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So it seems a new pv came for the new collar game with Code Geass X SINoALICE which will be out on July 25, so just a few more days

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the BD is taking time because they are adding 10 minutes of extra footage and fixing the CGI

I wish
I wonder it there will be plans of a crowdfunding sometime related focus more on the tv canon and of Lelouch's appearance?
it would be nice if they did do a extended/directers cut version, comparing how the other recap movies were at least 2 hours with extra 10-20 minutes.
Gundam Narrative took a long ass time to release in BD too, it seems it's their policy now.

The interesting part is the BD booklet and maybe a mook releasing alongside it. Don't really expect any new footage.
yeah, and I guess we shouldn't expect an Picture Dramas for this, part of me doesn't want that to happened either considering how the Recaps had mostly retcon events of the PD's for the tv canon to had happened as well.

File: 1555931782795.jpg (584 KB, 2400x2700)
584 KB
584 KB JPG
I'm telling you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a mommy Haman Karn gf. I mean, girls have daddy bfs all the time and no one criticizes them but why is it so weird suddenly when the roles have reversed? Personally, I think there's nothing wrong with having a girlfriend who's natrually nurturing (I mean, they should be anyway, it's their only role) and if she doesn't have a child yet I would happily fill that role. I think it's just them practising for real motherhood for when we have kids together. Also, it's not like I'm her actual kid or anything, that would be weird, I just like to suck on her tit while she pats my head while we watch TV or something, it's very comforting. I think having a Haman mommy gf is the best because she's like your actual mom (maybe even better) and you can aso fuck her, you get the best of both worlds. So fuck you, I'm going to go have dinner with my Haman gf now.
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I meant between Haman and Roux because I'm pretty sure while they both are semen demons, one of them wants more than the other
I like this thread so BUMP
Roux doesn't quite have that Mom energy

Well, they're both young so maybe if they were older it would help.

But does 2 years not cut out for it? 3-4 years?
Well I should clarify, being younger changes the tendency, but depending on the vibe, anyone can be one or the other. Roux does not have that vibe as much when you look at the way she interacts with other characters, especially Judau. Then again, it's been some years since Iast watched ZZ

File: sometimes_im_a_boy.jpg (147 KB, 1200x800)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
I know I'm late to the party, but how poorly received was this shit on /m/? My m8z and I couldn't take it seriously.
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Can you play as a robot soldier?
It was barely received here at all.
In the multiplayer
That thing is straight hideous though. It looks like those shitty mechs those poor people used in that early 00 Gundam episode. You are never going to excite people with mecha if thats the best you got.
File: 1528631871663.jpg (106 KB, 640x480)
106 KB
106 KB JPG

File: pilotcandidate_04.jpg (194 KB, 1000x631)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
Anyone remember this piece of shit? I remember seeing it on toonami many moons ago.
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File: 4847025660b.jpg (115 KB, 620x849)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
My main complaint was that they adapted an incomplete manga and didn't wrap it up with an anime original end; the stupid mangaka herself ended up with major writer's block and never finished the series.

Heck, now that I think about this again, Pilot Candidate was really MJP before MJP was a thing, except instead of condensing school training and getting into the meat of the action, they animated most of the school arc and then just ended right as one of the characters was granted piloting rights to a Goddess.

At least Teela was sex.
No, I am correct on this
Care to explain why?
If you wanted to have an actual debate about this show then I'd be all ears, but all you've said is "But at least it's better than (Unrelated show)" while asserting that as some sort of undisputed fact. You've yet to explain why you believe Pilot Candidate would be considered "meh", or give reasons as to why the shows you've listed before are bad. Since you're not explaining yourself I see no reason to give a response other than a simple "No".

File: 1552846039832.jpg (172 KB, 1440x1080)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Why haven't you watched the TV series?
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People need to stop bullying one of the best characters in Patlabor. One of the entire themes of Patlabor is how Section 2 Division 2 is such an eclectic group of characters who all come together and balance each other out while keeping everything amusing. Ohta's a great guy, leave him alone.
I’ll put those on my to watch list.

