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File: 1609966247898.jpg (75 KB, 1024x768)
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>mechs piloting other mechs

I can't decide on whether this is a stupid idea, or if it loops right around to being cool.
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File: stare.png (218 KB, 380x384)
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218 KB PNG
>a thread I made over 2 months ago has resurfaced

What the flying fuck?


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File: Kenzan vs Calibur.jpg (106 KB, 660x346)
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106 KB JPG
What will be Saber last form? I hope it won't be all saber in one rider type
How many episodes will Sabella be whoopin the good guy's asses before she gets Thousered?
which Kamen Rider is this and is it good? I've been trying to get back into KR but watch a few episodes and then drop it.

Mazinglet Z.
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The original Mazinger Z is a simple design based on the drawings they find in those minoic ruins. He has the charm of the very spartan design, and the fact that his power and abilities are somehow limited makes him even more charming. All the other ones are just bigger and more advanced, but they lack that special touch. Just generic gigamecha, imo.
Even if he's around 155 cm or something that would still be a tight fit.
Out-of-scale animation stuff.
File: Alpha Kaiser.jpg (60 KB, 512x377)
60 KB
Kaiser was 28m in SRW alpha, so I'm assuming heights are slightly malleable

File: 1586513932454.jpg (796 KB, 2000x2740)
796 KB
796 KB JPG
We can separate the magical space fairies from the jobber pilots who somehow turn into aces and get the girls, but who is actually the best Gundam antagonist?
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muh newtypes

we live in a society

depending on who you view as the antagonist it's either muh genes or muh individuality

depending on who you view as the antagonist it's either muh bael or muh order or muh family
For entertainment value? Master Asia has this on lock and it's not even close
I have to go with Katejina. She is the definition of don't fuck the crazy or don't give the crazy a mobile suit with a command of an army

I would personally hold that Guin is the more interesting antagonist from Turn A Gundam. He doesn't even come off as antagonistic for half the show, and is actively helping the protagonist until he realizes they'll never support his drive for technology, but his ambition clouds his judgement and that's pretty understandable as a base motive. He can't even reign in Gym's lust for battle, and is only ever a secondary antagonist, but he's by far the more interesting one in Turn A; even if Gym is more entertaining.

File: Tomino naked.jpg (21 KB, 426x586)
21 KB
does Tomino love how far gundam has come? such as becoming one of the most well known things when it comes to robots in anime?
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He's right
He did say Gundam was the first time a show felt more than "just work" for him
Considering the fact that he hates at least half of his Gundam works I wouldn't be so sure. But yeah >>19379552 is correct
i dont think tomino is rich he sold the rights to gundam like back in the 90s

The Neo Zeon Royal Guard comes in three, The Gaymalk is the new suit to arrive this week.

Gbo2 has reached 3 million downloads, far surpassing Gbo1, to celebrate there will be a 3 mil DL campaign with new log in bouns which features Gundam Mk-II and Hyaku Shiki, Star Dash period for new pilots and a new step up for beginners.

The 3 Mil update starts tonight.

Previous thread:

Learn to play Gbo2 with Tenda and Heidegger!

Follow Tenda on twitter

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Jesus christ trying to get through the match ended screen is just a barrage of error messages. Least they aren't real errors but still. Wonder how long it'll take them to fix
>roll the MK ii for free
i wanted this suit for a long ass time and now i have it i don't need it
>lose because no-one deals with the bomb
That's one of the ways of dealing with the bomb, push the advantage as a team while they've got a pilot dedicated to hiding in your base

Another chapter of my Strike Witches/World Witches fanfic Kidou Kishi Warviour can be found here:


Past chapters can be found here:






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Yes mama-chris is asleep right now.
Does it include lewd?
Still no interest but still like these QT mechs - did you make them?
Cute mechs.


File: Phantom_scream.png (119 KB, 350x239)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
>Can't get any Phantom Gundam 3D models to do stupid shit cause no one has extracted them


You know this scene? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTlmbcxEV0k
Well here’s how it sounds in the Ocean Dub (acting quality aside, notice anything?) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIY8NxUopMM Well, they’ve added a bunch of shitty stock 2000s SFX over everything for one thing, but the music is different. Why is that? Well, the music in the Japanese audio is actually stolen. It’s from an Italian movie called Two Marines And A General. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lR18ykBdHH4&list=OLAK5uy_lE8Ck6MjX_XqW7JFl4ZDaaFXqBFMNyOps&index=5
Not only that, when the movie version came around they actually doubled down on this and re-recorded their own version of this track.
This version was also used (edited + extended) at this event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaCpbwkNR0w
Funnily enough, another track from the same Italian movie was used as the Red Shoulder March in Votoms. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryeEqTbFSv4
However there’s another instance of stolen music in 0079 which ISN’T from the aforementioned Italian movie and I haven’t identified. It plays only a few times in some tense situations like Crowley holding Amuro at gunpoint and Amuro’s fight against M’Quve. Sounds kinda like that one section of Rite Of Spring: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vb00KIaPm8M
Like the previous example, the Ocean Dub changes this music to another random track from the 0079 OST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NH70fnVZpb8
Now if only we knew where that music is from...
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didn't a bunch of songs from the Metal Heroes series use pretty much lifted segments of other songs in their OSTs?
That’s because the same composer likes to reuse and recycle different tracks though out the shows he’s composed in, one track in gavan that was briefly used in an episode I actually heard previously in ideon of all things.
To add that comment I also heard the same tune in henshin ninja arashi which he wasn’t involved in, either it originated from mazinger or kamen rider but could have like the 2nd example in op may have originated from a movie that toei got a track from.
Oh and another I forgot to mention in the second post, you can hear the tune I’m talking about in a scene in ideon where some poor guy gets eaten by piranhas

I just realized Mike's scootie puff is a homage to Inazuman's Raijingo.

