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they're like death grips but white
Yeah, no, that's not how it works pal
i see sematary is taking yung lean's advice of spamming his shit everywhere until it blows up at some point
oh shit zoomers are fucking up the crafts room WHA?
How did sematary gain traction? Just spamming? I heard it was thru rym. People like kendle and that guy with blue hair spam mu constantly and they still haven’t taken off at all.
its because rym trannies are trying to groom these twinks into become trans

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File: rhyrewhj.jpg (176 KB, 1300x1400)
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Im unbiased, Lennon could be both as the beatles were innovative but alone he made really shitty and unisnpired rock, nothing Elvis, Mercury, Marley or Tupac did were new things, probably Marley was a bit groundbreaking but reagge is shit tier even if it inspired great music later on
File: .jpg (141 KB, 1300x1400)
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>wasn’t a musician like the others
Implying Tupac was a musician

Guve me current bands to get into and discover /my/. A lot of my taste is made up of music from the past. That's fine and all but I'd like to be able to follow new music and trends.

>A bands music is rather dark and bleak
>You go see them live
>They‘re vomit-inducingly cheerful and friendly
Did this happen to anyone else? If so did it bug you?
I saw Preoccupations about 1.5 years ago and it still feel strange when I listen to their music. Maybe I‘m just autistic but my girlfriend was also disappointed by their cheerfulness. Or are we just pretentious for wanting them to not be cheerful when their music isn‘t?
Maybe it‘s a cultural difference. Maybe we as Europeans didn‘t like their new world ‚fake‘ friendliness.
Although most of the audience didn‘t seem to mind.
What are your thoughts on this/experiences with this?
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It‘s not like I‘m saying they shouldn‘t ever be happy or cheerful for their music to be authentic. I am very well aware of the possibility of generally likable and friendly people having dark emotions and producing depressing music. It‘s just that I find the dissonance strange when they‘re super cheerful right in between two depressing songs.
Can you fathom that difference?
Pretty good point.
Also, how did it even trigger leftists? Shouldn‘t they be cheering for the Viet Kong for btfoing the American imperialists?
I for one sure do.
They're out playing a gig with their friends to lots of people who enjoy what they do. Don't understand why any genuine artist wouldn't be ecstatic over that.
Yeah. I never said that I couldn‘t understand why they would be happy while giving a concert.
Intellectually I get it. But emotionally/instinctively that dissonance felt weird.
Did this never bother you?
>Maybe it‘s a cultural difference. Maybe we as Europeans didn‘t like their new world ‚fake‘ friendliness.

lol typical. you're the only one coming off as forced and inauthentic buddy. oh no muh dark band isn't crying in between songs. must be dem americans!!!

File: s-l1600.jpg (221 KB, 1390x1173)
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221 KB JPG
any tapefags here have tips for someone getting into analog recording? planning to buy a serviced and (probably very expensive) tape machine and have done a bit of research on the open reel tape deck's mechanics but there seems to be an endless amount of things to learn about these complicated fucking machines, unless you're an engineer.
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any tapefags have a quick summary of what to do
i have one of these lying around in the basement somewhere
pics or you're a lying sack of faggots. bust that shit out and see what happens when you press play? its possible the belts need replacing as they tend to turn into a liquid over time.
if you're not a ridiculous shiteating pussy you will ebay a giant bag of belts of varying sizes, take the front panel off, and jerk off into it before putting it back together again
Nobody’s interested in gimmicky stupid tape recordings
yeah nobody on this board because of just what i said you useless vapid pile of stale garbage you probably listen to fucking shitty unmastered soundcloud singles and booty clap music on spotify

ITT: Sissy hypno essentials
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hons make me wanna repress
see: everything in this thread
A legend in the sissy hypnosis scene hunty
Oh me oh my
yeah but what makes it sissy hypno!

File: maxresdefault.jpg (88 KB, 1280x720)
88 KB
The perfect guitar for your blues jr -edition

In this thread we talk about equipment used for the performance and production of music.

For production and actual music, look elsewhere.


