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Love him or hate him?
makes radiovirigns seethe. love him
I don't really have any strong opinion on his body of work.
He really has to get bald
Do you know that today's Bellamy is a clone of a clone of that clone? That's a secret, don't tell anyone

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Kpop (B)ass /gg/uitar™ edition
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Why are you guys like this
if you use artificial compression, you are a beginner
is there any way to improve acoustic tone other than just playstyle? i've got a gs mini that's a joy to play, but it's too weak and has no bass due to its small size.
File: 1657499611301.jpg (283 KB, 600x600)
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Your pick
File: 1575394602038.gif (3.4 MB, 360x270)
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3.4 MB GIF
>mfw /gg/ can't even /gg/et 35 posters on Saturday now

File: 1234123121.png (1.4 MB, 776x1110)
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1.4 MB PNG
How I wonder what you are!
Up above the world so high,
AI generated thread? Fuck off.
>AI generated thread?
Where is TayBot?
lol this actually seems like a shit thread either way.. except for tay
File: Tay Hitler.jpg (18 KB, 628x292)
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Where is `Bill Gates?

Mendelssohn edition

This thread is for the discussion of music in the Western classical tradition.

>How do I get into classical?
This link has resources including audio courses, textbooks and selections of recordings to help you start to understand and appreciate classical music:

Previous Thread: >>114799341
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nice try hollywood exec

a bit late for that

>le retard has arrived
>le schizo has arrived
you are talking to two different persons, retard

Take me back, bros
nah man, that time period sucked peepee, unironically the worst time in human history for music. You just wanna be young and without a single worry in the world again

File: Joy division.jpg (34 KB, 662x427)
34 KB
Drummers of /mu/, as a fellow percussionist i must ask, how the fuck do you play 16th notes on the hi-hat for extended periods of time? How the fuck did a scrawny guy like Steven Morris do it for 3+ minutes on multiple songs in Joy Division? And how the fuck do disco and funk drummers do it for 10+ minutes all at once? I try playing it, but i die 2 minutes in. Is is all practice, technique or stamina?
its impossible. those guys just get lucky
Proper technique reduces fatigue on your wrists and hands. In addition lots of practice will get you used to playing like that. If you're having trouble playing 16ths with one hand try out using both hands to play the 16th notes and modifying the sticking for the rest of the drums you need to play to accommodate. Although you'd be better off spending your time simply practicing and building your hand/arm endurance.
I guess I've never thought about it. My biggest initial problem with 16th notes was getting my bass-foot on time (by this I mean playing kick rhythms freely along with a two-handed 16th technique, of course the kicks on the meter were easy).

I guess what built my stamina was playing a lot of white reggae like Sublime-style bands. This was before I realized most of those 16ths were being played one handed. I know the more comfortable you get two-handed, the more you can start having fun, like Stewart Copeland style hi-hat fun. That's what I would focus on is the accents and ruffs and whatnot. If you're having trouble one-handed, that's because that takes a lot of practice to get comfortable with. idk what Joy Division guy does, I don't listen to them.

I had stamina problems from like 14 to 16, but after I joined a punk band and had to keep up for 3-5 hours a session, those all melted away. I'm a fat old smoker and I could play for half the day if I wanted to. Eventually you find efficient motion.

what don't you like about it? i didn't realize so many people on /mu/ disliked this album so much compared to igor and flowerboy. i thought we all agreed tyler was on a 3 album streak for great albums.
I liked it
File: ppg professor shrug.jpg (22 KB, 561x478)
22 KB
I don't dislike it, I like it. It's just not an amazing album worth fawning over like a lot of people seem to.
I really didn't like this, I'm not sure why. All of the tracks are just pretty forgettable. I did REALLY like Wilshire tho, best track by far imo
I thought most of the tracks were boring/forgettable but wusyaname triggers my fight or flight for some reason

I wanted to play some ghuzeng or koto or whatever songs, but they're both expensive as fuck here and trapeze zithers like pic related are way cheaper.
Also, why do westerners hate zithers? They're all the rage in Asia

