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File: 1658094991258.png (659 KB, 638x714)
659 KB
659 KB PNG
Watch it in production order.
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>is that a crossoverino?
other series with their own production order added to watch in paralel so i can fully enjoy it
>Watch it in production order.
If I've already done that, am I allowed to watch in timeline order?
File: what.png (177 KB, 380x505)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
timeline order is production order if you're only watching the good(tomino) shows
That still works for Victory

meds now

File: 20230122_012743.jpg (242 KB, 1500x1018)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
Greater Than Gundam
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so THATS what the opening song was about
Turn V
Turn A, what happened to you?
File: 1664924971042265.png (161 KB, 512x512)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
still not as great as guntank tho
We don't use that word here.

File: Amx-011.jpg (231 KB, 366x536)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
ZZ had the best designs
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Why would there be ground type variations of most Gryps era suits? The war was mostly fought in space, and even what fighting did take place on Earth between Karaba and the Titans often used transforming mobile suits because flight and mobility had become the new paradigm. What suits the Titans or Karaba fielded that weren't innately flight capable made heavy use of flight platforms because of it.
>those skirt guns
>some custom speciality hinged beam gun with moving parts.

I cringe because I just know that Neo Zeon won't be able to maintain and repair those custom weapons in a few years. I much rather they use standardized weapons so at least they can replace it. Just look at the Sleeves. Many of their suits don't launch with a full load out because they are broke. And when something is destroyed, they don't know have the power to replace it. That Zaku III lost in Unicorn can't be replaced or fixed. The Axis factory that built it is long gone.
Neo zeon wasn't interested in long term or dragged out conflict, they had limited manpower and production so they threw everything into high performance designs to blitz the EF with and try to overwhelm them to make up for their much smaller numbers of MS. And it almost worked until they went full retard and started an internal conflict over who should lead Neo Zeon.
bawoo, rebawoo and the sinanjus are top tier designs
Zssa backpacks are oddly reminiscent of the Methuss

File: regz.jpg (553 KB, 1369x2573)
553 KB
553 KB JPG
Is it a Gundam?
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File: 1629099862394[1].png (2.92 MB, 2700x1518)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB PNG
Is there any decent art of the goggles redesign?
File: 1587987573446[1].png (1.61 MB, 2100x1088)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG
File: HWtqAyU.jpg (1.16 MB, 1919x2770)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
where's the msz-006r art from? (the first one)
also don't forget the new moon one!
File: AGE_CLANCHE.png (1.86 MB, 1000x2062)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB PNG

File: gaelio.jpg (28 KB, 225x350)
28 KB
This chocolate man was the real hero of IBO
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My hero.
Ryusei is meteor, and go in the terms of this specific kanji is a like a model number or ship type. So it basically means Meteor Type or something like that.
File: EXVS2 XB Flauros shot.webm (2.01 MB, 1280x720)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB WEBM
Well, he did really went out like a comet alright.
File: FnUeI8SacAA7QXz.jpg (142 KB, 1200x1200)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
What that big shoulder do

Since it's (allegedly) going to deviate even more from the novel than the first one did, what do you expect from Hathaway's Flash's sequel?
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File: F-50d.png (318 KB, 413x624)
318 KB
318 KB PNG
F-50D Guntank seems very plausible in UC105, considering that it's already surplus material during F91's period.
I actually really loved this movie.

I'm new to Gundam in general, so my opinion may differ a lot from those of you that have been in this journey for so long, but bear with me.

It's pretty interesting watching the narrative trough the eco-terrorist point of view. Hathaway isn't the hero he believes himself to be and this just makes the story more interesting.

Kenneth, is also very interesting because even tough he is in the side of law, he fights dirty, and isn't afraid of doing morally bad things to get the job done. His soldiers shot at a city, probably killing a lot of people in the process to get a single terrorist falling from the sky... not to mention the torture and hostage situation.

I really like this antagonism between Kenneth and Hathaway.

And them there is Gigi... i really don't know what the fuck she is supposed to be. My only take is that she is there to remind Noa about Quess, and how she moves on as soon as she see the older more mature / secure man. So she ended up being a narrative tool to keep Hathaway in his path.

There are some interesting scenes, showing the corrupt system and the socialite life style that we get the knowledge from her too.

Xi has become my favorite gundam design, the mobile suits design in general are insanely good in this movie.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Part 2 is unfortunately very light in mecha combat. I doubt it would be more than the first one, and that one's already lacking in that department.
It's already been confirmed they're making some changes and adding more action.

File: FmMzUTaaAAAQbz4.jpeg.jpg (200 KB, 2047x645)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
Is this a zeke board or a feddie board?
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Mashymre is the sole exception
File: 1562378104520.png (497 KB, 789x748)
497 KB
497 KB PNG
Impressively done, Zack. I'm inspired. Guess it ain't a Fed board or nothin' but I may as well give it the old college try.



Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Anyone who loves the Earth would destroy Australia though.
Look at how flat she is, my God that's sexy

File: 14.jpg (275 KB, 836x1200)
275 KB
275 KB JPG
Suzak reunion with Schnee.
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File: DD Zeros.jpg (248 KB, 2048x945)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
File: DD Shinkiro.jpg (244 KB, 2048x945)
244 KB
244 KB JPG

File: 1654880668273.jpg (210 KB, 1920x1080)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
>There was an entire episode about the MC being sad because someone accidentally took a lunch from her
Gundam is dead.
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/m/ still hates Try, IBO, Divers and ReRise so no

Re:Rise wasn't hated when it aired, and is still pretty well liked in my experience and there's definitely been a turn around on IBO even if I still don't think it's a good show personally. Try and Divers are the only ones on that list I'd agree on, and neither are even mainline shows anyway as well as both being less hated and more just not cared about because they were boring.
File: celluloid-shot0010.jpg (368 KB, 1920x1080)
368 KB
368 KB JPG
File: Splat.jpg (161 KB, 850x1202)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Well now she's going to be the scared, abused wife, given what happened at the end.
>first 10 episodes have them blowing up bases
>gets checkmated
>spend the next 20 doing fucking nothing
fun show

File: catapult with arms.jpg (1011 KB, 1920x1493)
1011 KB
1011 KB JPG
Heavy Gear

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I'm all in for that
Care to share some examples?
Man I remember my friend getting me into Battletech by hyping up the clans like they were the coolest guys ever. When their really just kinda fucking lame
In addition to the Seraphim Revival trilogy, there is United States of Japan (book trilogy), The Messenger (book pentadecology), Armored Warrior Panzerter (book hexalogy), The Phoenix Initiative (book trilogy), and Titan Mage (book tetralogy). There is also Dangerous Fugitives, which has steampunk Zoids.
That first cover is literally Otsdarva with Aaliyah's head, and I'm not even angry about it.
I want to like the vindi. I used it a lot in the HBS game, but the LRM 5 and small laser just feel a bit anemic on the table. That being said the cappies do make some good mechs because I love the cataphract and I'm warming up to the raven

File: file.png (523 KB, 812x611)
523 KB
523 KB PNG
post stupid looking mechs
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>>Retarded theory about science, made by the faggot himself
>>Unironically use it as an argument

Ah yes. The all cool looking, fancy gritty and not-stupid looking real robot.
File: Msm-04g-camo.jpg (37 KB, 400x400)
37 KB
Forgot this badass real robot pic
OP is a fagg
Gun, damn!
Monkey analogy hit too close to home and you started to bang on the keyboard like an ape, I see.

File: Nana are you okay.jpg (111 KB, 994x1072)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Nana will it

Symphogear XV+AXZ music

>AXZ Zesshoushinais
Ep. 1: https://mega.nz/#!nwRWSBjL!FHOQ9IoxhAY7GMcx9NEH12TIMRp6fo_kvIzn-nwxicg
Ep. 2: https://mega.nz/#!L0o2RZZA!aLmACP9g5ULN_f_bZWQL9NpHBAZ0-l6khz0DrNEenCY
Ep. 3: https://mega.nz/#!CpZByIgD!FUN-Us9FSyQ1usRZgNl2-sIWSJmtB3glxsNJ436mMmQ
Ep. 4: https://mega.nz/#!egQECC5S!McL9xDPA9fOmrk0aEw59crkqgvZUgXR34JXZiDa3ww8

>XDU Events

>XDU Guide

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: Dmji happy.jpg (204 KB, 1059x1014)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
Iron helps us play!
this needs a followup
File: shirabe cold.jpg (77 KB, 500x693)
77 KB
Which Gears can handle spicy food the best. We know Maria can't handle HOT food so I bet really spicy stuff would really hurt her tongue. And I know what you're think. You're thinking "Well I bet Biki could." And I'd agree you're right but I also think it's less Biki would handle it well and more that she just shovels her food down without ever tasting it. I bet Tsubasa could probably handle wasabi well. Shirabe could be a wild card being a little chef but I bet she also has a sensitive sense of taste. One time I took was over my brother's and we had Chinese food and I got Szechuan style and while I wasn't looking my niece my niece sneaked a bit off my plate and it mad her cry. It was really cute.
File: Allez Cuisine!.jpg (2 MB, 2000x2000)
2 MB
I don't know how Shirabe can be Iron Chef Japan if she lets a little capsaicin overpower her.
She's just a kid. What is she gonna prepare. Some rice balls?

