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File: 1600937019198.jpg (225 KB, 1500x1436)
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Previous Thread: >>18958668

Official Site:
[En] https://ultramangalaxy.com/
[JP] https://m-78.jp/z/

>YouTube OFFICIAL Channel:

>Ultra Pastebin:
>Newbie Guide:
>Ultra Kaiju Battle Breeder (SRW-like Tactical RPG Mobage):

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Like, buddy, lay off the coke
It just occur to me we've already passed the first half.

I don't want to say goodbye to Z yet...
at least there's still that new ugf, and we shall get the first look of next ultra by the time the ugf is done (approximately ended in february).
File: 601200843743.jpg (90 KB, 720x1075)
90 KB
Haruki with Beliabros
File: 1601200849979.jpg (75 KB, 720x914)
75 KB
Jugman vibing around and talks with the Headman.

Operation to execute Cerebros. Kiete not so Kare Kareta, it seems.

File: 1601196486894.jpg (280 KB, 1920x1080)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
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File: 1449109020447.png (55 KB, 419x248)
55 KB
>When a swole Tinkerbell gets you to think that books are actually pretty epic
File: 1561252857942.jpg (119 KB, 1200x800)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
>Finding out about the kaijin through kid's books.
>Buff-ass fairy lariat.
I'm too easily amused.
Is pic rel real?
Just enjoy yourself, anon.
There's still something missing. The show just keeps blueballing us by Kento, if not someone else explaining Touma's backstory off-screen. It's a terrible way to build suspense in a mystery when the majority of the cast are in the loop off to the side. All except the amnesiac himself.

Like, the charitable assumption is Kento explained the whole unfulfilled promise thing in more detail off-screen, which makes Ogami's heel turn a little more stomachable, but the audience has no way of knowing for sure. What if the conversation they had really was it? It's a really weak justification either way.

If we ever start making real mecha, will Bandai become a weapons manufacturer? And will they own the Gundam trademark, so they are the only ones who can make the first ever Gundam?
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There is no crew besides the operator and there is no cargo besides whatever tools its using. And it would weigh less than a tank in all likelyhood, so i dont know what you’re getting at here.
>If I snap my fingers and disappear everything it needs to be a fighting vehicle, it'll only take one person to run and weigh less than a vehicle containing those things
Fucking brilliant. Anon, do you think tanks and other armored vehicles are the size they are for shits and giggles? That the extra crew are just to keep the driver company?
Remind me the name of the manga, it's been ages since I read it and I think I hardly reach moon arc
And it was damn good manga.
File: 0208-020.png.jpg (567 KB, 1120x1600)
567 KB
567 KB JPG
Space Bro

The story of two communist brother trying to prove the moon base is fake, but it's hard because there's a base out there.
yea, that the name, thanks anon
seems like gotta lurk for eng scans since it was dropped by scanlators cause muh license
I only read 16 volumes

Recommend, post and discuss your favorite henshin anime, a.k.a. "toku anime lol" and related manga.
Power armors welcome.
Can't shill apocalypse zero enough, but it's still not fully translated.
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File: Ebc7tFDUEAUjx8W.jpg (213 KB, 1200x600)
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213 KB JPG
What games are you currently playing? Any hopes for some news in this weeks TGS or are you expecting something in 2021? What side would you become as a Reploid with the right to chose, The Hunters or The Mavericks?
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*Hits him with saber*
File: Spoiler Image (302 KB, 680x668)
302 KB
302 KB JPG
Legends makes it's return in the gatcha.
I wonder if they regret making this a X game.
Or maybe those crossover events end up more enticing because of it.
Guys my friend from capcom said they're doing a development of new nmegaman codename xyz.

File: 1600828372372.jpg (164 KB, 1344x742)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
Why are attempts at "realistic" mechs always some over designed shit with exposed gears and wiring when irl robots are sleek and cover their internals with casing?
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ERA occasionally shows up here and there. In Macross Zero there's a VF-0 fitted with heavy reactive armor that makes a good showing for itself.

It's exactly 20 minutes into the following video if the time indexed link doesn't automatically take you there.
There was that image of a cold environment zaku that wears a jacket.
Pretty sure that was a joke.

