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File: 25040.jpg (722 KB, 1020x1082)
722 KB
722 KB JPG
le outdooor cuisine
>post your worst
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Why wouldn't you? It's a classic.
>Behold larpers
This is in the garden isn't it
That's some good trail there brah, good trail
File: PXL_20221019_004558747.jpg (104 KB, 948x711)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
It was a brilliant hike, one of the best routes I've done to date.
luncheon meat/spam is pretty good with bread olives and cucumbers, add some soft cheese too.

File: maxresdefault (5).jpg (124 KB, 1280x720)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Need to kill of my roosters out of my flock, looking for advice on the best way to do it and a couple of methods I've been thinking of.

I have a sharp cleaver , a long axe, and a large fishing net if I want to go melee, I have a chinesium pellet gun from the 70s if I want to kill them at range. It shoots at about 600 fps and doesn't have anything but crooked rusted out iron sights.

What do? And what are some methods I'm not thinking of? Can't shoot them with big gun because I have neighbors.
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This is humane but you want the heart to be beating to bleed out properly

Please chop off the head or use fresh razors and go under the fathers and slit the neck, you can tie up the feet to keep them contained posthumously
Bullshit not in the USA there meat birds and the sex isn’t important cause they’re slaughtered at 6-8weeks

Your a tool
My great grandmother would grab one by the neck, put it on a log, and use an axe to chop off their head. All the chickens feared her. Be the alpha, grab your axe and instill fear.
Loop a rope around its next. Hold it by the feet in one hand, rope in the other. Stretch is neck over a log and someone else uses a cleaver to chop the neck. Head comes off in one hit.
you slit the throat and let it bleed out, hang it upside down. I accidentally went to ham my first time and chopped it's head clean off and it started jumping and running for a good 10 seconds.

Anyone here work on a ship? Is it comfy?
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swerve boomers
>Is it comfy?
A ship is the antithesis of comfy. It's fun as all hell. Being on the ocean is a thrill. But never comfy.
I raced sailboats on multi-day races
10/10 would recommend
Fun fact--all you have to do is go to a marina and volunteer as a deckhand because most boat owners are always in need of more crew and will train you onboard...although I'd learn how rangers tie bowlines first as it's basically the knot you tie 90% of the time and the ranger method is the fastest hands down.
>nu-out! look mom I posted it again
feel bad about being retarded, newfag.
did the ship eventually sink, and did you survive by floating on a coffin?

File: hardwood-tree.jpg (200 KB, 1256x835)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
Anyone else really hate these things?
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not really but I'm sick of tree propaganda and there's nothing wrong with grassland either
>not appreciating the various uses of the mighty oak
Fuckboy-tier opinion tbdesu.
File: 891.png (35 KB, 625x626)
35 KB
I agree, nothing better than the hustle and bustle of a city and some nice orange dirt.
File: 1644514464127.gif (105 KB, 625x626)
105 KB
105 KB GIF

File: IMG_20230319_121333_9.jpg (2 MB, 1920x2560)
2 MB
This week I've been chopping wood for the winter. Lots of logs are uncut, but a lot of work still has been done. Today the weather is warm and I hear birds chirping everywhere. I should ride my bicycle through the woods, haven't done that in a while.

How did you spend your week anons?
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Summer is always cumming
Your split firewood should dry out before you burn it, in a best case scenario you would let it dry for 2 years.
If you dont have firewood for the next winter, now is the time to do it!
retards live above the 45°
Yeah, of course it needs to be dryed, although 6 months tends to be enough, but that could just be because summers are very hot in my place.
Gonna saw wood for winter next weekend. Still have a cord left from this past winter. Go through about 3 cords a year here in PA.

What are some good /out/ podcasts?
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Spooked is good. The people telling the stories obviously believe them, which makes it much more engaging. My soft friend grew up cloistered in a Christian cult. He banned me from playing that podcast on our road trips. Freaked him out too much. Probably the best produced spooky story podcast. There's a paywall but you can always pirate it.
Oh yeah it's good /out/ since a lot of the stories take place in /out/ locations. There's a Hawaiian guy that has multiple stories. He found a crashed airplane in the mountains, he went spelunking and hiking in others. Can't recommend it enough.
I'm the fag who travels around the USA.. you can only listen to Spotify so much before you start hearing the same music over and over... its pretty annoying for me.

its not /out/ related. but while riding- I would put on the mike rowe podcast [dirty jobs guy] they about hour and thirty long. He's not preachy and some of them I really enjoyed and agreed with and even learned a thing or two.

his episode [dont know what one atm] with the guy who build beds for children who need beds. is still one of my favorites. The biggest take away from that one for me was actually about mission statements... and how often times charities start out with something good, then branch out and try to do everything, instead of just sticking to what works for them. and how its very important to stick to your mission statement.

