been soaking it in baking soda for a couple days, will this do the trick? Any other wonder remedies I may have to try? 8jsgs
Kek, you know you can backwash it, right?
I use a mini, and can't complain about the flow rate. With the shallow creeks where I am, it actually takes longer to fill the pouch than to squeeze it's contents through the filter. All in all, about 5 min for filling my two 1L bottles.

You do need a fair bit of strength though. So if you're an ultralightfag trying to reduce his bodyweight to the minimum, you might struggle.

>Are those little sawyer mini chode straw ones worth it?
>Is a filter that'll last a lifetime, and costs half of one that will last 200L worth it?
Sure. You can always go better (Sawyer squeeze, or even a lab-grade stainless / ceramic filter), but the mini is the cheapest filter worth buyin.
>Is pump better?
More parts that can break, filters rated for a few thousand L at best (and usually a few hundred only), bigger, heavier and more expensive - do I really need to spell it out for you?
Only advantage is that you need less strength, and can use your weight, which you can't do properly with a pouch filter. But that shouldn't be relevant unless you're a 50kg manlet.
Sawyer Micro Squeeze, usually I do 2-4 litres a day. If from a rather sketchy source, I put in an additional Katadyn Micropur Forte MF 1T and an orange-flavored vitamin drink tablet afterwards for variation of taste.

What is a good general purpose axe to buy?

Next door had all their trees cut down in the summer so I now have lots of logs I need to chop up for winter fires.
I'm looking for something that will do that well but also be useful for other /out/ related activities. A splitting axe seems like it would become somewhat redundant after I've chopped all these logs

Pic related, thinking of buying this. Would that be any good as my first axe?
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Boys axe.
This is good advice, but I'm convinced you're replying to a troll.

Having said that, I've had to resort to a chainsaw to split some elm rounds before. Elm is a stone cold whore to split.
Why do people shill so hard for this axe or swedish stuff in general? This splitting axe is the worst i have used. Litterally a felling axe works better
File: 20211207_133816.jpg (4.33 MB, 4032x3024)
4.33 MB
4.33 MB JPG

File: energy.jpg (61 KB, 1144x832)
61 KB
How much energy you need/use varies a lot from person to person, so how much food (and what food) do you bring when going /out/doors for an extended period of time (2 week+)?
I've been thinking about staying in my cabin for maybe 10-15 weeks starting june but it's quite far in the middle of nowhere forest so getting supplies will be a pain (long walk). I'm quite used to carrying 25kg plus when hiking, so what food should I pack? Flour and cooking oil are very energy dense, what else do you recommend? I might be able to shoot a deer if my licence comes through in time so meat is on the menu already. Consider taste aswell, I am not very fond of the idea of eating only pemmican with my meat for 15 weeks. How many supply runs do you think I'll need to do if I can carry 25kg each time?
Also general food thread I guess, post your forest recipies preferably including fish as I'll be fishing a lot.
i dont ever carry more than 10kg or food. if its going to be that long you're going to have to setup resupplies so you might as well do it a bit more frequently.

>planning to shoot a deer.
and what carry around 80 lbs of meat? what are the laws about disposable? i'll bet its not you can take 10 lbs of meat and leave the other 90.
There are lots of deers close to the cabin (they walk past like a hundred meters or so all the time). I got a small 1.5*1.5 frost-cellar (don't know the english name) I dug last year and a smoker. I intend to smoke almost all of the meat and if I can't do all of it in one day I leave the rest in the cold pit.
I prefer seeing people as little as possible, not a huge fan of them. That's why I'd rather walk with heavier load than take multiple trips. Still, how many do you think I'll need?
Red Bull, sugarfree

File: origin.png (1.47 MB, 883x889)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
These guys hiked hundreds of miles in shoes made in Europe. What kind of footwear and socks did these guys wear that lasted them for so long or were easy for them to repair?
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Aztecs bred proto-chihuahuas as fat, fuzzy foot warmers. They also ate them. I’d suspect the American dog breeds were like ferals or dingos, rather than looking like wolves.
They clearly were domesticated. Some of them even rewilded and survived (most native american dog breeds are extinct), and they're clearly dogs, not wolves.
File: dog.jpg (13 KB, 222x221)
13 KB
or even...
i guess they did have domesticated dogs. the last two look european tho and if it is on photograph, injun just might have bought it from white folks.
The aztec thing is interesting tho. i wonder why they didnt have some milk beast instead of all these funny animals like guiny pigs and chivauvaus

File: g (29).jpg (573 KB, 1083x610)
573 KB
573 KB JPG
rate my wooden fort!
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File: Photo1636.jpg (3.69 MB, 2048x1536)
3.69 MB
3.69 MB JPG
coverage is a little sparse and messy, good size though.
looks tidier and more cohesive. more points for aesthetics.

have some moss balls as a reward (these are approx 2 feet in diameter)
Looks like someone took down a tree and put all the branches on a pile.
i forgott how big berling really is. of course it is bound to influnce the forest.
i like leafy forests more, but the spruce woods always seem very bright and fresh
File: preußen.png (2.83 MB, 933x1450)
2.83 MB
2.83 MB PNG
pic related is the best i could find on google.
i don't mind spruce at all, the classic prussian, or rather the modern interpretation of it's monoculture is however depressing, because there are many spots where you have skinny, sickly trees standing in very narrow corridors, hardly any spacing between eachother, many falling over at the slightest breeze. while i understand that true untouched woods don't exist in europe, or rather in europe mind a very small spot between poland and belarus, this shit is still pretty depressing and not comfy to be in at all
very nice. the lighting kinda makes it look like a movie set

I will be spending a month in Miami, FL, which is like 30 minutes from the boundary of Everglades NP. I am a pretty strong hiker/backpacker but since they’re no mountains, what do I do at the park? I will be bri going my camping gear as well.

