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What's your favorite thing about mecha? It can be real or super, something like the stories or the cool robots. Even the music or a particular show that just really speaks to you more than anything else. What do you love the most about /m/echa?
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This might sound odd, but I didn't "get" the specific appeal of giant robots until playing a TTRPG campaign where my character got to stomp around in one.

For me it really comes down to the sense of empowerment and catharsis of going huge in the climactic struggles, and a sense of ultimate destruction that feels natural and relatable given the scale.
I love the cockpits. I love all the buttons and levers and throttles and the beeps and boops of the systems. Activates my whole shrivelled brain.
i like characters spouting philosophy and viewpoints at each other while trying to beat the other's skull in and it's in enhanced in mecha cause i view em as a extension of the character
>I love the cock
What does that have to do with robots?
Damn, you've got me there anon.

What's your favorite Knight like mech?
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File: bernard-chan-mekposter15.jpg (1.39 MB, 1920x2830)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
unironically this oneoff design in the middle-back by some guy on artstation
>relatively grounded
nigga Lancelot relative to the other suits was like Exia at the start of 00.
File: 82021932_p0_master1200.jpg (783 KB, 1200x851)
783 KB
783 KB JPG
I don't get SD Gundam Gaiden being as underrated as it is. It's such a fun little adventure story that's overflowing with good designs. I wish later SDs had kept to this level of detail
>this absolutely mathematically impossible magic robot is smaller than other absolutely mathematically impossible magic robots
give it a corporate merger or two

File: 79307158_p0.jpg (619 KB, 994x848)
619 KB
619 KB JPG
Post mecha designs that aren't primary from /m/ related shows.
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Don't ask the context
File: 1555863606597[1].png (1.47 MB, 750x1124)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
File: Hydra Mankiller.jpg (420 KB, 957x909)
420 KB
420 KB JPG
File: Ridley_Golurk_Fly.png (2.04 MB, 1566x881)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB PNG
Golurk is in my ten favorite pokemon of all time
>they opted to do a show solely vased on Bermuda shit when they could've done a long running show about the actual lore

Will never not be mad.

Been away from /m/ for a few months. Anyone here read Apocalypse Zero now that it's been fully scanlated in English the last couple days? What do you all think? Finished the third volume today and am loving the fuck out of it. Totally worth the eleven some odd years I've been waiting for someone to finish it.
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The manga is twice as cracked but then it cools down around volume 4-ish. It’s still utterly deranged but compared to the schizo madness on display in the early volumes it’s almost quaint in comparison
The anime only adapts like two volumes of the manga and ends on a cliffhanger. Coincidentally the first two volumes are some the most insane and deranged parts of the manga so y’know
This was some fantastic stuff! I was fucking hyped when I saw the thread but I wasn't expecting all this.
That shit is wild too. Digimon really is /m/ at heart.

File: Woundwort-hsf-blue-ms.jpg (753 KB, 1580x2620)
753 KB
753 KB JPG
Post your favorite AoZ MS. For me its the RX-124 Gundam TR-6 Haze'n-thley II.

Also, where the fuck can I read all available translations of AoZ? I know there isn't much, but Zeonic only has the first novel and NYAA has nothing.
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What about the psycho hizack hi mobility type
I hate pbandai so much
>can't find a place in his heart for the woundwort
cahmon man
Yeah was about to say that too. The overall upper body silhouette kinda reminds me of the Ex-S but at the end of the day its more related to the gabthley if you didn't go all zeon on it
Someone bought mine on ebay for like 150

File: elm-knight_13.png (16 KB, 640x400)
16 KB
I'm thinking of making a prototype and I'd like to pair the mecha aesthetic with an unexpected game genre; maybe VN, point-and-click, or some other weird combo. Thoughts?
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A more recent example of a relatively well known mecha visual novel is "13 Sentinels" from...last year? I think. It seemed to garner a decent following regardless, though I haven't played it. I don't remember if Yahtzee Crowshaw has done any full episodes of his Dev Diary series on Starstruck Vagabond (I think that's the name of the upcoming game at least), but he definitely talks about it a good deal during that Dev Diary series he did for The Escapist, so it might be worth checking out if the idea intrigues you at all.

While I'm waiting for a bus I'll also suggest another idea that came to mind in recalling that one small robot some students built to see if strangers would help it hitch hike across countries (it was destroyed in some American city), since it seems like something you could turn into a game; playing a small, helpless robot trying to attract strangers to help it travel around while using words, hiding or basic sympathy etc to ward off attacks. Like that one Phileas Fogg "80 Days" game, basically. Which is somewhat of a visual novel, but has enough other elements to stand out as it's own thing I think.
I can't imagine anything other than VN really
the idea of the robot traveling around relying on the kindness of strangers is actually fucking brilliant. could make for a very nice contemplative game ala kentucky route zero. not exactly what i had in mind but ill definitely think it through a bit more. Also now that you mention it i do remember 13 sentinels and wantint to give it a try, ty.
make me cissy

I'm not sure which element was outside your original consideration, obviously, but I'd imagine either it's the fact it's a small robot or that it's not really action orientated in terms of narrative or gameplay on the surface. Which is fair. You could switch it from the original idea (Hitchbot: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HitchBOT) and make it a giant robot instead. Who has to convince someone in each destination the robot is deposited to pilot it to the next city or else someone or something will show up and damage it.