Hope that helps-

File: BucketLoo.jpg (190 KB, 1271x1266)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
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Leave no trace. I bet you just piss on a tree instead of a pack out bag.
Just find two similar sized rocks sightly apart and sit on them, poop. It's not that hard.
The bucket is bulky and inconvenient and whoever brings or owns one is either car camping or too much of a pussy to shit outdoors.
Pee and poop are biodegradable
Americans really

File: butterflymilkweed.jpg (85 KB, 1000x915)
85 KB
What native plants are you growing this year? Waiting for summer so I can forage some seeds for 2024, only have some milkweed, coneflower, and winterberry to plant this year
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All the random stuff that just grows relentlessly in my yard (elderberry, turks cap, mulberry, blackberries, and tons of random small weed/flowers I don't know the names of) plus gonna go find some more deer tongue to get a big patch growing, love the way it smells in the breeze.
Other than that gonna just get a mix of native wildflowers to throw all over my front lawn cause lawns are gay and because it will piss off my neighbors on one side and these uppity apartments across the street that are constantly over mowing their grass and spraying chemicals and shit to maintain their ugly monoculture.
based as fuck
If those blackberries are Himalayan blackberries you need to murder the fuck out of them immediately, though.
Are there better ways to identify death caman and wild onion? I was out in my yard today and notcied there's a bunch of it, probably both, growing. I know you can tell by the way the grass is shaped, but to me, an untrained eye, it's difficult to tell. The bulbs of the death caman are more round compared to wild onion, aren't they? And just for clarity, no I have not ingested any.
Yes, you've mastered incoherence, rambling, and the inability to make a logical argument--congratulations. More evidence wasn't necessary but thanks for it anyways.

Recently purchased my first pair of loggers for the upcoming fire season. White's crew boot. What would y'all recommend as far as treatments/break in goes? I've already got the tongue folding nicely and swapped out the factory insoles with some spares I had that aren't as squishy.

Once I start putting them to use, how do I best maintain them? Any recommendations as far as oiling/conditioning/waxing goes? I read the brief pamphlet that came with them which warned against using wax. Specific brands would be appreciated so I know what to look for. Will post some cool pics from the season in a few months
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You won't have time to break them in, just start busting out 10+ mile hikes almost daily, fire season coming quick.

I wish my state had forest fires :(
gonna be on an engine. been running 15 miles a week or so and hiking 3-5 with a 55lb pack every few days. anything else you'd recommend?
File: noooo.png (41 KB, 188x144)
41 KB
>the upcoming fire season
fucking 'calfire start fires or I wont get bonus pay again' 'people'
with all this rain the season could go either way. either it stays wet or it dries back up and all that greenery turns into a tinderbox
those laces are absolute shit and will fail at the worst possible time.

Old one >>2503573

>How many days do you have so far?
>Freeriding vs Freestyle?
>any trips planned for spring?
>looking at any sale gear?
>what trick or skill are you going to focus on progressing for the rest of the season
>questions or stories welcome :)
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File: i-ZnkC8pc-L.jpg (60 KB, 800x594)
60 KB
22 days snowmobile
12 days snowcat
4 days tracked utv
0 days snowboard
0 days ski

flying out tomorrow for a few days
need to make hotel/flight reservations for next week
need to sell a bunch of my old gear. 2 shovels, side panel, couple crates of parts off my old sleds, old outerwear, boots, and gloves.
About to go to Loon Mt in NH for 2 days with my wife. Rented out a condo and it dumped some snow today
Just registered for fun (started as a joke) to a back-country ski race (1800+ elevation) in two weeks. It will literally be my second hike of my life with skis, I'm not even that good skiing on tracks. I do some trail running and biking, how should I prepare for the race (without skiing lol).
>how should I prepare for the race
Cardio and squats

File: factory.jpg (213 KB, 1280x720)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
so how do you get into urbex? any types of locations i should start with?
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No, the complexes I go to require me to walk there since I have no car and are very big and make me walk around a lot. I spend more time going from building to building than actually inside them.
Link related it's one of the places I was at where I was constantly outside going on a hike.
Also I'd like to argue that this thread has more of a reason to exist than yet another gearthread where the people posting in them don't even go outside
Just make sure that you have good boots and wear gloves. The last thing you want is to get tetanus by cutting yourself on a piece of rusty metal.
File: fetchimage (5).jpg (159 KB, 700x394)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
>that filename
I'm going to bump the thread just because you're being a nonce.
File: DSC01152-min.jpg (951 KB, 5152x3864)
951 KB
951 KB JPG
Sweet place, went there today was is very good condition I can only recommend the town. I also met an old couple that used to work at the place and they told me a bit about the town.
Here's the pics
Do you guys think megar folders are a good way of sharing trips or pics?
It's just easier for me as there is no file limit and I don't have to upload them all

