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is sitar based?
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what are you talking about?
John came off as irritating. Talented guy but I wouldn’t wanna be around him for long periods of time
He was caught up in the most hectic whirlwind anyone in show biz ever experienced and he needed some soul searching. Not cringe at all. At lot of snarky critics and journos took the piss out of him for being so involved with hindu stuff, especially in the UK, because the here krishna thing tended to be a hippie fad for most western followers, but it clearly meant a lot to George.
*hare krishna

File: 1493286982553.jpg (52 KB, 550x550)
52 KB
Fuck you I liked it
I like this version of the album.
not op, but thank you so much for this. I never knew this existed
File: takealook.jpg (65 KB, 500x500)
65 KB
This is the best album imo
>fuck you I liked it

File: 1689647.jpg (50 KB, 300x300)
50 KB
Listen to this album right now, every song is incredible
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ammunitionen tog slut till sist
nu kann ni kalla mig the sundance kid
Favourite song? For me it's Dom Andra
kärleken väntar for me
This is just a fusion of buttrock and adult contemporary
and that's a good thing

File: mts1.jpg (222 KB, 1080x1349)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
Thoughts and opinions on the discography of Megan Thee Stallion?
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She's Nicki but from da hood
Doja is Nicki but weird (and actually somewhat talented)
Cardi is a bland clone
She has a few good songs, but overall she's shit.
I have a fag brother who likes her so I hate her automatically
Her existence is weird. Everything about her and Cardi B and the rest of them is so surreal, like I can’t believe that I live on the same planet as them. Who the fuck are these people and why are they a part of my brain’s library of memory? They take “celebrity” to the point of parody, with the music videos that look like they were recorded inside a Pixar studio. And the fans that hyperanalyse their music and their lives, not to mention the teenage kids that are probably developing a porn addiction because of their music. You know what? When I think of Megan The Stallion and Cardi B, I think about how I’ve wasted years of my life by going on the internet and looking at completely banal bullshit that doesn’t help me. They are a reminder of why social media is complete garbage.
File: Rubi-Rose(2)-Feet-6261256.jpg (374 KB, 1440x1799)
374 KB
374 KB JPG
For me? Rubi Rose

File: south_pacific.jpg (225 KB, 750x750)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
Does /mu/ like musicals?
>mu is one person
My Fair Lady was pretty good.
GB Shaw is good, too.

File: Lauren.jpg (228 KB, 1001x1500)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
Are they the best modern synthpop band?
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Not as good as Chvrches. Solid album, though.
>Shiny Toy Guns
The dude can actually sing. e.g. You Are the One.
Chvrches have an attractive singer but on the other hand they also have plenty of great songs, their shows are great, their singer has a pretty strong voice.
so like Paramore then
Right. Chvrches are kinda like a synthpop Paramore.
On a side note, they collaborated with Hayley: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8soJmCBXbsQ

File: FdAN-ouakAAKd5Y.jpg (771 KB, 2000x3000)
771 KB
771 KB JPG
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this whore spent a whole weekend taking loads from saudis
does she have a eye problem?
make a gidle thread for fucking once
>even shuhua

Was he the best finger style guitar player in pop music history?
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I’d say angeles is way more technically difficult than something like harvest breed. Don’t get me wrong nicks playing is virtuoso level definitely, but I think Elliott’s guitar skills were a cut above. The overdub thing doesn’t really hold water, yes he did it on many songs but if you listen to his live shows he could play all the most complicated parts perfectly fine on his own
Elliott didn't consider himself to be particularly good, but he was probably just being humble.
Yea he was far from braggadocious but the dude had serious chops. Even his electric guitar playing with a pick was oozing style and soul. I love watching the the concert he did at the bumbershoot festival with a full electric band
Chet atkins
he's been worm meat for 20 years you dick riding loser get on with it already

I take back what I said about this album. It's fucking awesome
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First Impressions has a lot of great tracks, but it got too long.

Angles has some good tracks.

Comedown Machine is a solid 7.9/10 album.

The New Abnormal is their best album.

