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File: channels4_profile.jpg (122 KB, 900x900)
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What are your thoughts on Yoko Kanno and her music?
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Yo Cocaino
>another thread shilling some random nip
and thread hidden
Probably just a photo op/goofing off.
found out about buddy rich through her stuff
it's neat

Hello /mu/, rate my guitar tone

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the lack of either EQ or limiter... helps it immediately at the outset. nice job.
very nice. there are a lot of things happening here. wonderful. interesting chords.
isn't this a little different than the other?
here: tinky guitar
i see, that might be it, hopefully next album gets done, ive missed the last ones.
thanks anons
it is, must be my multiple personalities showing lol
sounds very quiet anon, maybe record another?

This cover art fuckjng sucks
That bad huh?
it's the i from incredibles

File: 71mxeaQqY8L._SX425_.jpg (17 KB, 425x425)
17 KB
Previous >>114800138

Traditional -> Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Pentagram, St. Vitus, and Trouble
Stoner -> Electric Wizard, Fu Man Chu, Kyuss, Sleep
Sludge -> Acid Bath, Admiral Angry, Buzzoven, Grief
Funeral -> Bell Witch, My Dying Bride, Skepticism, Thergothon
Drone -> Boris, Earth, Jesu, and Sunn O)))
>Featured Artist:
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats
>Other Genres/Bands Welcome if Reasonably Related;
>Don’t be a Nuisance and Don’t be a Genre-Autist. Everybody is Coming to the Cemetery Someday
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From Wikipedia, Kerrang interview in July 2009 of Jus:
>At the time, we were pretty bad people. I got arrested for arson of a car, outside a police station. Tim [Bagshaw] went to nick a crucifix off a church roof so we could use it onstage, then slipped, fell off through the window and sliced his arm open. He got community service for that. Then Mark [Greening] got nicked for robbing an offie. He smashed the window, nicked a bottle of whiskey, then sat there drinking it outside! We weren't very nice people, to be honest. We were feeding off that shit at the time. It made us feel like we were more of a heavy metal band.
I'm glad the tard doom tripfag is gone
I was there when we all gathered to tell him he had to give up his trip. I was the one to give him the arguments against having a trip. He was like "I guess it's for the best" and he was right, no one likes an attention-seeking faggot. He wasn't the worst but being a tripfag alone is enough to piss people off especially when you have shitty opinions like him.

Don't draw attention to yourself then complain when people tell you to shut the fuck up. Just don't be a tripfag. 4chan is anonymous for a reason, it's because none of us should be here and say the things we say.
the problem with tripfags like that is they become inoculated to criticism, so many people tell them to fuck themselves that it just stops having any affect
No, they're stuck on a loop of being butthurt and bump the threads to limit with only whimpy replies to criticism. You're on the Internet, of course you'll never convince anyone to just shut down their fucking computer. No, the tripfags are attention-whores and they think parts of 4chan belong to them and they're better than everyone.
Look at /metal/ now, that faggot Negru has posted 25 of the 130 posts and there are 28 posters. This guy alone is responsible for 20% of the thread while representing 3,50% of it. And it's all butthurt or shitposting or absolutely ridiculous shit, like the guy replies to anything and anyone.
It started being like this with /TRAD DOOM/ and he had the common sense to remove his trip once and for all when we told him he was too much to handle. Like at some point, you're decreasing the quality of the general because you're acting like a lolcow but we can't milk any lol because it's not about you here.

