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File: IMG-2107.jpg (1.67 MB, 1512x2016)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG
Post wild animals you've seen while /out/. Saw this lil dude (and about 100 more just like him) on Sunday
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I like a chill guy. Reptiles are always kinda fun to see.
I love red efts so much, they're really beautiful animals.

Image is blurry, but since its scales are unkeeled, I would assume some species of racer? It's hard to tell.

Y'all should be somewhat careful around salamanders. The vast majority of them are entirely harmless, but the bright ones (like red efts or ensatina) are pretty toxic. Ensatina in particular produces tetrodotoxin, the same stuff in puffer fish.

juvenile eastern brown snake.


it reared up at me to strike when i almost stood on it. had to zoom in with my camera after backing away.

see >>2372015
Cicada cute

File: mini-altoid-tin.jpg (300 KB, 1500x1500)
300 KB
300 KB JPG
In the picture you see these tiny "mini-altoid-tins".
Those are the ones that usually contain like breath minths or something. They are about the size of 1/3 of a real altoid tin. Or about the size of a normal match box.

Now, these are very good as match containers. Just take some ordinary sized matches from a match box and put them into one of these mini-tins, and it is good for mose outdoorsy activities. The tin will keep the matches dry from rain.

But it is not perfectly waterproof. The hinges of the tin are unprotected, and if you fall into aditch or have to wade throug neck-high water or something... that is not enough to keep your matches dry. So I was thinking, is there some version of these tins that is a) match-box sized and b) fully waterproof?

The thing that I am looking for is that magical "the same size of a match box, but waterproof". And those cylinder-shaped plastic match containers are just not the same size. They are more closer to full altoid tin in size. So those are no good. I wish to make a sort of EDC set with waterproof match box (which is also more or less the size of a match box).

Anyone know if such waterproof match-box sized tins exist?
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I like redundancy you kike
ziplock bag, you dunce
2 bics
Search aliexpress or eBay for “battery holder waterproof” they make them for AAs so a little bigger than a matchbox

File: 20220517_114910.jpg (2.49 MB, 4032x3024)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB JPG
Yo im an electrician looking to make the outdoors a part of my life. I want to become a Park Ranger. I live in Texas. I have no college, but im 21 and the hazelwood act lets me get free college in texas, so if i really need it i could get a degree.
But from what i hear you dont need it really?
I understand i need to become a certificed peace officer. Im fit, but would need to get more fit. Basically i have the beginning ideas, but im looking for advice for anyone in the know.
How do you go about getting jobs in national parks? How to become a Park Ranger?

OR what jobs do you do that make the outdoors part of your life?
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File: 20220519_215129.jpg (2.16 MB, 3024x2993)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB JPG
shaved legs, hairy hand- odd combo
Yeah okay, it could work. They intentionally have the bar so high to get a decent job in that field (other than E-1 actual forest janitor) that you need to go in middle-management, be a entry level beta boy for half a decade, or get your paperwork waived (requires a tan)
Thats my gfs arms not my legs lol

That does sound lame tho

we see through your ruse, tranny.
I wanted to go that route, but it was "are you qualified to do a middle management role with years of experience? No? well.. take seasonal work for six years and then you can get an actual job"
when I was working fires, most of the rangers I met were wom*n hint hint
and I shave my arms when I am in a relationship, I recommend you shave atleast your fingers same reason you trim your nails

How many peaks have you bagged anon?
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Has anyone else tried Anna Bell Peaks? She’s one of my favorites.
Uh. IDK. All the mountains around me are like 10.5-12k tall with 5-7500 feet elevation gain. I've probably done a couple dozen.
Depends on what qualifies as a "peak" and what qualifies as a respectable "summit"
File: TheBigOne.jpg (110 KB, 1024x394)
110 KB
110 KB JPG

File: 16433.jpg (44 KB, 400x400)
44 KB
What are some good shows about living in extreme environments? Mainly looking for stuff in the far north and cold environments, but I'd be interested in other stuff too.

