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File: EuropeGeneral.png (1.26 MB, 1000x1000)
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1.26 MB PNG
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File: DSCF4636.jpg (1.08 MB, 2100x1400)
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1.08 MB JPG
spent a month in Italy, 9 days in the Alps and 5 in the south Apennines, rest in c*ties
fuck off, there are skinwalkers, don't go there
How was the Canary Islands in general?
Please share your experience, I am pondering visiting it during winter.
Well, I was born and raised there but emigrated almost 10 years ago. I mostly just visit in Christmas, those pictures are precisely from the last time I was there. What is it exactly that you want to know? Anyway, now with corona things can be problematic as it has been declared a risk zone. Anyway, winters are sunny and mi,d with temperatures between 15 and 25.

Anyone know any good spots to pick mushrooms on the west coast of Scotland preferably around Ayrshire?
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This is not true at all anon
Thanks for that image anon

They prefer upland and feed on dying grasses. So check most any hilly area with browning grass on it.
The woods
File: IMG_0447.jpg (2.85 MB, 3264x2448)
2.85 MB
2.85 MB JPG
>psychedelic shrooms

File: KwCEuJCl.jpg (97 KB, 427x640)
97 KB
Does anyone have information on Tasmanian pattern axe heads? I've looked into the Arvika 5 star and the Helko Werk Tasmanian but have seen videos of people comparing them to old Tasmanian's and how they are not the same? Also I'd rather restore an old head than buy new.
They're basically a heavy (4-4.5lb) short, wide head on a relatively short handle. I used a few growing up in Tassie, but I had no idea they were specifically named their own thing until just now reading this post.
You can find them all over in Tassie, at antique stores and the like. Problem is, the hipster craze has made old farm gear go way up in price.
Why do you want a Tasmanian axe? For competition?

File: IMG_20200923_155455.jpg (1.2 MB, 3120x4160)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
Hey /out/, a biologist here
I just trapped an ant in tree CUM (pine resine), it looks kinda dope.
Don't let my career fool you, i'm actually stupider than you think. My only reason to believe it's going to get solid and preserve the ant is cause I saw it on jurassic park, i guess only time will tell.
Any cool thing you've found in the wild?
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Based bio bros molecular/structural biologist coming through
>healthcare bacteria prevention
quick Q: Can the herpes in my penis infect my ass if I in the shower clean my penis first and then use the same hand to clean my ass?
But for real your best bet is becoming a high school teacher if you get your masters.
Molecular bio student here; any fellow biochads have tips for applying to grad school?

But I make stuff that kills bacteria during and after medical surgery, so, that 'Yes' is a probably, maybe, I don't know.

File: 865152.jpg (11 KB, 440x440)
11 KB
Looking for a good self inflating mattress. Should I get the Thermorest trail scout or the coleman silvertron. Heard mixed things about the trail scout but only positives about the coleman. I like how the trail scout is lighter and more compact but im just not sure if it would be comfortable enough.
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when it comes to these inflating mattresses, what should i look for in them when buying? will any do? i usually buy stuff second hand due to being cheaper, but it requires a lot of waiting
whats you guys opinion on non self inflatable mats?
I have a cheap option of both and though the self inflating one is almost triple the volume and weight it is not much more comfortable then the one that needs to be blown up.
pic related is the cheap blow up mat I have and it does its job just fine. wondering what the perks of selfinflating mats are
File: 8978.jpg (352 KB, 1500x1500)
352 KB
352 KB JPG
>absolute most comfortable pad for under $100?
A friend of mine got that one, even in warmer climates he was cold because it offers next to no insulation. It is comfy tho
If you want cheap, the solution is to buy a nicer pad used. Craigslist, etc.

