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Remember when the entire hip hop fandom (because that's what it is at this point) had to pause for a minute and talk about the fact that some completely inoffensive and unremarkable dweeb made a (slightly) worse version of a shitty rap style from chicago.
Why was he not completely ignored from square one?
Why are rap fans so pedantic and fragile?
>Why are rap fans so pedantic and fragile?
they're either black (the most easily offended race) or pussy-ass white hipsters
Since it takes zero talent to make hip-hop, race is the only thing its gatekeepers have to enforce any sort of standard.
To be honest I'm totally not even bothered by black people claiming hip hop as "theirs"
no big loss.
It's the fact that when that's impeded on, instead of just ignoring it, there has to be a stink about it. that's the part that's retarded.
lol thanks for reminding me of this anon

File: bv.jpg (297 KB, 1067x1600)
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297 KB JPG
Albums that feel like pic related?
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File: 1600987407570.jpg (8 KB, 200x200)
8 KB
File: JCL-YearWith13.jpg (240 KB, 1200x1200)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
A Year with 13 Moons.

Much more abstract breakup album, since there are no vocals, but the song titles give you some insight into the sounds.
>A transgender woman tries to salvage something from the wreckage love has made of her life by confronting her anguished past, hoping to find ultimate acceptance among quondam acquaintances and herself
File: 1606308004960.jpg (29 KB, 756x564)
29 KB
that's a movie
Yeah, that's a movie of the same title. The album doesn't follow that actual narrative. He often references other works in a lot of his titles.

File: mu.png (65 KB, 600x130)
65 KB
Post your music thread.

Comment, subscribe, be kind -- we're all in this together.
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>looks up trip fag
Ha ha lmao just joined da club
File: abandoned mansion 1.jpg (88 KB, 600x450)
88 KB

I made this song on an iPad when i was super bored. I was just trying to make a rock song. I got a bit carried away with the drums.
File: Alan_Watts.png (97 KB, 312x312)
97 KB

I wanted to make him rap
It sounds weird have a listen
fresh off the press
I dig it, why don't you post to soundcloud? Also is watts big now?

File: 1594414674216.jpg (131 KB, 1200x675)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
>12yo: this is the best metal album ever made
>18yo: this isn't even metal, it's pop garbage
>30: this is the best pop album ever made
You literally cannot refute this. You may love it or you may hate it, but this is the genre- and era-defining classic of the millennial generation.
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I reccomend you watch Dan Pena videos, he talks business (like buying million dollar companies and shit) so not everything he says is useful, but his stuff on youtube is more on the philosofical side of things. If you're a retard he might seem like a self-help guru or get rich quick guy but he's not, he's exactly the opposite. He'll help you realize that the world is really there for you to take and there isn't much competition. People bitch that the world is ending etc cause they have no idea what being a man is and grew up listening to Linkin Park, the world is pretty good right now if you know what you want. If you want some artistic advice check some Sam Hyde videos

(this channel has a bunch of them)

I know the feeling of despair that many millennials feel, I felt it years ago and thought I had no hope. So many people accept it and build their life upon that, that's why there's so many doomers and angry idiots. Yes there is a lot of demoralization and other shit in culture that might make you think you cannot make it without selling out, but really all the hopeless philosophical jacking off is pretty stupid
Thanks anon, you're a very kind and cool dude. I am definitely gonna check these vids out. Its awesome to find such insightful and geniunely helpful advice on 4chan of all sites lmao

Here's a whitepill for all the depressed millennials
I am the number one defender of LP on /mu/ and a ton of women want to fuck me.

Can I get some fun non onions punk. None of that political bullshit. I dont need music that's trying to change the world lol. Shit like pic related, lagwagon, mxpx.
that shit sucked in the 90s iam glad its dead music for ginger mormons who wear chollo shorts
Their early shit.
Guttermouth too.