>What are some good shows about living in extreme environments?
Any city evening news channel.
Nenets are the Innuits Russian cousins

You can also check out how Komi people live, or people in Oymyakon which gets to -70°C
Thanks, this looks good

File: 20220512_111039.jpg (4.22 MB, 4032x3024)
4.22 MB
4.22 MB JPG
Design, create, buy, sell, trade and discuss patches here :)

>Where can I buy that sweet patch/find patches?
https://pastebin.com/cXZTGafD (Old)
https://hackmd.io/@Patchboi/PatchThread (Old, but slightly newer)
https://patchfeed.com/patch-seller-list/ (Useful)
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>go to state park
>nearest gift shop / gas station

idk man try etsy
>Allegany specifically
I live near there and only ever see those ASP stickers that people put on their cars. Don't see any patches online either. Just stickers, magnets and pins.
Maybe you could ask on the park's FB page or email AlleganySP@parks.ny.gov to inquire. Or if you're in the area, you could check at the general store (Route 3 on the Quaker side, across the street from the Three Sisters trailhead)
You gonna make an America one too? Stars from the canton in the background, trucker cap on the bear holding a burger. Would buy.
not a bad idea humu humu
I'd buy that shit in a heartbeat, please take my money

File: arkansas.jpg (1.83 MB, 1863x1231)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB JPG
Anyone here raise sheep and use copper bolus for controlling barber pol worms? If yes with or without drenching?
Idk desu I'm just confused about the image you posted with that question desu

File: IMG_0783.png (4.85 MB, 1789x1581)
4.85 MB
4.85 MB PNG
I found this moth in my cabinet in Waco, Texas. Was hoping someone here could help me ID it?
That is a big motherfucker, is what it is.
File: IMG_0786.png (640 KB, 705x725)
640 KB
640 KB PNG
body is about 3 inches long (New pic that shows color better)

File: 1652471803105.jpg (136 KB, 1024x803)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
I know that their state has tons of invasive species like lizards and lionfish which I want to eat but are the macaques over there as bad as they are in southeast asia?
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Yeah, Jacksonville is pretty bad.
File: 1652342010967.png (729 KB, 743x740)
729 KB
729 KB PNG
>those /gif/ monkey rekt threads
Why are brown people like this?
>an extra species won't do a single thing to affect the ecosystem,
Red squirrels are almost completely extinct in the UK since the introduction of the North American grey
You're a moron and you shouldn't come here from reddit chatting shit
You should go back
That’s a bit racist anon
>another retard taking my post out of context by only quoting half the sentence
I bet you're the same retarded faggot complaining in every thread about muh larpers

I'm 19 btw
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this is literally me fr fr
Climb the fence of a music festival
Set a marker on your map where you stashed your gear.
Explore the area that you stashed too.
Use maps.me for offline maps.
Use Strava heatmap to see paths the locals use
Use a kindle for books & movies. It'll keep you sane at-night when you cant sleep.
Dont be afraid to pack more than he does. I question why he doesnt pack a waterpoof poncho/tarp
That only happens in mexico.
You okay? We've had that since early 2000s atleast
Could you not find a picture that wasnt mirrored ?
or is.. is that what is supposed to be confusing.. damn
its mexico somewhere in the world

File: IMG04354.jpg (689 KB, 1800x1200)
689 KB
689 KB JPG
Why haven't you gone /out/ innadesert yet?
What, are you scared of a little heat anon?
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This they suck balls
The pic I posted in >>2353185 is attached to my pack. The handle is in a shoulder pocket and the shaft is tied to the shoulder strap. Six Moon Designs sells a kit to use an umbrella hands free, but it’s just shock cord and line locks, and would probably be cheaper to just piece together yourself.

Umbrellas don’t work well if you need your hands. You can’t position them at the best angle, and they can move. They’re not constantly flopping around or anything, they just shift a little every now and then if you’re trying to scramble up rocks or something.

The umbrella I use is specifically made for hiking. It’s light weight and heat reflective. Six Moon Designs, HMG, Zpacks, and Euroschirm all make similar ones. The SMD, Euroschirm, and I think the Zpacks are 100% identical to the old GoLite Chrome Dome (they even used the same dimensional drawing for years). They’re just labeled differently with company logos. I’m not sure about HMG. They have one that’s unique (it’s vented) and one that looks like the rest, but it may be different. Also SMD makes one from 1.1oz fabric that’s several ounces lighter (and I’m assuming unique beyond a printed logo), but I don’t see an SPF rating.balls it’s not silver, so they’re saying it’s just for rain.
better than nothing
Just put it away when you need your hands. Having an umbrella most of the time is still better than having an umbrella none of the time.
Southern Utah boy here. Piute County.

