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File: 03_01.jpg (40 KB, 900x506)
40 KB
>Episode 3
>脚本:長谷川圭一 / 絵コンテ:大塚健 / 演出:下平佑一 / 作画監督:長谷川哲也、中村真由美 / メカ作画監督:牟田口裕基 / 総作画監督:坂本勝
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They were just studying calculus bro
she's the best girl huh...
File: Eyb5bMbUYAEnnCG.jpg (197 KB, 1081x1413)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
This is going in my boomer compilation

File: anime_like_gundam.jpg (63 KB, 786x470)
63 KB
What are some good /m/ podcasts?
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It's funny because you're supposed to feel empathetic towards Jerid by the end.
tl;dr not reading a tripfag's schizo ranting LOL.
Nobody gives a shit about the constitution or the crap enshrined within outside of americans and you brainwashed idiots aren't representative of anything resembling intelligent political discourse.
go sing your national anthem at a flag and salute some eagles, yankee doodle

oh no
Woketards love being critical and deconstructive but screech like dogs when people start being critical and deconstructive of them.

Oh, and they love reminding everyone how the great artists and writers of the past were leftwing as if that means those artists and writers would've agreed with their current cultist ideology. An anti-sj leftwinger is a twitter tranny's worst nightmare, worse than any rightwing boogeyman.

File: Athrun_Zala.jpg (28 KB, 640x480)
28 KB
>Had Lacus
>She left him
>Gets Cagali
>He leaves her
>Gets Meer, Luna, Meyrin all at once
>Leaves Meer and Luna and keeps Meyrin
>Leaves Meyrin for Cagali
>They aren't even together

He had it all and he blew it.
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Just googled seed movie, did they forget or ir wasnt worth making?
They rewatched destiny and they thought, yeah we couldnt make it more gay than that
Athrun stayed with Meyrin.

File: KWAB.jpg (34 KB, 895x197)
34 KB
>boomer humour


File: 1617333795442.jpg (1.11 MB, 1080x2340)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare/Breaker Mobile

Share your ID code! Make friends with fellow /m/en and join a crew!

Current /m/ Crews:
- NA region:
>Name: Laz8
>ID Code: E4JDFFH4
- SEA region:
>ID Code: AE6CLQJ5

Official Website:

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File: 1573043701213.png (364 KB, 1280x720)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
Okay, what do I need to roll for
Even more new retarded mechanics. Crew shop, shop grade... Seriously who thinks adding new mechanics like this is good? The game is pretty hard for newcomers already
>neither of the word tags that give 10% shot atk get gear that gives + shot atk
Well fuck you and the horse you rode in on.
Yo, some of the QoL stuff seems pretty dope!
>New waifu in the club

File: Screenshot (1273).png (1.71 MB, 1920x1080)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG
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Well, plenty of guys have premature ejaculation problems like Noa
Right, we have an agreement, Noa is a futa girl with premature ejac.
File: 47.jpg (9 KB, 259x195)
9 KB
>premature ejaculator
What the fuck made you come to that conclusion?

File: ExNe5KCWQAET4JQ.png (533 KB, 657x768)
533 KB
533 KB PNG
You know the deal by now, what games you're playing? Any fan games you are playing and what you like to see come out? Are you playing megaman like games or clones games? And what Legacy collections will we see next and will they be announced this year?
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Fuck that UFO backpack or whatever that thing is
>half anniversary
I thought only high school couples did this chummy bullshit
That was 11, you faggotron
11 anon, and it was 3 years ago.
It's 4 months old
That is long ago

File: gc.png (262 KB, 400x370)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
Status: I finished re-translating the battle lines. AI decided to do a quick pass of his own on them to catch any typos or other mistakes I might have made. Once he gets back to me I'll implement any corrections needed and then I guess we'll be good to make the patch and release it.

Previous: >>19327013
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We're so close I can practically taste it!
we love you, stay healthy and stress free man.
Hoping that one anon that nutted in his sleep while dreaming of Mazinkaiser is happy another SRW with Mazinkaiser is getting TL-ed
File: Mazinkaiser wet dream.png (102 KB, 821x878)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
Same here
File: Dragonar 01.jpg (394 KB, 720x960)
394 KB
394 KB JPG

I’m so tired of Warner bros whoring out my boy.
He isn’t a fucking gun.
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I remember an explanation once that highlighted that easter 3d animation often tries to replicate 2d animation which is why it looks so stiff. I'm under explaining here but it was really interesting.
ironically, Western productions outsource a lot of work to Eastern studios.
Iron Giant has a complex multi-joint model which sells the illusion of it being a mechanical beast, whereas most Japanese anime productions simply use basic "human-like" joints for their model.
When they try to limit the number of the CGI frames then it becomes junky and jarring, but if they keep it smooth then it contrasts with the limited 2D animation.
Oh God, no. Please don't tell me Iron Giant is being sent off to the remake gulag.
Vin Diesel again?