I dunno man, the other guy understood what I meant just fine. I love mecha, but the stories they tend to be attached too give me a strong case of the ‘tisms.
File: mellowlink--title.jpg (58 KB, 740x310)
58 KB
If the computer god thing in VOTOMs is too supernatural, you should also give Armor Hunter Mellowlink a look. That's a VOTOMs sidestory that doesn't involve the stuff with Wiseman or Perfect Soldiers (the only role the latter plays is that a shipment of jijirium is a plot point), it's just one guy on foot fighting mechs with nothing but his anti-armor rifle and his wits, MacGuyver style.
Work has been keeping me preoccupied. I have the series, but I have to be careful I don't burn myself out by watching too many episodes of any show in one sitting, or I will never get back to it.
It's also quite episodic, not the kind of series you binge watch.

Would you like to be a semi-organic giant robot piloted completely by naked girls painted with tribal runes on their bodies?
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File: D5W4vjtUEAIhDQM[1].jpg (266 KB, 1920x1370)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
People either like her cuz she's batshit insane or cuz they're lolicon creeps
Why not both?
Im certain that was a big part of it.

File: mazinger.jpg (52 KB, 260x400)
52 KB
I just finished the manga and thought it was pretty rad, but I'm scared of 98 episodes and the 27 other iterations in this franchise.

Where should I go from here?
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File: Mazingerarcadeflyer.png (2.07 MB, 850x1208)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB PNG
The arcade game is pretty fun
That's a funny way to say terrible.
Is the story in the original anime the most classic lauded version of it? Will I need to know how that one goes to appreciate the new anime?
From the synopsis of Mazinsaga I really want to read that one, after I read a few more Nagai pieces like DevilBoi
>Is the story in the original anime the most classic lauded version of it?
There are manga elements that never showed up in the original TV series, and others that were changed (such as how Juzo Kabuto looks).
>Is the story in the original anime the most classic lauded version of it? Will I need to know how that one goes to appreciate the new anime?

Unlike something like Getter, the Mazinger anime wasn't really that intrinsically different from the manga. The script is completely different, but all the main plot beats are still there (only with tons of extra monster of the week and then some arcs in the 2nd half of the series). You also get actual introductions stuff like the Boss Borot.

The biggest influence the anime carries over to future works that you wouldn't get from reading the manga aside from various anime-only mecha beasts is Sayaka and Kouji fighting rather constantly, unlike in the original manga.

Shin Mazinger completely ignores anything from the Toei anime though.

File: Gundamsuperarmedtank.jpg (168 KB, 709x576)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
>Dem propah gargantz
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It looks like they were just still in G Gundam mode and bringing it back to more 'normal' designs.
Blue may be a fast color, but green is best.
That is..... An amazing burn. Hall of fame quality. I'm impressed. No wonder the macross guy stopped responding. There is nothing to say to that in response.

File: 746766533.jpg (40 KB, 258x627)
40 KB
Who approved such improper pilot suit?
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Not to mention magnetic coating seems to fix every problem.

It was only ever used to fix one specific problem in the entirety of UC. In what way is that "fixing every problem"?
File: DtSXwOxXcAEtxvB[1].jpg (168 KB, 1000x1435)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
I want to reach a bilateral agreement with that woman, if you know what I mean
It's just Houshi Engi.

File: 61dCPRWNTdL._AC_SL1500_.jpg (78 KB, 931x1500)
78 KB
Just got my US 20th Anniversary release Digimon Vpets, so, Digimon thread?
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They're literally Godzilla sprites from the Mothra Tamagotchi.. The designs were reimagined into Digimon.

Also Nanomon is Micro oxygen machine from Godzilla 1954
File: Kunemon Chart 1.jpg (171 KB, 1343x448)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
>I did that on purpose, which you should be able to tell with how some parts of Jesmon break out over the borders and other parts are behind. I figured as the Ultimate it should get a little bit of pizazz.
I realized that after I made my post

>And I wanted to add, I like what you've got going on with the themeing here. Starting with sheep and moving that into ram-horned demons. Pillomon is adorable and I want one.
thanks, also funny thing, when Pillomon appeared in Xros Wars they depicted it as being huge, I'm picturing that to be the same for the one in the line I made, with it's evolutions also being similarly scaled up(so Sheepmon would be like the size of a school bus and Mephismon X would be like several stories tall)

also have another line;

