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File: 1594414674216.jpg (131 KB, 1200x675)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
>12yo: this is the best metal album ever made
>18yo: this isn't even metal, it's pop garbage
>30: this is the best pop album ever made
You literally cannot refute this. You may love it or you may hate it, but this is the genre- and era-defining classic of the millennial generation.
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File: 1509164874288.jpg (87 KB, 645x773)
87 KB
>hey kid I bought you the new videogame all your friends are talking about
>get robbed of exploring the real world and having meaningful learning experiences in your teens
>hey kid just go to college and get those degrees that's what you gotta do
>get robbed of exploring the real world and having meaningful learning experiences in your twenties
>hey kid you gotta grow up now, just suck it up and get a job whatever it is
>get robbed of exploring the real world and having meaningful learning experiences for the rest of your life

how was I supposed to know better GOD TELL ME
I reccomend you watch Dan Pena videos, he talks business (like buying million dollar companies and shit) so not everything he says is useful, but his stuff on youtube is more on the philosofical side of things. If you're a retard he might seem like a self-help guru or get rich quick guy but he's not, he's exactly the opposite. He'll help you realize that the world is really there for you to take and there isn't much competition. People bitch that the world is ending etc cause they have no idea what being a man is and grew up listening to Linkin Park, the world is pretty good right now if you know what you want. If you want some artistic advice check some Sam Hyde videos

(this channel has a bunch of them)

I know the feeling of despair that many millennials feel, I felt it years ago and thought I had no hope. So many people accept it and build their life upon that, that's why there's so many doomers and angry idiots. Yes there is a lot of demoralization and other shit in culture that might make you think you cannot make it without selling out, but really all the hopeless philosophical jacking off is pretty stupid
Thanks anon, you're a very kind and cool dude. I am definitely gonna check these vids out. Its awesome to find such insightful and geniunely helpful advice on 4chan of all sites lmao

Here's a whitepill for all the depressed millennials

what song is currently stuck in your head?
preferably one you want to get rid of.
Sugababes - About You Now https://youtu.be/_F5CgUdF5js

No idea why, I've not even listened to them for a good 10 years or so
linkin park- from the inside
Christmas music!
It ruins December and half of November every fucking year of your life!
If destroying capitalism rids us of just that it’ll be well worth it

File: 5po0l77vsv161.jpg (22 KB, 354x766)
22 KB
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we could together
File: grimusk.jpg (16 KB, 300x400)
16 KB
taste is subjective
i want to go back in time.
File: 1605876919221.jpg (61 KB, 500x500)
61 KB

File: rave.jpg (321 KB, 1280x720)
321 KB
321 KB JPG
Bros I give 0 shits about COVID. How do I find an illegal rave? I'm in NYC
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yes, british politicians are reluctantly bending to the demands of the millenial political machine in extended emergency regulations into all spheres of life, fucking retard
Nice strawman faggot. It’s real and it’s killed a lot of people so many are actually taking it seriously and making fun of retards like you. Quit being a butthurt queer and just don’t believe in it if you don’t want nobody cares until you start disinformation. You’ll still get made fun of though for being retarded
You will never be a woman.
If I were a tranny I probably wouldn’t be calling you a faggot queer. Absolute brainlet.
If you weren't a tranny, you would understand how retarded it is to try to support lockdowns playing the tough guy. That's never going to fly in a million years.

how did he do it? this is fucking amazing.
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only for men
He sold out
it's ~fine~, but nothing special. no idea why it ended up being everyone's AOTY
This is why i prefer his earlier work, even if its more edgy and lofi and not as well-produced: his former use of alteregos and half-baked storylines and constantly shitting on his dad and the girls who rejected him in high school and such generally limited just how masturbatory he could be toward himself and his music. Now, 90% of his material is about how great and what a genius he is, and the only people who buy into it are diaperbaby zoomers whose ADHD and contempt for anything old has prevented them from exploring the work of his obvious influences
haven't seen the replies because I know people here only shit on this album but don't care too much about mu's opinion, this album is great

File: slash.jpg (7 KB, 275x183)
7 KB
>makes /mu/ seethe
Top 10 guitarist of ALL TIME
Jimi Hendrix
Jimmy Page
Eddie Van Halen
Eric Clapton
Stevie Ray Vaughan
David Gilmour
Angus Young
B.B. King
Keith Richards
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>Michael Angelo Batio
>Chris Impelliterri
>Joe Pass
>John Frusciante
>BB King
Where’s me?
you are on the list af around number 35000069
Don’t rate guitarists. It’s like rating painters. They all do different things. How are you going to rank Slash, Thurston Moore, Buckethead, George Harrison, Kevin Shields and Stevie Ray Vaughan. They are all good at different things, there’s no point ranking them

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File: 1594591778966.gif (111 KB, 300x322)
111 KB
111 KB GIF
File: 1606510894300.gif (1.83 MB, 320x240)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB GIF
U look like u have a sweet voice type of trade offs. If not rip
why this bitch look like fiona from shrek
File: somebody.jpg (102 KB, 768x432)
102 KB
102 KB JPG

File: 1597882037768.png (1.33 MB, 1242x1121)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG
I thought 'No Woman No Cry' was about being single.
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File: 1604814726643.jpg (40 KB, 610x471)
40 KB
i don't understand this new "meme" as you kids call it, care to explain?
unironically the best live performance ever
it's about a world without women. just dudes barebacking each other in the hot jamaican sun
I thought he was first saying "All Woman Should Die" and I was right
got dam

File: 70sAOTD Round 03.png (2.31 MB, 2175x2239)
2.31 MB
2.31 MB PNG
>What's this?
A tournament where we take the absolute best music of the 70s, putting them against each other in this tournament because it's fun

>where do I vote

>When does it end
Around 24 hours
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t. the idiot
File: gigachad.jpg (17 KB, 400x400)
17 KB
Led Zeppelin CHADS where you at?
which one? blackout or joe the lion?
>fear of music v faust
>pink moon v future days
>bitches brew v surf's up
these are physically painful desu
You making any more edits OP?