File: 500x500.jpg (28 KB, 500x500)
28 KB
It's actually pretty good

File: pin.jpg (34 KB, 500x358)
34 KB
My tastes have become gay since I've been on /mu/
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File: haru.png (278 KB, 625x480)
278 KB
278 KB PNG
That's why you abandon the board and only come back to shitpost. Otherwise you will become a Portland onion munching little homosexual.
It's funny because I have become more of a bigger faggot since I stopped browsing /mu/ but my taste has become more and more straight.
>nothing wrong with being gay
I love how in just 10 years or so 4chan has come around on this, can't wait until 10 years from now when everyone comes around on trans people
but what's gonna be the next big thing after trannies

File: latest[1].jpg (421 KB, 2795x2802)
421 KB
421 KB JPG
I'll start with an obvious one
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File: s-l500.jpg (115 KB, 494x500)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
File: Minecraft.jpg (174 KB, 300x250)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
File: maxresdefault.jpg (104 KB, 1280x720)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
File: 1467750073-715808571.jpg (264 KB, 1024x768)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
Rondo of blood has a pretty good soundtrack too.

File: metalcore.jpeg.jpg (58 KB, 500x387)
58 KB
What does /mu/ think of the metalcore genre?
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Yeah, right. Listening to the first 5 metalcore albums on RYM doesn't make you a connoisseur, you insufferable retard.
I don’t use rym. Metal isn’t good
File: fghgf.jpg (700 KB, 1053x1070)
700 KB
700 KB JPG
File: 1561078059258.png (239 KB, 560x420)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
guess that's that then
File: 1606143508259.jpg (107 KB, 500x740)
107 KB
107 KB JPG

File: bass-on-stage.jpg (237 KB, 1920x1271)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
Are five-string bass guitars the new standard bass?
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Upright bass >>>>>
fuck it. I'm gonna learn bass.
It's pretty easy to learn but very hard to get good at.
I just want to get good at writing basslines, I already play guitar,
I started off on a 5 string, but now I play 4. I found that I just didn't take advantage of the low B string.

File: goodmonringgoodnight.jpg (252 KB, 1106x1099)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
>tfw this album is actually incredible but this board is too stupid to understand it.
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>Onkyo is just "Ambient but japanese"
*Onkyo isn't
Sachiko M is a hack. Listen to better onkyo and take off the trip.
no, I never said all music was ambient. music that focuses on creating a strong rhythm I dont think can be ambient, as it doesn't settle into the background, but instead it promotes a groove or dance.

black isnt a color because it doesn't have light.
Onkyo isnt ambient because it is trying to be as minimal as possible. but it still fits into the class of music that slips into the background.
No they aren't, some genres are less or more specific than others and some are so broad and nebulously defined that you can treat it as a supergenre that includes a bunch of other subgenres under it which are also connected under other larger genres.
>some genres are less or more specific than others
still, the dynamic, tempo, instrumentation, songwriting, eclecticism and image of the sound would still need to follow the quota of a music genre in order to obtain it's label, it can take influence and merit from other genres, but that doesn't mean it can be labeled as such.

Should I pay someone to come to my place and teach me the guitar?

What is the quickest way to learn?
A teacher can give you immediate feedback, which is helpful when you're a complete beginner and don't know whether you're doing it right. Just make sure to find a teacher who understands what your goals are. Many people get discouraged when they're forced to practice shit they don't care about.
a teacher can be very helpful but its really not necesary
just learn simple and basic songs with few chords, watch some youtube videos and that's it, after that you can move on, practice scales and blah blah blah

What the fuck happened to dubstep?
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Gg lol
It was tremendously appropriated by faggy white american edm/trance producers who transformed it into an electronic version of post-grunge arena buttrock-numetal. This americanized bastardization of dubstep, often called "brostep" was then overplayed so often during the early 10s that backlash against it quickly fermented, and it died out just as rapidly as it emerged, but not before, as these anons point out >>99863075 >>99863299, it influenced the style of modern rap beats; consequently, almost every mainstream trap-sounding hip hop song you hear today contains brostep/edm influences.
>almost every mainstream trap-sounding hip hop song you hear today contains brostep/edm influences.
fuck you deep for saying that
Like every single trend in popular music, it was massive for a couple of years and then it disappeared to make way for something new

File: 1597755086554.gif (773 KB, 260x221)
773 KB
773 KB GIF
>spend last decade listening to and making music
>realise I hate music
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welcome to the club
the fuck are you talking about, he's 98% of us
>the fuck are you talking about, he's 98% of us
I know. You fucking people are everywhere.
Niggas ree ree lmao
School when u can do that shit in ur bedroom
john maus - i hate music

File: Hlsepmp3.jpg (97 KB, 800x800)
97 KB
Hannah's Little Sister. Good stuff. Really dig "Anywhere." 20 is still my favorite. Nice to finally see a decent band out of Liverpool.

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