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As far as space fighters go a MS is actually pretty safe. A pilot is sitting inside the torso, probably the mostly armored part of the craft. Unlike say Layzner and classic space fighters where all the protection you get is just glass. And with a 360 cockpit you get pretty much unobstructed view all around.
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Crossbone DUST has them regressing to using physical weapons, because beam weapons are evidently way too hard to manufacture for most factions.
the ball cockpits were in CCA & UC
they have a lot of cameras around them that create a compound image for the panoramic screens, if you damage the main camera, you'll only lose long range targetting
at least use an MS that has a panoramic cockpit.
Ball cockpits with panoramic views are standard by Zeta. Chris has an early one in the Alex in 0080.
Yes, but the kind that also double as escape pods don't appear until Zeta.

File: Egner-G-Dash-1.png (1.14 MB, 1920x1042)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
Why is it that the GN Drive Tau mobile suits didn't have GN Composite Armor? Ya know the same armor system that made the Gundams in season 1 invincible against conventional weapons.
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Wasn't GN Composite Armor conventional armor with a low level GN field running through it?

Even if that technology had been obtained, it seems more like a luxury you can only afford with the unlimited power of the genuine drive, a Tau probably can't sustain another constant drain on it that only really exists to tank excessive amounts of damage
GN armor doesn't work very well against GN weapons because the effect is totally negated if you're in the right frequency. It's why the GN-Xs started getting deadly hits on the gundams in S1
Man, all of this just makes Celestial Being look like dicks for withholding all that data and shit. Technology really had a quantum leap when all the GN fuckery was involved. Sure, it gives you space cancer unlike the healing light of a true GN drive (that incidentally also gives you naked telepathy and stops orphans from crying), but still!
It was the splinter CB faction who had the Gundam Thrones and the initial GN-X units fitted with tau drives that produced harmful effects with the dark red GN particles that were apparently tuned for maximum efficiency and power. Later when the ESF reverse-engineered the technology and put it into production for themselves, they tweaked the tau drives to produce particles that were lighter in colour and no longer had harmful side effects to the human body (outside of well, being high energy particle beams and too much of anything will kill).

Haven’t had one of these in awhile, starting off with dr satan’s terrible man of steel facing commando cody
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File: 1577540047971[1].jpg (871 KB, 1413x2094)
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File: 1577610683920[1].jpg (985 KB, 1437x2189)
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File: 1577629360137[1].jpg (986 KB, 1420x2200)
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File: 1313097094898.jpg (60 KB, 640x480)
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I find shoddy animation oddly charming.
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It may surprise you to know that animation is a series of still images strung together in rapid succession and the quality of each still image contributes to the quality of the overall animation.
you could still post animation tho
File: ycm5BPQ[1].png (313 KB, 720x480)
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313 KB PNG
File: dO3XxCk[1].png (216 KB, 720x480)
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216 KB PNG
File: PY4uHxH[1].png (243 KB, 720x480)
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243 KB PNG

ITT /m/ cameos. Oh hi there Tetsuo from Akira, Himiko from Wataru, Mr. T and... That Weird Al Yankovik?
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Isn't that purple thing in the middle one of the walking tanks from dougram?
He brought a gun to a fistfight anon
I see an oni, a ghost, and a crossdresser in the crowd too.
File: the joke.png (194 KB, 400x400)
194 KB
194 KB PNG

File: 20210506_143936.jpg (115 KB, 718x661)
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115 KB JPG
This one is from brazillian comic strip Monica's Gang
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File: 1542029716861[1].jpg (360 KB, 1024x1290)
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360 KB JPG
File: 1541953842375[1].jpg (433 KB, 1196x1024)
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433 KB JPG
File: 1540989497589[1].png (730 KB, 834x578)
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730 KB PNG
File: 1540036376857[1].png (667 KB, 666x1068)
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667 KB PNG
File: 1489219746456[1].jpg (62 KB, 480x560)
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File: E09AngpVcAIDFBL.jpg (425 KB, 1920x1080)
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Honoring Support Types.

From humble sniper and alertly units like Guncannon and Guntank to hovering war machines with massive beam and ballistic weapons like Gaymalk and Xamel, support types maintain the balance of power as long as a team works together with their general and raid types. What supports are your favorite so far in GBO2 and what'd you like to see next?

Previous thread:

Learn to play Gbo2 with Tenda and Heidegger!

Follow Tenda on twitter

/m/ Discord for all players (Crix's):

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No, go fuck yourself Dreissen
To be honest I'm not sure, I'm sure it has a cool down period, but my instances were during a rather short span of time, I know at one point the driessan's triblades would auto kick you if all 3 hit a team mate (that was changed since but not sure if it's a general change or exclusive to the triblades).

So let's see, you used one instant stun that hit 2 friendlies at once I guess that triggers it, if someone else was there perhaps the game would let it go thinking it wasn't intentional.
I guess it makes sense but I'm sitll angry about it, because two people had registered NO inputs since the match started, but still kick the one person who WAS active that shot them?
As a responsible Dreissen stan I can't condone this, would rather give a weakened enemy a stand up only to tackle them using triblades at the same time than hit a friendly with my axe.