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I actually generally agree with both you and RSS, my reply was mostly just bait
though voting Trump because China is pretty bad praxis all around. single-issue voting is obviously bad, but more importantly, we really should just stand aside and not be outright antagonistic towards China so that we can keep our hands clean during their eventual civil war. the only way I would fully embrace an anti-China candidate is if they were planning an actual gods-be-damned war in retaliation for all the humans rights abuses they've committed, and even then that's kind of tone deaf considering the humans rights issues we have here
also you're not an agnostic panexperientalist pantheist, which is slightly cringe
>so that we can keep our hands clean during their eventual civil war
Do you think that's likely? I obviously don't doubt that there is possibly unrest in China and discontent.
But with how much they spy on their citizens I'm not so sure any type of movement wouldn't be snuffed out in the middle of night by raids.
Mysteriously disappearing or ending up in their "reeducation" camps.

>agnostic panexperientalist pantheist,
Who says I'm not lol
Honestly, if god(s) do exist, all religions are probably based somewhat in relation to the same beings (although obviously repurposed by their leaders for X purpose).

I have no doubt other forms of life have experiences, emotional, physical, etc.

Whose to really say "inanimate matter" (not so inanimate on long time scales) doesn't do the same either desu.
>I have no doubt other forms of life have experiences, emotional, physical, etc. Whose to really say "inanimate matter" (not so inanimate on long time scales) doesn't do the same either desu.
interesting perspective, but not the one I'm coming from. sentience is such a strange concept to me, and it doesn't make sense for it to selectively arise through a disconnected-yet-somehow-related metaphysical plane, nor through any finite, deterministic natural systems. it seems more reasonable to assume that it's a property endemic to all of reality, with the illusion of inanimate matter appearing due to linguistic compatibility (i.e. we can only communicate with other beings with similar brains, so it looks like everything else isn't aware pf anything) and the illusion of free will
Panpsychism is superior to naive materialism, but the ultimate redpill is that the disunity of existence and being is solved by the classical idea of God as pure act ("Actus Purus") which sustains all of reality as finite reflections of infinite self-love between the 3 parts of the Trinity.
or maybe the closest thing we have to a god is the universe, i.e. the conglomerate of every consciousness in existence. at least there's a logical chain (admittedly a shaky one) that leads to this conclusion, Christianity just relies on the dogma that a book written by fallible, biased, human hands is 100% true. I like a lot of what the religion teaches, but it altogether tests my suspension of disbelief far too much, and organized religion has always rubbed me the wrong way anyway

File: mw2.jpg (92 KB, 736x485)
92 KB
Who can it be knocking at my door?
Go 'way, don't come 'round here no more
Can't you see that it's late at night?
I'm very tired, and I'm not feeling right
All I wish is to be alone
Stay away, don't you invade my home
Best off if you hang outside
Don't come in, I'll only run and hide
Who SNEED now?
Who SNEED now?
Who SNEED now?
Who SNEED now?

FUCK I meant to put "who can it SNEED now"

File: OD.jpg (144 KB, 1000x1000)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Hello, I would like to point you towards the song "The Mic", off of Operation Doomsday. It is quite a suspect song and would like to know if you also think it is an admission of guilt.

>I was in a case out of state
>She was thirteen and good we had a hotter date
>It was just a number she never told she was knocked up
>By the end of the summer chick almost had me locked up
>My aunt came and got and steadied the block

DOOM had sex with an underage girl, knocked her up, and pleaded with his aunt to not get in trouble. What do you think?
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>she was just a #13 with fries
File: 1606139156536.jpg (5 KB, 227x222)
5 KB
Under the mu logic, all musicians are pedophile. Prove me wrong.
the song is about doom being young and first getting into and falling in love with hiphop
>It was just a number she never told

Bob Weir and John Perry Barlow were both 25 when they wrote that song. Cringe or based?

Albums you find nightmarishly overrated
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Remain In Light
Take literally ANYTHING you like, and I can come up with a flippant comment to minimize it like you just did with Loveless. Jackass.
I understand the hype some albums get. I may not like them but I get why people love them. I never understood why people love MBDTF so much.

File: J BNT (1).png (860 KB, 3840x2160)
860 KB
860 KB PNG
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will twitch chat ever get tired of this kekw meta?
one day eventually the pendulum will swing back to trad and christian values
thats a good idea thanks

File: cover.jpg (1.32 MB, 1280x1280)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB JPG
holy fuck it's actually pretty good?
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Oooooooooo MS BELIEVER
none of their music is remotely good
literally what success did this album receive upon release
no one outside Ohio knew this album existed
Regional At Best > Self Titled >>> Vessel >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> everything else
talk to more people

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