File: IMGP4963_1024x1024.jpg (124 KB, 1024x1024)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
post your favorite /out/ hats and headwear
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You make it out of wool. Felting is pretty easy.
Imagine that as hair.
File: M05_verikauha_M.jpg (45 KB, 500x625)
45 KB
Here is a picture of a new "verikauha" cap in M05 camo.
It is pretty good cap for outdoor use, but looks weird if worn in a city.
(Sorry about the filter mask.)
File: M05_Verikauha_2M.jpg (32 KB, 500x625)
32 KB
Here is picture of the "verikauha" neck guard taken down.
The drop-down guard covers the neck and lower face, and keeps the hat from being blown off when skiing downhill.
>The year is 2051
>Neo-Sturmführer Finn Suomalainen leads his platoon of Tiger III units through the irradiated suburbs of Moscow

File: pot_over_campfire1.jpg (89 KB, 600x600)
89 KB
Hi /out/. Let's swap recipes, tips, tricks, and opinions on cooking implements.
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what's so funny anon
seriously, nobody takes hummus? it's cheap as fuck
not sure how y'all camp, but me and my friends exclusively only camp on riversides while catfishing. mainly the Mississippi and the zumbro river(MN). and ive gotta tell ya, a tripod and dutch oven is a must, but its only worth it if your cooking for at least 4 people though. you can cook damn near anything in em. if its just you and a friend, go with just a cast iron skillet on the coals.
File: Karreespeck.jpg (6 KB, 300x168)
6 KB

My man! They are really nice with a good cheese and fresh bread on trips to the mountains! And the ones you posted look suprisingly good!

I also love a proper Karreespeck, some hard boiled eggs and a bit of dried fruit as a snack when in the Alps.
>a proper Karreespeck
Know of any good places to buy that online and have it shipped to the US? Mein Deutsch ist nicht gut.

File: knife.jpg (8 KB, 324x500)
8 KB
Looking for a light weight chopper, under 8 oz, something that could chop off repetitively thick tree branches with ease. My mora broke on me after whacking on it for a year. ive been looking at the Terävä Jääkäripuukko 140 but i'm unsure of its chopping capability
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>I would not have started this thread if i knew everything about knives

I will drop a little knowledge on you then. The concept of processing firewood with a knife is a modern invention by gear-queer men who want to swing a sword around like a knight in a fairy-tale to solve all their problems. Yes you *can* chop wood with a knife, is there a compelling reason to ? Not really, it's mostly comes down to people being too cool for tools like axes, wedges, saws, etc and want to swing a sword around.
Sorry mate, can’t help you. Mines a heavy weight chopper... if you know shat I mean!
Tramontina Bolo. Get a special grade one from Baryonyx.
I have that exact knife and its honestly done me well. Especially at the price point its been really good.
Why do you need a chopper? If you're going far and light, just find wood that doesn't need chopping. get a normal knife and do the ol' rock stomp to break larger stuff, or leverage between two close trees.

File: maxpatch.jpg (89 KB, 1022x575)
89 KB
Wtf is wrong with normies?!?! Why is this such a hard concept for them to get? Isn't it common fucking sense to pick up after one's self and not litter?

Is there a final solution to the normie problem or are bored Instathots going to destroy the outdoors for the rest of us?

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Yeah. Same. One of my favorites (and where I proposed) is up a single lane dirt road mountain pass and used to only be maintained by my great uncle on his own time. Now that he's gone, the trust that owns the forest pays the ranger to take care of it ocassionally.

Like you said though, the problem is you have to pay people and a lot of parks and forests are underfunded either because the owner/government has too much debt or they have more pressing expenses.
Yeah. Not surprised. And very good point. I will say, the trail I was on (Pine Creek Rail Trail) was very well maintained. But I think it also generates a lot of indirect tourism revenue and the horse drawn carriage that runs tours I'm sure pulls in some money for the government.
Maybe a solution is to have more trail running events? That's why I was at Pine Creek and the permitting fees for these things are generally more than half the price of the entry fee.
you have to go back
Rail trails are not the issue. I am talking about less used trails into ravines/canyons/watersheds.

They just fall apart without maintenance at least twice a decade.