Kunemon-> Dokugomon-> NeoDevimon-> GranDracmon-> Ogudomon
given their relative nature as important tie ins and how they literally affect TWO different TV series its a shame we've never gotten the wonderswan Tamers quadrilogy in any form
hell i dont even thing theyve been fan translated have they?
they haven't had a proper translation, but most of the major plot beats are known at this point; https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Recap/DigimonWonderSwanSeries

always thought it'd be interesting to have an AU where Ryo decides to return to the Adventure universe rather than get sent to the Tamers universe at the end of Brave Tamer, and ends up working together with Ken in his Digimon Kaiser plot due to still being rather ticked off about what had happened during the events of D-1 Tamers, things do not go well for the Chosen Children as a result
Someone has been working on a Tag Tamers translation, though it has been progressing pretty slowly.

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Say what? He's a bit of a nancy boy but he's still going around murdering apes.
we don't even have a motivation for them doing the evil stuff right now. "take over the world" as a goal has been rarely mentioned outside of the second episode and canalo's second episode, and it was by the ryusoulgers not the druidons.
as characters they're pretty entertaining, but they have nothing driving their actions besides "the plot says so" to even get to the point of turning good.
They do have a goal, it's a simple but serviceable 'ancient species return to re-establish themselves as the dominant life on Earth'
It's just that none of the episodic plots really tie into that, not even a fleeting line like, "and with this scheme we'll finally take back the Earth!!!"
I want to them to go buy a nice apartment together and run a magic show for cash.
Based on the silhouettes, how many other generals are there supposed to be? I almost completely forgot about the one who isn't Tankjoh or Wyzul. I just hope they don't pull a Junior with Wyzul and replace him with a more boring villain.

File: p481593_b_v8_ad.jpg (188 KB, 853x1280)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
fembot thread?
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File: robo guro.png (243 KB, 667x575)
243 KB
243 KB PNG
It's not guro if they're robots.
File: Mazinger-Z-05-0070.png (287 KB, 822x1300)
287 KB
287 KB PNG
Absolutely brutal.
I want to rape this robot.
File: 1561624287575.jpg (144 KB, 705x819)
144 KB
144 KB JPG

File: Gihren and Sullivan.gif (2.63 MB, 600x450)
2.63 MB
2.63 MB GIF
and our saucy suits of beauty
We are sober man and true
and attentive to our duty
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This is the episode where Sochie throws Loran up to the ship repeatedly to slash its engine right? one of my favorite episodes of Turn A
to be fair Borjarnon is a way cooler name than Zaku
Thanks for reminding us how shit Turn A was
Great moment
>I don't like THING

File: 1565368803272.jpg (914 KB, 948x1339)
914 KB
914 KB JPG
Why wasn't she the MC?
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We need more tall musclebound women
>scat doujin
OP’s picture?
Oh god, don’t do this to her.
Wait it's scat?
God damn it.
How else you gonna lose weight?

>Symphogear AXZ music

>AXZ subs

>AXZ Zesshoushinais
Ep. 1: https://mega.nz/#!nwRWSBjL!FHOQ9IoxhAY7GMcx9NEH12TIMRp6fo_kvIzn-nwxicg
Ep. 2: https://mega.nz/#!L0o2RZZA!aLmACP9g5ULN_f_bZWQL9NpHBAZ0-l6khz0DrNEenCY
Ep. 3: https://mega.nz/#!CpZByIgD!FUN-Us9FSyQ1usRZgNl2-sIWSJmtB3glxsNJ436mMmQ
Ep. 4: https://mega.nz/#!egQECC5S!McL9xDPA9fOmrk0aEw59crkqgvZUgXR34JXZiDa3ww8

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>I might go for a rewatch of all 64 episodes+shinai+lives in the week before the finale.
We should make it a group event.
It would be a bitch to organize with all the timezones, but if we can pull it off it could be great.
I'm not saying you're wrong, just saying it doesn't seem that way to me and making it an ancient custodian would save them a lot of introduction time.
Might as well listen to the whole discography with lyrics and read all the keywords while you're at it.
Take the best of both worlds
Watch Sympho during the day, and listen to the songs during the night
That will awaken the Fine inside you

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