Last thread >>97224021
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I like mine. You'll have to test it out, but mine stays in tune and sounds great through my shit amp. You'll probably wanna swap the volume knob if you have big hands, because it feels pretty lose and will drop volume while you're playing.
I used to jam with a few drummers and it was always a hassle moving the drums from the car and back again. One fella had this 32-piece monster that looked pretty impressive but he did less with it than the others could do with a 5-piece. Anyway, the idea is to have a stationary kit in the practice space so I can start jamming again. What's the best colour?
I'm partial to those glittery looking kits.
They way they catch the light!
File: 1545110030651.png (55 KB, 217x190)
55 KB
>Secondary /gg/ server dead because one of the Yuropoors fucked a 16 year old girl
oh i am laffin

File: IMG_20200805_235816.jpg (126 KB, 660x960)
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126 KB JPG
Well, /mu/?
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The Beatles, the rest can fuck off.
Iron Maiden
The Cure
The Beatles
Black Sabbath
the verve but only for that ep
the strokes
sonic youth
The Beatles
Pink Floyd
Iron Maiden

File: 66.jpg (29 KB, 270x385)
29 KB
Some of my picks

>way overrated for a band whose reputation hinges on one classic album and a greatest hits collection
>some good songs but it's hard to listen to too much of them because the smug, douchey feel they give off is overpowering

Van Halen:
>some great songs but I think as a band they're overrated
>also I just can't get behind DLR's vocals, I prefer guys who can actually sing
>Michael Anthony was underused and Alex's drumming does nothing for me

>their 70s run was brilliant but anything from 85 onward is pretty lame with steadily diminishing returns as time went on and their rebranding themselves as "The Great American Rock Band" is even lamer
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The Beatles mainly influenced pop rock/psych rock (which was basically pop at the time). They pushed mainstream pop rock forward, that's about it. The entirety of rock includes much more than just pop/psych-pop. Stuff like noise rock and punk were barely inspired by the beatles, if at all. Yes, some Beatles stuff could be classified as proto-punk, but compared to other bands, the Beatles had very small influence on punk.
Beatles had a huge influence on hard rock and heavy metal though, which is the dominant form of rock music to this day. Noise is extremely niche in comparison, and punk was counter culture to popular rock and purposefully trying to go backwards to a pre Beatles time.
>I would say Black Diamond is probably the closest thing they had to like a deeper song in their classic era, as it has a pretty moody sound and lyrics with some grittier/darker implications lyrically, but that's not really what they do most of the time or what their appeal is.
Goin' Blind?
90% of solo Clapton
Because their songs only make sense in the 10th grade and not thereafter.

File: met3.jpg (56 KB, 700x232)
56 KB
There is no stopping these three albums.
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File: servaltoast.gif (356 KB, 500x500)
356 KB
356 KB GIF
>posts on an anime website
>doesn't watch anime

>posts in the metal zone
>is a faggot

Checks out
Yh, so? Who cares there's a board for that. It's evolved since.
Except for a bus crash lmao

>she was only 17
>and you know what I mean
No, I don't know what you mean but it sounds like pedophilia. Bold move to start off their debut album with this line. In 1963, I wouldv'e thrown away the LP immediately after hearing this. Disgusting!
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Lol age of consent is 14 here in germany. Not that a 21 year old dating a 14 year old would be very socially acceptable
Because of the fact that rape shit is only just now being addressed in a lot of cases, people have gotten uber defensive about sex, to the point where all sex = rape in their mind. It's an odd cultural trauma.
I forgot
>17 year old having sex with a 17 and below year old
>perfectly fine and socially acceptable, yas queen slay and all that bs
>17 year old having sex with an 18 year old
Everything can be labeled rape these days, from harassment to bad sexual experiences. That word has lost its meaning.
It still is in the UK - aoc is 16.
American puritan retards triumph once again, lmao
Who doesn’t think 17yr olds are hot?

>close my eye
>feel me now
>i dont know how you could not love me now

File: EZjdU9qWAAAKdWZ.jpg (91 KB, 680x680)
91 KB
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is this one of those epic inside memes that only the dankest meme masters will get
I like CnC music and 7th legion tracks:


File: 1372204169680.jpg (270 KB, 1250x1300)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
Still the best discography of all time.
File: unnamed (32).jpg (84 KB, 474x512)
84 KB
this is too
1. Led Zeppelin
2. The Beatles
3. Pink Floyd
4. The Rolling Stones
fucking dadrock

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