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File: Benji.jpg (13 KB, 335x297)
13 KB
I genuinely can’t think of an album that tries so hard to be sad but fails to convey literally any genuine emotion whatsoever more spectacularly.
What do you people see in this record that I’m not seeing?
I get my Koz from red house painters. Much better
It’s about empathy
For me, its My Friend Ben

For me, its Ghosts Of The Great Highway

Bro just take some antidepressants
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he looks like Nick Rochefort from MDE here
I'm grateful for The Cure and The Smiths because I grew up on blink-182 and I love Suede... it's like the 90s bands saw what the 80s bands were doing and perfected it, but they were so good they actually got popular, and that upset the hipsters.
This bait. It is exquisite.
I do at least 100 push-ups and crunches daily and still feel like shit and have to force myself through it. No endorphin rush after or anything

For me the best cure has been meth
Can you incels please keep your christcuck Jew worship LARP shit in your containment boards /pol/ or /r9k/

Do the girls actually have listened to this masterpiece complete? or they just added I want wind to blow and i felt your shape to their playlists?
Personally i forced my gf to listen to it completely
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mfw 11 year old sister listening to death grips and sementary
This album is utter garbage so yes white women probably eat it up
No it isnt
it's pure shit. every fucking women listened to it completely, you are totally gay and a faggot for thinking they didn't.
imagine not being able to appreciate such a masterpiece

reddit album
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wow, that didn't age well, huh? lol
is that...on OP's album?

>is that...on OP's album?
No, the description says that was their first song in over a decade
All riot grrl is reddit/CiA music
now, brown cow

Brahms serenades edition


>How do I get into classical?
This link has resources including audio courses, textbooks and selections of recordings to help you start to understand and appreciate classical music:

Previous Thread: >>112874593
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Composers as food?
File: Mozartkugel.jpg (41 KB, 500x375)
41 KB
gay nigger thrread
File: 1650388446974.gif (550 KB, 245x220)
550 KB
550 KB GIF
>the coda for the 1st movement feels more substantial and more like an ending for the whole piece than the coda for the final movement
i went to an opera and it was the biggest cringe fest ive seen. Its like some boomer addicted to social media adapted the humour. It was die fledermaus by strauss

No wonder this guy is a schizo. Songs are okay but this is /pol/ if they made a record.

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yes he is definitely one of the musicians of all time.
A dictionary. Use one. Faggot.
Not really. Probably 75% of the planet has heard his music. Shame though, it’s uninteresting shite
I don't know about underrated, but definitely misunderstood
The fact that it's not 100% is why he's underrated

File: minicard-e1287788257556.jpg (699 KB, 1129x1593)
699 KB
699 KB JPG
Does he have good taste?
Death - Klaus Nomi
Wayward Sisters - Klaus Nomi
Seven Deadly Finns (Dutch TV, 1974) - Brian Eno
Yesterday Man - Chris Andrews
I'm Not Sayin' - Nico
Somewhere There's A Feather - Nico
Don't Dictate - Penetration
"Face To Face" BBC interview - Edith Sitwell (video)
Fade To Grey - Visage
New Rose - The Damned
Young, Gifted And Black - Bob & Marcia
Living Too Late - The Fall
Loudmouth - Ramones
White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane

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Interesting. Forgive my ignorance but I wonder how that works. I guess he can use these, like politicians do, without clearance. And he chooses them?

Anyways, interesting information thanks a lot.
>copied and will go through later

About ten (?) years ago I found a YT account for "Julee Cruise" that appeared real and anyways scribbled down all her 'liked videos' and still treasure that list! So stuff like this, esp when I don't know 2/3s of the songs, is like a goldmine!
File: 1587748490298.png (108 KB, 295x285)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
>johnny mar's favorite list would be all accessible music
They won't arrive. This is Morrissey, okay?
Post your favorite songs.
>YT account for "Julee Cruise" that appeared real and anyways scribbled down all her 'liked videos
Can you share the list anon?

Almost every zoomer I know hates these guys with a passion is it just contrarianism?
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Retards on /mu/ making threads to say "This sucks" then leaving doesn't count.
Those are both 2 exaggerated claims.
It’s a business dumbass.
>Why do zoomers hate the Beatles so much?
Finally, something I can agree with zoomers on
File: sewerslvt-jvnko.gif (3.12 MB, 473x498)
3.12 MB
3.12 MB GIF
Breakcore is the future. Seethe.
Case in point

are you hyped for the new paramore song?
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I have a lot of vivid fantasies involving her desu
She wants her fans to use her like a piece of meat. I remember that one video of a guy running up on stage and kissing her. She did yell at him but you could tell by the smile on her face that she enjoyed it. That's also why she "accidentally" leaked her nudes.
She's so tiny, even someone in just average shape could manhandle her easily and carry her around the house and find things to fuck her on top of
File: hayley.png (1.02 MB, 1024x768)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
i wish she'd accidentally on purpose some more leaks
I swear I can hear David Byrne singing the chorus

File: Body Paint.png (1.79 MB, 1425x802)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB PNG
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>implying they had to become easy-listening pop to become mature
>implying energetic music can't be mature
Zappa's fartschool clown music is dozen times more interesting and mature than any Arctic Monkeys release post 2009
So predictable I know
What you're thinkiiin
Has beens
>comparnig Zappa to Arctic Monkeys
wow that sounded really good,maybe they steal the AOTY again?

File: crosby.jpg (116 KB, 937x858)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Who are some other famous musicians whose parents were in the military / government? I know Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge's dads were both military officers.

Was he the best finger style guitar player in pop music history?
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jfc you even talk like a bitch
I love Nick Drake and I often play guitar very similar to him but he doesn’t hold a candle to Elliott as far as pure skill and complexity goes. That’s just not what Nick Drake is about.
not Mark Knopfler so no. also, whats with the gay hair and bell bottoms?
Seethe moar
Finally someone agrees, what’s your favorite finger style exhibition from our guy
Bell bottoms are based , Elliott’s style was underrated imo
>gay hair
He went to school at Hampshire. It’s one of those super sjw schools.

>at a store at uni today. store is playing velvet underground
>cashier lady smiles and asks me when she rings me up if I like velvet underground
>mumble yeah they’re alright and walk off
>go back an hour later
>she says she likes my shirt because I’m wearing an Elliot smith shirt and something like what Elliot smith do you like
>mumble thanks and walk away
Let my chance slip with a mu girl
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This never happened. Stop posting your deluded daydreams on /mu/.
Why would I want her to think I don’t have time for her
eh she sounds really basic.
next time you see her. just ask what bands shes been listening to lately and go from there
literally just b urslef
it could have gone way worse
you could have started talking about metal machine music or how lou was fucking a tranny

I’ll stick to rap
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And leftshits say the right has hard time defining "woman".
>Forced2Fuck in a country where Gay poop-takers experience anal fissures two to three times higher than that of cisytstr8 poop-takers.
>muh blacks muh blacks muh blacks muh blacks muh blacks muh blacks muh blacks muh blacks muh blacks muh blacks muh blacks muh blacks muh blacks muh blacks muh blacks
there is far less faggotry in rap. Simple as that. Save the cope.
Go a state over lmao
I think pro choice people should really start taking the stance of yes, this is a life inside of me, and yes, I’m going to fucking end it because we live in a transhumanistic society that gives me the option to do so and no viable human even experiences consciousness until several years after birth. So yes, I am going to fucking murder this worm parasite inside of me because the western world is fucking shite and we don’t need to bring more people into it to suffer, and even if we did, I literally can barely afford to take care of myself let alone a stupid ass children.

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