What have you done at Everglades NP?

What’s your favorite thing to do there?

Should I rent a kayak and go solo-yakking? Or take a guided tour?

Is an air boat ride a good spend of money?

Tell me any gator stories you have as well.

Please and thank you.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Also, any good movies/books/TV shows about the Everglades?
Current plan is to drive down there and turn exclusively use my bicycle for the month I am there, except when driving to Everglades. Good advice on the wipers and tires lol
I was just fucking around on google maps. You ought to check out Chokoloskee island. There are several charter services there that offer private tours and rentals for the glades.
if there is a natural wonder i am extremely envious its the great swamps you ameribros got. that and the plains of wyoming which look absolutely kino.
I dont understand why do you want to kayak if you dont fish. Kayaking on still water gets mighty boring
It’s kind of just the water version of my other favorite hobbies, which are walking and biking. My favorite thing is the world is to just walk around endlessly in a new place. Looking into alleys and behind strip centers and up weird staircases to little apartment promandes and down others and into bike paths and walk always and through tunnels. Really big state college campuses are good for this, and so are old cities. I do the same with cycling too. Kayaking is how I would do it in the water. I don’t fish and I’ve never really enjoyed it but I love just kayaking around and looking at stuff with my binoculars.

Why are good gloves so hard to find? Every single fucking pair I’ve tried seems to not be designed for a human hand. Where do I need to go to find a glove that has properly sized fingers and thumb? They are always a full joint too long.
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I’d rather have a mint julep
I have the opposite issue. I found a pair of XXL gloves at the store yesterday or the day before and snatched them up on principle, but the fingers still end an inch before my fingers do.

It's what happens when things are built to an average. You and I are outliers on opposite sides of the curve. We can either buy custom shit or deal with the poor fit.
I think I have a wide hand with relatively short fingers so I have a hard time fitting my hand in the opening of gloves that fit my fingers in length. I can usually find a pair of thinner stretchy gloves that work but when it comes to needing insulation and waterproofing for dealing with snow I end up bashing my head against a wall.
>We can either buy custom shit
I’m seriously considering it.
my best solution so far is a pair of fingerless gloves with a mitten that swings over the fingers, but can be folded back so you can shoot or do fiddly shit that requires fingers. They are fleece and reasonably warm. If it's too cold for that, I go with full on leather mittens.

File: 1615499688330.png (44 KB, 2560x637)
44 KB
Any britfags use Decathlon gear /out/?
I've lost a load of weight so need some new gear and was curious about their quality for basic wild camping
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Running shoes are surprisingly good
Their clothes are excellent value. Same goes for accessories like camping stoves and trekking poles. You could probably get everything you need for a multi-day hike in three seasons from there.
File: 123.jpg (739 KB, 1225x1370)
739 KB
739 KB JPG
Their tarp camo with youtube compression looks pretty neat. I think it looks better than mandra wood and isn't looking like real military camo. I like low key stealth like darker natural colors for clothes and equipment more than obviously attempted stealth, this would be one of the few items I'd buy with camo if I would have money for equipment
I buy tons of out gear there, its cheap af and actually not that bad, only thing I hate from there is the cocking material (pots and that things, not the stoves)
I got a lot of gear from decathlon. Mostly clothing (except pantalon). Generally speaking I now try to look if I can find it on Decathlon first before looking elsewhere. I can order online and return it to the nearby store if it I think it doesn't work for me.
Camping gear is on the bulky side.

File: jacket.jpg (28 KB, 540x360)
28 KB
What brand do you guys trust for quality and what climate do you use it in?

ppl shilling for expensive brands are suckers
Picked up a nice Columbia jacket from when anon dropped those employee discount codes a few months back

Make sure whatever you get layers well with the rest of your clothes
Columbia stuff often seems to be on sale. It’s trustworthy, decent quality and - in my opinion - looks good. No snobby trail girls are going to hop on your weenie in Chinacrap.
File: 1638499598466.png (506 KB, 640x640)
506 KB
506 KB PNG
Always worth looking at a poncho for rain, like silnylon stuff. There's the packa too and if rain hits, you can always use a trash bag.
I hate jackets inflexibility, and live in Northwest. If I use a jacket, I typically use tightly woven polycotton like the British CS95. Bought several surplus and dyed them brown. I haven't had an issue yet where water broke through, it can be waxed, the polyester helps it dry quickly, and its long enough where most the water drizzles to the floor and not onto my pants.
There's now a more modern version, and Helikon has a version as well called the PCS smock or something like that.

File: whatsapp-blue-ticks.png (100 KB, 637x447)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
Shut in here

I moved to an area which is close to a forest and I started to go out and take walks there. What are some good shoes to take walks in the forest in? My sneakers are already rekt.
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trying to make a change

I've always liked Merrell Moabs for lighter hiking and dog walking, not the best but good price/quality ratio
just go barefoot...good for the sole.
You can't go wrong with salomon, price/quality ratio is unparalleled in my opinion.
Though if you have time and don't mind a bit of maintenance get leather boots, they'll last you a long time and cost more or less like a good salomon pair.

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