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File: 20200519_083454.jpg (392 KB, 720x742)
392 KB
392 KB JPG
Do you guys like to do it?
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i aint shittin, he hella cute, maybe could attach him to the top of my hiking pole so he could go on adventures!
Thanks, nice idea. When I make some more I'll do a carving thread here and find a way to send them out. I'd proudly send these lil guys off to go on adventures and see the world. Don't know how it could be possible with 4chan being a risky place
I do when out fishing, around my parts it's called a "göralös-pinne", nothing to do-stick. You just get a piece of wood and start carving, whatever happens, happen.
maybe take pictures of your process and set them together in a little tutorial of sorts so anons can make their own?
Yeah, I'll do that!

What are your thoughts on Colorado's ballot initiative to introduce wolves to the state?
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Most rangers are pretty not hippy dirt bags who conflate having wolves with being in touch with nature or what ever other faggy crap.
>whaaaahhh i cant hunt elk but wont hunt any other animals
>whaaaa i lost a couple of animals
>whaaa i spent my life larping as a country badass and now i have to put my money where my mouth is
The wolves reintroduced to Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming came from Alberta, BC and northern Montana. They are only marginally larger than the original extirpated group of wolves from those states (the northern rocky mountain wolf), 6-8% larger. The southern rocky mountain wolf (originally native to CO) on the other hand is significantly smaller, but it and the great plains wolf are both extinct. The closest living subspecies to the extinct native wolf to the southern Rockies is the Mexican gray wolf that is being reintroduced to Arizona and New Mexico, it is also the smallest and one of the oldest gray wolf subspecies.

Personally I'd take Canadians over Mexicans any day.
I would as well, the Mexican ones tend to be too much on the smaller side and less suited for the rockies and more frequently crossbreed with coyote. There is also far fewer populations from which to draw the Mexican specimens from compared to the currently established northern rocky populations in WY, MT, and ID. Making the northern rocky subspecies pretty much the only potential suitable subspecies to introduce to CO anyway.

File: tick-size.jpg (59 KB, 759x424)
59 KB
Is there any greater menace to the outdoorsman than these? As a duty, I go out of my way to murder any t*ck I come across. Revolting, ugly and demonic creatures.
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Back in late Feb, me and my very un- /out/ experienced gf went out on a hike. It was a trail i had taken many times before. Then i saw some side trail i'd never seen before and decided to take it. Went uphill for a long while. Ended up on a private road.

>Look out over vista
>hey babe, this is great, look at the view. And i think if we just walk down this road we can go down and get back to the trail from here. Trust me!
>Down the road the trail ends in a cul de sac. Disappointed but i see that the trail is down the hill and can't be too far if we just follow in the general direction. We end up bushwacking it through tall grass, ducking under low hanging oak tree branches and finally make it down to where I thought the trail would be. It was but there was fencing and a steep dropoff to get down to the trail and as my luck would have it, i was with a woman. So it was back up to the top of the steep incline to the cul de sac. Finally get to the top.

> GF: Anon, what is that on you???????
Completely covered in ticks. The both of us.

Frantically inspecting each other, pulling ticks off, GF is crying and stripping in the middle of the cul de sac. I'm wondering if people are watching. .

But we pulled dozens of ticks off our uper body, pants, shoes, but didn't get bit. Praise Hitler!
I woke up, about an hour ago with something crawling in my fucking ear. I brushed it off and tried to go back to sleep. Felt something on my arm and subconsciously brushed it off again. I realized then it had to be a fucking tick so I waited in bed to feel the fucker crawling on me again. I felt something on the back of my neck and I got the son of a bitch.

Here's where I feel like I fucked up. I was so pissed I crushed it with a knife on my counter. Got tick guts everywhere. I cleaned the area with bleach but is there anyway Lyme can be transferred from that? Does bleach kill it? I live in a low risk area for Lyme.
I used to get these little bastards on my balls all the time. Now I wasn't running through the grass naked, I'm pretty sure the perverts crawled up there.
if it didn't bite you or sinject guts into your eye like eyedrops, you are fine.
Thanks. I have never had so many tick encounters until this summer.

File: phone.jpg (73 KB, 1000x1000)
73 KB
Which phone do you take with you for hiking?
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I think you posted about your cat s41 in a previous thread
File: Capture.jpg (83 KB, 796x479)
83 KB
>literally called outfone
>has UHF radio to talk to really angry people that say it's an emergency channel.
i just take a camera. if your phone still has service you are not truly /out/
What ever late model cell phone work has given me + waterproof case.

File: My_swiss_army_knife.jpg (627 KB, 2048x1536)
627 KB
627 KB JPG
what is the bare minimum combo of tools that a swiss army knife should have for it to be practical for (1) self-defense and (2) /out/door survival?
I would also appreciate your knowledge re longevity/endurance and authenticity of material
t. poorfag who wants to buy the cheapest but most efficient type
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The alox ones don't have the tweezers though. The toothpick thing is almost useless but the when you need tweezers there's literally no other tool that will do

Good to see them ditch the fucking useless phillips screwdriver. You can use the tip of the can opener or bottle opener for that.