File: 1675954198821.jpg (71 KB, 363x369)
71 KB
Anyway to fix this. I genuinely enjoy my MREs they are delicious but the eggs I lay are so hard I'm actually screaming as I push them out. It's brutal. It's like I'm shitting out a log of wood.
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snort the instant coffee powder.
Eat the entire MRE. Its meant to be eaten as a unit to keep you regular but if you eat only the main and snack and skip the drink mix/coffee/jalapino cheese its not going to sit right. Eat the meal element even if you dont like it.
File: 1556774959492.png (303 KB, 627x317)
303 KB
303 KB PNG
>eats meals designed to constipate you
>'bros wtf why cant i shit?'
File: 1674513890198547.jpg (899 KB, 3000x4000)
899 KB
899 KB JPG
-drink water, more than you usually do, every menu item is laden with salt to replenish the shit you'd be sweating out, which is why they're great hiking/field food but terrible sit-around-at-home food, especially since most americans are permanently in a state of severe dehydration because retarded soda chugging faggots
-dont eat the cheese or drink the drink mixes, they're sugar/salt bombs and you probably don't need either
-stop eating other shit that fucks your digestive system up, like coffee

you can now shovel as many mres into you as you want with zero side effects
side note, if you're eating 3/day you can probably skip all the "extras" plus a side or two while still meeting your calorie requirements for the day even while /out/ unless you're like, 6'2 180lb+ with a TDEE of 2600kcal, if eating 2/day just eat the whole thing and you'll easily meet caloric requirements even while doing pretty intense work, the mains are absurdly dense and you can count on getting 1000 calories out of each even while throwing some shit away

What are some biomes that have gotten JUSTed as hard as the midwest oak savanna?
149 replies and 41 images omitted. Click here to view.
How is it anything but the Western Prairie of Canada and the USA? The native grass is almost completely replaced by either agriculture or introduced grasses to pasture cattle on. I realize that the loss of grass isnt quite as dramatic as the loss of rainforest, but the scale is much more vast.
Yeah agreed. Prairie destruction is insane and largely unrecognized. There weren't too many fewer bison than there are cows currently (about 30 million in both cases, for bison that estimate is on the low end actually); I can't help but imagine a timeline where wild bison are manage and hunted and we got to keep real prairies. Insane to think at one point there were as few as 300 bison.
So we need more contained natural fires to help some of the native ecosystems fix themselves
File: 2017.1.jpg (1.14 MB, 2339x1627)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
Pic rel
A key difference is that bison eat much less than cows do, which is why they could support such a herd size on the native grasses. Cows simply require more calories to maintain their higher fat levels, especially pregnant in the winter.

File: sw016746001-1-p_1.jpg (84 KB, 2000x2000)
84 KB
Would Insulated Coveralls provide enough warmth to work as a suitable lighter weight alternative to a Sleeping Bag? I ask only because I think they would, and I could save myself a lot of room in my pack if so, as my Sleeping Bag takes up far too much!
49 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Only one way to find out: try it. Youll never find out by asking /in/
-10c to still way too cold to be trying to sleep without a sleeping bag
Yeah, your bf will have to fend for himself. Hammocks are generally solo. Expensive too. $130 for a good tarp, $40 for a hammock, $75 for a bugnet, maybe $40 for suspension… it adds up. It’s like buying a new tent, but customized. Then you’ll need an underquilt if you want to use it beyond summer (real summer).
Hmm. Hard to justify for solo too when I'd rather invest in a bivvy I can carry myself for 4 seasons here. Good info though. I may try to use the eno. I do already have a bug net for it, so I would just have to get a tarp. Thanks, bros.
What ground pad are you using and what’s its r-value? I’m sure it’s greater than zero. A hammock will always win when it comes to keeping you cool.

File: 20230311_183855.jpg (936 KB, 3319x1408)
936 KB
936 KB JPG
Knife general thread, knives actually made for use in the outdoors edition. Office workers who've only ever cut cardboard/paper need not apply
60 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
>works for the fed
>is obsessed with dicks
checks out
File: 1678979302671.jpg (179 KB, 1099x630)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
Anyone have a brisa nessmuk? How do you like it?
Yes, you sexually inadequate man child. LMAO
i have one, its WAY too thick for that blade shape, if it was half as thick it would be greatly improved
File: 1655558864731-2.jpg (100 KB, 375x500)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
What's a good, EDC knife? Mainly for traveling and some light outdoor work. Should come with a sheet. Eyeing some Morakniv on Amazon rn.

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