Also, Room on Fire > Is This It.
more like isn't this not it lmao (gay)
What, no anons talk about the John Casablancas model agency, pulling a 15 year old model, charges, the pedo spirals on the Is This It cover? Barely Legal. No talk of this, what gives anons? Great sounding album though. Props to Gordon Raphael.

File: spiderr.png (397 KB, 658x669)
397 KB
397 KB PNG
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nu-Bladee is vastly superior to old Bladee

his first few albums were schlop indistinguishable from each other

his new ones are very unique and ooze sovl
You didn’t like the fool? That was one of his best and had zero hyperpop shit. Even the intro was vintage bladee
it was kino tbdesufamalamwu senpai
They are both ashkenazi. Benjamin kikewald more so.
Nah the fool was amazing made me so happy when he dropped that i meant Good luck, Crest, Spiderr
Oh yea i didn’t like crest very much at all. I only listen to five star crest from it now. I’ve warmed up to good luck a lot though. I hated it when it came out. The style he had with songs like rainbow was actually pretty good to me. I love listening to it with a good sound system. Still it was a let down to me. If I were to rank his best none of the albums you mentioned would be in. Still there is hope for fans like you because he will always retain the styles he shows on the fool

thoughts on tegan and sara?
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Because being a foot taller just wasn't enough to mog themsravp
They sure do look like Canadian lesbians.
i think it's in the "what's in my bag "interview one of em was using a metaphor of having a kid to talk about making an album and the harder lesbian of the 2 was like giving her the look like "nope real lesbians don't slip up like that" or something. and one of em have a kid now , wew.
Sara has often said things like that, she said on stage she'd have sex with a man for a million dollars, and has said in a podcast that she'd be comfortable having sex with most of her friends, also prefers being called queer rather than lesbian, make of it all what you will.

Also yeah, her wife gave birth few months ago.
Wow, the unwashed rabble in the crowd. Dios mio.

File: Body Paint.png (1.79 MB, 1425x802)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB PNG
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He looks like he’s going to enter a fugue state, get racist, and sell me erectile dysfunction chewable tablets.
>implying they had to become easy-listening pop to become mature
>implying energetic music can't be mature
Zappa's fartschool clown music is dozen times more interesting and mature than any Arctic Monkeys release post 2009
So predictable I know
What you're thinkiiin
Has beens
>comparnig Zappa to Arctic Monkeys

File: gecs2u.jfif.jpg (161 KB, 640x640)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
more hyperpop like 100 gecs?

and sewerslvt? who else

hyperpop bread
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File: whocare.jpg (34 KB, 265x574)
34 KB
name for trans girl is boy
handsome girl, deep voiced girl, penis instead of vagina girl
Yes , that goes down fine
dead meme dead scene

Hey /mu/ can you tell me what these albums are? I bet you can’t.
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wow thanks for you contribution
It was no big deal.
The album behind Peter's shirt could be Autobahn
Upper right: Van Halen II
File: 1664475872746633.jpg (14 KB, 397x323)
14 KB

File: Kiss debut .jpg (113 KB, 600x600)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
My favourite Kiss album and one of the best debuts around. Ace is on fire through the whole thing and I love how cocky and rough it is. Those first three albums (+Creatures of the Night) are their best work. What’s your fave by then? Also general Kiss thread
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If the band broke up after this album and never recorded again i think their legacy wouldve been bigger and not tarnished by their jew greed and braindead fan base
I knew a couple KISS fans other than myself growing up late 90s/00s. "Retro" shit was cooler back then and there were more so called "classic rock" kids. Kids into old school metal, and old school punk too.
File: Dynasty-cover.jpg (268 KB, 1438x1438)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
Anyone else actually like Dynasty?
Hell yeah, once I finally listened to it, didn't get all the shit it got. I'd say its at least on equal footing as all the previous albums quality-wise
Based. I can understand the backlash in context of what was going on at the time and the whole rockers vs. disco-ers situation in the late 70's, but in retrospect none of that really matters. The fact that "I Was Made For Loving You" is still a setlist staple for them and one of their bigger songs still kinda proves that

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