This one looks pretty decent
Every can of beans in my cupboard.

Also pull tabs fail.
It's about 50/50 in my experience.
I have a vintage officer suiss. It is perfect, and It doenst have that retarded nail file like the current lineup

>small knife
>big knife
>can opener/screwdriver
>bottle opener/wire stripper/screwdriver

thats it, and that is all I have ever needed.

What are some /out/ cars? Pic related is my Honda pilot. Pretty tough and reliable, which are what matters when using a car for outdoors
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Forest service roads in National Forests
Drive and park somewhere and walk your happy ass out into the forest.
I have done shit in this little kei car that would make bigger and heavier trucks car. I made fun of it when I first got it, but this car is pure beast mode. I cannot descibe how much this car has earned my respect over the ridiculous shit I did in it.

>Plowing 2 1/2 foot of snow going up a backcountry incline road to reach some middle of fuckall trailhead that was not even on a legal road (was a 'trail' road)
I dont know how I never got stuck on that
>similar type of 'trail road' going over a pass during spring thaw, almost hydroplaning over the mud the logging trucks had liquified
Again, a stop or die situation
>doing rice patty donuts on frozen rice fields
>drive it for like 22 hours straight at pretty much max rpm on the expressway going across japan

It hurt to part with it after.
File: BG603252_24f372.jpg (90 KB, 640x480)
90 KB
holy shit forgot pic

Mitsubishi EK wagon
The real question is which offroaders have the best fuel consumption, because here in Europe that shit ain't cheap

Is it still illegal in Commiefornia to go to Yosemite? I really, really want to go there again!
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it was never illegal you stupid shit.
I hope you fall face first into a Poodle Dog Bush you enormous faggot.
It's only illegal if you get caught
What's the wolf/deer ratio in Yosemite at this time of year?
There are no wolves in yosemite. Only coyote, foxes, cougar, bobcat and black bear

File: pizRxoa.jpg (1.8 MB, 4072x3045)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB JPG
Here's the deal /out/. I've been wanting to go spelunking for years, but never had the motivation to try. I've now got the details on an abandoned gold mine in Georgia (pic related).

The place is on private property but it's access via the local city park. It's a stable mine, some of the lower parts are flooded, no vent shafts below grade, multiple entrances and exits. I've got a headlamp, back up head lamp, and a handheld flashlight. Also have a backpack with the basics (food/water/fire starting materials).

Anything else I need in order to go in prepared? What am I in for? Total first timer here.
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Oh yeah my dad and sister used to go in there before I was born.
I'm not sure if I like the fact that most caving websites look like they haven't been updated since 1999 or not. It has a certain charm but also looks like ass.
They're also the guys who are best equipped to make sure your ass doesn't die on a caving trip, so idk, consider that
Cavers all paid for their web hosting decades in advanced and just died back in the 90s obviously
Just do ice climbing instead. You can pretend to be a bad ass like caving. But it’s less dangerous and way cooler.

File: 42334564645654645654.png (450 KB, 1024x649)
450 KB
450 KB PNG
I live like 15 minutes away from the Potomac River - DMV area.

I've got an old shitty one but I want a new one. Probably with foot pedals.

What companies make the best pedal river kayaks for a 1-3 day trip. Enough space to feel comfortable, I'm 6'3.

Again, I guess firstly are prices down because of the pandemic.

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File: 8912-5459.gif (58 KB, 320x240)
58 KB
Now we see the true colors of the General thread guy.
Nice to know who you are dealing with when its a bigot
Should have guessed you were a nigger, explains the low IQ. Go nog somewhere else subhuman.
Woah, I came back after doing some studying, seems like I pissed off a massive jagoff. Yeah I saw the other thtead before posting but my question was never brought up there.

Ill look at Hobie tomorrow. They seem like the Camelbak (for pack gear) of padel kayaks.
Based on all the Kayaks on cars I've seen, they'll probably be up if anything.
Not only that but it's easier for normies to "socially distance" on kayaks than on narrow hiking trails. So expect a lot more interest in boating/paddling this summer than in past years.

File: firestarters.jpg (8 KB, 281x180)
8 KB
Going to make some fire starters this weekend. Have some egg cartons, tons of old candle wax from the glass candles, some Gulf wax because, well just because, some bbq pellets my buddy gave me. Maybe shred some cardboard, too.