File: gladecreekgristmill.jpg (142 KB, 600x431)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Lots of beautiful, uncrowded gems out there! What are your favorites?
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No I think its the other way around, I don't know what it is but you people are somehow "lesser" than us. You """people""" drive like shit you have one-digit IQ and your family's are comprised of incestous niggerchildren. ngl.
elevation wise, ohio is the basement

we are talking about going /out/ not who lives there

who cares who the local residents are like what the fuck you are there to hike
oh.............. sorry
you should be
he's a conifer supremacist

File: nahanni ram plateau.jpg (248 KB, 1400x1000)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
wtf /out/ I thought you told me canada didn't have a grand canyon
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t. missing411
For you.
tablelands isnt a desert its on the coast of newfoundland lol.
File: Untitled.jpg (698 KB, 1920x1280)
698 KB
698 KB JPG
looks pretty deserted to me
the deepest canyon is in tibet andd noone ever goes there

File: sthubert_720x-01.jpg (328 KB, 498x743)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
These are always fun.
>Talk stalking
>Horn and sinew vs magnesium and steel
>Why grug 70# firstbow no shoot good?
St Hubert, pray for these /out/ists

I'm working up to warbow weight, but am frustrated with my left hand shooting. My father's glove is formed for right hand shooting, so it slips off when I switch. Got a new deerskin and am forming it as we speak.
Anybody shrank a glove before? I've got 10 minutes in hot water and am flexing it regularly. Was considering shooting while it dries, but I think it will distort the fingers too much? Should I rehydrate it with olive or mink oil?

Also, composite bestbow.
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What do you need to know? They're tall, and fling sticks
File: 0.jpg (172 KB, 1026x625)
172 KB
172 KB JPG

Everyone needs a recurve. They can be anything from a traditional bare bow to some tacticool shit. What do you need to know?
Prefer longbow's myself lad. But to each, their own.
It's a felt pad not a rest
>hair trigger hostility

File: FB_IMG_1601040590545.jpg (95 KB, 960x960)
95 KB
Where are the best places in Europe to do stuff innawoods?
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That map is fucking bulshit. The """"""forest""""" in my country is mostly scrubland divided in hundreds of thousands of small private plots.
the colour scale for this map should run from green to red instead of green to lighter green
Correct. Every country would be down a bit but Germany and the Netherlands in particular would approach 0 very closely.
What for?
I want to spend a month in Iceland planting trees.

Hey frens, I just accepted a full D1 scholarship (wrestling) to a school in DC. I was wondering if there was really any real outdoors stuff to do in the general area. I've heard kayaking in the River aswell as some waterfalls in Maryland but that's about it. Any other cool stuff?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Thanks! I do plan on having a car on campus. That looks really good and I feel better about it now knowing there's gonna be at least some outdoors stuff to do in my limited free time
Yeah if you have a car there are tons of options. Make sure to check out Spruce Knob and surrounding hiking areas when you have a weekend or vacation time. It's a bit much for a day trip but it is the highest mountain you can drive to easily from DC (4800 ft).


there are TONS of outdoor stuff nearby, check out alltrails
Am at UVA for grad school. Down here in VA is where it's at. Shenadoah or however tf you spell it is beautiful. Hiking, trail running, etc. Download the AllTrails app and search around.

MD sucks imo, look south.
MD has lots of nicer stuff in WESTERN md futher out, where you probably haven't been. Far Western MD and WV are pretty much the same terrain-wise and culturally in some parts.

Shenandoah is the nearest high-ish mountains to DC, yes, but if you go further out the landscape is more interesting and it is less crowded.

Most people ONLY get to shenandoah and never venture further out.

MD (tidewater lands) has a lot of cool forests near DC and boardwalks and nice gentle trails by rivers.

No, it isn't mountains always, but interesting nonetheless.

There is out in every direction from dc
This is my DC-area alltrails favorites collection. 100+ trails near DC for day hiking.

DC has out in every direction you just have to research it like anything else in life.

File: download (4).jpg (7 KB, 259x194)
7 KB
Has anyone used an electric bike for outdoor activities? Especially hunting? I was looking at the Rokon because they have a smaller footprint than a quad but those fuckers are so loud. For those with ebikes; what kind do you have & how do you like it. Pic kinda related because I still think Rokons are badass.
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Think I’d want to see it in person before buying it
Yeah that's definitely true. My experience with e bikes is that they widely vary in suspension, brakes, handlebar comfort, ride comfort, and power delivery to the point where buying them online is pretty risky if you can't try it first.

Maybe craigslist could have one.
In what way are they more useful than an average enduro? Transporting things in the front and bigger tires?
You'd want an electric dual sport that could theoretically do single track but the price tag and the range are both shitty and a craigslist drz ends up the better option.
they have a showroom in Copenhagen where you can see most of the models

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