Is there a way to supercharge how many Runners you can get off of a single plant?
I have 6 plants rn how many new plants could I get of these realistically this season.
This should be posted in Homegrown general, but I feel like I usually get about 3 runners off 1 strawberry plant and then one of of every runner after that. I also don't manage my plants so that could probably be improved, it's just a patch that the previous property owner had and I just let it be.
I'm not an expert, just guessing here... but I think runners are a flowering cycle behavior. So if you trigger flowering you should get more of them. Some ways I know to do this:
>shorter daylight period
>redder spectrum of light
>phosphorus and potassium-heavy fertilizer
>damage to the plant, like pruning or pinching
Activated biochar
File: 20220408_191700.jpg (1.34 MB, 2992x2992)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
Lots like easily 30 from 6 plants but maybe as many as 100
It's probably going to depend on the variety
I had this sort of question too when I first got strawberries
Now I have more plants than I know what to do with
Focus on growing the new plants big and strong rather than quantity
I have probably hundreds of tiny plants each year that I just throw away or put in ornamental contains like little bonzai strawberries

File: file.png (1.22 MB, 900x600)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
Riverfront property in the town proper is expensive. Riverfront property between the towns (not fully innawoods) is cheap. It's got a median gauge height of around a foot and a half most of the year, with springtime rains bringing it to flood stage a (20 ft) a few times a year and otherwise typically peaking at around 13 feet during heavy storms outside of springtime. Would it be possible to build just develop a community around the river?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Californians are going to keep moving to your state and you cannot stop them.
File: 1638294445042.jpg (133 KB, 945x600)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
>no i hate the city and city people they keep rejecting me and i never fit in
>p-p-pls if i run off into the forest by myself will some qt3.14 and her based trad family suddenly move in next to me?

Oh, so thanks for letting us know this is just another underaged LARP thread
>Strawmanning my post
No, my great grandparents owned acreage that my grandparents used to build their homes, and then my parents after them. My parents' generation lost all the familial land holdings either through messy divorces, selling to move elsewhere, or simply forfeiting acreage by defaulting on taxes. I'd like to go the route of my great grandparents and get some land so that my familiy/siblings can fuck up and have our descendants take it for granted in 100 or so years as well. The land my family had wasn't developed when they got it, the development came around it over decades, so I'm not worried about it being immediately "urban".
Apparently they're moving to Portugal en masse now because they are immediately upper class there and it has a Mediterranean climate which nowhere else in the US has outside of the west coast.
i doubt they would actually move to an african country, no matter how nice the weather is

File: PXL_20220503_151433542.jpg (851 KB, 2592x1944)
851 KB
851 KB JPG
Sup /out/. I'm the guy who made a bunch of running away from home and van threads a few weeks ago. Sorry I've taken so long to come back, I've been on the road and all my mobile ips are rangebanned.

>why should we care?
You claim that /in/cels never last /out/ but I'm out to prove that wrong. My plan to maintain comfort is to use my gym membership for showers at least every other day and going to a college library to study/charge stuff as well. I have an unlimited 5G hotspot through Calyx so, for the most part I'll always be connected.

>How is it out at this point?
It's not. My goal isn't to go out, it's to stop paying rent. I also have long-term unmedicated ADHD so going nomadic makes me feel fulfilled.
46 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
welp, fellas, I'm having car troubles out here in Oregon. This might be the end of the road for the ol girl. There's an Xterra for sale in this city so if it's cheap enough I might be able to keep the dream alive. Keep ya posted!
Promoting threads that radicalize people to the point of committing mass shootings, just isn't a good look for the mods.
I'm a simp who loves women. I isolate myself because of fucktard men. Men under 110 IQ who aren't extremely religious make me want to Minecraft
Oh shiet what ended up happening?
What type of troubles? Its probably pretty minor and fixable

File: camping18.png (737 KB, 636x643)
737 KB
737 KB PNG
After lurking for years I finally went /out/! It was a fun experience overall with my step-dad, I was abit irked to get my hands dirty but regardless I would love to do it again. Any interesting stories about your first time /out/?
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i love you son
wholesome, I can't wait to have a son to go /out with
Ngl. I fart in public constantly. I usually don't even try to hold it. I fart extra if I am around fat people because everyone will just assume it was the fatty
That's awesome op. My first time was fishing with my dad too. He even let me drive my power wheels jeep to the water and didn't yell as loud as he normally did when I repeatedly got the lure stuck in a tree.
File: 20210519_204423.jpg (4.29 MB, 4608x3456)
4.29 MB
4.29 MB JPG
IDK this might be a troll, but if not, that's awesome, you should do it more, the getting dirty part won't even bother you soon.

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