File: d.jpg (61 KB, 1280x720)
61 KB
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There's no point in them making a reference only they would get.
I remember an episode where Porky was reading a John Grisham novel. Which is especially funny because Grisham has "ham" in it.

There doesn't have to be a point beyond their own amusement. Lots of people so things at work that only serve to amuse themselves; it's just most people's work isn't so publicly visible.
Was Daffy literally gay?

File: 1572858625263.jpg (238 KB, 472x700)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
For me it's Reborns the best member The 78 Gundam design
File: pg.jpg (305 KB, 1500x917)
305 KB
305 KB JPG
I'd give it a B. Fuck it's transforming gimmick.

Is that it? The end of the dream?
No DLC at TGS?
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>idolfuckingmaster steam release announced
>no mention of extreme vs anywhere
>when the sd cross rays and shitty gundam breaker is already on steam
I hate this timeline.
>get a great arcade port with fuckhuge roster
>complain that they can't pay more for another suit
you people are dumb
PC doesn't deseve good things.
Enjoy ded platform sonigger
and this is why you don't deserve good things.
PC master race from injoke became actual elitistic way to conduct yourself online. Worse than any console fanboy.
You demand shit always, over and over again. Being obvious to actual facts how fucking dead fighting games on PC. You ain't worth the port, not to mention introducing crossplay.
Fucking portbeggar scum
I just don’t understand why they gave it a slot if all they were gonna do is talk about the next patch

I wanted to discuss the practical military use and applications for pic related using technology that already exists or is already being developed.
What upgrades could be made and what military company could do them?
What weapons could pic related use
How would pic related do in urban (towns or cities) combat or desert combat
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mechs could be used for construction, logistics and other work in areas where a normal vehicles has to little maneuvering space, would have to avoid obstacles or is not all terrain enough.

logistics and construction are primere uses because of versatility. forest or mountain based jobs are good uses for the all terrain use. disatser cleanup is a combination of both strenghts. riot control would be another use, as a mech is intimidating and can cross areas without plowing through them.

in the military a mech could be usefull in areas a normal ground vehicle can't reach and a helicopter has to little on-target time (as a helicopter spends much energy hovering on one spot, while standing in place takes very little energy). such areas would be forests, mountains, rubble, cities and other otherwise impassible terrain. these terrains also provide a lot of vertical cover, helping with the high silouette.
in cities, a legged vehicle is more mobile than a tank and can defend itself in close combat. a mech could take side roads, making the predictive placement of IED's much harder. a mech has very good ground clearence, so IED's are less of an issue. a mech can utilize cover like an infantryman would, while other vehicles are more limited by their shape. a mech can carry heavier armor than a helicopter (as it does not need to hover) while being similarily mobile in combat. a mech could carry a rpg resistant shield it can point towards attack vectors.

cities are the primere fighting ground for mechs.
a mech (legged vehicle) is more terrain-capable and has better traction on loose terrain than a tank. this would help with combat engineering
there are a lot uf uses. but not in the role of already existing vehicles. it is a new paradigm like the tank or helicopter was.
a completely terrain agnostic ground vehicle with an addaptive silouette and multipurpose tools.

File: Spiricle_Fighter_Mugen.png (1.42 MB, 1500x1413)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG
Do you like them? Do you think they're stupid?
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Yes to both.
File: 1000090938_1.jpg (59 KB, 466x557)
59 KB
Samurai mechs is the best kind of mechs.
File: o2929230114517926096.jpg (1.53 MB, 2929x2301)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB JPG
File: DkPEFVJU8AAb6_7[1].jpg (2.03 MB, 3024x3024)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB JPG

File: EURhAPoUMAA6tyB.jpg (559 KB, 2048x1536)
559 KB
559 KB JPG
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Great Mechanics magazine, summer 2018 issue
Not really lost, but blonde freckled Asuka is hot
>when all of this can be found in artbooks off baka bt or animebytes

>when your crop gets reposted
Feels weird man.