File: descarga.jpg (15 KB, 208x243)
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What went wrong
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very well written
File: mucore 2023.jpg (816 KB, 1660x1660)
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816 KB JPG
That shit sucks. This is now the real /mu/core. All what it took was choosing actual good albums. Imagine how less cringe zoomies would be with these choices.
someone should post the webcomic that explains how all cool hobbies/clubs start out as organic passion projects between a few dedicated people before inevitably succumbing to outsiders with no skin in the game.
Your file size

File: 41JQDC303VL._SY580_.jpg (27 KB, 299x300)
27 KB
I've always avoided Nine Inch Nails because they were popular but holy shit I love Foetus why did I wait so long to listen to this? It's actually great.
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The central theme of the industrial rock genre is that you have to pretend you're not just a slightly angrier Depeche Mode. Because you're supposed to be all badass and serious and Depeche Mode is for teen girls.
Broken > The Fragile > The Slip > Not the Actual Events > The Downward Spiral

PHM is ok but it doesn't make the top 5.
None of the albums after The Fragile are great (but The Slip is pretty good tho, fuck the haters).
>None of the albums after The Fragile are great
I beg to differ, after The Fragile the only meh album was With Teeth, but it still had some good hits. The EP trilogy is 10/10.
File: TNS.jpg (145 KB, 600x600)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
NIN isnt EBM. Not even PHM. It's a mix of synth and Industrial rock. I don't think /mu/ knows what EBM is tho since the only stuff they discuss in industrial threads is NIN, FLA, SP, Coil, KMFDM maybe Ministry, then it dies after 50 posts cause of purists

What are your thoughts on Matt Maeson and his music?

File: taab.png (1.19 MB, 814x808)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
Gerald Bostock edition

Previous >>114700403

What is Progressive Rock: http://www.progarchives.com/Progressive-rock.asp#definition

History of Progressive Rock: http://www.progarchives.com/Progressive-rock.asp#development

Good albums to start with (user ranked list): http://www.progarchives.com/top-prog-albums.asp?salbumtypes=1

Cytube for group listening sessions on Fridays at 8pm CST:

Vote for which album the group will listen to: TBA
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he wants to be gentle with you
sameanon here, I listened to it again but in a more chilled state of mind and man I was so wrong, this is up there with Close to the Edge.
Tours are usually booked 6 months to 1 year out, and summer tours are being announced now, and bands are releasing tour dates. Have you tried contacting the venues, or looking at band's pages or social media?
Actual flautists have commented on him for years - he's become a good player - not great. He fingered wrong early on, until his daughter learned how to play at school and told him. (well known story at this point.)
This chick has been reaction to Tull videos for a while, and she thinks he's pretty good.
Although she's usually just concerned with how he flings his flute around.
I get that he's an incredible drummer but Ruins and Koenji are too autistic for me.

Nirvana's entire discography
Radiohead's entire discography
The Beatle's entire discography
Led Zeppelin's entire discography

There are not albums that do this, but entire bands.

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File: R-3582745-1336198757.jpg (127 KB, 600x600)
127 KB
127 KB JPG

Based Σαλονικιός
File: images (13).jpg (40 KB, 554x554)
40 KB

File: 61MvC4pGkDL._AC_SL1400_.jpg (77 KB, 1400x1384)
77 KB
Thoughts on Queens of the Stone Age?
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Queen of the Stone Age - 7.5
Rated R - 8.5
Songs for the Deaf - 9
Lullabies to Paralyze - 8
Era Vulgaris - 8.5
Like Clockwork - 9
Villains - 7
I hope the next album doesn't suck like Villains did, Hommebrothers
File: 1647432045621.jpg (40 KB, 500x574)
40 KB
QOTSA Self-Titled > Blues For The Red Sun > And The Circus Leaves Town > Lullabies To Paralyze > Welcome To Sky Valley = Songs For The Deaf > Rated R > Era Vulgaris > Them Crooked Vultures > ...Like Clocowork >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Villains
And their best song is a deep cut not on any album:
>QOTSA Self-Titled >
Based, debut was pretty much their peak. I had not heard that song but its great, thx anon.
>Blues For The Red Sun
Doesn't get enough love.
I'm surprised this was never remade for a Queens album. I could easily picture it on Rated R or SftD.

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