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File: a3559786259_65.jpg (69 KB, 700x700)
69 KB
amazing album imo
i have. I like peggy's older production

File: unnamed.jpg (62 KB, 544x544)
62 KB
A disappointment. Drives me crazy when Eurovision artists just rehash their ESC song beat for beat. Also a waste of a Tommy Cash feature
Fuuck, I like tommy Cash, but the Estonian Mr beast is lame af.

File: RYM.jpg (172 KB, 1078x1156)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
>4 albums that you listen to to make yourself feel smarter than you actually are
>1 actually decent prog-rock album that's fairly boring compared to the rest of the genre
Is RYM comprised solely of 14 year olds?
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untitled unmastered is the better tpab because it simply delivers tunes instead of baiting for critics and awards
File: 2023-09-29 (2).png (119 KB, 1296x579)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
have been reading the reviews for like five minutes now. fun time.
It shows how fucking stupid you are that you think listening to Radiohead and hip hop makes you feel smart.
Check out the user Vito_James. He's reviewed thousands of records like some ersatz Robert Christgau. Every single one is 500 words too long and reads like a diary entry, with the music taking a distant second place. The best reviews are the ones on the final pages of the album reviews that were left there in 2002-2005. Generally they just say "I really enjoyed this album when I was 19. Drink a beer and put it on."

File: 43623626.png (710 KB, 530x864)
710 KB
710 KB PNG
1mg xanax, a joint, a nice cold beer, fresh air on top of the mountain, no one around, this view and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkQvg5u4E0g on headphones

File: 2023.png (1.49 MB, 1080x1091)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
>invents music
>currently irrelevant in the field
how do we cope evrobros?
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just gave it a listen, it's honest pop but man the slavic languages filter me hard
Trannos lowkey slaps though
weird because JUL is currently a joke here, no-one speak about it seriously. Does this poll reflect the tastes of middle school children?
>Luan Santana
literally who
probably some Brazilian mongoloid

File: maxresdefault.jpg (236 KB, 1280x720)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
>tfw you'll never be patrician enough to know who made this


it's pretty obvious who did it
>uploader is “Ani’s Other Channel”
It’s simple, find out who Ani is, find their main channel, and you’ll know who made the song
It's probably some japanese citypop band demo that someone gave the waporwave treatment, who cares

File: 1694639470422491.jpg (38 KB, 676x676)
38 KB
Do people actually enjoy music by arca, sophie and such? Or are the fans just troon supporters and pseud music nerds
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Board approved answer: Trannies. Obviously I don't like them. Trannies. Trannies. They aren't very good. Trannies. Trannies. Trannies. Trannies. Trannies. Trannies. Trannies. Trannies. Trannies.
Real answer: if people didn't like it they wouldn't listen to it, unlike a lot of posters here most people don't obsess over what others think of the music they like. It would be fun to talk about them but it's literally impossible to have meaningful conversations about a person who happens to be trans here.
Honestly, I just think hyperpop and deconstructed club (or whatever it is SOPHIE and Arca are doing) are shit. The trans artists I wind up listening to ocasionally are Renard/RQ and Lauren Bousfield.
i liked that one &&&& ep arca did. didn't like anything else. sophie had some cool stuff. don't listen to either anymore
>Lauren Bousfield
good stuff
Sophie and charli xcx are okay. Charli is listenable because of how generic she sounds
. Arca is disgusting and kick iii has to be the worst thing I've ever heard lel
File: 4412141242.jpg (131 KB, 750x720)
131 KB
131 KB JPG

File: powerful.jpg (9 KB, 265x309)
9 KB
Don't mind me just striding rite on down to page 10.
godspeed deak
Deakster Deakin Deakest

File: IMG_0154.jpg (59 KB, 650x400)
59 KB
Saw QOTSA this week. Everything that was said about Josh’s health recently in threads was false. He didn’t have a cane. He played all the way through. They had a great set list. (Spoilers for people about to see them) Regular John, Into the Hollow, In the Fade, Little Sister. People were saying “not a fan of this guy”, and yadayada here on the board. For what? Typical human population shitting on what’s cool.
>pic very related, but not mine. Looks just like what I saw.
I was QOTSA yesterday. Everything that was said about Josh’s health recently in threads was true. He didn’t have a cane; he had a full on walker. He limped out on stage played 2 songs and it was clear he was struggling and the rest of the band had to double his vocals. During the third song he just stopped playing, put his head in his hands like he was sobbing and was helped off stage. He kept saying something about a grocery store in LA where he met flying lotus. It was really scary.
They change their set list every show. No two shows are alike. Spoilers are useless.