File: Cover01.png (3.34 MB, 2000x3000)
3.34 MB
3.34 MB PNG
What does /m/ think about Gun x Sword?
I thought it was a relatively standard mech show done pretty well.
105 replies and 28 images omitted. Click here to view.
I don't hate Joshua, but when I watched the scene where Van walks up to him and without prompt just starts kicking the fucking shit out of him, I laughed so hard my family came to check on me because they thought I was dying.
File: togame.jpg (75 KB, 527x710)
75 KB
The Big O is top dog for me, but this follows close behind (a lot of stuff learned from The Big O was applied to Gun x Sword).
Man why'd you have spoil my mood
File: Wendy and Van.png (491 KB, 1275x720)
491 KB
491 KB PNG

File: cJ5Vwiq1vY3Qt.jpg (383 KB, 960x541)
383 KB
383 KB JPG
Previous thread:

>Nov 29 - Jan 2 - Season 2
>Nov 30 - Dec 1 - Console release
>Oct 26 - Dec 12 - G-Witch broadcast event
>Dec 10 - Dec 17 - Gunevo Showdown #2
>Dec 3 - March 26 - GGGP 2023 (JP)
>Feb 2023 - S3


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
136 replies and 36 images omitted. Click here to view.
NAs been dead all the season, all the tryhard subhumans went to JP.
File: media_FndQTkHXEAEhixe.jpg (151 KB, 960x541)
151 KB
151 KB JPG

>Mission Briefing this Sunday (Jan 29)
>Mission Briefing this Sunday (Jan 29)
>Mission Briefing this Sunday (Jan 29)


File: 1671044278916.gif (72 KB, 482x482)
72 KB
sup frens
we're hosting a custom right now
feel free to join, one slot open
As someone with around 2k hours in Overwatch, Evo is far and away the better game in every aspect.
The problem is, like the other anon said, they released it right before Blizzard released a balance patch they pretended was a new game. Plus, character designs are key when it comes to cultivating a large player base, and Overwatch did that in spades with its roster featuring at least one character that appealed to nearly everyone. A game where everyone is a big genderless robot lacks that same kind of appeal so your player base is automatically narrowed down to people who like Gundam and people who play any new shooter and stuck around because they liked the mechanics.

File: cjl7sagwgig21.jpg (83 KB, 834x674)
83 KB
What's the explanation for humanity in Gundam creating humanlike mecha for warfare other than
>lol Minovsky
And could a humanoid 40ft tall looking combat mecha be possible IRL? Or would it get curbstomped by other forms of artillery easily?
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1471671027458.jpg (205 KB, 970x640)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
>>21462860 (OP)
Mobile Suits were first developed as a new sort of space fighter which could take advantage of AMBAC. AMBAC is a sort of system of movement in space where you use physical motion to shift your position as opposed to thrusters. It doesn't look nor work like anything in Gundam in real life, but basically, the fact that a Mobile Suit has limbs makes it considerably more maneuverable than a conventional Gundam space fighter while also using less propellant. They proved to be effective in space, but on the ground further development (see Gouf, Dom, Gouf Flight Type, etc.) was required to turn them into truly potent weapons. Since they were so adaptable, they became more and more common. Mobile Suits effectively combined maneuverability and speed, durability, endurance, and striking power into one package where conventional machines did not.

It is worth noting that Mobile Suits never actually completely replaced things like fighter aircraft or fighting ground vehicles, and they also are not the be-all-end-all, which is why Mobile Armors exist. Machines like the G-Armor, Core Booster, Motorad machines, etc. all remained potent against Mobile Suits, but MS took the role of mainstay weaponry.

I'd argue that Duker Iq's motorbike machines like the Kou and Ohtu were very effective against MS. During the One Year War, additionally, aircraft were something of a notable problem for Mobile Suits that weren't the Gundam.
File: 08msteam_2.jpg (59 KB, 492x800)
59 KB
That's the Crabman, it's explicitly a military prototype. Mobile workers were never really mining machines. In one source it is noted that Zeon deliberately and falsely advertised their early MS prototypes as civilian labor machines, but in reality they had been built to be combat vehicles from the outset. Pic related is not actually a Crabman.
>What's the explanation for
What's the explanation for you?
space combat plus the event of newtypes
legs are just just articulate thrusters
arms and waist give it more maneuverability in a 360 degree arena allowing it to require and aim at multiple targets without being the size of a cruiser or being a death trap like a ww2 gunship for swiveling turrets. This also leads into the newtypes as earlier on the idea of these super human pilots being able to effectively use the suits as a second body really solidified the use of the MS even as the concept of using newtypes for war faded

it's also why Karaba's z+ line was very successful. They're both your air superiority as jets and land superiority rolled into one

the 18-20 metre size is ridiculous yes even F91 and Victory are ridiculous
also also they're very modular and dynamic with what weaponry they can use which is a huge deal as melee combat somehow becomes a thing again

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