The thing with Captain Earth is it had so much it could have done with the setting, yet for some reason they were content to spend literally half the show slowly introducing the Planetary Gears one by one by giving them backstories in their human forms which didn't end up mattering because their personalities changed when they got their memories back.

Like, don't get me wrong, I don't mind an excuse to have cool mecha fights on Earth, but they could have just cut to the chase, introduced all these characters as villains in one episode and they would have had significantly more time to develop other aspects on the show instead of spending so much time on characters that amounted to nothing. If they had given them less initial screentime then it would have made more sense when Puck basically kicked them out of the way at the end and revealed himself the true final boss because then it wouldn't have felt like all of that development was for nothing.
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Cute redhead is better
There's not many redheads in anime, but they're always best girl.
Damn, did anyone care about this outside of sexy girls?
Be fair, people would've cared if the Shakespeare stuff had a payoff like it did in Gargoyles, instead of just being there to sound cool.
There are fans of the mechanic designer and there's Pitz Anon.

File: Robotech.jpg (126 KB, 1000x600)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
Harmony Gold are garbage that is undeniable but, considering the TV standards in the US at the time, how do you think Macross was handled in general when it became Robotech season 1? Especially compared to when GoLion became Voltron, for instance, or Gatchaman's 2 old dubs (Battle of the Planets and G-Force).

What about Southern Cross and MOSPEADA?
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File: zhpbr9cn5ys01.jpg (135 KB, 1280x720)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
HG is their own problem but HG's issues are a result of Tatsunoko over stepping. It's a really muddled situation where the more you dig into it the more you realize everyone is kind of the bad guy.
God damn.
And on the other hand, HG prevented the SRWs games with Macross to not be translated in english.
Idk if hg is the reason for that. If they were, we'd have alot more official srw than the last 3, and its not like they can stop fan translators.
From what I read, they were willing to even use the Robotech names and stuff (like Rick Hunter) for the Dreamcast name but HG said "no" regardless.

>It's a really muddled situation where the more you dig into it the more you realize everyone is kind of the bad guy.

And how does that apply to Big West and Satelight?

ver.0.2.9 3D Model & Balance Update
Added 3D models of the RX-78, MS-06, and MS-06 S.
Added the ability to research captured MS and make them production-ready. This rule can be changed in Custom Rules.
Zeon now obtains RX Project equipment when they successfully destroy a White Base Squadron.
Adjusted the effect of rebellion by Spacenoid Supremacist in Zeon.
Adjusted the world tension level required for some Focuses in Zeon.
The amount of space infrastructure and resources has been adjusted.
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Sayla can be a minister if Char takes power
No, Sayla never ascends beyond pilot status in GG. She never shows any aspirations towards political power anyway.
Gihren's Greed, not the HoI mod. GG doesn't have political appointees, as it's purely a war simulator.
She never really wanted to be anything more than a pilot for a while

know-nothing anon
The third one, where you can create a custom faction.

File: captains.jpg (53 KB, 642x440)
53 KB
What kind of ship captain archetype do you like? Which captains are your favourites from the different series?
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I do too, when the prime directive was just a suggestion and Kirk would read the US Constitution to cavemen
>I never viewed Kirk/Picard as a reasonable comparison.
You have to remember that back in the day they were literally the only captains we had to go by so of course they'd be compared.
the nadesico leap cannon episode reminded me of the romulan cloaking device episode
File: yurika.jpg (541 KB, 1547x2179)
541 KB
541 KB JPG
Name one good, young, male captain, other than Bright Noa. You can not.

Why didn't Tomino makes some of the old guys in the League Militaire people form the past series like Bright, Kai, Hayato, Beecha and Mondo? It would have been a great way to establish continuity in Victory to the past of UC Gundam.
28 replies omitted. Click here to view.

Oh right, you meant they can't understand each other despite the understanding without misconceptions. Which still starts at Amuro and Lalah anyway, since Lalah cannot understand why Amuro fights on the White Base since he has no family there, doesn't are about national pride etc, while Amuro cannot understand that Lalah fights to defend Char because he saved her life. They have to explain that to each other, and while Amuro's argument that she should have more to live for than Char starts to sway Lalah and make her question her dedication, the two of them still fight afterwards and Lalah still gives up her life to save Char and possibly to stop two men she loved from fighting at all.

Also, Char doesn't want to genocide humanity; just Earthnoids. He has no problem with Spacenoids (despite Haman and Scirocco both being Spacenoids), which seems to be down to environmentalist anger at Earthnoids for harming Earth.

Also, Quess absolutely does have some feelings for Hathaway and if she didn't she wouldn't have died in a mirror of Lalah's death, pushing Hathaway out of the way of an incoming missile that would otherwise have killed him. Nevermind all the scenes of them flirting earlier in the movie. Quess wanted to be grown up, so she gave more focus to her infatuations with Amuro and Char because they were adults and their love would make her feel like one, but she still had feelings for someone her age despite herself.
>Also, Char doesn't want to genocide humanity

You do know the implications of destroying Earth?

In the present day, or un UC0093? Cause there are a lot of people not living on Earth in UC0093. As in, it's probably over half the population spread out between multiple artificial colonies located at Earth/Moon Lagrange points, the Moon itself, Mars and Jupiter at the very least. Under those circumstances killing every single individual on Earth isn't even close to genocide of the entire human race.
He wanted them to live normal lives/have already died pointless deaths. Also, Victory was originally supposed to be an original series, not a Gundam show.

> Victory wasn't even supposed to be a Gundam show


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