File: STORAGE Emblem.png (428 KB, 510x510)
428 KB
428 KB PNG
Previous: >>19542336

Official Site:
[En] https://ultramangalaxy.com/
[JP] https://m-78.jp/z/

>YouTube OFFICIAL Channel:

>Ultra Pastebin - UPDATED Edition:

>Newbie Guide:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Fish mouth
This is probably my favorite Ultraman design after RoU. I wish he always looked like that instead of the dumb giant claw hands design being his default. It wouldn't be enough for me to like the Zero movies, but it would help.
Might as well not do it then
File: maxresdefault.jpg (73 KB, 1280x720)
73 KB
I also like his original form, glad that they keep it this time in UGF, we're probably going to see more of OG Belial in The Kingdom
It's this Thursday (which is tomorrow) or at the very least next Thursday. I couldn't see them revealing Trigger on the last Thursday this month, since at that point the magazine scans will be out already

Today is a special day for a rare select group of people out there, as such lets have a Dom thread! Post Doms or mobile suits in Dom colors!
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File: 67279752_p0.png (510 KB, 1000x1000)
510 KB
510 KB PNG
File: 1563250557997.jpg (50 KB, 560x420)
50 KB
File: 1520218247445.jpg (26 KB, 640x480)
26 KB
File: 63608798_p1.png (536 KB, 1110x784)
536 KB
536 KB PNG

I like the GM more than the Zaku and I’m tired of pretending I don’t
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Didn't this thing only come equipped with a laser pointer and a stick?
File: Hg-adele.jpg (135 KB, 900x568)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
No, that's the standard Genoace/Genoace I.
The Genoace II gives it a proper beam gun and beam saber, and the Adele (that MS specifically) is pretty much the Gundam AGE-1, but mass-produced and without plot armor. It's to the point where it can even equip the same Wears as the AGE-1, for that matter.
It even has a face behind the visor!
File: gm 3.jpg (325 KB, 650x1085)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
I've only recently watched ideon and this one became 10 times more frightening.
File: ideon_full2.jpg (19 KB, 168x329)
19 KB

File: DOSu001b0¥.png (412 KB, 999x684)
412 KB
412 KB PNG
DOSu001b0¥ Edition

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misty is an S Core, they dont want them diving like nutcakes.
Yes, if you've got the parts.
There's a V fin you can put that looks like GUndAM; from one of the characters called Nipako.
if its beta to launch, then Misty Hollow, Ivis, Ragna Barret, and a few others. Rouche too is back.
If you're wiz, you get those union coins automatically. 10 per week.
You can also join Epochs to get more each day. 8~9 win/lose?
Linear Cannon, but you're going to be extremely heavy and ammo hugging. not good for 30v30 but decent for 5v5s or 10v10s.
Otherwise, Nipako's Ultimate Railgun is nice.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>If you're wiz, you get those union coins automatically. 10 per week.
>You can also join Epochs to get more each day. 8~9 win/lose?
you can also play union wars, which gives 2-3 coins per battle. but then again
>playing union wars on wiz
I mean, jesus fucking christ
How do I Shino Exroad? I got 2 of her.
get lot of walk and tch and less in Tech
give her some gun and hop around
just disrupt enemies healing no need to actually frag anyone
your object is literally "SURVIVE"
at least that is how I played her

Is 8vulcan still the best gun for her?
File: Untitled.png (8 KB, 195x112)
8 KB
Do I just get a Crimrose Alpha for 60 Angel Coins now?

The faces of /prg/ Edition
>Dino Fury
Gold revealed

>Beast Morphers Episodes
>Official YouTube Channels

>BOOM! Studios Comics:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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He was a real cut above the rest.
>touching a wom*n
Ollie please reconsider this course of action
Okay? Fuck off to your own thread.
All over Twitter for years from many people.
>Unless I'm sleeping under a rock wouldn't people get outraged?
People have been. There's a lot of venom for him.
He does other shit too. Spending years pestering Bandai, Saban & now Hasbro to pay attention to him. Bombarding them with comments, messages, emails, calls & confronting them face to face at cons, using his autism as a crutch to get noticed, get sympathy & get free shit. His parents joined in with that too. Bandai & Saban had to block him multiple times because the harassment wouldn't end. Hasbro have in the past but he somehow got through this time.
He also has history with taking official art & especially fan art & selling it on shirts etc for his own profit. If you called him out he would just deny it despite the proof being right there. Then he'd cry about it. Then he'd say you're bullying him because he's gay and he's autistic. Ya know, instead of the whole being a cunt thing.
Well keep in mind, they're only doing stuff they already had in the mobile game.

File: 1618018817805.png (785 KB, 853x480)
785 KB
785 KB PNG
So In what gundam AU did the zeeks win?
17 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
G Gundam.

They don't even came close. The only faction that came close to winning and destroy the Federation was The Zanscare Empire.
gundam thunderbolt
Gonna suck if they spent 15 years making that space laser
This image is painful. Nobody in IBO is as cool as the shit in this picture.

File: hathaway.jpg (110 KB, 452x640)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
The CGI looks a little bit janky, but the song is an absolute banger.

According to the novel summaries, there isn't actually THAT much to go on. It's a relatively short story, all things considered. Do they really have enough for a trilogy of films? Hell, the scenes where the Xi is fighting the Penelope are from the second novel, if I remember correctly.
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Tomino supposed re-edited volumes 2-3 but I can't spot any differences in vol 2.
Get your eyes checked
Spanish Sleg is so sexual
Bitch, please.
Seems like an Anglo-Indian to me.

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