>regular john
lucky. I've never got to hear anything from self titled when i saw them.
I was in front of the stage, and Josh said right to me “who’s your daddy?”, and proceeded to goomba stomp me into the ground. They had to carry me out. The security got rough with me, and said something about me tripping balls, and ruining the show for everyone.
That’s what I thought after because I like to check set lists, and what I was prepared for was completely different than a show a few days prior to mine. They ended with You Think I Ain’t Worth a Dollar.
In 2005, I fucked Mike V on the train tracks behind a Ross Dress for Less. Man, his ass could grip. Real tight, not a hair on it, and a sphincter you could only dream of. I had fun at first. But he was so weirdly macho about it. He kept saying things like "thats right bitch, am I gonna make you nut?" and "fucking fag I bet you can't wait to bust in my fat hairy man ass hahaha faggot". I just ignored him and kept railing. He continued unironically calling me his bitch and a fag as he had several hands free prostate orgasms spilling seminal fluids onto the train tracks, getting more angry and dominant after each one. "Yea i bet you like dudes. You look like a pussy" he'd say "I cant even feel your limpdick bitch." I just kept clapping, wondering wtf is up with him. After about 20 minutes of railing Mike's boypussy, drenched in sweat and his cream, I finally got a nut off despite his constant berating and degrading comments. He immediately hopped off, laid flat on his back and bent his legs over his head so the cum dripped out of his asshole directly into his mouth. "The fuck you looking at? You like this gay boy?" He kept saying. After he got every last drop. He cackled like a rooster and punched me in the face as hard as he could. He nearly broke his hand, but I was fine. "Fucking fag" he said as he limped off into the sunset, shaking his wrist. That was the first and last time I fucked Mike V on the train tracks behind the Ross Dress for Less
Man oh man that was not their bassist In 2005. I like Troy Van Leeuwen he’s a qt.

File: pepe-guitar.png (407 KB, 800x609)
407 KB
407 KB PNG
why is pepe's back to the crowd
File: 1669482472087965.png (1.38 MB, 1280x720)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG
That's apu

In 1984, (the) Dead Kennedys played a concert, which was recorded. They opened up their set with "Police Truck", and they dedicated the song to a certain special someone. Go to 3:55:

That’s crazy dude was a Biden fan that early I guess he has always been relevant

what is maidcore, seems suspicious

File: th-3051497486.jpg (39 KB, 474x269)
39 KB
I've listened to a large variety of music and I've enjoyed some really obscure stuff over the years. I genuinely do not understand how this album gets praised as the greatest rock album of the 90s or most influential yada yada. this album is on a lot of people top 5. I appreciate Avante Guard stuff and art house and expressionism when I enjoy it but this album gives me that feeling that its different and weird because the artist couldn't do better. It reminds me of all those college art students that HAVE to do abstract because they physically CAN'T do realism. And when questioned or criticized its always met with "its over you heard" or "you dont get it" and then i think people force themselves to like it or see something that isn't there because they are pretentious.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
it's not even that avant garde tf
see thats the 80 IQ response. "Filtered" with no explanation at all. congratulations you're 12 years old.
>CAN'T do realism
Kevin's trust fund went a long way for purchasing clout and a artificial legacy
90s sound is the fuzz pedal, sorry
Nirvana and Soundgarden were just recycled butt rock.

>muh Baltimore
OMG they referenced Baltimore in one song. Lmao fucking lame ass losers. I never sing about Baltimore. I'm so much cooler and better than these guys and people would totally care if I died.
Will things really ever get better there?

File: IMG_7784.jpg (124 KB, 526x745)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Tranny shite.
He sound like a cute homosexual in the Cds but he sound like a tranny faggot singing live
wtf i through only raptards were like this

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