I don't get people, only use the downswing for max damage you get knockdown anyway regardless of the hit, I even back off and use the piss weak wrist beams and let the mk2's go full retard with the vulcans
It takes awhile for the idle kick to click unless they are ever so slightly moving aka rubberbanding, if you hit them just once individually it wouldn't accomplish much nor if they're rubberbanding

Sadly nothing you can do and just accept the loss, it sucks I know, don't get why they can't just go to A/B rooms instead

File: DwqrgejXQAIeXY3.jpg (260 KB, 830x1200)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
Can we get a transformers thread that doesn't turn to shit?
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People like to point out how BM Primal is dependent on the Oracle but you have to remember that he's only a freight ship captain who had to make the decision to keep the timeline as is and that means being responsible for all the kills G1 Megatron will do in the movie.
Primal is basically like the guy who got a chance to kill Hitler and had to live with the decision to say no.
it'd be hard not to fall into some shitty jihad after being mind melded with you're people's greatest hero but still ultimately loosing

he's ultimately responsible for all of Beast Megatron's kills on Cybertron too
File: ExVirrtVEAY3P9L.jpg (1.76 MB, 3061x4096)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB JPG
>Doujinshi Edition
Sicko-mofo does it again

File: 295155.jpg (37 KB, 225x350)
37 KB
Finished the Giant Robo OVA, but what was up with this character?
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Thank you anon. I know Sanpei Shirata was the one repsonsible for the ninja manga boom, but what did Yokoyama do to make his own creations stand out? I know Akakage had weird anachronistic technology in its setting.
Not him but that's Shin Akakage, a remake of his original Akakage manga done to tie in with the 80's anime that had the technological stuff. Another Ninja manga called "Makai's People" was a blend of Ninja manga with sci-fi, being set in a hellish planet.

IIRC, Kagemaru had a really set formula with mini arcs across its time. Kind of like Tetsujin and Babel II. And unlike those mangas, there was no set villain, Kagemaru would face somebody new everytime. Genya and Yuuki from the GR OVA are based off one of the villains he faced.
Yokoyama actually started out doing ninja manga before even Tetsujin. None of them were interesting or that good. Kenji's older brother from Tetsujin actually predates the manga itself as he first appeared in a ninja manga.
Isnt he half of that fan doctor?

>Fafner za Beyondo 7-9 subs been out for a full month
>I just found out right now

Can we have a thread like old times fafnerbros?
No. I'm waiting for complete season.
Lot of official chatter about the recording for 10-12 being done and this being the end and such. HAPPENING.

File: obsidius vs armor mothra.png (1.76 MB, 1200x675)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB PNG
Half way in and the big G only appears as skeleton. Still better the best Godzilla related thing to come from Toho since Godzilla vs. Megaguirus (not counting Final Wars).
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that's because in Heisei Godzilla the human plot is in service of the monster plot rather than the other way around like most showa films. And Showa could still be poorly paced and drag, particularly in Ghidrah the Three headed monster. Heisei gives the monsters significantly more screen time. In fact the final spacegodzilla fight is perhaps way too long.
And what source do you have for this?
His gaping ass.
>MD5 is uncrackable
Is this show for real?
what did you say about my waifu???

File: Gundam Oberon.jpg (52 KB, 427x698)
52 KB
ITT kits never
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File: m54.jpg (386 KB, 1170x1735)
386 KB
386 KB JPG
I want Dragon's Heaven kits so bad.
Vayeate and Mercurios got HGs via P-Bandai and most of the Leo variants are there as well. I know the Air, Space, and Cannon versions of the Leo along with most the alternate weapons loadouts were in the Leo Full Weapon P-Bandai set.
File: s-l640.jpg (41 KB, 500x483)
41 KB
Get in line

There are some resin recasts on eBay if you're a real man
build shit shows can't make good designs for X's gundams for some reason
Pretty great head design

File: Don and Koros.jpg (64 KB, 1279x960)
64 KB
So are the main villains of Daitarn 3 really Banjo's parents? Because if so he really should have tried to beat George Lucas to the "I'm am your Father" twist by spelling it out.
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Nevermind another fellow anon mentioned it here
Banjo really should have just let the Meganoids flee the Sol System.
they did not fear the sun, so they CAME AT HIM
Yeah it would be really unlike a Tomino show to have a sudden tragic end
File: DSC09695.jpg (171 KB, 800x800)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
yeah right and Mach Patrol was Banjo's dog.

File: RX-78E Gundam GT-FOUR.png (57 KB, 988x1200)
57 KB
obscure suits edition


43 replies and 33 images omitted. Click here to view.
Ah bummer. I didn't know, just found it on Google.
File: kaizackLineart.png (47 KB, 600x900)
47 KB
File: kaizackLineart_EF.png (49 KB, 600x900)
49 KB

Is Mecha popular in Russia and in East and Central Asia? If so which franchises have left the most impression in those places?

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