You'd want the damage to be only an increment of total damage, so the player can afford some losses on any given go without it leading to an immediate fail state. So maybe there's some gremlins trying to destroy it, but they can only come out at night and attack if when no humans are around or something. If the mech manages to get a pilot in a given destination they can stay in the cockpit during the night to ward off the gremlins, then you choose a destination and move them to it the next day. If the player can't convince someone, then it takes damage that night and gets to try again next day.

It's less hitch at that point though, but the mech could still be trying to find travelers going to specific destinations and convince them to go in it instead of by car. You could even add to the travel feel by including interstitials to indicate travel of the mech on a train car roof, on the deck of a ship etc. Wrap some narrative around each possible traveler, or give some possible interactions in each location etc to add variety and replayability la the aforementioned "80 Days".
File: Bigro_0081.jpg (358 KB, 650x953)
358 KB
358 KB JPG
Dystopian cyberpunk Abzu interspersed with underwater combat between submarines that are just rip-off Gundam Mobile Armors.

>his father and grandfather lives in time of war
>they looks like chads

>Kio only fight for a few month
>looks like this as an adult

Let's see what you look like.
File: bask.gif (414 KB, 500x500)
414 KB
414 KB GIF
This show was really bad at making Flit look like the bad guy
Asemu also exercised a lot because he feared he could get fat like his mom's grandfather.

File: 81sjYNtfqvL._SL1500_.jpg (256 KB, 1032x1500)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
Samurai Flamenco remains one of the craziest anime I've ever seen. So the premise at the start is basically this actor wants to be a real-life superhero, even though there are no superpowers or supervillains to fight. He befriends a cop and some other people who help him along on his goal, lots of positive vibes and the like. Then suddenly in episode seven, completely out of nowhere, one of the criminals turns into a monster called Guillotine Gorilla and beheads a dude. So now suddenly the protagonist is fighting actual monsters sent by a supervillain named King Torture. He beats him and you think that's the end of that, but no, now he has to fight some aliens and he joins a superhero team and pilots a mecha. And what's kind of weird is it was like realistic violence for the King Torture stuff but then it shifts to a campy Super Sentai style so it's crazy in a completely different way now. Then it turns out it was all a plot by the Japanese government to distract the public and they betray the protagonist and brand him as a criminal. So eventually he fights the prime minister of Japan who is in a suit of powered armor and beats him, but then it turns out there actually ARE aliens who were behind everything, so he fights the true villain Alien Flamenco and they both turn giant and fight each other in space. And that's the end. Just kidding, there's still four more episodes. So the protagonist returns to earth and things go back to normal, but then it's revealed that his cop friend who supposedly had been sending texts to a girlfriend throughout the show actually had been sending texts to himself for years. Meanwhile the protagonist's being harassed by this weird stalker and he's not sure if he's actually real but it turns out he is. So after all that the final antagonist of the show is just some dude. And it ends with the protagonist stripping naked and beginning a gay relationship with his cop friend, which is nice because most of the girls in the show suck.
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This show was such a wild ride. You think it's like a gay Kick-Ass and just when the gay Kick-Ass stuff is getting old it genre shifts. It seems to become a totally different show constantly raising the stakes and yet it all works.
I finally got around to watching Kick-Ass not long after Samurai Flamenco aired and they actually did fight an evil supervillain in that movie so I'm not sure if the Kick-Ass comparison is less apt than people think or if actually the stuff after episode 7 could still essentially be riffing off of Kick-Ass.
People only comparing Samumenco to Kick-Ass because the release time was kinda close and more mainstream.

For me Samumenco was more of the anime version of Takashi Miike's Zebraman than Kick-Ass.
File: 300-haraki.jpg (1.15 MB, 2250x976)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
I'm just glad in the UK we actually got a BD release because of the French one.
Normally we only get hand me down US releases if we're lucky. More often I'm paying a fortune just to import the US stuff.

File: bans63786_0.jpg (44 KB, 700x700)
44 KB
Swole Leo is getting an official release
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Wing always had silly shit like

>No machine gun for him, shoot him down!
>proceeds to fire machine guns


>Heero making numerous murder threats directly to some characters but never actually carrying through with them


>Tallgeese causing a massive explosion that destroys an entire enemy base and defense forces simply by landing really hard and fast
>Tallgeese causing a massive explosion that destroys an entire enemy base and defense forces simply by landing really hard and fast
File: 1620708325306[1].gif (886 KB, 300x205)
886 KB
886 KB GIF
>No machine gun for him, shoot him down!
>proceeds to fire machine guns

To be specific, the officer was suggesting that they "wake him up" with their machine gun, suggesting warning shots. Zechs straight up said to just shoot him down.