File: 5656756756756757567.jpg (45 KB, 746x541)
45 KB
Lacombe youngins just posted a music video

File: tulsaking.png (1.46 MB, 825x1051)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
What’s on his playlist?
Men at Work
Rolling Stones
Jersey Boys
Bronski Beat
Sam Smith
and circus music for midgets

At work, there is one guy that whistle every day, and I'm jealous because I don't succeed to do it because I'm affraid to dare to whistle, I don't succed to start
Ho to dare to whistle in presence of other people ?
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Yes I can dare to whistle in the street but i want to do it at work but i don’t succeed to do it at work

are you comfortable with humming at work?
You can harmonize with the colleagues' melody!

call-and-response, as well :)
Highly homoerotic thread
I fuckign hate it when people whistle, there is barely any skill involved and it’s fuckign annoying the idea that that’s supposed to be the song they are whistling when there’s no dynamics tone or anything and the pitch is still off. Everytime I hear someone whistling I always just whistle random notes , just loud enough to ruin whatever the fuck they were whistling

I just realized how correct that wierd short guy was when he said silence is the foundation of creativity and a true artists respect that.

File: catcatcatcatcatcatcatacat.jpg (255 KB, 2141x1400)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
With hoe relatively quiet this board has become and share threads dead, how does everyone find new music to listen to?
Been feeling a bit lost in that regard the last two years.
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I used music zines but most of them have stopped doing reviews somewhere last year or closed altogether. Bandcamp dashboard and following labels there is also ok, but you will have to scourge through trash to find the good stuff.
RYM has been filled with poptimist crap since 2020, lastfm was never good and discogs is just a big corpo promo website more than anything.
I've reached the point where all I can listen to is Japanese Zeuhl anymore. Nothing else satisfies.
What the fuck does this mean?

From what I've noticed on RYM, anything past 2010 is either going to be socially conscious hiphop that largely appeals to bougie white people or black metal (which is ironic given how "problematic" the black metal scene is).
I do all my discovering on Bandcamp, and I find new exciting bands and styles every year. I see things mentioned on this board and other places, and I usually already know about them just from my Bandcamp crawling.
lmao i don't even listen to music and /mu/ is my homeboard

File: 1675210231805802.jpg (24 KB, 474x443)
24 KB
What is the best time signature and why is it 7/4?
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i was never stoned enough to get into Grateful Dead, Bill Bruford and King Crimson are great though. favorite drummer is probably Takahiko Akiyama (downy)

anything other than 4/4 is a gimmick
dumbest possible take
I'm partial to 5/4
Its 0.35/9

the only song CoC songs i've heard are Albatross and Vote with a Bullet. is it worth getting into them? the cringe fedora atheist song/album titles didn't exactly resonate with me
CoC rules. Super underrated with some of the best riffs in the genre.

File: sketch-1675545365487.png (1.62 MB, 1634x1080)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
>works right out of the box and stays fine for decades without having to do anything

>buy shitar
>immediately need to get it regulated
>have to change strings every two weeks
>have to tune it every week

Why would anyone do that besides liking to waste money?
Op has clearly never used an analog synth and thinks digital synths sound better than analog synths.
>change strings every two weeks
>get it regulated
>buy a guitar
>Can play it
>Buy a keyboard
>Can't play it
Thanks op
i was watching a guitar tutorial video about jazz chords and there was legit people in the comments that didn't know what a root third fifth triad is. i'm embarrassed to play the same instrument as these shits for brains.

File: chadheadphones.png (588 KB, 1080x1246)
588 KB
588 KB PNG
File: 1671363314066346.jpg (61 KB, 640x640)
61 KB

Nirvana's entire discography
Radiohead's entire discography
The Beatle's entire discography
Led Zeppelin's entire discography

There are not albums that do this, but entire bands.
aphex twin's music. sometimes it's indescribably beautiful, other times it sounds like a bitcrushed montage of field recording.
you will never suck kurt cobains limp baby dick, life is cruel...

it's brutal out here

File: 1675531220940627.jpg (196 KB, 843x1500)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
>mfw Maximalism isn't spamming trap beats and memes but rather Minimalism but more complex
That was weird.
And this has what to do with my qt french tradwife..?
Ig de la minita?
Humanity has lost scope of whats big. Very few people have seen an orchestra live. They tell me about "maximalist rappers" and i just laugh out loud (lol).
Violaria a este putito hasta matarlo, hermosa

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