Made them before and wonder if you have a secret you use when making these things (no, I don't have any dryer lint). More woody things?
when you melt the wax and make a mixture, add a smidge of kerosene
File: jason2.jpg (10 KB, 282x178)
10 KB

this sounds dangerous
nah bro, don't worry about it

Is a pedal kayak worth the extra money for fishing rivers and medium sized lakes? It looks like you can get a decent fishing kayak for under $1k but the pedal options are double that. I was looking into the old town top water 120, any experience on the non pdl version?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Bro no, just use an oar. Unless you have the upper body strength of a child
u gonna ride that blow-up yak just like you ride that blow-up Beyonce.
Seeing as this is the paddlefag review thread, I'll just bump it for this. I just bought this kayak.
Seeing as it was only 70 buckaroos, I'm not expecting it to perform all that well, but I inflated it in my living room and sat in it and it didn't pop. Also have a life vest coming in the mail soon and don't plan on using it for any serious lakes (i.e. nothing more than a mile across). I wanted to ask if I just lit money on fire, or if this was a good purchase? I figure if I get 5 trips out of it that it'd be worth. Anyone have experience using a cheapass kayak? What's everyone's opinions on inflatables?
What have you got to lose?
Don't get much for $70 these days so as long as you have some fun and I'm sure it will do what you need it to.
Used inflatables in the past but I was always interested in fishing so I swam back once.
For what you intend it should do well and you'll get an idea of it all. Worst case scenario is you return it for a refund.
I'd probably try fishing from it also.
I got 0 trips out of mine. Thing had a leak when I bought it and couldn't even get it fully inflated once. Sent that shit back.

File: CQ_SOTA_QRP_.jpg (115 KB, 800x600)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Does anyone here do SOTA (pic related)?

I want to get into it but for whatever reason everything in the amateur radio world is inaccessible as fuck.

Anyone know how I can get started with it as an actual beginner? What sort of equipment do I need? Is it actually any fun?

I would be keen on for example joining a sota team and competing in events but I'm not sure such a thing even exists
You probably start by getting your radio loicense
I already have it but I only have a couple of handhelds and listening to the same 3 old people on the local repeater gets old really fast
Are you involved in any clubs/groups? Chances are if you go to a swapmeet/hamfest/whatever and ask around, you'll find someone who can at least point you in the right direction.

Field Day's coming up in about a month, that'd be another good time to network with other hams, as those clubs are going to get more active in the coming weeks.

This summer, I’m planning to kayak the Mississippi river, from the headwaters or Minneapolis (I have to figure out timing) all the way to New Orleans. I already have a rough packing list, but does /out/ have any wisdom for me? Has anyone done a long kayaking trip like this?

Also, pic related is a pedal kayak, which I’ll be using since they’re faster than regular kayaks and I’m a decent cyclist already. I plan on camping most of the way and stopping somewhere every couple days for food, a shower, etc.

If anyone wants info on the trip when I actually do it (3-ish weeks from now) I’ll link the place I’m going to catalog it.
71 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
You wouldn't be fucked youd be dead
Failed suicides off bridges claim to have seen catfish the size of Volkswagen bugs in the deepwater of the Mississippi
x to doubt
Up here in washington? are you in whatcom anon
What do you think of the job if you don't mind me asking? I'm considering getting my transportation card and applying as a deckhand.

Hey /out/,

I looked in the catalogue and couldn't find a thread that this would fit in. I need a good sleeping bag. I'm tired of sleeping like shit while /out/. I'm in Eastern WA, so ideally I'd be getting something that's rated to 0°F or colder. I'm also looking for something that's packable (preferably into the sleeping bag pocket of a Teton Sports Scout backpack), and ideally $100 or less, used. I don't care about brands, I just want to be warm. Pls help.

Also, is a current issue military sleeping system (bag and bivvy) worth it? I used one in the field and it was really comfy, but it doesn't pack down too small, is pretty heavy, and is a bit pricier than I feel like it should be.
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
you can unzip it and use it as a loose blanket, that's what I do when it's too hot
It sounds like a slumber party sleeping bag that was for the faux /out/ market
IIRC it was advertised as milsurp style (might even have been Mil-Tech?), but of course that's no guarantee that it was actually anything better than a kids' sleepover bag.
I don't get why it would be open at both ends, though - what's the advantage of that? Presumably it would be more work to manufacture something with a pull cord on both ends than to just sew it shut, so I'm guessing there's a purpose in mind.
probably so you can get better ventillation. Some "high end" quilts, like the EE Enigma have this design too, where the footbox isn't sewn in. Presumably your bag could also unzip and be used as a quilt or blanket as well, which it wouldn't be able to do if the footbox was sewn in.
Revelation* not enigma mb

File: images (27).jpg (32 KB, 385x797)
32 KB
What /out/ jacket do you wear lads and ladettes?
58 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
What jacket should I get for hiking in hot weather (30+C). Something that can be used in the mountains at night or for protection if it rains?
Was looking at Patagonia but Houdini seems too light with no protection and not sure about torrentshell being too hot.
"it's a livin"
Basically this except in tan

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