>Heero making numerous murder threats directly to some characters but never actually carrying through with them

Yeah, that's generally his thing. He'll tell you to your face that he'll kill you, but because he's seen or known you as a regular human being with a life as opposed to being just an "enemy", he can't commit to his word.

This sort of thing makes more sense when you put into context the fact that the first person with a name and a face killed by Heero was a little girl and her dog. And that was an accident. It's why he shuts down upon learning that he wiped out the entire UESA pacifist delegation.
Mine arrived today, normal 30bux fedex shipping on hlj. It is indeed chonk. Wide fucking shoulders.

Is anyone gonna go see Doan's Island when it's in theaters next week?
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Nah not a lesbian but those 80s ladies
i like his art but his not a like story teller.
not a good story teller, i need a new keyboard
>those 80s ladies
Yeah, lesbians.
Yep yep yep. Got my tickets all lined up. See you lads tomorrow. I'll be the lardass sitting dead center.

File: awesome.jpg (71 KB, 1080x941)
71 KB
ITT we post evil robot duplicates of main characters and good robots.
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File: 1649303010819[1].jpg (452 KB, 1440x1080)
452 KB
452 KB JPG
Wasn't there that evil MegaMan in one of those Gameboy games?
There’s Quint from GB Mega Man II (brainwashed Mega from the future), Rockman Shadow from the WonderSwan game no one has ever heard of, and if you go into spin-offs you have stuff like Copy-X, Omega, the several times MegaMan.Exe had a dark version, etc.
I like how in Digimon alt colors are just other evolutionary branches or versions trained under different conditions and other attributes (because Virus-types are not bad and they are an important part of the ecosystem).
Then you get people fucking up their partner's training or something happens in the plot and the 'wrong/bad counterpart' is a twisted, new version of what it is supposed to evolve into.
ChaosGallantmon is just a Virus flavored version of Gallantmon, whose true counterpart is Megidramon, for examole.

The start of the one year war just seemed absolutely horrendous. You had colonies being destroyed with nukes, beams and chemical weapons. Mobile Suits decimating the Federation Space Forces. What was the state of the federation fleet before the one year war? We’re they poorly trained and that added to the slaughter?
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you lost man, leave the thread
You missed the window to respond a week ago. The debate is long over. Stop trying to ressurect a dead topic.

I have posted that link a dozen or more times over the last few years, which you can find in the archives and included on depth rebuttals of pretty much every point raised with direct quotes on several of them. There is nothing for anyone to spoon-feed me.
>Newtypes etc. So he was probably popular amongst the ranks even before the war too

The other supplementary info disprove this. Especially the 0083 material. General Revil was part of the minority progressive faction in the Federation. The much larger conservative faction military leaders disliked him. The only reason Revil had such huge political influence was because he escaped Zeon and made that speech during the Antarctic Treaty negotiations. That gave him immense public support. So he was reluctantly tolerated.

Other Conservative military leaders were happy that he died during the Battle of A Baou Que. He was their biggest obstacle politically. During 0083, the rising Titans faction were able to use the Delaz attacks as an excuse to purge any remaining Progressve faction/Revil loyalists.

I was only speaking to the novel version specifically, to compare it with the The Origin version originally posted. That said, he's also noted to not be popular with the Federation leadership and much of the other upper command in the novel because they found him too liberal essentially. So the two accounts aren't incompatible.

File: SundaySchool.png (3.23 MB, 4000x4000)
3.23 MB
3.23 MB PNG
Previous Thread >>20631385

Welcome to /m/SV Season 3! Popularized by shitposting in late 2019, /m/SV is a collaborative parody of Gundam's Universal Century loosely inspired by Mobile Suit Variations composed entirely of loosely connected MS Paint OCs and their stories.

/m/SV Wiki/Booru: http://msv.wtf.dev/

Copy X has now revealed the [HUNGER] Bright campaign in his current Gihren's Greed run as leading in to the long-anticipated /m/SV campaign. The current thread is here:
This thread is open to overflow discussion for things occurring in or relating to the campaign as the /m/SV prelude progresses.
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but who was piloting it , who is the dumbass
That's a pretty slick design.

top kek, might try to come up with one
There's something deeply hilarious about Titans MS being reduced to construction workers.
Heli Baund Doc is adorable

File: 1664039615128956.jpg (730 KB, 1200x800)
730 KB
730 KB JPG
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File: Revice 3.png (195 KB, 1676x805)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
Previous three episode threads too
Hell, a quarter of those posts in the last episode thread weren't even about Revice.
I wonder if the first mask was a placeholder, or if they changed it because of the comparison pics that were circulating on Twitter and other sites. Either way it's a huge improvement.
I'm starting to like this asshole. Hopefully he won't die in the next round.
You can basically see the actor wearing the first mask

File: 45741451.png (1021 KB, 1000x716)
1021 KB
1021 KB PNG
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File: Dess Scythehell.jpg (264 KB, 1536x2048)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
Mashin Hero Shinji
File: 1600680109757[1].jpg (827 KB, 1000x1000)
827 KB
827 KB JPG
File: Metal gundam.jpg (297 KB, 813x1000)
297 KB
297 KB JPG

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