File: I hate these mofos.jpg (92 KB, 1096x626)
92 KB
After reading some positive threads about Re:Rise, I decided to go through Build Divers first despite having dropped TRY (I did like the first series).
To my surprise, I ended up quite enjoying Build Divers. It was predictable and clearly a series to sell retooled HG gunpla, yet most episodes were entertaining and it featured some cool designs/fights. While characters were paper thin deep,I ended up liking most of them (even that fat kid) because no one was too annoying. It felt like someone mixed an MMO with a Super Robot series and put dozens of Gundam references into it. I expected shit and got a fun show instead.

I'm 7 episodes in Re-Rise and I think it's absolute trash. Even if you take out the furries, all characters are unlikable and have badly written "redemption" arcs. I don't want to see them succeed because their goals are either unclear or weak. They look OLDER than the previous series yet act more childish. The plot drags too much by trying to be serious yet it fails because the writing is very weak (even for a kids show). But more importantly, with the exception of the Core Gundam (cool gimmick), all main gunpla are hideous and the budget seems to have been cut in half.
My question is: should I stick with it? Does the series get better in the rest of the episodes and its second season? I've read it really pays off at the end but then again people were calling Re-Rise the second best in this sub-franchise and to me it's way worse than TRY (which I already disliked) so far.
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>short of doing a full new build or redesign.
And that's exactly what the vast majority of those suits are in those shows. They are heavily customized tricked out versions of pre-existing kits. Stuff that probably had a lot of trial and error in figuring out what stuff works together with, what improved the suit in which ways, and so on.

And yes taking a few hours after a damage occured wrecking parts to replace parts is all I imagine what it would take to replace in show. That's how long it usually takes even with Battlebots due to having replacment stuff prepared ahead of time. But again the combination of the time building the thing in the first place along side the rush of the competition makes things hit harder seeing the damage done. Regardless of how easy a fix it is.
in both case, as someone who has customize kits before, the most time consuming aspect of customization is figuring the design and see what's work best. Once you got it all down remaking the redesigned part is easier as you have already figured out the step you need to take.


Where is the ost track that plays on 18:54 here
Jesus, Par's voice is horrible

So some time ago I finished SDF Macross, and I didn't care for it that much. It had some nice points, but the last 13 eps were some of the worst things I have sat though. That being said, since I am an open minded person, and SDF isn't my favorite thing of all time, I started feeling curious about the rest of the franchise. What am I in for? Are they any good? Do they all share the same timeline?
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DYRL is amazing and definitely worth watching.

Macross II is the only non-canon entry. It's kinda mediocre, but it has some really cool mecha designs.

Plus has some amazing animation, but I don't much care for the story and characters. Movie version is better, imo.

7 exists in a weird quantum state where your opinion on it changes whenever you observe it. I found it boring as fuck to watch, but after finishing it I looked back upon it with fondness.

I'd rate Zero as the worst entry. The lack of music really kills my interest in it. If you want to watch it I'd say watch it after Frontier for some Protoculture lore.

Frontier and Delta are both my favorites, with Delta having a better overall cast and music, but weaker writing compared to Frontier. Watch both the series and movies for Frontier, watch the movie for Delta.
>The lack of music
There's tons of music in Zero, it's just not pop music for once
It's been a while.
I vaguely remember certain plot points
>Who do they fight in the middle of the show? Don't the alien folks start to join everyone else on the ship because whoa protoculture is actually cool.

>What the fuck happened to the rebelling in the end? Did they ever resolve it or was it just "they killed the rebel leader and everyone disbanded"
DYRL is superior to the show
Macross II sucks, no reason to watch it
7 is a mixed bag, best and worst of Macross
Plus is probably where Macross peaks stylistically but the writing is weak
Zero is alright, some fun mid 2000s CG fights
Frontier is probably the most solid show overall
Delta is entirely dependent on whether you can open your heart up to idolshit

File: cringessler.jpg (138 KB, 1181x936)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
How dead is your hype for 2205?
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I can read basic French.
Then bonne chance:
More advanced energy shielding would be the sci-fi option but: 1, it would look like Startrek; 2, Gamillas were supposed to be stupid to some degree.
Deader than I'll be by then.
File: unnamed.jpg (32 KB, 512x288)
32 KB
>Gamillas were supposed to be stupid

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